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North Carolina Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ABERDEEN                 ABERDEEN PESTICIDE DUMPS               OFF HWY 5 W                            NCD980843346

 ABERDEEN                 CAROLINA GALVANIZING CORP              HWY 211 E                              NCD048181218

 ABERDEEN                 CRESTLINE CONTAMINATED WELL            RT 211                                 NCD986172492

 ABERDEEN                 FARM CHEMICAL                          HWY 5 & MCDONALD ST                    NCD982112419

 ABERDEEN                 GEIGY CHEMICAL CORP. (ABERDEEN PLANT)  RT.211,.4MI WEST OF SR 2063            NCD981927502

 ABERDEEN                 HOW ENTERPRISES                        TAYLOR ST & NC 5                       NCD060291051

 ABERDEEN                 MOORE COUNTY LANDFILL                  SR 1103 & HWY 5                        NCD981928013

 ABERDEEN                 RICHARDS W C CO INC                    101 E MAPLE ST                         NCD060306727

 ABERDEEN                 RT 211 ABERDEEN PESTICIDES             ROUTE 211                              NCD981930167

 AHOSKIE                  GA-PACIFIC CORP CHIP-N-SAW             HARRELLSVILLE HWY 561                  NCD097724306

 AHOSKIE                  MIDNIGHT DUMPING                       HIGHWAY 13                             NCD981929185

 AHOSKIE                  WEST POINT PEPPERELL AHOSKIE PLANT     MITCHELL RD                            NCD050412923

 ALBEMARLE                USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       1816 E MAIN ST                         NC6210022046

 ANSON                    CHEMICAL SECURITY SYSTEMS              CO RD 1812                             NCD980579601

 APEX                     APEX SANITARY LDFL                     HWY 55                                 NCD980502793

 APEX                     COOPER INDS INC LUFKIN DIV             LUFKIN RD                              NCD042892067

 APEX                     PIERCE (LYNN) PROPERTY                 ROUTE 5, BOX 143-A                     NCD986166171

 APEX                     SORRELL LDFL                           SR 1303                                NCD980503122

 APEX                     TEXACO INC                             APEX & MCCULLERS RD                    NCD086326741

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 APEX                     WAKE CO LDFL                           SR 1172                                NCD980503171

 AQUADALE                 OLDOVER CORP                           NC HWY 138 & CNTY RD 2001              NCD000773655

 ARDEN                    ALLIANCE CAROLINA TOOL AND MOLD        GLENN BRIDGE RD                        NCD002464691

 ARDEN                    SYBRON ARDEN                           95 GLENN BRIDGE ROAD                   NCD002221703

 ASHEBORO                 ASHEBORO MUNI LDFL                     OFF OF OLD US 64                       NCD980557557

 ASHEBORO                 BURLINGTON INC ASHEBORO WHSE 1190      229 W CENTRAL AVE                      NCD000822064

 ASHEBORO                 GENL ELEC CO                           1758 S FAYETTEVILLE                    NCD003236437

 ASHEBORO                 HARRELSON RUBBER CO                    HWY 220 S                              NCD000822130

 ASHEBORO                 HARRELSON RUBBER CO INC                408 TELEPHONE AV                       NCD051739209

 ASHEBORO                 ULAH BATTERY LEAD RECLAIMING           1219 DINAH RD.                         NCD981864614

 ASHEBORO                 UNION CARBIDE CORP                     800 ALBEMARLE RD                       NCD003216462

 ASHEBORO                 UNION CARBIDE CORP                     ART BRYAN DR                           NCD000822957


 ASHEVILLE                BUNCOMBE CO LDFL                       STATE HWY 251 (FORMERLY STATE HWY      NCD980558001
 ASHEVILLE                DOTSON METAL FINISHING INC             US HWY 74 E                            NCD079070702

 ASHEVILLE                ELK MOUNTAIN LDFL                      ELK MOUNTAIN RD                        NCD980558019

 ASHEVILLE                HIGHWAY 29 DRUM DUMP SITE              HWY 29 & I-40                          NCD986188308

 ASHEVILLE                HOMINY CREEK LDFL                      RHODODENDRON PK                        NCD980558035

 ASHEVILLE                MONEY - WORTH, INC.                    26 LODGE ST.                           NCD008839276

 ASHEVILLE                PATHOLOGISTS MEDICAL LAB               104 THE DOCTORS BLDG                   NCD071065957

 ASHEVILLE                POND RD LDFL                           POND RD                                NCD980558027

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ASHEVILLE                SAYLES-BILTMORE BLEACHERIES            SWANNANOA RIVER RD                     NCD062552153

 ASHEVILLE                SQUARE D CO                            128 BINGHAM RD                         NCD003951878

 ASHEVILLE                SWEETEN CREEK DRUM SITE                35 SWEETEN CREEK RD.                   NCD981474158

 ASHEVILLE                USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       224 LOUISIANA                          NC4210020042

 ASHEVILLE/LEICESTER      WEST CAROLINA SMELTING                 ROUTE 2, BOX 198/HWY 63                NCD981929979

 ASHLEY HEIGHTS           KOPPERS BORROW PIT                     RTE 211, 6 MI E OF ABERDEEN            NCD981021546

 ASHVILLE                 CAROLINA PRODUCTION FINISHING          105 FAIRVIEW RD                        NCD981015886

 ATLANTIC BEACH           ANT USCG FORT MACON STATION            FORT MACON RD - POBX 237               NC5690308262

 AURORA                   TEXASGULF INC                          HWY 306 N                              NCD041519364

 AYDEN                    FMC CORPORATION                        ST HWY 11                              NCD980557854

 AYDEN                    FORK SWAMP                             STATE RD. 1725                         NCD981468622

 BADIN                    ALCOA BADIN LANDFILL                   STANLY CNTY                            NCD986171320

 BADIN                    ALCOA BADIN WORKS                      HWY 740                                NCD003162542

 BALFOUR                  KIMBERLY-CLARK CORP                    OFF DIXIE HWY                          NCD003151990

 BARBER                   HWY 801 BARBER                         STATE RD.1958 (SEE CM SCREEN)          NCD981471873

 BARNARDSVILLE            MARTINS CREEK ROAD                     MARTINS CREEK RD                       NCD986166320


 BEECH MOUNTAIN           KAPLAN ETHYL ETHER DRUMS               205 BEECH MOUNTAIN PKWY                NCD986228757

 BELMONT                  JADCO-HUGHES FACILITY                  NC HWY 2035                            NCD980729602

 BESSEMER CITY            BESSEMER CITY OAKS CREEK WWTP          B                                      NCD991279126

 BESSEMER CITY            LITHIUM CORP OF AMERICA CHEMICAL PLT   HWY 161                                NCD000771964

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BESSEMER CITY            WARNER & SWASEY TEX MCH CO#            HWY 274                                NCD070626197

 BETHLEHEM                CLAYTON-MARCUS CO INC                  HWY 127 N                              NCD003223799

 BLACK MOUNTAIN           GROVE STONE LDFL                       GROVE STONE RD                         NCD980557912

 BLACK MOUNTAIN           SINGER CO-KERAFOTT DIV                 HWY 70                                 NCD083673681

 BOWDENS                  GA-PACIFIC CORP HDWD SAW               SR-1301                                NCD000773515

 BREVARD                  CAMP STRAUSS                           BOLYESTON HWY                          NCD980729537

 BREVARD                  KNOB CREEK                             RT #1540                               NCD980729677

 BREVARD                  OSHEILDS FLY ASH                       SR 1510                                NCD980728745

 BREVARD                  OWENS LANDFILL                         OSBORNE ROAD                           NCD980503072

 BREVARD                  USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       E FRENCH BROAD ST                      NC7210022045

 BRIDGETON                ENCEE CHEMICAL SALES INC               HWY 17 N                               NCD003201837

 BRIDGETON                PHILLIPS PLATING COMPANY INC           HWY 17 N                               NCD041466806

 BRYSON CITY              SINGER CO FURNITURE DIV BRYSON CIT     RTE 1 GIBSON AVE                       NCD098765506

 BRYSON CITY              SWAIN CO LDFL                          ON BUCKNER'S BRANCH                    NC3120000002

 BUCKHORN                 BUCKHORN PESTICIDES                    JCT HWY 42 & NC HWY 581                NCD980845119

 BURLINGTON               BURLINGTON IND GILMER ST WHSE          664 GILMER ST                          NCD060289469

 BURLINGTON               GLEN RAVEN MILLS SITE                  TUCKER STREET C                        NC0001206473

 BURLINGTON               RED CAP DOG FOOD                       107 GRAVES STREET                      NCD986167104


 BURNSVILLE               GLEN RAVEN MILLS                       HWY 19 E                               NCD003158094

 BUTNER                   ATHOL MFG CORP                         C & 22ND ST                            NCD072003635

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BUTNER                   MEAD CONTAINERS                        HWY 56                                 NCD991278870

 BUTNER                   ZAPATA INDS INC                        CENTRAL AVE & A STS                    NCD091576033

 BUXTON                   BUXTON DUMP                            1/2MI WEST OF HWY 112 BKRD INT         NCD981750425

 CAMP LEJEUNE             USMC CAMP LEJEUNE                      NC HWY 24 & US HWY 16                  NC6170022580

 CANTON                   BENFIELD CHEMICALS                     OLD CANTON CLYDE HYW                   NCD986171445

 CANTON                   CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL/CANTON MILL     MAIN STREET                            NCD003148889

 CANTON                   CHAMPION LANDFILL # 1                  MAIN STREET                            NCD986188001

 CANTON                   CHAMPION LANDFILL # 3                  MAIN STREET                            NCD986188027

 CANTON                   CHAMPION LANDFILL #2                   MAIN STREET                            NCD986188019

 CANTON                   ZOE LABS                               HWY 19/23 & CHESTNUT MTN. RD           NCD986231520

 CAPE FEAR PENINSULA      DOW CHEM PLT CAPE FEAR                 MOTSU BUFFER ZONE                      NCD980557821


 CAPE FEAR TOWNSHIP       NE CHEM CO                             HWY 421                                NCD053530234

 CARRBORO                 ROGERS-TRIEM INC.                      501 S GREENSBORO ST.                   NCD084172188

 CARY                     AUSTIN FOODS                           ONE QUALITY LANE                       NCD051853547

 CARY                     TAYLOR'S POND TOWNHOUSES               115 BRIGHT LEAS COURT                  NCD981028236

 CASTLE HAYNE             DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORP                  OFF ST RD 1002                         NCD057454670

 CASTLE HAYNE             DIAMOND SHAMROCK MARTIN-MARIETTA       OFF ST RD 1002                         NCD042890525
 CASTLE HAYNE             IDEAL BASIC INDS/PLANT MARL QUARRY     COUNTY RD 2002                         NCD980557839

 CASTLE HAYNE             REASOR CHEMICAL COMPANY                NC 132                                 NCD986187094

 CEDAR MOUNTAIN           DUPONT E.I. DENEMOURS & CO.            STATION RD                             NCD003152329

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHADBOURN                CHADBOURN TIRE FIRE                    300 NORTH BROWN ST                     NCD986166460

 CHADBOURN                GUYTON BATTERY SERVICE                 HWY 400                                NCD024459471

 CHAPEL HILL              NC MEMORIAL HOSPITAL                   MANNING DR                             NCD991277757

 CHAPEL HILL              ORANGE REGIONAL LANDFILL               306 NORTH COLUMBIA                     NCD986171106

 CHAPEL HILL              UNC-CHAPEL HILL                        412 FINLEY ROAD                        NCD982093783

 CHAPEL HILL              UNIVERSITY OF NC @ CHAPEL HILL         CHYDARU                                NCD003203213

 CHAPEL HILL              UNIVERSITY OF NC/ARPT RD OLD SAN LDFL  AIRPORT RD                             NCD980557615

 CHAPEL HILL              UNIVERSITY OF NC/ARPT WASTE DSPL AREA  AIRPORT RD                             NCD980557623

 CHAPEL HILL              UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA CHAPEL    B-5 VENABLE HALL                       NCD980515308
 CHARLOTTE                ACE CHEMICAL CORP                      9801 YORK ROAD                         NCD045451473

 CHARLOTTE                AMERICAN COLORS INC                    831 MORETZ AVE                         NCD085082311

 CHARLOTTE                AMERICAN CYANAMID CO                   8309 WILKINSON BLVD                    NCD003168168

 CHARLOTTE                ANILOX ROLL                            4840 WALLACE NEAL RD                   NCD119168813

 CHARLOTTE                AQUAIR CORP                            13300 SAM NEELY RD                     NCD074511361

 CHARLOTTE                ASHLAND CHEM CO                        3930 GLENWOOD DR                       NCD061263315

 CHARLOTTE                BASF WAYNDOTTE CORP                    4330 CHESAPEAKE DR                     NCD003149705

 CHARLOTTE                BENDIX CORP                            701 N I 85 ACCESS RD                   NCD083673590

 CHARLOTTE                BORDEN CHEMICAL PRINTING INK           3013 GRIFFITH ST                       NCD049774375

 CHARLOTTE                BUDD LEE PAVING CO                     8521 MT. HOLLY RD                      NCD055165005

 CHARLOTTE                C & T REFINERY                         4918 SOUTH BLVD                        NCD981022288

 CHARLOTTE                CAROLINA COATINGS INC                  711 PRESSLEY RD                        NCD003150208

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHARLOTTE                CELANESE CORP/FIBERS TECH CTR          2400 ARCHDALE DR                       NCD000608117

