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Mississippi Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ABERDEEN                 ALLIED CORP PRAIRIE WORKS              ABERDEEN-PRAIRIE IND COMPLEX           MSD007035249

 ABERDEEN                 BOB WHITE SKEET CLUB                   HWY 45 EAST                            MS0001098045

 ABERDEEN                 CONOCO CHEMICALS CO CONOCO INC         HWY 25                                 MSD007031230

 ABERDEEN                 PRAIRIE METALS & CHEMICAL CO           ABERDEEN INDUSTRIAL PARK               MSD980839898

 ACKERMAN                 ACKERMAN LANDFILL                      HWY 15 S                               MS0001093525

 ACKERMAN                 GULF & WESTERN MFG TAYLOR FORGE DIV    OLD HWY 12                             MSD067116178

 ACKERMAN                 US INDUSTRIES INC                      E/S HWY 15                             MSD048890990

 ALLIGATOR                ALLIGATOR PESTICIDE                    HWY 442                                MS0001961515

 AMORY                    AMORY CIVIL DEFENSE HOSPITAL           215 FIRST AVE. N. (CORNER OF 3RD &     MSD985967058
 AMORY                    TOMLIN'S BUMPER SERVICE                946 S. MAIN STREET                     MSD985980382

 AMORY                    TRUE TEMPER SPORTS, INC.               HWY 25 S.                              MSD054531215

 AMORY                    WOODSHAFT                              HWY 25 S                               MSD004448775

 ASHLAND                  BENTON FURNITURE                       3 MI N ON HWY 5                        MSD981930191

 AUBURN                   INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO #4              SEC 19 T6N R9E                         MSD980557482

 BATESVILLE               PANOLA COUNTY DUMP                     CURTIS STATION RD                      MSD980557250

 BATESVILLE               TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE/CS 63                                                  MSD097908347

 BAXTERVILLE              TATUM DOME                             21 MILES OF SW OF HATTIESBURG          MSD985980226

 BAY SPRINGS              GA-PACIFIC CHIP N SAW                  HWY 15 S                               MSD067124701


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BAY ST. LOUIS            TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE/CS 530                                                 MSD991277542

 BEAUMONT                 BEAUMONT PLYWOOD                       RT. 1, BOX 197                         MS0001119528

 BECKER                   USS AGRI-CHEMICALS                     HWY 25                                 MSD078568672

 BELZONI                  HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     RAILROAD AVE                           MSD042203422

 BELZONI                  MISSISSIPPI POWER & LIGHT CO           209 W JACKSON ST                       MSD980602783

 BENTON                   BENTON WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM             MS HWY 16                              MSD980843577

 BILOXI                   BORDEN INC                             800 W HOWARD AVE                       MSD033247388

 BILOXI                   DSI FACILITY                           1660 5TH STREET                        MSD985966019

 BILOXI                   DSI LANDFILL                                                                  MSD985966068

 BILOXI                   LAVALLEY CONSTRUCTION CO               200 5TH ST                             MSD985967124

 BILOXI                   MISSISSIPPI POWER BILOXI               245 OAK ST.                            MSD120287537

 BILOXI                   RECOVERY SYSTEMS INC                   LEE & LIBERTY STS                      MSD000831271

 BILOXI                   USAF KEESLER AFB                       3380 CES/DEEV                          MS2570024164

 BILOXI-WIGGINS           W&W TECHS BILOXI TERTIARY REEFS        NEAR                                   MSD991277609

 BOONEVILLE               HEARTLAND BLDG. PRODUCTS               PARK PLACE                             MSD985980531

 BRANDON                  SOUTHERN NATURAL GAS CO                147 ANDREW CHAPEL RD                   MS0000016493

 BRANDON                  STOLLER CHEMICAL - BRANDON             112 WHIPPOORWILL ROAD                  MSD985979970

 BROOKHAVEN               BIG SPRING DDT SITE                    HOPE WELL BAPTIST CHURCH ROAD          MSD985971035

 BROOKHAVEN               BROOKHAVEN DRUM SITE                   212 EAST CHIPPEWA STREET               MSD985966670

 BROOKHAVEN               BROOKHAVEN-LINCOLN CNTY SANITARY LDFL  COUNTY FARM RD                         MSD980557409

 BROOKHAVEN               ESCAMBIA WOOD - BROOKHAVEN             N. BEHAN ROAD                          MSD985971639

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BROOKHAVEN               GENERAL MOTORS PACKARD ELEC            INDUSTRIAL PARK RD                     MSD084668367
 BROOKHAVEN               GORDON REDD LUMBER CO.                 OLD HWY 57 N                           MSD046493268

 BROOKHAVEN               MISSISSIPPI WOOD PRESERVING CO         BEHAN RD                               MSD008163552

 BROOKHAVEN               NALCO CHEMICAL LAB                     U.S. HIGHWAY 84                        MSD985966647

 BROOKHAVEN               POTTER COMPANY/BROOKHAVEN              WEST CONGRESS STREET                   MSD981932130

 BUDE                     ACF INDUSTRIAL SHIPPERS CAR LINE DIV   S GERARD ST                            MSD069530970

 BYHALIA                  ENTERPRISE RECOVERY SYSTEM             CAYCE RD                               MSD000693176

 CANTON                   CANTON PLATING & BUMPER WORKS INC      353 N PARKER ST                        MSD008473282

 CANTON                   JIMBO'S TRUCK STOP                     HWY 22 & I-55                          MS0001098052

 CANTON                   MFC-CANTON                             HWY 51 S                               MSD048827448

 CANTON                   SOUTHEASTERN WOOD PRESERVING           COVINGTON AVENUE                       MSD000828558

 CANTON                   VAN LEER CONTAINERS                    480 INDUSTRIAL DRIVE                   MSD082008921

 CENTREVILLE              CENTREVILLE CYLINDER                   MACEDONIA ROAD                         MSD985973031

 CENTREVILLE              GA-PACIFIC HARDWOOD SAWMILL            HWY 33                                 MSD000742718

 CENTREVILLE              ROGERS DISPOSAL SITE                   HWY 24 WEST; NORTHSIDE                 MSD980846778

 CENTREVILLE              ROGERS RENTAL & LDFL                   HWY 24                                 MSD083543009

 CLARKSDALE               CLARKSDALE SANITARY LANDFILL           CLARKSDALE-LYON RD                     MSD991276270

 CLARKSDALE               EMHART CORP                            HWY 322                                MSD007027535

 CLARKSDALE               RED PANTHER CHEMICAL CO                PATTON                                 MSD000272385

 CLARKSDALE               TEXAS GAS- CLARKSDALE CS               U.S. HWY. 61 S. (P.O. BOX 910)         MSD985980556

 CLEVELAND                DOUGLAS & LOMASON CO                   HWY 61 N                               MSD007036924

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CLEVELAND                HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     LAUGHLIN RD                            MSD052562170

