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Delaware Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 3/4 MILE FROM R275 &     BELL PROPERTY DISPOSAL PIT             OLD WILMINGTON RD (RD275)              DED984066340
 ANGOLA BEACH             SUSSEX COUNTY LANDFILL #3 - ANGOLA     OFF RTE 288, N OF ANGOLA               DED981111313

 AUGUSTINE BEACH          AUGUSTINE BEACH / DEL. RIVER                                                  DED984066167

 BEAR                     FIRST STATE STEEL DRUM CO              RT 40 PO BOX 365                       DED980919328

 BLADES                   PENINSULA PLATING SITE                 E. 7TH AVENUE & RIVER RD.              DE0001167998

 BRIDGEVILLE              SEABOARD LUMBER                        DELAWARE ROUTE 18                      DED057123648

 BRIDGEVILLE              SUSSEX CO LANDFILL #1 - BRIDGEVILLE    COUNTY RD 594                          DED981103963

 BRIDGEVILLE              WALKER'S MILL MOBILE HOME PARK         RTE 594                                DED982362865

 BUNTING                  HITCHENS PIT                           RD 390 A                               DED984066886

 CAMDEN                   CAMDEL METALS                          V.E. PIKE PRK - RTE 10                 DED980537781

 CAMDEN                   DELAWARE BAY DRUM                      UNAVAILABLE                            DED984066175

 CAMDEN                   VEPCO INDUSTRIAL PRK                   RT 10 CAESAR RODNEY AVE                DED982363996

 CHESWOLD                 COKER'S SANITATION SERVICE LANDFILLS   CTY RTE 152                            DED980704860

 CHESWOLD                 COKERS LANDFILL #2                     CTY RTE 152                            DED980704878

 CHESWOLD                 COKERS LANDFILL #3                     CTY RTE 92                             DED980494504

 CHESWOLD                 REICHHOLD CHEMICAL INC.                FORK BRANCH ROAD                       DED984067058

 CHRISTIANA               CHRISTIANA MALL SITE                   CHRISTIANA MALL RD                     DED982367534

 CHRISTIANA               CLAYVILLE DUMP                         UNOBTAINABLE                           DED981034226

 CHRISTIANA               RAINTREE VILLAGE                       48 SMALLYS DAM RD.                     DED982366882

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 CLAYMONT                 ALLIED CHEM CORP DELAWARE WORKS        6300 PHILADELPHIA TPKE                 DED054717939

 CLAYMONT                 ALLIED CHEMICAL DRUM                   6100 PHILA PIKE                        DED984071118

 CLAYMONT                 OLIN CORP - SUNOLIN CHEM               PO BOX F                               DED002290203

 CLAYMONT                 PHOENIX STEEL CORP                     4001 PHILADELPHIA PIKE                 DED002276764

 CLAYMONT                 TEXACO INC CLAYMONT TERM               6200 PHILADELPHIA PIKE                 DED002379675

 CLAYMONT DE              WILMINGTON SUBURBAN WATER CO.          3219 PHILADELPHIA PIKE                 DED073754830

 CLAYTON                  CLAYTON TWP L/F                        DUCK CREEK PKWY                        DED980918940

 CLAYTON                  DUCK CREEK POND DUMP                   OLD STATE RD                           DED981037385

 DELAWARE CITY            AMERICAN HOECHST CORP                  SCHOOLHOUSE RD, PO BOX 360             DED075511154

 DELAWARE CITY            DELAWARE CITY PVC PLANT                RTE 13 & SCHOOL HOUSE RD               DED980551667

 DELAWARE CITY            DELMARVA POWER & LIGHT - DELAWARE      RTE 9                                  DED000621409

 DELAWARE CITY            GETTY REFINNING & MARKETING CO         WRANGLE HILL RD                        DED002329738

 DELAWARE CITY            GOVERNOR BACON CYLINDER RESPONSE       .5 OFF ROUTE 72                        DE0001405034


 DELAWARE CITY            MERCAPTAN AIR RELEASE                  DELAWARE STATE ROUTE 9                 DED984071126

 DELAWARE CITY            OCCIDENTAL CHEMICAL                    DELAWARE ROUTE 9                       DED003913266

 DELAWARE CITY            OLD BRINE SLUDGE LANDFILL              RTE 9                                  DED980704894


 DELAWARE RIVER           DELAWARE RIVER DRUMS                                                          DED984075424

 DEWEY BEACH              DEWEY BEACH CYLINDER                   RODNEY STREET (OCEAN SIDE)             DED984067207

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DOVER                    ARTIS DRIVE SITE                       141 ARTIS DR                           DED981040587

