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Tennesee Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ADAMSVILLE               KILBURN'S PLATING CO                   ROUTE 1                                TND078569654

 AFTON                    PLUS+MARK INC                          11-E BYPASS                            TND000646646

 ALAMO                    VOLUNTEER CIRCUITS                     110 SOUTH BELLS STREET                 TND063939748

 ALCOA                    ALCOA/OLD SPDL LDFLS /S PLT            OFF SPRINGBROOK RD                     TND980558597

 ALCOA                    ALCOA/POWDER & PIGMENT LDFLS           OFF US 129                             TND980558589

 ALCOA                    ALUMINUM CO OF AMERICA                 300 N HALL RD                          TND003383551

 ALCOA                    ALUMINUM COMPANY OF AMERICA-NORTH      HUNT ROAD                              TND987766136
 ANTIOCH                  SYSTECH NASHVILLE/PRE-TRMT CTR         1640 ANTIOCH PIKE                      TND000772277

 ARDMORE                  UNIVERSAL OIL PRODUCTS WOLVERINE DIV   RAILROAD ST                            TND000646026

 ARLINGTON                ARLINGTON BLENDING & PACKAGING         12121 HWY 70                           TND980468557

 ARLINGTON                DOUGLAS ROAD DUMP                      BETWEEN POLK ST & CHESTER ST           TND987781226

 ARLINGTON                SANYMETAL PRODUCTS INC                 11606 MEMPHIS ARLINGTON RD             TND042205971

 ARRINGTON                LAIDIG DUMP SITES                      SPANN TOWN RD                          TND980803571

 ASHLAND CITY             EVANS TRANSPORTATION CO                ROUTE 3                                TND061255840

 ATHENS                   AMERICAN ELECTRIC                      ROUTE 1 CONGRESS PARKWAY               TND990653172

 ATHENS                   ATHENS STOVE WORKS                     202 HICKS ST                           TND066509282

 ATHENS                   CLEARWATER ROAD DUMP                   CLEARWATER ROAD                        TN0001119130

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ATHENS                   COKER MILLWRIGHT/MANVILLE LANDFILL     MEADOW BRANCH ROAD                     TND987789708

 ATHENS                   DAVID PRUETT-SOUTH LIBERTY             MCMINN CNTY RD 655-2.6 MI TO DRIVEWAY  TND987766326

 ATHENS                   GSX                                    1713 LEGION RD-P O BOX 909             TND987766334

 ATHENS                   MCMINN CNTY LDFL                       PINEY GROVE RD                         TND991279514

 ATHENS                   MINE ROAD LANDFILL                     MINE ROAD/HWY 30                       TND987779485

 ATHENS                   SEATON IRON & METAL CO INC             1507 DECATUR PIKE NW                   TND034547141

 BEECHGROVE               JOHN OAKLEY DRUM SITE                  JERNIGAN BRANCH ROAD                   TND987768520

 BELLS                    CSX TRAIN DERAILMENT                   U.S.HWY ALT70, 9MI N OF USHWY 1        TN0000806943

 BLAINE                   INDIAN CAVE                            ROUTE 1, BOX143                        TND987787165

 BLOUNTVILLE              BETHEL DR. SITE                        BETHEL DRIVE                           TND987766441

 BOLIVAR                  ARMIRA CORPORATION                     918 MAIN ST. - HWY 18 NORTH            TND054872254

 BOLIVAR                  BOLIVAR MUNICIPAL LDFL                 SAIN RD                                TND980558654

 BOLIVAR                  HARMAN AUTOMOTIVE INC.                 TATE RD                                TND007022072

 BRENTWOOD                KENNON SITE (GENESCO)                  WILSON PIKE                            TND981473515

 BRISTOL                  AIDS                                   CEDAR VALLEY RD                        TND037910213

 BRISTOL                  APPALACHIAN SMELTING AND REFINERY      SOUTH HOLSTON LAKE                     TN0000076893

 BRISTOL                  BEAR HOLLOW ROAD SITE                  BEAR HOLLOW ROAD                       TND981865017

 BRISTOL                  BRISTOL DUMP                           NW OF JOHNSON HWY & E BETHEL           TND980709489

 BRISTOL                  BRISTOL METALS INC                     WEAVER PIKE                            TND003374790

 BRISTOL                  BRISTOL PLATING CO                     304 ROSEDALE LN                        TND991279183

 BRISTOL                  EARHART (ALLEN) DUMP                   E OF BLOUNTVILLE/SW OF BRISTOL         TND980709430

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BRISTOL                  SEAMAN CORP/BRISTOL DIV                INDUSTRIAL DR                          TND095051025

 BRISTOL                  SPERRY CORP SPERRY UNIVAC DIV          UNIVAC RD NEAR ROUTE 11 E              TND003382801

 BRISTOL                  USN NAVAL WEAPONS INDUSTRIAL           100 VANCE TANK ROAD - RAYTHEON         TN9170024062
 BROWNSVILLE              AMERICAN AIR FILTER                    2000 TAMM ST                           TND007009681

 BROWNSVILLE              ANR PIPELINE CO.-BROWNSVILLE           HWY 76                                 TND987766045

 CAMPAIGN                 DUROMATIC PRODUCTS, INC.               HWY. 70 EAST                           TND052144011

 CARTHAGE                 BONNELL WILLIAM L CO INC               HWY 53 1 MI OFF I-40                   TND047000898

 CENTERVILLE              BUTTERWORTH, DAVID FARM                NEW HOPE RD                            TND981015274

 CENTERVILLE              TEXTRON INC                            UNIVERSAL DR OFF HWY 50                TND069080513

 CHARLESTON               OLIN CHEMICALS/GRP CHAS PLT            LOWER RIVER RD                         TND003337292

 CHATTANOOGA              38TH STREET DUMP                       38TH ST E OF CHATTANOOGA CRK           TND980844344


 CHATTANOOGA              ALCO CHEMICAL CORP                     909 MUELLER AVE.                       TND052003159

 CHATTANOOGA              AMERICAN CYANAMID IMPOUND 1,2,3        751 PINEVILLE RD                       TND021561451

 CHATTANOOGA              AMERICAN MANUFACTURING CO              3600 N HAWTHORNE ST                    TND003329075

 CHATTANOOGA              AMERICAN PLATING                       OLD LEE HIGHWAY                        TND980841118

 CHATTANOOGA              AMNICOLA DUMP                          AMNICOLA HWY                           TND980729172

 CHATTANOOGA              BEASLEY GRADY WHEELER PROP DUMP        3207 ALTON PARK BLVD                   TND980558548

 CHATTANOOGA              BFI/EPB DUMP                           WEST OF 38TH STREET                    TND981014970

 CHATTANOOGA              BIRCHWOOD PIKE DUMP SITE               10,500 BLOCK OF BIRCHWOOD PIKE         TND987766474

 CHATTANOOGA              BRIAN CARLTON COMPANY                  BROAD STREET                           TN0000373589

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHATTANOOGA              CHATTANOOGA GLASS - MAIN PLANT         400 WEST 45TH STREET                   TN0001567874

 CHATTANOOGA              CHATTANOOGA GLASS DUMP                 HOOKER RD                              TND980844534

 CHATTANOOGA              CHEMCO CONTAINER INC                   1501 E. 37TH ST                        TND991279530

 CHATTANOOGA              CHEMICAL LEAMAN TANK LINES INC         211 SHIPP AVE                          TND045928124

 CHATTANOOGA              CITICO YARD                            34 SCRUGGS STREET                      TND081200743

 CHATTANOOGA              COMBUSTION ENGINEERING INC             911 W MAIN ST                          TND003334638

 CHATTANOOGA              COMBUSTION ENGR TUBE MFG PLT           500 W 26TH ST                          TND000829077

 CHATTANOOGA              CUMBERLAND CORP                        1 WIEHL ST                             TND003329513

 CHATTANOOGA              DESOTO, INC                            JUDD RD                                TND005441183

 CHATTANOOGA              DUPONT EI DE NEMOURS/CHATTANOOGA       4501 ACCESS RD                         TND003331766
 CHATTANOOGA              FARMERS MARKET TEST WELL               OFF OF 11TH STREET                     TND980844294

 CHATTANOOGA              FLEET TRANSPORT CO INC                 PELICAN DR                             TND034574202

 CHATTANOOGA              GILMAN DIV. OF JONES BLAIR CO.         RIVERFRONT PARKWAY                     TND004934188

 CHATTANOOGA              GRACE W R & CO SPECIAL CHEMICALS DIV   4000 N HAWTHORNE ST                    TND034575308

 CHATTANOOGA              HAMILL ROAD DUMP                       OFF HAMILL AVE (ALTON PARK)            TND980600191

 CHATTANOOGA              HAMILL ROAD DUMP NO.3                  HAMILL ROAD                            TND980844419

 CHATTANOOGA              HAWTHHORNE AVENUE DUMP                 HAWTHHORNE AVENUE                      TND980848741

 CHATTANOOGA              HIGHWAY TRANSPORT INC                  1917 POLYMER DR                        TND066717166

 CHATTANOOGA              HOOKER ROAD BRIDGE DUMP                HOOKER ROAD                            TND980844229

 CHATTANOOGA              HOWARD HIGH SCHOOL LANDFILL            2500 S MARKET ST                       TND100842343

 CHATTANOOGA              J.E. STUBBLEFIELD PROPERTY             1107 HAMILL ROAD                       TN0001922459

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHATTANOOGA              JAMES WILSON SLUDGE PONDS              W. 28TH STREET                         TN0000371971

 CHATTANOOGA              JIT TERMINAL                           530 MANUFACTURERS ROAD                 TND987767712

 CHATTANOOGA              KOEHRING CO LORAIN DIV                 409 SIGNAL MOUNTAIN RD                 TND061312781

 CHATTANOOGA              LANDES COMPANY                         314 HOOKER ROAD                        TND003328960


 CHATTANOOGA              LUTEX CHEMICAL CORP                    3800 N HAWTHORNE ST                    TND063177026

 CHATTANOOGA              MID-STATE MATERIALS WEST SITE          WILSON ROAD                            TND980844104

 CHATTANOOGA              MID-STATE MATERIALS-EAST SIDE          WILSON ROAD                            TND981015183

 CHATTANOOGA              MODERN MAID CO                         E 14TH & HOLTZCLAW                     TND000648576

 CHATTANOOGA              MONTAGUE PARK SITE                     E 23RD STREET                          TND980844526

 CHATTANOOGA              MOR-FLOW INDUSTRY INC                  1222 E 40TH ST                         TND102057544

 CHATTANOOGA              MORELAND MCKESSON CO                   1 RIVERSIDE LANE                       TND000737445

 CHATTANOOGA              MORGAN ST DEMOLITION DUMP              MORGAN ST                              TND980844476

 CHATTANOOGA              MORNINGSIDE CHEMICAL CO                202 HOOKER ROAD                        TND987766482

 CHATTANOOGA              MUELLER CO                             1401 MUELLER AVE                       TND003331121

 CHATTANOOGA              NATIONAL MICRODYNAMICS                 6153 AIRWAYS BLVD                      TND981474950

 CHATTANOOGA              NATIONAL WASTE OIL                     1702 STEWART ST                        TND980727911

 CHATTANOOGA              OLD SIGNAL MOUNTAIN TOWN DUMP          EDWARDS POINT ROAD                     TN0000380949

 CHATTANOOGA              OLD WALKER DUMP                        HAMILL ROAD                            TND980843981

 CHATTANOOGA              PB&S CHEMICAL CO                       317 OLD WAUHATCHIE PIKE RD             TND084060086

 CHATTANOOGA              PINEY WOODS PLAYGROUND                 WILSON RD & CENTRAL AVE                TND100842400

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHATTANOOGA              POLYSAR LATEX                          2120 POLYMER DR                        TND041380122