 CLEVELAND                MISSISSIPPI POWER & LIGHT CO           HWY 61 N                               MSD000644633

 CLEVELAND                TRAVENOL LABS INC                      HWY 61 N                               MSD046636767

 CLINTON                  AMERICAN CAN CO                        367 CLINTON INDUSTRIAL PARK            MSD069544591


 CLINTON                  RELIANCE UNIVERSAL INC                 1000 INDUSTRIAL PARK RD                MSD041165747

 CLINTON                  TEXAS EASTERN COMPRESSOR               BILLY BELL ROAD                        MSD981931165
 COLLINS                  CHEVRON USA INC COLLINS TERMINAL       OLD HWY 49 S                           MSD980602064

 COLLINS                  GULF OIL CO US                         OLD HWY 49 S                           MSD000608190

 COLLINS                  GULF REFINING CO COLLINS TERMINAL      5 MI SE OF MS HWY 588                  MSD077905792

 COLLINS                  PLANTATION PIPE LINE CO CN FACILITY    HWY 588                                MSD991277310

 COLUMBIA                 GA-PACIFIC CHIP N SAW                  HWY 13 N                               MSD060835535

 COLUMBIA                 IMPROVE WOOD PRESERVING                200 YDS E OF HWY 44                    MSD981018823

 COLUMBIA                 NEW ORLEANS FURNITURE MANUFACTURING    HWY 13 N                               MSD008156283
 COLUMBIA                 NEWSOM BROTHERS/OLD REICHHOLD          WADE ST & PEARL ST                     MSD980840045
 COLUMBIA                 REICHOLD CHEM. SATELLITE AOI-1         717 MISSISSIPPI AVE.                   MSD985980622

 COLUMBIA                 REICHOLD CHEM. SATELLITE AOI-2         PARK AVE. & HWY. 98                    MSD985980630

 COLUMBIA                 REICHOLD CHEM. SATELLITE AOI-3         PARK AVE.                              MSD985980655

 COLUMBIA                 REICHOLD CHEM. SATELLITE AOI-5         PARK AVE. & HWY. 98                    MSD985980648

 COLUMBUS                 AMERICAN BOSCH ELECTRICAL PRODUCTS     MCCRARY RD                             MSD004010724

 COLUMBUS                 BELOIT MANHATTAN, INC                  617 YORKVILLE PARK                     MSD000272336

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 COLUMBUS                 EKA NOBEL, INC.                        2622 NASHVILLE FERRY RD.               MSD980709646

 COLUMBUS                 GENERAL TIRE & RUBBER CO               YORKVILLE RD                           MSD004001244

 COLUMBUS                 HOOKER CHEMICAL CORP                   NASHVILLE FERRY RD                     MSD004000568

 COLUMBUS                 JOHNSTON-TOMBIGBEE FRN MFG CO          WATER WORKS RD                         MSD004018834

 COLUMBUS                 KERR-MCGEE CHEMICAL CORP               14TH AVE & 20TH ST N                   MSD990866329

 COLUMBUS                 MISSISSIPPI INDUSTRIAL                 PO BOX 801                             MSD033281247

 COLUMBUS                 MITCHELL ENGINEERING CO                HWY 45 N                               MSD004003513

 COLUMBUS                 PRICE RECYCLING                        NEW RIVER BRIDGE RD (P.O. 824)         MS0001315373

 COLUMBUS                 RANDOLPH DRUM SITE                     1.5 MI. N OF US HWY 82                 MSD980602452

 COLUMBUS                 TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE CO STA 546      511 CROW RD, P. O. BOX 2444            MSD980557433

 COLUMBUS                 USAF COLUMBUS AFB                      14 FLYING TRG WING                     MS7570024060

 CORINTH                  COLUMBIA GULF- CORINTH CS              RT. 2, BOX 377                         MSD980579551

 CORINTH                  INTEX PLASTICS CORP CORINTH DIV        GOLDING DR                             MSD096076781

 CORINTH                  IT&T                                   FULTON DR                              MSD007022080

 CORINTH                  ITT TELECOMMUNICATIONS                 OFF WHEELER GROVE RD                   MSD980557268

 CORINTH                  KIMBERLY-CLARK CORP CORINTH MILLS      KENDRICK RD                            MSD000623017

 CORINTH                  TRI STATE RECYCLING CO                 W WALDRON ST                           MSD000828590

 CORINTH                  TYRONE HYDRAULICS INC                  GOLDING DR                             MSD007020043

 CORINTH                  VENDO CO THE                           202 CARDINAL DR                        MSD070769807

 COWART                   COWART VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL           HIGHWAY 32                             MSD985966134

 CROSBY                   SOUTHERN LUMBER COMPANY                HWY 33                                 MSD085556975

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CRYSTAL SPRINGS          KUHLMAN ELECTRIC CORP                  198 PORTER ST.                         MSD008188724

 DEKALB                   TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE/CS 542                                                 MSD048897656

 DELISLE                  DUPONT E I DE NEMOURS & CO INC         KILN DELISLE RD                        MSD096046792

 DURANT                   DURANT LDFL                            SR 51 & SR 12                          MSD980502652

 ECRU                     HICKS GIN AND FARM SUPPLY              HWY 15 SOUTH / P.O. BOX 217            MSD073513079

 EDWARDS                  CENTRAL MISSISSIPPI CROSSTIE           CEMETARY ROAD                          MSD020867636

 EGYPT                    TEXAS EASTERN GAS PIPELINE/EGYPT STA.  EAST OF US ALT 45                      MSD981931181

 ELLIOT                   FOLLEN WOOD PRESERVING CO INC          HWY 51                                 MSD033311812

 ENTERPRISE               SOUTHERN NATURAL GAS ENTERPRISE COMP   HWY 11                                 MSD079118782
 ESCATAWPA                MISSISSIPPI POWER CO V J DANIEL JR     HWY 63 N                               MSD093546729
 ESCATAWPA                MOSS POINT MARINE                      7801 TRINITY DRIVE                     MSD037971801

