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Connecticut Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ANDOVER                  DRAKES BLASTRIP                        ROUTE 6                                CTD088315072

 ANDOVER                  POST NARROW FABRICS COMPANY            LONG HILL ROAD                         CTD980732325

 ANSONIA                  ANACONDA INDUSTRIES                    75 LIBERTY STREET                      CTD060005766

 ANSONIA                  ANSONIA LANDFILL                       NORTH DIVISION STREET                  CTD983870783

 AVON                     M.H. RHODES, INC.                      99 THOMPSON ROAD                       CTD001142355

 AVON                     WOODFORD FARMS                         276 NOD ROAD                           CTD046232906

 BANTAM                   PTC AEROSPACE, INC.                    ROUTE 202                              CTD000791772

 BARKHAMSTED              BARKHAMSTED-NEW HARTFORD LANDFILL      ROUTE 44                               CTD980732333

 BEACON FALLS             ANNELLI PROPERTY OAK DRIVE DISPOSAL    17 OAK DRIVE                           CTD980524441
 BEACON FALLS             BEACON HEIGHTS LANDFILL                BLACKBERRY HILL ROAD                   CTD072122062

 BEACON FALLS             BETKOSKI'S DUMP                        BLACKBERRY HILL ROAD                   CTD981072168

 BEACON FALLS             BREAULT ROAD DISPOSAL AREA             BREAULT ROAD                           CTD980524631

 BEACON FALLS             BRISTOL SOCKET SCREW                   4 PINES BRIDGE ROAD                    CTD982543258

 BEACON FALLS             CHESTNUTIS PROPERTY                    450 LOPUS ROAD EXTENSION               CTD075411579

 BEACON FALLS             HOMER D. BRONSON COMPANY               250 MAIN STREET                        CTD001165224

 BEACON FALLS             IDEAL MANUFACTURING                    ROUTE 42 PINES BRIDGE ROAD             CTD001168137

 BEACON FALLS             WATKINS MACHINERY                      100 RAILROAD AVENUE                    CTD983872623

 BEACON FALLS             ZOLLO DRUM COMPANY                     100 RAILROAD AVENUE                    CTD075394254

 BERLIN                   ALLIED METAL PRODUCTS, INC.            1082 FARMINGTON AVENUE                 CTD001152669

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BERLIN                   CORBIN RUSSWIN ARCHITECTURAL HARDWARE  225 EPISCOPAL ROAD                     CTD052541695

