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Missouri Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 AFFTON                   SCIENTIFIC ASSOCIATES INC              6200 S LINDBERGH BLVD                  MOD052618063

 AFFTON                   WIKEL MANUFACTURING CO                 9722 REAVIS PARK DR                    MOD981704901

 ALTON                    MISSOURI HWY DEPT MAINT SHED           HWY 160 1 MI E OF                      MOD981115454

 ALTON                    SCOTT LUMBER CO INC                    HWY 160 E                              MOD068531003

 ALTON                    STEWARTS SHED                          HWY 19 ACROSS FROM CNTY RD 212         MO0001024652

 AMAZONIA                 WHEELING DISPOSAL SERVICE CO.          OFF HWY K 1 1/2 MI S OF                MOD000830554
 AMSTERDAM                MIDWAY MINE                            1 MI W OF                              MOD082127184

 AMSTERDAM                P & M MINING CO LDF                    SEC 6 T39N R33W                        MOD981712037

 ANNAPOLIS                ANNAPOLIS LEAD MINE                    1 MI NE OF                             MO0000958611

 ANNAPOLIS                BOLLINGER FARM SITE                    .5 MI W OF HWY 49 4 MI N OF            MOD980502173

 ANNAPOLIS                GAF CORP - ANNAPOLIS                   1 RUBEROID DR                          MOD000822650

 ANTONIA                  HIGH VIEW DRIVE DUMP                   HIGH VIEW DR                           MOD980502397

 ARNOLD                   DEFREENE, CHARLES PROPERTY             562 HOLLYWOOD BEACH                    MOD980685515

 ARNOLD                   DOUGLAS RESIDENCE                      3347 BOCA RATON DR                     MOD980687784

 ARNOLD                   HILSE, WILLIAM PROPERTY                HOLLYWOOD BEACH RD                     MOD980685549

 ARNOLD                   JEFFCO LANDFILL                        HWY 21 3 MI S OF HWY 141               MOD980631287

 ARNOLD                   L & S FARMS                            3742 LONEDELL RD                       MOD980687941

 ARNOLD                   LA PRESTA FILL MATERIAL                27 OZARK LN                            MOD980972236

 ARNOLD                   MERAMEC DRUM                           ONE MERAMEC MARINE DR                  MO0001723105

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ARNOLD                   ROBERTS, EARL RESIDENCE                2 MILLRIDGE DR                         MOD980688089

 ARNOLD                   SIMPSON LANDFILL                       HWY 21 E OF HWY 141                    MOD980631428

 ARNOLD                   SWALLER ROAD DUMP                      SWALLER RD 1 MI SE OF HWY 21           MOD980502603

 ARNOLD                   SWALLER'S FARMHOUSE                    OFF LION'S DEN RD                      MOD980854004

 ASBURY                   FORMER WITTER CO SITE                  STILWELL & MAIN STS                    MO0001271824

 ASBURY                   PITTSBURG & MIDWAY COAL MINING CO      RT 1                                   MOD095831251

 ASHLAND                  HOWE, RICK RESIDENCE                   201 BASS                               MOD980685150

 AURORA                   BALDWIN PARK DUMP                      N EDGE OF                              MOD980633168

 AURORA                   BOSTON-AURORA MINE #5                  HIGH ST RD                             MOD981729924

 AURORA                   DENNEY FARM                            HWY VV                                 MOT300010980

 AURORA                   JONES RESIDENCE                        648 SPRINGFIELD                        MOD980969653

 AURORA                   SOLID STATE CIRCUITS - AURORA          NW 1/4 SEC 8 T26 R25                   MOD980969976

 AVA                      SENTINEL WOOD TREATING CO INC          420 NW 12TH                            MOD029684438

 BALLWIN                  BALLWIN ATHELETIC ASSOC FIELD          PARKING LOT AT FIELD                   MOD980971923

 BALLWIN                  BALLWIN BAPTIST CHURCH                 535 MANCHESTER RD                      MOD020372330

 BALLWIN                  BALLWIN COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH     119 RAMSEY LN                          MOD980971931

 BALLWIN                  BAXTER RIDGE FARM                      2315 BAXTER RD                         MOD980971949

 BALLWIN                  CALVARY CHRISTIAN CHURCH               16629 MANCHESTER RD                    MOD980972012

 BALLWIN                  CEDAR RUN DRIVE - LESLIE LANE APTS     CEDAR RUN DR                           MOD980972020

 BALLWIN                  CHRONISTER RESIDENCE                   268 E SKYLINE DR                       MOD980859664

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BALLWIN                  COLONIAL TOWNE CENTER                  RIDGE RD RR 2                          MOD077110864

 BALLWIN                  EATON ARENA                            201 STRECKER RD                        MOD980854160

 BALLWIN                  ELLISVILLE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION        26 CLARKSON RD                         MOD088708482

 BALLWIN                  ELLISVILLE SITE                        NEAR ELLISVILLE                        MOD980633010

 BALLWIN                  IMLER RESIDENCE                        638 SHADOWRIDGE DR                     MOD980687891

 BALLWIN                  JUMPER RESIDENCE                       128 ST PAUL RD                         MOD980852891

 BALLWIN                  KEMPER FARM                            S OF BRIGHTFIELD & CATANIA DR          MOD980687917

 BALLWIN                  LAFAYETTE CHURCH OF CHRIST             115 NEW BALLWIN RD                     MOD980972244

 BALLWIN                  LAUREL HAVEN                           500 NEW BALLWIN RD                     MOD980861876

 BALLWIN                  MEADOW BROOK COUNTRY CLUB              KEHRS MILL & CLAYTON RD                MOD086927944

 BALLWIN                  MID AMERICA ARENA SUBSITE              146 STRECKER RD                        MOD980861934
 BALLWIN                  PLAY SCHOOL ON THE FARM                OFF BAXTER RD                          MOD980972400

 BALLWIN                  SALEM METHODIST CHURCH                 311 MANCHESTER RD                      MOD980972475

 BALLWIN                  SOS RENTAL                             885 MANCHESTER RD                      MOD055882559

 BALLWIN                  VESPY PROPERTY                         1000 WATERMAN DR                       MOD981499346

 BARNHART                 FOSTER HEIGHTS TRAILER PARK            OFF HWY 61-67                          MOD980972137

 BARNHART                 MULBERRY HILL ROAD DUMP                MULBERRY HILL RD                       MOD980685945

 BARNHART                 VILLAGE OF JEFFERSON SUBDIVISION       VARIOUS LOCATIONS                      MOD980688212

 BARTON                   VALLEY SANITATION SERVICE INC          ST HWY 126 1 1/2 MI W OF 71            MOD000767087

 BATTLEFIELD              SOLID STATE CIRCUITS - BATTLEFIELD     NE 1/4 SEC 36 T28 R23                  MOD980969968

 BEAUFORT                 SPRINGCREEK ROAD SITE                  SPRINGCREEK RD                         MOD980685663

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #



 BELTON                   ABANDONED DRUM SITE                    1016 N SCOTT                           MOD981712110

 BELTON                   RICHARDS GEBAUR AFB WEST BURN PIT      N OF 155TH ST & W OF AFB PROP          MO2570090025

 BELTON                   RICHARDS GEBAUR AIR FORCE BASE         HWY 150 & US 71 HWY                    MO9571824292

 BERKELEY                 MC KESSON CHEMICAL CO - BERKELEY       8925 SEEGER INDUSTRIAL DR              MOD084396985

 BIRMINGHAM               BIG THREE ENTERPRISE                   1000 BIRMINGHAM RD                     MOD048260806

 BIRMINGHAM               BIRMINGHAM ROAD DRUMS                  BIRMINGHAM RD                          MOD985820802

 BIRMINGHAM               BIRMINGHAM SCHOOL                      6TH & SPRATTLER                        MOD980686117

 BISMARCK                 GILES, HANK PROPERTY                   RR 2                                   MOD980685994

 BLUE SPRINGS             SAFETY KLEEN CORP - BLUE SPRINGS       24016 E 40 HWY                         MOD000669077

 BLUE SUMMIT              INTERCITY METALS                       8304 KARLEEN                           MOD985798909

 BLUE SUMMIT              MARSH STREET DRUMS                     1633 MARSH AVE                         MOD985821537

 BONNE TERRE              BONNE TERRE MINE TAILINGS              SEC 12, T37N, R4E                      MOD985818236

 BONNE TERRE              DAILY RESIDENCE                        RT 2                                   MOD980972053

 BOONE TERRE              TERRE DU LAC SUBDIVISION               OFF HWY 47                             MOD980859789

 BOONVILLE                BOONVILLE FMGP                         301 2ND ST                             MOD985775410

 BOONVILLE                BOONVILLE SANITARY LDF                 MORGAN ST E OF MAIN                    MOD000855049

 BOSS                     BUICK MINE MILL                        HWY KK                                 MOD000677195

 BOSS                     BUICK SMELTER                          HWY KK                                 MOD980855597

 BOWLING GREEN            WHITEWAY SANITATION LANDFILL           RT VV                                  MOD000283408

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BRANSON                  BRANSON QUARRY                         OFF RT 65                              MOD980631154

 BRANSON                  CHEMICAL RANCH                         HWY 248 N OF                           MOD985768803

 BRANSON                  NEW LUGENES INC                        HWY 76 W OF HWY 65                     MOD055446405

 BRANSON                  TABLE ROCK LAKE WHITE RIVER            ST HWY 165                             MO3960009568

 BRENTWOOD                CONTROL DEVICES INC                    711 HANLEY IND CT                      MOD043509561

 BRENTWOOD                SAFETY KLEEN CORP - BRENTWOOD          1227 HANLEY INDUSTRIAL CENTER          MOD096714829

 BRENTWOOD                SINCLAIR & VALENTINE - BRENTWOOD       523 HANLEY IND CT                      MOD000669127

 BRENTWOOD                WALSH & ASSOCIATES                     1801 S HANLEY RD                       MOD043510254

 BRIDGETON                95 FLOOD CERCLA DRUMS                  ST CHARLES ROCK RD                     MO0001401710

 BRIDGETON                GIST ROAD DRUMS                        GIST RD                                MO0000383232

 BRIDGETON                MASTER PEST & TERMITE                  3760 PENRIDGE DR                       MOD980862213
 BRIDGETON                MASTER PEST & TERMITE                  4173 SHORELINE DR                      MOD052609807

 BRIDGETON                MISSOURI BOTTOM TANK SITE              MISSOURI BOTTOM RD                     MO0000381913

 BRIDGETON                THOMAS CAMPER SALES                    5217 N LINDBERGH BLVD                  MOD980854988

 BRIDGETON                US MARINE CORPS                        10810 NATURAL BRIDGE RD                MO7170090065

 BRIDGETON                WESTLAKE LANDFILL                      13570 ST CHARLES ROCK RD               MOD079900932

 BRIGHTON                 SIKES POST & LUMBER CO                 RT 1 HWY 13 N 1.5 MI                   MOD098477037

 BROOKFIELD               BROOKFIELD FMGP                        97 N MONROE                            MO0001900208

 BROOKFIELD               MAIN & HELM SITE                       INTERSECTION OF MAIN & HELM            MO0001898899

 BROWNING                 BROWNING CITY DUMP                     RR 5 MM & O 2 MI N OF                  MOD985797554

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BUNKER                   ASARCO INC - WEST FORK UNIT            HWY KK 6 MI E OF                       MOD000677799

 BUNKER                   BUNKER POST CO                         HWY 72 & STATE RD A                    MOD990711830

 BUNKER                   ST JOE MINERALS CORP - BRUSHY CREEK    HWY KK E OF                            MOT300010691
 BUNKER                   ST JOE MINERALS CORP - FLETCHER DIV    HWY TT E OF                            MOD086785391

 BUTLER                   BUTLER DRUM                            RT 4                                   MOD985775105

 BUTLER                   EAST NURSERY STREET QUONSET HUT        E NURSERY ST                           MOD980631238

 BUTLER                   OSAGE VALLEY ELECTRIC COOP             US HWY 71 N BOX 151                    MOD008906216

 BUTLER                   TRI-COUNTY SHELTERED WKSP - BUTLER     9 S MECHANIC                           MOD073040669

 CADET                    BUCKMAN LABORATORIES INC               HWY 47                                 MOD006286934

 CAIRO                    WISE, WARREN INC - CAIRO               BUS RT 63 N                            MOD080019847

 CALIFORNIA               KIRCHOFF PROPERTY                      401 W BUCHANAN ST                      MO0000980615

 CAMDENTON                ELECTROVERT USA CORP                   HWY 5 S OF                             MOD094392040

 CAMDENTON                MAGIC CHROME                           595 1/2 E HWY 54                       MOD985799113

 CAMDENTON                MEHL, ED SANITARY LANDFILL             HWY 7 W 3.5 N OF                       MOD980969158

 CAMDENTON                SUNDSTRAND                             SUNSET DR - P.O. BOX 636               MOD062439351

 CAMPBELL                 HILL, JIM STEAM ELECTRIC STATION       RT 2                                   MOD070335781

 CANTON                   ATKINS FARM                            1.5 MI W ON HWY 16 THEN S 3/4 MI       MO0121590079

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           ARENA PARK                             ATLAS & HAWTHORNE STS                  MOD985768324

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           ATLAS PLASTICS CORP                    229 BROADWAY                           MOD006271068

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           CAPE GIRARDEAU CITY LANDFILL           HWY 177 3/4 MI N OF                    MOD985768290


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           K-MART SITE                            BUSINESS 55 N & INDEPENDENCE 1 BLK     MOD985800051

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           KEM-PEST LABORATORIES                  E OF ST HWY 177                        MOD980631113

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           M E W BURN AREA - NORTH SITE           E OF HWY 61 S OF HWY 74                MOD985768274

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           M E W BURN AREA - SOUTH SITE           W OF HWY 61 S OF HWY 74                MOD985768282

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           MISSOURI ELECTRIC WORKS                S HWY 61 2 MI S HWY K                  MOD980965982


 CAPE GIRARDEAU           MISSOURI PARK                          MIDDLE & NORTH ST                      MOD985768316

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           MISSOURI UTILITIES FMGP                500 E MAIN ST                          MOD985796085

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           SHAWNEE PARK                           W END BLVD & COLLEGE ST                MOD985768332

 CAPE GIRARDEAU           SUPERIOR ELECTRIC PRODUCTS             AIRPORT RD                             MOD006297907

 CARROLLTON               CARROLLTON DRUG RAID RESPONSE          201 W BENTON                           MO0001576198

 CARROLLTON               TONNAR SALVAGE                         OLD BUSINESS HWY 24                    MOD029718038

 CARTERVILLE              CARVER SALVAGE SITE                    503 W LEWIS                            MOD981709124

 CARTHAGE                 ALLERGON INC                           HWY 96 W                               MOD093809366

 CARTHAGE                 CARTHAGE CITY DUMP                     RT 31 W                                MOD980502207

 CARTHAGE                 IRECO INC                              4 MI W OF                              MOD029719200

 CARTHAGE                 RADIUM PETROLEUM CO - CARTHAGE         RR 4                                   MOD000669010

 CARUTHERSVILLE           TEXACO INC - CARUTHERSVILLE            HWY 84 W                               MOD980631501

 CASSVILLE                CASSVILLE ASBESTOS                     FARM RD 1120 PARTRIDGE DR              MO0001575885

 CASSVILLE                SOS CONVENIENCE STORE                  HWY 112 3 MI S OF                      MOD985817469

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CEDAR HILL               LACY MANOR DEVELOPMENT                 403 B SANDCUT RD                       MOD980687636

 CENTERVIEW               CENTERVIEW SMELTER                     MAIN ST                                MO0001276849

 CENTERVILLE              CENTERVILLE LANDFILL                   1.5 MI E FROM JCT 21 & 72 & V          MOD980852313

 CENTRALIA                GREEN ACRES FARM SUPPLY                N SIDE OF HWY 22 E                     MOD006311518

 CENTRALIA                OLD CENTRALIA LDF                      HWY 22 W OF                            MOD981722499

 CENTRALIA                PANHANDLE/TRUNKLINE COMPRESSOR         5 MI S ON HWY Z                        MOD115895385
 CHESTERFIELD             BAXTER GARDENS                         17259 WILD HORSE CREEK RD              MOD054952940

 CHESTERFIELD             BREEZY POINT                           N OF HWY 40-61 & HWY 340               MOD980687651


 CHESTERFIELD             CHESTERFIELD LEGION HALL POST 556      1026 SCHOETTLER RD                     MOD980685069

 CHESTERFIELD             CHESTERFIELD TANK                      MARKER 36.8 ON MO RV 1 MI FROM         MOD981715915

 CHESTERFIELD             ELZEA'S, JOHN ARENA                    HWY 40 AT WOODS MILL RD                MOD980687818

 CHESTERFIELD             FRUIT STANDS                           OFF HWY 40 ST LOUIS CORR INST          MOD980973036

 CHESTERFIELD             LOGAN CHIROPRACTIC COLLEGE             1851 SCHOETTLER RD                     MOD075887430

 CHESTERFIELD             MITTAUER RESIDENCE                     1014 APPALACHIAN TRL                   MOD980687990

 CHESTERFIELD             VOSS RESIDENCE                         OFF WILD HORSE CREEK RD                MOD980854277

 CHILHOWEE                OWENS FARM                             RR 2                                   MOD980633184

 CHILLICOTHE              CHILLICOTHE FMGP                       BRIDGE ST & CALHOUN ST                 MOD985817386

 CLARKSON VALLEY          KESMER FARMS                           2101 WILSON AVE                        MOD076968361

 CLAYCOMO                 FORD MOTOR CO - CLAYCOMO               HWY 69                                 MOD007118078

 CLEVELAND                WILLEY DUMP                            HOLMES RD                              MOD043673151

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CLIFTON HILL             AECI THOMAS HILL POWER PLT LDF         1 MI OFF RT F                          MOD115633752

 CLINTON                  CLINTON FMGP                           ELM & 6TH STS                          MOD985816875

 CLINTON                  TRI-COUNTY SHELTERED WKSP - CLINTON    417 S CENTER ST                        MOD981704547

 COLE CAMP                LONG'S CATTLE EQUIPMENT WELL           HWYS 65 & 52                           MO0001326735

 COLUMBIA                 AMERICAN AIR FILTER                    2100 NELWOOD DR                        MOD096718184

 COLUMBIA                 BOONE COUNTY - CITY OF COLUMBIA        HWY 63 N                               MOD980970354

 COLUMBIA                 COLUMBIA COAL GAS                      INTERSECTION OF ASH & ORR STS          MOD985808088

 COLUMBIA                 HENDREN SALVAGE YARD                   705 PROCTOR DR                         MOD980855886

 COLUMBIA                 HST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL                  800 HOSPITAL DR                        MO3360090028