 CHATTANOOGA              REILEY TAR & CHEMICAL CORP             4900 CENTRAL                           TND980558530

 CHATTANOOGA              RESIDUE HILL/VELSICOL                  WILSON RD & 52ND STREET                TND987782505

 CHATTANOOGA              ROSS MEHAN FOUNDARY                    CARTER STREET                          TN0000373134

 CHATTANOOGA              RUSS TRANSPORT INC                     RT 5 PINEVILLE RD                      TND004840476

 CHATTANOOGA              SCHOLZE TANNERY                        BROAD STREET                           TND987766466


 CHATTANOOGA              SILK SCREEN SIGN CO INC                2915 8TH AVE                           TND034585455

 CHATTANOOGA              SOUTHERN WOOD PIEDMONT CO#             PO BOX 1268 400 E 33RD ST              TND003327400

 CHATTANOOGA              SPECTRA INC                            2400 BACHMAN ST                        TND052963501

 CHATTANOOGA              STARKY PRINTING                        2710 EAST 30TH STREET                  TND987782133

 CHATTANOOGA              STEWARD (D M) MANUFACTURING CO         JCT JEROME AVE & E 36TH ST             TND003327251

 CHATTANOOGA              TAYLOR STREET DUMP                     TAYLOR STREET                          TN0000373639

 CHATTANOOGA              TENNESSEE PRODUCTS                     4800 CENTRAL AVE                       TND071516959

 CHATTANOOGA              TENNESSEE TRANSFORMER                  2701 EAST 31RST STREET                 TND987774478

 CHATTANOOGA              TEXACO TERMINAL/TEXACO INC             MANUFACTURERS RD                       TND052000155

 CHATTANOOGA              TVA CHATTANOOGA GARAGE                 412 EAST 10TH ST                       TN4640006751

 CHATTANOOGA              ULLENBERG CORP                         413 N SPRING ST                        TND003337417

 CHATTANOOGA              US TVA CONCORD SUBSTATION              DAVIDSON ROAD                          TN0640090023

 CHATTANOOGA              VANCE IRON & STEEL CO                  19TH ST & GROVE ST                     TND980558522

 CHATTANOOGA              VELSICOL CHEMICAL CORP                 4902 CENTRAL AVE                       TND061314803

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHATTANOOGA              VOLUNTEER ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT        BONNY OAKS DRIVE                       TN6210020933

 CHATTANOOGA              WEST 40TH STREET LANDFILL              W 40TH ST                              TND980844401

 CHATTANOOGA              WISDOM STREET BRUSH DUMP               WISDOM STREET                          TN0000373282

 CHATTANOOGA              WOODBRIDGE FOAM FABRICATING INC.       100 JUDD RD                            TND045927506

 CHATTANOOGA-CONFID       STAINLESS METAL PRODUCTS INC           4215 CROMWELL RD                       TND003329869

 CHURCH HILL              HOLLISTON MILLS CO.                    US HWY 11 W                            TND001004951

 CLARKSVILLE              CLARKSVILLE DUMP                       41 A BYPASS @ GATLIN RD                TND980711253

 CLARKSVILLE              JERSEY MINIERE ZINC CO                 ZINC PLANT RD                          TND081460651

 CLARKSVILLE              OAK STREET DUMP                        232 OAK STREET                         TN0001097930

 CLARKSVILLE              OLD CLARKSVILLE CITY DUMP              HWY 79 AT RED RIVER                    TND981466659

 CLARKSVILLE              TRANE C0 INC THE                       HWY 79                                 TND004044509

 CLARKSVILLE              VOLLRATH CO                            1255 PARADISE HILL RD                  TND069083749

 CLARKSVILLE              VULCAN CORP                            PETTUS ST                              TND057874125

 CLEVELAND                BRADLEY CO. MERCURY SPILL/ D.L. GEREN  6941 GEORGETOWN ROAD                   TND987782265
 CLEVELAND                BRADLEY COUNTY LDFL                    PLEASANT COVE ROAD                     TND981015159

 CLEVELAND                BRADLEY LIMESTONE QUARRY               NEWBY RD                               TND981015217

 CLEVELAND                CLEVELAND FOUNDRY                      685 SIXTH STREET                       TND003334968

 CLEVELAND                CLEVELAND PLASTICS                     BLYTHE RD, SE                          TND127907947

 CLEVELAND                CLEVELAND TENN ENAMEL CO               1545 EUCLID AVE SE                     TND000814418

 CLEVELAND                DURACELL INC BATTERY TECH CO           MOUSE CREEK RD                         TND000648527

 CLEVELAND                HARDWICK WOOLEN MILL, OLD              445 CHURCH STREET                      TN0001575976

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CLEVELAND                MAGIC CHEF INC MAGIC CHEF DIV          740 KING EDWARD AVE                    TND003334463

 CLEVELAND                OWENS ILLINOIS/CLEVELAND BOX PLANT     OLD TASSO RD                           TND061310660

 CLEVELAND                WESTVACO VA FOLDING BOX DIV            OLD TASSO RD                           TND030686430

 CLIFTON                  PT COMPONENTS INC                      EAGLE BEND INDUSTRIAL PARK             TND071516686

 CLINTON                  ANDERSON COUNTY LANDFILL               BLOCK HOUSE VALLEY RD                  TND981014855

 CLINTON                  SPRAGUE ELECTRIC COMPANY               EAGLE BEND IND PK                      TND074917287

 COLLEGE GROVE-CONFID     GENERAL SMELTING & REFINERY            US HWY 31A                             TND004048690

 COLLIERVILLE             ALPHA RESINS/TENN PLT                  HWY 57 E                               TND007037765

 COLLIERVILLE             CARRIER AIR CONDITIONING CO            97 S BYHALIA RD                        TND044062222

 COLLIERVILLE             FRANK ROAD DUMP                        FRANK ROAD (SEE COMMENT)               TND981470040

 COLUMBIA                 DUPONT EI DE NEMOURS AND CO INC,/LDFL  SANTA FE PK                            TND004044533

 COLUMBIA                 GENERAL ELECTRIC CO.                   INDUSTRIAL PARK                        TND075470443

 COLUMBIA                 KENNETH HARRIS OIL FACILITY            PETTY LANE                             TND981015878

 COLUMBIA                 MAURY CNTY SANITARY LDFL               N BYPASS INDUSTRIAL PARK               TND980848683

 COLUMBIA                 MONSANTO CO INC                        WILLIAMSPORT PIKE                      TND004048104

 COLUMBIA                 OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM CORP/ HOOKER      SANTA FE PIKE/ BOX 591                 TND004042198
 COLUMBIA                 OIL SERVICES CO INC                    202 HILL ST                            TND089558019

 COLUMBIA                 TREATMENT PLANT/OIL SERVICES CO        408 SANTA FE PIKE                      TND980515779

 COLUMBIA                 UNION CARBIDE CORP                     SANTA FE PIKE                          TND004038428

 COOKEVILLE               COOKEVILLE PLATING CO, INC             608 WEST END ST                        TND061257614

 COOKEVILLE               DIXIE-IMPERIAL PLATING CO., INC.       IMPERIAL DR.                           TND004048989

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 COOKEVILLE               HARRIS METALS                          2437 HILHAM ROAD                       TND987784428

 COOKEVILLE               MIDSTATE TERMITE & PEST CONTROL        831 W BROAD ST                         TND083523761

 COOKEVILLE               OLD COOKVILLE CITY LANDFILL            C. C. CAMP RD.                         TND981020464

 COOKEVILLE               PUTNAM CNTY LDFL                       ROUTE 3                                TND980559066

 COPPERHILL               APACHE BLAST, INC.                     GRASSY CREEK ROAD (RT 68)              TND987772118

 COPPERHILL               COPPER BASIN MINING DISTRICT           TOCCOA STREET, HWY 68                  TN0001890839

 COPPERHILL               TENNESSEE CHEMICAL CO.                 TOCCOA ST, HWY 68                      TND003337839

 COSBY                    ACTIVATED METALS                       SEVIER INDUSTRIAL PARK                 TND003381308

 COTTAGE GROVE            ANR PIPELINE-COTTAGE GROVE C           RT 1 / ON MAP IN FILE                  TND987766037

 COUNCE                   STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO                   ROUTE 1                                TND075383778

 COUNCE                   TENNESSEE RIVER PULP & PAPER CO        HWY 57                                 TND004046066

 COVINGTON                COVINGTON (OLD) LANDFILL               800 BERT JOHNSON AVENUE                TN0001455856

 COVINGTON                RAYOVAC CORPORATION                    955 S. MAIN STREET                     TND063930887

 COVINGTON                TEXAS GAS TRANSMISSION/COVINGTON       3947 TABERNACLE ROAD                   TND980727804
 COWAN                    BATESVILLE/COWAN SITE # 1              HWY 64                                 TND980803399

 CROSSVILLE               CUNNINGHAM TRANSFORMERS                WELLLS ROAD/MAIN STREET                TN0001909548

 CUMBERLAND               TVA CUMBERLAND STEAM PLT               TN HWY 149 S                           TN3640015415

 CUMBERLAND CITY          TENNESSEE ASPHALT                      1 MILE SOUTH                           TND980315667

 DAISY                    TVA SEQUOYAH NUCLEAR PLANT             HIXSON PIKE ROAD                       TN5640020504

 DAYTON                   ARNOLD PROPERTY LDFL                   OFF HWY 68                             TND980848634

 DAYTON                   DAYTON CITY BRUSH DUMP                 WALNUT GROVE RD @ HWY 27               TND980848279

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DAYTON                   DAYTON CITY DUMP                       BACK VALLEY RD & RICHLAND CRK          TND980848212

 DAYTON                   MONTGOMERY PROPERTY DUMP               ROUTE 3 CRANMORE COVE                  TND980848386

 DICKSON                  DICKSON COUNTY LANDFILL                ENO ROAD                               TND981467673

 DICKSON                  MID-TENN PAVING CO                     JONES CREEK ROAD                       TND980438923

 DICKSON                  SCOVILL INC SCHRADER AUTOMOTIVE GROUP  SCHRADER LN                            TND002591311

 DICKSON                  TENNESSEE CASTINGS CO                  SCHRADER RD                            TND095670246

 DRESDEN                  DICO, INC.                             HWY 22 AND L & N RAILROAD; P. O. BOX   TND987779063
 DUCKTOWN                 BURRA-BURRA MINE TAILINGS POND         LONDON MILL ROAD                       TN0001577022

 DUCKTOWN                 LONDON MILL FLOTATION PLANT            MCPHEARSON ROAD                        TN0001125590

 DUNLAP                   ELTRA CORP/C&D BATTERIES DIV           HWY 127 N                              TND081195174

 DYERSBURG                DYERSBURG CITY DUMP                    HWY. 51                                TND981015514

 DYERSBURG                GTE PRODUCTS CORP                      SYLVAN RD                              TND041177973

 DYERSBURG                HOOVER UNIVERSAL INC DYERSBURG PLT     1901 SYLVAN RD                         TND081348682

 DYERSBURG                KIRK JERE T LDFL                       UPPER FINLEY DR                        TND051385185

 DYERSBURG                OLD WILLIAM HEATHCOTT SITE             HWY 51                                 TND981015548

 DYERSBURG                SAFETY-KLEEN CORP 6-051-01             111 VOLUNTEER LN                       TND000776799

 DYERSBURG                SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL CO                SMITH LANE                             TND061649877

 DYERSBURG                TRUNKLINE GAS CO. - STATION 890        HWY 70                                 TND987771318

 EAST RIDGE               HARDIN LANE LANDFILL                   HWY 41 AND LOCKHART LANE               TND987766318

 ELIZABETHTON             AMERICAN BEMBURG PLANT                 ELK AVE - 19 & 23 (HWY 321)            TND980558563

 ELIZABETHTON             CARTER COUNTY DUMP                     OLD DEMOLITION ROAD                    TND987791258

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ELIZABETHTON             EAST TENNESSEE CHAIR COMPANY           STATE LINE ROAD                        TND981931421