 BERLIN                   MICRON COMPANY                         586 DEMING ROAD                        CTD136561891

 BERLIN                   NATIONAL AUTOMATIC PRODUCTS COMPANY    44 WASHINGTON AVENUE                   CT0001406677

 BERLIN                   NEW BRITAIN INDUSTRIAL WASTE AREA      DEMING ROAD                            CTD980521132

 BERLIN                   NEW ENGLAND MACHINE & TOOL             758 FOUR ROD ROAD                      CTD982199101

 BERLIN                   RAE STORAGE BATTERY                    51 DEMING ROAD                         CTD982199226

 BERLIN                   ROYAL MACHINE & TOOL                   4 WILLOW BROOK DRIVE                   CTD983869579

 BETHANY                  CARBOLABS, INC.                        443 FAIRWOOD ROAD                      CTD045175726

 BETHANY                  LATICRETE INTERNATIONAL                91 AMITY ROAD                          CTD001168343

 BETHEL                   ASHLAND CHEMICAL / KYOVA CORPORATION   30-32 HENRY STREET                     CTD000858563

 BETHEL                   BERKSHIRE LITHOGRAPHERS                ROUTE 6                                CTD982199192

 BETHEL                   BETHEL LATEX                           2 GRISWOLD STREET                      CTD981209836

 BETHEL                   CONSOLIDATED CONTROL                   15 DURANT AVENUE                       CTD001163708

 BETHEL                   VANDERBILT CHEMICAL                    31 TAYLOR AVENUE                       CTD001181205

 BETHEL                   YANKEE ELECTRONIC SERVICES, INC.       143 GRASSY PLAIN                       CTD075402354

 BLOOMFIELD               ACCU-CIRCUITS                          81 OLD WINDSOR ROAD                    CTD983887803

 BLOOMFIELD               BASS PLATING COMPANY, THE              82 OLD WINDSOR ROAD ROUTE 305          CTD001145671

 BLOOMFIELD               COATING SCIENCES, INC.                 48 EAST NEWBERRY ROAD                  CTD024506800

 BLOOMFIELD               JACOBS MANUFACTURING COMPANY           22 EAST DUDLEY TOWN ROAD               CTD001139047

 BLOOMFIELD               KAMAN AEROSPACE CORPORATION            OLD WINDSOR AVENUE                     CTD001155225

 BLOOMFIELD               KAMATICS CORPORATION                   1330 BLUE HILLS AVENUE                 CTD062204573

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BLOOMFIELD               VALCO MANUFACTURING & ENGINEERING,     470 COTTAGE GROVE ROAD                 CT0001406685
 BOLTON                   CLARK DEWATERING LIMITED               299 HOP RIVER ROAD (ROUTE 6)           CTD083335463

 BOLTON                   GEORGE NEGRO BUS COMPANY               ROUTE 85                               CTD981069339

 BOTSFORD                 BATCHELDER                             40 SWAMP ROAD                          CTD001182278

 BOZRAH                   OLD BOZRAH LANDFILL                    ROUTE 163                              CTD983904210

 BRANFORD                 ACITRONICS, INC.                       35 ACORN ROAD                          CTD050631332

 BRANFORD                 ATLANTIC WIRE COMPANY                  1 CHURCH STREET                        CTD001161181

 BRANFORD                 BRANFORD LANDFILL                      OFF TABOR DRIVE                        CTD980914543

 BRANFORD                 ECHLIN MANUFACTURING COMPANY           175 NORTH BRANFORD ROAD                CTD039056148

 BRANFORD                 KING D.J., INC.                        370 EAST MAIN STREET                   CTD008782237

 BRANFORD                 NUTMEG STEEL CASTING CORPORATION       38-54 NORTH HARBOR ROAD                CTD001407717

 BRANFORD                 SAFETY KLEEN CORPORATION               11 TIPPING DRIVE LOT 4                 CTD980667927

 BRIDGEPORT               ACME UNITED-BURRITTS PARKING LOT       KNOWLTON STREET                        CTD980521199

 BRIDGEPORT               BLACK ROCK SHIPYARD                    10 BREWSTER STREET                     CT0001407865

 BRIDGEPORT               BRIDGEPORT MACHINES, INC.              500 LINDLEY STREET                     CTD072134927


 BRIDGEPORT               BRIDGEPORT PLATING                     325 HANCOOK AVENUE                     CTD001180587

 BRIDGEPORT               BULLARD COMPANY                        286 CANFIELD AVENUE                    CTD044117281

 BRIDGEPORT               CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION       837 SEAVIEW AVENUE                     CTD002344257

 BRIDGEPORT               CHROME ENGINEERING                     405 CENTRAL AVENUE                     CTD001167923

 BRIDGEPORT               JOHN L ARMITAGE COMPANY                460 BOSTWICK AVENUE                    CTD001164383

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BRIDGEPORT               KEMVOLT                                1501 STATE STREET                      CTD064827777

