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Oklahoma Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ADA                      BROCKWAY GLASS COMPANY INC PLANT #14   300 E 4TH ST                           OKD004383113

 ADA                      IDEAL BASIC INDUSTRIES PLANT SITE      HWY 12 ON 18TH STREET                  OKD007191240
 ADA                      OLD CITY OF ADA LANDFILL               AHLOSO & THOMAS RANCH ROADS            OK0001408202

 ALLEN                    ROADSIDE DUMP-ALLEN                    E CAMPER RD,0.8 MI N OF HWY 48         OKD982308983

 ALLEN                    SUNRAY OIL CO. REFINERY                WEST EDGE OF TOWN                      OKD000764357

 ALTUS                    ALTUS AIR FORCE BASE                   HDQTRS 443RD AIR BASE GRP              OK9571824045

 ALTUS                    ALTUS CITY OF LANDFILL                 W/2 SW/4 NW/4 SEC 15                   OKD980696744

 ALTUS                    HARDCASTLE AG-AIR                      2 1/4 MI. NORTH OF CITY OF ALTUS       OKD987084134

 ALTUS                    HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     HWY 283                                OKD046861316

 ALTUS                    JACKSON COUNTY LANDFILL                2 MI W HWY 62 1 MI N                   OKD980511059

 ALTUS                    PIONEER PEST MANAGEMENT                1701 W. BROADWAY                       OKD981158033


 ALTUS                    SHEFFIELD - SMITH SPRAY CO.            4 MI S ON H-283 FROM H-62              OKD045353505

 ALTUS                    SOUTHWEST METALS SALVAGE YARD          1100 WEST BRAODWAY                     OKD987087228

 ANADARKO                 COCHERAN SPRAYING SERVICE              1 MI S & .75 W OF 6TH& CENTRAL         OKD981157969

 ANADARKO                 WESTERN FARMERS ELECTRICAL FLY ASH     700 NE 7TH ST                          OKD000829531

 ANTIOCH                  WARREN PETROLEUM                       1.5 MI SW OF ANTIOCH                   OKD981144405

 ANTLERS                  MORRIS FOREST PRODUCTS                 1 MI N OF TOWN ON HWY 271              OKD980864441

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 APACHE                   APACHE WEST DUMP SITE                  1 1/2 ML. E.OF BOONE 1/2 ML S. OF HWY  OK0000073585
 APACHE                   CADDO COUNTY LANDFILL #1               SE/4 SEC7 T5N R11W SW/4 SEC8           OKD980698054

 APACHE                   CADDO COUNTY LANDFILL #5               W/2 SW/4 SEC 16 T6N R11                OKD980698096

 ARDMORE                  ARDMORE AIR PARK DUMP                  S/2 SEC 17 T3S R3E                     OKD980698187

 ARDMORE                  BACON TRANSPORT CO & BACON INC         420 HWY 142E SW/4                      OKD052879632

 ARDMORE                  BAKERS TRI-CITY LANDFILL               HWY 76 2 MI S OF ARDMORE               OKD980510697

 ARDMORE                  CUSTOM SERVICE LANDFILL                PO BOX 2176                            OKD987096229

 ARDMORE                  GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORPORATION            2300 'P' ST NE - ARDMORITE BLD         OKD007201155

 ARDMORE                  HELICOPTER SPRAYING INC                1333 S. LAKE MURRY DR.                 OKD021925995

 ARDMORE                  KING LANDFILL                          1.5 MI.S OF MYALL & PLAINVIEW RD.      OKD987094919

 ARDMORE                  LAKE MURRAY STATE PARK-VARIOUS         3 MI S OF ARDMORE                      OKD980750426
 ARDMORE                  OLD ARDMORE DUMP                       HWY 142 BYPASS - EAST SIDE             OKD980515308

 ARDMORE                  STROMBERG CARLSON CORP                 12 MI N OF ARDMORE                     OKD001998517

 ARDMORE                  TOTAL PETROLEUM CORP(VICKERS           P.O. BOX 188                           OKD057705972
 ARNETT                   TEXAS GULF REFINING CORP.              RTE 1 BOX 30                           OKD987097516

 ATOKA                    ATOKA COUNTY LANDFILL #1               10 MI E OF ATOKA ON RTE 3 & 7          OKD980510689

 ATOKA                    ATOKA COUNTY LANDFILL #2               3 MI E OF ATOKA @ PITTS CROSS          OKD980871347

 ATOKA                    SOUTHEASTERN CONCRETE - LAGOON         NW/4 NE/4 SEC 22 T2S R11E              OKD086848652

 BALKO                    TEXACO INC CAMRICK GAS PROCESSING      RT 1, BOX 109                          OKD980620942
 BARNSDALL                CITIES SERVICE FORMALDEHYDE PLANT      2 1/2 MI N OF CITY                     OKD981144330


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BARNSDALL                WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO                  ROUTE 1, BOX 95                        OKD000729186

 BARON                    ENGLAND HOLLOW                         4 MILES NW OF STILWELL                 OK0000094110


 BARTLESVILLE             BARTLESVILLE QUAPAW - ST LAKE          N FUTURA & E CHICKASAW                 OKD980620785
 BARTLESVILLE             CITIES SERVICE COMPANY                 510 SOUTH KAW STREET                   OKD987097524

 BARTLESVILLE             EAST BARTLESVILLE DUMP                 5.5 MILES EAST OF BARTLESVILLE,        OK0000830224
 BARTLESVILLE             JOHNSTONE & LUPA DUMP                  NORTH OF HOHNSTONE STREET              OK0001226091

 BARTLESVILLE             NATIONAL ZINC CORP.                    WEST 11TH STREET                       OKD000829440

 BARTLESVILLE             OLD DEWEY ROAD DUMP                    0.5 MILES N. OF BARTLESVILLE,          OK0000830240

 BEAVER                   BEAVER CITY OF LANDFILL                3/4 MI S OF BEAVER                     OKD980749485

 BETHANY                  BETHANY CITY OF LANDFILL               NW 39TH                                OKD020735189

 BETHANY                  CENTRAL OKLAHOMA SANITARY LANDFILL     3610 N WILBURN                         OKD079979936

 BETHANY                  GULF STREAM AEROSPACE CORP.            5001 NORTH ROCKWELL                    OKD981518327

 BETHANY                  WILEY POST AIRPORT                     5700 NORTH ROCKWELL                    OKD987070059

 BISON                    BISON TRANSFORMERS                     TURKEY CREEK HWY 81                    OKD987094620

 BLACKWELL                ACME FOUNDRY                           400 E. FRISCO STREET                   OKD007237779


 BLACKWELL                BLACKWELL ZINC                         20TH STREET                            OKD980796023


 BLANCHARD                INDUSTRIAL WASTE DISPOSAL SITE         CW 73 004                              OKD980511042

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BOISE CITY               COMPTON'S SPRAYING SERVICE             800 N OKLAHOMA AVE                     OKD981157951

 BOISE CITY               MACKEY PACKING INC                     NE/4 SEC 9 T3 R5                       OKD980511083

 BOISE CITY               MILLER AERO SERVICE, INC               310 SW 4TH                             OKD981158025

 BOYNTON                  MARATHON REFINERY                      KENEFICK ROAD                          OK0001574599

 BRISTOW                  KWIKSET LOCKS INC                      500 INDUSTRIAL RD SOUTH                OKD094029063

 BRISTOW                  NU-CHROME PLATING                      501 SOUTH CHESTNUT                     OK0001327451

 BRISTOW                  WILCOX OIL COMPANY                     75 MILES NE OF BRISTOW                 OK0001010917

 BROKEN ARROW             BAKER PACKERS                          3000 NORTH HEMLOCK CIRCLE              OKD098470875

 BROKEN ARROW             STRIP PITS                             SEC 25 & 36 T18N R14N                  OKD980511349

 BROKEN BOW               HUFFMAN WOOD PRESERVING CO             1/4 MI E OF HWY 3 ON HWY 70            OKD053128492
 BROKEN BOW               MCCURTAIN COUNTRY OPEN DUMP            SEC 36 T5S R25E                        OKD980511117

 BROKEN BOW               THOMASON LUMBER CO                     S OF HWY 70 ON HUFFMAN 1/2 MI          OKD007335524

 BUNCH                    BUNCH DUMP                             SEC. 27 T14N -R 24E                    OKD987082997

 BURNS FLAT               BURNS FLAT CITY OF DUMP                CLINTON-SHERMAN AIRPORT                OKD980510713

 BURNS FLAT               FLIGHT SYSTEMS INC                     CLINTON-SHERMAN AIRPORT                OKD081396418

 BURNS FLAT               OLD CLINTON - SHERMAN AIRPORT          SEC 10, 11, 15, T10N R19W              OKD981517683

 CACHE                    ATLAS MISSLE SITE #4                   W OF TOWN                              OK7570099856

 CACHE                    LEE BOULEVARD DUMP                     5 1/4 MILES SOUTH OF CACHE, OKLAHOMA   OK0001226018

 CACHE                    NATURAL LIGHT DUMP                     1 3/4 MILES SOUTH OF CACHE, OKLAHOMA   OK0001225978

 CACHE                    SNOW FLAKE DUMP                        3 MILES WEST OF CACHE, OKLAHOMA        OK0000830455

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CACHE                    TIMBER LANE DUMP                       5 MILES WEST OF CACHE, OKLAHOMA        OK0001225960

 CADDO                    CADDO CITY OF SANITARY LANDFILL        SW/4 T9N R12W                          OKD980749758

 CALVIN                   HUGHES COUNTY LANDFILL #2              W/2 SW/4 SEC 16 T6N R11                OKD980698138

 CARDIN                   CARDIN DUMP                            1.4 MILES W OF US HWY 69               OK0000593822

 CARDIN                   CHILDRESS CHEMICAL COMPANY             1/4NW,1/4NW,1/2NE                      OKD078641412

 CARNEGIE                 BOTONE CHURCH                          2MI S OF HWY 9 & 4MI E OF CARNEGIE     OK0000643007

 CARNEGIE                 CADDO COUNTY LANDFILL #2               S2 SE4 SEC4 T7N R13W                   OKD980698062

 CARNEGIE                 CADDO COUNTY LANDFILL #3               NE/4 NE4 SEC10 T7N R13W                OKD980698070

 CARNEGIE                 CADDO COUNTY LANDFILL #4               W2 NW4 SEC35 T8N R13W                  OKD980698088

 CARNEGIE                 CARNEGIE FURNITURE                     1 1/2 M EAST OF CARNEGIE ON HIGHWAY 9  OK0000072538

 CARNEGIE                 COPUS CARNEGIE DUMP                    S13 T7N R13W, 6 MI E OF                OKD980749766

 CARNEGIE                 GOKEY CREEK DUMP                       5 MI SE OF CARNEGIE, OKLAHOMA          OK0001574581

 CARNEGIE                 PALMER DUMP                            3.5 MILES SOUTHEAST OF CARNEGIE, OK    OK0001225507

 CARNEGIE                 SAMONE DUMP                            2 MILES WEST OF CARNEGIE, OKLAHOMA     OK0001225523

 CARNEGIE                 SOUTH CARNEGIE                         2 MILES SE OF CARNEGIE                 OK0000073874

 CARNEGIE                 WASHITA DUMP                           1 & 3/4 MI E OF CARNEGIE, OK           OK0001574631

 CARNEGIE                 WHITE CHURCH DUMP                      2.5 MI SE OF CARNEGIE, OKLAHOMA        OK0000830521

 CATOOSA                  AGRICO CHEMICAL CO - VERDIGRIS         WEST OF VERDIGRES                      OKD990695991

 CATOOSA                  CATOOSA                                1430 N. HWY.66                         OKD987097631

 CATOOSA                  GEORGE & RUDY'S (BFI) LANDFILL         W1/2 SW1/4 SEC34 T20N R15E             OKD980864995

 CATOOSA                  T.R.I. CONTAINER INC.                  17400 E YOUNG ST                       OKD070040589

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CATOOSA (PT.OF)          OKG BULKHANDLING, INC.                 980 FT. GIBSON RD.                     OKD980750459

