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New Jersey Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ABERDEEN                 ELKEM INC                              443 COUNTY RD                          NJD047499769

 ABERDEEN                 L & L OIL SERVICE, INC.                740 LLOYD RD.                          NJD011427895


 ABERDEEN TWP             CONCANNON PROPERTY                     RTE 35                                 NJD980771539

 ABERDEEN TWP             SOUTH RIVER METALS                     100 CHURCH STREET                      NJD986615821


 ALPHA                    ALPHA BOROUGH SANITARY LANDFILL        INDUSTRIAL RD                          NJD980528699

 ALPHA BOROUGH            ALPHA QUARRY                           HOBSON & VULCANITE ROADS               NJD980504823

 ANCORA (WINSLOW TWP)     PRESSWELL RECORDS MANUF CO             EHRKE ROAD                             NJD000573469

 ASBURY PARK              ASBURY PARK COAL GAS                   1201 MUNROE AVENUE & 613 PROSPECT AVE  NJ0001118884

 ASBURY PARK              KINETRON CORPORATION                   1416 ROLLER ROAD                       NJD002197986

 ASBURY PARK              NORTH AMERICAN PAINT CORPORATION       3504 ROSE AVENUE                       NJD053096046

 ATLANTIC CITY            ATLANTIC CITY COAL GAS #1              KIRKMAN BLVD AND OHIO AVENUE           NJD981084601

 ATLANTIC CITY            ATLANTIC CITY COAL GAS #2              FLORIDA, GEORGIA & SUNSET AVES         NJD981082852


 AVENEL                   KORELL INDUSTRIES                      36 MILEED WAY                          NJD980654354

 BARNEGAT                 EDWIN FORSYTHE WILDLIFE REFUGEE        700 WEST BAY AVE.                      NJ0143520336

 BARNEGAT                 JOHNSON SAND AND GRAVEL                WEST BAY AVENUE AND ROUTE 75           NJ0000200972

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 BARNEGAT LIGHT           BARNEGAT LIGHT D.P.W.                  10 WEST 10TH ST                        NJD980583785

 BARRINGTON               CRESCENT LIGHTING, INC.                120 E. GLOUCESTER PIKE                 NJD980774467

 BARRINGTON               OWENS-CORNING FIBERGLASS CORP          SHREVE AV & FIBERGLAS RD               NJD002350015


 BASS RIVER TWP           SEARS SITE II                          464 EAST GREENBUSH ROAD                NJ0000250738

 BAYONNE                  ATLAS YACHT CLUB                       FOOT OF OAK BAY                        NJD982187403

 BAYONNE                  BAYONNE CITY DUMP                      NORTH HOOK ROAD                        NJD980504849

 BAYONNE                  BAYONNE D.P.W.                         HOOK RD                                NJD980769962

 BAYONNE                  BAYONNE GAS WORKS                      OAK ST                                 NJD981082860

 BAYONNE                  BAYONNE INDUSTRIES                     FOOT OF E 22ND ST                      NJD064288855

 BAYONNE                  BELCHER COMPANY OF NEW YORK            FOOT OF E 5TH ST                       NJD096866140

 BAYONNE                  BEST FOODS                             99 AVE A                               NJD001343862

 BAYONNE                  CONRAIL-CENTRAL JERSEY INDUSTRIES      OLD HOOK RD                            NJD980770010

 BAYONNE                  EFKA PLASTICS CORP                     163 AVENUE A                           NJD001290030

 BAYONNE                  EXXON BAYONNE PLANT                    FOOT OF E 22ND ST                      NJD045435807

 BAYONNE                  GENERAL MARINE TRANSPORT               184 HOBART AVENUE                      NJD981877707

 BAYONNE                  GORDON TERMINAL SERVICE COMPANY        2 HOOK ROAD                            NJD061076063

 BAYONNE                  ICI AMERICAS INC.                      EAST 22 STREET AND AVENUE J            NJD001787944

 BAYONNE                  MILITARY OCEAN TERMINAL (LANDFILL)     FT OF 32ND ST                          NJ0210022752

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BAYONNE                  NL INDUSTRIES INC                      35-40 AVENUE A                         NJD067520890

 BAYONNE                  NORTON & SON INC                       148 E 5TH ST                           NJD001367473

 BAYONNE                  OAK STREET DRUM DUMP                   OAK STREET                             NJD980529507

 BAYONNE                  RONA PEARL DIVISION EM IND             BAYONNE IND TERM E 21 ST ST            NJD080619067

 BAYONNE                  SAMPSON TANK CLEANING                  101 E 21 ST.                           NJD058117490

 BAYONNE                  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA CHEMICAL C         FOOT OF E22 ST                         NJD062041108

 BAYONNE                  STANDARD TANK CLEANING CORP            1 INGHAM AVE                           NJD068292648

 BAYONNE                  TEXACO USA /A DIV OF TEXACO INC        AVE A & WEST FIRST ST                  NJD067505958

 BAYONNE                  WHITE CHEMICAL CORP                    FOOT OF E 22ND ST                      NJD001239185

 BELFORD                  BELFORD LANDFILL                       CENTER AV                              NJD980770465

 BELLE MEAD               GSA DEPOT-BELLE MEAD #1                #1 ROUTE 206                           NJ7470000525

 BELLE MEAD               TAYLOR PUMPING                         HOMESTEAD RD                           NJD068686633

 BELLEVILLE               EDSON TOOL & MANUFACTURING             437 CORTLANDT ST                       NJD002177970

 BELLEVILLE               FLEXON IND                             666 WASHINGTON AVE                     NJD065811168

 BELLEVILLE               IDEAL PLATING AND POLISHING CO, INC    681 MAIN STREET                        NJD087280038

 BELLEVILLE               RESEARCH ORGANICS/INORGANICS           507-509 MAIN ST                        NJD067482950

 BELLMAWR                 FAZZIO LANDFILL                        HARDING AVE                            NJD980505127

 BELLMAWR                 FLAGS, INC.                            41 OAK AVENUE                          NJD002352300

 BELLMAWR BORO            CONTINENTAL VANGUARD.                  204 HARDING AVE                        NJD085689495

 BELMAR                   BELMAR LANDFILL                        16TH STREET                            NJD980770473

 BELMAR                   BELMAR MUNICIPAL FIELD                 16TH & RAILROAD AVENUES                NJD980770481

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 BELVIDERE                CELANESE PLASTICS & SPECIALTIES        JAMES ST                               NJD002397701

 BELVIDERE                GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORP/POLMER MAT'LS     JAMES ST.                              NJD059283242
 BELVIDERE TOWN & WHITE   INMONT CORP                            P.O.BOX 328, JAMES ST.                 NJD082988056
 BERKELEY                 BERKELEY TWP LF                        PINEWALD-KESWICK RD                    NJD980504872

 BERKELEY                 POWERLINE EASEMENT ROAD                PINEWOLD-KISWICK RD                    NJD980529630

 BERKELEY HEIGHTS         GIBSON TUBE, INC.                      22 RUSSO PLACE                         NJD001915578

 BERKELEY HEIGHTS         SHAW PLASTICS CORP                     276 SNYDER AVE                         NJD002142594

 BERKELEY HEIGHTS         V.A. SPATZ AND SONS INC                91 LONE PINE DRIVE                     NJD011103280

 BERKELEY HEIGHTS TWP     MILLMASTER ONYX CORP                   11 SUMMIT AVENUE                       NJD001807304

 BERKELEY TOWNSHIP        A. KURNEL AND SON                      821 ROUTE 9                            NJ0001119320

 BERKELEY TOWNSHIP        BEACHWOOD/BERKELEY WELLS               ATLANTIC CITY BLVD                     NJD980654123

 BERKELEY TOWNSHIP        HOLIDAY CITY - BERKELEY                RTE 37                                 NJD981143043

 BERKELEY TOWNSHIP        PRINCESS LAUNDROMAT AND DRY CLEANING   RT 9 SOUTH                             NJ0001015957

 BERKELEY TWP             BEACHWOOD PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER        ATLANTA CITY BLVD                      NJD045789807

 BERKELEY TWP.            DENZER & SCHAFER X-RAY CO              HICKORY LANE                           NJD046644407

 BERKLEY                  SOUTH BRUNSWICK ASPHALT                GLADNEY AVENUE                         NJD986630747

 BERLIN                   DYNASIL CORP OF AMERICA                COOPER ROAD                            NJD002355774

 BERLIN                   JOHNS-MANVILLE                         W ATLANTIC AVE                         NJD980769111

 BERLIN                   NEW FREEDOM LAND COMPANY               BERLIN CLEMENTON & NEW FREE RD         NJD980530406

 BERLIN                   OWENS-CORNING FIBERGLASS CORP          JACKSON RD                             NJD002350023

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BERNARDSVILLE            FERRANTE QUARRY                        ROUTE 202, MINE BROOK ROAD             NJD003806114

 BEVERLY                  BEVERLY MUNICIPAL LF                   SECOND STREET                          NJD981082993

 BEVERLY                  COSDEN CHEMICAL COATINGS CORP          CHERRY STREET                          NJD000565531

 BIRMINGHAM               SYBRON CHEMICAL DIVISION               BIRMINGHAM RD                          NJD002339406

 BLACKWOOD                URBAN CASTING CO                       778 DAVISTOWN RD                       NJD986610541

 BLOOMFIELD               DIAGNOSTIC ISOTOPES, INC.              225 BELLEVILLE AVE                     NJD054064142

 BLOOMFIELD               GEN TAPE, INC.                         55 LA FRANCE AVENUE                    NJD981557903

 BLOOMFIELD               GORDOS CORP.                           234-266 GLENWOOD AVE                   NJD981877665

 BLOOMFIELD               LAWRENCE ST SITE                       5 LAWRENCE STREET                      NJD981490394

 BLOOMFIELD               LUMMUS CREST, INC.                     1515 BROAD SREET                       NJD006987028

 BLOOMFIELD               MCGRAW-EDISON BATTERY PLANT            75 BELMONT AVENUE                      NJD096869540

 BLOOMFIELD               NATIONAL STARCH & CHEMICAL CORP.       225 BELLEVILLE AVE.                    NJD061073151

 BLOOMFIELD               PEERLESS TUBE                          58-76 LOCUST STREET                    NJD002171122

 BLOOMFIELD               PROLL TOYS                             120 ARLINGTON AVE                      NJD049862691

 BLOOMFIELD               PSE & G CO., RACE STREET SUBSTATION    49 WEST STREET                         NJD981186257

 BLOOMFIELD               SCIENTIFIC GLASS (SGA)                 735 BROAD STREET                       NJD981490329

 BOONTON                  BOONTON COAL GAS                       FANNY RD & CONRAIL RR                  NJD981082878

 BOONTON                  CESSNA-ARC AVIONICS                    ROCKAWAY VALLEY RD                     NJD002155448

 BOONTON                  DREW CHEMICAL CORPORATION/PVO          1 DREW CHEMICAL PLAZA                  NJD001217496

 BOONTON                  JERSEY PLATING CO                      214 BIRCH STREET                       NJD002202885

 BOONTON                  PEPE FIELD                             WOOTTON & HILLSIDE                     NJD980529598

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BOONTON                  PVO INTERNATIONAL                      416 DIVISION ST                        NJD053506085

 BOONTON                  RFL INC                                POWERVILLE RD                          NJD002156677

 BOONTON TWP              JOHANSON MANUF CO                      400 ROCKAWAY VALLEY ROAD               NJD002193001

 BORDENTOWN               BORDENTOWN CITY MUNICIPAL DUMP         RTE 206                                NJD980769368

 BORDENTOWN               BORDENTOWN LDFL SCA SERVICE            ROUTE 206                              NJD061284717

 BORDENTOWN               YATES INDUSTRIES PLANTS 1 & 2          HIGHWAY 130 SOUTH                      NJD002345247

 BORDENTOWN TWP           BORDENTOWN LANDFILL                    BETW RTS 206 & 130                     NJD000557843

 BOROUGH OF BARRINGTON    CUSTOM ART METALS                      181 GLOUCESTER PIKE                    NJ0000332528

 BOUND BROOK              AMERICAN CYANAMID CO                   EASTON TURNPIKE                        NJD002173276

 BOUND BROOK              BROOK INDUSTRIAL PARK                  100 WEST MAIN STREET                   NJD078251675

 BOUND BROOK              UNION CARBIDE CORP /POLYOLEFINS DIV    PO BOX 670 /RIVER RD                   NJD002444719

 BRANCHBURG               ALAN AND SON CAR CARE CENTER           988 HIGHWAY 202                        NJD982739658

 BRANCHBURG               BRANCHBURG MOTOR FUELS                 977 ROUTE 202                          NJ0001342104

 BRANCHBURG               HEAGNEY GETTY                          1004 ROUTE 202                         NJ0001119353

 BRANCHBURG               SHAPLOCK SUNOCO AKA GULF SVC STA       954 ROUTE 202 SOUTH                    NJ0000480244

 BRANCHBURG               SOMERVILLE WELL DRILLING COMPANY       972 ROUTE 202                          NJ0001407303

 BRANCHBURG               TARA ELECTRONICS, LOHNER ENTERPRISES   985 ROUTE 202                          NJD011689783

 BRANCHBURG               TECHNICAL INFO SYS /DIV AMER HOECHST   50 MEISTER AVE.                        NJD000603365

 BRANCHBURG TWP           BOWEN ENGINEERING                      144 STATION RD                         NJD000305276

 BRANCHBURG TWP           TAYLOR FORGE                           22 READINGTON ROAD                     NJD063144174

 BRICK TWP                BRICK TOWNSHIP LANDFILL                SALLY IKE RD                           NJD980505176

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BRICK TWP                LAUREL HILL STABLE                     RTE 88                                 NJD980771737

 BRIDGETON                ABBOTTS MANUFACTURING CO               429 E COMMERCE ST                      NJD038009684

 BRIDGETON                BRIDGETON CITY LF                      MAYOR AITKEN DRIVE                     NJD980530927

 BRIDGETON                BRIDGETON COAL GAS                     VINE AND WATER STREETS                 NJD981084635

 BRIDGETON                JERSEY TYLER FOUNDRY                   46 ROSENHAYN AVENUE                    NJD000540070

 BRIDGETON                OWENS-ILLINOIS INC PLANT #14           N LAUREL ST (SHED #6 AREA)             NJD002342053

 BRIDGETON                SCHALICK RESIDENCE                     RD #6, MORTON AVENUE                   NJD981490311

 BRIDGEWATER              NATIONAL STARCH & CHEMICAL CORP        10 FINDERNE AVENUE                     NJD001519230

 BRIDGEWATER              PERMABOND INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION    10 FINDERNE AVE                        NJD094244712

 BRIDGEWATER              SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO                    MAIN STREET                            NJD980529804

 BRIDGEWATER TWP          EMERALD TRAIL                          FT OF EMERALD TERRACE                  NJD980771596

 BRIDGEWATER TWP          FISHER SCIENTIFIC                      755 STATE HIGHWAY 202                  NJD052207982

 BRIDGEWATER TWP          JOHNS-MANVILLE SALES CORP /RESEARCH    FINDERNE AVE                           NJD980530117
 BRIDGEWATER TWP          LAMBORGHINI TRACTOR OF NORTH AMERICA   1450 RTE 22 EAST                       NJD980771729

 BRIDGEWATER TWP          PROSPECT INDUSTRIES CORP               9 FINDERNE AV                          NJD053101465

 BROWNS MILLS             BUSTERS JUNKYARD                       1572F PEPPER ROAD                      NJD981560949

 BUENA BOROUGH            VINELAND WAX SPECIALTIES               SOUTH BOULEVARD                        NJ0000005843

 BUENA VISTA              MAPLEWOOD ROAD SITE                    MAPLEWOOD ROAD                         NJD980504963

 BUENA VISTA TOWNSHIP     VENICE BLVD SITE                       VENICE BLVD                            NJD980769392

 BURLEIGH                 MAR-TEE LF/SCA SERVICES                INDIAN TRAIL RD                        NJD980530711

 BURLINGTON               BURLINGTON ARMY PLANT                  KIEM BLVD/BURL. BRISTOL BRIDGE         NJD986600468

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BURLINGTON               BURLINGTON CITY DUMP                   RTE 130 & JACKSONVILLE RD              NJD980771794

 BURLINGTON               BURLINGTON CLAY & ENGINEERING CO       GLENWOOD & MILL STS                    NJD980504989

 BURLINGTON               BURLINGTON CLAY & ENGINEERING CO       OLD YORK RD                            NJD980530505

 BURLINGTON               OCCIDENTAL CHEMICALS & PLASTICS CORP   RIVER RD                               NJD043973122

 BURLINGTON CITY          US PIPE & FOUNDRY CO                   EAST PEARL ST                          NJD002347565

 BURLINGTON TOWNSHIP      TENNECO POLYMERS, INC                  P.O. BOX 116, BEVERLY ROAD             NJD001890185

 BURLINGTON TWP           BURLINGTON TWP LF                      LAKE AVE                               NJD980771786

 BURLINGTON TWP           HERCULES INC                           NECK RD                                NJD011136884

 BURLINGTON TWP.          GRAVEL PIT RT. 541                     OXMEAD ROAD                            NJD981084650

 BURLINGTON TWP.          HANCOCK LANE GRAVEL PIT                HANCOCK LANE                           NJD981084676

 BURLINGTON TWP.          TOOLEY'S GARAGE                        NECK ROAD AND ROUTE 130                NJD981084809

 BUTLER                   AMERACE RUBBER DUMP                    49 MORSE AVE                           NJD980528715

 BUTLER                   BUTLER PRINTING & LAMINATING           250 HAMBURG TPKE.                      NJD000316307


 BYRAM TOWNSHIP           MKY WOLF LAKE SITE                     30 ROSEVILLE RD                        NJD986627396

 BYRAM TOWNSHIP           MYKROY CERAMICS                        TAMARACK RD                            NJD980530745

 BYRAM TWP                CHARLOTTE URANIUM MINE                 ALLAMUCHY STATE PARK                   NJD980771513

 CAMDEN                   ADVANCED CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY           RIVER AVE AND E. STATE ST              NJD071455141

 CAMDEN                   ATLANTIC INDUSTRIAL TANK MAINTENANCE   212 MECHANIC STREET                    NJD980528749

 CAMDEN                   BORDEN CHEMICAL PRINTING               1625 FEDERAL ST.                       NJD071462279

 CAMDEN                   CAMDEN COKE PLANT                      FRONT ST BTWN WALNUT & KAIGHN          NJD981083017

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CAMDEN                   CAMDEN FIRE DEPARTMENT                 3RD AVENUE & FEDERAL STREET            NJD980769079

 CAMDEN                   CAMDEN GAS WORKS                       SECOND ST & SPRUCE/WALNUT STS.         NJD981083025

 CAMDEN                   CAMPBELL SOUP CO.(CAMPBELL PLACE)      CAMPBELL PLACE                         NJD001288042

 CAMDEN                   CAMPBELL SOUP CO.(MARKET PLACE)        100 MARKET ST                          NJD003951951

 CAMDEN                   CITGO PETROLEUM                        36TH STREET & DELAWARE RIVER           NJD043274471

 CAMDEN                   CLASSIC CHEMICAL                       16TH & MICKLES STREETS                 NJD070280904

 CAMDEN                   CLEMENT 'COVERALL' COMPANY             623 VAN HOOK ST.                       NJD002355105

 CAMDEN                   CONRAIL-PAVONIA ENGINE YARD            1516 RIVER ROAD                        NJD980769095

 CAMDEN                   CONSOLIDATED CHEMEX                    4TH & JEFFERSON AVENUE                 NJ0001046150

 CAMDEN                   FLOWEN OIL DELAWARE VALLEY CORP.       1800 CARMEN AVENUE                     NJD980536577

 CAMDEN                   FRONT STREET WAREHOUSE                 1229 FRONT STREET                      NJD986634723

 CAMDEN                   HARLEIGH CEMETERY                      1640 HADDON AVENUE                     NJD000600734

 CAMDEN                   HARRISON AVE LF                        HARRISON AVE & E STATE ST              NJD980527956

 CAMDEN                   KELBROS INC.                           537 SOUTH 2ND ST.,                     NJD980642888

 CAMDEN                   KRAMER CHEMICALS                       ATLANTIC AVENUE & DELAWARE RIVER       NJD087098380

 CAMDEN                   LANGSTON DIV-MOLINS MACHINE CO.        2001 SOUTH SIXTH STREET                NJD981490279

 CAMDEN                   MARTIN AARON INC.                      1542 SO. BROADWAY                      NJD014623854

 CAMDEN                   MONSANTO CO                            1500 PINE ST                           NJD001700830

 CAMDEN                   R & R METAL FABRICATORS                650 DELAWARE AVENUE                    NJ0001401280

 CAMDEN                   RCA CORP /CAMDEN PLANT                 FRONT & COOPER STS                     NJD002342517

 CAMDEN                   RHM AUTOMOTIVE                         299 S. 17TH STREET                     NJ0001466945

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CAMDEN                   SFC NV BRITTON USAR CENTER             39TH AND FEDERAL                       NJ3210420920

 CAMDEN                   STE-LAR TEXTILE                        404 JEFFERSON ST                       NJD986626570

 CAMDEN                   UNDERWATER TECHNICS INC.               2735 BUREN AVE.                        NJD044546646

 CAMDEN                   VAN HOOK STREET SITE                   619 VAN HOOK STREET                    NJ0001250000

 CAMDEN/PENNSAUKEN TWP    CAMDEN MUNICIPAL WELLS                 RIVER ROAD                             NJD980769087

 CAPE MAY                 HARBISON WALKER REFRACTORIES CAPE MAY  515 SUNSET BLVD                        NJD069024917

 CAPE MAY                 LOCKWOOD COAL GAS SITE                 LAFAYETTE ST. & JOHN ST.               NJD980789796

 CARLSTADT                ALFA INK & CHEMICAL CORP.              655 WASHINGTON AVENUE                  NJD002010932

 CARLSTADT                ARSYNCO INC                            FOOT OF 13TH ST                        NJD044688935

 CARLSTADT                CARLSTADT DPW                          105 KERO RD                            NJD980769236

 CARLSTADT                COSAN CHEMICAL                         400 FOURTEENTH STREET                  NJD064332273

 CARLSTADT                DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORP                  BERRY AVE AT RTE 17                    NJD002012219

 CARLSTADT                ELCO SOLVENT CORP.                     30 AMES AVENUE                         NJD001882349

 CARLSTADT                GANES CHEMICALS INC.                   611-641 BROAD STREET                   NJD001213727

 CARLSTADT                HALCON CATALYST INDUSTRIES             50 BROAD STREET                        NJD093836906


 CARLSTADT                J LANDAU & CO. INC.                    214 WASHINGTON AVENUE                  NJD001222801

 CARLSTADT                L&L WHITE METAL CASTING CORP.          480 GOTHAM PARKWAY                     NJD001252345

 CARLSTADT                MODERN TRANSPORTATION                  TO ROUTE #17 NORTH                     NJD980654446

 CARLSTADT                PALUZZI BROTHERS                       239 CHASE ST                           NJD980769343

 CARLSTADT                PUR-ALL PAINT PRODUCTS CO. INC.        500 SOUTH COMMERCIAL AVE.              NJD001221555

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CARLSTADT                SCIENTIFIC CHEMICAL PROCESSING         216 PATERSON PLANK RD                  NJD070565403

 CARLSTADT                STARKE ROAD SITE                       STARKE ROAD                            NJ0001308964

 CARLSTADT                TRANSCONTINENTAL GAS PIPE LINE CORP.   PATERSON PLANK RD                      NJD069290260

 CARNEY'S POINT           XERXES FIBERGLASS INC                  351 N VIRGINIA AVE                     NJD011037496

 CARNEY'S POINT TOWNSHIP  UPPER PENNS NECK SLF                   GAME CREEK RD                          NJD980505812

 CARNEYS POINT            E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 P.O. BOX 152 (DUPONT ROAD)             NJD002385490