 DOVER                    BLUE HEN AUTO BODY, INC                DENNEY'S ROAD & ROUTE 13               DED984067074

 DOVER                    CHEM-SOLV, INC                         176A N DUPONT HIGHWAY                  DED980714141

 DOVER                    CHEMDECON TRAILER                      U.S. ROUTE 12 AMD RUSTIC RD.           DED984072553

 DOVER                    CITY OF DOVER-PUBLIC WORKS             KERBIN ST                              DED981736630

 DOVER                    COKER SAND PIT                         COUNTY RD 155                          DED981045917

 DOVER                    DELAWARE STATE COLLEGE DUMP            COLEGE ROAD (ROAD 99)                  DED075518050

 DOVER                    DINAHS CORNER                          STARDUST DRIVE (INT. OF RD 101 & RD    DED984074765
 DOVER                    DOVER AIR FORCE BASE                   RTE 113                                DE8570024010

 DOVER                    DOVER GAS LIGHT CO                     NEW ST                                 DED980693550

 DOVER                    DOVER POWER PLANT                      BUTTNER PLACE                          DED984075689

 DOVER                    EASTERN DISPOSAL RUBBLE PIT            255 STATE COLLEGE RD                   DED099979700

 DOVER                    FRAZIER'S PIT                          RTE 13                                 DED981736697

 DOVER                    GRIGCO WASTE OIL RECYCLING CO          RTE 13 (S                              DED000119438

 DOVER                    HOLY CROSS LANDFILL                    STATE ST                               DED011963675

 DOVER                    KENT CTY LANDFILL                      US RTE 113                             DED980705073

 DOVER                    LEBANON ROAD LANDFILL                  LEBANON RD                             DED981115207

 DOVER                    MAYS BODY SHOP                         24 N. DUPONT HIGHWAY                   DED984076026

 DOVER                    PARADEE OIL - DOVER SITE               U. S. ROUTE 13                         DED011006335

 DOVER                    PEARSONS CORNER DRUM SITE              RTE 101                                DED981039621

 DOVER                    PUGH DUMP                              BEECHWOOD AVE.                         DED984066662

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DOVER                    SCOTT PAPER CO-DOVER PLT               HAZLETTVILLE RD                        DED069026193