 EUPORA                   ALLIED ELECTROPLATING                  INDUSTRIAL PARK RD.                    MSD092111723

 EUPORA                   BILLY SMITH LDFL                       HWY 9 N 5 MI W                         MSD980602551

 EUPORA                   CHOCTAW CNTY LDFL                      HWY 9 S 8 MI IN RURAL AREA             MSD980602437

 EUPORA                   EUPORA CITY DUMP                       HWY 9 N 2 MI W                         MSD980602494

 EUPORA                   SOMERS CORP MERSMAN TABLES             CLAPP RD                               MSD990713711

 FERNWOOD                 CARE RESOURCES BIOMEDICAL WASTE        HIGHWAY 55                             MS0001411941

 FERNWOOD                 FERNWOOD INDUSTRIES                    SEC 30, T3N,R8E                        MSD008183519

 FLORENCE                 CHLORIDE AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES          250 ELLIS AVE                          MSD060838653

 FLORENCE                 CHLORIDE METALS                        BRIAR HILL RD                          MSD082002320

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FLOWOOD                  FLOWOOD SITE                           STATE HWY 468                          MSD980710941

 FLOWOOD                  J.P. WADE COMPANY                      OLD FANNIN RD.                         MSD985980549

 FLOWOOD                  MAGNA CORP MISSISSIPPI STEEL DIV       4TH ST                                 MSD008158685

 FLOWOOD                  SONFORD PRODUCTS                       3506 PAYNE DRIVE                       MSD086556388

 GALLMAN                  COPIAH COUNTY LANDFILL                 HIGHWAY 51                             MSD985967116

 GALLMAN                  UNIVERSAL MANUFACTURING CORP           HWY 51 S                               MSD075044651

 GAUTIER                  GAUTIER OIL CO., INC.                  217 GRAVELINE R                        MSD098596489

 GEORGE COUNTY            INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO #1              SEC 34-35 T2S R6W                      MSD980557458

 GEORGE COUNTY            INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO #2              SEC 17-18 T3S R6W                      MSD980557466

 GEORGE COUNTY            INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO #3              SEC 19 T3S R5W                         MSD980557474

 GLOSTER                  GA-PACIFIC FORESTRY                    HWY 33                                 MSD991277674

 GLOSTER                  GA-PACIFIC FORESTRY                    SEC 20 26 28 33 34 T1N R2E             MSD980557425

 GLOSTER                  GA-PACIFIC PLYWOOD PLANT               FRANK SCHUH DR                         MSD010400331

 GREENEVILLE              TEXAS GAS- GREENEVILLE CS              TEXAS GAS RD.                          MSD985980564

 GREENVILLE               ABIDE AIRSTRIP                         TOWNSHIP LINE RD.                      MSD985966175

 GREENVILLE               BASF WYANDOTTE CORP AG RESEARCH FARM   103 BASF RD                            MSD049117575

 GREENVILLE               CHEVRON CHEMICAL CO                    OLD ABIDE AIRPORT RD                   MSD073544264

 GREENVILLE               FRIEDMAN IRON & METAL                  U.S. HWY. 82 (P.O. BOX 430)            MSD985980515

 GREENVILLE               GREENVILLE PESTICIDE SITE              305 WEST WALTHALL STREET               MS0001408913

 GREENVILLE               GREENVILLE, MS DRUMS                   FERGUSON LAKE                          MS0001897230

 GREENVILLE               HAGER INDUSTRIES                       1540 THORNTON ST                       MSD030422489

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GREENVILLE               HAMMETT & SONS DUMP                    1.5 MI N OF FISH MILL BRIDGE           MSD030426886

 GREENVILLE               ITAPCO GREENVILLE TERMINAL             208 SHORT CLAY ST                      MSD054492475

 GREENVILLE               MID - STATE METAL/COOPER STEEL         1825 NORTH THEOBALD                    MSD981470115

 GREENVILLE               MISSISSIPPI P & L CO GERALD ANDRUS     HWY 82 W                               MSD070767082
 GREENVILLE               PLATTE CHEMICAL COMPANY                P.O. BOX 5156                          MSD066106923

 GREENVILLE               TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE/CS 54                                                  MSD073511917

 GREENVILLE               TEXACO INC                             560 LEWYS LANE                         MSD055692214

 GREENVILLE               UTILITY PRODUCTS CO                    NORTH BROADWAY EXTENDED                MSD097909485

 GREENVILLE               VALLEY CHEMICAL                        550 NORTH RAVE WAY ROAD                MSD985974831

 GREENVILLE               WALCOTTE CHEMICAL                      NORTH & ALEXANDER STS                  MSD980601736

 GREENWOOD                BALDWIN PIANO & ORGAN CO               AIRPORT RD                             MSD007016843

 GREENWOOD                GARRETT & SON INC.                     BALDWIN RD. & HWY 49 E                 MSD073526022

 GRENADA                  GRENADA CITY LANDFILL                  HWY 8 EAST                             MSD980559710

 GRENADA                  MCQUAY PERFEX INC                      HWY 51 S                               MSD007019623

 GRENADA                  ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL SITE # 2        OFF MS HWY 7                           MSD039133509

 GRENADA                  ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL WHEEL & TRIM    HWY 332 E                              MSD007037278

 GRENADA                  TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE                                                        MSD985966480

 GRENADA COUNTY           GA-PACIFIC BOMBING RANGE TRACT         SEC 34 T22 R6                          MSD980559264

 GULFPORT                 AVONDALE GULFPORT MARINE               11367 REICHOLD RD.                     MSD982770919

 GULFPORT                 AVONDALE INDUSTRIES                    13303 INDUSTRIAL SEAWAY                MSD052062353

 GULFPORT                 CHEMFAX, INC.                          WESTSIDE THREE RIVERS RD               MSD008154486

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GULFPORT                 CROWN ZELLERBACH CORP                  CREOSOTE RD                            MSD057226961