 CARTERET                 AGRICO CHEMICAL CO                     LIEBIG LANE                            NJD980530257

 CARTERET                 AMERICAN CYANAMID LF CARTERET          DRIFTWAY STREET                        NJD986603439

 CARTERET                 CARTERET CITY DUMP                     ROOSEVELT & DRIFTWAY AVENUES           NJD980505010

 CARTERET                 CARTERET IMPOUNDS                      ROOSEVELT AVENUE                       NJD980505002

 CARTERET                 CARTERET PUB                           800 BLAIR RD                           NJD980505028

 CARTERET                 CARTERET SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT        339 ROOSEVELT AVENUE                   NJD000691121

 CARTERET                 DISTRIGAS                              ROOSEVELT AV                           NJD980770044

 CARTERET                 ENGELHARD INDUSTRIES DIVISION          700 BLAIR ROAD                         NJD041211392

 CARTERET                 FMC CORP                               500 ROOSEVELT AVE                      NJD002454163

 CARTERET                 GATEWAY TERMINALS SERVICE              LAFAYETTE STREET                       NJD055933030

 CARTERET                 GATX TERMINALS CORPORATION             78 LAFAYETTE ST.                       NJD980536676

 CARTERET                 MOBIL CHEMICAL CO                      300 ROOSEVELT AVE                      NJD000606756

 CARTERET                 OXFORD SUPERCONDUCTING TECHNOLOGY      600 MILIK ST.                          NJD099285264

 CARTERET                 REICHHOLD CHEMICAL INC                 MIDDLESEX AVE                          NJD002520021

 CARTERET                 UNION CHEMICALS-DIV OF UNION OIL CO    350 ROOSEVELT AVENUE                   NJD063173280

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CEDAR GROVE              ARVEY CORP.                            20 SAND PARK ROAD                      NJD002407385

 CEDAR GROVE              SERVOMETER CORPORATION                 501 LITTLE ROAD                        NJD002138543

 CEDAR GROVE TWP          BISHOP ELECTRIC CORPORATION            10 CANFIELD ROAD                       NJD981186265

 CEDAR KNOLLS             MCI OPTONIX INC.                       HANOVER AVE. & HORSEHILL ROAD          NJD085652576

 CEDARBROOK, WINSLOW      LIGHTMAN DRUM COMPANY                  ROUTE 73 SOUTH                         NJD014743678

 CHANGEWATER              GETTY PIPELINE                         ASBURY - ANDERSON ROAD                 NJD980771356

 CHATHAM                  KEUFFEL & ESSER CO/CHATHAM PLANT       31 WILLOW ST                           NJD980532782

 CHERRY HILL              ERLTON LF                              NEW HAMPSHIRE AVENUE                   NJD980529028

 CHERRY HILL              ETCHED CIRCUITS INC                    8 SPRINGDALE RD                        NJD002493757

 CHERRY HILL              S W ELECTRONIC & MFR CORP.             12 SPRINGDALE ROAD                     NJD002488989

 CHERRY HILL              W B SAUNDERS CO                        HAMPTON RD                             NJD085695542

 CHESTER                  BLACK RIVER WILDLIFE AREA              ROUTE 513                              NJD980770499

 CHESTER                  SIMMONDS PRECISION/COOPERATIVE IND     100 OAKDALE RD                         NJD096873500

 CHESTER TWP              COMBE FILL SOUTH LANDFILL              PARKER RD- BOX 418                     NJD094966611


 CINNAMINSON              DETREX CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES, INC.       835 INDUSTRIAL HIGHWAY                 NJD047318043

 CINNAMINSON              GRINDING BALLS, INC                    UNION LANDING ROAD                     NJD002365559

 CINNAMINSON              SANITARY LF INC                        1017 UNION LANDING                     NJD094341625

 CINNAMINSON TWP          HOEGANAES CORP                         RIVER RD & TAYLOR LANE                 NJD001519107

 CINNAMINSON TWP.         CINNAMINSON GROUND WATER               SANITARY LANDFILL                      NJD980785638
 CLARK                    BROWNING-FERRIS IND                    1075 CENTRAL AVE                       NJD091852780

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CLARK                    KARNAK CHEMICAL CORPORATION            330 CENTRAL AVENUE                     NJD002443752

 CLARK                    POLYCHROME CORPORATION                 160 TERMINAL AVENUE                    NJD064266000

 CLAYTON                  ALMO ANTI POLLUTION SERVICES           P.O. BOX 395 (CENCO BLVD.)             NJD981084585

 CLAYTON                  CLAYTON BORO GARAGE                    WASHINGTON AVE                         NJD980769400

 CLAYTON                  EAST COAST POLLUTION CONTROL, INC      CENCO BLVD., P.O. BOX 275              NJD030306732

 CLAYTON                  OIL RECOVERY CO INC                    (PO BOX 345) CENCO BLVD                NJD000560094

 CLAYTON                  SAFETY KLEEN CORP/CLAYTON SOLVENT CTR  CENCO BLVD                             NJD069039626

 CLEMENTON                PINE VALLEY GOLF CLUB                  PINE VALLEY (E. ATLANTIC AVE )         NJD075544858

 CLIFFSIDE PARK           S W BANKOFF CO                         200 J WINSTON DR APT 2506              NJD075160093

 CLIFTON                  110 HADLEY AVENUE SITE                 110 HADLEY AVENUE                      NJ0000112318

 CLIFTON                  ANN ST SITES                           ANN STREET                             NJD986647709

 CLIFTON                  FRITZSCHE DODGE & OLCOTT INC           85 THIRD ST                            NJD002155067

 CLIFTON                  GARDEN STATE PARKWAY                   EXIT 154 AREA                          NJD980771646

 CLIFTON                  GIVAUDAN CORP                          125 DELAWANNA AVE                      NJD002156354

 CLIFTON                  HOWE RICHARDSON SCALE COMPANY          680 VAN HOUTEN AVENUE                  NJD002192623

 CLIFTON                  NATIONAL STANDARD CO                   617 CLIFTON AV                         NJD002159754

 CLIFTON                  PACQUET ONEIDA INC                     10 CLIFTON BLVD                        NJD002188654

 CLIFTON                  PASS RECOVERY SYSTEMS, INC.            1500 MAIN AVE.                         NJD022095269

 CLIFTON                  SHULTON TOILETRIES                     697 ROUTE 46                           NJD002190304

 CLIFTON                  SINGER CO /KEARFOTT DIV                1372-1378 MAIN AVENUE                  NJD051276533

 CLIFTON                  SWEPCO TUBE                            1 CLIFTON BLVD                         NJD002188597

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CLIFTON                  UNION CAMP CORPORATION                 800 STATE HIGHWAY #3                   NJD002159812

 CLOSTER                  WEYERHAEUSER CO /SHIPPING & CONTAINER  10 RAILROAD AVE                        NJD001399039
 COLLINGSWOOD             CHRISTIAN BEACON PRESS                 28 IRVIN AVENUE                        NJ0001096817

 COLLINGSWOOD             FINNESSY BODY WORKS                    100 CRESCENT BOULEVARD                 NJD002263622

 COLOGNE-GALLOWAY         GERMANIA FRUIT GROWERS UNION           S. COLOGNE & ALOE AVE                  NJD021964077

 COLTS NECK               NAVAL WEAPONS STATION EARLE (SITE A)   TYLER LANE & TEXAS RD                  NJ0170022172

 COLTS NECK               SHREWSBURY SANITARY LANDFILL           ASBURY AVENUE                          NJD981178395

 CONVENT STATION          SAINT ELIZABETH COLLEGE LANDFILL       CONVENT RD.                            NJD062052824

 CRANBURY                 BROWNING-FERRIS IND                    74 CRANBURY STATION ROAD               NJD981178403

 CRANBURY TWP             CHAMBERLIN & BARCLAY INC               CRANBURY STATION ROAD                  NJD002161115

 CREAMRIDGE               JONES LIQUOR STORE                     RTE 537                                NJD980653919

 CRESSKILL                HOKE INCORPORATED                      1 TENAKILL PARK                        NJD002002699

 DAYTON                   DAYTON METALS STAMPING                 P.O. BOX 188 GEORGES ROAD              NJD002179836

 DAYTON                   IBM                                    CULVER RD                              NJD002177210

 DAYTON                   MIRANOL, INC.                          68 CULVER ROAD                         NJD002149409

 DAYTON                   NJE CORP                               CULVER ROAD                            NJD055087977

 DAYTON (SO. BRUNSWICK    PARKER ANDREWS                         ROUTE 130 NORTH                        NJD000560920

 DAYTON (SO. BRUNSWICK)   STAUFFER CHEMICAL                      STULTS RD                              NJD001894229

 DAYTON/S BRNSWK          MIDEAST ALUMINUM                       ROUTE 130                              NJD001775626

 DEANS                    AMERICAN NATIONAL CAN CO.              GEORGES ROAD & ROUTE 130               NJD000764894

 DEEPWATER                E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 CHAMBERS WORKS /RTE 130                NJD002385730

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DEERFIELD                DONNA ESTATES                          MORTON AVE                             NJD982531436

 DELAIR                   ALUMINUM SHAPES INC.                   9000 RIVER ROAD                        NJD002338267

 DELAIR                   GEORGIA PACIFIC CORPORATION            DEROUSSE AVE                           NJD002514750

 DELANCO TWP              BOGS DITCH                             BURLINGTON AVE                         NJD980504906

 DELRAN TWP               WALTON'S FARM                          CREEK RD                               NJD981877731

 DEPTFORD                 KINSLEY'S LANDFILL, INC.               RT 41 HURFVILLE RD                     NJD046556486

 DEPTFORD                 MAC SANITARY LF INC                    RT 41 AND RT 544                       NJD980529374

 DEPTFORD                 PITCCO - PRICKETTS' INDUSTRIAL TANK    HARRIS DRIVE                           NJD071454276
 DEPTFORD TOWNSHIP        A & B DRUM COMPANY                     ROUTE 41, N /1100 HURFVILLE RD         NJD044552354

 DEPTFORD TWP             DEPTFORD PLATING COMPANY, INC          ROUTE 41 AND DEIN AVENUE               NJD002491116

 DEPTFORD TWP             JEM LANDFILL                           HICKSTOWN ROAD                         NJD980769434

 DEPTFORD TWP             MARTELL PROPERTY                       1327 TURKEY HILL RD                    NJD980769442

 DEPTFORD TWP             MARVIN JONAS INC                       SALINA RD                              NJD014725410

 DEPTFORD TWP             ROUTE 534 SITE                         25 DELMAR RD                           NJD980505713

 DOVER                    CONSOLIDATED METALS CORP               100 E DICKERSON ST                     NJD010911196

 DOVER                    NJ NATURAL GAS CO /NO DIV OPER CTR     CARROL & E BLACKWELL STS               NJD980530455

 DOVER                    PICATINNY ARSENAL                      OFF RTE 15 DOVER NJ                    NJ3210020704

 DOVER                    SPARTAN OIL CO                         20 SAMMIS AV                           NJD011204450

 DOVER                    WHITESVILLE ROAD                       WHITESVILLE RD                         NJD980770697


 DOVER TOWNSHIP           HOLIDAY CITY - DOVER                   RETIREMENT COMMUNITY                   NJD981562630

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DOVER TWP                DOVER D.P.W.                           1672 CHURCH ROAD                       NJD980771562

 DOVER TWP                DOVER TOWNSHIP LANDFILL                BAY & CHURCH STREETS                   NJD980771570

 DOVER TWP                REICH FARMS                            LAKEWOOD RD                            NJD980529713

 DOVER TWP                ROUTE 571 DRUM DUMP #2                 RTE 571                                NJD980771950

 DOVER TWP                SILVERTON WELLS                        LARCH DR/MOUNT LANE                    NJD981877780

 DOVER TWP.               DOVER MUNICIPAL WELL 4                 HOOEY ST                               NJD980654131

 E BRUNSWICK              EDGEBORO DSPL INC                      39 EDGEBORO RD                         NJD054118989

 E HANOVER                EAST HANOVER TWP DRUM                  RTE 280                                NJD980505069


 E. HANOVER               FRITZSCHE DODGE & OLCOTT INC           MERRY LANE                             NJD058122912

 EAST AMWELL TWP          NORTH HILL ROAD                        NORTH HILL ROAD                        NJ0000129312

 EAST BRUNSWICK           COTTERS INDUSTRIES                     40-A COTTERS LANE                      NJD002542595

 EAST BRUNSWICK           KEM MANUFACTURING CORP.                25 COTTERS LANE                        NJD054121223

 EAST BRUNSWICK           PRECAST PRODUCTS CORPORATION           19 EDGEBORO ROAD                       NJD050097617

 EAST BRUNSWICK TOWNSHIP  FRIED INDUSTRIES                       11 FRESH POND ROAD                     NJD041828906

 EAST GREENWICH TWP       COHAWKIN ROAD SITE                     COHAWKIN RD                            NJD980769418

 EAST HANOVER             EAST HANOVER SITE                      RIDGEDALE AVE.                         NJD986567352

 EAST HANOVER             HORSTMANN'S DUMP                       GREAT MEADOW LANE                      NJD981084577

 EAST HANOVER             METRO LTD.                             MELANIE LANE                           NJD981144033

 EAST HANOVER             MICHAEL DESKOVICK LANDFILL             KLINGER ROAD                           NJD981490287

 EAST HANOVER             TEXAS EASTERN GAS PIPELINE COMPRESSOR  STATION #309 (M&R #949) RT 510         NJD982182990

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EAST HANOVER TOWNSHIP    NORDA INC                              140 ROUTE 10                           NJD001307115

 EAST HANOVER TWP         CHEMICAL COMPONENTS INC                20 DEFOREST AV                         NJD062034483

 EAST HANOVER TWP         CHEMSERVICES INC                       BLDG A-1, DORINE IND PARK              NJD980771521

 EAST HANOVER TWP         ROYAL LUBRICANTS                       MERRY LANE & RIVER RD                  NJD002160208

 EAST HANOVER TWP         WEISS-AUG CO                           MERRY LANE                             NJD058123118

 EAST MILLSTON            BIO DYNAMICS INC                       METTLERS ROAD                          NJD078259488

 EAST MILLSTON            EXXON BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES I            METTLERS ROAD                          NJD000765081

 EAST ORANGE              VETERANS ADMIN. MEDICAL CENTER         TREMONT AVE.                           NJ0360010375

 EAST RUTHERFORD          ANDERS CHEMICAL CO.                    26 POPLAR STREET                       NJD078697778

 EAST RUTHERFORD          BECTON DICKINSON & COMPANY             STANLEY STREET                         NJD000304782

 EAST RUTHERFORD          DUBOIS CHEMICALS                       UNION AVE & DUBOIS                     NJD081898819


 EAST RUTHERFORD          LUSTRAL LIGHTING                       MURRAY HILL PARKWAY                    NJD064339278

 EAST RUTHERFORD          MADISON CIRCLE                         MURRAY HILL PARKWAY                    NJD980505440

 EAST RUTHERFORD          MARIO'S SERVICE INC                    288 PATERSON PLANK RD                  NJD980530828

 EAST RUTHERFORD          MATHESON GAS PRODUCTS                  932 PATERSON PLANK ROAD                NJD042793976

 EAST RUTHERFORD          MURRAY HILL PARKWAY SITE               343 MURRAY HILL PARKWAY                NJD980769327

 EAST RUTHERFORD          OLD PUTNAM BOOK CO                     MURRAY HILL PKWY                       NJD980529523

 EAST RUTHERFORD          ROYCE CHEMICAL COMPANY                 17 CARLTON AVENUE                      NJD001292499

 EAST RUTHERFORD          RUTHERFORD MACHINERY                   401 CENTRAL AVENUE                     NJD030489850

 EAST RUTHERFORD          UNITED STATES PRINTING INK             343 MURRY HILL PARKWAY                 NJD095171948

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EAST RUTHERFORD          UNIVERSAL OIL PRODUCTS(CHEMICAL        E/S ROUTE 17                           NJD002005106
 EAST RUTHERFORD          ESSENGEE INVESTORS                     DU BOIS STREET                         NJD981557887
 EAST WINDSOR             GENERAL ELECTRIC CO ASTRO              ROUTE 571 & 535                        NJD001643840

 EAST WINDSOR             MAS LABS                               50 LAKE DRIVE                          NJ0001466937

 EATON TOWN               MARGANGI PROPERTY                      RT 36                                  NJD981877608

 EATONTOWN                A R COMMUNICATIONS                     91 MAIN STREET                         NJD986651594

 EATONTOWN                BENDIX CORP - ELECTRIC POWER DIV       RTE 35                                 NJD002140358

 EATONTOWN                PRECISION CIRCUITS, INC.               468 INDUSTRIAL WAY WEST                NJD063137871

 EDGEWATER                ALLIED CORP                            1 RIVER RD                             NJD980530604

 EDGEWATER                LEVER BROTHERS INC                     45 RIVER ROAD                          NJD001495811

 EDGEWATER                QUANTA RESOURCES                       ONE RIVER RD                           NJD000606442

 EDGEWATER                SIGNO DELTA WAREHOUSE                  1 RIVER RD                             NJD982181448

 EDGEWATER                SPENCER KELLOGG                        143 RIVER RD                           NJD054064084

 EDISON                   ALLIED CHEMICAL CORP                   PRINCE ST OFF RTE 1                    NJD054124177

 EDISON                   ALPHAGAZ - SPECIALTY GASES             977 NEW DURHAM RD                      NJD081983207

 EDISON                   AMERCHOL CORPORATION                   TALMADGE ROAD                          NJD053099974

 EDISON                   ASHBROOK FARMS LF                      RAHWAY ROAD                            NJD980755334

 EDISON                   CAMP KILMER                            PLAINFIELD AVENUE                      NJD986593887

 EDISON                   CENTRAL GAS PLANT                      410 SILVER LAKE AVENUE                 NJD000574392

 EDISON                   EDISON CENTER REALTY                   FED BUS CENTER 300 RARITAN CTR.        NJD982272684
 EDISON                   EDISON TWP LF                          MEADOW RD                              NJD980529044

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EDISON                   GSA RARITAN DEPOT                      WOODBRIDGE AVE                         NJ3470009009

 EDISON                   HELLER PROPERTIES                      EXECUTIVE AVE. AND MEADOW RD.          NJD981187065

 EDISON                   I.T. CORPORATION                       GSA RARITAN DEPOT                      NJ4680019987

 EDISON                   INTL PAPER CABINET DIVISION            183 NATIONAL ROAD (P.O. 311)           NJD980530521

 EDISON                   KEMCO CORPORATION                      INMAN AVENUE                           NJD986609964

 EDISON                   KIN-BUC LANDFILL                       MEADOW RD                              NJD049860836

 EDISON                   KTK CORP                               MEADOW RD                              NJD986615813

 EDISON                   LA DREYFUS CO.                         3775 PARK AVE.                         NJD002150993

 EDISON                   MATTEL INC                             ONE TRUMAN DR SOUTH                    NJD037203205

 EDISON                   MOBIL CHEMICAL CO. R & D LABORATORIES  NJ ROUTE 27 & VINEYARD ROAD            NJD980593404

 EDISON                   MULLER MACHINERY                       135 WHITMAN AVE                        NJD982532988

 EDISON                   NUODEX INC                             40 NIXON LANE                          NJD063138531

 EDISON                   PETROLEUM CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY INC      BLDG 445-RARITAN CTR                   NJD980529606

 EDISON                   PIGMENT DISPERSIONS, INC.              54 KELLOGG COURT                       NJD002191690

 EDISON                   PRIMUS SPORTSWEAR                      53 BRUNSWICK AVENUE                    NJD038590840

 EDISON                   RARITAN ARSENAL                        WOODBRIDGE AVE                         NJD986589190

 EDISON                   RARITAN CENTER - AREA 4                WOODBRIDGE AVE.                        NJD986571362

 EDISON                   RARITAN CENTER AREA 5                  RARITIAN CTR                           NJD986573970

 EDISON                   REVLON INC                             ROUTE 27 AND TALMADGE ROAD             NJD002520542

 EDISON                   STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO                   MEADOW RD                              NJD052204633

 EDISON TOWNSHIP          RENORA, INC                            83 SOUTH MAIN ST                       NJD070415005

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EDISON TWP               CHEMICAL INSECTICIDE CORP              30 WHITMAN AV                          NJD980484653

 EDISON TWP               INDUSTRIAL LAND RECLAIMING INC         MILL LANE                              NJD980505275

 EGG HARBOR               UNIVERSAL ALUMINUM                     CANELE DR OFF DELILAH RD               NJD046554655



 EGG HARBOR TWONSHIP      CANALE GRAVEL PIT                      OCEAN HEIGHTS AVE                      NJ0001406339

 EGG HARBOR TWP           DELILAH ROAD                           DELILAH & MILL RDS                     NJD980529002

 EGG HARBOR TWP           DOUGHTY ROAD SITE                      DOUGHTY RD                             NJD980769251

 EGG HARBOR TWP           PLEASANT WOODS LANDFILL                THOMPSON AVE                           NJ0001407030

 ELIZABETH                ALLIED CHEMICAL CORP                   100 NORTH AVE                          NJD002451490

 ELIZABETH                ALOYCO, INC.                           879 NORTH AVENUE                       NJD080601156

 ELIZABETH                AMERICAN CHROME & CHEMICALS            155 FRONT STREET                       NJD000764910

 ELIZABETH                AN COR LOX INC                         325 PINE ST                            NJD002137974

 ELIZABETH                BAY CITY OIL SERVICE                   JULIA AND SPRING STS.                  NJD000606814

 ELIZABETH                BOND STREET DUMP                       830 BOND ST                            NJD980771281

 ELIZABETH                BORNE CHEM CO                          632 SOUTH FRONT ST                     NJD002167237

 ELIZABETH                BROWNING-FERRIS IND                    714 DIVISION STREET                    NJD058117979

 ELIZABETH                CHEMICAL CONTROL                       23 SOUTH FRONT ST                      NJD000607481

 ELIZABETH                CONRAIL-ELIZABETHPORT YARD             123 DOWD AVENUE                        NJD981083033

 ELIZABETH                ELIZABETH CITY DUMP                    N AVE E 8 BAY AVE                      NJD980529077

 ELIZABETH                ELIZABETH COAL GAS SITE #1             ERIE ST BET 3RD AND FLORIDA ST         NJD981082894

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ELIZABETH                ELIZABETH COAL GAS SITE #2             406 SOUTH STREET                       NJD981082902

 ELIZABETH                FLORA GARAGE                           847 FLORA ST                           NJD980529135

 ELIZABETH                GMC WHS & DISTRB DIV                   780 DOWD AVE                           NJD061072948

 ELIZABETH                IRON OXIDE                             FRONT ST                               NJD002136323

 ELIZABETH                JOINT MEETING SEWAGE TREATMENT         500 SOUTH FIRST ST                     NJD065822165

 ELIZABETH                KIT ENTERPRISES INC                    471 DIVISION STREET                    NJD096873922

 ELIZABETH                PERK CHEM CO INC                       217 SOUTH FIRST ST                     NJD002200046

 ELIZABETH                PORT AUTHORITY OF NY & NJ LF           BAY AVE & KAPKOWSKI RD                 NJD980530364

 ELIZABETH                REICHHOLD CHEMICAL INC                 726 ROCKEFELLER ST                     NJD002202869

 ELIZABETH                ROLLINS INT                            " NOT LOCATED TO DATE "                NJD980771414

 ELIZABETH                SINGER COMPANY                         321 FIRST STREET                       NJD002169506

 ELIZABETH                SOUTH SIDE CARTING                     UNKNOWN                                NJD980771422

 ELIZABETH                TENNECO CHEMICAL INC /ELIZABETH PLANT  830 MAGNOLIA AVE                       NJD011246337

 ELIZABETH                TINMET CORPORATION                     700 KAPKOWSKI RD                       NJD000313411

 ELIZABETH                TRUMBELL STREET SITE                   107 TRUMBULL STREET                    NJD981186323

 ELIZABETH CITY           CENTRAL RAILROAD OF NEW JERSEY         2-330 NORTH AVENUE EAST                NJD981557895

 ELK TWP                  INDUSTRIAL STEEL DRUM CO INC           NEW JERSEY AVE                         NJD000831578

 ELMER                    AGWAY COUNTY FOODS                     407 STATE STREET                       NJD980417257

 ELMWOOD                  CUSTOM CHEMICALS COMPANY               30 PAUL KOHNER PLACE                   NJD093846301

 ELMWOOD                  ENGLE DOSTDYK INC.                     465 BOULEVARD STREET                   NJD003775657

 ELMWOOD PARK             AETNA CHEMICAL CORPORATION             WALLACE STREET                         NJD001471374

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ELMWOOD PARK             ELMWOOD PARK MOTORCYCLE SHOP           201-B MARKET                           NJD049212517