 DOVER                    SILVER LAKE PARK FILL AREA             KINGS HWY                              DED981038417

 DOVER                    SIMPSON LUMBER COMPANY DUMP            TIDBURY DRIVE                          DED981736762

 DOVER                    SKULL PROPERTY                         S GOVERNS AVE                          DED981736010

 DOVER                    SQUARE CLUB LODGE LANDFILL             DELAWARE STATE COLLEGE RD-RD99         DED981736580

 DOVER                    TEAL CONSTRUCTION CO LANDFILL          LEBANON RD                             DED043581057

 DOVER                    WILDCAT LANDFILL                       LEBANON RD                             DED980704951

 EDGEMOOR                 DELMARVA POWER & LIGHT - EDGEMOOR      W BANK OF DELAWARE RIVER               DED981044779


 EDGEMOOR                 LUDLOW INDUSTRIAL PARK DRUM SITE       LOCKE RD                               DED981104029

 ELSMERE                  ATLANTIC AVE DRUM SITE                 203 ATLANTIC AVE.                      DED981739469

 FELTON                   ALL RITE BUBBISH INC. 11 (OLD)         RT. 13 NORTH OF RT. 12                 DED984066530

 FELTON                   ALL RITE BUBBISH REMOVAL INC 1 (NEW)   RT 13 SOUTH OF RT 12                   DED067400192

 FOWLERS BEACH            HERBICIDE SPILL                        RT. 38 SOUTH OFF RTS 38/199            DED984075374

 FRANKFORD                TRAVALINI SITE                         CAREY STREET                           DED984066605

 GEORGETOWN               ATLANTIC INDUSTRIAL OPTICS INC.        116 NEW STREET                         DED039772090

 GEORGETOWN               GEORGETOWN AIRCRAFT SERVICES, INC      15 NANTICOKE AVE RTE 5                 DED012382966

 GEORGETOWN               GEORGETOWN CLEANERS                    305 N RACE ST                          DED011008307

 GEORGETOWN               GEORGETOWN COAL GAS                    UNAVAILABLE                            DED984066183

 GEORGETOWN               STEVENSON LANE SITE                    STEVENSON LANE                         DED984066647

 GEORGETOWN               SUSSEX COUNTY AIRPORT SITE             NO. 2 RUDDER LANE                      DED984066688

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GEORGETOWN               THORO - KLEEN DRY CLEANING & LAUNDRY   11 RAILROAD AVE                        DED011008976

 GEORGETOWN               TOWNSEND JG CANNERY                    316 N. RACE ST.                        DED984066324

 GLASGOW                  DUPONT GLASGOW BARROW PLT              RTE 896                                DED042263764

 GLASGOW                  GLASGOW DRIVE DUMP                     GLASGOW DRIVE & RT 40                  DED981736259

 GLASGOW                  GLASGOW SITE                           OLD COUNTY RD (NO. 395)                DED980690978

 GLASGOW                  TAYLOR LANDFILL                        N OF RTE 40                            DED981038656

 GREENWOOD                JAMES THOMSON & CO, INC                OFF RTE 13                             DED053290904

 GREENWOOD                NANTICOKE HOMES                        ROUTE 13                               DED054719851

 GUMBORO                  COLLINS SITE                           ROAD 413                               DED984066613

 GUMBORO                  GUMBORO DUMP                           RT. 26 BETWEEN RD. 424A & 427          DED984066258

 HARES CORNER             HARRY WOOD LANDFILL                    RTE 273                                DED980705438

 HOCKESSSIN               REEVIS & REEVIS CLAY PIT               OFF SOUTHWOOD RD                       DED980918049

 HOUSTON                  KENT COUNTY LANDFILL                   RTE 396 & RTE 398                      DED980705727

 HOUSTON                  PORTERS LANDFILL                       CTY RD # 398                           DED980705016

 INDIAN RIVER INLET       INDIAN RIVER INLET CYLINDER                                                   DED984075416

 KENTON                   KENTON LANDFILL                        N RTE 169                              DED981039506

 KIRKWOOD                 HARVEY & KNOTT DRUM, INC               OLD COUNTY RD                          DED980713093

 LAUREL                   GREENE DUMP                            WEST 6TH ST                            DED982367971

 LAUREL                   LAUREL ST HIGHWAY BORROW PIT           OFF RT 495                             DED982366601

 LAUREL                   MT PLEASANT CHURCH DUMP                COUNTY RD 24 & 493                     DED982366726

 LAUREL                   SUSSEX COUNTY LANDFILL NO. 5           CTY RD 494                             DED980494637

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LAUREL                   VALLIANT FERTILIZER CO, INC            431 N POPLAR ST.                       DED002348589

 LEWES                    DONOVAN SITE                           CNTY RTE 269A                          DED981736853

 LEWES                    HUDSON PIT                             1/2 MILE N OF RTE 1                    DED981039563

 LEWES                    JACKSON PIT                            RTE 276                                DED981736739

 LEWES                    LARRY LONG SITE                        BROADKILL RIVER                        DED984066720

 LEWES                    LEWES COAL GAS                         KINGS HIGHWAY OFF RT. 9 NORTH          DED984066209

 LEWES                    LOWE LACKLOVE SITE                     ROUTE 9                                DED984066589

 LEWES                    METCALF PIT                            CNTY RD 285                            DED981736796

 LEWES                    SUSSEX LUMBER CO                       ROUTE 227                              DED981104979

 LEWES                    USN NAVAL FACILITY-LEWES               DEPT OF THE NAVY                       DE6170057040

 LEWES                    WELLS SITE, J.                         WHITE NECK AREA                        DED984066621

 LEWIS                    BARCROFT CO                            40 CAPE HENLOPEN DR                    DED053269270

 LINCOLN                  SUSSEX CO LANDFILL #4                  RD 214                                 DED981039639

 LITTLE CREEK             BOMBAY HOOK NAT'L WILDLIFE REFUGE      MARSHTOWN ROAD                         DED984072306

 MIDDLEFORD               MIDDLEFORD DUMP                        COUNTY RD 525                          DED982366668

 MIDDLETOWN               DELAWARE STATE HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT      RTE 896                                DED981044837