 COLUMBIA                 SAFETY KLEEN CORP - COLUMBIA           610 BIG BEAR RD                        MOD980971626

 COLUMBIA                 UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - SOUTH FARM    ROLLING SPRINGS RD                     MOD980631568

 COLUMBIA                 WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO - COLUMBIA       HWY 63 S                               MOD071958631

 COWGILL                  COWGILL DRUMS                          7 MI N OF                              MOD981722549

 CRANE                    FAY BACON FARM II                      NE 1/4 SEC 25 T26 R25                  MOD981709249

 CRESCENT                 STUART, WALLACE RESIDENCE              LEWIS RD                               MOD980850978

 CRYSTAL CITY             PPG INDUSTRIES                         26 MISSISSIPPI AVE                     MOD985788801

 CRYSTAL CITY             SUNRIDGE TRAIL SITE                    SUNRIDGE TRAIL                         MOD980685671

 CUBA                     CHAPMAN SALVAGE YARD                   RT 2                                   MOD980685523

 CUBA                     DICKHOENER PROPERTY                    RR 1 BOX 18                            MOD981116122

 CUBA                     GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP                   P O BOX N HWY 19 S                     MOD093745677

 DEARBORN                 DEARBORN DRUMS                         ST HWY MM                              MOD981715865

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DEERFIELD                CARMEL ENERGY INC                      ON HWY T 4.75 MI S OF HWY 54           MOD096750161

 DEFIANCE                 DEFIANCE DUMP SITES                    OLD COLONY RD                          MOD980502272

 DESLOGE                  BIG RIVER MINE TAILINGS/ST. JOE        SEC 25 26 35 & 36 T37N R4E             MOD981126899
 DEXTER                   DEXTER PLATING INC                     HWY 60 TO ARVIN RD                     MOD981709181

 DIAMOND                  DIAMOND SEED CO                        N OF JCT J HWY & ALT 71                MOD981126089

 DITTMER                  DITTMER DISPOSAL SITE                  NEAR HWY 30                            MOD980502280

 DITTMER                  DITTMER RD                             DITTMER RD                             MOD980972087

 DITTMER                  SUTFIN PROPERTY                        153 CALVERY CREEK RD                   MOD981710429

 DITTMER                  UNKNOWN HOUSE                          WOODLAND RD                            MOD980688188

 DIXON                    SHAW PROPERTY                          HWY HH OFF HWY 133                     MO0001276914

 DRESDEN                  OO - ALC/RIVET MILE USAF               RR T                                   MO0570090027

 DUENWEG                  SIMON'S DX SERVICE STATION             US 66 W OF                             MOD980631410

 DUENWEG                  WILCOX, MURRAY PROPERTY                3 MI NW HWY AA 1 MI S SEC RD           MOD981118664

 EDWARDS                  MOSSY CREEK COVE SITE                  SW 1/4 SEC 8 T40N R20W                 MOD980860548

 ELDON                    BONANZA MOLDING                        HWY 54 3 MI S OF                       MOD119038883

 ELDON                    COBURN OPTICAL INDUSTRIES DUMP         HWY 54 INDUSTRIAL PARK                 MOD038890307

 ELDON                    DWYER DRUMS                            703 E 8TH ST                           MOD985798248

 ELDON                    POLLY SALVAGE/APPERSON FARM            HWY M                                  MOD985775477

 ELDON                    UNION ELECTRIC CO - OSAGE PLANT        BAGNELL DAM LAKE OF THE OZARKS         MOD980140933

 ELKLAND                  MOVIE HUT INC                          ST HWY 38 W                            MOD080014095

 ELLINGTON                SCOTT TIE CO                           .5 MI OFF HWY H S OF                   MOD080003684

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ELLISVILLE               BREEDEN, WALTER RESIDENCE              OFF ST PAUL RD                         MOD980854269

 ELLISVILLE               BRIDLE TRAILS WEST                     S OF MANCHESTER RD W OF POND RD        MOD980965685

 ELLISVILLE               FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH                   137 CLARKSON RD                        MOD980852453

 ELLISVILLE               H BAR 7 RANCH                          48 STRECKER RD                         MOD980687867

 ELLISVILLE               HOULIHAN RESIDENCE                     OFF STRECKER RD W OF CAULKS CR         MOD980685093

 ELLISVILLE               KOMMA, FRED RESIDENCE                  RIDGE RD RT 2                          MOD980685051

 ELLISVILLE               KULLAS RIDING ACADEMY                  CLAYTON TRAILS                         MOD980972228

 ELLISVILLE               RAHKO RANCH                            OFF VALLEY RD W OF                     MOD980688071

 ELVINS                   ELVINS MINE TAILINGS                   SEC 12 T36N R4E                        MOD985818244

 ELVINS                   FEDERAL TAILINGS PILE                  HWY 67 TO E HWY 32 TO ST JOE ST PARK   MOD985808070

 ELVINS                   KRAMER SITE                            RT B                                   MOD980502249

 EUREKA                   ARMY (EX) TYSON POWDER STORAGE FARM    I-44 & ANTIRE RD                       MO4210090029

 EUREKA                   BAR MONEY RANCH                        ALLENTON RD 2 MI W OF                  MOD980687594

 EUREKA                   CIRCLE R RANCH                         N ALLEN RD                             MOD980687768

 EUREKA                   DAVID RESIDENCE                        510 WALLACH DR                         MOD980972061

 EUREKA                   EAST NORTH STREET - EUREKA             E NORTH ST                             MOD980853428

 EUREKA                   EUREKA HOLIDAY INN (FORMERLY)          15 VILLAGE CENTER                      MOD981126097

 EUREKA                   GAVEL RESIDENCE                        411 WILLIAMS                           MOD980685077

 EUREKA                   HIGH TRAILS STABLES                    HWY FF                                 MOD980685119

 EUREKA                   SOUTHWESTERN BELL EUREKA SITE          STONEGATE & WILLIAMS RD S I-44         MOD981497514

 EUREKA                   TALL OAKS PROPERTY ASSOCIATION         OFF HWY FF S OF                        MOD980859771

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EUREKA                   WILLMANN ROAD                          WILLMANN RD OFF HWY W                  MOD980972574

 EUREKA                   WILLOW ST DRUM SITE                    HWY W                                  MO0000735845

 EXCELSIOR SPRINGS        ETHYL PRODUCTS CO                      1701 JOHNSON INDUSTRIAL DR             MOD007139611

 FAIRFAX                  FAIRFAX MUNICIPAL WATER SUPPLY         HWY 7 & US HWY 59 INTERSECTION         MOD981126105

 FARBER                   NORTH AMERICAN REFRACTORIES CO         300 W LOCUST                           MOD006268601

 FARMINGTON               BOULDER VALLEY CAMPGROUND              OFF HWY AA SW OF                       MOD980859631

 FARMINGTON               TILLMAN HOUSE                          TILLMAN RD 7 MI S E OF                 MO0000332171

 FENTON                   BAUER RESIDENCE                        200 MEINHARDT                          MOD980687602

 FENTON                   BRANCH & EAST BRANCH ROADS             SW OF SMIZER MILL RD W OF              MOD980859649

 FENTON                   BUBBLING SPRINGS ARENA                 1300 ROMAINE CREEK RD                  MOD980741888

 FENTON                   CASHEL RESIDENCE                       2306 ROMAINE CREEK                     MOD980688600

 FENTON                   CASSENS TRANSPORT CO                   2000 MRAZ LN                           MOD068553833

 FENTON                   CHRISTIANSON WELL                      3409 E ROMAINE CREEK RD                MOD980687750

 FENTON                   CHRYSLER ST LOUIS ASSEMBLY PLANT       1001 N HWY DR                          MOD085002319

 FENTON                   CORISANDE BEACH ROAD                   1/4 MI E OF CORISANDE BEACH RD         MOD980854046

 FENTON                   FABICK CATERPILLAR - ST LOUIS COUNTY   HWY 44 & 270                           MOD031032329

 FENTON                   FENTON CREEK DUMP                      OLD HWY 141 S                          MOD985817493

 FENTON                   FENTON FOREST SUBDIVISION              FENTON FOREST SUBDIVISION              MOD980854954

 FENTON                   FENTON HILLS TRAILER COURT             761 BROCK RD                           MOD980972129

 FENTON                   GATEWAY BUS CO                         1 FABICK DR                            MOD980972152

 FENTON                   GENERAL ELECTRIC CO - APPARATUS        CASSENS DR                             MOD000687483

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FENTON                   HENNESSEY-FORRISTAL MACHINERY CO       2280 CASSENS DR                        MOD006326532

 FENTON                   MCREYNOLDS RESIDENCE                   742 MCREYNOLDS LN                      MOD980972277

 FENTON                   PRATER RESIDENCE                       1675 ROMAINE CREEK RD                  MOD980688055

 FENTON                   PRIVES RESIDENCE                       1369 ROMAINE CREEK RD                  MOD980850929

 FENTON                   RICHARZ ROAD SITE                      CREEK CROSSING AT RICHARZ RD           MOD980853998

 FENTON                   SCHWARTZ RESIDENCE                     339 ROCKY RD                           MOD980688113

 FENTON                   SMIZER VALLEY RANCH                    2201 SMIZER VALLEY RD                  MOD980972509

 FENTON                   SPRINGDALE PARK & POOL                 2280 S HWY 141                         MOD980973119

 FENTON                   SUGAR CREEK RANCH                      310 FIEDLER LN                         MOD980688121

 FENTON                   SULLINS RESIDENCE                      1680 ROMAINE CREEK                     MOD980685184

 FENTON                   WINTERS BROTHER PARK                   HWY 30-41 CORISANDE & ALLEN RD         MOD980972582

 FESTUS                   FESTUS CITY LANDFILL                   I-55 S TO US 67 N 1/2 MI               MOD990756819

 FESTUS                   LUCAS AUTO SALES                       207 S MILL                             MOD029760360

 FESTUS                   RIVER CEMENT CO - SELMA PLANT          NEAR HWY 61 & I-55                     MOD050232560


 FLAT RIVER               NATIONAL MINE TAILINGS                 SEC 5, T36N, R5E                       MOD985818228

 FLORISSANT               PADDOCK STABLES                        6344 JANET LN                          MOD980972384

 FLORISSANT               VASQUEZ FARMS                          4420 VAILE AVE                         MOD980688006

 FLORISSANT               WALKER, DONALD RESIDENCE               14 PERSIMMON LN                        MOD980850937

 FOREST CITY              SCHUYLKILL METALS CORP                 1 MI SE OF US HWY 59                   MOD030712822

 FORISTELL                PEDA-SCAN SUBSTATION                   1932 OLD EISENBATH LN                  MOD980852222

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FRANKLIN                 BUNCH, LEON RESIDENCE                  TAVERN RD                              MOD980971998

 FREDERICKTOWN            BERRY WOOD PRODUCTS                    HWY 67 S TO CHEROKEE PASS              MOD143540375

 FREDERICKTOWN            CATHERINE MINE                         HWY 67 N TO HWY H                      MOD981717762

 FREDERICKTOWN            GRAHAM FARM                            RR                                     MOD980685986


 FREDERICKTOWN            REEVES PROPERTY                        NW 1/4 SEC 3 T32N R6E                  MOD981118680

 FREEMAN                  HIGHWAY 2 DRUMS                        HWY 2 1/4 MI W OF CO RD C              MOD985809490

 FRENCH VILLAGE           GOOSE CREEK LAKE DEVELOPMENT           NE OF HWY Y NEAR                       MOD980859706

 FROHNA                   EAST PERRY LUMBER CO                   HWY A & HWY C INTERSECTION             MOD006297642

 FRONTENAC                BLISS TANK FARM                        GERMAN BLVD & DWYER RD                 MOD980633200

 FRONTENAC                BROWN, OTIS STABLE                     4 COUNTRYSIDE LN                       MOD055879233

 FRONTENAC                MARNATI QUARRY                         5037 PARKER AVE                        MOD980685556

 FRONTENAC                WEST END PARK AREA                     NE CORNER OF                           MOD980688246

 FRONTENAC                ZEPHYR GAS STATION                     GERMAN BLVD                            MOD980972608

 FT LEONARD WOOD          USATC - ENGINEER & FT LEONARD WOOD     I-44                                   MO3213720979

 FULTON                   CENTRAL ELECTRIC CO                    HWY 54 S                               MOD064656473

 FULTON                   UNION ELECTRIC CO - CALLOWAY PLANT     HWY O & CC 10 MI E OF                  MOD000687392

 GALLATIN                 LANDMARK MANUFACTURING                 RR 1                                   MOD985775329

 GERALD                   BINGAMAN SITE                          RT 2 N SIDE OF CO RD RT C              MOD985817501

 GERALD                   BULL MOOSE TUBE COMPANY                N OF HWY 50                            MOD062432315

 GLADSTONE                GLADSTONE ANIMAL SHELTER               4000 NE 76TH ST                        MOD985772441

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GLADSTONE                GLADSTONE SITE                         6220 N OAK ST                          MOD980962856

 GLASGOW                  MONNING INDUSTRIES INC                 400 INDUSTRIAL DR                      MOD006299374

 GLENCOE                  ABRAHAM RESIDENCE                      RT 1 HWY C                             MOD980851281

 GLENCOE                  ERXLEBEN PROPERTY                      BOONESS LN JCT HWY 100 & T             MOD980853303

 GLENCOE                  WOODLANDS HOME ASSOCIATION             HWY 100 & MANCHESTER RD                MOD980685218

 GLOVER                   ASARCO INC - GLOVER                    HWY 49 S                               MOD048833875

 GOWER                    SCHUSTER FARM                          SEC 58 S17 T55N R33W                   MO4120090069

 GRAHAM                   GRAHAM DUMP                            SW 1/4 NW 1/4 SEC 12 T62N R37W         MOD980971873

 GRANBY                   NEWTON COUNTY MINE TAILINGS            ENTIRE TOWN OF                         MOD981507585

 GRANBY                   R & O PROCESSORS - GRANBY PLATING      MAIN & CHURCH ST                       MOD073034324

 GRANBY                   R & O PROCESSORS - HWY 60              W HWY 60 P O BOX 351                   MOD980687073

 GRANDVIEW                C & S SCREW PRODUCTS INC               3614 MAIN                              MOD052296472

 GRANDVIEW                METRO GASKET                           13015 6TH ST                           MOD981718125

 GRANDVIEW                PATCO PRODUCTS                         13830 BOTTS RD                         MOD086787017

 GRANDVIEW                SEQUENTIA INC                          137TH & BOTTS ROAD                     MOD985774959

 GRAY SUMMIT              ARROWHEAD CAMPGROUND                   W SIDE HWY 100 1/4 MI N I-44           MOD980858187

 GRAY SUMMIT              BLUE BAR FARM                          OFF HWY 100 S OF I-44                  MOD071999007

 GRAY SUMMIT              CHLANDA PROPERTY                       HWY 100 ADJ TO MO HM PK ENTRANCE       MOD980861926


 GRAY SUMMIT              FISH TRAP RAPIDS                       ON MERAMEC RIV S OF                    MOD980858278

 GRAY SUMMIT              MAHANEY RESIDENCE SUBSITE (QUAIL RUN)  NW 1/2 SEC 3 T43N R2E                  MOD980861918

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GRAY SUMMIT              MOBILE COURT 100 TRAILER PARK          ON HWY 100 6 MI NE OF                  MOD980859730

 GRAY SUMMIT              QUAIL RUN MOBILE MANOR                 STATE HWY 100 2 MI E OF                MOD980688634

 GRAY SUMMIT              TAETZ QUARRY                           LITTLE TAVERN RD                       MOD980685192

 GRAY SUMMIT              UNNAMED ARENA - GRAY SUMMIT            MANCHESTER RD HWY 100                  MOD980688196

 GRAY SUMMIT              VIEMANN FARM                           HWY 100 & THORNTON RD NE OF            MOD980687743

 GREENE COUNTY            WOLF TRACT WILDLIFE AREA               FARM RD 115                            MOD980685887

 HANNIBAL                 DAIRY QUEEN RESTAURANT                 JCT OF HWY 61 & MM                     MOD062438619

 HANNIBAL                 HANNIBAL FMGP #1                       N 3RD ST                               MO0001900885

 HANNIBAL                 HANNIBAL FMGP #2                       S 11TH & COLLIER ST                    MO0001581719

 HANNIBAL                 ST ELIZABETH HOSPITAL                  109 VIRGINIA ST                        MOD075886341

 HARRISONVILLE            OAKLAND CEMETARY ASSN                  1506 W WALL ST                         MOD980685630

 HARRISONVILLE            STRINGBERG DRUM                        CO RT P                                MOD985772516

 HARVESTER                RUSTMAN BUS SERVICE                    485 ST PETERS RD                       MOD980854053

 HAYTI                    HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     HWY 61 S RT 1                          MOD980631279

 HAYTI                    LOXCREEN CO INC                        NW 1/4 SW 1/4 SEC 3 T18N R12E          MOD057758922

 HAZELWOOD                BOISE CASCADE                          13300 INTERSTATE DR                    MOD042669960

 HAZELWOOD                FERGUSON FUMIGANTS INC                 93 FORD LN                             MOD006272736

 HAZELWOOD                FORD MOTOR CO - HAZELWOOD              6250 N LINDBERGH                       MOD006272876

 HAZELWOOD                FUTURA COATINGS INC                    9200 LATTY AVE                         MOD092355817

 HAZELWOOD                SOUTHERN CROSS LUMBER                  143 MCDONALD BLVD                      MOD980685176

 HAZELWOOD                ZOLTEK CORPORATION                     3101 MCKELVEY                          MOD079897393

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HEMATITE                 HEMATITE RADIOACTIVE SITE              HWY 21-A                               MOD985770767