 ELMWOOD PARK             KREISLER INDUSTRIAL CORP.              180 VAN RIPER AVENUE                   NJD001389642

 ELMWOOD PARK             LAPLACE CHEMICAL COMPANY               LELIARTS LANE                          NJD001382373

 ELMWOOD PARK BORO        SYNKOTE PAINT                          144-160 VAN RIPER AVE                  NJD001394089

 ELWOOD                   PERONA BROS. TIRE FIRE                 ROUTE 30 (WHITE HORSE PIKE)            NJD071456107

 ELWOOD                   SCHOLLER BROTHERS INC                  2ND & WEYMOUTH-ELWOOD RDS              NJD002274736

 ENGLEWOOD                ENGLEWOOD CENTRAL MAINT GARAGE         175 S VAN BRUNT                        NJD980530372

 ENGLEWOOD                FMC CORP. SPECIAL PRODUCTS GROUP       326 SOUTH DEAN STREET                  NJD001396985

 ENGLEWOOD                GMC WAREHOUSE & DISTRIB. DIV-NEWARK    385 NORDUFF PLACE                      NJD052092673

 ENGLEWOOD                PERMABOND INTERNATIONAL                480 S DEAN ST                          NJD039113956

 ENGLEWOOD                UNION CAMP CORPORATION                 1 COLOUR PLACE                         NJD041994799

 ENGLEWOOD CITY           BRISTOL PLASTICS INC.                  100 SOUTH DEAN STREET                  NJD980776975

 EVESHAM TWP              AEROHAVEN AIRPORT                      KETTLE RUN ROAD                        NJD980530133

 EVESHAM TWP              ELLIS PROPERTY                         SHARP RD                               NJD980529085

 EVESHAM TWP              EVESHAM TOWNSHIP LANDFILL              TOMLINSON MILL RD                      NJD980771802

 EWING TWP                KENNY'S CLEANERS                       1680 PENNINGTON ROAD                   NJD035677939

 FAILFIERLD TOWNSHIP      FAIRFIELD TEXTILES                     55 PASSAIC AVENUE                      NJD080630049

 FAIR FIELD               BASF CORPORATION                       140 NEW DUTCH LANE                     NJD000768275

 FAIR LAWN                AMTECH INC.                            20-21 WAGARAW ROAD                     NJD054068572

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FAIR LAWN                ATLANTIC AVIATON CORPORATION           333 INDUSTRIAL AVENUE                  NJD011308988

 FAIR LAWN                BORDEN CHEMICAL                        8-10 22ND STREET                       NJD001374883

 FAIR LAWN                CROMPTON & KNOWLES                     17-01 NEVINS RD                        NJD076690080

 FAIR LAWN                FAIR LAWN WELL FIELD                   IND PARK/HENDERSON BLVD 11 ST          NJD980654107

 FAIR LAWN                NABISCO                                2111 ROUTE 208                         NJD001368109

 FAIR LAWN                WARREN BRONZE AND ALUMINIUM            13-28 SECOND STREET                    NJD986628469

 FAIRFIELD                ALFA MACHINE & TOOL COMPANY            19 JUST ROAD                           NJD002158467

 FAIRFIELD                ANDERSON AND VREELAND EAST INC.        24 SPEILMAN ROAD                       NJD011140316

 FAIRFIELD                BROWNING-FERRIS IND (B.F.I.)           54 MONTESANO RD                        NJD003811841

 FAIRFIELD                CHEM SYSTEMS INC.                      ONE EVANS STREET                       NJD060791522

 FAIRFIELD                CURTISS-WRIGHT                         300 FAIRFIELD ROAD                     NJD002442549

 FAIRFIELD                GENERAL HOSE                           30 SHERWOOD LANE                       NJD010906360

 FAIRFIELD                KULICK RD & GLORIA LA                  KULICK RD                              NJD980528020

 FAIRFIELD                MCGRAW-EDISON CO. / SERVICE DIVISION   142 CLINTON ROAD                       NJD982187478

 FAIRFIELD                REGENCY WEB PUBLICATIONS               21 EAST DANIEL ROAD                    NJD986596526

 FAIRFIELD                REGIONAL CONTAMINATION                 PASSAIC AVE/SE OF ESSEX AIRPRT         NJD980769608

 FAIRFIELD                SINGER COMPANY KEARFOTT DIV.           90 NEW DUTCH LANE                      NJD065812950

 FAIRFIELD TWP            CALDWELL TRUCKING CO                   222 PASSAIC AVE                        NJD048798953

 FAIRLAWN                 EASTMAN KODAK PROCESSING LAB.          1631 ROUTE 208                         NJD986603082

 FAIRLAWN                 ECKO PRODUCTS INC                      17-31 ROUTE 208                        NJD981186240

 FAIRLAWN                 SANDOZ CHEMICAL CORPORATION            FAIRLAWN AVENUE & 3RD STREET           NJD001213453

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FAIRVIEW                 MARKO ENGRAVING & ART CORP.            439 FAIRVIEW AVENUE                    NJD980535959

 FARMINGDALE              BEL-RAY CO INC                         BOWMAN RD PO BOX 526                   NJD002145811

 FARMINGDALE              FREQUENCY ENG                          LAKEWOOD RD                            NJD980505184

 FARMINGDALE              MOLECU WIRE CORP.                      HAMILTON ROAD                          NJD002352045

 FIELDSBORO               STEPAN CHEMICAL                        4TH ST                                 NJD041762840

 FLEMINGTON               E.M. HAYNES JR. INC.                   P.O. BOX 327, SOUTH MAIN STREET        NJD000601237

 FLEMINGTON               FLEMINGTON COAL GAS SITE               EAST MAIN ST                           NJD982187346

 FLEMINGTON               NJDOT - MAINTENANCE YARD               RTE 31                                 NJD980529473

 FLEMINGTON               THOMAS T. LIPTON INC.                  ROUTE 523 (FLEMINTON-WHITE HSE ROAD)   NJD042251652

 FLORENCE TWP             FLORENCE LAND RECONTOURING LANDFILL    CEDAR LANE EXT                         NJD980529143

 FLORENCE TWP             SUTARIA SITE                           2067 ROUTE 130                         NJ0000103820

 FLORHAM PARK             AMAX SPECIALTY METALS                  COLUMBIA ROAD                          NJD002561652

 FOLSOM BOROUGH           HUMPHREY'S PEST CONTROL                RTE 561 BLACKHORSE PK                  NJD986649770

 FORDS                    ELIZABETH WASTE DSPL #2                KING GEORGE RD                         NJD980505101

 FORDS                    HATCO CHEMICAL                         KING GEORGE POST RD                    NJD091399329

 FORDS                    NUODEX INC                             MEADOW ROAD                            NJD002184562

 FORDS                    TENNECO POLYMERS INC FORDS NJ          INDUSTRIAL AVE & OLD MEADOW RD         NJD986603892

 FRANKLIN                 BICSAK DUMP                            WILDCAT RD                             NJD980771497

 FRANKLIN                 CELLITE                                CORK HILL RD                           NJD980528855

 FRANKLIN                 CHATHAM LABORATORIES                   31 MUNSON HURST RD.                    NJD981877756

 FRANKLIN                 ECLISPE SYSTEMS INC                    CORK HILL RD                           NJD002158707

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FRANKLIN                 SERIN DUMP SITE                        120 MAPLE ROAD                         NJD980771976

 FRANKLIN BORO            METALTEC/AEROSYSTEMS                   WILDCAT & MAPLE ROADS                  NJD002517472

 FRANKLIN LAKES           ARLO CLEANERS                          828 FRANKLIN AVE                       NJD096195029

 FRANKLIN LAKES           BALO PRECISION PARTS INC               530 COMMERCE ST                        NJD980769210


 FRANKLIN LAKES BOROUGH   GLEBAR COMPANY INC                     527 COMMERCE STREET                    NJD002026540



 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP        FRANKLIN BURN SITE #4                  MARSHALL MILL RD                       NJD986620656

 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP        FRANKLIN BURN SITE #5                  MARSHALL MILL RD                       NJD986620664

 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP        FRANKLIN BURN SITE #7                  2000 N.E OF MARSHALL MILL ROAD         NJD986641637

 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP        FRANKLIN TWP LF                        PENNSYLVANIA AVE                       NJD980505622

 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP        HIGGINS FARM                           ROUTE 518                              NJD981490261

 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP        KINGSTON RESIDENCES                    LAUREL AVENUE                          NJD981490436

 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP        MIDLAND ROSS CORP.                     CANAL ROAD                             NJD981186315

 FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP        VICTAULIC COMPANY OF AMERICA-APEX      EDISON ROAD                            NJ0000201020
 FRANKLIN TWP             ABANDON DRUM                           ROUTE 518 & CARROL PLACE               NJD986593762

 FRANKLIN TWP             AIRCO INC/ FRANKLIN TWP LABORATORY     HOWARD AVE                             NJD980530422

 FRANKLIN TWP             EDWARDS & EASTLACK PROPERTIES          DELSEA DRIVE                           NJD986639557

 FRANKLIN TWP             FMC CORP                               RTE 47 & NORTH DELSEA DR               NJD009448432

 FRANKLIN TWP             FRANKLIN BURN SITE #1                  MARSHALL MILL ROAD                     NJD986570992

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FRANKLIN TWP             FRANKLIN BURN SITE #2                  LINCOLN AVE & STANTON AVE              NJD986571016

 FRANKLIN TWP             HIGH POINT SANITARY LANDFILL           ASBURY-BROADWAY ROAD                   NJD980505259

 FRANKLIN TWP             MYERS PROPERTY                         LOWER KINGTOWN RD                      NJD980654198

 FRANKLIN TWP             NORTHERN FINES CHEM                    93 MAIN ST                             NJD000246801

 FRANKLIN TWP             TABLICAPS INC                          BLACKWOODTOWN RD                       NJD048620496

 FRANKLIN TWP             WILLIAMSTOWN ROAD LANDFILL             WILLIAMSTOWN ROAD                      NJD980769657

 FRANKLINVILLE            FRANKLIN BURN SITE #6                  1500 FOOT N.E MARSHALL MILL ROAD       NJD986633543

 FRANKLINVILLE            FRANKLIN TWP LF                        LAKE RD                                NJD980505374

 FRANKLINVILLE            PIONEER METAL FINISHING INC            COLES MILL RD                          NJD002360188

 FREEHOLD                 COOPER BIOMEDIAL                       HALLS MILL ROAD                        NJD000228619

 FREEHOLD                 LONE PINE LANDFILL                     BURKE RD                               NJD980505424

 FREEHOLD                 NESTLE CO                              JERSEYVILLE AV                         NJD020773099

 FREEHOLD                 O-I BROCKWAY GLASS, INC                P.O. BOX550 CENTER STREET              NJD002194314

 FREEHOLD TWP             FREEHOLD TWP SANITARY LF               HENDRICKSON RD                         NJD980505168

 FRELINGHUYSEN            GREEN ACRES LF                         GREEN DELL RD                          NJD980529200

 FRENCHTOWN               PLESSEY CERAMICS                       8TH & HARRISON STS                     NJD980766786

 GALLOWAY TWP             ARMIGER BRASS & BRONZE CO.             305 S. CENTRAL AVE                     NJ0001119338

 GALLOWAY TWP             EMMELL'S SEPTIC LANDFILL               128 ZURICH AVE                         NJD980772727

 GALLOWAY TWP             GALLOWAY TWP                           OAK ST (GALLOWAY ROAD)                 NJD981136518

 GALLOWAY TWP             GALLOWAY TWP LANDFILL                  LEIPZIG AVE AND HERSCHEL ST            NJD980529176

 GALLOWAY TWP             LEIPZIG AVE SITE                       LEIPZIG AVE                            NJD980769293

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GALLOWAY TWP             MANNHEIM AVENUE DUMP                   MANNHEIM AVE                           NJD980654180

 GALLOWAY TWP             PETERSON AUTO SALVAGE & REPAIR         615 S. SECOND AVENUE                   NJ0001360874

 GALLOWAY TWP             POMONA OAKS RESIDENTIAL WELLS          RTES 575 & 30                          NJD980769350

 GALLOWAY TWP             SOUTH JERSEY AUTO BODY                 719 W. WHITE HORSE PIKE                NJ0001119379

 GARFIELD                 TENNECO CHEMICAL                       290 RIVER RD                           NJD002005148

 GARWOOD                  MAGNUS CHEMICAL CO PLANT               608 SOUTH AVE                          NJD980530265

 GIBBSBORO                ROUTE 561 DUMP                         ROUTE 561                              NJ0000453514

 GIBBSBORO                SHERWIN-WILLIAMS                       UNITED STATES AVE                      NJD980417976


 GIBBSTOWN                EM DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS                  480 DEMOCRAT ROAD                      NJD069043370

 GIBBSTOWN                HERCULES, INC. (GIBBSTOWN PLANT)       NORTH MARKET ST                        NJD002349058

 GILLETTE                 MITRONICS PRODUCTS                     239 MORRISTOWN ROAD                    NJD000547281

 GLASSBORO                GLASSBORO LAB PACK DUMP                ELLIS ST                               NJD980769640


 GLEN GARDNER             DIAMOND AEROSOL CORP                   WOODGLEN & ANTHONY ROADS               NJD049644438

 GLEN RIDGE               GLEN RIDGE RADIUM SITE                 NOT AVAILABLE                          NJD980785646

 GLOUCESTER               DELAWARE RIVER                                                                NJD986570901

 GLOUCESTER               G & W NATURAL RESOURCES                WATER ST.                              NJD002347664

 GLOUCESTER               GAF CORPORATION                        WATER & CHARLES ST.                    NJD043292606

 GLOUCESTER               GLOUCESTER GAS WORKS                   JERSEY AVE BETWEEN 5TH & 6TH           NJD981083058

 GLOUCESTER CITY          AMSPEC CHEMICAL CO                     FOOT OF WATER ST                       NJD000312371

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 27 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GLOUCESTER CITY          GLOUCESTER CITY JR. SR. H. S           MARKET ST & ROUTE 130                  NJD000591289

 GLOUCESTER CITY          VANGUARD VINYL SIDING                  CHARLES & WATER STREETS                NJD982530073

 GLOUCESTER CITY          WELSBACH & GENERAL GAS MANTLE          ELLIS STREET                           NJD986620995
 GLOUCESTER TWP           GEMS LANDFILL                          ERIAL & HICKSTOWN RDS                  NJD980529192

 GLOUCESTER TWP           OWENS-CORNING FIBERGLASS CORP          SOMERDALE RD                           NJD980532972

 GLOUCESTER               PURE STREAM INC                        121 FAIRMONT AVE                       NJD000606079
 GLOUCHESTER CITY         FOGARTY INDUSTRIES                     7TH AND CHARLES STREET                 NJD986578169

 GLOUSTER CITY            NEWTON CREEK CYLINDER SITE             ROUTE 130 SOUTH                        NJ0001412261

 GREAT MEADOWS            INDEPENDENCE TWP                       ALPHANO ROAD                           NJD098260136

 GREAT MEADOWS            SOUTHLAND CORP                         ALPHANO RD                             NJD092225721

 GREEN VILLAGE            ROLLING KNOLLS LF                      35 BRITTIN RD                          NJD980505192

 GREENWICH TWP            AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICAL INC            ]ILLINGSPORT RD                        NJD002373579

 GREENWICH TWP            E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 REPAUNO AVENUE                         NJD980664437
 HACKENSACK               HACKENSACK GAS WORKS                   HUDSON & WATER STREETS                 NJD981083066

 HACKENSACK               HACKENSACK MEDICAL CENTER              22 HOSPITAL PLACE                      NJD042797571

 HACKENSACK               HALOCARBON PRODUCTS CORPORATION        82 BURLEWS COURT                       NJD002027514

 HACKENSACK               LANCIA OIL COMPANY, INC                340 SOUTH RIVER STREET                 NJD002550366

 HACKENSACK               SUBOX CARBOLINE                        40 BURLEWS COURT                       NJD981178361

 HACKETTSTOWN             BATES MANUFACTURING CO                 36 NEWBURG ROAD                        NJD002167799

 HACKETTSTOWN             ELASTIMOLD DIV AMERACE CORP            ESNA DRIVE                             NJD045133485

 HACKETTSTOWN             M AND M MARS INC                       R HIGH ST                              NJD003001757

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HACKETTSTOWN             VICTORIA LANE SITE                     VICTORIA LANE                          NJD980771455

 HAINESPORT               ATLANTIC WOOD INDUSTRIES               RTE 38                                 NJD011300803

 HAINESPORT               CREEK-TURN CERAMICS                    RTE 38                                 NJD980769244

 HAINESPORT               HARDWARE & INDUSTRIAL TOOL             RT 38 & CREEK ROAD                     NJD000500009

 HAINESPORT               MARATHON INDUSTRIES INC                DELAWARE AVE & SYLON BLVD              NJD071455331

 HAINESPORT               PAUL'S TANK CLEANING                   1225 INDUSTRIAL BLVD                   NJD980772560

 HAINESPORT               PERRY INDUSTRIES                       MT LAUREL RD                           NJD980769178

 HAINESPORT               STAVOLA OIL COMPANY                    HAINESPORT-LUMBERTON ROAD              NJD980769202

 HAINESPORT TWP           BURLINGTON CO HWY DEPT                 105 MAPLE AVENUE                       NJD980769061

 HALEDON                  HOFER MACHINE & TOOL CO                126 LINDA VISTA AVE                    NJD002166155

 HALEDON                  MOBAY CHEMICAL CORP                    550 BELMONT AV                         NJD030248306

 HAMBURG                  ACCURATE FORMING                       RTE 94 AMES BLVD                       NJD047354832

 HAMBURG                  AMES RUBBER                            23-47 AMES BOULEVARD (RTE 94)          NJD002389468

 HAMILTON                 ATLANTIC CNTY VOCATIONAL & TECHNICAL   5080 ATLANTIC AVENUE (RT 40)           NJD981555568
 HAMILTON TOWNSHIP        BCS ASSOCIATES                         1218 WALNUT STREET                     NJD986579480


 HAMILTON TWP             D'IMPERIO PROPERTY                     RTE 322                                NJD980529416

 HAMILTON TWP             DUCK ISLAND SANITARY LF                LAMBERTON RD                           NJD980505051

 HAMILTON TWP             EUGENE PARKS                           4982 SOUTH BROAD ST                    NJD980529119

 HAMILTON TWP             FENWICK HICKS PROPERTY                 6804 THIRD AVENUE                      NJ0000133090


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 29 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HAMILTON TWP             ISAIAH HICKS PROPERTY                  7280 VENICE ROAD                       NJ0000133116

 HAMILTON TWP             MONSANTO CO                            584 RTE 130                            NJD980210009

 HAMILTON TWP             UNDERHILL PARK                         ILLIF RD                               NJ0001118785

 HAMMONTON                HAMMONTON COAL GAS SITE                LINCOLN STREET                         NJD981083074

 HANOVER                  BOONTON ELECTRONICS                    17 EASTMANS ROAD                       NJD980536122

 HANOVER TWP              BELL LABORATORIES                      67 WHIPPANY RD                         NJD048804488

 HANOVER TWP              COLLOID CHEMICAL                       225 CEDAR KNOLLS RD                    NJD002198760

 HANOVER TWP              WHIPPANY PAPER BOARD CO INC            PARSIPANY ROAD (BLK 8901-LO)           NJD981172935

 HARDING TWP              HARDING DUMP                           LONG HILL RD                           NJD980770440

 HARMONY TWP              HARMONY TWP LF                         RIVER ST                               NJD980530646

 HARRISON                 BOCK ENTERPRISES INC                   1000 SO 4TH ST BLDG 10N                NJD044084010

 HARRISON                 GLOUBE MFG CO                          300 FIRST ST                           NJD002159192

 HARRISON                 HARRISON GAS PLANT                     SOUTH 4TH STREET                       NJD981134117

 HARRISON                 LIQUID CARBONIC CORP                   603 BERGEN ST                          NJD040741092

 HARRISON TWP             HENRY HARRIS LF                        BRIDGETON PIKE RD#2                    NJD980505226

 HASKELL                  POST BROOK                             FIRST AV                               NJD980771885

 HAWTHORNE                CALGON CORPORATION                     200 WAGARAW ROAD                       NJD091859215

 HAWTHORNE                HAWTHORNE MUNICIPAL WELLS              WAGARAW RD                             NJD980771679

 HAWTHORNE                INMONT CORP /HAWTHORNE PLANT           150 WAGARAW RD                         NJD002165371

 HAWTHORNE                PRECISION PRODUCTS INC                 2 LLEWELLYN AVE.                       NJD053523072

 HAWTHORNE                PYROLAC CORPORATION                    55 SCHOON AVENUE                       NJD001271931

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 30 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HIGHLANDS                NOAA/NMFS/NEFC                         SANDY HOOK LAB.                        NJ6141700116

 HIGHLANDS                USCG-SANDY HOOK STATION                HARTSHORNE DRIVE                       NJ4690308024

 HIGHSTOWN                COCA COLA CO FOODS DIVISION            480 MERCER STREET                      NJD053299814


 HILLSBOROUGH             CAMPLAIN ROAD                          97 ($103) OLD CAMPLAIN ROAD            NJD982271504

 HILLSBOROUGH             HILLSBOROUGH                           ROUTE 206                              NJD982271447

 HILLSBOROUGH             NATIONAL DIAGNOSTICS                   198 ROUTE 206                          NJD085637379

 HILLSBOROUGH             OLD CAMPLAIN ROAD WELLS                OLD CAMPLAIN RD #97 & 103              NJD982181265

 HILLSBOROUGH TWP         KRYSOWATY FARM                         HACKENBERRY & 3 BRIDGES                NJD980529838

 HILLSBOROUGH TWP         SWOCO (SMITH-WEIMAN OIL CO)            AUTEN RD                               NJD980529812

 HILLSBOROUGH TWP         VETERANS ADMINISTRATION SUPPLY DEPOT   RTE 206                                NJ4360010330

 HILLSIDE                 ATLANTIC METAL PRODUCTS INC            600 NORTH UNION AVE                    NJD002196624

 HILLSIDE                 HATFIELD WIRE & CABLE                  987 HILLSIDE AVE                       NJD011321205

 HOBOKEN                  ALBEE SERVICES INC.                    410 (CORNER OF) 8TH & GRAND STREET     NJD001457472

 HOBOKEN                  GRAND STREET MERCURY SITE              GRAND STREET                           NJ0001327733

 HOBOKEN                  HOBOKEN GAS WORKS                      13TH AND CLINTON STREETS               NJD981134109

 HOBOKEN                  MIDWAY INK CORP.                       655 - 665 1ST STREET                   NJD001346055

 HOHOKUS                  DALE BROOK PARK                        1 HOLLYWOOD AVENUE                     NJD980530158

 HOLLAND                  HOLLAND SALES & SERVICE                100 MILFORD GLEN ROAD                  NJD092340116

 HOLMDEL                  AT AND BELL LABORATORIES               CRAWFORD CORNER ROAD                   NJD011328887

 HOLMDEL                  AT AND BELL LABORATORIES               HOLMDEL-KEYPORT ROAD                   NJD000799072

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 31 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HOLMDEL                  OWENS ILLINOIS INC.-LILY DIVISION      ROUTE 35 & LAUREL AVENUE               NJD002164176

 HOLMDEL                  PENNWALT CORP.S.S. WHITE DENTAL        SOUTH STREET                           NJD052788528
 HOPE TOWNSHIP            PLANAR FARM                            ROAD 519 AND KOSTENBADER ROAD          NJD986579472

 HOPEWELL                 EQUITABLE METER CO                     100 HAMILTON AVE & SOMERSET            NJD980530638

 HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP        HOURGLASS CLEANERS                     25 ROUTE 31 SOUTH                      NJD981488190

