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Kansas Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ABILENE                  ABILENE PWS WELL #8                    WASHINGTON ST                          KSD981710254

 ABILENE                  DICKINSON COUNTY LANDFILL 1            BUCKEYE INTERCHANGE                    KSD980631816

 AGENDA                   AGENDA PWS #1                          10TH & MAIN                            KSD984997528

 AGRA                     AGRA PWS WELLS #3 & #4                 SEC 27 T3S R16W                        KSD981710262

 ALDEN                    ANR PIPELINE - ALDEN                   1.5 MI SE OF                           KSD033563024

 ALMENA                   ALMENA AGRA SERVICES                   W RAILROAD AVE                         KSD043664523

 ANDALE                   ANDALE PESTICIDE                       16 MI NW OF WICHITA ON 296             KS0001058130

 ARGONIA                  AG ENTERPRISES                         115 E OAK                              KS0000912550

 ARKANSAS CITY            ARKANSAS CITY DUMP                     HWY 166 S                              KSD980500789

 ARKANSAS CITY            ROXANA PETROLEUM CO                    JCT OF ARKANSAS & WALNUT RIV           KSD980631899

 ARKANSAS CITY            TOTAL PIPELINE - BRYANT STATION        US 166 3 MI W OF                       KSD000680470

 ARKANSAS CITY            TOTAL PIPELINE - GURLEY STATION        US 166 17 MI W OF                      KSD000680538

 ARKANSAS CITY            TOTAL PIPELINE - KANSAS CRUDE LINES    1400 S M ST                            KSD000680587

 ARKANSAS CITY            TOTAL PIPELINE - KANSAS DIV            1400 S M ST                            KSD000680454

 ARKANSAS CITY            TOTAL PIPELINE - RAHN STATION          US 166 10 MI E 2 MI N OF               KSD000680561

 ATCHISON                 ATCHISON FMGP                          7TH & MAIN                             KSD984988659

 ATCHISON                 BENEDICTINE COLLEGE                    801 S 8TH                              KSD067952390

 ATCHISON                 DEFENSE INDUSTRIAL PLANT EQUIPMENT     OLD RT 1                               KS2210021158
 ATCHISON                 WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          RR 1 BOX 30                            KSD984990648

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 AUGUSTA                  MOBIL OIL CORP - AUGUSTA               2ND & OAK ST                           KSD007235138

 AUGUSTA                  MOBIL OIL REFINERY DUMP (OLD)          NW SW SEC 23 R3E T27S                  KSD980686133


 AXTELL                   AXTELL PWS WELL #2                     SEC 24 T2E R10E                        KSD981710270

 BAXTER SPRINGS           BAXTER SPRINGS SMELTER                 W END OF FAS 763                       KSD984966945

 BEELER                   BEELER COOP SITE                       101 S MAIN                             KSD031193113

 BENDENA                  BENDENA PWS WELL #1 & RWD #2           SEC 33 T3S R20E                        KSD981710304

 BLUE RAPIDS              BLUE RAPIDS PWS WELLS #1 & #3          SEC 20 T4S R7E                         KSD984970913

 BONNER SPRINGS           HANDI-CAN DISPOSAL SERVICE INC         3501 LORING DR                         KSD000686915

 BONNER SPRINGS           LONE STAR INDUSTRIES INC               K32 HWY E OF                           KSD007129026

 BUTLER COUNTY            TOTAL PIPELINE - PARRIS STATION        NW 1/4 SEC 20 T23 R4                   KST210010559

 CALDWELL                 TOTAL PIPELINE - CALDWELL STATION      US 166 1 MI W OF                       KSD000680462

 CAMBRIDGE                TOTAL PIPELINE - CAMBRIDGE STATION     2 MI SE OF                             KSD000680488

 CANEY                    AMERICAN ZINC & LEAD SMELTING CO       HWY 166 & HWY 75                       KSD984971986
 CANEY                    OWEN ZINC COMPANY (FORMER)             SW 1/2 SE 1/4 SEC 1 T35S R13E          KSD984971911

 CHANUTE                  MID-AMERICA REFINERY                   N SANTA FE                             KSD084091545

 CHANUTE                  NEOSHO COUNTY SITE #1                  SW SEC 25 T27S R17E                    KSD980500847

 CHANUTE                  NEOSHO COUNTY SITE #2                  SW 1/4 SEC 5 T28S R18E                 KSD980500854

 CHANUTE                  WESTERN PETROCHEMICAL CO (FORMER)      HWY 169 & 21ST ST                      KSD980633465

 CHENEY                   CHENEY PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY             S GARFIELD ST                          KSD985013523

 CHEROKEE COUNTY          CHEROKEE COUNTY                        T34 S35 R25E                           KSD980741862

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHERRYVALE               NATIONAL ZINC CO                       NE 1/4 SEC 8 T32S R17E                 KSD980406698

 CLAFLIN                  RIEMAN SWD                             S 1/2 SW SEC 4 T17S R11W               KSD000830315

 CLAY CENTER              C & W RURAL ELECTRIC COOP ASSN INC     610 POMEROY                            KSD980631873

 CLAY CENTER              CLAY CENTER PWS                        427 COURT ST                           KSD984966952

 CLAY CENTER              GILMORE-TATGE                          6TH & SHERMAN                          KSD007143712

 CLAY CENTER              VALLEY FERTILIZER                      200 CLARKE                             KSD046741856

 CLEARWATER               CLEARWATER PWS WELL #2                 NW CORNER OF ROSS & 4TH AVE            KSD984986133

 COFFEYVILLE              COFFEYVILLE AIRCRAFT INC               MUNICIPAL AIRPORT                      KS0001307883

 COFFEYVILLE              FARMLAND INDUSTRIES - COFFEYVILLE      N LINDEN                               KSD007138605

 COFFEYVILLE              FIBERGLASS CORP OF AMERICA (FCA)       HWY 69 5 MI N OF                       KSD055449755

 COFFEYVILLE              MCDONALD OIL CO (OLD)                  1603 S WALNUT                          KSD980685408

 COFFEYVILLE              OK OIL & TREATING INC                  HWY 166 4 MI E OF                      KSD985015312

 COFFEYVILLE              SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO                    1700 W 4TH ST                          KSD007163355

 COFFEYVILLE              SINCLAIR OIL REFINERY (ABANDONED)      SEC 26 & 35 T34S R16E                  KSD980633432

 COLBY                    ACE SERVICES                           345 CONVESSE                           KSD046746731

 COLBY                    COLBY PWS WELL #8                      COUNTRY CLUB DR                        KSD984969279

 COLBY                    COLBY SANITARY LANDFILL                2 MI E OF                              KSD980632020

 COLUMBUS                 CHEROKEE COUNTY LANDFILL - COLUMBUS    4 MI N 1/4 MI E OF                     KSD980631972

 COLUMBUS                 GULF OIL CHEMICAL CO TESTING LAB       4 MI W OF HALLOWELL PLT                KST210010310

 COLUMBUS                 SLURRY EXPLOSIVES                      RR 1 4 MI N OF HWY 96 SPORTSMAN PIT    KSD043945609
 COLWICH                  HIGH PLAINS INC                        412 N 1ST                              KSD104079686

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 COLWICH                  LINNEBUR, D RESIDENCE                  RT 1 BOX 185                           KSD981723125

 COLWICH                  SAFETY GUIDE INC                       10 INNOVATION LN                       KSD144524485

 CONCORDIA                CONCORDIA FMGP                         410 MILL ST                            KSD981722564

 CONCORDIA                CONCORDIA PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY          P O BOX 603 CITY HALL                  KSD012410544

 CONWAY                   TRANSFORMER SALVAGE SITE               N OF US HWY 56                         KSD980965172

 CORBIN                   TOTAL PIPELINE - PERTH STATION         3 MI N 2 MI E OF                       KSD000680553

 CORWIN                   WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - CORWIN   SEC 22 T34S R9W (RR 1)                 KSD984990507

