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Massachusetts Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 ACTON                    ACTON LANDFILL                        14 FOREST ROAD                        MAD980906697

 ACTON                    ACTON SEPTAGE LAGOONS                 QUARRY ROAD                           MAD980906689

 ACTON                    AGWAY/KRESS PROPERTY                  KNOX TRAIL                            MAD981066129

 ACTON                    AIRCO INDUSTRIAL                      LAWSBROOK RD                          MAD030817399

 ACTON                    PARS H.G. - ACTON                     198 GREAT ROAD                        MAD985318369

 ACTON                    REXNORD KNIFE DIVISION                4 POWDER MILL RD                      MAD981069834

 ACTON                    W R GRACE DARAMIC PLANT               51 INDEPENDENCE RD.                   MAD980909246

 ACTON                    W.R. GRACE & CO INC (ACTON PLANT)     50 INDEPENDENCE RD                    MAD001002252

 ACUSHNET                 ACUSHNET CO TITLEIST GOLF DIV         4 SLOCUM ST                           MAD001025170

 ACUSHNET                 ACUSHNET LANDFILL                     561 MAIN STREET                       MAD980916993

 ADAMS                    ADAMS LANDFILL                        EAST ROAD                             MAD980672950

 ADAMS                    FILLION INC                           101 HOWLAND AVE                       MAD087577425

 ADAMS                    HOLLAND CO INC                        153 HOLLAND AVE                       MAD044985778

 ADAMS                    PFIZER INC                            260 COLUMBIA ST                       MAD002080059

 ADAMS                    WR GRACE POLYFIBRON DIV               10 HARMONY STREET                     MAD002081651

 AGAWAM                   EMERSON AND CUMING                    21 RAMAH CIRCLE                       MAD057989246

 AGAWAM                   SILVER ST. DISPOSAL AREA              777 SILVER ST.                        MAD981070576

 AGAWAM                   WESTERN MASS ELEC CO AGAWAM SUBSTA    SPRINGFIELD STREET                    MAD980520456

 AMESBURY                 BRAZONICS                             HAVERHILL ROAD                        MAD985278191

 AMESBURY                 HENSCHEL CORP.                        14 CEDAR ST.                          MAD001047463

 AMESBURY                 HUNT ROAD SOUTH                       33 HUNT ROAD SOUTH                    MA0001251321

 AMESBURY                 MERRIMAC HAT FACTORY (FORMER)         60 MERRIMAC                           MAD985313931

 AMESBURY                 MICROFAB INC (FORMER)                 106 HAVERHILL RD (RTE 110)            MAD001409408

 AMESBURY                 SCA SERVICES LANDFILL                 HUNT RD                               MAD980670798

 AMESBURY                 SCA/TITCOMB PIT                       HUNT RD                               MAD000652214


 ANDOVER                  ANDOVER TOWN LANDFILL                 CHANDLER & LEDGE RDS                  MAD980504088

 ANDOVER                  GSF CORP (FORMER)                     44 LOWELL JCT RD                      MAD047058821

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                Page 1 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 ANDOVER                  RAYTHEON CORP (FORMER)                YORK & HAVERHILL STS                  MAD000791012

 ANDOVER                  REICHOLD CHEMICALS INC                77 LOWELL JCT RD                      MAD001000165

 ANDOVER                  SIE'S TEXACO                          RTE 125                               MAD980914659

 ANDOVER                  WOOD AYER REALTY CO.                  15 STEVENS ST.                        MAD980917025

 ASHBURNHAM               LAKE WATATIC RECREATIONAL AREA        LAKE SHORE DRIVE                      MAD985318567

 ASHLAND                  ASHLAND DRUM                          MEGUNKO ROAD                          MAD985276385

 ASHLAND                  COLONIAL LACQUER & CHEMICAL CO        409 ELIOT STREET                      MAD001025402

 ASHLAND                  MEGUNCO ROAD                          MEGUNCO ROAD                          MAD985276104

 ASHLAND                  NYANZA CHEMICAL WASTE DUMP            MEGUNKO RD                            MAD990685422

 ASHLAND                  STORM DRAIN                           TILTON AVENUE                         MAD981068216

 ASHLAND                  THREE C ELECTRICAL                    190 PLEASANT ST.                      MAD058897075

 ASHLAND                  THREE C ELECTRICAL CO (FORMER)        280 PLEASANT STREET                   MAD092195874

 ASHLAND                  TIMEX CLOCK CO (FORMER)               200 HOMER AVE.                        MAD094845542

 ASHLAND                  TRIMOUNT BITUMINOUS PRODUCTS          71 SPRING STREET                      MAD073798621

 ATHOL                    ATHOL MUNICPAL LANDFILL               WEST ROYALSTON RD                     MAD982193831

 ATHOL                    LS STARRETT COMPANY                   121 CRESCENT                          MAD001125681

 ATTLEBORO                ATTLEBORO GAS WORKS (FORMER)          DUNHAM STREET & PINE STREET           MAD980520985

 ATTLEBORO                ATTLEBORO LANDFILL AREA               PECKHAM ST                            MAD980501803

 ATTLEBORO                ATTLEBORO WWTP (OLD)                  25 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  MAD075710475

 ATTLEBORO                BURST RANGE VALVE                     34 EXTENSION ST.                      MAD043757780

 ATTLEBORO                FINBERG FIELD                         PARK AND BISHOP STREETS               MAD985280775

 ATTLEBORO                GENERAL METAL FINISHING CO INC        42 FRANK MOSSBERG DR                  MAD063894786

 ATTLEBORO                GLINES AND RHODES                     189 EAST ST                           MAD052629979

 ATTLEBORO                HANDY & HARMAN                        MOSSBERG DRIVE                        MAD046613279

 ATTLEBORO                HANDY & HARMAN (FORMER)               42 UNION ST                           MAD980520720

 ATTLEBORO                HOLDEN STREET FILL AREA               OFF HOLDEN STREET                     MAD985286335

 ATTLEBORO                LEAVENS MFG CO                        SUMMER ST                             MAD063913909

 ATTLEBORO                MARATHON CO                           90 O'NEIL BLVD                        MAD001207638

 ATTLEBORO                MENDON RD. PROPERTY                   499 MENDON ROAD                       MAD980917082

 ATTLEBORO                RF SIMMONS CO (FORMER)                191 NORTH MAIN STREET                 MAD075713487

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                Page 2 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 ATTLEBORO                ROBBINS CO INC                        400 ONEIL BLVD                        MAD001198639

 ATTLEBORO                SUMMER STREET PROPERTY                19 SUMMER STREET                      MAD985300441

 ATTLEBORO                TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INC                 34 FOREST ST                          MAD007325814

 ATTLEBORO                WALTON & LONSBURY INC                 78 NORTH AVE                          MAD001197755

 AUBURN                   AUBURN LANDFILL                       339 ROCHDALE STREET                   MAD094267895

 AUBURN                   CATACCHIO AUTO SALES                  830 SOUTHBRIDGE STREET                MAD985300433

 AUBURN                   COLONY PRESS                          314 WASHINGTON ST. (RT.20)            MAD990887002

 AUBURN                   ENVIRO-PLASTIC                        15 MARK STREET                        MA0001094564

 AUBURN                   MASS 10 TRUCK STOP                    812 SOUTHBRIDGE STREET                MAD985297720

 AUBURN                   MEADOWBROOK CONDOMINIUMS              10 TUCK FARM ROAD                     MAD985277920

 AUBURN                   MONTROSE PRODUCTS                     28 SWORD STREET                       MAD046133500

 AUBURN                   REXNORD INC ROLLER CHAIN DIV.         1075 SOUTHBRIDGE ST                   MAD001779651

 AUBURN                   WORCESTER COUNTY NEWSPAPER            ROUTE 20                              MA0001094598

 AVON                     HYBRIPAK INC (FORMER)                 100 LADGE STREET                      MAD985276187

 AVON                     WINCHESTER INDUSTRIES (FORMER)        230/280 BODWELL STREET                MAD985278670

 AYER                     AYER PUBLIC LANDFILL                  GROTON HARVARD RD                     MAD980520613

 AYER                     FMC/TULCO INC                         9 BISHOP RD.                          MAD980520795

 AYER                     FORT DEVENS                           BUENA VISTA ST                        MA7210025154

 BARNSTABLE               BARNSTABLE LANDFILL                   SW FLINT ST OLD BARNSTABLE RD         MAD980501845

 BARNSTABLE               COTUIT LANDING                        3000 FALMOUTH RD LOT 115              MAD985278662

 BARNSTABLE (HYANNIS)     PURITAN PONTIAC                       460 YARMOUTH ROAD                     MAD019412386

 BARRE                    BARRE WOOL (FORMER)                   10 MAIN STREET                        MAD001126507

 BARRE                    MARTONE LANDFILL                      WORCESTER RD                          MAD980503635

 BEDFORD                  BASF SYSTEMS CORP                     35 CROSBY DRIVE                       MAD062194865

 BEDFORD                  GULF SERVICE STATION (FORMER)         185 THE GREAT RD.                     MAD981063316

 BEDFORD                  HANSCOM FIELD/HANSCOM AIR FORCE BASE  3245 ABG/CC                           MA8570024424

 BEDFORD                  MITRE BLDG H OIL SPILL                BURLINGTON RD (RT. 62)                MAD007872690

 BEDFORD                  NAVAL WEAPONS INDUSTRIAL RESERVE      HARTWELL ROAD                         MA6170023570
 BEDFORD                  RAYTHEON MISSLE SYSTEMS DIVISION      180 HARTWELL ROAD                     MAD981214992

 BELCHERTOWN              BELCHERTOWN BULK CARRIERS             147 BAY RD                            MAD079219382

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                Page 3 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 BELCHERTOWN              BELCHERTOWN METALS RECYCLING          BAY ROAD                              MA0000034181

 BELCHERTOWN              NORTHEAST TREATERS                    210 OLD SPRINGFIELD ROAD              MAD981204753

 BELCHERTOWN              OLD BONDSVILLE FACTORY                DEPOT STREET                          MA0000034215

 BELLINGHAM               BENZENOID ORGANICS INC                RTE 140 BOX POND RD                   MAD001624055

 BERKLEY                  BOGS LANDING                          OFF OF NORTH MAIN STREET              MA0001410299

 BERKLEY                  GEILICH TANNERY                       NORTH MAIN STREET                     MA0001097641

 BERKLEY                  SCA/CAL'S                             COUNTY ST                             MAD980520290

 BERKLEY                  ST. YVES MOTOR SALES                  163 PADELFORD ST.                     MAD981063175

 BEVERLY                  AIRPORT SEPTIC SYSTEM                 LP HENDERSON ROAD                     MAD981069529

 BEVERLY                  BEVERLY CHEMICAL CO (FORMER)          WATER ST.                             MAD980734198

 BEVERLY                  BEVERLY HARBOR                        BRACKENBERRY ROAD                     MA0001411966

 BEVERLY                  CASCO CHEMICAL                        LP HENDERSON RD.                      MAD002577617

 BEVERLY                  CONNIE FEMINO PARK                    LINDSAY AVENUE                        MA0001094606

 BEVERLY                  DANE STREET BEACH                     DANE STREET BEACH                     MA0001285758

 BEVERLY                  FILTEK                                LP HENDERSON ROAD                     MAD985278043

 BEVERLY                  FLAIR CLEANER                         583 CABOT ST                          MAD982547325

 BEVERLY                  NORTH BEVERLY VARIETY                 3 DODGE ST.                           MAD981068620

 BEVERLY                  SOUTH ESSEX SEWERAGE DISTRICT         WATER ST                              MAD980909204

 BEVERLY                  USM MACHINERY                         181 ELLIOTT STREET                    MAD043415991

 BEVERLY                  VARIAN                                8 SALEM ROAD                          MAD001028760

 BEVERLY                  VITALE FLYASH PIT                     LP HENDERSON ROAD                     MAD981068273

 BILLERICA                AOTCO METAL FINISHING                 11 SUBURBAN PARK DRIVE                MAD075370551

 BILLERICA                CABOT CORORATION                      157 CONCORD ROAD                      MAD019170521

 BILLERICA                CONCORD RIVER (SECOND REMOVAL)        CONCORD RIVER (GM MWR)                MAD985318575

 BILLERICA                DYNAMIT NOBEL (FORMER)                74 SALEM RD.                          MAD980915557

 BILLERICA                GENERAL LATEX & CHEM. CORP.           HIGH ST.                              MAD094847621

 BILLERICA                HOLLAND AUTO PARTS                    TREBLE COVE ROAD                      MA0001098680

 BILLERICA                IRON HORSE PARK                       HIGH ST                               MAD051787323

 BILLERICA                JOHNS-MANVILLE ASBESTOS LANDFILL      HIGH ST.                              MAD980915565

 BILLERICA                JOHNS-MANVILLE SALES CORP.            HIGH ST.                              MAD980667489

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                Page 4 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 BILLERICA                MIDDLESEX CO HOUSE OF CORRECTION      TREBLE COVE RD.                       MAD099200065

 BILLERICA                RECLAMATION SYSTEMS INC. LANDFILL     HIGH ST.                              MAD980915805

 BILLERICA                ROY BROS HAULERS                      764 BOSTON RD                         MAD009870643

 BILLERICA                SHAFFER LANDFILL                      POND ST.                              MAD980915862

 BILLERICA                WINNING ROAD DISPOSAL AREA            WINNING RD.                           MAD980909667

 BLACKSTONE               COUNTRY SIDE AUTO SALVAGE             20 CHESTNUT STREET                    MAD985277904

 BLANFORD                 POTASH BROOK AREA                     RTE 23                                MAD982193872

 BOLTON                   GENRAD INC.                           RTE. 117                              MAD001441054

 BOSTON                   BOSTON HARBOR                         BOSTON HARBOR                         MA0001115757

 BOSTON                   COMMERCIAL STREET (427) (C5 0134)     427 COMMERCIAL STREET                 MA0001285774

 BOSTON                   CONGRESS AND B STREETS                CONGRESS AND B STREETS                MA0001115765

 BOSTON                   DEFENSE SUPPORT ACTIVITY BOSTON       495 SUMMER ST                         MA0000020420

 BOSTON                   FORT POINT CHANNEL                    FORT POINT CHANNEL                    MA0001115773

 BOSTON                   MASTER CHEMICAL CO (FORMER)           29 BRADSTON STREET                    MAD001005768

 BOSTON                   ROWE'S WHARF                          BOSTON HARBOR                         MA0001410901

 BOSTON                   SOUTH BAY CORP.                       139 CUMMINGS STREET                   MA0000877894


 BOSTON                   SOUTH STATION (FOUNDATION FILL        SUMMER ST.                            MAD980909493
 BOSTON                   T WHARF (FORMER)                      ATLANTIC AVENUE                       MAD985300151