 HOPEWELL TWP             WESTERN ELECTRIC                       CARTER RD                              NJD092338326

 HOWELL                   PIONEER FURNITURE STRIPPING, INC.      HIGHWAY 34                             NJD000562553

 HOWELL TOWNSHIP          ALDRICH WATER CO. PUMP STATION #5      ADDISON RAOD                           NJD981181860

 HOWELL TOWNSHIP          ARDMORE ESTATES                        ROUTE 524                              NJD981179062


 HOWELL TWP               BOG CREEK FARM                         LAKEWOOD-FARMINGDALE RD (RT 547)       NJD063157150

 HOWELL TWP               CHEMICAL ED                            HIGHWAY 9                              NJD980770507

 HOWELL TWP               EL CID CONTRACTING CORP                LEMON RD                               NJD980529051

 HOWELL TWP               EMIL SCHROTH/TROJAN TUBE CO            COPPER AVE & YELLOW BROOK RD           NJD011528346

 HOWELL TWP               ZSCHIEGNER REFINING                    1442 MAXIM SOUTHHARD RD                NJD986643153

 HUDSON                   KEARNY DRUM DISPOSAL AREA              BELLEVILLE TPK                         NJD980505044

 HURFF VILLE              ASSOCIATED PACKAGING                   RTE 47 & SALINA RD                     NJD077091569

 IRVINGTON                EVERSEAL MFG. CO.                      32-50 BUFFINGTON                       NJD002152460

 IRVINGTON                JOS ROLLER LEATHER CO INC              500 CHANCELLOR AVE                     NJD030238752

 IRVINGTON                REVLON INC. INPLEMENT DIVISION         196 COIT STREET                        NJD002173540

 IRVINGTON                SILSONIX CORP                          514 LYONS AVENUE                       NJD980788962

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 32 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JACKSON TOWNSHIP         PATERSON RD                            PATERSON RD/RT 526 & WRIGHT RD         NJD981179039

 JACKSON TOWNSHIP         WALTER R. EARLE CORPORATION            ROUTE 547                              NJD068698687

 JACKSON TWP              A-ALL-IN-ONE-SERVICES                  381 A LAKEHURST AVE                    NJD980529937

 JACKSON TWP              ABANDONED DRUM                         66 BROOKWOOD PARKWAY                   NJD980771463

 JACKSON TWP              FISH ROAD SITE                         FISH RD                                NJD980771612

 JACKSON TWP              HAYDEN CHEMICAL                        BOWMAN ROAD                            NJD980529259

 JACKSON TWP              JACKSON GRAVEL PIT LANDFILL            HAWKINS ROAD                           NJD980530323

 JACKSON TWP              JACKSON TOWNSHIP D.P.W.                RD. 4 BOX 52 COVENTRY ROAD             NJD000539460

 JACKSON TWP              JACKSON TOWNSHIP LANDFILL              LAKEHURST AVE                          NJD980505283

 JACKSON TWP              JM & G APPLIANCE CO                    RD # 7, BOX 492, ROUTE 526             NJD980771687

 JACKSON TWP              POWERS FARM                            RT. 526 EAST (COUNTY LINE RD)          NJD980529648

 JACKSON TWP              RITZ FARM                              335 B PFISTER ROAD                     NJ0001480557

 JACKSON TWP              ROUTE 195 TRAILER                      RTE 195                                NJD980771935

 JAMESBURG                FABCOA                                 268 GATEMER AVE                        NJD081985145

 JERSEY CITY              3RD STREET SITE                        501 RT 440                             NJD982728776

 JERSEY CITY              BAKER CASTOR OIL                       90 MORGAN ST                           NJD980530497

 JERSEY CITY              BELYEA COMPANY                         31-45 HOWELL ST                        NJD001290758

 JERSEY CITY              BIRK PAINT MANUFACTURERS INC           230-236 KEARNEY AVE                    NJD049143563

 JERSEY CITY              CAVEN POINT ARMY RESERVE CENTER        1 CHAPEL AVENUE                        NJ6210422501

 JERSEY CITY              CHARLES MUNDT & SONS                   498 JOHNSTON AVENUE                    NJD980784615

 JERSEY CITY              CITY CHEMICAL CORP                     100 HOBOKEN AVE                        NJD001306414

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 33 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JERSEY CITY              CITY OF JERSEY CITY SITE(S)            HALLADAY ST TO CAVEN PT AVE            NJD980530356

 JERSEY CITY              COMMUNIPAW AVENUE SITE                 COMMUNIPAW AV                          NJD980770002

 JERSEY CITY              CORONA LIGHTING CORP                   346 CLAREMONT AVE                      NJD001319136

 JERSEY CITY              CYLINDER RT. 440                       N.E CORNER OF 501 RT.440               NJD986642536

 JERSEY CITY              DANIEL PROD CO                         400 CLAREMONT AVE                      NJD001340686

 JERSEY CITY              DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORP                  651 TONNELE AVE                        NJD001583459

 JERSEY CITY              DUFFIELD AVENUE                        DUFFIELD AVENUE                        NJD986574028

 JERSEY CITY              EIGHTH STREET SITE                     379-383 EIGHT STREET                   NJD986571115

 JERSEY CITY              ERIE LACKAWANNA RR                     200 PACIFIC AVE                        NJD980529093

 JERSEY CITY              EXXON CO USA /EAGLE WORKS              CAVEN POINT RD                         NJD980530554

 JERSEY CITY              GORDEN SERVICES INC                    181 PACIFIC AVE                        NJD980527949

 JERSEY CITY              GREENVILLE YARDS                       CAVEN PT RD                            NJD980505200

 JERSEY CITY              HALLADAY STREET WORKS                  HALLADAY AND CARTERET STREETS          NJD981084668

 JERSEY CITY              HARVEY - JERSEY CITY                   160 DUFFIELD AVE                       NJD986610897

 JERSEY CITY              IDEAL COOPERAGE INC                    3-5 NEW YORK AVE                       NJD980532907

 JERSEY CITY              JERSEY CITY CHROMIUM WASTE SITE        215-217 GRAND ST                       NJD980766745

 JERSEY CITY              JERSEY CITY CHROMIUM WASTE SITE        124-124A WOODLAWN AVE                  NJD980766752

 JERSEY CITY              JERSEY CITY CHROMIUM WASTE SITE        237 GRAND ST                           NJD980766729

 JERSEY CITY              JERSEY CITY CHROMIUM WASTE SITE        223-225 GRAND ST                       NJD980766737

 JERSEY CITY              JERSEY CITY DRUM DUMP                  12TH ST & MONMOUTH ST                  NJD980529309

 JERSEY CITY              JERSEY CITY LF                         FOOT OF JERSEY AVE                     NJD980532923

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 34 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JERSEY CITY              JERSEY CITY MUNICIPAL SEWAGE           RT 440                                 NJD980663629
 JERSEY CITY              LANGER TRANSPORT CORP                  RTE 440 & DANFORTH AVE                 NJD044358042

 JERSEY CITY              LEHIGH VALLEY RR                       E LINDEN AV                            NJD980770267

 JERSEY CITY              LIBERTY STATE PARK                     STATUE OF LIBERTY DR                   NJD980505390

 JERSEY CITY              MERCADOS PROPERTY                      216 BAY ST.                            NJD986571008

 JERSEY CITY              MORRIS CANAL                           CANAL ST                               NJD980528061

 JERSEY CITY              MORRIS STREET SITE                     138 MORRIS ST                          NJD980528079

 JERSEY CITY              NJ DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION SITE 1       RT 169 AT NJ TURNPIKE                  NJD980532881

 JERSEY CITY              NJ TURNPIKE DUMP                       BET N J TURNPIKE AND PACIFIC A         NJD980770259

 JERSEY CITY              PACIFIC AVENUE DUMP                    PACIFIC AVE                            NJD986639250

 JERSEY CITY              PITTSBURGH METALS & GRAPHICS           AETNA STREET                           NJD981490295

 JERSEY CITY              PJP LANDFILL                           400 SIP AVE                            NJD980505648

 JERSEY CITY              RFE INDUSTRIES                         AETNA STREET                           NJD981490303

 JERSEY CITY              ROOSEVELT DRIVE-IN                     RTE 440                                NJD030250484

 JERSEY CITY              ST. PAUL AVE. TRAILER SITE             DUFFIELD AVE. & ST. PAUL AVE.          NJ0001039676

 JERSEY CITY              SUMMIT METALS INC.                     36-44 AETNA STREET                     NJD981187016

 JERSEY CITY              TATHAM BROS                            82 MORGAN ST                           NJD980530216

 JERSEY CITY              TURNPIKE DUMP #5                       BET GILCHRIST & AETNA ST               NJD980532899

 JERSEY CITY              UNION COLD STORAGE TERMINAL            13 AND PROVOST STREET                  NJ0000182899

 JERSEY CITY              WEST END GAS WORKS                     ST. PAULS AND DUFFIELD AVENUES         NJD981084817

 JERSEY CITY              WOODWARD METAL PROCESSING              125 WOODWARD STREET                    NJD052438355

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 35 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JERSEY CITY / HOBOKEN    CONRAIL-YARD                           688 HENDERSON STREET                   NJD980770036

 KEARNY                   A T & T TECHNOLOGIES CO                100 CENTRAL AVE                        NJD002139053

 KEARNY                   ALPHA METALS                           590 BELLEVILLE TPK                     NJD001834126

 KEARNY                   ARMY RESERVE SITE                      US ROUTE 1/9 & HACKENSACK              NJD986593747

 KEARNY                   B & L OIL CORP                         1215 HARRISON AVENUE                   NJD980594006

 KEARNY                   BARCZEWSKI STREET DRUM DUMP            BARCZEWSKI ST                          NJD980755318

 KEARNY                   BASF WYANDOTTE CORP                    50 CENTRAL AVE                         NJD046941530

 KEARNY                   BELLVILLE PIKE                         BELLVILLE PIKE                         NJD980529994

 KEARNY                   BERGEN METAL COMPANY                   FOOT OF BERGEN AVENUE                  NJ0000201038

 KEARNY                   BROWNING-FERRIS IND                    BELLEVILLE PIKE                        NJD980528830

 KEARNY                   CAMPBELL FOUNDRY CO                    1235 HARRISON AVE                      NJD002457273

 KEARNY                   CHESTER JACKSON TANK LINES INC         470 STOVER AVENUE                      NJD005864350

 KEARNY                   CONRAIL-MEADOWS YARD                   PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE                    NJD980770028

 KEARNY                   CYLINDER MAINTENANCE CORP              590 BELLEVILLE TPK                     NJD000632240

 KEARNY                   DIAMOND HEAD OIL REFINERY DIV.         1401 HARRISON TURNPIKE (RT.508         NJD092226000

 KEARNY                   DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORP                  BELLEVILLE TPKE                        NJD002442408

 KEARNY                   DREW CHEM CORP                         1106 HARRISON AVE                      NJD053518536

 KEARNY                   FRANKLIN PLASTIC                       113 PASSAIC AVE                        NJD011121589

 KEARNY                   FREDERICK GUMM CHEMICAL CO             538 FOREST ST                          NJD002175636

 KEARNY                   G AND S MOTORS EQUIPMENT INC.          1800 HARRISON AVENUE                   NJD011370525

 KEARNY                   GUIGNON AND GREEN CO                   410 BERGEN AVENUE                      NJD980757579

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 36 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KEARNY                   INTERSTATE METALS                      241-275 DUKE ST                        NJD009717182

 KEARNY                   JANETAX ROAD SITE                      993 BELLEVILLE TURNPIKE                NJD981877640

 KEARNY                   JOHN HEWITT FOUNDRY FILL SITE          450 BERGEN AVENUE                      NJ0000201004

 KEARNY                   KEARNY - 3RD & ADAMS                   3RD & ADAMS STS                        NJD980770150

 KEARNY                   KEARNY DRUM DUMP #1                    BELLEVILLE TPKE                        NJD980770051

 KEARNY                   KEARNY DRUM DUMP #2                    HARRISON AVE. BTW. RT. 508 & ERRIE     NJD980770069

 KEARNY                   KEARNY DRUM DUMP #4                    BELLEVILLE TPKE                        NJD980770085

 KEARNY                   KEARNY DRUM DUMP #5                    BELLEVILLE TPKE                        NJD980770093

 KEARNY                   KEARNY POWER & LIGHT                   HACKENSACK AVENUE                      NJD980770176

 KEARNY                   KEARNY SMELTING AND REFINING CO.       936 HARRISON AVENUE                    NJD002520401

 KEARNY                   KEEGAN LANDFILL                        FOOT OF BERGEN AVENUE                  NJD981490428

 KEARNY                   KOPPERS CO INC /SEABOARD PLANT         HARRISON TPKE                          NJD002445112

 KEARNY                   L AND J DRUM COMPANY                   1810 HARRISON AVE                      NJD991291501

 KEARNY                   MSLA 1-A LF                            402 KEARNY AVE                         NJD981877715

 KEARNY                   MSLA 1-D LF                            1500 HARRISON AVE                      NJD981877673

 KEARNY                   MSLA SITE C                            600 BELLEVILLE TPKE                    NJD980770226

 KEARNY                   PACQUET CORP                           590 BELLEVILLE PIKE                    NJD038480901

 KEARNY                   SECOND & CENTRAL AVE SITE              SECOND & CENTRAL AVE                   NJD981877657

 KEARNY                   ST JOHNSBURY TRUCKING                  O'BRIEN & SELLERS ST                   NJD046945218

 KEARNY                   STANDARD CHLORINE CHEM CO INC          1015-35 BELLEVILLE TURNPIKE            NJD002175057

 KEARNY                   SYNCON RESINS                          77 JACOBUS AVE                         NJD064263817

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 37 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KEARNY                   TURCO INDUSTRIAL PARK                  590 BELLEVILLE TURNPIKE                NJD981490378

 KEARNY                   VECKRIDGE CHEMICAL COMPANY             60-70 CENTRAL AVENUE                   NJD001330588

 KEASBEY                  ELIZABETH WASTE DSPL #1                CROWS MILL RD                          NJD980505119

 KEASBEY                  ELIZABETH WASTE DSPL #3                SMITH ST                               NJD980640783

 KEASBEY                  METRO DISPOSAL SERVICES                SMITH ST & CROWS MILL RD               NJD075130815

 KENILWORTH               CHEMICOTE PAINT CO                     109 BLVD                               NJD980640775

 KENILWORTH               DELACKNER FASTNERS                     40 LAFAYETTE PLACE                     NJD982741498

 KENILWORTH               NORTH 14TH. STREET SITE                220 NORTH 14TH. STREET                 NJ0000003269

 KENILWORTH               VOLCO BRASS & COPPER CO                801 BLVD                               NJD002186252

 KENVIL                   HERCULES INC                           1 HOWARD BLVD.                         NJD002156925

 KEYPORT                  BIDDLE SAWYER                          275 CLARK ST                           NJD020783304

 KEYPORT                  WASTE DISPOSAL INC                     FOOT OF LOCUST ST                      NJD980529929

 KINGSTON                 HIGGINS DISPOSAL                       121 LAUREL AVE                         NJD053102232

 KINGWOOD TOWNSHIP        DE REWAL CHEMICAL CO                   DELAWARE RIVER DR                      NJD980761373

 KINGWOOD TOWNSHIP        PINKERTON DUMP SITE                    RT. 29 TO ROLLER RINK RD. 800 FT.      NJD982273310
 LACEY TOWNSHIP           LACEY DRY CLEANERS/PARTS PLUS          772 LACEY ROAD                         NJD114437551

 LACEY TWP                KEN BLOOD MERCRUISER                   621 ROUTE 9                            NJ0001119361

 LACEY TWP                LACEY TOWNSHIP OF SANITARY LANDFILL    MUNICIPAL LANE                         NJD986621381

 LACEY TWP                RYAN'S SERVICE CENTER                  602 ROUTE 9                            NJ0000279422

 LACEY TWP                TRIPLE A AUTO PAINTING                 11 WARREN AVE                          NJD986651248

 LAFAYETTE TWP            HAMM'S SLF                             BEAVER RUN RD                          NJD980771661

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 38 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LAKE INTERVALE           NORDA INC                              94 FANNY RD                            NJD011118171

 LAKEHURST                NAVAL AIR ENGINEERING CENTER           MAIN GATE ROUTE#547                    NJ7170023744

 LAKEHURST BOROUGH        BROWN AVENUE LANDFILL                  BROWN AVENUE                           NJD981179054

 LAKEHURST, MANCHESTER    ROUTE 571 DRUM DUMP #1                 RTE 571                                NJD980771968

 LAKEWOOD                 GUSMER CORP                            ONE GUSMER DR                          NJD002181394

 LAKEWOOD                 LAKEWOOD COAL GAS SITE                 CLOVER ST. & LAUREL AVE                NJD980789804

 LAKEWOOD                 LINCOLN TRANSIT CO INC                 FIRST ST & LEXINGTON AV                NJD980771752

 LAKEWOOD                 SAVCOTE CHEMICAL LABS , INC            1094 RIVER AVE (ROUTE 9)               NJD002328227

 LAKEWOOD TWP             FLUID PACKAGING CO INC                 800 AIRPORT RD                         NJD990719874

 LAKEWOOD TWP             LAKEWOOD TOWNSHIP L.F.                 CROSS ST. & FARADAY ST.                NJD980771711

 LAKEWOOD TWP             PROSPECT ROAD SITE                     PROSPECT STREET                        NJD980771893

 LAKEWOOD TWP             WHEATON PLASTIC CONTAINERS CO          NEW HAMPSHIRE AV                       NJD047504139


 LANDISVILLE              SCOTT PAPER CO                         NORTH WEYMOUTH RD                      NJD048620090

 LAWNSIDE                 MENOKEN TANK TRUCK                     424 LEWIS AVENUE                       NJ0001097831

 LAWNSIDE                 OWENS-CORNING FIBERGLASS CORP          ATLANTIC AVE                           NJD980530380

 LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP        CHRONAR CORPORATION                    330 LAWRENCE STATION ROAD              NJD986611838

 LAWRENCE TOWNSHIP        REED'S SOD FARM                        4124 PRINCETON PIKE                    NJD980770366

 LAWRENCE TWP             SATURN CHEMICAL INC                    1600 NEW YORK AVENUE                   NJD086425402

 LAWRENCE TWP             THIOKOL CHEM CORP/ PANELYTE DIV        ENTERPRISE AVE                         NJD980286801

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 39 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LAWRENCE TWP             TRENTON DRUM CO                        1545 NEW YORK AV                       NJD077076347


 LEBANON                  SMIDTH FL & CO                         CHERRY STREET                          NJD002344406

 LEDGEWOOD                FENIMORE SANITARY LANDFILL             MOUNTAIN RD                            NJD000585646

 LEDGEWOOD                KEN'S AUTO BODY                        RTE 46 EAST                            NJD079319281

 LEDGEWOOD                MYKROY CERAMICS                        ORBEN DR                               NJD002187490

 LEDGEWOOD                VITALE BLDG CO                         1237 ROUTE # 46                        NJD980772032

 LEONARDO                 US EPA OHMSETT                         NWS-EARL WATERFRONT- ROUTE 36          NJD020785564

 LINDEN                   AMERICAN CYANAMID CO                   3401 TREMLEY POINT RD                  NJD002173144

 LINDEN                   AMERICAN CYNAMID LF-LINDEN             WOOD AVE                               NJD981178049

 LINDEN                   CHEVRON USA INC                        MARSHES DOCK ROAD                      NJD000632174

 LINDEN                   E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 SOUTH WOOD AVENUE                      NJD002185965

 LINDEN                   EXXON CHEM                             1400 PARK AVE                          NJD062037031

 LINDEN                   GAF CORP                               FOOT OF SOUTH WOOD AVENUE              NJD002185973

 LINDEN                   GENERAL MAGNAPLATE CORP                1331 US ROUTE #1                       NJD041219437

 LINDEN                   GM ASSEMBLY DIV                        1016 W EDGAR RD                        NJD002186690

 LINDEN                   KUEHNE CHEMICAL COMPANY                FOOT OF WOOD AV SOUTH                  NJD082995366

 LINDEN                   LCP CHEMICALS INC                      FOOT OF S WOOD AVE                     NJD079303020

 LINDEN                   LINDEN SITE                            SOUTH WOOD AVE                         NJD980505408

 LINDEN                   LIQUID CARBONICS                       2110 ALLEN ST EXT                      NJD980766760

 LINDEN                   LUONGO BROS INC                        2 ROSELLE ST                           NJD062039912

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 40 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LINDEN                   MALONE CHEMICAL INC.                   130 MARION AVENUE                      NJD056711716

 LINDEN                   MERCK AND CO INC                       LOWER ROAD                             NJD000876441

 LINDEN                   PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      LINDEN AIRPORT                         NJD980530943

 LINDEN                   SOLAR COMPOUNDS CORP                   1201 W BLANCKE ST                      NJD002180255

 LINDEN                   SOLVENTS RECOVERY SERVICE OF NJ        1200 SYLVAN ST                         NJD002182897

 LINDEN                   TEXAS EASTERN GAS PIPELINE             RANGE ROAD (P.O. BOX 166)              NJD982181182

 LINDEN                   UNITED STATES STEEL (USS) CHEMICAL     1711 W ELIZABETH AVE                   NJD001724988

 LITTLE EGG HARBOR TWP    CUMBERLAND FARMS                       RTE 9 & WISTERIA LANE                  NJD980771554

 LITTLE FALLS             SINGER CO /KEARFOTT DIV                1150 MCBRIDE AVE                       NJD002148484

 LITTLE FERRY             DIETRICH INDUSTRIAL SITE               DIETRICH ST                            NJD986603686

 LITTLE FERRY             HALCON CATALYST INDUSTRY               33 INDUSTRIAL AVENUE                   NJD000818716

 LITTLE SILVER            LITTLE SILVER CLEANERS                 601 BRANCH AV                          NJD011399136

 LIVINGSTON               BERLESS BEARING                        644 RTE 10                             NJD980769491

 LIVINGSTON               FOSTER WHEELER DEVELOPMENT CORP.       12 PEACH TREE HILL ROAD                NJD075160499

 LIVINGSTON               OETIKER INCORPORATED                   71 TO 77 OKNER PARWAY                  NJD002145936

 LIVINGSTON               SAINT BARNABAS MEDICAL CENTER          OLD SHORT HILLS ROAD                   NJD067520759

 LODI                     ACADEMY AUTO RECYCLING, INC            1 PARK PLACE                           NJ0000013797

 LODI                     BERGEN FILM LABORTORIES                103 UNION ST                           NJD011402328

 LODI                     DOVER HANDBAG II PROPERTY              US 46 & FRANKLIN AVENUE                NJD048400790

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 41 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LODI                     DUKES AUTO SALVAGE                     99 DELL GLEN AVENUE                    NJD981880859

 LODI                     FLINT INK CORPORATION                  80 INDUSTRIAL ROAD                     NJD002139145

 LODI                     GRAPHTEX INC.                          ONE DELL AVENUE                        NJD001397181

 LODI                     INMONT CORP                            200 GREGG ST                           NJD001288711

 LODI                     LODI MUNICIPAL WELL                    VARIOUS LOC IN BORO                    NJD980769301

 LODI                     MALLINEKRODT CHEMICAL-WASHINE DIV      150 MAIN STREET                        NJD000313601

 LODI                     NAPP CHEMICALS INC.                    199 MAIN STREET                        NJD001315282

 LOGAN TWP                BRIDGEPORT RENTAL & OIL SERVICES       CEDAR SWAMP RD                         NJD053292652

 LOGAN TWP                CHEMICAL LEAMAN TANK LINES, INC        CEDAR SWAMP & COOPER RDS               NJD047321443

 LOGAN TWP                MONSANTO CO                            RT #130                                NJD001700707

 LOGAN TWP                NEW JERSEY STATE D.O.T. YARD           RTE 130                                NJD980769632

 LOGAN TWP                REDKOLE FARM                           HIGH HILL RD                           NJD980529697

 LOGAN TWP                ROLLINS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES NJ INC  STATE HIGWAY 322                       NJD053288239

 LONG BRANCH              BEACH SPILL                            MIDDLE OF RIVER                        NJD986570919

 LONG BRANCH              BROADWAY MARKET                        176 BROADWAY                           NJD037197233

 LONG BRANCH              NJ NATURAL GAS CO /LONG BRANCH GAS     100 BROOK ST                           NJD980530471
 LONG VALLEY              COOPER CHEM CO                         20 PARKER RD                           NJD002156685