 COURTLAND                ANDERSON FERTILIZER CO                 W LIBERTY ST                           KSD984970905

 COWLEY COUNTY            TOTAL PIPELINE - GEUDA STATION         SEC 30 T33S R3E                        KSD000680512

 CRESTLINE                ALLCO CHEMICAL CO                      1 MI E HWY 69 FAS HWY 2160             KSD984974071

 CRESTLINE                CHEVRON CHEMICAL CO - CRESTLINE        1.5 MI E OF HWY 69 FAS HWY 2160        KSD984974089

 CRESTLINE                KOCH CHEMICAL CO                       OFF HWY 69 3.5 MI S OF                 KSD981729973

 CRESTLINE                THERMEX ENERGY CORP                    3/4 MI E OF HWY 69 FAS HWY Z160        KSD984974063

 DE SOTO                  CHEMICAL COMMODITIES INC - DE SOTO     OLD HWY 10 2 MI SW OF                  KSD984971481

 DE SOTO                  KANTEX - DE SOTO                       36270 W 103RD ST                       KSD039413562

 DE SOTO                  SUNFLOWER ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT        103RD ST 3 MI S OF                     KS3213820878

 DEARING                  DEARING SMELTER SITE                   NW 1/4,SE 1/4,NW 1/4, S25,T34S,R15E    KSD985012194

 DELAVAN                  TRI COUNTY PUBLIC AIRPORT              SEC 31/32 T16S R6E                     KS0001402320

 DERBY                    AIRCRAFT INSTRUMENT &                  640 S BUCKNER                          KSD985014018
 DERBY                    S BUCKNER ST & S WATER ST              JCT OF 700 BUCKNER ST & WATER ST       KSD984967539
 DODGE CITY               DODGE CITY PWS #10                     UNIVERSITY DR & CAROUSEL               KSD984969071

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DODGE CITY               FARMLAND INDUSTRIES - DODGE CITY       5 MI E OF                              KSD044625010
 DODGE CITY               MIDWEST MANUFACTURING & SUPPLY CO      400 E TRAIL                            KSD981708662

 DODGE CITY               SNYDER, RUSSELL PIT                    5 MI N OF OLD AIRBASE                  KSD980500870

 DOWNS                    DOWNS PWS #3                           2ND & RAY                              KSD984994335

 EDWARDSVILLE             SAFETY KLEEN CORP - EDWARDSVILLE       9317 WOODEND RD                        KSD980973515

 EL DORADO                BUTLER COUNTY LANDFILL - EL DORADO     1 MI W .5 MI S OF                      KSD980632244

 EL DORADO                EL DORADO MUNICIPAL LANDFILL #1        300' S OF LOCUST & WOODLAND            KSD980632327

 EL DORADO                EL DORADO MUNICIPAL LANDFILL #2        300 BLOCK S GRIFFITH ST                KSD980632319

 EL DORADO                PESTER REFINERY CO                     N TOPEKA ST                            KSD000829846

 EL DORADO                SDS INC                                RR 1 W 254 HWY                         KSD087413951

 ELKHART                  TOTAL PIPELINE - TALOGA STATION        .5 MI N OF                             KSD000680579

 ELLINWOOD                GLASCO TANK                            3 MI S OF                              KSD084855592

 ELLIS                    ELLIS CITY DUMP                        E 8TH ST                               KSD980631725

 ELLSWORTH                ELL-KAN CO INC                         RT 156 AT 8TH                          KSD980631956

 ELLSWORTH                ELLSWORTH PWS WELL #4                  BTWN 8TH & 9TH W ST LOUIS/SAN FRAN RR  KSD984967521

 ELLSWORTH COUNTY         SOUTH STOLETENBURG SWD                 W 1/2 SW 1/4 SEC 26 T16S R10W          KSD000830356

 ELWOOD                   ELWOOD DRUM                            12TH & MASSACHESETTS                   KS0000096180

 EMPORIA                  IOWA BEEF PROCESSORS INC - EMPORIA     6TH AVE & PRAIRIE                      KSD000683771

 EMPORIA                  WEST SIXTH AVENUE SITE                 W 6TH & WALNUT AVE                     KS0000900340

 EMPORIA                  WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          RT 5 BOX 115                           KSD984990655
 ENTERPRISE               ANR PIPELINE - ENTERPRISE              3/4 MI E OF HWY 43 5 MI S OF           KSD981713704

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ERIE                     GREAT WESTERN OIL REFINERY             SEC 29 T28S R20E                       KSD984966911

 EUDORA                   EUDORA PWS WELL #2                     SEC 5 T13S R21E                        KSD981710296

 EUDORA                   KANSAS UNIVERSITY SUNFLOWER RESEARCH   NW 1/4 SEC 13 T13S R21E                KSD980686141
 FAIRVIEW                 BROWN CITY RURAL WATER DISTRICT #1     P O BOX 248 CITY HALL                  KSD981129026


 FORT RILEY               FORT RILEY                             DICKMAN AVE                            KS6214020756

 FORT SCOTT               WADE'S ALUMINUM PRODUCTS               HWY 60 S RR#2                          KSD087772372

 FRANKFORT                FRANKFORT PWS                          109 N KANSAS                           KSD000202580

 FREDONIA                 LAFARGE/SYSTECH FREDONIA               P O BOX 29 S CEMENT RD                 KSD980633259

 FRIEND                   CHEVRON CHEMICAL CO - FRIEND           1 MI N OF                              KSD980510150

 FT SCOTT                 BOURBON COUNTY LANDFILL                HWY 59 BYP 1.5 MI N 1 MI E             KSD980632335

 FT SCOTT                 FT SCOTT CITY DUMP #1                  WALNUT & WILSON                        KSD980631923

 FT SCOTT                 FT SCOTT CITY DUMP #2                  SEC 17 T25S R25E                       KSD980631915

 FURLEY                   FURLEY COOP                            W OF SAND RD                           KSD985003375

 GALVA                    GALVA PWS WELL #4                      SEC 21 T19S R2W                        KSD981710387

 GARDEN CITY              BUFFALO INDUSTRY INC                   HWY 50 W                               KSD980686067

 GARDEN CITY              BUTLER MANUFACTURING CO - OSWALT DIV   HWY 83 N                               KSD007233372

 GARDEN CITY              GARDEN CITY PWS WELL #10               N 3RD ST                               KS0000429209

 GARDEN CITY              GARDEN CITY PWS WELL #18               7TH & CHESTNUT STS                     KSD985015304

 GARDEN CITY              PUEBLO CHEMICAL & SUPPLY CO-GARDEN     5 STAR RT HWY 83 2 MI S OF             KSD000819086
 GARDEN PLAIN             GARDEN PLAIN HIGH SCHOOL WELLS         720 SEDGWICK AVE                       KSD985012590

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GAS                      PRIME WESTERN SMELTER (OLD)            SEC 32 T24S R19E                       KSD980685366

 GLASCO                   GLASCO PWS WELL #2                     SEC 13 & 14 T8S R5W                    KSD981710379

 GLASCO                   NGPCA - GLASCO - 105                   US 24 2 MI E OF                        KSD073305237

 GOODLAND                 GOODLAND POWER PLANT                   17TH ST & CHERRY AVE                   KSD980320659

 GOODLAND                 SHERMAN COUNTY LANDFILL                SEC 8 T8S R39W                         KSD980631832

 GREAT BEND               12TH AND WILLIAMS ST                   1209 WILLIAMS ST                       KS0001097609

 GREAT BEND               BARTON COUNTY LANDFILL                 2 MI N 2.5 MI E OF                     KSD980631691

 GREAT BEND               DOONAN TRUCK DUMP SITE                 HWYS 56 & 156                          KSD063575245

 GREAT BEND               DRESSER INDUSTRIES INC-DRESSER TITAN   E 10TH ST                              KSD081401135
 GREAT BEND               FORMER GREAT BEND REFINERY             7TH & WASHINGTON                       KSD985006196

 GREAT BEND               NGPCA - GREAT BEND - 104               RR 4 BOX 65                            KSD985002161

 GREAT BEND               RICE ENGINEERING & OPERATING INC       1020 HOOVER                            KSD002800811

 GREENSBURG               ANR PIPELINE - GREENSBURG              5 MI W OF                              KSD082459421

 GREENSBURG               WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          SEC 23 T27S R1W (RR 2 BOX 200)         KSD984990531
 HACKNEY                  HACKNEY GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION      SE SEC 20 T33S R3E                     KSD981126071