 HENRIETTA                TABERS PRODUCTS INC                    231 MAIN ST                            MOD007153711

 HERCULANEUM              DOE RUN GOLF COURSE                    959 SCENIC DR                          MOD985819382

 HERCULANEUM              ST JOE LEAD CO                         881 MAIN ST                            MOD006266373

 HERMANN                  HERMANN OILING                         312 SCHILLER ST                        MOD981713795

 HERMANN                  MORRISON SITE                          HWY 100 & CO RD J                      MOD980853691

 HIGH RIDGE               ROBBINS PROPERTY                       RT 3                                   MOD980685911

 HIGH RIDGE               SADDLE & SPUR ARENA                    LITTLE ANTIRE RD                       MOD980685036

 HILLSBORO                JEFFERSON COUNTY HWY DEPT WORKSHED     STATE RT BB                            MOD079779856

 HILLSBORO                LAKE WAUWANOKA DAM                     1.5 MI E OF                            MOD980852438

 HILLSBORO                MARSALA RESIDENCE                      16 HUSKY LN                            MOD980854962

 HILLSBORO                OUTLOOK DRIVE                          E SIDE OF HWY 21 S OF KLABLE RD        MOD980857940

 HILLSBORO                VOLNER LANE DRUM SITE                  VOLNER LN                              MO0000752675

 HILLSDALE                CURTIS TOLEDO INC                      1905 KIENLER                           MOD980685895

 HOLDEN                   HOLDEN FERTILIZER                      S HWY 131                              MOD029791811

 HOLDEN                   HOLDEN POND TRANSFORMERS               N OF PINE ST E ON ELIZ 5 MI            MOD981499338

 HOLDEN                   LATTIMAR ROAD SITE                     LATTIMAR RD                            MO0001276880

 HOLDEN                   MILLER SITE                            RT 3                                   MOD985768753

 HOLDEN                   PIN OAK CREEK                          PIN OAK CREEK N OF                     MO0001276898

 HOLDEN                   ROSE, MARTHA CHEMICAL CO               500 W MCKISSOCK                        MOD980633069

 HOLLAND                  CLASSIC CARBON & RIBBON CO             1ST ST (BOX 69)                        MOD985798461

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HOLLOW                   FOX CREEK SITE                         HWY 100 & FOX CREEK RD NEAR            MOD980862221

 HOPKINS                  BUCY, CHARLES PROPERTY                 10 MI N OF MARYVILLE                   MOD981118532

 HOUSE SPRINGS            BUSH RANCH CLUB TRAILER PARK           RURAL AREA                             MOD980687693

 HOUSE SPRINGS            HOUSE SPRINGS BALL PARK                OFF HWY MM 1.5 MI SE OF                MOD980687875

 HOUSE SPRINGS            LAKEHURST TRAILER COURT                BYRNES MILL RD SE OF HWY 30            MOD980861868

 HOUSE SPRINGS            MILL RD MEADOWS SUBDIVISION            CLEARVIEW DR                           MOD980969612

 HOUSE SPRINGS            PARKEDGE DRIVE                         OFF HWY MM 1.5 MI SE OF                MOD980859011

 HOUSE SPRINGS            REGINA DRIVE                           S SIDE OF HWY MM SE OF                 MOD980858203

 HOUSE SPRINGS            RUTH DRIVE                             RUTH DR OFF RT MM                      MOD980858286

 HOUSTON                  HOUSTON WOOD TREATMENT PLANT           STATE HWY 63 1 MI E OF                 MOD041877309

 HOUSTON                  WISE, WARREN INC - HOUSTON             RT 7                                   MOT300010279

 HUNTLEIGH                ORTHWEIN BARN                          2702 S LINDBERGH BLVD                  MOD980854970

 HUNTSVILLE               MOBERLY, CITY OF LANDFILL              RT 1                                   MOD980685580

 IMPERIAL                 BRITTON, RESIDENCE                     3583 SUNRISE DR                        MOD980971980

 IMPERIAL                 BURNS, MACK RESIDENCE                  3716 RIM RD                            MOD980687677

 IMPERIAL                 COUNTRY CLUB MANOR                     OFF HWY 21                             MOD980687735

 IMPERIAL                 FORMER FORD DEALERSHIP                 HWY 61-67                              MOD980853212

 IMPERIAL                 FOUR RIDGE RD DRUM SITE                OAK TREE LN                            MO0000735985

 IMPERIAL                 GREENFIELD TRAILER PARK                319 GREEN CREEK DR                     MOD980853576

 IMPERIAL                 HAZEL CREST DRIVE                      OFF HWY 21 7.7 MI S OF HWY 141         MOD980965743

 IMPERIAL                 MINKER/STOUT/ROMAINE CREEK             4037 W ROCK CREEK RD & SWALLER         MOD980741912

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 IMPERIAL                 STOUT RESIDENCE                        SWALLER RD                             MOD980861900

 IMPERIAL                 WARE, DONNA RESIDENCE                  3328 ELDON DR                          MOD980688238

 INDEPENDENCE             FLANGAN'S ORCHARD                      2109 HINES RD                          MOD981717267

 INDEPENDENCE             FROST ROAD EXECUTIVE ESTATE            PUTNAM ST & FROST RD                   MOD980686000

 INDEPENDENCE             HAPPY HOLLOW PAINT                     HAPPY HOLLOW RD & KROGER RD            MOD985797521

 INDEPENDENCE             INDEPENDENCE DRUMS                     2109 HINES RD                          MOD980970750


 INDEPENDENCE             KATCO INDUSTRIES INC                   18100 E TRUMAN RD                      MOD029800695

 INDEPENDENCE             LAKE CITY AAP - 139 W CENTRAL PORTION  139 W CENTRAL PORTION HWY 78           MO2210090054

 INDEPENDENCE             LAKE CITY AAP - 65 W CENTRAL PORTION   65 W CENTRAL PORTION HWY 7 & 78        MO4210090052

 INDEPENDENCE             LAKE CITY AAP - 85 N S CENTRAL         85 N S CENTRAL PORTION HWY 78          MO3210090053
 INDEPENDENCE             LAKE CITY AAP - HWY 7 & 78             JCT OF MO HWY 7 & HWY 78               MO4213820489

 INDEPENDENCE             LAKE CITY ARMY AMMU. PLANT (NW         JCT OF HWY 7 & HWY 78                  MO3213890012
 INDEPENDENCE             RADIUM PETROLEUM FUEL OIL SPILL        110 N LIBERTY ST                       MOD981115389

 INDEPENDENCE             RAGLAND STEEL CO                       3117 S WEATHERFORD RD                  MOD980970768

 INDEPENDENCE             ROCK CREEK WASTE TREATMENT FACILITIES  9600 NORLEDGE ST                       MOT300010808

 INDEPENDENCE             SAFETY KLEEN CORP - INDEPENDENCE       901 YUMA DR                            MOD980973564

 JACKSONVILLE             C & B SALVAGE YARD                     SW CORNER OF                           MOD980685531

 JACKSONVILLE             C & B SALVAGE YARD (EAST)              SELDON & CHEPLEY ST                    MOD985770387

 JACKSONVILLE             JACKSONVILLE SATELLITE DISH            NW CORNER OF                           MOD985768340

 JASPER                   CITY FARM - JASPER CITY                SEC 23 T30N R31W                       MO0001276856

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JASPER                   WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO - JASPER         HWY 71 S                               MOD084096130

 JEFFERSON BARRACKS       JEFFERSON BARRACKS LDF                 GREGG & SOUTH RD                       MOD980631295


 JEFFERSON CITY           ARMONTROUT PARK                        1403 REAR RIVERSIDE PARK               MO0000856245

 JEFFERSON CITY           BENCHMARK TOOL CO PLANT                1723 INDUSTRIAL DR                     MOD038900569

 JEFFERSON CITY           BENCHMARK TOOL CO PLANT B              2601 INDUSTRIAL DR                     MOT300010832

 JEFFERSON CITY           CHESEBROUGH-PONDS                      2900 W TRUMAN BLVD                     MOD043510056

 JEFFERSON CITY           DOWD SITE (RR SPILL)                   SCOTT STATION RD                       MOD980970008

 JEFFERSON CITY           FABICK CATERPILLAR - COLE COUNTY       MISSOURI BLVD                          MOD980972103

 JEFFERSON CITY           JEFFERSON CITY (FMGP)                  400 W MAIN ST                          MOD980323802

 JEFFERSON CITY           JEFFERSON CITY ARSENAL                 1717 INDUSTRIAL DR                     MO0211829114

 JEFFERSON CITY           JEFFERSON CITY LANDFILL                OFF HWY 94 4 MI E OF HWY 54            MOD980685861

 JEFFERSON CITY           ORSCHELN BROTHERS TRUCKING - JEFF      711 DELAWARE ST                        MOD980859748
 JEFFERSON CITY           PHILLIPS PIPELINE CO - JEFFERSON CITY  2116 IDLEWOOD RD                       MOD098641848

 JEFFERSON CITY           SUN CHEMICAL CORP -GENL PRINTING INK   3201 WILSON DR                         MOT300010394
 JENNINGS                 ASPHALT PAVING & ENGINEERING           8336 STRATHMORE                        MOD980971907

 JENNINGS                 BELLE AVE SITE                         2046 BELLE AVE                         MO0001276831

 JENNINGS                 BURTONS, BILL ARENA SITE               NEW HALLS FERRY & HWY 140              MOD980687685

 JOPLIN                   ATLAS POWDER CO                        HWY AA 6 MI E OF                       MOD077887909

 JOPLIN                   BRADY STEPHENS CO                      N OF MURPHY BLVD E OF CREST DR         MOD980632392

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JOPLIN                   COMMERICAL GASKET & PKG CO INC         910 VIRGINIA AVE                       MOD029812898

 JOPLIN                   EAGLE-PICHER INDUSTIRES                W "C" ST & PORTER ST                   MOD046740148

 JOPLIN                   FARMERS CHEMICAL CO                    STATE LINE & BELLE CENTER RD           MOD007135965

 JOPLIN                   FERGUSON MEDICAL LABORATORIES          MEDICAL ART BLDG RM 104                MOD067950436

 JOPLIN                   FERGUSON'S MEDICAL LABORATORY          2700 MCCLELLAND BLVD                   MOD980862742

 JOPLIN                   GILSTRAP'S, WALT PROPERTY              RT 5                                   MOD980967608

 JOPLIN                   INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO - JOPLIN        20TH ST & RANGE LINE RD                MOD007129935

 JOPLIN                   JESSE'S TRUCK STOP                     HWY 43 S                               MOD084894237

 JOPLIN                   JOPLIN FMGP - 2ND & KENTUCKY AVE       2ND ST & KENTUCKY AVE                  MOD985796689

 JOPLIN                   JOPLIN FMGP - E 5TH ST                 516 E 5TH ST                           MOD985798677

 JOPLIN                   JOPLIN OIL PONDS                       NW 1/4 SEC 33 T27N R34W                MOD980853451

 JOPLIN                   JOPLIN SANITARY LANDFILL               STATE RD P                             MOD000302646

 JOPLIN                   LABARGE INC ELECTRONICS DIV            1505 MAIDEN LN                         MOD045102274

 JOPLIN                   MODINE (JOPLIN)                        3300 W 7TH ST                          MOD087775920

 JOPLIN                   MOTOROLA                               4200 E 32ND ST                         MOD981723851

 JOPLIN                   NEWTON COUNTY WELLS                    3200 MOOREHEAD DR                      MOD985798339

 JOPLIN                   SPERRY VICKERS                         2800 W 10TH ST                         MOD007155781

 JOPLIN                   STAR-LITE PLATING                      509 ADELE AVE                          MOD981712045

 JOPLIN                   STARLIGHT TOOL                         3300 W 7TH ST                          MOD981505043

 JOPLIN                   W R GRACE                              HWY AA 6 MI E OF                       MOD007155500

 KANSAS CITY              87TH & PROSPECT SITE                   8704 PROSPECT AVE                      MOD980631634

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KANSAS CITY              96TH & BLUE RIVER ROAD SITE            9600 BLUE RIVER RD                     MOD980631626

 KANSAS CITY              A-1 PLATING COMPANY INC                1215 WINCHESTER AVE                    MOD080702657

 KANSAS CITY              AC CONTROLS MANUFACTURING CO           1400 SPRUCE AVE                        MOD062733738

 KANSAS CITY              ALL BRITE GAL & BROSKI BROTHERS        39TH BELMONT AVE                       MOD981126881

 KANSAS CITY              AMERECO KANSAS CITY INC                901 WOODSWETHER RD                     MOD981706856

 KANSAS CITY              ARMCO INC                              7000 ROBERTS ST                        MOD007118029

 KANSAS CITY              ARROW TRUCK SALES INC                  3215 E 85TH ST                         MOD073045767

 KANSAS CITY              ARSENIC & DDT SITE JACKSON COUNTY      9TH ST & MYRTLE AVE                    MOD980860514

 KANSAS CITY              BANNISTER RD SITE                      14000 BANNISTER RD S SIDE              MOD981116650

 KANSAS CITY              BARBEN PLATING CO                      1212 TRACY AVE                         MOD030640734

 KANSAS CITY              BENTON APARTMENTS                      1207 BENTON BLVD                       MOD981116205

 KANSAS CITY              BLUE RIVER FLOOD DRUM SITE             3337 STADIUM DR                        MOD981120959


 KANSAS CITY              BRIGHTWELL ROAD SITE                   NW 120TH ST & BRIGHTWELL RD NW         MO0001058122

 KANSAS CITY              BULK DISTRIBUTION CENTERS INC          151 WYANDOTTE ST                       MOD049574692

 KANSAS CITY              C & H SALVAGE                          E 17TH ST & PALMER AVE                 MOD980686026

 KANSAS CITY              CALLOWAY MINING                        2701 MANCHESTER TRFY                   MOD091427625

 KANSAS CITY              CARTER WATERS CORP, THE                2440 PENNWAY                           MOD007148604

 KANSAS CITY              CENTRAL FEED & GRAIN                   616 E 1ST ST                           MOD041143512

 KANSAS CITY              CERTAINTEED PRODUCTS CORP              1248 CRYSTAL AVE                       MOD046749396

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KANSAS CITY              CHEMICAL SEALING                       5401 S BANKS ST                        MOD056382047

 KANSAS CITY              COMDACO INC                            3161 WYANDOTTE ST                      MOD007176712

 KANSAS CITY              CONSERVATION CHEMICAL CO               3900 FRONT ST                          MOD000829705

 KANSAS CITY              CONTINENTAL DISC CORPORATION           4103 RIVERSIDE DR NW                   MOD007185556

 KANSAS CITY              DOE KANSAS CITY PLANT - BENDIX         200 E 95TH ST                          MO9890010524

 KANSAS CITY              EXIDE BATTERY SALES - KANSAS CITY      1508 HOLMES ST                         MOD046745774

 KANSAS CITY              FEDERAL CENTER                         2306 E BANNISTER RD                    MO6470000039

 KANSAS CITY              GAF CORP - KANSAS CITY                 1537 TOPPING AVE                       MOD981704588

 KANSAS CITY              GASKET ENGINEERING CO INC              4500 E 75TH TERR                       MOD007142888

 KANSAS CITY              GENERAL MOTORS ASSEMBLY DIV LEEDS      6817 STADIUM DR                        MOD000822668
 KANSAS CITY              GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTN - KANSAS    1500 BANNISTER RD                      MO0470000530
 KANSAS CITY              GIBSON HOMANS CO - KANSAS CITY         920 WYOMING ST                         MOD003980505

 KANSAS CITY              GLADSTONE WELL FIELD DUMPING           OUTER RD SE OF                         MOD981118672

 KANSAS CITY              GRAHN MFG CO INC                       7605 E 17TH ST                         MOD007140247

 KANSAS CITY              HAMILTON HAULING CO                    7700 E HWY 40                          MOD980685713

 KANSAS CITY              HANNA RUBBER CO                        1512 MAIN ST                           MOD007856438

 KANSAS CITY              HCI CHEMTECH                           6301 NE BIRMINGHAM RD                  MOD980633143

 KANSAS CITY              HEART SITE                             7000 E HWY 40                          MOD010664266

 KANSAS CITY              HERITAGE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES        8525 NE 38TH ST                        MOD981505555

 KANSAS CITY              HIGHLAND AVENUE SITE                   1919 HIGHLAND AVE                      MOD980685705

 KANSAS CITY              HOLLY STREET DRUM SITE                 1800 HOLLY ST                          MOD980688626

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KANSAS CITY              HORSE STABLE SITE                      7811 N SPRUCE AVE                      MOD980685697

 KANSAS CITY              INDEPENDENT ELECTRIC MACHINERY         300 SOUTHWEST BLVD                     MOD007121643

 KANSAS CITY              JACKSON STREET DRUMS                   4333 JACKSON AVE                       MOD985767664

 KANSAS CITY              KANSAS CITY BLACK ECONOMICS UNION      19TH & WOODLAND AVE                    MOD980972210

 KANSAS CITY              KANSAS CITY COAL GAS                   E 1ST ST & CAMPBELL ST                 MOD985769058

 KANSAS CITY              KANSAS CITY POWER & LIGHT CO           4400 E FRONT ST                        MOD000830455

 KANSAS CITY              KANSAS CITY POWER & LIGHT-N EAST       920 N OLIVE ST                         MOD000766972
 KANSAS CITY              KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN IMPOUNDMENT       5302 GARNER AVE                        MOD981123581

 KANSAS CITY              KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN RAILWAY CO        5400 GARDNER ST                        MOD000805689

 KANSAS CITY              KANTEX - KCMO                          1009 W 17TH ST                         MO0000034876

 KANSAS CITY              KOCH ASPHALT CO                        4915 CHELSEA AVE                       MOD021211826

 KANSAS CITY              KOPPERS CO INC FOREST PRODUCTS DIV     6740 STADIUM DR                        MOD007146517

 KANSAS CITY              LABCONCO SITE                          8811 N PROSPECT AVE                    MOD981116213

 KANSAS CITY              LEWIS INDUSTRIES                       300 N KENTUCKY AVE                     MOD007179591

 KANSAS CITY              MAGNUS CO INC - KANSAS CITY            1711 CHERRY ST                         MOD980631303

 KANSAS CITY              MANLEY INC                             1920 WYANDOTTE ST                      MOD007140734

 KANSAS CITY              MC KESSON CHEMICAL CO - KANSAS CITY    2000 GUINOTTE AVE                      MOD007158157

 KANSAS CITY              MCINTOSH PCB SPILL SITE                1135 W 41ST TERR                       MOD980685960

 KANSAS CITY              MID AMERICA ASPHALT INC                4900 BLUE PKWY DR                      MOD981718059


 KANSAS CITY              MIDNIGHT DUMPING                       28TH ST & N MAYVIEW AVE                MOD980502454

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KANSAS CITY              MILWAUKEE CLOSED LANDFILL              I-435 & MISSOURI RIVER LEVEE           MOD980631584

 KANSAS CITY              MOBAY CHEMICAL CORP                    8400 HAWTHORN RD                       MOD056389828

 KANSAS CITY              NORTH END SITE                         2100 MANCHESTER FILL AREA              MOD985768134

 KANSAS CITY              NORTH STARK DUMP FIRE                  76TH N STARK AVE                       MOD981116379

 KANSAS CITY              NORTHEAST 76TH ST DUMP SITE            NE 76TH ST                             MOD981719693

 KANSAS CITY              NORTHEAST DRUMS                        3428 E 8TH ST                          MO0001245604

 KANSAS CITY              NOVA PRODUCTS                          800 HICKORY ST                         MOD007126196

 KANSAS CITY              PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE - JACKSON CO         1628 MCGEE ST                          MOD980631360

