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New York Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

                          REVERE COPPER PROD INC                 SENECA ST                              NYD071586127

 AKRON                    AMAX SPECIALTY METAL                   CLARENCE CTTR & HALE RD                NYD071478598

 AKRON                    HOUDAILLE'S IND                        12975 CLARENCE CTR                     NYD039115621

 AKRON                    WHITING DEVELOPMENT CORP.              BLOOMINGDALE RD                        NYD002103737

 ALABAMA                  IROQUOIS NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE      PO BOX 517 / CASEY RD                  NY1143612504

 ALABAMA                  NATIONAL GYPSUM - GOLD BOND            396 WRIGHT RD(AKRON)                   NYD002118149

 ALBANY                   ALBANY SLF                             RAPP RD                                NYD980506208

 ALBANY                   COLONIE INTERIM STORAGE SITE           1130 CENTRAL AVE                       NY0890137854

 ALBANY                   FORMER GENERAL ELECTRIC APPARATUS      VATRANO ROAD                           NYD986869154
 ALBANY                   GENERAL ELECTRIC                       12 VATRANO RD                          NYD061299376

 ALBANY                   NEW SCOTLAND AVENUE                    120 NEW SCOTLAND AVENUE                NYD986904639

 ALBANY                   NIAGARA MOHAWK /OPERATIONS HQ          1125 BROADWAY                          NYD980664338

 ALBION                   MCKENNA LANDFILL                       YAEGER RD                              NYD981560808

 ALBION                   NYSEG ALBION GAS PLANT SITE            INGERSOLL ST AT THE ERIE CANAL         NYD980531297

 ALEXANDRIA BAY           MYSTERY DRUM                           ALEXANDRIA BAY                         NYD987015252

 ALFRED STATION           PATTON'S BUSY BEE DISPOSAL SER         RD1 ALFRED STATION                     NYD000514844

 ALLEGANY                 PUTTS FARM                             W BRANCH RD                            NYD980535025

 AMENIA                   AMENIA                                 RTE 22 S                               NYD980641559

 AMENIA                   SARNEY FARM                            BENSON HILL RD                         NYD980535165

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 AMHERST                  AMHERST DUMP                           HOPKINS RD                             NYD000513721

 AMHERST                  MORRIS & REIMANN                       RENSCH RD                              NYD980534770

 AMITYVILLE               MILLER AVE.                            BTW. SHLEIGEL BLVD. & DEAD END         NYD982531485

 AMITYVILLE               PARTHEY LANE                           PARTHEY LANE                           NYD982271488

 AMSTERDAM                AMSTERDAM TRANSFER                     FLORIDA NEW YORK                       NYD037373024

 AMSTERDAM                BAYSHORE IND                           35 WILLOW ST                           NYD000136226

 AMSTERDAM                BROWNING-FERRIS IND                    SAND PIT ROAD                          NYD980531487

 AMSTERDAM                MONTGOMERY COUNTY LF /EASTERN SITE     OFF ANTLER RD                          NYD980507099

 AMSTERDAM                NIAGARA MOHAWK /FORMER PROPERTY        RT 30 & MOHAWK RIVER                   NYD980664296

 ANGOLA                   JAMES FOX LANDFILL                     GOWANS ROAD                            NYD980766208

 ANNADALE-ON-HUDSON       BARD COLLEGE LF                        ROUTE 9G                               NYD082282989

 AQUEBOQUE                KOLLMORGEN CORP/ADDITIVE PRODUCTS      WEST LANE                              NYD002044196

 ARCADE                   ARONSON MACHINE CO                     1001 W MAIN ST                         NYD002105393

 ARCADE                   MOTOROLA INC                           400 MAIN ST                            NYD001931120

 ARDSLEY                  RSA CORP.                              690 SAW MILL RIVER RD 9A               NYD001520279

 ARDSLEY                  STAUFFER CHEMICAL /EASTERN RESEARCH    LAWRENCE ST.                           NYD056301104
 ARDSLEY                  STAUFFER CHEMICAL SPECIALTY CHEMICAL   P O BOX 8 LAWRENCE ST                  NYD001316447

 ARGYLE                   ARGYLE LF                              TILFORD RD                             NYD980532311

 ARGYLE                   DOETCH RESIDENCE                       ROUTE 40                               NYD982273401

 ARGYLE                   NCC DIV /MALLINCKRODT INC              HOOK RD                                NYD098353378

 ASTORIA                  ASTORIA CENTRAL TREATMENT FAC/CON ED.  20 AVE. AND 21 ST.                     NYD980593636

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ASTORIA                  CHEMICAL SOLVENTS DISTLRS CO           42-14 19TH AVE                         NYD042775338

 ASTORIA                  CHEMICAL WASTE DSPL CORP               42-14 19TH AVE                         NYD077444263

 ATTICA                   ATTICA CORRECTIONAL FACIL IND          EXCHANGE ST                            NYD074037193

 ATTICA                   WESTINGHOUSE                           40 FAUN ST                             NYD000520114

 ATTICA                   WESTINGHOUSE FOUNDRY                   40 FAVOR STREET                        NYD002106102

 AUBURN                   AUBURN LANDFILL                        N. DIVISION STREET                     NYD982181067

 AUBURN                   NYSEG AUBURN /CLARK ST PLANT           CLARK ST                               NYD980531479

 AUBURN                   NYSEG AUBURN GAS PLANT SITE            COR OF GREEN & WATER STS               NYD980531438

 AUBURN                   SINGER CO                              62 COLUMBUS ST                         NYD002248904

 AUBURN                   TAURUS CHEMICAL                        BRADLEY & CANOGA STREET                NYD982181026

 AUGUSTA                  SOUTHWEST ONEIDA COUNTY LANDFILL       HATALLA ROAD BOX 17                    NYD986914547
 AURELIUS                 GENERAL ELECTRIC /AUBURN PLANT         W GENESEE ST                           NYD002231272

 BABYLON                  BABYLON LF                             EDISON AVE                             NYD980762728

 BABYLON                  NTU CIRCUITS, INC.                     60 DALE STREET                         NYD981562614

 BAINBRIDGE               BAGS-CHENANGO LF                       RTE 8                                  NYD000512764

 BAINBRIDGE               BORDEN INC                             9-11 JOHNSON ST                        NYD002234813

 BAINBRIDGE               OLD BAINBRIDGE VILL DUMP               CASE RD                                NYD000605477

 BALDWINSVILLE            JARDINE BRONZE & AL                    80 EAST GENESSEE ST                    NYD002233112

 BALLSTON                 AGWAY                                  SCIENCE ST                             NYD980528186


 BATAVIA                  BATAVIA LANDFILL                       GALLOWAY & KELSEY RD                   NYD980507693

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BATAVIA                  CEDAR STREET LANDFILL - EAST & WEST    115, 139 AND 141 CEDAR STREET          NYD981187024
 BATAVIA                  DOEHLER-JARVIS CASTINGS DIV            1 MILL ST                              NYD074021171

 BATAVIA                  EX-EATON CORP /CONSTRUCTION DIV        TROJAN CIRCLE                          NYD980654404

 BATAVIA                  US CHROME CORP                         31 SWAN STREET                         NYD002124063

 BATH                     WESTINGHOUSE                           RD2                                    NYD002209989

 BAY SHORE                BARON-BLAKESLEE DIV.                   86 CLEVELAND AVE.                      NYD077515575

 BAY SHORE                BAY SHORE GAS PLANT                    FIFTH AVENUE                           NYD986881654

 BAY SHORE                CHEMICAL POLLUTION CONTROL INC         120 SOUTH FOURTH ST                    NYD082785429

 BAY SHORE                HUBBARD SAND & GRAVEL                  1612 FIFTH AVE                         NYD005923677

 BAY SHORE                SERV-ALL LAUNDRY                       8 DRAYTON AVENUE                       NYD068026657

 BAYPORT                  EDWIN B STIMPSON CO INC                SYLVAN AVE                             NYD052780392

 BAYSHORE                 RITE-OFF INC.                          1545 5TH INDUSTRIAL COURT              NYD000726786

 BAYSIDE                  FORT TOTTEN                            FT. TOTTEN                             NY0690320429

 BEACON                   BEACON LF                              MUNICIPAL PARK                         NYD980507719

 BEACON                   BEACON LF                              DENNINGS AVE                           NYD980507701

 BEACON                   BRAENDLY DYE CO                        LEONARD & GROVE STS                    NYD980507776

 BEACON                   CENTRAL HUDSON G & E /BEACON GAS       RIVER ST                               NYD980531792

 BEACON                   TUCK INDUSTRIES INC                    248 TIORANDA AVE                       NYD001396894

 BEDFORD                  COLONIAL SAND & GRAVEL                 HARRIS ROAD                            NYD982531857

 BEDFORD                  KATONAH MUNICIPAL WELL                 JAY STREET                             NYD980780795

 BEDFORD (T)              BEDFORD VILLAGE WELLS                  RT 22 AND COURT ROAD                   NYD980780704

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BEEKMAN                  BEEKMAN LF (OLD)                       DEFOREST DR                            NYD980507727

 BEEKMAN                  GREENHAVEN CORRECTION FACIL            RTE 216                                NYD095246195

 BEEKMAN (T)              ORIGINAL BEEKMAN LANDFILL              BEEKMAN POUGHQUAG RD (CNTY RTE 7)      NY0000033738

 BELLMORE                 BELLMORE MAINTENANCE FACILITY          2755 MAPLE AVENUE                      NY1210090022

 BELLPORT                 BELLPORT LAUNDRY                       HEAD OF THE NECK ROAD                  NYD986882702

 BELLPORT                 NY PYROTECHNICS PRODUCT COMPANY INC.   ASSOCIATION ROAD                       NYD986895142

 BERGEN                   WASTE OIL & TANK                       LAKE RD (RTE 19)                       NYD980535512

 BERLIN                   CHERRY PLAIN PARK                      OFF RTE 22                             NYD980641518

 BETHPAGE                 GRUMMAN AEROSPACE CORP                 SOUTH OYSTER BAY RD                    NYD002047967

 BETHPAGE                 NAVAL WEAPONS INDUSTRIAL RESERVE       SOUTH OYSTER BAY ROAD                  NY2170022162
 BIG FLATS                AGWAY                                  HAMMOND ST                             NYD980528202

 BIG FLATS                CECIL SMITH LANDFILL                   MARKLE HOLLOW ROAD                     NYD986957843

 BIG FLATS                GORDON GARDNER                         RTE 352                                NYD000511691

 BIG FLATS                GULF OIL CORP                          ROUTE 352 - CORNING RD                 NYD002901726

 BINGHAMPTON              CANNY TRUCKING                         6-18 SPRING FOREST AVENUE              NYD009802380

 BINGHAMTON               ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO.                   3 BROAD STREET                         NYD049253719

 BINGHAMTON               GAF CORP                               SEYMOUR ST.                            NYD002239465

 BINGHAMTON               NYSEG NOYSE ISLAND                     JUNCTIO OF ELDRIGE & WATER STREET      NYD982531824

 BINGHAMTON               SUNY /BINGHAMTON                       SAFETY OFFICE IN105                    NYD071600100

 BINGHAMTON               TRIPLE CITIES METAL FINISHING CORP     4 NOWLAN RD                            NYD002226041

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BINGHAMTON               US POSTAL OFFICE - BINGHAMTON          111 HENRY ST                           NY0470002049

 BLASDELL                 BLASDELL DUMP                          PAIECZONKA DRIVE                       NYD980507750

 BLASDELL                 PROCKNAL & KATRA                       3812 SOUTH PARK AVENUE                 NYD000514042

 BLAUVELT                 XEROX/BLAUVELT REFURBISHING CTR        RTE 303                                NYD095165890

 BLAUVELT (T)ORANGETWN    BLAUVELT LAUNDRY                       68 SOUTH WESTERN HIGHWAY               NY0000007187

 BLOOMING GROVE           BLOOMING GROVE DRUM DUMP               OLD DOMINION RD                        NYD982181232

 BLOOMINGBURG             WALLKILL LF                            TARBELL & BANKE RDS                    NYD980535496

 BOHEMIA                  BIOCLINICAL LABORATORIES, INC          1585-I SMITHTOWN AVE                   NYD980768683

 BOHEMIA                  BROWN DAYTON T                         555 CHURCH ST                          NYD002050177

 BOHEMIA, TOWN OF ISLIP   LINCOLN AVENUE                         LINCOLN AV. BETWEEN (CHURCH ST &       NYD982271462
 BOLIVAR                  DAY FARM LANDFILL                      ROUTE 417                              NYD986895134

 BOLIVAR                  INDUSTRIAL PATTERNS                    REFINERY RD                            NYD002121762

 BOONVILLE                BOONVILLE VILLAGE                      ROUTE 12                               NYD982273427

 BOSTON                   SCHREIBER DUMP                         FEDDICK RD                             NYD000513838

 BRADFORD                 ANDOR CHEMICAL                         MAIN STREET                            NYD986894897

 BRANT                    BRANT LANDFILL                         HARDPAN RD                             NYD000513747

 BRANT                    WIDE BEACH DEVELOPMENT                 WIDE BEACH RD                          NYD980652259

 BRENTWOOD                PRESTIGELINE, INC                      5 INEZ DRIVE                           NYD040461311

 BRENTWOOD                SPCE, INC.                             214 CANDLEWOOD ROAD                    NYD986910560

 BREWSTER                 BATES SCAVENGER                        DINGLE RIDGE RD                        NYD980528251

 BREWSTER                 BREWSTER CASTING CORP.                 DYKEMAN RD                             NYD980507917

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BREWSTER                 BREWSTER TRANSIT MIX                   FIELDS LANE                            NYD013689799

 BREWSTER                 BREWSTER WELL FIELD                    MAIN ST /SE                            NYD980652275


 BREWSTER                 NEW YORK STATE ELECT                   50 MAIN ST                             NYD081906984

 BRIDGEHAMPTON            ELLEN COURT                            ELLEN COURT                            NYD982531477

 BRIDGEHAMPTON            HALSEY LANE SITE                       HALSEY LANE                            NY0000100156

 BRIDGEHAMPTON            TEMIK HALSAY LANE                      HALSEY LANE                            NY0000100149

 BRIGHTON                 BRIGHTON TOWN DUMP                     BROWNCROFT BLVD                        NYD980762710

 BROADALBIN               KORKAY INC                             70 WEST MAIN ST                        NYD002088508

 BROCKPORT                GENERAL ELECTRIC                       200 STATE ST                           NYD002221919

 BROCKPORT                OWENS-ILLINOIS                         4 OWENS RD                             NYD002208742

 BRONX                    HEXAGON LABS                           3536 PEARTREE AVENUE                   NYD046178075

 BRONX                    HUNTS POINT COKING STATION             HUNTS POINT RD & E RIVER               NYD980532352

 BRONX                    PELHAM BAY LANDFILL                    I-95 & PELHAM PKWY/SHORE ROAD          NYD980507479

 BRONX                    RIKERS ISLAND                          RIKERS ISLAND                          NYD980289375

 BROOKHAVEN               BOYLE RD.                              BOYLE RD.&RUSH STR.                    NYD986876076

 BROOKHAVEN               EAST MORICHES                          PINE ST                                NYD982181406

 BROOKHAVEN               HEIN'S LF                              JAMAICA AVE, PORT JEFFERSON STATION    NYD986941367

 BROOKHAVEN               RCA-ROCKY PT LF                        NYS DEC ROCKY P AREA                   NYD980507552

 BROOKHAVEN               ROCKY POINT & PRIVATE WELLS            CORONA RD & NAUTILUS DR                NYD982181299

 BROOKHAVEN               SHIRLEY BROADWAY                       BROADWAY & HOUNSLOW RDS                NYD982181307

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BROOKHAVEN               SHIRLEY WINDUS                         WINDUS DR.                             NYD982181315

 BROOKLYN                 5700 AVENUE U SITE                     5700 AVENUE U                          NYD986883361

 BROOKLYN                 APEX THERMOPLASTICS INC                100-110 BRIDGE ST                      NYD980528236

 BROOKLYN                 ATLANTIC WHITE LEAD & LINSEED OIL CO   135 MARSHALL ST O& 287 PEARL S         NYD980531685

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /BAY RIDGE GATE STA    820-884 65TH ST                        NYD980532204

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /BAY RIDGE WORKS       51 ST & 2ND AVE                        NYD980532089

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /BELMONT WORKS         BELMONT & ALABAMA AVE                  NYD980532097

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /CANARSIE GATE STA     E 83RD ST & DITMAS AVE                 NYD980532238

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /CITIZENS GATE STA     6TH ST & 2ND AVE                       NYD980532212

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /CONEY ISLAND GATE     873 NEPTUNE AVE                        NYD980532196
 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /CONEY ISLAND WORKS    NEPTUNE AVE & SHELL RD                 NYD980532022

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /EQUITY WORKS          MASPETH & MORGAN AVE                   NYD980532048

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /FLATBUSH WORKS        E CLARKSON & NOSTRAND AVE              NYD980531966


 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /GREENPOINT ENERGY     287 MASPETH AVE                        NYD980532014
 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /KINGS COUNTY WORKS    54 ST & FIRST AVE                      NYD980532055

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /MASPETH GATE STA      285 MASPETH AVE                        NYD980532220



 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /PEOPLES WORKS         KENT AVE S 10TH & 11TH STS             NYD980532105

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /SPRING CREEK GATE     745-757 MONTAUK AVE                    NYD980532246

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS /WILLIAMSBURGH WORKS   KENT AVE N 12TH ST /E RIV              NYD980532030

 BROOKLYN                 BKLYN UNION GAS/VARICK GATE STATION    438 VARICK AVE                         NYD980532261

 BROOKLYN                 BLATCHFORD BASE PLANT                  32 33RD ST                             NYD980531644

 BROOKLYN                 BORDEN CHEMICAL ADHESIVES & CHEM       56 NOSTRAND AVE                        NYD012497335

 BROOKLYN                 BRADLEY WHITE LEAD CO                  85 JAY ST                              NYD001613769

 BROOKLYN                 BROOKLYN GAS LIGHT CO WORKS            MARSHALL LITTLE JOHN ST & E RI         NYD980532063

 BROOKLYN                 BROOKLYN TERM /MOBIL OIL CORP          300 NORTH HENRY ST                     NYD000824540

 BROOKLYN                 BROOKLYN WHITE LEAD CO                 FRONT & WATER STS                      NYD980531552

 BROOKLYN                 BUSH TERMINALS, PIER SIX SITE          FIRST AVE. AND 43RD ST                 NYD987025137

 BROOKLYN                 CARROL GARDEN                          CORNER OF 5TH AND SMITH STREET         NYD981184161

 BROOKLYN                 CITY BARREL                            421-429 MEEKER ST                      NYD068298835

 BROOKLYN                 CROOKE WORKS                           MILL BASIN                             NYD980531701

 BROOKLYN                 EMANUEL CELLARD FEDERAL BUILDING       225 CADMAN PLAZA                       NY9470000267

 BROOKLYN                 FORT HAMILTON                          FT. HAMILTON PKWY                      NY7210020395

 BROOKLYN                 G & L EYES INC                         341 - 39TH ST                          NYD042777128

 BROOKLYN                 GATEWAY NATIONAL RECREATION AREA       FLOYD BENNETT FIELD                    NY1141731199

 BROOKLYN                 HAMILTON AVENUE INCINERATOR            555 HAMILTON AVE                       NYD980768733

 BROOKLYN                 HAMILTON AVENUE PIERS                  18TH-19TH STREETS                      NYD986914554

 BROOKLYN                 JONES MOTOR SITE                       LOMBARDY ST                            NYD059358655

 BROOKLYN                 KENSTON WAREHOUSE                      50TH ST & 1ST AVE                      NYD982181257

 BROOKLYN                 LENOX SMELTING                         68 JAY STREET                          NYD980531586

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BROOKLYN                 LOMBARDY ST                            LOMBARDY ST                            NYD980532360

 BROOKLYN                 MANHATTAN ADHESIVES PLANT              425-459 GREENPOINT AVENUE              NYD980780811

 BROOKLYN                 NASSAU TANK CLEANING SERVICE INC       323 NASSAU ST                          NYD080435159

 BROOKLYN                 NAVAL STATION NY                       207 FLUSHING AVE.                      NY5170022250

 BROOKLYN                 NMCRC-FLOYD BENNETT                    FLUSHING & WASHINGTON                  NY6170022168


 BROOKLYN                 R & A LEATHER FINISH CO INC            812 E 43 ST                            NYD001311471

 BROOKLYN                 REAR BUSH TERMINAL BUILDING            END OF 47TH THRU 52ND STREET           NYD982181059

 BROOKLYN                 SIGNO TRADING KENSTON                  1ST AVE BTWN 43RD & 50TH ST-BUSH BL#   NYD982272692
 BROOKLYN                 SILVER ROD DRUG CO                     114 BEVERLY ROAD                       NYD063855076

 BROOKLYN                 SLATTERY STOVE SITE                    171 WALLBOUT ST                        NYD001288349

 BROOKLYN                 SOUTH SHORE INCINERATOR SITE           308 FORBELL STREET                     NY0001049303

 BROOKLYN                 TANKS-A-LOT CO                         362 MASPETH AVE                        NYD980509228

 BROOKLYN                 TECHNICAL METAL FINISHERS              214 STARR STREET                       NYD980780894

 BROOKLYN                 U.S. INFORMATION AGENCY                29 TH STREET AND 3RD AVENUE            NY4470000635

 BROOKLYN                 UNION LEAD & OIL CO                    FRONT ST                               NYD980531560

 BROOKLYN                 VIDAN AUTO SALVAGE                     327-321 BOND STREET                    NYD986961167

 BROOKLYN                 WILLIAM HARVEY CORP                    UNKNOWN                                NYD980531628

 BRUNSWICK                TROY MUNICIPAL INCINERATOR & LANDFILL  OAKWOOD AVE                            NYD980509301

 BUFFALO                  ALCOA BUFFALO WORKS                    1880 ELMWOOD AVENUE                    NYD980532394

 BUFFALO                  ALLIED CHEMICAL, INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL   55 LEE STREET                          NYD001863372

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BUFFALO                  ALLIED CHEMICAL/HOPKINS STREET         HOPKINS STREET                         NYD980780662

 BUFFALO                  ALTIFT REALTY                          TIFFT ST                               NYD000513713

 BUFFALO                  AMERICAN BRASS COMPANY                 70 SAYRE ST BOX 981                    NYD063951602

 BUFFALO                  ATLAS ELECTROPLATING                   345 FILLMORE AVE.                      NYD002106540

 BUFFALO                  BERN METALS                            22 BENDER STREET                       NYD013703632

 BUFFALO                  BUFFALO COLOR                          SOUTH PARK AVE                         NYD980507792

 BUFFALO                  BUFFALO FORGE CO PLANT #1              490 BROADWAY                           NYD002114759

 BUFFALO                  BUFFALO LF                             HOPKINS ST                             NYD980507800

 BUFFALO                  BUFFALO SEWER AUTHORITY                1345 NIAGARA ST.                       NY0001093657

 BUFFALO                  C & D POWER SYSTEMS - BUFFALO SALES    45 SCOVILLE AVENUE                     NYD085686426

 BUFFALO                  CLINTON BAILEY                         CLINTON STREET & BAILEY AVE            NYD981560774

 BUFFALO                  CLINTON ST. - BENDER AVE               CLINTON ST. & BENDER AVE               NYD986954030

 BUFFALO                  CONSOLIDATED PKG MACHINERY CORP        1400 WEST AVE                          NYD980531933

 BUFFALO                  CORNELL LEAD CO                        COR CLINTON & OAK STS                  NYD980531594

 BUFFALO                  DAYTON MALLEABLE                       189 TONAWANDA ST                       NYD002103828

 BUFFALO                  DIARSENOL COMPANY                      84 KINGSLEY STREET                     NYD981187040

 BUFFALO                  DONNER-HANNA COKE                      ABBY & MYSTIC STS                      NYD002110971

 BUFFALO                  E S B INC                              1885 HARLEM RD                         NYD030214118

 BUFFALO                  E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 SHERIDAN DRIVE STATION B & RIVER ROAD  NYD002103513