 ELIZABETHTON             MAPES PIANO STRING CO#                 408 N PINE ST                          TND003383452

 ELIZABETHTON             NORTH AMERICAN RAYON CORP              W ELK AVE 19 & 23 (HWY 321)            TND095051207

 ELIZABETHTON             OLD CARTER COUNTY LANDFILL             LOVERS LANE (RT.7)                     TND981865074

 ELIZABETHTON             SIAM COMMUNITY SITE                    CHARITY HILL ROAD                      TND981865132

 ELIZABETHTON             SOILTEX INC.                           100 PARKWAY BLVD.                      TN0001088780

 ELIZABETHTON             SUGAR HOLLOW DUMP                      SUGAR HOLLOW ROAD                      TN0001921493

 ERWIN                    BUMPASS COVE LDFL                      BUMPASS COVE RD RTE 1                  TND980848394

 ERWIN                    GENERAL METAL FABRICATORS              645 WATAUGA AVENUE                     TND987767829

 ERWIN                    HOOVER PRECISION                       500 JONESBORO RD.                      TND003383494

 ERWIN                    NUCLEAR FUEL SERVICES                                                         TND003095635

 ETOWAH                   BEAUNIT CORP                           HWY 411 NORTH                          TND990648024

 ETOWAH                   BIG BEAR CHEMICAL COMPANY              STATE HWY 30 & COUNTY RD 527           TND987787280

 ETOWAH                   JIM HULLANDER SITE #54509              CHESTONIE ROAD                         TND987768538

 EVENSVILLE               OLD RHEA COUNTY LANDFILL               BACK VALLEY RD                         TND981030257

 EVENSVILLE               RHEA CNTY SANITARY LDFL                2 MI E HWY 27 ON SMYRNA RD             TND980848675

 FAIRVIEW                 WILLIAMS A C CO FAIRVIEW DIV           CROWCUT RD                             TND991279548

 FAYETTEVILLE             AMANA REFRIGERATION INC                1810 WILSON PARKWAY                    TND045499035

 FAYETTEVILLE             CALDWELL CHEMICAL COATINGS CORP        209 ARDMORE RD                         TND004046199

 FAYETTEVILLE             FAYETTEVILLE CITY DUMP                 EAST MAPLE STREET                      TND981031503

 FAYETTEVILLE             FAYETTEVILLE/LINCOLN CNTY LDFL         US 64 W                                TND980558498

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FAYETTEVILLE             FAYETTEVILLE/LINCOLN CNTY LDFL         MOLINO RD                              TND980558506

 FAYETTEVILLE             FAYETTEVILLE/LINCOLN CNTY LDFL         KOONCE LANE                            TND980558472

 FAYETTEVILLE             FAYETTEVILLE/LINCOLN CNTY LDFL         HARBIN RD                              TND980558480

 FRANKLIN                 ADVANCED COATING TECHNOLOGY, INC.      306 BEASLEY DR.                        TND081309361

 FRANKLIN                 ESSEX GROUP INC.                       120 S E PARKWAY DR                     TND053438404

 FRANKLIN                 LASKO METAL PRODUCTS INC               300 CONFEDERATE DR                     TND004044525

 FRANKLIN                 NASHVILLE DRUM SERVICE INC             1607 MALLORY LN                        TND034840801

 FRAYSER                  COSCIA DRIVE PESTICIDES SITE           3086 COSCIA DRIVE                      TND987767811

 FRIENDSVILLE             DENNIS PERKINS SITE                    MISER STATION ROAD                     TND980844237

 GALLATIN                 ANDREWS WIRE OF TENN                   STEAM PLANT RD                         TND069081172

 GALLATIN                 ARMITAGE JOHN L & CO                   545 NATIONAL DR                        TND095673059

 GALLATIN                 BANDY L W LDFL                         HWY 109 N                              TND980558415

 GALLATIN                 EATON CORP/BRAKE DIV                   701 S WESTLAND ST                      TND083520601

 GALLATIN                 INTERLAKE INC GALLATIN PLANT           STEAM PLANT RD                         TND095686473

 GALLATIN                 POWER CHEMICAL COMPANY                 504 STEAM PLANT ROAD                   TN0001109719

 GALLATIN                 TVA GALLATIN STEAM PLANT               TN HWY 25                              TN5640006677

 GALLAWAY                 GALLAWAY PITS                          OFF HWY 70                             TND980728992

 GATLINBURG               GREAT SMOKEY MTN NATL PARK             USNPS RT 2                             TN3141707031

 GERMANTOWN               WALKER JIM                             1612 RIVERDALE RD                      TND991279936

 GORDONSVILLE             WELSH COMPANY                          231 HOGAN ROAD                         TND045502952

 GRAND JCT                REICHOLD CHEMICALS INC                 HWY 18 A                               TND003913472

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GRAY                     ITT N TELECOM SWITCHING DIV            HWY 137 SUNCREST EXIT                  TND087238366

 GREENBACK                GREENBACK INDUSTRIES INC               N/S MARYVILLE HWY                      TND003375045

 GREENBRIER               TRIANGLE RESOURCE INDUSTRIES           OLD GREENBRIER PIKE                    TND000645770

 GREENEVILLE              GREENE COUNTY LANDFILL, OLD #1         OLD ASHEVILLE HIGHWAY                  TND987788718

 GREENEVILLE              MECO QUARRY SITE                       ANDREW JOHNSON HWY.                    TND981015126

 GREENEVILLE              METALS ENGINEERING CORP                FOREST HILL DR                         TND003391661

 GREENEVILLE              OLD GREENEVILLE LANDFILL               OLD STAGE ROAD                         TN0001401256

 GREENFIELD               CALLINS INDUSTRIES                     EAST BROAD STREET                      TND987791076

 GREENFIELD               TRAN-SPECTRA                           ROUTE 1, BOX 27A, AIRPORT ROAD         TND987791084

 GREENLAND                AFG INDUSTRIES - GREENLAND PLANT       AFG ROAD                               TND037909348

 GREENVILLE               HUYCK FORMEX                           AUSTIN STREET                          TND003375441

 GREENVILLE               NL PERMANENT MOLD CASTINGS             RUFF TAYLOR RD                         TND066707662

 GRUETLI-LAAGER           JAMES BOLDEN SITE                      BOLDEN ROAD                            TND981015092

 GUILD                    SCRATCH ANKLE ROAD DUMP                NW JUCTION OF SCRATCH ROAD             TND981469513

 HALLS                    DART INDUSTRIES INC                    OLD HWY #51 S                          TND045489234

 HARRIMAN                 BATTERY SPECIALIST                     HWY 70 & PINE RIDGE RD                 TND981473895

 HARRIMAN                 CLINCH RIVER CORPORATION               728 EMORY DRIVE                        TND987768587

 HARRIMAN                 TENNESSEE FORGING STEEL CORP           JCT I-40 & HWY 27                      TND003391455

 HARRISON                 C F INDUSTRIES INC                     HWY 58                                 TND079023149

 HARTSVILLE               TVA HARTSVILLE NUCLEAR PLT             TN HWY 25                              TN3640031156

 HARTSVILLE               VALENTINE ROAD LDFL                    OFF SKILLET BRANCH RD                  TND980558423

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HENDERSON                MORRIS GENERAL STORE                   HWY 45 SOUTH                           TN0000901314

 HENDERSONVILLE           GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                    250 E MAIN ST                          TND053433694

 HENDERSONVILLE           HAZ-TECH INC                           1318 SAUNDERS FERRY RD                 TND000603217

 HENDERSONVILLE           HENDERSONVILLE CITY LDFL               FREEHILL RD                            TND980558449

 HENDERSONVILLE           SUMNER CNTY LDFL                       WEEPING WILLOW RD                      TND980558431

 HENRY                    REPLOGLE LUMBER CO INC                 OLD MCKENZIE HWY                       TND007031867

 HOHENWALD                AMERICAN BILTRITE INC                  SWAN AVE                               TND004045605

 HOHENWALD                METALLUM INDUSTRIES                    241 FORREST AVENUE                     TND987767720

 HUMBOLDT                 HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     1749 N. 9TH AVE                        TND044877090

 IRON CITY                SOUTHERN INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE CO     S WALNUT ST                            TND980559041

 ISABELLA                 ISABELLA MINE PIT                      ISABELLA MINE ROAD                     TN0001577030

 JACKSON                  AMERICAN CREOSOTE WORKS, (JACKSON      MEADOW ST                              TND007018799

 JACKSON                  AMERICAN OLEAN TILE PLANT              AMERICAN DR., 2 MI W OF RAILRD         TND981028285

 JACKSON                  BENDIX AUTOMOTIVE AFTERMARKET          MADISON                                TND063942619

 JACKSON                  BOONE DRY CLEANERS                     121 LEXINGTON AVENUE                   TND987784113

 JACKSON                  COTTON GROVE RD. LANDFILL              COTTON GROVE RD.                       TND981469778

 JACKSON                  FLORIDA STEEL CORP/ TENN MILL DIV      OLD MEDINA RD & ASHPORT RD             TND991279423

 JACKSON                  FROGMOOR YARDS                         N. MISSOURI AT BEMIS LANE              TN0000368514

 JACKSON                  ICG ISELIN RAILROAD YARD               MADISON CNTY                           TND987767795

 JACKSON                  MORGAN, E. L. DRUM                     709 WHITEHALL ROAD                     TN0000605485

 JACKSON                  OLD H.O. FORGY SITE                    END OF 202 BURTON STREET               TN0001923945

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JACKSON                  OLD JACKSON CITY DUMP                  COMMERCE STREET                        TN0001921543

 JACKSON                  OWENS-CORNING FIBERGLAS/BLASINGAME     HWY 70                                 TND980558993

 JACKSON                  OWENS-CORNING LDFL SITE                WESTOVER RD                            TND980559017

 JACKSON                  OWENS-CORNING/EUTHER DAVIDSON SITES    HWY 70                                 TND980559009

 JACKSON                  PORTER CABLE CORPORATION               HWY 45 NORTH                           TND980315295

 JACKSON                  PROCTOR & GAMBLE COMPANY               1306 HWY 70 BYPASS                     TND063948210

 JACKSON                  SAVINGS OIL CO.                        109 LEXINGTON AVE.                     TND987781291

 JACKSON                  TDOT STATE STREET                      120 STATE STREET                       TN0001921535

 JACKSON                  TRIANGLE PACIFIC CORP BRUCE HDWD FLRS  608 WILLIAMS ST PO BOX 1334            TND084789247

 JASPER                   BOWATERS SOUTHERN PAPER CO. AETNA MT.  UNIT 4209, BLOCK 154                   TND981022494

 JASPER                   TN RIVER DRUM RESPONSE                 HWY 64                                 TN0000199844

 JEFFERSON CITY           HMS MASTERCRAFT                        924 MOODY ROAD (HWY 92 SOUTH)          TN0001012988

 JEFFERSON CITY           HODGSON, HOLLIS DUMP                   MURPH ROAD                             TND987791167

 JEFFERSON CITY           TRIANGLE PACIFIC US SLATE & MARBLE     100 MARBLE RD                          TND066707589
 JEFFERSON CITY           YOUNT FARM DRUM                        ROCKTOWN ROAD                          TND987788809

 JELLICO                  OLD JELLICO DUMP                       LONDON ST.                             TND981020407

 JOELTON                  CABINETS BY CALDWELL INC               6221 CLARKSVILLE HWY                   TND004415956

 JOHNSON CITY             CASH HOLLOW DUMP                       CASH HOLLOW RD/N OF JOHNSON            TND980709471

 JOHNSON CITY             KENNAMETAL INC                         ROWELAND DR                            TND004517736

 JOHNSON CITY             SNAP-ON TOOLS CORP                     2416 WATAUGA RD                        TND071530620

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 JOHNSON CITY             WASHINGTON COUNTY LANDFILL             BROADWAY (CIVITAN PARK)                TND987781416

 JONESBORO                AEROJET                                OLD HWY 11 E                           TND053982807

 JONESBORO                BURTON RUBBER PROCESSING INC           S R 34                                 TND066707969

 JONESBORO                WASHINGTON CNTY UTLTY DISTRICT         LEESBURG QUADRANGLE                    TND980848550

 KENTON                   TEXAS GAS TRANSMISSION CORPORATION     3 MI. NORTH ON US HWY 45W., POB 9      TND039408679

 KINGSPORT                AABERG PRINTING INKS COA CO.           500 TILTHAMMER DR                      TND079016226

 KINGSPORT                AFG DUMP SITE (WILCOX DRIVE)           920 SOUTH WILCOX DRIVE                 TND987779881

 KINGSPORT                AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICALS INC           440 INDUSTRY DR                        TND003385275

 KINGSPORT                EASTMAN KODAK CO TN EASTMAN CO DIV     EASTMAN RD                             TND003376928


 KINGSPORT                MORELAND MCKESSON CO                   RIDGEFIELD'S INDUSTRIAL PARK           TND000822973

 KINGSPORT                OSBORNE DUMP                           HWY 11W, 1 3/4 MI E OF HWY 37          TND981022569

 KINGSPORT                USA HOLSTON ARMY AMMUNITION PLT        WEST STONE DRIVE                       TN5210020421

 KINGSPORT                WAHOO DUMP                             HWY 35                                 TND981022742

 KINGSTON                 CUSTOM METAL SERVICE                   KINGSTON HWY (HY 70) @ POPLAR SPRINGS  TND987786845
 KINGSTON                 JOYNER SCRAP YARD                      2228 DECATUR HWY/HWY 58                TN0001119122