 KANSAS CITY              PCB DISPOSAL SYSTEMS INC               5020 E 10TH ST                         MOD980852255

 KANSAS CITY              PCB INC - MISSOURI                     2100 WYANDOTTE ST                      MOD063670350

 KANSAS CITY              POLLOCK SITE                           14012 BANNISTER RD                     MOD980685689

 KANSAS CITY              PRIER BRASS MFG CO                     7801 E TRUMAN RD                       MOD007125214

 KANSAS CITY              R & D CHEMICAL CO INC                  8485 PROSPECT AVE                      MOD131574568

 KANSAS CITY              RADIUM PETROLEUM CO - FAIRMOUNT AVE    3015 FAIRMOUNT AVE                     MOD980631378

 KANSAS CITY              RADIUM PETROLEUM CO - MARSH AVE        1633 S MARSH AVE                       MOD073027609

 KANSAS CITY              RAYTOWN ROAD SITE                      RAYTOWN RD & EASTERN AVE               MOD980631600

 KANSAS CITY              RECLAMARE ENTERPRISES                  6402 STADIUM DR                        MOD000669028

 KANSAS CITY              RIG INDUSTRIES, INC                    3005 MANCHESTER TFWY                   MOD147980502

 KANSAS CITY              RIVERFRONT LANDFILL                    LEVEE RD AT CHOUTEAU TRFW N            MOD980631618

 KANSAS CITY              ROBERTS STREET DRUM                    3620 ROBERTS ST                        MOD985767789

 KANSAS CITY              SOUTHEAST SANITARY LANDFILL            83RD & INDIANA AVE                     MOD980631444

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KANSAS CITY              SPRUCE STREET DRUMS                    80TH & N SPRUCE AVE INTERSECTION E     MOD985792225
 KANSAS CITY              STANDARD ASBESTOS CO                   410 N OLIVE                            MOD007146889

 KANSAS CITY              TRANSFORMER REPAIR FACILITIES          1406 W 13TH ST                         MOT300011194

 KANSAS CITY              TRICO INDUSTRIES                       1220 WYOMING ST                        MOD095038659

 KANSAS CITY              UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI - KANSAS CITY   5100 ROCKHILL RD                       MOD073133647

 KANSAS CITY              USPS VEHICLE MAINTENANCE               3131 WYANDOTTE ST                      MO5180090032

 KANSAS CITY              VALLEY GARDEN ROAD                     BANNISTER RD & NOLAND RD               MOD981718042

 KANSAS CITY              VALSPAR CORP                           2104 E 18TH ST                         MOD095830576

 KANSAS CITY              WALLY'S POLISHING SHOP                 7426 PENNSYLVANIA ST                   MO0000969998

 KANSAS CITY              WEBB BELTING & SUPPLY CO               2611 SOUTHWEST BLVD                    MOD007124969

 KANSAS CITY              WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP - KANSAS    4140 E FRONT ST                        MOD076291285

 KIDDER                   KIDDER RURAL DRUM DISPOSAL SITE        SEC 19 T58N R28W                       MOD980686091

 KINGSVILLE               AMERECO                                RT 1 HWY 58                            MOD980962849

 KIRKSVILLE               KEWANEE MACHINERY                      2806 INDUSTRIAL RD                     MOD980967541

 KIRKSVILLE               KIRKSVILLE FMGP                        118 WABASH ST                          MOD985796077

 KIRKSVILLE               KIRKSVILLE SANITARY LANDFILL           1.8 MI W OF HWY 6 & HWY 63             MOD980632343

 KIRKWOOD                 BURNETTE RESIDENCE                     144 RONDELAY                           MOD980687669

 KIRKWOOD                 DAY, JAMES RESIDENCE                   1728/1744 JANET PLACE                  MOD980972079

 KIRKWOOD                 MORGAN BUILDING SYSTEMS                10411 MANCHESTER RD                    MOD980862684

 KIRKWOOD                 PFITZINGER AMBULANCE SERVICE           545 W WOODBINE                         MOD980853873

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KIRKWOOD                 TRUSS COMPONENTS INC                   3033 BARRETT STATION RD                MOD064649916

 KNOB NOSTER              KNAUS FARM                             RT 23                                  MOD985792050

 KNOB NOSTER              WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          OLD HWY 50 2 MI E OF                   MOD985770023
 KOSHKONONG               KOSHKONONG WOOD INC                    ON HWY 63 1 MI N OF                    MOD068554849

 LA GRANGE                GARDNER DENVER CO - LA GRANGE          N MAIN ST                              MOD000687475

 LA MONTE                 WHEELER PROPERTY                       107 E PINE                             MOD980854178

 LABADIE                  LITTLE TAVERN ROAD                     LITTLE TAVERN RD                       MOD980859722

 LABADIE                  UNION ELECTRIC CO - LABADIE PLANT      HWY M TO LABADIE BOTTOM RD             MOD079933198

 LADUE                    MCCARTHY BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO I    1341 N ROCK HILL RD                    MOD001951375

 LADUE                    MCCARTHY BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO II   2660 MCKNIGHT                          MOD980852693

 LADUE                    ROCK HILL QUARRIES CO                  1233 N ROCK HILL RD                    MOD006968325

 LAKE OZARK               HAWAIIAN ISLAND DRUMS                  LAKE ROAD W-12Q                        MOD985773654

 LAMAR                    LAMAR SOUTHWEST SANITARY LDF (CLOSED)  SW 10 LN                               MOD985819390

 LAMAR                    THORPE, FM MANUFACTURING CO - PLANT    1413 E 12TH                            MOD000610790
 LAMAR                    THORPE, FM MANUFACTURING CO - PLANT    927 E 12TH                             MOD007452683
 LAREDO                   C M ST P & P RAILROAD CO - LAREDO      MILWAUKEE RD RIGHT OF WAY              MOD980631212

 LAWSON                   ACE PIPE CLEANING WASTE DISPOSAL       NE 1/4 NW 1/4 SEC 26 T54N R29W         MOD980631196

 LEADWOOD                 LEADWOOD MINE TAILINGS                 SEC 4, T36N, R4E                       MOD985818210

 LEBANON                  DETROIT TOOL                           441 W ELM                              MOD981120587

 LEBANON                  LEBANON PHOSPHORUS                     SW 1/4 SEC 12 T33 R17                  MOD980685473

 LEBANON                  SMITH LUMBER                           JCT OF HWY 5 & 64 1 MI W               MOD000669135

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 27 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LEES SUMMIT              FERRELL GAS CHLORIDE CYLINDER          1206 SW MARKET ST                      MO0001900612

 LEES SUMMIT              SUMMIT STRUCTURAL STEEL                100 SW SCHERER RD                      MOD981126170

 LEES SUMMIT              WESTERN ELECTRIC CO INC - LEES SUMMIT  777 NW BLUE PARKWAY                    MOD007120652

 LEMAY                    SOUTH COUNTY SHOPPING CENTER           S LINDBERG & LEMAY FERRY               MOD980685747

 LESLIE                   MELODY LAKE BARREL                     RT 1                                   MOD980502447

 LESTERVILLE              UNION ELECTRIC CO - TAUM SAUK PLANT    HWY AA                                 MOD980631147

 LEXINGTON                LEXINGTON FMGP #2                      10TH ST & HIGHLAND AVE                 MOD985816867


 LIBERTY                  LEE CHEMICAL                           HWY 210 E OF HWY 291                   MOD980853519

 LIBERTY                  MOORELAND FARM                         PLATTSBURG RD NEAR                     MOD980859557

 LIBERTY                  WASTE TRANSPORT INC                    JCT OF HWY 52 & 291                    MOT300010519

 LICKING                  FISHER PIPE & STEEL                    RR 1 BOX 491                           MO0001118975

 LIVONIA                  MISSOURI MINING PIT                    RT 1                                   MOD980685564

 LONEDELL                 LAKE ARROWHEAD DRUM SITE               3637 E KEARNEY                         MOD980685481

 LOUISIANA                BEASLEY-BUTLER BARREL BUNKER           S 6TH ST                               MOD980502561

 LOUISIANA                BUFFALO TOWNSHIP CYLINDER              204 N 5TH ST                           MOD985811413

 LOUISIANA                HERCULES INC                           HWY 79 & CO RD D                       MOD006299689

 LOUISIANA                VALLEY STEEL PRODUCTS                  28TH ST & G M & O RR TRACKS            MOD006276349

 MACON                    TOASTMASTER MACON                      704 S MISSOURI ST                      MOD991293564

 MAITLAND                 ANR PIPELINE - MAITLAND                W HWY 71 TO NODAWAY RD N ON TT         MOD113370571

 MAITLAND                 MAITLAND DUMP                          NE 1/4 SEC 9 T62N R37W                 MOD980971881

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MALDEN                   BEE CEE MANUFACTURING CO               MALDEN INDUSTRIAL PARK                 MOD980860522

 MANCHESTER               COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH             623 MERAMEC STATION RD                 MOD020348819

 MANCHESTER               HAYS RESIDENCE                         22 ELANCHESTER                         MOD980862189

 MANCHESTER               MANCHESTER ATHLETIC FIELDS             700 PARK LN                            MOD980972285

 MANCHESTER               MANCHESTER PUBLIC WORKS                GRAVEL LOT ADJ TO 809 2ND ST           MOD980685085

 MANCHESTER               MANCHESTER UNITED METHODIST CHURCH     129 WOODS MILL RD                      MOD980685044

 MAPLEWOOD                BRISTOL STEEL                          3117 BIG BEND                          MOD106564750

 MAPLEWOOD                CHEVRON CHEMICAL CO - MAPLEWOOD        3514 BIG BEND BLVD                     MOD009236829

 MAPLEWOOD                ECO SYSTEMS ABACO WELDING CO           3100 BIG BEND RD                       MOD071974026

 MAPLEWOOD                FOLK AVENUE SITE                       7882 FOLK AVE                          MOD980860530

 MARBLE HILL              NGPCA - JACKSON - 309                  HWY 34 12 MI N OF                      MOD985769801

 MARIONVILLE              L & I CIRCUTS                          LINN & ORCHARD ST                      MOD985768159

 MARIONVILLE              MARIONVILLE PLATING                    26 E WASHINGTON ST                     MOD980969166

 MARIONVILLE              TALLEY, ROYAL FARM                     5.5 MI N OF                            MOD980853360

 MARSHALL                 MARSHALL FMGP #2                       ENGLISH & EASTWOOD AVES                MOD985816859

 MARSHALL                 MO GAS & ELECTRIC CO - MARSHALL FMGP   400 N LAYFAYETTE                       MOD985796150

 MARSHFIELD               DUGAN & HELTERBRAND                    190 GEORGE ST                          MOD086919248

 MARSHFIELD               SHOW-ME POWER                          HWY 38 E                               MOD980685655

 MARSHFIELD               WEBSTER COUNTY LANDFILL - MARSHFIELD   3 MI JCT KK .5 MI S                    MOD981117575

 MARTHASVILLE             COLLEGE CREEK SITE                     NW 1/4 NE 1/4 SEC 24 T45N R1W          MOD985794262


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 29 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MARYLAND HEIGHTS         CHEVRON CHEMICAL CO - MARYLAND         2497 ADIE RD                           MOD006272355
 MARYLAND HEIGHTS         M R PLASTICS & COATINGS INC            11462 DORSETT RD                       MOD146782149

 MARYLAND HEIGHTS         NITROGEN TETROXIDE STORAGE SITE        OLD DORSETT RD                         MOD980685622

 MARYLAND HEIGHTS         REYNOLDS ALUMINUM SUPPLY CO            2630 METRO BLVD                        MOD020369393

 MARYLAND HEIGHTS         S & S LANDFILL                         MARINE & MCKELVEY                      MOD980631394

 MARYLAND HEIGHTS         ST LOUIS COUNTY LANDFILL               DORSETT & ADIE RD                      MOD980631477

 MARYLAND HEIGHTS         TEGETHOFF LANDFILL                     DRIFTWOOD & MARINE                     MOD981710411

 MARYLAND HEIGHTS         UNION ELECTRIC CO - DORSETT            2476 OLD DORSETT RD                    MOD981715899

 MARYVILLE                LMP STEEL & WIRE CO                    2000 E 1ST                             MOD095822227

 MARYVILLE                MARYVILLE SANITARY LDF                 HWY 71 2 MI N OF HWY 136               MOD981729932

 MARYVILLE                MOZINGO CREEK                          E HWY 136 3 MI TO EE N 1 MI            MOD981116635

 MARYVILLE                NIXDORFF-LLOYD CHAIN MFG CO            2500 E 1ST ST                          MOD099238784

 MAYSVILLE                ODESSA MANUFACTURING CO                MAIN ST COURTHOUSE                     MOD985767771

 MCDOWELL                 MANN, PERRY SITE                       HWY VV                                 MOD980633192

 MCDOWELL                 US EPA MOBILE INCINERATION SYSTEM      SE 1/4 NW 1/4 WW 1/4 SEC 20            MO6680090010

 MEHLVILLE                LEMAY FERRY ROAD                       1679A LEMAY FERRY RD                   MOD985770379


 MEXICO                   GREEN, A P REFRACTORIES                GREEN BLVD                             MOD006504005

 MEXICO                   MEXICO FEED & SEED CO                  N EDGE OF                              MOD980857932

 MEXICO                   ORSCHELN BROTHERS TRUCKING - MEXICO    HWY 54                                 MOD980858195

 MILLER                   HIGHWAY 96 GROUNDWATER                 INTERSECTION HWY 96 & LAWRENCE CNTY    MOD985817873

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 30 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MILLER                   MILLER WELL #1                         HWY 39 & 96 INTERSECTION W 1 1/2 MI    MOD985817451
 MINER                    BEESON FLYING SERVICE                  I-55 & HWY H                           MOD981729890

 MISSOURI CITY            BROWNING-FERRIS IND OF KANSAS CITY     STILLHOUSE RD                          MOD000624452
 MOBERLY                  DU PONT, E I DE NEMOURS - MOBERLY      1800 ROBERTSON RD                      MOD071991434

 MOBERLY                  MOBERLY FMGP                           509 DAMERON ST                         MOD985796135

 MOBERLY                  MOBERLY WOOD TREATING                  RR 3                                   MOD029918174

 MOBERLY                  ORBCO INC                              1177 N MORLEY ST                       MOD006301790

 MOBERLY                  ORSCHELN PONDS                         NE1/4,SEC 7 NW1/4,SEC 8 T53N,R14W      MOD985812841

 MOBERLY                  PLATCO                                 N AULT ST                              MOD985817485

 MONETT                   G & R METAL FINISHING INC              1/4 MI N HWY 60 1 MI E                 MOD980969174

 MONETT                   MONETT MO SUBDIVISION                  SUNSET ADDITION 2                      MOD980972335

 MONTGOMERY CITY          GOOD EARTH RANCH                       HWY F                                  MOD980972160

 MORSE MILL               MORSE MILLS DRUM SITE                  BRINLEY ST                             MOD980685952

 MOSCOW MILLS             ORICK TRAILER                          NE 1/4 SEC 29 T48N R1E                 MOD980688014

 MOSCOW MILLS             SHENANDOAH STABLES                     W 1/2 NE 1/4 SEC 17 T48N R1E           MOD980685838

 MOSCOW MILLS             SHENANDOAH STABLES HWY 61              W1/2 NE1/4 SEC 17 T48N                 MOD980685846

 MOUNTAIN GROVE           CENTRAL CREOSOTING CO                  HWY 60 W                               MOD077145886

 MOUNTAIN GROVE           HARRIS SAWMILL                         RT 2 BOX 145                           MOD985791896

 MT VERNON                TEXACO SALES TERMINAL 33-024           HWY 96                                 MOD000677740

 MURPHY                   SALINE CREEK SITE                      3/4 MI NE OF                           MOD980502470

 NEELYVILLE               NEELYVILLE TRAIN WRECK SITE            NW 1/4 SEC 10 T22N R5E                 MOD981710437

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 31 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEOSHO                   CROWDER COLLEGE TEST SITE              HWY 71 S JCT 60 E 3 MI                 MOD029351145

 NEOSHO                   FT CROWDER MILITARY INSTALLATION       D HWY                                  MO8750090013

 NEOSHO                   I J STEPHENS FARM SITE                 RT 4 BOX 407                           MOD055969232

 NEOSHO                   MO-ARK PRODUCTIONS                     SE OF HWY D & CNTY RD 16               MOD029927662

 NEOSHO                   NEOSHO DIGESTER                        FLOWER BOX STP                         MOD000301168

 NEOSHO                   NEOSHO WATER & WASTEWATER SCHOOL       WATER WASTE SCHOOL                     MOD980633127

 NEOSHO                   POOLS PRAIRIE                          2.5 MI S OF US HWY 60 & US HWY 71      MO0000958835

 NEOSHO                   ROCKETDYNE TEST AREA                   OFF 71 HWY                             MOD980973341

 NEVADA                   3M CO TRANSP & COMMERCIAL GRAPHICS     HWY 71 S                               MOD057894321
 NEVADA                   FRAM DIVISION                          1200 HIGHLAND                          MOD073027948

 NEVADA                   NEVADA FMGP                            E WALNUT ST & CENTRE ST                MOD985816842

 NEVADA                   NEVADA SANITARY LANDFILL               RT 2 HWY 71 2 MI N OF                  MOD981118698

 NEW BLOOMFIELD           APRIL HILL FARM                        RT Y                                   MOD980971899

 NEW BLOOMFIELD           TIMBERLINE STABLES                     NE 1/4 SEC 36 T46N R11W                MOD980685853

 NEW HAVEN                NEW HAVEN PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY          HWY 100                                MOD981720246

 NEW MELLE                APPY ACRES                             HWY D 2.5 MI W OF                      MOD980850952

 NEW MELLE                BRIDLE SPUR HUNT CLUB                  OFF BENNE RD BTWN HWY D & DD           MOD980685127

 NIXA                     AMPLE INDUSTRIES                       HWY 160 N                              MOD080693427

 NIXA                     CHRISTIAN COUNTY GROUNDWATER           SE 1/4 SEC 21 T27N R22W                MOD985798347

 NIXA                     JLM INDUSTRIES                         1 MI N OF HWY 14 & HWY 160             MOD093810851

 NORBORNE                 ATCHINSON, TOPEKA & SANTA FE           BTWN MILEPOST 394 & 395                MOD980631402

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 32 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NORBORNE                 NORBORNE WATER SUPPLY                  CITY HALL                              MOD981729833