 BUFFALO                  E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980508162

 BUFFALO                  EMPIRE WASTE                           60 SKILLEN STREET                      NYD021899364

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BUFFALO                  ENRX. INC.                             766 BABCOCK ST.                        NYD175762616

 BUFFALO                  ERIE BASIN MARINA                      ERIE ST                                NYD980508220

 BUFFALO                  ERIE CANAL ABANDONED DRUMS                                                    NYD986882371

 BUFFALO                  ERIE-LACKAWANNA RR                     1107 BAILEY DR                         NYD038638425

 BUFFALO                  ERNST STEEL                            1746 WALDEN AVE.                       NYD980508246

 BUFFALO                  FEDDERS AUTO CO                        57 TONAWANDA ST                        NYD002115087

 BUFFALO                  FMC /BUFFALO STAMPING PLANT            S-3663 LAKE SHORE RD                   NYD071474639

 BUFFALO                  FMC CORP                               901 FUHRMANN BLVD                      NYD000512061

 BUFFALO                  HANNA FURNANCE                         1818 FUHRMANN BLVD                     NYD002103844

 BUFFALO                  HARTWELL STREET LANDFILL               1963 ELMWOOD AVENUE                    NYD981562002

 BUFFALO                  HERTEL AVE                             S HERTEL RD 1000FTW MILITARY R         NYD981560766

 BUFFALO                  HOPKINS STREET                         HOPKINS & MORILLA STS                  NYD980763890

 BUFFALO                  HOUGHTON PARK LF                       CLINTON ST                             NYD980506836

 BUFFALO                  JEFFERSON STREET DRUM                  INTERSECT. OF JEFFERSON & NO.HAMPTON   NY0001046143
 BUFFALO                  KELLY ISLAND                           GANSON STREET                          NYD000887976

 BUFFALO                  LANCASTER SLF                          2255 BAILEY AVE                        NYD079934170

 BUFFALO                  LASALLE RESERVOIR                      EAST AMHERST ST                        NYD980534606

 BUFFALO                  LEHIGH VALLEY RR                       TIFFT STREET                           NYD000513945

 BUFFALO                  LIQUID CARBONICS                       3155 SENECA STREET                     NYD046763363

 BUFFALO                  LORRAIN BUFFALO PESTICIDE              667 NORFOLK AVENUE                     NY0001249986

 BUFFALO                  MACNAUGHTON-BROOKS                     717 ELK ST                             NYD980507016

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BUFFALO                  MOBIL OIL CORP                         635 ELK ST                             NYD002107019

 BUFFALO                  MOLLENBER-BETZ                         300 SCOTT ST                           NYD002109981

 BUFFALO                  MORGAN CHEMICALS INC.                  373 HERTEL AVENUE                      NYD000694257

 BUFFALO                  NIAGARA FRONTIER PORT AUTHORITY        910 FUHRMAN BLVD                       NYD000514000

 BUFFALO                  OTIS ELEVATOR                          230 GRIDER STREET                      NYD980641567

 BUFFALO                  PEREGRINE BUFFALO WAREHOUSE            1167 CLINTON STREET                    NYD986942597

 BUFFALO                  RAMCO-FITZSIMMONS STEEL CORP INC       110 HOPKINS ST                         NYD059961003

 BUFFALO                  REPUBLIC STEEL CORPORATION             HOPKINS & MARILLA ST                   NYD000813402

 BUFFALO                  ROTARY CO INC                          1746 DALE RD                           NYD002104016

 BUFFALO                  RUSSO CHEVROLET                        198 OAK STREET                         NYD982182529

 BUFFALO                  SNYDER TANK CORP                       3773 LAKE SHORE RD                     NYD002114197

 BUFFALO                  SQUAW ISLAND LF                        SQUAW ISLAND                           NYD980509186

 BUFFALO                  TIFFT & HOPKINS ST. PARKING LOT        TIFFT & HOPKINS ST                     NYD986913291

 BUFFALO                  TIFFT FARM WILDLIFE PRESERVE           OHIO ST                                NYD097649123

 BUFFALO                  TIMES BEACH DISPOSAL SITE              FUHRMANN AVE                           NYD980535330

 BUFFALO                  TRW /JH WILLIAMS DIV                   400 VULCAN ST                          NYD051814077

 BUFFALO                  U.S. ARC AMHURST                       100 N. FOREST ROAD                     NY1210021837

 BUFFALO                  UNITED STATES STEEL CORP /BUFFALO      FOOT OF KATHERINE ST                   NYD074041476
 BUFFALO                  UNIVERSAL IRONS & METAL                993 CLINTON ST                         NYD986910206

 BUFFALO                  VOELKER ANALYSIS INC                   766 BABCOCK ST                         NYD991291782

 BUFFALO                  WL MCDOUGALL CO                        ELK & PREVITT STS                      NYD980531693

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BURT                     NOURY CHEMICAL CORP                    2153 LOCKPORT-OLCOTT RD                NYD043815158

 BURT                     NOURY CHEMICAL SITE 2                  RTE 78                                 NYD980507263

 BUSTI                    TRI-JAMES                              HOAG RD                                NYD980535355

 BYRON TWP                BYRON BARREL & DRUM                    TOWN LINE ROAD                         NYD980780670

 CAIRO                    GREENE CTY LF                          EAST OF ROSS RULAND                    NYD980506695

 CALEDONIA                JONES CHEMICAL, INC                    100 SUNNY SOL BLVD                     NYD000813428

 CALVERTON                GRUMMAN AEROSPACE                      WADING RIVER MANOR RD                  NY1570024249

 CAMBRIA                  LOCKPORT AFB                           RTE 31                                 NYD986936458

 CAMDEN                   CAMDEN WIRE                            WESSELDINE                             NYD980507826

 CAMDEN                   CAMDEN WIRE                            BLAKESLEY RD                           NYD980507834

 CANAJOHARIE              CANAJOHARIE LF                         CARLISLE RD                            NYD980507842

 CANANDAIGUA              NYSEG CANANDAIGUA GAS PLANT SITE       SOUTH MAIN ST                          NYD980531339

 CANASTOTA                GENERAL ELECTRIC                       CANAL RD                               NYD002084168

 CANDOR                   SIX TOWN LANDFILL                      PAXTOWN LANE                           NYD982181125

 CANTON                   CORNING GLASS WORKS                    MCADOO RD                              NYD042352658

 CARLE PLACE              LABORATORY FURNITURE                   115 OLD COUNTRY ROAD                   NYD057725012

 CARMEL                   CARMEL LF                              RTE 6                                  NYD980507891

 CARMEL                   LEMAY OPTICAL                          HORSEPOND RD                           NYD002005841

 CARMEL                   PUTNAM COUNTY LF                       OLD ROUTE 6                            NYD072709553

 CARMEL TOWN OF KENT      KENT DRUM SITE                         GYPSY TRAIL ROAD                       NYD982273575

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CAROGA                   OLD CAROGA LF                          LANE & AVERSON RDS                     NYD980507909

 CARROLL                  VACUUM AIR ALLOY                       RTE 317                                NYD000512046

 CASTLE POINT             VA HOSPITAL                            RTE 9D                                 NY8360007282

 CASTLETON                N. STORONSKE COOPERAGE COMPANY, INC.   6 KRAFT ROAD                           NYD042459347

 CATSKILL                 CATSKILL CHROME PLATING INC            370 WEST BRIDGE STREET                 NYD085751667

 CATSKILL                 CATSKILL TIRE FIRE                     RT 9 & BOULVEVARD AVENUE               NYD986882637

 CATSKILL                 CENTRAL HUDSON G & E /CATSKILL GAS     WATER ST                               NYD980531826
 CATSKILL                 CFG YACHT CO                           MAIN ST                                NYD980528376

 CENTERVILLE              BALLARD FARM                           BALLARD RD                             NYD980528244

 CENTERVILLE              MORRISON BROOK DUMP                    RTE 30-E BRANCH/DWNS                   NYD980507115

 CENTRAL ISLIP            CONTRACT COSMETICS                     1599 FERNDALE BLVD                     NYD021141262

 CENTRAL ISLIP            MACKENZIE CHEMICAL WORKS               1 CORDELLO AVENUE                      NYD980753420

 CENTRAL NYACK            CLARKSTOWN LF                          RTE 303                                NYD000511477

 CHAFFEE                  CHAFFEE LF INC                         HAND RD                                NYD000517458

 CHARLTON                 LOUKES SEPTAGE                         STAGE RD                               NYD980534648

 CHATHAM                  COLUMBIA CORP LF                       NY RTE 295                             NYD002063147

 CHAUTAUQUA TOWNSHIP      CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY LF                   DINSBIER RD                            NYD000691931

 CHEEKTOWAGA              BUFFALO FORGE CO PLANT #2              505 DUKE RD                            NYD000631903

 CHEEKTOWAGA              NYS DEPT TRANSPORTATION                INDIAN RD                              NYD000513986

 CHEEKTOWAGA              NYS THRUWAY EXIT DMP                   EXIT 52 N.Y. THRUWAY                   NYD980507289

 CHEEKTOWAGA              PFOHL BROTHERS LANDFILL                AERO DR                                NYD980507495

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHEEKTOWAGA              SPENCER KELLOGG                        4201 GENESEE ST                        NYD980509160

 CHEEKTOWAGA              UNION ROAD SITE                        LOSSON ROAD                            NYD982181422

 CHEEKTOWAGA              WESTINGHOUSE                           4454 GENESSEE ST                       NYD092474592

 CHERRY CREEK             CHERRY CREEK WOODCRAFT                 565 RR AVE                             NYD080340029

 CHILI                    SCOTTSVILLE ROAD, CHILI 2              SCOTTSVILLE RD                         NYD980762504

 CHITTENANGO              OAKLEY FARM                            GEES ROAD                              NYD982531964

 CINCINNATUS              DUTCH HILL ASBESTOS                    DUTCH HILL RD                          NYD987004231

 CLARENCE                 CLARENCE READY-MIX                     RANSOM & STAGE RDS                     NYD008915506

 CLARENCE                 WILSON GREATBATCH LTD.                 10000 WEHRLE DR                        NYD058650102

 CLARENCE CENTER          GOLD BOND BLD PROD                     8600 ROLL RD                           NYD002124444

 CLARKSON                 CLARKSON TOWN LF                       REDMAN RD                              NYD980762793

 CLARKSTOWN               DEXTER LANDFILL                        RT 303 SOUTH OF NEW YORK STATE         NYD982268831

 CLARKSTOWN               KYTO DIAGNOSTICS                       47 RT 303                              NYD982181141

 CLARKSTOWN               SEYMOUR RAPKIN PROPERTY                54 NEWPORT DRIVE                       NYD982181117

 CLARKSVILLE              FORMER CITY OF OLEAN LANDFILL AT OBI   ROUTE 305                              NYD986954667

 CLAY                     THREE RIVERS ASPHALT TERMINAL          3473 MAIDER ROAD                       NYD986954154

 CLAYVILLE                LUDLOW SAND & GRAVEL                   HOLMAN CITY RD                         NYD013468939

 CLIFTON PARK             ROUTE 146A BARREL SITE                 ROUTE 146-A                            NYD980780852

 CLIFTON PARK             XAR CORP                               WOOD RD                                NYD980535587

 CLINTON                  ABALENE POST CONTROL                   108 MC BRIDGE AVE                      NYD046543377

 CLINTON                  CLINTON LF                             BULLSHEAD & SLATE QUARRY RDS           NYD980507982

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CLINTON                  NOW CORP                               ROUTE 96                               NYD001393248

 CLYDE                    OLD ERIE CANAL                         124 COLUMBIA STREET                    NYD986957876

 COBLESKILL               COBLESKILL LANDFILL                    GREENBUSH HILL RD                      NYD986871721

 COEYMANS                 ATLANTIC CEMENT                        ROUTE 9W                               NYD002069557

 COLD SPRING              MARATHON BATTERY                       KEMBLE AVE                             NYD010959757

 COLD SPRING              MONTAGNAN RICCI                        RTE 9                                  NYD013288899

 COLESVILLE               COLESVILLE MUNICIPAL LANDFILL          EAST WINDSOR RD                        NYD980768691

 COLLE POINT              QUEENSBORO TRANSFORMER                 115-25 15 AVENUE                       NYD980651251

 COLLEGE PT               ALGEN PRESS                            18-06 130TH ST                         NYD001362375

 COLLEGE PT               PCB POOL /COLLEGE POINT                31ST AVE & 122ND ST                    NYD980534986

 COLLINS                  COLLINS LF                             RTE 62 NR LENOX RD                     NYD000513762

 COLONIE                  ALBANY ST. - KARNER ROAD SITE          KARNER RD                              NYD980768667

 COLONIE                  COLONIE SANITARY LF                    RTE 9 & CRESCENT RD                    NYD980507990

 COLONIE                  MERCURY REFINING, INC                  RAILROAD AVE                           NYD048148175

 COLONIE                  PASSANNO CORP                          213 WATERVLIET SHAKE                   NYD000523696

 COLONIE (TOWN)           NORTON CO                              ELM ST                                 NYD980531099

 COMMACK                  FAIRCHILD IND PROD DIV                 76 MALL DR                             NYD980532675

 COMMACK                  GIBSON OIL & CHEMICAL                  74 MALL DR                             NYD980762785

 COMMACK                  JERICHO TURNPIKE                       ROUTE 25 BWTN. KINGS PK.RD.&FIRACASA   NYD986927705
 COMMACK                  MORELAND FARM                          500 A COMMACK RD.                      NYD982273476

 COMMACK                  ROUTE 25                               1087 - 1123 JERICHO TNPK               NYD986901122

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 COMMACK                  SPECTRAGRAPHICS                        BRAYTON COURT                          NYD980641658

 CONKLIN                  CONKLIN DUMPS                          ROUTE 7                                NYD981486947

 COPAIGUE                 GRAPHIC COMPONENTS                     700 CHETTIC AVENUE                     NYD045858073

 COPIAGUE                 ACTION ANODIZING, PLATING, AND         33 DIXON AVE.                          NYD072366453
 COPIAGUE                 ASTRO ELECTROPLATING                   33 DIXON AVE.                          NYD982273971

 CORAM                    PINE ROAD ECOLOGY SITE                 PINE ROAD AND GIBBS ROAD               NYD981186877

 CORAM, LI                OAK LANE                               OAK LANE                               NYD986882678

 CORINTH                  INTL PAPER CO /INDUSTRIAL LANDFILL     PINE ST                                NYD002067825

 CORNING                  CORNING GLASS WORKS                    SULLIVAN PARK                          NYD041290198

 CORNING                  EDWARD ALLEN LF                        BAILEY CREEK RD                        NYD980506240

 CORNING                  NYSEG CORNING OLD GAS WORKS            CORNER OF WATER & CHESTNUT             NYD980531388

 CORNWALL                 MAJESTIC WEAVING                       2 MILL STREET                          NYD001701382

 CORTLAND                 BREWER-TITCHNER FINISHING PLT          111 PORT WATSON STREET                 NYD135537231

 CORTLAND                 BROCKWAY MOTOR TRUCKS                  106 CENTRAL AVE                        NYD980203111

 CORTLAND                 J.M MURRAY CENTER                      4057 WEST ROAD, P.O. BOX 589           NYD071601108

 CORTLAND                 POTTER PAINT CO INC                    24 CRAWFORD ST                         NYD002228682

 CORTLAND                 ROSEN BROTHERS SCRAP YARD/DUMP         PENDELTON ST.                          NYD982272734

 CORTLAND (VILLE)         COLOR PRO                              3815 LUKER ROAD                        NYD987008513


 CORTLANDVILLE            PALL TRINITY MICRO CORPORATION         W RD / ROUTE 281                       NYD002043396

 CORTLANDVILLE            SCM CORTLANDVILLE                      839 ROUTE 13 SOUTH                     NYD002246023

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 COXSACKIE                AMERICAN VALVE                         170 MANSION ST                         NYD002069573

 CROGHAN                  BEAVERITE MILL                         BEAVERITE MILL                         NYD099893984

 CROGHAN                  BOISE CASCADE LF                       BELFORD RD                             NYD980532485

 CROGHAN                  BOISE CASCADE LF                       SWISS RD                               NYD980532519

 CROGHAN                  CROGHAN LF                             INDIAN RIVER RD                        NYD980508030

 CROGHAN                  CROGHAN-BELFORD RD                     CROGHAN-BELFORD RD                     NYD980528483

 CROGHAN                  ROUTE 126 SITE                         RTE 126                                NYD980507610

 CROGHAN                  STEINER PROP                           MAIN STREET                            NYD980532493

 CROGHAN                  SWISS ROAD SITE                        SWISS RD                               NYD980509210

 CROTON ON HUD            CONRAIL-HARMON YARD                    CROTON POINT RD                        NYD084006477

 CROTON ON HUD            CROTON POINT SANITARY LANDFILL         CROTON POINT AVENUE                    NYD980508048

 CUBA                     CUBA MUNICIPAL WASTE DISPOSAL          JACKSON HILL ROAD                      NYD000514851

 CUTCHOGUE                SOUTHOLD LF                            NORTH RD - RTE 27                      NYD980762603

 DANSVILLE                FOSTER WHEELER ENERGY CORP             MT MORRIS RD /NY HIGHWAY 36            NYD002205599

 DANSVILLE                NYSEG DANSVILLE GAS PLANT SITE         OSSIAN ST                              NYD980531446

 DANUBE TWP               JOHNNY CAKE ROAD FARM                  RURAL ROUTE # 1                        NYD986927697

 DE WITT                  BRISTOL LABS                           KIRKVILLE RD                           NYD980528293

 DE WITT                  OBERDORFER FOUNDRIES INC               THOMPSON RD                            NYD002225779

 DE WITT (T)              CARRIER-DEWITT LF                      THOMPSON RD                            NYD980528343

 DEER PARK                COMMERCIAL ENVELOPE MFG. CO., INC.     900 GRAND BOULEVARD                    NYD981184138

 DEER PARK                CTI METAL FINISHING                    333 A & B SKILMORE ROAD                NYD982531147

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DEER PARK                INDUSTRY COURT SITE                    171 E. INDUSTRY COURT                  NY0001327725

 DEER PARK                RADIATOR CENTER, INC.                  351 BAY SHORE ROAD                     NYD095597332

 DEER PARK                SAMMIS AVE SITE                        SAMMIS AVE                             NYD982181364

 DEER PARK                SMS INSTRUMENTS, INC                   120 MARCUS BLVD                        NYD001533165

 DEER PARK                SOUTHERN CONTAINER                     140 WEST INDUSTRY COURT                NYD025597048

 DEER PARK                WOODBINE PRODUCTS                      701 GRAND AVE.                         NYD002061380

 DEFERIET                 ST. REGIS PAPER                        DEFERIET                               NYD002229169

 DELEVAN                  MICHEAL WOLFER                         11639 GROVE STREET EXTENSION           NYD986913275

 DELEVAN                  NORMAN ROGERS                          CALIFORNIA ROAD (AKA CHURCH STREET)    NYD986882728

 DELMAR                   OWENS-CORNING FIBERGLASS               RTE 32 FEURA BUSH RD                   NYD071099824

 DEPEW                    DRESSER IND                            2 MAIN STREET                          NYD000512822

 DEPEW                    KNUCO HOME IMPROVE                     4701 TRANSIT ROAD                      NYD000512087

 DEPEW                    LAND RECLAMATION                       INDIAN RD                              NYD000513929

 DEPEW                    NL INDUSTRIES INC /BUFFALO PLANT       3241 WALDEN AVE                        NYD980531636

 DEPEW                    STOCKS POND                            BROADWAY & TRANSIT                     NYD980535306

 DEPEW                    VILLAGE OF DEPEW LF.                   315 BORDEN RD                          NYD980211031

 DEPOSIT                  CELOTEX CORP                           LAURAL BANK AVE                        NYD041591876

 DEWITT                   DEWITT LF                              FISHER RD                              NYD980508071

 DEWITT                   UTC - CARRIER                          THOMPSON ROAD                          NYD986866416

 DEWITT                   VALENITE METALS                        315 WAVER STREET                       NYD980780365

 DIX                      TOWN OF DIX LANDFILL                   DUG ROAD AND GANO ROAD                 NYD981558422

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DOBBS FERRY              DOBBS FERRY RIVER FRONT PARK           HUDSON RIVER                           NYD980508113

 DOLGEVILLE               DARI SERVICES                          23 SOUTH HELMER AVENUE                 NY0000275578

 DOVER                    DOVER LF #2                            RTE 22 SOUTH DOVER PLAINS              NYD980508139

 DOVER                    DOVER LF #3                            RTE 22                                 NYD980508147

 DOVER                    DOVER TOWN DUMP                        CRICKET HILL RD                        NYD980508154

 DOVER                    MICA PRODUCTS                          RTE 22                                 NYD046337945

 DOVER (T)                CAMP BERKSHIRE                         LAKE ELLIS RD                          NYD980535207

 DRESDEN                  MERCURY AIRCRAFT                       PERRY POINT RD                         NYD980536247

 DRESDEN                  NYS ELECTRIC & GAS                     RTE 14                                 NYD980420905

 DRESDEN                  TRANSELCO INC                          SO. OF RT 15-W OF SWARTHOUT RD         NYD000765024

 DRESDEN                  TRANSELCO INC. DIV OF FERRE CORP.      CURRY POINT ROAD                       NYD079684403

 DUNKIRK                  DUNKIRK LF                             SOUTH ROBERTS RD                       NYD094176310

 DUNKIRK                  ROBLIN STEEL                           320 SOUTH ROAD                         NYD987025160

 DUNKIRK                  SPECIAL METALS CORP                    WILLOWBROOK AVE                        NYD057982993

 DURHAM (T)               DURHAM-GREENVILLE LF                   STATE RTE 145                          NYD980508188

 E GREENBUSH              STERLING DRUG INC /SITE #2             NY RTE 9J                              NYD980531206

 E GREENBUSH              STERLING DRUG INC /SITE 3              PAPSCANEE CRK & PENN CTL RR            NYD980531198

 E. FARMINGDALE           ASBESTOS FARMINGDALE                   S SIDE LNG ISLND RR,@US ROUTE 110      NYD982181224

 E. MORICHES              USCG GROUP MORICHED                    100 MORICHES ISLAND RD                 NY7690308021

 EAGLE BRIDGE             AGWAY INC EAGLE BRIDGE STORE           MAIN ST.                               NYD980478804

 EAST FARMINGDALE         POLYCOM HUNTSMAN INC.                  100 ADAMS BOULEVARD                    NYD047663505

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EAST FISHKILL            EAST FISHKILL LANDFILL                 HOSNER MT.ROAD                         NYD981560501