 MIDDLETOWN               GLOBE UNION INC                        N BROAD ST (PO BOX 287)                DED980705677

 MIDDLETOWN               MIDDLETOWN LANDFILL                    RD. 447                                DED984066233

 MIDDLETOWN               MIDDLETOWN SEWER PLANT DUMP            RT 896                                 DED984066316

 MIDDLETOWN               SUMMIT AIRPORT SITE                    ROUTE 896                              DED984067066

 MILFORD                  CARPENTER LANDFILL                     SPRUCE AVENUE                          DED984066738

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MILFORD                  DRAPER JONES SITE                      ROAD 222                               DED984066597

 MILFORD                  HARRINGTON, ELLA SITE                  ROUTE 225                              DED984066654

 MILFORD                  SCARBOROUGH PIT                        RD 408 A                               DED984066829

 MILFORD                  WILKERSON TERRACE SITE                 WILKERSON TERRACE                      DED002348787

 MILLSBORO                DELAWARE FARMS INC                     OFF 431 AT 421 JCT                     DED980705370

 MILLSBORO                NCR CORP. (MILLSBORO PLANT)            MITCHELL RD POB 607                    DED043958388

 MILLSBORO                TOWNSEND - INGRAM POND                 INTERSECTION OF RTS. 328A AND 410      DED984066266

 MILLSBORO                TOWNSEND PROCESSING PLANT              S. OF RT 24, ALONG INDIAN RIVER        DED096837042

 MILTON                   BROADKILL BEACH DRUM                   BAY BEACH DRIVE AND ROUTE 16           DED984074179

 MILTON                   LIN LEIGH INC.                         ROAD 248                               DED984066639

 MILTON                   MILTON DUMP                            COUNTY RD 235                          DED982366544

 MILTON                   MILTON MAINTENANCE YARD                FRONT STREET & BROADKILL RIVER         DED984073098

 MT PLEASANT              MT PLEASANT RAILROAD DUMP              E OF RAIL TRACK & N OF TOWN            DED981034853

 MT PLEASANT              SEALAND LIMITED                        RTE 896 + 15                           DED981035520

 N ST GEORGES             USA CORPS OF ENGR CANAL SITE           MAIN ST                                DE0960009611

 NEAR BUNTING             COLEMAN BUNTING PIT                                                           DED984066852

 NEW CASTLE               ABEX CORP (AMSCO)                      SEVENTH & LARKIN STS                   DED002342376

 NEW CASTLE               AIR PROD & CHEM INC                    GOVERNOR LEA RD                        DED058980509

 NEW CASTLE               AIRPORT PROPERTY SITE                  HOLLOW RD                              DED981038714

 NEW CASTLE               AIRPORT ROAD ASBESTOS                  AIRPORT RD AND RT. 141                 DED984075481

 NEW CASTLE               AMOCO ASBESTOS LANDFILL                NW OF RTE 9 + GRANTHAM LANE            DED981038854

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEW CASTLE               AMOCO POLYMER PLANT                    RTE 9                                  DED080804560

