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Alternative Credit Platform

Our ambition is to help our clients achieve their investment goals across market cycles by selecting good quality credits and generating income. Our core credit capabilities span Corporate Credit (Loans and Bonds), Asset Backed Securities (ABS) and Regulatory Capital, Collateralised Loan Obligations (CLOs) and Convertible Bonds.


Multi Asset Credit

Global credit strategy focused on providing high levels of income-driven, risk-adjusted returns in all environments by investing via an active, tactical, multi-asset approach. This strategy seeks to lend to the right businesses and ensure investors’ capital is in the right asset class, geography and sector at the right time. The strategy has an integrated approach to responsible investment.

Regulatory Capital

To meet capital requirements, banks share some of their loan risk with investors, paying coupons in return. Investors receive stable yield and access to hard-to-source loans.

Investment Trusts

CQS-owned New City Investment Managers is an adviser to a range of funds, including 3 resource funds and a High Yield fund that are managed by a specialist investment team with a wealth of experience across the natural resources and High Yield sectors. For more information, please visit the New City Investment Managers page.

Dynamic Multi Asset Credit

A flexible multi-asset credit approach that seeks high income across developed markets to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns. This actively managed strategy is focused on delivering daily liquidity and putting investors’ capital in the right asset class, geography and sector at the right time. The strategy has an integrated approach to responsible investment.

Convertibles: Balanced

An active, but patiently managed UCITS strategy that targets attractive adjusted returns by investing in globally diversified portfolios of convertible securities.

The strategy focuses on individual security selection aiming to maximise asymmetry of upside potential with downside protection.

Convertibles: Growth

An actively managed long-only convertible strategy which targets capital appreciation with controlled risk. The strategy has a focus on growth and recovery names with attractive asymmetry and strong equity appreciation potential. Click here for the UCITS fund


The strategy takes advantage of dislocations and opportunities in global loan markets, as well as changes to probability of default, and loss given default, through active portfolio management.

Directional Opportunties

High conviction, multi-asset class strategy managed by Lord Hintze. The approach is focused on identifying themes and harvesting mispricings across global asset markets, utilising an investment team which is experienced in assessing complexity across the capital structure.

Asset Backed Securities

Global Asset Backed Securities (ABS) strategy that aims to generate high, stable income for investors by exploiting attractive returns and inefficiencies across ABS markets. It is a flexible and dynamic strategy that focuses on building a diverse and low beta portfolio that benefits from a range of return drivers, catalysts and timing, in order to generate attractive returns and help protect investors in periods of volatility.

Absolute Return Convertibles

UCITS-compliant convertible bond strategy managed with an absolute return mentality. The strategy is designed to generate capital growth while seeking to preserve capital through the careful selection of convertible bonds near their bond floor where the underlying equity has potential for price appreciation.

Asian Macro

Discretionary macro strategy focused on investment opportunities driven by the markets and economies of the Asia Pacific region.  The strategy is contrarian, value-orientated and research-driven, investing in liquid, easily-valued instruments in the equity, commodity, currency and rates markets.