 LONG VALLEY              FABRITEX MILLS                         20 PARKER ROAD                         NJD002156800

 LONG VALLEY              PLEASANT GROVE ROAD SITE               PLEASANT GROVE RD                      NJD980771877

 LOPATCONG TWP            BELVIEW RD TRUCK AREA                  BELVIEW RD                             NJD980755300

 LOWER TOWNSHIP           CAPE MAY COUNTY AIRPORT                BREAKWATER ROAD                        NJD986644540

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 42 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOWER TWP                MAR-TEE CONTRACTORS                    TOWNBANK RD RFD 2                      NJD980529390

 LUMBERTON TWP            ELECTRONIC PARTS SPECIALTY CO          COLES AVE                              NJD002361665

 LYNDHURST                AVON SANITARY LANDFILL                 1000 VALLEY BROOK AVE                  NJD069291656

 LYNDHURST                BENEDICT-MILLER, INC.                  MARIN AVENUE & ORIENT WAY              NJD001581958

 LYNDHURST                PALUZZI BROTHERS                       738 NEW JERSEY AVE                     NJD980530810

 LYNDHURST                PENICK CORPORATION                     540 NEW YORK AVE                       NJD081894842

 LYNDHURST                POLYURETHANE SPECIALTIES COMPANY,      624 SCHUYLER AVENUE                    NJD000314682

 LYNDHURST TWP            ARDMORE CHEMICAL COMPANY               840 VALLEY BROOK AVE                   NJD001252279


 LYONS                    VETERANS ADMINISTRATION HOSPITAL       KNOLLCRAFT RD                          NJ8360010385
 MAGNOLIA                 ULTIMATE SCREW MACHINE PRODUCTS CO     125 NORTH KING ST                      NJD002357945

 MAHWAH                   ABEX CORPORATION                       65 RAMAPO VALLEY ROAD                  NJD001288893

 MAHWAH                   DURAMATE/MAHWAH SITE                   30 INDUSTRIAL AVE                      NJD096984711

 MAHWAH                   FORD MOTOR CO                          ROUTE 17 NORTHBOUND                    NJD002405801

 MAHWAH                   FRANKLIN CROSSINGS                     FOX LANE AND FRANKLIN TURNKPIKE        NJ0000038166

 MAHWAH                   GEORGE HAUCK, INC. LANDFILL            WEST CRESENT AVENUE                    NJD981175433

 MAHWAH                   JACK'S TRUCK SERVICE                   4 MOUNTAINSIDE AVENUE                  NJD981490410

 MAHWAH                   RAMSEY CONTROLS, INC.                  333 ROUTE 17                           NJD001391234

 MAHWAH                   SHORCO NORTH                           131 ROUTE 17 NORTH                     NJD981490337

 MAHWAH                   SHORCO SOUTH                           130 ROUTE 17 SOUTH                     NJD981490345

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 43 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MAHWAH                   SHORTLINE BUS, UPPER GARAGE            17 FRANKLIN TURNPIKE                   NJD011415288

 MAHWAH                   STATE LINE REPAIR                      56 ROUTE 17 SOUTH                      NJD981490360

 MAHWAH                   ZUIDEMA SOLID WASTE LANDFILL           FOREST ROAD                            NJD981490386

 MAHWAH TWP               MAHWAH WELL FIELD (WELL # 5)           142 NORTH RAILROAD AVENUE              NJD980769319

 MALAGA                   EXXON COMPANY                          RTES 40 & 47                           NJD980769426

 MALAGA                   FRANKLIN BURN SITE #3                  MARSHALL MILL RD                       NJD986620649

 MANAHAWKIN               MANAHAWKIN CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH           3 JENNINGS ROAD                        NJD068689918

 MANALAPAN TWP            COMTRON                                RTE 33                                 NJD002458263

 MANALAPAN TWP            LECTRO PRODUCTS INC                    WOODWARD ROAD                          NJD980770564

 MANCHESTER               MANCHESTER PUBLISHING                  2048 RT 37 WEST                        NJ0000200824

 MANCHESTER               MILE MARKER 28                         RTE 539                                NJD980528038

 MANCHESTER               SOUTH BRUNSWICK ASPHALT                STATE HIGHWAY 37                       NJD986601292

 MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP      MANCHESTER TWP LF                      ROUTE 539 & HORICON AVENUE             NJD980530281


 MANCHESTER TWP           MANCHESTER D.P.W.                      RTE 70                                 NJD980771760

 MANCHESTER TWP           OCEAN LANDFILL CORP                    RTE 70                                 NJD980771810

 MANNINGTON TWP           MANNINGTON MILLS INC                   MANNINGTON MILLS RD                    NJD002349256

 MANTUA TOWNSHIP          YURGIN MOTORS                          RD 2 ROUTE 45 (945 BRIDGETON PIKE)     NJD982790966

 MANTUA TWP               HELEN KRAMER LANDFILL                  JESSUP MILL RD                         NJD980505366

 MANTUA TWP               NJ TURNPIKE MM 16.7                    NJ TPK MM 16.7                         NJD980769715

 MANVILLE                 FEDERAL CREOSOTE SITE                  VALERIE DRIVE & LOUIS DRIVE            NJ0001900281

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 44 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MANVILLE                 JOHNS-MANVILLE LF                      DUKES PKY                              NJD980505291

 MAPLE SHADE              AKZO CHEMICALS, INC.                   ROUTE 73                               NJD067363101

 MAPLE SHADE              MAPLE SHADE TWP SITE                   501 STATE HIGHWAY # 73                 NJD980769137

 MAPLEWOOD                BOYDEN AVENUE SITE                     357 BOYDEN AVENUE                      NJD002162824

 MARLBORO                 CELWAVE RF INC.II                      TIMBER LANE                            NJD981185283

 MARLBORO                 CELWAXE RF, INC. I                     RT. 79 & RYAN RD                       NJD101695120

 MARLBORO                 SILVERTON MARINE CORP                  TIMBER LANE                            NJD065710311

 MARLBORO TWP             AL STORER LANDFILL                     354 AMBOY ROAD                         NJD980653927

 MARLBORO TWP             ARKY PROPERTY                          RTE 520                                NJD980653893

 MARLBORO TWP             BURNT FLY BOG                          TYLERS LANE                            NJD980504997

 MARMORA                  NEW JERSEY BELL MARMORA FACILITY       9 & 11 SOUTH SHORE ROAD                NJD980592166


 MATAWAN                  CHRIS IND                              LLOYD RD                               NJD002456945

 MATAWAN                  NL INDUSTRIES MATAWAN PLANT            BROWN'S POINT & PATTON'S COR.          NJD980530208

 MATAWAN                  ROUTE 79 SITE                          228.5 RTE 79                           NJD980770663

 MAYS LANDING             BULLOCK PROPERTY                       SMITH AVENUE                           NJD986618031

 MAYWOOD                  PFIZER INC                             199 MAYWOOD AVE                        NJD011430576

 MAYWOOD                  SOLAR COMPOUNDS CORP                   207 W CENTRAL AVE                      NJD075424960

 MAYWOOD                  WEST MAGNOLIA AVE WELLS                WEST MAGNOLIA AVE.                     NJD982273583

 MAYWOOD/ROCHELLE PARK    MAYWOOD CHEMICAL CO                    RTE 17 & GROVE ST                      NJD980529762

 METUCHEN                 FLIGHT SUPPORT INC                     159 FORREST ST                         NJD980530562

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 45 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 METUCHEN                 OAKITE PRODUCTS INC.                   700 MIDDLESEX                          NJD002458776

 METUCHEN                 WEBCRAFT PACKAGING CO                  225 FOREST STREET                      NJD078257235

 MIDDLE TOWNSHIP          CAPE MAY GLASS COMPANY                 450-454 SHUNPIKE                       NJ0001119346

 MIDDLE TOWNSHIP          SPAULDING DUMP                         451 SHUNPIKE                           NJ0001090380

 MIDDLE TWP.              CHESTNUT OAK DRIVE DUMP                CHESTNUT OAK DRIVE                     NJ0001090414

 MIDDLE TWP.              JOSEPH A. MOORE DUMP                   DIAS CREEK ROAD                        NJ0001090364

 MIDDLESEX                AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICAL INC            172 BAEKELAND AVE                      NJD000818492

 MIDDLESEX                BORDEN INC                             930 LINCOLN BLVD                       NJD002170439

 MIDDLESEX                CHIPMAN CHEMICAL CO.                   5 FACTORY LANE                         NJD980528897

 MIDDLESEX                INMONT CHEMICAL                        L-5 FACTORY LANE                       NJD002444958

 MIDDLESEX                MARISOL INC                            125 FACTORY LANE                       NJD002454544


 MIDDLESEX                MIDDLESEX LANDFILL                     MOUTAIN AVE                            NJD980505499

 MIDDLESEX BOROUGH        MIDDLESEX SAMPLING PLANT               239 MOUNTAIN AVENUE                    NJ0890090012

 MIDLAND PARK             CROWN CASTINGS INCORPORATED            95 & 108 GREENWOOD AVENUE              NJD982722290

 MIDLAND PARKS            INTERNATIONAL WIRE PRODUCTS CORP       301 GREENWOOD AVENUE                   NJ0001024769

 MILFORD                  JAME RIVER PAPER                       HUNTERDON COUNTY RTE 619               NJD057143984

 MILFORD (ALEXANDRIA      RIEGAL PROD                            FRENCHTOWN-MILFORD ROAD                NJD980237200
 MILLINGTON               ASBESTOS DUMP                          TIFA SQUARE                            NJD980654149

 MILLSTONE                PRODELIN INC                           PRODELIN WAY                           NJD002330496

 MILLTOWN                 CHICOPEE RESEARCH DIVISION             TWO FORD AVENUE                        NJD056667470

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 46 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MILLTOWN                 PERMACEL                               FORD AVENUE                            NJD000818765

 MILLVILLE                AIRCRAFT PAINTING INC                  MILLVILLE ARPT (BEACON AVE)            NJD096854229

 MILLVILLE                AIRWORK CORP                           BOGDEN BLVD                            NJD000574491

 MILLVILLE                HOLLY VILLAGE MOBILE HOMEPARK          SILVER RUN ROAD                        NJ0000200899

 MILLVILLE                KERR GLASS MANUFACTURING CORP          SOUTH SECOND ST                        NJD000820167

 MILLVILLE                MILLVILLE COAL GAS SITE                1211 NORTH SECOND STREET               NJD981084692

 MILLVILLE AND VINELAND   NASCOLITE CORP                         DORIS AVE                              NJD002362705

 MINOTOLA                 GARDEN STATE CLEANERS CO               SUMMER ROAD, P.O. BOX 183              NJD053280160

 MINOTOLA                 SOUTH JERSEY CLOTHING CO               1 CENTRAL AVE                          NJD980766828

 MONMOUTH JUNCTION        BRUNSWICK RUBBER CO                    3780 U.S. ROUTE #1                     NJ0000638007

 MONMOUTH JUNCTION        CITIES SERVICES CO.                    STOUTS LANE                            NJD002145860

 MONMOUTH JUNCTION        ESSEX CHEMICAL CORPORATION             BLACK HORSE LANE                       NJD070418678

 MONMOUTH JUNCTION        NEW ROAD LF                            NEW ROAD                               NJD980505549

 MONMOUTH JUNCTION        PERMUTIT R & D CENTER                  567 RIDGE ROAD                         NJD097408678

 MONROE                   MUNICIPAL WELL CONTAMINATION           CORKERY LANE & BUTTONWOOD DR           NJD981083108


 MONROE TWP               ARTHUR GUNDACKER                       SPOTSWOOD - ENGLISHTOWN ROAD           NJD980529226

 MONROE TWP               MONROE TWP MUNICIPAL WELL #4 & #5      WASHINGTON AVE                         NJD980769699

 MONROE TWP               MOTT AVENUE SITE                       X MOTT AV & BORDENTOWN TPKE            NJD980772735

 MONTCLAIR                POOR RICHARD'S CO                      69 NORTH WILLOW ST                     NJD058123274

 MONTCLAIR/W. ORANGE      MONTCLAIR/WEST ORANGE RADIUM SITE      N/A                                    NJD980785653

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 47 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MONTGOMERY TWP           PRINCETON CHEMICAL RESEARCH            1377 RTE 206                           NJD980771943


 MONTVALE                 HANDY & HARMON ELECTRONICS             20 CRAIG RD.                           NJD070568019

 MONTVILLE                FANTASTIC DRY CLEANING                 22 ROUTE 46                            NJD101242261

 MONTVILLE                PENICK CORPORATION                     12 AND 13 TAYLORTOWN ROAD              NJD000692327

 MONTVILLE TWP            HOOK MOUNTAIN ROAD SITE                102 HOOK MOUNTAIN ROAD                 NJD980770556

 MONTVILLE TWP            MAROTTA SCIENTIFIC CONTROLS            BOONTON AVENUE                         NJD980770572

 MOONACHIE                AEROCLO CORP                           150 ANDERSON AVE                       NJD046339016

 MOONACHIE                PRESIDENT CONTAINER                    200 WEST COMMERCIAL AVE                NJD986591980

 MOORESTOWN               PULVERIZING SERVICES                   NEW ALBANY ROAD                        NJD980582142

 MOORESTOWN               RCA CORP MSR                           BORTON LANDING RD                      NJD002342434

 MOORESTOWN               THOMASON PRESS                         1253 GLEN AVENUE                       NJD002265528

 MORESTOWN TWP.           JET PULVERIZER CO                      NORTH CHURCH ROAD                      NJD071450068

 MORGANVILLE              IMPERIAL OIL CO.,INC./CHAMPION         ORCHARD RD                             NJD980654099
 MORRIS                   UNION STREET ASBESTOS SITE             END OF UNION STREET                    NJD986570893

 MORRIS PLAINS            AIRTRON DIV LITTON INDUSTRIES INC      200 E HANOVER AVE                      NJD030239412

 MORRIS TOWNSHIP          CHAMPION DAIRY PAK                     155 HANOVER STREET                     NJD980770515

 MORRIS TOWNSHIP          JOHN STREET SITE                       JOHN STREET AND HANOVER AVENUE         NJ0001016427

 MORRIS TWP               ALLIED CHEMICAL CORP R & D             COLUMBIA RD & PARK AVE                 NJD048794986

 MORRIS TWP               TOYOTA DEALERSHIP                      175 RIDGEDALE AVE                      NJD981877616

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 48 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MORRISTOWN               GOLDERE JUNKYARD                       COAL AVE AND CENTRE ST                 NJD986588978

 MORRISTOWN               KEUFFEL & ESSER                        20 WHIPPANY ROAD                       NJD045796976

 MORRISTOWN               MENNEN COMPANY                         HANOVER AVE                            NJD002146660

 MORRISTOWN               MEPCO/ELECTRA, INC.                    WHIPPANY                               NJD041180704


 MORRISTOWN               OXY PROCESS CHEMICAL INC               350 MT. KEMBLE AVE.                    NJD052449022

 MORRISTOWN               PUNCHBOWL ROAD LF                      ROUTE 24 (OFF PUNCH BOWL ROAD)         NJD986588960

 MORRISTOWN               VIP CLEANERS                           89 MORRIS STREET                       NJD982744740

 MOUNT HOLLY              DOWELL SCHLUMBERGER INCORPORATED       MAPLE & JONES BLVD.                    NJD085698686

 MOUNT HOLLY              LANDFILL & DEVELOPMENT CO              RTE 38                                 NJD048044325


 MOUNT LAUREL             TROFE INCINERATION SITE                PIKE ST                                NJD095275269

 MOUNT OLIVE TWP          COMBE FILL NORTH LANDFILL              GOLDMINE RD                            NJD980530596

 MOUNT OLIVE TWP          DYNAPAC MFG CO                         KELLY PLACE                            NJD980770549

 MOUNT OLIVE TWP          MT. OLIVE SITE                         WOLFE RD.                              NJD980770606

 MOUNTAIN LAKES BOROUGH   B & V TAILORING AND CLEANING           82 US ROUTE 46 EAST                    NJD011463163

 MT HOLLY TWP             EAGLE DYEING & FINISHING               EAGLE AVE                              NJD002340610

 MT HOLLY TWP             REIMER STREET SITE                     FOOT OF REIMER ST                      NJD980769186

 MT OLIVE                 ADVANCED ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY      GOLDMINE RD                            NJD080631369
 MT. HOLLY                HOLLY CHEMICAL CO.                     12 CHARLES STREET                      NJD054728373

 MT. HOLLY                MT. HOLLY GAS WORKS                    W. WASHINGTON & BISHAM STREET          NJD981083090

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 49 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MT. LAUREL               JOHNSON & TOWERS                       ROUTE 38 & BRIGGS ROAD                 NJD002300051
 MURRAY HILL              TECHNICAL INFO SYS /DIV AMER HOECHST   588 CENTRAL AVE                        NJD056705429

 MURRAY HILL              THE BOC GROUP INC                      100 MOUNTAIN AVENUE                    NJD089205280

 N.BRANCH (BRANCHBURG     NORTH BRANCH AUTO BODY                 3190 RTE 22 WEST                       NJD003966405
 NATIONAL PARK            NATIONAL PARK LANDFILL                 GROVE AVE                              NJD980505515

 NEPTUNE                  HAMILTON HARDWARE INC.                 926-930 OLD CORLIES AVENUE             NJD981490402

 NEPTUNE CITY             EAST COAST ICE COMPANY                 80 STEINER AVENUE                      NJD986570034

 NESBANIC STATION         TRANSCONTINENTAL GAS PIPELINE CORP     CASE RD                                NJD070416284

 NESHANIC STATION         WILSON-FIBERFIL INT'L                  WOODFERN ROAD                          NJD046956892

 NETCONG                  US MINERAL PRODUCTS                    FURNACE ST                             NJD980529853

 NEW BRUNSWICK            A TO Z CHEM                            TRIANGLE RD                            NJD980528665

 NEW BRUNSWICK            AKZO CHEMICALS, INC.                   500 JERSEY AVE.                        NJD068682624

 NEW BRUNSWICK            DELCO REMY (DIVISION OF GMC)           167 JERSEY AVENUE                      NJD068699107

 NEW BRUNSWICK            E.R. SQUIBB & SONS INC.                GEORGES RD /US HGY 1                   NJD011550092

 NEW BRUNSWICK            ERDA- NEW BRUNSWICK LAB (NOW DOE)      986 JERSEY AVE                         NJ9890090013

 NEW BRUNSWICK            GARRY MANUFACTURING COMPANY            1010 JERSEY AVENUE                     NJD097400766

 NEW BRUNSWICK            GENERAL CABLE COMPANY                  25 VAN DYKE AVENUE                     NJD002143261

 NEW BRUNSWICK            HALYCON ESSENCE LIMITED                100 JERSEY AV                          NJD000228411

 NEW BRUNSWICK            LUMMUS CREST, INC.                     755 JERSEY AVE.                        NJD078257060

 NEW BRUNSWICK            MERCURY OIL                            410 REMSEN AVE                         NJD078262896

 NEW BRUNSWICK            NEW BRUNSWICK GAS WORKS                RARITAN AVE. & NEILSON AVENUE          NJD981084718

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 50 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEW BRUNSWICK            NEW BRUNSWICK NICKEL & CHROMIUM PLTG   596 JERSEY AVE.                        NJD002145886
 NEW BRUNSWICK            NEW BRUNSWICK ROOFING & METAL CO.      8 TERMINAL RD.                         NJD981186273

 NEW BRUNSWICK            RHONE-POULENC CHEMICAL CO              297 JERSEY AVENUE                      NJD099293326

 NEW BRUNSWICK            TRIANGLE PWC CORPORATION               JERSEY AVE. & TRIANGLE ROAD            NJD078268968

 NEW EGYPT                BOMARC/MCQUIRE MSL                     RT 539                                 NJ2570026268

 NEW GRETNA               BASS RIVER SW TRANSFER STATION         SOUTH MAPLE ROAD                       NJD981084619

 NEW GRETNA               BASS RIVER TOWNSHIP ILLEGAL LF         SOUTH MAPLE AVENUE                     NJD981084627

 NEW GRETNA               EDWARD F. SEARS PROPERTY               ROUTE 9 (ONE BLOCK SOUTH OF JOB'S      NJ0000100792
 NEW GRETNA               VIKING YATCH COMPANY                   RTE 9                                  NJD002482545

 NEWARK                   A GROSS & CO                           652 DOREMUS AVE                        NJD094951258

 NEWARK                   ADAMS ST DUMP                          ADAMS ST                               NJD980528673

 NEWARK                   ADCO CHEMICAL COMPANY                  ONE DELANCY & RUTHERFORD STREET        NJD002154086

 NEWARK                   ALBERT STEEL DRUM                      WILSON AVE & AVE L                     NJD000525154

 NEWARK                   ALL COUNTY ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE       193 CHRISTIE ST                        NJD000691758

 NEWARK                   ALLIANCE COLOR & CHEMICAL CO           309-327 AVENUE P                       NJD980529614

 NEWARK                   ALPHA METALS INCORPORATED              57 FREEMAN STREET                      NJD082990912

 NEWARK                   AMTEC ENTERPRISES INC.                 654 NO. 3RD STREET                     NJD064294333

 NEWARK                   AMTRUCK (HILDERMANN INDUSTRIES)        335 RAYMOND BLVD                       NJD980769483

 NEWARK                   ANHEUSER-BUSCH INC.                    200 US HIGHWAY ONE                     NJD002455418

 NEWARK                   APEX COLOR WORKS INC.                  64 CHAPEL STREET                       NJD002153781

 NEWARK                   ARKANSAS COMPANY                       185 FOUNDRY STREET                     NJD002155703

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 51 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWARK                   ART METAL U.S.A.                       300 PASSAIC STREET                     NJD986603009

 NEWARK                   ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO                    221 FOUNDRY AVE                        NJD060803905

 NEWARK                   AVENUE P SITE                          AVENUE P                               NJD980504831

 NEWARK                   B & C TOWING                           461 AVENUE P                           NJD980528764

 NEWARK                   B & L OIL CORP                         472 FRELINGHUYSEN AVE.                 NJD064981988

 NEWARK                   B.P. NORTH AMERICAN TRADING/COASTAL    BUILDING #350 COASTAL ST.              NJD981178338
 NEWARK                   BADGER TECHNOLOGIES                    265-277 & 272-278 BADGER AVENUE        NJD980755409

 NEWARK                   BAY AVENUE TRAILER                     BAY AVENUE (CORNER OF WHEELER'S POINT  NJ0001565951
 NEWARK                   BAYONNE DRUM & BARREL CO               PULASKI SKYWAY                         NJD009871401

 NEWARK                   BB AND D TRAILER                       150-154 A RAYMOND BLVD                 NJD986644946

 NEWARK                   BEGGS & COBB CORPORATION               22 JOHNSON STREET                      NJD065825481

 NEWARK                   BOYKO METAL FINISHING CO INC           85-87 POINIER ST                       NJD009718420

 NEWARK                   BRADY IRON & METAL CO                  55-59 LOCKWOOD ST                      NJD981877764

 NEWARK                   BREYERS WAREHOUSE                      414 RAYMOND BLVD.                      NJD980769509

 NEWARK                   BRILL EQUIP CO                         35 JAMES ST                            NJD980504948

 NEWARK                   CDI DISPERSIONS                        27 HAYNES AVE.                         NJD002177640

 NEWARK                   CELANESE CHEM CO INC                   375 DOREMUS AVE                        NJD079323044

 NEWARK                   CELANESE CHEMICAL FORMER FACILITY      SAINT CHARLES ST                       NJD986610848

 NEWARK                   CELANESE NEWARK TERMINAL               354 AND 375 DOREMUS AVENUE             NJD980530299

 NEWARK                   CELLOFILM CORPORATION                  45-5 CORNELIA STREET                   NJD000813451

 NEWARK                   CENTRAL STEEL DRUM CO                  704 DOREMUS AVENUE                     NJD011482577

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 52 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWARK                   CHAPEL STREET SITE                     31 CHAPEL ST                           NJ0000656579