 KINGSTON                 TVA KINGSTON STEAM PLANT               US HWY 70                              TN8640006682

 KNOXVILLE                ALLIED CHEMICAL CORP APD               1601 MIDPARK LN                        TND071522940

 KNOXVILLE                AMSTED INDUSTRIES/PLEXCO DIV           LEXINGTON DR                           TND003375987

 KNOXVILLE                BADGETT DR LDFL                        BADGETT & WRIGHT FERRY RDS             TND980848519

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KNOXVILLE                BOBBY TOOLE SITE GAP ROAD DUMP         GAP ROAD                               TND981014590

 KNOXVILLE                BRIGGS                                 5040 NATIONAL DR                       TND074891284

 KNOXVILLE                CHEROKEE PORCELAIN ENAMEL CORP         5300 HOMBERG DR                        TND003377975

 KNOXVILLE                CORNER CABINET SHOP                    1600 ISLAND HOME AVENUE                TND987781408

 KNOXVILLE                CRUZE ROAD DUMP                        CRUZE ROAD                             TN0001921477

 KNOXVILLE                ENTERPRISE WASTE OIL                   WHITE WING RD                          TND987766060

 KNOXVILLE                FIELDS, ROSCOE PROPERTY                SOLWAY SCHOOL ROAD                     TN0001123082

 KNOXVILLE                FOOTE MINERAL CO                       FOOTE MINERAL RD                       TND980843031


 KNOXVILLE                FOOTE MINERAL/LORAINE ST. SITE         LORAINE ST. S, ADJACENT TO I40         TND981028228

 KNOXVILLE                GREENWAY CHEMICAL CO.                  4320 GREENWAY DRIVE                    TND987773421

 KNOXVILLE                GULF OIL CO US                         3RD CREEK RD & L&N RAILROAD            TND000604355

 KNOXVILLE                HIGHWAY TRANSPORT INC                  1500 AMHERST RD                        TND004784435

 KNOXVILLE                IDEAL BASIC INDUSTRIES                 CEMENT PLANT RD                        TND066723081

 KNOXVILLE                IT ENVIROSCIENCE                       DIRECTORS DRIVE                        TND000770479

 KNOXVILLE                KNOX METALS CORPORATION                110 RAMSEY STREET                      TND987781234

 KNOXVILLE                KNOXVILLE BUMPER EXCHANGE INC          2216 MOHAWK AVE                        TND034699587

 KNOXVILLE                LAMON'S QUARRY                         YARNELL ROAD                           TND987768512

 KNOXVILLE                LUNDY LANE DRUM                        1618 LUNDY LANE                        TN0000590794

 KNOXVILLE                PETROLEUM RECYCLING CORP               CROSS LANE RD                          TND074888462

 KNOXVILLE                PICKEL ISLAND LDFL                     PICKEL RD                              TND980848147

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KNOXVILLE                ROHM & HAAS TENN INC                   730 DALE AVE                           TND058660390

 KNOXVILLE                ROSE FARM                              ROUTE 8 MCCARTY RD                     TND980841795

 KNOXVILLE                RUTLEDGE PIKE SANITARY LDFL            RUTLEDGE PIKE RD                       TND980848618

 KNOXVILLE                SAFETY-KLEEN CORP 3-080-01             826 STEWART                            TND079025698

 KNOXVILLE                SANITARY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING      625 NORTH BROADWAY                     TND034706531

 KNOXVILLE                SCREEN ART INC.                        1630 MARYVILLE PIKE                    TND063184972

 KNOXVILLE                SHANGRI LA DUMP                        SHANGRI LA DRIVE (SOUTH SIDE OF)       TN0001093459

 KNOXVILLE                SOUTHERN RAILWAY/CASTER SHOP DUMP      3125 N. CENTRAL ST                     TND030671085

 KNOXVILLE                TEXACO INC                             701 LANGFORD AVE                       TND074903550

 KNOXVILLE                TRW INC                                5008 N NATIONAL DR                     TND003380441

 KNOXVILLE                TVA KNOXVILLE GARAGE                   4216 GREENWAY                          TN1640011754

 KNOXVILLE                WALKER CAS SITE                        CENTRAL AVE PIKE N                     TND981017486

 KNOXVILLE                WARREN BROS CO/DANLEY PLT/ASHLAND OIL  1301 SPRING HILL RD                    TND074911900

 KNOXVILLE                WITHERSPOON LANDFILL                   OLD MARYVILLE PIKE                     TND980848311

 KNOXVILLE                WITHERSPOON, DAVID INCORPORATED        901 OLD MARYVILLE PIKE                 TND987768637

 KODAK                    HEIL TRUCKING COMPANY                  DUMPLIN VALLEY ROAD (P.O. BOX 3386)    TND987783131

 LA VERGNE                FIRESTONE TIRE & RUBBER CO             FIRESTONE PARKWAY                      TND065833196

 LAFOLLETTE               LAFOLLETTE TIRE                        RT 2 MURRAYVILLE RD - DEMORY RD        TN0001003771

 LAFOLLETTE               M&M POLISHING & PLATING                TONE STRING RD                         TND041150012

 LAGRANGE                 SMITH, JAMES PROPERTY                  CNTY MAP 193 PRCL 1                    TND980728216

 LAGRANGE                 SMITH, R T LAND                        COUNTY MAP 173 PARCEL 3                TND980848733

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LASCASSAS                RUTHERFORD COUNTY LANDFILL             1/4 MI SOUTH OF JEFFERSON              TND981469570

 LAVERGNE                 LAMB CHEMICAL CO                       HWY 41A                                TND980558456

 LAWRENCEBURG             ELLINGSON PROPERTY                     1/4 MI E OF S ROUTE 43                 TND980842686


 LAWRENCEBURG             MURRAY-OHIO DUMP                       GLENN SPRINGS RD                       TND980728836

 LAWRENCEBURG             MURRAY-OHIO MFG (HORSESHOE BEND)       GLEN SPRINGS RD                        TND981014954

 LEBANON                  TEXAS EASTERN GAS PIPELINE/GLADEVILLE  FRANKLIN RD                            TND034721290

 LEBANON                  TRW INC/ROSS GEAR DIV                  1103 BADDOUR PARKWAY                   TND000830844

 LEBANON                  UNIVERSAL RACK COMPANY                 220 EAST HIGH STREET                   TN0000372466

 LENOIR CITY              LENOIR CAR WORKS/DUMP AREA             F ST                                   TND003384666

 LENOIR CITY              OLD LENOIR CITY DUMP                   FINDLAY DRIVE                          TND981015365

 LENOIR CITY              YALE SECURITY INC.                     YALE AVE                               TND095050019

 LEWISBURG                ABECO DIE CASTING, INC.                1424 HIGGS ROAD                        TN0001097948

 LEWISBURG                CSX/LEWISBURG DERAILMENT               HWY 272/VERONA ROAD                    TND987775566

 LEWISBURG                FABER-CASTELL CORP                     551 SPRING PLACE PARK                  TND079109062

 LEWISBURG                HEIL-QUAKER CORP                       651 HEIL AVE                           TND004047049

 LEWISBURG                LEWISBURG DRUM SITE                    365 HOLLY GROVE ROAD                   TND987788833

 LEWISBURG                LEWISBURG DUMP                         CRUSHER RD                             TND980729115

 LEWISBURG                MEAD CONTAINERS                        700 GARRETT PARKWAY                    TND075454199

 LEWISBURG                MR. T. COZART'S TCE WELL               ROUTE 2, BOX 257A DOUBLE BRIDGES ROAD  TND987775301

 LEXINGTON                COLUMBUS-MC KINNON CORP                STATE RD 22A                           TND054879002

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LEXINGTON                LEXINGTON SANITARY LDFL                ROUTE 22                               TND980559579

 LOBELVILLE               TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE CO              PERRY COUNTY                           TN0000981977

 LOUDON                   ALPHA RECYCLING SYSTEMS INC            WILLIAMSON DR                          TND000822270

 LOUDON                   METAL RESOURCES INC                    BLAIR BEND INDUSTRIAL PARK             TND991279746

 LOUDON                   OLD LOUDON CITY DUMP                   HIGHLAND AVE                           TND981015423

 LOUDON                   RESERVOIR HILL MUNICIPAL LDFL          H'LAND AV & CARDING MACHINE RD         TND980558605

 LOUDON                   UNION CARBIDE CORP/FILMS PKG DIV       E LEE HWY                              TND034730267

 LOUISVILLE               BROWN, DOUG DUMP                       BALLARDS WAY                           TND987791241

 LOWLAND                  AMERICAN ENKA CO                       TN HWY 160                             TND003376100

 LOWLAND                  STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO                   LOWLAND RD                             TND980558613

 LYNNVILLE                TEXAS EASTERN GAS PIPELINE/MT          OLD MT PLEASANT PIKE                   TND981931124
 MADISON                  DUE WEST DUMP SITE                     OLD DUE WEST                           TND980848808

 MADISON                  HAWKINS LANDFILL/HAWKINS A R           CANTON PASS ROAD                       TND981017544

 MADISON                  PETERBILT MOTORS CO                    430 MYATT DR                           TND048120083

 MADISON CNTY             AMERICAN OLEAN TILE CO                 BROWNS CHURCH RD                       TND000615674

 MADISONVILLE             VINEYARD VANCE PROP                    303 WARREN ST                          TND980558514

 MADISONVILLE/SWEETWA     RED RIDGE LANDFILL                     HIWASSEE COLLEGE PIKE                  TND981015720

 MARYVILLE                BLOUNT COUNTY LANDFILL                 LONG POWERS RD                         TND981015035

 MARYVILLE                SKI SUPREME INDUSTRIES                 ATCHLEY DRIVE                          TND980837785

 MASON                    CLOWNEY, CATO, FARM                    MILE POST 340                          TND980558662

 MCKENZIE                 MCKENZIE CITY LANDFILL                 CHERRYWOOD RD, 9 MI SE, JCT 79         TND981028970

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MCMINNVILLE              CUMBERLAND LUMBER COMPANY              202RED ROAD                            TND004040663

 MCMINNVILLE              KINGS CABINET SHOP                     203 WHITE OAK TERRACE                  TND078243532

 MCMINNVILLE              MAGNETEK CENTURY ELECTRIC              204 RED ROAD                           TND061253647

 MCMINNVILLE              SUNBEAM CORP/OSTER DIV                 ROUTE 5 CADILLAC LANE                  TND990653875

 MEMPHIS                  #1 BRUNSWICK QUADRANGLE                HWY 14                                 TND980726616

 MEMPHIS                  #16 RED OPEN FIELD SES-16              WINCHESTER                             TND980726608

 MEMPHIS                  #2 BRUNSWICK QUADRANGLE                HWY 14                                 TND980726665

 MEMPHIS                  #25                                    PARK ON BROOKS RD                      TND980726723

 MEMPHIS                  #3 BRUNSWICK QUADRANGLE                HWY 14                                 TND980726780

 MEMPHIS                  #4 MILLINGTON QUADRANGLE               FITE RD                                TND980726731

 MEMPHIS                  #5 MILLINGTON QUADRANGLE               FITE RD                                TND980726905

 MEMPHIS                  #6 MILLINGTON                          NERO ALLEN RD                          TND980726855

 MEMPHIS                  15 RED OPEN FIELD                      WIN PLACE                              TND980728356

 MEMPHIS                  18 RED OPEN DUMP                       SWINNEA ROAD                           TND981014657

 MEMPHIS                  27-RED OPEN DUMP SES-27                WHITEHAVEN COPLEVILLE                  TND980728406

 MEMPHIS                  674 MAIN STREET DRUM                   674 S. MAIN STREET                     TND987790292

 MEMPHIS                  83A                                    JACKSON RD                             TND980728349

 MEMPHIS                  AARON STEEL SALVAGE CO INC             235 MALLORY                            TND980726673

 MEMPHIS                  AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICALS INC.          326 EAST BODLEY ST                     TND007034101

