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Florida Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ALFORD                   SAPP BATTERY SALVAGE                   COUNTY RD C-280                        FLD980602882

 ALTAMONTE SPRINGS        PYLES PIT                              300 DOUGLAS RD                         FLD980845382

 ALVA                     JOE'S GARAGE                           17420 JOSEPHINE ST                     FLD984170928

 ANTHONY                  MARION CNTY LDFL/ANTHONY               MARTIN/ 441 @ OLD 441                  FLD980494744

 APALACHICOLA             LEAD SULFUR BATTERY DUMP               ST. GEORGE ISLAND                      FLD981467749

 ARCADIA                  ARCADIA CITY LANDFILL                  N JOHNSON AVE                          FLD079995163

 ARCADIA                  COLTEC INDUST./CEN. MOLONEY            211 WEST PALMETTO STREET               FLD004089173
 ARCHER                   BRICE LUMBER AND WOOD PRESERVING CO.   STATE ROAD 24                          FL0001401801

 ARCHER                   LEE'S FARM DEPOT                       EAST DEPOT RD./CENTRAL AVE.            FLD981019417

 ARCHER                   SOUTH WEST SANITARY LANDFILL           SR 24                                  FLD980494967

 AUBURNDALE               BORDEN CHEM CO/ TENORIC MINE           TENORIC MINE RD                        FLD980727432

 AUBURNDALE               LEROY HELMS DRUM SERVICE               1764 HIGHWAY 655                       FLD115397416

 AUBURNDALE               TRI-CITY LANDFILL                      LOOP ROAD                              FLD980799076

 AVON PARK                HIGHLANDS AVIATION                     1400 WEST STATE                        FLD080834310

 BALDWIN                  BALDWIN DUMP                           END OF ELLISON RD.                     FLD980846893

 BALDWIN                  BALDWIN PCB SPILL                      OFF YELLOW WATER CREEK RD              FLD980709638

 BALDWIN                  DOT I-10 BORROW PIT                    1.9 MILES EAST OF US 301               FLD981928070

 BALDWIN                  FLORIDA STEEL CORP JACKSONVILLE MILL   HWY 217 YELLOW WATER RD                FLD083812537

 BALDWIN                  SOUTHERN WOOD PIEDMONT CO              PO BOX 458 900 N CENTER ST             FLD004053450

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BALDWIN                  WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP., BALDWIN   U. S. 90, EAST OF BALDWIN              FLD980515563

 BALDWIN                  YELLOW WATER ROAD DUMP                 1190 YELLOW WATER ROAD                 FLD980844179

 BARCOLA                  BARCOLA LANDFILL                       SW OF BARTOW ON SR-555                 FLD981021421

 BARTOW                   AGRICO CHEMICAL CO S PIERCE WORKS      SR 630                                 FLD092980150

 BARTOW                   BARTOW CITY LANDFILL                   BETWEEN U.S. 17 & ST.RD 60             FLD981030232

 BARTOW                   CF CHEMICALS BONNIE PLANT              BONNIE MINE RD                         FLD051565646

 BARTOW                   EAST GYPSUM STACK                      BONNIE MINE ROAD                       FLD984171272

 BARTOW                   ESTECH GENERAL CHEMS SILVER CITY MINE  SR 555                                 FLD004106829

 BARTOW                   FARMLAND INDUSTRIES INC                PEEBLEDALE RD                          FLD043055003

 BARTOW                   GRACE W R & CO BONNY LAKE MINE         HWY 60 PO BOX 471                      FLD003952033

 BARTOW                   GRACE, W R & CO RIDGEWOOD MINING       STATE ROUTE 60                         FLD000654699

 BARTOW                   IMC/CLEAR SPRINGS MINE                 CLEAR SPRINGS RD                       FLD000770420

 BARTOW                   US AGRI-CHEMICALS                      HWY 60 W PO BOX 150                    FLD041497512

 BARTOW                   US STEEL POLYESTER UNIT                S SIDE OF HWY 60 W                     FLD000654251

 BARTOW                   XERXES FIBERGLASS INC                  BARTOW AIR BASE BLDG 316               FLD073214850

 BELL GLADE               TALISMAN SUGAR CORP                    US 27 SOUTH                            FLD078464799

 BELLE GLADE              BELLE GLADE MERCURY SPILL              PALM BEACH COUNTY                      FL0000623611

 BELLE GLADE              BELLE GLADE STATE AIRPORT              US 441 AND NE AVENUE L                 FLD984176453

 BELLEVIEW                BELLEVIEW DUMP FIRE SIT                SOUTH OF SOUTHEAST 120TH AVE           FLD984168690

 BELLEVIEW                FLORIDA PEACH CORP BASE LINE SITE      OFF OF SR 35/S                         FLD980842868

 BELLEVIEW                FLORIDA PEACH CORP BELLEVIEW SITE      OFF OF I-75                            FLD980842983

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BELLEVIEW                FLORIDA PEACH CORP MARTIN SITE         OFF OF SR 25-A                         FLD980842926

 BELLEVIEW                VEREL LANDFILL                         CHANDLER HWY                           FLD984207076

 BISCAYNE BAY             SAND KEY                               DADE COUNTY                            FLD984170290

 BOYNTON                  BOYNTON BEACH LANDFILL                 WEST END OF PALM WAY                   FLD981477938


 BRADENTON                LENA ROAD LANDFILL                     LENA RD                                FLD980393409

 BRADENTON                PIER PROPERTY DRUM                     SOUTHEAST OF I-75 AT SR 64             FL0001096718

 BRADENTON                RIVERSIDE PRODUCTS, INC.               4443 30TH ST. W.                       FL0001402239

 BRADLEY                  AGRICO CHEM CO PALMETTO MINE           S OF SR 630                            FLD980727077

 BRADLEY                  AGRICO CHEM CO PAYNE CREEK MINE        FT GREEN RD                            FLD980727135

 BRADLEY                  HAYNESWORTH MINE/BREWSTER PLANT        SR 37                                  FLD000826842

 BRADLEY                  INTL MINERAL & CHEM/KINGSFORD MINE     DOC DURRANCE RD                        FLD000770453

 BROOKVILLE               GULF OIL CHEMICALS                     BROOKSVILLE ROCK RD                    FLD000123703

 BROWARD CO               BROLD & CO DUMP                        N BROWARD                              FLD980494686

 BRYANT                   CHEM AIR SPRAY                         HWY 98, AIRPORT RD. N                  FLD981020456

 BRYANT                   UNITED STATES SUGAR CORP               HWY 98                                 FLD079809331

 BUNNELL                  BUNNELL DUMP                           RTE. 100, 1.5 MI WEST OF I-95          FLD980846026

 BUNNELL                  SOUTHERN WOOD PIEDMONT- BUNNEL         INT OF US1 & SR13                      FLD984172205
 CANTONMENT               CHAMPION INTERNATIONAL                 375 MUSCOGEE RD                        FLD041521303

 CANTONMENT               DUBOSE OIL PRODUCTS CO                 HWY C97                                FLD000833368

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CANTONMENT               SINCLAIR & VALENTINE COMPANY INC       MUSCOGEE RD                            FLD062450697

 CAPE CANAVERAL           USAF CAPE CAVAVERAL AFB                CAPE CANAVERAL AFB                     FL2800016121

 CAPITOLA                 WINDHAM WELL                           ROUTE 2                                FLD980804157

 CASSELBERRY              EMERSON ELECTRIC                       440 PLUMOSA AVE                        FLD081947087

 CASSELBERRY              PHOTO CHEMICAL SYSTEMS INC             40 N LAKE HOWELL RD                    FLD079193579

 CENTURY                  WALTER JIM DOORS                       1ST STREET                             FLD039130851

 CHIEFLAND                CHIEFLAND DOT MAINTENANCE YARD         JCT US-27 ALT. & SR-345                FLD980845648

 CITRUS PARK              MCI CORP                               6110 GUNN HWY                          FLD053501102

 CLEARWATER               AKO BAYSIDE                            4007 118TH STREET, NORTH               FLD984172007

 CLEARWATER               ARAB PEST CONTROL                      1267 HIGHLAND AVE                      FLD984177493

 CLEARWATER               CLEARWATER GASIFICATION PLANT          400 MYRTLE ST.,N                       FLD984168088

 CLEARWATER               DIXIE PLATING INC                      5095 113TH AVE N                       FLD000646422

 CLEARWATER               MCNEIL/THE CAR LAUNDRY                 2627 HARBOR CIRCLE                     FLD984170910

 CLEARWATER               PAONE PROPERTY                         1425-29 SOUTH FORT HARRISON AVE        FL0001909480

 CLEARWATER               RELIABLE CIRCUIT SYSTEMS, INC          12880 AUTOMOBILE BLVD                  FLD096597711

 CLERMONT                 CLERMONT DUMP, OLD CITY OF             MAX HOOKS RD                           FLD984197368

 CLERMONT                 TOWER CHEMICAL CO                      MONTVERDE RD                           FLD004065546

 COCOA                    SKIPPERS III                           2409 NORTH COCOA BLVD.                 FLD065920241

 COCOA BEACH              BEACHED DRUM                           BREVARD COUNTY                         FLD984170258

 COPELAND                 COLLIER ROAD PRISON #27                SR 29, 3 MILES N OF COPELAND           FLD981023591

 COTTONDALE               KERR-MCGEE CHEMICAL CORP               US HWY 90                              FLD980559124

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CRESCENT CITY            CRESCENT CITY LANDFILL                 WALNUT ST AND GROVE                    FLD981024870

 CRESCENT CITY            CRESCENT CITY LEMON ST. DUMP           LEMON ST. NORTH OF HWY 308             FLD981025117

 CROSS CITY               CONTINENTAL TURPENTINE & ROSIN         OFF US 19-98                           FLD004069415

 CROSS CITY               DIXIE COUNTY CENTRAL LANDFILL          SR 351                                 FLD980845432

 CROSS CITY               EDMOND'S SALVAGE YARD                  HWY 351                                FLD981468077

 CROSS CITY               SOUTHERN PINE DISTILLERS               JCT US 19 & COUNTY RD 351              FLD980845507

 CRYSTAL RIVER            METAL INDUSTRIES, INC.                 1000 CRYSTAL STREET                    FLD000831032

 DANIA                    LINDSLEY LUMBER                        1940 GRIFFIN ROAD                      FLD984171546

 DANIA                    LIQUID CARBONIC CORP                   2910 STERLING RD                       FLD045464377

 DAVENPORT                LA ROCHE INDUSTRIES, INC               N. STATE RD 547                        FLD152746053

 DAVIE                    DAVIE LANDFILL                         SW 142ND AVE                           FLD980602288

 DAVIE                    FLORIDA PETROLEUM REPROCESSORS         3211 S.W. 50TH AVENUE                  FLD984184127

 DAVIE                    NATIONAL RESOURCE RECOVERY             3250 FIELDS RD                         FLD984182014

 DAYTONA                  FLORIDA PRODUCTION ENGRNG              440 FENTRESS BLVD.                     FLD980600308

 DEBARY                   HICK'S SPILL SITE                      WEST END OF BENSON JUCTION RD.         FLD981468135

 DEERFIELD BEACH          DEERFIELD BEACH CITY DUMP              SW 3RD AVE & SW 4TH ST                 FLD981003338

 DEERFIELD BEACH          JIM'S RADIATOR AND AUTO AIR            1171 SW 1ST WAY                        FLD010432524

 DEERFIELD BEACH          SENSORMATIC ELECTRONICS CORP           500 NW 12TH AVE                        FLD044924769

 DELAND                   BRUNSWICK CORP DBA TECHNETICS          2000 BRUNSWICK LN                      FLD980602544
 DELAND                   DELAND GAS SYSTEM                      INTERSEC. OF S. FLORIDA & BENESFORD    FLD984172197

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DELAND                   DELAND HASCHE GAS PLANT                401 NORTH STONE STREET                 FL0001897990

 DELAND                   PLYMOUTH AVENUE LANDFILL               PLYMOUTH AVENUE                        FLD984167569

 DELAND                   SHERWOOD MEDICAL INDUSTRIES            2010 HWY 92 PO BOX 2078                FLD043861392


 DELRAY BEACH             AERO-DRI                               1180 SW 10TH STREET                    FLD063993596

 DELRAY BEACH             CORBETT FARMS                          13955 N. STARKEY RD.                   FLD094057379

 DELRAY BEACH             JIM'S AUTO AIR AND REPAIR              401 N FEDERAL HWY                      FLD981023088

 DELRAY BEACH             PALM BEACH DOWNS                       10317 WEST ATLANTIC                    FLD981478068

 DELRAY BEACH             SOUTHERN CROP SERVICES                 7205 WEST ATLANTIC AVE.                FLD058552761

 DOCTOR'S INLET           DOCTOR'S INLET DUMP                    STATE ROADS 220A AND 224               FLD980846679

 EDGEWATER                CORONADO PAINT INC                     308 OLD COUNTRY RD                     FLD082400441

 EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE     USAF EGLIN AFB ARMAMENT DIVISION       AD/DEEV                                FL8570024366

 ELAISE                   CYPRESS GARDEN SKIS                    1000 HOOVER RD.                        FLD029505161

 ENGELWOOD                MORRIS INDUSTRIAL PARK                 MORRIS IND. PARK OFF S. RIV.DR         FLD981750482

 ENGLEWOOD                CLEAN DRAINS, INC.                     MORRIS IND. PARK OFF S. RIV RD         FLD981473457

 EUSTIS                   STOLLER CHEMICAL - FLORIDA             700 W. ATWATER AVENUE (BOX 1227)       FLD055945349


 FERNANDINA BEACH         CITIES SERVICE COMPANY                 NORTH 2ND ST                           FLD980384994

 FERNANDINA BEACH         FABRALLOY INC                          706-708 SOUTH 9TH ST                   FLD044219871

 FLORIDA CITY             EVERGLADES LABOR CAMP                  38277 SW 192ND AVE.                    FLD981024888

 FOLEY                    BUCKEYE FLORIDA                        BETWEEN SR 356A, HWY 19, SR 30, & US   FLD004057105

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FORT GREEN SPRING        C F MINING/HARDEE PHOS COMPLEX         HWY 663                                FLD092979723

 FORT LAUDERDALE          A & A RADIATOR COMPANY                 1249 NE 11TH AVE                       FLD030750178

 FORT LAUDERDALE          AMERICAN V MUELLER                     1800 W COMMERCIAL BLVD                 FLD980600829

 FORT LAUDERDALE          ASSOCIATED AIR SERVICES                701 SW 48TH ST                         FLD046024121

 FORT LAUDERDALE          BENDIX CORP/AVIONICS DIV.              2100 NW 62ND ST                        FLD005569405

 FORT LAUDERDALE          BROWARD CHEMICAL CO                    2871 W PROSPECT RD                     FLD043119007

 FORT LAUDERDALE          BULK DISTRIBUTION                      3399 SE 14TH AVE                       FLD089611776

 FORT LAUDERDALE          CITY BUMPER INC                        629 NW 7TH AVE                         FLD002968022

 FORT LAUDERDALE          CRAMER AND MAURER (OIL PIT) AND NEFF   3830 SW 47TH AVE                       FLD000602920
 FORT LAUDERDALE          D & B PAINT MANUFACTURING CO           1100 NW 55TH ST                        FLD065677189