 NEW CASTLE               ARMY CREEK LANDFILL                    RTE 13 + RTE 40                        DED980494496

 NEW CASTLE               CASTLE FORD                            800 WILMINGTON RD                      DED011021342

 NEW CASTLE               CHICAGO BRIDGE & IRON CO               801 E SIXTH ST                         DED002359818

 NEW CASTLE               DEEMERS BEACH DUMPSITE                 E OF RTE 9, S OF DOBBINSVILLE          DED981034739

 NEW CASTLE               DELAWARE CONTRACTING CO                I-95 & CHRISTINA AVE                   DED009800616

 NEW CASTLE               DELAWARE SAND & GRAVEL LANDFILL        229 GRANTHAM LN                        DED000605972

 NEW CASTLE               DENTON LANDFILL                        RTE 9 & GRANTHAM                       DED980705198

 NEW CASTLE               HALBY CHEMICAL CO                      600 TERMINAL AVE                       DED980830954

 NEW CASTLE               ICI AMERICAS INC ATLAS PT SITE         CHERRY LN                              DED002342020

 NEW CASTLE               INDUSTRIAL PROD                        RTE 9TH GRANTHAM RD                    DED980705784

 NEW CASTLE               NEW CASTLE ABANDONED CONTAINER SITE    800 E. 6TH ST                          DED981736440

 NEW CASTLE               NEW CASTLE CYLINDER                    2ND & CHESTNUT STREETS                 DE0001273465

 NEW CASTLE               NEW CASTLE GAS COMPANY                 3RD & SOUTH STS                        DED981939333

 NEW CASTLE               NEW CASTLE SPILL                       900 WILMINGTON RD                      DED058980442

 NEW CASTLE               NEW CASTLE STEEL CO. (DEEMER STEEL)    9TH & WASHINGTON ST                    DED980705255

 NEW CASTLE               OLD AIRPORT ROAD SITE                  495 OLD AIRPORT ROAD                   DE0000239277

 NEW CASTLE               PIGEON POINT LANDFILL                  ONE PIGEON POINT RD                    DED980494603

 NEW CASTLE               WILSON CONTRACTING CO LANDFILL         QUIGLEY BOULEVARD                      DED011022035

 NEWARD                   ROBSCOTT MANOR                         N/A                                    DED981940844

 NEWARK                   BEECHER'S LOT                          SALEM CHURCH RD                        DED981114606

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWARK                   BROOKSIDE DUMP                         RT 72                                  DED982367351

 NEWARK                   CHAPMANS RD                            CHAPMANS RD                            DED980705602

 NEWARK                   CHRYSLER ASSEMBLY PLT                  550 S COLLEGE AVE                      DED002357408

 NEWARK                   CURTIS PAPER COMPANY                   225 PAPER MILL ROAD                    DED002329316

 NEWARK                   DEL CHAPEL PLACE                       SOUTH CHAPEL ST                        DED054578166

 NEWARK                   DUPONT & CO RESTON PRODUCTS            10 DAWSON DRIVE                        DED000800292

 NEWARK                   DUPONT HASKELL LABS                    ELKTON RD                              DED064370992

 NEWARK                   FMC CORP                               1301 OGLETOWN RD                       DED073760167

 NEWARK                   GORE, W L & ASSOC. INC., - NEWARK      555 PAPER MILL RD                      DED002331536

 NEWARK                   HELIX ASSOCIATES, INC.                 835 DAWSON DR                          DED069024016

 NEWARK                   MAGNOLIA SWAMP                         FRAZIER & FRENCHTOWN RD                DED981940786

 NEWARK                   MILL RD LANDFILL                       MILL ROAD OFF RTE 2                    DED981038771

 NEWARK                   MOTOR WHEEL SITE                       1901 OGLETOWN RD                       DED002334639

 NEWARK                   NEWARK CONCRETE CO                     OFF RTE 72, S OF RAILROAD              DED084780592

 NEWARK                   NEWARK HOUSING AUTH LANDFILL           EAST CLEVELAND AVE (OFF RTE 2)         DED980705792

 NEWARK                   NEWARK LANDFILL                        U OF D AG. FARM                        DED980705487


 NEWARK                   NVF COMPANY NEWARK                     MARGARET AND RACE STREETS              DED002337863

 NEWARK                   PORTER CHEVROLET                       CLEVELAND AVE & KIRKWOOD HWY           DED011018611

 NEWARK                   SALEM CHURCH-MUDDY RUN DUMP            SALEM CHURCH RD AT MUDDY RUN           DED984066225

 NEWARK                   SES INC                                TRALEE INDUSTRIAL PARK                 DED069877611

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWARK                   STARR ROAD ABANDONED DRUM              STARR ROAD                             DED984075341

 NEWARK                   WILMINGTON SUBURBAN WATER              SMALLEYS DAM ROAD                      DED984066332
 NEWARK                   WINDY HILLS                            N/A                                    DED981940968

 NEWPORT                  BREAD & CHEESE                         OFF RTE 4                              DED981038151

 NEWPORT                  CIBA- GEIGY SEEP                       JAMES AND WATER STREET                 DED980830400

 NEWPORT                  E.I.DU PONT DE NEMOURS(NEWPORT         JAMES & WATER STS                      DED980555122
 NEWPORT                  HARVEY KNOTT LANDFILL                  MARSH LA                               DED980705131