 BOSTON                   US POSTAL SERVICE                     135 A STREET                          MA6180000014

 BOSTON                   USCG BASE SUPPORT CENTER              BOSTON HARBOR                         MAD985307511


 BOSTON (BRIGHTON)        HONEYWELL INFO SYST                   38 LIFE ST                            MAD076590652

 BOSTON (CHARLESTOWN)     BOSTON EDISON MYSTIC STATION          173 ALFORD ST.                        MAD000842401


 BOSTON (CHARLESTOWN)     FEDERAL METAL FINISHING               18 DORRANCE ST                        MAD981069719

 BOSTON (DORCHESTER)      COMMERCIAL POINT LNG PLANT            220 VICTORY RD                        MAD980520605

 BOSTON (DORCHESTER)      FREEPORT ST. LIQUIDATOR               FREEPORT ST.                          MAD980909410

 BOSTON (DORCHESTER)      GARDNER STREET LANDFILL               GARDNER STREET                        MAD981071426

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                Page 5 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 BOSTON (DORCHESTER)      MILE ROAD LANDFILL                    COLUMBIA PT                           MAD980525224


 BOSTON (DORCHESTER)      SUFFOLK SERVICES INC                  105 TAYLOR ST                         MAD049440951

 BOSTON (EAST BOSTON)     MASSPORT/PCU/SHIPYARD                 256 MARGINAL ST.                      MAD981063209

 BOSTON (HYDE PARK)       LEWIS CHEMICAL CORP                   12 FAIRMONT COURT                     MAD053455911

 BOSTON (HYDE PARK)       MOTIVE PARTS                          1887-1897 RIVER STREET                MAD985277888

 BOSTON (JAMAICA PLAIN)   TEXACO                                525 CENTER ST.                        MAD980917207

 BOSTON (ROSLINDALE)      WALDO BROTHERS PROPERTY               35 HARRISON ST                        MAD001426303

 BOSTON (ROXBURY)         COMMERCIAL PROPERTY (FORMER)          70 SOUTH BAY AVENUE                   MAD985277896

 BOSTON (ROXBURY)         SALEM LEAD CO                         800 ALBANY ST                         MAD980520761


 BOSTON (SOUTH BOSTON)    BOSTON EDISON L ST. NEW BOSTON        766 SUMMER ST.                        MAD000845420

 BOSTON (SOUTH BOSTON)    BOSTON JUNK (FORMER)                  14 LOVIS STREET                       MAD981068562

 BOSTON (SOUTH BOSTON)    KING TERMINAL                         EAST FIRST STREET                     MAD981897754

 BOSTON (SOUTH BOSTON)    LAIDLAW WASTE SYSTEMS,INC.            530 EAST FIRST STREET                 MAD982547374


 BOSTON (SOUTH BOSTON)    TEXACO INC. - SO. BOSTON TERMINAL     900 E. FIRST ST.                      MAD000844696

 BOURNE                   DOD/MMR/AVGAS FUEL TEST DUMP SITE     OTIS ANG BASE                         MA1572890027

 BOURNE                   DOD/MMR/FORMER NON-DESTRUCTIVE TEST.  BLDG. 3146 OTIS ANG BASE              MA4572890024
 BOURNE                   DOD/MMR/RAIL YARD FUEL PUMP. STATION  OTIS BLDG. 3348                       MA0572890028

 BOURNE (POCASSET)        COMPONENT MFG SERVICE                 25 BARLOWS LANDING ROAD               MAD001021336

 BRAINTREE                ARMSTRONG WORLD INDUSTRIES INC        10 PLAIN STREET                       MAD001068154

 BRAINTREE                JG GRANT & SONS INC                   60 GARDEN PARK                        MAD071707301

 BRAINTREE                PEARL STREET DISPOSAL AREA            PEARL ST & STEVENS AVE                MAD980671523

 BRAINTREE                QUINTREE MALL                         QUINCY AVE                            MA0001411503

 BRAINTREE                RECYCLING INDS INC                    385 QUINCY AVE                        MAD053452637

 BRAINTREE                TOWNSEND/TEXTRON                      530 WEST STREET                       MAD985272616

 BREWSTER                 BREWSTER PESTICIDE                    1574 MAIN STREET                      MA0001411776

 BREWSTER                 WEST BREWSTER SANITARY LANDFILL       201 RUN HILL ROAD                     MAD980504146

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                Page 6 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 BRIDGEWATER              CANNON ENGINEERING CORP. (CEC)        FIRST ST                              MAD079510780

 BRIDGEWATER              CUMBERLAND FARMS                      143 CURVE ST                          MAD049426232

 BRIDGEWATER              MCI BRIDGEWATER                       CONANT ST.                            MAD030832620

 BRIDGEWATER              SAFETY KLEEN CORP                     128 ELM STREET                        MAD000846006

 BRIGHTON                 BIRMINGHAM PARKWAY                    70 BIRMINGHAM PARKWAY                 MAD985318542

 BRIGHTON                 WASHINGTON STREET-#470                470 WASHINGTON STREET                 MAD985289776

 BROCKTON                 BROCKTON GAS WORKS I                  LOT 19 GROVE STREET                   MAD980520977

 BROCKTON                 BROCKTON GAS WORKS II (FORMER)        LOT 55 GROVE STREET                   MAD982191967

 BROCKTON                 BROCKTON MUNI LANDFILL                SKINNER ST                            MAD980520829

 BROCKTON                 COMMERCIAL STREET (7)                 7 COMMERCIAL STREET                   MA0001407600

 BROCKTON                 J & A AUTOMOTIVE                      186 PLEASANT STREET LOT 11            MAD985287945

 BROCKTON                 MAGIC CHEMICAL COMPANY                121 CRESCENT ST.                      MAD980909642

 BROCKTON                 MORSE SHOE (FORMER)                   560 0AK STREET                        MAD985276161

 BROCKTON                 PARAMOUNT CLEANERS & DYERS            430 WEST STREET                       MAD019280510

 BROCKTON                 ROFOR PRECISION PLATING               443 COURT STREET                      MAD001027879

 BROOKFIELD               BROOKFIELD WIRE CO                    RTE 9                                 MAD055743801

 BROOKLINE                BROOKLINE EXXON STATION               137 HARVARD STREET                    MAD094265113

 BURLINGTON               ALTO-TRONICS CORPORATION (FORMER)     71 THIRD AVENUE                       MAD049416001

 BURLINGTON               BURLINGTON POND                       BEACON VILLAGE CONDO'S                MAD980909402

 BURLINGTON               KLEEBURG ASSOCIATES (FORMER)          47 MIDDLESEX TURNPIKE                 MAD985316371

 BURLINGTON               MICROWAVE ASSOC COMM CO               63 THIRD AVE                          MAD980522601

 BURLINGTON               MICROWAVE ASSOC INC                   63 SOUTH AVE BLDG 6                   MAD000189068

 BURLINGTON               RCA CORP (FORMER)                     183 BEDFORD STREET                    MAD001060698

 BURLINGTON               TECH WELD CORP. (FORMER)              70 BLANCHARD RD.                      MAD021721105

 BURLINGTON               US WIND POWER (FORMER)                160 WHEELER ROAD                      MAD101186419

 CAMBRIDGE                ARATEX SERVICES INC                   25 EAST STREET                        MAD038339610

 CAMBRIDGE                BELMONT OIL                           670 CONCORD AVE.                      MAD980916670

 CAMBRIDGE                BRISTON ARMS APARTMENTS               247 GARDEN STREET                     MAD981061997


 CAMBRIDGE                CRAIG SUPPLY COMPANY (FORMER)         95 ELMWOOD ST                         MAD000791608

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                Page 7 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 CAMBRIDGE                FRESHPOND SHOPPING CENTER             186 ALEWIFE BROOK PKWY                MAD981068745

 CAMBRIDGE                JEFFERSON PARK APTS.                  RINDGE AVE.                           MAD981061989

 CAMBRIDGE                MACGRAY COMPANY INC                   22 WATER STREET                       MA0000034157

 CAMBRIDGE                MENVIER - PARENT CORP (FORMER)        253 NORFOLK STREET                    MAD985318336

 CAMBRIDGE                OLD CITY LANDFILL                     NEW ST.                               MAD981063373

 CAMBRIDGE                RINDGE TOWERS APARTMENTS              362-364 RINDGE AVENUE                 MAD981062045

 CAMBRIDGE                RIVER FRONT OFFICE PK. II             MAIN ST. AT BROAD CANAL               MAD981068687

 CAMBRIDGE                ST. PETERS FIELD                      GARDEN & SHERMAN ST.                  MAD981068802

 CAMBRIDGE                TOBIN SCHOOL                          VASSAL LANE                           MAD981062060

 CAMBRIDGE                WALDEN SQUARE APARTMENTS              21 WALDEN SQUARE ROAD                 MAD981062052

 CAMBRIDGE                WR GRACE                              62 WHITTEMORE AVE                     MAD001409150

 CANTON                   ALAN PLASTICS (FORMER)                38 PEQUIT ST                          MAD980501795

 CANTON                   CUMBERLAND FARMS                      777 DEDHAM STREET                     MAD001009828

 CANTON                   EMERSON-CUMING (WR GRACE)             59 WALPOLE STREET                     MAD000361709

 CANTON                   INDIAN LINE FARM (FORMER)             2391 WASHINGTON ST. (RT 138)          MAD980503528

 CANTON                   NEPONSET VALLEY INDUSTRIAL PARK       480 NEPONSET STREET                   MAD981063266

 CANTON                   PLYMOUTH RUBBER CO                    104 REVERE ST                         MAD001009950

 CANTON                   RELIABLE ELECTRONIC FINISHING         300 PINE STREET                       MAD001059815
 CANTON                   TOBE DEUTSCHMANN LAB                  550 TURNPIKE ROAD                     MAD001419811

 CANTON                   TOKA-RENBE FARM                       2016 WASHINGTON STREET                MAD981063084

 CAPE COD                 BUZZARDS BAY                          USCG SITE                             MA1690390025

 CAPE COD                 CAPE COD                              CAPE COD                              MA0001407683

 CARLISLE                 BAKER/WHITNEY OIL SPILL               CARROL DR                             MAD981069669

 CARVER                   NORTH CARVER LANDFILL                 OFF ROUTE 58                          MAD985298868

 CHARLESTOWN              LOWNEY WAY                            LOWNEY WAY                            MAD000182568

 CHARLTON (CHARLTON       CHARLTON WOOLEN CO                    RTE 31                                MAD001126549
 CHATHAM                  ACME LAUNDRY                          ORLEANS RD                            MAD019308535

 CHATHAM                  CHATHAM BEACH                         (2 USCG STREET) PSEUDO                MAD982748659

 CHATHAM                  CHATHAM DRUMS                         2 USCG STREET                         MAD985276278

 CHATHAM                  CHATHAM SANI LANDFILL                 SAM RYDER ROAD                        MAD980501910

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                Page 8 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 CHELMSFORD               ELECTROMETALS INC (FORMER)            275 BILLERICA AVE                     MAD001052224

 CHELMSFORD               FREQUENCY SOURCES INC                 16 MAPLE ROAD                         MAD019543677

 CHELMSFORD               SOUTHWELL COMBING CO. (FORMER)        100 WOTTEN ST.                        MAD980909170

 CHELMSFORD               UNITED GLASS/ATLID ENTERP             187 BILLERICA ROAD                    MAD076594241

 CHELSEA                  FORBES LITHOGRAPHIC CO (FORMER)       MARGINAL ST                           MAD980524177

 CHELSEA                  SAMUEL CABOT PAINT COMPANY            229 MARGINAL ST.                      MAD001021732

 CHELSEA                  US POSTAL SVC CHELSEA INCOMING MAIL   307 BECHAM ST                         MA0180010654
 CHESHIRE                 WR GRACE/FOISEY FARM                  ALGER STREET                          MAD985279413

 CHICOPEE                 AHEARN TRUCKING CO.                   845 BURNETT RD                        MAD004993242

 CHICOPEE                 HERCULES CHEMICAL (FORMER)            111 GRATTAN ST                        MAD001120997

 CHICOPEE                 MT SULLIVAN LANDFILL                  BURNETT ROAD                          MAD980672943

 CHICOPEE                 PARTYKA LANDFILL                      LOMBARD RD                            MAD980503817

 CHICOPEE                 SPALDING DIV OF QUESTOR               425 MEADOW ST                         MAD001113331

 CHICOPEE                 UNIROYAL COMPLEX (FORMER)             154 GROVE STREET                      MAD001122944

 CHICOPEE                 USAF WESTOVER AFB                     439 CSG/DE                            MA0570024026

 CHILMARK                 CHILMARK SANI LANDFILL                TABOR HOUSE RD                        MAD081576225

 CLARKSBURG               LOT NEAR HEWITT                       RIVER RD                              MAD980906895

 CLINTON                  AMORY PACKAGING CORPORATION           184 STONE STREET                      MA0001411495

 CLINTON                  CLINTON ABANDONED SEWAGE TRMT BEDS    HIGH ST                               MAD000843961

 CLINTON                  CLINTON MGP LOCATION (FORMER)         PLEASANT STREET                       MAD985297621

 CLINTON                  CLINTON RIGBY BROOK                   RIGBY ROAD                            MAD980524144

 CLINTON                  NATIONAL PERFORATING CORP             89 PARKER ST                          MAD001131952

 COHASSET                 NORFOLK CONVEYOR DIV                  155 KING ST.                          MAD005380613

 CONCORD                  NUCLEAR METALS INC                    2229 MAIN ST                          MAD062166335

 CONCORD                  OLD NORTH BRIDGE DRUM                 MONUMENT STREET                       MAD985300425

 DALTON                   CRANE & CO INC                        30 SOUTH ST                           MAD002067155

 DANVERS                  CREESE & COOK CO (FORMER)             25 CLINTON AVENUE                     MAD001031574

 DANVERS                  DEVCON CORP.                          30 ENDICOTT ST.                       MAD001065069

 DANVERS                  INTERNATIONAL CARS                    181 NEWBURG ST                        MAD079532065

 DANVERS                  NORTHEAST PETROLEUM                   130 WATER STREET                      MAD980734347

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                Page 9 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 DARTMOUTH                COLD BROOK PINES LANDFILL             OLD FALL RIVER RD                     MAD981069990