 CEDARS                   ALTES PROPERTIES/ THE ALTES COMPANY    1/4 MI NW OF H-112 & H-271             OKD980749469

 CHANDLER                 CHANDLER CITY OF LANDFILL              1/2 MI S OF CHANDLER                   OKD980510762

 CHANDLER                 SEABA MANUFACTURES CO-LAGOONS          8 MI WEST OF TOWN ON HWY 66            OKD060776432

 CHECOTAH                 EASTERN OKLAHOMA TERMITE CO.           517 W. LAFAYETTE                       OKD981157977

 CHECOTAH                 ONAPA DUMP                             6 MILES SE OF CHECOTAH, OKLAHOMA       OK0000843391

 CHECOTAH                 RENTIESVILLE DUMP                      2 MILES NE OF CHECOTAH, OKLAHOMA       OK0000843417

 CHECOTAH                 UNITED STATES SMELTING CO.             1/2 MI. NORTHEAST OF THE CITY          OK0001308485

 CHICKASHA                AMERICAN DUSTING                       2 MI. N OF US 62 ON US 81              OKD981158017

 CHICKASHA                CHICKASHA GAS & ELECTRIC CO            UNKNOWN                                OKD987070992

 CHICKASHA                CHICKASHA MFG LAGOON                   US HWY 81 & STATE HWY 19               OKD980750863

 CHICKASHA                MAREMONT CORPORATION                   METHVIN INDUSTRIAL PARK                OKD079981874

 CHICKASHA                PHOENIX TANKS INC.                     4000 SOUTH 4TH STREET                  OKD987083789

 CHICKASHA                RAVEN PETROLEUM                        4010 SOUTH 4TH                         OKD987083797

 CHICKASHA                REBEL TANKS                            METHVIN INDUSTRIAL PARK                OK0000071852

 CHOUTEAU                 CHOUTEAU DRUM SITE                     NORTHWEST CORNER OF HWY 169 & 412      OKD987096534
 CHOUTEAU                 GRAND RIVER DAM AUTHORITY UNIT 1       HWY 33 8 MI E OF CHOUTEAU              OKD980627012

 CHRISTIE                 ADDILEE DUMP                           1 MILE SE OF CHRISTIE                  OKD987096567

 CLAREMORE                BURGESS - NORTON MFG.CO. PLANTS        2400 EL ANDERSON BLVD.                 OKD990750028

 CLAREMORE                CITY OF CLAREMORE LANDFILL             5/4 MILES NORTH ON HWY 66              OKD987082534

 CLAREMORE                HESSTON CORPORATION CLAREMORE PLANT    1500 IND BLVD                          OKD064558778

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CLEARVIEW                CLEARVIEW DUMP                         0.2 MILE SOUTH OF CLEARVIEW            OK0000371328

 CLEBIT                   CLEBIT TIMBER LOADING DOCK             N2 SW4 NE4 NE4 SEC17 T22S R02E IM      OKD987087848

 CLEO SPRINGS             HOGDEN TRUST #1-1                      SEC 1 T22N R13W                        OKD980864417

 CLEVELAND                CARNES DISPOSAL SITE                   SOUTH OF CITY                          OKD980510739


 CLINTON                  ACME BRICK CO                          600 SOUTH 28TH                         OKD980510614

 CLINTON                  HAROLD GRIFFITH FLYING SERVICE INC.    BOX 1325                               OKD981517642

 CLINTON                  HUB CITIES TRANSPORT INC LAGOON        COMMERCE ST & HWY 81 S                 OKD980696694

 CLINTON                  KELLWOOD CO - LAGOON                   2300 SOUTH 13TH                        OKD005977392

 CLINTON                  RAY MICHERT PROPERTY                   10TH ST & INDUSTRIAL BLVD              OKD987095049

 CLINTON                  SOONER DIAL CO.                        1002 10TH STREET                       OKD987096591

 COLCORD                  HOG FARM                               10.3 MILES SOUTH OF JAY                OKD987083334

 COLCORD                  NEW GREEN CHURCH                       SEC. 34-T21N-R23E                      OKD987083730

 COLCORD                  SILO DUMP                              SEC. 29-T21N-R23E                      OKD987083300

 COLLINSVILLE             HART ABANDONED TRAILER SITE            0.3 MI E OF E 161 AVE.                 OKD981154818

 COLLINSVILLE             TULSA FUEL & MANUFACTURING             U.S. HWY 169; 1/2 MI S OF              OKD987096195

 COLLINSVILLE             WEBB BOATS, INC.                       HWY 169 1MI. SOUTH                     OKD055944342

 CORDELL                  CHEMICAL ENTERPRISES, INC.             HWY 183,1 MI SO. OF HWY 152            OKD065442279

 COWETA                   MICCO VILLAGE DUMP                     3/4 MILES SOUTHWEST OF COWETA          OK0000072371

 COYLE                    COYLE DRUMS                            N1/2,E1/2,NE1/4 OF SEC4, T17N, R1E     OKD987067758

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CRAIG                    WEYERHAEUSER CO CRAIG COMPLEX          7 MI E OF BROKEN BW ON HWY70           OKD007335516
 CRINER                   HARDAGE/CRINER                         3/4 MI W OF TOWN ON HWY 122            OKD000400093

 CROMWELL                 RED MOUND DUMP                         1/2 MILE SOUTH OF HIGHWAY 56           OK0000071704

 CUSHING                  BOUDSTON PROPERTY                      N OF CUSHING, E OF HIGHWAY 18          OKD980879340

 CUSHING                  CASEY PROPERTY                         SWQ, SEC 23, T18N, R5E                 OKD981523038

 CUSHING                  CUSHING MUNICIPAL LANDFILL             2 M1 S 1/2 M1 E OF HWY                 OKD980750483

 CUSHING                  CUSHING RAILCAR INC. (RAILROAD         RTE 3 W OF HWY 18                      OKD065436784
 CUSHING                  DRESSER INDUSTRIES INC - TITAN         HWY 18 - NORTH OF TOWN                 OKD000757906
 CUSHING                  HUDSON OIL REFINING CO INC             401 W MAPLE                            OKD082471988

 CUSHING                  HUDSON REFINING CO INC                 E OF JOHNSON AVE N OF HIGHLAND         OKD980621072

 CUSHING                  ILLINOIS REFINERY                      N. DEPORT AVENUE                       OKD981523053

 CUSHING                  KERR-MCGEE CORP. (CUSHING PLANT)       2 1/2 MI N OF HWY 33                   OKD980620934

 CUSHING                  RAFFERTY PROPERTY                      SWQ, SEC 23, T18N, R5E                 OKD981523012

 CUSHING                  SINCLAIR OIL & REFINING CO             SEC 27 T18N R5E, SW4                   OKD980795686

 CUSHING                  UNIDENTIFIED OIL SITE                  0.47MI. W.OF HWY 18 ON E NINTH STREET  OKD987070208

 CYRIL                    OKLAHOMA REFINING CO                   SOUTH BASKETT ST                       OKD091598870

 DAVIS                    ARBUCKLE REGIONAL DEVE ASSOCIATION     15 MI E OF IH35 & HWY 7                OKD980864383

 DAVIS                    SOONER ROCK AND SAND                   3 MILES SW OF DAVIS                    OKD980750921

 DEL CITY                 DEL CITY ABANDONED DUMP                SE CORNER OF 10TH & SUNNYLANE          OKD980510846

 DEL CITY                 DEL CITY TAR PIT                       3000 BLOCK N.E. 4TH STREET             OKD987083805

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DEL CITY                 TEXACO INC OKLAHOMA CITY DIST          NE 10TH & VICKIE DRIVE                 OKD980621031
 DELAWARE                 BOND'S CUSTOM BUTCHERING - LAGOON      PO BOX 112                             OKD980424923

 DEVOL                    M&E SOIL SERVICE                       1 1/2 MI S OF HWY 70                   OKD042602888

 DEWAR                    KUSA SMELTER                           1 MILE SOUTHEAST OF THE CITY OF DEWAR  OKD987097532

 DIBBLE                   HUMPHREYS SITE                         SW/4 SEC 3 T6N R4W                     OKD980696702

 DILL CITY                NAGEL PROPERTY                         SE/4 SEC 27 T10N R19W                  OKD980696850

 DOVER                    DOVER SITE REF USPCI                   SEC 29 T18N R6W                        OKD980750871

 DRUMMOND                 GARFIELD COUNTY DUMP #1                3 MI E 2 3/4 MI S OF TOWN              OKD980510960

 DRUMRIGHT                ARCO OIL & GAS CO. - DRUMRIGHT GAS     SW 1/4 SEC28 T18N R73/OFF H-99         OKD980623052
 DRUMRIGHT                DRUMRIGHT CITY OF LANDFILL             NE/4 SW/4 SEC 29 T18N R7E              OKD980510895

 DRUMRIGHT                SERVICE FRACTURING CO                  HWY 99 1 1/2 MI N OF HWY 33            OKD980696389



 DUNCAN                   DUNCAN MUNICIPAL LANDFILL (OLD)        1/2 MILE E OF N STREET                 OKD980620926

 DUNCAN                   DUNCAN TRANSFORMER                     SE/4 SEC 18 T15N R7W                   OKD980696918

 DUNCAN                   HALLIBURTON SERVICES                   1015 BOIS D'ARC                        OKD000395541

 DUNCAN                   HOLCOMB SPRAYING SERVICE               1.2 MI S OF PLATO RD & HWY 81          OKD093500262

 DUNCAN                   STEPHENS COUNTY LANDFILL               SEC 12 T9N R4W                         OKD980696363

 DUNCAN                   TOSCO CORP DUNCAN REFINERY             4 MI S ON OLD US 81                    OKD045349982

 DURANT                   BIG E FEEDS/MCDONALDS FARM             1 MILE S E OF CITY ON MCLEAN RD        OKD987087855

 DURANT                   DURANT CITY OF SANITARY LANDFILL       1 1/2 MI SW                            OKD980630099

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DURANT                   EAKER AIRPORT                          WALDEN DRIVE                           OKD980696769

 DURANT                   SOUTHWEST PICKLING INC                 ADJ/EAKER FIELD AIRPORT                OKD091991968

 DUSTIN                   HUGHES COUNTY LANDFILL #1              SE CORNER S7-5-11                      OKD980511026

 DUSTIN                   HUGHES COUNTY LANDFILL #3              SOUTH SIDE SEC 34 9N 12E               OKD980698146

 DUSTIN                   STIDHAM CREEK DUMP                     2 MILES NW OF DUSTIN, OK               OK0000073460

 E OF CUSHING AND         EAST CUSHING DUMP                      6MI NE OF CUSHING                      OKD987098266
 EDDY                     EDDY ELEVATOR SITE                     SEC 18, T26N, R2W                      OKD008933137

 EDMOND                   HAFER PARK                             S. BRYANT AND E. 9TH STREET            OKD987096054

 EDMOND                   KELLER-WILLIAMS FURNITURE MFG          14801 BROADWAY EXTENSION               OKD074276965

 EDMOND                   MARATHON RANKIN #2 DISPSL WELL SW/4 S  SW4 SEC31 T14N R3W                     OKD980511091
 EDMOND                   TURNER BROTHERS' PIPE YARD             4725 N. BOULEVARD                      OKD104850524

 EL RENO                  BRANDLEY FLYING SERVICE                RT. 1 BOX 205A                         OKD980507966

 EL RENO                  EL RENO GAS & ELECTRIC                 SW CORNER OF EAST PENN                 OK0000187559

 EL RENO                  EL RENO GAS & ELECTRIC CO              UNKNOWN                                OKD987071008

 EL RENO                  EL RENO ROUNDHOUSE AREA                US-81 NORTH OF CITY                    OKD987073475

 EL RENO                  GRAZINGLANDS RESEARCH                  P.O. BOX 1199                          OK9120599882

 EL RENO                  GREAT PLAINS LIVESTOCK REMOVAL INC     SW 1/4 SEC 7 T13N R6W IM               OKD990698722

 EL RENO                  UNION PACIFIC RAIL YARD                US HIGHWAY 81 NORTH                    OKD987082930


 ELGIN                    G & C HELICOPTER                       818 H STREET                           OKD981517634

 ELK CITY                 CONCRETE INC LAGOON                    302 S MADISON                          OKD980749824

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ELK CITY                 OLD ELK CITY LANDFILL                  4 MILES WEST OF CITY                   OKD987093341