 MEMPHIS                  ALCO-GRAVURE INC                       828 E HOLMES RD                        TND007030018

 MEMPHIS                  ALLEN READY-MIX CONCRETE CO            1572 CHELSEA AVE                       TND980838825

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEMPHIS                  AMERICAN READY MIX                     2940 FRAYSER BLVD                      TND073543324

 MEMPHIS                  ARATEX SERVICES, INC.                  2860 RUDDER ROAD                       TND982134496

 MEMPHIS                  ARCADIAN MEMPHIS PLANT                 5790 OLD MILLINGTON                    TND007033152

 MEMPHIS                  ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO                    2351 CHANNEL AVE                       TND980558936

 MEMPHIS                  AUTO JUNKYARD (EPIC NES-21)            HARWOOD                                TND980728489

 MEMPHIS                  BADDOUR WAREHOUSE                      4300 GETWELL RD                        TND980730717

 MEMPHIS                  BELLEVUE AVE LDFL                      BELLEVUE AVE & N WATKINS               TND980602205

 MEMPHIS                  BELZ ENTERPRISES                       N OF RIVERGATE RD                      TND980730600

 MEMPHIS                  BENJESTOWN LDFL-SITE A                 OLD CUBA-BENJESTOWN RD                 TND980558712

 MEMPHIS                  BENJESTOWN RD LDFL-SITE B              OLD CUBA-BENJESTOWN RD                 TND980558704

 MEMPHIS                  BENJESTOWN RD LDFL-SITE D              OFF BENJESTOWN RD                      TND980558688

 MEMPHIS                  BENJESTOWN RD LDFL-SITE E              OFF FIELD RD/DANIELS PROPERTY          TND980558696

 MEMPHIS                  BIGGS LANDFILL                         3RD ST S OF NONCONNAH CRK              TND980838882

 MEMPHIS                  BLUE OPEN FIELD, SITE # 17             PERSHING AVE                           TND980727879

 MEMPHIS                  BROWNING-FERRIS INDS                   4085 SHELBY DR                         TND000422220


 MEMPHIS                  BROWNING-FERRIS OF MEMPHIS INC.        4256 SYKES RD                          TND991279704

 MEMPHIS                  BUCKEYE CELLULOSE CO S PLT             2227 DEADRICK RD                       TND099179418

 MEMPHIS                  BUCKMAN LABORATORIES INC               1256 N MC LEAN                         TND007023658

 MEMPHIS                  BURKE-HALL COMPANY                     4050 GETWELL RD                        TND007016918

 MEMPHIS                  BURKE-HALL/LAUDERDALE                  2336 S LAUDERDALE                      TND980558746

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEMPHIS                  CAPLEVILLE LANDFILL                    SHELBY RD                              TND980726962

 MEMPHIS                  CBI NUCLEAR CO A JOINT VENTURE         2700 CHANNEL AVE                       TND061662391

 MEMPHIS                  CENTRAL HARDWARE                       3292 AUSTIN PEAY HWY                   TND980838700

 MEMPHIS                  CHAPMAN CHEMICAL CO                    416 E BROOKS RD                        TND063944045

 MEMPHIS                  CHARLIE BROWN BODY SHOP & SALES        2435 FRISCO AVE                        TND980727085

 MEMPHIS                  CHEMTECH INDUSTRIES INC                2701 CHANNEL AVE                       TND073525263

 MEMPHIS                  CHROMIUM MINING & SMELTING CORP        3328 FITE RD                           TND007022981

 MEMPHIS                  COCA COLA BOTTLING CO SES 1            499 S HOLLYWOOD                        TND007021801

 MEMPHIS                  COLLINS STREET DRUM                    2627 BROAD ST, COLLINS & BROAD         TND987767894

 MEMPHIS                  CONTINENTAL WAREHOUSES INC             1797 FLORIDA ST                        TND067690933

 MEMPHIS                  CORTESE, TOM CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY      4430 SUMMER AVENUE                     TND034758243

 MEMPHIS                  CREOTOX CHEMICAL PRODUCTS CO.          2670 BROAD STREET                      TND047928221

 MEMPHIS                  CYPRESS CREEK                          N WATKINS ST.                          TND981015456

 MEMPHIS                  DELTA FOREMOST CHEMICAL SEL-10         3925 AIR POND RD                       TND007039910

 MEMPHIS                  DEMOCRAT RD LANDFILL                   DEMOCRAT ROAD                          TND980728174

 MEMPHIS                  DIESEL RECONDITIONING CO               2680 PERSHING AVE                      TND096069653

 MEMPHIS                  DREXEL CHEMICAL CO                     2487 PENN ST                           TND073524555

 MEMPHIS                  DUPONT EI DE NEMOURS & CO INC          2571 FITE RD                           TND007024672

 MEMPHIS                  EARTH INDUSTRIES WASTE MGMT            3536 FITE RD                           TND000614321
 MEMPHIS                  EARTH INDUSTRIES WASTE MGMT INC        1217 FL ST                             TND000614339

 MEMPHIS                  EASLEY EQUIP'T/TRI-STATE TRANSIT COS   2807 FARRISVIEW                        TND044064855

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEMPHIS                  EAST HOLMES ROAD DUMP                  5791 EAST HOLMES RD                    TND981030281

 MEMPHIS                  ELVIS PRESLEY BLVD 1-240 LANDFILL      ELVIS PRESLEY BLVD I-240               TND980838528

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC                                   MIMOSA DR                              TND980727093

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC # 8 NORTH                         WINCHESTER AVE & GOODLETT RD           TND980839419

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC #53                               ON MUD ISLAND                          TND980727838

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC #57                               LEVEE RD                               TND980728562

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC #67                               NEAR NEW CHICAGO PARK                  TND980728265

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC #68                               BELLEVUE BLVD                          TND980728208

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC #70                               CHELSEA AVE                            TND980728570

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC #71                               N WATKINS & LAMPDALE                   TND980728588

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES 18                            TANT ROAD                              TND981015753

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES-1                             OVERTON CROSSING RD                    TND980728463

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES-10                            RALEIGH-LAGRANGE RD                    TND980727036

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES-11                            COVINGTON                              TND980728596

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES-12                            RALEIGH-LAGRANGE RD                    TND980726848

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES-17                            TANT RD                                TND980728604

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES-27                            I-240                                  TND980728422

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES-28                            REED ST & I-240                        TND980728364

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES-29                            THOMAS ST                              TND980728539

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES-8                             JAMES RD                               TND980728307

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC NES-9                             JACKSON                                TND980728471

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEMPHIS                  EPIC SITE NES-6                        COVINGTON                              TND980728513

 MEMPHIS                  ESB INC                                2146 VENTURE DR                        TND067689208

 MEMPHIS                  ESB INC                                3454 CHELSEA AVE                       TND044880474

 MEMPHIS                  ESTECH GENERAL CHEMICALS CORP          152 N. COLLINS AVE                     TND050242361

 MEMPHIS                  EXTRACTION AREA                        S OF HOLMES RD                         TND980728182

 MEMPHIS                  EXTRACTION SITE                        5093 GETWELL ROAD                      TND980728240

 MEMPHIS                  FARRISVIEW DUMP                        FARRISVIEW RD 1/2 MI E I 240           TND980838643

 MEMPHIS                  FEDERAL COMPRESS                       513 IRVIN CALVIN DRIVE                 TND980091870

 MEMPHIS                  FENCED IN LOT (OLD POWER               800 BARKSDALE                          TND980728141
 MEMPHIS                  FIBERFINE OF MEMPHIS                   1030 WEST MITCHELL ROAD                TND007017056

 MEMPHIS                  FIRE STATION #50-SEL-14                RAINES RD WEST MAL                     TND980728398

 MEMPHIS                  FIRESTONE TIRE & RUBBER CO             900 FIRESTONE AVE                      TND007020886

 MEMPHIS                  FOGELMAN DUMP                          OVERTON CROSSING                       TND980728547

 MEMPHIS                  FORD MOTOR CO/MEMPHIS ASSEMBLY PLANT   1429 RIVERSIDE BLVD                    TND980558902

 MEMPHIS                  G & R WRECKER                          3770 E RAINES RD                       TND980727812

 MEMPHIS                  GENERAL ELEC CO MEMPHIS LAMP PLT       1356 S RIVERSIDE BLVD                  TND007024409

 MEMPHIS                  GENERAL MOTORS PARTS DIV               3495 LAMAR AVE                         TND001807783

 MEMPHIS                  GOULD INC                              2215 PERSON AVE                        TND000005066

 MEMPHIS                  GULF & WESTERN TAYLOR FORGE            5577 TAY-FOR DR                        TND070769831

 MEMPHIS                  GULF OIL CO US                         615 W INDUSTRIAL DRIVE                 TND061655247

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEMPHIS                  HOLLYWOOD SITE/I-240                   I-240 @ NORTH HOLLYWOOD                TND980838940

 MEMPHIS                  HORN LAKE ROAD PAILS SITE              HORN LAKE ROAD                         TND987767571

 MEMPHIS                  HOWELL'S PRIVATE DUMP                  W OF THOMAS @ STAGE RD                 TND980559611

 MEMPHIS                  HUSKY INDUSTRIES                       1648 THOMAS ST                         TND980313803

 MEMPHIS                  IDEAL CHEMICALS & SUPPLY CO SEL-13     4025 AIR PARK RD                       TND007040348

 MEMPHIS                  ILLINOIS CENTRAL GULF RR/INTERMODEL    590 WEST ALCY RD                       TND073540783
 MEMPHIS                  INGELS INC                             5350 HUNGERFORD RD                     TND991279621

 MEMPHIS                  INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER-EPIC #73       3003 HARVESTER LANE                    TND007024516

 MEMPHIS                  J & L DRUM CO/ EPIC # 35               584 S 3RD ST                           TND980313910

 MEMPHIS                  JACKSON PIT DUMP                       N/JACKSON PIT RD/MCKELLAR PK           TND980709455

 MEMPHIS                  JAY WILEY IMPORTS SES-17               3763 GETWELL RD                        TND059835843

 MEMPHIS                  JEHL COOPERAGE CO INC EPIC # 50        4 E VIRGINIA ST                        TND073544314

 MEMPHIS                  JOE SCHLITZ SEL-17                     5151 E RAINES RD                       TND073514671

 MEMPHIS                  KIMBERLY-CLARK CORP                    400 MAHANNAH AVE                       TND007033103

 MEMPHIS                  KIMCO AUTO PRODS                       1520 TEXAS ST                          TND980848576

 MEMPHIS                  KOPPERS CO INC                         1285 CHANNEL DR                        TND061647996

 MEMPHIS                  KRAFT INC-HUMKO PRODUCTS DIVISION      1702 N THOMAS ST                       TND042113217

 MEMPHIS                  LAROCHE INDUSTRIES                     3967 WEAVER RD                         TND048320063

 MEMPHIS                  LAZAROV PRIVATE DUMP                   LEVEE RD                               TND980559603

 MEMPHIS                  LEHMAN, ROBERTS AGGREGATES CONSTRCT    END OF CARRIER ST                      TND980726541

 MEMPHIS                  LILLY INDUSTRIAL COATINGS INC TN       2632 CHANNEL AVE                       TND042172270

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEMPHIS                  LITTLE, JOHN DRUM                      564 S. MAIN STREET                     TN0000901298

 MEMPHIS                  MAGNETIC ELECTRONICS CO                700 HURON AVE                          TND030404289

 MEMPHIS                  MALL OF MEMPHIS                        AMERICAN WAY RD                        TND980727663

 MEMPHIS                  MAPCO PETROLEUM                        543 WEST MALLORY                       TND043101476

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS AIRPORT DE-ICER TANK           MEMPHIS AIRPORT                        TND980848493

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS ARPT FUEL FARMS-SEL-12         MEMPHIS ARPT                           TND980728091

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS ARPT STORAGE AREA-SEL-9        WINCHESTER                             TND980728034

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS BOARD OF EDUCATION             CHELSEA                                TND980727960

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS CONTAINER CO                   1761 WARFORD ROAD                      TND007029580

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS DRUM SERVICE INC               3299 TULANE ST                         TND059840561

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS FURNITURE MFG CO-SEL 5         115 S CAMILLA                          TND007019300


 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS PROCESSORS, INCORPORATED       700 WEST PEEBLES ROAD                  TND034781286

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS PUBLIC WORKS/BELLVUE DUMP      1400-1700 BLOCKS/N WATKINS ST          TND980848451