 FORT LAUDERDALE          DISCOUNT BATTERY CO                    1241 W SUNRISE BLVD                    FLD981003395

 FORT LAUDERDALE          ENGINEERED FINISHES, INC.              921 NW 1ST STREET                      FLD065671315

 FORT LAUDERDALE          GARRETT HYDRAULICS                     5841 NW 9TH AVE                        FLD075322198

 FORT LAUDERDALE          HOLLINGSWORTH SOLDERLESS TERMINAL      700 NW 57TH PLACE                      FLD004119681

 FORT LAUDERDALE          LENS-TEC, INC.                         1776 W. COMMERCIAL BLVD.               FLD980847289

 FORT LAUDERDALE          LENS-TEC, INC.                         4900 W. PROSPECT RD.                   FLD055378640

 FORT LAUDERDALE          MOTOROLA PORTABLE PRODUCTS             8000 W SUNRISE BLVD                    FLD056921471

 FORT LAUDERDALE          PEELE-DIXIE WELLFIELD SITE             US HIGHWAY 441                         FLD984259374

 FORT LAUDERDALE          STAGS AUTO RADIATOR                    941 NW 40TH AVENUE                     FLD057973646

 FORT LAUDERDALE          STANDARD SANITARY SUPPLIES             730 NW 57TH PLACE                      FLD004136719

 FORT LAUDERDALE          SUNSET LITHO CORP                      985 NW 53RD ST                         FLD051335263

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FORT LAUDERDALE          TROPICAL CIRCUITS INC                  6600 NW 15TH AVE                       FLD980600233

 FORT LAUDERDALE          USN UNDERWATER SYSTEMS CENTER          1650 SOUTHWEST 39 ST                   FL6170024255

 FORT LAUDERDALE          VISION - EASE                          3301 SW 9TH AVE                        FLD059859587

 FORT LONESOME            BREWSTER PHOSPHATES/LONESOME MINE      E OFF SR 39 & N OFF SR 674             FLD000826834

 FORT MEADE               ALCOA                                  SR 633 WEST                            FLD055201131

 FORT MEYERS              MUNTERS INC                            1205 6TH ST                            FLD048172621

 FORT MEYERS              ROBBINS MFG CO INC                     3440 HARDEE RD                         FLD043050624

 FORT MEYERS              YODER BROTHERS                         FLORIDA ROUTE 80 PO BOX 160            FLD980727945

 FORT MYERS               AIRCO INC OHIO MEDICAL PRODUCTS        5030 TICE ST                           FLD042468801


 FORT MYERS               PAGE FIELD CROP DUSTER                 PAGE FIELD AIRPORT                     FLD981927841

 FORT PIERCE              FORT PIERCE ABANDONED DRUM             ST. LUCIE COUNTY                       FLD984170274

 FORT PIERCE              GRACE W R & CO PESTICIDE WAREHOUSE     2540 N OLD DIXIE HWY                   FLD001865195

 FORT PIERCE              JENSON BEACH                           SAINT LUCIE                            FL1690331326

 FORT PIERCE              QUAL KROM SOUTH                        301 FLORIDA AVENUE                     FLD981868045

 FORT WALTON BEACH        GULF BREEZE II                         OKALOOSA COUNTY                        FLD984170340

 FORT WHITE               HUNTER'S DRUM & CHEMICAL               ROUTE 1, BOX 12, HWY 27                FLD984168476

 FT LAUDERDALE            A A FLEET SERVICE                      5529 N POWERLINE RD                    FLD981029879

 FT LAUDERDALE            A G PRODUCTS INC                       810 NW 57 CT                           FLD981029697

 FT LAUDERDALE            A T & T TELETYPE CO                    6854-6858 NW 20 AVE                    FLD981029937

 FT LAUDERDALE            A W INDUSTRIES INC                     3031 NW 60 STREET                      FLD039261292

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FT LAUDERDALE            ACRYLUX PAINT MFG CO                   6010 POWERLINE ROAD                    FLD981029572

 FT LAUDERDALE            ACRYLUX PAINT MFG. CO. (OLD SITE)      1131 NE 7TH AVE                        FLD050430701

 FT LAUDERDALE            ACUTEC INC                             5400 BLK OF NW 22 AVENUE               FLD042544767

 FT LAUDERDALE            ADM MAINT BLDG                         5555 NW 15 AVE BLDG E                  FLD981029754

 FT LAUDERDALE            AERO INDUSTRIES INC                    5601 NW 15 AVENUE                      FLD981029630

 FT LAUDERDALE            ALTA PAK OF FLA INC                    2801 NW 55 CT (6 E)                    FLD096090709

 FT LAUDERDALE            AMERICAN AIRCRAFT SERVICES             1725 W COMMERCIAL BLVD                 FLD981029648

 FT LAUDERDALE            APOLLO MEDICAL LIQUIDATORS             6830 NW 20 AVENUE                      FLD098053317

 FT LAUDERDALE            ARCHERY RANGE DUMP                     JCT NW 56 ST & NW 10 TERRACE           FLD981029705

 FT LAUDERDALE            ATLANTIC AIRCRAFT INC                  NW 26 AVENUE BLDG 36                   FLD981029762

 FT LAUDERDALE            AVIATION PARTS & INSTRUMENTS           5500 N.W. 21 TERRACE, BLDG 7           FLD032881005
 FT LAUDERDALE            AVIATION TECHNOLOGY                    2500 NW 62 ST HANGER 1                 FLD981029820

 FT LAUDERDALE            BROWARD COUNTY--21ST MANOR DUMP        2300 SW 46TH AVENUE                    FLD981930506

 FT LAUDERDALE            BROWARD INDUSTRIAL PLATING CO          1881 SW 36TH ST                        FLD055376990

 FT LAUDERDALE            C R G INC                              5549 NW 23RD AVE., BLDG #247           FLD981029614

 FT LAUDERDALE            CALCO BRAKE CENTER                     899 W PROSPECT RD                      FLD089126866

 FT LAUDERDALE            CALI QUICKEST PRINTERS                 802 NW 57 CT                           FLD981030265

 FT LAUDERDALE            CAMBRIDGE CHEMICAL PRODUCTS            6880 NW 17 AVENUE                      FLD069146876

 FT LAUDERDALE            CAV-AIR INC                            5500 NW 21 TERRACE HANGER 9            FLD981029721

 FT LAUDERDALE            CHEMLAWN CORP                          7071 NW 16TH LN                        FLD000814285

 FT LAUDERDALE            CLASSIC GRAPHICS INC                   3067 NW 60 STREET                      FLD023835762

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FT LAUDERDALE            COMPUTER VISION CORP SQUARE            1100 NW 62 STREET BLDG 413             FLD981030026

 FT LAUDERDALE            DISCOUNT AUTOMOTIVE                    6701 NW 15 WAY                         FLD063790752

 FT LAUDERDALE            DOLPHIN AVIATION                       5350 NW 21 AVE HANGER A                FLD981030141

 FT LAUDERDALE            E S M AVIATION                         5500 NW 21 TERRACE BLDG 16             FLD061563946

 FT LAUDERDALE            E-Z GO TEXTRON                         6299 NW 27 WAY                         FLD981029796

 FT LAUDERDALE            EBWAY CORP                             6750 NW 21 AVENUE                      FLD087358099

 FT LAUDERDALE            ELB-GERH USA INC                       2800 NW 62 STREET                      FLD052676152

 FT LAUDERDALE            ELCAB INDUSTRIES                       6900 NW 12 AVENUE                      FLD981030158

 FT LAUDERDALE            ELECTRONIC DEVICES & CONTROLS          1300 W MCNAB RD                        FLD981030216

 FT LAUDERDALE            ELK MEDICAL INC                        668 NW 16 TERRACE                      FLD010428902

 FT LAUDERDALE            EXECUTIVE TERMINAL CORP                1575A W COMMERCIAL BLVD                FLD101949535

 FT LAUDERDALE            FLORIDA FINEBLANKING CORP              6681 NW 17TH AVENUE                    FLD065674145

 FT LAUDERDALE            FLORIDA ORDANCE                        4740 NW 15 WAY                         FLD981030034

 FT LAUDERDALE            FLORIDA PAK INC                        6850 NW 12 AVENUE                      FLD981029606

 FT LAUDERDALE            FLORIDA TESTING & ENG CO               6784 NW 17 AVE                         FLD049448764

 FT LAUDERDALE            FORMICO FOOD CO                        6100 N POWERLINE RD                    FLD981030091

 FT LAUDERDALE            FRUCHT DENTAL LAB                      5578 NW 31 AVENUE                      FLD014511786

 FT LAUDERDALE            G B C WEBTRON                          2030 W MCNAB RD                        FLD981029853

 FT LAUDERDALE            GEMINI AIRCRAFT                        3469 NW 55 ST                          FLD032890691

 FT LAUDERDALE            GLOBAL ALLIANCE LABS INC               3447 NW 55 STREET                      FLD101983047

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FT LAUDERDALE            GRAINGER, W W ELECTRONICS              6781 NW 17 AVENUE                      FLD066937319

 FT LAUDERDALE            GRAPHICS PRODUCTS                      1140 NW 55TH STREET                    FLD046779856

 FT LAUDERDALE            H K AUTO BODY                          1101 NW 51 STREET                      FLD981029739

 FT LAUDERDALE            HALL FOUNTAIN, INC.                    5500 NW 22 AVENUE                      FLD981029671

 FT LAUDERDALE            HARDRIVES ASPHALT COMPANY              5701 N POWERLINE RD                    FLD981030083

 FT LAUDERDALE            HOP-A-JET                              5500 NW 21 TERRACE                     FLD082415571

 FT LAUDERDALE            HURRICANE 4 WHEELER                    5397 NE 14TH AVE                       FLD981027220

 FT LAUDERDALE            J B PLASTICS                           6500 NW 15 WAY                         FLD050435502

 FT LAUDERDALE            JENSEN CORP                            2775 NW 63 CT                          FLD032276990

 FT LAUDERDALE            JET HARBOR                             5401 NW 15 AVENUE                      FLD981029804

 FT LAUDERDALE            K S M ELECTRONICS                      6630 NW 16 TERRACE                     FLD079872560

 FT LAUDERDALE            LATITE ROOFING                         999 NW 53 CT                           FLD032278848

 FT LAUDERDALE            LAUDERDALE COMPONENTS                  840 NW 57 PLACE                        FLD032854887

 FT LAUDERDALE            LONE STAR OF FLORIDA                   3850 W PROSPECT RD                     FLD981029929

 FT LAUDERDALE            MARTIN, DENNIS AIRCRAFT CORP           2500 NW 62 STREET                      FLD097202444

 FT LAUDERDALE            MCCUNE RADIO-AIRE                      4465 N. POWERLINE ROAD                 FLD080170095

 FT LAUDERDALE            MEDICAL SUPPLY CO                      6687 NW 16 TERRACE                     FLD032531154

 FT LAUDERDALE            MODERN CONCRETE                        5512 NW 10 TERRACE                     FLD091473884

 FT LAUDERDALE            MODULAR COMPUTER                       1650 W. MCNAB ROAD                     FLD049884828

 FT LAUDERDALE            NAVTELL                                3331 NW 55 STREET                      FLD118624188

 FT LAUDERDALE            OMNI PRINTING & GRAPHIC CTR            1121 NW 51 CT                          FLD051317006

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FT LAUDERDALE            OSBORNE ROOFING                        942 NW 56 STREET                       FLD032270811

 FT LAUDERDALE            OUR LADY QUEEN OF HEAVEN CEMETERY      1500 SW SR 7                           FLD981029580

 FT LAUDERDALE            PENN ELECTRONIC                        6742 NW 17 AVE                         FLD032284358

 FT LAUDERDALE            POWELL ELECTRONICS INC                 1201 NW 65 PLACE                       FLD071140040

 FT LAUDERDALE            PROFILE INDUSTRIES CORP                5500 NW 21 TERRACE HANGER 18           FLD981027162

 FT LAUDERDALE            PROTO CIRCUITS                         6611 NW 20 AVENUE                      FLD098054778

 FT LAUDERDALE            SCREEN GRAPHICS & PRECISION FIN        2801 NW 55 CT BLDG 2                   FLD082417031

 FT LAUDERDALE            SUNSTREAM JET CENTER                   1355 SW 48TH ST                        FLD071314033

 FT LAUDERDALE            TATTOO                                 5786 POWERLINE RD                      FLD981026370

 FT LAUDERDALE            THE BURKE COMPANY                      6640 NW 17 AVENUE                      FLD039442199

 FT LAUDERDALE            TOTAL TECHNICAL INSTITUTE              2880 NW 62 STREET                      FLD098048671

 FT LAUDERDALE            TROPIC/AERO MARINE, INC.               5500 NW 21 TERRACE, BLDG. #12          FLD981026362

 FT LAUDERDALE            UNICHEM CORP OF FLA                    2801 NW 55 CT                          FLD050434091

 FT LAUDERDALE            UNIQUE WHOLESALE DIST                  6701 NW 15 AVENUE                      FLD052595618

 FT LAUDERDALE            UNIWELD PRODUCTS INC                   2850 RAVENWOOD RD                      FLD004120523

 FT LAUDERDALE            VANDATA, INC.                          2944 NW 60 STREET                      FLD981026495

 FT LAUDERDALE            W.E.R. AVIATION CORP.                  1710 NW 62 STREET                      FLD981029747

 FT LAUDERDALE            WELDON PAINTING                        5973 NW 31 AVENUE                      FLD077265882

 FT LAUDERDALE            WILBY & CO.                            2740 NW 55 CT                          FLD981026537

 FT LAUDERDALE            WINCHESTER ELECTRONICS                 1100 N. W. 62 ST., BLDG 511            FLD981026651

 FT LAUDERDALE            WOODMAKING UNLIMITED                   1050 NW 54 STREET                      FLD981026552

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FT LAUDERDALE            XEROX SERVICE CENTER                   1500 NW 62 ST BLDG 502                 FLD981026610

 FT LAUDERDLALE           EDGETEK CORPORATION                    1670 W MCNAB RD                        FLD981030273

 FT MEADE                 ESTECH, INC. WATSON MINE               WEST OF HWY 17                         FLD980385496

 FT MEADE                 GARDINIER INC/ FT MEADE MINE           HUTCHINSON RD NEAR PEOPLES RD          FLD000827428

 FT MEADE                 MOBIL/FT MEADE MINE                    US HWY 17                              FLD021714639

 FT MEADE                 USS AGRICHEM                           HWY 630 PO BOX 867                     FLD045003316

 FT MYERS                 EASTWOOD GOLF COURSE                   3380 ORTIZ EXT                         FLD984170944

 FT MYERS                 EXXON BULK PLT N0.4553                 2650 HANSON ST                         FLD000827063

 FT MYERS                 KOHL'S TRANSMISSION                    44 MILDRED DRIVE                       FLD984170977

 FT MYERS                 SHULNBURG RV, INC                      3408 METRO PARKWAY                     FLD984170951

 FT MYRES                 FT MYERS GASIFICATION PLANT            2600 ANDERSON AVE                      FLD984169458

 FT. LAUDERDALE           ACME PLASTICS                          750 NW 57 CT.                          FLD981026933

 FT. LAUDERDALE           ALLIED DECALS OF FLORIDA INC           5190 NW 10 TERRACE                     FLD118622000

 FT. LAUDERDALE           ASPHALT PAVE MIX                       6400 N. POWERLINE RD.                  FLD981020332

 FT. LAUDERDALE           AUDIO INTELLIGENCE DEVICES             1300-1400 NW 62ND ST.                  FLD050441302

 FT. LAUDERDALE           AVIATION MAINTENANCE, INC.             1575 W. COMMERCIAL BLVD.               FLD981020399

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BANYON AIR SERVICES                    5250 NW 21 AVENUE                      FLD047737549