 ELK CITY                 SHELL OIL CO.                          5 MILES SOUTH OF CITY ON HIGHWAY 6.    OKD980338941

 ELMORE CITY              OKLAHOMA STODDARDS & SOLVENTS          3 MILES SE OF CITY                     OKD987096971

 ENID                     BERT SMITH DIESEL ENGINE REPAIR        321 W CHESTNUT                         OKD980749691

 ENID                     BOND BAKING CO                         902 N INDEPENDENCE                     OKD980699847

 ENID                     CHESTERFIELD CYLINDER CO               HWY 64 & RALEIGH ST                    OKD089091979

 ENID                     DENNIS L PORTER - AIRPORT SITE         OFF MARKET ST                          OKD980698211

 ENID                     DRESSER INDUSTRIES INC - TITAN         2501 SOUTH MONROE                      OKD093499119
 ENID                     ENID AERIAL SPRAYING SERVICE           PO BOX 3382(2314 E. LOCUST)            OKD102404381

 ENID                     ENID AIRCRAFT PAINTING                 PO BOX 3274 WOODRING AIRPORT           OKD987071081

 ENID                     ENID ELECTRIC & GAS CO                 UNKNOWN                                OKD987071016

 ENID                     FARMLAND IND INC (NITROGEN PLANT)      FARMLAND RD 4E ON SOUTHGATE            OKD007245186

 ENID                     GARFIELD COUNTY DUMP #2                ADJ TO WOODRING AIRPORT, E OF          OKD980510952

 ENID                     JIM PECKHAM PROPERTY                   1900 N 30TH & WILLOW                   OKD980698203

 ENID                     KEM WEED CONTROL                       SW 1/4 OF NE 1/4 OF SEC.3 7-22N-R6W    OKD987079860

 ENID                     M & M PLATING CO.                      214 WEST VINE                          OKD987096559

 ENID                     MORGAN PROPERTY SITE                   114 MI. E OF 30TH & WILLOW             OKD987068681

 ENID                     PORTER'S WILLOW STREET PROPERTY        WILLOW AND 36TH                        OKD980696900

 ENID                     RAY JONES TRUCK SERVICE                2710 SOUTH VAN BUREN                   OKD980696892

 ENID                     UNION PACIFIC RESOURCES COMPANY        2529 E. WILLOW                         OKD007234586

 ENID                     VANCE AIR FORCE BASE                   71 ABG/DE - VANCE AIR FORCE BASE       OK4571524095

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ERICK                    BR SMITH JR WATER SERVICE CO           I40 @ OK HWY 30                        OKD980699854

 ERICK                    BR SMITH TRUCKING LAGOON               I-40 @ HWY 30                          OKD980750467

 ERICK                    CONOCO INC GREEN ESTATE DISPOSAL SITE  6 MI NW OF ERICK                       OKD980620736

 ERICK                    HADDOCK AIRPORT                        UNKNOWN                                OKD980880223

 ERICK                    SMITH LANDFILL & LAGOONS #1            NW 1/4 SEC 29 T9N R25W                 OKD980511281

 ERICK                    TURKEY CREEK WATER SHED                NEAR ERICK                             OKD980699870

 ERIN SPRINGS             STAPP DISPOSAL PIT                     SW/4 SECTION 6 T3N R3W                 OKD980696215

 EUFAULA                  CITY OF EUFAULA LANDFILL               4 MILES WEST OF CITY                   OKD987095015

 EUFAULA                  EUFAULA LANDFILL                       SE OF EUFAULA, OKLAHOMA                OK0001225564

 EUFUALA                  CARTERS CORNER DUMP                    3 MI W & 1 MI S OF EUFUALA, OKLAHOMA   OK0001574565

 FAIRVIEW (NEAR)          WILLEY RANCH SITE                      .5 MI N OF CIMARRON                    OKD981598832

 FALLIS                   MOHEE DUMP                             1/4 MILE WEST OF FALLIS ON HIGHWAY 44  OK0000094144

 FLETCHER                 CARBO DUMP                             5 MILES EAST OF FLETCHER, OK           OK0001226075

 FLETCHER                 MCSA LANDFILL                          1 MILE EAST OF FLETCHER                OKD987088390

 FLETCHER                 WILDCAT DUMP                           1 1/2 MILES NORTH OF FLETCHER, OK      OK0001226042

 FORT COBB                CADDO COUNTY LANDFILL #6               SE4 SE4 SEC34 T9N R12                  OKD980698104

 FORT COBB                CADDO COUNTY LANDFILL #7               SW4 NE4 SEC14 T9N R12W                 OKD980698112

 FORT COBB                CADDO COUNTY LANDFILL #8               NE4 NE4 SEC22 T9N R12W                 OKD980698120

 FORT SILL                FORT SILL FIELD ARTILLERY              ATZR-FEED BUILDING 1950                OK4213720846

 GARBER                   CARSON FLYING SERVICE                  1 1/2 MI. E. OF BRECKENRIDGE           OKD981157902

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GERONIMO                 GERONIMO DUMP                          2 MILES EAST OF GERONIMO, OKLAHOMA     OK0000843359

 GORE                     GORE RIVERBED                          2.75 MILES SOUTHEAST OF GORE           OKD987087566

 GORE                     KERR-MCGEE SEQUAYAH FACILITY           I-40 & HWY 10                          OKD981517279

 GORE                     SEQUOYAH FUELS CORPORATION             275 MILES SE OF GORE OFF INTERSTATE    OKD051961183
 GOWEN                    FLUID HAULER GOWEN                     SEC 22 T5N R17E                        OKD980696843

 GRACEMONT                ANADARKO LANDFILL                      4 MILES NORTH OF ANADARKO ON HWY 281   OK0000072355
 GRANDFIELD               BELL OIL AND GAS REFINERY              NORTH BELL STREET                      OKD987080504

 GRANDFIELD               FARMERS COOP GIN CO., GRANFIELD        324 W. 1ST                             OKD032944225

 GRANITE                  ATLAS MISSLE SITE #12                  WEST OF TOWN                           OK2570099851

 GRAY                     NGPL #102                              P.O. BOX 135                           OKD981060353

 GROVE                    DAVE ROBERTS LANDFILL SITE             5 MI S OF GROVE                        OKD980696298

 GROVE                    R & R AIRCRAFT SERVICES                104 W 3RD ST GROVE MINICIPAL AIRPORT   OKD987070778
 GURTHRIE                 OKLAHOMA FURNITURE                     N.4TH & W. COLLEGE AVE.                OKD007194467

 GUTHRIE                  OLD SUNBELT FACILITY                   8402 SOONER RD. (1/4 S OF SEWARD       OKD987084662

 GUTHRIE                  WESTERN OIL TRANSPORT CO INC GUTHRIE   HWY 77 SOUTH                           OKD980621015
 GUYMON                   JAMES AERIAL SPRAYING                  1.34 W OF MAIN ST ON N 5TH ST          OKD981517626

 GUYMON                   VALLEY FLYING SERVICE INC              1.34 MI W OF MAIN ST ON N 5TH          OKD981158041

 HAILEYVILLE              ROCK ISLAND ROUNDHOUSE                 HWY 270                                OK0001056316

 HASKELL                  WELLS COAL CO LAGOON                   EAST OF HASKELL                        OKD085956191

 HEALDTON                 BRADY WELDING & MACHINE SHOP           HWY 76 1 MI N OF TOWN                  OKD032950529

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HEALDTON                 HEALDTON CITY OF DUMP                  NORTH 4TH STREET                       OKD980511000

 HEAVENER                 HEAVENER KATY RAILYARD                 NE4 SEC19 T5NR26E IM                   OKD987085495

 HEAVENER                 KCS EAST RIGHT-OF-WAY                  10 MI S OF FOREST HILL                 OKD980620744

 HENNESSEY                US POLLUTION CONTROL BERKENBILE UNIT   SE/4 SE/4 S1 T19N                      OKD980864391
 HENRYETTA                EAGLE-PICHER HENRYETTA                 HWY 75 300 YDS N OF HWY 266            OKD980696785

 HENRYETTA                MIDLAND GLASS CO                       BOLLINGER RD NEAR HWY 75               OKD980698229

 HENRYETTA                VICTORY METAL                          HWY. 75 IN NE HENRYETTA                OK0001097732

 HOBART                   ATLAS MISSLE SITE #2                   WEST OF TOWN                           OK5570099858

 HOBART                   HOBART AIRCRAFT INC.                   BOX 778                                OKD094781564

 HOBART                   REAL IRON & METAL COMPANY              1300 S EASTERN                         OKD020730917

 HOCKERVILLE              HOCKERVILLE                            2ND, 3RD, AND 4TH STREET               OKD987098241

 HOLDENVILLE              EPPERLEY TERMITE & PEST CO.            612 W 8TH                              OKD981157985

 HOLLIS                   ATLAS MISSLE SITE #9                   E OF TOWN                              OK1570099852

 HOLLIS                   GRAY AG-AIR SITE                       HOLLIS AIRPORT/HIGHWAY 30              OK0001911155

 HOLLIS                   HARMON COUNTY DUMP #1                  3 MI E & 1 MI N OF HOLLIS              OKD980510986

 HOLLIS                   HARMON COUNTY DUMP #2                  4 MI E & 2 MI S OF HOLLIS              OKD980874879

 HOMINY                   DOWELL HOMINY CREEK                    5 MI N. OF HOMINY ON HWY 99            OKD000719567

 HOMINY                   HOMINY LANDFILL                        1.6 MILES EAST OF CITY                 OK0000133603

 HOOKER                   NGPL STATION 101                       2 MILES SOUTHWEST OF HOOKER            OKD410010383

 HUGHES                   HUGHES COUNTY LANDFILL #4              N SIDE NE/4 SEC 14 T9N R12E            OKD980698153

 HUGO                     CENTRAL FOREST PRODUCTS                YERBY & COMPRESS, BOX 392              OKD990750150

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HUGO                     HUGO RAIL CAR INC                      1806 W GARRETT, RT 1, BOX 17B          OKD082708371

 HUGO                     HUGO WASTE DISPOSAL SITE LANDFILL      S. OF HUGO & W OF 8TH STREET           OKD030158455

 IDABEL                   ANDERSON-DUNHAM SETTLING BASIN         1 PARK DRIVE                           OKD980749477

 IDABEL                   MIXON BROS WOOD PRESERVING PLANT       NEAR HWY 70 ON 15TH ST                 OKD007336258

 INDIAHOMA                INDIAHOMA DUMP                         2 1/2 MILE EAST AND 1 M. S. OF         OK0000072462

 JAY                      NORTH STEELE                           SEC. 1-T21N-R22E                       OKD987083748

 JAY                      SPAVINAW DUMP                          SEC. OF JAY 1/4 MI. NORTH OF CREEK     OKD987083318

 JEFFERSON COUNTY         JEFFERSON COUNTY LANDFILL              SEC 22 T6 R7                           OKD980750343

 JONES                    MADEWELL & MADEWELL                    CHOCTAW RD & NE 93RD                   OKD032963530

 KELLYVILLE               CREEK COUNTY DRUMS                     5MI SW OF KELLYVILLE RT. 1,BOX 87      OKD987066016

 KELLYVILLE               DOWELL TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL            SE/4 SEC 7 T17N R11E                   OKD980750244

 KENTON                   BLACK MESA STATE PARK                  SE END BLACK MESA PARK                 OKD980749709

 KENWOOD                  KENWOOD REFUSE DUMP                    1 MILE NE OF KENWOOD COMMUNITY         OKD987082989

 KINGFISHER               AERO SPRAYERS OF KINGFISHER INC.       1.2 MI W OF AIRPORT RD                 OKD981517675

 KINGFISHER               HANNEMAN AERIAL SPRAYER                10 MI W KINGFISHER ON H33,1MI N ON     OKD981524036
 KINGSTON                 TRIPLE-L-DISPOSAL                      HWY 99                                 OKD980696405