 NORMANDY                 NORMANDY OSTEOPATHIC HOSPITAL          7840 NATURAL BRIDGE                    MOD095481396

 NORMANDY                 UMSL - CHEMICAL STORAGE                8001 NATURAL BRIDGE RD                 MOD981723638

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        AMERICAN CAN CO                        1545 ERIE ST                           MOD000246397

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        ARMOUR ROAD SITE                       2251 ARMOUR RD                         MOD046750253

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        BURLINGTON NORTHERN - N KANSAS CITY    153 W 14TH AVE                         MOD049570138

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        COOK PAINT & VARNISH                   919 E 14TH AVE                         MOD086787371

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        CORN PRODUCTS CO                       1001 BEDFORD AVE                       MOD007118185

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        HARLEM DRUM                            200' N OF HARLEM & BALTIMORE ST        MOD985769710

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        JOHNS-MANVILLE SALES CORP              1222 QUEBEC AVE                        MOD149898264

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        LEO EISENBERGS PROPERTY                I-35 & ARMOUR RD                       MOD985768175

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        OWENS-CORNING FIBERGLASS CORP - NKC    825 ARMOUR RD                          MOD046752572

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        PUEBLO CHEMICAL & SUPPLY CO-NKC        1103 ERIE                              MOD095825857

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        SHIPPER'S CAR LINE                     1101 BEDFORD                           MOD095824868

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        SINCLAIR & VALENTINE - N KANSAS CITY   201 E 16TH ST                          MOD056391113

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        STORE SAFE EXPLOSIVES                  1501 BURLINGTON                        MOD985766013

 NORTH KANSAS CITY        TROJAN PRESS INC                       310 E 18TH AVE                         MOD007152291

 O'FALLON                 DIEHRMAN LAKE SITE                     HWY K                                  MOD980855613

 O'FALLON                 EMERALD VIEW STABLES                   RT 3                                   MOD071996045

 O'FALLON                 FORT ZUMWALT SCHOOL DISTRICT BUS LOT   500 N COOL SPRINGS RD                  MOD980972624

 O'FALLON                 HITCHNER MANUFACTURING CO INC          E TERRA LN AT CANNONBALL LN            MOD045070661

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 33 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 O'FALLON                 MIDWEST PRECISION CASTINGS CO          102 N COOL SPRINGS RD                  MOD004171435

 O'FALLON                 MONSANTO CO - ST PETERS PLANT          501 PEARL DR OLD HWY 79                MOD001700673

 O'FALLON                 OLD O'FALLON TREATMENT PLANT           WESTHOFF PK                            MOD985768779

 O'FALLON                 R & E LANDFILL                         HUFF RD                                MOD980632590

 OAK GROVE                OAK GROVE VILLAGE WELL                 JCT OF I-44 & HWY 185                  MOD981717036

 OAK GROVE                OAK GROVE WAREHOUSE                    W 12TH ST                              MOD000677286

 OAKVILLE                 UNION ELECTRIC CO - MERAMEC PLANT      8200 FINE RD RT 9                      MOD086817897

 ORAN                     TEXAS EASTERN PIPELINE                 HWY 77 2 MI S OF                       MOD980859805

 ORONOGO-DUENWEG          ORONOGO-DUENWEG MINING BELT            VARIOUS LOCATIONS                      MOD980686281

 OSCEOLA                  ROGENE FRENCH ALCOHOL PLANT            RT 2 BOX 214                           MOD981722481

 OVERLAND                 US ARMY PUBLICATION CENTER             1655 WOODSON RD                        MO7210090034

 OWENSVILLE               GRIMCO CO                              1 L & D DRIVE                          MOD981506272

 OWENSVILLE               OWENSVILLE, MO STREETS                 CITY                                   MOD044295293

 OZARK                    FASCO INDUSTRIES                       1600 W JACKSON                         MOD002463453

 OZARK                    OZARK DRUM                             601 9TH ST                             MO0001038744

 OZARK                    WISE SIGN COMPANY                      AIR PARK S INDUSTRIAL PARK             MOD985794254

 PACIFIC                  ALTON PACKAGING CORP                   4TH ST & DENTON RD                     MOD006306534

 PACIFIC                  BEAUMONT SCOUT RESERVATION             1.5 MI OFF HWY 44 & ANTIVE RD          MOD980687610

 PACIFIC                  BUSCHER BOTTOMS FARM DEVELOPMENT       N OF HWY F S OF                        MOD980859656

 PACIFIC                  D & S SEPTIC TANK & SEWER SERVICE INC  317 E BELLVIEW                         MOT300010949

 PACIFIC                  DOC SARGENT ROAD SITE                  RT 1                                   MOD985775451

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 34 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PACIFIC                  GREENFELDER PARK                       550 WEIDMAN RD                         MOD980972178

 PACIFIC                  LAKE TEKAKWITHA SUBDIVISION            1.5 MI E OF HWY F & O SE OF            MOD980965693

 PACIFIC                  RILEY TRAILER                          RT 4 CIRCLE C TRAILER CT               MOD980972434

 PACIFIC                  SHAW, CHARLES RESIDENCE                RT 5 FOX CREEK RD                      MOD980685168

 PACIFIC                  TYSON VALLEY                           20 MI SW OF ARCH PAST I-244            MOD980632400

 PAGEDALE                 HILL BEHAN LUMBER CO                   6515 PAGE BLVD                         MOD980850945

 PAGEDALE                 MODERN IRON & METAL INC                7701 N MARKET                          MOD981710403

 PALMYRA                  WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO - PALMYRA        HWY 24 & HWY 61 N                      MOD000767103

 PARKVILLE                PLATTE CO LANDFILL                     FF HWY 7 MI W OF                       MOD980502538

 PARKVILLE                SEPTIC TANK DISPOSAL SYSTEMS           10530 NW RIVER RD                      MOD980685903

 PECULIAR                 WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          RFD 1                                  MOD985798271
 PERRY                    PERRY RESIDENTIAL SITES                RT J & HWY 154                         MO0000094789

 PERRYVILLE               INLAND ENERGY CO                       HWY 61 & N SMITH ST                    MOD071989164

 PEVELY                   DOW CHEMICAL CO RIVERSIDE PLANT        HWY 67                                 MOD001829852

 PEVELY                   I-55 DRAG STRIP                        OFF HERKY-HORINE RD NEAR               MOD980862205

 PEVELY                   UNNAMED HORSE ARENA                    HWY M TO HWY 61-67 S 2.9 MI            MOD981129034

 PEVELY                   WIKEL MFG CO INC                       FRONT ST RT 1                          MOD152045712

 PIEDMONT                 US ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS - PIEDMONT   CLEARWATER LAKE                        MO9210890019

 PIEDMONT                 WAYNE COUNTY SITE                      E 1/2 SEC 11 T28N R3E                  MOD980967566

 PIERCE CITY              WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - PIERCE   SEC 33 T27N R28W (P O BOX 89)          MOD985798263
 PILOT KNOB               FLEGEL SALVAGE YARD                    2.1 MI NNW OF                          MOD980690416

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 35 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PILOT KNOB               PILOT KNOB PELLET CO                   HWY V E FROM                           MOD000830497

 PITTSVILLE               PCB DUMP SITE                          3 MI SW OF                             MOD981116361

 PITTSVILLE               TICKEMYER PROPERTY                     SEC 3 T46N R28W                        MOD980971675

 PLATTE CITY              PLATTE CITY ASBESTOS DUMP              HWY HH                                 MOD980967574

 PLEASANT HILL            MISSOURI PUBLIC SERV CO -RALPH GREEN   101 FRONT ST                           MOD000677294

 PLEASANT HILL            NIKE BATTERY KANSAS CITY - 30          2.5 MI S OF LONE JACK                  MOD985773647
 PLEASANT HILL            WOOD PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING CO         RFD 4 BOX 74                           MOD007142144

 POMONA                   OZARK POST & POLE                      RT 2 HWY 14 JCT 2 MI N                 MOD086820677

 POND                     GERLACH DRIVEWAY                       20 MAPLE LN                            MOD980687834

 POND                     HARDT ROAD SITE                        HARDT RD                               MOD980685978

 POPLAR BLUFF             BLUFF ELECTRIC WORKS                   HWY 53 & S 11TH ST                     MOD985767821

 POPLAR BLUFF             JOHN J. PERSHING VAMC                  1500 N WESTWOOD BLVD                   MO6360010320

 POPLAR BLUFF             M & A COOP                             HWY PP W OF                            MOD985772946

 POPLAR BLUFF             POPLAR BLUFF POST CO                   HWY 60                                 MOD990712903

 POPLAR BLUFF             SEMO OIL                               516 ASHCROFT RD                        MO0001491653

 PORTAGEVILLE             ORANGE SUBSTANCE SPILL                 N OF HWY 162 E                         MOD980686075

 POTOSI                   EGGEMAN DRUM SITE                      7 MI S ON HWY 21                       MOD980969992

 POTOSI                   FOUNTAIN FARM PLANT                    7 MI NE OF                             MOD980631253

 POTOSI                   ST JOE MINERALS CORP - INDIAN CREEK    RT 185 6 MI W OF                       MOD000669150
 POTOSI                   YMCA TROUT LODGE/CAMP                  RT 2                                   MOD980972590

 RANDOLPH                 GREAR JUNKYARD                         RURAL AREA                             MOD980686109

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 36 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RAYMORE                  FAUBION TANK FARM                      302 S LINCOLN                          MOD980851166

 RAYTOWN                  BARNES RESIDENCE                       6925 LAUREL                            MOD980966410

 RAYTOWN                  ELLIOTT SHOOTING PARK                  9500 E 75TH                            MOD980968333

 RAYTOWN                  FILTRONETICS INC - RAYTOWN             10012 E 64TH ST                        MOD052897204

 RAYTOWN                  FILTRONETICS INCORP                    6505 HADLEY                            MOD980633473

 RAYTOWN                  LEATH & SONS TANK & PIPE CLEANING      11606 E 67TH ST                        MOD054076898

 RAYTOWN                  OLD CITY OF RAYTOWN - SOUTHWOOD        SW 1/4 NE 1/4 SEC 21 T48N R32W         MOD981729940
 RAYTOWN                  OLD RAYTOWN STP                        59TH ST E OF NOLAND RD                 MOD981126154

 RAYTOWN                  SOUTHWOOD LAGOON SITE                  11200 E 87TH ST                        MOD985773183

 RAYVILLE                 CROOKED RIVER DRUM                     CROOKED RIVER 3 MI E OF                MOD985767763

 REFORM                   CALLAWAY NUCLEAR POWER PLANT           7 MI N HWY 94 ON HWY CC                MOD980632749

 REGAL                    RAY COUNTY DRUM SITE                   SW 1/4 SEC 24 T54N R26W                MOD980853931

 REPUBLIC                 DONNYBROOK FARMS PRODUCTS INC          126 N WALNUT                           MOD981729882

 REPUBLIC                 SOLID STATE CIRCUITS, INC              MAIN ST                                MOD980854111

 RICH HILL                RICH HILL FMGP                         700 E PINE                             MOD985775501

 RICHLAND                 SULLENS LUMBER & TREATED POST          W PULASKI ST                           MOD006321947

 RICHWOODS                HAYNES SITE                            OLD HWY A                              MOD980853279

 RICHWOODS                PFIZER INC - BAKER TRACT               S SEC 27 T40N R2E                      MOD980685614

 RICHWOODS                PFIZER INC - KINGSTON MINE             SE NE SEC 13 T39N R2E                  MOD980685606

 RIVERSIDE                MIDWAY AUTO SALVAGE YARD               1600 VIVION RD                         MOD980862700

 ROBERTSVILLE             ROBERTSVILLE LANDFILL                  HWY N S TO WARFIELD RD                 MOD980972442

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 37 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ROCK HILL                BRACELAND, LELA RESIDENCE              812 DES PERES AVE                      MOD980971964

 ROCKCREEK                LIONS DEN ROAD                         LIONS DEN RD                           MOD981717275

 ROGERSVILLE              POSITRONICS INC                        208 W CENTER ST                        MOD007447196

 ROLLA                    GRAY SANITARY LANDFILL                 2 MI E ST JAMES RD BY CANTEX P         MOD981117567

 ROLLA                    MARK TWAIN NATIONAL FOREST - ROLLA     401 FAIRGROUNDS RD                     MO5122307767

 ROLLA                    OZARK TRUCK PLAZA                      HWY V & I-44                           MOD980966691

 ROLLA                    ROLLA DRAYAGE                          OFF HWY 63                             MOD980973093

 ROLLA                    ROLLA RESEARCH CENTER-US BUREAU OF     1300 BISHOP AVE                        MO3141506789
 ROLLA                    SARCHET, B R ARENA                     OLD HWY 63 8 MI N OF I-44              MOD980688105

 ROLLA                    UMR DANGEROUS MATERIALS                EL BOSA NOVA LN (UMR CAMPUS)           MOD000677773

 ROSATI                   BLISS FARM SUBSITE (PIAZZA RD)         S I-44 PHELPS CTY RD 268 HY KK         MOD981715634

 ROSATI                   PACANOWSKI PROPERTY                    RR 1                                   MOD980853816

 SAGINAW                  WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - SAGINAW  RR 2 BOX 145                           MOD985798289

 SALEM                    TIMBER INDUSTRIES INC                  HWY 19 N 1.5 MI N OF                   MOD057752875

 SEDALIA                  ALCOLAC INC                            RANDALL RD                             MOD084093368

 SEDALIA                  COLONY ROAD BATTERY                    2208 W MAIN                            MOD981508187

 SEDALIA                  ESSER WASTE LAGOON                     RT 6                                   MOD980502314

 SEDALIA                  FUNK & IONIA RD                        FUNK & IONIA RD 14 MI S OF             MOD981713688

 SEDALIA                  GARDNER DENVER CO - SEDALIA            305 N STATE FAIR BLVD                  MOD098265416

 SEDALIA                  MID-MO ELECTRIC CO                     HWY 65 S                               MOD031121635

 SEDALIA                  MISSOURI EMULSIONS                     1414 W MORGAN                          MOD030719512

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 38 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SEDALIA                  PARKHURST SITE                         PARKHURST RD                           MOD980853758

 SEDALIA                  SEDALIA COAL GAS                       SW CORNER OF BROADWAY & INGRAM         MOD985768761

 SEDALIA                  SEDALIA FMGP                           BENTON ST & MONITEAU AVE               MOD985816834

 SEDALIA                  SEDALIA SANITARY LDF                   SW 1/4 SEC 30 T46N R21W                MOD981126162

 SEDALIA                  VAN DYKE SITE                          N STATE FAIR BLVD & HWY H              MOD980502629

 SHELBINA                 RURAL SHELBY COUNTY SITE               HWY 36 & SALT RIVER                    MOD980685648

 SHELDON                  WILLIAMS TANK FARM (TEXACO)            OFF HWY B                              MOD980967558

 SHELL KNOB               SHELL KNOB AREA                        STAR RT 2                              MOD980972483

 SHELL KNOB               TROY RADIUM SITE                       SE1/4 SE1/4 SEC 2 T22N R25W            MO0001897917

 SHERMAN                  SHERMAN MISSOURI STREETS               CITY STREETS                           MOD980972491

 SIKESTON                 DAYS SALES CO                          SEC 27 T27N R14E                       MOD980970016

 SIKESTON                 HANDY STREET CALCIUM ARSENATE SITE     702 W GLADYS ST                        MO0000001651

 SIKESTON                 MISSOURI DELTA COMMUNITY HOSPITAL      1080 N MAIN ST                         MOD079911244

 SIKESTON                 MRM INDUSTRIES                         821 W WAKEFIELD                        MOD985766047

 SIKESTON                 QUALITY PLATING                        RT 2                                   MOD980860555

 SIKESTON                 SLOAN'S AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY              420 N MAIN ST                          MOD031128374

 SKIDMORE                 NODAWAY VALLEY AGRISERVICE             P O BOX 6 3RD & ELM                    MOD031129034

 SPRINGFIELD              ALLEN FILTERS                          522 N FREMONT AVE                      MOD007133671


 SPRINGFIELD              CARVER PARK                            BELVIEW AVE                            MOD981709470

 SPRINGFIELD              CRAFTWORLD INTERNATIONAL               603 W PLAINVIEW RD                     MOD085306165

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 39 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SPRINGFIELD              CUMMINS DIESEL                         3637 E KEARNEY ST                      MOD031134224

 SPRINGFIELD              EASTGATE DUMPSITE                      OFF INGRAM MILLS RD N                  MOD981122575

 SPRINGFIELD              FULBRIGHT LANDFILL                     BOLIVAR RD                             MOD980631139

 SPRINGFIELD              GENERAL ELECTRIC CO - SPRINGFIELD      2401 E SUNSHINE ST                     MOD030709539

 SPRINGFIELD              GULF TANK FARM                         HWY 125 & YY                           MOD980967590

 SPRINGFIELD              KERR-MCGEE CHEMICAL CORP               2800 W HIGH ST                         MOD007129406

 SPRINGFIELD              LITTON SYSTEMS INC                     4811 W KEARNEY ST                      MOD007152903

 SPRINGFIELD              LONG RESIDENCE SUBSITE (SYNTEX)        2512 N WELLER AVE                      MOD981715766

 SPRINGFIELD              M & D ENTERPRISES INC - SPRINGFIELD    1050 E LYNN ST                         MOD981704570

 SPRINGFIELD              MARKET AVENUE APARTMENT SITE           845 S MARKET AVE                       MOD980853634

 SPRINGFIELD              MO-AVCRAD                              2501 N LESTER JONES AVE                MO4210090003

 SPRINGFIELD              MONO MFG CO                            2605 N WESTGATE AVE                    MOD007133945

 SPRINGFIELD              NATIONAL OIL SUPPLIERS                 2345 W KEARNEY AVE                     MOD031141187

 SPRINGFIELD              NORTH U DRIVE PCB'S                    3932 OLD HWY 13                        MOD981708696

 SPRINGFIELD              NORTH-U DRIVE WELL CONTAMINATION       OLD HWY 13 RT 5                        MOD007163108

 SPRINGFIELD              OLD CHEM SUPPLY SITE                   2170 E BLAINE ST                       MOD985768795

 SPRINGFIELD              RADIUM PETROLEUM CO - S W RADIUM OIL   1914 E BLAINE ST                       MOD098474505

 SPRINGFIELD              RESOURCE SERVICES INC                  2446 & 2457 E LIVINGSTON ST            MOD980850960

 SPRINGFIELD              REYCO FILL                             N KANSAS EXPY 1/8 MI S OF I-44         MOD985768787

 SPRINGFIELD              SAC RIVER LANDFILL                     N HWY 13                               MOD980631121

 SPRINGFIELD              SAFETY KLEEN CORP - SPRINGFIELD        736 NW BYPASS 66                       MOD000669069

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 40 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SPRINGFIELD              SHELTON PROPERTY                       2243 W FARM RD 76                      MO0001276930