 EAST FISHKILL            IBM                                    RTE 52                                 NYD000707901

 EAST FISHKILL            ROYAL CARTING SERVICE                  RTE 82                                 NYD002426757

 EAST GREENBUSH           EAST GREENBUSH LANDFILL                RIDGE ROAD                             NYD982269938

 EAST HAMPTON             BULL PATH LANDFILL                     STEPHEN HANDS PATH                     NYD981186869

 EAST HAMPTON             QUADRANT HILL ROAD                     QUADRANT HILL ROAD                     NY0001096627

 EAST MEADOW              MITCHELL MANOR                         MERRICK AVE                            NY0170022198

 EAST NASSAU              FARREL PROPERTY                        ROUTE 66 AND WOODWARD ROAD             NYD981490238

 EAST NORTHPORT           DEUTSCH RELAYS INC                     65 DALY RD                             NYD057722019

 EAST OF WALTON           DELAWARE COUNTY LF                     NY RTE 10                              NYD000512285

 EAST PATCHOGUE           GAZZOLA DRIVE                          GAZZOLA DRIVE                          NYD982271454

 EAST ROCHESTER           BAKER CASTOR OIL (PIERCE OIL           20 ONTARIO STREET                      NYD980531651

 EAST ROCHESTER           GEORGE A ROBINSON & CO                 477 WHITNEY RD                         NYD002209567

 EAST ROCHESTER           NYSDOT PITTSFORD                       938 WEST LINDEN AVENUE                 NYD981560899

 EAST ROCHESTER           RAILROAD CAR SHOPS                     DESPATCH DRIVE                         NYD981560881

 EAST SETAUKET            SUFFOLK MATERIALS MINING CORP.         CONSEWOGUE ROAD                        NYD003797248

 EAST SYRACUSE            BRISTOL MYERS                          THOMPSON RD                            NYD002230902

 EAST SYRACUSE            DEWITT DIESEL SHOP /CONRAIL            PO BOX C                               NYD980420376

 EASTPORT                 EASTPORT LF                            SUNRISE HIGHWAY                        NYD980762702

 EDEN                     EDEN SANITATION                        TOWN LINE RD                           NYD000513796

 EDWARDS                  ST JOE ZINC                            TROUT LAKE RD                          NYD000523423

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ELLENVILLE               VAW OF AMERICA INC                     ROUTE 209                              NYD002090991

 ELMA                     ELMA LAND                              CLINTON ST                             NYD000517516

 ELMHURST                 PEERLESS INSTRUMENT CO.                CORONA AVENUE AND 90 ST.               NYD001556885

 ELMIRA                   BICKFORD PROP                          GRAND CENTRAL AVE                      NYD980533194

 ELMIRA                   FACET ENTERPRISES, INC                 RTE 14                                 NYD073675514

 ELMIRA                   HARDINGE BROTHERS                      1420 COLLEGE AVENUE                    NYD002204063

 ELMIRA                   KENNEDY VALVE                          1021 EAST WATER ST                     NYD094407822

 ELMIRA                   NYSEG FORMER SERVICE CENTER            MADISON AVE                            NYD980531370

 ELMIRA                   SPERRY REMINGTON                       1021 SOUTH MAIN ST                     NYD980532527

 ELMIRA HEIGHTS           KENTUCKY AVE WELL-SATELLITE #7         GRAND CENTRAL AVE                      NYD981560956

 ELMIRA HEIGHTS           KENTUCKY AVENUE SATELLITE #6           OAKWOOD AVENUE                         NYD981561988

 ELMIRA HEIGHTS           WARD '79 LTD                           165-169 GRAND CENTRAL/PRESCOTT AVENUE  NYD981187115

 ENDICOTT                 ENDICOTT DUMP                          ANSON RD                               NYD980531750

 ENDICOTT                 ENDICOTT VILLAGE WELL FIELD            S. GRIPPEN AVENUE                      NYD980780746

 ENDICOTT                 IBM                                    1701 N ST                              NYD002233039

 ENDICOTT                 KEYTRONICS INC                         707 N ST                               NYD055272942

 ENDWELL                  ABISSI JOSEPH G/ PROPERTY              1090 CASE RD                           NYD980531842

 ERWIN                    ERWIN LF                               COUNTY RD 107                          NYD000511881

 EVANS                    ED BALL SANITATION                     HOLLAND RD                             NYD000513788

 EVANS                    EVANS LF                               TOWN LINE RD                           NYD000513812

 FAIRPORT                 LITTLE LEAGUE                          LYNDON RD                              NYD980762660

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FALCONER                 CARBORUNDUM CO /MONOFRAX PLANT         501 NEW YORK AVE                       NYD046763777

 FALCONER                 CHASE INTERIORS                        205-247 WEST LISTER AVENUE             NYD083533125

 FALCONER                 RESOLVE MANUFACTURING                  100 HARMON AVENUE                      NYD980592653

 FARMERSVILLE             TERWILLIGER EXCAVATION                 ROUTE 16                               NYD059953661

 FARMINGDALE              AIRCRAFT TURBINE SERVICE               210 ADAMS AVE                          NYD980532121

 FARMINGDALE              CIRCUITRON CORP                        82 MILBAR BOULEVARD                    NYD981184229

 FARMINGDALE              FAIRCHILD REPUBLIC                     BOARD HOLLOW RD                        NYD000512467

 FARMINGDALE              FARMINGDALE ORG. MAINT. SHOP #43       25 BAITING PLACE ROAD                  NYD980775605

 FARMINGDALE              HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL               11A PICONE BLVD                        NYD037056132

 FARMINGDALE              KENMARK TEXTILE CORPORATION            921 CONKLIN ST (P.O. BOX 298)          NYD075784165

 FARMINGDALE              LIBERTY INDUSTRIAL FINISHING           55 MOTOR PARKWAY                       NYD000337295

 FARMINGDALE              LOUIS SORRENTINO PROPERTY              113-115 MARINE STREET                  NYD982531154

 FARMINGDALE              PREFERRED PLATING CORP                 32 ALLEN BLVD                          NYD980768774

 FARMINGDALE              TARGET ROCK CORPORATION                1966E BROAD HOLLOW ROAD                NYD002034056

 FARMINGDALE              TRONIC PLATING CO., INC                168 CENTRAL AVENUE                     NYD002059517

 FARMINGDALE              WAGNER SEED COMPANY                    81 SECATOGUE AVENUE                    NYD057713315

 FAYETTVILLE              TURF TAILORS                           100 CLINTON STREET                     NYD085158855

 FENTON (T)               TRI-CITIES BARREL CO., INC             ADJ. TO ROUTE 7                        NYD980509285

 FERGUSONVILLE            HAROLD CURRAN (HERBICIDE DISPOSAL)     COUNTRY ROUTE 9                        NYD980780761

 FISHER ISLAND            NAVAL UNDERWATER SYSTEMS CENTER        FISHERS ISLAND                         NY8170024790

 FISHERS (TOWN OF         GENESEE SANO & GRAVEL                  PHILIPS ROAD, P.O. BOX 707             NYD013384219

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FISHERS ISLAND           FISHERS ISLAND LF                      UNKNOWN                                NYD000518357

 FISHKILL                 DOLFINGER PROPERTY                     BAXTERTOWN ROAD                        NYD981186208

 FISHKILL                 FISHKILL LF                            GARY RD                                NYD980508287

 FISHKILL                 TEXACO                                 GLENHAM                                NYD980532907

 FLOYD                    FLOYD ANNEX SITE                       KOENING ROAD                           NY7570023013

 FLUSHING                 PARK NAMEPLATE CO. INC.                33-37 FARRINGTON STREET                NYD001613868

 FONDA                    KEYMARK CORP                           ROUTE 334                              NYD003959251

 FORESTVILLE              BAILEY MANUFACTURING COMPANY           BENNETT STATE ROAD                     NYD097652747

 FORT EDWARD              FORT EDWARD LF (ACTIVE)                JOHN ST EXTENSION                      NYD000512608

 FORT EDWARD              FORT EDWARDS PAPER MILL                UNKNOWN                                NYD980531909

 FORT EDWARD              FORT MILLER PULP & PAPER               BLUDGETT ROAD                          NYD980654313

 FORT EDWARD              GENERAL ELECTRIC CO/CAPACITOR PROD     ROUTE 4                                NYD093256063

 FORT EDWARD              GILBERT SHORTSLEEVES                   1051 ARGYLE RD                         NYD980528624

 FORT EDWARD              OLD FORT EDWARD LF                     MCINTYRE ST                            NYD000512616

 FORT EDWARD              SCOTT PAPER CO INC                     W/S MECHANIC ST                        NYD002066132

 FOWLER                   ST JOE ZINC                            COUNTY RTE 56                          NYD980535231

 FRANKFORT                FERDULA LF                             OLD ERIE CANAL                         NYD980508261

 FRANKFORT                MOHAWK VALLEY SANITATION INC /SCA SER  OLD RTE 5 S                            NYD980531172

 FRANKFORT                OLD ERIE CANAL                         TURNER ST                              NYD980768758

 FRANKFORT                SUDAKOW DUMP                           WILLIAMS STREET                        NYD982268815

 FRANKFORT (TOWN OF)      CHICAGO PNEUMATIC TOOL CO              2200 BLEECKER ST                       NYD002230977

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FRANKLIN SQUARE          GENZALE PLATING CO                     288 NEW HYDE PARK ROAD                 NYD002050110

 FRANKLINVILLE            ONTARIO KNIFE CO                       EMPIRE ST                              NYD002100675

 FREEDOM                  PREVITY AUTOWRECKING YARD              GALEN HILL RD                          NYD074010398

 FREETOWN                 CENTER ROAD ASBESTOS                   CENTER ROAD                            NYD987004223

 FREETOWN                 CLOCK ROAD ASBESTOS                    CLOCK ROAD                             NYD987007069

 FREWSBURG                CARROLL TOWN LANDFILL                  RT 62 IVORY RD.                        NY0001119387

 FRIENDSHIP               FRIENDSHIP FOUNDRY # 1                 HOWARD ST                              NYD175166495

 FRIENDSHIP               FRIENDSHIP FOUNDRY # 2                 CORNER OF S. BRANCH RD & FACTORY ST    NYD986942621

 FRIENDSHIP               FRIENDSHIP FOUNDRY # 3                 BRANCH STREET                          NYD986942613

 FRIENDSHIP               JONES CHEMICAL INC.                    CASTLE GARDEN ROAD                     NYD980534549

 FRIENDSHIP               MACLER INDUS                           ROUTE 408                              NYD980534663

 FT MILLER                FT MILLER LF                           PATERSON RD                            NYD000512624

 FULTON                   ARMSTRONG CORK                         OFF RTE 57                             NYD039116991

 FULTON                   CLANDESTINE METHAMPHETAMINE            WEST FULTON RD                         NYD986950855

 FULTON                   COLTURE PROPERTY                       WEST FIFTH & SCHULER STS.              NYD986883411

 FULTON                   FULTON LF (CITY DUMP)                  FLOOD RD                               NYD980508329

 FULTON                   FULTON TERMINALS                       RTE 57                                 NYD980593099

 FULTON                   KECK FARM                              RTE 3 (BY POLICE BARKS)                NYD980534572

 FULTON                   MIRABITO PROP                          956 SOUTH FIRST ST                     NYD980534713

 FULTON                   NIAGARA MOHAWK /GAS REG STA            UNION ST                               NYD980664270

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FULTON                   OSWEGO COUNTY LF                       SILK RD                                NYD980235477

 FULTON                   SEALRIGHT CO INC PLANT YARD            314 SOUTH FIRST ST                     NYD002228773

 FULTON                   TAYLOR PROPERTY                        S RIVER RD                             NYD980535314

 FULTON                   VAN BUREN STREET DUMP                  ROUTE 57                               NYD986895779

 FULTON (T)               FULTON-6TH WARD                        COUNTY RTE 57                          NYD980508337

 FULTONVILLE              WHITE MOP WRINGER CO                   RIVERSIDE DR                           NYD002076214

 GAINESVILLE              ETE SANITATION AND LANDFILL            BROUGHTON ROAD                         NYD986941383

 GARDEN CITY              FRANN PAPER CORP                       450 ENDO BLVD                          NYD062525043

 GARDEN CITY              PASLEY SOLVENTS & CHEMICALS, INC       585 COMMERICAL AVENUE                  NYD991292004

 GARDEN CITY              PUREX CORP /BARON BLAKESLEE DIV        195 COMMERCIAL AVE                     NYD980532147

 GARDEN CITY              STAR CARTING COMPANY                   94 DENTON AVE.                         NYD064726938


 GASPORT                  GASPORT ELEM SCHOOL                    ORCHARD PL                             NYD100394840

 GATES                    ERDLE PERFORATING                      100 PIXLEY INDUSTRIAL PARKWAY          NYD982531865

 GATES                    GATES DUMP-HINCHEY ROAD                HINCHEY ROAD                           NYD986994408

 GATES (ROCHESTER)        OIL CITY DUMP HINCHEY                  46 PRINCE STREET                       NYD981560873

 GEDDES                   CRUCIBLE INC                           STATE FAIR BLVD                        NYD980530042

 GEDDES                   CRUCIBLE INC /LAKE PUMP STATION        RTE 690                                NYD980530034

 GEDDES                   STATE FAIR LANDFILL                    STATE FAIR BOULEVARD                   NYD981561970

 GENEVA                   GENEVA LANDFILL                        PREEMPTION ROAD                        NYD981560816

 GENEVA                   NYS THRUWAY 331.5                      THRUWAY MARKER 331.5                   NYD980534929

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 27 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GENEVA                   NYSEG BORDER CITY PLANT                BORDER CITY RD                         NYD980531420

 GERMAN FLATTS            GERMAN FLATS ILION                     MORTZ RD                               NYD980506612

 GLEN COVE                CAPTAIN'S COVE CONDOMINIUMS            GARVIES POINT ROAD                     NY0000069377

 GLEN COVE                CROWN DYKMAN                           66 HERBHILL ROAD                       NYD013599261

 GLEN COVE                EDMOS CORPORATION                      20 CARVIES POINT ROAD                  NYD047648472

 GLEN COVE                GLEN COVE GAS PLANT                    ROUND SWAMP ROAD                       NYD986881696

 GLEN COVE                LI TUNGSTEN CORP                       GARVIES POINT RD.                      NYD986882660

 GLEN COVE                PHOTOCIRCUITS DIV/KOLLMORGEN CORP      31 SEA CLIFF AVE                       NYD096920483

 GLENHAM                  TEXACO RESEARCH CENTER                 OLD TOWN RD                            NYD980663603

 GLENMONT                 TEXACO USA /A DIV OF TEXACO INC        RTE 144 /RIVER RD                      NYD057027245

 GLENS FALLS              AMES CHEM                              21 ROGER ST                            NYD096930466

 GLENS FALLS              GLENS FALLS TISSUE MILL                UNKNOWN                                NYD980531941

 GLENS FALLS              HERCULES                               LOWER WARREN ST                        NYD002069748

 GLENS FALLS              HERCULES LF                            RIDGE RD                               NYD000519520

 GLENS FALLS              HUDSON RIVER PCBS                      NO STREET APPLICABLE                   NYD980763841

 GLENS FALLS              NIAGARA MOHAWK /OPERATIONS HQ          MOHICAN ST                             NYD980664312

 GLENS FALLS              QUEENSBURY-GLENS FALLS SLF             RIDGE RD                               NYD000512590

 GLENS FALLS              UNION CAMP CORP /HONEYCOMB DIV         PRUYN'S ISLAND                         NYD980291967

 GLENS FALLS              VELDOWN CO INC                         1 RIVER ROAD                           NYD980531958

 GLENSFALLS               GLENS FALLS LF                         LUZERNE RD                             NYD980506620

 GLENVILLE                GLENVILLE LF                           SUNNYSIDE RD                           NYD980506646

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GLENVILLE                GLENVILLE TOWN LF                      BARYDT & VLEY /RTE 5                   NYD000910190

 GLENWOOD COVE            MATTIACE PETROCHEMICAL CO., INC        GARVIES POINT ROAD                     NYD000512459

 GLENWOOD LANDING         APPLIED ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES         ONE SHORE RD                           NYD980535652

 GLENWOOD LANDING         PENETREX PROCESSING, INC               SHORE ROAD                             NYD981079064

 GLOVERSVILLE             BRITTS                                 ROUTE 30 A                             NYD980654388

 GLOVERSVILLE             GLOVERSVILLE LF                        EAST FULTON ST EX                      NYD991291766

 GLOVERSVILLE             HARRISON ST STP                        NR OLD GLOVERSV STP                    NYD980534432

 GLOVERSVILLE             NIAGARA MOHAWK /OPERATIONS HQ          HILL ST                                NYD980664320

 GOSHEN                   AL TURI LF                             HARTLEY RD                             NYD980506190

 GOSHEN                   NYSEG GOSHEN GAS PLANT SITE            WEST MAIN ST                           NYD980531412

 GOSHEN                   ORANGE COUNTY SANITARY LANDFILL        ROUTE 17M                              NYD000861195

 GOVERNORS ISLAND         EAST RIVER                             NO FIXED ADDRESS                       NYD986973832


 GOWANDA                  GOWANDA LF                             CEMETERY HILL RD                       NYD000513846

 GOWANDA                  MOENCH TANNING CO                      265 PALMER ST                          NYD002126910

 GOWANDA                  PETER COOPER                           PALMER STREET                          NYD980530265

 GRAFTON                  SAMPSON PROP                           AGAN RD                                NYD980535140

 GRANBY                   CLOTHIER DISPOSAL                      SOUTH GRANBY ROAD COUNTY RD 55         NYD000511576

 GRANBY (T)               TULIK GRAVEL PIT SITE                  WARE RD.                               NYD980535363

 GRANVILLE                GRANVILLE LF                           DUMP RD                                NYD980506687

 GRANVILLE                NORTON-TELESCOPE LF                    FOX RD                                 NYD980534895

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 29 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GREECE                   GREECE LF                              FLYNN RD                               NYD980762553


 GREEN ISLAND             CAPITAL DIST TOOL & DIE CO INC         22 PAINE ST                            NYD002076222

 GREEN ISLAND             FMC CORP                               75 TIBBETTS AVE                        NYD002077006

 GREENE                   BRANEM IND INC                         GRAND & CLINTON STS                    NYD990762460

 GREENLAWN                HAZELTINE CORP                         CUBA HILL RD                           NYD002041242

 GREENPORT                GREENPORT LF                           RTE 9 & 10 BROCK RD                    NYD000512277

 GREENWICH                GREENWICH LF                           BALD MTN RD                            NYD000512640

 GROTON                   AGWAY MILL SITE                        119 WEST SOUTH ST (ROUTE 38)           NYD986935153

 GROTON                   SCM CORP                               MAIN STREET                            NYD002230597

 GUILDERLAND              BURNS PROPERTY                         5917 DEPOT RD & COUNTY RD 201          NYD980528327

 GUILDERLAND              GRIFFIN LABS                           STATE FARM RD                          NYD986871713

 GUILDERLAND              NORTHEAST IND PARK                     DEPOT RD                               NYD980640833

 HALFMOON                 CONSTANTINE SEW/DISP                   BUTTON ROAD                            NYD980528442

 HALFMOON                 HALFMOON LF (TOWN PATH ROAD LF)        CLAM STREAM RD                         NYD980506729

 HALFMOON                 HALFMOON SLF                           LOWER NEWTON RD                        NYD980506711

 HALFMOON/MECHANICVILLE   D&H, B&M, RAILROAD YARD                ROUTE 67                               NYD982272916

 HAMBURG                  CHEM-TROL                              4818 LAKE AVENUE                       NYD980531180

 HAMBURG                  HAMBURG LF                             LAKEVIEW RD                            NYD980506737

 HAMILTON                 C & J DISPOSAL LEASING CO. DUMP        ROUTE 12B                              NYD981561954

 HAMLIN                   HAMLIN TOWN LF                         BRICK SCHOOLHOUSE RD                   NYD980762694

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 30 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HAMMONDSPORT             URBANA TOWN DUMP                       CROWSNEST RD                           NYD980780910

 HAMPTON BAYS             COAST GUARD STATION SHINNECOK          SHINNECOCK STATION                     NY2690308026

 HANCOCK                  CADOSIA LUMBER                         CADOSIA APEX ROAD                      NYD986994572

 HANCOCK                  KERRY CHEM                             APEX - CADOSIA RD                      NYD980506935

 HARRIMAN                 C & D DISPOSAL CO                      RIVER RD                               NYD980645923

 HARRIMAN                 NEPERA CHEMICAL CO INC                 RTE 17                                 NYD002014595

 HARRIMAN                 PYRIDIUM MERCURY DISPOSAL, SITE #2     40 SOUTH MAIN STREET                   NY0001062850

 HARRISON                 NEW YORK STATE DOT LANDFILL            LAKE ST & CORNER OF RTE 120            NYD987039112

 HARRISON                 PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      WESTCHESTER CO AIRPORT                 NYD980532154

 HARTLAND                 HARTLAND LF                            RYAN RD                                NYD980506745

 HASTINGS                 MOBIL OIL TAPPAN TERMINAL              S. SIDE AVENUE                         NYD056308398

 HASTINGS ON HUDSON       PAUL UHLICH CO.                        SOUTH SIDE AVE.                        NYD986882686

 HAUPPAUGE                B&K INSTRUMENTS                        135 MARCUS BLVD                        NY0000613109

 HAUPPAUGE                COMPUTER CIRCUITS                      145 MARCUS BLVD.                       NYD125499673

 HAUPPAUGE                ELECTRO MOTIVE RESEARCH CORPORATION    35 DAVIDS DRIVE                        NYD981184187

 HAUPPAUGE                EMR CIRCUITS                           99 MARCUS BOULEVARD                    NYD981184153

 HAUPPAUGE                GLARO                                  735 OLD WILLETS PATH                   NYD002048627


 HAUPPAUGE                MICROWAVE POWER                        330 OSER AVE.                          NYD044470680

 HAUPPAUGE                UNEXCELLED CASTINGS                    663 OLD WILLETS PATH                   NYD057729238


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 31 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HAVERSTRAW               HAVERSTRAW LF                          RIVER RD                               NYD000606616