 KREBS                    WADES TERMITE & PEST CONTROL           380 GRAND ST.                          OKD019090000

 LAWTON                   WOLF CREEK LANDFILL                    3108 SW WOLF ST                        OKD981144363

 LAWTON                   YARMUK SCRAP PROCESSING                907 S RAILROAD ST                      OKD049404544

 LEEDEY                   EVERETT MOORE SITE                     5 MI N OF HAMMOND ON OK HWY 34         OKD980750269

 LINCOLNVILLE             QUAPAW WASTE SITE                      SW1/4, SEC. 6, TOWNSHIP 28 NO. RANGE   OKD987084936

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LINDSAY                  BOWEN DUSTING & SPRAYING               2.5 MI E,0.5 MI N OF H-76&H-19         OKD981157894

 LINDSAY                  BRANCH TRUCKING COMPANY                HWY 76 (1/2 MI N OF LINDSAY)           OKD007467368

 LINDSAY                  CONNER WELDING/CONNER SERVICES         HWY 76(1/2 MI N OF LINDSAY)            OKD085535789

 LINDSAY                  FEMCO SERVICES,INC.                    HWY.76                                 OKD102389715


 LINDSAY                  RURAL ELECTRIC CORP.                   1/2 M N OF LINDSAY ON S HWY 76         OKD008932253

 LINDSAY                  SONNY'S TANK TRUCKS, INC.              HWY 76(1/2 N OF LINDSAY)               OKD074294430

 LOCO                     SOUTHWESTERN DISPOSAL                  HWY 53 E OF LOCO                       OKD980511315

 LOCUST GROVE             SNAKE CREEK DUMP                       2 MILES SOUTH OF LOCUST GROVE,         OK0001225945
 LONE WOLF                ATLAS MISSLE SITE #1                   SOUTH OF TOWN                          OK4570099859

 MADILL                   OKLAHOMA STEEL & WIRE                  1 MI SOUTH OF CITY                     OKD987095031

 MAID NEAR PRYOR          PRYOR FOUNDRY                          P.O. BOX 549                           OKD085954493

 MAID NEAR PRYOR          RALSTON PURINA WASTE TREATMENT         NW/4 SEC 15 T20N R19E                  OKD080574148
 MAID NEAR PRYOR          RED DEVIL TOTAL RENTENTION LAGOON      WEBB ST HWY 69 & ALT 69                OKD980425409

 MANGUM                   ATLAS MISSLE SITE #10                  SW OF TOWN                             OK7570099849

 MANGUN                   HAYSTACK DISPOSAL FACILITY             5MI. SOUTH OF DELHI                    OKD980879712

 MANGURN                  JIMMY ROGERS SITE                      TAFT ROAD                              OKD981912330

 MANITOU                  ATLAS MISSLE SITE #5                   N OF TOWN                              OK8570099855

 MANITOU                  ATLAS MISSLE SITE #6                   SW OF TOWN                             OK9570099854

 MARBLE CITY              MARBLE CITY DUMP                       1/3 MILE N. OF ST.CLAIR LIMESTONE      OKD987095460

 MARIETTA                 TEXACO INC ENVILLE GAS PROCESSING      SEC7-7S-3ECM 6 MI E OF TOWN            OKD000764480

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MAYSVILLE                WARREN PETROLEUM CO MAYSVILLE PLANT    2 MI W OF TOWN                         OKD049985781

 MCALESTER                BIG MACK TRUCKING COMPANY              1 MILE NE OF KREBS                     OKD980810139

 MCALESTER                FLUID HAULERS INC                      7 MI W OF TOWN/HWY 270                 OKD980696827

 MCALESTER                MCALESTER ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT        HIGHWAY 69 SOUTH                       OK6213822798

 MCALESTER                MCALESTER GAS LIGHT CO                 UNKNOWN                                OKD987071024

 MCCURTAIN                ABANDONED STRIP MINE                   SENESE SEC 24 T8N R22E                 OKD980749451

 MEDFORD                  KREIMAN LANDFILL                       8 MI W AND 1 1/2 MI SOUTH OF MEDFORD   OKD987082922

 MEDFORD                  MMM FLYING SERVICE                     HWY 11 TO MEDFORD AIRPORT              OKD981517667

 MEERS                    MEDICINE CREEK ARRASTRA                1/2 MI SOUTH OF CITY                   OKD980876072

 MIAMI                    BF GOODRICH TIRE CO                    1000 GOODRICH BLVD/PO BOX 31           OKD007126345

 MIAMI                    M&M CUSTOM SLAUGHTER & PROCESSING      1 MI WEST OF FAIRGROUND                OKD030610539
 MIAMI                    TAR CREEK (OTTAWA COUNTY)              MIAMI/PICHER/SURROUNDINGS              OKD980629844

 MIDWEST CITY             JACK DENNIS PESTICIDE BURN SITE        9545 E RENO AVE                        OKD980696884

 MIDWEST CITY             TINKER AIR FORCE (SOLDIER CR/BLDG      ALC - CC                               OK1571724391
 MILL CREEK               PENNSYLVANIA GLASS SAND CORP           SEC 14 T1S R4E                         OKD074280124

 MOFFET                   MOFFET SLEW(S. PAW PAW BOTTOMS)        3 MILES WEST OF FORT SMITH, AR         OKD987083003

 MOORE                    OKLAHOMA TANK SERVICE-LAGOON           3401 S I-35 & SERVICE                  OKD065423071

 MOORE                    UNIDENTIFIED SITE-SE 149 ST ROADSIDE   1/10 MI E OF PENNSYLVANIA AVE          OKD980696439
 MOORELAND                LONG CREEK INJECTION WELL              13 MI N OF TOWN ON ROUTE 50            OKD980750442

 MOUNDS                   CONSOLIDATED CLEANING SERVICE          2 MI W HWY 75 ON S 181                 OKD008838864

 MOUNTAIN PARK            RAY QUINN DRUM                         ROUTE 1, BOX 86A                       OK0000897322

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MOUNTAIN PARK            WILD MAN CYANIDE SMELTER               HWY 183 8 MI N OF SNYDER, OK           OKD981144355

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            CEDAR CREEK LANDING STRIP              RT. 1, BOX 307                         OKD987098258

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            ZODLETONE DUMP                         OKLAHOMA                               OK0001225531

 MULDROW                  PAW PAW BOTTOMS                        SEC. 21-T10N-R26E                      OKD987083292

 MUSKOGEE                 ACME ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING CORP  1820 NORTH YORK                        OKD007224280

 MUSKOGEE                 BLYTHEVILLE CANNING COMPANY            1900 NORTH STREET                      OKD007044142
 MUSKOGEE                 BROCKWAY GLASS COMPANY INC PLANT #3    US HWY 62                              OKD007222805

 MUSKOGEE                 CALLERY ROCKET FUEL                    RIVERSIDE ROAD                         OK0001408228

 MUSKOGEE                 CORNING GLASS WKS. MUSKOGEE PLANT      1500 SUMMIT                            OKD007227192

 MUSKOGEE                 FANSTEEL METALS                        10 TANTALUM PLACE                      OKD007221831

 MUSKOGEE                 FORT HOWARD PAPER CO LANDFILL          5600 E. CHANDLER RD                    OKD072414741

 MUSKOGEE                 GT METALS                              ROUTE 2                                OKD000395186

 MUSKOGEE                 HUB WASTE OIL                          725 S. CHEROKEE                        OK0001408236

 MUSKOGEE                 HUGGINS RESIDENCE                      2202 JEFFERSON                         OKD987067931

 MUSKOGEE                 JW WORLEY BATTERY SHOP                 309 MADISON AVENUE                     OKD980750400

 MUSKOGEE                 LONG, JOHN, SMELTERS & REFINERS        1400 SOUTH MAIN STREET                 OKD987096237

 MUSKOGEE                 MADEWELL METAL DISPOSAL SITE -         301 E SHAWNEE BY.PASS (P.O. BOX 1432)  OKD032994345

 MUSKOGEE                 MUSKOGEE BRICK                         HWY 62 AT MILL STREET                  OKD987096252

 MUSKOGEE                 MUSKOGEE ENVIRONMENTAL FLY ASH         SW/4 SEC 27 T13N R17E                  OKD980696728
 MUSKOGEE                 SMOKES INDUSTRIES                      5531-A SOUTH LEWIS                     OKD980696355

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MUSKOGEE                 THREE FORKS                            2.5 MILES NE OF MUSKOGEE               OKD987096575

 MUSKOGEE                 YAFFEE IRON & METAL COMPANY            H & LEXINGTON STREETS                  OKD032997496

 NARCISSA                 BLUEJACKET ROAD DUMP                   1/8 MILE WEST OF HIGHWAY 69 IN         OK0000094136
 NASH                     WAYMAN SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL            WEST EDGE OF CITY                      OKD980696462

 NEWCASTLE                ABANDONED STRIP MINE                   N PORTLAND & E KELLY                   OKD980750301

 NEWCASTLE                GENERAL MATERIALS                      W/2 SW/4 SEC 12 T04W IM                OKD982758963

 NICUT                    LOW GAP DUMP                           10 MILES NE OF SALLISAW                OKD987095056

 NICUT                    NORTHVIEW DUMP                         4 MILES WEST, 3/4 MILE NORTH OF NICUT  OK0000094151

 NOBLE                    AG ENTERPRISES                         1.5MI E HWY 77 1103 MCGUIRE RD         OKD981144322

 NORMAN                   ACME FENCE & IRON SURFACE IMPOUNDMENT  3505 I-35 N                            OKD007188097

 NORMAN                   FLYNT MINING                           3429 CHARLESTON RD.                    OKD096143417

 NORMAN                   OLD NORMAN LANDFILL                    SOUTH END OF JENKINS                   OKD987087814

 NORMAN                   U.S. NAVY DUMP GROUNDS                 EAST SIDE OF SOUTHERN END OF JENKINS   OKD987096302
 NORTH OF EL RENO         CONCHO DUMP                            200 YDS N OF TRIBAL COMPLEX            OKD987098233

 NOWATA                   DELOZIER TANK FARM                     CNTY RD 21, 1/2 M E INT SHWY 169S OF   OK0001323567
 NOWATA                   NOWATA CITY OF SANITARY LANDFILL       1 MI S OF CITY ON HWY 169              OKD980879688

 NOWATA                   NOWATA COUNTY #1                       2 MI W OF CHILDERS ON HWY 28           OKD980870273

 NOWATA                   NOWATA DUMP #2 (ROADSIDE DUMP)         N END OF OAK STREET                    OKD980511158

 NOWATA                   NOWATA OIL STORAGE                     4 MI SE OF NOWATA, OK                  OK0001574615

 OKARCHE                  KINGFISHER COUNTRY FEED YARDS          8 MI E & 1/2 MI N                      OKD062272588

 OKARCHE                  KINGFISHER COUNTY FEED YARDS, INC #1   2 MI E OF (SEC 33,T15N,R6W)            OKD981052087

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OKARCHE                  KINGFISHER COUNTY FEED YARDS, INC #2   8 MI W OF CITY,P.O. BOX 441            OKD981052566

 OKAY                     OKAY TRAILER PARK                      HWY 16 JUNCTION HWY 251A               OKD987082526

 OKEENE                   AG AIR INC.                            OKEEN MUNICIPAL AIRPORT                OKD981157886

 OKEENE                   OKEENE SPRAYING SERVICE                OKEENE MUNICIPAL AIRPORT               OKD981918048

 OKEMAH                   BATTLE CREEK DUMP                      2 MILES SOUTH OF OKEMAH                OK0000073577

 OKEMAH                   OKEMAH DRUM SITE                       1 1/8 MI E & 1/2 S HWY 27 & 56         OKD981054109

 OKLAHOMA CITY            10TH & BRYAN STREET SITE               NW CORNER OF 10TH & BRYAN ST           OKD980865000

 OKLAHOMA CITY            10TH STREET SLUDGE SITE                10TH AT BRYANT                         OK0001004332

 OKLAHOMA CITY            137TH TACICAL AIRLIFT WING             WILL ROGERS WORLD AIRPORT              OK0570028605

 OKLAHOMA CITY            ACME BRICK CO                          SEC 15 T13N R3W                        OKD980696645

 OKLAHOMA CITY            ALPHA DRUM CO                          424 SE 3RD                             OKD980336341

 OKLAHOMA CITY            ANCO SERVICE CORP                      737 SE 30TH                            OKD009314105

 OKLAHOMA CITY            ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO - LAND             4300 SW 36TH ST                        OKD042146324
 OKLAHOMA CITY            ASSOCIATED MILK PRODUCERS              1700 N SOONER                          OKD049397888