 SPRINGFIELD              SOLID STATE CIRCUITS - SPRINGFIELD     616 BOONVILLE AVE N                    MOD043937911

 SPRINGFIELD              SOUTHWEST WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT   HWY 60 W FF RD S                       MOD981497175

 SPRINGFIELD              SPRINGFIELD GAS & ELECTRIC             N MAIN AVE                             MOD985795525

 SPRINGFIELD              SYNTEX FACILITY LAGOON                 2460 W BENNETT ST                      MOD095038329

 SPRINGFIELD              TRI-STATES SERVICE COMPANY             1001 N BOONVILLE                       MOD031144496

 SPRINGFIELD              US MEDICAL CENTER FOR FEDERAL          1900 W SUNSHINE                        MO8151990035
 SPRINGFIELD              ZENITH                                 2500 E KEARNEY ST                      MOD043941798

 ST ANN                   HOBDAY ST SITE                         10544 HOBDAY                           MOD981715873

 ST CHARLES               BOONE, DANIEL ARENA                    OFF OF CAULKS HILL RD                  MOD980971956

 ST CHARLES               BOY'S TOWN HORSE SHOW                  SW OF JCT I-70 & 5TH ST                MOD980853725


 ST CHARLES               G W FIBERGLASS CO                      1001 N 2ND ST                          MOD980685721

 ST CHARLES               HAYFORD BRIDGE ROAD GROUNDWATER SITE   RR 7                                   MOD006333975
 ST CHARLES               KAMPVILLE BEACH/S SHORE SUBDIVISION    OFF HWY B                              MOD980972202

 ST CHARLES               LINDENWOOD COLLEGE                     RURAL AREA                             MOD980687966


 ST CHARLES               MCCLAY VALLEY ESTATES - FUNCK          2528 SPRING VALLEY DR                  MOD980972269
 ST CHARLES               MISSOURI CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE            ELM POINT RD                           MOD980686083


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 41 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST CHARLES               PALMER STABLES                         6961 WELDON SPRINGS RD                 MOD980688022

 ST CHARLES               PUNDMAN FORD LOT                       2727 W CLAY ST                         MOD029972007

 ST CHARLES               SAFETY KLEEN CORP - ST CHARLES         4526 TOWNE CT LOT 22                   MOD095486312

 ST CHARLES               ST CHARLES DUMP                        HAWNING RD                             MO0000980581

 ST CHARLES               ST CHARLES QUARRY                      I-70 S ALONG MISSOURI RIVER            MOD980859763

 ST CHARLES               SUNTAN BEACH                           OFF HWY 94 ON CO HWY H                 MOD980857965

 ST CHARLES               THREE CREEKS FARM                      61 WOLFRUM RD                          MOD980972517

 ST CHARLES               TULLOCK, WAYNE SITE                    HUSTER RD & ELM POINT RD INTERSECTION  MOD985795871

 ST CHARLES               WELDON SPRING - EX ARMY ORDNANCE       HWY 94 EX ARMY PLANT                   MO0210090056
 ST CHARLES               WELDON SPRING FORMER ARMY ORDNANCE     25 MI W OF ST LOUIS                    MO5210021288
 ST CHARLES               WELDON SPRING QUARRY/PLANT/PITTS       ST HWY 94 2 MI S US 40                 MO3210090004
 ST CHARLES               WELDON SPRINGS - RAFFINATE PITS        ST HWY 94                              MO2210090005

 ST CHARLES               WELDON SPRINGS CHEMICAL PLANT          HWY 94 2 MI S US 40                    MO6210022830

 ST CLAIR                 ASSOCIATED RUBBER PRODUCTS CO          ST CLAIR INDUSTRIAL PARK               MOD981715808

 ST CLAIR                 COIBION TRUCK CENTER                   I-44 & HWY 30 INTERSECTION             MOD985792076

 ST CLAIR                 LAKE THUNDERBIRD                       E OF HWY 30 & RT K NEAR                MOD980861850

 ST CLAIR                 PIKE'S JUNKYARD                        NW 1/4 SEC 9 T41N R1W                  MOD981497167

 ST CLAIR                 ST CLAIR MUNICIPAL DUMP                HWY PP                                 MOD980631469

 ST CLAIR                 STEELWELD EQUIPMENT CO INC             HWY 47 @ I-44 N SERVICE RD             MOD006307615

 ST CLAIR                 VON HOFFMAN PRINTING DRUMS             HWY 30                                 MOD980687255

 ST CLAIR                 VON WIESE GEAR CO                      ST CLAIR INDUSTRIAL PARK               MOD079778890

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 42 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST FRANCOIS COUNTY       ST FRANCOIS COUNTY BOY SCOUT RANCH     SEC 11-14 T34N R6E                     MOD980851141

 ST JAMES                 GRAY, A J DUMPSITE                     W 1/2 SEC 26 T38N R6W                  MOD980502132

 ST JAMES                 JOHNSON & LEWIS PROPERTIES (PIAZZA     1/4 MI SW I-44 & HWY KK JCT            MOD981715691
 ST JAMES                 MERAMEC FARMS RD                       8 MI E ON HWY B                        MOD980972327

 ST JAMES                 PIAZZA ROAD SITE                       RT 3                                   MOD980688618

 ST JAMES                 T & D TRANSFORMER CO                   V HWY                                  MOD981506041


 ST JOSEPH                ABC RECYCLERS                          2902 S 11TH ST                         MO0001406354

 ST JOSEPH                BUCHANAN COUNTY DRUM SITE              SEC 513 T56N R36W                      MOD985774025

 ST JOSEPH                BYERS COMMERCIAL STORAGE               18TH ST & PENN ST                      MOD981706427

 ST JOSEPH                FARMLAND INDUSTRIES OLD INSECTICIDE    4TH ST & SENECA ST                     MOD980502322
 ST JOSEPH                GENE FIELD ROAD SITE                   3600 GENE FIELD RD                     MOD980502363

 ST JOSEPH                GILMORE CHEMICAL INC                   4900 PACKERS AVE                       MOD056381510

 ST JOSEPH                JOHNSON CONTROLS INC - GLOBE BATTERY   4722 PEAR ST E                         MOD000677252
 ST JOSEPH                LAKE ROAD WAREHOUSE CO                 INDUSTRIAL RD & LOWER LAKE RD          MOD006851323

 ST JOSEPH                LOWER LAKE ROAD SITE                   LOWER LAKE RD                          MOD980502215

 ST JOSEPH                MISSOURI AIR NATIONAL GUARD            ROSECRANS MEMORIAL AIRPORT             MO2572890026

 ST JOSEPH                MISSOURI CHEMICAL CO                   4TH & MONTERREY ST                     MOD981126147

 ST JOSEPH                NORRIS DISPOSAL SITE                   1501 S LEONARD RD                      MOD980502496

 ST JOSEPH                OLD FANNING DUMP                       SEC 13 T56N R36W                       MOD981712029

 ST JOSEPH                OPEN DUMP NORTH OF TOWN                CHURCH ST N OF                         MOD980502504

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 43 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST JOSEPH                PEACHTREE DOOR INC                     6000 INDUSTRIAL RD                     MOD065770067

 ST JOSEPH                RICHMOND SCREW ANCHOR CO INC           315 S 4TH ST                           MOD073068116

 ST JOSEPH                ST JOSEPH #2 FMGP                      510-514 S 5TH ST                       MOD985795848

 ST JOSEPH                ST JOSEPH #3 FMGP                      S 6TH ST & LAFAYETTE ST                MOD985795897


 ST JOSEPH                ST JOSEPH CITY LANDFILL - PIGEON HILL  PIGEON HILL                            MOD980502520

 ST JOSEPH                ST JOSEPH CITY LANDFILL -ROSECRANS     .5 MI E OF ROSECRANS APTS              MOD980502223
 ST JOSEPH                ST JOSEPH FMGP                         4TH ST & CEDAR ST                      MOD985775436

 ST JOSEPH                ST JOSEPH LANDFILL                     END OF JULE ST E BANK OF MO RV         MOD980689053

 ST JOSEPH                ST JOSEPH LIGHT & POWER CO - FRANCIS   520 FRANCIS ST                         MOD006966881
 ST JOSEPH                ST JOSEPH LIGHT & POWER CO - OLIVE ST  S 5TH ST & OLIVE ST                    MOD981719636

 ST JOSEPH                ST JOSEPH LIGHT & POWER CO - ST        NW 1/4 NE 1/4 SEC 36 T57N R36W         MOD981712052

 ST JOSEPH                ST JOSEPH SLF (NEW PIGEON HILL SITE)   HWY 169 TO HWY O 1 MI E OF             MOD981505050

 ST JOSEPH                SWIFT ADHESIVES & COATINGS - ST        4800 PACKERS AVE                       MOD096737242
 ST JOSEPH                THOMPSON CHEMICAL & SOLVENT CO         1710 PENN ST                           MOD029985199

 ST JOSEPH                TRUMAN MERCURY                         33RD & OLIVE                           MO0001411982

 ST JOSEPH                UNION CARBIDE AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS    317 FLORENCE RD                        MOD007142623

 ST LOUIS                 A & H TRUCK LINE                       5333 BULWER AVE                        MOD031000458

 ST LOUIS                 ABEX CORP - NATIONAL BEARING DIV       4930 MANCHESTER AVE                    MOD980631097

 ST LOUIS                 ABEX CORP - NATIONAL BEARING DIV       601 E REDBUD AVE                       MOD980631105

 ST LOUIS                 ABEX CORP - ST LOUIS                   6600 RIDGE AVE                         MOD031003767

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 44 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 ACE METALS CO                          5900 MANCHESTER AVE                    MOD031001241

 ST LOUIS                 ACE STABLES                            9115 NATURAL BRIDGE RD                 MOD980862734

 ST LOUIS                 ACF INDUSTRIES INC - AMCAR DIV         2800 DEKALB ST                         MOD006280119

 ST LOUIS                 ACF INDUSTRIES INC - DEFUNCT           2840 N SPRING AVE                      MOD981708241

 ST LOUIS                 ACME BATTERY MFG                       3340 MORGANFORD RD                     MOD006280804

 ST LOUIS                 ACME BATTERY MFG - FORMER LOCATION     1465 S VANDEVENTER AVE                 MOD985773084

 ST LOUIS                 ALLIED AVIATION FUELING                ST LOUIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT         MOD077139186

 ST LOUIS                 ALUMAX FOILS INC                       6100 S BROADWAY                        MOD054939020

 ST LOUIS                 AMERICAN BEARING CORP                  4501 FYLER AVE                         MOD980631188

 ST LOUIS                 AMERICAN RESOURCES RECYLERS            6827 S BROADWAY                        MOD981715956

 ST LOUIS                 AMERICAN SHOT & LEAD CO                DICKSON ST & LEWIS ST                  MOD980631170

 ST LOUIS                 ANCHOR PACKING CO                      338 HANLEY INDUSTRIAL CT               MOD071971808

 ST LOUIS                 ANGELICA UNIFORM GROUP INC             700 ROSEDALE AVE                       MOD146660576

 ST LOUIS                 ARCHWAY CHEMICAL CO                    4321 CHOUTEAU AVE                      MOD056958812

 ST LOUIS                 ARKANSAS BEST FREIGHT TRUCK TERMINAL   8630 HALL ST                           MOD031004781

 ST LOUIS                 ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO - ST LOUIS         7710 POLK AVE                          MOD031005341

 ST LOUIS                 ATLAS TOOL & MANUFACTURING CO          7100 S GRAND AVE                       MOD006294896

 ST LOUIS                 AUTOMATED GASKET CORP                  333 SANTE AVE                          MOD006493860

 ST LOUIS                 AZCON SCRAP                            3620 HALL ST                           MOD026486779

 ST LOUIS                 B-N TRANSPORT                          6100 HALL ST                           MOD980971915

 ST LOUIS                 BARTON STREET DRUM                     BARTON ST                              MOD985772920

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 45 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 BATH & TENNIS CLUB OF W COUNTY         CLAYTON RD & COUNTRY CLUB LN           MOD980969604

 ST LOUIS                 BEAUFORT TRANSFER CO                   6025 HALL ST                           MOD056957723

 ST LOUIS                 BEE TREE PARK DRUMS                    BEE TREE PARK                          MOD985772912

 ST LOUIS                 BIDCO SEALANTS INC                     5939 ST LOUIS AVE                      MOD006321962

 ST LOUIS                 BITUCOTE PRODUCTS CO - INDUSTRIAL DR   6350 KNOX INDUSTRIAL DR                MOD981715857

 ST LOUIS                 BITUCOTE PRODUCTS CO - NW OF HOGAN     NW OF HOGAN ST                         MOD980685762

 ST LOUIS                 BONDEX INTERNATIONAL                   3616 SCARLET OAK BLVD                  MOD059192658

 ST LOUIS                 BONIFIELD BROTHERS TRUCKING            3529 HICKORY ST                        MOD980861884

 ST LOUIS                 BRANCH EXPRESS                         7201 HALL ST                           MOD980973010

 ST LOUIS                 BRANCH STREET DRUM SITE                15 BRANCH ST                           MOD985767649

 ST LOUIS                 BRIGGS TRUCKING                        5501 HALL ST                           MOD980971972

 ST LOUIS                 BROADWAY SALVAGE OIL DISPOSAL SITE #1  87 ANGELICA ST                         MOD981713217

 ST LOUIS                 BROADWAY SALVAGE OIL DISPOSAL SITE #2  2727 HAMILTON AVE                      MOD981713225

 ST LOUIS                 BROADWAY SALVAGE OIL DISPOSAL SITE #3  5937 KENNERLY AVE                      MOD981713233

 ST LOUIS                 BROUK CO                               1367 S KINGSHIGHWAY BLVD               MOD006284723

 ST LOUIS                 BROWNS TRANSPORT CORP                  7301 HALL ST                           MOD980973127

 ST LOUIS                 BUDIG WESTERN                          4560 N 2ND ST                          MOD080016249

 ST LOUIS                 BURLINGTON NORTHERN - ST LOUIS         HALL ST & HUMBOLDT AVE                 MOD980965677

 ST LOUIS                 BUSCH, ANHEUSER FACILITIES             721 PESTALOZZI ST                      MOD980972004

 ST LOUIS                 BUSHNELL, J P PACKING SUPPLY CO        3436 LINDELL BLVD                      MOD031016108

 ST LOUIS                 BUSSEN QUARRIES                        5000 BUSSEN RD                         MOD980740922

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 46 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 BYLO CORP - LAMINATED PLASTICS INC     1008 HANLEY INDUSTRIAL CT              MOD086923240

 ST LOUIS                 CARBOLINE CO                           328 HANLEY INDUSTRIAL CT               MOD006282347

 ST LOUIS                 CARONDELET FMGP                        7200 S BROADWAY                        MOD985775428

 ST LOUIS                 CARONDOLET COKE CORPORATION            526 E CATALAN ST                       MOD038890265

 ST LOUIS                 CARTER CARBURETOR                      2840 N SPRING AVE                      MOD000822601

 ST LOUIS                 CAVALLERO, JOE ARENA                   2054 NEMNICH RD                        MOD980685135

 ST LOUIS                 CENTRAL PAVINGS INC                    2221 ST CHARLES ROCK RD                MOD980972038

 ST LOUIS                 CENTRAL PLATING                        2922 OREGON ST                         MO0001326701

 ST LOUIS                 CENTRAL STATES SANITATION              569 MELVILLE AVE                       MOD043508092

 ST LOUIS                 CERTAINTEED - ST LOUIS                 1025 HANLEY INDUSTRIAL CT              MOD981715816

 ST LOUIS                 CHAIN OF ROCKS AMUSEMENT PARK          .1 MI S OF I-270 & RIVERVIEW DR        MOD980854939

 ST LOUIS                 CHAIN OF ROCKS BRIDGE DUMP             CHAIN OF ROCKS PARK                    MOD980689061

 ST LOUIS                 CHASE BAG CO                           5051 SOUTHWEST AVE                     MOD071974059

 ST LOUIS                 CHEMTECH DISTRIBUTION INC              139 E SOPER ST                         MOD000830414

 ST LOUIS                 CHEMTECH INDUSTRIES INC                6529 S BROADWAY                        MOT300010717

 ST LOUIS                 CHOTT RESIDENCE                        2899 SALINE RD                         MOD980969646

 ST LOUIS                 CLAYTON AND BOYLE DRUMS                4254 CLAYTON AVE                       MO0000381889

 ST LOUIS                 COLGATE CHEMICAL CO                    7306 COLGATE AVE                       MOD048839146

 ST LOUIS                 COLLIER SHOT TOWER WORKS               1-2 MI W 1 MI N OF ARCH                MOD980851398

 ST LOUIS                 COLLIER WHITE LEAD & OIL CO            CLARK AVE BTWN 9TH ST & 10TH ST        MOD980631220

 ST LOUIS                 COMBUSTION ENGINEERING INC             5319 SHREVE AVE                        MOD006277073

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 47 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 COMMERCIAL LOVELACE                    540 GIMBLIN RD                         MOD084400308

 ST LOUIS                 CONSERVATION CHEMICAL CO - ST LOUIS    100 BREMEN AVE                         MOD050235597

 ST LOUIS                 CONSOLIDATED FREIGHTWAYS               8500 N HALL ST                         MOD068544675

 ST LOUIS                 COSTELLO RESIDENCE                     13664 CONWAY RD                        MOD980687727

 ST LOUIS                 COURTOIS RESIDENCE                     3826 VIRGINIA AVE                      MOD980687776

 ST LOUIS                 CROWN PLATING                          2915-2917 CHOUTEAU AVE                 MOD006287130

 ST LOUIS                 CUPPLES PRODUCTS DIV                   2650 S HANLEY RD                       MOD046370318

 ST LOUIS                 CUSTOMS SERVICE INTERNATIONAL          510 THATCHER AVE                       MOD981704927

 ST LOUIS                 DANGEROUS CHEMICAL                     8001 NATURAL BRIDGE RD                 MOD071999783

 ST LOUIS                 DE VAN SEALANTS INC                    6301 PRESCOTT AVE                      MOD006270029

 ST LOUIS                 DEFENSE MAPPING AGENCY (FAC)           8900 S BROADWAY                        MO5570090022

 ST LOUIS                 DEFENSE MAPPING FEE                    3200 S 2ND ST                          MO4570090023

 ST LOUIS                 DELMAR ST DRUMS                        2921-2941 DELMAR BLVD                  MOD981715972

 ST LOUIS                 DENNIS CHEMICAL CO INC                 2701 PAPIN ST                          MOD006278642

 ST LOUIS                 DERRICK SOAP PRODUCTS INC              1000 N 1ST ST                          MOD006284244

 ST LOUIS                 DIOXIN REFERAL CASE                    ST LOUIS                               MOD981717283

 ST LOUIS                 DIVERSIFIED EQUIPMENT                  7807 HALL ST                           MOD085906568

 ST LOUIS                 DOYLE, A T CO INC                      2360 S 59TH ST                         MOD006288377

 ST LOUIS                 DRUG ENFORCEMENT ADMINISTRATION        120 S CENTRAL AVE                      MOD981128275

 ST LOUIS                 DRUMTECH INC                           5066 NEAR MANCHESTER AVE               MOD085902021

 ST LOUIS                 EARLS DRAIN OIL SERVICES               2230 KENOSHO                           MOD980972095

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 48 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 EAST TEXAS MOTOR FREIGHT               119 DOUGLASS ST                        MOD980968390