 BRIDGEPORT               MAPLE STREET CORPORATION               541 MAPLE STREET                       CT0001172501

 BRIDGEPORT               METRO-NORTH                            RAILROAD YARD                          CTD983870858

 BRIDGEPORT               MOORE SPECIAL TOOL COMPANY             800 UNION AVENUE                       CTD001180686

 BRIDGEPORT               NATIONAL DISTILLERS & CHEMICALS        30 GRAND STREET                        CTD001178284

 BRIDGEPORT               PORTERS GROVE METAL                    1558 BARNUM AVENUE                     CTD980524326

 BRIDGEPORT               RADER INDUSTRIES                       ISLAND BROOK AVENUE                    CTD983870510

 BRIDGEPORT               RELIABLE PLATING                       80 BISHOP AVENUE                       CTD001454032

 BRIDGEPORT               REMINGTON PARK                         ASYLUM PARK                            CTD980520480

 BRIDGEPORT               SIKORSKY AIRCRAFT                      1210 SOUTH AVENUE                      CTD001449735

 BRIDGEPORT               SPECIFICATIONS PLATING                 740 SEAVIEW AVENUE                     CTD001174580

 BRIDGEPORT               THE PLATING CENTER                     86 LESBIA STREET                       CTD046421699

 BRIDGEPORT               UNITED ILLUMINATING                    10 HENRY STREET                        CTD000638627

 BRISTOL                  ACCURATE FORGING                       201 PINE STREET                        CTD001145317

 BRISTOL                  ACME RIVET & MACHINE CORPORATION       400 MIDDLE STREET                      CTD001701168

 BRISTOL                  BEDUS & STANKER ELECTROPLATING         935 MIDDLE STREET                      CTD983870635

 BRISTOL                  BRISTOL CHROMIUM                       76 RONZO ROAD                          CTD001153253

 BRISTOL                  BRISTOL SANITARY LANDFILL              LAKE AVENUE                            CTD000790725

 BRISTOL                  BUSSMAN-COOPER A.K.A. MCGRAW EDISON    210 REDSTONE HILL ROAD                 CTD042308270

 BRISTOL                  COMERFORD MANUFACTURING COMPANY        915 LAKE AVENUE                        CTD983870627

 BRISTOL                  EGAN MACHINE                           135 CENTER STREET                      CTD983903634

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BRISTOL                  GMC DELCO MORAINE                      780 JAMES P CASEY ROAD                 CTD018625632

 BRISTOL                  IVANHOE CORPORATION                    16 JEANETTE STREET                     CTD982199036

 BRISTOL                  J & S METALS                           95 WOOSTER COURT                       CTD005933551

 BRISTOL                  NORTH EAST UTILITIES                   RIVERSIDE AVENUE (ROUTE 72)            CTD982199119

 BRISTOL                  SESSIONS JH & SON, INC.                273 RIVERSIDE AVENUE                   CTD001145432

 BRISTOL                  STANLEY PLATING                        60 WOOSTER STREET                      CTD001154558

 BRISTOL                  SUPERIOR ELECTRIC                      383 MIDDLE STREET                      CTD001145267

 BROOKFIELD               BROOKFIELD DOT GARAGE                  ROUTE 7                                CTD982199481

 BROOKFIELD               EXXON ENTERPRISES, INC.                1112 FEDERAL ROAD                      CTD095236931

 BROOKFIELD               MID-EASTERN, INC.                      7 DELMAR DRIVE                         CTD001177443

 BROOKFIELD               RAPID ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC.           GREYS BRIDGE ROAD                      CTD001339464

 BROOKFIELD               RAYTHEON FILMAMATIC                    1120 FEDERAL ROAD                      CTD037115185

 BROOKFIELD               TUCK, AJ                               32 TUCK ROAD                           CTD001451855

 BROOKLYN                 POMFRET DOT GARAGE                     POMFRET LANDING ROAD                   CTD982199150

 CANTERBURY               PACKER ROAD LANDFILL                   PACKER ROAD                            CTD981204431

 CANTERBURY               YAWORSKI WASTE LAGOON                  PACKER ROAD                            CTD009774969

 CANTON                   LITHOGRAPHICS, INC.                    OLD ALBANY TURNPIKE                    CTD046238556

 CANTON                   SWIFT J. CHEMICAL COMPANY              51 ALBANY TURNPIKE                     CTD980499511

 CANTON                   SWIFT M AND SONS, INC.                 CANTON SPRINGS ROAD                    CTD088315643

 CHESHIRE                 AIRPAX CORPORATION - PLANT 1           KNOTTER DRIVE                          CTD061358792

 CHESHIRE                 ALLING LANDER COMPANY                  300 EAST JOHNSON AVENUE                CTD098186042

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHESHIRE                 BALL AND SOCKET LAGOON                 WILLOW STREET                          CTD981069016

 CHESHIRE                 BOVANO'S                               830 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  CTD001179316