 HEBRON                   HEBRON VALLEY PRODUCTS CORP            TIPLADY RD.                            NYD986895928

 HEMPSTEAD                FRANKLIN CLEANERS                      206-208B SOUTH FRANKLIN STREET         NYD982183550

 HEMPSTEAD                HEMPSTEAD GAS PLANT                    2ND AVENUE & FRANKLIN AVE              NYD986881829

 HEMPSTEAD                MITCHELL FIELD                         STEWART AVE                            NY5170009000

 HEMPSTEAD                NEW CASSEL INDUSTRIAL AREA             MAIN STREET                            NY0001095363

 HEMPSTEAD                ROOSEVELT USARC                        101 OAK STREET                         NY2210021745

 HENRIETTA                HENRIETTA TOWN DUMP                    1233 LEHIGH STATION RD                 NYD980762801

 HENRIETTA                JOHN ST (GENERAL TESTING)              326 JOHN ST                            NYD986957868

 HERKIMER                 HERKIMER ASBESTOS SITE                 3RD AVE (NEAR SUNSET AVE)              NYD986981918

 HERKIMER                 HERKIMER VILLAGE DUMP                  EAST STEELE STREET                     NYD982272908

 HERKIMER                 LIBRARY BUREAU                         801 PARK AVE                           NYD002240075

 HICKSVILLE               AGO ASSOCIATES                         449 WEST JOHN STREET                   NYD986888899

 HICKSVILLE               AIR TECHNIQUES, INC                    70 CANTIAGUE ROCK ROAD                 NYD043835081

 HICKSVILLE               ALSY MANUFACTURING                     270 DUFFY AVENUE                       NYD981184237

 HICKSVILLE               ANCHOR CHEMICALS                       500 W. JOHN STREET                     NYD001485226

 HICKSVILLE               CHEMICAL MANAGEMENT INC.               340 EASTERN HIGHWAY                    NYD000691949

 HICKSVILLE               DEPEW MANUFACTURING                    359 DUFFY AVENUE                       NYD002046597

 HICKSVILLE               GENERAL INSTRUMENT CORP                600 WEST JOHN STREET                   NYD002045466

 HICKSVILLE               HOOKER CHEMICAL/RUCO POLYMER CORP      NEW SOUTH ROAD                         NYD002920312

 HICKSVILLE               MEK SPILL- HICKSVILLE                  530 WEST JOHN ST                       NYD980763742

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 32 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HICKSVILLE               SERVO CORP                             111 NEW S RD                           NYD002418911

 HICKVILLE                LILCO HICKSVILLE OP. CENTER            175 E OLD COUNTRY ROAD                 NYD006866008

 HILLBURN                 NORTH OF RAMAPO WELLFIELD              E OF RTE 17 & W OF RAMAPO RIV          NYD980762678

 HILLCREST                SINGER COMPANY LINK DIV.               BECKWITH AVE.                          NYD000818468

 HILTON                   NORTHWEST QUAD STP                     PAYNE BEACH RD                         NYD981184369

 HOLBROOK                 GOLDISC RECORDINGS, INC                725 BROADWAY                           NYD980768717

 HOLLEY                   FMC C/O DIAZ CHEMICAL C/O FMC          40 JACKSON ST. AREA A                  NYD067532580

 HOMER                    BRAKE HILL                             BRAKE HILL RD                          NYD980528285

 HOMER                    CORTLAND-HOMER DUMP                    OSHEA                                  NYD980508022

 HOMER VILLAGE            HOMER DUMP                             HOOKER AVE                             NYD980506802

 HONEOYE                  3M HONEOYE PHOTOGRAPHIC                127 E LAKE RD                          NYD000689059

 HONEOYE FALLS            MENDON TOWNSHIP LF                     SEMMEL RD                              NYD980762686

 HOOSICK                  SCHMIGEL PROP                          RTE 67                                 NYD980535173

 HOOSICK FALLS            HOOSICK FALLS MUNI LF                  RTE 22                                 NYD980506828

 HOOSICK FALLS            OAK MATERIALS                          RIVER RD                               NYD000522912

 HOPEWELL JUNCTION        HOPEWELL JUNCTION                      ROUTE 376 & 82 (UNITY STREET)          NY0000108134

 HOPEWELL JUNCTION        HOPEWELL PRECISION                     RYAN RD                                NYD066813064

 HORNELL                  GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY               EDISON DRIVE                           NYD000632471

 HORNELL                  HORNELL STREET EXTENSION               E.HORNELL ST EXT./N. ADSIT ST          NYD980780787

 HORNELLSVILLE            CONRAIL-(HORNELLSVILLE)                LODER ST                               NYD980528434

 HORSEHEADS               HORSEHEADS LANDFILL                    BLOSTERN BLVD.                         NYD980780308

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 33 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HORSEHEADS               KENTUCKY AVE WELLFIELD SATELLITE NO.   HEMLOCK STREET                         NYD981560436
 HORSEHEADS               KENTUCKY AVE WELLFIELD SATELLITE NO.8  THORNE STREET                          NYD981560410

 HORSEHEADS               KENTUCKY AVENUE WELL FIELD             KENTUCKY AVE                           NYD980650667

 HORSEHEADS               KENTUCKY AVENUE-SATELLITE #2           WEST CHEMUNG STREET                    NYD981560527

 HOWE CARE                PENN-DIXIE                             COUNTY RT.8 AND SAGENDORF RD.          NYD980235790

 HUDSON                   HUDSON COAL TAR                        RIVER STREET                           NYD987039104

 HUDSON FALLS             GENERAL ELECTRIC                       JOHN STREET                            NYD002080075

 HUDSON FALLS             KINGSBURY LF                           BURGOYNE AVE                           NYD000512665

 HUDSON FALLS             UNION CAMP CORP /HUDSON FALLS PLANT    JOHN ST                                NYD980530083

 HUGUENOT                 C & D BATTERIES DIV /ELTRA CORP        PO BOX 209 RTE 209                     NYD064337298

 HUNTINGTON               HUNTINGTON TOWN LF                     DEPOSIT RD                             NYD980506844

 HUNTINGTON               MELVILLE                               BEDELL PL.                             NYD982273385

 HYDE PARK                HAVILAND COMPLEX                       ROUTE 9G & HAVILAND ROAD               NYD980785661

 HYDE PARK                HYDE PARK DRUM SITE                    RTE. 96                                NYD982273567

 HYDE PARK                HYDE PARK LF                           FOREST DR                              NYD980506851

 HYDE PARK                JONES SANITATION                       CARDINAL RD                            NYD980534556

 HYDE PARK                QUAL KROM                              462 VIOLET AVE                         NYD000250027

 ILION                    ILION LF                               EAST ST                                NYD980506885

 ILION                    SPERRY UNIVAC                          7 SPRUCE ST                            NYD980532592

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 34 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ILION                    SPERRY UNIVAC                          CLARK ST                               NYD980532584

 ILION                    SPERRY UNIVAC                          MAIN ST                                NYD980532576

 INDUSTRY                 RUSH TWP DUMP OR INDUSTRY LF           RTE 251                                NYD980762645

 INOQUE                   WESTHAMPTON LF (INACTIVE)              SOUTH COUNTRY RD                       NYD980762462

 INWOOD                   ROCKAWAY METAL PRODUCTS                175 ROGER AVENUE                       NYD002059202

 IRONDEQUOIT              GOODMAN ST - RIDGE RD                  GOODMAN ST - RIDGE RD                  NYD980768725

 IRONDEQUOIT              IRONDEQUOIT DUMP                       NEWPORT RD                             NYD982531287

 ISCHUA                   CATTARAUGUS COUNTY LF                  HWY 16                                 NYD980531149

 ISLIP                    SONIA ROAD LF                          HOWELLS AVENUE & GRAND BLVD            NYD980509145

 ITHACA                   ITHACA FIRE TRAINING CENTER            PIER ROAD                              NYD982181166

 ITHACA                   MORSE INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION           RT 96B                                 NYD002228625

 ITHACA                   NYSEG CAYUGA INLET TAR LOT             FULTON ST                              NYD980531362

 ITHACA                   NYSEG ITHACA COURT ST PLANT            COURT ST                               NYD980531354

 ITHACA                   NYSEG ITHACA FIRST ST PLANT            FIRST ST                               NYD980531461

 JAMAICA                  AIRCRAFT TURBINE SERVICE               129-15 92ND ST                         NYD980532139

 JAMAICA                  J. & L. ADIKES, INC.                   182-12 93RD. AVE.                      NYD001287960

 JAMESTOWN                CHADAKOIN RIVER PARK                   LAFAYETTE ST. & 11TH STREET            NYD981560741

 JAMESTOWN                J AND S AUTO SUPPLY                    1084 EAST SECOND STREET                NYD012777058

 JAMESTOWN                LEVANT-POLAND FACILITY                 1765 LINQUIST DRIVE                    NYD987039096

 JAMESTOWN                PELICAN MANUFACTURING INC              2223 WASHINGTON ST.                    NYD071476402

 JAMESTOWN                STERLING JAMESTOWN                     2209 ALLEN STREET EXTENSION            NYD002134807

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 35 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JAMESTOWN                VISU-CRAFT                             153 JONES & GIFFORD AVENUE             NYD982271835

 JAMESTOWN                VISU-WALL                              2855 GIRTS ROAD                        NYD981561418

 JAMESVILLE               ALLIED CHEMICAL                        JAMESVILLE QUARRY                      NYD010771202

 JAMESVILLE               ALPHA PORTLAND CEMENT                  ROCK CUT RD                            NYD002225878

 JAMESVILLE               RUSTON PAVING CO                       JAMESVILLE TOLL ROAD                   NYD982531972

 JOHNSBURG                BARTON MINES                           GORE MOUNTAIN                          NYD006993331

 JOHNSON CITY             AIR FORCE PLANT 59                     600 MAIN ST. (RT.17C)                  NY5570024641

 JOHNSON CITY             GULF OIL CORP                          4210 WATSON BLVD                       NYD002901734

 JOHNSTOWN                CAYADUTTA CREEK                        OPP OLD GLOVERSVILLE TRT PLT           NYD980654412

 JOHNSTOWN                JOHNSTOWN CITY LANDFILL                W FULTON S EXT                         NYD980506927

 JOHNSTOWN                MILLER STREET                          MILLER ST                              NYD980534705

 JOHNSTOWN                NORTH COMRIE AVENUE SITE               251 NORTH COMRIE AVENUE                NYD982268823

 JOHNSTOWN                OLD JOHNSTOWN DUMP                     MAPLE AVE EXT                          NYD980506919

 JOHNSTOWN                PYRAMID MALL                           UNKNOWN                                NYD082278292

 JOHNSTOWN                W FULTON ST EXT                        NBUSH MECCO /W FLT                     NYD980535488

 JOHNSTOWN                YOST STREET                            YOST ST                                NYD980535553

 JORDAN                   EDON WIRE                              100 BEAVER ST                          NYD085159408

 KENDALL                  KENDALL LANDFILL                       WEST KENDALL ROAD                      NYD981560782

 KENMORE                  US AIR FORCE PLANT #40                 2450 KENMORE AVENUE                    NYD980641054

 KENT                     ARSENIC MINES                          GIPSY ROAD                             NYD982531469

 KENT                     LAKE CARMEL WELLS                      NO STREET APPLICABLE                   NYD980654339

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 36 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KENT                     TOWN OF KENT DRUM                      SAGAMORE RD.                           NYD982273468

 KINGS PARK               AMFAR ASPHALT CORPORATION              TOWN LINE ROAD                         NYD986943637

 KINGS PARK               R. SCHLEIDER C & D SITE                OLD NORTHPORT ROAD                     NYD986995850

 KINGS PARK               S. P. MATERIALS INC.                   170 TOWN LINE ROAD                     NYD986886174

 KINGS PARK               SMITHTOWN LF (ACTIVE)                  OLD INDIAN HEAD RD                     NYD980762611

 KINGS PARK               SMITHTOWN LF (OLD)                     OLD INDIAN HEAD RD                     NYD980763759

 KINGSPART                A & G MATERIALS                        168 TOWNLINE ROAD                      NYD986994424

 KINGSTON                 CENTRAL HUDSON G & E /KINGSTON GAS     EAST STRAND                            NYD980531818
 KINGSTON                 IBM                                    NEIGHBORHOOD RD                        NYD001359694

 KIRKWOOD                 GORICK DUMP                            RT 11                                  NYD982531873

 LA FAYETTE               EAGER ROAD ASBESTOS SITE               EAGER ROAD & AUPLIA RD                 NY0001118793

 LA GRANGE                APPLE VALLEY SHOPPING CENTER           ROUTE 55                               NYD986927713

 LA GRANGE                LA GRANGE LF                           STRINGHAM RD                           NYD980506984

 LACKAWANNA               BETHLEHEM STEEL CORP /LACKAWANNA       3555 LAKE SHORE RD                     NYD002134880
 LACKAWANNA               CENTRAL AUTO WRECKING                  RIDGE RD                               NYD012804142

 LACKAWANNA               ELECTRO-PROCESS INC.                   193 LEHIGH AVE.                        NYD986883395

 LACKAWANNA               FERRO CORP /ELECTRO DIV                661 WILLET RD                          NYD043814003

 LACKAWANNA               LACKAWANNA LF                          1938 ABBOT RD                          NYD980506976

 LAGRANGE                 LAGRANGE CEMETERY                      OVERLOOK RD                            NYD980534580

 LAGRANGE                 VIKING IRON WORKS                      OVERLOOK ROAD                          NYD980780936

 LAKELAND                 CRUCIBLE INC /BEHIND VAL'S DODGE       STATE FAIR BLVD                        NYD980530075

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 37 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LAKELAND                 CRUCIBLE INC /DORING PROPERTY          STATE FAIR BLVD                        NYD980530067

 LAKELAND (TOWN OF        T.E.K. DRY CLEANERS                    852 STATE FAIR BLVD                    NYD981077878
 LANCASTER                LANCASTER RECLAMATION                  403 PAVEMENT RD                        NYD000513911

 LANSING                  CORNELL UNIVERSITY - DUMP              HILLCREST & WARREN                     NYD980508014

 LANSING                  NEW YORK STATE ELECT                   MILLIKEN STATION                       NYD012848602

 LANSING (T)              CORNELL UNIVERSITY - POND              SNYDER RD                              NYD980528459

 LATHAM                   JACK THE STRIPPER                      999 TROY SCHENECTADY RD.               NYD082270919

 LAWRENCE                 NORTH LAWRENCE OIL DUMP                MCAUSLEN AND CEMETARY ROADS            NYD981560907

 LEICESTER                INT SALT & STERLING                    RIVER RD                               NYD980534507

 LEICESTER                LEICESTER LF                           OAKS ROAD                              NYD000511782

 LEICESTER (T)            CUYLERVILLE LF                         RIVER RD                               NYD980508063

 LEROY                    LEHIGH VALLEY RAILROAD                 ROUTE 5                                NYD986950251

 LEROY                    LEROY MACHINE CO                       7129 EAST MAIN RD                      NYD002106524

 LEROY                    MACHIAS GRAVEL PIT                     VERY ROAD                              NYD980780803

 LEROY                    ROUTE 19 DRUM DISPOSAL                 ROUTE 19                               NYD981185234

 LEWISTON                 LEWISTON LF                            BTW PATROL/HAROLD PLETCHER RDS         NYD099331118

 LEWISTON                 MOORE ROAD SITE                        REAR OF 27-61,27-65,27-79 MOORE RD.    NYD986941706

 LEWISTON                 MT. ST MARY'S HOSP                     5300 MILITARY RD                       NYD071474316

 LEWISTON                 PASNY - UPPER MOUNTAIN ROAD            S. OF UPPER MOUNTAIN ROAD              NYD982531311

 LEWISTON                 STATE POWER AUTH                       PASNY RD                               NYD980535256

 LEWISTON                 STAUFFER CHEMICAL /ARTPARK             5715 OLD LEWISTON RD                   NYD980641534

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 38 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LEWISTON                 STAUFFER CHEMICAL /PASNY               S OF UPPER MTN RD                      NYD980507321

 LEWISTON                 TUSCARORA DRUM SITE                    TUSCARORA INDIAN RESERVATION           NY0001009315

 LEWISTON                 WALLMORE ROAD DRUMS                    WALLMORE RD AND HWY 31                 NY0000332536

 LEWISTON TOWNSHIP        NIAGARA FALLS STORAGE SITE (U.S.DOE)   1397 PLETCHER ROAD                     NY7890108973

 LIMA                     NORTH BLOOMFIELD                       MARTIN RD BRAGG ST IDESON RD           NYD982181414

 LINCKLAEN                SOLVENT SAVERS                         UNION VALLEY RD                        NYD980421176

 LINCOLN                  LINCOLN LF                             PLANK RD                               NYD980531255

 LINDENHURST              AMERICAN LINEN SUPPLY                  63 WEST MERRICK RD.                    NYD048633614

 LINDENHURST              CARDWELL CONDENSOR CORP                80 E. MONTAUK HIGHWAY                  NYD002049690

 LISBON                   SEALAND RESTORATION, INC               PRAY RD                                NYD980535181

 LITTLE FALLS             LITTLE FALLS LF                        LOOMIS ST EXT                          NYD980532535

 LITTLE FALLS             NIAGARA MOHAWK /FORMER PROPERTY        545 E MILL ST                          NYD980664239

 LITTLE VALLEY            LITTLE VALLEY                          RTE 353                                NY0001233634

 LIVERPOOL                PICO INC/PRINTED CIRCUIT DIV           1001 VINE STREET                       NYD002227130

 LIVONIA                  LIVONIA LANDFILL                       COMMERCIAL STREET                      NYD981185218

 LIVONIA                  WILLIAM BENSON LANDFILL                7440 RICHMOND HILL                     NYD980509434

 LIVONIA (V & T)          LIVINGSTON                             RTE 15                                 NYD980534671

 LLOYD                    MEAD PROPERTY                          522 NORTH RIVERSIDE RD                 NYD982531931

 LOCKPORT                 BANCROFT PROPERTY                      400 SOUTH NIAGARA ST                   NY0000067595

 LOCKPORT                 DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORP                  500 OHIO STREET                        NYD002123388

 LOCKPORT                 DIVERSIFIED MFG                        410 OHIO ST                            NYD002114742

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 39 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOCKPORT                 DUSSAULT FOUNDRY                       2 WASHBURN ST.                         NYD002115301

 LOCKPORT                 FLINTKOTE PROPERTY                     CLINTON ST                             NYD039107107

 LOCKPORT                 GMC HARRISON RAD DIV WASTEWA           5707 UPPER MOUNTAIN RD                 NYD980592901

 LOCKPORT                 GUTERL SIMMONS-STEEL                   695 OHIO ST (PO BOX 509)               NYD094174554

 LOCKPORT                 HARRISON RADIATOR                      200 UPPER MTN RD                       NYD002126852

 LOCKPORT                 LOCKPORT CITY LF                       OAKHURST RD                            NYD000514216

 LOCKPORT                 LOCKPORT TOWN LF                       CANAL RD                               NYD038642575

 LOCKPORT                 NIAGARA CTY DUMP                       RICHFIELD ST                           NYD000514265

 LOCKPORT                 NIAGARA MATERIALS COMPANY              WEST AVENUE                            NYD980654438

 LOCKPORT                 NORTON LABS                            520 MILL STREET                        NYD030212799


 LOCKPORT                 PENDLETON HIGHWAY GARAGE               6640 CAMPBELL BOULEVARD                NY0001094036

 LOCKPORT                 VAN DE MARK CHEM CO INC                1 N TRANSIT RD                         NYD002116192

 LONG EDDY                DEDECO INTERNATIONAL INC.              ROUTE 97                               NYD986901502

 LONG ISLAND CITY         HUDSON OIL REFINERY                    37-80 REVIEW AVE                       NYD980534499

 LONG ISLAND CITY         MATHESON LEAD CO                       559 VERNON AVE                         NYD980531610

 LONG ISLAND CITY         NELSON GALVANIZING, INC                11-02 BROADWAY                         NYD001229350

 LONG ISLAND CITY         PEERLESS PROPERTY                      3850 REVIEW AVE                        NYD980641138

 LONG ISLAND CITY         PHOTO CHEMICAL PRODUCTS, INC           22-76 35TH STREET                      NYD987001427

 LONG ISLAND CITY         ROEHR CHEMICALS INC                    52-20 37TH ST                          NYD000764936


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 40 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOWMAN                   JILSON'S RDA                           NY RTE 17                              NYD980534531

 LOWVILLE                 AMFLOWVILLE OPERATIONS                 INTERSECTION NY RTS 12 AND 26          NYD990762148

 LOWVILLE                 BLACK RIVER                            SPAFFORD'S LANDING                     NYD980528269

 LOWVILLE                 BOISE CASCADE LF                       5492 BOSTWICK ST.                      NYD088658604

 LOWVILLE                 PAYNE-JONES                            EAST RD                                NYD980532501

 LYNDONVILLE, YATES       LYNDONVILLE WEST AVENUE DUMP SITE      99 WEST AVENUE                         NYD980534630
 LYONS                    COLE RD DUMP                           COLE RD                                NY0001119395

 LYONS FALLS              GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORP /OLD SMELT DUMP   RIVER RD.                              NYD980530000

 LYSANDER                 NYS DEC PESTICIDE                      THREE RVRS GAME AREA                   NYD980534911

 MACEDON                  MACEDON LANDFILL                       QUAKER ROAD                            NYD986886182

 MACEDON                  MOBIL CHEM CO PLASTICS                 RTE 31                                 NYD012854048

 MACEDON                  PULCINI SCAVENGER WASTE                WALWORTH RD                            NYD980762744

 MACEDON                  RANDO CORPORATION                      THE COMMONS, RT 31                     NYD002209591

 MACHIAS                  MACHIAS STREET                         FRANKLIN STREET                        NYD982531204

 MACHIAS                  ROUTE 242                              JUNCTION OF ROUTE 242 & ROUTE 16       NYD982531196

 MAHOPAC                  DELUCA FARMS                           AGOR LANE                              NY0000007336

 MAHOPAC                  MAHOPAC DUMP                           INTERSECT RTS 6/6N & CHERRY LA         NYD980507024

 MALONE                   USARMY RESEERVE CENTER TSG HC          111 FINNEY BLVD                        NY6210421792
 MALTA                    MALTA ROCKET FUEL AREA                 PLAINS RD                              NYD980535124


 MARILLA                  MARILLA LF                             EASTWOOD RD                            NYD000513952

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 41 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MARKHAMS                 PETER COOPER CORP                      BENTLEY ROAD                           NYD980592547

 MASPETH                  PHELPS DODGE REFINING CORP             42-02 56TH RD                          NYD039138789

 MASSAPEQUA               STONE BOULEVARD                        STONE BLVD & 5680 MERRICK ROAD         NYD044472876

 MASSENA                  ALCOA AGGREGATION SITE                 WEST OF DENNISON RD                    NYD980506232

 MASSENA                  GENERAL MOTORS(CENTRAL FOUNDRY         ROOSEVELT TOURIN RD                    NYD091972554

 MASSENA                  REYNOLDS METALS CO                     PO BOX 500, S GRASSE RIVER RD          NYD002245967

 MASTIC                   FIRE ISL NATL SEASHORE/WILLIAM FLOYD   20 WASHINGTON AVENUE                   NY1417195210
 MATTITUCK                MATTITUCK AIRBASE                      AIRWAY DRIVE                           NYD101205631

 MATTYDALE                AMSA 9, U.S. ARMY RESERVE CENTER       130 PICKARD DRIVE                      NY1210094115

 MAYBROOK                 MONTGOMERY OVERALL SERVICE             110 HOMESTEAD AVENUE                   NYD044127835

 MAYBROOK                 NEPERA CHEMICAL CO., INC               COUNTY RT 4                            NYD000511451

 MC DONOUGH               NOVAC FARM                             PIKE RD                                NYD980653935

 MECHANICVILLE            DYER LF #3                             GEORGE THOMPSON RD                     NYD077205417

 MECHANICVILLE            MECHANICVILLE LF                       LOWER NEWTON RD                        NYD980507040


 MEDFORD                  SHERIDAN CHEMICAL                      114 PECONIC AVE                        NYD980762470

 MEDINA                   HORAN ROAD LANDFILL                    HORAN ROAD                             NYD981185242


 MELLVILLE                NEWSDAY INC                            235 PINELAWN ROAD                      NYD052782497

 MELVILLE                 BEDELL PLACE                           BEDELL PLACE                           NYD982272759

 MELVILLE                 MERGENTHALER LINOTYPE, MELVILLE        201 OLD COUNTRY RD.                    NYD072395106

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 42 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MERRICK                  MERRICK LANDFILL                       1600 MERRICK ROAD                      NYD982181018