 NEWPORT                  KOPPERS CO., INC. (NEWPORT PLANT)      FOOT OF LINDBURG ST                    DED980552244

 NEWPORT                  NEWPORT CY LANDFILL                    WATER ST & COOPER DR                   DED980705313

 NEWPORT                  NEWPORT DRUM SITE                      MARYLAND AVE & KRAMINSI RD             DED984066696

 NEWPORT                  O & T REALTY                           KIAMENSI & MITCH RD                    DED980705859

 NEWPORT                  TIMKO BROTHERS LANDFILL                EAST SIDE RTE 7                        DED980705917

 NEWPORT                  TISDEL PROPERTY                        KIAMENSI RD                            DED980831077

 ODESSA                   HEALTHWAYS INC.                        U.S. ROUTE #13                         DED984072249

 OMAR                     SUSSEX CO LANDFILL #6                  COUNTY RD 373                          DED981103955

 PICKERING BEACH          PICKERING BEACH DRUM                   ROUTE 135                              DE0000059048

 RED LION/GLASGOW         PARKWAY GRAVEL CO                      RTE 40                                 DED981038474

 SEAFOOD                  LOCKE PROPERTY                         ROAD 553A                              DED984066571

 SEAFORD                  DUPONT SEAFORD PLT                     RTE 20                                 DED002348845

 SEAFORD                  EMULSION PRODUCTS                      PO BOX 731 1100 NANTICOKE AVE          DED088801576

 SEAFORD                  KREWATCH FARM SITE                     THARP RD                               DED981039878

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SEAFORD                  MOORE DUMP                             NW CORNER OF ROUTES 13 & 20            DED984066274

 SEAFORD                  SEAFORD HALL STREET WELL               HALL STREET                            DED984075853

 SEAFORD                  SEAFORD TOWN GAS                       BUD ST                                 DED980693618


 SEAFORD                  TRUITT DUMP                            COUNTY RD 485                          DED982366783

 SELBYVILLE               HUDSON-CULYER SITE                     ROAD 387                               DED984066894

 SELBYVILLE               SELBYVILLE DUMP                        COUNTY RD 386                          DED000862417

 SMYRNA                   BORDEN CHEM CO SMYRNA                  SMYRNA KENTON RD                       DED980705735

 SMYRNA                   DELAWARE CORRECTIONAL CENTER           SMYRNA LANDING ROAD - RTE 485          DED981114663

 SMYRNA                   DELAWARE HOSP FOR THE CHRONICALLY ILL  SUNNYSIDE RD - RD 90                   DED057231185

 SMYRNA                   ENNIS DUMP                             NORTH OF ELM ST                        DED981108640

 SMYRNA                   LITTON IND                             370 N MAIN ST                          DED084761162

 SMYRNA                   MILL STREET DUMP                       MILL ST                                DED981109358

 SMYRNA                   SMYRNA COAL GAS                        CORNER OF MILL AND MAIN STREETS        DED984066191

 SMYRNA                   TYLER REFRIGERATION PIT                GLENWOOD AVE                           DED980705545

 SOUTH BETHANY            ASSAWOMAN BAY                          ASSAWOMAN WILDLIFE AREA                DED984066290

 SOUTH OF SAINT GEORGES   STATE HIGHWAY BORROW PIT               RTE 13                                 DED981038532

 STOCKLEY                 SUSSEX COUNTY LANDFILL #2 - STOCKLEY   RTE 20                                 DED981108400

 SUMMIT                   MICUCIO BROTHERS                       1199 LOVEWOOD GROVE RD.                DED984075127

 SUMMIT                   SUMMIT LANDFILL                        BIRDS LANDING RD                       DED981036940


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WILLIAMSVILLE            D. BUNTING FILL AREA                   RD 396                                 DED984066860