 CHARLOTTE                CENTRAL TRANSPORT                      600 MELYNDA RD.                        NCD046148540

 CHARLOTTE                CHARLOTTE CITY DUMP                    HWY 49 - YORK RD                       NCD980557771



 CHARLOTTE                CHARLOTTE FIRE DEPT TRNG ACAD          1750 SHOPTON RD                        NCD991278623

 CHARLOTTE                CHARLOTTE STEEL DRUM                   2900 W TRADE ST                        NCD024468597

 CHARLOTTE                CHEROKEE OIL COMPANY                   1201 BERRY HILL ROAD                   NCD980799019

 CHARLOTTE                CHEROKEE OIL SITE                      SUMMITT AVENUE                         NCD986190239

 CHARLOTTE                CONSOLIDATED ENGRAVERS CORP            311 E 12 TH ST                         NCD003162500

 CHARLOTTE                CONSOLIDATED WAREHOUSE, INC.           8300 MOORES CHAPEL ROAD                NCD130708126

 CHARLOTTE                DELMAR CO                              3300 MONROE RD                         NCD003149283

 CHARLOTTE                DETREX CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES INC         3114 CULLMAN                           NCD049773245

 CHARLOTTE                DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORP                  11101 WESTINGHOUSE BLVD                NCD062567623

 CHARLOTTE                DOW CHEM CORP                          2 WOODLAWN GREEN RD                    NCD074518671

 CHARLOTTE                DURABLE WOOD PRESERVERS INC            7901 PENCE RD                          NCD003173358

 CHARLOTTE                DYNTECH                                2213 TOOMEY STREET                     NCD981014517

 CHARLOTTE                ESB EXIDE CHARLOTTE SERV CTR           3300 PIPER LN                          NCD091258806

 CHARLOTTE                FL STEEL CORP                          LAKEVIEW RD                            NCD093340487

 CHARLOTTE                FLEET TRANSPORT CO INC                 6712 FREEDOM DR                        NCD062553490

 CHARLOTTE                FROEHLING & ROBERTSON INC              2806 N GRAHAM ST                       NCD024473423

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHARLOTTE                GENL ELEC CO                           2328 THRIFT RD                         NCD051322980

 CHARLOTTE                GENL LATEX & CHEM CORP ( OF NC )       2321 N DAVIDSON ST                     NCD081430258

 CHARLOTTE                GENL TIRE & RUBBER CO                  1600 CONTINENTAL BLVD                  NCD043679349

 CHARLOTTE                GIBBS ELECTROPLATING                   5210 HOVIS RD                          NCD980848766

 CHARLOTTE                HARRISBURG PARK LAND                   PETICE RD                              NCD980502959

 CHARLOTTE                HENKEL CORP                            600 E SUGAR CREEK RD                   NCD990715062

 CHARLOTTE                HOSKINS MILL                           201 SOUTH HOSKINS RD.                  NCD986171957

 CHARLOTTE                IBM CORP                               4101 S I-85                            NCD980518211

 CHARLOTTE                IBM CORPORATION                        1001 W.T. HARRIS BLVD.                 NCD000623165

 CHARLOTTE                ICI - AMERICAS INC                     2130 N TRYON ST                        NCD053010724

 CHARLOTTE                INMONT CORP                            1701 WESTINGHOUSE BLVD                 NCD990868168

 CHARLOTTE                JOHN PRICE ROAD                        JOHN PRICE ROAD AT NC 49               NCD986182731

 CHARLOTTE                JONES CHEMICALS INC OF NORTH CAROLINA  610 MCNINCH ST                         NCD002462414

 CHARLOTTE                KIDD LANE BATTERY DISPOSAL             3607 KIDD LANE                         NCD981927908

 CHARLOTTE                LAKE WYLIE - BROWNS COVE               OUTWELL & MALLARANNY RD                NC0001329507

 CHARLOTTE                MALLARD CREEK RD.                      14700 MALLARD CREEK                    NCD062552989

 CHARLOTTE                MARTIN-MARIETTA, SODYECO, INC          HWY 27 W                               NCD001810365

 CHARLOTTE                MECKLENBURG CTY OIL SPILL BASIN CRK    626 MILLER STREET                      NCD986189983
 CHARLOTTE                MORELAND MCKESSON CO                   4901 BROOKSHIRE BLVD                   NCD024481848

 CHARLOTTE                OLD MT. HOLLY ROAD PCE SITE            7911 OLD MT. HOLLY ROAD                NCD986172518

 CHARLOTTE                PACKAGE PRODUCTS CO FLEXIBLE PKG DIV   1930 CAMDEN RD                         NCD000828905

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHARLOTTE                PARKS-CRAMER CO                        2000 S. BLVD                           NCD053010732

 CHARLOTTE                PHOENIX RESOURCES INC                  1373 E MOREHEAD ST                     NCD980558779

 CHARLOTTE                PIEDMONT HEAT TREATING CORP            311 GRIFFITH ST                        NCD066309113

 CHARLOTTE                POULOS GROUNDAWATER CONTAMINATION      SOUTH BLVD                             NCD986170694

 CHARLOTTE                QUEENS PROPERTY                        RESEARCH DR/TECHNILOGY DR              NCD079045027

 CHARLOTTE                RAM LEATHER CARE SITE                  15100 ALBEMARLE ROAD                   NCD982096653

 CHARLOTTE                ROWE CORP PROPERTY                     433 W MOREHEAD ST                      NCD980838379

 CHARLOTTE                SAFETY KLEEN CORP                      20 YADKIN AVE (2320)                   NCD079060059

 CHARLOTTE                SCA CHEM SERVS INC NC DIV              PIONEER AVE                            NCD000609859

 CHARLOTTE                SCM CORP GLIDDEN COATINGS & RESINS     3926 GLENWOOD DRIVE                    NCD093338119

 CHARLOTTE                SINCLAIR AND VALENTINE CO              515 TURNER AVE                         NCD083678631

 CHARLOTTE                SMITH METAL & IRON CO                  712 W 3RD ST                           NCD024488025

 CHARLOTTE                SOUTHEASTERN EXTERMINATING CO          4037 E INDEPENDENCE BLVD               NCD024488355

 CHARLOTTE                SOUTHERN MANUFACTURING, INC.           1000 SEABOARD ST                       NCD990715658

 CHARLOTTE                STATESVILLE RD LDFL                    HWY 21                                 NCD000605097

 CHARLOTTE                STORY BURIAL AREAS                     6100 ORR RD                            NCD083669952

 CHARLOTTE                SUMMIT AVE SITE                        420 S SUMMIT AVE                       NCD980503155

 CHARLOTTE                SWIFT ADHESIVES & COATINGS             2917 YOUNGBLOOD ST                     NCD980557763

 CHARLOTTE                THONIT A SIMMONS CO                    11900 STEEL CREEK RD                   NCD095470332

 CHARLOTTE                TODDVILLE OPERATIONS CENTER            610 TODDVILLE RD                       NCD981478480

 CHARLOTTE                TOM SANDLER ROAD WELLS                 2128 TOM SADLER ROAD                   NCD986231967

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHARLOTTE                TRYON STREET UHAUL SITE                1224 NORTH TRYON STREET                NC0001290667

 CHARLOTTE                UNION CARBIDE BATTERY                  HOVIS RD                               NCD980844336

 CHARLOTTE                USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       1300 WESTOVER DR                       NC6210022905

 CHARLOTTE                USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       1412 WESTOVER DR                       NC3210021330

 CHARLOTTE                WILLIARD SMELTING CO.                  101 NEW BERN AVE.                      NCD003151651

 CHARLOTTE                WINSTON CONTAINER CO                   4732 MORRIS FIELD RD                   NCD024477556

 CHERRY POINT             CHERRY POINT MARINE CORPS AIR STATION  NC HWY 101                             NC1170027261

 CHERRY POINT             USMC SLOCUM CRK MARINE CORPS AIR STA   CARTERET COUNTY                        NCD980802839

 CHERRYVILLE              ROSS ROAD TIRE FIRE                    INTERSECTION OF STATE RDS 1655 & 1609  NCD986191807

 CHOCOWINITY              SINGER CO FURNITURE DIV WASHINGTON     SR 1175                                NCD072012354

 CLAYTON                  CLAYTON BALL FIELD                     SR 1709                                NCD980844732

 CLAYTON                  COASTAL CHEMICAL CORP                  HWY 42 E                               NCD054417308

 CLAYTON                  DATA GENL CORP                         ST RD 42 E                             NCD086330412

 CLAYTON, NC              PEELE PESTICIDE DISPOSAL SITE          NC 42 EAST                             NCD986171338

 CLEMMONS                 AMP INC                                4798 KINNAMON RD                       NCD980844518

 CLINTON                  KEENER LANDFILL                        1/4 MI NE S R 1820                     NCD981031693

 CLINTON                  WEST POINT PEPPERELL INC               HWY 421                                NCD000613364

 COLERIDGE                STRUCTURAL WOODS PRESERVING CO         HWY 22                                 NCD003229762

 COLFAX                   SMITH FARM COLFAX #3                   RT 2                                   NCD980503114

 COLUMBUS                 RECON DRUM CO                          RTE 1                                  NCD991278045

 CONCORD                  BRANCH BATTERY                         658 SUNDERLAND ROAD                    NC0001096601

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CONCORD                  BREY MCNAR WWTP                        NC HWY 49 NEAR US HWY 601              NCD000822304

 CONCORD                  BYPASS 601 GROUND WATER CONTAMINATION  440 HWY 29 NORTH                       NCD044440303

 CONCORD                  CABARRUS CO LDFL                       SR 2411                                NCD980502843

 CONCORD                  CABARRUS DSPL CO INC                   FLOESTORE RD                           NCD980502850

 CONCORD                  CONCORD COAL GAS PLANT                 W. ACADEMY                             NCD986197333

 CONCORD                  CONCORD ROCKY RIVER REGIONAL WWTP      BREEZY LANE                            NCD991277773

 CONCORD                  HARRISBURG BATTERY                     OFF STOUGH RD                          NCD980557722

 CONCORD                  LOVE BATTERY SITE                      4000' S OF US 29 SR 1394               NCD981031511

 CONCORD                  REICHHOLD CHEMICAL, INC.               161 BUFFALO AVE                        NCD003152659

 CONCORD                  RILEY BATTERY SITE                     5050 ZION CHURCH ROAD                  NCD986232700

 CONCORD                  SOUTHERN LATEX CORP                    379 CENTRAL RD                         NCD980729651

 CONNELLY SPRINGS         PARKER INDUSTRIES, INC.                4867 RHONEY ROAD, RT. 1, BOX 184       NCD986215499

 CONNELLY SPRINGS         TRAMCO, INC.                           RT. 3, BOX 409 (SR 1611)               NCD067392175

 CONOVER                  LACKAWANNA LEATHER CO INC              HWY 70-A                               NCD002388965

 CONOVER                  TREND LINE FURNITURE CORP              4TH ST PLACE SW                        NCD081332991

 CONWAY                   GA-PACIFIC CORP HDBD                   APAC RD                                NCD044388015

 CONWAY                   GA-PACIFIC CORP RESIN DIV              AMPAC RD                               NCD980559975

 CORDOVA                  CHARLES MACON LAGOON & DRUM STORAGE    COUNTY RD 1103                         NCD980840409

 CORDOVA                  DOCKERY PROPERTY                       COUNTY RD 1103                         NCD980840342

 CORDOVA                  MACON MACHINE CO                       OLD CHERRY RD                          NCD980600472

 COROLLA                  WHALEHEAD BEACH                        LOT 56, SECT 6                         NCD980803001

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 COVE CITY                SALT WOOD PRODUCTS INC                 SR 1005                                NCD003197704