 ST LOUIS                 EASTERN TRUCKING SITE                  8888 HALL ST                           MOD980973135

 ST LOUIS                 EAZOR TRUCK LINES                      3401 N BROADWAY                        MOD980854947

 ST LOUIS                 EDWARDS, HUGH K CORP                   2007 CASS AVE                          MOD981715923

 ST LOUIS                 ELIAS STREET DRUMS                     816 ELIAS AVE                          MO0000381863

 ST LOUIS                 EVERMAN QUARRY                         5111 S COMPTON AVE                     MOD980631246

 ST LOUIS                 FALCON PRODUCTS INC                    9387 DIELMAN INDUSTRIAL DR             MOD006274435

 ST LOUIS                 FERRY STREET DRUMS                     100 FERRY ST                           MOD985806553

 ST LOUIS                 FL AMERICAN ELECTRIC                   1525 WOODSON RD                        MOD048835961

 ST LOUIS                 FOLSOM STREET DRUMS                    4060 FOLSOM AVE                        MOD985806546

 ST LOUIS                 FOUNDRY PRODUCTS INC                   5046 S 38TH ST                         MOD051730570

 ST LOUIS                 FOUR STAR FINISHING CO INC             707 SHENANDOAH AVE                     MOD045070430

 ST LOUIS                 FRANCIS & DEE'S CAFETERIA              182 E GRAND AVE                        MOD980973028

 ST LOUIS                 FREIGHT CONSOLIDATED SERVICES          3675 CHOUTEAU AVE                      MOD083089250

 ST LOUIS                 FRISCO TRANSPORTATION CO               709 S 7TH ST                           MOD041756784

 ST LOUIS                 FYLER & HAMPTON LANDFILL               FYLER AVE & HAMPTON AVE                MOD980631261

 ST LOUIS                 FYLER ROAD DRUMS                       4801 FYLER AVE                         MOD041301086

 ST LOUIS                 GAF CORP - ST LOUIS                    9215 S RIVERVIEW DR                    MOD053967584

 ST LOUIS                 GARFIELD STREET DRUMS                  GARFIELD AVE                           MOD985772938

 ST LOUIS                 GASKETS & SEALS FABRICATORS INC        2219 DELMAR AVE                        MOD084394600

 ST LOUIS                 GATEWAY ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT          6703 SOUTHWEST AVE                     MO1210020813

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 49 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 GENERAL GASKET CORP                    2322 S 7TH ST                          MOD006287643

 ST LOUIS                 GENERAL MOTOR FREIGHT                  7845 HALL ST                           MOD980859698

 ST LOUIS                 GENERAL MOTORS CORP TRUCK & COACH DIV  2210 CHOUTEAU AVE                      MOD000687509

 ST LOUIS                 GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTN - ST LOUIS  1222 SPRUCE ST                         MO5470090064

 ST LOUIS                 GEODECKE, WOOD & COMPANY INC           4153 CLAYTON AVE                       MOD006292312

 ST LOUIS                 GEORGE, P D CO                         5200 N 2ND ST                          MOD006274732

 ST LOUIS                 GM TRUCK PLANT                         3809 UNION BLVD                        MOD006290118

                          #2                                     BLVD
 ST LOUIS                 GREAT LAKES CONTAINER CORP - ST LOUIS  42 FERRY ST                            MOD086827359

 ST LOUIS                 GREGORY COURT SUBDIVISION              TESSON FERRY RD & HWY 270              MOD980851158

 ST LOUIS                 GREYHOUND BUS MAINT FACILITY           1109 23 CASS AVE                       MOD980972186

 ST LOUIS                 HADLEY ADHESIVES                       2827 BRECKENRIDGE INDUSTRIAL CT        MOD071970149

 ST LOUIS                 HADLEY STREET                          1541 HADLEY ST                         MOD053969119

 ST LOUIS                 HALLS MOTOR TRANSIT                    8390 HALL ST                           MOD980973044

 ST LOUIS                 HAMILL TRANSFER CO                     900 VIRGINIA AVE                       MOD009855669

 ST LOUIS                 HANLEY AREA SURVEY                     NATURAL BRIDGE AVE & GOODFELLOW BLVD   MO3210090038

 ST LOUIS                 HBE TRAILER CORP                       375 E CARRIE AVE                       MOD980853337

 ST LOUIS                 HEAT PROOF TABLE MATERIAL CO INC       1717 OLIVE ST                          MOD006289631

 ST LOUIS                 HEIMBURGER, F & SONS INC               2108 GRAVOIS AVE                       MOD006289730

 ST LOUIS                 HERALD CO INC                          710 N 12TH ST                          MOD002255412

 ST LOUIS                 HOLIDAY HILLS AMUSEMENT PARK           9600 NATURAL BRIDGE RD                 MOD980862197

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 50 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 HOLIDAY VALLEY RECREATIONAL PARK       2477 MARSHALL RD                       MOD980965719

 ST LOUIS                 HUBER, A W                             10291 BACH BLVD                        MOD099672289

 ST LOUIS                 HUBERT WHEELER STATE SCHOOL            5707 WILSON AVE                        MO0000093666

 ST LOUIS                 HUGE COMPANY                           7625 PAGE BLVD                         MO0000602581

 ST LOUIS                 IDEAL TAPE CO                          316 N 18TH ST                          MOD079903464

 ST LOUIS                 IML FREIGHT INC                        5801 HALL ST                           MOD079908430

 ST LOUIS                 INDEPENDENT PETROCHEMICAL CORP         3930 CHOUTEAU AVE                      MOD066919440

 ST LOUIS                 INDUSTRIAL PROCESS EQUIPMENT CO        2812 LOCUST ST                         MOD041297094

 ST LOUIS                 INMAN FREIGHT SYSTEMS INC              NEAR JCT OF HALL ST & E GRAND AVE      MOD980853394

 ST LOUIS                 INTERLAKE INC                          130 S BEMISTON AVE                     MOD981715832

 ST LOUIS                 INTERSTATE MOTOR FREIGHT               69 E GRAND AVE                         MOD079780706

 ST LOUIS                 JAMES VARLEY & SONS INC                1200 SWITZER AVE                       MOD006299861

 ST LOUIS                 JEFFERSON NATIONAL EXPANSION           N 2ND ST & POPLAR ST                   MO7141790033

 ST LOUIS                 JEFFERSON STORAGE SITE                 2004 S JEFFERSON AVE                   MOD980686828

 ST LOUIS                 JONES TRUCK LINES (NEW)                7337 HALL ST                           MOD980973051

 ST LOUIS                 JONES TRUCKING SITE                    5601 HALL ST                           MOD043513670

 ST LOUIS                 KIENAN-GREGORY CORP                    8600 MANCHESTER RD                     MOD981715881

 ST LOUIS                 KIESEL CO                              FOOT OF BRANCH ST NEAR RIVER           MOT300011160

 ST LOUIS                 KING ADHESIVES CORP                    5227 NORTHRUP AVE                      MOD006306187

 ST LOUIS                 KRIBS INC                              3017 N 13TH ST                         MOD031058001

 ST LOUIS                 LACLEDE COAL GAS SITE                  MOUND ST & BROADWAY                    MOD981715980

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 51 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 LAMBERT FIELD DRUMS                    LAMBER ST LOUIS INTL ARPT              MOD980686810

 ST LOUIS                 LAMBERT ST LOUIS IAP (ANG)             NATURAL BRIDGE RD & WOODSON RD         MO4570025920

 ST LOUIS                 LAND CLEARANCE REDEVELOPMENT           N 11TH ST & OFALLON ST                 MOD980688279
 ST LOUIS                 LIBERTY FOUNDRY CO                     SCHIRMER ST                            MOD980633499

 ST LOUIS                 LUCAS & HUNT APARTMENTS                LUCAS & HUNT RD & I-70                 MOD980973077

 ST LOUIS                 M K BUS LINES                          7910 ALABAMA AVE                       MOD980862759

 ST LOUIS                 MADISON STREET DRUMS                   201 MADISON ST                         MOD006273551

 ST LOUIS                 MALINE CREEK                           600 SAINT CYR RD                       MOD980631162

 ST LOUIS                 MALLINCKRODT INC                       3600 N 2ND ST                          MOD096726484


 ST LOUIS                 MARYVILLE COLLEGE                      13550 CONWAY RD                        MOD071962146

 ST LOUIS                 MCBRIDE'S EXPRESS                      433 THATCHER AVE                       MOD980966709

 ST LOUIS                 MCDONNELL DOUGLAS CORP                 JS MCDONNELL BLVD @ AIRPORT RD         MOD000818906

 ST LOUIS                 MCKINLEY BRIDGE DRUMS                  ANGELROOT RD                           MO0001663632

 ST LOUIS                 MFG ASSOCIATES INC                     603 HANLEY INDUSTRIAL CT               MOD981704562

 ST LOUIS                 MIDWEST INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL CO         1509 SUBLETTE AVE                      MOD006265631

 ST LOUIS                 MIDWEST OIL REFINING CO INC            1900 WALTON RD                         MOD006290803

 ST LOUIS                 MIEGER PEST & TERMITE CONTROL          5952 SHORTLEAF CT                      MOD084396209

 ST LOUIS                 MIRAX CHEMICAL PRODUCTS CORP           4999 FYLER AVE                         MOD006264899

 ST LOUIS                 MISSISSIPPI RIVER TRANSMISSION         9900 CLAYTON RD                        MOD006968069

 ST LOUIS                 MISSOURI METAL SHAPING CO              9970 PAGE BLVD                         MOD006283808

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 52 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 MISSOURI PAINT & VARNISH CO            5125 N 2ND ST                          MOD006264105

 ST LOUIS                 MISSOURI PETROLEUM                     1620 WOODSON RD                        MOD021506878

 ST LOUIS                 MISSOURI PORTLAND CEMENT CO - ST       9403 RIVERVIEW DR                      MOT300010303
 ST LOUIS                 MKT RAILROAD                           HALL ST 420 GIMBLIN RD                 MOD981715998

 ST LOUIS                 MO-TAC COMPANY                         3862 ITASKA ST                         MOD980323893

 ST LOUIS                 MONSANTO CO - CARONDELET PLANT         8201 IDAHO AVE                         MOD001700848

 ST LOUIS                 MONSANTO CO - J F QUEENY PLANT         1700 S 2ND ST                          MOD004954111

 ST LOUIS                 MONSANTO CO - ST LOUIS PLANT           800 N LINDBERG BLVD                    MOD006266803

 ST LOUIS                 MOORE QUALITY FARMS                    13118 MAPLE DR                         MOD980973085

 ST LOUIS                 MORRISON MOTOR FREIGHT                 110 CASS AVE                           MOD980852289

 ST LOUIS                 MOUND STREET PCB'S                     100 MOUND ST                           MO0000093682

 ST LOUIS                 MOZEL CHEMICAL PRODUCTS                4003 PARK AVE                          MOD006270037

 ST LOUIS                 MUELLER BRASS & FOUNDRY CO             4485 FYLER AVE                         MOD980631352

 ST LOUIS                 NAVAL WEAPONS INDUSTRIAL RESERVE       112 JAMES S MCDONNELL BLVD             MO8170090072
 ST LOUIS                 NAVY BRAND MANUFACTURING CO            5111 SOUTHWEST AVE                     MOD006327225


 ST LOUIS                 NORCLIFF-THAYER MANUFACTURING          319 S 4TH ST                           MOD099673899

 ST LOUIS                 NORFOLK & WESTERN RAILWAY CO-LUTHER    W SIDE OF HALL ST                      MOD980963318
 ST LOUIS                 OK TRUCKING CO                         4138 N 2ND ST                          MOD980965701

 ST LOUIS                 ONDR PACKAGE SERVICE                   5101 FARLIN AVE                        MOD980688998

 ST LOUIS                 ORSCHELN BROTHERS TRUCKING - ST LOUIS  7410 HALL ST                           MOD980862676

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 53 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 OVERNITE TRANSPORTATION CO             7455 HALL ST                           MOD085903839

 ST LOUIS                 OWENS-CORNING FIBERGLASS CORP - ST     12400 OLIVE BLVD                       MOD981704885
 ST LOUIS                 PEERLESS INDUSTRIAL PAINT COATINGS     1265 LEWIS ST                          MOD006291678

 ST LOUIS                 PERFECTION MANUFACTURING CO            5441 BULWER AVE                        MOD041885856

 ST LOUIS                 PIC-WALSH FREIGHT CO                   747 E TAYLOR AVE                       MOD980850911

 ST LOUIS                 PLAS-CHEM COATINGS                     6177 MAPLE AVE                         MOD981704893

 ST LOUIS                 POLK STREET SITE                       POLK ST & STEINS ST                    MOD981729957

 ST LOUIS                 POND ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FIELDS       ON POND RD N OF                        MOD980852685

 ST LOUIS                 PRECOAT METALS                         4301 S SPRING AVE                      MOD088703764

 ST LOUIS                 PROCTOR & GAMBLE MANUFACTURING CO      169 E GRAND AVE                        MOD006275952

 ST LOUIS                 RALSTON PURINA                         825 8TH ST                             MOD000302281

 ST LOUIS                 RANDAZZO PROPERTY                      1636 N 19TH ST                         MOD980966394

 ST LOUIS                 RANKEN ESTATES                         I-44 MERAMEC RIVER E OF LONE ELK       MOD980972418

 ST LOUIS                 RAY'S AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY                4442-4448 MARTIN LUTHER KING DR        MO0001891845

 ST LOUIS                 RED SEAL CASTOR OIL CO                 N 11TH ST & LOCUST ST                  MOD980851414

 ST LOUIS                 REIDY BROTHERS RIVER TERMINAL          4528 S BROADWAY                        MOD980685929

 ST LOUIS                 RICHTER RESIDENCE                      4484 BAUMGARTNER RD                    MOD980972426

 ST LOUIS                 RISS INTERNATIONAL                     3635 CHOUTEAU AVE                      MOD980969661

 ST LOUIS                 ROBINS, G S & CO                       126 CHOUTEAU AVE                       MOD008908907

 ST LOUIS                 RUHL LANE                              RUHL LN                                MOD980963193

 ST LOUIS                 RYDER TRUCK LINES                      7450 HALL ST                           MOD980859755

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 54 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 S K F INDUSTRIES INC                   2320 MARCONI AVE                       MOT300010345

 ST LOUIS                 S-T TRUCKING                           6000 HALL ST                           MOD980972467

 ST LOUIS                 SCHAEFFER MFG CO                       102 BARTON ST                          MOD006271308

 ST LOUIS                 SCHOOL STREET DRUM SITE                3141 SCHOOL ST                         MOD985767631

 ST LOUIS                 SCHUMANN, RAY & ASSOCIATES             5464 HIGHLAND PARK DR                  MOD009738147

 ST LOUIS                 SEALERS INC                            5046-5052 S 38TH ST                    MOD060557816

 ST LOUIS                 SECOND STREET DRUMS                    900 S 2ND ST                           MO0001092139

 ST LOUIS                 SEIDITZ PAINTS - ABANDONED WAREHOUSE   1519 N 18TH ST                         MOD980633507

 ST LOUIS                 SILMASCO INC - SILVERMAT SERVICE CO    132 HANLEY INDUSTRIAL CT               MOD056958796

 ST LOUIS                 SIMMLER INC                            4156 HOFFMEISTER AVE                   MOD985768142

 ST LOUIS                 SLAY TRANSPORATION CO                  2001 S 7TH ST                          MOD009855826

 ST LOUIS                 SOUTH CITY INCINERATOR                 4100 S 1ST ST                          MOD985767623

 ST LOUIS                 SOUTHERN GRAPHICS SERVICE INC          1022 N 6TH ST                          MOD006286959

 ST LOUIS                 SOUTHERN WHITE LEAD & COLOR CO         LOMBARD ST 2ND ST & MAIN ST            MOD980631451

 ST LOUIS                 SPANISH TRAILS BOARDING STABLES        1024 DUBERRY LN                        MOD980857957

 ST LOUIS                 SPRINGMIER SHIPPING CO INC             1116 CASS ST                           MOD008909004

 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS AIRPORT DRUM SITE             LAMBERT ST LOUIS INTNL AIRPORT         MOD985767615

 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS AIRPORT/HIS/FUTURA COATINGS   BROWN RD N OF AIRPORT                  MOD980633176
 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT         4800 GOODFELLOW BLVD                   MO4210021222

 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS CITY LANDFILL                 8700 HALL ST                           MOD980502231

 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS GAS, FUEL & POWER             603 N 6TH ST                           MOD985769041

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 55 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS LEAD & OIL CO                 5548 MANCHESTER AVE                    MOD980631485

 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS ORDNANCE PLANT                4300 GOODFELLOW BLVD                   MO8210022465

 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS POLICE DEPARTMENT STABLES     2634 HAMPTON AVE                       MOD980685028

 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS PRINTING                      7734 HALL ST                           MOD980631493

 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS SCHOOL                        N 23RD ST & COLE ST                    MOD980685754

 ST LOUIS                 ST LOUIS SHIP DIVISION                 611 E MARCEAU ST                       MOD006291371

 ST LOUIS                 ST VINCENT AVENUE DRUMS                3134 ST VINCENT AVE                    MO0001038751

 ST LOUIS                 STEELCOTE MFG CO                       3418 GRATIOT ST                        MOD006275036

 ST LOUIS                 STERLING LACQUER MANUFACTURING CO      3150 BRANNON AVE                       MOD006291421

 ST LOUIS                 STEWART SANITARY SUPPLY                4215-4217 THOLOZAN AVE                 MOD082265364

 ST LOUIS                 SUPERIOR SOLVENTS & CHEMICALS INC      60 CHOUTEAU AVE                        MOD079910600

 ST LOUIS                 SUPREME EXPRESS/NORTHWEST DRAYAGE      3311 CHOUTEAU AVE                      MOD007793649

 ST LOUIS                 TEXACO INC - TEXACO USA DIV - ST       4070 S 1ST ST                          MOD042659714
 ST LOUIS                 TMX TRUCK LINES                        1711 MADISON ST                        MOD980966683