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BERGENE SALES                          1300 W. MCNAB RD.                      FLD981029887

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BI-LINK METAL SPECIALTIES              831 NW 57 STREET                       FLD092830454

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BORROW PIT #1, OAKLAND PARK AREA       NE 15TH AVE                            FL0001358035

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BOSTON PRINTING CO., INC.              741 N. W. 57TH PLACE                   FLD073869414

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BRADLEY AVIATION                       NW 23 AVENUE, BLDG. 13                 FLD981029945

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BRAUN G. A., INC.                      6001 NW 29 AVENUE                      FLD086305471

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BROWARD AIR SERVICE                    2500 NW 62 ST., HANGER III             FLD108336637

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BROWARD CO. PUBLIC WORKS               2800 COMMERCIAL BLVD.                  FLD981030000

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BROWARD CO., SHERIFF OFFICE            1575 W. COMMERCIAL BLVD.               FLD981030125

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BROWARD INST. PEST SERV.               5425 N. POWERLINE RD.                  FLD086314648

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BUEHLER AVIATION RESEARCH              5200 NW 21 AVENUE                      FLD981030182

 FT. LAUDERDALE           BUSINESS CARDS TOMORROW                5255 NW 33 AVENUE                      FLD981030166

 FT. LAUDERDALE           CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH                 2800 PROSPECT RD.                      FLD076991777

 FT. LAUDERDALE           CHEMICAL CONCEPTS                      764 NW 57 COURT                        FLD981026990

 FT. LAUDERDALE           COMBINED ROOF SERVICE, INC. FACILITY   6801 NW 17TH AVE                       FL0001758945


 FT. LAUDERDALE           DAVCO PRINTED CIRCUITS                 3000 SOUTH ANDREWS AVE.                FLD133040931

 FT. LAUDERDALE           DOT SITE                               5548 NW 9 AVENUE                       FLD981027287

 FT. LAUDERDALE           FAST CHEMICAL PRODUCTS                 6850 NW 12 AVENUE                      FLD001390467

 FT. LAUDERDALE           GATE CITY                              300 W. BROWARD BLVD                    FLD984170860

 FT. LAUDERDALE           GIL AIRCRAFT                           560 NW 15TH AVENUE                     FLD085029213

 FT. LAUDERDALE           HARDRIVES DUMP                         3000 SR 84                             FLD984198325

 FT. LAUDERDALE           HARRIS CORP COMPUTER SYSTEMS DIV.      1200 GATEWAY DRIVE                     FLD981029622

 FT. LAUDERDALE           JANSMA ABANDONED LOT                   2601 NW 55TH COURT                     FLD981019292

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FT. LAUDERDALE           LAUDERDALE CHEMICAL WAREHOUSE          4987 NW 23RD AVENUE                    FLD089119713

 FT. LAUDERDALE           M & M EXCAVATING, INC.                 5511 NW 22 AVENUE                      FLD032677569

 FT. LAUDERDALE           MELWEB SIGNS, INC.                     5314 NW 10TH TERRACE                   FLD981024490

 FT. LAUDERDALE           METROPOLITAN RECYCLING, INC.           1701 NW 31ST AVE                       FL0001358027

 FT. LAUDERDALE           MODERN WHOLESALE SOUTHERN, INC.        6601 W. MCNAB RD.                      FLD981029986

 FT. LAUDERDALE           MOODY, M. D. & SONS, INC.              3100 RAVENSWOOD RD                     FLD032282113

 FT. LAUDERDALE           PASQUARIELLO PROPERTY                  2600 SW 36TH STREET                    FLD984198333

 FT. LAUDERDALE           RALLY TIRE CORP.                       1414 W. MCNAB RD.                      FLD981027394

 FT. LAUDERDALE           RITEWAY AUTOMOTIVE                     2020 W. MCNAB RD.                      FLD981027337

 FT. LAUDERDALE           RIVARD BODY & COLLISION                2020 W. MCNAB RD.                      FLD981027105

 FT. LAUDERDALE           RUDY'S STONE COMPANY                   2802 N.W.55TH COURT                    FLD032286817

 FT. LAUDERDALE           S E TOYOTA                             2665 NW 56 STREET                      FLD981027063

 FT. LAUDERDALE           S R P SERVICE CO.                      2801 NW 55 CT., STE 6W                 FLD063813299

 FT. LAUDERDALE           SCOTT HORN, INC.                       6701 NW 15 WAY                         FLD981026198

 FT. LAUDERDALE           SKYTEL AVIATION, INC.                  5350 NW 21 AVENUE                      FLD981026305

 FT. LAUDERDALE           SOUTHAIRE, INC.                        2500 NW 62 STREET                      FLD115179145

 FT. LAUDERDALE           SOUTHEAST PACKING, INC.                5390 NW 12TH AVENUE                    FLD981026438

 FT. LAUDERDALE           SOUTHEASTERN JET CORP.                 5500 NW 21 TERRACE, BLDG. 10           FLD981026248

 FT. LAUDERDALE           SOUTHERN SANITARY SUPPLIES             6250 NW 28 WAY                         FLD981026131

 FT. LAUDERDALE           SPACELABS                              3313 NW 55 ST.                         FLD981026073

 FT. LAUDERDALE           SPRAYMATION, INC.                      6788 NW 17TH AVENUE                    FLD002172351

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FT. LAUDERDALE           SUNALEX CORP.                          5955 NW 31ST AVENUE                    FLD076986082

 FT. LAUDERDALE           SUPERIOR EXTERIORS AUTO BODY           5104 NW 12 AVE.                        FLD981026255

 FT. LAUDERDALE           TAMARAC MOTOR POOL                     22ND AVENUE                            FLD984220384

 FT. LAUDERDALE           THE ROBOT CO., INC.                    2189 NW 53 STRET                       FLD981026982

 FT. LAUDERDALE           W. A. BROWN INST., INC.                1500 NW CYPRESS CREEK ROAD             FLD981030240

 FT. LAUDERDALE           WINGATE ROAD MUNICIPAL INCINERATOR     1300 N. W. 34TH AVE.                   FLD981021470
 FT. MYERS                ARAB TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL          2455 FOWLER ST                         FLD984170902

 FT. MYERS                HARLEM HEIGHTS LANDFILL                CONCOURSE ROAD                         FLD981023021

 FT. MYERS                PARADISE RESORT                        93-A MILDRED DRIVE                     FLD984170886

 FT. MYERS                STEEGO AUTO PARTS                      11400 S. CLEAVELAND AVE                FLD984170894


 FT. WALTON BEACH         READY AVE. LANDFILL                    READY AVE. & LOVEJOY ROAD              FLD984242792

 GAINESVILLE              CABOT/KOPPERS                          MAIN ST & 23RD AVE                     FLD980709356

 GAINESVILLE              FAIRBANKS DOT WASTE DISPOSAL           NORTH OF COUNTY ROAD 225A              FLD980844906

 GAINESVILLE              FARCHAN LABORATORIES                   2603 NW 74TH PLACE                     FLD980840227

 GAINESVILLE              FMX PESTICIDES (FIRE)                  E OF NW 6TH ST & 45TH AVE JCT          FLD980845317

 GAINESVILLE              GAINESVILLE AIRPORT                    GAINESVILLE AIRPORT                    FLD980844963

 GAINESVILLE              GAINESVILLE GASIFICATION PLANT         710 SE. 2ND STREET                     FLD981931967

 GAINESVILLE              KOPPERS CO INC TIMBER TREATING         200 NW 23RD BLVD                       FLD004057535

 GAINESVILLE              PCR INC                                AIRPORT INDUSTRIAL PARK                FLD050768548

 GAINESVILLE              UF CHEMICAL DISPOSAL SITE              SW 34TH STREET                         FL0000339010

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 GAINESVILLE              USDA DENVER WILDLIFE RESEARCH FIELD    2820 E UNIVERSITY AVE                  FL5143516164
 GIBSONTON                CARMICHAEL DUMP                        12210 PHILLIPS LANE                    FL0001308519

 GIBSONTON                GIBSONTON LDFL                         DEAD END OF ISABELLA ST.               FLD980494777

 GOULDS                   S & M FARM                             SW 244 ST & OLD DIXIE HWY              FLD981014418

 GREEN COVE SPRINGS       FLORIDA SOLITE CORP                    SR 209                                 FLD004059085


 GREEN COVE SPRINGS       REYNOLDS INDUSTRIAL PARK DUMP          HWY 16 & HWY 17                        FLD020982450

 GREEN COVE SPRINGS       ROSEMARY HILL                          ROUTE 315                              FLD980846687

 GROVELAND                HI-ACRES FERTILIZER                    EAST HWY 50                            FLD980803118

 GULF BREEZE              EPA/RESEARCH LABORATORY                SABIN ISLAND                           FL1680009338

 GULF BREEZE              USDOI GULF ISLAND NATIONAL SEASHORE    FORT PICKENS RD                        FL4143512990

 GULF SHORES              BELLEAIR SHORES SITE                   GULF BOULEVARD                         FLD984177477

 HAINES CITY              FLORIDA TANK WASH CO.                  319 US HWY 27 S                        FLD984182881


 HIALEAH                  ACE-PARKER, INC                        3500 NW 79TH STREET                    FLD063599674

 HIALEAH                  ACME PLATING, INC                      1800 W 4TH AVE (RED ROAD)              FLD981015837

 HIALEAH                  AEROPLATING INC                        271 W 28TH ST                          FLD000825018

 HIALEAH                  AMERICAN BUMPER CORP                   7851 NW 64TH ST                        FLD059880054

 HIALEAH                  B&B CHEMICAL CO., INC                  875 W 20TH ST                          FLD004574190

 HIALEAH                  CHARLEY CO., THE                       705 E 10TH AVE                         FLD055368930

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HIALEAH                  CONTINENTAL BUMPER PLATING             4970 E 10TH AVENUE                     FLD981014244

 HIALEAH                  CROWN PAINT/FULLERTON METALS           985 WEST 20TH STREET                   FLD004124038

 HIALEAH                  FEDERAL BATTERY & CABLE MANUFACTURING  4220 E. 11TH AVE                       FLD055368997
 HIALEAH                  FLORIDA MARINE TANKS                   16840 N.W. 48TH AVENUE                 FLD982116345

 HIALEAH                  GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY APPARATUS     1062 E 28TH ST                         FLD065657959

 HIALEAH                  HIALEAH CONDO DUMP                     1255 W 53RD ST                         FLD981015415

 HIALEAH                  KIM COLOR CORP                         532-34 W 20TH ST                       FLD056928971

 HIALEAH                  LONDON PLATERS INC                     1080 E 24TH ST                         FLD004125514

 HIALEAH                  NATIONAL GRAPHICS                      4728 NW 165TH ST                       FLD072226103

 HIALEAH                  PAINT MANUFACTURING                    620 W 27TH ST                          FLD004127247

 HIALEAH                  PEFFERS DUMP                           NW 97TH & PALMETTO EXPRESSWAY          FLD981014400

 HIALEAH                  QUAL-FAB,INC                           2755 W 8TH AVE                         FLD981014210

 HIALEAH                  SEVEN SEAS CHEMICAL                    NW 72 AVE EAST OF 53RD TER             FLD981030372

 HIALEAH                  STANDARD AUTO BUMPER CORP              2500 WEST 3RD COURT                    FLD004126520

 HIALEAH                  VILLAGE CUSTOM RADIATORS               522 EAST 25TH STREET                   FL0000565382

 HIALEAH                  WALTER JIM WINDOW COMPONENTS           215 SE 10TH AVE                        FLD065690943

 HIALEAH                  WATSCO INC.                            651 W. 18TH STREET                     FLD982119570

 HIALEAH (MEDLEY)         ASSOCIATED PAINT & PLASTICS            7575 NW 74TH AVE                       FLD004126322

 HIGHLANDS LAKES          LAKE PIONEER DUMP                      3000 U.S. 27, NORTH                    FLD981022171

 HILLSBOROUGH             AUSTIN ROAD DRUMS                      AUSTIN ROAD                            FLD981929250

 HOLIDAY                  TARPON TOOL CORP                       2038 US 19 N                           FLD984172213

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HOLLISTER                MONTCO RESEARCH PRODUCTS, INC.         JANICE DR                              FLD061897054

 HOLLYWOOD                ALFORD CO INC                          5799 SW 25TH ST                        FLD001523927

 HOLLYWOOD                HOLLYWOOD INCINERATOR ASH DUMP         1600 S PARK RD                         FLD981003452

 HOLLYWOOD                TERRILL MOTOR MACHINE CO INC           2029 TAFT ST                           FLD032355547

 HOLLYWOOD                VICTOR METAL FINISHING CO INC          2320 SW 56TH TERRACE                   FLD053756847

 HOMESTEAD                ATLANTIC FERTILIZER & CHEMICAL CO      18375 SW 260TH ST                      FLD065676751

 HOMESTEAD                CITY OF HOMESTEAD DUMP                 SW 310 ST @ 160TH AVE                  FLD984166900

 HOMESTEAD                EVERGLADES NATIONALPARK                PO BOX 279                             FL4141707048

 HOMESTEAD                ROHM AND HAAS CO                       18885 S.W. 280TH ST                    FLD086312485

 HOMESTEAD                TRANSPIPE                              13195 SW 288TH ST                      FLD980845564

 HOMESTEAD AIR FORCE      USAF HOMESTEAD AFB                     FLORIDA TURNPIKE EAST                  FL7570024037
 HOPEWELL                 FLORIDA AGGLITE CORP.                  HWY 39 SOUTH OF HOPEWELL               FLD000864868

 HUDSON                   JACK LYONS RANCH                       6280 HAMILTON RD                       FLD984166074

 IMMOKALEE                EXXON BULK PLANT NO.4556               917 N MAIN ST                          FLD000827097

 IMMOKALLEE               CREWS BATTERIES                        TUCKAHOE DRIVE                         FLD984170969

 INDIANTOWN               CHEM SPRAY                             SR-710 @ INT. OF GLADES                FLD981020514

 INDIANTOWN               FLORIDA STEEL CORP                     SR 710                                 FLD050432251

 INGLIS                   BARKER CHEMICAL SITE                   GARDEN MALL SUBDIV & FPC SITE          FL0001275627

 JACKSONVILLE             5TH & CLEVELAND INCINERATOR SITE       5TH AND CLEVELAND                      FL0001575992

 JACKSONVILLE             ADCOM WIRE CO INC                      925 N LANE                             FLD053105821

 JACKSONVILLE             AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICALS INC           5837 W 5TH ST                          FLD072544463

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JACKSONVILLE             ALLIED CHEM CORP                       5930 SOUTEL DR                         FLD004072229