 NEWARK                   CHEMICAL SURPLUS IND                   610 S 13TH ST                          NJD980528871

 NEWARK                   CITY SALVAGE CO                        ADJ. TO 411 WILSON AVE                 NJD980755292

 NEWARK                   CLAREMOULD PLASTICS COMPANY            186-212 WRIGHT STREET                  NJD002141703

 NEWARK                   CLINTON PLACE SITE                     NEXT TO 304-6 CLINTON PLACE            NJD980769517

 NEWARK                   CONRAIL-OAK ISLAND                     91 BAY AVENUE                          NJD980769525

 NEWARK                   CONRAIL-STULMAN PROPERTY               FRONTAGE RD                            NJD980528939

 NEWARK                   CONUS CHEMICAL                         96 ROANOKE AVENUE                      NJD986578094

 NEWARK                   COOK & DUNN PAINT CO.                  167 KOSSUTH ST.                        NJD002154144

 NEWARK                   COURTESY CONTAINER CORP                465 WILSON AVE                         NJD082978248

 NEWARK                   CROMPTON & KNOWELS CORPORATION         52 AMSTERDAM STREET                    NJD000694190

 NEWARK                   D & J DISPOSAL                         AVE A & POINIER                        NJD980528970

 NEWARK                   D & J TRUCKING                         310-328 AVE P                          NJD980528962

 NEWARK                   DELANCY ST. TRAILER                    DELANCY ST & AVE P                     NJD982181638

 NEWARK                   DIAMOND ALKALI CO                      80 LISTER AVE                          NJD980528996

 NEWARK                   DURALAC CHEMICAL CORP.                 84 LISTER AVE.                         NJD002150225

 NEWARK                   ENGELHARD CORP SPECIALTY CHEMICAL DIV  429 DELANCY ST                         NJD064274657

 NEWARK                   FABER CASTELL CORP                     41 DICKERSON ST/COR. OF HECKER         NJD002187110

 NEWARK                   FAIRMONT CHEMICAL                      117 BLANCHARD ST                       NJD002151322

 NEWARK                   FEDERAL PACIFIC ELECTRIC COMPANY       AVE L & HERBERT ST.                    NJD002146272

 NEWARK                   FERRY WHOLESALERS                      589 FERRY ST                           NJD030244222

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 53 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWARK                   FIORE DEMOLITION                       192 DELANY                             NJD980529127

 NEWARK                   FLEXCRAFT                              527 AVE P                              NJD002150928

 NEWARK                   FOUNDRY STREET TRAILER                 FOUNDRY ST                             NJD986639243

 NEWARK                   FRONT STREET WORKS                     MCCARTER HIGHWAY & PASSAIC RVR         NJD981178379

 NEWARK                   GENERAL COLOR CO.                      24 AVENUE B                            NJD000542258

 NEWARK                   GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORPORATION            290 FERRY STREET                       NJD062036892

 NEWARK                   GIGNARD CHEMICAL COMPANY INC.          185 FOUNDRY ST.                        NJD002201093

 NEWARK                   HARVEY- NEWARK                         600 WILSON AVENUE- TRAILER             NJD986610905

 NEWARK                   HEALEY & MUSPYG                        686-688 S 16 TH                        NJD986570968

 NEWARK                   HEUBACH, INC.                          256 VANDERPOOL ST.                     NJD002190627

 NEWARK                   HUDSAR INC                             373 SOUTH STREET                       NJD002151538

 NEWARK                   HUMMEL CHEMICAL                        185 FOUNDRY ST                         NJD002174712

 NEWARK                   INTERNATIONAL METALLURGICAL SERVICES   196 BLANCHARD STREET                   NJD982273559

 NEWARK                   J L ARMITAGE & CO                      245 THOMAS STREET                      NJD002141711

 NEWARK                   JENSON & MITCHELL INC                  400 NEW ST                             NJD008912917

 NEWARK                   JOBAR PACKAGING INC.                   29 RIVERSIDE AVE. BUILDING 7           NJD000729780

 NEWARK                   KOPPERS COMPANY INC.                   480 FRELINGHUYSEN AVE.                 NJD002149789

 NEWARK                   LACE CREATIONS INCORPORATED            1448 MCCARTER HWY                      NJD067513879

 NEWARK                   LIBERTY OPTICAL MANUFACTURING CO.      380 VERONA AVE.                        NJD002151207

 NEWARK                   LOCKWOOD STREET                        LOCKWOOD ST. + RAYMOND BLVD.           NJD982273484

 NEWARK                   MAAS AND WALDSTEIN HWY                 2121 MCCARTER HWY                      NJD002194454

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 54 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWARK                   MCKESSON ENVIRO SYSTEMS CO             600 DOREMUS AVE                        NJD002153922

 NEWARK                   MUNICIPAL SWIMMING POOL                RAYMOND BLVD. WAYDELL ST.+ FERRY ST.   NJD982273450

 NEWARK                   N S C PLATING & POLISHING-12TH. ST     242 SOUTH 12TH. STREET                 NJD986628816
 NEWARK                   NATIONAL DISTILLERS & CHEMICAL CORP    300 DOREMUS AVE                        NJD002447860

 NEWARK                   NEWARK DISPOSAL COMPANY                380 ELM ST                             NJD980529432

 NEWARK                   NEWARK DRIVE-IN                        FOUNDRY ST.                            NJD986578151

 NEWARK                   NEWARK HOUSING AUTH PROPERTY           291-549 AVE P                          NJD980529424

 NEWARK                   NEWARK LAMP PLANT/GENERAL ELECTRIC     40 SEVENTEENTH AVENUE                  NJD002454213
 NEWARK                   NEWARK PRISON DEVELOPMENT SITE         FRONTAGE RD                            NJD980772743

 NEWARK                   NEWARK ST ABANDONED TANKER             411 WILSON AVENUE                      NJD986649796

 NEWARK                   NEWARK ST. ABANDONED CARGO BOX         411-B WILSON AVENUE                    NJD986652790

 NEWARK                   NEWARK STAMP & DIE WORKS               922 MCCARTER HWY                       NJD002203354

 NEWARK                   NJ TURNPIKE MM 106                     MILE MARKER 106                        NJD980529465

 NEWARK                   NL SPENCER KELLOG, INC.                400 DOREMUS AVENUE                     NJD092217892

 NEWARK                   NORPAK CORP.                           70 BLANCHARD STREET                    NJD056700487

 NEWARK                   OAK ISLAND LANDFILL                    NORTHERN ACCESS RD                     NJD980505572

 NEWARK                   ORBIS PRODUCTS CORPORATION             55 VIRGINIA ST.                        NJD010910099

 NEWARK                   PENICK CORPORATION                     158 MT OLIVET AVE                      NJD991291642

 NEWARK                   PETRO-CHEM RESOURCES CO INC.           411 WILSON AVENUE                      NJD130486327

 NEWARK                   PITT-CONSOL CHEMICAL COM*              191 DOREMUS AVENUE                     NJD004948188

 NEWARK                   POLAROME MANUFACTURING CO. INC.        361 SOUTH STREET                       NJD000765123

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 55 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWARK                   PORT STREET WAREHOUSE                  PORT ST                                NJD980769590

 NEWARK                   PULASKI SKYWAY                         BROAD ST RAMP                          NJD980529663

 NEWARK                   PUREX CORP /TURCO PRODUCTS DIV         120 LISTER AVE                         NJD980530224

 NEWARK                   PVSC SANITARY LF                       WILSON AND DOREMUS AVENUES             NJD980529671

 NEWARK                   REICHOLD CHEMICALS, INC                46-58 ALBERT AVENU                     NJD048797195

 NEWARK                   ROANOKE AVE                            ROANOKE AVE                            NJD980529747

 NEWARK                   ROEBLING STEEL & WIRE CORP             550 BROAD ST                           NJD980530430

 NEWARK                   RONSON CO                              55 MANUFACTURERS PL                    NJD980237275

 NEWARK                   ROUTE 21 ABANDONED DRUMS               2020 MCCARTER HIGHWAY                  NJ0000228536

 NEWARK                   ROYAL RECOVERY SYSTEMS                 41 CLINTON STREET                      NJ0001021708

 NEWARK                   SCA CHEM SERVICES CO /EARTHLINE DIV    100 LISTER AVE                         NJD089216790

 NEWARK                   SCIENTIFIC CHEM PROCESSING INC         411 WILSON AVE                         NJD054050703

 NEWARK                   SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO.                   BROWN STREET & LISTER AVENUE           NJD002451870

 NEWARK                   SOBIN CHEMICAL                         120 LISTER AVE                         NJD000590042

 NEWARK                   STACOR CORPORATION                     285 EMMET STREET                       NJD046797783

 NEWARK                   STIRRUP METAL PROD. CORP.              215 EMMET STREET                       NJD002136661

 NEWARK                   SUN REFINING AND MARKETING COMPANY     436 DOREMUS AVENUE                     NJD001722511

 NEWARK                   SUN/DIC ACQUISITION CORP.              185 FOUNDRY ST.                        NJD002458842

 NEWARK                   T&J LF                                 70 PORT STREET                         NJD000416420

 NEWARK                   TEXACO USA                             909 DELANCY STREET                     NJD065808875

 NEWARK                   THOMAS H COOK                          49-63 DICKENSON ST                     NJD980505796

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 56 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWARK                   THOMAS STREET WAREHOUSE                140 THOMAS ST                          NJD980769467

 NEWARK                   TIDEWATER BALING                       26 ST. CHARLES ST.                     NJD011534708

 NEWARK                   TONY PALLET, INC                       1195 MCCARTER HWY                      NJD980529440

 NEWARK                   TRESS CHEM CO                          573-589 FERRY ST                       NJD096876438

 NEWARK                   TROY CHEM CORP INC                     ONE AVE L                              NJD002144517

 NEWARK                   TWELFTH & EIGHT CORP                   190 12TH AVE                           NJD980769459

 NEWARK                   UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE           FEDERAL SQUARE ROOM B-97               NJ6180000055

 NEWARK                   V OTTILIO & SONS                       18-60 BLANCHARD ST                     NJD980529861

 NEWARK                   WAVERLY YARDSS                         HAYNES AVE                             NJD986603678

 NEWARK                   WESTON DIV. AMETEK                     614 FRELINGHUYSEN AVENUE               NJD002141794

 NEWARK                   WHITE CHEMICAL CORP                    660 FRELINGHUYSEN AVE                  NJD980755623

 NEWARK                   WILSON AVE SITE                        466 WILSON AVENUE                      NJD980529952

 NEWARK                   ZAMILSKI SCRAP                         307-315 FRETINGHYSEN                   NJD000605329

 NEWFIELD                 MARSHALL SERVICE                       CHURCH & PEARLE RDS                    NJD980769681

 NEWFIELD                 NEWFIELD LF                            CATAWBA & WEYMOUTH RDS                 NJD980505556

 NEWFIELD                 SHIELDALLOY CORP                       WEST BLVD                              NJD002365930

 NEWFIELD                 UNICORN INDUSTRIES                     261 A N. MAIN ROAD                     NJD986629327

 NEWTON                   NEWTON COAL GAS SITE 2                 EAST CLINTON AVENUE                    NJD981083124

 NEWTON                   NEWTON SANITARY LANDFILL               DUMP RD OFF RTE 206                    NJD980529457

 NEWTON                   SCHNEIDER & MARQUAD INC                RT. 94 & SPRINGDALE RD                 NJD002397065

 NEWTONVILLE              NASH PROPERTY                          9TH ST                                 NJD980769335

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 57 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NORTH ARLINGTON          HAWARD CORPORATION                     29 PORETE AVENUE                       NJD001599604

 NORTH ARLINGTON          P&M SANITATION                         HACKENSACK MEADOWLANDS                 NJD081895153

 NORTH BERGEN             GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                    6001 TONNELLE AVE                      NJD003918570

 NORTH BERGEN             NORTH BERGEN DRUM DUMP                 50TH ST & WEST SIDE AVE                NJD980505564

 NORTH BERGEN             OWENS-ILLINOIS INC PLANT #11           2220 91ST ST                           NJD001354075

 NORTH BRUNSWICK          JOHNSON & JOHNSON RESEARCH DIVISION    US ROUTE 1                             NJD087618518

 NORTH BRUNSWICK          NORTH BRUNSWICK COATING & CHEMICAL     1430 JERSEY AVE.                       NJD091394437

 NORTH BRUNSWICK          NORTH BRUNSWICK HIGH SCHOOL            RAIDER RD & RT. 130 SOUTH              NJD103805370

 NORTH BRUNSWICK          OKONITE CO                             US HIGHWAY 1                           NJD002152205

 NORTH BRUNSWICK          PERMACEL                               US ROUTE NO. 1                         NJD004088381

 NORTH BRUNSWICK          RODIC RUBBER CO                        633 NASSAU ST                          NJD980530760

 NORTH HALEDON            NORTH HALEDON                          LIN DA VISTA AVE&ROSS LANE RD.         NJD986569382

 NORTH HANOVER TWP.       JACOBSTOWN RD. SITE                    MEANY ROAD                             NJD981084684


 NORTHVALE                NORTHVALE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT CO.     173 LUDLOW AVENUE                      NJD095169850
 NORTHVALE                T.E.C.T. INC                           254 LIVINGSTON STREET                  NJD980769384

 NORTHVALE BOROUGH        PEGASUS INDUSTRIAL CENTER              206 PEGASUS AVENUE                     NJD980788723

 NUTLEY                   ATLANTIC CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING        10 KINGSLAND ROAD                      NJD002177186
 NUTLEY                   DURITE CIRCUITS INC.                   141 RIVER ROAD                         NJD030236376

 NUTLEY                   ITT AVIONICS, DIVISION OF ITT CORP.    390 WASHINGTON AVE.                    NJD058112947

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 58 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NUTLEY                   L. SONNEBORNS SONS, INC.               1 RIVER ROAD                           NJ0001015940

 NUTLEY                   SEL-REX/UNILITE CHEMICAL CORP          75 RIVER RD                            NJD049437056

 OAKLAND                  ARGERON INDUSTRIES                     5 FIR COURT                            NJD081894099

 OAKLAND                  DATASCOPE CORP                         3 FIR COURT                            NJD001660786

 OAKLAND                  MEADOX MEDICALS INC                    103 BAUER DR                           NJD002454866

 OAKLAND                  TITAN TOOL                             107 BAUER DR                           NJD046957452

 OAKLAND                  VARN PRODUCTS INC                      175 RTE 208                            NJD001267657

 OAKLAND                  WITCO CHEMICAL CORP. (OAKLAND PLT)     100 BAUER DR                           NJD045653854

 OCEAN CITY               ATLANTIC OCEAN DRUM DUMP                                                      NJD986571354

 OCEAN CITY               HAVEN AVENUE LEAD SITE                 600 BLOCK HAVEN AVENUE                 NJ0001901131

 OCEAN CITY               OCEAN CITY COAL GAS SITE               WEST AVE & 11TH ST                     NJD982187411

 OCEAN TWP                M&T DELISA LANDFILL                    RTS 35 & 66                            NJD085632164

 OLD BRIDGE               BLONDER-TONGUE LABORATORIES INC.       ONE JAKE BROWN ROAD                    NJD002136265

 OLD BRIDGE               DREW METALEX CORPORATION               WATERWORTS ROAD                        NJD081995508


 OLD BRIDGE               GLOBAL SANITARY LANDFILL               ERNSTON ROAD                           NJD063160667

 OLD BRIDGE               LIONETTI OIL RECOVERY, INC.            OLD WATER WORKS ROAD                   NJD084044064

 OLD BRIDGE               PERTH AMBOY WELLS                      WATER WORKS RD                         NJD986633527

 OLD BRIDGE TWP           CHEESEQUAKE ST PARK                    PERRINES RD                            NJD980528863

 OLD BRIDGE TWP           CPS/MADISON INDUSTRIES                 WATERWORKS RD                          NJD002141190

 OLD BRIDGE TWP           FIBER CHEMICAL CORP                    COLUMBUS & BIONDI AVE                  NJD980530174

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 59 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 ORANGE                   PARKER LABORATORIES                    307 WASHINGTON ST                      NJD002449593

 ORANGE                   U.S. RADIUM CORP                       ALDEN & HIGH STS AND OTHER ADDRESSES   NJD980654172

 ORANGE CITY              MITCHELL SUPREME OIL COMPANY           532 FREEMAN ST                         NJD011583580

 OXFORD                   OXFORD TEXTILE FINISHING               1 WALL ST                              NJD056823735

 PALISADES PARK           BERGEN COUNTY PARK                     TEANECK RD                             NJD980528780

 PALMYRA                  PALMYRA BORO SITE                      RTE 73 (ADJ PENNSAUKEN CREEK)          NJD980769160

 PARAMUS                  DART INDUSTRIES INC.                   W 115 CENTURY ROAD                     NJD000820134

 PARAMUS                  EL PASO POLYOLEFINS COMPANY            W 100 CENTURY ROAD AND W               NJD070955091

 PARAMUS                  TRIAD PLASTICS                         15 PROSPECT ST                         NJD980529846

 PARISIPPANY              ARTISAN ELECTRONIC                     5 EASTMANS ROAD                        NJD002198828

 PARK RIDGE               BURROUGHS CO                           78 PARK AVE                            NJD001518091

 PARSIPANY-TROY HILLS     RIDGE ASSOCIATES, INC.                 1279 RT 46 EAST                        NJD037171949

 PARSIPPANY               CALVIN KLEIN COSMETICS CORP.           345 WALSH DRIVE                        NJD048806616

 PARSIPPANY               CLAY ADAMS DIV. OF BECTON DICKINSON &  299 WEBRO ROAD                         NJD079304788
 PARSIPPANY               METEM CORPORATION                      700 PARSIPPANY                         NJD002139244

 PARSIPPANY               PARSIPPANY WATER POLLUTION CONTROL     EDWARDS ROAD                           NJD980770648

 PARSIPPANY               PFIZER INC                             100 JEFFERSON RD                       NJD002188811

 PARSIPPANY               SYNTHATRON CORP                        50 INTERVALE RD                        NJD042061978

 PARSIPPANY - TROY HILLS  PARSIPPANY REDEPOSIT                   1139 EDWARDS ROAD                      NJD980529556

 PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS    BALLANTINE LABORATORIES INC            90 FANNY ROAD                          NJD980770457

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 60 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PARSIPPANY-TROY HILLS    BOONTON ELECTRONICS                    499 POMEROY ROAD                       NJD980536114
 PARSIPPANY/TROY HILLS    SHARKEY LANDFILL                       EDWARDS & SHARKEY RD                   NJD980505762

 PASSAIC                  BARTLO PACKAGING INC                   61 WILLETT ST                          NJD061350179

 PASSAIC                  GAESS ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE            253 RIVER DR                           NJD000309724

 PATERSON                 CONTINENTAL CAN CO U.S.A.              297 GETTY LANE                         NJD002521425

 PATERSON                 FULTON STREET SITE                     FULTON ST                              NJD980771620

 PATERSON                 JENSON & MITCHELL INC                  477 STRAIGHT ST                        NJD002452563

 PATERSON                 KELLING NUT COMPANY                    130 BECKWITH AVE                       NJD980530414

 PATERSON                 OKONITE COMPANY, THE                   959 MARKET STREET                      NJD062049796

 PATERSON                 OLD DAVRON COATINGS CORP               18 ARLINGTON AVENUE                    NJD980529515

 PATERSON                 PAPERBOARD SPECIALIST, INC             177 3RD AVENUE                         NJD147427843

 PATERSON                 PATERSON D.P.W.                        EAST 16TH ST                           NJD980771836

 PATERSON                 PATERSON GAS PLANT                     EAST 5TH AND LEON STREET               NJD981084734

 PATERSON                 ROUTE 20 TENTH AVE . CIRCLE            10TH AVE CIRLE RTE. 20                 NJD980771927

 PATERSON                 SUBURBAN CHEMICAL/WAIT STREET          (70) WAIT STREET                       NJD980772040

 PATERSON                 TEN HOEVE BROS, INC                    359 MCLEAN BOULEVARD                   NJD002446607

 PATERSON                 WATSON MACHINERY INTERNATIONAL, INC    74-102 RAILROAD AVENUE                 NJD002144301

 PATERSON CITY            BARONE BARREL & DRUM COMPANY           190 16TH AVE                           NJD034186296

 PAULSBORO                B. P. OIL INC                          MANTUA AVENUE (P.O. BOX 71)            NJD043278787

 PAULSBORO                E.I. DUPONT PAULSBORO WORKS            MANTUA AVE                             NJD980530695

 PAULSBORO                ESSEX CHEMICAL PLANT SITE              HENRY AVENUE                           NJD980769723

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 61 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PAULSBORO                LILLY INDUSTRIAL COATING               1991 NOLTE DRIVE                       NJD067362087

 PAULSBORO                MOBIL OIL LF                           BILLINGSPORT RD                        NJD002342426

 PAULSBORO                NALCO CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC.           1927 NOLTE DR/MIDATLANTIC INDU         NJD079483392

 PAULSBORO                PAULSBORO COAL GAS SITE                JEFFERSON ST.                          NJD981877582

 PAULSBORO                PEABODY CLEAN INDUSTRY INC             85 RIVERVIEW AVE                       NJD067394825

 PAULSBORO                TIMBERLANE WELDING & SERVICES INC      1626 S COMMERCE ST                     NJD065387284

 PAULSBORO                WINNER CHEM INC                        DELAWARE AVE                           NJD980532964

 PEAPACK                  PEAPACK DUMP SITE                      RTE 206                                NJD980771844

 PEDRICKTOWN              BF GOODRICH CHEM GROUP                 RTE 130 & PORCUPINE RD                 NJD048585269

 PEDRICKTOWN              BROWNING-FERRIS IND                    PORCUPINE RD                           NJD000554659

 PEDRICKTOWN              OLDMANS TWP SANITARY LF                WOODSTOWN - PEDRICKTOWN ROAD           NJD980530919

 PEDRICKTOWN              PEDRICKTOWN SUPPORT FACILITY           RTE 130                                NJ3210022270

 PEDRICKTOWN (OLDMANS     NL INDUSTRIES                          PENNS GROVE-PEDRICKTOWN ROAD           NJD061843249
 PEMBERTON                PEMBERTON TWP LF                       WHITE BOGS RD                          NJD980505614

 PEMBERTON TOWNSHIP       POINSETT PROPERTY                      209 COLUMBUS AVE, BROWNS MILLS         NJD981490220

 PEMBERTON TOWNSHIP       UNCLE PROPERTY                         WHITES BOGS-PASADENA ROAD              NJD981185291

 PEMBERTON TWP            BIRMINGHAM RD DUMP                     BIRMINGHAM RD                          NJD980529572

 PEMBERTON TWP            LANG PROPERTY                          WHITESBOG-PASADENA RD                  NJD980505382

 PENNS GROVE              DELKOTE, INC                           76 S. VIRGINIA AVENUE                  NJD002363703

 PENNS GROVE              PENNS GROVE COAL GAS                   PITMAN ST AND RR RIGHT-OF-WAY          NJD981084742

 PENNSAUKEN               CURTIS-YOUNG CORP                      2550 HADDONFIELD RD                    NJD002266732

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 62 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PENNSAUKEN               DESOTO, INCORPORATED                   8600 RIVER ROAD                        NJD005440342

 PENNSAUKEN               GROW GROUP INC/DE VOE MARINE COATING   9155 RIVER ROAD                        NJD000310417
 PENNSAUKEN               MERCHANTVILLE PENNSAUKEN WELL #1       INDUSTRIAL HIGHWAY                     NJD981877566