 MEXICO                   PAS HOLBROOK DAIRY                     ONTARIO ST                             NYD980640841

 MIDDLEPORT               FMC CORP                               100 NIAGARA ST                         NYD002126845

 MIDDLEPORT               MIDDLEPORT ELEM SCH                    STATE ST                               NYD100394857

 MIDDLETOWN               LUBRICANT PACKAGING CO.                P.O.BOX 246, 17 INDUSTRIAL PLACE       NYD064300270

 MIDDLETOWN               MIDDLETOWN COAL GAS                    FULTON & CANAL STREETS                 NYD982531170

 MIDDLETOWN               MIDDLETOWN DUMP                        DOLSON AVE                             NYD980507057

 MIDDLETOWN               ORANGE & ROCKLAND UTILITY              PHILLIP ST & GENUNG ST                 NYD980531529

 MILLBROOK                MILLBROOK LF                           SHARON TURNPIKE (RTE. 44A)             NYD980507065

 MILLERTON                KEUFFEL & ESSER CO/TACONIC PLANT       ROUTE 22                               NYD012891503

 MILO                     J T BAKER CHEMICAL CO                  RIDGE RD                               NYD000511915

 MILTON                   FAWTHROP                               COUNTY RD 43 & 50                      NYD980766190

 MILTON                   JOHN ROCK LF                           RT 29 HOFFMON RD                       NY0000094649

 MINA                     MINA LF                                CEMETERY RD                            NYD980507081

 MINETTO                  COLUMBIA MILLS                         OFF RTE 48                             NYD000285478

 MODEL CITY               MODERN DISPOSAL SERVICE                4746 MODEL CITY RD                     NYD051817682

 MODEL CITY               SCA CHEMICAL WASTE SERVICES            1550 BALMER ROAD                       NYD049836679

 MOIRA                    YORK OIL CO                            N LAWRENCE RD                          NYD000511733

 MONROE                   ORANGE & ROCKLAND UTILITY              ONE ORANGE AND ROCKLAND RD.            NYD000706143

 MONTAUK                  MONTAUK LANDFILL                       MONTAUK HIGHWAY                        NYD981186950


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 43 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MONTICELLO               MONTICELLO LF                          BROADWAY                               NYD980534762

 MOREAU                   ABALENE/ORKIN                          10274 SARATOGA ROAD                    NYD980478663

 MOREAU                   MOREAU LF                              WEST SIDE OF U.S. RTE 9                NYD987008570

 MOREAU                   SOUTH GLENS FALLS DRAG STRIP SITE      ROUTE 9                                NYD980789119

 MOREAU                   UNION CAMP CORP /FENIMORE PLANT        FENIMORE AVE                           NYD980531008

 MORICHES                 AIELLO PROPERTY                        62 MONTAUK HWY                         NYD986886067

 MORICHES                 LONG ISLAND SOUND                                                             NYD986882389

 MORRISONVILLE            PHILMAR ELECTRONICS                    MASON ST                               NYD986878767

 MOUNT MARION             MONSANTO CO                            NORTHEAST LOLITE                       NYD980534754

 MOUNT MARION             OLDOVER                                OLD KINGS HWY                          NYD980534937

 MOUNT VERNON             COMMERCIAL DECAL                       650 SOUTH COLUMBUS AVE                 NYD001221209

 MOUNT VERNON             SIGNO TRADING - LYONS PLACE            1 LYONS PLACE                          NYD986967149

 MOUNT VERNON             SIGNO TRADING/MOUNT VERNON             208 SOUTH 14TH ST                      NYD982181331

 MOUNT VERNON             SPRAYLAT CORPORATION                   117 ANDERSON AVE.                      NYD000631960

 MOUNTAINVILLE            STAR EXPANSION IND CORP                RTE 32                                 NYD001223338

 MT. IVY                  QUAKER ROAD MT. IVY SWAMP              QUAKER ROAD                            NYD981184179

 MT. KISCO                CANADIAN RADIUM & URANIUM CORP         MT. KISCO AVENUE                       NYD987001468

 MURRAY                   HULBERT MAINTENANCE YARD               HULBERTON ROAD AT ERIE CANAL           NYD982531220

 N. CASTLE/N. WHITE       MIDLAND PROCESS                        55 LAFAYETTE AVE                       NYD061345013
 N. LINDENHURST           NEW HIGHWAY & 48TH ST.                 NEW HIGHWAY & 48TH ST.                 NYD982273393

 NANTICOKE                BROOME CTY LF                          KNAPP RD                               NYD980640817

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 44 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NANUET                   PASCACK BROOK AT CONVENT RD            X OF CONVENT RD & PASCACK BK           NYD980768766

 NAPONACH                 NAPONACH PAPER MILL                    ROUTE 55                               NYD981490253

 NASSAU                   COPELAND COATING CO. INC               COLUMBIA TNPK RTE 20                   NYD080457542

 NASSAU                   DEWEY LOEFFEL LANDFILL                 MEAD RD                                NYD000512335

 NEDROW                   GIBSON ROAD SITE                       RT 11 & RT 80                          NYD986955979

 NEDROW                   ONONDAGA NATION - SITE B               QUARRY ROAD AND NYS RT 11              NYD986883403

 NEW HARTFORD             NEW HARTFORD VILLAGE DUMP              CHENANGO RD                            NYD980531776

 NEW HARTFORD             SPECIAL METALS CORP                    MIDDLE SETTLEMENT RD                   NYD002241669

 NEW HUDSON               DEMING ELECTROPLATING                  RT 305                                 NYD002117885

 NEW HYDE PARK            AIRWORK CORP                           2325 NEW HYDE PARK RD                  NYD980532113

 NEW HYDE PARK            DENTON AVENUE LANDFILL                 DENTON AND HILLSIDE AVENUES            NYD981186919

 NEW HYDE PARK            FUMEX SANITATION, INC.                 131 HERRICKS ROAD                      NYD044476836

 NEW HYDE PARK            TECHEM, INC                            1840 FALMOUTH AVE                      NYD049199722

 NEW HYDE PARK/N          FULTON AVENUE SITE                     150 FULTON AVENUE                      NY0000110247
 NEW ROCHELLE             CONSOLIDATED EDISON-ECHO AVE. SITE     ECHO AVE                               NYD981141252

 NEW WINDSOR              JAMES WEYGANT PROPERTY                 BULL ROAD                              NYD981084874

 NEW WINDSOR              NEW WINDSOR LANDFILL                   SILVER STREAM RD                       NYD980531495

 NEW YORK                 AMERICAN RADIUM INDUSTRIES             43 WEST 16 TH STREET                   NYD987001476

 NEW YORK                 CONSOLIDATED EDISON /COKING STATION    110 ST                                 NYD980532337

 NEW YORK                 FEDERAL BUILDING                       252-7TH AVENUE                         NY2470000157

 NEW YORK                 GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION        201 VARICK STREET                      NY8470000128

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 45 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEW YORK                 INTERNATIONAL DIAL CO INC              22 WEST 19TH STREET                    NYD075253807

 NEW YORK                 LEROY SHOT & LEAD WORKS                UNKNOWN                                NYD980531578

 NEW YORK                 MANHATTAN GENERAL MAIL FACILITY        WEST 29TH & 9TH AVE                    NY6180000352

 NEW YORK                 NEW YORK TIMES CO                      229 W 43 ST                            NYD001315613

 NEW YORK                 RADIUM LUMINOUS MATERIALS CO           55 LIBERTY STREET                      NYD987001443

 NEW YORK                 TATHAM BROS                            82-84 BEEKMAN ST                       NYD980531602


 NEW YORK CITY            ANCHOR CASTING CO INC.                 38 W 48TH ST                           NYD001617059

 NEWARK                   AGRICO (KERR MCGEE CHEM)               WELCHER RD                             NYD003100229

 NEWARK                   NYSEG NEWARK GAS PLANT SITE            WATER ST                               NYD980531321

 NEWBURGH                 CENTRAL HUDSON G & E /NEWBURGH GAS     SOUTH COLDEN ST                        NYD980531800
 NEWBURGH                 DERBY REFINING COMPANY                 RIVER ROAD                             NYD076673573

 NEWBURGH                 DUPONT STAUFFER DURAMATE               SOUTH ST                               NYD980766182

 NEWBURGH                 E,I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 PIERCES RD                             NYD980531503

 NEWBURGH                 F & T DARRIGO                          LAKESIDE RD                            NYD012928677

 NEWBURGH                 INTERLAKE INC. NEWBURGH PLANT          TEMPLE HILL RD. NEAR UNION             NYD001643816

 NEWBURGH                 NEWBURGH LF                            PIERCES RD                             NYD980534846

 NEWBURGH                 ROUTE 52 DUMP                          SOUTH PLANK ROAD                       NYD980789127

 NEWBURGH                 STAUFFER CHEMICAL                      RENWICK ST& FRONT ST                   NYD980535264

 NEWBURGH                 STAUFFER CHEMICAL                      WINSER RD OFF RTE 52                   NYD980535272


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 46 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 NEWPORT                  MIDDLEVILLE TANNERY DUMP               TOWN OF NORWAY                         NYD986895290

 NEWSTEAD                 NEWSTEAD LF                            SAND HILL RD                           NYD000513978

 NEWSTEAD                 NEWSTEAD SITE                          8471 FLETCHER RD                       NYD986883387

 NEWSTEAD                 SLEEPY HOLLOW CAMPGROUND(FEITSHANS)    SIEHL ROAD                             NYD982531998

 NEWTON FALLS             NEWTON FALLS PAPER                     R D #1                                 NYD001469014

 NIAGARA                  CARBORUNDUM 82,30,32                   BUFFALO AVE                            NYD042513754

 NIAGARA                  OLIN CORP                              102ND & BUFFALO AVE                    NYD980531123

 NIAGARA                  SABRE PARK                             1705 THIRD AVE.                        NYD030222103

 NIAGARA                  TOWN OF NIAGARA LANDFILL               OFF OF LOCKPORT RD                     NYD000514364

 NIAGARA                  UNION CARBIDE                          HYDE PARK BLVD                         NYD002106896

 NIAGARA FALLS            59TH STREET SITE                       5652 KEIS AVENUE                       NYD981136492

 NIAGARA FALLS            64TH ST DUMP-SOUTH & NORTH             750 CHEVY PLACE                        NYD981173305

 NIAGARA FALLS            93RD STREET SCHOOL                     93RD STREET                            NYD980780829

 NIAGARA FALLS            97TH STREET METHODIST CHURCH           99TH STREET                            NYD980534697

 NIAGARA FALLS            ADAMS GENERATING                       BUFFALO 13TH                           NYD980529960

 NIAGARA FALLS            AIRCO SPEERINT GRPH                    4861 PACKARD RD                        NYD980201263

 NIAGARA FALLS            ALCLIFF LANDSCAPING                    1975 MILITARY ROAD                     NYD012953394

 NIAGARA FALLS            APOLLO STEEL                           4800 WILTON AVENUE                     NYD051812170

 NIAGARA FALLS            BASIC CARBON                           1120 CONNECTING ROAD                   NYD000514554

 NIAGARA FALLS            BELDEN SITE                            RIVER ROAD                             NYD980780712

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 47 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NIAGARA FALLS            BUFFALO AVENUE LF                      BUFFALO AVE BETW 57 & 60 STS           NYD980507784

 NIAGARA FALLS            CARBORUNDUM                            SOUTH OF BLD 89                        NYD980507867

 NIAGARA FALLS            CARBORUNDUM                            HYDE PARK BLVD                         NYD000513366

 NIAGARA FALLS            CAYUGA ISLAND LF                       RIVERSHORE DRIVE                       NYD980507925

 NIAGARA FALLS            CECOS INTL                             NIAGARA FALLS BLVD & WALMORE           NYD080336241

 NIAGARA FALLS            CHISHOLM RYDER                         COLLEGE AT HIGHLAND                    NYD002106656

 NIAGARA FALLS            DIBACC0 LF SITE 1                      PORTER & TUSCARORA RDS                 NYD980508097

 NIAGARA FALLS            DUPONT /NECCO PARK                     56TH & PINE                            NYD980532162

 NIAGARA FALLS            E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 BUFFALO AVE & 26TH ST                  NYD002123503

 NIAGARA FALLS            E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 HYDE PARK BLVD                         NYD980508170

 NIAGARA FALLS            FRONTIER BRONZE CORPORATION            4870 PACKARD ROAD                      NYD002105823

 NIAGARA FALLS            FRONTIER CHEM WASTE                    4626 ROYAL AVENUE                      NYD043815703

 NIAGARA FALLS            GIBSON SITE                            PINE & TUSCARORA                       NYD980528616

 NIAGARA FALLS            GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO.             5408 BAKER AVENUE                      NYD002123495

 NIAGARA FALLS            GREAT LAKES CARBON CORPORATION         5700 NIAGARA FALLS BLVD.               NYD002118248

 NIAGARA FALLS            GRIFFON PARK                           RIVER RD                               NYD980506703

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER (102ND STREET)                  102 ST                                 NYD980506810

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER (HYDE PARK)                     HYDE PARK BLVD                         NYD000831644

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER (S AREA)                        BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980651087

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER CHEM /NIAGARA PLANT             BUFFALO AVE & 53RD ST                  NYD980531156

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 48 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER CHEM D-AREA                     BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980651053

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER CHEM F-AREA                     BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980651046

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER CHEM U-AREA                     BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980651004

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER CHEM V-56 AREA                  BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980651020

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER CHEM V-64 AREA                  BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980651012

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER CHEM V-80 AREA                  BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980651038

 NIAGARA FALLS            HOOKER CHEM W-107 AREA                 BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980650998

 NIAGARA FALLS            HYDRAULIC CANAL                        QUAY ST, 3 ST AND NIAGARA BLVD         NYD980506869

 NIAGARA FALLS            INDUSTRIAL WELDING/OLIN CORP           126 PACKARD RD                         NYD002114536

 NIAGARA FALLS            INTL PAPER CO /NIAGARA MILL            1225 BUFFALO AVENUE                    NYD980531925

 NIAGARA FALLS            LASALLE EXPRESSWAY                     WILLIAMS RD                            NYD000514190

 NIAGARA FALLS            LESHNER JUNK                           4821-29 WILTON AVENUE                  NYD021905443

 NIAGARA FALLS            LOVE CANAL                             96 ST                                  NYD000606947

 NIAGARA FALLS            NATIONAL FUEL GAS DISTRIBUTION         6250 PACKARD ROAD                      NYD981136500

 NIAGARA FALLS            NEW ROAD LF                            NEW RD NORTH OF PORTER                 NYD980507149

 NIAGARA FALLS            NEWCO CHEMICAL WASTE SYSTEMS INC       4626 ROYAL AVE                         NYD092468198

 NIAGARA FALLS            NIAGARA FALLS 64TH ST. LF              64TH ST                                NYD980507206

 NIAGARA FALLS            NIAGARA FALLS BUSINESS FORMS           5520 PACKARD RD                        NYD083537167

 NIAGARA FALLS            NIAGARA FALLS FACILITY /USAFR CTR      9400 PORTER ROAD                       NY8210424273

 NIAGARA FALLS            NIAGARA FALLS INTL ARPT                IAP                                    NYD980530992

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 49 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NIAGARA FALLS            NIAGARA JUNCTION RAILWAY               56TH ST AND PINE AVENUE                NYD981136542

 NIAGARA FALLS            NL INDUSTRIES /TAM CERAMICS            4511 HYDE PARK BLVD                    NYD002102473

 NIAGARA FALLS            OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL - OXYCHEM DUREZ    5000 PACKARD RD                        NYD002103216

 NIAGARA FALLS            OLIN CORP                              PINE AVE & 56TH ST                     NYD980507313

 NIAGARA FALLS            OLIN CORP PARKING LOT                  BUFFALO AVE                            NYD002123461

 NIAGARA FALLS            OLIN CORP-DEEP WELL                    BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980507339

 NIAGARA FALLS            OLIN CORP/NIAGARA FALLS PLANT          8700 PINE AVE & TUSCARORA RD           NYD980532683

 NIAGARA FALLS            OLIN-LAGOON/POND                       BUFFALO AVE                            NYD980507347

 NIAGARA FALLS            PASNY                                  ROBERT MOSES PKWY                      NYD038635884

 NIAGARA FALLS            POWER CITY TRUCKING SERVICES I         6421 PACKARD RD                        NYD980758874

 NIAGARA FALLS            PYRON METAL                            5950 PACKARD ROAD                      NYD055054191

 NIAGARA FALLS            ROBERT MOSES PKWY LF                   200 YDS W OF PASN                      NYD000514414

 NIAGARA FALLS            RODEWAY INN                            7001 BUFFALO AVENUE                    NYD980535132

 NIAGARA FALLS            ROSS STEEL                             4237 PINE AVE                          NYD012964359

 NIAGARA FALLS            SEVENSON ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE         2749 LOCKPORT RD.                      NYD980534267

 NIAGARA FALLS            SILBERGELD JUNK YARD 1                 4TH ST S END                           NYD000514455

 NIAGARA FALLS            SKW ALLOYS INC                         WITMER RD                              NYD096311527

 NIAGARA FALLS            SOLVENT CHEM CORP                      3163 BUFFALO AVE                       NYD000349449

 NIAGARA FALLS            ST MARY'S & BISHOP                     520 66TH STREET                        NYD980535249

 NIAGARA FALLS            TITANIUM PIGMENT CO INC                4511 HYDE PARK ST.                     NYD980531669

 NIAGARA FALLS            UNION CARBIDE CORP                     400 47TH ST                            NYD980532410

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 50 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NIAGARA FALLS            US VANADIUM                            3801 HIGHLAND AVE                      NYD980535413

 NIAGARA FALLS            VICINITY OF PINE                       PINE & TUSCARONA AVE                   NYD980535462

 NIAGARA FALLS            VITULLO                                3640 PACKARD RD                        NYD012966800

 NIAGARA FALLS            WHIRLPOOL SITE LF                      UNKNOWN                                NYD980509426

 NIAGARA FALLS            WITMER ROAD SITE                       WITMER & MARYLAND AVE                  NYD980509459

 NICHOLS                  NICHOLS SPILL SITE                     VICINITY OF RIVER ST & MAIN ST         NY0001224096

 NISKAYUNA                GENERAL ELECTRIC - R & D               RIVER RD                               NYD071094197

 NISKAYUNA                JACKSON FARM                           2754 AQUEDUCT RD                       NYD980534523

 NISKAYUNA                KNOLLS ATOMIC POWER LABORATORY         RIVER RD                               NY6890008992

 NORTH AMITYVILLE         SAFETY KLEEN CORP.                     80 SEABRO AVE.                         NYD000708198

 NORTH BABYLON            BURTON INDUSTRIES                      241 - 243 WYANDANCH AVE                NYD065946642

 NORTH CASTLE (T)         ARMONK WELLS                           MAPLE AVE/MAIN STREET                  NYD980780696

 NORTH CHILI              UNION PROCESSING CORP                  3484 SOUTH UNION ST                    NYD079681342

 NORTH COLLINS            FOX ROAD SITE                          LANGFORD & SHIRLEY                     NYD000514026

 NORTH COLLINS            NORTH COLLINS LF                       KETCHUM ROAD, NEAR STEARNS RD          NYD000514018

 NORTH EAST               CULVER ANIMAL DUMP SITE                SOUTH OF SHEKOMEKO                     NYD980768709

 NORTH GREENBUSH          ROXY CLEANERS SITE                     ROUTE 66, HAMLET OF WYNANTSKILL        NY0000377382

 NORTH PATCHOGUE          HOLTSVILLE LF                          BURKLEY AND BLUE POINT RDS             NYD980506786

 NORTH SEA                NORTH SEA MUNICIPAL LANDFILL           MAJORS PATH                            NYD980762520

 NORTH SEA                OLD NORTH SEA LANDFILL                 MAJORS PATH                            NYD982531261

 NORTH SYRACUSE           HANCOCK FIELD                          TAFT & THOMPSON RDS                    NY9572125475

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 51 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NORTH SYRACUSE           SAGE COMPLEX                           510 STEWART DR. W                      NYD981875438

 NORTH TARRYTOWN          LITHIUM SYSTEMS DIVISION               60 ELM STREET                          NYD000692913

 NORTH TONAWANDA          BOOTH OIL CO INC                       76 ROBINSON ST                         NYD002131860

 NORTH TONAWANDA          BOTANICAL GARDENS                      OLDFALLS BLVD                          NYD980528277

 NORTH TONAWANDA          BUFFALO PUMPS DIVISION                 874 OLIVER ST                          NYD002127199

 NORTH TONAWANDA          GRATWICK RIVERSIDE PARK                RIVER ROAD                             NYD000514141

 NORTH TONAWANDA          HOLIDAY PARK                           WALCK-ZIMMERMAN-EROBINSON              NYD980531834

 NORTH TONAWANDA          HOOKER CHEM & PLASTICS                 600-680 WALCK RD                       NYD002106938

 NORTH TONAWANDA          INTL PAPER CO /TONAWANDA MILL          50 BRIDGE STREET                       NYD980531883

 NORTH TONAWANDA          KOPPERS CO INC                         940 RIVER RD                           NYD074042904

 NORTH TONAWANDA          NATIONAL GRINDING LF                   WALCK RD                               NYD980507131

 NORTH TONAWANDA          NIAGARA SANITATION                     NASH RD                                NYD000514380

 NORTH TONAWANDA          NORTH TONAWANDA LF                     WALCK RD & OLD FALL BLVD               NYD000514182

 NORTH TONAWANDA          ROBLIN STEEL                           101 EAST AVE                           NYD002105807

 NORTH TONAWANDA          RUFOLF WURLITZER                       NIAGARA FALLS BLVD                     NYD000911339

 NORTH TONAWANDA          SCHRECK'S SCRAPYARD                    55 SCHENCK STREET                      NYD981560931

 NORTH TONAWANDA          SPERRY REMINGTON                       908 NIAGARA FALLS                      NYD980532550

 NORTHEAST                NORTHEAST LF                           COLEMAN STATION RD                     NYD980507222

 NORWICH                  CHENANGO COUNTY LF (INACTIVE SITE)     E RIVER RD -NR HAWLEYS COR             NYD980532451

 NORWICH                  HUMKO-SHEFFIELD CHEMICAL               WOODS CORNERS                          NYD003935251

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 52 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NORWICH                  NYSEG NORWICH GAS PLANT SITE           BIRDSALL ST                            NYD980531396

 NYACK                    ORANGE & ROCKLAND UTIL /NYACK GAS      GEDNEY ST                              NYD980531511
 NYACK                    WEST NYACK SITE                        ROUTE 303 AT N.Y THRUWAY               NYD980509400