 JACKSONVILLE             ALLIED CONTAINER CORP                  1314 EAST PORT RD                      FLD981004195

 JACKSONVILLE             ALTON PACKAGING CORP                   1915 WIGMORE                           FLD006328793

 JACKSONVILLE             AMERICAN CELCURE PRSVE CORP            1074 E 8TH ST                          FLD004062170

 JACKSONVILLE             AMERICAN ELECTRIC CORP                 475 S. ELLIS ROAD                      FLD061899449

 JACKSONVILLE             ARLINGTON SERVICE CO DUMP              END OF TRESCA RD                       FLD981003643

 JACKSONVILLE             ASLAN DEMOLITION DUMP                  200 BLK OF N. MCCARGO ST.              FLD980847008

 JACKSONVILLE             ATLANTIC BLVD TRASH DUMP               ATLANTIC BLVD & HARBOR OAKS            FLD980846927

 JACKSONVILLE             B & S PLASTICS                         8629 PHILLIPS HIGHWAY                  FLD004082822

 JACKSONVILLE             BARNES ANDERS BLVD DUMP                200 ANDERS BLVD                        FLD981004369

 JACKSONVILLE             BARNES NEWTON RD DUMP                  8500 NEWTON RD                         FLD981004302

 JACKSONVILLE             BASSO CHEMICALS INC                    3211 POWERS AVE                        FLD042393694

 JACKSONVILLE             BERNUTH LEMBCKE CO INC                 1827 E 30TH ST                         FLD065908907

 JACKSONVILLE             BILL JOHNS WASTE OIL                   3831 WILLIAMS ST.                      FLD980846950

 JACKSONVILLE             BRAND LABEL & TAG INC                  8295 WESTERN WAY CIRCLE                FLD055346274

 JACKSONVILLE             BROWN'S DUMP                           4300 PEARCE STREET                     FLD980847016

 JACKSONVILLE             BROWN, JAMES DUMP                      1835 LIVE OAK DRIVE                    FLD981004245

 JACKSONVILLE             BURKHALTER'S DUMP                      US HWY 17 & CLARK RD                   FLD981004187


 JACKSONVILLE             C. W. OWENS PEST CONTROL, INC          2134 HAINES STREET                     FLD032388282

 JACKSONVILLE             CAHOON RD. DUMP                        BETWEEN 858 & 780 CAHOON RD.           FLD980846075

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JACKSONVILLE             CARDINAL VILLAGE PARTNERS              6073-6077 ROOSEVELT BLVD               FL0001890359

 JACKSONVILLE             CARROLLTON RD DUMP                     LEM TURNER & CARROLLTON RD.            FLD980846984

 JACKSONVILLE             CASTELLANO AND 45TH ST. DUMP           CASTELLANO AND 45TH ST.                FLD980846372

 JACKSONVILLE             CAUSEY                                 401 BRYAN ST                           FLD981024698

 JACKSONVILLE             CELOTEX CORP                           9225 DAMES POINT RD                    FLD081365892

 JACKSONVILLE             CENTURION LEASING CO.                  2911 ST. CLAIR STREET                  FLD981024946

 JACKSONVILLE             CHARTER TRANSPORTATION & TERMINAL      225 TALLEYRAND AVE                     FLD092985902

 JACKSONVILLE             CLEAN RIVER INC                        710 PARKER ST                          FLD010518967

 JACKSONVILLE             COLEMAN-EVANS WOOD PRESERVING CO       101 CELERY ST                          FLD991279894

 JACKSONVILLE             CONVERSION TECHNOLOGY CORP.            1819 ALBERT ST.                        FLD107557647

 JACKSONVILLE             CREOSOTE TANKS/TALLYRAND ROAD          TALLEYRAND ROAD                        FLD981929193

 JACKSONVILLE             DAMES POINT PCB SPILL                  DAMES PAINT RD./SCL RR TRACKS          FLD981004252

 JACKSONVILLE             DANTZLER LUMBER & EXPORT CO            7850 W BEAVER ST                       FLD004068482


 JACKSONVILLE             DOEBOY DUMP                            45TH & DOEBOY STREET                   FLD980846448


 JACKSONVILLE             DUVAL TREE SERVICE WASTE DUMP          9300 BLK 7TH AVE.                      FLD980846844

 JACKSONVILLE             EAST LANDFILL                          515 GIRVIN ROAD                        FLD984168484

 JACKSONVILLE             ELLIS ROAD                             523 S ELLIS ROAD                       FLD981931827

 JACKSONVILLE             ELWOOD AVE & 63RD ST. DUMP             ELWOOD & 63RD ST.                      FLD980847040

 JACKSONVILLE             EMPIRE VIDEO                           6301 POWERS AVE                        FLD065909699

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JACKSONVILLE             EMPRESS GARDEN DUMP                    4822 ATLANTIC BLVD                     FLD981004062

 JACKSONVILLE             ETTLINGERS PIT                         END OF KELLEY STREET                   FLD980845374

 JACKSONVILLE             EVERGREEN DUMP                         6281 WINONA DRIVE                      FLD980846497

 JACKSONVILLE             F M C CORP AGRICULTURAL CHEM GROUP     1200 TALLEYRAND AVE                    FLD000645481

 JACKSONVILLE             FLEMMINGS FEED & GRAIN CO              ADAMS ST                               FLD980556393

 JACKSONVILLE             FLORIDA CYCLE SUPPLY COMPANY           7529 SALISBURY ROAD                    FLD000907006

 JACKSONVILLE             GHIOTO'S WASTE DUMP                    838 LEE RD                             FLD981004005

 JACKSONVILLE             GLEATON'S WASTE DUMP                   470 NORTH CHAFFEE RD.                  FLD980846554

 JACKSONVILLE             GOODRICH RD. DUMP                      SOUTH OF GOODRICH RD.                  FLD980846612

 JACKSONVILLE             GUNTER'S WASTE DUMP                    3935 ROGER'S AVE.                      FLD980846604

 JACKSONVILLE             HERLONG ROAD BORROW PIT                8452 HERLONG RD.                       FLD980846505

 JACKSONVILLE             HERLONG ROAD SITE                      8321 HERLONG RD.                       FLD980846141

 JACKSONVILLE             HILLCREST DUMP                         ART MUSEUM & HILLCREST                 FLD980846240

 JACKSONVILLE             HIPPS ROAD LANDFILL                    HIPPS RD                               FLD980709802

 JACKSONVILLE             HOGAN NEWTON DUMP                      8501 NEWTON RD                         FLD981003940

 JACKSONVILLE             HOLLOWAY WASTE OIL                     6626 GUTHRIE ROAD                      FLD980798946

 JACKSONVILLE             HYDE PARK GOLF COURSE                  6439 HYDE GROVE AVE.                   FLD060243300

 JACKSONVILLE             IMESON LANDFILL                        513 GUN CLUB RD                        FLD980386924

 JACKSONVILLE             J.E.A KENNEDY GENERATING STATION       4215 TALLEYLAND AVE                    FLD000907907

 JACKSONVILLE             J.E.A SOUTH GENERATING STATION         801 COLORADO STREET                    FLD000654632

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 JACKSONVILLE             JACKSONVILLE CITY/MORSE AVE LDFL       MORSE AVE                              FLD980556401

 JACKSONVILLE             JACKSONVILLE NORTH LDFL                11405 ISLAND DR                        FLD000640441

 JACKSONVILLE             JACKSONVILLE SANLER RD LANDFILL        SANLER RD                              FLD980556336

 JACKSONVILLE             JACKSONVILLE SHIPYARD INC              5363 PICKETVILLE ROAD                  FLD004053203

 JACKSONVILLE             JAX BULK TERMINALS, INC. - OXY CO.     1301 WIGMORE                           FLD059778951

 JACKSONVILLE             JAX WRECKING-EDGEWOOD AVE. N.          3550 EDGEWOOD AVE. N.                  FLD980846208

 JACKSONVILLE             JONES CHEMICALS, INC.                  1433 TALLEYRAND AVE.                   FLD004071890

 JACKSONVILLE             JORK ROAD DUMP                         2100 BLOCK OF JORK RD.                 FLD980846265

 JACKSONVILLE             KENCO CHEMICAL COMPANY                 1583 W. BEAVER STREET                  FLD045146966

 JACKSONVILLE             KERR-MCGEE CHEMICAL CORP               1611 TALLEYRAND AVE                    FLD039049101

 JACKSONVILLE             KING ROYSE LANDFILL                    7702 118TH STREET                      FLD981015019

 JACKSONVILLE             KNOWLES DUMP                           9810 ANDERS BLVD                       FLD981003882

 JACKSONVILLE             LONNIE C. MILLER, SR. PARK             PRICE LANE                             FL0001758952

 JACKSONVILLE             MARGOL AUTO SHREDDER DUMP              9300 BLK OF 4TH AVE.                   FLD980846562

 JACKSONVILLE             MCKENZIE TANK LINES TRANSFER           NORTH END NELSON ST                    FLD980556369

 JACKSONVILLE             METROPOLITAN PARK                      ADAMS ST.                              FLD981024755

 JACKSONVILLE             MORSCH BERT LUMBER CO., INC.           2331 EDISON AVENUE                     FLD032386666

 JACKSONVILLE             NELSON'S DUMP                          8343 HOGAN RD.                         FLD980846315

 JACKSONVILLE             NORTHSHORE DRIVE DUMP                  NORTHSHORE, S OF MONCRIEF CK           FLD980846737

 JACKSONVILLE             NORWOOD DUMP                           FRALEIGH & ESSEX AVENUES               FLD980846364

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JACKSONVILLE             ORTEGA FARMS DUMP                      6200 BLK ORTEGA FARMS BLVD., E         FLD980846422

 JACKSONVILLE             OWENS AVENUE LANDFILL                  3641 OWENS AVE                         FLD980494876

 JACKSONVILLE             PARENTAL HOME RD. DUMP                 2800 PARENTAL HOME RD.                 FLD980846125

 JACKSONVILLE             PEOPLES GAS                            1580 W. BEAVER STREET                  FLD981024672

 JACKSONVILLE             PEPPERS (OLD) SITE                     120 E ADAMS ST                         FLD981003825

 JACKSONVILLE             PICKETTVILLE ROAD LANDFILL             5150 PICKETTVILLE RD                   FLD980556351

 JACKSONVILLE             PLANT MILLS DUMP                       END OF PLANT AND/OR LUNDY LANE         FLD980846851

 JACKSONVILLE             REALCO-CRYSTAL SPRINGS ROAD            9000 BLK, CRYSTAL SPRINGS RD.          FLD980846257

 JACKSONVILLE             REALCO-PICKETTVILLE RD.                5100 BLK OF PICKETTVILLE RD.           FLD980846323

 JACKSONVILLE             REFINED METALS CORPORATION             2640 CAPITOLA ST.                      FLD080677347

 JACKSONVILLE             REGENCY SQUARE SHOPPING CENTER         ATLANTIC BLVD                          FLD980494900

 JACKSONVILLE             REICHOLD CHEMICALS INC                 54 WAMSLEY RD                          FLD004061529

 JACKSONVILLE             ROLLISTON ST. DUMP                     ROLLISTON ST. & 67TH ST.               FLD980846976

 JACKSONVILLE             ROTO-ROOTER DUMP                       2805 KINGS AVENUE                      FLD981003767

 JACKSONVILLE             ROUSE STEEL DRUM                       612 E. 12TH ST.                        FLD032391542

 JACKSONVILLE             SANDLER RD LANDFILL                    10500 SANDLER RD                       FLD980494926

 JACKSONVILLE             SEABOARD OIL INDUSTRIES OF FLORIDA     41 S EDGEWOOD AVE                      FLD061928883

 JACKSONVILLE             SEABOARD WEST JAX SHOPS                3019 WARRINGTON ST.                    FLD980846380

 JACKSONVILLE             SENESAC                                9801 GIBSON AVE.                       FLD980846745

 JACKSONVILLE             SINCLAIR & VALENTINE CO                5560 DOOLITTLE RD                      FLD083806570

 JACKSONVILLE             SMALL'S AUTO SALVAGE                   8560 PLUMMER ROAD                      FLD984168682

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JACKSONVILLE             ST. JOHN RIVER                         DUVAL COUNTY                           FLD984170209

 JACKSONVILLE             STETSON RD LANDFILL                    4800 STETSON                           FLD980386916

 JACKSONVILLE             STOTT BOLT & SUPPLY CORP.              5701 WEST BEAVER ST.                   FLD055343172

 JACKSONVILLE             SUN COAST FUELS, INC.                  7TH STREET & WESTCOTT                  FLD981024706

 JACKSONVILLE             SUN PETROLEUM PRODUCTS CO TERMINAL     3101 TALLEYRAND AVE                    FLD001801083

 JACKSONVILLE             TAYLOR FIELD ROAD DUMP                 9541 TAYLOR FIELD ROAD                 FLD980846083

 JACKSONVILLE             TRI-CITY TANK WASH OF FL               1907 EAST 28TH ST.                     FLD981025141


 JACKSONVILLE             TURNER ELECTRIC                        1000 EAST 8TH STREET                   FL0001339506

 JACKSONVILLE             U. S. GYPSUM WASTE DUMP                5800 BLK EVERGREEN                     FLD980846489

 JACKSONVILLE             UNION CAMP INC                         2051 N LANE AVE                        FLD004073516

 JACKSONVILLE             USN AIR STATION CECIL FIELD            103RD ST AND NORMANDY BLVD             FL5170022474

 JACKSONVILLE             USN NAS JACKSONVILLE                   NAS BLDG 826                           FL6170024412

 JACKSONVILLE             USN NAVY FUEL DEPOT                    SOMERS RD                              FL2170022634

 JACKSONVILLE             WELLS DAIRY                            6919 SEABOARD AVE.                     FLD980846802

 JACKSONVILLE             WILLIS/ASLAN DEMOLITION DUMP           ERMA ST. & 118TH ST.                   FLD980846000

 JACKSONVILLE FL          PHILLIPS HWY-WASTE CONTROL 70          6600 PHILLIPS HWY                      FLD981014665

 JASPER                   GENERAL LAMINATES ABANDONED DRUMS      NE FIRST AVE                           FLD982121170

 JUPITER                  MEPCO/CENTRALAB                        1440 WEST INDIANTOWN ROAD              FLD980842934

 KATHLEEN                 HUDSON PROPERTY                        SLEEPY HILL ROAD                       FLD981930449


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KEY LARGO                SNAPPER LANE                           MONROE COUNTY                          FLD984170266

 KEY WEST                 KEY WEST GASIFICATION                  726 CATHERINE STREET                   FLD984172189

 KEY WEST                 NAS TRUMBO POINT                       PALM AVE CAUSEWAY                      FL2170024473

 KEY WEST                 USAF NAS KEY WEST (BOCA CHICA)         NAVAL AIR STATION                      FL6170022952

 KEY WEST                 USCG STATION KEY WEST                  PALM AVE CAUSEWAY                      FL1690331300

 KEYSTONE HEIGHTS         BISHOP PROPERTY                        FL STATE ROUTE 214                     FLD981930407

 KEYSTONE HEIGHTS         KEYSTONE AIRPARK                       S.W. CLAY CO. (2,668 ACRES)            FL0000009589

 KEYSTONE HEIGHTS         MIDDLE PIT DUMP                        CO. RD 214, 3.2 MI NE SR-100           FLD980846620

 KISSIMMEE                ANIMAL DIAGNOSTIC LAB                  2700 N BERMUDA AVE                     FLD980845556

 KISSIMMEE                OSCEOLA COUNTY LANDFILL/KISSIMMEE      BASS RD                                FLD980845325

 LA BELLE                 LA BELLE AIRPORT                       DEVILS GARDEN RD                       FLD984170936

 LAKE ALFRED              CALLOWAY & SON DRUM SERVICE            890 E LAKE ALFRED DR                   FLD094590916

 LAKE CITY                AMERICAN WOOD PRODUCTS                 JCT. OF SR-245-A/SR-100                FLD982120362

 LAKE CITY                DOT SIGN SHOP                          N 7TH ST                               FLD980845085

 LAKE CITY                LAKE CITY DOT LABORATORY               SOUTH MARION ST                        FLD980845028

 LAKE CITY                ST JOHNS CHEMICAL CO                   LAKE BUTLER HWY & SR 100               FLD061929238

 LAKE CITY                USFS OSCEOLA FOREST SITE #1            HWY 100                                FL6140012992

 LAKE PARK                BMI-TEXTRON                            1121 SILVER BEACH RD                   FLD052172954

 LAKE PARK                CONTROL CHEMICAL ENTERPRISES, INC.     1368 NORTH KILLIAN DRIVE               FLD077273167

 LAKE PARK                MCCLOSKEY-BILLS PROPERTY               1233 OLD DIXIE HIGHWAY BAY #79         FLD984170878

 LAKE PARK                TRANS CIRCUIT INC.                     210 NEWMAN RD.                         FLD091471904

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LAKE PLACID              DOUGLASS FERTILIZER & CHEMICAL         JCT US 27 & SR 70                      FLD070080924