 DARTMOUTH                DARTMOUTH MUNICIPAL LANDFILL          RUSSELLS MILLS ROAD                   MAD040097875

 DARTMOUTH                LEDGE THE                             757-782 STATE ROAD                    MAD981069974

 DARTMOUTH                NORTH DARTMOUTH MALL                  RTE 6                                 MAD980914709

 DARTMOUTH                RE-SOLVE, INC.                        N HIXVILLE RD                         MAD980520621

 DARTMOUTH                SALTER'S POINT DISPOSAL AREA          SMITH NECK ROAD                       MAD980914667

 DEDHAM                   LYNCH PROPERTY - BARREL DUMPING       150 BRIDGE ST                         MAD980909600
 DENNIS                   DENNIS SANI LANDFILL                  THEOPHILUS SMITH RD                   MAD980503379

 DIGHTON                  DIGHTON DRUM                          CHESTNUT STREET                       MAD980670574

 DORCHESTER               CHARLES STREET                        46 CHARLES STREET                     MAD985318450

 DORCHESTER               EAST COTTAGE STREET (131)             131 EAST COTTAGE STREET               MA0001407659

 DRACUT                   ATLANTIC COREY CRANE                  830 BROADWAY ROAD                     MAD980916373

 DRACUT                   BROX DAIRIES (FORMER)                 1520 BROADWAY ROAD                    MAD980408033

 DRACUT                   CONGRESS TECHNICAL SPRAY CO INC       401 BROADWAY RD                       MAD065166647
 DRACUT                   EXXON TERMINAL                        970 BROADWAY ROAD                     MAD982544108

 DRACUT                   KEATING MATERIALS CORP                ROUTE 38 BRIDGE STREET                MAD985289842

 DRACUT                   NORTHEAST INVESTMENT CO.              950 BROADWAY ROAD                     MAD981063019

 DRACUT                   TRANSPORTATION SPECIALISTS, INC.      950 BROADWAY ROAD                     MAD985316462

 DRACUT                   WELLS METAL FINISHING (FORMER)        1934 LAKEVILLE AVE                    MAD037683521

 DUDLEY                   BOISE CASCADE PAPER CO (FORMER)       RTE 131                               MAD980408009

 DUXBURY                  MILLBROOK MOTORS INC                  1474 TREMONT STREET                   MAD019332634

 EAST BOSTON              ORIENT HEIGHTS YACHT CLUB             61 BAYSWATER STREET                   MA0690390018

 EAST BRIDGEWATER         EAST BRIDGEWATER LANDFILL             BRIDGE ST                             MAD980503387

 EAST BRIDGEWATER         MURRAY-CARVER LANDFILL                15 WHITMAN ST                         MAD980520308


 EAST LONGMEADOW          NORTH EAST CIRCUITS                   515 SHAKER ROAD                       MAD066989575

 EAST LONGMEADOW          PANAMA STREET PROPERTY                ONE PANAMA ST                         MAD985318393

 EASTHAM                  EASTHAM SANITARY LANDFILL             OLD ORCHARD ROAD                      MAD980503395

 EASTHAM                  PARCEL #1                             45 NOUSET WAY                         MAD985276120

 EASTHAMPTON              EASTHAMPTON AREA WORK CENTER          19 LIBERTY STREET                     MAD985298090

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 10 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 EASTHAMPTON              EASTHAMPTON LANDFILL                  LOUDVILLE RD                          MAD981069792

 EASTHAMPTON              EASTHAMPTON LANDFILL                  OLIVER ST                             MAD980522023

 EASTHAMPTON              FERRY STREET DISPOSAL AREA            FERRY STREET                          MAD980910186


 EASTHAMPTON              MAGNAT CORPORATION                    O'NEILL STREET                        MAD001115542

 EASTHAMPTON              STANHOME INC                          116-118 PLEASANT                      MAD001116854

 EDGARTOWN                CHAPPAQUIDICK LANDFILL                OFF SCHOOL RD                         MAD980501902

 EDGARTOWN                EDGARTOWN MUNICIPAL LANDFILL          MASHACKET ROAD                        MAD980503734

 EDGARTOWN                SOUTH BEACH                           (1 USCG STREET) PSEUDO                MAD982748592

 EGREMONT                 HAUPT TREE                            JUG END RD                            MAD980906887

 ESSEX                    ESSEX RIVER                           ROUTE 133                             MAD985318559

 EVERETT                  COAL TAR PROCESSING FACILITY (FORMER) COMMERCIAL STREET                     MAD981063142

 EVERETT                  EVERETT DRUM                          ROUTE 16                              MAD985301183

 EVERETT                  EVERETT GAS PLT                       ROVER ST                              MAD980520597

 EVERETT                  EXXON CO                              30 BEACHAM ST                         MAD001018498

 EVERETT                  LEDKOTE GALVANIZING                   128-132 SPRING STREET                 MAD051802783

 EVERETT                  MONSANTO CHEMICAL CO., INC.           MYSTIC VIEW RD                        MAD990894172

 EVERETT                  TRIMOUNT BITUMINOUS PRODUCTS          1935 REVERE BEACH                     MAD001012020

 EVERETT                  US AIR FORCE PLANT 28/GENERAL         62 TREMONT ST.                        MA5570024617
 FAIRHAVEN                ATLAS TACK CORP                       PLEASANT ST                           MAD001026319

 FAIRHAVEN                CUSHMAN PARK                          GREEN ST. & BRIDGE ST.                MAD980916449

 FAIRHAVEN                FAIRHAVEN MUNICIPAL LANDFILL          BRIDGE STREET                         MAD980914774

 FAIRHAVEN                GALARY PROPERTY                       67 HATHAWAY STREET                    MAD981066392

 FAIRHAVEN                GRACIA BROTHERS PROPERTY (FORMER)     ALDEN RD                              MAD019345842

 FAIRHAVEN                LIVESEY PARK                          EAST MORGAN ST                        MAD980914741

 FAIRHAVEN                MARSH ISLAND                          ADJACENT TO RTE. 195 OVERPASS         MAD980916738

 FAIRHAVEN                MEDEIROS BUS COMPANY                  72 SYCAMORE ST                        MAD052631934

 FAIRHAVEN                NORTH FORT PHOENIX                    GREEN STREET                          MAD980914717

 FAIRHAVEN                RIVERSIDE AREA                        RIVER AVE. EXT. LOT #1                MAD985268481

 FAIRHAVEN                SAINT MARY'S CHURCH LOT               440 NORTH MAIN STREET REAR LOT #4     MAD985268473

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 11 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #


 FALL RIVER               775 AND 825 DAVOL STREET              775 AND 825 DAVOL STREET              MA0001094580

 FALL RIVER               FALL RIVER LANDFILL                   AIRPORT RD IND PARK                   MAD980520837

 FALL RIVER               HERITAGE PARK                         200 DAVOL STREET WEST                 MAD980914923

 FALL RIVER               OLD SAND/GRAVEL PIT                   OLD COPICUT RD.                       MAD980915748

 FALL RIVER               PRESIDENT AVENUE PROPERTY             179-181 PRESIDENT AVENUE              MAD985277524

 FALL RIVER               ROMA COLOR INC                        749 QUEQUECHAN STREET                 MAD001065994

 FALL RIVER               SHELL OIL CO                          1 NEW ST                              MAD000769638

 FALL RIVER               TILLOTSON CO                          FERRY ST                              MAD093202703

 FALMOUTH                 EASTPORT INC (FORMER)                 CARLSON LANE                          MAD985278068

 FALMOUTH                 FALMOUTH SOLID WASTE SEPTAGE DISP     THOMAS LANDERS ROAD                   MAD980503429

 FALMOUTH                 OTIS AIR NATIONAL GUARD /CAMP EDWARDS OTIS AFB HERBERT RD                   MA2570024487


 FITCHBURG                CASCADE STREET                        CASCADE STREET                        MA0000877902

 FITCHBURG                FITCHBURG GAS & ELEC MFG PROD PLT     SAWYER PASSWAY                        MAD980520431

 FITCHBURG                H MUEHLSTEIN & CO INC (FORMER)        UNKNOWN                               MAD980523302

 FITCHBURG                JAMES RIVER INC MILL NO 8             RTE 31 PRINCETON RD                   MAD065777344

 FITCHBURG                JAMES RIVER INC MILL NO. 10           OAK HILL RD                           MAD075365650

 FITCHBURG                MAGNUS CO INC (FORMER)                133 WATER ST                          MAD980520779

 FITCHBURG                SANITOY INC                           1380 MAIN STREET                      MAD985272285

 FITCHBURG                SAWYER PASSWAY                        SAWYER PASSWAY EXTENSION              MA0001924166

 FITCHBURG                SIMONDS CUTTING TOOLS                 INTERVALE RD                          MAD019367176

 FOXBORO                  FOXBORO ABANDONED FILTER BEDS         OFF ELM STREET                        MAD088987284

 FOXBORO                  MANSFIELD BLEACHERY (FORMER)          OFF MORSE STREET                      MAD985276138

 FRAMINGHAM               COMMONWEALTH GAS CO                   350 IRVING ST.                        MAD980524151

 FRAMINGHAM               DENNISON MANUFACTURING/AVERY DENNISON 300 HOWARD ST.                        MAD001016302

 FRAMINGHAM               FRAMINGHAM RESERVIORS I & II          FOUNTAIN ST.                          MAD981069784

 FRAMINGHAM               GMC ASSEMBLY DIV FRAMINGHAM PLT       63 WESTERN AVE                        MAD019369602

 FRAMINGHAM               H & L REED ELECTROPLATING             116 IRVING STREET                     MAD985277318

 FRAMINGHAM               MANN INDUSTRIES                       HEARTH STREET                         MAD982547382

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 12 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 FRAMINGHAM               SERVICE STATION (FORMER)              802 WORCESTER ROAD                    MAD985278092

 FRAMINGHAM               TRIRAM CORPORATION                    721 WAVERLY STREET                    MAD985301126

 FRAMINGHAM               WARNER-LAMBERT                        55 NEW YORK AVENUE                    MAD981063233

 FRAMINGHAM               ZIP COPY / QUALITY CLEANERS           530-532 UNION AVE                     MAD985277300

 FRANKLIN                 MEDMAR RENTAL CO                      115 DEAN AVENUE                       MAD985287937

 FRANKLIN                 NU-STYLE                              87 GROVE STREET                       MAD001009455

 FREETOWN                 FREETOWN SCREW MFG CO INC             2 COUNTY RD                           MAD001031251

 FREETOWN                 H & M DRUM                            11 RIDGE HILL ROAD                    MAD980524185

 GARDNER                  BATCHELOR OIL (FORMER)                766 WEST BROADWAY                     MAD985297787

 GARDNER                  COUNTRY HOME FURNISHING               25 WICKMAN DRIVE                      MAD084211796

 GARDNER                  FITCHBURG GAS & ELEC MFG PROD PLT     35 LOGAN ST                           MAD980520423

 GARDNER                  GARDNER LANDFILL                      WEST STREET (ROUTE 68)                MAD985297829

 GARDNER                  HARRINGTON & RICHARDSON               60 INDUSTRIAL ROWE                    MAD985300185

 GARDNER                  HENRY HEYWOOD MEM HOSPITAL            242 GREEN ST                          MAD075342279

 GARDNER                  HIRONS UPHOLSTERY                     29 MAPLE STREET                       MAD985278506

 GARDNER                  MASS ELECTRIC CO FACILITY             PARK STREET (BY LAKE STREET)          MAD985297761

 GARDNER                  NEW RIVERSIDE JUNK AREA               ROUTE 101                             MAD985297811

 GARDNER                  SIMPLEX TIME RECORDER CO.             ONE SIMPLEX PLAZA                     MAD985297779

 GAY HEAD                 GAY HEAD SANI LANDFILL                SOUTH RD/LOBSTRUL RD                  MAD980503452

 GEORGETOWN               AUTOMATIC CONNECTOR INC               MOULTON STREET                        MA0000041566

 GEORGETOWN               CORONET LEATHER FINISHING             201 CENTRAL STREET                    MAD051797066

 GLOUCESTER               ADDISON GILBERT HOSPITAL              298 WASHINGTON ST                     MAD030812127

 GLOUCESTER               GLOUCESTER HARBOR                     GLOUCESTER HARBOR                     MA0001287747


 GLOUCESTER               ITALIA-AMENDMENT                      ITALIA                                MA6690320456

 GLOUCESTER               OCEANSIDE FISHERIES                   LOT 9 KONDLIN ROAD                    MAD985278050

 GLOUCESTER               RCM                                   BLACKBURN INDUSTRIAL PARK, P.O. BOX   MAD985318351
 GLOUCESTER               ROSE'S WHARF                          ROSE WHARF                            MAD985307529