 GULFPORT                 CROWN ZELLERBACH NO 1                  HWY 53 N                               MSD980842298

 GULFPORT                 CROWN ZELLERBACH NO 2                  JCT SHAW RD & HWY 53                   MSD980842355

 GULFPORT                 GULF COAST MOSQUITO CONTROL COMM       4702 HEWES AVE                         MSD020871562

 GULFPORT                 MASONITE CORP ALPINE DIV               COUNTY BARN RD                         MSD033317397

 GULFPORT                 MCDERMOTT SEAWAY YARD                  14055 INDUSTRIAL SEAWAY ROAD           MSD985977883

 GULFPORT                 MISSISSIPPI POWER CO PLANT WATSON      LORRAINE RD P O BOX 4079               MSD000824995

 GULFPORT                 PLASTIFAX, INC.                        INDUSTRIAL SEAWAY BLVD                 MSD094915246

 GULFPORT                 REICHHOLD CHEMICALS INC                REICHHOLD RD                           MSD001661719

 GULFPORT                 US NAVAL CONST BATTALION CTR           PERIMETER RD                           MS2170022626

 GULFPORT                 USDA SEA IFA RESEARCH LAB              3505 25TH AVE, P O BOX 3209            MS2120507379

 HAMILTON                 KERR-MCGEE CHEMICAL CORP               HWY 45 S                               MSD007025117

 HATTIESBURG              C & E EQUIPMENT CO                     AIRPORT RD                             MSD071942072

 HATTIESBURG              DAVIS TIMBER COMPANY                   COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES RD.               MSD046497012

 HATTIESBURG              DIXIE PINE CHEMICALS                   1 DIXIE PINE RD                        MSD008156614

 HATTIESBURG              DOW CHEMICAL USA DOWELL DIV            1232 JAMES ST                          MSD050912799

 HATTIESBURG              DYNAMIX                                DYNAMIX IND. PARK                      MSD985979491

 HATTIESBURG              GULF STATE CREOSOTE                    US HIGHWAY 11 AND GORDON CREEK         MSD985967199

 HATTIESBURG              HATTIESBURG DRUMS SITE                 HWY 49 & 98 S                          MSD985967645

 HATTIESBURG              HERCULES INC                           W 7TH ST                               MSD008182081

 HATTIESBURG              MACKIE DAVIS FARM                      HICKORY GROVE RD.                      MSD981473432

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HATTIESBURG              SCOTT PAPER CO                         INDUSTRIAL PARK AIRPORT RD             MSD980540355

 HAZLEHURST               COPIAH CNTY MANUFACTURING CO           600 GEORGETOWN ST                      MSD000824961

 HEIDELBERG               TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE/CS 538                                                 MSD081389397

 HERMANVILLE              MASONITE CORP SOUTHERN LUMBER DIV      PATTISON RD                            MSD980245310

 HERNANDO                 ALUMAX EXTRUSIONS                      2785 MCCRACKEN RD                      MSD097904932

 HERNANDO                 MAC'S FLASH PYROIL                     720 VAIDEN ROAD                        MSD982770547

 HIGHWAY 463              ANNONDALE PIT                          HIGHWAY 493                            MSD981854839

 HOLLANDALE               HOLLANDALE                             SR 61 & SR 12                          MSD093799369

 HOLLY SPRINGS            BISHOP'S FLYING SERVICE                HWY 78 W                               MSD030419881

 HOLLY SPRINGS            CLIPPER ABRASIVES                      SALEM AVE                              MSD063930804

 HOLLY SPRINGS            ITT THOMPSON INDUSTRIES INC            320 US HWY 78 E                        MSD050243534

 HOLLY SPRINGS            MULAY PLASTICS                         550 IND PARK                           MSD089533715

 HOLLY SPRINGS            SUNBEAM OSTER HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS       HWY 7N                                 MSD084784602

 HOUSTON                  UNION CAMP CORPORATION                 FOURTH AVE NORTH                       MSD092117811

 INDEPENDENCE             TRUNKLINE GAS- INDEPENDENCE CS         STATE HWY. 305 RR 413                  MSD985980614

 INVERNESS                COLUMBIA GULF- INVERNESS CS            RT. 1, BOX 86                          MSD980579577

 ISOLA                    TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE/CS 843                                                 MSD991277682

 IUKA                     US NASA YELLOW CREEK PROD. FAC.        1 NASA DRIVE                           MS4640031155

 JACKSON                  AMERICAN CYANAMID CO                   GULFLINE RD                            MSD041226382

 JACKSON                  AZTEC INDUSTRIES INC                   106 AZTEC DR                           MSD052512027

 JACKSON                  BROWNING-FERRIS INDUSTRIES OF MS INC   N COUNTY LINE RD                       MSD991277534

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JACKSON                  CHALLENGER ELECTRIC                    750 BOLING ST                          MSD980839229

 JACKSON                  DESOTO INC                             2065 LIVINGSTON RD                     MSD055026645

 JACKSON                  FILTROL CORP                           600 E MCDOWELL RD                      MSD008149304

 JACKSON                  FLOYD CECIL CO                         3103 W NORTHSIDE DR                    MSD980557367

 JACKSON                  FOLLEN WOOD PRESERVING                 LANGLEY AVENUE                         MSD033345059

 JACKSON                  GENERAL ELECTRIC CO JACKSON GLASS      HWY 80 @ PARK                          MSD980600050
 JACKSON                  GENERAL ELECTRIC CO JACKSON LAMP       HWY 80 W                               MSD008183535

 JACKSON                  JACKSON OIL PRODUCTS CO                BIERDEMAN RD                           MSD008151425

 JACKSON                  JACKSON PLATING COMPANY                228 W. LORENZ BLVD.                    MSD008181562

 JACKSON                  MID-CONTINENT TRUCK STOP               N GALLATIN ST                          MSD980802771

 JACKSON                  MISSISSIPPI P & L CO MAYES ST          121 MAYES ST                           MSD991277328
 JACKSON                  MISSISSIPPI P&L BROWN STEAM ELEC STA   E NORTHSIDE DR                         MSD991277062

 JACKSON                  PLACID OIL CO                          1218 CAPITOL TOWER BLDG                MSD047296173

 JACKSON                  PROCESS ENGINEERING COMPANY, INC.      4639 MEDGAR EVERS BLVD.                MSD008151730

 JACKSON                  SAFETY-KLEEN CORP 6-078-01             NORTHSIDE COMMERCIAL PARK              MSD000776765

 JACKSON                  SIEMENS-ALLIS INC                      HWY 49 S                               MSD072602899

 JACKSON                  SOUTHERN MAID PRODUCTS                 132 RICHARDSON DRIVE                   MSD985975861

 JACKSON                  UNITED GAS- JACKSON CS                 FOX HALL RD.                           MSD985980580

 JACKSON                  VICKERS-JACKSON INC                    5353 HIGHLAND DR                       MSD033359266

 JACKSON                  W&W TECHS JACKSON DOME REEF            NEAR                                   MSD991277369

 KILN                     SAM WHITFIELD TIM INTERNATIONAL        P O BOX 156                            MSD980403133

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KOSCIUSKO                ATTALA CNTY SANITARY LANDFILL          YOUTH CENTER RD                        MSD980557284

