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CQS Global Sustainable Convertible Fund
CQS Dynamic Credit Multi Asset Fund
Salar Fund

CQS Global Sustainable Convertible Fund

The CQS Global Sustainable Convertible Fund is a UCITS compliant long-only convertible fund seeking attractive risk-adjusted returns over the medium to long-term through investment in a portfolio of convertible securities across global markets.

The Fund applies a deeply integrated approach to responsible investment with the aim of providing a portfolio that considers risk, return and outcomes of its investment decisions. It is classified as Article 8 under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR).

CQS Global Sustainable Convertible Fund Share Classes
Share Class ISIN Bloomberg Ticker MTD Return (%) YTD Return (%) NAV/Share
A EUR IE00BTFQZL13 CQGLCAE 0.49% 3.53% 111.571
A GBP IE00BTFQZM20 CQGLCAG 0.50% 4.21% 115.385
A USD IE00BTFQZN37 CQGLAUS 0.50% 4.58% 120.062
C EUR IE00BTFQZW28 CQGI3ES 0.50% 4.00% 133.572
C GBP IE00BTFQZX35 CQGCI3G 0.50% 4.63% 139.804
C USD IE00BTFQZY42 CQSGCI3 0.51% 5.01% 153.781
I CHF 0.49% 0.00% 100.000
I EUR IE00BTFQZS81 CQGLCIE 0.49% 3.93% 115.118
I GBP IE00BTFQZT98 CQGLCIG 0.50% 4.58% 119.184
I USD IE00BTFQZV11 CQGLCI2 0.51% 4.95% 124.214
S CHF IE00BFXXNY58 CQSGCI4C 0.49% 3.29% 111.600
S EUR IE00BFXXNZ65 CQSGCI4E 0.50% 4.07% 114.131
S GBP IE00BFXXP056 CQSGCI4G 0.50% 4.72% 120.070
S USD IE00BFXXP163 CQSGCI4U 0.51% 5.08% 126.388
T USD 0.51% 5.13% 100.286
As at 02 June 2023


CQS Global Sustainable Convertible Fund KIIDs

Class A EN
February 2023
Class C EN
February 2023
Class I EN
February 2023
Class S EN
February 2023
Class T EN

February 2023

CQS Global Sustainable Convertible Fund PRIIPs

Class A EURENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class A GBPENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class A USDENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class C EURENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class C GBPENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class C USDENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class I EURENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class I GBPENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class I USDENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class S EURENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class S GBPENESITDEFR31 December 2022
Class S USDENESITDEFR31 December 2022