 GRAFTON                  DURALITE COMPANY, INC                 120 MAIN STREET                       MAD985272293

 GRAFTON                  GRAFTON STATE HOSPITAL (FORMER)       WESTBORO RD                           MAD980906671

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 13 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 GRAFTON                  WYMAN GORDON CO                       WORCESTER ST                          MAD001128032

 GRANBY                   ARCHEMBAULT                           EAST STREET                           MAD980910129

 GREAT BARRINGTON         NEW ENGLAND LOG HOMES                 100 BRIDGE STREET                     MA0001411487

 GREENFIELD               BENDIX INDUSTRIAL TOOLS               180 LAUREL ST                         MAD041490673

 GREENFIELD               BERKSHIRE GAS COMPANY                 MILL AND MEAD STREETS                 MAD981069677

 GROTON                   CONDUCTOR LABS/KYTRON CIRCUITS        MAIN STREET                           MAD001052604

 GROTON                   GROTON SCREW MACHINE                  37 GILSON ROAD                        MAD066601824

 GROTON                   HOLLINGSWORTH & VOSE CO               TOWNSEND ROAD                         MAD001006378

 GROTON                   INSCO CORPORATION                     MAIN STREET                           MAD001052620

 GROTON                   MILL STREET JUNKYARD                  MILL STREET                           MAD985300847

 GROTON                   NIELSON MOULDING                      RTE 225 MAIN ST                       MAD097441117

 GROVELAND                AW CHESTERTON COMPANY                 860 SALEM ST                          MAD053459673

 GROVELAND                GROVELAND WELLS                       JOHNSON CREEK WATERSHED               MAD980732317

 GROVELAND                TRIMOUNT BITUMINOUS PRODUCTS          YEMMA ROAD                            MAD095871166

 HAMILTON                 HAMILTON LANDFILL                     CHEBACCO ROAD                         MAD980909162

 HANOVER                  HANOVER PRINTING                      778 WASHINGTON STREET                 MAD985318435

 HANOVER                  HANOVER TOWN LANDFILL                 OFF ROCKLAND ST.                      MAD980909972

 HANOVER                  MANN BROOK SWAMP                      WHITING STREET                        MAD980914584

 HANOVER                  NATIONAL FIREWORKS I                  FORGE POND IND. PK.                   MAD980908842

 HANOVER                  NATIONAL FIREWORKS II/SEVIGNY CANDY   WEST SIDE OF KING ST.                 MAD980909675

 HANSON                   LYNCH'S LAUNDROMAT                    1615 MAIN ST                          MAD985318419

 HARWICH                  HARWICH SANI LANDFILL                 W OF RTE 24                           MAD980503494

 HARWICH                  THOMPSON FIELD FARM                   OFF CHATHAM RD.                       MAD980909527

 HATFIELD                 HATFIELD MANUFACTURING PLANT          142 ELM STREET                        MAD045323193

 HATFIELD                 HYDROPRESS N-VIRO SERVICES            59 DWIGHT STREET                      MA0000877530

 HATFIELD                 TREMBLAY BARREL                       BRIDGE ST.                            MAD981063191

 HATFIELD                 WEST STREET PROPERTY                  361 WEST STREET                       MAD985318344

 HAVERHILL                ACCELERATED CIRCUITS (FORMER)         104 ESSEX ST.                         MAD012313177

 HAVERHILL                HAVERHILL MUNICIPAL LANDFILL          OLD GROVELAND RD                      MAD980523336

 HAVERHILL                HAVERHILL SALVAGE                     81 HALE ST                            MAD019394139

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 14 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 HAVERHILL                HOYT & WORTHEN TANNING CORP           60 RAILROAD STREET                    MAD001029289

 HAVERHILL                SLAVIT CONSTRUCTION CO                76 COFFIN AVENUE                      MA0000191809

 HAVERHILL                VERNON PLASTICS CORP                  SHELLEY RD                            MAD001381912

 HAVERHILL                WINCHELL BUILDING SITE                17 LOCUST STREET                      MAD985277508

 HINGHAM                  BARE COVE                             ROUTE 3A                              MA0000261941

 HINGHAM                  BEAL ST PROPERTY                      119 BEAL STREET                       MAD982198830

 HINGHAM                  HINGHAM ANNEX                         LEAVITT STREET                        MA7210022805

 HINGHAM                  MARGETTS & SON SEPTIC LAGOONS         97 WARD ST                            MAD062182621
 HINGHAM                  MERRIMAN DIV. OF QUAMCO, INC.         100 INDUSTRIAL PK. RD.                MAD001006469

 HINGHAM                  WOMPATUCK STATE PARK (FORMER)         OFF RT. 3A - COHASSET/HINGHAM         MAD981063365

 HOLBROOK                 ALDOLPH BAUER CO                      763 SOUTH STREET                      MAD001061340

 HOLBROOK                 BAIRD & MCGUIRE                       775 SOUTH ST                          MAD001041987

 HOLBROOK                 HOLBROOK LANDFILL                     MAPLE ST.                             MAD981067853

 HOLDEN                   HOLDEN LANDFILL                       RIVER ST                              MAD980503510

 HOLDEN                   REED ROLLED THREAD DIE CO.            MAIN ST.                              MAD065782252

 HOLDEN (JEFFERSON)       EC & C CORP                           156 PRINCETON ST                      MAD001138726

 HOLLISTON                ADAMS STREET PROPERTY                 519 ADAMS ST                          MAD981069735

 HOLLISTON                AXTON-CROSS CORP                      CROSS ST                              MAD059706937

 HOLLISTON                BIRD PROPERTY (PRENTICE STREET        708 PRENTICE STREET                   MAD981067739
 HOLLISTON                PHOTOFABRICATION ENG INC              229 LOWLAND ST                        MAD048270789

 HOLLISTON                WOOD ENGINEERING                      29 EVERETT STREET                     MA0001407667

 HOLYOKE                  ATLAS COPCO HOLYOKE INC               161 LOWER WESTFIELD RD                MAD000652321

 HOLYOKE                  ATLAS COPCO HOLYOKE INC               37 APPLETON ST                        MAD000652164

 HOLYOKE                  HOLYOKE GAS WORKS (FORMER)            BRIDGE STREET                         MAD985298108

 HOLYOKE                  INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO (FORMER)       161 LOWER WESTFIELD ROAD              MAD980521207

 HOLYOKE                  MOBIL CHEMICAL CO                     3 HANOVER ST                          MAD087451373

 HOLYOKE                  REMINGTON (FORMER)                    686 MAIN ST                           MAD980520712

 HOPEDALE                 BRAUNS EXPRESS                        10 TANDEM WAY                         MAD056008881

 HOPEDALE                 MILFORD WWTP                          OFF ROUTE 140                         MAD075346767

 HOPKINTON                FARRAR COMPANY                        17 WINTER STREET                      MAD985286533

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 15 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 HOPKINTON                MONSON CHEMICAL (FORMER)              84 SOUTH ST                           MAD049419682

 HUDSON                   A & M ADVANCED PROTOTYPES             8 KANE INDUSTRIAL DRIVE               MA0001296904

 HUDSON                   HUDSON LIGHT & POWER                  CHERRY ST. STATION                    MAD980671051

 HUDSON                   HUDSON WORSTED LAGOONS (FORMER)       OFF WHEELER RD                        MAD985278142

 HULL                     ALLERTON HARBOR (C50147)              ALLERTON HARBOR                       MA0001119973

 HULL                     HULL BAY                              JAMES AVE                             MA0001410851

 HULL                     NANPASKET                                                                   MA0001407568

 HULL                     NANTASKET BEACH                       BEACH ROAD                            MAD985271287

 HULL                     SAMOSET AVENUE CHEMICAL SPILL         SAMOSET AVENUE                        MA0000182451

 HUNTINGTON               TEXON WASTE DISPOSAL                  ROUTE 112                             MAD985278183

 IPSWICH                  J & S LABORATORIES                    56 NEWBURYPORT TPK                    MAD980914758

 KINGSTON                 COBB AND DREW                         6 PROSPECT STREET                     MAD985313923

 KINGSTON                 MARTY'S GMC                           OFF RTE 3 SMITHLANE EXIT              MAD042763599

 KINGSTON                 SAMUEL ARONS & SONS INC               KINGSTON INDUSTRIAL PARK              MAD980909659

 LAKEVILLE                LAKEVILLE SEPTAGE AREA                OFF PICKENS ST                        MAD980503932

 LANCASTER                LANCASTER ABANDONED WWTP LAGOONS      HIGH ST.                              MAD980909501

 LANESBORO                JH MAXYMILLAN INC                     RT 7 AND PUTNAM ROAD                  MAD049327026

 LANESBORO                ORE BED ROAD LANDFILL                 ORE BED ROAD                          MAD051667897

 LANESBORO                POTTER MOUNTAIN ROAD AREA             POTTER MT ROAD                        MAD980671515

 LANESBORO                ROSE DISPOSAL PIT                     BALANCE ROCK RD                       MAD980524169

 LAWRENCE                 DIVERSITECH GENERAL TIRE CO.          70 GENERAL ST                         MAD001017599

 LAWRENCE                 HURLEY PACKAGING                      300 CANAL STREET                      MAD985318484

 LAWRENCE                 LAWRENCE GAS MFG PLT (FORMER)         MARSTON ST                            MAD980521017

 LAWRENCE                 MAPLE TREE ESTATES CONDOMINIUMS       125-131 LAWRENCE STREET               MA0001653526

 LAWRENCE                 NORTHEAST SOLVENTS RECLAMATION CORP   300 CANAL STREET                      MAD000604447

 LAWRENCE                 PLYCRAFT                              39 SOUTH CANAL STREET                 MAD001046051

 LAWRENCE                 SOUTH CANAL STREET                    55 SOUTH CANAL STREET                 MAD985315456

 LAWRENCE                 TOWER HILLS (FORMER)                  61 AMES AVENUE                        MAD981063183

 LEE                      CLARK AIKEN CO                        OFF TYRINGHAM RD                      MAD002067130

 LEE                      LEE LANDFILL                          WOODLAWN ROAD                         MAD980520811

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 16 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 LEE                      MEAD CORP WILLOW MILL                 WILLOW ST                             MAD002079556

 LEE                      VALLEY MILL LANDFILL                  CRYSTAL ST                            MAD980520589

 LEE                      WESTFIELD RIVER PAPER CO (FORMER)     FOREST ST                             MAD002076008

 LEE                      WILLOW HILL LANDFILL                  70 WILLOW HILL RD                     MAD980520662

 LEICESTER                FOURNIER LAGOON                       STAFFORD ST                           MAD980503437

 LEICESTER                IROIQUOIS CHEMICALS                   490 MAIN STREET                       MAD985286483

 LEICESTER                LEICESTER MUNICIPAL LANDFILL          MANVILLE STREET                       MAD985297316

 LEICESTER                WORCESTER SPINNING & FINISHING        80 CHAPEL STREET                      MAD000847996
 LEICESTER                WORCESTER TOOL & STAMPING CO          10 HANKEY ST                          MAD001131598

 LENOX                    HOUSATONIC RIVER                      PITTSFIELD MA TO BRIDGEWATER CT       MAD980672935

 LEOMINSTER               AMERICAN HOECHST/FOSTER GRANT         289 N MAIN ST                         MAD021004791

 LEOMINSTER               BORDEN CHEMICAL CO                    511 LANCASTER ST                      MAD990886673

 LEOMINSTER               HORIZONS PROPERTIES                   98 ADAMS STREET                       MA0001058155

 LEOMINSTER               HYTECH PRECISION MOULDERS             30 PATRIOTS CIRCLE                    MAD985286525

 LEOMINSTER               IDEAL TAPE INC                        287 WHITNEY ST                        MAD065779845

 LEOMINSTER               LEOMINSTER MGP LOCATION (FORMER)      MILL & MAIN STREETS                   MAD985297654

 LEOMINSTER               LEOMINSTER MUNI LANDFILL              MECHANIC ST                           MAD980523294

 LEXINGTON                BEDFORD VA HOSP WELLS 76 & 77         WESTVIEW STREET                       MAD980501852

 LEXINGTON                KILN BROOK V                          MCGUIRE RD.                           MAD980916613

 LEXINGTON                OXFORD STREET PETROLEUM RELEASE       OXFORD STREET                         MAD981069578

 LEXINGTON                PARS, H.G.-LEXINGTON                  76 BEDFORD STREET                     MAD985318377

 LEXINGTON                VARIAN ASSOC. INC.                    121 HARTWELL AVE.                     MAD053481404

 LITTLE CALF ISLAND       LITTLE CALF ISLAND DRUM               LITTLE CALF ISLAND                    MAD985307537

 LONG POINT               LONG POINT DRUM                                                             MA5690390021

 LOWELL                   ASTRO CIRCUITS CORP (FORMER)          100 HALE ST                           MAD062180419

 LOWELL                   AUTO CIRCUIT INC                      150 PHOENIX AVE                       MAD000604504

 LOWELL                   BILLERICA STREET PROPERTY             135-137 BILLERICA STREET              MAD985278134

 LOWELL                   CHANDONNET                            1 KYAN ST.                            MAD981068125

 LOWELL                   COLONIAL GAS                          DUTTON STREET                         MAD985272608

 LOWELL                   COMMONWEALTH CHEMICAL CORP            1052 GORHAM STREET                    MAD049407299

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 17 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 LOWELL                   COSTA'S LANDFILL (FORMER)             89-103 BILLERICA STREET               MAD985277946