 CRAMERTON                BURLINGTON IND W G LORD PLANT #0050    EAGLE RD                               NCD067435925

 CREEDMOOR                HORSESHOE CREEK ROAD                   SR 1709                                NC0001206572

 CRESWELL                 CAROLINA ALUMINUM STATE RD 1126 DUMP   S R 1126 1.7 MI E OF SR 1183           NCD981015803

 CURRITUCK                CURRITUCK PHOSPHORUS                   HWY 168, COURTHOUSE RD, P.O. BOX 240   NCD986166726

 DEEP GAP                 STONEY FORK CREEK DRUM DUMP SITE       MT. ZION ROAD                          NCD986211274

 DENTON                   DUPONT, E I CO                         ROUTE 1 BOX 185                        NCD039129697

 DOBSON                   SURRY COUNTY TIRE FIRE                 HWY. 268                               NCD986171254

 DUDLEY                   GA-PACIFIC CORP CHIP-N-SAW             OLD MT OLIVE HWY                       NCD000813683

 DURHAM                   AMORE CHEMS                            2418 E PETTIGREW ST                    NCD075582197

 DURHAM                   BURNHAM SERVICE CORPORATION            3211 MIAMI BLVD.                       NCD986171072

 DURHAM                   CAROCHEM                               540 GULF ST                            NCD991278714

 DURHAM                   CONTINENTAL FOREST IND                 923 FRANKLIN ST                        NCD091568279

 DURHAM                   DAUGHERTY CHEM CO                      307 WALKER ST                          NCD080885551

 DURHAM                   DUKE UNIVERSITY                        DUKE UNIVERSITY RD                     NCD000813519

 DURHAM                   DUKE UNIVERSITY TRANSFORMER STORAGE    TOWERVIEW ROAD                         NCD986171098
 DURHAM                   DURHAM ANIMAL CLINIC                   4306 ROXBORO RD                        NCD981016280

 DURHAM                   DURHAM COAL GASIFICATION PLANT         708 GILBERT STREET                     NCD986173938

 DURHAM                   ENVIRONMENTAL RECYCLING CO.            1901 E PEABODY ST                      NCD991278524

 DURHAM                   GENL ELEC MED STEAM TURBINE PROD DEPT  OLD RALEIGH RD                         NCD072018252

 DURHAM                   LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO CO             W MAIN ST                              NCD097724009

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DURHAM                   MAJOR CHEMICAL CO.                     744 EAST MARKHAM ST.                   NCD033859893

 DURHAM                   ONE HOUR KORETIZING                    4404 ROCKSBORO RD                      NCD980848667

 DURHAM                   PIFER INDUSTRIES INC                   2210 E PETTIGREW ST                    NCD003196193

 DURHAM                   RIVERDALE HOMES                        404 SOUTH RIVERDALE                    NCD980839716

 DURHAM                   SOUTHCHEM                              750 E MARKHAM AVE                      NCD980503148

 DURHAM                   SUPREME FINISHING                      3033 ROSS AVENUE                       NCD986188878

 DURHAM                   USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       1228 CARROLL ST                        NC4210021891

 DURHAM                   USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       724 FOSTER ST                          NC9210022787

 EARL                     ADYLOTTE, J. P. ESTATE                 SR-2214, 3/4 MI W OF SR-198            NCD981022015

 EARL                     BETTIS PROPERTY                        1/2 MI E OF BETTIS RD. & EARL          NCD981022072

 EARL                     CAMP, LEONARD PROPERTY                 SR-2226, 1 MI E OF SR-198              NCD981021702

 EAST FLAT ROCK           FEDERAL PAPER BOARD CO., INC.          200 TABOR RD. (SR 1809)                NCD003155405

 EAST FLAT ROCK           GENERAL ELECTRIC CO./SHEPHERD FARM     SPARTANBURG HWY                        NCD079044426

 EDEN                     FIELDCREST MILLS INC BLANKET MILL      MILL AVE                               NCD003218203

 EDEN                     MILLER BREWING CO                      863 E MEADOW RD                        NCD085438810

 EDEN                     VANIER GRAPHICS CORP                   655 MEADOW RD                          NCD093783876

 EDENTON                  GRAMPIAN BOAT WORKS                    OFF SR 1119                            NCD980844450

 ELIZABETH CITY           ELIZABETH CITY ABANDONED DRUMS         PRICHARD ST.                           NCD981929318


 ELIZABETH CITY           JENNINGS (DON) PROPERTY                215 SMALL DRIVE                        NCD986166163

 ELIZABETH CITY           POPLAR DRIVE DRUM DUMP                 0.4 MI.N. OF INTERSECTION W/HOBBS      NCD986175610

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 ELIZABETH CITY           USCG SUPPORT CENTER                    HWY 34 S - 4MI S OF                    NC2690308232

 ELIZABETHTOWN            BLADEN CO LDFL                         US HWY 701 S                           NCD980502819

 ELIZABETHTOWN            VEEDER-ROOT CO                         2100 W BROAD ST                        NCD041466251

 ELKIN                    VAUGHAN-BASSETT FURNITURE CO           HWY 268 E                              NCD003464765

 ELM CITY                 ROCK QUARRY FARM DRUM BURIAL           JCT SR-1400 & 1402, 1/3 MI SW          NCD981468960

 ENFIELD                  GA-PACIFIC CORP HDWD SAW               SOUTH DENNIS ST. EXT.                  NCD000773507

 ENFIELD                  GA-PACIFIC CORP TIMBER                 S DENNIS ST EXTN                       NCD000773499

 ENFIELD                  HELENA CHEM CO                         DENNIS ST EXTN                         NCD980483275

 ENGLEHARD                USAF DARE COUNTY RANGE SEYMOUR         US HWY 264 15 MILES NE OF              NC6570027460
 ENKA                     AMERICAN ENKA CO                       US 19 & 23 W                           NCD052813250

 ERWIN                    J STREET SITE                          STATE RD. 1769                         NCD981027915

 EURE                     CAROLINA ALUMINUM STATE RD 1128 DUMP   SR 1128 1.7 MI S OF NC 137             NCD981015860

 FAIRMONT                 BARNES PROPERTY                        RT 2; BOX 128; HWY 41                  NCD982078271

 FAIRVIEW                 FAIRVIEW LDFL                          FAIRVIEW RD                            NCD980557946

 FAIRVIEW                 GENERAL INSTRUMENT CORP CLARE DIV      US HWY 74 E                            NCD003163730

 FARMVILLE                ELECTRIC UTILITIES                     309 ANDERSON AVE                       NCD000827832

 FARMVILLE                REED NATIONAL CORP                     FIELDS ST                              NCD075575191

 FARMVILLE                STARLING DAVID PROPERTY                HWY 258N                               NCD003185311

 FAYETTEVILLE             BORDEN CHEMICAL FAYETTEVILLE PLANT     1411 INDUSTRIAL DR                     NCD003189024

 FAYETTEVILLE             CAPE FEAR WOOD PRESERVING              REILLY RD                              NCD003188828

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FAYETTEVILLE             CAROLINA TRANSFORMER CO                HWY 301 N EASTERN BLVD                 NCD003188844

 FAYETTEVILLE             CLARKE & PROCTOR TURPENTINE CO INC     331-349 WORTH ST                       NCD024548133

 FAYETTEVILLE             CREEK BRIDGE                                                                  NCD980502892

 FAYETTEVILLE             CUMBERLAND COUNTY LDFL                 CLIFFDALE RD AND ST RD 1400            NCD980502900


 FAYETTEVILLE             FASCO INDUSTRIES INC                   810 GILLESPIE ST                       NCD003198934

 FAYETTEVILLE             FAYETTEVILLE COAL GAS PLANT            RAY STREET                             NCD986197341

 FAYETTEVILLE             FAYETTEVILLE LDFL                      GRAY ST                                NCD980502934

 FAYETTEVILLE             HOLLINGS WORTH PROPERTY                BROADFONT AVE & CLARK ST               NCD981928021

 FAYETTEVILLE             KELLY-SPRINGFIELD TIRE CO              6650 RAMSEY ST                         NCD048958615

 FAYETTEVILLE             MILAN YARD LDFL                        NEXT TO MILAN RR                       NCD980503031

 FAYETTEVILLE             MONSANTO COMPANY                       CEDAR CREEK ROAD                       NCD088563242

 FAYETTEVILLE             PARKER FARM                            STRICKLAND BRIDGE RD.SR 1403           NCD981744717

 FAYETTEVILLE             ROHM & HAAS CO CARODEL PLANT           CEDAR CREEK RD                         NCD990714479

 FAYETTEVILLE             TEXACO INC                             992 SHAW MILL RD                       NCD000623199

 FLAT ROCK                SHEPHERD FARM                          SR1807 P.O. BOX 255                    NCD986170686

 FLETCHER                 CAROLINA LOG BLDGS INC                 HOWARD GAP RD                          NCD054282272

 FLETCHER                 CRANSTON PRINT WORKS CO                HENDERSONVILLE HWY                     NCD003150539

 FLETCHER                 FISHBURNE LDFL                         AIRPORT RD                             NCD980557953

 FLETCHER                 STEELCASE INC                          CANE CREEK IND PK                      NCD062572391

 FLETCHER                 WILSON, RALPH PLASTICS CO.             CANE CREEK IND PK                      NCD093334209

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FOREST CITY              CHERRY MT. DRUM SITE (GEES JUNK SHOP)  602 CHERRY MT. ST                      NCD981473150

 FOREST CITY              HENSON LANDFILL                        US HWY 221 S                           NCD981003957

 FOREST CITY              POLYSAR INC RESINS DIV                 VANCE ST                               NCD066307851

 FORT BRAGG               USA FORT BRAGG                         BUTNER & REILLY RDS                    NC8210020121

 FREMONT                  ACME UNITED CORP                       HWY 117                                NCD045924339

 GAMEWELL                 GAMEWELL DRUM SITE                     CRAIG MOUNTAIN ROAD                    NCD986204758

 GARNER                   USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       2017 W GARNER ST                       NC4210022907

 GASTONIA                 AMP INC                                SHANNON BRADLEY RD                     NCD000615872

 GASTONIA                 ASHE PATTERN SHOP                      ROUTE4 BOX 20 BEATY ROAD               NCD986175636

 GASTONIA                 BIGGERSTAFF LDFL                       HWY 274                                NCD980502801

 GASTONIA                 CARTER A B INC                         HWY 321 S                              NCD003154010

 GASTONIA                 DAVIS PARK ROAD TCE SITE               2307 DAVIS PARK ROAD                   NCD986175644

 GASTONIA                 DENNISON MFG CO                        1640 HARGROVE AVE                      NCD062552336

 GASTONIA                 FIRESTONE TEXTILES CO                  1101 W 2ND AVE                         NCD003150562

 GASTONIA                 FORBES ROAD WELL                       501 FORBES ROAD                        NCD986172617

 GASTONIA                 GASTON COUNTY DRUM                     OFF ROBERTS DRIVE                      NCD981929300

 GASTONIA                 GASTONIA COAL GAS PLANT                END OF CALDWELL ROAD                   NCD986188829

 GASTONIA                 HARWELL ROAD SEPTIC PIT                RT. 4, P.O. BOX 18                     NCD986166692

 GASTONIA                 HARWELL ROAD TCE                       STATE ROAD 2439 AT J.D. HARWELL ROAD   NCD986176469

 GASTONIA                 HOOVER MACHINE SHOP                    RT. 3, RATCHFORD ROAD                  NCD054283189

 GASTONIA                 LEE'S MOTOR WORKS                      ROUTE 4, BOX 19-A BEATY ROAD           NCD986175628

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 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GASTONIA                 MOORE CO INC                           ISLEY RD                               NCD085083004

 GASTONIA                 NEW HAVEN DRIVE TCE SITE               NEW HAVEN DRIVE                        NCD986171379

 GASTONIA                 TEXTRON INC HOMELITE DIV               LITTLE MOUNTAIN RD SR 2412             NCD091249417

 GASTONIA                 UNIROYAL INC UNIROYAL CHEMICAL DIV     214 W RUBY AVE                         NCD003164464

 GASTONIA                 WOOD ROAD DRUM BURIAL                  WOOD RD (SR 2641).5 MI. FROM SR 2641   NCD986170678

 GASTONIA                 WOODY'S TIRE FIRE                      HIGHWAY 321                            NCD986166288

 GIBSON                   GIBSON MIDNIGHT DUMPING SITE           N. C. ROUTE 381                        NCD982119620

 GLEN ALPINE              LAKE JAMES UNDERWATER BOX              N.C. HWY 126                           NCD986176477

 GLEN ALPINE              US 70 DRUM DUMP                        US 70 2MI EAST BURKE/MCDOWELL          NCD981472624

 GOLD HILL                S & S METALS RECYCLING                 SHORTCUT RD # 2455                     NCD093334969

 GOLDSBORO                CAROLINA P&L CO LEE STEAM ELEC PLT     SECONDARY RD 1007                      NCD000830661

 GOLDSBORO                GENERAL ELECTRIC CO CAROLINA WELDS     900 N GEORGE ST                        NCD003198967


 GOLDSBORO                GOLDSBORO MUNI LDFL                    117 BYP                                NCD980557649

 GOLDSBORO                HEVI-DUTY ELECTRIC CO.                 HWY 117 SOUTH                          NCD039102959

 GOLDSBORO                LIVEWIRE ELEC CO                       1004 S. GEORGE ST                      NCD980557631

 GOLDSBORO                PINEWOOD DUMP SITE                     1003 STATE ROAD                        NCD986188043

 GOLDSBORO                USAF SEYMOUR JOHNSON AFB               NC HWY 13                              NC7570024474

 GRAHAM                   AMETEK INC LAMB ELEC DIV               704 MYRTLE DR                          NCD085443182

 GREENSBORO               AGRICO CHEM CO #2                      408 PATTON AVE                         NCD071567374

 GREENSBORO               AIR PRODUCTS AND CHEMICALS, INC.       115 SOUTHERN OXYGEN                    NCD024583288

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GREENSBORO               AMERICAN PETROFINA MKTG/GREENSBORO     7115 W. MARKET ST                      NCD096160262
 GREENSBORO               AMP INC                                1126 CHURCH ST                         NCD003467974