 CHESHIRE                 CARBIDE MOLD                           340 INDUSTRIAL AVENUE                  CTD001166354


 CHESHIRE                 CHESHIRE MUNICIPAL LANDFILL            WATERBURY ROAD                         CTD980524623

 CHESHIRE                 COUNTY WIDE CONSTRUCTION               340 EAST JOHNSON AVENUE                CTD981204217

 CHESHIRE                 HOLGRATH CORPORATION                   30 KNOTTER DRIVE                       CTD001164334

 CHESHIRE                 OLIN CORPORATION CHEMICAL GROUP        350 KNOTTER DRIVE                      CTD980916779

 CHESHIRE                 OSLO CONTROL                           328 INDUSTRIAL AVENUE                  CTD064842982

 CHESHIRE                 PEERLESS SCREW                         286 SANDBANK ROAD                      CTD001159383

 CHESHIRE                 SUBURBAN EXCAVATORS                    1074 SOUTH MAIN STREET                 CTD981204209

 CHESHIRE                 SUPERIOR STEEL PRODUCTS CORPORATION    PECK LANE                              CTD044122083

 CHESHIRE                 TRW-DOT FASTENER DIVISION              250 KNOTTER DRIVE                      CTD981211873

 CHESHIRE                 U.S. CHEMICAL CORPORATION (FORMER)     264 SANDBANK ROAD                      CTD981204142

 CHESTER                  BROOKS M S AND SONS, INC.              35 LIBERTY STREET                      CTD001164847

 CHESTER                  CHESTEL, INC.                          ROUTE 145 WINTHROP ROAD                CTD055316152

 CHESTER                  CHESTER MUNICIPAL LANDFILL             CEDAR LAKE ROAD                        CTD982198871

 CHESTER                  KENYON BUILDING                        59 WINTHROP ROAD                       CT0000119883

 CHESTER                  SUSAN BATES, INC.                      212 MIDDLESEX TURNPIKE                 CTD080848666

 CLINTON                  CLINTON MUNICIPAL LANDFILL             NOD ROAD                               CTD982543431

 CORNWALL                 CORNWALL DOT GARAGE                    BUNKERHILL ROAD                        CTD982198913

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CORNWALL                 NEOWELD CORP I                         RIVER RD SOUTH                         CTD980524219

 CORNWALL                 NEOWELD CORP II                        282 KENT ROAD                          CTD980524201

 COVENTRY                 DIP N STRIP                            MAIN STREET                            CTD065519258

 COVENTRY                 YSG PROPERTIES                         28 ARMSTRONG ROAD                      CTD983903667

 CROMWELL                 A.N. PIERSON, INC.                     NEW LANE                               CTD006916746

 CROMWELL                 AEROSPACE TECH, INC.                   5 PASCO HILL ROAD                      CTD004531042

 CROMWELL                 SAFEWAY PRODUCTS, INC.                 ALCAP RIDGE ROAD                       CTD982543035

 DANBURY                  AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY              1 CASPER STREET                        CTD000791095


 DANBURY                  BALL AND ROLLER BEARING COMPANY        13 MIRY BROOK ROAD                     CTD982198863

 DANBURY                  COLUMBIA MAGNETICS                     15 GREAT PASTURE ROAD                  CTD050628148

 DANBURY                  DANBURY MUNICIPAL LANDFILL             PLUMTREES ROAD                         CTD000841163

 DANBURY                  DUPONT PHOTOMASKS, INC.                4 FINANCE DRIVE                        CTD001184324

 DANBURY                  ELECTRONIC METAL FINISHING             88 TAYLOR STREET                       CTD075397992

 DANBURY                  EMHART FASTENING SYSTEM                24 SHELTER ROCK LANE                   CTD051598191

 DANBURY                  MEDALLIC ART                           OLD RIDGEBURY ROAD                     CTD001265636

 DANBURY                  NORTHEAST UTILITIES                    PAHQUIQUE AVENUE                       CTD982544165

 DANBURY                  PAPISH, INC.                           TAYLOR STREET                          CTD001161728

 DANBURY                  QUALITY NOZZLE                         69 BEAVER BROOK ROAD                   CTD982544223

 DANBURY                  RISDON CORPORATION                     OLD NEWTON ROAD                        CTD001168558

 DANBURY                  TEKNICIRCUITS                          84 SHELTER ROCK ROAD                   CTD053707741

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DARIEN                   DARIEN LANDFILL                        LEDGE ROAD                             CTD982543498