 OKLAHOMA CITY            AUXIER-SCOTT SUPPLY CO.                8301 NW. 2ND                           OKD987084670

 OKLAHOMA CITY            BAKER OIL TREATING                     2700 SOUTH HIGH                        OKD077327211

 OKLAHOMA CITY            BENDIX HEAVY VEHICLE                   3737 NORTH PORTLAND AVENUE             OKD046858593

 OKLAHOMA CITY            BILL COOPER FRAC TANK COMPANY          8236 W I-40                            OKD094775251

 OKLAHOMA CITY            BILL HODGES TRUCK CO                   4050 W I-40                            OKD002888675

 OKLAHOMA CITY            BROWN MANUFACTURING COMPANY            13431 BROADWAY EXT.                    OKD007193220

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OKLAHOMA CITY            BUCKET SHOP                            5555 NW 5TH                            OKD002786473

 OKLAHOMA CITY            C. M. AULT                             326 EAST SHERIDAN                      OKD987070521

 OKLAHOMA CITY            CANADIAN TRUCK REPAIR CO               3307 NE 10TH ST                        OKD980696603

 OKLAHOMA CITY            CARLON-AN INDIAN HEAD CORPORATION      6500 INTERPACE                         OKD059067553

 OKLAHOMA CITY            CATO OIL & GREASE CO                   915 N EASTERN                          OKD007188147

 OKLAHOMA CITY            CHEMICAL PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT CORP.    5001 S MCARTHUR                        OKD089092175

 OKLAHOMA CITY            CIMMARON AIRPORT POND                  SEC 27 T12N R6W                        OKD980696819

 OKLAHOMA CITY            CLAYTON PLATING COMPANY                1336 WEST MAIN STREET                  OKD987067634

 OKLAHOMA CITY            CONCHO CONSTRUCTION POND CO            2810 N MCARTHUR BLVD                   OKD049987605

 OKLAHOMA CITY            D & K PLATING                          4600 NW 7TH; .8 MI N OF RENO &         OKD007208747
 OKLAHOMA CITY            DAYTON TIRE & RUBBER CO                2500 S COUNCIL RD                      OKD000803205

 OKLAHOMA CITY            DOUBLE EAGLE REFINERY CO               301 N RHODE ISLAND                     OKD007188717

 OKLAHOMA CITY            DUMP - NORTHEAST 58TH & BRYANT         NE 58TH & BRYANT                       OKD980696801

 OKLAHOMA CITY            DW HEARN MACHINE WORKS                 3201 E RENO                            OKD007194517

 OKLAHOMA CITY            EASTERN AVENUE SITE                    1600' N OF RENO AVE & EASTERN AVE.     OKD982311433

 OKLAHOMA CITY            ELTRA CORPORATION                      800 S W 3RD (4TH & LEE)                OKD087001608

 OKLAHOMA CITY            ENTERPRISE FOUNDRY                     3805 N.W. 36TH                         OKD982554396

 OKLAHOMA CITY            F & K PLATING                          4420 N SEWELL                          OKD980425045

 OKLAHOMA CITY            FILL SAND LTD LANDFILL                 8701 WEST RENO                         OKD065429946

 OKLAHOMA CITY            FOURTH STREET ABANDONED REFINERY       22OO BLOCK NE 4TH                      OKD980696470

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OKLAHOMA CITY            FRAZIER PROPERTY                       ABOUT 3200 NE 5TH STREET               OKD980879357

 OKLAHOMA CITY            HENDERSHOT TOOL CO                     1008 SE 29TH                           OKD045351350

 OKLAHOMA CITY            INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CORP       5000 SW7 SEC1 T11 N R4W                OKD007464753


 OKLAHOMA CITY            M & M DRUM CO.                         7TH AND SOUTH HARVEY                   OKD987096245

 OKLAHOMA CITY            M & M DRUM CO.                         111 NORTH KLEIN                        OKD987096260

 OKLAHOMA CITY            MACKLANBURG-DUNCAN CO                  4041 N SANTA FE                        OKD007188063

 OKLAHOMA CITY            MAGNETIC PERIPHERALS INC               76 S MERIDIAN AVE                      OKD037986957

 OKLAHOMA CITY            MCKINLEY SLAVAGE YARD                  6TH AND BLACKWELDER                    OK0001004340

 OKLAHOMA CITY            MERCURY OIL REFINERY COMPANY           8000 POLE STREET                       OK0001097724

 OKLAHOMA CITY            MID-WEST WRECKING COMPANY LANDFILL     NE 50TH AND BRYANT                     OKD980696793

 OKLAHOMA CITY            MIDWEST MACHINE                        6804 MELROSE LANE                      OKD980511125


 OKLAHOMA CITY            MOSLEY ROAD SANITARY LANDFILL          MOSELEY RD BTWN NE 23 & NE 36          OKD980620868

 OKLAHOMA CITY            NICHOLSON PLATING                      4625 NW 10TH                           OKD987068350

 OKLAHOMA CITY            OKLAHOMA CITY ABANDONED DUMP           SEC 22 R3W T11N                        OKD980749444

 OKLAHOMA CITY            OKLAHOMA CITY DISPOSAL CO              245 SW 15TH STREET                     OKD980864490

 OKLAHOMA CITY            OKLAHOMA CITY DISPOSAL LANDFILL        36TH ST                                OKD980511174

 OKLAHOMA CITY            OKLAHOMA CITY DUMP                     NE 4TH ST W OF RAILROAD TRACKS         OKD980515290

 OKLAHOMA CITY            OKLAHOMA CITY DUMP - HIWASSEE ROAD     SE 29TH & HIWASSEE RD                  OKD980864458

 OKLAHOMA CITY            OKLAHOMA CITY DUMP-5500 NE 23RD        5500 NE 23RD                           OKD980864516

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OKLAHOMA CITY            OKLAHOMA CITY DUMP-NE 10TH & GRAND     NE 10 AND GRAND BLVD                   OKD980864508
 OKLAHOMA CITY            OKLAHOMA CITY LANDFILL-23RD & SOONER   23RD & SOONER RD                       OKD980511422
 OKLAHOMA CITY            OKLAHOMA CITY PROPERTY                 500 S.E. 9TH ST                        OKD981917347

 OKLAHOMA CITY            OKLAHOMA GAS & ELECTRIC                SE 74TH & POLE ROAD                    OKD987067725

 OKLAHOMA CITY            OLD OKC DUMP FOSTERS TRAILER COURT     SW1/4 SEC 32 R3WT12N                   OKD980515316

 OKLAHOMA CITY            PAIA ELECTRONICS SEPTIC TANK           1020 W WILSHIRE BLVD                   OKD049400302

 OKLAHOMA CITY            PARAWAX REFINERY                       700 S IRVING                           OKD062270590

 OKLAHOMA CITY            PHILLIPS PETROLEUM CO - PHILLIPS       910 S FAIRMONT                         OKD060778065
 OKLAHOMA CITY            PHILLIPS PETROLEUM CO OKC RGNT PLANT   306 N JACKSON                          OKD000763664

 OKLAHOMA CITY            POND (E RENO AVE SITE)                 1001 E RENO AVE                        OKD980511208

 OKLAHOMA CITY            PORTLAND AVE. DRY CLEANERS             1800 PORTLAND AVE.                     OK0000196709

 OKLAHOMA CITY            QUALITY SAND AND GRAVEL INC            MOSLEY ROAD                            OKD980864482

 OKLAHOMA CITY            RED ROCK PETROLEUM (TRUCKERS VILLAGE)  8400 NE EXPRESSWAY                     OKD980696678

 OKLAHOMA CITY            RENO ROAD ABANDONED DUMP               1 MI SE OF RENO ROAD & HWY 3           OKD980749436

 OKLAHOMA CITY            ROSE EQUIPMENT CO                      1829 LINWOOD                           OKD980696652

 OKLAHOMA CITY            S&W OIL FIELD ENGINE SERVICE LAGOON    4100 SOUTH EASTERN                     OKD033048372

 OKLAHOMA CITY            S.E. 15TH ST. DRUMS                    328 SE 15TH ST.                        OK0001409507

 OKLAHOMA CITY            SOUTHEAST SANITARY LANDFILL            SE 74TH & BRYANT                       OKD980510655

 OKLAHOMA CITY            SOUTHWEST ELECTRIC CO                  6501 SE 74TH                           OKD980511299

 OKLAHOMA CITY            STANDARD IRON AND METAL, INC.          1501 E. RENO                           OKD033052390

 OKLAHOMA CITY            STAR MANUFACTURING COMPANY             8600 S I-35                            OKD007190556

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OKLAHOMA CITY            STATE OF OKLAHOMA HWY DEPT             2401 N BROADWAY                        OKD980620843

 OKLAHOMA CITY            STRING OF PEARLS PARK                  BY R.R. TRACKS AND 10TH ST.            OKD981146004

 OKLAHOMA CITY            SUPERIOR PLATING                       100N ROCKWELL #90                      OKD115366510

 OKLAHOMA CITY            TED SMITH PROPERTY                     2317 S. EASTERN                        OKD987098225

 OKLAHOMA CITY            TENTH STREET DUMP/JUNKYARD             3200 NE 10TH ST                        OKD980620967

 OKLAHOMA CITY            THOMPSON HAYWARD CHEMICAL CO           3909 S MERIDIAN                        OKD000829523

 OKLAHOMA CITY            TIME-DC TRUCKING COMPANY               1400 SE SKYLINE                        OKD980696660

 OKLAHOMA CITY            TRANSFER STATION                       4100 S MISSOURI                        OKD980750335

 OKLAHOMA CITY            UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION              1700 S AGNEW AVE                       OKD007191380

 OKLAHOMA CITY            VEMCO PLATING                          8500 SW 8TH                            OKD987068657

 OKLAHOMA CITY            VISTA POLYMERS INC.                    SEC 29 T11N R2W 5200 SE 59TH           OKD980510788

 OKLAHOMA CITY            WALL COLMONOY CORP                     4700 SE 59TH STREET                    OKD006557250

 OKLAHOMA CITY            WALNUT GROVE SALT WATER DISPOSAL WELL  SEC3 T12N R3W                          OKD980696447
 OKLAHOMA CITY            WEST RENO RD AREA                      8700 BLK OF WEST RENO RD               OKD981515919

 OKLAHOMA CITY            WILCOX OIL COMPANY REFINERY            10TH & BRYANT STREETS                  OK0001056324

 OKMULGEE                 ALLIANCE WALL CORP                     US HWY 75 NORTH                        OKD064550155

 OKMULGEE                 BARNSTALL REFINERY                     0.75 MI S OF 19TH STREET               OKD982311615

 OKMULGEE                 BASIN REFINING INC.                    1001 N PORTER                          OKD004998225

 OKMULGEE                 CITIES SERVICE REFINERY                907 EAS 6TH STREET                     OKD982311656

 OKMULGEE                 COVINGTON AIRCRAFT WASTE LAGOON        1 1/2 MI N ON HWY 75                   OKD070030549

 OKMULGEE                 KELCO BASIN                            APPROX 2600 S OKLAHOMA AVE             OKD980750418

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 OKMULGEE                 THOMPSON PUMP CO WASTE LAGOON          801 W 20TH                             OKD007218753

 OLUSTEE                  ATLAS MISSLE SITE #8                   SW OF OLUSTEE                          OK0570099853

 OLUSTEE                  CITY OF OLUSTEE, CITY BARN             100 BLOCK OF 4TH ST                    OKD981147184

 OLUSTEE                  JACKSON COUNTY SPRAYING SERVICE        1.5 MI S OF CITY                       OKD981158009

 ONETA                    ONETA REFINERY                         111 S & 225 E                          OK0001574607

 OOLOGAH                  PUBLIC SERVICE CO FLY ASH DISPOSAL     NW SE SE SEC 33 T23N R15E              OKD080599210
 OSAGE                    OSAGE DUMP                             WESTWARD HOLE RD (WEST END)            OKD980696496