 GREENSBORO               ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO                    2802 PATTERSON ST                      NCD024599011

 GREENSBORO               ASHLAND PETROLEUM CO                   6311 BURNT POPLAR RD                   NCD000828814

 GREENSBORO               AXTON-CROSS CO                         3001 HOLTS CHAPEL RD                   NCD003466919

 GREENSBORO               BURLINGTON IND CHEM DIV 0675           6008 HIGH POINT RD                     NCD096158696

 GREENSBORO               CAROLINA TANK CLEANING CO              HWY 68/4 ML N OF I-40                  NCD980729412

 GREENSBORO               CHEMICAL LEAMAN TANK LINES INC         6202 W MKT ST                          NCD043711977

 GREENSBORO               CIBA-GEIGY CORP                        410 SWING RD                           NCD061801361

 GREENSBORO               CONE MILLS CORP/PRINT WORKS PLANT      1800 FAIRVIEW ST                       NCD980559157

 GREENSBORO               CONE MILLS CORP/WHT OAK PLT            2420 FAIRVIEW ST                       NCD000776914

 GREENSBORO               CONVERTERS INK CO                      FRIENDSHIP CTR OFC PK STE 305          NCD991278169

 GREENSBORO               DESOTO INC                             1025 HOWARD ST                         NCD003214319

 GREENSBORO               DOW CORNING CORP                       2914 PATTERSON ST                      NCD003221546


 GREENSBORO               FANCOURT W F CO                        408 BANNER AVE                         NCD003230083

 GREENSBORO               GLASS EH CO LDFL                       1103 NEALTOWN RD                       NCD980557607

 GREENSBORO               GREENSBORO CITY LDFL                   WHITE ST                               NCD991279027

 GREENSBORO               HOLDING POND FOR SCRUBBER WASTE        500 BROOME RD                          NCD051745685

 GREENSBORO               HUBERT ATKINS PROPERTY #4              RT 9 PO BOX 463                        NCD980729669

 GREENSBORO               MORELAND MCKESSON CO                   3600 W WENDOVER AVE                    NCD089903983

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GREENSBORO               MORFLEX CHEMICAL CO INC                2110 HIGH POINT RD                     NCD071572036

 GREENSBORO               NORTH BUFFALO POLLUTION CONTROL        WHITE ST                               NCD980503064

 GREENSBORO               NORTH STATE CHEMS INC                  3301 SPRING GARDEN ST                  NCD991278839

 GREENSBORO               PFIZER INC                             4500 BLOCK HIGH POINT                  NCD980503098

 GREENSBORO               ROSS AVENUE                            604 ROSS AVENUE                        NCD986180891

 GREENSBORO               SED INC                                500 RADAR RD                           NCD980600449

 GREENSBORO               SED, INC./SWING COURT                  6219 SWING COURT                       NCD980712038

 GREENSBORO               SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO                    STAGECOACH TRAIL & SHERWIN RD          NCD071561864

 GREENSBORO               TEXACO INC                             HWY 421 & CHIMNEY ROCK RD              NCD096165121

 GREENSBORO               UNION OIL CO SE TERM                   6801 W MARKET ST                       NCD000609974

 GREENSBORO               UNITEX CHEM                            520 BROOME RD                          NCD061795696

 GREENSBORO               USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       1120 CHURCH ST                         NC9210021755

 GREENSBORO               WESTINGHOUSE ELEC                      406 BANNER AVE                         NCD045179504

 GREENSBORO               WORTH CHEMICAL                         2 SEGAL BLVD AT EDWARDIA DR.           NCD003471158

 GREENVILLE               BURROUGHS WELLCOME CO                  US 13 N ST RD 1584                     NCD047373766

 GREENVILLE               CITY LDFL                              CEMETERY RD.                           NCD980502876

 GREENVILLE               COASTAL CHEM CORP                      EVANS ST EXTN                          NCD003186178

 GREENVILLE               GREENVILLE CITY LDFL                   5TH ST                                 NCD980557698

 GREENVILLE               GREENVILLE COAL GAS PLANT              0.1 MI EAST OF END OF PLANT ST         NCD986188886

 GREENVILLE               MCGRAW EDISON CO                       251 IND BLVD                           NCD095119210

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GREENVILLE               PITT CO LDFL                           ALLEN RD                               NCD980557680

 GREENVILLE               PITT CO UTIL LDFL                      PORT TERMINAL RD                       NCD980557672

 GREENVILLE               PROCTOR & GAMBLE PAPER PRODS CO        ST RD 1529                             NCD072020399

 GREENVILLE               UNION CARBIDE CORP                     EVANS ST EXTN & 264 BYP                NCD003184249

 GREENVILLE               USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       1391 N MEM DR                          NC8210022044

 GREENVILLE               VOICE OF AMERICA                       COUNTY RD 1212                         NCD093132207

 GROVER                   SULTZER-RUTI INC                       HWY 29 N                               NCD980558803

 GUILFORD CO              GUILFORD SPILL                         E & W OF I-85/N OF CO LINE RIV         NCD980798870

 GULF                     SOUTHERN WOOD PIEDMONT CO              2139 ST RD                             NCD053488557

 HALIFAX CO               HALIFAX CO LDFL                        SR 1103                                NCD084171545

 HAMILTON                 WEST POINT PEPPERELL HAMILTON PLANT    HWY 125                                NCD003184520

 HAMLET                   GA-PACIFIC CORP                        HWY 177 S                              NCD000616219

 HAMLET                   TARTAN MARINE PROPERTY                 HIGHWAY 177 & SR 2032                  NCD000828566

 HAMPTONVILLE             SOMERS ROAD DUMP SITE                  2.5MI S OF HWY 421 ON SR2400           NCD981477318

 HARRISBURG               GALVAN INDUSTRIES INC                  NC HWY 49                              NCD003448610

 HAW RIVER                CONE MILLS CORP GRANITE FINISHING PLT  OLD HWY 70                             NCD003467099

 HAYESVILLE               ELLIS JUNKYARD SITE                    LOW GAP ROAD                           NC0001402213

 HAZELWOOD                A.C. LAWRENCE LEATHER CO.              100 W. MAIN STREET                     NC0000195701

 HAZELWOOD                BENFIELD INDUSTRIES, INC               RICHLAND ST.                           NCD981026479

 HENDERSON                KRAJACK TRUCK SPILL                    PARHAM ROAD                            NCD986215697

 HENDERSON                LAURENS GLASS                          US HWY #1 BYP RTE 3                    NCD053528170

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HENDERSON                VANCE COUNTY DRUM FIRE                 HWY 39N                                NC0001122142

 HENDERSONVILLE           BELDING CORTICELLI THREAD COMPANY      US HWY 64 W                            NCD024617524

 HENDERSONVILLE           HENDERSON CO SAN LDFL                  STONEY MOUNTAIN RD                     NCD980557961

 HENDERSONVILLE           SPANN PROPERTY                         US 25                                  NCD986180917

 HICKORY                  CAROLINA SOLVENTS INC                  2274 1ST ST SE                         NCD047285598

 HICKORY                  CARTER-WEBER INC HICKORY PLT           1120 TATE BLVD                         NCD000648428

 HICKORY                  CENTURY FURNITURE CO                   401 11TH NW                            NCD003221868

 HICKORY                  GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                    FAIRGROVE CHURCH RD                    NCD003237948

 HICKORY                  HK RESEARCH CORP                       908 LENOIR RD                          NCD000616763

 HICKORY                  LANE COMPANY INC THE                   37 9TH ST PL SE                        NCD044440642

 HICKORY                  PANTASOTE INC FILM/COMPOUND DIV        1508 S CENTER ST                       NCD055165609

 HICKORY                  PREMIUM COATINGS INC                   ST TIMOTHY IND PK HWY 70-A E           NCD066304627

 HICKORY                  S&W CHEMICALS INC                      OLD QUARRY RD SE                       NCD003228087

 HICKORY                  SOUTHERN DESK DRUMS                    1720 FIRST AVE SW (1ST & 17TH)         NCD986166353

 HICKORY                  STYLE UPHOLSTERING INC                 33 23RD AVE NE                         NCD003228483

 HICKORY                  USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       1500 12TH ST NW                        NC6210021626

 HICKORY                  WILSON SEPTIC PITS                     1/2 MI. FROM SR 1131, BOX 269/270      NCD986166759

 HIDDENITE                ROGERS PROPERTY                        SR-1456, 1/2 MI W OF 1477 JCT          NCD981021090

 HIGH POINT               AMF HATTERAS YACHTS                    2100 KIVETT DR                         NCD061793253

 HIGH POINT               CUSTOM FINISHERS, INC                  2213 SHORE ST                          NCD057037780

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HIGH POINT               CUSTOM PROCESSING & MANUFACTURING      1110 SURRETT DRIVE                     NCD982117590

 HIGH POINT               DUKE REFINING CORPORATION              2020 JARRELL STREET                    NCD003230836

 HIGH POINT               GUARDSMANS CHEMS INC                   2147 BREVARD RD                        NCD053491221

 HIGH POINT               GULF ADHESIVES & RESINS                1717 WARD ST                           NCD055550560

 HIGH POINT               HIGH POINT CITY LANDFILL               RIVERDALE RD                           NCD980557565

 HIGH POINT               HIGH POINT COAL GAS PLANT              0.1-MILE EAST OF 29A CENTENNIAL        NCD986188837
 HIGH POINT               HIGH POINT FURNITURE INDUSTRIES INC    CORPORATION DR                         NCD003225620

 HIGH POINT               HIGH POINT/CITY OFC                    RIVERDALE RD                           NCD980502975

 HIGH POINT               HOOVER UNIVERSAL INC                   1131 BLANDWOOD CIRCLE                  NCD990715625

 HIGH POINT               LILLY CO INC                           1717 ENGL RD                           NCD003232030

 HIGH POINT               METAL PLATING & FABRICATING INC        1539 W FAIRFIELD RD                    NCD053486395

 HIGH POINT               MILLER DESK INC                        1212 LINCOLN DR                        NCD003215621

 HIGH POINT               RELIANCE UNIVERSAL INC                 1431 PROGRESS                          NCD006390561

 HIGH POINT               ROYAL DEVELOPMENT CO INC               325 KETTERING DR                       NCD991277898

 HIGH POINT               ROYAL DEVELOPMENT CO INC               1417 COURTESY RD                       NCD003521960

 HIGH POINT               SAFETY-KLEEN CORP 3-064-01             HIGH POINT BLDG MENDENHALL RD          NCD077840148

 HIGH POINT               UNITED DRUM T/A RELIANCE UNIVERSAL     214 BERKLEY ST                         NCD991278300

 HIGH POINT               USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       156 PARRIS AVE                         NC3210022486

 HIGH POINT               VALSPAR CORPORATION                    1647 ENGL RD                           NCD041415019

 HIGH SHOALS              MCBESS INDUSTRIES                      BETWEEN OLD HIGHWAY 321 & THOMPKINS    NCD986223170
 HILDEBRAN                NEUVILLE SOCK PROPERTY                 U. S. 64/70, I-40 ACCESS RD            NCD981023732

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HILLSBOROUGH             WHITE FURNITURE CO                     HWY 70A E                              NCD003185816