 KOSCIUSKO                SHELLER GLOBE CORP                     1 SUPERIOR DR                          MSD008168536

 KOSCIUSKO                SOUTHERN ELECTROFORMING INC            614 KNOX RD                            MSD033365875

 KOSCIUSKO                TEXAS EASTERN KOSCIUSKO COMPRESSOR     EAST OF HWY 35                         MSD981931298
 LAKE CORMORANT           TEXAS GAS- LAKE CORMORANT CS           TEXAS GAS RD.                          MSD985980663

 LAUDERDALE               DALEWOOD MANUFACTURING CO INC          MAIN ST                                MSD055905418

 LAUREL                   CHURCH ROAD DRUM SITE                  HWY 59 AT EXIT 73, MONROE AND CHURCH   MS0000815571

 LAUREL                   G&G OIL SERVICES                       HIGHWAY 11 NORTH                       MSD985967504

 LAUREL                   GENERAL MOTORS DELCO REMY LAUREL       1 THAMES AVE                           MSD083451039
 LAUREL                   HEADRICK SIGN CO                       1117 W. 8TH                            MSD982120677

 LAUREL                   JONES COUNTY DRUMS                     PITTMAN RD./EASTABUCHIE CUTOFF RD.     MSD985967132

 LAUREL                   LAUREL LUMBER CO                       209 21ST ST                            MSD059652305

 LAUREL                   MASONITE CORP CENTRAL HARDBOARD DIV    S 4TH AVE & MASONITE DR                MSD008182420

 LAUREL                   MASONITE CORP SOUTHERN LUMBER DIV      BRUCE AVE                              MSD057222747

 LAUREL                   PETROLITE                              625 N. 13TH AVE.                       MSD985971043

 LAUREL                   PINE BELT WOOD PRESERVING CO           HWY 15 S 1-59                          MSD991277195

 LAUREL                   SANDERSON FARMS                        225 N 13TH AVE LAUREL A I              MSD008190209

 LAUREL                   TESORO PETROLEUM DISTRIBUTION CO       2025 MERIDIAN AVE                      MSD052056868

 LEARNED                  HINDS WOOD PRESERVING CO.              OAKLEY LEARNED RD                      MSD981467376

 LELAND                   LA-Z-BOY CHAIR CO                      OLD HWY 61 NORTH                       MSD981002975

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LELAND                   OLIN CHEMICALS GROUP LELAND PLANT      HWY 61 N                               MSD007035843

 LELAND                   STOLLER CHEMICALS                      REXBURG ROAD                           MSD985977644

 LINCOLN                  BROOKHAVEN WELLS                       SECOND ST. AND ENTERPRISE ST.          MSD985966977

 LOUIN                    BLACKWELL TREATING COMPANY             HWY 15 SOUTH                           MSD980847461

 LOUISVILLE               AMERICAN CREOSOTE WORKS INC            RAILROAD AVE                           MSD004006995

 LOUISVILLE               GA-PACIFIC FORESTRY                    HWY 15 S                               MSD052674942

 LOUISVILLE               GA-PACIFIC PARTICLEBOARD PLANT         HWY 15                                 MSD980600076


 LOUISVILLE               GA-PACIFIC PLYWOOD PLANT               HWY 15                                 MSD000645622

 LOUISVILLE               GA-PACIFIC RESIN DIV                   ARMSTRONG ST                           MSD000824854

 LOUISVILLE               ILLINOIS CENTRAL GULF RAILROAD         116 CAGLE ST                           MSD000773564

 LUCEDALE                 GEORGE COUNTY SITE                     OFF GRADY DUNN RD                      MSD980840102

 LUMBERTON                SOUTHLAND OIL CO LUMBERTON REFINERY    HWY 11 N                               MSD010384766

 MACON                    DELTA/ BORAL BRICK COMPANY             HIGHWAY 14 WEST                        MSD985975473

 MARION                   LOCKHEED-GA CO                         MARION RUSSELL RD                      MSD000742742

 MARKS                    GOLD KIST OILSEED PROCESSING COMPLEX   520 CHERRY ST                          MSD084783042

 MASHULAVILLE             GA-PACIFIC MULTIPURP0SE TARGET RANGE   T14 R16 SECTS 8-9 15-22 28-30          MSD980557383

 MCCOMB                   ILLINOIS CENTRAL GULF RAILROAD COM     S RAILROAD BLVD                        MSD000813741

 MCCOMB                   SHELL OIL CO/LITTLE CREEK GASOLINE     P O BOX 866                            MSD980403174

 MCCOMB                   UNITED GAS- MCCOMB CS                  STATE HWY. 583                         MSD985980606

 MCHENRY                  MIDNIGHT DUMPING                       FOREST SERVICE ROAD                    MSD981929458

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MCHENRY                  TALLYRAND DUMPING                      STONE COUNTY                           MSD985967140

 MCHENRY                  U.S. FORESTRY SERVICE ACCESS ROADS     100 W. CAPITOL ST.                     MS9122307722

 MEDIDIAN                 USN AIR STATION MERIDIAN               PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT                MS1971590012