 OTTAWA COUNTY            OTTAWA COUNTY LANDFILL #1              SEC 31 T27E R24N                       OKD980698161

 OTTAWA COUNTY            OTTAWA COUNTY LANDFILL #2              NW/4 SEC 15 T27N R23E                  OKD980698179

 PANAMA                   HEATHERLY MINING LANDFILL              3 MILES N E PANOMA                     OKD987095023

 PANAMA                   RAB VALLEY WOOD PRESERVING             INT. OF HWY 59 & COUNTY HWY IN PANAMA  OKD987068749

 PAULS VALLEY             AMF TUBOSCOPE                          HWY 19 E & HAMINTON RD                 OKD000758888

 PAULS VALLEY             PRO AG SERVICES                        .5 MI E I-35 ON AIRPORT RD             OKD981598782

 PAWNEE COUNTY            PAWNEE COUNTY LANDFILL #1 & #2         SEC 28-29 23N 5E 3E                    OKD980750475

 PERKINS                  IRWIN SAND CO-LAGOON                   SE/4 NW/4 SW/4 SEC 7                   OKD052875572

 PERKINS                  PERKINS LANDFILL (LARRY HALL)          SE/4 NW/4 SEC 1 T17N R23W              OKD980750913

 PERRY                    CHARLES MACHINE WORKS INC              1959 W FIR AVE                         OKD007240088

 PERRY                    NOBLE COUNTY DUMP                      41/2 MI N OF DITCH WITCH AVE           OKD980511141

 PERSHING                 FARNAN FARM SITE                       0.7 MI SW OF CITY                      OKD980748438

 PICHER                   ELM CREEK DUMP                         1 1/2 MILES WEST OF PICHER             OK0000073593

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PIEDMONT                 HUFNAGEL PROPERTY                      ON HWY 4 & E OF 1.25 MI,PIEDMO         OKD981517766

 PINK                     MILLER BROWN MATERIALS SITE            STATE HWY 9                            OKD980699862

 POCASSET                 GRADY COUNTY LANDFILL                  2MI W.OF POCASSET (RT 1 BOX 30-A       OKD987068483

 PONCA CITY               BEAUBIENS AERIAL SPRAYING              1600 DOVER                             OKD071226625

 PONCA CITY               CASKEY PEST CONTROL                    519 S. PINE                            OKD062264650

 PONCA CITY               CONOCO INC PONCA CITY REFINERY         1000 S PINE                            OKD007233836

 PONCA CITY               EAGLE PLATING INC.DIV. OF STAT         1001 W. HARTFORD AVE                   OKD098457393

 PONCA CITY               EVANS & ASSOCIATES FLY ASH DISP PITS   7 MI S & 5 MI E OF PONCA CITY          OKD980750251

 PONCA CITY               OSAGE POWER PLANT                      2MI SO.& 3/4 MI.E OF S.HWY 60 & 171    OKD987071248

 PONCA CITY               OSAGE SLUDGE PITS                      98 S. MCCORD ROAD (SOUTH OF TOWN)      OKD987084142

 PONCA CITY               PARKER PEST CONTROL                    #1 PARKER PLACE                        OKD033072398

 PONCA CITY               PONCA CITY CHILDREN'S PARK             11TH AND MADISON STREET                OKD987080058

 PONCA CITY               PONCA CITY EASTSIDE-COLBY LANDFILL     US HWY 60 6 1/2                        OKD980864474

 PONCA CITY               PONCA CITY SANITARY LANDFILL           HALF MILE W OF WARLY                   OKD980515324

 PONCA CITY               VASHI FOUR EYES                        2 MILES WEST OF HIGHWAY 177            OK0000073890

 PONCA CITY               WILLIAMS PIPELINE COMPANY              1 MI S OF PONCA CITY ON HWY177         OKD000729178

 POND CREEK               DETERING AERIAL SERVICE                FROM JCT. OF H604 & H81,POND           OKD981517659

 POOLEVILLE               POOLEVILLE CITY OF LANDFILL            HWY 74 1/4 MI S OF TOWN                OKD980696249

 PORTER HILL              TAR CAN DUMP                           2 3/4 MI N & 1 3/4 MI W OF PORTER      OK0001226026
 PORUM                    TATER HILL                             2 MILES WEST OF PORUM, OKLAHOMA        OK0001225440

 PORUM MINES              MUSKOGEE ENVIRONMENTAL FLY ASH         SW/4 SEC30 NW/4SEC31 T11N R20E         OKD980696736

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY      POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY LANDFILL #1        E SIDE S25 T11N R3E                    OKD980696256

 PRAGUE                   PRAGUE AIRPORT                         2 MI W OF HWY 62 & HWY 99              OKD981150345

 PRYOR                    CARBONUNDUM INC LAGOONS                MID AMERICA INDUSTRIAL DIST            OKD000757971

 PRYOR                    FORT GIBSON RESERVOIR                  4 MI N OF CHOUTEAU,OK ON US 69         OK8960010009

 PRYOR                    GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORPORATION            HWY 69A-MID-AMERICA IND DIST           OKD007217425

 PRYOR                    GREERS INC                             SEC 32 T22N,R29E                       OKD980750897


 PRYOR                    LIMESTONE QUARRY DUMP                  6 MILES SOUTHEAST OF CITY              OKD987096187

 PRYOR                    LIQUID AIR CORPORATION                 APPROX 1.8 MI N OF HWY 69A             OKD980698021

 PRYOR                    LONE STAR INDUSTRIES INC               5 MI E OF PRYOR ON HWY 20              OKD038328902

 PRYOR                    MAID SAND DUMP SITE                    OK HWY 69A                             OKD085947356


 PRYOR                    MIDWEST CARBIDE CORPORATION            1.6 MI N OF HWY 69A M-A I DIST         OKD007223902

 PRYOR                    MILLER DUMP SITE                       4.5 MI W OF PRYOR                      OKD981155880

 PRYOR                    N-REN CORPORATION CHEROKEE NITROGEN    MAID NEAR PRYOR P.O. BOX 429           OKD078661279
 PRYOR                    NATIONAL GYPSUM COMPANY                4 MI S & 3 1/2 MI E OF PRYOR           OKD079983334

 PRYOR                    OKLAHOMA ORDNANCE WORKS AUTHORITY      HWY69A & HUNT STREET                   OKD061632113

 PRYOR                    POLYGUARD PIPELINE PRODUCTS            4TH ST                                 OKD000399451

 PRYOR                    PRYOR AUTOMATIC TOOL COMPANY           MID-AMERICA IND DISTRICT               OKD053960076

 PRYOR                    PRYOR CITY OF MUNICIPAL LANDFILL       SOUTH OF CITY                          OKD980511240

 PRYOR                    RYALS JUNK & SALVAGE                   HWY 69 250' S OF 9TH ST                OKD980696322

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 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PURCELL                  PERFECTION HY-TEST                     S HWY 77 N WALNUT CRK BRIDGE           OKD981602394

 QUAPAW                   EAGLE PICHER IND INC EOM DEPARTMENT    HWY 66 NE OF CITY                      OKD007158454

 QUINTON                  QUINTON SMELTER                        A-STREET & US HGIGHWAY 31              OKD987088366

 RALSTON                  RENFRO TRUCKING CO                     HWY 20 SOUTH BRIDGE                    OKD007221252

 RATLIFF CITY             RATLIFF CITY OF LANDFILL               2 MI W 1.6 MI N RATLIFF                OKD980696264

 RATTAN                   JULIAN WOOD TREATING CO                HWY 3 2 MI WEST                        OKD062885975

 REYDON                   ROGER MILLS COUNTY RURAL #1            NW1/4,NE1/4, SEC 11,T13N, R26W         OKD980696306

 REYDON                   ROGER MILLS COUNTY RURAL #2            2 MI S, 2 MI E, 1 MI S OF              OKD980870281

 REYDON                   ROGER MILLS COUNTY RURAL #3            2 MI S, 1 MI E, 1 MI S OF              OKD980696314

 RINGLING                 BEN FRANKLIN REFINING CO.              1/4MI S OF H70 APPROX 2MI FROM         OK0001410240
 RINGLING                 GILMER OIL CO.                         HWY 78 DIRECTLY S.E. OF RINGLING       OK0001294602

 RINGWOOD                 PIERCE PETROLEUM CO.                   OAK & 3RD STREET                       OK0000565143

 RINGWOOD                 YOLO RANCH                             RR1, BOX 153                           OKD982311573

 ROOSEVELT                ROOSEVELT ABANDONED DRUM SITE          2.5 MI W OF CITY ON HWY 19             OKD981153893

 S.OF HENRYETTA AND       HICKORY GROUND DUMP                    7 MI S OF HENRYETTA                    OKD987098290
 SALINA                   PETRO TECH INC - FORMER SITE           JCT HWY 20 & 82                        OKD980750285

 SALLISAW                 CROWN ZELLERBACH                       805 N MAIN                             OKD010327948

 SALLISAW                 JOHN SCOGGINS FLOOR SWEEP CO           US HWY 64 E OF SALLISAW                OKD075669788

 SALLISAW                 NORTH HENDERSON SCHOOL                 1/4 MI. N OF HENDERSON SCHOOL          OKD987095064

 SALLISAW                 SEQUOYAH COUNTY PUBLIC WORKS           121 S OAK ST                           OKD980696348

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SALLISAW                 ST CLAIR LIME CO.                      U S HIGHWAY 59 & 64                    OK0000032268

 SAND SPRINGS             ADVANCE CHEMICAL                       SOUTH ADAMS ROAD                       OKD007220825

 SAND SPRINGS             ADVANCE CHEMICAL                       206 E. MORROW ROAD                     OKD981511025

 SAND SPRINGS             AMERICAN SMELTING AND REFINING         SOUTH WILSON AVE. HWY 97               OKD987096203

 SAND SPRINGS             BIG THREE INDUSTRIES                   403 S MAIN                             OKD000631648

 SAND SPRINGS             CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION     MORROW RD                              OKD045943024

 SAND SPRINGS             COMMANDER FINISHING COMPANY            226 ADAMS RD.                          OKD117545764

 SAND SPRINGS             FEDERATED METALS CORP.                 WILSON ST.                             OKD007220841

 SAND SPRINGS             FIBERCAST                              25 S. MAIN ST.                         OKD007217748

 SAND SPRINGS             FLO - BEND,INC.                        8635 W. 21ST.                          OKD051050466


 SAND SPRINGS             INTERSTATE ELECTRIC CORP.              196 E. MORROW RD.                      OKD045116118


 SAND SPRINGS             MILLER HEAT EXCHANGE                   330 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  OKD987068335

 SAND SPRINGS             PRATTVILLE CASTINGS, INC               5836 S 116 WEST AVENUE                 OKD102424322

 SAND SPRINGS             SAND SPRINGS PETROCHEMICAL COMPLEX     2 BLKS S 198 E MORRO                   OKD980748446

 SAND SPRINGS             SAND SPRINGS RAILROAD SHOP             125 E. MORROW RD                       OKD987068343

 SAND SPRINGS             SHEFFIELD STEEL CORP                   2300 S HWY 97                          OKD007219181

 SAND SPRINGS             SHELL CREEK SANITARY LANDFILL          1 MI N HWY 64 ON 177 W AVE             OKD980511265

 SAND SPRINGS             SOUTHWEST PORCELIN                     201 MORROW ROAD                        OKD987068327

 SAND SPRINGS             SOUTHWEST TUBE                         201 S. WOODLAND DR.                    OKD987068319

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 29 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAND SPRINGS             TEXO CORPORATION                       307 MORROW ROAD                        OKD107276065