 HADDEN                   NGPCA - HADDAM - 195                   HWY 36                                 KSD985003540

 HALSTEAD                 HALSTEAD PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY #5        SEC 2 T24S R2W                         KSD981715774

 HARPER                   SPIVEY GRABS SWD                       NE NW SW SEC 7 T31S R8W                KSD000830364

 HAVENSVILLE              ANR PIPELINE - HAVENSVILLE             2 MI SE OF                             KSD980321475

 HAYS                     BIRD - FELDT FARMS                     HWY 40 & ALT HWY 183 INTERSECTION      KS0000133033

 HAYS                     CROSS MANUFACTURING INC                HWY 40 & CANTERBURY RD                 KSD050865237

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HAYS                     HAYS PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY               P O BOX 490 CITY HALL                  KSD025920398

 HAYS                     MIDWEST ENERGY INC - POWER PLANT       E 10TH                                 KSD980631790

 HAYS                     WEST 8TH STREET                        VINE & 8TH ST                          KSD984992859

 HAYS                     WESTERN OIL TRANSPORTATION CO-HAYS     1116 E 8TH ST                          KSD050869577

 HAYSVILLE                WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          RR 3 BOX 201 SEC 18 T29S R1W           KSD984990523

 HESSTON                  EXCEL INDUSTRIES                       200 S RIDGE RD                         KSD007237290

 HESSTON                  WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - HESSTON  US 81 1 MI N OF                        KSD984990374

 HILLSBORO                HILLSBORO INDUSTRIES INC               220 INDUSTRIAL RD                      KSD049563554

 HILTON                   HILTON GRAIN BINS SITE                 SEC 32 T18S R3W                        KSD985015320

 HOLLIDAY                 ATCHINSON, TOPEKA & SANTA FE           MILEPOST 14.4 OF 2ND DIST              KSD980631808
 HOLLIDAY                 DOEPKE DISPOSAL (HOLLIDAY)             HOLLIDAY DR RD 1 MI E OF               KSD980632301

 HOPE                     DICKINSON COUNTY LANDFILL 2            .5 MI E OF                             KSD980632236

 HOPE                     HOPE PWS WELL #10                      SEC 02 T16S R3E                        KSD981710361

 HORTON                   GASKELL BOLT & RIVET CO                RR 1                                   KSD007181621

 HUMBOLDT                 BERG MANUFACTURING CO SITE #1 & #2     NE 1/4 SEC 5 T26S R19E                 KSD980633390

 HUMBOLDT                 WEBSTER/MILLER REFINERY (FORMER)       N 1/2 NW 1/4 SW 1/4 SEC 4 T262 R18E    KSD984971929

 HUMBOLDT                 WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          SEC 6 T26S R18E (RR 3 BOX 3)           KSD984990580

 HUNNEWELL                ARKLA-HUNNEWELL                        3 MI E RT 81 ON GRVL RD S              KSD984967422



 HUTCHINSON               COLLINS AMBULANCE CORP                 HALSTEAD ST & CORAL SEA RD             KSD984966846

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HUTCHINSON               CONSOLIDATED MANUFACTURING INC         1600 N HALSTEAD ST                     KSD007990211

 HUTCHINSON               DELUXE SPECIALTIES                     ENTERPRISE & S HORNET ST               KSD007233661

 HUTCHINSON               EATON CORP - HUTCHINSON                3401 E 4TH AVE                         KSD984988675

 HUTCHINSON               FARMLAND INDUSTRIES INC                3501 E 4TH AVE                         KSD007245194

 HUTCHINSON               FOURTH & CAREY SITE                    P O BOX 1567 CITY HALL                 KSD061608006

 HUTCHINSON               HUTCH LINE INC                         413 E 3RD AVE                          KSD007233125

 HUTCHINSON               HUTCHINSON PWS #12                     125 E AVE B CITY HALL                  KSD984994699

 HUTCHINSON               HUTCHINSON PWS #9                      SW OF 18TH & PLUM ST                   KSD985011469

 HUTCHINSON               KANSAS POWER & LIGHT CO                200 W 2ND AVE                          KSD041144924

 HUTCHINSON               KRAUSE PLOW CORP FOUNDRY DUMP          305 S MONROE ST                        KSD007232333

 HUTCHINSON               LUMINOUS NEON INC                      1429 W 4TH AVE                         KSD007234032

 HUTCHINSON               NAVY FUEL DEPOT                        LANGLEY RD                             KSD984994343

 HUTCHINSON               OBEE ROAD                              OBEE RD                                KSD980631766

 HUTCHINSON               PIERCE METALS                          4TH AVE 2.1 MI E OF AIRPORT RD         KSD984999086

 HUTCHINSON               PIONEER HYBREED GRAIN CO               RED ROCK RD & HALSTEAD ST              KSD984966887

 HUTCHINSON               R & K MANUFACTURING                    RT 4                                   KSD980685390

 HUTCHINSON               RENO COUNTY LANDFILL                   4200 W CLARK RD                        KSD980631709

 HUTCHINSON               ROBERTS PROPERTY                       RR 2                                   KSD984987958

 HUTCHINSON               SODA ASH WASTE DISPOSAL SITE           N GRAND ST & 11TH AVE E                KSD980633440

 HUTCHINSON               SUPERIOR BOILER WORKS INC              3524 E 4TH AVE                         KSD007235302

 HUTCHINSON               WELLS AIRCRAFT                         AIRPORT RD & 4TH AVE                   KSD985006428

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 INDEPENDENCE             INDEPENDENCE REFINERY                  SEC 06 T33S R16E                       KSD984966960

 INDEPENDENCE             WHITE TANK TRUCK SERVICE               RR 3 BOX 291                           KS0001020890

 INDEPENDENCE             WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - GRABHAM  RFD 1 BOX 250                          KSD984990630

 INDEPENDENCE             WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO - INDEPENDENCE   1 MI SW OF                             KST210010013

 INGALLS                  GRAY COUNTY LANDFILL                   2 MI S OF                              KSD980631733

 IOLA                     BERG MANUFACTURING CO SITE #5          SE 1/4 SEC 22 T24S R18E                KSD980686166

 IOLA                     COBERLY RECYCLING                      1304 E ST                              KSD981708654

 IOLA                     EAST IOLA SMELTER SITE                 EAST & KENTUCKY STS                    KS0000102129

 IOLA                     IMP BOATS INC                          500 W LINCOLN RD                       KSD091356857

 IUKA                     HILLIKER OIL CO                        1 1/4 MI N 1 MI W OF                   KSD096540604

 JUNCTION CITY            GEARY COUNTY LANDFILL                  E CHESTNUT ST                          KSD980320527

 JUNCTION CITY            GRANDVIEW PLAZA PWS WELLS #3 & #4      HUDSON & EDGEWATER                     KSD984966622

 JUNCTION CITY            JUNCTION CITY FMGP                     301 E 4TH ST                           KSD984989525

 JUNCTION CITY            UNITED STATES RAILWAY MFG OPERATION    2601 N HOOVER RD                       KSD980631865

 KANSAS CITY              38TH & I-70 DUMP SITE                  38TH ST & I-70                         KSD980632061

 KANSAS CITY              AMERICAN WALNUT CO                     18TH ST & ARGENTINE BLVD               KSD007121957

 KANSAS CITY              ARCO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS CO             S SIDE OF KANSAS AVE                   KSD980632194

 KANSAS CITY              ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO - KANSAS CITY      5420 SPEAKER RD                        KSD057889313

 KANSAS CITY              ASHLAND CHEMICAL INC (OLIN)            3155 FIBERGLASS RD                     KSD000203638

 KANSAS CITY              BEAUTY ROSE COSMETICS                  1117 OAKLAND AVE                       KSD981711997

 KANSAS CITY              BOARD OF PUBLIC UTILITIES              5600 INLAND DR                         KSD007169584

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KANSAS CITY              CERTAINTEED PLANT 7                    3031 FIBERGLASS RD                     KSD000651307