 HOLLY RIDGE              BOSTIC DRUM                            HWY 17 (1.5 MI N OF HOLLY RIDGE)       NCD982119554

 HOLLY RIDGE              RENROH                                 HWY 50 & 17                            NCD980728687

 HOPE MILLS               HOPE MILLS LDFL                        SR 1003 WIRE RD                        NCD980502983

 HUDSON                   CALDWELL INDUSTRIAL SERVICES           SPARTAN DRIVE                          NCD980799142

 HUDSON                   CHEMICAL COATINGS                      HWY 321 BYP                            NCD079047148

 INDIAN TRAIL             RADIATOR SPECIALITY CO.                600 RADIATOR RD.                       NCD091245969

 JACKSONVILLE             ABC ONE HOUR CLEANERS                  2127 LE JEUNE BLVD.                    NCD024644494

 JACKSONVILLE             JACKSONVILLE LDFL                                                             NCD980502991

 JACKSONVILLE             STANADYNE INC DIESEL SYSTEMS GROUP     405 WHITE ST                           NCD084167444

 JAMESTOWN                MONARCH FURNITURE/THADEN METALS, INC.  300 SCIENTIFIC ST                      NCD990883001

 JAMESTOWN                SEABOARD CHEM CORP                     5899 RIVERDALE DR RTE BX 93            NCD071574164

 JAMESTOWN                UNION CAMP CORP                        RAGSDALE RD                            NCD003216959

 KANNAPOLIS               CANNON MILLS CO PLT #1                 LAKE CIRCLE DR                         NCD003162666

 KANNAPOLIS               CLINE PCB WELL                         2648 CENTERGROVE ROAD                  NCD986185403

 KANNAPOLIS               HARTSOE BROTHERS                       2513 LINDA AVE.                        NCD108702606

 KANNAPOLIS               KANNAPOLIS PCE SPILL                   4135 STRIDE CIRCLE                     NCD986228054

 KANNAPOLIS               MARTIN BATTERY SALVAGE INC             ASHLAND RD                             NCD991278755

 KANNAPOLIS               RAINBOW DRIVE BATTERY SITE             GRANT AVE (S R 1646)                   NCD981031578

 KENLY                    SQUIBB E R & SONS                      RTE I-95 S & FLOWERS RD                NCD991278730

 KERNERSVILLE             CAROLAWN CO                            1426 W MOUNTAIN ST                     NCD980729479

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KERNERSVILLE             HIGHLAND INDUSTRIES                    215 DRUMMOND STREET                    NCD003216397

 KERNERSVILLE             KERNERSVILLE RUBBER DUMP               GREEN ST                               NCD980503189

 KINGS MOUNTAIN           GLEN RAVEN MILLS-KINGS MOUNTAIN        RT. 4 BOX 179                          NCD986175651

 KINGS MOUNTAIN           KINGS MOUNTAIN PILOT CREEK WWTP        ROUTE 74 W                             NCD000828244

 KINGS MTN                FOOTE MINERAL                          GROVER RD (216 & 29)                   NCD980729354

 KINSTON                  BORDEN CHEMICAL SMITH-DOUGLAS DIV      GREENVILLE HWY 11                      NCD001725464

 KINSTON                  DUPONT EI DE NEMOURS & CO              GREENVILLE HWY                         NCD003190386

 KINSTON                  KINSTON COAL GAS PLANT                 W. SOUTH STREET                        NCD986197366

 KINSTON                  KINSTON TORNADO SITE                   STATE ROAD 1921, 3/4 MILE FROM HWY 58  NCD986214989

 KINSTON                  LENOIR CO LDFL /KINSTON                OFF HWY 70                             NCD093130151

 KNIGHTDALE               PHOTO CHEMICAL SYSTEMS INC -           105 FOREST DRIVE                       NCD000831065
 KNIGHTDALE               SQUARE D CO                            HWY 64                                 NCD067203752

 LANSING                  SPRAGUE ALUMINUM CO.                   BOX 1 SPRAGUE ROAD                     NCD003167780

 LAUREL HILL              ARMSTRONG RUBBER CO                    ST RD 1304                             NCD082358854

 LAUREL SPRINGS           LAUREL SPRINGS                         HIGHWAY 1144                           NCD982119638

 LAURINBURG               HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     HARRY MALLOY RD.                       NCD082363102

 LAURINBURG               PLANT MANAGER'S PROPERTY               RD 3 PO BOX 221-B                      NCD000605022

 LAURINBURG               REA MAGNET WIRE CO                     OLD LAUREL HILL CH RD BOX 1226         NCD002972966

 LAURINBURG               TOASTMASTER INCORPORATED               OLD LAUREL HILL CHURCH RD              NCD037160439

 LEICESTER                MADISON COUNTY CYANIDE SITE            STATE HWY 63 RT 2 BOX 198              NCD980848782

 LELAND                   BRUNSWICK CO LDFL                      SR 1438                                NCD980502835

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LELAND                   CAROLINA CREOSOTING CORP               EASTBROOK RD                           NCD003184710

 LELAND                   CHEMICAL CARTAGE COMPANY               141 OLD FAYETTEVILLE ROAD              NC0000183103

 LELAND                   GENERAL WOOD PRESERVING CO INC         HWY 74-76 WOOD TREATMENT RD            NCD093137636

 LELAND                   NATIONAL STARCH & CHEMICAL COMPANY     HWY 74 & 76 W                          NCD091572073

 LENIOR                   OAKHILL PCB (JOHN CHURCH SITE)         RT. 2, NORWOOD RD                      NCD986190858

 LENOIR                   BERNHARDT FURNITURE CO PLANT #2        215 DRUMMOND ST                        NCD003158979

 LENOIR                   BROYHILL FURNITURE MILLER HILL         MILLER HILL COMPLEX                    NCD991278466
 LENOIR                   BUSS AUTOMATION INC                    511 CREEKWAY DR NW                     NCD045456134

 LENOIR                   CALDWELL COUNTY ABANDONED WASTE SITE   NC HWY 90                              NCD980557870

 LENOIR                   CALDWELL COUNTY LANDFILL/MT HERMAN     MT HERMAN RD                           NCD982118960

 LENOIR                   CALDWELL SYSTEMS INC                   MT HERMON RD                           NCD086871282

 LENOIR                   HISTRAND CHEM INC                      OLD BLOWING ROCK RD                    NCD046149019

 LENOIR                   INDIAN GRAVE GAP DRUM DISPOSAL         SR 1513                                NCD980839757

 LENOIR                   LENOIR CITY LDFL                       904 VA ST                              NCD980557888

 LENOIR                   LENOIR REFINING CO                     263 PENNTON AVE NW                     NCD079066833

 LENOIR                   MARSHALL MONEY BUCKET WASHING          RT 8 BOX 108                           NCD986171262

 LENOIR                   RELIANCE UNIVERSAL OF KY               1713 MAIN ST NW                        NCD053009510

 LENOIR                   SINGER CO FURNITURE DIV 5 6 7 & CWH    2424 NORWOOD ST (HWY 321 S)            NCD062568035

 LENOIR                   SINGER CO FURNITURE DIV PLT #1         1409 W COLLEGE AVE SW                  NCD000604330

 LENOIR                   SINGER CO FURNITURE DIV PLTS 3 4 & MH  904 VA ST SW                           NCD000604322

 LENOIR                   THOMASVILLE FURNITURE INDS             BLOWING ROCK HWY                       NCD054290770

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LEWISTON                 WEYERHAUSER CO/LEWISTON                HIGHWAY 308 WEST                       NCD052553641

 LEXINGTON                BATTERY TECH (DURACELL-LEXINGTON)      305 NEW HWY 64 E                       NCD000648402

 LEXINGTON                BURLINGTON FURNITURE/CENT MAINT #1045  RALEIGH RD E                           NCD060295417

 LEXINGTON                BURLINGTON FURNITURE/LUMBER PLANT 191  HWY 64 E                               NCD991278581

 LEXINGTON                BYERLY DRUM                            501 OAK AVENUE                         NC0001763366

 LEXINGTON                JMC PLATING                            4 PROSPECT ST.                         NCD115990574

 LEXINGTON                LEXINGTON COAL GAS PLANT               GAS PLANT ROAD (SR 2110)               NCD986197358

 LEXINGTON                LEXINGTON MUNI LDFL                    HWY 64 E                               NCD980557581

 LEXINGTON                NEW AGE FURNITURE CO                   INDUSTRIAL PARK PROSPECT ST            NCD003235066

 LEXINGTON                PPG INDS INC                           NJ CHURCH RD                           NCD043712298

 LEXINGTON                RALEIGH ROAD FURNITURE CORP.           802 W. CENTER STREET                   NCD003216413
 LIBERTY                  GREGSON FURNITURE INDUSTRIES           206 E. FRAZIER AVE                     NCD982124646

 LIBERTY                  LIBERTY FURNITURE CORP                 HWY 421                                NCD003213568

 LILLINGTON               LANCASTER PLATING SITE                 802 EDWARDS DRIVE                      NCD981863814

 LINCOLNTON               FURNACE ROAD ABANDONED DRUMS           FURNACE ROAD                           NCD981929367

 LINCOLNTON               H & S PROCESSORS INC                   HWY 150 W                              NCD049772023

 LINDEN                   BIDWELL FARM                           SR 1609 (SEE SITE DISCRIPTION          NCD981932072

 LOWELL                   BEAUNIT CORP/DYEING & FINISHING PLANT  LINEBERGER ST                          NCD980559637

 LOWELL                   CROMPTON & KNOWLES CORP                SPENCER MOUNTAIN RD                    NCD044444735

 LUMBER BRIDGE            CROFT METALS                           NC HWY 71 S                            NCD067200949

 LUMBERTON                CARDINAL CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE FIRE       CORNER OF 211 AND NC 72                NCD986209575

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LUMBERTON                CAROLINA P&L WEATHERSPOON STEAM ELEC   OLD HWY 74 E                           NCD000830620
 LUMBERTON                USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       1400 CARTHAGE RD                       NC9210022043


 MACON CO                 MACON CO LDFL                          CREEK @ CUBES DRILLING WELL            NCD070626825

 MAIDEN                   TREND LINE FURNITURE CORP              W HOLLY ST                             NCD000648436

 MANTEO                   MANTEO DRUM SITE                       CAPE HATTERAS NATL. PARK               NCD986191799

 MARION                   AMERICAN THREAD CO SEVIER PLANT        US HWY 221 9 MI N OF MARION            NCD003157377

 MARION                   TRAVENOL LABS INC                      HWY 221 N                              NCD059140764

 MARIONTOWN               MCDOWELL FIREMEN ASSOCIATION SITE      SR 1214                                NCD980838551

 MARS HILL                HONEYWELL MICRO SWITCH DIV             1 HICKORY DR                           NCD062571658

 MATTHEWS                 ACADEMY STEEL DRUM                     3212 RIDGE RD                          NCD024462327

 MATTHEWS                 CONBRACO INDUSTRIES, INC.              701 MATTHEWS MINT HILL ROAD            NCD107868812

 MATTHEWS                 KELLY ROAD                             2905 KELLY RD                          NCD981022114

 MATTHEWS                 PHOTO CORPORATION OF AMERICA           801 CRESTDALE AVE                      NCD059144188

 MATTHEWS                 RHODERA DRIVE WELLS                    2126 RHODERA DRIVE                     NCD986176030

 MATTHEWS                 SUMMIT RESOURCE MANGEMENT              3481 GRIBBLE ROAD                      NCD986232213

 MAXTON                   CAMPBELL SOUP                          SR 71                                  NCD097728000

 MCADENVILLE              HICKORY GROVE ROAD TCE SITE            HICKORY GROVE ROAD                     NC0000998344

 MCCAIN                   WOODY WILSON BATTERY                   SR 2228, WEST BOUNDARY OF FT. BRAGG    NC0001279710

 MCLEANSVILLE             GULF OIL CORP                          ROCK QUARRY RD/SR 2813                 NCD067437400

 MEBANE                   GENL ELEC CO/MEBANE OPER.              BUCKHORN RD @ I-85                     NCD057037194

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 27 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEBANE                   WHITE FURNITURE CO                     201 E CENTER ST                        NCD003220969

 MERRY HILL               RJR TECH CO                            S R 1501                               NCD042091215

 MIDDLESEX                AEROQUIP CORP., AEROSPACE DIVISION     HWY. 264 ALTERNATE                     NCD040042426

 MIDDLESEX                FAWN PLASTICS CO INC MIDDLESEX         RTE 264-BUSINESS                       NCD067178707

 MOCKSVILLE               JOHN DEERE TRACTOR                     US 601 AND SR 1413                     NCD981928385

 MONCURE                  ALLIED CHEM CORP                       PEA RIDGE RD                           NCD053488409

 MONCURE                  CAROLINA P&L CO CAPE FEAR STM ELEC     SECONDARY RD 1916                      NCD000830919
 MONCURE                  REICHOLD CHEM CO/MONCURE PLANT         ST RD 1916                             NCD049845548

 MONCURE                  WEYERHAUSER CO                         ST RD 1916                             NCD071567259

 MONROE                   SCOTT AVIATION OF MONROE               309 W CROWELL ST                       NCD003155587

 MONROE                   SCOVILL INC SECURITY PRODUCTS DIV      NC HWY 74 E                            NCD000616516

 MONROE                   TELEDYNE ALLVAC MONROE PLT             2020 ASHCRAFT AVE                      NCD070619911

 MONROE                   UNION CO LDFL                          OLIVE BRANCH RD                        NCD980503163

 MONROE                   UNION COUNTY DRUM                      OFF SOUTHERLIN ROAD                    NCD981930217

 MOREHEAD CITY            USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       405 FISHER ST                          NC5210022906