 SAND SPRINGS             TULSA SAND COMPANY                     2600 W CHARLES PAGE BLVD               OKD981523228

 SAND SPRINGS             VEALE BROTHERS SITE                    1900 S 81ST W AVE                      OKD007221450

 SAPULPA                  BARTLETT-COLLINS CO                    PO BOX 1288                            OKD007224702

 SAPULPA                  CONOCO INC / SAPULPA REFINERY          SEC 25 T18N R11E                       OKD980620801

 SAPULPA                  FAIR OIL CO INJECTION WELL             HILTON RD SEC 28 T18N R12E             OKD980750277

 SAPULPA                  INTERNATIONAL METALS                   1508 N 8TH ST                          OKD980864433

 SAPULPA                  RAYMOND WILEY TRANSFORMER              ROUTE 4                                OKD980696272

 SAPULPA                  TULSA-SAPULPA UNION RAILWAY CO         SE 1/4 SE 1/4 SEC 6 T18                OKD043126754
 SAVANNA                  PITTSBURG COUNTY LANDFILL (VARIOUS     1/2 MI N ON HWY 69                     OKD980696231
 SAYRE                    BUTCHER BOY ENTERPRISES LAGOON         RTE 2 SW/4 NW/4 SEC 5 T9N R23W         OKD980696686

 SAYRE                    DOLESE CO SAYRE PLANT                  HWY 152                                OKD980750236

 SEMINOLE                 BUTCH'S MEAT COTTAGE LAGOON            ROUTE 2                                OKD980424949

 SEMINOLE                 JOHNSON-GIPSON DRILLING CO             701 W BROADWAY                         OKD980749741

 SEMINOLE                 SEMINOLE (VARIOUS LOCATIONS)           1 MI E OF SEMINOLE                     OKD980696330

 SHADY POINT              SHADY POINT LANDFILL                   3/4MILES WEST OF SHADY POINT           OKD987095353

 SHATTUCK                 SHATTUCK RAILYARD                      CHARLES ST. & MAIN ST                  OKD987085487

 SHAWNEE                  ALLEN BRADLEY COMPANY                  5900 N HARRISON ST                     OKD980510630

 SHAWNEE                  AT & SF ROUNDHOUSE                     HARDESTY & BEARD                       OK0000998765

 SHAWNEE                  MOBIL CHEMICAL CORP PLASTICS DIC       555 WOLVERINE                          OKD000758151

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 30 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SHAWNEE                  OLD SHAWNEE LANDFILL                   1/4 MI E OF U.S.270 S OF FARRAL ST     OKD987093358

 SHIDLER                  BUTLER RESOURCES LTD                   10 MI N JCT HWY 60 & 18                OKD980749733

 SKEDEE                   HART INDUSTRIAL DISPOSAL               7543 E PINE ST                         OKT410010011

 SLICK                    US POLLUTION CONTROL CREEK CO          SE 1/4 SW 1/4 SEC36T15N,R 10E          OKD980696454
 SNYDER                   ATLAS MISSLE SITE #3                   N OF TOWN                              OK6570099857

 SOUTH OF WYANDOTTE       LAKE O' THE CHEROKEES DUMP             0.7 MI NW OF STATE HWY. 10             OKD987098274

 SOUTHARD                 BLAINE COUNTY SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL     SW/4 SEC 10 T18N R12W                  OKD980749717
 SPAVINAW                 NORTH SPAVINAW DUMP                    1 MILE NORTH SPAVINAW, OKLAHOMA        OK0001225242

 SPIRO                    SPIRO CITY OF LANDFILL                 5 MI W OF SPIRO                        OKD980029052

 ST LOUIS                 NL INDUSTRIES INC MINE MILL            OTTOWA COUNTY                          OKD980621007

 ST LOUIS                 POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY LANDFILL #2        SEC 9 T7N R4E                          OKD980511224

 STILLWATER               AMERACE CORP SWAN HOSE                 4115 N PERKINS RD                      OKD043440999

 STILLWATER               CIMARRON VALLEY AERIAL                 2020 W. AIRPORT ROAD                   OKD981157944

 STILLWATER               JACK AND SONS RADIATOR SITE            818 E 17TH ST                          OKD981150139

 STILLWATER               LAKE MCMARTHY ROAD LANDFILL            LAKE MCMARTHY RD                       OKD980621064

 STILLWATER               MERCURY MARINE                         3003 N PERKINS RD                      OKD980750905

 STILLWATER               O. S. U. BURAL SITE                    2 MILES SOUTHWEST OF STILLWATER        OKD987095437

 STILLWATER               PLANT SCIENCE RESEARCH LABORATORY      1301 N. WESTERN ST.                    OK8120599883

 STILLWATER               STILLWATER MUNICIPAL SANITARY          SW OF 64TH ST HWY 177                  OKD980511331
 STILLWATER               SWAN HOSE DUMP                         2.5 MI.W OF SH177 ON LAKE MURTREY RD.  OKD987096294

 STILLWELL                EAST PEAVINE DUMP                      4 1/4 MILES NORTHEAST OF STILWELL      OK0001226117

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 31 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 STILWELL                 BELL SCHOOL                            1/2 MILE NE OF SCHOOL                  OKD987095452

 STILWELL                 CANDY MINK DUMP                        8 MILES S OF CITY                      OKD987095577

 STILWELL                 CC CAMP                                6 & 1/2MI S OF STILWELL, OK            OK0001574573

 STILWELL                 CHEROKEE INDUSTRIAL PARK DUMP          ROUTE 1, BOX 434                       OKD987087467

 STILWELL                 JOHNSON HILL, CHERRY TREE COMMUNITY    SEC. 16-T15N-R25E                      OKD987083342

 STILWELL                 KILLER MOUNTAIN DUMP                   SEC 16, T14N, R25E                     OKD987087434

 STILWELL                 KIRK MOUNTAIN                          SEC 19-T14N-R26E                       OKD987083284

 STILWELL                 MULBERRY DUMP                          6 MILES NW OF STILWELL                 OKD987096583

 STILWELL                 OAK RIDGE DUMP                         5 MILES SOUTHEAST OF STILWELL,         OK0001243096
 STILWELL                 ROCKY MOUNTAIN DUMP                    6 MILES W OF STILWELL                  OKD987087459

 STILWELL                 SALLY BULL HOLLOW                      SEC. 33-T15N-R6E                       OKD987083276

 STILWELL                 SOUTH DAHLONEGAH                       5 MILES S-SE OF STILWELLE              OKD987083326

 STILWELL                 STARR KILLER DUMP                      W/2, 2/2 SEC 5, T13N, 425E             OKD987087442

 STILWELL                 VANDERHEIDAN MOUNTAIN                  SEC. 1 T-14N-R25E                      OKD987083268

 STRINGTOWN               AMIS MATERIALS CO LAGOON               W/2 NE/4 SEC 16 T1S R12E               OKD980750822

 STRINGTOWN               FUGATE LUMBER MILL-LAGOON & LANDFILL   NE/4 S22 T15 R13E                      OKD007339245

 STROUD                   ALLIED MATERIALS CORP REFINERY         HWY 66 EAST EDGE OF TOWN               OKD007192719

 STROUD                   PADDOCK REFINERY                       EAST OF STROUD ON HWY 66               OK0000074773

 STROUD                   PAUL'S RECLAIMING                      1.5 MI S OF HWY 6 ON 2ND ST            OKD981144348

 STROUD                   REAGIN TRUCKING COMPANY                OLD US 66, 1/4 MI NE OF 7TH ST         OKD980696280

 TAHLEQAH                 DAHLONEGAH DUMP                        P.O.BOX 948                            OKD987088374

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 32 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TAHLEQUAH                CHILOCCO SCHOOL LAND                   P.O. BOX 948 6.5MI. NORTH OF NEWKIRK   OKD987095478

 TAHLEQUAH                DRY CREEK DUMP                         15 MILES S. OF TAHLEQUAH               OKD987095445

 TAHLEQUAH                FOGG HOLLOW DUMP                       P.O.BOX 948                            OKD987088382

 TAHLEQUAH                OPEN DUMP-TAHLEQUAH                    DEAD OF N CEDAR AVE                    OKD981523863

 TAHLEQUAH                SEQUOYAH HIGH SCHOOL LANDFILL          P.O.BOX 948(CHEROKEE NATION)           OKD987087822

 TAHLEQUAH                TERESITA DUMP                          11 MILES N. OF CITY                    OKD987088671

 TATUMS                   TATUMS CITY OF LANDFILL                1 MI W OF TATUMS                       OKD980696371

 TERLTON                  OVERHOLT TRUCKING SITE                 BLOCK 1,LOT 21 OF THREEVIEWS           OK0001158468
 THOMAS                   CUSTER COUNTY OPEN LANDFILL #2         NW/4 NW/4 SEC 30 T15N R14W             OKD980510838

 THOMAS                   THOMAS AG AERIAL, INC                  PO BOX 641                             OKD081395063

 THOMAS                   THOMAS LANDFILL                        INTERSECTION OF HWY 47                 OK0000073379

 TISHOMINGO               HOOT STALLINGS EQUIPMENT CO - 1 & 2    2 1/2 MILES NE OF TOWN                 OKD980864425

 TONKAWA                  DEEM'S SALVAGE                         6MI.W & 2MI. N OF 601177 JCT.          OKD987083771

 TONKAWA                  TONKAWA-3 SANDS                        5 MI S OF TOWN ON HWY 77               OK0001574961

 TULSA                    ACME BRICK CO                          4103 DAWSON RD                         OKD007221856

 TULSA                    AIR CARGO EQUIPMENT CORPORATION        1550 N 105TH EAST AVE                  OKD990749954

 TULSA                    AMERICAN AIRLINES INJECTION WELL       3800 N MINGO RD                        OKD980864359

 TULSA                    AMERICAN BEAUTY PRODUCTS               2800 S UTICA, P.O. BOX 6069            OKD981523020

 TULSA                    AMERICAN CONTROL WASTE                 1928 N SHERIDAN RD                     OKD980864367

 TULSA                    AMOCO PROD/BIRD CREEK TEST SITE        OFF HWY 169 @ HWY 7 ON 6TH ST          OKD980795926

 TULSA                    ANCHOR STONE CO - ASPHALT OPERATION    NE/4 SE/4 SEC 8 T20N R14E              OKD980696751

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 33 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TULSA                    APARTMENT CONTAINER TRASH SERVICE      2302 S 99TH E AVENUE                   OKD980864375

 TULSA                    AUTOMATION TECHNIQUES INC.             1550 NORTH 105TH E. AVE.               OKD089764617

 TULSA                    BERRYHILL DUMP (CITY OF TULSA)         END OF 27TH ST OFF 49TH W AVE          OKD980620975

 TULSA                    BOYLES GALVANIZING CO.                 3349 W. 5TH                            OKD987068889

 TULSA                    BRM CORPORATION                        5421 E 7TH ST                          OKD990698441

 TULSA                    CENTRAL SANITARY LANDFILL              3200 N ERIE                            OKD072426141

 TULSA                    CHEMICAL RESOURCES INC                 2700 S 25TH W AVE                      OKD000402396

 TULSA                    CHITTON EQUIPMENT CO                   728 S WHEELING                         OKD058080698

 TULSA                    CHROMIUM PLATING CO                    402 N CHEYENNE                         OKD061627758

 TULSA                    CITIES SERVICE OIL                     15 E 5TH                               OKD980864409

 TULSA                    COMPASS INDUSTRIES (AVERY DRIVE)       7600 W 26TH ST                         OKD980620983

 TULSA                    COMPASS INDUSTRIES-TULSA REFUSE DUMP   1800 S 49TH WEST AVE                   OKD980749782

 TULSA                    CONSOLIDATED OIL SALES SITE            1 2/10 MI W OF 63RD ST                 OKD980510796

 TULSA                    CUPP CLEANUP SERVICE                   2620 S 49TH AVE                        OKD980750210

 TULSA                    D & N LANDFILL                         41ST TO 51ST ST ON 225 E. AVE.         OKD013857925

 TULSA                    DAVID WALLACE SITE                     1507 N COLLEGE                         OKD072396476

 TULSA                    DON R HINDERLITER INC                  1240 N HARVARD AVE                     OKD007223209

 TULSA                    DOVER CORPORATION SITE                 10 N ELWOOD                            OKD007222748

 TULSA                    DOW CHEMICAL-USA DOWELL DIVISION       6717 S 61ST W AVENUE                   OKD000814202

 TULSA                    DOW CHEMICAL-USA DOWELL                1150 N UTICA AVE                       OKD003906237
 TULSA                    E I DUPNT DE NEMOURS & CO. INC.        4501 WEST 49TH STREET                  OKD007221351