 PENNSAUKEN               PINE VALLEY PRECISION INC              5075 CENTRAL HWY                       NJD075475871

 PENNSAUKEN               SGL MODERN HARD CHROME SERVICE         482-484 COVE ROAD                      NJD002356475

 PENNSAUKEN               SWOPE OIL & CHEMICAL CO                8281 NATIONAL HWY                      NJD041743220

 PENNSAUKEN               TEXACO USA                             FOOT OF COVER ROAD                     NJD069047967

 PENNSAUKEN               UNITED STEEL & WIRE CO., INC.          SUCKLE & NATIONAL HIGHWAYS             NJD098159130

 PENNSAUKEN               VINELAND CONSTRUCTION                  RIVER ROAD & 37 TH STREET              NJD086423886

 PENNSAUKEN               WARD SAND AND MATERIALS                RIVER ROAD                             NJD000575266

 PENNSAUKEN TWP           PUCHACK WELL FIELD                     OFF RIVER ROAD                         NJD981084767

 PENNSAWKEN               ELCO CORP. VARICIRQUITS                9268 COMMERCE HIGHWAY                  NJD069016954

 PENNSVILLE               GANES CHEMICAL INC                     INDUSTRIAL PARK ROAD                   NJD064344575


 PEQUANNOCK TWP           EASTERN CHEMICAL PLANT                 INDUSTRIAL ROAD                        NJD980771588

 PERTH AMBOY              ABANDONED GAS CYLINDERS                SECOND ST                              NJ0000896753

 PERTH AMBOY              ASARCO                                 1160 STATE ST                          NJD039116207

 PERTH AMBOY              CELOTEX (A)                            MARKET & HERBERT STS                   NJD055930549

 PERTH AMBOY              CHESEBROUGH PONDS                      124 SHERIDAN STREET                    NJD981186281

 PERTH AMBOY              CHEVRON U.S.A-PERTH AMBOY REFINERY     1200 STATE ST                          NJD081982902

 PERTH AMBOY              CUSTOM DISTRIBUTION SERVICES           1050 STATE ST                          NJD097408439

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 63 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PERTH AMBOY              DUANE MARINE                           26 WASHINGTON ST                       NJD054526553

 PERTH AMBOY              DUTCH BOY PAINTS                       1050 STATE ST                          NJD986639177

 PERTH AMBOY              E L BETH LTD                           500 HIGH STREET                        NJD067484923

 PERTH AMBOY              ENGLERT INC.                           393 FRONT STREET                       NJD001911833

 PERTH AMBOY              FORMER DUPONT FACILITY                 71 BUCKINGHAM AVE                      NJD980530612

 PERTH AMBOY              GOLDBERG JUNKYARD                      SECOND ST AND SADOWSKI ST              NJD011647781

 PERTH AMBOY              HENIA INDUSTRIAL                       500 MECHANIC STREET                    NJD986570984

 PERTH AMBOY              HOYT METAL CO                          231 STATE ST                           NJD980530190

 PERTH AMBOY              MECHANIC STREET REALTY CORP            BUCKINGHAM & HIGH STREET               NJD982178626


 PERTH AMBOY              PERTH AMBOY PCB'S                      PERTH AMBOY                            NJD980653901

 PERTH AMBOY              SECOND STREET SITE                     END OF SECOND STREET                   NJ0001090398

 PERTH AMBOY              SOBEL BROTHERS                         400 BARCLAY STREET                     NJD986588093

 PERTH AMBOY              WITCO CHEMICAL CORP                    1000 CONVERY BLVD                      NJD002165561

 PERTH HAMBOY             JAMES J. KEATING INC.                  168 SECOND ST.                         NJD001915800

 PHILLIPSBURG             BELL & HOWELL                          RTE 22                                 NJD059284208

 PHILLIPSBURG             FASCO FINISHING CO.,                   191 HOWARD ST                          NJD002395713

 PHILLIPSBURG             J T BAKER CHEM CO                      600 N BROAD ST                         NJD001213487

 PHILLIPSBURG             LOPATCONG TWP LF                       RIVER RD                               NJD980530653

 PHILLIPSBURG             PHILLIPSBURG COAL GAS SITE             HECKMAN TERRACE                        NJD982187395

 PINE BROOK               MORAN PAINTS                           87 ROUTE 46                            NJD065821423

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 64 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PISCATAWAY               BUBENICK PROPERTY                      223 GRANDVIEW AV                       NJD980504955

 PISCATAWAY               CHEMSOL, INC                           FLEMING ST                             NJD980528889

 PISCATAWAY               COLGATE PALMOLIVE COMPANY              909 RIVER ROAD                         NJD068693167

 PISCATAWAY               GEORGIA GULF CORPORATION               100 NORMANDY DRIVE                     NJD980654032

 PISCATAWAY               L-TEC                                  239 OLD NEW BRUNSWICK                  NJD063173322

 PISCATAWAY               RUTGERS UNIVERSITY                     GAMMA GREENHOUSE BLDG. 3553            NJD000582387

 PISCATAWAY               SHIELDING TECHNOLOGY                   120 ETHEL ROAD WEST                    NJD980526867

 PISCATAWAY               WASHINGTON STREET                      WASHINGTON ST                          NJD980654347


 PISCATAWAY TWP           LISI AMERICA                           600 PROSPECT AV                        NJD087624623

 PISCATAWAY TWP           PACK TECH SERVICES                     7 TURNER PL                            NJD980770309

 PISCATAWAY TWP           TENNECO CHEMICAL INC                   40 TURNER PLACE                        NJD011658481

 PISCATAWAY TWP           UNION CARBIDE CO                       10 POSSUMTON RD                        NJD000564328

 PITMAN                   CBS RECORDS                            LAMBS RD & WOODBURY AVENUE             NJD051406346

 PITMAN                   LIPARI LANDFILL                        RT 322                                 NJD980505416

 PITMAN (MANTUA TWP.)     STRUTHERS-DUNN INC                     LAMBS RD                               NJD002349751

 PITTSGROVE               PITTSGROVE TWP LF                      RTE533/CENTERTON/PORCHTOWN RDS         NJD980771869

 PLAINFIELD               EAST 4TH STREET SITE                   314 EAST 4TH ST                        NJD980771323

 PLAINFIELD               PLAINFIELD GAS WORKS                   WATCHUNG AVE & E. 4TH STREET           NJD981082936

 PLAINFIELD               ROCK AND MYRTLE AVENUES SITE           ROCK AND MYRTLE AVENUES                NJ0000937540

 PLAINFIELD CITY          HALLER TESTING LABORATORIES, INC       336 LELAND AVENUE                      NJD986578284

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 65 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PLAINSBORO               PLAINSBORO TWP SLF                     CRANBURY NECK RD                       NJD980753610

 PLEASANTVILLE            ANTI POLLUTION SYSTEMS INC             350 W. DELILAH ROAD                    NJD981084593

 PLEASANTVILLE            ATLANTIC ELECTRIC                      FIRE ROAD                              NJD980528756


 PLEASANTVILLE            PRICE LANDFILL                         DOUGHTY AND DELILIAH RD                NJD070281175

 PLUMSTEAD TWP            SPENCE FARM                            RTE 528 & MOOREHOUSE RD                NJD980532816

 PLUMSTED TWP             GOOSE FARM                             RT. 539 BETWEEN RTS 537 & 528          NJD980530109

 PLUMSTED TWP             HOPKINS FARM                           RTE 539                                NJD980532840

 PLUMSTED TWP             PIJAK FARM                             FISCHER RD                             NJD980532808

 PLUMSTED TWP             WILSON FARM                            HAWKINS RD                             NJD980532824

 POMONA                   FEDERAL AVIATION ADMIN. TECH. CENTER   ROUTES 563 & 575                       NJ9690510020

 POMONA                   LENOX CHINA, INC                       TILTON ROAD                            NJD002325074

 POMPTON LAKES            E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 CANNONBALL RD                          NJD980771604


 PORT NEWARK              KOPPERS COMPANY INC.                   (MARITIME AND TYLER)                   NJD000542282

 PORT NORRIS              GAMMA INDUSTRIES                       GAMMA RD                               NJD980769558

 PORT READING             DIVERSEY WYANDOTTE CORP                400 MARKLEY ST                         NJD046648622

 PRINCETON                PRINCETON PLASMA PHYSICS LABOR         FORRESTAL CAMPUS                       NJ1960011152

 QUINTON TWP              QUINTON TWP SWDA                       GRAVELLY HILL ROAD                     NJD986603660

 RAHWAY                   MERCK & CO INC                         126 E LINCOLN AVE                      NJD001317064

 RAHWAY                   RAHWAY COAL GAS SITE                   219245 CENTRAL AVENUE                  NJD981082944

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 66 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RAHWAY                   RAHWAY RIVER PARK                      PARKWAY DR (PARK MAINT BLDG)           NJD980771406

 RAHWAY                   WARWICK LABORATORIES INC               391 EAST INMAN AVE                     NJD001613306

 RAMSEY                   SIMMONS' OLDSMOBILE INC                1096 RTE 17 NORTH                      NJD054064886

 RARITAN                  CONRAIL-RARITAN FACILITY               JOHNSON DR                             NJD980771547

 RARITAN                  CRITIKON, INC                          BUILDING #2, JOHNSON DRIVE             NJD002526341

 RARITAN                  RARITAN BOROUGH SITE                   ELIZABETH ST                           NJD980529689

 RARITAN                  TENNECO CHEMICAL INC /FLEMINGTON       RIVER RD                               NJD001890300

 RARITAN TWP              FLEMINGTON - RARITAN LF                204 PENNSYLVANIA AVE                   NJD981142706

 RARITAN TWP              US BRONZE POWDERS                      ROUTE 202 N                            NJD002344190

 READINGTON               RUSINSKI FARM                          KOSCLUSKO ROAD                         NJD986644532


 RED BANK                 SEGO REALTY INC. (AKA EISNER BLDG)     BRIDGE & WEST FRONT STREET             NJD981186299

 RICHLAND                 RICHLAND GLASS CO INC                  TUCKAHOE ROAD                          NJD002382505

 RIDGEFIELD               JOSEPH TURNER & CO. CHEMICALS          1030 PLEASANT VIEW TERRACE             NJD001292978

 RIDGEFIELD               NICKSTADT-MOELLER INCORPORATED         1169 EDGEWATER AVENUE                  NJD064314115

 RIDGEFIELD               PFISTER CHEMICAL                       LINDEN AVE OFF RTE 46 EAST             NJD001293216

 RIDGEFIELD               STANDARD COATING CORP                  461 BROAD AVENUE SOUTH                 NJD001389352

 RIDGEFIELD               STAUFFER CHEMICAL                      " NOT LOCATED TO DATE "                NJD980769376

 RIDGEFIELD PARK          OVERPECK PARK LF                       FORT LEE RD                            NJD980505606

 RIDGEWOOD                RIDGEWOOD GAS WORKS                    ACKERMAN AVENUE & BELLAIR ROAD         NJD981134125

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 67 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RIDGEWOOD VILLAGE        RIDGEWOOD ASH LANDFILL                 ORCHARD PLACE                          NJD986639904

 RIDGFIELD                RIDGE PRINTING CO INC                  525-535 ORITAN AVE                     NJD011695582

 RINGWOOD                 QUEST PROPERTY SITE                    MARGARET KING AVENUE                   NJ0000485375

 RINGWOOD                 RINGWOOD MINES LANDFILL                PETERS MINE RD                         NJD980529739

 RINGWOOD                 RINGWOOD/WEST MILFORD SITE             BURNT MEADOW RD                        NJD980771901

 RIO GRANDE               COLSON LUMBER                          111 ROUTE 47                           NJ0000656546

 RIO GRANDE               MAR-TEE CONTRACTORS (SCA SERVICES)     305 RR AVE                             NJD048592026

 RIO GRANDE               WILDWOOD PUMP STATION                  ROUTE 47                               NJD981143035

 RIVERDALE CORP           PETROCCA LANDFILL                      RTE 23 SOUTH                           NJD980771851

 RIVERSIDE                MC NULTY TRUCKING                      LINCOLN & POLASKI                      NJ0001096825

 RIVERSIDE                PAVILION AVENUE FIELD                  NORTH PAVILION AVENUE (NEAR TYLER)     NJ0001898055

 RIVERSIDE                RIVERSIDE METAL CORPORATION            1 PAVILLION AVE                        NJD980755714

 RIVERSIDE TOWNSHIP       REED AVENUE SITE                       AMERICAN LEGION ROAD                   NJD981082951

 RIVERTON                 AIRCO SPECIAL GASES                    UNION LANDING & RIVER ROADS            NJD002386621

 RIVERTON                 RIVERTON GAS WORKS                     MAIN AND 10TH STREETS                  NJD981083132

 RIVERTON BOROUGH         NATIONAL CASEIN                        BROAD ST                               NJD002352029

 ROCKAWAY                 HEWLET PACKARD CO.                     GREEN POND ROAD                        NJD002170710

 ROCKAWAY                 JERRY JONES MACK TRUCK                 GREEN POND RD                          NJD078593894

 ROCKAWAY                 MCWILLIAMS FORGE COMPANY INC           FRANKLIN RD                            NJD002183630

 ROCKAWAY                 PETIT PAINT CO.                        36 PINE STREET                         NJD002176030

 ROCKAWAY                 ROCKAWAY BOROUGH WELL FIELD            JACKSON,UNION & GARDEN STS             NJD980654115

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 68 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ROCKAWAY TWP             GARDEN STATE TRANSIT                   FORD RD & MORRIS AV                    NJD980771653

 ROCKAWAY TWP             HOWMET ALLOY                           ROY ST                                 NJD991290701

 ROCKAWAY TWP             KEUFFEL & ESSER                        FORD ROAD                              NJD000729806

 ROCKAWAY TWP             MALANCO EAST-PLASTICS INC (IVEX)       60 GREEN POND RD                       NJD053051470

 ROCKAWAY TWP             RADIATION TECHNOLOGY, INC              108 LAKE DENMARK RD                    NJD047684451

 ROCKAWAY TWP             ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP OF DWP GARAGE        GREEN POND RD                          NJD052445509


 ROCKAWAY TWP             SHELL OIL                              8 GREEN POND ROAD                      NJD000586503


 ROCKY HILL               AMELIOTEX CO                           5 CRESCENT AVE                         NJD000499269

 ROCKY HILL               COMPO INDUSTRIES                       5 CRESCENT AVENUE                      NJD980534291

 ROCKY HILL BORO          ROCKY HILL MUNICIPAL WELL              WASHINGTON ST                          NJD980654156

 ROEBLING                 ROEBLING STEEL CO                      2ND STREET                             NJD073732257


 ROSELAND                 RESISTOFLEX, INC.                      WOODLAND RD                            NJD002170405

 ROSELLE                  COLUMBUS AVE SITE                      221 COLUMBUS AVE.                      NJD980771299

 ROSELLE                  IRONBOUND HEAT TREATING CO             304 COX ST                             NJD002172278

 ROSELLE PARK             ATLAS ELECTROPLATING                   289 WEST CLAY AVE                      NJD002196897

 ROSELYN                  INTEDGE INDUSTRIES INC.                565 EAGLE ROCK RD                      NJD002184380

 ROXBURY TWP.             LEDGEWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH               233-241 MAIN STREET                    NJD980771745
 RUNNEMEDE                BELL HARBOR INC                        ADJACENT TO BIG TIMBER CREEK           NJD980779599

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 69 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RUTHERFORD               ALL COUNTY ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE       285 HIGHLAND CROSS RD                  NJD041769167

 RUTHERFORD               ALTMAN DRIVE DRUM DUMP                 ALTMAN DRIVE                           NJD980528707

 RUTHERFORD               WESTMOUNT TOOL CORP                    225 HIGHLAND CROSS ROAD                NJD001522275

 S BRUNSWICK              JIS LANDFILL                           JIS INDUSTRIAL SERVICES COMPANY        NJD097400998

 S PLAINFIELD             ASARCO INC                             901 OAK TREE RD                        NJD047507033

 S PLAINFIELD             PLATINA REFINING LAB                   4301 S CLINTON AVE                     NJD063140396

 SADDLE BROOK             ELECTRO FINISH CORP.                   280 MIDLAND AVENUE                     NJD001561471

 SADDLE BROOK             GOULD INC. INDUSTRIAL BATTERY          74 KENNY PLACE                         NJD061347860
 SADDLE BROOK             MUELLER BELTING & SPECIALTY CO INC     150 NORTH MIDLAND AVE                  NJD002001550

 SADDLE BROOK TWP         CURCIO SCRAP METAL, INC                416 LANZA AVE                          NJD011717584

 SALEM                    ANCHOR HOCKING CORPORATION PLANT #6    83 GRIFFITH ST                         NJD002385615

 SALEM                    GAYNOR GLASS WORKS                     FRONT & BROADWAY                       NJD981877681

 SALEM                    SALEM COAL GAS                         FIFTH AND HOWELL STREETS               NJD981084775


 SANDY POINT              SANDY HOOK DRUMS                       SANDY BAY                              NJD986640837

 SAYREVILLE               ATLANTIC DEVELOPMENT                   400 HORSESHOE RD                       NJD980528731

 SAYREVILLE               ATLANTIC RESOURCES                     120 HORSESHOE ROAD                     NJD981558430

 SAYREVILLE               E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 WASHINGTON RD                          NJD000820159

 SAYREVILLE               E.I. DUPONT DE NEMOURS                 CHEESEQUAKE RD                         NJD002444024

 SAYREVILLE               ESSEX CHEMICAL CORP.                   ONE CROSSMAN ROAD SOUTH                NJD002568715

 SAYREVILLE               GOLD LEAF TRUCKING                     RUNYON & CHEESEQUAKE RDS               NJD980770119

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 70 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAYREVILLE               HORSESHOE ROAD                         HORSESHOE RD                           NJD980663678

 SAYREVILLE               INSUL-COUSTIC CORP                     JERNEE MILL RD                         NJD980529275

 SAYREVILLE               MIREX/VIKING TERMINAL CO               OFF JERNEE HILL RD ADJ SO RIV          NJD980770242

 SAYREVILLE               MORGAN ORDINANCE                       ERNSTONRD, RTE 35 & CHEESEQUAKE CREEK  NJD986652519
 SAYREVILLE               NL INDUSTRIES NALCON DIVISION          2001 JERNEE MILL RD                    NJD980530489


 SAYREVILLE               RAILROAD DRUM                          100 HORSESHOE ROAD                     NJD986633535

 SAYREVILLE               SAYREVILLE GENERATING STATION          RIVER ROAD                             NJD003909819


 SAYREVILLE               SAYREVILLE LAKE                        JERNEE MILL RD                         NJD980529788

 SAYREVILLE               SAYREVILLE LANDFILL                    JERNEES MILL RD                        NJD980505754

 SAYREVILLE               SAYREVILLE PESTICIDE DUMP              400 HORSESHOE ROAD                     NJD986623569

 SAYREVILLE               VALUMET CHEMICAL                       QUIGLEY LANE                           NJD081994741

 SAYREVILLE               VAMP CHEM RESOURCES                    JERNEE MILL RD                         NJD000227504

 SAYREVILLE (PARLIN)      HERCULES INCORPORATED LF               MINNISINK AVE                          NJD002521961

 SEA ISLE CITY            SEA ISLE CITY GAS PLANT                NORTH BREWSTER AND 39TH STREET         NJD982187460

 SECAUCUS                 KEYSTONE METAL FINISHERS INC           22 ROYDOL AVE                          NJD011728656

 SECAUCUS                 MALL LF                                NEW COUNTY RD                          NJD980529382

 SECAUCUS                 MCKAY'S LF                             PENHORN AVENUE                         NJD980528046

 SECAUCUS                 PSE & G                                325 COUNTY RD                          NJD096880265

 SECAUCUS                 SINCLAIR AND VALENTINE CO INC          1000 SINVALCO RD                       NJD067493080

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 71 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SEWAREN                  ROYAL PETROLEUM                        CLIFF ROAD                             NJD084035013

 SEWAREN                  SHELL OIL CO /SEWAREN PLANT            111 STATE ST                           NJD002195220

 SEWAREN                  VULCAN MATERIALS CO SEWAREN DETINING   7 ARBOR AVENUE                         NJD980530307
 SHAMONG                  GIBERSON PROPERTY                      RD#3 TUCKERTON RD                      NJD981877798

 SHAMONG TOWNSHIP         SHAMONG TOWNSHIP LANDFILL I            ATSION ROAD                            NJD981084783

 SHAMONG TWP              EWAN PROPERTY                          WALLINGFORD WAY                        NJD980761365

 SICKLESVILLE             GSA NILE MISSILE BATTERY               CROSS KEY ROAD                         NJ1470035295

 SOMERSET                 MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY INC               200 CHURCHILL AVE                      NJD068704568

 SOMERSET                 MIDDLESEX QUALITY CONTAINER & DRUM     909 SOMERSET STREET                    NJD011734738

 SOMERSET                 SGS THOMSON MICRO ELECTRONICS          100 SCHOOLHOUSE RD                     NJD044655140

 SOMERSET                 W A CLEARY CHEM CORP                   1049 SOMERSET ST                       NJD002164457

 SOMERSET                 WILLIAM ZINSSER & CO INC               39 BELMONT DRIVE                       NJD001212695

 SOMERVILLE               AMERICAN HOECHST CORP DEL              1041 ROUTE 202-206 NORTH               NJD045787991

 SOMERVILLE               ASARCO FEDERAL PRODUCTS DIV            270 FOOTHILL RD                        NJD053104840

 SOMERVILLE               COLOR TECHNOLOGY INC                   60 CORNELL BLVD                        NJD002191682

 SOMERVILLE               DEVRO INC USA                          LOESSER AVE                            NJD000820142

 SOMERVILLE               GAF CORP                               RTE 202                                NJD980771638

 SOMERVILLE               GP TECHNOLOGIES, INC                   3311 RT 22                             NJD056712359

 SOMERVILLE               GSA/VA DEPOT                           RT 206                                 NJ2360010332

 SOMERVILLE               INTERNATIONAL MICROWAVE DEV            51 CHUBB WAY                           NJD037200292

 SOMERVILLE               RCA CORP /SOLID STATE DIV              RTE 202                                NJD002173078

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 72 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SOMERVILLE               SOMERSET COUNTY LF                     RTE 206                                NJD980771992

 SOUTH AMBOY              AUGUSTA STREET PIER                    AUGUSTA STREET                         NJD986652527

 SOUTH AMBOY              JOHN B. MOORE CORPORATION              ROUTE 9 SOUTH & G.G.PARK               NJD002200913

 SOUTH AMBOY              MODERN TRANSPORTATION CO               PENNSYLVANIA RR DICK, PIER A           NJD000767970

 SOUTH AMBOY              SOUTH AMBOY GAS WORKS                  FELTUS ST & RR ON RIGHT OF WAY         NJD981082969

 SOUTH AMBOY              WATER WORKS                            FOOT OF BROADWAY                       NJD980770424

 SOUTH BOUND BROOK        GAF CORP                               35 MAIN ST                             NJD980207930

 SOUTH BOUND BROOK        OLD GAF ASBESTOS                       35 MAIN ST                             NJD986607646

 SOUTH BRUNSWICK          SOUTH BRUNSWICK LANDFILL               NEW ROAD                               NJD980530679

 SOUTH BRUNSWICK          SPILATORE                              WEST NEW ROAD                          NJD980766802

 SOUTH BRUNSWICK TWP      AMF-MAARCK                             SCHALKS STATION RD/PERRINE RD          NJD980769954

 SOUTH BRUNSWICK TWP      BASF WYANDOTTE CORP                    CRANBURY ROAD RTE 522                  NJD078247905

 SOUTH BRUNSWICK TWP      UNIROYAL-PHELPS DODGE                  DOCKS CORNER RD                        NJD980770416

 SOUTH HACKENSACK         HORIZON BLVD SITE                      17 HORIZON BLVD                        NJD980769277

 SOUTH KEARNY             MODERN TRANSPORTATION CO               75 JACOBUS AVENUE                      NJD049851892

 SOUTH KEARNY             S & W WASTE INC                        53 PENNSYLVANIA AVE                    NJD096865837

 SOUTH PLAIN FIELD        FERRO CORPORATION                      115 SKYLINE DRIVE                      NJD041814005


 SOUTH PLAINFIELD         CHEMICAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION          3001 HADLEY ROAD                       NJD063152243

 SOUTH PLAINFIELD         CHEVRON CHEM CO.                       METUCHEN & HARMICH ROADS               NJD002171593


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 73 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SOUTH PLAINFIELD         HUMMEL CHEMICAL CO INC                 10 HARMICH RD                          NJD044081222