 MERDIAN                  SOUTHEAST OIL TERMINAL                 1401 65TH STREET                       MSD000609966

 MERIDAN                  AMOCO OIL CO                           205 65TH AVENUE                        MSD000826883

 MERIDAN                  DIXIE OIL CO.                          ROUTE 8, BOX 106R                      MS0001118819

 MERIDIAN                 ARCO METALS COMPANY                    H ST                                   MSD063676159

 MERIDIAN                 CITGO MERIDIAN TERMINAL                180 65TH AVE                           MSD000609701

 MERIDIAN                 ETHYLENE GLYCOL SPILL                  HIGHWAY 80 WEST                        MSD985967108

 MERIDIAN                 GULF OIL CO US                         65TH AVE                               MSD000608208

 MERIDIAN                 INTERSTATE MERCHANDISE WAREHOUSE INC   1601 FRONT ST                          MSD004803706

 MERIDIAN                 KERR-MC GEE CHEMICAL CORP              HWY 11 S                               MSD081387730

 MERIDIAN                 MID CONTINENT SYSTEMS, INC.            I-20 (1 MILE WEST OF HWY 19 EXIT)      MSD985979038

 MERIDIAN                 MOSS AMERICAN WOOD PRESERVING PIT      HWY 11 S                               MSD980402838

 MERIDIAN                 MS POWER CO SWEATT ELECTRIC            VALLEY RD                              MSD000825000

 MERIDIAN                 OWENS-CORNING FIBERGLAS CORP           HWY 11                                 MSD098844947

 MERIDIAN                 PEAVEY ELECTRONICS CORP                711 A ST                               MSD033394602

 MERIDIAN                 PEAVEY ELECTRONICS CORP                14 AVE & ST 20                         MSD991277260

 MERIDIAN                 PEAVEY ELECTRONICS CORP                611 10TH AVE                           MSD991277070

 MERIDIAN                 ROBINSON CHEMICAL COATINGS INC         HWY 19 S                               MSD033395161

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MERIDIAN                 TEXACO INC                             US HWY 80W                             MSD991277401

 MORTON                   PEAVEY ELECTRONICS CORP                HWY 80                                 MSD991277146

 MORTON                   UNITED GAS- MORTON CS                  U.S. HWY. 80                           MSD985980598

 MOSS POINT               AUTOMATIC PROCESSING INC               4212 DUTCH BAYOU RD                    MSD010406809

 MOSS POINT               HALTER MARINE, INC                     5801 EIDERFERRY RD                     MSD008208696

 MOSS POINT               INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO                 6901 GRIERSON ST                       MSD008159717

 MOSS POINT               SERMATECH CORROSION SERVICES           4401 SERMETAL DR                       MSD980601801

 MOSS POINT               THIOKOL CORP                           5724 ELDER FERRY ROAD                  MSD008186587

 NATCHEZ                  ADAMS LUMBER MILL                      N PINE RIDGE RD                        MSD980557292

 NATCHEZ                  FIDELITY TIRE COMPANY                  BRENHAM/KELLY AVE. (P.O. BOX 927)      MSD041223025

 NATCHEZ                  FIDELITY/ARMSTRONG CC RD               COUNTRY CLUB RD-ONE MI. W OF HIWAY     MSD985966142
 NATCHEZ                  INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO                 LOWER WOODVILLE RD                     MSD008159725

 NATCHEZ                  INTERNATIONAL PAPER/NATCHEZ FOREST     US 61 S                                MSD980557300
 NATCHEZ                  MANVILLE JOHN PRODUCTS CO              LIBERTY RD P O 1288                    MSD053776241

 NATCHEZ                  MISSISSIPPI P&L NATCHEZ STEAM ELEC     1001 STEAM PLANT RD                    MSD991277252
 NATCHEZ                  NATCHEZ PATHOLOGY LAB INC              MEDICAL ARTS BLDG                      MSD077909992

 NATCHEZ                  NATCHEZ-GASQUET DUMP                   NORTHSIDE SCHOOL ROAD                  MSD985966183

 NATCHEZ                  SOUTHERN ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICE         PROVIDENCE RD                          MSD037974110

 NESBIT                   N. I-55 WEIGH STATION MIDNIGHT         INTERSTATE 55                          MSD981929334

 NEW ALBANY               ERTEL MANUFACTURING CORP               HWY 15 N                               MSD045488236

 NEW ALBANY               LAHER PRODUCTION PROPERTY              HWY 78 W                               MSD007033491

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEW ALBANY               MOHASCO UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE CORP.    HIGHWAY 78 WEST                        MSD002085918

 NEW ALBANY               TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE/CS 851                                                 MSD991277450


 NEW HEBRON               CIRCLE S INC.                          227 RODEO ROAD                         MS0001806710

 NEW HEBRON               SOUTHERN NATURAL GAS GWINVILLE COMP    HWY 13                                 MSD980557318

 OCEAN SPRING             OCEAN SPRING ETHER                     503 DEWEY AVENUE                       MSD985967801

 OCEAN SPRINGS            BAUSCH & LOMB PERSON OPTICS DIV        2006 GOVERNMENT ST                     MSD048816953


 OCEAN SPRINGS            GULF BATTERY EXCHANGE                  HWY 57 S @ INTERSCT OF 57 & 49         MSD064626195

 OCEAN SPRINGS            GULF COAST RESEARCH LAB                EAST BEACH                             MSD054177415

 OLIVE BRANCH             AMERICAN NATIONAL CAN                  10800 MARINA DRIVE                     MSD981931090

 OLIVE BRANCH             FABSTEEL/GALVANIZING CO INC            10290 HWY 78                           MSD089537286

 OLIVE BRANCH             ICI ACRYLICS                           10500 HIGH POINT ROAD                  MSD980799480

 OLIVE BRANCH             RICHARDSON-VICKS, INC.                 10136 MILLS ST.                        MSD000287417

 OLIVE BRANCH             TRUE TEMPER SPORTS, INC.               8706 DEERFIELD DRIVE                   MSD982095713

 OLIVE BRANCH             TYLER-KALT INC                         11042 WILDWOOD DR                      MSD093790772

 OSYKA                    PIKE COUNTY DRUM                       STATE LINE ROAD                        MSD985972215

 OXFORD                   CHAMPION BUILDING PRODS US PLYWOOD     HWY 7 N                                MSD045492683

 OXFORD                   LAWN BOY                               13 IND. PARK RD.                       MSD980842231

 OXFORD                   WHIRLPOOL CORPORATION                  927 WHIRLPOOL DR                       MSD106294507

 PACHUTA                  KOCH HYDROCARBON COMPANY               P.O. BOX 197                           MSD980246094

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 PASCAGOULA               CHICAGO BRIDGE & IRON CO               EAST END WASHINGTON AVE                MSD092685205