 LOWELL                   DT SULLIVAN CO (FORMER)               1010 GORHAM ST                        MAD019445519

 LOWELL                   ELECTRO CIRCUITS-LOWELL               176 WALKER STREET                     MAD001008770

 LOWELL                   ELECTRONIC FABRICATORS, INC. (FORMER) 1975 MIDDLESEX AVE.                   MAD001410661

 LOWELL                   JET LINE SERVICES INC                 263 HOWARD STREET                     MAD047075734

 LOWELL                   LALLAS BUICK (FORMER)                 1418 MIDDLESEX ST.                    MAD980909378

 LOWELL                   LOWELL LANDFILL                       WESTFORD ST                           MAD980520845

 LOWELL                   PEARSON-PALM                          CHURCH/GEORGE/WARREN STREETS          MA0000877803

 LOWELL                   RAYTHEON CORP.                        WOBURN ST.                            MAD001411081

 LOWELL                   ROCHE BROS BARREL & DRUM CO           161 PHOENIX AVE                       MAD001035971

 LOWELL                   SILRESIM CHEMICAL CORP                86 TANNER ST                          MAD000192393

 LOWELL                   SPRAY-TEC INC                         FOOT OF CROSBY ST                     MAD080034689

 LOWELL                   US CARTRIDGE CO (FORMER)              685 LAWRENCE ST/35 ANDREWS ST         MAD980520563

 LOWELL                   US POSTAL SERVICE                     POST OFFICE SQUARE                    MA2180410274

 LOWELL                   VULKOR WIRE AND CABLE                 950 BROADWAY                          MAD001408475

 LOWELL                   WELLS METAL LOWELL                    CROSBY ST                             MAD980913990

 LUDLOW                   CATAD CHEMICAL                        RANDALL RD.                           MAD985298082

 LUDLOW                   PARKSIDE CLEANERS                     EAST & SEWELL STREETS                 MAD985279405

 LUNENBURG                TOWNSEND HARBOR RD PROPERTY           TOWNSEND HARBOR RD                    MAD980906655

 LYNN                     BOSTON GAS CO OPERATIONS CTR          436 LYNNWAY                           MAD980520787

 LYNN                     CL HAUTHAWAY                          636-650 SUMMER ST                     MAD001008093

 LYNN                     COAL GASIFICATION WASTE (FORMER)      RILEY WAY                             MAD981068182

 LYNN                     DEMOLITION LANDFILL                   FAIRMONT AVENUE                       MAD985297548

 LYNN                     EASTERN SMELTING                      37-39 BUBIER ST                       MAD001020775

 LYNN                     GLOBE TESTING                         77 ALLEY STREET                       MAD108436205

 LYNN                     LANDMARK DEVELOPMENT                  WASHINGTON AT BROAD STREETS           MAD981897762

 LYNN                     LYNN LANDFILL                         250 COMMERCIAL ST                     MAD980909097

 LYNN                     LYNN VINYL PLASTICS                   92 BROOKLINE ST                       MAD056006869

 LYNN                     NORTH AMERICAN PHILLIPS LIGHTING      100 WESTERN AVENUE                    MAD066609520

 LYNN                     US AIR FORCE PLANT 29/GENERAL         40 FEDERAL ST.                        MAD001408491

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 18 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 MALDEN                   BOSTON GAS CO MALDEN PLT              100 COMMERCIAL ST                     MAD085616290

 MALDEN                   FRANKLIN STREET                       29 FRANKLIN COURT                     MA0001414416

 MALDEN                   MARTIN MARIETTA CORP (FORMER)         36 FRANKLIN ST                        MAD980520498

 MANSFIELD                COMPO INDUSTRIES INC                  240 BRANCH STREET                     MAD075721027

 MANSFIELD                CORROFAB INC                          60 MAPLE STREET                       MAD985276146

 MANSFIELD                ELM ST. GARAGE INC.                   549 ELM ST.                           MAD040096174

 MANSFIELD                GORHAM SILVER INC (FORMER)            340 SOUTH MAIN ST/26 EDGEWOOD ST      MAD985298124

 MANSFIELD                GRANT PROPERTY                        WARE STREET                           MAD981203029

 MANSFIELD                GRAPHIC PRINTERS                      20 WINTHROP STREET                    MAD985319763

 MANSFIELD                HATHEWAY & PATTERSON                  15 COUNTRY ROAD                       MAD001060805

 MANSFIELD                HERCULES LANDFILL                     STERNS AVENUE                         MAD980731962

 MANSFIELD                MANSFIELD TWN LANDFILL                RTE 106 & EAST ST                     MAD980503593

 MANSFIELD                REICHOLD (FORMER)                     751 N MAIN ST                         MAD043412147

 MANSFIELD                SWEET MANUFACTURING CO.               GILBERT ST.                           MAD001005586

 MARBLEHEAD               CHADWICK LEAD MILL                    LAFAYETTE STREET                      MA0001408319

 MARION                   ABANDONED DRUM CLEAN-UP               MARION                                MA9690390019

 MARLBORO                 BUTCHER POLISH CO                     BARTLETT STREET                       MAD001030535

 MARLBORO                 HONEYWELL                             401 ELM ST.                           MAD980672364

 MARLBORO                 MARLBORO ABANDONED STP LAGOONS        FRAMINGHAM ROAD                       MAD980906663

 MARLBORO                 PLEASANT TRUCKING                     109 FITCHBURG ST                      MAD053446415

 MARLBORO                 SAFETY KLEEN CORP                     50 BRIGHAM STREET                     MAD088978143

 MARLBORO                 SPACE AGE ELECTRONICS                 215 MAPLE STREET                      MAD985297738

 MARLBORO                 TROMBETTA INC                         13 BROADMEADOW ST                     MAD019474691

 MARSHFIELD               MARSHFIELD WASTE DISPOSAL             CLAY PIT ROAD                         MAD980503627

 MARSHFIELD               USCG COMMUNICATIONS CENTER            900 FERRY STREET                      MA6690307941

 MARTHA'S VINEYARD        EDGARTOWN                             8 USCG STREET                         MAD985276286

 MARTHA'S VINEYARD        MARTHA'S VINEYARD (2)                 USCG SITE                             MA4690390022

 MARTHA'S VINEYARD        MENEMSHA II                           (6 USCG STREET) PSEUDO                MAD982748832

 MARTHA'S VINEYARD        SOUTH SHORE                           WEST TISBURY                          MA2690090004

 MARTHA'S VINEYARD        VINEYARD SOUND                        3A USCG STREET                        MAD985276633

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 19 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 MASHPEE                  MASHPEE LANDFILL                      HIGH SACHEM RD/ASHERS PATH            MAD982198848

 MAYNARD                  DATA TERMINAL SYST INC (FORMER)       124 ACTON ST                          MAD049433964

 MAYNARD                  DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORP.               146 MAIN ST.                          MAD001038066

 MAYNARD                  MAYNARD MUNICIPAL LANDFILL            WALTHAM STREET                        MAD980906903

 MEDFIELD                 MEDFIELD STATE HOSPITAL               HOSPITAL RD                           MAD980194419

 MEDFORD                  ALLIED CHEMICAL MEDFORD WORKS         93 CORPORATION WAY                    MAD980520738

 MEDFORD                  BOSTON METALS                         RIVERSIDE AVE.                        MAD001038611

 MEDFORD                  GENERAL ELECTRIC APPARATUS SERVICE    3960 MYSTIC VALLEY PKWY               MAD060094760
 MEDFORD                  GLOBE UNION INC                       60 HALL ST                            MAD980520415

 MEDFORD                  HARVARD COMMUNITY HEALTH PLAN         26 CITY HALL MALL                     MAD980909444

 MEDFORD                  RUST PROOFING & FINISH                55 COMMERCIAL ST.                     MAD001046499

 MEDFORD                  WELLINGTON BUSINESS CENTER (FORMER)   CORPORATION WAY                       MAD980914592

 MERRIMAC                 GEORGE LAY PROPERTY                   HADLEY RD.                            MAD980909196

 METHEUN                  HUNTINGTON AVENUE LANDFILL            HUNTINGTON AVENUE                     MAD985279512

 METHUEN                  METHUEN DISPOSAL SITE                 BURNHAM & RIVERSIDE                   MAD980503684

 METHUEN                  OAK STREET DISPOSAL AREA              171 OAK STREET                        MAD985279579

 MIDDLEBORO               J & G AUTO SALVAGE                    PLAIN ST                              MAD030819445

 MIDDLEBORO               ROCKLAND IND INC (FORMER)             555 PLYMOUTH ST                       MAD001023837

 MIDDLETON                BASTILE CORP                          MAIN STREET                           MAD980668958

 MIDDLETON                BOSTIK DIVISION USM CORP              BOSTON STREET                         MAD001039767

 MIDDLETON                PETER RUBCHINUK LANDFILL              131 EAST STREET                       MAD980909360

 MILFORD                  FOSTER FORBES GLASS CO                NATIONAL ST                           MAD075348912

 MILLBURY                 CUTTING OIL DISPOSAL AREA             OFF ROUTE 146                         MAD985298132

 MILLBURY                 FELTERS CORPORATION                   22 WEST STREET                        MAD985288042

 MILLBURY                 HARRIS OIL                            206 WEST MAIN STREET                  MAD985278472

 MILLBURY                 JEFFCO FIBRES INC                     2 RHODES ST                           MAD980909154

 MILLIS                   MCFETTRIDGE FARM                      63 GROVE STREET                       MAD062181847

 MILLVILLE                KEMPTON ROAD SITE                     KEMPTON ROAD                          MAD985297563

 MONTAGUE (TURNER FALLS)  MONTAGUE MACHINE CO                   15 RASTALLIS STREET                   MAD066996760

 N. BILLERICA             UNITED GLASS TO METAL SEALING         11 EXECUTIVE PARK DRIVE               MA0000877829

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 20 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 NANTUCKET                NANTUCKET                             USCG SITE                             MA3690390023

 NANTUCKET                NANTUCKET DRUMS                       NANTUCKET ISLAND                      MAD985307545


 NANTUCKET                NANTUCKET/SEPTAGE DISPOSAL AREA       OFF MIACOMET ROAD                     MAD980909535

 NANTUCKET                SMITH POINT                           SMITH POINT                           MA1690525067

 NANTUCKET                TOM NEVERS HEAD NAVAL FACILITY        S E SECTION                           MAD980734172

 NATICK                   C & S HEATING                         7 MIDDLESEX AVE.                      MAD980916555

 NATICK                   INTEREX CORP (FORMAR)                 10 MERCER RD                          MAD076590991

 NATICK                   MERIT OIL COMPANY                     207 WORCESTER RD (RTE 9)              MAD982197170

 NATICK                   NATICK FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN         49 MAIN ST.                           MAD094850344

 NATICK                   NATICK LABORATORY ARMY RESEARCH,D&E   KANSAS STREET                         MA1210020631
 NATICK                   SOUTH AVENUE AUTO SALES               20 SOUTH AVENUE                       MAD047066527

 NEEDHAM                  BUCKLEY & SCOTT/WHETTON INC           EASY ST.                              MAD980916498

 NEEDHAM                  MICROWAVE DEVELOPMENT LABS            135 CRESCENT RD                       MAD001004092

 NEEDHAM                  WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC                 60 CHARLES ST                         MAD030823686

 NEW BEDFORD              ACUSHNET COMPANY/RUBBER DIVISION      HADLEY ST                             MAD981070006

 NEW BEDFORD              AIRPORT GRAVEL PIT                    NEW PLAINVILLE RD                     MAD980914865

 NEW BEDFORD              ALBEROX CORP                          225 THEODORE RICE BLVD IND PK         MAD001061001

 NEW BEDFORD              ALDEN CORRUGATED CONTAINER            ONE CHURCH STREET                     MA0001058148

 NEW BEDFORD              BRISTOL MILL LOT                      COGGESHALL ST                         MAD985268507


 NEW BEDFORD              DARTMOUTH FINISHING                   45 COVE STREET                        MAD985275015

 NEW BEDFORD              EMPTY LOT ALONG HATHAWAY BLVD         HATHAWAY BLVD (NEAR H.S.)             MAD980914824

 NEW BEDFORD              FAIRHAVEN MILL (FORMER)               85 COGGESHALL ST.                     MAD985268499

 NEW BEDFORD              FISH ISLAND                           NEW BEDFORD HARBOR (RTE 6)            MAD980914808

 NEW BEDFORD              FORT RODMAN (FORMER)                  FORT RODMAN                           MA2210020770

 NEW BEDFORD              FRADE DISPOSAL AREA                   CHURCH STREET                         MAD980914600

 NEW BEDFORD              FRANCIS PLAYGROUND                    COVE ROAD                             MAD980914782

 NEW BEDFORD              HERMAN MELVILLE SHIPYARD              301 HERMAN MELVILLE BOULEVARD         MA6690390020

 NEW BEDFORD              HOMERS WHARF                          FRONT STREET                          MAD980914766

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 21 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 NEW BEDFORD              KIRBY GEORGE JR PAINT CO              163 MT VERNON ST                      MAD001061043