 OAGA                     GENERAL ELECTRIC                       ELECTRONICS PKWY                       NYD059385120

 OAKVILLE                 OAKVILLE DRUM SITE - LILCO             ACCESS ROAD OFF COUNTY RTE 113         NYD981186893

 OAKVILLE                 OAKVILLE DRUM SITE - WJF               ACCESS ROAD OFF PLEASURE DRIVE         NYD981186885

 OCEANSIDE                GULF OIL CORP.                         INDUSTRIAL PLACE                       NYD000632430

 OCEANSIDE                OCEANSIDE LANDFILL                     3737 LONG BEACH RD                     NYD980646442

 OCEANSIDE (              AUTOTRONIC PRODUCTS                    3300 LAWSON BOULEVARD                  NYD981184211

 OGDEN                    CHILI PLASTIC                          SEMINARY DR                            NYD980528400

 OGDEN                    OGDEN TOWN DUMP                        LYELL STREET                           NYD980768741

 OGDEN                    SPENCERPORT DUMP                       500 WEST AVE                           NYD980762488

 OGDENSBURG               ST LAWRENCE PULP & PAPER CORP          2 MADISON AVE                          NYD000332924

 OLD BETHPAGE             CLAREMONT POLYCHEMICAL                 501 WINDING ROAD                       NYD002044584

 OLD BETHPAGE             NASSAU COUNTY FIRE TRAINING CENTER     WINDING ROAD                           NYD982531949

 OLEAN                    CF INDUSTRIES INC OLEAN NITROG         1446 BUFFALO STREET                    NYD055057665

 OLEAN                    FELMONT                                1439 BUFFALO STREET                    NYD980508253

 OLEAN                    OLEAN STEEL                            EAST STATE RD (OLD PORTVILLE RD)       NYD987004694

 OLEAN                    OLEAN WELL FIELD                       LAUREN ST                              NYD980528657

 OLEAN                    VAN DER HORST #2                       900 WEST CONNELL ST.                   NYD986878775

 OLEAN                    VAN DER HORST CORP OF AMERICA          314 PENN AVENUE                        NYD980780928

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 53 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ONEIDA                   INLAND CHEMICAL                        639 FITCH ST.                          NYD980640825

 ONEIDA                   NIAGARA MOHAWK /ONEIDA OPERATIONS      SCONONDOA ST                           NYD980664254

 ONEONTA                  NYSEG ONEONTA GAS PLANT SITE           GAS AVE                                NYD980531271

 ONEONTA                  ONEONTA CTY LF                         MORNINGSIDE DR                         NYD000512327

 ONONDAGA                 BLACK BEAUTY                           ROUTE 11                               NYD986950244

 ONONDAGA                 DOT SPLIT ROCK ROAD SITE               ONONDAGA BLVD.                         NYD986882652

 ONONDAGA                 TRIPOLI LF                             CEDARVALE RD                           NYD980509293

 OPPENHEIM                DOLGEVILLE LF                          SWEET HILL RD                          NYD980528517

 ORANGE                   CORNWALL LF.                           HOLLORAN RD                            NYD982276933

 ORANGETOWN               CAMP SHANKS LANDFILL                   RT 303                                 NYD982181109

 ORCHARD PARK             GUTENKIST                              RTE 277, 6384 CHESTNUT RIDGE R         NYD980528640

 ORCHARD PARK             OLD BRICKYARD                          ROUTE 240                              NYD981561061

 ORCHARD PARK             ORCHARD PK BRICKYARD                   TOWN LINE RD                           NYD980534952

 ORIENT POINT             USDA PLUM ISLAND #1                    UNKNOWN                                NY5120010710

 ORISKANY                 ONEIDA COUNTY AIRPORT                  CLEAN RD                               NYD980534945

 ORWELL                   ORWELL LADDER CO                       RTE 2                                  NYD000511634

 OSSINING                 AQUEDUCT ST SITE                       37 AQUEDUCT ST                         NYD986943074

 OSSINING                 OSSINING HISTORICAL SOCIETY            36 SOUTH HIGHLAND AVENUE               NYD987001450

 OSSINING                 PRINTEX CORP                           34 STATE ST                            NYD013008446

 OSWEGO                   BRENEMAN INC                           8 EAST UTICA ST                        NYD095587481

 OSWEGO                   MONARCH CHEMICALS INC.                 1620 GLEN MARY DRIVE                   NYD980753701

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 54 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OSWEGO                   NIAGARA MOHAWK /OSWEGO OPERATIONS      WEST FIRST ST                          NYD980664262

 OSWEGO                   NIAGARA MOHAWK FIRE TRAINING SCHOOL    EAST SENECA STREET                     NYD986870996

 OSWEGO                   OSWEGO CITY TRANSFER STATION           EAST SENECA STREET                     NYD980663686

 OSWEGO                   PAS IRWIN DUMP                         BYER RD                                NYD000511618

 OSWEGO                   POLLUTION ABATEMENT SERVICES           55 SENECA ST                           NYD000511659

 OSWEGO                   TACKLE SHOP                            357 WEST FIRST STREET                  NYD986899631

 OVID (T)                 SAMPSON STATE PARK                     ROUTE 96-A, RONULUS                    NYD980535157

 OWEGE                    VICTORY PLAZA                          TAYLOR ROADS                           NYD986913309

 OWEGO                    IBM                                    BODLE HILL RD                          NYD000511675

 OWEGO                    IBM                                    RTE 17C EAST                           NYD002232973

 OWEGO                    NYSEG OWEGO GAS PLANT SITE             WEST MAIN ST                           NYD980531453

 OWEGO                    TIOGA CASTING FACILITIES               1 FOUNDRY STREET                       NYD002245819

 OWEGO                    TIOGA CASTINGS-WEITSMAN PROPERTY       15 WEST MAIN ST (RTE 17C)              NYD000511683

 OWEGO/NICHOLS            CHANDLER DUMP SITE                     SULFER SPRINGS RD                      NYD980507941

 OYSTER BAY               OLD BETHPAGE LANDFILL                  ROUND SWAMP RD                         NYD980531727

 OYSTER BAY               SYOSSET LANDFILL                       150 MILLER PLACE                       NYD000511360

 OZONE PARK               LIBERTY HEAT TREATING CO. INC.         100-15 94TH AVENUE                     NYD053169694

 PAINTED POST             INGERSOLL RAND                         RTES 17 & 15                           NYD980506893

 PALATINE BRIDGE          BURGESS CORP                           WEST GRAND ST                          NYD980528319

 PALERMO                  BURTON JUNKYARD                        ROUTE 35                               NYD981185226

 PALMYRA                  GARLOCK INC /DIV OF COLT IND           1666 DIVISION ST                       NYD002210920

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 55 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PALMYRA                  NYSEG PALMYRA GAS PLANT SITE           RR AVE                                 NYD980531347

 PARISH                   PAS HOLBROOK PROPERTY                  BANGALL RD                             NYD000511600

 PARISH                   POWERLINE SITE                         RICE RD                                NYD980507529

 PARMA                    BEEHLER AND RADFORD                    600 BURRITT ROAD                       NYD002464378

 PARMA                    PARMA DUMP                             4618 RIDGE ROAD                        NYD981560857

 PARMA                    TRIMMER ROAD LF                        TRIMMER RD                             NYD000511840

 PATCHOGUE                PERSON & TURANO                        426 EAST MAIN ST                       NYD981875271

 PATCHOQUE                PATCHOQUE GAS PLANT                    MAIN STREET & RIVER AVE                NYD986881803

 PATTERSON                CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL BLDG PROD       NY #22                                 NYD980531743

 PATTERSON                CROSS COUNTY SANITATION                CORNWALL HILL RD                       NYD980528491

 PATTERSONVILLE           ROTTERDAM LF (ACTIVE)                  RYNEX CORNERS RD                       NYD980762751

 PAWLING                  NYSDOT SPILL NO 811902                 ROUTE 22                               NYD981186216

 PAWLING                  PAWLING LF                             RIVER RD                               NYD980507453

 PAWLING                  PAWLING RUBBER CORP                    157 CHARLES COLMAN BLVD.               NYD001354349

 PAWLING                  UNITED NUCLEAR CORP                    OLD RTE 55                             NY2141735389

 PEARL RIVER              LEDERLE LABORATORIES /AMERICAN         MIDDLETOWN RD                          NYD054065909
 PEEKSKILL                MAGNA METALS                           FURNACE DOCK RD                        NYD001394881

 PEEKSKILL                MEARL CORP                             1057 LOWER S ST                        NYD982719122

 PEEKSKILL                PEEKSKILL PLAZA                        20 WELCHER AVENUE                      NY0000007179


 PENDLETON                FRONTIER CHEM WASTE                    TOWN LINE & BEACH RD                   NYD000514133

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 56 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PENN YAN                 NYSEG PENN YAN GAS PLANT SITE          WATER ST                               NYD980531313

 PENN YAN                 PENN YAN BOATS (AMERICAN MARINE        WADDELL AVE                            NYD002217008
 PERINTON                 HIGH ACRES SANITARY LANDFILL           425 PERINTON PARKWAY                   NYD981186190

 PERINTON                 PLUMB GRAVEL                           673 MACEDON CENTER R                   NYD000511808

 PERINTON (FAIRPORT)      PERINTON LF                            PERINTON PKWY (BUDLONG RD)             NYD980762579

 PERRY                    FITCH FARM                             SCHENCK RD                             NYD980528574

 PERRY                    FORMSO SITE                            7619 WATER STREET                      NYD987025699

 PIERMONT                 PIERMONT LF                            FERRY RD                               NYD980507503

 PITTSFORD                JARL EXTRUSIONS                        860 WEST LINDEN AVENUE                 NYD002209625

 PITTSFORD                NYSDOT PITTSFORD                       3837 MONROE AVENUE                     NYD981560832

 PITTSFORD                PITTSFORD TOWN DUMP                    MARSH ROAD                             NYD981560865

 PLAINVIEW                DIE-MATIC PROD INC                     130 EXPRESS ST                         NYD002047033

 PLAINVIEW                MERGENTHALER LINOTYPE                  MERGENTHALER DR                        NYD056022833

 PLAINVIEW                PRECO INDUSTRIES INC.                  55 SKYLINE DRIVE                       NYD052783396

 PLAINVIEW                THREE DIMENSIONAL CIRCUITS             11 & 31 COMMERCIAL ST.                 NYD990774184

 PLAINVILLE               100 COMMERCIAL STREET                  100 COMMERCIAL STREET                  NY0001119411

 PLATTEKILL               HERTEL LANDFILL                        RTE 44/55 BEDELL AVE & TUCKERS         NYD980780779

 PLATTSBURG               PLATTSBURG MUNICIPAL LIGHTING DEPT.    GREEN STREET                           NYD986895795


 PLATTSBURGH              PLATTSBURGH AIR FORCE BASE             PLATTSBURGH AFB                        NY4571924774

 PLATTSBURGH              STAR METAL                             209 RUGAR STREET                       NYD080457070

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 57 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PLEASANT VALLEY          MACKEY PROPERTY                        PINEHILL & SCOUT RDS                   NYD980534655

 PLEASANT VALLEY          PARDEE PROPERTY                        MASTEN RD                              NYD980535041

 PLEASANT VALLEY          PLEASANT VALLEY LF                     PINE HILL RD                           NYD980507511

 PLEASANT VALLEY          WILTSIE PROPERTY                       BOWER ROAD                             NYD982531253

 PLEASANTVILLE            ELECTRONICS FOR MEDICINE               1 CAMPUS DRIVE                         NYD986882694

 PLEASANTVILLE            SINGER CO /GPL DIV                     63 BEDFORD RD                          NYD980530026

 POMONA                   BAR LABORATORIES INC.                  2 QUAKER RD                            NYD044837086

 POMPEY                   SOLVENT SAVERS II                      ROUTE 20 AND RIDGE ROAD                NYD981561962

 POMPEY                   TOWN OF POMPEY                         RIDGE RD. & RT. 20                     NYD982272718

 PORT CHESTER             CLARK PLACE                            14 CLARK PLACE                         NY0001565936

 PORT CHESTER             TECHNICAL RECOVERY SERVICE CORP.       1 MARTIN PLACE                         NYD980651475

 PORT EWEN                HERCULES INC                           PORT EWEN WORKS                        NYD002005809

 PORT HENRY               PORT HENRY-MINEVILLE AREA              FORGE HOLLOW ROAD                      NYD987004686

 PORT JEFFERSON STATION   BROOK HAVEN BLVD.                      BROOK HAVEN BOULEVARD                  NYD986883429


 PORT JERVIS              BARRIER INDUSTRIES                     200 EAST MAIN STREET                   NYD002014546

 PORT JERVIS              CARROLL & DUBIES SEWAGE DISPOSAL       CANAL STREET                           NYD010968014

 PORT JERVIS              COACHMAN CARTING                       HAMILTON ST                            NYD981183379

 PORT JERVIS              ORANGE & ROCKLAND OTIL /PORT JERVIS    16 PIKE ST                             NYD980531537

 PORT WASHINGTON          FORMER MUNSEY CLEANERS                 1029 PORT WASHINGTON BLVD              NYD051873297

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 58 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PORT WASHINGTON          PORT WASHINGTON LANDFILL               WEST SHORE RD                          NYD980654206

 PORTER                   J & T AUTOMOTIVE SALVAGE               1209 BALMER ROAD                       NYD981562010

 PORTER                   SCIENTIFIC LF 5                        UNKNOWN                                NYD980507669

 PORTER CENTER            YOUNGSTOWN TENN ANN                    BALMER RD                              NY8570028391

 PORTER TWP               AIR FORCE PLANT #38                    PORTER & BALMER RDS                    NY4570024642

 PORTVILLE                WESTON MILLS (GEORGE STEVENS)          ROUTE 417                              NYD980535546

 POTSDAM                  WASTE STREAM, INC.                     145 OUTER MAPLE STREET                 NYD982716938

 POUGHKEEPSIE             BERN COLORS                            75 NORTH WATER ST                      NYD002013951

 POUGHKEEPSIE             CENTRAL HUDSON G & E CORP              NORTH WATER ST                         NYD980641583

 POUGHKEEPSIE             CENTRAL HUDSON G & E POUGHKEEPSIE GAS  LAUREL ST                              NYD980531784
 POUGHKEEPSIE             DUTCHESS SANITATION SERVICES           275 VAN WAGNER RD                      NYD000517292

 POUGHKEEPSIE             GREAT EASTERN LITHOGRAPHIC CO.         40 VIOLET AVENUE                       NYD001272152

 POUGHKEEPSIE             HERB REDL DEMO & RUBBISH               SALT PT TPKE                           NYD004986675

 POUGHKEEPSIE             HUDSON RIVER PSYCHIATRIC CENTER        ROUTE 9                                NYD980779490

 POUGHKEEPSIE             IBM                                    S RD                                   NYD080480734

 POUGHKEEPSIE             IBM B906/931                           ROUTE 55                               NYD980776256

 POUGHKEEPSIE             IBM B952/982                           NEPTUNE RD                             NYD982531881

 POUGHKEEPSIE             IBM B953 (AIRPORT)                     ROUTE 104                              NYD982531899

 POUGHKEEPSIE             IBM BOARDMAN ROAD                      BOARDMAN ROAD                          NYD000799130

 POUGHKEEPSIE             IBM COUNTRY CLUB                       RT 9                                   NYD982531907

 POUGHKEEPSIE             JAMES BURN INT'L DIV. OF STANDEX CO.   205 COTTAGE ST.                        NYD089103840

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 59 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 POUGHKEEPSIE             JOHNNY-ON-THE-SPOT CLEANERS            736 NAIN STREET                        NYD071092233

 POUGHKEEPSIE             LUMB WOODWORKING COMPANY INC.          183 SMITH ST.                          NYD001526243

 POUGHKEEPSIE             MID-HUDSON INDUSTRIAL PARK             70 OVEROCKER RD                        NYD080463441

 POUGHKEEPSIE             ORCHARD PLACE (QUAL KROM)              28 ORCHARD PLACE                       NYD071091292

 POUGHKEEPSIE             PAGE INDUSTRIAL PARK(TAU INDUSTRIES)   OFF OF ROUTE 55                        NY0000007377

 POUGHKEEPSIE             POUGHKEEPSIE LF                        RTE 44 & BURNETT BLVD                  NYD020659363

 POUGHKEEPSIE             SCHATZ FEDERAL BEARING CO LF           223-247 VAN WAGNER AVE                 NYD980640866

 POUGHKEEPSIE             SCHATZ PLANT                           70 FAIRVIEW AVENUE                     NYD982531246

 POUGHKEEPSIE             TAU LABS                               PAGE INDUSTRIAL PARK BLDG 904          NYD054011382

 POUGHKEEPSIE             VANDEWATER PROP                        DUTCHESS TKP-NORTH OF 44 PLAZA         NYD980535447

 PULASKI                  PAS JAMES LYBOULT                      SHERMAN LACY RD                        NYD980507420

 PUTNAM VALLEY            ORLANDO LF                             KRAMERS POND RD                        NYD000516567

 QUEENS                   BKLYN UNION GAS /CAMBRIA HTS GATE STA  208TH ST & 116TH AVE                   NYD980532295

 QUEENS                   BKLYN UNION GAS /KENNEDY GATE STA      W HANGER & COMMISSARY R JFK            NYD980532253

 QUEENS                   BKLYN UNION GAS /VAN WYCK GATE         135-16 116TH AVE                       NYD980532303
 QUEENS                   EDGEMERE LF                            BEACH CHANNEL DR AND 49TH ST           NYD980754725

 QUEENS                   FLUSHING RIVER COKING STATION          32ND AVE (NR FLUSHING RIVER)           NYD980532345

 QUEENS                   NEWTOWN CREEK SOLVENT DRUM             NEWTOWN CREEK                          NYD987015245

 QUEENS                   ROCKAWAY PARK GAS PLANT                ROCKAWAY PARK                          NYD986881688

 QUEENS VILLAGE           DEKNATEL (DIV OF PFIZER HOSP PROD)     96-14 222ND ST.                        NYD093760775

 QUEENSBURY               FINCH PRUYN                            OFF RTE 149                            NYD980508279

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 60 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 QUEENSBURY               LUZERNE ROAD SITE                      LUZERNE ROAD                           NYD982531923

 QUEENSBURY               MEADS NURSERY FIRE                     360 RIDGE RD                           NYD982181430

 QUEENSBURY               PCB DISPOSAL                           HAMLET OF W GLENS FL                   NYD980534978

 QUEENSBURY               USCI-CR BARD INC.                      266 BAY ROAD                           NYD063784797

 QUOGUE                   CHARLES CARCLO & SON, INC              OLD COUNTRY ROAD                       NYD986925212

 QUOGUE                   OLD QUOGUE LANDFILL                    OLD COUNTRY ROAD                       NYD981184146

 RADISON                  NEW YORK ORDNANCE WORKS                THREE RIVERS GAME MGMT AREA            NYD980654370

 RAMAPO                   RAMAPO INCINERATOR                     RTE 45 & INCIN R                       NYD980507545

 RAMAPO                   RAMAPO LANDFILL                        RTE 59                                 NYD000511493

 RAMAPO                   TORNE MOUNTAIN SAND & GRAVEL CO        TORNE VALLEY RD                        NYD980640858

 RAMAPO                   TORNE VALLEY ROAD SITE                 (ORANGE TNPK) 500 MTRS N. RTE 59 &     NY0001407857
 RAMSOMVILLE              RANSOMVILLE TEST ANNEX                 P O BOX 173                            NYD980535058

 RANSOMVILLE              ALLIED CORP SYRACUSE RES LAB           3119 RANDALL RD                        NYD002128544

 RED HOOK                 ATLANTIC ASBESTOS                      SPRING LAKE RD                         NYD980202014

 RED HOOK                 DUTCHESS METAL FINISHERS INC           RTE 199 E                              NYD045644093

 RED HOOK                 RED HOOK ROD & GUN CLUB                FREEBORN LANE                          NYD980535082

 RED HOOK                 RED HOOK-ROKEBY ROAD                   ROKEBY ROAD & ROUTE 9-G                NYD982268807

 RED HOOK                 SESSLER PROP                           METZGAR RD                             NYD980535199

 RENSSELAER               BASF WYANDOTTE CORP                    33 RIVERSIDE AVE                       NYD093249688

 RENSSELAER               BASF/GAF                               36 RIVERSIDE AVENUE                    NYD000234971

 RENSSELAER               RENSSELAER LF                          PARTITION ST                           NYD980535090

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 61 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RENSSELAER               STERLING DRUG INC SITE #1              33 RIVERSIDE AVE                       NYD002067924

 RETSOF                   GENESEE & WYOMING RR CO /ENGINE HSE    3546 RETSOF RD                         NYD980531248
 RIDGE                    MID ISLAND MAINTENANCE CENTER          484 RANDALL RD                         NYD980593362

 RIGA                     RIGA TOWN DUMP                         SAVAGE RD                              NYD980762512

 RIVERHEAD                FARM ROAD WEST                         WADING RIVER                           NYD982181356

 RIVERHEAD                RIVERHEAD LF                           YOUNGS AVE                             NYD980762652

 ROCHESTER                AID TO HOSPITALS INC                   MCKEE RD                               NYD045611670

 ROCHESTER                BAUSCH & LOMB INC/FRAME CTR            465 PAUL RD                            NYD002207744

 ROCHESTER                BROOKS AVE. TANK FARM RGEC             755 BROOKS AVENUE                      NYD000818781

 ROCHESTER                CARTER STREET DUMP                     56 BRAMBURY DR.                        NYD981560840

 ROCHESTER                DEARCOP                                DEARCOP RD AND VARIAN LANE             NYD980528509

 ROCHESTER                EMERSON ST LF                          SURROUNDING EMERSON ST/LEE RD          NYD980532477

 ROCHESTER                GILLETTE MACH & TOOL                   955 MILSTEAD WAY                       NYD002206860

 ROCHESTER                GMC ROCHESTER PROD DIV                 1000 LEXINGTON AVE                     NYD002215234

 ROCHESTER                KARAM PETROLEUM INC.                   1935 LYELL AVENUE                      NYD043075662

 ROCHESTER                KODAK PARK DIVISION EASTMAN KODAK CO   1669 LAKE AVE                          NYD980592497

 ROCHESTER                MONROE FORGING                         MCKEE AVE                              NYD043077619

 ROCHESTER                MONROE PLATING INC.                    265 HOLLENBECK STREET                  NYD091662726

 ROCHESTER                MXR INNOVATIONS INC                    NEWBERRY ST                            NYD980531768

 ROCHESTER                NAVAL INDUSTRIAL RESERVE ORDNANCE      121 LINCOLN AVE                        NY6170022010

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 62 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ROCHESTER                OLIN CHEMICAL CORPORATION              100 MCKEE ROAD                         NYD002220804