 SOUTH PLAINFIELD         KEARNY INDUSTRIES                      2624 HAMILTON BOULEVARD                NJD980770168

 SOUTH PLAINFIELD         L. R. METAL TREATING CO                3651 S CLINTON AV                      NJD980770200

 SOUTH PLAINFIELD         METZ METALLURGICAL CORP.               3900 SOUTH CLINTON AVE.                NJD002195303

 SOUTH PLAINFIELD         SOUTH PLAINFIELD ASBESTOS DUMP         NEW MARKET AV                          NJD980770408

 SOUTH PLAINFIELD         SOUTH PLAINFIELD LF                    KENNETH AVE                            NJD980505788

 SOUTH PLAINFIELD         STANDARD PLASTIC PRODUCTS INC          450 OAK TREE RD                        NJD002151603



 SOUTHAMPTON TOWNSHIP     BOB DRAYTON INC                        BIG HILL ROAD & ROAD #6                NJD981083009

 SOUTHAMPTON TWP          BIG HILL SLF                           BIG HILL RD                            NJD980504880

 SPARTA                   NY SUSQUEHANNA & WESTERN RR PROPERTY   44 B STATION ROAD                      NJ0000104919

 SPARTA TWP               A.O. POLYMER                           F4 STATION ROAD                        NJD030253355

 SPRINGFIELD              AIRCO WELDING PRODUCTS                 70 DIAMOND RD                          NJD055084438

 SPRINGFIELD              ATLANTIC METAL PROCESSING              21 FADEM RD                            NJD350010724

 SPRINGFIELD              BIGELOW COMPONENTS CORPORATION         74 DIAMOND ROAD                        NJD049850902

 SPRINGFIELD              MASTER HEAT TREATING INC               51 BROWN AVE                           NJD067485649

 SPRINGFIELD              REPUBLIC METAL PRODUCTS                32 COMMERCE ST                         NJD055082259

 SPRINGFIELD              SPERRY VICKERS DIVISION SPE            9 FADEM ROAD                           NJD001794486

 SPRINGFIELD              SPRINGFIELD METAL PRODUCTS COMPANY     8 COMMERCE DRIVE                       NJD011754934

 SPRINGFIELD              KAUFFMAN & MINTEER, INC                MONMOUTH ROAD (ROUTE 537)              NJD002493054

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 74 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 STAFFORD TWP             STAFFORD TWP LF                        RECOVERY RD                            NJD980772008

 STANHOPE                 CAT SWAMP HILL DUMP SITE               RT 206                                 NJ0000200998

 STIRLING                 STANDEX INTL CORP /EASTERN ENGRAVING   355 WARREN AVE PO BOX 37               NJD065821654
 STRATHMERE               STRATHMERE RIVER                       MIDDLE OF RIVER                        NJD982540197

 SUMMIT                   PHARMACEUTICALS DIVISION CI            556 MORRIS AVE                         NJD001316173

 SUSSEX                   NEWTON COAL GAS SITE 1                 BROOKS PLAZA AND DILLER DR.            NJD981084726

 SWAINTON                 RENNEBECK DRUM                         SIGTOWN ROAD (NEAR RTE 9)              NJD986615805

 SWAINTON MIDDLE          WILLIAMS PROPERTY                      RR 1, SIEGTOWN ROAD                    NJD980529945

 SWEDESBORO               SWEDESBORO COAL GAS                    AUBURN AND BRIDGEPORT RDS              NJD981082977

 TABERNACLE               FOSTER FARM                            205 CHATSWORTH RD                      NJD986628451


 TABERNACLE               NIXON'S STORE                          ROUTE 532 AND VINCENTOWN               NJD980769152

 TABERNACLE TOWNSHIP      ALLAN'S PIT                            RT. 532 & MEDFORD ROAD                 NJD981082985

 TABERNACLE TWP           TABERNACLE DRUM DUMP                   RD3, CARRANZA RD                       NJD980761357

 TABERNACLE, SHAMONG      SHAMONG TOWNSHIP LANDFILL II           ATSION ROAD                            NJD981084791
 TANSBORO                 G.F. PETTINOS SAND CO                  NEW FREDOM - WILLIAMSTOWN ROAD         NJD980530141

 TETERBORO                BENDIX TETERBORO FACILITY              RT #46                                 NJD078714433

 TETERBORO                MERCK & CO. INC.                       111 CENTRAL AVENUE                     NJD005903463

 THOROFARE                BARON BLAKESLEE DIVISION, PUREX CORP.  1531 GRANDVIEW AVE.                    NJD084779388

 THOROFARE                DANA TRANSPORT INC                     4 CROWN POINT RD                       NJD981873474

 TINTON FALLS             ESTEY PRODUCTS                         SHAFTO & WAYSIDE RD                    NJD042910901

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 75 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TINTON FALLS             FORT MONMOUTH #1                       TINTON & PINEBROOK                     NJ3210020597

 TINTON FALLS             HECON CORPORATION                      45 PARK ROAD                           NJD001694090

 TINTON FALLS             MAZEL CHEMICAL CO                      14 PARK RD                             NJD980770580

 TINTON FALLS             METALLURGICAL IND                      MID-MONMOUTH IND PARK                  NJD980770598

 TOMS RIVER               CIBA-GEIGY CORP                        RTE #37                                NJD001502517

 TOMS RIVER               COLTER ST.                             COLTER ST & OAKRIDGE PARKWAY           NJD982531428

 TOMS RIVER               SAMBOL CONSTRUCTION                    1033 NO. MAPLE AVENUE                  NJD011774759

 TOMS RIVER DOVER         COMMUNITY DRY CLEANERS                 896 FISHER BOULEVARD                   NJD061784914
 TRENTON                  200 WOLVERTON STREET                   200 WOLVERTON STREET                   NJD986648129

 TRENTON                  ALL SERVICE METAL TREATING COMPANY     185 OAKLAND STREET                     NJD053276218

 TRENTON                  AMERICAN STANDARD INC                  240 PRINCETON AVENUE                   NJD002366441

 TRENTON                  BLAKELY LAUNDRY COMPANY INC            156 BRUNSWICK AVENUE                   NJD986581098

 TRENTON                  BRUNSWICK AVE GAS WORKS                BRUNSWICK AVE & SYLVESTER ST           NJD981082886

 TRENTON                  CHAMPALE LAB                           737 CENTRE STREET                      NJD986639102

 TRENTON                  CHAMPALE MANUFACTURING                 1030 LAMBERTON STREET                  NJ0001898048

 TRENTON                  CONGOLEUM PLANT                        861 SLOAN AVE                          NJD080796782

 TRENTON                  DURABOND PRODUCTS COMPANY              1000 NOTTINGHAM WAY                    NJD070282611

 TRENTON                  GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                    2231 EAST STATE ST                     NJD002357242

 TRENTON                  GMC FISHER BODY DIVISION               1445 PARKWAY AVE                       NJD002353951

 TRENTON                  GOULD STORAGE BATTERY CORP             467 CALHOUN ST                         NJD002346286

 TRENTON                  HENRY R. FELL & CO.                    40 ESCHER STREET                       NJ0001759489

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 76 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TRENTON                  INTER-STATE WASTE REMOVAL INC          208 PATERSON AVE                       NJD069000818

 TRENTON                  KRAMER TRENTON SITE                    637 N. OLDEN AVENUE                    NJ0001611243

 TRENTON                  MATERIALS ELEC PDTS CORP               990 SPRUCE ST                          NJD002327963

 TRENTON                  NEAPARA RUBBER                         1849 E STATE ST                        NJD002360881

 TRENTON                  STOKES MOLDED PRODUCTS                 WEBSTER AT TAYLOR ST.                  NJD002294163

 TRENTON                  STRYKER USAR CENTER                    2150 NOTTINGHAM WAY                    NJ9210420999

 TRENTON                  TITAN LIGHTING FACILITY                224 LALOR STREET                       NJD986603959

 TRENTON                  TRANSAMERICA DELAVEL DELROYD DIVISION  121 FIRST AVE                          NJD002349942

 TRENTON                  TRENTON GAS PLANT 1                    SOUTH WARREN STREET                    NJD981083140

 TRENTON                  TRENTON LEHIGH COAL & OIL              430 NEW YORK AV                        NJD011802790

 TRENTON                  U.S. STEEL CORP/WIRE ROPE DIV          80 HAMILTON AVE                        NJD981877590

 TRENTON                  US NAVAL AIR WARFARE CENTER/TRENTON    PKWY AVE                               NJ9170022694

 TUCKERTON                TUCKERTON GAS PLANT                    WOOD ST & TUCKERTON RAILROAD           NJD982187452

 UNION                    ALCAN POWDERS & PIGMENTS               901 LEHIGH AVENUE                      NJD065815771

 UNION                    BEST FOODS RES AND ENG CENTER          1120 COMMERCE AVENUE                   NJD065827925

 UNION                    CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CORP              133 SPRINGFIELD ROAD                   NJD002203438

 UNION                    CREST PRODUCTS INC                     2438 US HWY 22 EAST                    NJD011807138

 UNION                    DUREX INC                              5 STAHUBER AVENUE                      NJD002155943

 UNION                    GRIFFITH LABORATORIES                  855 RAHWAY AVENUE                      NJD002185791

 UNION                    INTERNATIONAL PAINT COMPANY            2270 MORRIS AVENUE                     NJD002139228

 UNION                    PREMREFCO INC                          2389 VAUX HALL RD                      NJD980642490

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 77 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 UNION                    PUREX CORP /BARON BLAKESLEE DIV        10 MILLTOWN CT                         NJD980530232

 UNION BEACH              INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS & FRAGRANCES     800 ROSE LANE                          NJD980505267
 UNION TWP                BRUSH WELLMAN                          RD #1 VAN SYCKLES ROAD                 NJD980769996

 UNION TWP                GARDEN STATE BOWLING DRUM DUMP         203 BEACH SPRING ROAD                  NJD054877543

 UNION TWP                UNION TWP D.P.W.                       JEFFERSON AV                           NJD980771448

 UNKNOWN                  COOPER RIVER                           UNKNOWN                                NJD982540213

 UPPER FREEHOLD           FRIEDMAN PROPERTY                      INTERSECTION OF RTS 537 & 539          NJD980532832

 UPPER TWP                GANDY'S PIT                            OFF STAGE COACH RD                     NJD980769566

 VERNON                   BARRIER CHEMICAL                       RTE 55 & PRICES SW RD                  NJD980206130

 VINCENTOWN               NOBLE OIL COMPANY                      RT. 206 & CRAMER RD.                   NJD981178353


 VINELAND                 CASIE ECOLOGY OIL SALVAGE              3209 NORTH MILL ROAD                   NJD981178346

 VINELAND                 CITY OF VINELAND LF                    MAGNOLIA ROAD                          NJD980530539

 VINELAND                 CITY OF VINELAND LF                    GRANT AVE                              NJD980530547

 VINELAND                 FRED BIANCO AUTO COLLISION             1791 SOUTH DELSEA DRIVE                NJD980776074

 VINELAND                 FRINTON LAB                            100 GRANT AVE                          NJD002372415

 VINELAND                 GAGLIARDI DEMOLITION                   267 NORTH MILL RD                      NJ0001530294

 VINELAND                 GARRISON ROAD WELL CONTAMINATION       GARRISON ROAD                          NJD986649762

 VINELAND                 ICELAND COIN LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING  1888 SOUTH DELSEA DRIVE                NJ0001360882

 VINELAND                 OI KIMBLE STS INC                      CRYSTAL & FOWLER AVENUES               NJD002342087

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 78 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 VINELAND                 PILLSBURY/GREEN GIANT COMPANY          396 NORTH MILL ROAD                    NJD053283479

 VINELAND                 VENICE MAID CO. INC.                   270 NORTH MILL RD                      NJD981490923

 VINELAND                 VINELAND CHEMICAL CO., INC             1611 W WHEAT RD                        NJD002385664

 VINELAND                 VINELAND STATE SCHOOL                  EAST LANDIS AVE                        NJD980529887

 VOORHEES                 REUES & HYATT SUNOCO STATION           1 EVESHAM AVE                          NJD980530752

 VOORHEES TWP             BUZBY SLF                              GIBBSBORO-MARLTON RD                   NJD000305524

 VOORHEES TWP             COOPER ROAD                            COOPER RD                              NJD980761381

 W. AMWELL                TEXAS EASTERN GAS PIPELINE CO          RT 179                                 NJD982268708

 W. CAPE MAY LO TWP       SMITH LF                               BAYSHORE RD                            NJD981877749

 W. WINDSOR               MILLSTONE ROAD SITE                    MILLSTONE ROAD                         NJD980770234

 WALDWICK                 BIOCRAFT LABORATORIES                  12 INDUSTRIAL PARK                     NJD056356066

 WALDWICK                 MOSSTYPE                               150 FRANKLIN TPK                       NJD001561109

 WALL TWP                 D.O.T. SITE                            BRIELLE PL                             NJD980770523

 WALL TWP                 FORT MONMOUTH-EVANS #1                 MARCONI RD                             NJ3210020324

 WALL TWP                 MONITOR DEVICES/INTERCIRCUITS INC      AIRPORT ACCESS ROAD                    NJD980529408

 WALL TWP                 PLASTI-CLAD METAL PRODUCTS             RIDGEWOOD RD./RTE 34                   NJD980770655

 WALL TWP                 WALDICK AEROSPACE DEVICES, INC         2121 RTE 35                            NJD054981337

 WALLINGTON               H & S CHEM CO INC                      52-64 VAN DYKE ST                      NJD002008118

 WALLINGTON               INDUSTRIAL LATEX CORP                  350 MT. PLEASANT AVE                   NJD981178411

 WALLINGTON               SONDEY PAINT                           2 MIDLAND AVENUE                       NJD982272700

 WANAQUAE                 G.J. REDNER INC                        94/87 RINGWOOD INC                     NJ0000200980

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 79 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WANAQUE                  ADROW CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC.           2 LINES AVENUE                         NJD982717092

 WANAQUE                  LAKELAND REGIONAL HS                   MEADOWBROOK & CHESTNUT STS             NJD000542639

 WANAQUE                  SHOTMEYER MOBIL                        672 RINGWOOD AV                        NJD980771984

 WANAQUE                  WANAQUE LF                             UNION AV                               NJD980772024

 WANTAGE                  AMES RUBBER CORP. WANTAGE PLANT        ROUTE 565                              NJD000818518

 WANTAGE TWP              WANTAGE TWP LF                         LOTT RD                                NJD980772057
 WARETOWN                 SOUTHERN OCEAN LANDFILL INC            RTE 532 AT BROOKVILLE RD               NJD084045061

 WARREN                   F AMERMAN TRUCKING                     64 MOUNTAIN VIEW ROAD                  NJD991291410

 WARREN TOWNSHIP          WASHINGTON VALLEY AUTO                 19 WASHINGTON VALLEY ROAD              NJD098358609

 WASHINGTON               BASF WYANDOTTE CORP                    PERSHING & PLEASANTVIEW AVENUES        NJD003000049

 WASHINGTON               CASTLE CREEK FABRICS                   BRASS CASTLE ROAD                      NJD981562622

 WASHINGTON               USR OPTONIX INC.                       KINGS HIGHWAY                          NJD049487887

 WASHINGTON               WASHINGTON COAL GAS                    115 SOUTH LINCOLN AVENUE               NJD981083157



 WASHINGTON TWP           AMADEI LF                              UNKNOWN                                NJD980769665

 WASHINGTON TWP           COOKE COLOR AND CHEMICAL               NEWBURGH RD                            NJD000875997

 WASHINGTON TWP           H.G. ENDERLEIN CO. INC                 301 CENTRAL AVENUE                     NJD002292126

 WASHINGTON TWP           PRATT GABRIEL DIV MILLER CHEM & FERT   122 SHARON RD                          NJD038592945
 WASHINGTON TWP           RYMON FARM                             ASBURY RD                              NJD060787025

  T                       CONTAMINAT

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 80 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WATCHUNG                 LOCKHEED ELECTRONICS COMPANY           1501 U.S. HIGHWAY NO. 22               NJD000545202


 WATERFORD TWP            ATCO KNITTING MILLS                    490 WHITE HORSE PIKE                   NJ0001412279

 WATERFORD TWP            FORTE FUEL                             407 WHITE HORSE PIKE                   NJD000570804

 WATERFORD WORKS          TOMS AUTO SERVICE                      452 WHITE HORSE PIKE                   NJ0001412287

 WAYNE                    GAF CORPORATION-WAYNE PLANT            1361 ALPS ROAD                         NJD061071890

 WAYNE                    W.R. GRACE/WAYNE INTERIM STORAGE       868 BLACK OAK RIDGE RD                 NJ1891837980

 WAYNE TWP                OLDHAM ROAD SITE                       350 OLDHAM ROAD                        NJD980771828

 WEST AMWELL TWP          LEHIGH FLUID POWER, INCORPORATED       ROUTE 179                              NJD980589923

 WEST AMWELL TWP          OLD RIVER ROAD                         OLD RIVER RD                           NJD980772750

 WEST CALDWELL            HOOKER CHEM & PLASTICS CORP            4 HENDERSON DR                         NJD004194601

 WEST CALDWELL            PCI SANITARY                           1 FAIRFIELD CRESCENT                   NJD046196333

 WEST CALDWELL            REITMAN INDUSTRIES, INC.               10 PATTON DR.                          NJD001775337

 WEST DEPTFORD            COASTAL EAGLE POINT OIL                RTE 295 & 130                          NJD990753162

 WEST DEPTFORD            COLONIAL PIPELINE                      MANTUA-GROVE ROAD                      NJD980206957

 WEST DEPTFORD            MATTEO & SONS INC.                     1708 US RT. 130                        NJD011770013

 WEST DEPTFORD TWP        SHELL CHEM                             MANTUA GROVE RD & RTE 130              NJD002482602

 WEST MILFORD             WEST MILFORD TOWNSHIP SANITARY         MARHILL ROAD                           NJD981186307
 WEST ORANGE              EDISON NAT HISTORIC                    MAIN ST & LAKESIDE                     NJD000571513

 WEST ORANGE              SELECTRO FLASH INCORPORATED            18 CENTRAL AVE                         NJD002148799

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 81 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WEST PATERSON            WEST PATERSON COAL GAS SITE            MEMORIAL DRIVE                         NJD981084825

 WEST WINDSOR TOWNSHIP    PRINCETON BIOMEDICS                    819 ALEXANDER ROAD                     NJD000316778

 WEST WINDSOR TWP         AMERICAN CYANAMID CO                   RT. 1 AT QUAKERBRIDGE RD               NJD002349009

 WEST WINDSOR TWP         PRINCETON IND PROPERTIES               3674 RTE 1                             NJD000573618

 WEST WINDSOR TWP         PRINCETON POLYCHROME PRESS             861 ALEXANDER ROAD                     NJD980770325

 WESTVILLE                GARMENT BAR CO., INC.                  FRONTAGE IND. PARK, BLDG T             NJD051390383

 WESTVILLE                PRIDE ELECTRO PLATING                  FRONTAGE INDUST. PARK DELSEA CR        NJD002331973

 WESTWOOD BORO            KURT VERSEN CO                         10 CHARLES ST.                         NJD001471614

 WHARTON                  THATCHER GLASS                         MAIN AND WASHINGTON STREETS            NJD980772016

 WHARTON BORO             DAYCO CORP./L.E CARPENTER CO           170 N MAIN ST                          NJD002168748

 WHIPPANY (HANOVER TWP)   WHIPPANY PAPER BOARD CO INC            EDEN LN                                NJD980766810

 WHITE TOWNSHIP           HOFFMAN - LA ROCHE INC                 MANUNKACHUNK ROAD                      NJD042321042

 WHITE TWP                HOFFMAN - LA ROCHE - RQT               PEQUEST DRIVE                          NJD980529267

 WILDWOOD                 WILDWOOD COAL GAS SITE                 WEST GARFIELD & LINCOLN AVES.          NJD982187429

 WILLIAMSTOWN             MALAGA ROAD ASH PILE                   MALAGA RD., BLOCK 4301, LOT 2          NJ0000066019

 WILLIAMSTOWN             MONROE TWP CONTAMINATED SOIL           MALAGA RD., BLOCK 4001, LOT 1          NJ0000066027

 WILLINGBORO              METHODE ELECTRONICS                    ONE INDUSTRIAL PARK                    NJD048608897

 WINDSOR                  FINA OIL AND CHEMICAL CO - COSDEN      PO BOX 316 /MAIN ST                    NJD092338722
 WINDSOR                  PHELPS PETROLEUM                       116 NORTH MAIN STREET                  NJ0000854323

 WINSLOW                  ACCUREZ DIV /JESSE S MORIE & SONS INC  PINEY HOLLOW RD                        NJD980530166

 WINSLOW                  JOHNSON MATTHEY INC                    PINEY HOLLOW RD                        NJD000692194

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 82 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WINSLOW TWP              ALLIANCE CLAY                          CEDARBROOK & SPRING                    NJD980528681

 WINSLOW TWP              CERTAINTEED BERLIN PLANT               NEW BROOKLYN-NEW FREEDOM RD            NJD041746843

 WINSLOW TWP              KING OF PRUSSIA                        PINEY HOLLOW RD                        NJD980505341


 WINSLOW TWP              WINSLOW TWP SLF                        PINEY HOLLOW RD                        NJD980505853


 WOOD RIDGE               CURTISS-WRIGHT CORPORATION             ONE PASSAIC STREET                     NJD002013522

 WOOD-RIDGE               CELLOFILM CORP                         241 UNION AVE                          NJD001394303

 WOOD-RIDGE BORO          VENTRON/VELSICOL                       ETHYL BLVD                             NJD980529879

 WOODBINE BORO            FOUNDATIONS & STRUCTURES SLF           FIDLER HILL RD                         NJD981877772

 WOODBRIDGE               AMERICAN CYANAMID CO                   CUTTERS DOCK RD                        NJD002173151

 WOODBRIDGE               WOODBRIDGE MUNICIPAL DUMP              MAIN ST                                NJD980505861

 WOODBRIDGE TWP           AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICALS               1680 OAK TREE RD                       NJD001732080

 WOODBRIDGE TWP           ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO                    MEADOW RD                              NJD000531855

 WOODBRIDGE TWP           REPUBLIC WIRE CO                       411 BLAIR ROAD                         NJD002179679

 WOODBRIDGE TWP           SHERWIN WILLIAMS                       INDUSTRIAL HIGHWAY                     NJD980770671

 WOODBRIDGE TWP           WOODBRIDGE PLANT - ECONOMICS           255 BLAIR ROAD                         NJD047500897

 WOODBURY                 GRACE WR & COMPANY INCORPORATED        2000 NOLTE DR                          NJD071630131

 WOODBURY                 POLYREZ CO INC                         S COLUMBIA ST & RR                     NJD002330322

 WOODBURY                 WEST DEPTFORD MUN DP                   RTE 44 (CROWN PT RD)                   NJD980505838

 WOODBURY HEIGHTS         MANTUA METAL PROD CO INC               GRANDVIEW AVE                          NJD085693505

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 83 of 84

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WOODBURY HEIGHTS         WOODBURY GAS WORKS                     ELM AVENUE                             NJD981084833


 WOODLAND TWP             PIONEER SMELTING CO INC                RAILROAD AVE                           NJD014786982

 WOODLAND TWP             WOODLAND ROUTE 532 DUMP                RTE 532                                NJD980505887

 WOODLAND TWP             WOODLAND ROUTE 72 DUMP                 RTE 72, ON SOOEY RD                    NJD980505879

 WOODSTOWN                C.R. WARNER, INC.                      EAST LAKE ROAD, P.O. BOX 134           NJD011881174

 WOODSTOWN                KURTZ RESIDENCE                        STUART ROAD                            NJD980771695

 WOOLWICH TWP             MATLACK, INC                           ROUTE 322 EAST                         NJD043584101

 WRIGHTSTOWN              FORT DIX (LANDFILL SITE)               JULIUSTOWN-BROWNS MILLS RD             NJ2210020275

 WRIGHTSTOWN              MCGUIRE AFB #1                         WRIGHTSTOWN-COOKSTOWN RD               NJ0570024018

 WYCKOFF                  INTL WIRE PRODUCTS COMPANY             500 W MAIN ST                          NJD070963202

 WYCKOFF                  MICHAEL CERVINO                        REAR OF 179 GODWIN AVE                 NJD986595015

 YARDVILLE                C.K. BLAUTH LUMBER/SUPPLY              4363 S BROAD ST                        NJD051411809

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 84 of 84

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