 LAKE WORTH               COOK INDUSTRIES INC                    4965 LANTANA RD                        FLD032444093

 LAKE WORTH               LAKE WORTH LANDFILL                    E STREET/15TH AVE SOUTH                FLD981478126

 LAKE WORTH               PALM BEACH CNTY SWD LANTANA DISPOSAL   W LANTANA RD                           FLD980556575

 LAKE WORTH INLET         LAKE WORTH INLET                       PALM BEACH COUNTY                      FLD984170308

 LAKELAND                 AGRICO CHEM CO/SADDLE CREEK MINE       JCT S 33 & 334                         FLD980727192

 LAKELAND                 ALPHA CHEMICAL CORP                    4620 N GALLOWAY RD                     FLD041495441

 LAKELAND                 AZS CORP AZ PRODUCT DIVISION           2525 S COMBEE RD                       FLD058449927

 LAKELAND                 BELL CHEMICAL                          3511 CENTURY BOULEVARD                 FLD984167502

 LAKELAND                 DOUGLAS SCREEN PRINTERS                2710 NEW TAMPA HIGHWAY                 FLD984168096

 LAKELAND                 FLEETWING CORPORATION                  742 SOUTH COMBEE RD.                   FLD032417180

 LAKELAND                 FLORIDA TILE                           1 SIKES BLVD                           FLD004091583

 LAKELAND                 FMC CORPORATION                        FAIRWAY AVENUE                         FLD981477888

 LAKELAND                 LAKE WIRE LEAD CONTAMINATION           LAKE WIRE DRIVE                        FLD981930522

 LAKELAND                 LAKELAND CITY DUMP                     SR 540                                 FLD980494710

 LAKELAND                 LAKELAND GASIFICATION PLANT            445 KATHLEEN ROAD                      FLD984169243

 LAKELAND                 LAKELAND LANDFILL                      SR 540                                 FLD980556658

 LAKELAND                 LAKELAND TANNING COMPANY,INC.          SE CORNER OF REYNOLDS RD/US 92         FLD984167528

 LAKELAND                 LANDIA CHEMICAL CO                     1405 W OLIVE ST                        FLD042110841

 LAKELAND                 SAN GULLEY LANDFILL                    SAN GULLEY RD                          FLD980709596

 LAKELAND                 SEABOARD RAILYARD                      MAIN STREET/SYKES BLVD                 FLD981930464

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 27 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LAND O'LAKES             QUEENS 41 AUTO                         6600 US HIGHWAY 41                     FL0001909712

 LANTANA                  MICKIE'S CERAMICS CO.                  315 W PINE ST.                         FLD980395206

 LARGO                    DUNAWAY LEAD                           12249 LAND STREET (126TH STREET)       FL0001348986

 LARGO                    GENERAL COMPONENTS INC                 7425 124TH AVE N                       FLD004088258

 LARGO                    KENBAR ELECTROPLATING, INC.            14575 71 STREET NORTH                  FLD981930456

 LARGO                    US DOE PINELLAS PLANT                  7887 BRYAN DAIRY RD                    FL6890090008

 LEESBURG                 ALLIED CHLORINE AND CHEMICAL PRODUCTS  2320 CARVER DR                         FLD032439366

 LIVE OAK                 BROWN WOOD PRESERVING                  JCT GOLDKISS BLVD & SNOWMILL           FLD980728935

 LIVE OAK                 ELEMENTARY WEST LANDFILL               PINEWOOD WAY                           FLD980845135

 LLOYD                    UNITED CHEMICALS GULF STATES CHEM DIV  SR 158                                 FLD085098549

 LONGWOOD                 CONTINENTAL CIRCUITS INC               HWY 427 & BAYMEADOW RD                 FLD053393799

 LONGWOOD                 SPRAGUE ELECTRIC COMPANY               2195 HIGHWAY 17-92                     FLD004072658

 LOUGHMAN                 VROOM (HOWARD) WELL                    W OF SR 547                            FLD980727705

 LOXAHATCHEE              BLUE TRACE GROVES                      NEAR 120TH AVE & SOUTH ROAD            FLD984171736

 LYNN HAVEN               US DFSP - LYNN HAVEN                   W END OF 10TH ST                       FL3570024320

 MACCLENNY                BAKER COUNTY CENTRAL LANDFILL          STEEL BRIDGE ROAD                      FLD980384523

 MACCLENNY                GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY               1481 6TH STREET SOUTH                  FLD000608141

 MACDILL AFB              USAF AVON PARK AFB                     56 COMBAT SUPPORT GROUP/DEE            FL8572128587

 MACDILL AFB              USAF MACDILL AFB                       56 COMBAT SUPPORT GROUP                FL6570024582

 MADISON                  ITT-THOMPSON INDUSTRIES, INC           800 LIVINGSTON STREET                  FLD043047653

 MADISON                  JACKSON FILL                           HWY 90/1.5 MI NE OF MADISON            FLD981022379

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 MADISON                  TOOMERY FARM                           ROUTE 4, BOX 2150                      FLD982119562

 MALONE                   MALONE AIR SERVICE                     AUTUMN ROAD/OFF STATE ROAD 71          FLD984175430

 MANGO                    MANGO-CLAY PIT                         CLAY PIT ROAD                          FLD981023765

 MANGO                    WILLIAMS RD. & U.S. HIGHWAY 92         WILLIAMS RD. & U.S. HIGHWAY 92         FLD982119919

 MARATHON KEY             MARATHON KEY ABANDONED DRUM            MONROE COUNTY                          FLD984170282


 MARIANNA                 MARIANNA AIRMOTIVE CORP                1200 INDUSTRIAL PARK                   FLD004071320

 MARIANNA                 S & S FLYING SERVICE                   MARIANNA MUNICIPAL AIRPORT             FLD981930514

 MARIANNA                 UNITED METALS, INC.                    HIGHWAY 71 SOUTH                       FLD098924038

 MARTEL                   MARTEL LANDFILL                        FL HWY 40                              FLD980494736

 MARY ESTHER              ORDNANCE RESEARCH INSTITUTE            10001 LEWIS TURNER BLVD.; POB 1390     FLD048098354

 MARY ESTHER              USA HURLBURT FIELD                     TERRY & LOKASIK AVE                    FL7570024375

 MAYO                     EDWARDS LANDFILL                       ROUTE 27                               FLD981022387

 MAYO                     EPHESUS LANDFILL                       ROUTE 354A/ SOUTH OF RTE. 27           FLD980845911

 MAYO                     KENT LANDFILL                          S. R. 349                              FLD981022916

 MAYO                     LAFAYETTE COUNTY LANDFILL              RTE. 251                               FLD981022734

 MAYO                     SIMS FARM LANDFILL                     ROUTE 251                              FLD981022445

 MAYPORT                  ST. JOHN'S RIVER DRUM                  .1 MILE SOUTH OF MAYPORT FERRY         FL0000009316
 MAYPORT                  USCG BASE MAYPORT                      HWY A1A                                FL1690314520

 MAYPORT                  USN NAVAL AIR STA MAYPORT              BLDG 1442                              FL9170024260

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 29 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MEDLEY                   GENERAL PLASTICS CORP                  8900 NW 77TH COURT                     FLD004145108

 MEDLEY                   MAT CHEMICAL                           9701 NW 89TH AVENUE                    FLD060935079

 MEDLEY                   MIAMI BATTERY & ELECTRIC CORP.         11100 NW SOUTH RIVER DR                FLD004119426

 MEDLEY                   PEPPER STEEL & ALLOYS, INC             11100 NW S RIVER DR                    FLD032544587

 MEDLEY                   PET CHEMICALS INC                      7781 NW 73RD CT                        FLD004123964

 MEDLEY                   U. S. FOUNDRY & MANUFACTURING CORP.    8351 NW 93RD ST.                       FLD004128336

 MEDLEY                   US MANUFACTURING & GALVANIZING         7370 NW 43RD ST                        FLD980845689

 MEDULLA                  ECHOL CHEMICAL FORMULATORS             4801 OLD HWY 37                        FLD981477334

 MEDULLA                  LINDER INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY COMPANY    4718 S. FLORIDA AVE.                   FLD981854052


 MELBOURNE                DYNA TECH                              SR-10 / U.S.HWY ALT 90                 FLD010818300

 MELBOURNE                EVANS PROP                             OFF HIBISCUS BLVD                      FLD980556500

 MELBOURNE                EVANS ROAD SLUDGE SITE                 OFF EVANS ROAD                         FLD984170993

 MELBOURNE                HARBOR CITY GOLF COURSE                WEST OF CROTON RD                      FLD980556534

 MELBOURNE                HIBISCUS BLVD SLUDGE SITE              HIBISCUS BLVD                          FLD984171017

 MELBOURNE                MASIER'S PROPERTY                      OFF EBER BLVD                          FLD980556476

 MELBOURNE                MCCLENONS PROPERTY                     OFF DAIRY RD                           FLD980556484

 MELBOURNE                MELBOURNE REGIONAL AIRPORT             OFF NASA BLVD                          FLD980556468

 MELBOURNE                NASA SLUDGE SITE                       NASA BLVD                              FLD984171009

 MELBOURNE                ROCKWELL/COLLINS AVIONICS              1100 WEST HIBISCUS BLVD                FLD072555956

 MIAMI                    AERODEX PONDS                          NW 25TH & PERIMETER RD                 FLD981014160

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 30 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MIAMI                    AIR CARRIER SERVICE                    2145 NW 18 ST                          FLD981015779

 MIAMI                    AIRCO PLATING CO                       3636 NW 46 STREET                      FLD004145140

 MIAMI                    AIRPORT #2/CRUDELLE PARK               NW 32 ST & 79 AVE                      FLD981014236

 MIAMI                    AJAX CHEMICAL                          2540 N.W. 68TH AVE.                    FLD118126416

 MIAMI                    ANACONDA ALUMINUM CO./MILGO            3630 NW 76TH ST                        FLD020536538

 MIAMI                    ANODYNE, INC                           1270 NW 165 STREET                     FLD981014368

 MIAMI                    BAXTER HEALTHCARE/DADE EAST PLT        1851 DELAWARE PARKWAY                  FLD132782046

 MIAMI                    BENADA ALUMINUM COMPANY OF FLORIDA     8800 N.W. 79TH AVENUE                  FLD981030448

 MIAMI                    BIELECKI INDUSTRIES INC                4801 NW 72ND AVE                       FLD032561276

 MIAMI                    BISCAYNE CHEMICAL LABORATORIES         1215 NW 7TH AVENUE                     FLD984221200

 MIAMI                    BREWERS ASPHALT/SHERATON INN           3900 NW 21ST ST                        FLD981014277

 MIAMI                    BUNETTA, MIKE DUMP                     3400 NW SOUTH RIVER DR                 FLD981014293

 MIAMI                    CARR, M J                              1660 NE 205 ST                         FLD981014350

 MIAMI                    CAUDLE MFG. INC./STARR CLIPPER         7545 NW 26TH AVE.                      FLD004134607

 MIAMI                    CENTURY PLATING                        3134 CORAL WAY                         FLD981016264

 MIAMI                    CYCLO CHEMICAL CORP                    7500 NW 66TH ST                        FLD066948233

 MIAMI                    DADE RADIATOR                          2121 NW 2ND AVE                        FLD982132151

 MIAMI                    DAVIDSON LUMBER CO.                    7000 CORAL WAY                         FLD043122589

 MIAMI                    ELLIS INDUSTRIAL WAREHOUSE             7264 NW NORTH, MIAMI COURT             FLD984229252

 MIAMI                    FOSTER'S AUTO RECYCLING                11770 SW 214 STREET                    FLD981921646

 MIAMI                    GALLOWAY ANIMAL CLINIC                 13345 SW 87TH AVE                      FLD060932662

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 31 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MIAMI                    GOLD COAST OIL CORP                    2835 SW 71 AVE                         FLD071307680

 MIAMI                    H E W SITE                             2250 NW 54TH STREET                    FLD981014301

 MIAMI                    HOUSE OF RADIATORS                     725 WEST FLAGLER STREET                FLD984214718

 MIAMI                    JORGE LEON EAST EVERGLADES DUMP        NORTHWEST 41ST ST & 122ND AVE          FLD980845259

 MIAMI                    LONESTAR FLORIDA PENSUCO               11000 SW 121ST ST                      FLD000833459

 MIAMI                    LUMMIS ISLAND                          DADE COUNTY                            FLD984170217

 MIAMI                    MARIO'S DRY CLEANERS                   12117 S. DIXIE HIGHWAY                 FLD981758295

 MIAMI                    MARKS BROTHERS #2                      2500 NW 110 AVE                        FLD981015530

 MIAMI                    MATHEWS BROTHERS DUMP                  NW 74TH ST & NW 81 AVE                 FLD981015597

 MIAMI                    MIAMI DADE WATER & SEWER AUTHORITY     3575 S LEJEUNE RD                      FLD080174162

 MIAMI                    MIAMI DRUM SERVICES                    7049 NW 70TH ST                        FLD076027820

 MIAMI                    MILLER INDUSTRIES, INC.                16295 NW 13TH AVENUE                   FLD004143293

 MIAMI                    MODERN ALUMINUM COATING INC.           7925 NW 64TH ST                        FLD004443925

 MIAMI                    NATION BATTERY (NEW SITE)              10301 NW 27 AVE                        FLD981014178

 MIAMI                    NATION BATTERY (OLD SITE)              2780 NW N RIVER DRIVE                  FLD981014426

 MIAMI                    NEPTUNE OIL                            726 NW 73RD STREET                     FLD981014707

 MIAMI                    NORTHWEST 58TH STREET LANDFILL         NW 58TH ST                             FLD980602643

 MIAMI                    NW 42ND TRANSFER STATION               NW 42ND AVE & NW 167TH ST.             FLD981014228

 MIAMI                    OJUS LANDFILL                          20735 NE 16TH AVE.                     FLD981477946

 MIAMI                    OLD SOUTH DADE DUMP                    SW 97 AVE AND 248 ST                   FLD980556559

 MIAMI                    OOLITE DUMP                            4811 SW 72ND AVE                       FLD981014343

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 32 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MIAMI                    PEOPLE'S GAS/ MIAMI RINKER             1600 N. MIAMI AVE.                     FLD984169219
 MIAMI                    RECHTIEN INTERNAT'L TRUCKS, INC.       7227 NW 74TH AVE                       FLD025366329