 ROCHESTER                PHOTEC, INC                            1000 DRIVING PARK AVENUE               NYD064258031

 ROCHESTER                RAECO PRODUCTS                         10 AMBROSE STREET                      NYD000692368

 ROCHESTER                ROCHESTER CIRCUITS INC.                100 CARLSON ROAD                       NYD094410586

 ROCHESTER                ROCHESTER CITY LF                      SOUTH OF PATTONWOOD DR                 NYD980535108

 ROCHESTER                ROCHESTER FIRE ACADEMY                 1190 SCOTTSVILLE RD                    NYD980535116

 ROCHESTER                ROCHESTER G & E PROPERTY #29           298 LAKE AVE                           NYD980531222

 ROCHESTER                ROCHESTER G & E PROPERTY #34           SUNPRU ST                              NYD980531230

 ROCHESTER                ROCHESTER GAS & ELECTRIC BEEBEE        254 MILL ST                            NYD043069996
 ROCHESTER                ROCHESTER GERMICIDE                    333 HOLLENBECK ST.                     NYD002207041

 ROCHESTER                ROCHESTER LANDFILL                     NORTH OF PATTONWOOD DR                 NYD980774046

 ROCHESTER                SUN CHEMICAL CORP.- GPI DIVISION       795 BEAHAN ROAD                        NYD041288689

 ROCHESTER                TAYLOR INSTRUMENT CO /DIV OF SYBRON    95 AMES ST                             NYD002211415

 ROCHESTER                TEXACO USA /A DIV OF TEXACO INC        335 MCKEE ROAD                         NYD000694422

 ROCK CITY FALLS          TEN EYCK SEWAGE DISPOSAL               EMIGH RD                               NYD980535322

 ROCKY POINT              FRIENDSHIP DRIVE                       FRIENDSHIP DRIVE                       NYD982271512

 ROCKY POINT              NOAH'S PATH                            NOAH'S PATH & HALLOCK LANDING RD.      NYD982272726

 ROME                     GRIFFISS AIR FORCE BASE                GRIFFISS AIR FORCE BASE                NY4571924451

 ROME                     NIAGARA MOHAWK /GAS REG STA            KINGSLEY AVE                           NYD980664221

 ROME                     OLD GENERAL CABLE                      MILL ST                                NY0001119403

 ROME                     ROME LANDFILL                          TANNERY RD                             NYD980507602

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 63 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ROME                     ROME/FLOYD WELLS                       CANTERBURY HILL ROAD (CROSS PHILPS     NYD986966711
 ROMULUS                  SENECA ARMY DEPOT                      SDSSE-AD                               NY0213820830

 RONKONKOMA               CENTRAL AVIATION & MARINE CORP         2125 SMITHTOWN AVE                     NYD002412963

 ROSCOE                   ROSCOE WOOD PRODUCTS                   YORKTOWN ROAD                          NYD986870608

 ROSLYN                   TEXACO USA                             LANDING ROAD & SKILLMAN ROAD           NYD000692459

 ROTTEDRAM JUNCTION       SCHENECTADY CHEM INC                   RTE 55                                 NYD002070118

 ROTTERDAM                CAMPBELL PLASTICS                      CAMPBELL RD                            NYD096925524

 ROTTERDAM                ROTTERDAM LF (OLD)                     BURDECK RD                             NYD066823444

 ROYALTON                 TOWN OF ROYALTON LANDFILL              GRISWALD RD                            NYD000514430

 RUSSIA                   J & J TRUCKING                         ROSE VALLEY ROAD                       NYD986868222

 RYE                      RYE AUTO COLLISION WORKS               182 NORTH ST                           NYD013166483

 RYE BROOK                PORT REFINERY                          55 HILLANDALE                          NYD986954048

 SAG HARBOR               ROWE INDUSTRIES GND WATER              NOYACK ROAD                            NYD981486954
 SAG HARBOR               SAG HARBOR BRIDGE STREET               BRIDGE STREET                          NYD986869170

 SAG HARBOR               SAG HARBOR LF                          BRIDGEHAMPTON-SAG HARBOR TPKE          NYD980762637

 SALAMANCA                KING WINDOW                            296 ROCHESTER STREET                   NYD982536369

 SALAMANCA                SALAMANCA DRUM SITE                    65 SOUTH AVENUE                        NYD986871697

 SALAMANCA                SENECA CRAFTSMAN                       173 ROCHESTER STREET                   NYD059956219

 SALINA                   LEY CREEK PCB DREDGINGS                FACTORY AVE.                           NYD982531915

 SAND LAKE                SAND LAKE LF.                          CHAMBERLAIN RD.                        NYD982273989


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 64 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SARATOGA SPRINGS         SARATOGA SPRINGS LF                    WEIBEL AVE                             NYD000512541


 SAUGERTIES               NORTHEAST SOLITE CORP                  5079A KINGS HIGHWAY                    NYD050424324

 SAUGERTIES               PHILIPS COMPONENTS, DISCRETE PRO.      5083 KINGS HIGHWAY                     NYD000233510

 SAUGERTIES               ROTRON INC                             DUBOIS ROAD                            NYD000693036

 SAUGERTIES               ROTRON INC.                            SAWYER INDUSTRIAL PARK                 NY0000330126

 SAUGERTIES               SAUGERTIES LF                          RTE 212                                NYD980507636

 SAUGERTIES               USCG AIDS TO NAVIGATION TEAM           7063 LIGHT HOUSE DRIVE                 NY5690311282

 SAVANNAH                 VERDI CONSTRUCTION CO                  RTE 31                                 NYD098128473

 SAYVILLE                 ISLIP SAYVILLE LANDFILL                LINCOLN AVENUE                         NYD980216451


 SCHENECTADY              CHELTINGHAM LF                         CHELTINGHAM AVE                        NYD980507958

 SCHENECTADY              GENERAL ELECTRIC                       1 RIVER RD                             NYD002084135

 SCHENECTADY              GENERAL ELECTRIC                       1 CAMPBELL RD                          NYD052987096

 SCHENECTADY              NIAGARA MOHAWK /CREW LOCATION          SENECA ST                              NYD980664346

 SCHENECTADY              NIAGARA MOHAWK/SCHENECTADY             BROADWAY                               NYD980664304

 SCHENECTADY              NISKAYUNA SLF                          2555 RIVER RD                          NYD000518027

 SCHENECTADY              SALISBURY FUEL OIL CORP.               ANTHONY STREET                         NYD013200274

 SCHENECTADY              UNITED PLATING                         1776 FOSTER AVENUE                     NYD986924280

 SCHODACK                 SCHODACK LANDFILL                      POYNEER ROAD                           NYD982532004

 SCHODACK                 WEST CENTRAL ENVIRONMENTAL             ROUTE 9                                NYD980755342

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 65 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SCHROON                  I-87 MILE MARKER 86-87                 INTERSTATE 87                          NYD986994598

 SCHUYLER                 LOCKWOOD FARMS                         HERKIMER RD                            NYD980534622

 SCOTTSVILLE              MONROE-LIVINGSTON LF                   1243A SOUTH RD                         NYD021749676

 SCRIBA                   ALCAN ALUMINUM CORP SHEET & PLATE DIV  LAKE ROAD                              NYD003980216

 SCRIBA                   HEERS COMPLAINT                        HAY FLY RD                             NYD980534465

 SEAR'S CORNERS           HIPOTRONICS                            RTE 22                                 NYD002015030

 SELKIRK                  NORYL PROD DEPT                        NORYL AVE                              NYD066832023

 SENECA FALLS             GOULDS PUMPS ENG                       240 FALL ST                            NYD002225100

 SENECA FALLS             GTE PROD CORP                          JOHNSTON ST                            NYD002246015

 SENECA FALLS             MONTEZUMA NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE     3395 ROUTE 5/20 EAST                   NY2143609335

 SENECA FALLS             TANTALO LF                             SALCMAN RD (P.O. BOX 65)               NYD013353032

 SENECA ONTARIO           ONTARIO COUNTY LF                      NYS ROUTE 5 & US ROUTE 20              NYD986913598

 SHELBY                   FMC CORP. (DUBLIN ROAD LANDFILL)       DUBLIN RD                              NYD000511857

 SHELTER ISLAND           SHELTER ISLAND LF                      MENANTIC RD                            NYD980762629

 SHERBURNE                GENERAL INSTRUMENT CORP                TACO STREET                            NYD091966325

 SHERRILL                 ONEIDA LTD. SILVERSMITHS               SENECA ROAD                            NYD002229128

 SHIRLEY                  MERRICK RD                             BOUNDED BY WILLIAM FLOYD PKWY,         NYD982531402

 SHOREHAM                 PEERLESS PHOTO PRODUCTS INC            RTE 25A                                NYD002044139


 SIDNEY                   BENDIX-ELEC (OLD SITE)                 NEW RTE 8                              NYD000512517

 SIDNEY                   GCL TIE AND TREATING INC               DELAWARE AVENUE                        NYD981566417

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 66 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SIDNEY                   RICHARDSON HILL ROAD LANDFILL/POND     RICHARDSON HILL RD                     NYD980507735

 SIDNEY                   SIDNEY LANDFILL                        RICHARDSON HILL RD                     NYD980507677

 SILVER SPRINGS           MORTON SALT                            45 E RIBAUD AVE                        NYD053589552

 SKANEATELES FALLS        STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO                   JORDAN RD                              NYD004859955

 SLOATSBURG               RAMAPO PIECE & DYE WORKS               RT 17 MILL ST.                         NYD982181133

 SMITHTOWN                EXPRESSWAY AGGREGATES                  CROOKED HILL ROAD & LIE                NYD986995884

 SMITHTOWN                MEADOW GLENN ROAD                      MEADOW GLENN RD.                       NYD982272825

 SMITHTOWN                SOUTH MONTCLAIR AVENUE SITE            SOUTH MONTCLAIR AVENUE                 NYD982181042

 SMITHTOWN                STAR SAND AND GRAVEL CORPORATION       LAWRENCE ROAD                          NYD981186935

 SODUS                    BARKER CHEMICAL                        WAGEMAKER RD.                          NYD981484447

 SOLON                    CORTLAND CTY LF                        TOWN LINE RD                           NYD000512780

 SOLVAY                   ALLIED CHEMICAL-SEMET-SOLVAY TAR BED   MILTON AVENUE                          NYD002244945

 SOLVAY                   LCP CHEMICAL /NY INC                   MATHEWS AVE                            NYD095586376

 SOLVAY (TOWN)            FRAZER & JONES                         3000 MILTON AVE                        NYD002225597

 SOUTH CAIRO              AMERICAN THERMOSTAT CO                 RTE 23 B                               NYD002066330

 SOUTH GLEN FALLS         GE MOREAU                              FT EDWARD & WM ST                      NYD980528335

 SOUTH GLENS FALLS        NIAGARA MOHAWK /S GLENS FALLS          BLUEBIRD RD                            NYD980664387

 SOUTH ISLIP              SPUR DRIVE                             SPUR DRIVE                             NYD982273443

                          EQPT.                                  HIGHWAY
 SOUTHAMPTON              HAMPTON BAYS LF                        JACKSON AVE                            NYD980762587

 SOUTHAMPTON              RCA RIVERHEAD                          RIVERHEAD - QUOGUE ROAD                NYD980654396

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 67 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SOUTHOLD                 CARY TANK FARM                         LUTHER'S ROAD (BREAKWATER ROAD)        NYD986932069

 SOUTHPORT                CHEMUNG CORRECTIONAL FACILITY          INSTITUTION ROAD                       NYD982531840

 SOUTHPORT                REMINGTON RAND                         CEDAR ST                               NYD000511717

 SPAFFORD                 AL HUBBARD CLD BROOK                   COLD BROOK RD                          NYD980528228

 SPENCERPORT              LIPARI/MONARCH SAND & GRAV.            PINE HILL RD                           NYD980534747

 SPEONK                   BBS TREATED LUMBER                     SPEONK-RIVER HEAD ROAD                 NYD986869162

 SPEONK LONG ISLAND       SPEONK SAND AND GRAVEL                 SUNRISE HIGHWAY                        NYD986960250

 SPRING VALLEY            RAMAPO HELICOPTER                      SMITH ROAD                             NYD986949535

 SPRING VALLEY            SPRING VALLEY WELL FIELD               INTERSECT OF MAPLE & MAIN ST           NYD980780860

 SPRINGFIELD GARDEN       QUEENS WILDLIFE PRESERVE               100 47TH AVE & 221ST                   NYD982279887

 SPRINGPORT               TOWN LINE ROAD DUMP SITE               TOWN LINE ROAD                         NYD982532012

 SPRINGS                  EAST HAMPTON LF                        ACABONACK RD.                          NYD097531990

 SPRINGVILLE              PEERLESS WINSMITH                      172 EATON ST                           NYD002123552

 SPRINGVILLE              SPRINGVILLE LF                         MILL ST                                NYD074024399

 SPRINGWATER              SPRINGWATER LF                         MOOSE RD                               NYD980509178

 ST JAMES                 ARLINGTON AVE.                         ARLINGTON AVE.                         NYD986883379

 ST JOHNSVILLE            MGM TEXTILES                           75-79 NORTH DIVISION ST                NY0000100131

 ST JOHNSVILLE            PALATINE DYEING CO INC                 N DIV ST                               NYD980531016

 ST JOHNSVILLE            ST JOHNSVILLE LF                       OLD BARGE CANAL                        NYD085746337

 STARKEY                  CLAUDE PULVER LF                       DUNDEE-STARKEY RD                      NYD980507974

 STATEN ISLAND            A & A LANDFILL                         SOUTH AVE                              NYD986959633

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 68 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 STATEN ISLAND            ARDEN HEIGHTS SHOPPING MALL            1547-1549 ARTHUR KILL ROAD             NYD980780688

 STATEN ISLAND            ARDEN WOODS ESTATE                     ARDENT AMBOY RDS                       NYD982181398

 STATEN ISLAND            BARGE 210 AND BERMAN NATHAN            NO FIXED ADDRESS                       NYD986973824

 STATEN ISLAND            BERMAN ENTERPROSES                     1ST MARINE SHIPYARD/2945 RICHMOND      NYD986936953
 STATEN ISLAND            BKLYN UNION GAS /CLIFTON WORKS         WILLOW AVE & BAY ST                    NYD980532071

 STATEN ISLAND            BKLYN UNION GAS COMPANY /TETCO         LINDEN PL & NEW LANE                   NYD980532279
 STATEN ISLAND            BROOKFIELD AVENUE LANDFILL             ARTHUR KILL ROAD                       NYD980754717

 STATEN ISLAND            CHELSEA TERM (POSITIVE CHEM)           250 MEREDITH AVE                       NYD980528384

 STATEN ISLAND            FORT WADSWORTH                         FT. WADSWORTH AVE                      NY4210020935

 STATEN ISLAND            FRESH KILLS LF                         BRKFLD & ARTHUR KILL                   NYD980506943

 STATEN ISLAND            GSF ENERGY INC, SPILL                  W. SERVICE ROAD                        NYD982181240

 STATEN ISLAND            HOWLAND HOOK MARINE TERMINAL           300 WESTERN AVENUE                     NYD078174901

 STATEN ISLAND            JEWETT WHITE LEAD CO                   SHORE RD                               NYD980531545

 STATEN ISLAND            NASSAU RECYCLE CORP                    286 RICHMOND VALLEY RD                 NYD086225596

 STATEN ISLAND            NAVAL STATION SAPLETON                 355 FRONT STREET                       NYD982277295

 STATEN ISLAND            PERGAMENT MALL/CORNICHE                2795 RICHMOND AVENUE                   NYD130152663

 STATEN ISLAND            PROCTER & GAMBLE LF                    RICHMOND TERRACE                       NYD980507537


 STATEN ISLAND            ROSSVILLE JAIL SITE                    ARTHUR KILL ROAD                       NYD986899938

 STATEN ISLAND            SIGNO TRADING/COAT WAREHOUSE           600 RICHMOND TERRACE                   NYD982181323

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 69 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 STATEN ISLAND            STANDARD T CHEMICAL                    2600 RICHMOND TER                      NYD001601327

 STATEN ISLAND            STATEN ISLAND WAREHOUSE                RICHMOND TERRACE                       NYD987001435

 STATEN ISLAND            TEXAS EASTERN GAS PIPELINE S.I. NY     45 WASHINGTON AVE                      NYD982268690
 STATEN ISLAND            US GYPSUM PLANT                        561 RICHMOND TERRACE                   NYD986894780

 STATEN ISLAND            VIGLIAROLO BROS. (ONYX CHEMICAL CO)    300 ARTHUR KILL RD                     NYD980507388

 STERLING FOREST          IBM STERLING FOREST                    LONG MEADOW ROAD                       NYD000632539

 STILLWATER               DONOVAN LF                             MULBERRY AVE                           NYD980508121

 STILLWATER               PALMER SITE                            COUNTY RD #75                          NYD980507438

 STILLWATER               SARATOGA NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK      RD #2 P.O. BOX 33/648 RTE 32           NY0000998781

 STILLWATER               STILLWATER DUMP                        COUNTY RD 75                           NYD020666756

 STOCKPORT                L & B PRODUCTS                         WEST OF CHESTER AVE ON BILLS DR        NYD986994416

 STOCKTON                 SOUTH STOCKTON LF                      ROUTE 380                              NYD980509152

 STONY POINT              KAY-FRIES INC                          HOLT DR                                NYD980534564

 STONY POINT              STONY POINT FIRE (TOTAL PAPER CO)      44 HUDSON DRIVE                        NYD982181349

 STONY POINT              STONY POINT LF                         E OF RTE 9W                            NYD980509202

 STUYVESANT               ALLIED HEALTH CARE CHEMETRON MEDICAL   25 A NEW ST.                           NYD980531040
 SUFFERN                  INTERNATIONAL PAPER COMPANY            20 NORTH AIRMONT RD                    NYD048393029

 SUFFERN                  NORTH OF FORD PLANT                    BROOK AVENUE OFF ROUTE 17              NYD980780357

 SUFFERN                  SUFFERN VILLAGE WELLFIELD              NORTH END OF RAMAPO AVENUE             NYD980780878

 SURPRISE                 ROYAL METALS PRODUCTS                  WEST ROAD                              NYD002079374

 SWEDEN                   BROCKPORT LF                           EAST CANAL RD                          NYD980762496

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 70 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SWEDEN                   FORMER 3M/DYNACOLOR PLANT              98 SPRING STREET                       NYD986913283

 SWEDEN                   SWEDEN 3-CHAPMAN                       N. BEADLE RD.; E.N. GOODMAN ST         NYD980780886

 SWEDEN                   SWEDEN 4-BEADLE                        N OF BEADLE RD. / E OF REDMAN RD.      NYD982531121

 SYOSSET                  CERRO WIRE & CABLE CO                  ROBBINS LANE                           NYD092363431

 SYOSSET                  FAIRCHILD INSTRUMENT CORP              300 ROBBINS LANE                       NYD980754709

 SYRACUSE                 BRIGHTON AVENUE LANDFILL               ROCK CUT ROAD & E. BRIGHTON            NYD987025210
 SYRACUSE                 CROUSE-HINDS                           S OF NYS THRUWAY                       NYD980641526

 SYRACUSE                 GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                    5990 E MOLLOY RD                       NYD010763290

 SYRACUSE                 GMC FISHER BODY DIV SYRACUSE           1000 TOWN LINE RD                      NYD002239440

 SYRACUSE                 LIPE CLUTCH PROD /LIPE-ROLLWAY CORP    806 EMERSON AVE                        NYD068472356


 SYRACUSE                 NIAGARA MOHAWK /NM HQ                  ERIE BOULEVARD WEST                    NYD980664247

 SYRACUSE                 OLD TIP-TOP BAKERY                     SHENNARD ST                            NYD982531956

 SYRACUSE                 ONONDAGA LAKE                          ONONDAGA LAKE                          NYD986913580

 SYRACUSE                 PETER WINKELMAN CO, INC.               TEALL AVE.                             NYD986866382

 SYRACUSE                 PRESTOLITE ELECTRICAL DIVISION         219 LAMSON ST                          NYD002231355

 SYRACUSE                 QUANTA RESOURCES CORPORATION           2802 - 2810 LODI STREET                NYD980592448

 SYRACUSE                 ROCKWELL PLANT SITE                    MARCELLUS STREET                       NYD981561053

 SYRACUSE                 ROTONDO WAREHOUSE                      WEST DIVISION ST.                      NYD982531980

 SYRACUSE                 SYRACUSE CHILLDED PLOW CO              501 W FAYETTE & 125 MARCELLUS          NYD980531164

 SYRACUSE                 TEXACO U. S.- DIVISION OF T            475 SOLAR ST                           NYD046544649

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 71 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TALLMAN                  AIRMONT ROAD                           AIRMONT RD AT CONRAIL XING             NYD980768659

 THOMPSON                 COLD SPRING ROAD                       COLD SPRING RD.                        NYD986871739

 THOMSON                  GREENWICH P&P                          COUNTY RTE 113                         NYD000512657

 THOMSON                  HUDSON PULP & PAPER                    RTE 113                                NYD980216022

 THORNWOOD                FENBAR PRECISION MACHINST INC.         633 COMMERCE STREET                    NYD001619873

 THROAPSVILLE             ROBERTS & CARLSON, INC.                DIVISION ST & BEECH TREE ROAD          NYD981187057

 TICONDEROGA              INTL PAPER CO /TICONDEROGA MILL        SHORE AIRPORT ROAD                     NYD980531917

 TICONDEROGA              TICONDEROGA LF                         LOWER LEAD HILL RD                     NYD980509236

 TONAWANDA                ADAMS R P                              225 E PARK DR                          NYD002108884

 TONAWANDA                AIRCO WELDING                          2000 MILITARY ROAD                     NYD083526319

 TONAWANDA                ALLIED CHEMICAL SPECIALTY CHEM DIV     ]821 RIVER RD                          NYD051816262

 TONAWANDA                ALUMINUM MATCH PLATE                   1500 MILITARY RD                       NYD002108918

 TONAWANDA                ASHLAND I                              4545 RIVER RD                          NYD063653133

 TONAWANDA                ASHLAND II                             3701 RIVER RD.                         NYD000688630

 TONAWANDA                BISONITE PAINT COMPANY                 2250 MILITARY RD                       NYD002114163

 TONAWANDA                CHEMICAL LEAMAN TANK LINES INC         470 FILLMORE AVE                       NYD048386205

 TONAWANDA                COLUMBUS MCKINNON CORP                 FILLMORE & FREMONT ST                  NYD002105534

 TONAWANDA                CONSOLID FREIGHTWAY                    877 NIAGARA STREET                     NYD074023979

 TONAWANDA                ENVIROTECK 2                           4000 RIVER ROAD                        NYD038641601

 TONAWANDA                ENVIROTEK                              153 FILLMORE AVE                       NYD021744537

 TONAWANDA                EXOLON CO                              1000 EAST NIAGARA ST                   NYD980508295

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 72 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TONAWANDA                FMC CORP                               34 SAWYER AVE.                         NYD074033101