 MOREHEAD CITY            USMC/CRASH CREW BURN PIT               MCALF BOGUE                            NC7170090008

 MORGANTON                HENREDON FURNITURE INDS                HENREDON RD                            NCD003163888

 MORGANTON                HURT RESIDENCE                         US 64 SW OF MORGANTON, ROUTE 8         NCD980847123

 MORGANTON                INMONT CORP                            HWY 70 W                               NCD049997786

 MORGANTON                MARANTZ PIANO CO INC                   HWY 64-70 E                            NCD003167988

 MORGANTON                PT COMPONENTS INC                      1 CHAIN DR                             NCD000609784

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MORGANTON                ROMARCO LTD                            ROMARCO RD                             NCD055161186

 MORRISVILLE              KOPPERS CO. INC. (MORRISVILLE PLANT)   HWY 54 W                               NCD003200383

 MORVEN                   HIGHTOWER ROAD                         CNTY RD 1101 ALONG EASTSIDE HIGHTOWER  NCD986171932
 MOUNT AIRY               HOOVER REPAIR SHOP                     461 N SOUTH ST                         NCD003233673

 MOUNT AIRY               SCM PROCTOR-SILEX                      HAY ST PO BOX 511                      NCD003229358

 MOUNT HOLLY              AMERICAN HOECHST CORP SOU-TEX WORKS    625 E CATAWBA AVE                      NCD085074821

 MOUNT HOLLY              GASTON CO DYEING MACHINE CO            NC HWY 27 E                            NCD003149291

 MT. HOLLY                MORNINGSIDE DRIVE DRUM                 121 MORNINGSIDE DRIVE                  NCD986187110

 MURFREESBORO             GA-PACIFIC CORP ATP                    711 EAST VANCE STREET                  NCD001864123

 MURFREESBORO             GA-PACIFIC CORP HDWD SAW               711 E VANCE ST                         NCD980559967

 MURPHY                   EMERSON ELECTRIC CO.                   ROUTE 1,BOX 549                        NCD089989917

 MURPHY                   LITTON IND CLIFTON PRECISION DIV       ST RD 1519                             NCD044438406

 MURPHY                   TRI COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE           US 64 E JST S OF N.C.141 INT           NCD038551263

 NASHVILLE                JIMMY GREEN METALS                     STATE ROAD 1703                        NC0000195743

 NASHVILLE                NASH CO LDFL                           CO RD 1411                             NCD980559348

 NAVASSA                  ESTECH GENL CHEMS CORP                 NAVASSA RD/HWY 74                      NCD051827905

 NAVASSA                  HOLDING POND FOR WAS                   HWY 74/ P.O. BOX 1380                  NCD045920279

 NAVASSA                  KERR-MCGEE CHEM CORP                   NAVASSA RD                             NCD980557805

 NAVASSA                  WILMINGTON BRANCH                      WILMINGTON RD                          NCD001704980

 NEUSE                    MALLINCKRODT INC                       US HWY 1                               NCD980729297

 NEUSE BRANCH             BURLINGTON INDS/WAKE FNSHNG PLT        US HWY #1                              NCD980557664

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 29 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEW BERN                 AMF HATTERAS YACHTS                    110 N GLENBURNIE RD                    NCD045924065

 NEW BERN                 BARBOUR BOAT WORKS INC                 527 TYRON PALACE DR                    NCD003193588

 NEW BERN                 EVERHART LUMBER CO                     SR 1117/OLD CHERRY POINT RD            NCD003190584

 NEW BERN                 NEW BERN COAL GAS PLANT                CORNER OF S. FRONT/HANCOCK ST.         NCD986197259

 NEW BERN                 SCOTT'S CREEK BATTERY SITE             402 HOWELL RD                          NCD980848840

 NEW BERN                 SWISS BEAR INC                         200-208 E FRONT ST                     NCD075550517

 NEW BERN                 TEXFI                                  BOSCH BLVD (SR 1317)                   NCD981928088

 NEW HILL                 CAROLINA P&L HARRIS NUCLEAR PLT        SECONDARY RD 1134                      NCD991278284

 NEWPORT                  GUTHRIE ERNEST PROP                    RTE 4                                  NCD980557862

 NEWTON                   BROYHILL FURNITURE                     2309 N COL AVE                         NCD083682583

 NEWTON                   MEREDITH/BURDA INC                     ST JAMES CHURCH RD                     NCD991279118

 NEWTON                   TECHNIBILT (DIV. OF WHITTAR)           E. PEACE ST.                           NCD105797922


 NORTH WILKESBORO         GARDNER MIRROR CORP                    HWY 268 E                              NCD003221462

 NORWOOD                  CAROLINA SOLITE CORP/AQUADALE          RTE 2                                  NCD980557730

 OLD FORT                 ETHAN ALLEN INC BLUE RIDGE DIV         COMMERCE ST                            NCD074510728

 OREGON INLET             OREGON INLET BEACH CONTAINERS          DARE COUNTY                            NCD986171304

 OXFORD                   CCFC PESTICIDE DISPOSAL                607 HILLSBOROUGH STREET                NCD986180883

 OXFORD                   CRISTEX DRUM SITE                      HWY 15 & W. INDUSTRIAL DRIVE           NC0001606250

 OXFORD                   JFD ELECTRONICS/CHANNEL MASTER         INDUSTRY DRIVE                         NCD122263825

 PAW CREEK                CROWN CENTRAL PETROLEUM CORP           OLD MT. HOLLY RD                       NCD044447639

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 30 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PAW CREEK                KOPPERS CO INC                         SEABOARD COASTLINE                     NCD093344133

 PAW CREEK                TEXACO INC                             SADLER RD                              NCD046148318

 PAW CREEK                TEXAS CITY REFINING CO                 7325 OLD MT HOLLY RD                   NCD000770016

 PAW CREEK                UNION OIL CO SE TERM                   OLD MOUNT HOLLY RD                     NCD000609982

 PHOENIX                  DUPONT EI DE NEMOURS & CO CAPE FEAR    STATE RD 1426                          NCD047369046

 PILOT MOUNTAIN           PILOT MOUNTAIN TIRE FIRE               HIGHWAY 268                            NCD986166379

 PINESVILLE               REICHOLD CHEMICAL INC                  DORMAN RD                              NCD000773663

 PINETOPS                 DAVENPORT CREOSOTE                     SR 42 & 43                             NCD980838726

 PINEVILLE                E. C. MANUFACTURING                    413 NORTH POLK ST.                     NCD024740433

 PINEVILLE                SOUTHEASTERN POLLUTION CONTROL         PO BOX 67                              NCD980728620

 PISGAH FOREST            BROWN #1                               SR 1504                                NCD980502827

 PISGAH FOREST            OLIN CORP ECUSTA PAPER & FILM GROUP    VANDERBILT RD                          NCD003166675

 PITTSBORO                CHATHAM CO LDFL                        SR 1513                                NCD980502868

 PLYMOUTH                 GA-PACIFIC CORP HDWD SAW               PLYWOOD DR                             NCD000813592

 PLYMOUTH                 PLYMOUTH SHOPPING CENTER               HWY 34 & 64 INTERSECTION               NCD000605055

 PLYMOUTH                 PLYMOUTH WOOD TREATING COMPANY         HWY 45                                 NCD075570820

 PLYMOUTH                 WEYERHAEUSER CO PLYMOUTH WOOD TRTNG    ST RD 1565                             NCD991278540

 POPE AIR FORCE BASE      POPE AFB                               REILLY ST                              NC6570024475

 PURLEAR                  RADIATION PHYSICS CONSULTANTS          WATTS RETREAT FARM                     NCD980559397

 RALEIGH                  ASHLAND CHEM CO                        1415 BLOODWORTH ST                     NCD088560032

 RALEIGH                  AUBURN CHURCH ROAD DRUM                AUBURN CHURCH ROAD                     NCD981929615

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 31 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RALEIGH                  BAKER (MAGGIE) PROPERTY                1209 TRINITY ROAD                      NCD986166155

 RALEIGH                  CHLORIDE AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES          2539 TIMBERLAKE RD                     NCD080894645

 RALEIGH                  CORNING GLASS WORKS                    3900 ELECTRONICS DR                    NCD003195161

 RALEIGH                  EAST CAROLINA HEAT TREAT SERV          1014 S SAUNDERS ST                     NCD040047466

 RALEIGH                  ESB INC                                2510 N BLVD                            NCD075563932

 RALEIGH                  GRESHAMS LAKE INDUSTRIAL PARK          SOUTH SIDE OF SR2013, 0.5MILE W OF     NCD986232379
 RALEIGH                  HOWARD JOHNSON'S/CRABTREE VALLEY       2101 CENTURY DRIVE                     NCD980845903

 RALEIGH                  INTERNATIONAL PAPER RICHMOND GRAVURE   2215 S WILMINGTON ST                   NCD003186004

 RALEIGH                  ITT TELECOMS CORP                      2912 WAKE FOREST RD                    NCD003185238

 RALEIGH                  NC STATE UNIVERSITY(LOT 86,FARM UNIT   CARTER-FINLEY STADIUM                  NCD980557656
 RALEIGH                  NCDA PESTICIDE LAB STORAGE FACILITY    BLUE RIDGE RD                          NCD991277856

 RALEIGH                  RALEIGH COAL GAS PLANT NO. 1           S. MCDOWELL ST AT W. CABARRUS ST       NCD986188894

 RALEIGH                  RALEIGH COAL GAS PLANT NO. 2           W. CABARRUS ST                         NCD986188902

 RALEIGH                  RALEIGH NEUSE RIVER WWTP               BATTLE RD (SR 2552)                    NCD991278920

 RALEIGH                  ROWLAND LDFL                           SR 2013                                NCD065300113

 RALEIGH                  SAFETY-KLEEN 3-171-01                  6225 OLD STAGE RD                      NCD000776740

 RALEIGH                  USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       3115 WESTERN BLVD                      NC9210020732

 RALEIGH                  WARD TRANSFORMER                       123 MT. VERNON CHURCH ROAD             NCD003202603

 RALEIGH                  WASTE INDUSTRIES                       4900 CRAFTSMAN DR                      NCD065302267

 RALEIGH                  WEATHERSFIELD PLACE CONDOMINIUM        774 WEATHERGREEN DR                    NCD980843106
 RALEIGH                  WESTINGHOUSE ELEC METER & LIGHT DIV    US 1 N                                 NCD003195963

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 32 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RANDLEMAN                OLD RANDLEMAN TOWN DUMP                WALKER MILL ROAD (SR 1961)             NCD986197374

 RANDLEMAN                STEVENS JP & CO INC                    NAIOMI ST                              NCD003226560

 RED OAK                  NASH CO LDFL                           CO RD 1524                             NCD980559330

 RED SPRINGS              ROYAL DEVELOPMENT CO INC               HWY 71 WEST                            NCD057454571

 REIDSVILLE               BUSH BROTHERS PLATING INC              107 NE MARKET STREET                   NCD024762668

 REIDSVILLE               GTE PRODUCTS CORP                      1704 BARNES ST                         NCD003530078

 REIDSVILLE               MILLER BREWING CO CONT DIV             1900 BARNES ST                         NCD089914311


 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PA     AIRCO IND GASES                        TRIANGLE DR                            NCD084172469

 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PA     BURROUGHS WELLCOME CO                  3030 CORNWALLIS RD                     NCD052547635

 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PA     BURROUGHS WELLCOME CO                  3025 CORNWALLIS RD                     NCD042891481

 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PA     IBM CORP                               3039 CORNWALLIS RD                     NCD041463761

 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PA     UNION CARBIDE AGRIC PROD CO            TW ALEXANDER DR                        NCD980600274

 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK   COLJOHN MECHANICS                      3002 BRUNSON ROAD                      NCD986171064

 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK   GLIDDEN PAINT                          2717 WECK DRIVE                        NCD986171080

 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK   SCM-GLIDDEN METAL FINISHERS            2601 WECK DRIVE                        NCD037160116

 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK   US EPA TECH CTR                        HWY 54 & ALEXANDER DRIVE               NC6680090002

 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK   WECK, EDWARD A. AND COMPANY            100 WECK DRIVE                         NCD001493931

 RIEGEL WOOD              FEDERAL PAPER BOARD CO                 25 MILES W OF WILMINGTON               NCD000605303

 RIEGELWOOD               KAISER ACME FARMARKET                  NC RD 1870                             NCD980557847

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 33 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RIEGELWOOD               KAISER FERTILIZER PLANT                JCT HWY 87 & SR 1870                   NCD980842470