 MIAMI                    RESOURCES RECOVERY DADE COUNTY         6990 NW 97 AVENUE                      FLD066313032

 MIAMI                    SEABOARD RAILROAD PONDS                9500 NW 37TH AVE                       FLD981014764

 MIAMI                    SHERRY SILK SCREENERS                  3287 NW 65TH ST                        FLD981014822

 MIAMI                    SI BON CLEANERS                        8283 SW 124TH ST.                      FLD032558629

 MIAMI                    SOUTH PARK CLEANERS                    12671 DIXIE HIGHWAY                    FLD981478530

 MIAMI                    SOUTHERN METALS INC                    2981 NW 21ST TERRACE                   FLD032561128

 MIAMI                    SUNILAND DRY CLEANERS                  11723 S. DIXIE HIGHWAY                 FLD984188649

 MIAMI                    SUNNYLAND DUMP                         NW 215TH ST. & 47TH AVE.               FLD980556542

 MIAMI                    SURFSIDE DUMP                          215 ST & NW 47 AVE                     FLD981015357

 MIAMI                    TNT CHEMICAL                           7301 NW 77TH ST                        FLD004119897

 MIAMI                    TURBO POWER, INC.                      6351 NW. 74TH AVE.                     FLD072212780

 MIAMI                    UNITCO SANITATION SERVICE              ALEXANDER ST / SOUTH RIVER DR.         FLD059884346

 MIAMI                    UNITED STATES COLD STORAGE             7007 NW 37TH AVE                       FLD056924954

 MIAMI                    UPSILON-DAVIS PLATING                  2196 NW 17 AVENUE                      FLD004444121

 MIAMI                    USA AMSA 47G/MIAMI                     11700 NW 27 AVE                        FL0214012460

 MIAMI                    VARSOL SPILL                           MIAMI INT'L AIRPORT                    FLD980602346

 MIAMI                    VINYLEX                                11206 N.W. 36TH AVE.                   FLD004125456

 MIAMI                    WHITE BUMPER SERVICE INC               5353 NW 72ND AVE                       FLD040997488

 MIAMI                    WILCOX ENGINE COMPANY                  2201 NW 27TH AVE                       FLD981014194

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 33 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MIAMI                    WILSON-HOPPER PIT                      7400 NW 79TH AVE                       FLD981014640

 MIAMI                    WRYALS PIT                             NW 71ST & NW 24TH AVE                  FLD981015712

 MIAMI BEACH              PEOPLE'S GAS SYSTEMS, INC.             15780 WEST DIXIE HWY                   FLD980843163

 MIAMI BEACH              USCG BASE MIAMI BEACH                  100 MACARTHUR CSWY                     FL5690308338

 MIDDLEBURG               LONG BAY DUMP                          COUNTY ROAD 220A, N OF SR 21           FLD980846190

 MILLIGAN                 L&N RAILROAD SPILL                     U.S. 90 YELLOW RIVER CROSSING          FLD981018880

 MILTON                   INDIAN BAYOU                           ESCAMBIA BAY/HWY 90                    FL0000009506

 MILTON                   USN NAVAL AIR STA WHITING FIELD SITE   NAS WHITING FIELD                      FL2170023244
 MOLINO                   CSX SODIUM HYDROXIDE SPILL             FAIRGROUND ROAD/MOLINO ROAD            FL0001295476


 MOORE HAVEN              MOORE HAVEN SANITARY LANDFILL          US HWY 27                              FLD980445217

 MOUNT PLEASANT           PARRAMORE SURPLUS                      US HWY 90 W PO BOX 671                 FLD041140344

 MULBERRY                 COMPRESSED AIR PRODUCTS FACILITY       HIGHWAY 60 EAST                        FLD032583106

 MULBERRY                 CSX SULFURIC ACID SPILL                CSX RAILYARD - STATE HWY. 60           FLD984169672

 MULBERRY                 GRACE, W R & CO/ FOUR CORNERS MINE     SR 37 15 MI S OF                       FLD991302308

 MULBERRY                 KAISER ALUMINUM & CHEMICAL CO          SR 60 W                                FLD004106811

 MULBERRY                 MOBIL CHEMICAL CO ELECTRO PHOS DIV     1155 PEBBLEDALE RD                     FLD070864285

 MULBERRY                 NEW WALES CHEMICAL INC                 SR 640                                 FLD084717545

 MULBERRY                 RECO-TRICLOTE                          OFF FL S.R. 60                         FLD982119851

 MULBERRY                 SEABOARD RAILYARD                      2 MILES WEST OF MULBERRY               FLD982119679

 MULBERRY                 T/A MINERALS CORP/MULBERRY PLT         STATE HWY 37 S                         FLD077586634

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 34 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MULBERRY                 THOMAS CORP                            PEBBLEDALE RD                          FLD980556666

 NAPLES                   COUNTRY CLUB OF NAPLES, INC            185 BURNING TREE DRIVE                 FLD010433126

 NAPLES                   HIGH POINT COUNTRY CLUB                1100 HIGH POINT DRIVE                  FLD072240278

 NAPLES                   LEISURE FURNITURE & VINYL SERVICES     16990 OLD HIGHWAY 41 N                 FLD094948700

 NAPLES                   PROVINCETOWN-BOSTON AIRLINES SPILL     3201 RADIO ROAD                        FLD984171025

 NAPLES                   WYNDEMERE COUNTRY CLUB                 700 WYNDEMERE WAY                      FLD039649298

 NAVARRE BEACH            NAVARRE BEACH                          SANTA ROSA CNTY                        FLD984170316

 NAVARRE BEACH            NAVARRE BEACH II                       SANTA ROSA COUNTY                      FLD984170324

 NEW PORT RICHEY          NEW PORT RICHEY DRUM                   NEW PORT RICHEY                        FL0000009480

 NEW SMYRNA BEACH         NEW SMYRNA BEACH AIRPORT               U.S. ROUTE 1                           FLD984189241

 NEW SMYRNA BEACH         NSB POWER PLANT SITE                   PONCE DELEON INLET                     FLD984189225

 NEWBERRY                 NEWBERRY LANDFILL                      COUNTY ROAD 337                        FLD981004054

 NEWBERRY                 NORTH FLORIDA CROP DUSTING             EAST OF SR 337, SOUTH OF SR 26         FLD106487754

 NICHOLS                  MOBIL OIL NICHOLS PREP PLANT           NICHOLS RD & SR 676                    FLD004106407

 NOCATEE                  NOCATEE HULL CREOSOTE                  HULL RD                                FLD980709398

 NORTH FORT MYERS         LEE COUNTY ELECTRIC COOP. INC.         4980 BAYLINE DRIVE                     FLD984169508

 NORTH MIAMI              MUNISPORT LANDFILL                     152ND ST NE & BISCAYNE BLVD            FLD084535442

 OCALA                    CANAL LANDFILL                         10765 S MAGNOLIA AVE                   FLD980845499

 OCALA                    MARTIN MARIETTA AEROSPACE              498 OAK ROAD                           FLD061993606

 OCALA                    OCALA PLATING COMPANY                  3200 NW 16TH AVE                       FLD072566102

 OCALA                    WEST FLORIDA NATURAL GAS COMPANY       613 OSCEOLA AVE, N.E.                  FLD982119729

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 35 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OCHOPEE                  USDOI BIG CYPRESS NATIONAL PRESERVE    STAR ROUTE 11                          FL7141732209

 ODESSA                   COLLIER SAFE COMPANY, INC.             2133 BYRD DRIVE                        FLD004430849

 ODESSA                   NORTHWEST HILLSBOROUGH CO DISPOSAL     KEYSTONE/TYLER RDS                     FLD981932650
 OKEECHOBEE               MCARTHUR DAIRY                         308 NW 5TH ST                          FLD084131390

 OKEECHOBEE               OLD OKEECHOBEE LANDFILL (AIRPORT)      NW 32ND TRAIL                          FLD984172171

 OKLAWAHA                 DAVIS LANDFILL                         SE 115TH AVE & SE 128TH PLACE          FLD980845853

 OKLAWAHA                 MCARTHUR DAIRY                         RT. 1 C/O OKLAWAHA FARMS               FLD982120354

 OLUSTEE                  OLUSTEE DUMP                           HWY 90 & OLUSTEE BATTLEFIELD R         FL7140012991

 OLUSTEE                  PCR RESEARCH CHEMICALS                 US HWY 90/3 MI WEST OF OLUSTEE         FLD981023039

 ONA                      FLORIDA FENCE POST CO INC              HWY 64 & RR                            FLD004107017

 OPA LOCKA                MINTON'S DUMP #2                       12800 CAIRO LANE                       FLD981014285

 OPA LOCKA                MINTONS TRASH DUMP                     12800 CAIRO LANE                       FLD049883044

 OPA LOCKA                MORSAN, INC.                           1290 ALI BABA AVE.                     FLD984246397

 OPA LOCKA                OPA LOCKA BURN PIT                     NE 57 AVE & NW 135 ST                  FLD981014582

 OPA LOCKA                OPA LOCKA DUMP                         NW 32 AVE & NW 31 ST                   FLD981015472

 OPA LOCKA                OPA LOCKA OVERHAUL FACILITY            OPA LOCKA AIRPORT                      FLD980847032

 OPA LOCKA                USCG AIRSTA MIAMI                      OPA LOCKA AIRPORT                      FL0690314521

 OPA-LOCKA                CULBERTSON PLASTICS DRUM SITE          13150 NW 45TH AVE                      FL0001256312

 ORANGE CITY              LAKE MARIE LANDFILL                    EAST RHODE ISLAND AVE & LEVITT         FLD980845192

 ORANGE PARK              SEABOARD WASTE OIL                     1274 BLANDING BLVD.                    FLD981025778

 ORANGE PARK              ZY - BRANAN OLF                        BRANAN FIELD ROAD                      FLD984252866

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 36 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ORLANDO                  ASHLAND CHEMICAL                       1929 DIRECTORS ROW                     FLD096661053

 ORLANDO                  CHEVRON CHEMICAL CO. (ORTHO DIVISION)  3100 ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL              FLD004064242

 ORLANDO                  CITY CHEMICAL CO UNIVERSITY BLVD       6562-6568 UNIVERSITY BLVD              FLD980845796

 ORLANDO                  CITY INDUSTRIES, INC                   3920 FORSYTH RD                        FLD055945653

 ORLANDO                  EAST COAST TANK SERVICE INC            8015 N ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL            FLD980601561

 ORLANDO                  GOULD INC                              11331 SATELLITE BLVD                   FLD061978540

 ORLANDO                  GOULD INC IND BATTERY DIV              7551 CURRENCY DR                       FLD000616227

 ORLANDO                  INTERNATIONAL LASER SYSTEMS INC        3404 N ORANGE BLOSSOM TRL              FLD050459072

 ORLANDO                  MARTIN MARIETTA AEROSPACE              SAND LAKE RD                           FLD060240207

 ORLANDO                  ORLANDO DRUM COMPANY INC               4880 HOFFNER AVE                       FLD067859199

 ORLANDO                  ORLANDO GASIFICATION PLANT             600 BLOCK W. ROBINSON STREET           FLD984169235

 ORLANDO                  ORLANDO SENTINEL                       633 N. ORANGE AVE                      FLD004081964

 ORLANDO                  PEC INDUSTRIES RELIANCE ELECTRIC CO    5780 CARRIER DR                        FLD039053822

 ORLANDO                  PINE HILLS LANDFILL                    PINE HILLS ROAD NORTH                  FLD984172221

 ORLANDO                  SUNOCO SERVICE STATION                 40 N BUMBY ST                          FLD000655068

 ORLANDO                  TRULY NOLEN CO.                        1000 W AMELIA ST                       FLD980845622

 ORLANDO                  US DOD NRL UNDERWTR SOUND REF.         755 GATLIN AVENUE                      FL1170022650

 ORLANDO                  USA AFA 49-A ORLANDO                   8601 AVE B MCCOY NTC ANNEX             FL2214012401

 ORLANDO                  USN NAVAL TR CTR ORLANDO               8TH STREET/ NTC                        FL5170024736

 ORLANDO                  USN ORLANDO NAVAL TRAINING CENTER      1350 GRACE HOPPER AVENUE               FL0000061010

 ORLANDO                  USN ORLANDO TRAINING CTR               MAIN BASE BENNETT & MAQUIRE            FL6170023711

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 37 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ORLANDO                  WOODCO INDUSTRACHEM INC                2730 FORSYTH RD                        FLD991275173

 ORMOND BEACH             HOMAC MFG CO                           12 SOUTHLAND RD/OFF US 1 N             FLD010514255

 ORMOND BEACH             ORMOND BEACH LANDFILL                  JCT SANITARY LDFL RD & NORA RD         FLD980845267

 PACE                     AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICALS INC           US HWY 90 E                            FLD008155673

 PACE                     AMERICAN CYANAMID CO                   1801 CYANAMID RD                       FLD057231821

 PAHOKEE                  CHEMSPRAY INC                          1550 E 7TH ST                          FLD032630626

 PAHOKEE                  PALM BEACH CNTY SWD PAHOKEE            ROCKPIT RD                             FLD980556591

 PALATKA                  PALATKA DUMP                           US HWY 17                              FLD981024821

 PALATKA                  PALATKA GAS WORKS                      512 MAIN ST.                           FLD981932007


 PALATKA                  USA PALATKA AMSA 55-M                  4300 ST JOHNS AVE                      FL1214012485

 PALM BAY                 HARRIS CORP. (PALM BAY PLANT)          OFF PALM BAY BLVD                      FLD000602334

 PALM BAY                 PALM BAY PHOSPHORUS                    1735 PALM BAY RD.                      FLD984171942

 PALM BAY                 STORAGETEK/DOCUMATION                  2725 KIRBY AVENUE NE                   FLD000830703

 PALM BEACH GARDENS       KLOCK, G.W., INC.                      4215 BURNS ROAD                        FLD053756490

 PALM BEACH GARDENS       SEMINOLE BOATYARD                      2208 IDLEWOOD ROAD                     FLD984194589

 PALM CITY                BIO-ANALYTIC LABORATORIES              3473 PALM CITY RD                      FLD073185639

 PALM CITY                LOXAHATCHEE NURSERY                    2051 SW MAPP ROAD                      FL0001900091

 PALM CITY                PALM CITY SANITARY LANDFILL            2874 SE DIXIE HIGHWAY                  FLD980393821

 PALMETTO                 AMAX PHOSPHATE FACILITY                US HWY 41 NORTH                        FLD043055151


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 38 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PANAMA CITY              ARIZONA CHEM CO INC                    EVERITT AVE                            FLD004065926

 PANAMA CITY              ETHANOL CORP. SITE                     703 MULBERRY AVENUE                    FLD984219113

 PANAMA CITY              GULF OIL CO US                         611 W BEACH DR                         FLD000123711

 PANAMA CITY              MAJETTE TOWER SANITARY LANDFILL        US 231 S- S390 2 MI EAST OF            FLD980494835

 PANAMA CITY              SOUTHWEST FOREST INDUSTRIES            1 SOUTH EVERETT ST                     FLD098307150

 PANAMA CITY              USAF TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE            4756 CIVIL ENGINEERING S               FL1570024124