 ST LOUIS                 TOCH BROTHERS DIVISION                 326 HANLEY INDUSTRIAL CT               MOD981704554

 ST LOUIS                 TODD SITE                              S 9TH ST & LYNCH ST                    MOD980860563

 ST LOUIS                 TOMASOVIC NURSERY                      1251 MEIER LN                          MOD046344461

 ST LOUIS                 TRANSAMERICAN FREIGHT LINES            620 DODDRIDGE ST                       MOD980966675

 ST LOUIS                 TRANSCHEMICAL INC                      419 E DE SOTO AVE                      MOD068527357

 ST LOUIS                 TRANSCON LINES                         5701 HALL ST                           MOD042664649

 ST LOUIS                 TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL POOL INC #1    321 E CARRIE ST                        MOD980688170

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 56 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL POOL INC #2    205 HUMBOLDT AVE                       MOD071986996

 ST LOUIS                 TRUCK TRANSPORT INC - ST LOUIS         1305 GRATIOT ST                        MOD980972533

 ST LOUIS                 UNION ELECTRIC CO - ASHLEY PLANT       ASHLEY ST & N WHARF ST                 MOD000805499

 ST LOUIS                 UNION ELECTRIC CO - CAMPBELL           6500 HALL ST                           MOD980631519
 ST LOUIS                 UNION ELECTRIC CO - MACKLIND           1623 MACKLIND AVE                      MOD980631527

 ST LOUIS                 UNION ELECTRIC CO - MALINE SUBSTATION  BELLEFONTAINE RD                       MOD980631535

 ST LOUIS                 UNION ELECTRIC CO - RAY AVE            4050 BINGHAM AVE                       MOD981126428

 ST LOUIS                 UNION ELECTRIC CO - SWUS SITE          HALL ST                                MOD980631550

 ST LOUIS                 UNION ELECTRIC CO - VENICE PAGE        HALL ST                                MOD980631543

 ST LOUIS                 US POLYMERS CORP                       300 E PRIMM ST                         MOD096728373

 ST LOUIS                 US POSTAL SERVICE PLANT MAINT DIV      1720 MARKET ST                         MO0180090011

 ST LOUIS                 USCGC - CHEYENNE WLR-75405             FOOT OF IRON ST                        MO1690390017

 ST LOUIS                 USCGC - OBION WLR-65503                IRON ST                                MO2690390016

 ST LOUIS                 USCGC - SUMAC WLR-311                  FOOT OF IRON ST                        MO0690390018

 ST LOUIS                 USCO DISTRIBUTION INC                  4327 GUSTINE                           MOD981722507

 ST LOUIS                 USDA FSQS MIDWESTERN LAB               4300 GOODFELLOW BLVD BLDG 105 D        MO6123790002

 ST LOUIS                 VA MEDICAL CENTER - COCHRAN DIV        915 N GRAND BLVD                       MO9360090030

 ST LOUIS                 VA MEDICAL CENTER - JEFFERSON          JEFFERSON BARRACKS DR                  MO8360090031
 ST LOUIS                 VACTEC INC                             11900 PAGE BLVD                        MOD000677781

 ST LOUIS                 VICTOR PRODUCTS INC - DELMAR ST        2435 DELMAR BLVD                       MOD980855589

 ST LOUIS                 VICTOR PRODUCTS INC - FRANKLIN ST      FRANKLIN ST                            MOD981715949

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 57 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST LOUIS                 VON HOFFMAN PRESS INC                  1000 CAMERA AVE                        MOD006290340

 ST LOUIS                 WASHINGTON AVE DRUMS                   4605 WASHINGTON AVE                    MO0000383240

 ST LOUIS                 WEBER, FRED INC NORTH SANITARY LDFL    CREVE COEUR MILL RD                    MOD980631576

 ST LOUIS                 WEBSTER GROVES FMGP                    4118 SHREWSBURY AVE                    MOD000829721

 ST LOUIS                 WESTERN WIRE PRODUCTS CO               1415-1435 S 18TH ST                    MOD006277198

 ST LOUIS                 WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP - 7TH ST    411 N 7TH ST                           MOD004382396

 ST LOUIS                 WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP - SEMPLE    4350 SEMPLE AVE                        MOT300011079
 ST LOUIS                 WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP -           1565 S VANDEVENTER AVE                 MOD095481073
 ST LOUIS                 WHITING DOOR/DEER VALLEY SITE          5015 N HWY 67                          MOD981712011

 ST LOUIS                 WILLIAMS PAPER CO                      934 1ST ST                             MOD981704919

 ST LOUIS                 WORKHOUSE QUARRY                       E END OF GASCONADE ST                  MOD980502637

 ST LOUIS                 WURDACK, WALTER INC                    4977 FYLER AVE                         MOD006268395

 ST LOUIS                 ZIMMERMAN RESIDENCE                    1655 LULU AVE                          MOD980972616

 ST LOUIS                 ZONE, C J MANUFACTURING CO             3957 PARK AVE                          MOD006268015

 ST LOUIS COUNTY          MISSOURI LEAD & OIL CO                 DOWNTOWN 1 OR 2 MI FROM RIVER          MOD980851406

 ST LOUIS COUNTY          ST LOUIS FLOOD                         VALLEY PARK & MERAMEC RIVER            MOD981723380

 ST PETERS                PMS CONSOLIDATED                       7 GUENTHER                             MOD093749919

 ST PETERS                ST PETERS, CITY OF                     VENTURE DR & MEXICO RD                 MOD000677237

 ST PETERS                WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO - ST PETERS      4695 S SERVICE RD                      MOD000767111

 STE GENEVIEVE            SILVANUS PRODUCTS INC                  40 MERCHANT ST                         MOD092351642

 STEELVILLE               ARNESON TIMBER CO                      HWY 19 N MCCORMICK RD                  MOD059992537

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 58 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 STEELVILLE               FIRE TRAIL 11-H BARREL SITE            MARK TWAIN NAT FOREST E OF             MOD980854228

 STEELVILLE               ROGERS POST & LUMBER CO                HWY 8 5 MI W OF                        MOD066916594

 STOUTSVILLE              MUELLER RESIDENCE                      121 SIR MOSS                           MOD980972343

 STOVER                   ROSS PROPERTY SITE                     COUNTY RD 134-461                      MO0001326727

 STURGEON                 NORFOLK & WESTERN TANK CAR SPILL       W OF OGDEN ST                          MOD981717325

 SUGAR CREEK              AMOCO OIL CO                           11400 E KENTUCKY RD                    MOD007161425

 SUGAR CREEK              CHEVRON CHEMICAL CO - SUGAR CREEK      4200 N CEMENT CITY RD                  MOD980510275

 SUGAR CREEK              ELIZABETH STREET MINE                  N OF ELIZABETH ST                      MOD980685739

 SUGAR CREEK              MISSOURI PORTLAND CEMENT CO - SUGAR    N RIVER RD                             MOT300010329
 SUGAR CREEK              RUMBLE LANDFILL                        2031 COURTNEY RD                       MOD980631386

 SULLIVAN                 LOLLAR BRANCH ROAD                     OFF I-44 2 MI N OF                     MOD980858294

 SULLIVAN                 MERAMEC INDUSTRIES                     338 RAMSEY ST                          MOD050232990

 SULLIVAN                 RAMSEY CORP                            300 RAMSEY ST                          MOD094390416

 SULLIVAN                 SULLIVAN DRAG STRIP                    2717 RIDGE RD                          MOD980967236

 SUNSET HILLS             LUTES, LAURA                           12609 OLD GRAVOIS RD                   MOD980972251

 SUNSET HILLS             ROWE NURSERY                           3926 S LINDBERGH                       MOD980973101

 SWEET SPRINGS            RIVAL MANUFACTURING CO                 100 NEW RAND                           MOD057905325

 SYLVANIA                 VALLEY SANITATION SERVICE INC -        CO RD D & E                            MOD000669168
 TAYLOR                   HALE MANUFACTURING CO INC              HWY 24                                 MOD071999585

 THOMASVILLE              THOMASVILLE WOOD PRODUCTS              HWY 99 & 160                           MOD047731419

 TIMES BEACH              HORSE ARENA CASE                       DIOXIN 6 SITES                         MOD981717994

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 59 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TIMES BEACH              INTERIM CENTRAL STORAGE FACILITY       38-30-45.0N 090-36-30.0W               MOD980852636

 TIMES BEACH              TIMES BEACH SITE                       VARIOUS UNPAVED STREETS                MOD980685226

 TRASK                    BUTLER PROPERTY                        JCT OF HWY V & 60                      MOD985808153

 TRENTON                  MODINE MANUFACTURING CO                822 INDUSTRIAL RD                      MOD043942291

 TRENTON                  TRENTON FMGP                           GRANT & 10TH ST                        MOD985816826

 TRENTON                  TRENTON LANDFILL                       1 MI NE OF                             MOD981713449

 TROY                     KOENIG, PAUL RESIDENCE                 CO RD U 5 MI S OF                      MOD980687925

 TROY                     WRIGHT, LOUIS RESIDENCE                HWY 47 6 MI E OF                       MOD980688253

 UNION                    BOURBEUSE BOTTOM CLUB                  SHAWNEE TOWN FORD RD                   MOD981123565

 UNION                    DRUM DUMPING AREA                      I-44 N OUTER RD                        MOD980502298

 UNION                    GENERALLY HAULING SANITARY LDF         SW 1/4 NW 1/4 SEC 21 T42N R1E          MOD981126113

 UNION                    HALL, BILL RESIDENCE                   RT 2                                   MOD980685143

 URBANA                   OLD PRIME TRUCKING SITE                HWY 65 N                               MOD985775469

 URICH                    KEDIGH FARM                            STATE RD AB                            MO0001276872

 VALLEY PARK              8TH STREET DRUMS                       602 8TH ST                             MO0000093674

 VALLEY PARK              ACCESS ROAD TO OLD HWY 141             SEC 19 & 24 T43N R5 & 6E               MOD980502553

 VALLEY PARK              EIGHTY-FOUR LUMBER COMPANY             201 W OUTER RD                         MOD980859680

 VALLEY PARK              GATES ESTATES                          GATES ESTATES RD                       MOD980969638

 VALLEY PARK              MARSHALL ROAD BULK OIL STORAGE         MARSHALL RD                            MOD980633481
 VALLEY PARK              MISSOURI FLOOD DRUMS                   N 141 HWY TO VALLEY PARK LANDFILL      MO0000561225

 VALLEY PARK              O'CONNERS CAMPGROUND                   MARSHALL RD                            MOD980972368

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 60 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 VALLEY PARK              SIMPSON SITE                           MARSHALL RD                            MOD980631436

 VALLEY PARK              TREE COURT SWIM CLUB                   2499 MARSHALL RD                       MOD980972525

 VALLEY PARK              VALLEY MOUNT RANCH                     OFF I-44 PEERLESS PARK                 MOD076966472

 VALLEY PARK              VALLEY PARK STREETS                    MARSHALL RD                            MOD980972541

 VALLEY PARK              VALLEY PARK TCE                        HWY 141 N OF MERAMEC RIVER             MOD980968341

 VALLEY PARK              WEST COUNTY LANDFILL                   VANCE RD & SULFUR SPRINGS RD           MOD980632426

 VALLEY PARK              WHITE MINERAL SPRINGS POOL             OFF MARSHALL RD                        MOD980972566

 VANDALIA                 HARBISON WALKER REFRACTORIES           BOOKER ST                              MOD064646706

 VANDALIA                 UNNAMED TRUCKING CO                    OFF HWY 54 NEAR                        MOD980973150

 VERONA                   CRIDER SITE                            RT 1                                   MOD980502256

 VERONA                   DAVIS, WILLIAM FARM                    RR 1                                   MOD980966824

 VERONA                   ERWIN FARM                             RT 2                                   MOD980741920

 VERONA                   FRIEZE RESIDENCE                       SEC 14 T26N R27W                       MOD980972145

 VERONA                   JOHNSON, COLEMAN FARM                  1 MI OFF HWY 60 .5 MI FROM             MOD980972194

 VERONA                   MCKEE SITE                             RT 2                                   MOD980502439

 VERONA                   MILLER-RAY SUBDIVISION                 VERONA-AURORA RD                       MOD980862692

 VERONA                   NELSON FARMS                           1.5 MI W OF                            MOD980972350

 VERONA                   RAY, BILL FARM                         LAT 36-58-6 LONG 93-47-22              MOD980502165

 VERONA                   RUSHA, BOB FARM                        RFD 2                                  MOD980633150

 VERONA                   SPERANDIO, LAWRENCE RESIDENCE          RT 1                                   MOD980972988

 VERONA                   SPRING RIVER BASIN SUBSITE (SYNTEX)    1ST ST                                 MOD981715659

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 61 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 VERONA                   SYNTEX FACILITY                        1ST ST                                 MOD007452154

 VIBURNUM                 ST JOE MINERALS CORP - VIBURNUM        ST JOE DR                              MOD000823252

 VIENNA                   STRATMAN LUMBER                        CNTY RD 331                            MO0000093690

 VILLA RIDGE              COOKSEY'S JUNK YARD                    RT 1                                   MOD980686018

 VILLA RIDGE              COUNTRY AIRE MANOR                     NEAR CITY OF                           MOD980972046

 VILLA RIDGE              COX RESIDENCE ROAD                     OFF HWY AT                             MOD980859672

 VILLA RIDGE              DEL VISTA ACRES                        DEL VISTA DR                           MOD981715642

 VILLA RIDGE              PACIFIC SUMMIT ESTATES                 45 PACFIC SUMMIT ESTATES               MOD086823895

 VILLA RIDGE              VILLA RIDGE                            HWY 100 TO HWY M S 1 MI ON M           MOD980858211

 VINITA PARK              DYKEM COMPANY PROPERTY                 8501 DELPORT DR                        MOD980966105

 VISTA                    VISTA DRUM                             RT 1                                   MO0000094797

 WALNUT GROVE             PHOENIX SCHOOL                         2 MI S OF                              MOD980685937

 WARREN COUNTY            MEADOWLANE FARMS                       W I-70 AT RR A & B                     MOD980972301

 WARRENSBURG              B & B SALVAGE                          800 W GAY ST                           MOD080703275

 WARRENSBURG              COUNTY MAINTENANCE DRUM                SE 500 ON CO RD                        MO0000032037

 WARRENSBURG              WARRENSBURG PUBLIC WORKS               448 N WATER                            MOD985817477

 WARSAW                   OAKTREE VILLA                          S SIDE OF WALNUT DR                    MOD980972376

 WASHINGTON               HILLERMAN INSULATION CO                163 POTTERT RD                         MOD064625155

 WASHINGTON               MISSOURI LAMINATES INC                 1105 WASHINGTON SQ                     MOD981715931

 WASHINGTON               SECO PRODUCTS                          OLD HWY 100 E                          MOD039450135

 WASHINGTON               TITANIUM RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT CO     1701 W MAIN                            MOD064659147

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 62 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WASHINGTON COUNTY        PFIZER INC - ARNAULT MINE              SW 1/4 SEC 15 T38N R2E                 MOD980685598

 WEBB CITY                G & H READY MIX                        END OF E 1ST ST                        MOD980685507

 WEBB CITY                MOTOROLA - WEBB CITY                   17TH & HALL ST                         MOD980967582

 WELDON SPRINGS           HORSE PALACE ASSOCIATES                RT 2 1 MI W OF HWY 40 & 94             MOD980685101

 WELDON SPRINGS           VENTURE FARMS                          HWY K 4 MI N OF                        MOD980685200

 WELLSTON                 A & B WRECKING CO                      1600 SALZMAN                           MOD054956636

 WELLSTON                 GENERAL ELECTRIC CO - ST LOUIS LAMP    6251 ETZEL AVE                         MOD006312375
 WELLSTON                 UNION ELECTRIC FIRE SCHOOL             6600 PAGE AVE                          MOD980973630

 WELLSTON                 WAGNER ELECTRIC                        6400 PLYMOUTH AVE                      MOD980970032

 WENTZVILLE               GENERAL MOTORS ASSEMBLY CENTER         1500 E RT A                            MOT300010261

 WENTZVILLE               WENTZVILLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH            MAIN ST                                MOD980972558

 WEST ALTON               UNION ELECTRIC CO - SIOUX PLANT        HWY 94                                 MOD086817954

 WEST PLAINS              EATON CORP - CONTROLS DIV              210 ALLEN ST                           MOD055872204


 WESTPHALIA               FABICK FARM ROADS                      OFF CO RD 512 5.5 MI FROM              MOD980862171

 WHEATLAND                DORMAN'S INDUSTRY                      RR 2 HWY 254                           MOD981117443

 WHITEMAN AFB             WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE                SEC 33 T46N R24W                       MO8571924549

 WILLARD                  ELECTRIC PAC                           HWY 160 E                              MOD981729874

 WILLARD                  RIOS DRUM SITE                         RR 1                                   MOD985775444

 WILLIAMSVILLE            RON EMMONS POST & LUMBER               RT 1 BOX 96D                           MOD985797547

 WINDSOR                  COFFEY SALVAGE YARD                    JCT OF HWY 2 & D                       MOD980965537

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 63 of 64

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WINDSOR                  COFFEY SITE #2                         4 MI FROM JCT HWY 2 & D                MOD981120561

 WINDSOR                  WARD, DAVID FARM                       1.9 MI E HWY 127 .4 MI N HWY 52        MOD980962815

 WINDSOR                  WINDSOR LAKE DUMP                      HWY 2 & HWY 52                         MOD985794650

 WINONA                   WINONA POST CO                         HWYS 60 & 19 1/4 MI N HWY 19           MOD006280671

 WORTHINGTON              PUTNAM COUNTY PESTICIDE                HWY 149 S TO 'W' RD E                  MO0000230052

 WRIGHT CITY              BOBS HOME SERVICE INC                  MUENZ RD 3 MI S OF                     MOD068521228

 WRIGHT CITY              BUENEMAN LANDFILL                      RT 1                                   MOD980502181

 WRIGHT CITY              INNSBROOK ESTATES                      ON M HWY S OF                          MOD980859714

 WRIGHT CITY              ZYKAN LANDFILL                         3 MI SW OF WRIGHT CITY OFF MUENZE RD   MO0001574680

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 64 of 64

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