 KANSAS CITY              CHEMICAL COMMODITIES INC - KANSAS AVE  43 KANSAS AVE                          KSD984987339

 KANSAS CITY              CHROMIUM INC                           10 SHAWNEE AVE                         KS0001000983

 KANSAS CITY              CORAL REFINING                         757 PAWNEE AVE                         KSD000202325

 KANSAS CITY              CORTLAND CONTAINER                     30 FUNSTUN RD                          KSD007146525

 KANSAS CITY              DOEPKE - FAIRFAX                       7TH ST & MISSOURI RIVER                KSD000606996

 KANSAS CITY              ECONOMY CHROME                         805 QUINDARO BLVD                      KSD058923368

 KANSAS CITY              EDWARDS, SAMMY RESIDENCE               4114 N 49TH ST                         KSD980685770

 KANSAS CITY              ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT PROCESSING        1528 1/2 LAKE AVE                      KST210010690
 KANSAS CITY              ERMAN CORP                             6600 THORN DR                          KSD980633382

 KANSAS CITY              EVERSEAL GASKET & SAMPLING INC         3940 S FERREE ST                       KSD007124613

 KANSAS CITY              FAIRFAX LEVEE DRUMS                    HWY 169 NEAR FAIRFAX BRIDGE            KSD980973002

 KANSAS CITY              FIBERGLASS ROAD SITE                   3111 FIBERGLASS RD                     KSD007151418

 KANSAS CITY              FOURTH STREET DRUM SITE                404 BERGER AVE                         KSD980852719

 KANSAS CITY              FULLER, H B CO                         200 FUNSTON RD                         KSD006227276

 KANSAS CITY              G & R CONSTRUCTION CO                  4TH ST & BERGER AVE                    KSD980686059

 KANSAS CITY              GARLAND PARK DRUMS                     4TH & DUCK ST                          KSD984969865

 KANSAS CITY              GMC-CPC FAIRFAX I PLANT                3201 FAIRFAX TRFCWY                    KSD981126253

 KANSAS CITY              GREAT LAKES CONTAINER CORP - KANSAS    1161 S 12TH ST                         KSD065764995
 KANSAS CITY              HEATHWOOD OIL COMPANY DUMP             12TH ST & KAW RIVER                    KSD980500821

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KANSAS CITY              HOMER AVENUE DUMP                      2400 HOMER AVE                         KSD981116437

 KANSAS CITY              I-635 & MISSOURI RIVER BLUFF DUMP      I-635 & MISSOURI RIVER                 KSD980632046
 KANSAS CITY              ILLEGAL DUMP SITE                      2000 S 10TH ST TERR                    KSD980685416

 KANSAS CITY              INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO - CABINET DIV   3200 MCCORMICK RD                      KSD007129943

 KANSAS CITY              J A TOBIN SITE                         S21 T11S R25E                          KS0000067652

 KANSAS CITY              KANSAS CITY POST OFFICE & PARKING LOT  10TH ST & PACIFIC AVE                  KS4180090009

 KANSAS CITY              KANSAS CITY SANITARY LANDFILL          5TH ST & CLEVELAND AVE                 KSD980632285

 KANSAS CITY              KANSAS CITY STRUCTURAL STEEL           2100 METROPOLITAN AVE                  KSD006943187

 KANSAS CITY              KAW VALLEY DISPOSAL                    6101 KANSAS AVE                        KSD980631931

 KANSAS CITY              KEMPER COMPANY                         1125 MERRIAM LN                        KSD056027311

 KANSAS CITY              KINGS DISPOSAL SITE                    3700 EMMONS ST                         KSD980686042

 KANSAS CITY              LAKE PARK DRIVE-IN THEATRE             250 S 59TH LN                          KSD980962864

 KANSAS CITY              NATIONAL GUARD ARMORY & PARKING LOT    18TH ST & RIDGE AVE                    KS1211890008

 KANSAS CITY              OPEN DRUM STORAGE SITE                 55TH ST & SPEAKER RD                   KSD980633416

 KANSAS CITY              OSAGE METAL COMPANY                    120 OSAGE AVE                          KSD031295660

 KANSAS CITY              OWENS CORNING FIBERGLAS CORP           300 SUNSHINE RD                        KSD000610725

 KANSAS CITY              PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE - WYANDOTTE CO       3035 FAIRFAX                           KSD980857924

 KANSAS CITY              PCB INC - KANSAS                       45 EWING ST S                          KSD980963565

 KANSAS CITY              PILOT DUMP                             3800 N 38TH ST                         KSD980973614

 KANSAS CITY              PROCTOR & GAMBLE WELL #11 SITE         1900 KANSAS AVE                        KSD007130032

 KANSAS CITY              REYNOLDS DRUM SITE                     REYNOLDS ST & 1ST ST                   KSD984989673

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KANSAS CITY              RICHMOND ST                            411 RICHMOND AVE                       KSD981718109

 KANSAS CITY              ROE LANE TANK                          2711 ROE LN                            KSD981719727

 KANSAS CITY              S W BLVD DRUM SITE                     1145 SOUTHWEST BLVD                    KSD984992826

 KANSAS CITY              S-G METALS INDUSTRIES                  2ND ST & RIVERVIEW AVE                 KSD007150774

 KANSAS CITY              SEALRIGHT CO INC PARKING LOT           2925 FAIRFAX RD                        KSD007118169

 KANSAS CITY              SOUTHWEST PLATING CO INC               641 SOUTHWEST BLVD                     KSD045098589

 KANSAS CITY              SQUARE DEAL IRON & METAL CO INC        218 KANSAS AVE                         KSD980322473

 KANSAS CITY              ST JOSEPH CARE CENTER                  759 VERMONT                            KS0001583897

 KANSAS CITY              TEXTILANA NEASE                        2140 S 88TH ST                         KSD002288736

 KANSAS CITY              TH AGRICULTURE & NUTRITION CO INC      5150 SPEAKER RD                        KSD099239717

 KANSAS CITY              THOMPSON-HAYWARD CHEMICAL - KANSAS     5200 SPEAKER RD                        KST210010062
 KANSAS CITY              TROUP/THOMPSON DRUM SITE               TROUP AVE & THOMPSON ST                KSD984969873

 KANSAS CITY              US EPA LABORATORY                      25 FUNSTON RD                          KS7680090001

 KANSAS CITY              WEAVER DRUM SITE                       809 GARFIELD AVE                       KSD981718117

 KANSAS CITY              WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO - KANSAS CITY    401 E DONOVAN RD                       KSD030633911

 KENSINGTON               KENSINGTON PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY         CITY HALL BOX 186                      KSD019258243

 KINGMAN                  KINGMAN COUNTY LANDFILL                LAT 31-36-00 LONG 098-07-00            KSD980851380

 KINGMAN                  KPL GAS CO - CALISTA COMPRESSOR        HWY 54 3/4 MI S OF                     KSD981720923
 KINSLEY                  EDWARDS COUNTY LANDFILL                RR 1                                   KSD000610568

 KINSLEY                  KINSLEY AIRPORT SITE                   S ON HWY 183 E ON AIRPORT ACCESS RD    KS0000046508

 KIOWA                    KIOWA PWS WELL #2                      P O BOX 206 SW SIDE OF                 KSD984967513

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KIPP                     KIPP GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION         221 N HUGH ST                          KS0001577279