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS PUBLIC WORKS/BROOKS RD DUMP    324 E. BROOKS RD                       TND980558928

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS T E MAXSON WWTP                STEAM PLANT RD                         TND000792820

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS TRUMBULL ASPHALT               710 CORINNE AVE N STA                  TND980558878

 MEMPHIS                  MEMPHIS/SHELBY CTY METHYL PARATHION    SHELBY COUNTY                          TN0001900232
 MEMPHIS                  MR. COMPLETE USED AUTO PARTS           JACKSON AVE                            TND980727614

 MEMPHIS                  NEL-2                                  MCLEAN                                 TND980728083

 MEMPHIS                  NEL-6                                  OFF CHELSEA                            TND987766367

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 27 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEMPHIS                  NES-16                                 JACKSON AVE                            TND980727903

 MEMPHIS                  NES-20                                 CRESTVIEW                              TND980727846

 MEMPHIS                  NES-24                                 JACKSON AVE                            TND980727796

 MEMPHIS                  NES-25                                 HOMER ST                               TND980727739

 MEMPHIS                  NES-31                                 SUMMER AVE                             TND980727671

 MEMPHIS                  NES-36                                 LOS ANGELES ST                         TND980727556

 MEMPHIS                  NES-37                                 ILLMAN                                 TND980727788

 MEMPHIS                  NES-7                                  NEAR JAMES ST                          TND980727770

 MEMPHIS                  NILOK CHEMICAL CO                      5030 MILLINGTON RD                     TND055691406

 MEMPHIS                  NORTH HOLLYWOOD DUMP                   1700-2000 BLKS/N. HOLLYWOOD ST         TND980558894

 MEMPHIS                  OLD ESTECH GENERAL CHEMICALS INC       2221 DEADRICK AVE                      TND980558944

 MEMPHIS                  OLD FRAYSER DUMP                       OFF BENJESTOWN RD                      TND980558720

 MEMPHIS                  OLD NORTH MEMPHIS CITY DUMP            LEVEE RD N 2ND                         TND980728414

 MEMPHIS                  OLD NORTH MEMPHIS CITY DUMP            PLUM & N 2ND ST                        TND980727028

 MEMPHIS                  OLD OSMOSE CHEMICAL                    1172 THOMAS STREET                     TND980840474

 MEMPHIS                  OPEN FIELD SEL-15                      WEST SIDE OUTLAND                      TND980727549

 MEMPHIS                  PERES STREET DUMP                      PERES ST/CENTRAL GULF RR               TND980839005

 MEMPHIS                  PERKINS PROPERTY                       NORTH 2ND ST                           TND980728505

 MEMPHIS                  PIPER INDS INC/WIRE PRODS DIV          1175 HARBOR AVE                        TND052564507

 MEMPHIS                  PNB CORP                               901 E BODLEY                           TND991279480

 MEMPHIS                  PRECISION MOTOR SHOP                   1888 CHELSEA                           TND980728109

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEMPHIS                  PRECISION MOTOR WORKS INC              1882 CHELSEA AVE                       TND007045883

 MEMPHIS                  PRO-SERVE INC                          400 E BROOKS RD                        TND063947402

 MEMPHIS                  PROCTOR & GAMBLE CELLULOSE             2889 JACKSON AVENUE                    TND047343694

 MEMPHIS                  QUAKER OATS CO                         CHELSEA                                TND980727853

 MEMPHIS                  RAINES ROAD DRUM SITE                  RAINES ROAD & TCHULAHOMA ROAD          TND987768116

 MEMPHIS                  RALSTON PURINA (CHOW PLT) SEL-4        1725 AIRWAYS BLVD                      TND007035710

 MEMPHIS                  RALSTON PURINA (NEL-14)                2895 JACKSON                           TND047927355

 MEMPHIS                  RED MEMPHIS AIRPORT #25                COPLEVILLE RD                          TND980728299

 MEMPHIS                  REFINED METALS CORP                    257 W MALLORY                          TND067690040

 MEMPHIS                  REXHAM CORP                            2000 LATHAM ST                         TND041174244

 MEMPHIS                  SEL-10                                 3754 BURDEN COVE                       TND980727606

 MEMPHIS                  SEL-18                                 4272 S MENDENHALL RD                   TND980848444

 MEMPHIS                  SES-13                                 KNIGHT ARNOLD                          TND980727721

 MEMPHIS                  SES-14                                 TEHLAHOME                              TND980727598

 MEMPHIS                  SES-31                                                                        TND051386258

 MEMPHIS                  SES-4                                  OFF FARRISVIEW                         TND980728281

 MEMPHIS                  SES-5                                  FARRISVIEW BLVD                        TND980728224

 MEMPHIS                  SES-6                                  2721 FARRISVIEW BLVD                   TND980728166

 MEMPHIS                  SES-9                                  OFF FARRISVIEW                         TND980728232

 MEMPHIS                  SHELBY CNTY PENAL FARM LDFL            6791 WALNUT GROVE RD                   TND980558977

 MEMPHIS                  SHIRVANIA CHEMICAL                     THOMAS ST                              TND980728380

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 29 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEMPHIS                  SHULTON INC TOILETRIES DIV             1725 S 3RD ST                          TND007029564

 MEMPHIS                  SINCLAIR & VALENTINE CO                3762 AIR PARK ST                       TND070775812

 MEMPHIS                  SINCLAIR & VALENTINE CO                274 S PARKWAY W                        TND980559629

 MEMPHIS                  SITE #20 RED                           GETWELL RD                             TND980727754

 MEMPHIS                  SITE #26                               3RD ST                                 TND980728125

 MEMPHIS                  SIXTY ONE INDUSTRIAL PARK              5607 HWY 61 SOUTH                      TND987790300

 MEMPHIS                  SOUTH EAST BLUE-21 SEL-21              HUNGERFORD RD                          TND980727697

 MEMPHIS                  SOUTH TIN COMPRESS CO                  1270 7TH ST & WEAKLEY AVE              TND034795567

 MEMPHIS                  SOUTHERN CENTRAL CO                    736 S DUDLEY ST                        TND052107893

 MEMPHIS                  SOUTHERN CONTAINER CORP                615 CHELSEA AVE                        TND099184103

 MEMPHIS                  ST LOUIS-SAN FRAN RAIL YARDS           NORTH OF JOHN CREEK                    TND980727630

 MEMPHIS                  ST LOUIS-SAN FRAN-RAIL YARDS           W OF HUNGERTOWN                        TND980728042

 MEMPHIS                  ST.LOUIS-SAN FRANCISCO RAIL YARD       HUNGERFORD RD                          TND980727713

 MEMPHIS                  SUN CHEMICAL CORP-GPI DIV              4041 RUNWAY RD                         TND056851918

 MEMPHIS                  TECHNICOTE CORPORATION                 525 PLUM ST                            TND980728448

 MEMPHIS                  TEX INDUSTRIES                         HUNTER AVE                             TND980728026

 MEMPHIS                  TEXACO SALES TERM 29-344               1237 RIVERSIDE DR                      TND000737403

 MEMPHIS                  TRUE-TAGG PAINT CO                     442 N 3RD ST                           TND007029010

 MEMPHIS                  TULANE RD SITE (FIELD BEHIND TULANE    3299 TULANE RD                         TND980709695
 MEMPHIS                  TULLY ROAD RAIL CAR SPILL              1173 TULLY ROAD                        TN0001410935

 MEMPHIS                  UNITED PAINT CO                        404 E MALLORY                          TND007017304

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 30 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEMPHIS                  UNOCAL CHEMICALS                       1235 RIVERSIDE BLVD.                   TND046637922

 MEMPHIS                  US TVA ALLEN FOSSIL PLANT              2574 PLANT RD                          TN3640030034

 MEMPHIS                  USA DEFENSE DEPOT MEMPHIS              2163 AIRWAYS BLVD                      TN4210020570

 MEMPHIS                  VELSICOL CHEMICAL CORP                 1199 WARFORD ST                        TND007024664

 MEMPHIS                  VERTUT,BLENDING & PACKAGING            HERNANDO ROAD                          TND030406268

 MEMPHIS                  W & R DRUMS SITE                       1492 GRIMES PLACE (ALSO - 1501         TND101811099
 MEMPHIS                  W. M. BARR AND COMPANY, INC.           2105 CHANNEL AVENUE                    TND007017288

 MEMPHIS                  WALLS PROPERTY LANDFILL                WALNUT BEND RD                         TND980839476

 MEMPHIS                  WEAKLEY SUBDIVISION                    NORTH END OF DECATUR ST                TND980838585

 MEMPHIS                  WEST CHYSLER MOTOR CO                  RAINES RD EAST OUTLET                  TND980727986

 MEMPHIS                  WOLF RIVER N WATKINS STREET SITE       N WATKINS ST @ WOLF RIVER              TND980799506

 MEMPHIS (GRMTWN)         EPIC #2 HUNTERS HOLLOW/HUD             8338 RALEIGH LAGRANGE                  TND980728430

 MEMPHIS (GRMTWN)         HUNTERS HOLLOW/HUD                     PEARSON ST                             TND980728497

 MEMPHIS (GRMTWN)         L & N LAGOON                           PEARSON ST                             TND980728315

 MEMPHIS (GRMTWN)         RIDGEWAY ESTATE/HUD                    SHELBY DR/ROSS RD                      TND980728372

 MEMPHIS (GRMTWN)         RIDGEWAY ESTATES/HUD AREA              HICKORY HILL RD                        TND980727150

 MICHIE                   MICHIE DUMP                            TN HWY 22                              TND000607648

 MILAN                    DOUGLAS & LOMASON CO                   KEFAUVER DR                            TND068527209

 MILAN                    FORD CONSTRUCTION CO/MILAN PLANT       ELLIS ST                               TND980313357

 MILAN                    ITT TELECOMMUNICATIONS CORP.           TELECOM DR.                            TND007025646

 MILAN                    MILAN ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT            HWY 104                                TN0210020582

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 31 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MILAN                    MILAN CITY LDFL                        207 WILLIAMSON ST                      TND980559025

 MILLINGTON               BENJESTOWN RD LDFL-SITE C              OFF BENJESTOWN RD                      TND980559132

 MILLINGTON               CHICKASAW ORDINANCE WKS                SHAKE RAG RD                           TND981015332

 MILLINGTON               MILLINGTON LDFL                        8130 SHAKE RAG RD                      TND980848501

 MILLINGTON               PULVAIR CORP                           4525 BIG CREEK CHURCH RD               TND042173104

 MILLINGTON               SCA CHEMICALS SERVS INC/TENN DIV       3570 FITE RD                           TND000772186

 MILLINGTON               USN NAVAL AIR STA MEMPHIS              MILLINGTON-ARLINGTON ROAD              TN2170022600

 MIXIE                    MIXIE DRUM                             400' W OF HWY77 AND 625' S OF CO.      TN0000605238
 MONTEREY                 BOWMAN, L. DUMP                        NE OF CLIFF SPRINGS COMMUNITY          TND980848113

 MOORESBURG               CHEROKEE LAKE DRUM                     ROUTE 2                                TND987768132

 MORRISTOWN               ANCHOR BRUSH COMPANY, INC.             1307 DAVIS STREET                      TND982094161

 MORRISTOWN               GENERAL ELEC CO                        E MORRIS BLVD                          TND066709130

 MORRISTOWN               GRACE, W R & CO                        AIRPORT INDUSTRIAL DIST                TND980601769

 MORRISTOWN               JEFFREY CHAIN                          2307 MADEN DRIVE                       TND987776952


 MORRISTOWN               NCR CORPORATION                        5512 EAST TENNESSEE BOULEVARD          TND044201051

 MORRISTOWN               PLUMLEY COMPANIES - MORRISTOWN DIV.    1200 VIOLET STREET                     TND982161499

 MORRISTOWN               SHELBY WILLIAMS INDUSTRIES INC         5303 E TENN BLVD                       TND005089123

 MORRISTOWN               TRIANGLE PACIFIC CORP CABINET          PO BOX 728, 1007 E TRADE ST            TND003377355

 MORRISTOWN               UNION CAMP CORP MORRISTOWN             HWY 25 E                               TND041151366

 MOSCOW                   CHEMET CO                              HIGHWAY 57 EAST                        TND987768546

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 32 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MOSHEIM                  CHEROKEE WOOD PRESERVING               HWY 11 E                               TND037910833