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 34 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TULSA                    ELECTRO PLATERS - INJECTION WELLS      624 E ARCHER                           OKD980698039

 TULSA                    ELECTROPLATER'S WEST                   209 WEST. ARCHER STREET                OKD987069036

 TULSA                    EMPIRE FOUNDRY CO INJECTION WELL       PO BOX 3477                            OKD055940506

 TULSA                    GARDEN CITY GROUNDWATER                3900 ELAWOOD STREET                    OKD987069374

 TULSA                    GREAT LAKES CONTAINER CORP TULSA DIV   3717 W 21ST ST RT 9                    OKD064544745

 TULSA                    HOLLIS MARTIN SITE                     3021 W 91ST ST                         OKD980750327

 TULSA                    JIM CARROLL SITE                       6565 E 40TH ST                         OKD980511067

 TULSA                    JOE BROWN TRUCKING                     4240 S 33RD WEST AVE                   OKD980750350

 TULSA                    LOWRANCE ELECTRONICS, INC.             12000 E SKELLY DR                      OKD007139199

 TULSA                    MARTIN MARIETTA CEMENT - LAGOONS       2609 N 145TH ST                        OKD064558703

 TULSA                    METAL PROCESSING CO INC                1220 S NORWOOD                         OKD053958765

 TULSA                    NORTH PEORIA STREET SITE               4244 N PEORIA                          OKD981910383

 TULSA                    NORTH TULSA SANITARY LANDFILL          4215 E 56TH ST N                       OKD061631925

 TULSA                    OIL PRODUCERS & REFINING CORP          S UNION AVE 2/10 MI S OF 23RD          OKD980696835

 TULSA                    OZARK MAHONING COMPANY                 5101 WEST 21ST                         OKD990697666

 TULSA                    P&H TRASH SERVICE                      2161 S 91ST E AVE                      OKD980749725

 TULSA                    PETROLEUM ELECTRONICS MFG., INC.       3301 CHARLES PAGE BLVD.                OKD987096278

 TULSA                    PLANT #3 (MCDONNEL-DOUGLAS)            NEAR TULSA INT'L AIRPORT               OK8572024604

 TULSA                    POWER ELECTRONICS MFG., INC.           3311 CHARLES PAGE BLVD.                OKD981152325

 TULSA                    PRECISION CHROME CO.                   830 NORTH ATLANTA AVE.                 OKD987096286

 TULSA                    PUBLIC SERVICE CO RIVERSIDE STATION    116 TH ST/P.O. BOX 201                 OKD000726232

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 35 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TULSA                    PUBLIC SERVICE CO TULSA POWER STATION  36TH & ELWOOD                          OKD000814996

 TULSA                    ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL                 3330 N MINGO RD                        OKD980700231

 TULSA                    ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL INJECTION WELL  3330 N MINGO RD                        OKD007220262

 TULSA                    ROYAL MANUFACTURING COMPANY            2840 CHARLES PAGE BLVD.                OKD980623029

 TULSA                    SERVICE PAINT MFG CO                   5111 E 36 ST NORTH                     OKD007219009

 TULSA                    SINCLAR OIL CORP.                      902 W 25TH                             OKD990750960

 TULSA                    SPARTAN REFUSE DUMP                    3201 N YALE                            OKD064546252

 TULSA                    STANDARD INDUSTRIES ABANDONED SLUDGE   INT. 27TH & 49TH AVENUE                OKD982298358
 TULSA                    SUN REFINERY & MARKETING CO            1700 S UNION                           OKD058078775

 TULSA                    TELEX COMPUTER PRODUCTS INC            6422 E 41ST ST                         OKD007226855

 TULSA                    TEXACO SALES TERMINAL 43-360           1307 WEST 35TH STREET                  OKD085958353

 TULSA                    THOMAS & BETTS CO.                     9932 E. 58TH STREET                    OKD070038823

 TULSA                    TIRE DISPOSAL & RECYCLING, INC.        2535 EAST DAWSON RD.                   OKD987095346

 TULSA                    TREBAN PCB SITE                        116 NORTH LANSING AVE                  OKD987069499

 TULSA                    TULSA CITY OF LANDFILL #1              535 N HARTFORD AVE                     OKD980696223

 TULSA                    TULSA CITY OF MOHAWK LANDFILL          7900 E MOHAWK BLVD                     OKD980696421

 TULSA                    TULSA INDUSTRIAL SERVICE INC           3210 S NORWOOD                         OKD980696413

 TULSA                    UNIDENTIFIED DUMP SITE                 UNKNOWN                                OKD980699839

 TULSA                    UNITED PLATING WORKS INC-INJECTION     4116-20 N MINGO RD                     OKD064557614
 TULSA                    US POLLUTION CONTROL INC TURKEY MTN    101 W 71ST ST SOUTH                    OKD980621049


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 36 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TULSA                    WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO                  3300 W 21ST ST                         OKD000821330

 TYRONE                   OKLAHOMA GAS PIPELINE COMPANY          P.O. BOX 235                           OKD152016952

 VALLIANT                 WEYERHAEUSER CO MID-SOUTH              R21E T65 SEC 27 SW 1/4                 OKD056362601
 VALLIANT                 WOODLAND PRODUCTS                      U. S. HWY 70 WEST                      OKD987068731

 VELMA                    BROWNING-FERRIS INDUSTRIES CHEMICAL    SEC 11 TWN 2S RANGE SW SE/4            OKD087000147

 VELMA                    TEXACO-VELMA GAS PLANT                 1 MI W OF VELMA ON OLD HWY 7           OKD982292260

 VIAN                     VIAN DUMP                              NEAR THE SEQUOYA WILDLIFE REFUGE       OK0001574623

 VICI                     FARMERS COOP ASSN., VICI               622 N. HOUSER                          OKD981157993

 VINITA                   ARCO - OLD SINCLAIR REFINERY           ROUTE 1                                OKD980621080

 VINITA                   VINITA LANDFILL                        104 EAST ILLINOIS                      OKD982292070

 WAGONER                  PRESTOLITE ELECTRIC, INC.              300 S E 15TH                           OKD072428642

 WAPANUCKA                LAKE WAPANUCKA LANDFILL                1 3/4 MI W OF WAPANUCKA                OKD980750434

 WARNER                   IMPERIAL COAL CO - LAGOON              PO BOX 'B'                             OKD980698195

 WASHITA                  PUBLIC SERVICE CO S W GENERATING       2 MI N OF WASHITA ON HWY 62            OKD000763797
 WATONGA                  CHAPARRAL TRANSPORT                    HWY 33 EAST                            OKD098330657

 WAYNOKA                  US POLLUTION CONTROL LONE MT IND WST   5 MI E OF US 281 & 1 MI N OK15         OKD065438376
 WAYNOKA                  WAYNOKA AT&SF ROUNDHOUSE               US 281 NORTH                           OKD987085503

 WEATHERFORD              CANADIAN TANKS INV - VACCO             301 EAST EADS                          OKD098460751
 WEATHERFORD              CUSTER COUNTY OPEN LANDFILL #1         NW1/4 S1 T13N R15W                     OKD980510804

 WEBBER FALLS             HORNE SPRAY CO INC                     .5 MI N OF I-40,WEBBERS FALLS          OKD033158106

 WELCH                    RUSSELL CREEK COAL MINE                BOX 418                                OKD980338883

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 37 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WELEETKA                 CANADIAN RIVER DUMP                    2 1/2 MILES WEST OF WELEETKA           OK0000073569

 WELEETKA                 SNELL DUMP                             2 MILES EAST OF WELEETKA, OKLAHOMA     OK0000830166

 WESTVILLE                BATTERY DUMP                           2 MILES N OF CITY                      OKD987095569

 WESTVILLE                WESTVILLE CITY OF LANDFILL             1/2 MI W OF JCT US59 & 62              OKD980029623

 WETUMKA                  WEWOKA CREEK DUMP                      2 MILES S. OF WETUMKA, OKLAHOMA        OK0000830067

 WEWOKA                   CARLA JONES PROPERTY                   ROUTE 4                                OKD980696876

 WEWOKA                   S.E.E. MANUFACTURING INC.              4TH AND BROUND ST. WEWOKA, OKLAHOMA    OK0001225952

 WHEATLAND                WHEATLAND DRUM SITE                    6800 S COUNCIL ROAD                    OKD007206923

 WILSON                   BULLARD'S OILFIELD SERVICE INC         ROUTE 2                                OKD980750855

 WILSON                   TRI-CITY LANDFILL                      STAR ROUTE BOX 17                      OKD981523301

 WILSON                   WILSON DUMP                            NW/4 SW/4 SE/4 SEC 12 T5S              OKD980511398

 WINCHESTER               HECTOR ROAD DRUM                       4 MILES NE OF WINCHESTER, OKLAHOMA     OK0000843300

 WOODARD                  WEN-CLAY                               N 48TH & OKLAHOMA AVE                  OKD987087806

 WOODWARD                 AMOCO/PPG WELL #1                      SW/4 NE/4 SEC 9 T24N R20W              OKD980750830

 WOODWARD                 AMOCO/PPG WELL #10                     SEC 3 T24N R20W                        OKD980696637

 WOODWARD                 AMOCO/PPG WELL #2                      SE/4 NW/4 NE/4 SEC 9 T24N R20W         OKD980750848

 WOODWARD                 AMOCO/PPG WELL #3                      UNKNOWN                                OKD980698047

 WOODWARD                 AMOCO/PPG WELL #6                      SEC 10 T24N R20W                       OKD980696611

 WOODWARD                 AMOCO/PPG WELL #7                      SEC 3 T24N R20W                        OKD980696629

 WOODWARD                 BISON NITROGEN(TERRA NITROGEN INC.)    P.O. BOX 1152                          OKD980511364

 WOODWARD                 JERRY PINKLEY TRANSPORTS INC           4311 OK AVE                            OKD081406506

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 38 of 39

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WOODWARD                 OKLAHOMA NITROGEN CO                   HWY 15 W                               OKD079984480

 WOODWARD                 PHILLIPS CATTLE TRUCK WASH LAGOON      NE/4 SE/4 SW/4                         OKD980864466

 WOODWARD                 PPG INDUSTRIES INC WOODWARD IODINE     8 MI N ON HWY 34                       OKD081404808
 WOODWARD                 SOUTHERN PLAINS RANGE RESEARCH         2000 18TH STREET                       OK9120507356

 WOODWARD                 WESTERN COMPANY OF NORTH AMERICA       701 N 48TH ST                          OKD000764779

 WOODWARD                 WOODWARD COUNTY OF LANDFILL            5 1/2 MI E OF TOWN                     OKD980511406

 WOODWARD                 WOODWARD DISPOSAL CO                   1ST ST 1/4 MI S ON HWY 270             OKD980696397

 WRIGHT CITY              WEYERHAEUSER CO WOOD PRODUCTS          SW/4 SEC 4 T6S R22E                    OKD050839646

 WYANDOTTE                SENECA INDIAN SCHOOL                   1/2 MI N OF WYANDOTTE                  OKD987098282

 WYNNEWOOD                CONOCO INC SOIL FARM                   3 1/2 MI NW OF DAVIS                   OKD980749832

 WYNNEWOOD                KERR-MCGEE CORP REFINING CORPORATION   906 S POWELL                           OKD000396549

 WYNONA                   CARNES RECLAMATION                     1/2 MI NW OF TOWN                      OKD980749774

 YALE                     SUN OIL                                S OF THE CITY LIMITS, PARALLEL TO THE  OK0001574979
 YUKON                    HOSTER #1 DRUMS                        N SIDE OF NW 63RD ST BET. MUSTANG &    OKD987069804
 YUKON                    SYMES LANDFILL                         1.5 MI NW AT LAKE OVERHOLSER,10401 NW  OKD982305187

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 39 of 39

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