 LA HARPE                 BERG MANUFACTURING CO SITE #3 & #4     4 MI N OF                              KSD980686158

 LA HARPE                 EAST LA HARPE SMELTER SITE             HWY 54 1.5 MI SE OF                    KSD985013929

 LA HARPE                 WEST LA HARPE SMELTER SITE             6TH ST                                 KSD985013937

 LAKIN                    COLORADO INTERSTATE GAS                US HWY 50 W                            KSD000830257

 LANSING                  KANSAS STATE PENITENTIARY              KANSAS AVE & HWY 73                    KSD076284439

 LANSING                  KANSAS STATE PENITENTIARY #1           HWY 7                                  KSD984988030

 LANSING                  KANSAS STATE PENITENTIARY #2           HWY 7                                  KSD984988022

 LANSING                  KANSAS STATE PENITENTIARY #3           HWY 7                                  KSD984988048

 LANSING                  KANSAS STATE PENITENTIARY #4           HWY 7                                  KSD984988055

 LANSING                  KANSAS STATE PENITENTIARY #5           HWY 7                                  KSD984988063

 LANSING                  KANSAS STATE PENITENTIARY #6           HWY 7                                  KSD984988089

 LANSING                  KANSAS STATE PENITENTIARY #7           HWY 7                                  KSD984988097

 LANSING                  KANSAS STATE PENITENTIARY #8           HWY 7                                  KSD984988105

 LANSING                  KANSAS STATE PENITENTIARY #9           HWY 7                                  KSD984988113

 LANSING                  LEAVENWORTH SANITARY LANDFILL          GILLMAN RD 5 MI W OF HWY 73            KSD000639468

 LANSING                  SELECT PRODUCTS CO                     4901 SELECT PRODUCTS DR                KSD985016641

 LARNED                   LARNED AIRPORT SITE                    1 MILE NE OF LARNED                    KSD030622971

 LAWRENCE                 AEROQUIP CORP - GUSTIN/BACON DIV       2901 LAKEVIEW RD                       KSD065748766

 LAWRENCE                 CALLERY CHEMICAL PLANT SITE            N END OF IOWA ST                       KSD980631907

 LAWRENCE                 DRAGSTRIP SANITARY LANDFILL            RT 1 DRAGSTRIP RD                      KSD981712375

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LAWRENCE                 FARMLAND INDUSTRIES INC - LAWRENCE     E OF HWY 10                            KSD039106596

 LAWRENCE                 FLOODPLAIN LANDFILL                    SEC 10 T12S R19E                       KSD981712391

 LAWRENCE                 FMC CORP - LAWRENCE                    9TH ST & MAPLE ST                      KSD007124506

 LAWRENCE                 LAWRENCE CITY LANDFILL                 8TH ST E OF                            KSD980632293

 LAWRENCE                 ROCKY MOUNTAIN BANK NOTE               2220 DELAWARE ST                       KSD093811941

 LEAVENWORTH              GNB BATTERIES INC                      1901 S 4TH ST                          KSD007150477

 LEAVENWORTH              LEAVENWORTH AUTO PARTS                 BROADWAY & CHEROKEE                    KSD984966630

 LEAVENWORTH              LEAVENWORTH COAL GAS PLANT             319-321 CHOCTAW ST                     KSD984966689

 LEAVENWORTH              LEAVENWORTH LIGHT & HEATING CO         313 CHOCTAW ST                         KSD984985911

 LEAVENWORTH              LEAVENWORTH MUNICIPAL GARAGE AREA      3RD & MARION                           KSD980632210
                          SITE 2
 LEAVENWORTH              MISSOURI RIVER BRUSH & RUBBLE DSPL     1ST & THORNTON                         KSD980632202
 LEAVENWORTH              US PENITENTIARY - LEAVENWORTH          1300 METROPOLITAN AVE                  KS4151909120

 LEAVENWORTH              VA MEDICAL CENTER - LEAVENWORTH        4101 S 4TH ST TRFCWY                   KS5360010347

 LEAWOOD                  LANGSTON LABORATORIES                  2005 W 103RD TERR                      KSD065774929

 LENEXA                   PRAIRIE MINING INC                     18201 W 95TH ST                        KSD985004217

 LENEXA                   SAFEGUARD STORAGE                      12100 SANTE FE TRAIL DR                KS0000096198

 LEON                     LEON PWS WELL #4                       HWY 96 1/4 MI E OF                     KSD984989194

 LEOTI                    LEOTI PWS WELL #8                      HWY 96 & 25 INTERSECTION               KSD984985937

 LIBERAL                  LIBERAL GASKET MANUFACTURING CO        25 W 1ST ST                            KSD981708688

 LIBERAL                  LIBERAL IRON & METAL INC               22 W RAILROAD                          KSD031319445

 LINCOLN                  LINCOLN WOODY WELL SITE                400' W OF HWY 18 & N ST                KS0000382424

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LINDSBORG                COLUMBIA INDUSTRIES INC                429 E MCPHERSON                        KSD076266006

 LOUISBURG                TRANSWORLD SERVICES                    RR 1                                   KS0001315977

 LYONS                    WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - LYONS    P O BOX 558 MAIN ST 2 MI E OF          KSD984990705

 MAIZE                    CERTAINTEED - MAIZE                    5501 N 119TH ST W                      KSD087418356

 MANHATTAN                3RD & OSAGE SITE                       3RD & OSAGE                            KSD985005339

 MANHATTAN                ANTI PEST                              415 YUMA                               KSD984987040

 MANHATTAN                EAKIN-DONELAN FMGP                     511 S 11TH                             KSD984987743

 MANHATTAN                FAIRLANE FORMER SALVAGE YARD           815 FAIRLANE                           KSD985016328

 MANHATTAN                KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY - MANHATTAN    SE 1/4 SEC 1 T10S R7E                  KSD980686182

 MANHATTAN                KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY - WARD HALL    WARD HALL                              KSD980632772

 MANHATTAN                MANHATTAN PWS WELLS #12 & #13          HAYES DR & N KRETSCHNER DR             KSD985013945

 MANHATTAN                MANHATTAN PWS WELLS #14 & #15          MANHATTAN INDUSTRIAL PK N OF           KS0000692848

 MANHATTAN                RILEY COUNTY LANDFILL                  NW 1/4 SEC 36 T10S R7E                 KSD980631774

 MARION                   WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - MARION   PO BOX 503A SEC 2 T19S R3E             KSD984990663

 MARION COUNTY            TOTAL PIPELINE - FAYLOR STATION        SW 1/4 SEC 4 T22 R4                    KST210010567

 MARION COUNTY            TOTAL PIPELINE - MOTT STATION          SE 1/4 SEC 10 T21 R3                   KST210010542

 MARYSVILLE               MARYSVILLE CITY DUMP                   RR 2                                   KSD980631782

 MATFIELD GREEN           WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          SEC 28 T22S R8E (RFD 8 BOX 21)         KSD984990549
 MCPHERSON                1ST ST AND BAER ST SITE                1800 E 1ST ST                          KS0001040096

 MCPHERSON                MCPHERSON CITY LANDFILL                SE 1/4 SEC 34 T19S R3W                 KSD984999094

 MCPHERSON                MCPHERSON PWS WELLS #2 & #5            SEC 29 T19 R3W                         KSD981710312

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEADE                    ANR PIPELINE - MEADE                   S OF HWY 23 19 MI S OF                 KSD981713506

 MEADE                    NGPCA - MEADE - 192                    3 MI E ON HWY 64                       KSD980321657

 MEDICINE LODGE           BARBER COUNTY SOLID WASTE LANDFILL     13 MI S OF                             KSD980632251

 MEDORA                   WENDELL, JOE FARM                      SEC 11 T22S R5W                        KSD980685358

 MENLO                    HI-PLAINS CHEMICAL CO                  OLD SCHOOL BLDG                        KSD980633408

 MERRIAM                  RUCO INC                               9190 JOHNSON DR                        KSD056384506

 MERRIAM                  TURKEY CREEK DUMPING SITE              5800 MERRIAM DR                        KSD980686034

 MILTONVALE               MILTONVALE LANDFILL                    .5 MI SE OF                            KSD980631881

 MILTONVALE               MILTONVALE PWS #5                      SEC 17 T08S R01W                       KSD984966929

 MINNEOLA                 KPL GAS CO - MINNEOLA COMPRESSOR       US HWY 283 5 MI N OF                   KSD981720907
 MINNEOLA                 NGPCA - MINNEOLA - 103                 3 MI E US 54 4 1/2 MI N COUNTY RD      KSD056581432

 MORRILL                  MORRILL PWS WELL #5                    SEC 26 T1S R15E                        KSD981710288

 MOSCOW                   WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - MOSCOW   SEC 32 T31S R36W (P O BOX 83)          KSD984990515