 MOUNT PLEASANT           MOUNT PLEASANT CHEMICAL CO             MOUNT JOY RD                           TND083525634

 MOUNT PLEASANT           STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO./FURNACE PLANT    MOUNT JOY ROAD                         TND000610394

 MOUNT PLEASANT           STAUFFER CHEMICAL/ORGANIC PLT          MOUNT JOY RD                           TND004038550

 MT PLEASANT              RHONE POULENC INC                      ARROW MINES RD                         TND056491863

 MT. PLEASANT             OLD VICTOR CHEMICAL                    ANDREW JACKSON HWY                     TND981015480

 MT.PLEASANT-CONFID       INDUSTRIAL LIQUIDS RECYCLING INC       RAINEY ST                              TND000603589

 MURFREESBORO             ARDEN INDUSTRIES/PARK SHERMAN CO.      1200 PARK AVE                          TND000646638

 MURFREESBORO             BROAD ST./N CHURCH ST. GASOLINE        N. CHURCH ST. & BROAD ST.              TND987767886

 MURFREESBORO             CHROMALOX DIV EMERSON ELECTRIC         600 RIDGELY ROAD                       TND047004940

 MURFREESBORO             GE MOTORS                              2150 NW BROAD STREET                   TND004049979

 MURFREESBORO             HURST CONSTUCTION CO.                  1338 WEST COLLEGE STREET               TND987769858

 MURFREESBORO             MAIDEN CRAFT, INC. (ASTROGLASS)        FLORENCE ROAD                          TND075379453


 MURFREESBORO             PAULO PROD CO.                         RUTLEDGE WAY                           TND034818732

 MURFREESBORO             PROCON PRODUCTS                        910 RIDGELY RD                         TND095670329

 MURFREESBORO             ROSEBANK DUMP                          ROSEBANK DR                            TND987787058

 MURFREESBORO             SAMSONITE FURNITURE                    ROUTE 1                                TND004047163

 MURFREESBORO             VAN WATERS AND ROGERS                  912 DASHIEL STREET                     TND987768561

 NASHVILLE                ALADDIN INDUSTRIES INC CP DIR          703 MURFREESBORO RD                    TND004045829

 NASHVILLE                AMERICAN INDUSTRIAL WASTE              5900 B COCKRILL BEND ROAD              TND991289760

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 33 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NASHVILLE                ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO                    91 VAN BUREN ST                        TND000829135

 NASHVILLE                BELT TRUCK CENTER                      319 FESSLER LN                         TND095678058

 NASHVILLE                BRIGGS PAINT CO                        501 WOODLAND ST                        TND004040739

 NASHVILLE                BUZZARD HOLLOW                         OLD HICKORY BLVD                       TND980848337

 NASHVILLE                COLUMBIA BARREL AND DRUM - NASHVILLE   10 CULVERT STREET                      TND004048856

 NASHVILLE                COUCHVILLE PIKE DUMP                   COUCHVILLE & DANIEL PK                 TND980848154

 NASHVILLE                CUMBERLAND MANUFACTURING COMPANY       501 25TH AVENUE, NORTH                 TN0001063130

 NASHVILLE                DIXIE WASTE MGMT & RECY INC            1715 PECAN ST                          TND000825281

 NASHVILLE                EISELE                                 715 MASSMAN DRIVE                      TND980469779

 NASHVILLE                ESB INC                                147 SPACE PARK S                       TND000825299

 NASHVILLE                FLEET TRANSPORT CO INC                 934 44TH AVE N                         TND008867335

 NASHVILLE                FORD MOTOR CO                          CENTENNNIAL BLVD                       TND004044335

 NASHVILLE                GENERAL ELECTRIC SERVICE SHOP          479 MCNALLY DRIVE                      TND001806538

 NASHVILLE                GRAY & DUDLEY CO INC                   2300 CLIFTON RD                        TND004038790

 NASHVILLE                GULF OIL CO US                         51ST & CENTENNIAL                      TND000604363

 NASHVILLE                HYDRA SPORTS DUMP                      100 OCEAN SIDE DRIVE                   TND981014947

 NASHVILLE                JAQUES MILLER DRUM                     3338 AMBROSE DRIVE                     TND981929755

 NASHVILLE                KABINART CORP                          3650 TROUSDALE DR                      TND004035747

 NASHVILLE                LAMBS CLEANERS                         310A TRINITY LANE                      TND034836866

 NASHVILLE                METAL PLATE INC                        COCKRILL BEND RD                       TND004036281

 NASHVILLE                METRO NASHVILLE DUMP                   1010 BROADWAY                          TND980848626

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 34 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NASHVILLE                METRO SEWAGE TRMT                      2ND AVE N                              TND991279241

 NASHVILLE                METROCENTER LANDFILL                   2200 BLOCK METROCENTER BLVD            TND980848568

 NASHVILLE                MID SOUTH WIRE CO INC                  1040 VISCO DR                          TND004987210

 NASHVILLE                MID-STATE PLATING COMPANY, INC.        2424 14TH AVENUE, NORTH                TND004046033

 NASHVILLE                MUNICIPAL LANDFILL LEBANON             1450 LEBANON ROAD                      TND980848204

 NASHVILLE                NASHVILLE BORDEAUX LDFL                COUNTY HOSPITAL RD                     TND000825703

 NASHVILLE                NASHVILLE CENTRAL WWTP                 GARFIELD ST                            TND980559058

 NASHVILLE                NASHVILLE WIRE PRODUCTS MFG CO         295 DRIFTWOOD ST                       TND004035168

 NASHVILLE                NASHVILLE WWTP/STONES RIVER            HEARTLAND DR                           TND980601942

 NASHVILLE                NASHVILLE WWTP/WHITES CREEK            CNTY HOSPITAL RD                       TND980601884

 NASHVILLE                NASHVILLE, OLD GAS COMPANY             800 2ND AVENUE                         TND987791340

 NASHVILLE                NATIONAL PAINT & OIL CO.               3651 TROUSDALE DR.                     TND987781093

 NASHVILLE                NOLAND TANK AND GALVANIZING COMPANY    705 MERRITT AVENUE                     TND980843676

 NASHVILLE                NORTHERN TELECOM INC                   640 MASSMAN DR                         TND057812224

 NASHVILLE                NORVELL WOOD PRODUCTS INC              6311 CENTENNIAL BLVD                   TND000825737

 NASHVILLE                PORCELAIN INDUSTRIES INC               2306 CLISTON RD                        TND004043493

 NASHVILLE                REICHOLD CHEMICAL CO                   FIBER GLASS RD                         TND083521864

 NASHVILLE                SAAD JOHN P & SON INC                  3655 TROUSDALE DR                      TND065833543

 NASHVILLE                SAFETY-KLEEN CORP 3-109-01             2612 GRANDVIEW AVE                     TND053437653

 NASHVILLE                SINCLAIR & VALENTINE CO                501 DAVIDSON ST                        TND004047767

 NASHVILLE                SOUTHERN OIL SERVICE, INC.             63 HART STREET                         TND987776960

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 35 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NASHVILLE                STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO                   4600 CENTENNIAL BLVD                   TND004036570

 NASHVILLE                SULPHUR DELL DUMP ST                   4TH HARRISON-7TH JAC                   TND980514921

 NASHVILLE                SUN CHEMICAL CORP-GPI DIV              136 PK COURT S                         TND059156430

 NASHVILLE                SUPERIOR OIL                           1411 FOURTH AVENUE, SOUTH              TND987766383

 NASHVILLE                TEXACO INC/TEXACO TERM.                61 ST & CENTENNIAL BLVD                TND000792663


 NASHVILLE                TRIANGLE REFINERIES                    180 WHARF AVE                          TND034849521

 NASHVILLE                TVA NASHVILLE GARAGE                   730 LEBANON ROAD P O BOX 509           TN1640032099

 NASHVILLE                USS AGRI-CHEMS                         6100-6300 CENTENNIAL BLVD              TND045501079

 NASHVILLLE               HESTER BATTERY CO. (HART ST.)          62 HART STREET                         TND987791324

 NEAR BELLS               TN FARMERS CO-OP FERTILIZER PLANT      HWY 412, ROUTE 1, BOX 4845             TND980315717

 NEW JOHNSONVILLE         CHEMMETAL                              FOOTE ROAD                             TND004044871

 NEW JOHNSONVILLE         CONSOLIDATED ALUMINUM CORP             CONALCO RD                             TND004046686

 NEW JOHNSONVILLE         DUPONT EI DE NEMOURS & CO INC          RURAL ROUTE 219 OFF HWY 70             TND004044491

 NEW JOHNSONVILLE         SEARLE MEDICAL PRODS/MATHESON DIV      OFF HWY 70                             TND047002589

 NEW JOHNSONVILLE         TVA JOHNSONVILLE STEAM PLT             US HWY 70 E                            TN9640006681

 NEW MARKET               ASARCO INC/NEW MARKET MILL             BULL RD                                TND034853861

 NEWBERN                  NEWBERN SANITARY LANDFILL              ROELEN ROAD                            TND981015241

 NEWPORT                  ALLIED BRAND CHEMICAL                  U.S. HWY #70                           TN0000354944

 NEWPORT                  ALLIED BRAND MFG - WILLIS RD           122 WILLIS ROAD                        TN0001567213

 NEWPORT                  ARAPAHOE CHEMICALS INC                 CHEMWOOD RD                            TND066712308

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 36 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWPORT                  ARAPAHOE CHEMICALS INC ROCK HILL LABS  ROCK HILL RD                           TND000646661

 NEWPORT                  BROCKWELL DRUM DISPOSAL                ROCK HILL ROAD                         TND987783834

 NEWPORT                  COCKE CNTY SANITARY LDFL                                                      TND084047885

 NEWPORT                  GULTON ELECTRO-VOICE INC               RANKIN RD                              TND003388733

 NEWPORT                  HEYWOOD-WAKEFIELD CO                   OFF RANKIN RD                          TND003382330

 NEWPORT                  NEWPORT DUMP                           RANKIN RD OFF HWY 25 E                 TND980709497

 NEWPORT                  WALL TUBE & METAL PRODUCTS CO          HWY 25-70                              TND002028637

 OAK RIDGE                ATOMIC CITY AUTO PARTS                 129 BELGRADE ROAD                      TND981026917

 OAK RIDGE                BOEING ENGR URANIUM ENRICHMENT PLANT   767 MITCHELL RD                        TN7890090015

 OAK RIDGE                ELECTRONICS METAL FINISHING CORP       105 FORDHAM RD                         TND001177195

 OAK RIDGE                MANHATTEN PROJ. BUS MAINTENANCE        140 BUS TERMINAL ROAD                  TN0001401124
 OAK RIDGE                OAK RIDGE CITY DUMP                    UNION VALLEY ROAD (@ILLINOIS AVE S)    TN0001574714

 OAK RIDGE                OAK RIDGE CITY GARAGE                  LAFAYETTE STREET                       TND987790342

 OAK RIDGE                TVA BULL RUN STEAM PLT                 EDGDEMOOR RD., 6 MI SE OF              TN3640014699

 OAK RIDGE                UNION CARBIDE CORP                                                            TN3890090019

 OAK RIDGE                US DOE OAK RIDGE RESERVATION           BETHEL VALLEY ROAD                     TN1890090003

 OLD HICKORY              DUPONT EI DE NEMOURS & CO INC          OLD HICKORY BLVD                       TND047001979

 OLD HICKORY              HAWKINS FARM                           923 SWINGING BRIDGE                    TND078219086

 OLD HICKORY              OLD HICKORY CHEMICAL CO                OLD SWINGING BRIDGE RD                 TND980558407

 OLIVER SPRINGS           MELHORN SILVER RECOVERY                BOX 140C, CASSELL ROAD                 TND987769494

 ONEIDA                   GOODRICH B F CO                        1 INDUSTRIAL LANE                      TND074906421

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 37 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ONEIDA                   ONEIDA RAILWAY SITE                    FRONT STREET                           TND987778545