 PANAMA CITY              USN NAVAL COASTAL SYSTEMS CTR          HWY 98                                 FL8170023792

 PATRICK AFB              USAF PATRICK AFB                       BASE CIVIL ENGINEER                    FL2570024404

 PEMBROKE PINES           CHEROKEE CRUSHED STONE, INC.           17351 PINES BLVD                       FLD051455038

 PEMBROKE PINES           COMMUNITY ASPHALT CORPORATION          17351 HOLLYWOOD BLVD                   FLD055217699

 PEMBROKE PINES           CURCIE BROTHERS DUMP                   SW 172ND AVE. & SHERIDAN ST.           FLD981024482

 PEMBROKE PINES           PEMBROKE PINES                         14000 BLOCK PEMBROKE RD; ZONE 7        FLD984167999

 PEMBROKE PINES           PETROLEUM PRODUCTS CORP                14000 BLOCK PEMBROKE RD                FLD980798698

 PENSACOLA                AGRICO CHEMICAL CO                     118 E FAIRFIELD DR @ I-110             FLD980221857

 PENSACOLA                AMERICAN CREOSOTE WORKS (PENSACOLA     701 S J ST                             FLD008161994
 PENSACOLA                BEULAH LANDFILL                        ROUTE 9 US HWY 90                      FLD980494660

 PENSACOLA                BUZBEE WELL                            BERLONG & SAUFLEY PINES RDS.           FLD980847347

 PENSACOLA                ESCAMBIA WOOD-PENSACOLA                3910 N PALAFOX ST                      FLD008168346

 PENSACOLA                GULF BREEZE NATIONAL SEASHORE          ESCAMBIA COUNTY                        FLD984170332

 PENSACOLA                KLONDIKE LANDFILL                      KLONDIKE RD                            FLD980494819

 PENSACOLA                LOUISVILLE & NASHVILLE RR/GOULDING     RR MILE 649                            FLD980393367

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 39 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PENSACOLA                MONSANTO CO                            SR 297                                 FLD071951966

 PENSACOLA                OMNI-VEST                              JCT WEST IDLEWOOD & KEY COURT          FLD980845143

 PENSACOLA                PALAFOX INDUSTRIAL PARK                PALAFOX AVENUE                         FL0001442276


 PENSACOLA                PENSACOLA NAVAL AIR STATION            NAVAL AIR STATION BUILDING 3           FL9170024567

 PENSACOLA                PIONEER SAND COMPANY SITE              EAST OF SAUFLEY FIELD RD               FLD056116965

 PENSACOLA                TEXTRON INC/SPENCER KELLOG DIV         WEST OF SOUTH PACE BLVD                FLD095565206

 PENSACOLA                US NAVAL FD/TRNG SAUFLEY FIELD         NAS PENSACOLA 624                      FL8170023784

 PENSACOLA                US NAVAL TECH TRNG CORRY STATION       NAS PENSACOLA BLDG 624                 FL7170023785

 PERRINE                  USN RICHMOND NAVAL AIR STATION         CORAL REEF DR                          FL6470032446

 PERRY                    MARTIN ELECTRONICS, INC.               S PUCKETT RD (SR-361), 10 MI S         FLD047966593

 PERRY                    MARYLAND ASSEMBLIES INC                PUCKETT RD                             FLD061906426

 PERRY                    PERRY DOT MAINTENANCE                  657 PLANTATION RD, W OF US-19          FLD980845580

 PERRY                    PERRY LUMBER COMPANY INC               1509 BYRON BUTLER HWY                  FLD004065694

 PINELLAS PARK            JONES CHEMICAL, INC.                   3000 22ND AVENUE N.                    FLD002466175

 PLACIDA                  ROTUNDA WEST UTILITY CORP              CAPE HAZE DR & HAITIAN RD              FLD000865345

 PLANT CITY               ASGROW FLORIDA COMPANY                 SR 39 N                                FLD006923510

 PLANT CITY               BORDEN FEED PHOSPHATE CMPLX            CORONET RD                             FLD001704741

 PLANT CITY               CENTRAL PHOSPHATES, INC.               STATE RD 39 N                          FLD098930076

 PLANT CITY               NATIONAL ELECTRIC COIL                 3106 CENTRAL DR                        FLD081375594

 PLANT CITY               NATIONAL OIL CO                        402 N MICHIGAN ST                      FLD980494850

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 40 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PLANT CITY               NATIONAL OIL SERVICE                   105 S ALEXANDER STREET                 FLD981020571

 PLANT CITY               PLANT CITY LANDFILL                    SPARKMAN RD                            FLD980494892

 PLANT CITY               SCHUYLKILL METALS CORP                 402 S WOODROW WILSON DR                FLD062794003

 PLEASANT GROVE           PLEASANT GROVE LANDFILL                TURKEY CREEK ROAD, SO. OF SR 60        FLD984169763

 POMPANO                  CHEMICAL PACKAGING                     1100 NW 70TH STREET                    FLD981030174

 POMPANO                  HOERBIGER CORP                         1381 SW 30 AVE                         FLD981029689

 POMPANO                  POMPANO CITY DUMP                      COPANS RD & NW 3RD AVE                 FLD981003510

 POMPANO                  ROYAL CLEANERS                         1409 S. POMPANO PKWY                   FLD981026826

 POMPANO BEACH            APPERSION CHEMICAL                     101 NW 13TH AVE                        FLD072230006

 POMPANO BEACH            ASSOCIATED CIRCUITS                    1111 WEST MCNAB RD.                    FLD980847768

 POMPANO BEACH            ATLANTICS MAGNETICS, INC.              1441 SW 30 AVENUE                      FLD981029812

 POMPANO BEACH            BROWARD DISPOSAL CORP.                 201 NW 12TH AVE.                       FLD091470120

 POMPANO BEACH            BURKE-PALMASON CHEMICAL COMPANY        1510 SW 13TH COURT                     FLD073866642

 POMPANO BEACH            CENTRAL DISPOSAL INCORPORATED          2800 NW 48TH ST                        FLD099611782

 POMPANO BEACH            CHEM LAWN                              1411 SW 31 AVENUE                      FLD981029846

 POMPANO BEACH            CHEMFORM, INC                          1410 SW 8TH ST                         FLD080174402

 POMPANO BEACH            CHEMICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT              2700 NW 48TH ST                        FLD000776708

 POMPANO BEACH            COMO OIL CO INC                        2203 W MCNAB RD                        FLD069169688

 POMPANO BEACH            COMPUTER PRODUCTS                      2881 GATEWAY DR                        FLD981029903

 POMPANO BEACH            COMPUTER PRODUCTS INC                  2900 GATEWAY DR                        FLD981029960

 POMPANO BEACH            CYPRESS PROTECTIVE COATING             1350 SW 13TH COURT                     FLD004134425

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 41 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 POMPANO BEACH            DANTZLER LUMBER & EXPORT CO            1500 SW 1ST COURT                      FLD004446134

 POMPANO BEACH            DURR-FILLAUER MEDICAL INC              3181 SW 15 ST                          FLD981030208

 POMPANO BEACH            HANNERS CLEANERS                       209 WEST ATLANTIC BLVD                 FLD030753008

 POMPANO BEACH            KPC SOUTHERN                           600 N.E. 28TH STREET                   FLD063634505

 POMPANO BEACH            MIAMI ELEVATOR CO.                     2800 W MCNAB RD                        FLD981029861

 POMPANO BEACH            PLASTILINE INC                         1251 NE 48TH ST                        FLD004137816

 POMPANO BEACH            POMPANO 95 TRUCK STOP INC.             1531 HAMMONVILLE RD.                   FLD086316452

 POMPANO BEACH            POMPANO RADIATOR SERVICE               327 N DIXIE HWY                        FLD980804033

 POMPANO BEACH            POWER PRODUCTS DIVISION                2981 SW 14 STREET                      FLD981030042

 POMPANO BEACH            PROFILE                                1440 SW 28 AVE                         FLD981030067

 POMPANO BEACH            RYDER P. I. E.                         1441 SW 32 AVE.                        FLD981027121

 POMPANO BEACH            RYDER TRUCK RENTAL                     1281 SW 30 AVENUE                      FLD981027188

 POMPANO BEACH            SOUTHERN SANITATION SERVICE            2700 NW 48TH ST                        FLD060945151

 POMPANO BEACH            STIMPSON EDWIN B CO                    1515 SW 13TH COURT                     FLD001647015

 POMPANO BEACH            SUN & FUN PRINTING                     3111 W. MCNAB ROAD                     FLD981026180

 POMPANO BEACH            W S C WORTHINGTON SERV CORP.           1440 SW 31 AVENUE                      FLD981026321

 POMPANO BEACH            WILSON CONCEPTS OF FLORIDA, INC        1408 SW 8TH STREET                     FLD041184383

 PORT RICHEY              RIDGE ROAD LANDFILL                    LANDFILL ROAD                          FLD982119794

 PORT SAINT JOE           PORT SAINT JOE LANDFILL                INDUSTRIAL RD CNTY RD 382              FLD980799415

 PORT SALERNO             SOLITRON MICROWAVE                     COVE RD                                FLD045459526

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 42 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PORT ST JOE              ALLIED CHEM CORP                       HWY 71 PO BOX 68                       FLD004072211

 PORT ST JOE              BASIC, INC.                            SR 382                                 FLD043868108

 PRINCETON                WOODBURY CHEMICAL CO. (PRINCETON       13690 SW 248TH ST                      FLD004146346
 PUNTA GORDA              CHARLOTTE COUNTY SANITARY LANDFILL     ZEMEL RD                               FLD980804090

 QUINCY                   POST & LUMBER PRESERVING CO INC        SR 12 & POST PLANT RD                  FLD004061925

 ROCKLEDGE                WEEKLEY LUMBER                         5100 KORBIN AVENUE (5250 US HWY 1S)    FLD054888672

 RUSKIN                   RUSKIN LANDFILL                        US 41 AT 15TH AVE.                     FLD984168104

 RUSSELL                  FLORIDA SOLITE RUSSEL MINE             SR 209C                                FLD980556435

 SAINT AUGUSTINE          SILVEX CORP.                           SR 16 8 MI W OF I95                    FLD061919668

 SAINT MARKS              SEMINOLE REFINING INC                  PORT LEON DR                           FLD097841282

 SAINT PETERSURG          LINN, JOSEPH S CO SILVERSMSITHS CO     1737 49TH ST S                         FLD064673528

 SAN CARLOS               SAN CARLOS GOLF CLUB                   7420 CONSTITUTION CIRCLE               FLD073225641

 SANFORD                  AMERICAN RADIOCHEMICAL                 BLDG.137 IN SANDORD FACILITIES         FLD981929201
 SANFORD                  BROWN BOVERI ELECTRIC INC              201 HICKMAN DR                         FLD022160576

 SANFORD                  CITY CHEMICAL COMPANY INC              AIRPORT BLVD                           FLD980494702

 SANFORD                  COBIA BOAT CO                          100 SILVER LAKE RD                     FLD067859231

 SANFORD                  OSCEOLA SANITARY LANDFILL              OSCEOLA AIRFIELD                       FLD980841712

 SANFORD                  PENN ALUMINUM INTERNATIONAL            2540 JEWETT LANE                       FLD081362816

 SANFORD                  S & H FABRICATING & ENGINEERING        2650 JEWETT LANE                       FLD047184478

 SANFORD                  SANFORD GASIFICATION PLANT             830 W. 6TH STREET (SOUTHSIDE)          FLD984169193


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 43 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANFORD                  SUNNILAND CORP                         US 17-92 & SR 419                      FLD006923775

 SANFORD                  VIHLEN ROAD SITE                       550 VIHLEN RD                          FLD980845747

 SARASOTA                 BEE RIDGE LANDFILL                     8350 BEE RIDGE RD                      FLD980394621


 SARASOTA                 MANASOTA PLATING                       1831 61ST STREET                       FLD118659713

 SARASOTA                 RACINE HYDRAULICS DIVISION             4675 CLARK ROAD                        FLD076946466

 SEBRING                  DESOTO CITY LANDFILL                   SKIPPER RD                             FLD980559363

 SEBRING                  HERON SERVICES INC                     SEBRING AIRPORT #70                    FLD095552691

 SEBRING                  HIGHLANDS LEATHER CO INC               SEBRING AIR TERMINAL                   FLD004109633

 SEBRING                  LESCO, INC.                            NW 6TH STREET                          FLD981927783

 SEFFNER                  DAVID JOSEPH LANDFILL                  KINGSWAY RD.                           FLD981757388

 SEFFNER                  HILLSBOROUGH HEIGHTS LANDFILL          SR 579 & SLIGH AVE                     FLD038018222

 SEFFNER                  JERNIGAN TRUCKING DUMP                 BESSIE DIX RD. & TIMMONS RD.           FLD981757446

 SOPCHOPPY                ZY-SOPCHOPPY BOMB RANGE                APALACHICOLA NATIONAL FOREST           FLD984231951

 SOUTH PATRICK            SOUTH PATRICK SHORES S/D               SE 1ST, S.PATRICK DR., A1A, AND        FLD984216382
                                                                 PINEDA C
 SPRINGFIELD              TOWN & COUNTRY LAKE ESTATES            903 KEVIN COURT                        FLD984171678

 ST MARKS                 OLIN CORP ON SITE BURIAL PITS          JCT HWY 98 & 363                       FLD047096524


 ST PETERSBURG            RESOURCE RECOVERY OF AMERICA INC       100 14TH AVE S                         FLD991274952

 ST PETERSBURG            USCG STATION ST PETERSBURG             600 8TH AVE SE                         FL8690310836

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 44 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ST. AUGUSTINE            RAVINEWOOD DUMP                        ST. JOHNS AND RAVINEWOOD DR.           FLD980846430

 ST. AUGUSTINE            ST. AUGUSTINE AIRPORT                  US HWY 1/ N OF ESTRELLA AVE            FLD984177485

 ST. AUGUSTINE            ST. AUGUSTINE GAS COMPANY              98 RIBERIA                             FLD101835528

 ST. AUGUSTINE            USINA DUMP                             HOLMES BLVD                            FLD981022502

 ST. AUGUSTINE            WASHAC INDUSTRIES                      4735 AVENUE A (US HWY 1 N)             FLD984216630

 ST. AUGUSTINE            WILLIAMS PESTICIDE SITE                1ST ST & BRAINARD RD                   FLD980798458

 ST. PETERSBURG           APF INDUSTRIES                         4800 95TH STREET N                     FLD004108379

 ST. PETERSBURG           CSX/MCQUEEN BROS SITE                  940 31ST STREET SOUTH                  FLD984171033

 ST. PETERSBURG           DIXIE PLATING INC                      3140 46TH AVE N                        FLD004091401

 ST. PETERSBURG           MELROSE LEAD SITE                      1752 13TH AVE SOUTH                    FL0000460824

 ST. PETERSBURG           TOYTOWN LANDFILL                       ROOSEVELT BLVD/JCT OF 16TH ST.         FLD980394811

 ST. PETERSBURG           TOYTOWN SOD FARM                       I-275/102 AVE                          FLD981747967

 STARKE                   STARKE CITY DUMP                       OLD LAWTEY ROAD                        FLD981025182

 STUART                   ERK MANUFACTURING,INC                  1708 SOUTH U.S. HWY #1                 FLD981478001

 STUART                   STUART LANDFILL                        MONTEREY RD/PALM BEACH RD.EXT.         FLD981477870

 STUART                   TRAVIS EXTERMINATING CO.,INC.          2541 SE.CLAYTON ST                     FLD081239782

 SUMMERFIELD              CAPTAIN TINY'S TANK FARM               3864 SE HWY C-42                       FLD984216028

 TAFT                     WOODBURY CHEMICAL                      8360 SOUTH ORANGE AVE                  FLD980802847

 TALLAHASSEE              CASCADE LANDFILL                       INTERSECTION OF GADSDEN ST. & RR       FLD984169177

 TALLAHASSEE              DAVIS REFINING CORPORATION             2606 SPRINGHILL ROAD                   FLD002598886

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 45 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TALLAHASSEE              LEON WOOD PRESERVING                   3686 WOODVILLE HWY                     FLD050767128