 MOUND CITY               KANSAS INDUSTRIAL WASTE FACILITY INC   RR 2                                   KSD000689950

 MOUNDRIDGE               MOUNDRIDGE PWS                         I-135 ON CNTY HWY 260 2 MI S OF I-135  KSD985015429

 MULVANE                  HENRY POPE DUMP SITE                   6723 E 119TH ST S                      KS0000735472

 MULVANE                  MULVANE COOPERATIVE UNION              220 W POPLAR                           KSD031341183

 MULVANE                  MULVANE PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY            120 BOXELDER                           KSD985006790

 NAVARRE                  NAVARRE GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION      RT 43                                  KSD984997189
 NEODESHA                 NEODESHA LAGOON                        11TH & ILLINOIS ST                     KSD980500797

 NEODESHA                 SOUTHEAST MANUFACTURING                1009 N BLAKESLEE AVE                   KSD984966895

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NESS CITY                NESS CITY PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY          109 S IOWA ST - BOX 419                KSD985012582

 NESS CITY                NESS COUNTY LANDFILL                   5.5 MI N 1/4 MI E OF                   KSD980632103

 NEWTON                   FULL VISION INC                        HWY 50 W                               KSD007237613

 NICKERSON                NICKERSON CITY DUMP                    1 MI W OF                              KSD980631758

 OAKLEY                   OAKLEY PUBLIC WATER SYSTEM             209 HUDSON                             KSD985013218

 OFFERLE                  NGPCA - OFFERLE - 193                  HWY 54 E MI E 4 1/2 MI N ON GRAVEL RD  KSD985005347

 OGDEN                    OGDEN PWS #7                           10TH ST AT E END OF                    KSD984970681

 OLATHE                   119TH & K7 DRUMS                       119TH ST & HWY 7                       KS0000008334

 OLATHE                   CHEMICAL COMMODITIES INC               320 S BLAKE ST                         KSD031349624

 OLATHE                   GENERAL MOTORS CORP DELCO REMY DIV     400 W DENNIS AVE                       KSD007145907

 OLATHE                   JOHNSON COUNTY INDUSTRIAL AIRPORT      OFF TURNER RD GATE 6                   KS5170022938

 OLATHE                   LAKESIDE HILLS GOLF COURSE SITE        2300 W GOLF COURSE RD                  KSD985013911

 OLATHE                   MARLEY COOLING TOWER CO                W MARLEY RD & PARKER ST                KSD981704539

 OLATHE                   OLATHE CITY LANDFILL                   127TH ST & S HEDGE LN                  KSD980631964

 OLATHE                   SOUTHWEST PETRO-CHEM INC               1400 S HARRISON ST                     KSD007234941

 OLATHE                   WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO - OLATHE         13745 W 135TH ST                       KST210010666

 OSKALOOSA                OSKALOOSA MERCURY                      UFD 341                                KS0001589324

 OSWEGO                   J.W. INDUSTRIES                        2003 W 4TH ST                          KSD984994350

 OSWEGO                   OSWEGO LANDFILL                        HWY 59 2 MI S OF                       KSD980631824

 OTTAWA                   WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - OTTAWA   .5 MI S OF K68 & I-35                  KSD984968628

 OVERLAND PARK            OVERLAND PARK CLOSED CITY LANDFILL     17700 W 53RD ST                        KSD980632087

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OVERLAND PARK            VICTORIAN MARBLE CO                    139TH & ANTIOCH RD                     KSD980685341

 OXFORD                   TOTAL PIPELINE - GRAY STATION          2 MI N 3 MI E OF                       KSD000680520

 PAOLA                    MIAMI COUNTY COOP                      905 W MIAMI                            KSD031361868

 PAOLA                    MIAMI COUNTY SANITARY LANDFILL         RT 5                                   KSD980631857

 PARSONS                  KANSAS ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT           3 MI E OF                              KS0213820467

 PARSONS                  SOUTH MOUND PESTICIDES                 1 S 1ST ST                             KSD985013135

 PARSONS                  TECHNICARBON INC                       801 S 21ST ST                          KS0000724633

 PEABODY                  MORRIS PROPERTY SITE                   9TH & OLIVE STS                        KS0001899137

 PERRY                    HAMM, N R QUARRY                       HWY 24                                 KSD003847894

 PERRY                    PERRY PWS WELLS #3 & #4                S OF HYW 24 BY NEW HIGH SCHOOL         KSD984966762

 PHILLIPSBURG             TAMKO ASPHALT PRODUCTS                 N ON HWY 183                           KSD087414553

 PITTSBURG                CALDWELL LANDFILL                      W OF BYP 69 & AIRPORT RD               KSD980632129

 PITTSBURG                GULF OIL CORP - JAYHAWK PLANT          HWY 26 20 MI S OF                      KSD007167869

 PITTSBURG                MCNALLY PITTSBURG FOUNDRY              1202 N WALNUT                          KSD980632137

 PITTSBURG                PITTSBURG ZINC                         2ND & JOPLIN ST                        KSD985015338

 PLAINVILLE               PLAINVILLE PWS                         222 W MILL                             KSD984966937

 PLEASANTON               JUMBO ZINC MINE                        1 MI E .75 MI S OF                     KS0001282797

 POTWIN                   POTWIN PWS WELL #1                     STURGESS ST S OF RR TRACKS             KSD984969063

 POTWIN                   TOTAL PIPELINE MAINTENANCE FACILITY    121 S RANDALL                          KST210010534

 POTWIN                   VICKERS REFINERY (OLD)                 SW SEC 29 NE SEC 30 T24S R4E           KST210010625

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 POWHATTAN                POWHATTAN PWS WELL #1 & #2             SEC 28 T3S R16E                        KSD981710353

 PRATT                    NINNESCAH RURAL ELECTRIC COOP ASSN     US 54 2 MI W OF                        KSD007255144
 PRATT                    PRATT CITY DUMP                        W 1ST ST                               KSD980631717

 PRATT                    PRATT PWS                              314 W 10TH ST                          KSD985015544

 PRESTON                  PRESTON PWS #2                         3RD & GRANT                            KSD984997932

 QUINTER                  QUINTER COOP FIRE                      2ND & GRANT                            KSD984990721

 RAMONA                   RAMONA GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION       RR 1                                   KSD985012186

 RANDALL                  RANDALL PWS WELL #2                    SEC 12 T05S R07W                       KSD984966903

 RANSOM                   RANSOM PWS #9                          LAT 38 39 17 LONG 99 57 25             KSD984993956

 REPUBLIC                 BYRON PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY              S4, T1N, R4W                           KS0000126177

 RICHFIELD                PHILLIPS PETROLEUM CO - GREENWOOD      STAR RT                                KSD050866961
 ROBINSON                 ROBINSON DRUM SITE                     .5 MI N & 1 MI E OF                    KSD984966812

 RUSSELL                  RUSSELL COUNTY LANDFILL                HWY 281 N                              KSD980632111

 RUSSELL COUNTY           SMOKY HILL WATERFLOOD UNIT             SE 1/4 SEC 6 T15S R12W                 KSD000830349

 SABETHA                  FORMER SABETHA CITY DUMP               1249 N 9TH ST                          KSD981716590

 SALINA                   AC HELICOPTERS                         2917 HEIN ST                           KSD097705313

 SALINA                   DEWEY AVENUE SITE                      1705 DEWEY AVE                         KS0000790360

 SALINA                   EXLINE INC                             NW 1/4 SEC 16 T14S R2W                 KSD980686224

 SALINA                   MAGNOLIA AND CENTENNIAL RDS            MAGNOLIA & CENTENNIAL RD               KS0001399641

 SALINA                   SALINA FMGP                            301 N 3RD ST                           KSD984988667

 SALINA                   SALINA PWS                             401 S 5TH                              KSD984966770

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SALINA                   SALINA PWS WELL #11                    PENN AVE & ASH ST                      KSD985014026