 DEEP RIVER               DEEP RIVER DUMP                        ROUTE 80                               CTD072124092

 DEEP RIVER               ESICO, INC.                            WEST ELM STREET                        CTD001163948

 DEEP RIVER               JOHNSON CURTISS PUBLICATIONS, INC.     158 MAIN STREET                        CTD982543027

 DEEP RIVER               NEW ERA PRINTING COMPANY, INC.         83 MAIN STREET                         CTD982543381

 DERBY                    CHARLTON PRESS PUBLICATIONS            DIVISION STREET                        CTD001186394

 DERBY                    DERBY LANDFILL                         PINE STREET                            CTD982545618

 DERBY                    HULL DYE & PRINT WORKS                 ROOSEVELT DRIVE                        CTD980524615

 DERBY                    O'SULLIVAN'S ISLAND                    HOUSATONIC RIVER                       CTD980667992

 DURHAM                   CHAPMAN MANUFACTURING COMPANY          ROUTE 17 AT SAW MILL ROAD              CTD002592228

 DURHAM                   DURHAM MANUFACTURING                   84 MAIN STREET                         CTD001452077

 DURHAM                   DURHAM MEADOWS                         124 MAIN STREET                        CTD001452093

 DURHAM                   PARSONS W A COMPANY, INC.              442R MAIN STREET                       CTD001452119

 EAST BERLIN              STANCHEM, INC.                         401 BERLIN STREET                      CTD047711346

 EAST GRANBY              CT AIR NATIONAL GUARD BRADLEY BASE     BRADLEY ANG BASE                       CT0572826873

 EAST GRANBY              CULBRO INDIAN HEAD FARM                OFF HARTFORD AVENUE                    CTD983870684

 EAST GRANBY              DELTA IND/THIOKOL CORP                 BRADLEY PARK ROAD                      CTD049185952

 EAST GRANBY              DSD CO-MAGNATECH DIVISION              KRIPES ROAD                            CTD001184126

 EAST GRANBY              EAST GRANBY LANDFILL                   GRANGER LANE-OFF RTE 20                CTD983870668

 EAST GRANBY              NEW ENGLAND AUTOMOTIVE                 199 HARTFORD ROAD                      CTD178169553

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EAST GRANBY              PRINTING DEVELOPMENTS                  150 INTERNATIONAL DRIVE                CTD021814777