 PASCAGOULA               CORNING GLASS WORKS PASCAGOULA PLANT   HWY 611                                MSD000735670

 PASCAGOULA               ERNEST APPLEWHITE OIL SALVAGE CO       P O BOX 2115                           MSD980402861

 PASCAGOULA               FIRST CHEMICAL CORP                    BAYOU CASOTTE                          MSD033417031

 PASCAGOULA               INGALLS EAST BANK                                                             MSD098590615

 PASCAGOULA               INGALLS WEST BANK SHIPBLDG.            WEST RIVER ROAD                        MSD050648757

 PASCAGOULA               JACKSON COUNTY PESTICIDE SITE          JACKSON COUNTY                         MS0001611532

 PASCAGOULA               MISSISSIPPI CHEMICAL CO                BAYOU CASOTTE                          MSD077909133

 PASCAGOULA               NATIONAL CAN CORP                      2302 DENNY AVE                         MSD094925435

 PASCAGOULA               PORT OF PASCAGOULA                     HWY. 611                               MSD985980523


 PEARL                    SUPERIOR MANUFACTURING CO INC          HWY 80 E                               MSD008206427

 PEARL RIVER COUNTY       INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO #5              SEC 11 T1S R4W                         MSD980557524


 PEARLINTON               BERGERON MARINE                        HANCOCK COUNTY PORT                    MSD124353301

 PHILADELPHIA             WEYERHAUSER CO                         OFF WEYERHAUSER ST                     MSD980557375

 PICAYUNE                 CROSBY CHEMICALS INC                   815 N BEECH ST                         MSD084662832

 PICAYUNE                 CROSBY FOREST PRODUCTS CO INC          218-2005 CROSBY                        MSD008184657

 PICAYUNE                 PEARL RIVER WOOD PRESERVING CORP       1900 ROSA STREET                       MSD008194144

 PICAYUNE                 WAGNER INDUSTRIES, INC                 1203 MEADOWGREEN BLVD                  MSD094907995

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PICAYUNE                 WOOD TREATING INC                      401 DAVIS ST                           MSD065490930

 POCOHONTAS               TRAIN DERAILMENT                       HIGHWAY 49                             MSD981473424

 PONTOTOC                 WILTON INDUSTRIES                      INDUSTRIAL CIRCLE                      MSD063948343

 POPLARVILLE              POPLARVILLE PESTICIDE DUMP             MILLARD                                MSD981854896

 PORT GIBSON              MIDDLE S ENERGY INC GRAND GULF NUC     GRAND GULF RD                          MSD000644617

 PRAIRIE                  PRAIRIE/STARKVILLE ETHER SITES         HWY 382                                MSD985967520

 PRAIRIE                  SOUTHERN NATURAL GAS CO MULDON COMP    HWY ALT 45                             MSD980557441
 PRENTISS                 JEFFERSON-DAVIS DRUM SITE              OFF HAMMOND ROAD                       MS0001763713

 PRENTISS                 PRENTISS CREOSOTE & FOREST PRODUCTS    JEFF DAVIS LAKE RD                     MSD065479313

 PURVIS                   AMERADA HESS CORP                      HWY 11                                 MSD079461406

 PURVIS                   TENNESSEE GAS PIPELINE/CS 534                                                 MSD991277476

 RAYMOND                  RAYMOND LANDFILL                       OFF HWY 18                             MSD980557326

 REDWOOD                  ALLIED CHEMICAL CORP                   HWY 3                                  MSD000646562


 RICHTON                  JOSLYN MFG. AND SUPPLY CO.             P.O.DRAWER M, HWY 15 NORTH             MSD021019914

 RIPLEY                   AMERICAN BILTRITE                      HWY 15 N                               MSD042111955

 RIPLEY                   RIPLEY WOOD PRESERVING                 P.O. BOX 575                           MSD991279613

 ROSEDALE                 BIG MUDDY MYSTERY TANK                 MISSISSIPPI RIVER (MILE 598)           MSD985980333

 ROSEDALE                 ROSEDALE FLYING SERVICE                P O BOX 575                            MSD980403091

 ROXIE                    GA-PACIFIC CHIP N SAW                  HWY 84                                 MSD062646807

 SALTILLO                 TUPELO BURIED DRUM SITE                ROUTE 1                                MSD981020365

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANDERSVILLE             SOUTHLAND OIL CO                       HWY 11 N                               MSD079467536

 SANDERSVILLE             TRANSCO GAS- SANDERSVILLE CS           HWY. I-59 N.                           MSD985980572

 SARDIS                   FMI PLASTICS                           413 LEE ST.                            MS0001315381

 SATARTIA                 SATARTIA DRUM DUMP SITE                COUNTY RD OFF HWY 433                  MSD981020886

 SATARTIA                 YAZOO COUNTY DRUM SITE                 HIGHWAY 3                              MS0001413343

 SENATOBIA                CHROMCRAFT CORP                        1 QUALITY LANE                         MSD006294771

 SENATOBIA                GOOKEN FARM                            HIGHWAY 4                              MSD981930076

 SENATOBIA                MABRY FARM SITE                                                               MSD985966159

 SHELBY                   BOOGA BOTTOM LANDING STRIP             HWY 61 N                               MS0001325430

 SHUBUTA                  DAVIS DRUM BURIAL                      RT. 1, BOX 101                         MSD985980507

 SOUTH HAVEN              ITT LIGHTING FIXTURE DIV               8735 HAMILTON RD                       MSD007023898

 SOUTHAVEN                MCCALL PROPERTY                        1920 CHURCH ROAD                       MSD985966498

 SOUTHAVEN                SOUTHAVEN AIRSTRIP                     STATE LINE ROAD AND I-55               MSD985967090

 STARKVILLE               MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY LDFL      US HWY 82                              MSD980600092

 STENNIS SPACE CENTER     US NASA STENNIS SPACE CENTER           CODE GA00                              MS1800090002

 STONEVILLE               LELAND DUMP                            SR 82 & SR 61                          MSD099181372

 TAYLORSVILLE             AUTOMATIC PLATING INC                  FELLOWSHIP RD                          MSD041222415

 TAYLORSVILLE             CRAFT FEE LAND SECT 14 10N 15W         OFF BLACKTOP RD                        MSD980557342

 TAYLORSVILLE             FAGAN FEE LAND SECT 19 T2N R7E         OFF ST HWY 540                         MSD980557334

 TAYLORSVILLE             GA-PACIFIC FORESTRY                    HWY 28                                 MSD991276999

 TAYLORSVILLE             GA-PACIFIC PARTICLEBOARD PLANT         HWY 28                                 MSD980600068

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TAYLORSVILLE             GA-PACIFIC PLYWOOD PLANT               HWY 28                                 MSD991277211