 NEW BEDFORD              LAMBETH STREET                        LAMBETH STREET                        MA0000963538

 NEW BEDFORD              LOT NEAR GOODYEAR PROPERTY            BONNEY ST                             MAD980914816

 NEW BEDFORD              LOT NEAR REVERE COPPER AND BRASS      FRONT STREET                          MAD980914725

 NEW BEDFORD              MORSE CUTTING TOOLS                   163 PLEASANT STREET                   MAD051505683

 NEW BEDFORD              NEW BEDFORD HARBOR                    USCG SITE                             MA2690390024

 NEW BEDFORD              NEW BEDFORD HIGH SCHOOL PROPERTY      230 HATHAWAY BLVD                     MAD105369441

 NEW BEDFORD              NEW BEDFORD INDUSTRIAL PARK           129 JOHN VERTENTE JR.BLVD             MA0001899962

 NEW BEDFORD              NEW BEDFORD LANDFILL CITY OF          1103 SHAWMUT AVENUE                   MAD980503742

 NEW BEDFORD              NEW BEDFORD SITE                      ACUSHNET ESTUARY                      MAD980731335

 NEW BEDFORD              NEW BEDFORD TRMT PLT                  CLARK PT                              MAD980503759

 NEW BEDFORD              PAYNE CUTLERY CORP.                   295 PHILLIPS AVENUE                   MAD001025246

 NEW BEDFORD              PLAYGROUND NEAR SOUTH TERMINAL        GIFFORD STREET                        MAD980914683

 NEW BEDFORD              POPE'S ISLAND                         RTE 6                                 MAD128554615

 NEW BEDFORD              POSTAL INSTANT PRESS (FORMER)         664 PLEASANT ST                       MAD980520746

 NEW BEDFORD              RAILROAD DEPOT                        ROUTE 18                              MAD981063985

 NEW BEDFORD              SULLIVAN'S LEDGE                      HATHAWAY RD                           MAD980731343

 NEW BEDFORD              TABER STREET EXTENSION                I-95                                  MAD980914642

 NEWBURY                  CIRCLE FINISHING                      TRAFFIC CIRCLE, RT. 1                 MAD047070305

 NEWBURY                  PLUM ISLAND                           PLUM ISLAND                           MAD985307503

 NEWBURYPORT              DOI/PARKER RIVER REFUGE               PLUM ISLAND TPK & OCEAN AVE           MAD985277334

 NEWBURYPORT              M & V ELECTROPLATING CORP             5 GREENLEAF ST                        MAD001042647

 NEWBURYPORT              MERCURY ANODIZING                     74 WATER STREET                       MAD001402734

 NEWBURYPORT              MERRIMAC RIVER (C5-0118)              UNDER ROUTE 1 OVERPASS                MA0001119981

 NEWBURYPORT              MERRIMACK RIVER                       2A USCG STREET                        MAD985276617

 NEWBURYPORT              NEWBURYPORT WWTP                      157 WATER STREET                      MAD075354449

 NEWBURYPORT              PERKO ENGINEERING INC                 4 MULLIKEN WAY                        MAD066607235

 NEWTON                   80/90 BRIDGE STREET PROPERTY          80/90 BRIDGE STREET                   MAD001071034

 NEWTON                   DPW AUBURNDALE YARD                   AUBURNDALE RD.                        MAD980916258

 NEWTON                   RUMFORD AVENUE LANDFILL               RUMFORD AVENUE                        MAD982194748

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 22 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 NEWTON                   TENNECO CHEMICALS INC (FORMER)        300 NEEDHAM ST                        MAD053456240

 NEWTON                   TRW DOT DIV (FORMER)                  320/330 NEVADA STREET                 MAD001032671

 NORFOLK                  CAMGER CHEMICALS                      364 MAIN STREET                       MAD053451019

 NORFOLK                  MA CORRECTIONAL INST NORFOLK WALPOLE  CLARK ST                              MAD980503668

 NORFOLK                  SOUTHWOOD COMMUNITY HOSPITAL          DEDHAM ST                             MAD060092764

 NORTH ADAMS              BERKSHIRE TANNING CO (FORMER)         ASHTON AVENUE                         MAD981065741

 NORTH ADAMS              INFLATED PRODUCTS CO                  MILL AND UNION STS                    MAD980906861

 NORTH ADAMS              NORTH ADAMS LANDFILL                  151 E STREET                          MAD000846212

 NORTH ADAMS              NORTH ADAMS STP (CLOSED)              MASSACHUSETTS AVE                     MAD980504039

 NORTH ADAMS              SHAPIRO                               521 ASHLAND STREET                    MAD985279397

 NORTH ADAMS              SPRAGUE ELECTRIC                      87 MARSHALL STREET                    MAD002067304

 NORTH ADAMS              SPRAGUE ELECTRIC CO                   65 BROWN ST                           MAD000791038

 NORTH ANDOVER            AT & T                                1600 OSGOOD ST                        MAD982547317

 NORTH ANDOVER            NORTH ANDOVER LANDFILL                SHARPNERS POND RD                     MAD980503775

 NORTH ANDOVER            NORTH ANDOVER TOWN LANDFILL           HOLT RD                               MAD980504096

 NORTH ATTLEBORO          HANDY & HARMAN ELECTRONIC MATERIALS   72 ELM STREET                         MAD048974349

 NORTH ATTLEBORO          LUBRX PRODUCTS INC                    324 E WASHINGTON STREET               MAD985278654

 NORTH ATTLEBORO          NORTH ATTLEBORO LANDFILL              MOUNT HOPE STREET                     MAD985278340

 NORTH ATTLEBORO          OLD NORTH ATTLEBORO FOUNDRY           31 CHESTNUT ST.                       MAD982191355

 NORTH BROOKFIELD         AZTEC INDUSTRIES, INC.                10 GROVE STREET                       MA0001520741

 NORTH READING            JOHN BERRY REHABILITATION CENTER      LOWELL STREET                         MAD980909147

 NORTH READING            MSM INDUSTRIES                        60 CONCORD STREET                     MAD001072461

 NORTH READING            STERLING SUPPLY CORP (FORMER)         70 CONCORD STREET                     MAD019194737

 NORTH READING            VAL-KEN MACHINE/PACETTI CORP          4 HALLBERG PARK                       MAD985277938

 NORTHBORO                ZECCO INC                             345 W MAIN STREET                     MAD052924495

 NORTHBRIDGE              CHURCH AVENUE                         50 TO 84 CHURCH AVENUE                MA0001119262

 NORTHBRIDGE              COVITCH PROPERTY/ATF DAVIDSON CO      MAIN ST                               MAD046128559
 NORTON                   DRAPER TRUST PROPERTY                 CROSS STREET                          MA0001255637

 NORTON                   KILBURN GLASS INC                     111 SOUTH WORCESTER STREET            MAD001192103

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 23 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 NORTON                   SHPACK LANDFILL                       UNION RD                              MAD980503973

 NORWELL                  FABRICARE HOUSE                       32 POND STREET                        MAD062175120

 NORWELL                  NORTH RIVER ELECTRIC SUPPLY           433 WASHINGTON STREET                 MAD041712407

 NORWOOD                  AMBROSE PRESS INC                     923-925 WASHINGTON ST                 MAD001060573

 NORWOOD                  ATHENS REALTY TRUST                   211 CENTRAL ST                        MAD982547978

 NORWOOD                  EASTERN INDUSTRIAL HANDLING INC       44 INDUSTRIAL WAY                     MA0001409374

 NORWOOD                  FAIRVIEW ROAD (35)                    35 FAIRVIEW ROAD                      MAD985271428

 NORWOOD                  NEW ENGLAND ARBORWARE                 672-674 PLEASANT STREET               MAD985277995

 NORWOOD                  NORWOOD PCBS                          NEAR RTE 1 & DEAN STREET              MAD980670566

 NORWOOD                  NORWOOD PRESS                         WASHINGTON STREET                     MAD981894207

 NORWOOD                  PLEASANT STREET PROPERTIES            600-640 PLEASANT STREET               MAD985277987

 OAK BLUFFS               OAK BLUFFS LANDFILL                   COUNTY RD & PENN AVE                  MAD980503783

 ORANGE                   ND CASS COMPANY                       OFF TULLY ROAD                        MAD001125921

 ORLEANS                  ORLEANS SANI LANDFILL                 END OF LOTS HOLLOW RD                 MAD980503809

 OXFORD                   BRENNAN PROPERTY                      ROCKY HILL ROAD                       MAD981066186

 PALMER                   COLORADO FUEL AND IRON (FORMER)       20 WILBRAHAM STREET                   MAD980906853

 PALMER                   PSC RESOURCES                         10 WATER ST                           MAD980731483

 PEABODY                  DICROCE PROPERTY (FORMER)             21 WINTER STREET                      MAD981067796

 PEABODY                  EASTMAN GELATINE CORP                 227 WASHINTON ST                      MAD002207546

 PEABODY                  EASTMAN GELATINE CORP LIME DISP AREA  KINGSTON ST                           MAD980503403

 PEABODY                  GRIT AND GREASE CHAMBERS              WALNUT STREET                         MAD982547366

 PEABODY                  HENRY LEATHER CO., INC (FORMER)       150 MAIN ST                           MAD001003649

 PEABODY                  L FINE COMPANY                        143 LYNNFIELD ST                      MAD019206143

 PEABODY                  MONNIER SITE/PYBURN PROPERTY          60 PULASKI STREET                     MA0001119247

 PEABODY                  PEABODY LANDFILL                      FARM AVE                              MAD000652149

 PEABODY                  PIERPONT PARK                         15 PIERPONT ST.                       MAD981063126

 PEABODY                  STAHL FINISHING - DIV. OF BEATRICE    13 CORWIN ST. PLANT                   MAD001033711
 PEABODY                  SUDAK PROPERTY                        3 MASON STREET                        MAD985272624

 PEABODY                  TANNIN CORPORATION                    119 FOSTER STREET                     MA0001097682

 PEABODY                  VICTORY TANNING CORP (FORMER)         23 UPTON ST                           MAD001017276

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 24 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 PEMBROKE                 JERRY'S AUTO SERVICE                  RT. 53                                MAD981063050

 PEPPERELL                INDIAN HEAD SKI AREA                  DOW ST.                               MAD980909386

 PEPPERELL                PEPPERELL ABANDONED DRUMS             RT. 11 NASHUA RD.                     MAD980909139

 PITTSFIELD               GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                   100 WOODLAWN AVE                      MAD002084093


 PITTSFIELD               LICHTMAN TANNING CORP (FORMER)        703 W HOUSATONIC STREET               MAD985278027

 PITTSFIELD               PITTSFIELD MUNI LANDFILL              EAST ST & HUBBARD AVE                 MAD980520803

 PLAINVILLE               MICROWAVE SPECIALTIES INC             380 SOUTH STREET                      MAD001462035

 PLAINVILLE               PLAINVILLE SANI LANDFILL              BELCHER ST                            MAD032088726

 PLYMOUTH                 CEDARVILLE LANDFILL                   HEDGES POND RD                        MAD980668925

 PLYMOUTH                 EXPRESSWAY SEWERAGE CO                OFF RTE 3 BYPASS                      MAD982542904

 PLYMOUTH                 MANOMET LANDFILL                      BEAVER DAM ROAD                       MAD980909592

 PLYMOUTH                 MILL #15 & #16                        CORDAGE PARK                          MAD981887052

 PLYMOUTH                 PLYMOUTH HARBOR/CANNON ENGINEERING    CORDAGE PARK                          MAD980525232
 PLYMPTON                 ARCATA GRAPHICS/HALLIDAY NO II        65 SPRING STREET                      MAD016039000


 PLYMPTON                 CM BRACKETT & CO (FORMER)             45 MAIN STREET                        MAD985276112

 POINT ALLERTON           POINT ALLERTON DRUM                   NORTH CHANNEL, BOSTON HARBOR          MAD985307495

 PROVINCETOWN             HIGH HEAD                             HIGH HEAD                             MA9690525168

 PROVINCETOWN             PROVINCETOWN SANI LANDFILL            WEST OFF RACE POINT RD                MAD980503841

 QUINCY                   ARCH GEAR/GRANITE CITY SELF-STORAGE   97-103 HOLMES ST.                     MAD001039403

 QUINCY                   FAXON PARK                            FAXON PARK ROAD                       MA0001097658

 QUINCY                   HOUGELS NECK                                                                MA0001407634

 QUINCY                   QUINCY LANDFILL                       WILLARD ST                            MAD980520407

 QUINCY                   QUINCY QUARRY                         QUARRY STREET                         MAD985277979

 QUINCY                   RAYTHEON                              CENTRAL STREET                        MAD985272632

 QUINCY                   TOWN RIVER                            780 WASHINGTON STREET                 MA0001410844

 RANDOLPH                 NATIONAL STEEL SERV CTR INC           21 PACELLA DR                         MAD001409770

 RANDOLPH                 OLD COLONY PETROLEUM (FORMER)         527 NORTH MAIN STREET                 MAD981068091

 RANDOLPH                 PACELLA PARK                          PACELLA DRIVE                         MAD981068331

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 25 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 RANDOLPH                 RANDOLPH SANI LANDFILL                JOHNSON DRIVE                         MAD980520852

 READING                  GENERAL TIRE AND RUBBER CO            1 GENERAL ST                          MAD059721365

 READING                  TRANCOA CHEMICAL CORP                 312 ASH ST                            MAD001033372

 REHOBOTH                 J SYLVIA TRUCKING CO.                 295 WINTHROP STREET                   MAD985297662


 REHOBOTH                 SILVA PROPERTY                        260 PROVIDENCE ST                     MAD980503866

 REHOBOTH                 WIGWAM TRAILER SALES PROPERTY         545 WINTHROP STREET                   MAD985312651

 REVERE                   HY-SIL MANUFACTURING                  24 SPRING AVENUE                      MAD981897747

 REVERE                   NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE                 321 CHARGER ST                        MAD980914691

 ROCKLAND                 CLIPPER ABRASIVES (FORMER)            83 EAST WATER STREET                  MAD980523088

 ROCKLAND                 ELECTRO-SIGNAL LAB (FORMER)           1022 HINGHAM STREET                   MAD001419068

 ROCKLAND                 TRANSWORLD ADHESIVE & CHEMICAL CO     AIR STA IND PARK                      MAD047062021

 ROCKPORT                 DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS            UPPER MAIN ST.                        MAD981063381


 ROWLEY                   OMEGA LABORATORIES                    408 HAVERHILL STREET                  MAD001038868

 ROXBURY                  MODERN ELECTROPLATING                 2430 WASHINGTON STREET                MAD001000892

 ROXBURY                  ROXBURY/WASHINGTON ST DRUM SITE #L7   3012 WASHINGTON ST                    MAD985300193

 RUSSELL                  WESTFIELD RIVER PAPER CO INC (FORMER) 16 STATION RD                         MAD001115781

 SAGAMORE                 SAGAMORE                              SPRING HILL BEACH                     MA5690367409

 SALEM                    BOSTON GAS CO LNG PLT                 20 PIERCE AVE                         MAD087137329

 SALEM                    FAFARD CONSTRUCTION                   58 SWAMPSCOTT RD                      MAD985278100

 SALEM                    FORMER SEABOARD CHEMICAL              28 FOSTER STREET                      MA0001883347

 SALEM                    GTE SYLVANIA                          71 LORING AVENUE                      MAD002249803

 SALEM                    NEW ENGLAND POWER                     24 FORT AVE.                          MAD030821631

 SALEM                    NORTH RIVER                           SALEM HARBOR - RT. 114                MAD980910244

 SALEM                    O'BRIEN TANNERY (FORMER)              38 IRVING ST                          MAD981071525

 SALEM                    SALEM ACRES                           57 MARLBORO RD                        MAD980525240

 SALEM                    SALEM WAREHOUSE                       12 FRANKLIN ST.                       MAD980909477

 SALEM                    SOUTH ESSEX SEWERAGE DIST             50 FORT AVE                           MAD094267754

 SALISBURY                SAFETY KLEEN CORP                     189A WILLOW STREET                    MAD060095569

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 26 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 SALISBURY                VAUGHN CORP (FORMER)                  386 ELM ST                            MAD001013721