 EAST GRANBY              R & N TIRE AND AUTO CENTER             170 HARTFORD AVENUE                    CTD983870643

 EAST GRANBY              RONCARI TRAP ROCK QUARRY               SOUTH MAIN STREET                      CTD983870676

 EAST HADDAM              COFISH INTERNATIONAL, INC.             CREAMERY ROAD                          CTD051313708

 EAST HADDAM              E B EXTERMINATING COMPANY              ROUTE 149                              CTD059825893

 EAST HADDAM              EAST HADDAM MUNICIPAL LANDFILL         NICHOLS ROAD                           CTD083341081

 EAST HADDAM              JOHNSON C SHERMAN CO., INC.            ROUTE 82                               CTD042308304

 EAST HADDAM              MOODUS PRINT SHOP, INC.                NATHAN HALE PLZ ROUTE 149              CTD001154525

 EAST HADDAM              PIONEER PRODUCTS - 1                   EAST HADDAM INDUSTRIAL PARK            CTD021807508

 EAST HADDAM              PIONEER PRODUCTS - 2                   MATHEWS DRIVE E HADDAM IND PARK        CTD980524227

 EAST HAMPTON             EAST HAMPTON MUNICIPAL LANDFILL        BEAR SWAMP ROAD                        CTD980521173

 EAST HARTFORD            EAST HARTFORD MUNICIPAL LANDFILL       ECOLOGY DRIVE                          CTD980521124

 EAST HARTFORD            PRATT & WHITNEY ENGINE DIVISION        PENT ROAD                              CTD000845131

 EAST HARTFORD            PRATT & WHITNEY, COLT STREET           COLT STREET                            CTD000844399

 EAST HARTFORD            REPUBLIC STEEL, UNION DRAWN DIVISION   164 SCHOOL STREET                      CTD001159490

 EAST HARTFORD            UNITED TECHNOLOGIES RESEARCH           SILVER LANE                            CTD095532131

 EAST HAVEN               CURRENT, INC.                          30 TYLER STREET                        CTD001456086

 EAST HAVEN               KOPPERS COMPANY NEW HAVEN PLANT        FOOT OF STILES STREET                  CTD980521769

 EAST HAVEN               WIN MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC.        22 HEMINGWAY AVENUE                    CTD001168244


 EAST WINDSOR             AMCO MANUFACTURING                     215 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  CTD982199184

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EAST WINDSOR             KEMENT PARK LANDFILL                   NORTH ROAD ROUTE 140                   CTD980520464

 EAST WINDSOR             KORAL TOOL & DIE                       59 NEWBURY ROAD                        CTD983903642

 EAST WINDSOR             RYE PESTICIDE SITE                     341 RYE STREET                         CTD982198780

 EAST WOODSTOCK           ROGERS CORPORATION                     WOODSTOCK ROAD                         CTD065537391

 EASTFORD                 BOWEN'S GARAGE                         ROUTE 198                              CTD125538041

 EASTFORD                 BUELLS GREENHOUSES, INC.               11-13 WEEKS ROAD                       CTD018646752

 EASTFORD                 WHITCRAFT CORPORATION                  76 COUNTY ROAD                         CTD001443399

 ELLINGTON                REFUSE GARDENS                         ROUTE 140 SADDS MILL                   CTD982543449

 ELLINGTON                RICE PACKAGING, INC.                   356 SOMERS ROAD                        CTD005931266

 ENFIELD                  ALCON PLASTICS                         BEACON ROAD                            CTD982199143

 ENFIELD                  OLD FOX                                249 SHAKER ROAD                        CTD045111135

 ENFIELD                  WESTVACO U S ENVELOPE DIVISION         180 MOODY ROAD                         CTD001436021

 ESSEX                    ESSEX MUNICIPAL LANDFILL               DUMP ROAD                              CTD982543324

 ESSEX                    L.C. DOANE COMPANY                     RAILROAD AVENUE                        CTD980583835

 ESSEX                    VERPLEX COMPANY                        MIDDLESEX TURNPIKE                     CTD982543274

 ESSEX                    WASLEY LIGHTING COMPANY/AMF            PLAINS ROAD                            CTD097216790
 FAIRFIELD                EXIDE CORPORATION                      2190 POST ROAD                         CTD001181148

 FAIRFIELD                FAIRFIELD MUNICIPAL LANDFILL           ONE ROD ROAD                           CTD983870296

 FAIRFIELD                HANDY & HARMON                         1770 KINGS HIGHWAY                     CTD018656819

 FAIRFIELD                HEIM                                   60 ROUND HILL ROAD                     CTD001162122

 FARMINGTON               APEX MACHINE AND TOOL COMPANY          21 SPRING LANE                         CTD983876228

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FARMINGTON               BAUER AEROSPACE, INC.                  HYDE ROAD                              CTD055506323