 TONAWANDA                GENERAL MILLS INC                      305 SAWYER AVE                         NYD002127124

 TONAWANDA                INS EQUIPMENT                          RIVER RD                               NYD071470033

 TONAWANDA                NIAGARA MOHAWK CHERRY FARM             RIVER ROAD                             NYD003909694

 TONAWANDA                PENNWALT CORP /LUCIDOL DIV             1740 MILITARY RD                       NYD002123933

 TONAWANDA                POLYMER APPLICATIONS                   3445 RIVER RD                          NYD045170701

 TONAWANDA                ROBLIN STEEL                           4000 RIVER RD                          NYD000346858

 TONAWANDA                SEAWAY IND WASTE DSPL                  4825 RIVER RD                          NYD094177292

 TONAWANDA                SHANCO PLASTIC                         2716 KENMORE AVE                       NYD000512897

 TONAWANDA                SPAULDING FIBRE CO                     310 WHEELER ST                         NYD000848440

 TONAWANDA                SPERRY REMINGTON                       MILITARY RD                            NYD980532568

 TONAWANDA                SYNRES CHEM CORP                       2716 KENMORE AVE                       NYD980530018

 TONAWANDA                TEXACO USA /A DIV OF TEXACO INC        RIVER RD & JAMES ST                    NYD085684264

 TONAWANDA                TONAWANDA COKE INC                     3875 RIVER RD                          NYD088413877

 TONAWANDA                TONAWANDA INCINERATOR                  791 E PARK DR                          NYD000514059

 TONAWANDA                TONAWANDA LF                           WALES AVE                              NYD980509251

 TONAWANDA                U.S. ARC - PFC CHARLES DEGLOPPER       2393 COLVIN BLVD                       NY1210021886

 TONAWANDA                UNION CARBIDE INDUSTRIAL GASES INC.    175 E PARK DR                          NYD002123792

 TONAWANDA                VETERANS PARK                          NIAGARA ST                             NYD980535454

 TONAWONDA                DUNLOP SITE 2                          SHERIDAN DR                            NYD980211338

 TORREY                   YATES COUNTY LANDFILL                  LONG POINT AND DOWNEY ROADS            NYD981560790

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 73 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TOWN 0F MALONE           MALONE LANDFILL                        CADY ROAD                              NYD986895787

 TOWN OF AMHERST          CREEKSIDE GOLF COURSE                  170 TONAWANDA CREEK RD                 NYD981560733

 TOWN OF BABYLON          CANTOR BROTHERS INC                    ENGINEERS LANE                         NYD001367150

 TOWN OF BLOOMING GROVE   MAYER LANDFILL                         PROSPECT ROAD                          NYD981184203

 TOWN OF BOMBAY           BOMBAY LANDFILL                        KIBBEE ROAD                            NYD986886083

 TOWN OF BROOKHAVEN       VID INDUSTRIES                         BEAVERDAM ROAD                         NYD981184195

 TOWN OF CATLIN           TOWNLEY HILL RD                        TOWNLEY HILL ROAD                      NYD000511725

 TOWN OF CHARLOTTE        ROUTE 60 TIRE FIRE                     ROUTE 60-SINCLAIREVILLE                NY0001096619

 TOWN OF CHILI            GOLDEN ROAD DISPOSAL SITE              GOLDEN ROAD                            NYD980780753

 TOWN OF CLARENDON,       HAIGHT FARM                            4879 UPPER HOLLEY ROAD                 NYD981185267
 TOWN OF CLAVERACK        CLAVERACK LANDFILL                     SNYDER TOWN ROAD                       NYD986886075

 TOWN OF FLORAL PARK      SCHENCK BUS CO. TERMINAL               372 JERICHO TURNPIKE                   NYD982739815

 TOWN OF GATES            CHEVRON OIL CO. (USA TANK FARM)        837 BUFFALO ROAD                       NYD000887737

 TOWN OF GATES            NEW DEARCOP PROPERTY                   920 ELMGROVE ROAD                      NYD982531238

 TOWN OF HAMBURG          LSB WAREHOUSING                        1995 ELECTRIC AVENUE                   NYD986886091


 TOWN OF ISLIP            WATCH HILL SAND & GRAVEL               ROUTE 111 AND LONG ISLAND MOTOR        NYD986886109


 TOWN OF LINDLEY          LINDLEY LANDFILL (ACTIVE & INACTIVE)   GIBSON ROAD                            NYD981562606

 TOWN OF LLOYD            COSTANTINO LANDFILL                    CLEARWATER ROAD                        NYD981186901

 TOWN OF MACHIAS          CAMP ARROWHEAD                         ROUTE 16                               NYD986888881

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 74 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TOWN OF MARSHALL         TOWN OF MARSHALL TRANSFORMER SITE      RTE 315                                NYD982181075

 TOWN OF NIAGARA          EXPRESSWAY VILLAGE                     SERVICE ROAD                           NYD079941688

 TOWN OF NORTHEAST        WHITE HOUSE CROSSING                   WHITE HOUSE CROSSING RD.               NYD982181083

 TOWN OF ROTTERDAM        GUILZ PROPERTY                         197 DUNSVILLE ROAD                     NYD986941359

 TOWN OF SALINA           OLD SALINA LANDFILL                    ROUTE 11 AND WOLF STREET               NYD981560402

 TOWN OF SMITHTOWN        STECK & PHILBIN LF                     OLD NORTHPORT ROAD                     NY0000007419

 TOWN OF UNADILLA         NUTTER'S FLAT                          RT 7 AND THE SUSQUEHANNA RIVER         NYD982187445

 TOWN OF UNIONVALE        ANDREWS PROPERTY                       CLAPP HILL RD                          NYD982181091

 TOWN OF VESTAL           CHEVRON USA                            3003 OLD VESTAL ROAD                   NYD980645972

 TOWN OF VETERAN          OUGHTERSON SITE                        CHURCH HILL ROAD                       NYD981186232

 TOWN OF WAWARSING        ROCK HAVEN LANDFILL                    ROCK HAVEN ROAD                        NYD981186968

 TOWN OF WESTHAMPTON      JOSEPH MENAFRA                         SOUTH COUNTRY ROAD                     NYD986886117

 TOWN OF WYANDANCH        RON LYN, INC.                          1357 STRAIGHT PATH                     NYD075786111

 TROY                     GEIER & BLUHM, INC.                    594 RIVER STREET                       NYD002073054

 TROY                     NIAGARA MOHAWK /GAS OPERATIONS HQ      SMITH AVE                              NYD980664379

 TROY                     NIAGARA MOHAWK /GAS REG STA            WATER ST                               NYD980664395

 TROY                     PORTEC INC /RAILWAY PROD DIV           BURDEN AVE                             NYD002076917

 TROY                     REPUBLIC STEEL CORP /TROY WORKS        MAIN ST                                NYD980532444

 TROY                     TROY SANITARY LF                       IND PARK RD                            NYD980291298

 TUCKAHOE                 FREEMAN INDUSTRIES INC                 100 MARBLEDALE RD                      NYD001644905

 TULLY                    TULLY LF                               TRUXTON-TULLY ROAD                     NYD980509319

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 75 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TUSCARORA                HILFIRTY BARN                          STEUBEN COUNTY RD 101                  NYD980762595

 TUSTEN/NARROWSBURG       CORTESE LANDFILL                       SOUTH OF ROUTE 97                      NYD980528475

 TUXEDO PARK              TUXEDO PARK C+D                        E OF RT 17, 2.5 ML N OF ROCKL COUNTY   NYD982531832
 UNION                    OLD VILLAGE OF ENDICOTT DUMP           HARRISON & ENDICOTT                    NYD980508238

 UNIONVILLE               CARNEGIE INDUSTRIES                    STATE LINE ROAD                        NYD106789316

 UNIONVILLE               MINISINK RUBBER                        JERSEY AVE                             NYD061335113

 UNKNOWN                  HUDSON RIVER                           MIDDLE OF THE RIVER                    NYD982540205

 UNKNOWN                  NIAGARA RIVER                          MIDDLE OF THE RIVER                    NYD982540221

 UPTON                    BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY         53 BELL AVE                            NY7890008975
 UTICA                    BEAUNIT CORP /UTICA VISCOUS PLT        120 BROAD ST                           NYD980532469

 UTICA                    BENDIX FLUID POWER DIVISION            211 SEWARD AVENUE                      NYD002244911

 UTICA                    BOSSERT MFG.                           1002 OSWEGO ST.                        NYD002249563

 UTICA                    ELIHU ROOT ARMY RESERVE CENTER         96 BURRSTONE RD                        NY0000093997

 UTICA                    EMPIRE RECYCLING                       LELAND AVE                             NYD980508212

 UTICA                    INDIUM CORP OF AMERICA /WAREHS         609 FAY ST                             NYD980531735

 UTICA                    MOHAWK VALLEY OIL INC.                 WASHINGTON STREET                      NYD986866010

 UTICA                    MONARCH CHEMICAL CO                    37 MEADOW ST                           NYD013326483

 UTICA                    NEW YORK EMULSIONS TAR PRODUCTS        WASHINGTON ST.                         NYD986866390

 UTICA                    NIAGARA MOHAWK /HARBOR POINT           WASHINGTON ST                          NYD980664411

 UTICA                    PRIMOSHIELD INC                        1223 CONKLING AVENUE                   NYD982181281

 UTICA                    SPERRY UNIVAC                          311 TURNER ST.                         NYD980532600

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 76 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 UTICA                    UNIVERSAL WASTE & PAPER                LELAND & NORTON AVE                    NYD980509335

 UTICA                    UTICA DUMP                             INCINERATOR ROAD                       NYD980509343

 UTICA                    UTICA HARBOR                           NORTH GENESEE STREET & MOHAWK RIVER    NYD986994614

 UTICA                    UTICA MENTAL PRODUCTS INC              1526 LINCOLN AVE                       NYD002249613

 UTICA                    WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC TRANSFORMER      GENESEE ST                             NYD000512723

 VERONA                   DEFENSE FUEL SUPPORT POINT VERONA      MAIN ST                                NY2570024438

 VESTAL                   BEC (BINGHAMPTON EQUIPMENT CO.)        STEWART RD                             NYD980768675
 VESTAL                   ROBINTECH, INC./NATIONAL PIPE CO       3421 OLD VESTAL RD                     NYD002232957

 VESTAL                   VESTAL WATER SUPPLY WELL 1-1           605 VESTAL PKWY                        NYD980763767

 VESTAL                   VESTAL WATER SUPPLY WELL 4-2           605 VESTAL PKWY                        NYD980652267

 VESTAL (T)               GUILES, NEIL LANDFARM                  FOSTER RD                              NYD057766073

 VILLAGE OF AIRMONT       AIRMONT CEMETERY DUMP                  SOUTH AIRMONT ROAD                     NY0000108084

 VILLAGE OF AKRON         BERNARD COPE                           48 BUELL STREET                        NYD981560758

 VILLAGE OF EASTPORT      DACHTAL                                EASTPORT MANOR ROAD                    NYD987023900

 VILLAGE OF FORT ANN      FORT ANN                               US RT 4                                NYD982531410


 VOLNEY                   RAPONI PROPERTY                        BROADWAY AND 12TH ST.                  NYD980535066

 VOLNEY                   VOLNEY MUNICIPAL LANDFILL              SILK RD                                NYD980509376

 W. SENECA                NORTHERN DEMOLITION                    3020 CLINTON STREET                    NYD982531303

 WADING RIVER             WADING RIVER (FARM ROAD WEST)          ROUTE 25A                              NYD981081664

 WALDEN                   CHAMPION INTL CORP /RETAIL PKG DIV     COLDENHEN RD                           NYD089756340

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 77 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WALDEN                   MONTGOMERY LF                          LAKE OSIRIS RD                         NYD980507073

 WALES                    WALES LANDFILL                         FISH HILL ROAD                         NYD980509384

 WALLKILL                 FAIR-RITE PROD CORP                    COMMERCIAL ROW                         NYD002026953

 WALLKILL                 INTERCERAM INC.                        FORTUNE ROAD WEST                      NYD056303449

 WALLKILL                 STAMPLATE INC                          COTTAGE ST                             NYD002427953

 WALLKILL                 WALLKILL WATERWELLS                    320 & 327 HIGHLAND AVE                 NYD982181273

 WALLOOMSAC               COLUMBIA CORP                          NY RTE 67                              NYD002063154

 WALTON                   WALTON SANITARY LANDFILL               ROUTE 26                               NY0001049311

 WALWORTH                 HOFF BROTHERS                          PLANK ROAD                             NYD982531162

 WAMPSVILLE               HAZ-O-WASTE CORP                       CANAL RD                               NYD057770109

 WANAYANDA                SKINNER ROAD                           SKINNER TRACK                          NYD982531188

 WAPPINGER                DUTCHESS AIRPORT LF                    AIRPORT PARK/ROUTE 376                 NYD980508196


 WAPPINGER FALLS          WAPPINGER FALLS LF                     FRANKLINDALE & CLAPP AVENUES           NYD980509392

 WAPPINGERS FALLS         THREE STAR ANODIZING                   MCKINLEY AVENUE                        NYD981560519

 WARRENSBURG              WARRENSBURG BOARD & PAPER CO           THURMAN RD                             NYD013348438

 WARSAW                   VILLAGE WARSAW LANDFILL                INDUSTRIAL ST                          NYD982535304

 WARWICK                  ALL COUNTY SERVICES                    OLD BEACH RD                           NYD980532634

 WARWICK                  GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORP                   17 FORESTER AVE                        NYD054067756

 WARWICK                  WARWICK FOUR CORNERS RD                FOUR CORNERS RD                        NYD980762538

 WARWICK                  WARWICK LANDFILL                       PENALUNA RD/OLD TUXEDO/DUTCH H         NYD980506679

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 78 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WATERFORD                BELL-FAB MFG. CORP.                    380 HUDSON RIVER ROAD                  NYD986941144

 WATERFORD                FRIEDRICHSON'S COOPERAGE               153-155 SARATOGA AVENUE                NYD013351440

 WATERFORD                GENERAL ELECTRIC                       260 HUDSON RIVER RD                    NYD002080034

 WATERFORD                PEEBLES ISLAND LF                      PEEBLES ISLAND                         NYD980507461

 WATERFORD                SLUSPSKI LF                            RTE 97                                 NYD089113484

 WATERLOO                 BREWER ROAD LANDFILL                   BREWER RD                              NYD980780738

 WATERLOO                 EVANS CHEMETICS                        228 E MAIN ST                          NYD000521807


 WATERTOWN                ABE COOPER SURPLUS CO.                 FACTORY STREET                         NYD981870363

 WATERTOWN                BLACK CLAWSON                          103 PEARL ST                           NYD002229441

 WATERTOWN                FISHER CAGE                            COLTEEN ST                             NYD013506514

 WATERTOWN                FORT DRUM                              BTWN RTS 3 & 11                        NY4210020281

 WATERTOWN                HALL SKI-LIFT COMPANY INC              753 WEST MAIN STREET                   NYD002240380

 WATERTOWN                NIAGARA MOHAWK /FORMER PROPERTY        ANTHONY ST                             NYD980664205

 WATERTOWN                NIAGARA MOHAWK /GAS CONTROL FAC        ENGINE ST                              NYD980664288

 WATERTOWN                NY AIR BRAKE CO                        STARBUCK AVE                           NYD002235216

 WATERTOWN                NY AIR BRAKE LF                        PURDY AVE                              NYD980532543

 WATERTOWN                SMI/CAELTER INDUSTRIES                 100 PURDY AVENUE                       NYD986866408

 WATERVILLE               NYSEG WATERVILLE GAS PLANT SITE        BABBOTT AVE                            NYD980531263

 WATERVLIET               ADIRONDACK STEEL                       SHAKER RD                              NYD002073633

 WATERVLIET               AL TECH SPECIALTY STEEL CORP           SPRING ST RD                           NYD060545209

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 79 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WATERVLIET               WATERVLIET ARSENAL                     BROADWAY RTE 32                        NY7213820940

 WAVERLY                  VIKING CHEMICAL PRODUCTS INC.          456 BROAD STREET                       NYD002230175

 WAWAYANDA                MARION BLUEGRASS SOD FARM              TURTLE BAY RD                          NYD980534689

 WEBSTER                  WEBSTER LF                             DEWITT RD                              NYD980762561

 WEBSTER                  WEBSTER USARMY RESERVE AMSA 7          517 OLD RIDGE ROAD                     NY4210423022

 WEBSTER                  XEROX CORP /WILSON CENTER              800 PHILLIPS RD                        NYD002211324

 WEEDSPORT                COLE-ZAISER                            STICKLE RD.                            NYD981561996

 WELLSBURG                SCOTT CONTRACTING                      RT 427                                 NY0000656595

 WELLSVILLE               AIR PREHEATER #2                       ROUTE 417 AND TRAUX ROAD               NYD980528210

 WELLSVILLE               SINCLAIR REFINERY                      S BROOKLYN AVE                         NYD980535215


 WELLSVILLE               WELLSVILLE-ANDOVER LANDFILL            SNYDER HILL RD                         NYD000511964

 WEST BABYLON             PRIDE SOLVENTS & CHEMICAL CO INC       88 LAMAR ST                            NYD057722258

 WEST BABYLON             SPECTRUM FINISHING CORP                50 DALE ST                             NYD044466910

 WEST BABYLON             US ELECTROPLATING CORP                 100 FIELD ST                           NYD068014711

 WEST BLOOMFIELD          WEST & EAST BLOOMFIELD LF              SAND HILL RD                           NYD980762769

 WEST FALLS               SMITH DUMP                             COLDEN RD                              NYD980507685

 WEST HAVERSTRAW          HAVERSTRAW LF                          GRASSY POINT RD                        NYD980507966

 WEST HAVERSTRAW          HELEN HAYES HOSPITAL                   RTE 9W                                 NYD075444778

 WEST HEMPSTEAD           SIMKINS INDUSTRIES INC                 ORLANDO AVENUE                         NYD013379375

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 80 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WEST HURLEY              NUMRICH ARMS                           WILLIAMS LANE                          NYD071091490

 WEST ISLIP               DZUS FASTENER CO INC                   425 UNION BLVD                         NYD002043701

 WEST MILTON              KNOLLS ATOMIC POWER LABORATORY         KESSELRING SITE                        NY5890008993

 WEST NYACK               GRANT HARDWARE CO.                     HIGH STREET                            NYD075443283

 WEST NYACK               NYACK LF                               RTE 59                                 NYD980507271

 WEST NYACK               ORANGE & ROCKLAND UTILITIES, INC.      OLD NYACK TURNPIKE                     NYD982269946

 WEST NYACK               PINE VIEW AVENUE WELLS                 PINEVIEW ROAD                          NYD980780837

 WEST POINT               USMA-WEST POINT                        RTE 9W                                 NY8210020915

 WEST SAYVILLE            WEST SAYVILLE IFS TRANSMITTER          CHERRY AVE                             NY8690536208

 WEST SENECA              HIGH VIEW TERRACE                      100 HIGH VIEW TERRACE                  NYD982531113

 WEST SENECA              MADISON WIRE WORKS CO INC              324 INDIAN CHURCH RD                   NYD000512848

 WEST SENECA              NORTHERN DEMOLITION                    FRENCH RD                              NYD980534861

 WEST SENECA              WEST SENECA TRANSFER                   MINERAL SPRINGS RD                     NYD980535520

 WEST VALLEY              WEST VALLEY DEMONSTRATION              ROCK SPRINGS ROAD                      NYD980779540

 WEST WINFIELD            HITEMAN LEATHER COMPANY                SOUTH ST                               NYD981560915

 WESTBURY                 BARTLETT TREE COMPANY                  345 UNION AVE                          NY0001408749

 WESTBURY                 BRINKMAN INSTRUMENTS                   CANTIAGUE ROCK ROAD                    NYD152088142

 WESTBURY                 JOHN HASSALL                           CONTIAGUE ROCK RD                      NYD002045417

 WESTHAMPTON              JAGGER LANE SITE                       JAGGER LANE                            NYD982181380

 WESTHAMPTON              WESTHAMPTON LF (ACTIVE)                OLD COUNTRY RD                         NYD980762777

 WESTHAMPTON BEACH        CENTRAL SUFFOLK PAVING SITE            100 ROGERS AVE                         NYD986881324

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 81 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WESTHAMPTON(T.O.S.HAMPT  SUFFOLK AIRPORT C & D SITE             OLD RIVERHEAD ROAD                     NYD981186943
 WHEATFIELD               BELL AEROSPACE TEXTRON                 ROUTE 62 AND WALMORE RD.               NYD002106276

 WHEATFIELD               CARBORUNDUM                            WALMORE RD                             NYD980507883

 WHEATFIELD               HARVEY NEWMAN & SON                    7230 SHAWNEE RD                        NYD000514703

 WHEATFIELD               LOCKPORT ROAD SITE                     LOCKPORT ROAD                          NYD982531295

 WHEATFIELD               LOCKPORT ROAD-STRUZIK PROPERTY         2384 LOCKPORT ROAD                     NYD986997328

 WHEATFIELD               LYNCH PARK                             2040 RIVER ROAD                        NYD980507008

 WHEATFIELD               NASH ROAD                              NASH RD                                NYD980534820

 WHEATFIELD               NIAGARA COUNTY REFUSE                  WITMER RD                              NYD000514257

 WHEATFIELD               NIAGARA TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY       WALMORE ROAD                           NYD980654321

 WHEATFIELD               WALMORE ROAD DUMP                      WALMORE RD                             NYD000514463

 WHEATLAND                TOM PAXTON CHEVROLET                   3722 SCOTTSVILLE ROAD                  NYD981133408

 WHITESTOWN               WHITESTOWN LF                          SHACKSBURY RD                          NYD000512731

 WILLIAMSON               WILLIAMSON LANDFILL                    POUND ROAD                             NY0001408756

 WILLIAMSTOWN             COLE-ZAISER                            LITTLE POND RD                         NYD980528426

 WILSON (T)               WILSON-CAMBRIA-NEWFANE LANDFILL        CHESTNUT ST                            NYD980509442

 WINGDALE                 HARLEM VALLEY PSYCHIATRIC CENTER       RTE 22                                 NYD980534424

 WINGDALE                 SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST CHURCH           LAKE ELLIS RD                          NYD986959625

 WOODBURY                 CALLDATA LONG ISLAND CENTER            280 CROSSWAYS PARK DRIVE               NYD096921358

 WOODBURY                 CARDIN ELECTRONICS                     LONG ISLAND EXPWY SERVICE ROAD         NYD003999810

 WOODBURY                 KAISER ALUMINUM & CHEM SALES INC       300 CROSSWAYS PARK DR                  NYD040462863

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 82 of 83

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WOODSIDE, QUEENS         RADIUM CHEMICAL COMPANY                60-06 27TH AVENUE                      NYD001667872

 WURTSBORO                MAMAKATING LF                          SNEED ST                               NYD980507032

 WYANDANCH                JAMECO INDUSTRIES INC                  248 WYANDANCH AVE                      NYD002415404

 YAPHANK                  BROOKHAVEN LF                          HORSE BLOCK RD                         NYD038150264

 YONKERS                  ASBESTOS                               TORRE PL BTW SAW MILL RIVER R &        NYD131803041

 YONKERS                  PATCLIN CHEMICAL CO                    66 ALEXANDER STREET                    NYD986925790

 YONKERS                  REITER DRUM & BARREL CO INC            722 NEPPERHAN AVE                      NYD000824565

 YORK                     PENNWALT CORP /LUCIDOL DIV             RTE 63                                 NYD002218436

 YORKSHIRE                TIDD JUNKYARD                          ROUTE 39                               NYD980780902

 YORKVILLE                BONIDE CHEMICAL CORPORATION, INC.      2 WURZ AVE.                            NYD002230233

 YOUNGSTOWN               GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION        NIAGARA STATION                        NY4690311002

 YOUNGSTOWN               YOUNGSTOWN WEEKEND TRAINING SITE       LUTTS ROAD                             NY0001918879

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 83 of 83

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