 TALLAHASSEE              MITCHELL BROS. ASPHALT & PAVING        1330 CAPITAL CIRCLE NE                 FLD059774513

 TALLAHASSEE              TALLAHASSEE TRASH DUMP                 SW OF 4300 CAPITAL CIRCLE SW           FLD984169748

 TALLAHASSEE              TALLAHASSIE LANDFILL                   RTE 2 ON US HWY 27 S                   FLD980556443

 TAMARAC                  TAMARAC AUTO CLINIC                    5350 N SR 7                            FLD981026313

 TAMP                     WRB ENTERPRISES INC                    1211 OLD HOPEWELL ROAD                 FLD073205460

 TAMPA                    A-AAA PRINTING INK CO                  5201 36TH AVE S                        FLD061433934

 TAMPA                    ALARIC INCORPORATED                    N. 71ST STREET                         FLD012978862

 TAMPA                    AMERICAN PETROFINA MARKETING INC       801 MCCLOSKEY BLVD                     FLD069660561

 TAMPA                    BAY DRUM                               SR 574                                 FLD088783865

 TAMPA                    CAST CRETE CORPORATION                 SR 579 3/4 MI.NORTH OF I-4             FLD004427662

 TAMPA                    CAST METALS                            SR 574/JCT. OF FAULKENBERG RD.         FLD064690837

 TAMPA                    CHEMICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT              6015 HWY 301 N                         FLD051572808

 TAMPA                    CHLORIDE AUTOMOTIVE BATTERIES          200 S FAULKENBERG RD                   FLD000632646

 TAMPA                    CHLORIDE METALS INC                    3507 S 50TH ST                         FLD000608083

 TAMPA                    CREATIVE CARE                          3713 EL PRADO BLVD                     FLD981015506

 TAMPA                    DANMARK SITE                           4808 PAUL ST.                          FL0001093103

 TAMPA                    DEVOE AND RAYNOLDS CO.,INC.            1010 NORTH 19TH STREET                 FLD092715051

 TAMPA                    DOWNING CIRCLE PESTICIDE               1806 DOWNING CIRCLE                    FL0001402197

 TAMPA                    ENTREPRENEUR INC                       11511 HW 301 NORTH                     FL0001575422

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 46 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TAMPA                    ESSEX GROUP INC                        5100 WALTERS AVE                       FLD046088258

 TAMPA                    EUREKA SPRINGS LANDFILL                EUREKA SPRINGS RD.                     FLD981468663

 TAMPA                    FLORIDA STEEL CORP TAMPA MILL          7105 6TH AVE                           FLD000814434
 TAMPA                    FMC CORP                               1808 N. 57TH ST                        FLD004094181

 TAMPA                    GAF CORPORATION                        5138 MADISON AVE                       FLD150806438

 TAMPA                    GULF COAST LEAD CO                     1901 NORTH 66TH ST                     FLD004092839

 TAMPA                    HELENA CHEMICAL CO. (TAMPA PLANT)      2405 N 71TH ST                         FLD053502696

 TAMPA                    HILLSBOROUGH CO. VEHICLE MAINTENANCE   1930 TAMPA E. BOULEVARD                FL0001909738
 TAMPA                    HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY NORTHWEST          8282 LINEBAUGH AVE                     FLD980556633

 TAMPA                    HILLSBOROUGH RIVER ABANDONED DRUM      HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY                    FLD984170233

 TAMPA                    HONEYWELL INC TAMPA DIV                10901 MALCOLM MCKINLEY DR              FLD000649111

 TAMPA                    HONEYWELL INC TAMPA DIV                3602 W WATERS AVE                      FLD001899848

 TAMPA                    HORDIS BROTHERS                        5115 HARTFORD STREET                   FLD057512741

 TAMPA                    HUCO INC                               US HWY 41 S                            FLD032186850

 TAMPA                    INDUSTRIAL VACUUM                      2210 HIGHWAY 301                       FLD157135336

 TAMPA                    KASSAUF-KIMERLING BATTERY DISPOSAL     58TH ST & COLUMBUS DR                  FLD980727820

 TAMPA                    MANHATTAN LANDFILL                     MANHATTAN & RICHARDSON                 FLD980556617

 TAMPA                    MILLER MACHINERY & SUPPLY CO.          1920 TAMPA EAST BLVD                   FL0001909753

 TAMPA                    MORRIS BRIDGE LANDFILL                 FOWLER AVE/MORRIS BRIDGE RD.           FLD981748080

 TAMPA                    MRI CORP                               9220 STANNUM ST                        FLD088787585

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 47 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TAMPA                    MUSSELMAN STEEL FACILITY               1711 S. 20TH STREET                    FLD984182311

 TAMPA                    NITRAM, INC                            5321 HARTFORD STREET                   FLD004107710

 TAMPA                    ORIENT PARK                            S.R.574, 62ND & 66TH STS, JEWELL ST    FLD982119844
 TAMPA                    PEAK OIL CO./BAY DRUM CO               S.R. 574                               FLD004091807

 TAMPA                    PEOPLE'S GAS SYSTEM                    1200 NORTH 13TH STREET                 FLD982119653

 TAMPA                    RALEIGH STREET DUMP SITE               DEAD END OF RALEIGH STREET             FLD984227249

 TAMPA                    REDWING CARRIERS, INC                  8515 PALM RIVER RD                     FLD044019032

 TAMPA                    REEVES SE CORP SOUTHEASTERN WIRE DIV   9521-23 E BROADWAY                     FLD000824888

 TAMPA                    REEVES SOUTHEAST GALVANIZING CORP      9510-20 E BROADWAY                     FLD000824896

 TAMPA                    RHODINE ROAD DUMP                      RHODINE RD                             FLD981015563

 TAMPA                    RIVER HILLS DR. & 50TH ST. BATTERY     4827 & 4903 RIVER HILLS DRIVE          FLD984258574

 TAMPA                    ROTO - ROOTER                          5320 S WESTSHORE BLVD                  FLD981015621

 TAMPA                    ROWLETT PARK LANDFILL #39              22ND STREET @ HILLSBOROUGH RIVER       FLD982119737

 TAMPA                    ROYAL CHROME BUMPER                    5607 EAST BROADWAY AVENUE              FLD042475723

 TAMPA                    SINCLAIR & VALENTINE CO                4711 N FLORIDA AVE                     FLD980559439

 TAMPA                    SIXTY-SECOND STREET DUMP               N OF COLUMBUS W OF 62ND ST             FLD980728877

 TAMPA                    SKRYPEK DUMP                           6804 NEW YORK DRIVE                    FL0001575430

 TAMPA                    SMITH, J.D., EXTERMINATORS             5229 NORTH FLORIDA AVE                 FL0001408038

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 48 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TAMPA                    SOUTHERN MILL CREEK PRODS CO INC       5414 N 56TH ST                         FLD004093944

 TAMPA                    SOUTHERN SOLVENTS, INC. SITE           4109 LINEBAUGH AVENUE                  FL0001209840

 TAMPA                    STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO. (TAMPA PLANT)    2009 ORIENT RD                         FLD004092532

 TAMPA                    SUNSHINE SKYWAY BRIDGE PAINT DUMP      OFF REEVES RD/S. OF PEAK OIL           FLD981757263

 TAMPA                    SWIFT ADHESIVES & COATINGS             605 N 26TH ST                          FLD064687577

 TAMPA                    TAMPA ELEC CO FRANCIS J GANNON STA     PORT SUTTON RD                         FLD000654582

 TAMPA                    TAMPA MUNICIPAL INCINERATOR            107 N 34TH ST                          FLD000865451

 TAMPA                    TAMPA UNKNOWN SPILL                    HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY                    FLD984170225

 TAMPA                    TAYLOR ROAD LANDFILL                   TAYLOR RD                              FLD980494959

 TAMPA                    TERMINEX                               3432 S DALE MALBRY                     FLD981015688

 TAMPA                    THEOCHEM LABORATORIES                  5131 W. IDLEWOOD AVE                   FLD990853749

 TAMPA                    TRI-CITY OIL CONSERVATIONIST, INC.     8767 1/2 N 50TH ST                     FLD070864541

 TAMPA                    UNION CARBIDE CORP SOLVENTS TERMINAL   3202 CARBIDE AVE                       FLD000616409

 TAMPA                    UNOCAL CHEMICALS DIVISION              5600 COMMERCE STREET                   FLD000649095

 TAMPA                    US DFSP - TAMPA                        BOX 13736                              FL2971590003

 TAMPA                    USA AMSA 53G/TAMPA                     4823 N HUBERT AVE                      FL6214012415

 TAMPA                    WASTE CHEMICAL SPILL                   1 MILE N OF BUSCH BLVD                 FLD980709620

 TAMPA                    WEEKLY LUMBER                          1607 NORTH 43RD STREET                 FLD004114393

 TAMPA                    WENCZEL TILE CO OF FL INC              6608 S WESTSHORE BLVD                  FLD042468355

 TAMPA                    WESTCOAST WAREHOUSE CO INC             1803 MASSARO BLVD                      FLD021715198

 TARPON SPRINGS           INDUSTRO SEAL                          338 LEMON RD                           FLD023151442

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 49 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TARPON SPRINGS           LAKE STREET PROPERTY                   LAKE AND PINEAPPLE STREETS             FLD984175455
 TARPON SPRINGS           LEMON PIT                              NORTH END OF GEORGE STREET             FLD982078339

 TARPON SPRINGS           STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO. (TARPON          ANCLOTE ROAD                           FLD010596013
 TELOGIA                  REICHOLD CHEMICALS INC                 HWY 65                                 FLD004056313

 TEMPLE TERRACE           NORMANDY PARK APARTMENTS               11110 NORTH 56TH STREET                FLD984229773

 UMATILLA                 UMATILLA CITRUS GROWERS ASSN           HWY 19                                 FLD032817025

 UMATILLA                 UMATILLA FOREST DUMP                   FOREST ROAD 591                        FLD984197350

 UNINCORPORATED LAKE      OSCEOLA FOREST SITE #2                 NORTH OF HWY 100                       FL5140012993

 UNINCORPORATED LAKE      OSCEOLA FOREST SITE #3                 CORTEZ RD., SOUTH OF HWY 90            FL4140012994

 UNINCORPORATED LAKE      OSCEOLA FOREST SITE #4                 WEST OF DIRT RD., OFF RTE. 772         FL3140012995

 UNINCORPORATED LAKE      OSCEOLA FOREST SITE #5                 HWY 90 TO OSCEOLA FOREST OFF.          FL2140012996

 UNINCORPORATED LAKE      OSCEOLA FOREST SITE #6                 S. OF HWY 90 ON POSSUM TROT RD         FL1140012997

 VALRICO                  SYDNEY MINE SLUDGE PONDS               HWY 60/.5 MI E OF DOVER RD             FLD000648055

 VENICE                   PRECISION PLATING AND ANODIZING        401 SUBSTANTION RD                     FLD059397844

 VENICE                   VENICE LDFL                            S JACKSON RD                           FLD980394639

 VERO BEACH               PIPER AIRCRAFT/VERO BEACH WATER &      PIPER DR & AVIATION BLVD               FLD004054284
 VERO BEACH               VERO BEACH STUMP DUMP                  EXTREME SOUTH END OF 35TH AVE.         FLD981750540

 W PALM BEACH             PERSONS PROPERTY PCBS                  1115 CLARE AVE                         FLD981930068

 WAKULLA                  BROCK RESIDENCE                        STATE RD. 363 & COUNTY RD. 267         FLD981470404

 WEST MELBOURNE           WEST MELBOURNE WWTP                    4620 HENRY AVE                         FLD000919043

 WEST PALM BEACH          CROSS STATE LANDFILL                   PIKE RD                                FLD981016967

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 50 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WEST PALM BEACH          FINAL FINISH PLATING                   7650 HOOPER ROAD, BAY #10              FLD981004138

 WEST PALM BEACH          GLASGOW EQUIPMENT SERVICES INC         1750 HILL AVE                          FLD032835704

 WEST PALM BEACH          HARMSCO INC.                           7169 49TH TERRACE NORTH                FLD004145850

 WEST PALM BEACH          MEDALLION PAINT & COLOR                2810 N ROSEMARY AVE                    FLD004126868

 WEST PALM BEACH          NORCROSS INDUSTRIES INC                5500 GEORGIA AVE                       FLD099615627

 WEST PALM BEACH          NORTHERN TELECOM ELECTRONICS, INC.     1601 HILL AVE                          FLD069145019


 WEST PALM BEACH          PALM BEACH SANITATION INC              205 PIKE RD                            FLD000622563

 WEST PALM BEACH          PRATT & WHITNEY AIR/UNITED TECH        BEE LINE HWY                           FLD001447952

 WEST PALM BEACH          RINKER (DISTRICT SHOP)                 1021 N. RAILROAD AVE.                  FLD981020639

 WEST PALM BEACH          RINKER MATERIALS                       809 N. RAILROAD AVE.                   FLD980224190

 WEST PALM BEACH          SOLITRON DEVICES INC                   1177 BLUE HERON BLVD                   FLD032845778

 WEST PALM BEACH          SPENCER BOAT COMPANY                   4000 N. DIXIE HIGHWAY                  FLD982150716

 WEST PALM BEACH          TOWER PAINT RETAIL STORE               1980 SOUTH CONGRESS                    FL0001892553


 WEST PALM BEACH          W. PALM BEACH GASIFICATION PLANT       209 2ND STREET                         FLD984169201

 WHITE SPRINGS            OCCIDENTAL CHEM CO/#1 GYPSUM STACK     S.R. 137                               FLD098372360

 WHITE SPRINGS            OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL CO                 PO BOX 300                             FLD038491445


 WHITEHOUSE               WHITEHOUSE OIL PITS                    ONE HALF MILE N OF HWY 90              FLD980602767

 WILDWOOD                 FLORIDA POWER CORP/CENTRAL REPAIR      708 S. MAIN ST.                        FLD152472627

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 51 of 52

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WINTER GARDEN            CONTINENTAL CAN CO US PLT NO.3         851 EAST MAPLE ST.                     FLD004056545

 WINTER HAVEN             CENTRAL FLORIDA GASIFICATION PLANT     17056 7TH STREET SW                    FLD984169227

 WINTER PARK              LAKE MARY TRASH DUMP                   ART LANE                               FL0001924125

 WINTERHAVEN              ESTECH GENERAL CHEMICALS CORP          2121 THIRD ST SW                       FLD980556674

 WORTHINGTON SPRINGS      WORTHINGTON SPRINGS                    6 SOUTH; SECTION 19E                   FLD025237470

 ZELLWOOD                 ZELLWOOD GROUND WATER CONTAMINATION    803 JONES AVE                          FLD049985302

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 52 of 52

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