 OOLTEWAH                 SUMMIT LDFL                            WOODLAWN DR                            TND980558555

 OSAGE COMMUNITY          PLUMLEY RUBBER WASTE DUMP              OSAGE LANE                             TN0001921519

 PARIS                    BRATTON, THOMAS FARM                   RT. 1, BOX 69A                         TND987788155

 PARIS                    CELOTEX CORPORATION                    COUNTY HOME ROAD                       TND987781309

 PARIS                    COLT INDS OPER CO HOLLEY CARB DIV      ST HWY 69 N                            TND007035066

 PARIS                    HENRY COUNTY BONEYARD                  OLD WHITLOCK PARIS RD                  TND980844823

 PARIS                    JOHNSON HILL                           HWY 69 NORTH                           TN0000921833

 PARIS                    MIDLAND-ROSS CORP                      REYNOLDSBURG RD                        TND003941077

 PARIS                    OAK GROVE SITE #40508                  RFD                                    TND987767803

 PARIS                    STONE, LLOYD PROPERTY                  HIGHWAY 69A                            TND987784139

 PARIS                    TRINITY RAILCAR REPAIR                 DOBBINS STREET                         TND034865592

 PARIS                    TVA PARIS GARAGE                       N. MARKET ST P O BOX 790               TN3640006752

 PARIS                    WRIGHT, CARL, SEPTIC SERVICE           SUNSET DR                              TND980438543

 PARSONS                  EAKERS, DAN SITE                       NATCHEZ TRACE STATE PARK RD            TND981015571

 PIKEVILLE                FERRO MANUFACTURING CORP               FERRO RD                               TND096380498

 PINEWOOD                 RIVERS, R. T. SALVAGE YARD             HWY 48 (NORTH OF PINEWOOD SCHOOL)      TN0001109693

 PORTLAND                 FLEET DESIGN & ENGINEERING INC         200 JACKSON RD                         TND095671871

 PORTLAND                 FLEET DESIGN/HIGHWAY 109 N             1362 HIGHWAY 109 N                     TN0001410315

 PORTLAND                 GAMBLE BROTHERS - DIVISION OF          122 DAVIS STREET                       TND987784816
 PORTLAND                 WHITTAKER CORP KNIGHT METALCRAFT DIV   LONGVIEW DR                            TND078221694

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 38 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PORTLAND-CONFID          FEDERAL CHEMICAL                       HWY 109-NORTH RUSSELL STREET           TND000737510

 PORTLAND-CONFID          TENNESSEE OIL & REFINING INC           S BROADWAY                             TND081455891

 PULASKI                  HOWARD HYATT DUMP                      ANNIE WADE ROAD                        TND981014889

 PULASKI                  MAREMONT CORP                          BENNETT DR                             TND034871350

 PULASKI                  PULASKI ELECTRIC SERVICE               INDUSTRIAL BYPASS EXTENTION            TND987782125

 PURYEAR                  JOHNSON, WOODROW SALVAGE YARD          ROUTE 1 BOX 122                        TND987781283

 RAUS                     QUAIL HOLLOW LANDFILL                  POWELL HOLLOW ROAD                     TND987786878

 RED BANK                 CLENT M. COLE TRAILER REPAIR           110 MID VALE                           TN0001118405

 RED BANK                 RED BANK LANDFILL, OLD                 PINE BREEZE ROAD                       TN0001893999

 RIPLEY                   AMERICAN GREETINGS CORP                CEDAR GROVE RD                         TND056850134

 RIPLEY                   HAYES ALBION CORP TENN DIV             S INDUSTRIAL PARK VIAR RD              TND093799286

 RIPLEY                   KENNETH SCALLIONS SITE                 WOODVILLE ROAD                         TND981015076

 RIPLEY                   LAUDERDALE CO. LANDFILL                DRY HILL ROAD                          TND981015068

 RIPLEY                   SIEGEL-ROBERT OF TENNESSEE             N INDUSTRIAL PARK                      TND083275198

 RIPLEY                   TENNESSEE ELECTROPLATING               SOUTH INDUSTRIAL PARK                  TND007039456

 RIPLEY                   US TVA RIPLEY SUBSTATION               WEBB STREET                            TN5640090010

 ROAN MOUNTAIN            MILLER SITE                            HAMPTON CREEK ROAD                     TND981929276


 ROCKVALE                 ROCKVALE SITE                          MORGAN ROAD                            TND980803514

 ROCKWOOD                 ROANE ALLOYS                           GATEWAY AVE                            TND987768553

 ROCKWOOD                 ROCKWOOD IRON AND METAL                WEST ROCKWOOD STREET                   TND987787066

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 39 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ROCKY FORK               MORRELL ELECTRIC                       ROCKY FORK, HWY 19/23                  TND987767704

 ROGERSVILLE              IPC DENNISON CO                        530 W MAIN ST                          TND003379302

 ROGERSVILLE              PRESSMAN HOME                          ROUTE 9, HWY 94                        TN0001573229

 ROGERSVILLE              TVA JOHN SEVIER STEAM PLANT            TN HWY 70 E                            TN0640006680

 ROSSVILLE                ROSS METALS INC                        100 N RAILROAD ST                      TND096070396

 ROSSVILLE                WATTS FARM                             HIGHWAY 194                            TND987777968

 RUTLAND COMMUNITY        RUTLAND SINKHOLE DUMP                                                         TND982121535

 SAULSBURY                BILLY RAY PATTERSON                    CNTY MAP 161 PARCEL 3                  TND980726970

 SAULSBURY                PARHAM, JOHN W. PROPERTY               CNTY MAP 160 PRCL 7                    TND980728158

 SAULSBURY                SMITH, JAMES FARM                      CNTY MAP 167 PRCL 46                   TND980728273

 SAVANNAH                 MCDONALDS ONE HOUR CLEANERS            1815 WAYNE ROAD - HWY 64               TND981922941

 SAVANNAH                 WALNUT GROVE FURNITURE                 305 JACKSON STREET                     TN0001217926

 SCOTTSBORO               JUNKYARD CAVE SITE                     BACK CREEK ROAD                        TND981015001

 SELMER                   GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                    S 4TH ST                               TND078565249

 SELMER                   MCNAIRY CNTY LDFL                      OLD PURDY RD                           TND000776831

 SEVIERVILLE              CS BLALOCK & SONS                      GALIONBURG HWY                         TND034883488

 SEVIERVILLE              HARMON AUTOMOTIVE                      415 ROBERT HENDERSON                   TND092325117

 SEVIERVILLE              SEVIER CNTY INDUSTRIAL PARK            OFF OF US 441                          TND980558621


 SMITHVILLE               SCOTT & FETZER CO                      MILLER RD                              TND055257687

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 40 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SMYRNA                   CHEMICAL RECOVERY SVCS CO              BLDG 733 14TH AVE                      TND991279803

 SMYRNA                   GLAS-TEC (RIBLET PRODUCTS CORP)        AIRPORT INDUSTRIAL PK BLDG 782         TND026340737

 SMYRNA                   GREER SMYRNA INC                       MAYFIELD DR                            TND055254643

 SMYRNA                   JOHN P SAAD/SMYRNA AIRPORT SITE        A STREET                               TND981015845

 SMYRNA                   MELVIN HAMBY SITE                      SILVER SPRINGS ROAD                    TND981015811

 SMYRNA                   METROPOLITAN ARPT NSVL-DVSN CY         SMYRNA ARPT                            TND063737126

 SMYRNA                   MILLS DRUM SITE                        WEAKLEY RD                             TND980803456

 SMYRNA                   SAAD/SILVER SPRINGS                    SAM GRIFFIN RD                         TND981015134

 SMYRNA                   SMYRNA ARPT WWTP                       G ST/SMYRNA ARPT                       TND000830786

 SMYRNA                   SMYRNA WWTP                            OLD JONES MILL RD                      TND000830752

 SMYRNA                   SQUARE D CO                            330 WEAKLEY RD                         TND000776690

 SMYRNA                   WILKERSON DUMP                         JEFFERSON PIKE @ US 41                 TND980709448

 SNEEDVILLE               ELECTRIC MOTORS OF TENNESSEE           200 INDUSTRIAL ROAD                    TND057049439

 SODDY DAISY              FLAT TOP MOUNTAIN DUMP                 LEDFORD ROAD                           TN0000371955

 SOMERVILLE               RALEIGH LAGRANGE DRUMS                 FAYETTE COUNTY LANDFILL - HWY 76       TND987777877

 SOUTH FULTON             WAYMATIC WELDING                       OLD HWY 51                             TND980558985


 SPRING CITY              TOE STRING ROAD DRUM SITE              TOE STRING ROAD                        TN0000373233

 SPRING CITY              TVA WATTS BAR NUCLEAR PLANT            TN HWY 68                              TN2640030035

 SPRING CITY              TVA WATTS BAR STEAM PLANT              TN HWY 68 E                            TN1640006689

 SPRINGFIELD              INCI RANGE DIV.                        1100 INDUSTRIAL DR                     TND075383836

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 41 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SPRINGFIELD              ROBERTSON COUNTY LANDFILL              COUNTY FARM ROAD                       TND981015787

 SPRINGFIELD              SOUTHERN HEEL CO                       13TH AVE W                             TND050670736

 SPRINGFIELD              UNARCO INDUSTRIES INC                  701 16TH AVE E                         TND004036042

 STANTONVILLE             PINNACLE FIBERGLASS                    RT. #1, BOX 154, HWY. 117              TND097910913

 STRAWBERRY               STRAWBERRY PLAINS DRUM DUMP            3407 MAPLE AVENUE                      TND987788569


 SWEETWATER               LANGDALE FOREST PRODUCTS               S MAIN ST                              TND003493103

 SWEETWATER               SWEETWATER CS2 SPILL                   555 MAIN STREET                        TN0001366723

 SWEETWATER               VESTAL FOUNDRY                         INDUSTRIAL PARK                        TND980558639

 TALLASSEE                CHILHOWEE LAKE PCB DRUMS               HWY. 129 AND FOOTHILLS PKWY.           TND987768108

 TELLICO PLAINS           ERNEST LEE SITE                        NEW PROVIDENCE RD. OFF HWY 68          TND981027972

 TIPTON                   CULVER, E.F. DUMP                      TIPTON-ATOKA CO. ROAD                  TND981015399

 TIPTONVILLE              TIPTONVILLE CITY DUMP                  THE LEVEE RD                           TND980558738

 TOONE                    KILGORE                                KELLER ROAD                            TND981026594

 TOONE                    VELSICOL CHEMICAL CORP (HARDEMAN       TOONE-TEAGUE RD                        TND980559033
 TULLAHOMA                ABBOTT AND COMPANY                     MITCHELL BOULEVARD                     TND987787173

 TULLAHOMA                CARDEN PROPERTY DUMP                   OLD SHELBYVILLE RD                     TND980727143

 TULLAHOMA                FOWLER DUMP                            CASCADE ROAD (.3 MI FROM RILEY CREEK   TN0001413350
 TULLAHOMA                LANNOM TANNERY (WORTH INC. TANNERY     307 WEST LINCOLN STREET                TND004040754
 TULLAHOMA                SCHMIEDE MACHINE & TOOL CORP.          501 RILEY CREEK ROAD                   TND990655102

 UNION CITY               GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO              MT ZION RD                             TND052110301

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 42 of 43

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WARTRACE                 COEY TANNING CO INC                    HALEY RD                               TND004038154

 WAYNESBORO               MALLORY CAPACITOR CO                   BELEW DR                               TND075453688

 WAYNESBORO               WAYNE CO LDFL / HARDIN HOLLOW          OFF HWY 13                             TND981930381

 WAYNESBORO               WAYNESBORO CITY LDFL                   NE OF WAYNESBORO & BEECH CREEK         TND980848436

 WHITE BLUFF              EBBTIDE CORP                           JONES CREEK RD                         TND044270106

 WHITE PINE               DEWEY TURNER FARM                      397 HWY 113                            TND987790870

 WHITWELL                 NORTH AMERICAN ENVIRONMENT             251A FRANCIS SPRINGS RD                TND000742775

 WINCHESTER               MAJOR'S PROPERTY MERCURY SPILL         110 DOTSON LANE                        TN0001577261

 WOODBURY                 PARAMOUNT DUMP-WOODBURY                HWY. 53                                TND981015605

 WRIGLEY                  PINEWOOD MANUFACTURING                 WARNER ROAD                            TND981015662

 WRIGLEY                  WRIGLEY CHARCOAL PLANT                 OLD CHARCOAL RD 1 MI S OF LYLE         TND980844781

 YORKVILLE                B&H TRANSFORMER                        NEBO RD                                TND042111419

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 43 of 43

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