 SALINA                   SALINE COUNTY LANDFILL                 RT 3 & BURMA RD                        KSD980632004

 SALINA                   SCOULAR GRAIN                          3339 E COUNTY CLUB RD                  KSD984989517

 SALINA                   SMOKY HILL WEAPONS RANGE               8429 W FARRELLY RD                     KS2572890026

 SALINA                   ST JOHNS HOSPITAL                      139 N PENN                             KSD073303976

 SALINA                   TOTAL PETROLEUM - SALINA PRODUCT TERM  W STATE RD HWY 40                      KSD000680447

 SALINA                   TURBINE SPECIALTIES INC                1908 W OLD HWY 40                      KSD984988782

 SALINA                   WEST SOUTH STREET                      W SOUTH ST & 8TH AVE                   KS0001912468

 SATANTA                  CITIES SERVICE CO JAYHAWK GAS          RR 1 US 160 13 MI E OF ULYSSES         KSD039134101
 SATANTA                  WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - N        RFD 1                                  KSD984990622
 SCOTT CITY               SCOTT COUNTY LANDFILL - SCOTT CITY     S 1/4 SW 1/4 28 18 32                  KSD980632038

 SCOTT CITY               SHALLOW WATER REFINERY                 RT 2                                   KSD087417283

 SCOTT CITY               WESTERN OIL TRANSPORTATION CO-SCOTT    222 N COLLEGE ST                       KSD980632178
 SENECA                   NEMAHA COUNTY LANDFILL                 US HWY 36 7 1/2 MI E OF                KSD980632095

 SHAWNEE                  DEFFENBAUGH DSPL SERV JOHNSON CO LDFL  18181 W 53RD ST                        KSD067967232

 SHAWNEE MISSION          CHEMICAL COMMODITIES INC - SHAWNEE     20201 W 55TH ST                        KSD980632962

 SHAWNEE MISSION          GULF ADHESIVES & RESINS                9009 W 67TH ST                         KSD067922161

 SHAWNEE MISSION          RENNER ROAD SHOOTING RANGE             52ND & RENNER RD                       KSD984967414

 SHAWNEE MISSION          WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - CRAIG    19600 W 87TH LN                        KSD984990564

 SMITH CENTER             SMITH COUNTY LANDFILL                  HWY 36                                 KSD980632269

 SMOLAN                   SMOLAN DRUM SITE                       S24, T15S, R4W                         KS0000982165

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SOLOMON                  ROOF FARM                              US HWY 54                              KSD980633424

 SOLOMON                  SOLOMON ELECTRIC SUPPLY                103 W MAIN                             KSD054757646

 SOLOMON                  SOUTHWEST HIDE CO                      SE 1/4 SEC 18 T135 R1E                 KSD984991331

 SOUTH HUTCHINSON         FARMLAND INDUSTRIES INC - S            W BLANCHARD                            KS0000024463
 SPRING HILL              SPRING HILL CITY DUMP (OLD)            NE 1/4 SEC 18 T15S R23E                KSD980686125

 STAFFORD                 WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          RFD 1                                  KSD984990606
 STANLEY                  KUHLMAN DIECASTING COMPANY             164TH & MISSION RD                     KSD006325013

 STOCKTON                 ROOKS COUNTY SANITARY LANDFILL         US 183 S OF                            KSD980631683

 STRAUSS                  STRAUSS PESTICIDES                     1 E 1ST ST                             KSD985013127


 SUBLETTE                 WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          SEC 2 T29S R33W                        KSD984990499
 TECUMSEH                 DU PONT, E I DE NEMOURS & CO -         6000 SE 2ND                            KSD052296274

 TONGANOXIE               WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          LEAVENWORTH RD 2 MI NE OF              KSD984990713
 TOPEKA                   1ST AVE & MONROE ST SITE               1ST AVE & MONROE ST                    KS0001342013

 TOPEKA                   ATCHINSON, TOPEKA & SANTA FE           1000 NE CRANE ST                       KSD980319206
 TOPEKA                   BUCKLAND RESIDENCE                     6250 ELMONT RD                         KSD984989665

 TOPEKA                   CHEMCO INDUSTRIES                      FORBES FIELD BLD 638                   KS0001118850

 TOPEKA                   CROCO ROAD SITE                        NE CROCO RD & NE SEWARD AVE            KSD984967547

 TOPEKA                   EAGLE CORP                             3334 NW 62ND ST                        KST210010427

 TOPEKA                   FORBES FIELD - ANG                     FORBES FIELD                           KS3572890025

 TOPEKA                   GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO              HWY 24 N                               KSD007129695

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TOPEKA                   HYDRO-FLEX CORPORATION, INC.           2101 NW BRICKYARD RD                   KSD007135429

 TOPEKA                   INDIAN HILLS LANDFILL                  1100 SW INDIAN HILLS RD                KSD980632012

 TOPEKA                   INDUSTRIAL CHROME INC                  834 NE MADISON ST                      KSD007148380

 TOPEKA                   JEFFERSON ST DRUM SITE                 1400 NE JEFFERSON ST                   KS0001406719

 TOPEKA                   KANSAS POWER & LIGHT CO                2ND ST & ADAMS ST                      KSD981123029

 TOPEKA                   MAGNUS CO INC - TOPEKA                 AT & SF YARDS W GATE                   KSD980631998

 TOPEKA                   SHAWNEE COUNTY LANDFILL                9500 SW 21ST ST                        KSD980631840

 TOPEKA                   TOPEKA COAL GAS PLANT                  CORNER OF 1ST AVE & MONROE ST          KSD984966671

 TOPEKA                   WOODY'S RADIATOR SERVICE               720 W 4TH ST                           KS0001038769

 TOPEKA (FORBES FIELD)    FORBES FIELD (EX) AIR FORCE BASE       US HWY 75 4 MI S OF                    KS7570090020

 TORONTO                  TORONTO GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION      MAIN ST                                KSD985014034
 TRIBUNE                  GREELEY COUNTY LANDFILL                SW 16 18 40                            KSD980632160

 TURON                    TURON PWS WELL #3                      SEC 4 T26S R10W                        KSD981710346

 ULYSSES                  AMOCO PRODUCTION CO-GAS PROCESSING     7 MI W 1 MI S OF                       KSD000830398
 ULYSSES                  CITIES SERVICE CO CARBON BLACK PLANT   US 160 1 MI E OF                       KSD980685374

 ULYSSES                  MOBIL OIL CORP - HICKOK PLANT          S 1/2 SW 1/4 SEC 31 T28S R35W          KSD000830190

 ULYSSES                  PIONEER ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE INC       W HWY 160                              KSD004785911

 ULYSSES                  WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - N        RFD 3 BOX 33                           KSD984990614
 ULYSSES                  WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - S        RFD 3 BOX 33                           KSD984990598
 ULYSSES                  WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - UNITED   SEC 3 T29S R35W                        KSD984990671

 ULYSSES                  WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - W        111 E GRANT                            KSD984990556

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 VALLEY CENTER            VALLEY CENTER PUBLIC WATER SUPPLY      116 S PARK                             KSD985012574

 WA KEENEY                METAL CONTRACTING & MANUFACTURING INC  E OLD 40 HWY                           KSD007248131

 WAKARUSA                 WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO - TOPEKA         HWY 75 S                               KST210010039

 WATHENA                  DONIPHAN COUNTY SANITARY LANDFILL      1 MI NW OF                             KSD980632145

 WATHENA                  WILLIAMS PIPE LINE CO - WATHENA        HWY 36 1 MI E OF                       KST210010005

 WELDA                    WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - WELDA    HWY 169 BOX 550 1/4 MI NW OF           KSD984990697

 WELLINGTON               SUMNER RD & BRIDGE YARD SITE           1233 S "C" ST                          KS0001388974

 WICHITA                  13TH & WASHINGTON                      13TH ST & WASHINGTON ST                KSD984988436

 WICHITA                  21ST & GROVE SITE                      21ST & GROVE ST                        KS0001312867

 WICHITA                  29TH & MEAD GROUND WATER               412 E 29TH ST N 26S 1E SW 1/4 S 33     KSD007241656
 WICHITA                  31ST ST S & SENECA ST SITE             INTERSECTION OF 31ST ST S & SENECA ST  KS0000133017

 WICHITA                  57TH AND NORTH BROADWAY STREETS SITE   57TH & N BROADWAY STS                  KSD981710247

 WICHITA                  ABBOTT LABORATORIES                    6601 S 71ST ST W                       KSD007237746

 WICHITA                  ADAMS SHOP SITE                        6533 S BROADWAY                        KS0001402338

 WICHITA                  AIRCRAFT INSTRUMENT &                  317 E LEWIS ST                         KSD007246234
 WICHITA                  ARCHITECTURAL METAL PRODUCTS INC       4323 BOUNOUS ST                        KSD007250111