 WILLIAMSVILLE            ESHAM-DAVIS FILL AREA                  RD 389                                 DED984066878

 WILMINGTON               AMETEK, INC.                           900 GREENBACK RD                       DED061805487

 WILMINGTON               AMTRACK WILMINGTON RAILYARD            VANDER AVENUE                          DED982364333


 WILMINGTON               APPLIED TECHNOLOGY INC                 800 A STREET                           DED980555585

 WILMINGTON               ATLANTIC AVIATION                      WILMINGTON AIRPORT                     DED011028438

 WILMINGTON               ATLAS SANITATION                       1620 BOWERS STREET                     DE0000097543

 WILMINGTON               BELL ALLEY                             100 N. MARKET ST.                      DE0000968982

 WILMINGTON               BROWNTOWN                              900 S. MADISON                         DE0000969014

 WILMINGTON               BUDD METAL                             1000 SOUTH HEALD STREET                DED984075747

 WILMINGTON               CADMUS FILL                            WEST SIDE OF ROAD 91                   DED981035108

 WILMINGTON               CAPITOL RECOVERY                       100 W TENTH ST                         DED980705909

 WILMINGTON               CATTAFI                                2711 POINT BREEZE RD                   DED981114549


 WILMINGTON               CONTAINER CORP                         BRANDYWINE PARK                        DED054734918

 WILMINGTON               DELAWARE WOOD PRESERVER CO             TO BE OBTAINED                         DED981105026

 WILMINGTON               DIAMOND STATE SALVAGE                  702 E. 14TH STREET                     DE0000122218

 WILMINGTON               DUPONT CHERRY ISLAND LANDFILL          12TH & HAY RD                          DED980705842

 WILMINGTON               DUPONT EXPERIMENTAL STA                RT 141 BETWEEN RTS 202 & 52            DED003930807

 WILMINGTON               ELECTRIC HOSE & RUBBER RECON           12TH ST                                DED123606303

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WILMINGTON               FIBRE PROCESSING                       GARACHES LN & S CHURCH ST              DED069009884


 WILMINGTON               GATES ENGINEERING CO INC               100 S WEST ST                          DED066038753

 WILMINGTON               GRUBB ROAD TCE SITE                    2810 GRUBB ROAD                        DE0000094391

 WILMINGTON               HERCULES RESEARCH CENTER               S OF RTE 48 OFF RED CLAK CRK           DED001315647

 WILMINGTON               HIGH VOLTAGE MAINTENANCE SITE          901 S MADISON ST                       DED075516989

 WILMINGTON               HOMALITE, INC                          11 BROOKSIDE DRIVE                     DED984073197

 WILMINGTON               JULIANO SITE                           1707 CLEAVER LN                        DED981108095

 WILMINGTON               KRIEGER'S LANDFILL                     S WALNUT ST                            DED981736317

 WILMINGTON               KRUSE PLAYGROUND SITE                  14TH & POPLAR                          DED981040645

 WILMINGTON               MECO DRIVE SITE                        MECO DR                                DED982367476

 WILMINGTON               MINQUADALE GRAVEL PIT                  RTE 13 MINQUADALE                      DED981037005

 WILMINGTON               NORTH AMERICAN SMELTING COMPANY        PORT OF WILMINGTON                     DED002336915

 WILMINGTON               PETTINARO TRANSFORMER SITE             901 S. MADISON STREET                  DED984066217

 WILMINGTON               ROGERS CORNER DUMP                     U. S. ROUTE 13                         DED984067041

 WILMINGTON               SHELPOT CREEK DUMP                     LEA BLVD NEAR RTE 13                   DED981034671

 WILMINGTON               SIXTEENTH STREET QUARRY                14TH & SPRUCE ST                       DED981035058

 WILMINGTON               THEIL, MARY ( ESTATE OF )              3101 MILLER RD.                        DED984066241

 WILMINGTON               TYBOUTS CORNER LANDFILL                US RTE 13 & DEL RTE 71                 DED000606079

 WILMINGTON               USAF (TENANT) WILMINGTON AIRPORT SITE  U.S. AIRFORCE                          DE0572824274

 WILMINGTON               WILMINGTON COAL GAS CO                 MADISON & FRONT STS                    DED981102825

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 14

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WILMINGTON               WILMINGTON MUN SEWAGE SYSTEM           HAY RD & E 12TH ST                     DED980705610

 WILMINGTON               WILMINGTON TRAIN YARD                  UNOBTAINABLE                           DE3690590002

 WYOMING                  WYOMING DUMP                           SEWAGE PLANT ROAD                      DED984076133

 YORKLYN                  NVF STATE LINE LANDFILL                RTE 82                                 DED981037138

 YORKLYN                  NVF(YORKLYN)                           RTE 255                                DED002337806

 YORKLYN                  SPATZ FIBERGLASS                       ALONG CREEK MILL RD (RT 82)            DED053301560

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