 RIEGELWOOD               LCP CHEMS-NC INC                       IND DR                                 NCD991278631

 RIEGLEWOOD               WRIGHT CHEMICAL CORP                   HWY 87 ACME STATION                    NCD024766719

 ROANOKE RAPIDS           KENNAMETAL INC                         BECKER INDUSTRIAL PARK                 NCD000645705

 ROANOKE RAPIDS           PCB SPILLS                             210 MILES OF NC HWY                    NCD980602163

 ROANOKE RAPIDS           REINCO CHEMICAL                        EAST 11 STREET                         NCD062664883

 ROBBINSVILLE             BURLINGTON FURN ROBBINSVILLE PLT 116   ATOAH ST                               NCD024770125

 ROBBINSVILLE             GRAHAM CO MUNI LDFL                    ATOHAH RD                              NC4120000001

 ROBBINSVILLE             USFS NANTAHALA NATIONAL FOREST         POST & OTIS STREETS                    NC0980557979

 ROCKINGHAM               CLARK EQUIP'T CO                       HWY 74 W                               NCD071061147

 ROCKINGHAM               RICHMOND CO LDFL                       MIZPAH RD                              NCD980557789

 ROCKINGHAM               SALVAGE OIL OF AMERICA                 1227 MCLEOD ST                         NCD980602791

 ROCKY MOUNT              ABBOTT LABS                            HWY 301 N                              NCD990733180

 ROCKY MOUNT              FAWN PLASTICS CO INC ROCKY MOUNT       401 FAWN DR                            NCD990867855

 ROCKY MOUNT              MITCHELL ENGR CO                       HWY 301 BYP                            NCD042891663

 ROCKY MOUNT              ROCKY MOUNT COAL GAS PLANT NO. 1       SOUTH MAIN STREET                      NCD986197325

 ROCKY MOUNT              ROCKY MOUNT COAL GAS PLANT NO. 2       NORTH MAIN STREET                      NCD986197317

 ROCKY MOUNT              ROCKY MOUNT, OLD AIRPORT               US HIGHWAY 301 BUSINESS                NCD981933096

 ROCKY MOUNT              SCHLAGE LOCK CO                        HWY 301 N                              NCD065300519

 ROCKY MOUNT              TORPEDO WIRE & STRIP INC               INSTRUMENT DR                          NCD072028251

 ROCKY MOUNT              UNICAN SECURITY SYSTEMS CORP           400 FAWN DR                            NCD045646924

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 34 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ROCKY MOUNT              USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       804 FAIRVIEW RD                        NC8210021624

 ROCKY MOUNT              WILKINSON PROPERTY BATTERY SITE        3552 COOL SPRING RD & HWY 97 E         NCD980842413

 ROCKY MTN                ROCKY MTN FIBER DUMP                   ATLANTIC AVE EXTN                      NCD041466525

 ROCKY RIVER              MINERAL RESEARCH & DEV CORP            NC HWY 49                              NCD048467427

 RODANTHE                 CAPE HATTERAS NATIONAL SEASHORE        DARE COUNTY                            NC1690308233

 RONDA                    BURLINGTON FURNITURE/HOME CHAIR PL     HWY 268 E                              NCD048184451
 RONDA                    WILKES CO MUNI LDFL                    GREENHORN RD                           NCD980557896

 ROPER                    CAROLINA ALUMINUM - HERBERT TAYLOR     SR 1125 RTE 2 BOX 434                  NCD981015746
 ROWES CORNER             ROWE'S CORNER DRUM DUMP                N.C. ROUTE 1617                        NCD981929854

 ROXBORO                  ALUMARK CORP                           HWY 501 S                              NCD003194271

 ROXBORO                  CAROLINA P&L CO MAYO STEAM ELEC PLT    US HWY 501                             NCD000830612

 ROXBORO                  CAROLINA P&L CO ROXBORO STEAM ELEC     SECONDARY RD 1377                      NCD000830653

 ROXBORO                  EATON CORP                             HWY 501 S                              NCD004520136

 RUTHERFORDTON            CAMPBELL PROPERTY DRUM                 ROUTE 5, BOX 316                       NCD986166411

 RUTHERFORDTON            REEVES BROS                                                                   NCD083673616

 SAINT PAULS              SAFETY-KLEEN CORPORATION 3-031-02      US HWY 301                             NCD980846935

 SAINT PAULS              SANITATION SERV LAND                   SR 1743                                NCD980503106

 SALISBURY                BENDIX CORP                            US HWY 85                              NCD003213881

 SALISBURY                CAROLINA RUBBER HOSE CO                1801 S RR ST                           NCD003218492

 SALISBURY                FIBER INDUSTRIES INC                   HWY 70 W                               NCD041043811

 SALISBURY                FIELDCREST MILLS INC NC FIN CO         HWY 29 N                               NCD041414780

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 35 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SALISBURY                GENL ELEC CO                           1114 OLD CONCORD RD                    NCD081322117

 SALISBURY                GRANT CREEK REGIONAL WWTP              CRUSE RD                               NCD980843460

 SALISBURY                HARRIS BATTERY AND METAL CO.           428 N. LEE ST.                         NCD021388939

 SALISBURY                KERN RUBBER CO URETHANE PLT            E KLUMAC RD                            NCD000653576

 SALISBURY                NATIONAL STARCH & CHEMICAL CORP        CEDAR SPRINGS RD                       NCD991278953

 SALISBURY                PROCTOR CHEMICAL CO INC                LUMBER ST                              NCD048469993

 SALISBURY                PROCTOR CHEMICAL CO INC                CEDAR SPRINGS RD                       NCD000623116

 SALISBURY                ROWAN CO LDFL                          AIRPORT RD                             NCD980557748

 SALISBURY                SALISBURY COAL GAS PLANT NO. 1         LIBERTY STREET                         NCD986197283

 SALISBURY                TOWN CREEK REGIONAL WWTP               HEILIGTOWN RD                          NCD980843528

 SALISBURY                UNITED HOUSE OF PRAYER DRUM SITE       501 OLD CONCORD RD                     NCD079054979

 SALISBURY                USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       1825 WOODLEAF RD P O BOX 1927          NC5210022047

 SANDY CREEK              POTTER'S SEPTIC TANK SERVICE PITS      OFF 74-76                              NCD981023260

 SANFORD                  BUCKHORN ROAD                          BUCKHORN ROAD/SR 1538                  NCD982119588

 SANFORD                  C.P. PROPERTIES SITE                   2350 BROWN ROAD                        NC0000998336

 SANFORD                  CARBONTON ROAD DRUM SITE               2816 CARBONTON RD.                     NCD981929813

 SANFORD                  CORNELL-DUBLIER ELECTRONICS            2652 DALRYMPLE ST                      NCD003218161

 SANFORD                  COX MILL RD. PLATING                   3723 COX MILL RD.                      NCD981747934

 SANFORD                  LEE CO LDFL                            OFF S R 1177 ON S R 1238               NCD980503015

 SANFORD                  PFIZER INC                             RTE 42 COX MILL RD                     NCD057037178

 SANFORD                  SAN LEE PARK                           PUMPING STATION RD.                    NCD981021652

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 36 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANFORD                  SANFORD PLATING CO.                    1/4 MI. SW OF COLON & RT.5             NCD000281832

 SANFORD                  SIEMANS-ALLIS INC SWITCHGEAR DIV       5000 WOMACK RD                         NCD067428821

 SANFORD                  SINGER CO FURNITURE DIV SANFORD        133 A CHARLOTTE AVE                    NCD053490462

 SANFORD                  STANADYNE INC                          COX MILL RD                            NCD067427922

 SANFORD                  WEBER-USA INC SANFORD PLANT            2101 NASH ST                           NCD060299880

 SARATOGA                 NATIONAL PIN SERVICE                   CRADY COURT SR 1572                    NCD982174492

 SCOTLAND NECK            CAROLINA WOOD PRESERVING COMPANY INC   E 16TH ST                              NCD003200854

 SEAGROVE                 GRAVE'S PROPERTY                       FORT CREEK MILL ROAD                   NC0001351212

 SELMA                    AMERICAN PETROFINA MKTG/SELMA TERM     SELMA HWY 1929                         NCD000770032

 SELMA                    B P OIL                                WILSON'S MILL RD & SH1003              NCD075559526

 SELMA                    GURLEY PESTICIDE BURIAL                PRESTON STREET                         NCD986172526

 SEVERN                   STOLLER CHEMICAL - SEVERN              HWY 35                                 NCD986227965

 SHALLOTTE                NC DOT MAINTENANCE YARD PCB            SHALLOTTE AVE                          NCD982119612

 SHELBY                   CELANESE CORP. (SHELBY FIBER           HWY 198                                NCD003446721
 SHELBY                   CITY OF SHELBY LANDFILL                SR 1305 (GROVER STREET)                NCD986176451

 SHELBY                   CLEVELAND COUNTY DRUM                  OFF S. LAYFETTE                        NCD981930019

 SHELBY                   COPELAND CORP                          4401 E DIXON BLVD (HWY 74)             NCD991278706

 SHELBY                   FASCO INDS INC                         ST RD 1926                             NCD062566047

 SHELBY                   PPG INDS INC WKS 52                    WASHBURN SWITCH RD                     NCD980559983

 SHELBY                   SHELBY DYING AND FINISHING             2270 SAM LATTIMORE ROAD                NCD986180909

 SILER CITY               CHATHAM NOVELTIES CO                   S CHATHAM AVE                          NCD003234879

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 37 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SILER CITY               HARRELSON RUBBER CO                    S CHATHAM AVE                          NCD071581128

 SKYLAND                  CAROLINA P&L CO ASHEVILLE STEAM ELEC   LONG SHOALS RD                         NCD000830638
 SKYLAND                  CLARK EQUIP'T CO                       HWY 25 S                               NCD079068607

 SKYLAND                  CTS OF ASHEVILLE INC                   MILLS GAP RD                           NCD003149556

 SMITHFIELD               ASM CORP                               525 TRUCK LN                           NCD042888230

 SMITHFIELD               FIELDCREST MILLS INC                   ROUTE 95                               NCD003528825

 SMITHFIELD               GTE SYLVANIA INC                       I-95                                   NCD009305699

 SMITHFIELD               JOHNSTON COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD           PO BOX 1339                            NCD981476955

 SMITHFIELD               UNION CAMP CORP SMITHFIELD SAWMILL     524 BRODGEN RD                         NCD003183480

 SOUTH PORT               PFIZER INC                             MOORE ST                               NCD075578385


 SOUTHPORT                CAROLINA P&L CO BRUNSWICK STEAM ELEC   NC HIGHWAY 87                          NCD091570960

 SOUTHPORT                US DOD MILITARY OCEAN TER./SUNNY       SUNNY POINT                            NC0210020541
 SOUTHRN PINES            SCM PROCTOR SILEX                      YADKIN RD                              NCD003234549

 SPENCER                  FINETEX INC                            I-85 @ HACKETT ST                      NCD066327313

 SPENCER                  OWENS-ILL/SAILSBURY BOX PLT            OLD US 29 N                            NCD980557755

 SPENCER CO.              PAUL LOVE'S PIT                                                               NCD980503080

 SPINDALE                 ELMORE CORP THE                        OAK ST                                 NCD003162971

 SPIVEY'S CORNER          SAMPSON COUNTY TRASH DUMPSTER          ROUTE 5/24                             NCD981929797

 SPRING HOPE              MASONITE CORP FIBERBOARD DIV           HWY 64 & CO RTE 1306                   NCD055359079

 SPRING HOPE              NASH CO LDFL                           CO RD 1145                             NCD980559355

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 38 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SPRUCE PINE              CARTERS RIDGE ROAD SITE                CARTER RIDGE ROAD                      NCD986188795

 SPRUCE PINE              ETHAN ALLEN-SPRUCE PINE DIV.           200 ETHAN ALLEN DRIVE                  NCD986171171

 SPRUCE PINE              HUMPBACK MOUNTAIN ROAD DRUM            HUMPBACK MTN. ROAD                     NCD981929375

 SPRUCE PINE              MITCHELL SYSTEMS INC                   HENREDON RD                            NCD991277724

 STANLEY                  GASTON CO DYEING MACHINE CO            200 S MAIN ST                          NCD991277922

 STATESVILLE              ARMOLOY CO OF NC#                      SAILSBURY RD                           NCD048462881

 STATESVILLE              BURLINGTON IND                         PHOENIX ST                             NCD093334894

 STATESVILLE              CLARK EQUIP'T-AXLE DIV                 I-40 & I-77                            NCD081434219

 STATESVILLE              FCX, INC. (STATESVILLE PLANT)          1620 W. FRONT ST.                      NCD095458527

 STATESVILLE              OVERCASH MACHINE SHOP INC              865 CONNOR                             NCD003520301

 STATESVILLE              SIGMON'S SEPTIC TANK SERVICE           1268 EUFOLA ROAD                       NCD062555792

 STATESVILLE              SOUTHERN SCREW/FARLEY METALS, INC.     1211 BARKLEY RD.                       NCD042269134

 STATESVILLE              STATESVILLE COAL GAS PLANT             CHAMBERS STREET                        NCD986197291

 STATESVILLE              WARLICK PAINT CO                       945 MONROE ST                          NCD003236841

 STOKES                   GRAY FARM SITE                         BOX X, SR 1545                         NCD986171296

 STOKES COUNTY            REYNOLDS, R.J. TOBACCO CO/BROOK COVE   S R 1941                               NCD980250450
 STOKESDALE               PRIVATE FARM                           RTE #1                                 NCD980557599