 WICHITA                  BATSON PROPERTIES                      1029 S WEST ST                         KSD985005321

 WICHITA                  BIG RIVER SAND CO.                     4900 W 21ST ST                         KSD980686174

 WICHITA                  BOEING MILITARY AIRPLANE CO            3801 S OLIVER ST                       KSD007237241

 WICHITA                  BROOKS SANITARY LANDFILL               4100 N WEST ST                         KSD980632152

 WICHITA                  CARLSON COMPANY INC                    6045 N BROADWAY ST                     KSD007479348

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WICHITA                  CESSNA AIRCRAFT - PLANT #1             5800 E PAWNEE ST                       KSD007233596

 WICHITA                  CHAPIN LANDFILL                        3820 S HYDRAULIC ST                    KSD980632277

 WICHITA                  CLIFTON AVE & 31ST ST S WELL SITE      3524 E CRAIG ST                        KSD985013903

 WICHITA                  COLEMAN CO, THE                        250 N ST FRANCIS ST                    KSD007233224

 WICHITA                  DERBY REFINING CO - WICHITA            1100 E 21ST ST                         KSD000610543

 WICHITA                  DUTCH OIL                              3330 45TH ST N                         KSD984966796

 WICHITA                  ESTHNER AND SABIN SITE                 ESTHNER & SABIN ST                     KS0001389139

 WICHITA                  FRONTIERLAND PARK                      NW 1/4 SEC 8 T29S R1W                  KSD980858948

 WICHITA                  G T SALES & MANUFACTURING INC          2202 S WEST ST                         KSD007474646

 WICHITA                  GEORGE WASHINGTON BLVD                 1718 GEORGE WASHINGTON BLVD            KS0001329481

 WICHITA                  GILBERT & MOSLEY STREET SITE           6TH & GILBERT                          KSD984969261

 WICHITA                  H & H WELDERS INC                      5340 N LEGION ST                       KSD030632350

 WICHITA                  HARMON INC                             225 W LEWIS ST                         KSD007235567

 WICHITA                  HARRY & ALL HALLOWS STREET             CORNER OF W HARRY & ALL HALLOWS STS    KSD985014448

 WICHITA                  HONEY DO PAINT CO INC                  2501 N BROADWAY ST                     KSD984990770

 WICHITA                  INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY PRODUCTS INC         1542 N MOSLEY ST                       KSD007240831

 WICHITA                  JOHNS REFINERY                         915 E 21ST ST                          KSD980852628

 WICHITA                  JOHNS' SLUDGE POND                     29TH ST NE OF HYDRAULIC ST             KSD980631980

 WICHITA                  K-42 & WEST STREET SITE                INTERSECTION OF K-42 & WEST ST         KS0000900316

 WICHITA                  LANDFILL SITE                          E MACARTHUR RD W ARKANSAS RIVER        KSD980631949

 WICHITA                  LEVEE ROAD I (VALLEY CENTER)           89TH ST                                KSD980862601

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WICHITA                  LEVEE ROAD II (STOCKPILE SLUDGE)       ZOO BLVD                               KSD980862619

 WICHITA                  LEVEE ROAD III                         S BROADWAY & ROCK ISLAND RR            KSD980862627

 WICHITA                  MCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE               2801 S ROCK RD                         KS1571924140

 WICHITA                  MERIDIAN & RITA AVE                    NW CORNER OF MERIDIAN & RITA AVE       KS0000046516

 WICHITA                  METAL FINISHING CO INC                 1423 S MCLEAN BLVD                     KSD007241185

 WICHITA                  MID-CONTINENT AIRPORT                  2090 AIRPORT RD                        KSD984981266

 WICHITA                  MOORE LABELS INC - IRVING ST           4848 IRVING ST                         KSD980965735

 WICHITA                  MOORE LABELS INC - WOODLAND ST         1855 WOODLAND ST                       KSD007238280

 WICHITA                  NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL ENVIRON SERV       8808 N 127TH ST E                      KSD070902952

 WICHITA                  NOVICK IRON & METAL                    1007 E 21ST ST                         KSD031449002

 WICHITA                  OTTO FABRIC INC                        2046 N WACO ST                         KSD981708670

 WICHITA                  PHILLIPS PIPELINE CO - BULK TERMINAL   2400 E 37TH ST N                       KSD070904719

 WICHITA                  PROSPECT PARK                          SEC 10 T28S R1W                        KSD981712003

 WICHITA                  QMI AEROSPACE INC                      3158 S HOOVER RD                       KSD007237910

 WICHITA                  RADIUM PETROLEUM CO - WICHITA          400 E 53RD ST N                        KSD000690081

 WICHITA                  RAMADA PARKING GARAGE                  132 N WACO ST                          KSD984985945

 WICHITA                  REID SUPPLY CO                         911 E INDIANAPOLIS ST                  KSD007246846

 WICHITA                  SHARPLINE CONVERTING INC               1520 S TYLER RD                        KSD981706310

 WICHITA                  SOUTHWEST GREASE & OIL CO              220 W WATERMAN                         KSD981704521

 WICHITA                  TEXACO INC - TEXACO USA DIV - WICHITA  8301 OAK KNOLL                         KSD046693990

 WICHITA                  THOMPSON ENTERPRISES                   3702 N OLD LAWRENCE RD                 KSD980851000

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WICHITA                  VULCAN MATERIALS CO                    6200 S RIDGE RD                        KSD007482029

 WICHITA                  VWR (VAN WATERS & ROGERS)              2041 N MOSELY ST                       KSD000809715

 WICHITA                  WESTHOLT MANUFACTURING INC             925 W HARRY ST                         KSD007242878

 WILSON                   NGPCA - WILSON - 194                   7 MI NW OF GREAT BEND ON K-96          KSD985005362

 WINFIELD                 CALES PA SITE                          440 W 8TH ST                           KS0001009364

 WINFIELD                 COWLEY COUNTY SANITARY LANDFILL        RT 3                                   KSD980632186

 WINFIELD                 NELSON'S MACHINE & WELDING             1008 INDUSTRIAL BLVD                   KSD984990739

 WINFIELD                 STROTHER FIELD INDUSTRIAL PARK         NE 1/4 SEC 19 T33S R4E                 KSD980862726

 WINFIELD                 TOTAL PIPELINE - CLARK STATION         10 MI N 2 MI W OF                      KSD000680496

 WINFIELD                 TOTAL PIPELINE - DETMER STATION        1 MI E 1/4 MI N OF                     KSD000680504

 WINFIELD                 TOTAL PIPELINE - KING STATION          8.5 MI N OF                            KSD000680546

 WINFIELD                 WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION -          HWY 160 12 MI E OF                     KSD984990689

 WINFIELD                 WILLIAMS COMPRESSOR STATION - WICHITA  4002 S SENECA                          KSD984990572

 WINFIELD                 WINFIELD GAS DEPT                      5TH & MAIN                             KSD984991323


 WOODBINE                 WOODBINE GROUNDWATER SITE              AREA SE OF ELEVATORS                   KSD985011477

 WRIGHT                   WRIGHT GROUNDWATER CONTAMINATION       7 MI NE OF DODGE CITY HWY 50/56        KSD984985929

 YODER                    HALSTEAD ROAD                          HALSTEAD RD                            KSD984966556

 YODER                    LIBERTY MOBILE HOMES                   HWY 96 1 MI NE OF                      KSD984966986

 YODER                    MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILROAD              HWY 96 & HALSTEAD RD                   KSD984966853

 YODER                    SHOWALTER OIL                          MAIN & REDROCK ROAD                    KSD031464027

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 27 of 28

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 YODER                    TRAIL WEST ROAD                        TRAIL WEST RD 1/2 MI E OF              KSD984966861

 YODER                    YODER ELEVATOR INC                     HWY 96 & YODER RD                      KSD004786018

 YODER                    YODER VOC'S                            HWY 96 10 MI SE OF HUTCHINSON          KSD981713696

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 28

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