 SALISBURY                WELLS 1,5 & 6                         MA/NH STATE LINE                      MAD980909220

 SANDWICH                 CAPE COD CANAL                        CAPE COD CANAL                        MA0001407691

 SANDWICH                 CROCKER JUNKYARD (FORMER)             J BRADEN THOMPSON ROAD                MAD985288059

 SANDWICH                 OLD SEPTAGE AREA                      QUAKER MEETINGHOUSE                   MAD980503791

 SAUGUS                   BP GAS STATION SHUTE BROOK            1252 BROADWAY ST                      MAD980914840

 SAUGUS                   DEWEY DAGGET LANDFILL                 OFF SALEM TURNPIKE                    MAD985287457

 SAUGUS                   GENERAL ELECTRIC LANDFILL             RTE 107 SALEM TNPK                    MAD980520753

 SAUGUS                   REFUSE ENERGY SYSTEMS                 100 SALEM TNPK                        MAD065164568

 SAUGUS                   RUMNEY MARSH PARK AVENUE              PARK AVENUE                           MA0000191791

 SCITUATE                 SCITUATE HARBOR                       EDWARD FOSTER ROAD                    MA4690310921

 SCITUATE                 SMITH AUTO BODY                       340 DRIFT WAY                         MAD021007588

 SEEKONK                  ATTLEBORO DYEING & FINISHING (FORMER) 36 MAPLE AVE                          MAD001196633

 SEEKONK                  RHUBARB FARM                          162 ANTHONY ST.                       MAD980910137

 SEEKONK                  SEEKONK MFG CO INC                    PERRIN AVE                            MAD001202258

 SHARON                   CRESCENT RIDGE DIARY                  355 BAY ROAD                          MA0000997072

 SHARON                   SHAWS PLAZA                           700-800 SOUTH MAIN STREET             MAD985276153

 SHREWSBURY               PHALO CORP                            530 BOSTON TNPK                       MAD001130095

 SHREWSBURY               WORCESTER SAND & GRAVEL               182 HOLDEN STREET                     MAD049990849

 SOMERSET                 NEW ENGLAND POWER CO.                 BRAYTON POINT RD.                     MAD055179634

 SOMERVILLE               CAMBRIDGE MACHINED PRODUCTS (FORMER)  100 FOLEY STREET                      MAD055509103

 SOMERVILLE               HANS KISSLE FOOD COMPANY              21 SOUTH STREET                       MAD985296235

 SOUTH BOSTON             BOSTON EDISON CYLINDER                BEHIND "L" STREET                     MA0001287739

 SOUTH BOSTON             ELLERY STREET                         45 ELLERY STREET                      MAD985318443

 SOUTH BOSTON             PIER 10                               34 DRYDOCK AVE                        MA0001410869


 SOUTHAMPTON              ATLAS COPCO HOLYOKE INC (FORMER)      CLARK ST                              MAD000652107

 SOUTHAMPTON              SOUTHAMPTON SANITARY ENGINEERING      COUNTY ROAD                           MAD991288549

 SOUTHBORO                VINE STREET DRUMS                     END OF VINE STREET                    MA0001890755

 SOUTHBRIDGE              AMERICAN OPTICAL CO                   14 MECHANIC ST                        MAD001127224

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 27 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 SOUTHBRIDGE              PLEASANT ST PROPERTY                  PLEASANT ST                           MAD982198897


 SOUTHBRIDGE              SOUTHBRIDGE TWN OF                    41 ELM ST                             MAD088524988

 SOUTHWICK                B & E TOOL                            627 COLLEGE HIGHWAY                   MAD001123017

 SPENCER                  46 TO 51 CHESTNUT STREET              46 TO 51 CHESTNUT STREET              MA0000997056

 SPENCER                  JOE'S JUNKYARD                        NORTHWEST ROAD                        MAD985272301

 SPENCER                  MASS. ELECTRIC CO.                    ELM ST                                MAD980909253

 SPENCER                  SPENCER LANDFILL                      RTE 9                                 MAD084208305

 SPRINGFIELD              ADVANCED LAB CHEMICAL FIRE            ONE ALLEN STREET                      MAD184738565

 SPRINGFIELD              CHAIN BELT CO (FORMER)                PLAINFIELD ST                         MAD001114826

 SPRINGFIELD              COTTAGE ST DISPOSAL AREA (FORMER)     282 COTTAGE ST                        MAD981070469

 SPRINGFIELD              CRANE COMPANY                         GOODWIN & OAK STREETS                 MAD985279421

 SPRINGFIELD              EASTERN ELECTRIC (FORMER)             160 TAPLEY STREET                     MAD001120880

 SPRINGFIELD              INTERSTATE UNIFORM                    295 PARKER STREET                     MAD019414606

 SPRINGFIELD              MONSANTO CO                           730 WORCESTER ST                      MAD001114818

 SPRINGFIELD              MONSANTO CO BIRCHAM BEND PLT          190 GROCHMAL AVE                      MAD041492406

 SPRINGFIELD              MOSES EHRICH IRON & METAL CO.         450 TAYLOR STREET                     MAD985278084

 SPRINGFIELD              NATIONAL METAL FINISH CORP            170 PROGRESS STREET                   MAD001122381

 SPRINGFIELD              ROADRUNNER MUFFLER SHOPS INC (FORMER) 1140 BAY ST                           MAD079227435

 SPRINGFIELD              SMITH & WESSON ACADEMY                29A PAGE BLVD                         MAD981069859

 SPRINGFIELD              SMITH & WESSON INC                    2100 ROOSEVELT AVE                    MAD001114206

 SPRINGFIELD              SPRINGFIELD GAS WKS (FORMER)          E COLUMBUS AVE                        MAD980521009

 SPRINGFIELD              SPRINGFIELD OLD SLUDGE DRYING BEDS    BONDI ISLAND                          MAD980504013

 SPRINGFIELD              TITEFLEX                              603 HENDEE STREET                     MAD000133496

 STOUGHTON                JET LINE SERVICES INC                 441R CANTON STREET                    MAD062179890

 STOUGHTON                MAPLE STREET PROPERTY                 50 MAPLE STREET                       MA0001979160

 STURBRIDGE               GALILEO ELECTRO OPTICS                GALILEO PARK ROUTE 20                 MAD065781197

 SUDBURY                  FORT DEVENS-SUDBURY TRAINING ANNEX    HUDSON RD                             MAD980520670

 SUDBURY                  PIERCE ROSE                           46 MAPLE AVENUE                       MA0001094572

 SUDBURY                  SPERRY RESEARCH CENTER                100 NORTH RD.                         MAD073809402

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 28 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 SUDBURY                  SUDBURY LABORATORY FACILITIES         572 DUTTON RD.                        MAD001013317
 SWAMPSCOTT               ESSEX GAS STATION                     646 HUMPHREY ST                       MAD981069727

 TAUNTON                  AD A DAY CO INC                       THIRD & W WATER ST                    MAD001010867

 TAUNTON                  CABIN REALTY TRUST                    100 ARLINGTON STREET                  MAD985319789

 TAUNTON                  COHEN PROPERTY                        87 INGELL ST.                         MAD981063324

 TAUNTON                  KENT SILVERSMITHS                     5 MYRTLE STREET                       MAD980671309

 TAUNTON                  ROGERS AVENUE/TAUNTON GAS             ROGERS AVENUE                         MAD000448910

 TAUNTON                  ROYCE ALUMINUM (FORMER)               704 W WATER STREET                    MAD063913347

 TAUNTON                  RUEPING EAST INC (FORMER)             491 WEST WATER STREET                 MAD000362582

 TAUNTON                  SILVER CITY DODGE                     ROUTE 44                              MA0000877621

 TAUNTON                  TAUNTON GAS MFG PLT                   W WATER STREET                        MAD980520993

 TAUNTON                  TAUNTON LANDFILL                      WINTHROP ST                           MAD980504054

 TAUNTON                  TAUNTON SILVERSMITHS LTD              90 INGELL STREET                      MAD069847960

 TAUNTON                  YANKEE CHEMICAL CORP                  600 W. WATER ST.                      MAD981063118

 TEMPLETON                FURNITURE MANUFACTURER (FORMER)       GROVE STREET                          MAD985297936

 TEMPLETON                GARDNER WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLANT    GARDNER ROAD (RTE 101)                MAD985297795

 TEMPLETON                LILLY INDUSTRIAL COATINGS INC         PATRIOTS ROAD                         MAD001440155

 TEMPLETON                OLD HAMLET MILL                       HAMLET MILL ROAD                      MAD985297837

 TEMPLETON                OLD RIVERSIDE JUNK AREA               ROUTE 101                             MAD985297803

 TEMPLETON                OLD WOODSHOP PARTS                    FISHER STREET                         MAD985297944


 TEMPLETON                SEAMAN PAPER COMPANY                  MAIN STREET                           MAD985297860

 TEMPLETON                TEMPLE STUART                         HOLMAN STREET                         MAD985297969

 TEMPLETON                TEMPLETON MUNI ELECTRIC FACILITIES    MAPLE STREET                          MAD985297928

 TEMPLETON                TEMPLETON MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC          ROUTE 68                              MAD985297852
 TEMPLETON                TEMPLETON MUNICIPAL LIGHT             RT 68/202                             MAD985297910

 TEMPLETON                TEMPLETON WWTP                        RESERVOIR ROAD                        MAD985297878

 TEMPLETON                WOODSKILL COMPANY                     17 GARDNER ROAD                       MAD985297902

 TEMPLETON                BALDWINVILLE PAPER PRODUCTS           SOUTH MILL STREET                     MAD069921492

 (BALDWINVILLE)                                                 68)

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 29 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 TEMPLETON (BLADINVILLE)  BALDWINVILLE WWTF                     OFF SOUTH MAIN STREET                 MAD980408330

 TEWKSBURY                COMMONWEALTH CHEMICAL CO (FORMER)     400 MAIN STREET                       MAD980909212

 TEWKSBURY                CORENCO CORP, ATLANTIC PACKING CO     525 WOBURN                            MAD147038210

 TEWKSBURY                GAS LEAK-RT. 38                       1-6 MAIN ST.                          MAD980916431

 TEWKSBURY                MARSHALL STREET PROPERTY              349 MARSHALL ST.                      MAD980909485

 TEWKSBURY                ROCCOS DISPOSAL                       1069 SOUTH ST                         MAD980520696

 TEWKSBURY                TEC FAB, INC.                         1130 EAST ST.                         MAD075355867

 TEWKSBURY                TEWKSBURY AUTO PARTS                  860 EAST STREET                       MAD985268119

 TEWKSBURY                TEWKSBURY STATE HOSPITAL              365 EAST STREET                       MAD083392985

 TISBURY                  TISBURY SANI LANDFILL                 59 DUMP ROAD                          MAD092197839

 TOPSFIELD                WASTE DISPOSAL AREA (FORMER)          4 WENHAM ROAD                         MAD985301258

 TOWNSEND                 BATES CORRUGATED BOX CORP. (FORMER)   SCALES LANE                           MAD001401991

 TOWNSEND                 SHEPERD'S AUTO BODY                   55 MAIN STREET                        MAD982190415

 TOWNSEND                 TOWNSEND HIGHWAY DEPT FACILITY        12 DUDLEY ROAD                        MAD981074834

 TOWNSEND                 TOWNSEND LANDFILL                     TURNPIKE ROAD                         MAD985319771

 TRURO                    PAMET RIVER                           CAPE COD                              MAD985276625

 TRURO                    SOUTH HIGHLAND ROAD LANDFILL          HIGHLAND ROAD                         MAD985271279

 TRURO                    TRURO SANI LANDFILL                   RTE 6                                 MAD980504104

 TRURO                    US AF TRURO INST STP                  OFF ALDRICH RD                        MA0572124493

 TRURO                    WATTS SERVICE CTR/S HOLLOW WELLFIELD  372 ROUTE 6                           MAD044806594


 UXBRIDGE                 STANLEY WOOLEN MILLS                  325 MENDON ST                         MAD001439421

 UXBRIDGE                 WAUCANTUCK MILLS (FORMER)             236 MENDON ROAD                       MAD985297597

 WAKEFIELD                AMUSEMENT PARK (FORMER)               PLEASURE ISLAND ROAD                  MAD982190118

 WAKEFIELD                KYTRON CIRCUITS CORP                  25 NORTH AVENUE                       MAD985277953

 WAKEFIELD                SUNOCO SERVICE STATION                493 SALEM ST.                         MAD000847525

 WALPOLE                  BIRD AND SONS (FORMER)                WASHINGTON ST                         MAD001008515

 WALPOLE                  BLACKBURN AND UNION PRIVELEGES        SOUTH ST.                             MAD982191363

 WALPOLE                  HOLLINGSWORTH & VOSE CO               112 WASHINGTON ST                     MAD001006360

 WALPOLE                  MAJORS SERVICE STATION                745 MAIN ST.                          MAD981067978

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 30 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 WALPOLE                  ROBBINS ROAD                          TOWN PROPERTY                         MAD985300904