 TAYLORSVILLE             GA-PACIFIC RESIN DIV                   HWY 28 W                               MSD057481400

 TAYLORSVILLE             GA-PACIFIC STUDMILL PLANT              HWY 28                                 MSD991277286

 TIE PLANT                KOPPERS CO INC FOREST PRODUCTS DIV     HWY 51 S                               MSD007027543

 TREEMONT                 ITAWAMBA COUNTY DRUM SITE              HICKORY CREEK ROAD                     MSD985977511

 TUNICA                   DELTA CHEMICAL & PETROLEUM CO.         HIGHWAY 61 NORTH                       MSD985976935

 TUNICA                   HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     HWY 61                                 MSD052562055

 TUPELO                   C & F CONTRACTING CO                   PLANT RD                               MSD042113001

 TUPELO                   CONE MILLS CORP OLYMPIC PRODUCTS       1116 S CANAL ST                        MSD007022312

 TUPELO                   COOPER TIRE & RUBBER CO.               1689 SOUTH GREEN STREET                MSD980839385

 TUPELO                   DAY BRITE LIGHTING                     1015 SOUTH GREEN ST                    MSD007019151

 TUPELO                   DELTA INTERNATIONAL MACHINERY CORP.    1200 SOUTH GLOSTER STREET              MSD112604921

 TUPELO                   FMC CORP                               HWY 45 N                               MSD067695742

 TUPELO                   HUNTER-DOUGLAS, INC.                   LEE IND. PARK, E. RT. 2                MSD982110389

 TUPELO                   IMC                                    PARK LAKE DRIVE                        MSD007028608

 TUPELO                   KRUEGER INTERNATIONAL                  1695 S. GREEN ST.                      MSD007039381

 TUPELO                   LEE COUNTY SOLVENT DRUMS               SKYLINE ROAD                           MSD985975010

 TUPELO                   ROLLISON EQUIPMENT CO                  884 CLIFF GOOKIN BLVD                  MSD982772006

 TUPELO                   SOUTHERN IMPERIAL INC                  753 WESTMORELAND DR                    MSD007024896

 TUPELO                   SUPER SAGLESS CORP                     1692 SOUTH GREEN ST.                   MSD002088474

 TUPELO                   WONDURA PRODUCTS,INC.                  1141 RYDER ST.                         MSD001473073

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 UNION CHURCH             TEXAS EASTERN GAS PIPELINE/UNION       HWY 550                                MSD981931173
 UTICA                    FMHA - JAMES TUCKER SITE               REEDTOWN ROAD                          MSD985967207

 VAIDEN                   HORNS AGRICULTURAL SPRAY INC           TUCKERVILLE RD                         MSD980501969

 VERONA                   ALLSTEEL                               116 LIPFORD DRIVE                      MS0000114264

 VERONA                   ARVIN INDUSTRIES INC                   TUPELO-LEE INDUSTRIAL PARK S           MSD073514267

 VERONA                   SHELLER-GLOBE CORP VERONA PLT          LEE INDUSTRIAL PARK SOUTH              MSD000648329

 VERONA                   TECUMSEH PRODUCTS CO                   HWY 45 S                               MSD078586005

 VICKSBURG                CONTINENTAL CAN CO PLANT 459           US ROUTE 61 N                          MSD000798819

 VICKSBURG                ERGON REFINING                         HARBOR PROJECT ROAD                    MSD098595317

 VICKSBURG                FAIRGROUND STREET FUEL DEPOT           FAIRGROUND STREET                      MS8150000000

 VICKSBURG                HOWARD STREET PCB                      12 HOWARD STREET                       MSD985967512

 VICKSBURG                INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO VICKSBURG MILL  HWY 3 N                                MSD043436724

 VICKSBURG                MISSISSIPPI P & L CO BAXTER WILSON     HWY 61 S                               MSD991277021
 VICKSBURG                PERKINS INDUSTRIES INC                 RIFLE RANGE RD                         MSD010392009

 VICKSBURG                USA ENGR ENVIRON LAB WATERWAYS EXP     3909 HALLS FERRY RD                    MS6210809871
 VICKSBURG                VERTAC CHEMICAL CORP VICKSBURG MS      RIFLE RANGE RD                         MSD990714081
 VICKSBURG                W&W TECHS VICKSBURG CRETACEOUS         1307 W ST NW                           MSD991277484

 VICKSBURG                WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP             HWY 61 S                               MSD004382214

 WARREN CO                HALLS FERRY RD DUMP                    HALLS FERRY RD.                        MSD980502660


 WATER VALLEY             COLUMBIA GULF- BANNER CS               RT. 4, BOX 75                          MSD985970128

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 22

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WAVELAND                 PHILLIPS PETROLEUM CO WAVELAND PLT     JUNIOR RD                              MSD000792580

 WAY                      HUNT PROCESS FARM PROPERTY             HWY 51                                 MSD980557276

 WESSON                   POTTER CO.                             942 HIGHWAY 51 NORTH                   MSD056029648

 WEST POINT               BABCOCK & WILCOX CO.                   EAST HALF MILE STREET                  MSD004000782

 WEST POINT               BLAZON FLEXIBLE FLYER                  100 TUBB AVE                           MSD064102577

 WEST POINT               BRUNSWICK MARINE                       HIGHWAY 45 (P.O. BOX 1256)             MSD033469867

 WIGGINS                  FLORIDA GAS- WIGGINS CS                FLORIDA GAS RD.                        MSD982769978

 WIGGINS                  INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO WOOD            OLD HWY 49 S                           MSD980600084
 WIGGINS                  MASONITE CORP SOUTHERN LUMBER DIV      HWY 49 S                               MSD062452776

 WIGGINS                  SOUTHERN PINE WOOD PRESERVING CO       1418 CLG AVE                           MSD008208886

 WIGGINS                  TIMCO INC                              MAGNOLIA DR & NEWTON RD                MSD052056637


 YAZOO CITY               CLASS A AUTHORIZED LDFL                HWY 3 BYPASS                           MSD980557359

 YAZOO CITY               MISSISSIPPI CHEMICAL CO                US HWY 49 E                            MSD008161432

 YAZOO CITY               SOUTHLAND OIL CO CRUPP REFINERY YAZOO  US HWY 3 S                             MSD083552190

 YAZOO CITY               TEXAS EASTERN COMPRESSOR               OFF HWY 3                              MSD981931249

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 22

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