 SWANNANOA                ASHEVILLE DYEING & FINISHING           OLD FARM SCHOOL RD                     NCD070619663

 SWANNANOA                CHEMTRONICS, INC                       OLD BEE TREE RD                        NCD095459392

 SWANNANOA                SWANNANOA LDFL                         HWY 70 E                               NCD980557987

 TARBORO                  EDGECOMBE CO LDFL                      SR 1601                                NCD980502926

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 39 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TARBORO                  LONG MANUFACTURING                     1907 NORTH MAIN STREET                 NCD003183167

 TARBORO                  TARBORO LDFL                           BAKER ST EXTN                          NCD980559389

 TARBORO                  TARBORO-EDGECOMBE AIRPORT              NC HIGHWAY 44                          NCD981932023

 TAYLORSVILLE             PCB CONTAMINATION WELLS                ROUTE 1                                NCD981932932

 THOMASVILLE              CLASSIC FURNITURE CORP                 MT ZION CH RD                          NCD060298809

 THOMASVILLE              LILLY CO DRUM RECOND PLT               TRINITY AVE                            NCD000616334

 THOMASVILLE              MASONITE CORP CUSTOM COMPONENT DIV     200 MASON WAY                          NCD003233756

 THOMASVILLE              SOUTHERN RESINS                        1510 DENTON RD                         NCD077821296

 THOMASVILLE              TRIPLE PLATING                         27 WEST MAIN STREET                    NCD982115370

 TOWNSVILLE               TUNGSTEN QUEEN MINE                    2 MI SE OF TOWNSVILLE                  NCD082362989

 TROUTMAN                 BERNHARDT FURNITURE CO PLT #8          HWY 21                                 NCD097362594

 TROUTMAN                 GTE PRODS CORP                         SR 2350 MURDOCK RD                     NCD980600530

 VALDESE                  DURACELL INTL LITHIUM SYSTEMS DIV      LOVELADY LANE                          NCD000623140

 VALE                     HULL SERVICE STATION/PHILLIPS 66       JCT HWY 27 & 274 S                     NCD083674713

 VASS                     VASS TRUCK WRECK                       US HWY 1 @ LITTLE RIVER                NCD981929391

 WADESBORO                GOAT PASTURE ROAD                      COUNTY ROAD 1114 ALONG GOAT PASTURE    NCD986171924
 WAGRAM                   MCLEAN BROTHERS FARM                   N.C. HWY. 1415                         NCD986172500

 WAKE FOREST              GILLCREST ROAD DRUM MIDNIGHT DUMPING   GILLCREST ROAD                         NCD981929243

 WAKE FOREST              SCOVILL, SCHRADER-BELLOWS DIVISION     U.S.ROUTE 1                            NCD002591014

 WALLACE                  SAFETY-KLEEN CORP 3-031-02             ROUTE 41 W                             NCD000776732

 WASHINGTON               BEAUFORT CO LDFL                       ST RD 1334                             NCD980557714

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 40 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WASHINGTON               FCX, INC. (WASHINGTON PLANT)           GRIMES RD                              NCD981475932

 WASHINGTON               FLANDERS FILTERS INC                   FLANDERS FILTERS RD, RTE 264 WEST      NCD045922986

 WASHINGTON               NATIONAL SPINNING CO                   WEST THIRD STREET EXT                  NCD003196847

 WASHINGTON               OLD BEAUFORT CO. LANDFILL              STATE RD 1427                          NCD986166734

 WASHINGTON               STANADYNE INC DIESEL SYSTEMS GROUP     CLARKS NECK RD RTE 3                   NCD091567065

 WASHINGTON               WASHINGTON COAL GAS PLANT              CORNER OF W. 3RD/W. VAN NORDEN ST.     NCD986197275

 WAXHAW                   WAXHAW STORAGE TANKS                   JCT S PROVIDENCE & CALDWELL ST         NCD981030836

 WAYNE C0                 GA-PACIFIC CORP COMPLY                 OLD MT OLIVE RD                        NCD000813659

 WAYNESVILLE              DAYCO CORP                             BALSAM RD                              NCD003148798

 WAYNESVILLE              HAYWOOD CO. LDFL                       FRANCIS FARM RD. SR 1802               NCD981474190

 WAYNESVILLE              HOLSTON ENERGY INC                     HWY 19A & 23 S BYP                     NCD081333858

 WAYNESVILLE              SCHULHOFFER JUNKYARD                   PO BOX 314                             NCD024852675

 WEAVERVILLE              QUORUM KNITTING                        1 BALCRANK WAY                         NCD062548995

 WENDELL                  PHOTO CHEMICAL SYSTEMS INC - WENDELL   515 W WILSON AVE                       NCD986229359

 WENDELL                  WOOLFOLK CHEM WRKS WENDELL WHSE        WILSON RD                              NCD991277807

 WEST END                 STANLEY CASE GOODS (FORMER)            HWY 211                                NCD049845266

 WHITEVILLE               GA-PACIFIC CORP CHIP-N-SAW             HWY 74 W                               NCD000813600

 WHITEVILLE               GA-PACIFIC CORP PANELBOARD             HWY 74-76                              NCD000813543

 WHITEVILLE               GA-PACIFIC CORP PLYWOOD                SR # 1436                              NCD000813667

 WHITEVILLE               GA-PACIFIC CORP TIMBER                 P. O. BOX 727 - W. MAIN ST.            NCD047375639

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 41 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WHITEVILLE               LACKEY IND WHSE                        PINE LOG ROAD                          NCD080891039

 WHITEVILLE               USS AGRI-CHEMICALS FARM SERVICE        HWY 701 - RTE 3, BOX 212               NCD000828616
 WHITSETT                 MEADOWLARK SOARING SCHOOL              6504 OLD BURLINGTON RD                 NCD107885188

 WILLIAMSTON              MARTIN MANUFACTURING PROPERTIES        E MAIN ST US HWY 17                    NCD000623223

 WILLIAMSTON              MUSIC CLUB PESTICIDE SITE              INT US 17 & ROANOKE RIVER              NCD981030893

 WILLIAMSTOWN             UNITED ORGANICS                        1008 E. BOULEVARD                      NCD981744618

 WILMINGTON               ALANDALE DR. (4008) CHEMICALS          4008 ALANDALE DR                       NCD981929557

 WILMINGTON               AMOCO                                  3345 RIVER RD                          NCD040049173

 WILMINGTON               CARO-KNIT                              23RD STREET                            NCD986171965

 WILMINGTON               CAROLINA P&L CO SUTTON STEAM ELEC PLT  US HWY 421                             NCD000830646

 WILMINGTON               CHEMICAL LEAMAN TANK LINES INC         120 COWPEN LANDING RD                  NCD062677273

 WILMINGTON               CONTAINER PRODS CORP                   1223 N. 23RD ST                        NCD980557813

 WILMINGTON               CORNING GLASS WORKS                    310 N COL RD                           NCD003938586

 WILMINGTON               DEPOORTERE CORP                        240 CASTLE HAYNE RD                    NCD006991210

 WILMINGTON               FLEMINGTON LDFL                        FAYETTEVILLE AVE                       NCD980503056

 WILMINGTON               GENL ELEC CO                           CASTLE HAYNE RD                        NCD050409150

 WILMINGTON               MCRAE STREET LANDFILL                  MCRAE STREET                           NCD986171973

 WILMINGTON               MOBIL OIL CORPORATION                  3335 RIVER RD/ P O BOX 992             NCD000772046

 WILMINGTON               NEW HANOVER CNTY AIRPORT BURN PIT      GARDNER DRIVE                          NCD981021157

 WILMINGTON               POTTER'S SEPTIC TANK SERVICE           33D MYRTLE GROVE RD OFF NC 421         NCD075562074

 WILMINGTON               SHACKLEFORD BANKS DRUMS                NEW HANOVER COUNTY                     NC0000102228

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 42 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WILMINGTON               SHEPHARD CHEM WORKS INC                HWY 74 E                               NCD980801484

 WILMINGTON               SINGER CO INC                          602 SUNNYVALE DR                       NCD057451270

 WILMINGTON               SOUTHERN WOOD PIEDMONT CO#             PO BOX 450 GREENFIELD ST               NCD058517467

 WILMINGTON               USA RESERVE XVIII AIRBORNE CORPS       2144 LAKESHORE DRICE                   NC0210021929


 WILMINGTON, NC           OLD ATC REFINERY                       601 SURRY STREET                       NCD986186518

 WILMINGTON-CONFID        HERCOFINA                              HWY 421                                NCD990734055

 WILSON                   FIRESTONE TIRE & RUBBER CO#            HWY 301 N                              NCD067191262

 WILSON                   HACKNEY BROS BODY CO                   HERRING AVE & PENDER STS               NCD003182805

 WILSON                   TOISNOT SWAMP                          INTERSECTION OF NC HYW 42/ TOISNOT     NCD986166700
 WINSTON SALEM            AMERICAN INKS & COATINGS CORP          3755 KIMWELL DR                        NCD083629196

 WINSTON SALEM            CAROLINA METALIZING CO INC             1925 VARGRAVE ST                       NCD081427890

 WINSTON SALEM            RJR ARCHER INC                         CUNNINGHAM AVE ( DEAD END )            NCD044514602

 WINSTON SALEM            SPRUANCE SOUTHERN INC                  HWY 52 S                               NCD003214574

 WINSTON SALEM            SUN CHEM CORP-GPI DIV                  2400 OLD LEXINGTON RD                  NCD081428104

 WINSTON-SALEM            AMP INC                                3900 REIDSVILLE RD                     NCD041230418

 WINSTON-SALEM            BEAUKNIT CORP PRINT PLANT              3801 KIMWELL                           NCD000276188

 WINSTON-SALEM            COLLINGWOOD FURNITURE INDS             1665 MLK JR. DRIVE                     NCD982101966

 WINSTON-SALEM            DOUGLAS BATTERY MFG CO                 500 BATTERY DR                         NCD003213030

 WINSTON-SALEM            HAYES-ALBION CORP                      3760 KIMWELL DR                        NCD044515211

 WINSTON-SALEM            IMC                                    GLENN AVE EXTN                         NCD003464369

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 43 of 44

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 WINSTON-SALEM            REYNOLDS RJ TOBACCO CO                 BLDG 95-1 7TH @ LINDEN ST              NCD000616474

 WINSTON-SALEM            REYNOLDS RJ TOBACCO CO                 BLDG 91 5TH @ PATTERSON AVE            NCD000616466

 WINSTON-SALEM            RJR ARCHER INC                         220 E POLO RD                          NCD067441394

 WINSTON-SALEM            SADOLIN PAINT PRODUCTS INC.            HWY N 311                              NCD991278680

 WINSTON-SALEM            SHERWOOD TREATING CO INC               1660 SILAS CREEK PKWY                  NCD003231545

 WINSTON-SALEM            STEWART-WARNER CORP BASSICK-SACK DIV   2941 INDIANA AVE                       NCD024895864

 WINSTON-SALEM            STRATFORD METAL FINISHING INC          807 S MARSHALL ST                      NCD053487765

 WINSTON-SALEM            STROH/CHITTEY FARM                     OVERDALE ROAD                          NCD986176444

 WINSTON-SALEM            SUPERIOR ELECTRO FINISHES              115 E POLO RD                          NCD000006361

 WINSTON-SALEM            THIELE-ENGDAHL INC                     1100 FAIRCHILD RD                      NCD002560159

 WINSTON-SALEM            WESTERN ELEC CO INC LEX RD PLT         3300 LEXINGTON RD SE                   NCD003213907

 WINSTON-SALEM            WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC                  3050 WESTINGHOUSE RD                   NCD000772376



 WINTERVILLE              WINTERVILLE MACHINE WORKS INC          209 S MILL ST                          NCD003183571

 WINTON                   CAROLINA ALUMINUM                      METCALF ST                             NCD045924487

 WINTON                   CF INDS INC                            N OF RTE 45 ON CHOWAN RIV              NCD065288847

 YADKINVILLE              FORBUSH METAL FABRICATORS              SPEER BRIDGE RD., RURAL RTE 2          NCD071579528

 YADKINVILLE              HOLCOMB CREOSOTE CO                    HWY 601 N                              NCD024900987

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 44 of 44

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