 WALTHAM                  BLH ELECTRONICS (FORMER)              42 FOURTH ST.                         MAD081577959

 WALTHAM                  DUFFY BROS CONSTRUCTION INC           411 WAVERLY OAKS RD.                  MAD980916316

 WALTHAM                  FRUEHAUF FACTORY BRANCH               550 WINTER ST                         MAD006009500

 WALTHAM                  OLD COLONY PETROLEUM                  LEXINGTON ST.                         MAD981068158

 WALTHAM                  POLAROID CORP                         1265 MAIN ST./ROUTE 128               MAD001402320

 WALTHAM                  RAYTHEON CO EQUIPT DIV MFG            20 SEYON ST                           MAD001923408

 WALTHAM                  SALVUCCI CONSTRUCTION CORP (FORMER)   37 WHITCOMB STREET                    MAD985300797

 WALTHAM                  WALTHAM INDUSTRIAL LAB                225 CRESCENT ST.                      MAD001014927

 WARE                     LUDLOW SPECIALITY PAPERS (FORMER)     20 CUMMINGS ST                        MAD001119932

 WAREHAM                  EG & G BIONOMICS (FORMER)             790 MAIN STREET                       MAD080036163

 WARREN                   REED STREET PROPERTY                  OFF REED ST.                          MAD980909113

 WARREN                   S & S AUTOMOTIVE (FORMER)             REED STREET                           MAD980909279

 WARREN                   WARREN LANDFILL                       WARREN BRIMFIELD ROAD                 MAD980909261

 WATERTOWN                ARK-LES CORP.                         51 WATER STREET                       MAD001024355

 WATERTOWN                ATLANTIC BATTERY                      80 TO 86 ELM STREET                   MAD001004969

 WATERTOWN                DKM MANAGEMENT                        COOLIDGE AVENUE                       MAD981212871

 WATERTOWN                FILLIPPELLO PLAYGROUND                ARLINGTON STREET                      MAD981212897

 WATERTOWN                HOOD RUBBER PROPERTY (FORMER)         DEXTER STREET                         MAD981212889

 WATERTOWN                INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORIES          9 GALEN ST                            MAD981202518

 WATERTOWN                MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY       ARSENAL ST                            MA0213820939

 WATERTOWN                WATERTOWN LANDFILL (FORMER)           PLEASANT STREET                       MAD985300813

 WAYLAND                  BOSTON AREA NIKE BATTERY 73           OXBOW ROAD                            MA0001120682

 WAYLAND                  DOW CHEMICAL CORP                     412 COMMONWEALTH ROAD (RTE 30)        MAD056002090

 WAYLAND                  RAYTHEON CO EQUIPMENT DIV             POST RD                               MAD990685554

 WAYLAND                  WATERS MANUFACTURING CO               BOSTON POST ROAD                      MAD982547424

 WAYLAND                  WATERTOWN DAIRY                       6 MOORE ROAD                          MAD985277326

 WEBSTER                  CRANSTON PRINT WORKS                  WORCESTER RD                          MAD069915957

 WEBSTER                  WEBSTER MGP LOCATION (FORMER)         MAIN AND UNION STREETS                MAD985297613

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 31 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 WEBSTER                  WEBSTER WWTP                          MAIN ST                               MAD069920841

 WELLESLEY                PAINTSHOP POND                        106 CENTRAL ST                        MAD076572965

 WELLFLEET                MARCONI BEACH                         7 USCG STREET                         MAD985276096

 WELLFLEET                SEPTAGE TRTMENT FAC./OLD CAMP         EAST OFF RT. 6                        MA1141714666
 WEST BROOKFIELD          SAFETY KLEEN CORP                     BOSTON POST RD                        MAD096287354

 WEST DUDLEY              A&D HYDROELECTRIC PLANT DAM           OFF DUDLEY ROAD                       MA0001100734

 WEST ROXBURY             SAVERS THRIFT STORE                   1600 VFW PARKWAY                      MA0001890748

 WESTBOROUGH              BAY STATE ABRASIVES DRESSER IND       12 UNION STREET                       MAD055744908
 WESTBOROUGH              CORRUGATED PAPER CORP                 111 MILK ST                           MAD001133479

 WESTBOROUGH              DOERING EQUIPMENT                     176 EAST MAIN ST.                     MAD075344218

 WESTBOROUGH              HOCOMONCO POND                        FISHER ST                             MAD980732341

 WESTBOROUGH              KETTLE POND                           OTIS STREET                           MAD980915623

 WESTBOROUGH              MASS OXYGEN EQUIPMENT CO INC          RT. 9 (97 TURNPIKE RD).               MAD001767748

 WESTBOROUGH              WESTBORO SPEEDWAY (FORMER)            RT 9                                  MAD080054190

 WESTFIELD                ANDERSON & SONS INC.                  214 NORTH ELM STREET                  MAD001118041

 WESTFIELD                COLUMBIA MFG CO                       CYCLE STREET                          MAD001115609

 WESTFIELD                PREFERRED ELECTRONICS INC             MAIN LINE DR                          MAD001118652

 WESTFIELD                SAVAGE INDUSTRIES                     SPRINGDALE ROAD                       MAD985279389

 WESTFIELD                WESTFIELD COATING                     221 UNION ST                          MAD001119502

 WESTFIELD                WESTFIELD GAS & ELECTRIC DEPT         30 SACKETT STREET                     MAD980915995

 WESTFORD                 RUSTLICK INDUSTRIES                   10 NORTH MAIN STREET                  MAD985276351

 WESTFORD                 STAR CHEMICAL                         RTE 117                               MAD980906648

 WESTFORD                 WESTFORD ANODIZING SITE               12 AND 14 NORTH MAIN STREET           MAD062173497

 WESTMINSTER              CRESTICON/DECOTONE                    RTE 2A                                MAD046135224

 WESTPORT                 GRAVEL PIT                            PINE HILL RD.                         MAD981066244

 WESTPORT                 OLD COLONY GAS STATION                174 STATE ROAD                        MAD981203383

 WESTWOOD                 WHITE LODGE WELLS 3 & 4               OFF UNIVERSITY AVE                    MAD980734339

 WEYMOUTH                 AGRICO AMERICAN AGRICULTURAL CHEM CO  RIVER STREET                          MAD980909543

 WEYMOUTH                 BOSTON EDISON 1 EDGAR STATION         BRIDGE ST.                            MAD000842393

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 32 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 WEYMOUTH                 HUDSON BUS                            BROAD AND CENTER ST.                  MAD981067911

 WEYMOUTH                 WEYMOUTH NECK LANDFILL (FORMER)       WEYMOUTH NECK                         MAD985277870

 WEYMOUTH (SOUTH          US COAST GUARD S. WEYMOUTH BUOY DEPOT TROTTER ROAD                          MA0690330758
 WHITMAN                  DECOR NOVELTIES INC                   600 BEDFORD ST                        MAD982542912

 WHITMAN                  WHITMAN METAL PROD (FORMER)           98 MYRTLE AVENUE                      MAD985276179

 WILBRAHAM                UTILITY MFG CO INC                    2443 BOSTON RD                        MAD001116078

 WILMINGTON               CHARLES RIVER BREEDING LABS           251 BALLARDVALE STREET                MAD019716729

 WILMINGTON               DU PONT COMPANY                       ONE CORNELL PLACE                     MAD000790675

 WILMINGTON               DYNAMICS RESEARCH CORP                50 CONCORD ST                         MAD001014182

 WILMINGTON               GENERAL ELECTRIC CO.                  50 FORDHAM ROAD                       MAD985318427

 WILMINGTON               OLIN CHEMICAL                         51 EAMES ST                           MAD001403104

 WILMINGTON               RITTER TRUCKING CO                    856 WOBURN ST                         MAD019717412

 WILMINGTON               SUNOCO SERVICE STATION                603 MAIN STREET                       MAD000847095

 WILMINGTON               SURFACE COATING INC/RAFFI & SWANSON   100 EAMES ST                          MAD001041383

 WILMINGTON               WHITNEY EDWARD & SON                  888 WOBURN ST                         MAD053479804

 WILMINGTON               WILMINGTON FORD (FORMER)              275 MAIN STREET                       MAD019717867

 WILMINGTON               WILMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL                CHURCH ST.                            MAD980917140

 WINCHENDON               CJ MABARDY COMPANY                    RIVER STREET                          MAD985298058

 WINCHENDON               DOODY BURIAL VAULT                    25 SUMMER DRIVE                       MAD985297993

 WINCHENDON               GOODSPEED MACHINE CO                  15 SUMMER STREET                      MAD985298009

 WINCHENDON               MASSACHUSETTS ELECTRIC SUBSTATION     ROUTE 202                             MAD985298025


 WINCHENDON               OLD TOWN LANDFILL                     LINCOLN AVENUE                        MAD985298017

 WINCHENDON               RAY PLASTIC FACTORY                   MILL CIRCLE ROAD                      MAD985297977

 WINCHENDON               SANBORNS WOOD FACTORY                 GLEN ALLEN STREET                     MAD985297985


 WINCHENDON               WHITE MOUNTAIN FREEZER                LINCOLN AVENUE                        MAD005361084

 WINCHENDON               WINCHENDON SANITARY LANDFILL          637 RIVER ST.                         MAD000859371

 WINCHENDON               WINCHENDON WATER POLLUTION CONTROL    RIVER STREET                          MAD985298041

 WINCHESTER               JO WHITTEN CO (FORMER)                134 CROSS STREET                      MAD985277961

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 33 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 WOBURN                   ABERJONA AUTO PARTS                   278 SALEM ST                          MAD019722594

 WOBURN                   ATLANTIC GELATINE                     HILL ST                               MAD001403526

 WOBURN                   BLOX CHEMICAL                         100 ASHBURTON STREET                  MAD001028943

 WOBURN                   INDEPENDENT TALLOW CO INC             39 CEDAR ST                           MAD001062520

 WOBURN                   INDUSTRI-PLEX                         COMMERCE & ATLANTIC                   MAD076580950

 WOBURN                   JOHN J RILEY CO                       228 SALEM ST.                         MAD001035872

 WOBURN                   MBTA PROPERTY                         MISHAWUM RD.                          MAD980909428

 WOBURN                   NEW ENGLAND RESINS & PIGMENTS         316 NEW BOSTON ST                     MAD055988927

 WOBURN                   NORTH WOBURN INDUSTRIAL PARK          GILL STREET & 6TH ROAD                MAD982547309

 WOBURN                   NORTHEAST PETROLEUM DEPOT-HORN        50 STURGIS STREET                     MAD006952949
 WOBURN                   OLD TANNERY (FORMER)                  BEDFORD ST.                           MAD981063134

 WOBURN                   SEVERANCE TRUCKING CO                 7 WALNUT HILL RD                      MAD005877311

 WOBURN                   STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO (FORMER)         NEW BOSTON ST                         MAD980520282

 WOBURN                   THERMO ELECTRON CORP (FORMER)         15 CRANES COURT                       MAD001413632

 WOBURN                   UNIFIRST                              15 OLYMPIA AVE.                       MAD019723535

 WOBURN                   VAC-CENT                              5R GREEN ST.                          MAD059725788

 WOBURN                   WELLS G&H                             ABERJONA RIVER VALLEY                 MAD980732168

 WOBURN                   WHITNEY BARREL CO                     256 SALEM ST                          MAD019725324

 WOBURN                   WOBURN SANI LANDFILL                  OFF MERRIMACK ST                      MAD980504153

 WOBURN                   WOBURN STEEL DRUM INC                 211 NEW BOSTON STREET                 MAD980504161

 WOBURN                   WR GRACE CRYOVAC                      369 WASHINGTON                        MAD073814675

 WOODS HOLE               WOODS HOLE                            WOODS HOLE                            MA1690090005

 WORCESTER                BILL'S AUTO REPAIR SERVICE            785 W BOYLSTON ST                     MAD000638221

 WORCESTER                COMMONWEALTH GAS PROPERTY             QUINSIGAMOND AVENUE                   MAD985272319

 WORCESTER                CUSTOM COATING AND LAMINATING         717 PLANTATION ST                     MAD001128115

 WORCESTER                EASTERN CHEMICAL SPECIALTIES          241 SOUTHBRIDGE ST                    MAD990684748

 WORCESTER                EXXON SERVICE STATION (FORMER)        MASSASOIT RD & ROUTE 20               MAD985272590

 WORCESTER                GREENDALE MALL/RILEY STOKER           NEPONSET STREET                       MAD985272335

 WORCESTER                NATIONAL STD CO WORCESTER WIRE DIV    70 JAMES ST                           MAD001438308

 WORCESTER                NORTON CO                             1 NEW BOND ST                         MAD001126234

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 34 of 35

 City                     Name                                  Address                               EPA Site #

 WORCESTER                OWENS ILLINOIS FPD WORCESTER BOX PLT  68 S LUDLOW ST                        MAD005415989

 WORCESTER                WARNER & SWASEY                       145 BROOKS ST                         MAD055741789

 WORCESTER                WARREN OIL CO                         459 SOUTHBRIDGE ST                    MAD980909105

 WORCESTER                WORCESTER LANDFILL                    GREENWOOD ST                          MAD087883955

 WORCESTER                WORCESTER TELEGRAM & GAZETTE          130 PRESCOTT STREET                   MAD985272327

 WORCESTER                WYMAN GORDON CO                       105 MADISON STREET                    MAD001128016

 WRENTHAM                 MARRA PROPERTY                        775 SOUTH STREET                      MAD980909436

 WRENTHAM                 WRENTHAM TOWN LANDFILL                MADISON ST                            MAD980524458

 YARMOUTH                 CANNON'S ENGINEERING                  350 MAIN STREET                       MAD045905601

 YARMOUTH                 COMMONWEALTH ELECTRIC CO              WILLOW ST                             MAD980520647

 YARMOUTH                 YARMOUTH LANDFILL                     S OF RTE 6 N OF TWNHS                 MAD980504179

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                               Page 35 of 35

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Waltham, MA
Watertown, MA
Wayland, MA
Westford, MA
Weston, MA
Wilmington, MA
Winchester, MA
Woburn, MA
Boston, MA
Jamaica Plain, MA
West Roxbury, MA
Hyde Park, MA
Roxbury, MA
Dorchester, MA
Mattapan, MA
Chelsea, MA
Revere, MA
Winthrop, MA