 FARMINGTON               CONNECTICUT SPRING & STAMPING COMPANY  48 SPRING LANE                         CTD001143007

 FARMINGTON               DAYON MANUFACTURING, INC.              1820 NEW BRITAIN AVENUE                CTD980671580

 FARMINGTON               DELL MANUFACTURING COMPANY             FOUR RIGHT LANE                        CTD001139336

 FARMINGTON               EDMUNDS MANUFACTURING COMPANY          45 SPRING LANE                         CTD054187455

 FARMINGTON               ELECTRONIC COIL CORPORATION            145 HYDE ROAD                          CTD983876244

 FARMINGTON               FARMINGTON LANDFILL                    FARMINGTON AVENUE                      CTD982198988

 FARMINGTON               FARMINGTON LANDFILL II                 RED OAK HILL ROAD                      CTD983870478


 FARMINGTON               FLETCHER-TERRY COMPANY                 65 SPRING LANE                         CTD001145309

 FARMINGTON               GROS-ITE INDUSTRIES, INC.              1790 NEW BRITAIN AVENUE                CTD982543670

 FARMINGTON               HAYES, INC. (FORMER)                   150 NEW BRITAIN AVENUE                 CTD001142074

 FARMINGTON               J.F. FREDERICK TOOL COMPANY, INC.      25 SPRING LANE                         CTD983876251

 FARMINGTON               KIP, INC.                              72 SPRING LANE                         CTD980672265

 FARMINGTON               MALLORY INDUSTRIES, INC.               33 SPRING LANE                         CTD001148568

 FARMINGTON               NEW ENGLAND AIRCRAFT PLANT #1          36 SPRING LANE                         CTD059831479

 FARMINGTON               NEW ENGLAND AIRCRAFT PLANT #2          55 SPRING STREET                       CTD982710535

 FARMINGTON               OMEGA CORPORATION                      81 SPRING LANE                         CTD983876269

 FARMINGTON               PARSON'S ROBERT E., INC.               750 FARMINGTON AVENUE                  CTD018659805

 FARMINGTON               RANDOM INDUSTRIES                      440 NEW BRITAIN AVENUE                 CTD982199218

 FARMINGTON               ROY MACHINERY AND SALES                1810 NEW BRITAIN AVENUE                CTD001143957

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FARMINGTON               TRANSAMERICA DELAVEL                   SPRING LANE                            CTD982543217

 FARMINGTON               TRUMPF INDUSTRIES, INC.                111 HYDE ROAD                          CTD983874330

 FARMINGTON               WHITNON-SPINDLE                        1784 NEW BRITAIN AVENUE                CTD052538105

 GEORGETOWN               GILBERT & BENNETT MANFACTURING         NORTH MAIN STREET                      CTD000847764
 GLASTONBURY              DEVON OIL & ENERGY COMPANY             1 PHELPS STREET                        CTD043037142

 GLASTONBURY              GLASTONBURY LANDFILL                   2340 NEW LONDON TURNPIKE               CTD081294787

 GLASTONBURY              NEWCO MANUFACTURING, INC.              237 OAK STREET                         CTD983873134

 GLASTONBURY              QUALITY NAME PLATE                     FISHER HILL ROAD                       CTD001152750

 GLASTONBURY              ROSER TANNERY                          NEW LONDON TURNPIKE                    CTD982543506

 GREENWICH                NORTH CASTLE CLEANERS                  104 NORTH STREET                       CT0000070417

 GRISWOLD                 WYRE WIND INDUSTRY                     ANTHONY ROAD                           CTD002590461

 GROTON                   DOD/USN SB/AREA A LANDFILL #2          US NAVAL SUBMARINE BASE                CT4170022020

 GROTON                   DOD/USN SB/DPDO AREA SITE #6           US NAVAL SUBMARINE BASE                CTD980906499

 GROTON                   DOD/USN SB/FUEL OIL STORAGE TANKS 10   US NAVAL SUBMARINE BASE                CTD980906507

 GROTON                   DOD/USN SB/POWER PLANT OIL TANKS #11   US NAVAL SUBMARINE BASE                CTD980906473

 GROTON                   DOD/USN SB/RUBBLE FILL BUNKER A86 #4   US NAVAL SUBMARINE BASE                CTD980906481

 GROTON                   GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION           EASTON POINT ROAD                      CTD001147842

 GROTON                   GENERAL DYNAMICS CORPORATION           DEPOT ROAD                             CTD018668269

 GROTON                   NEW LONDON SUBMARINE BASE              ROUTE 12 CRYSTAL LAKE ROAD             CTD980906515

 GROTON                   RICHTER'S GREENHOUSE                   311 HAZELNUT ROAD                      CT0000233965

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GROTON                   SONECO SERVICE                         185 SOUTH ROAD                         CTD001447515

 GROTON                   U S COAST GUARD BLDG 37 ANX            AVERY POINT                            CTD991302290

 GUILFORD                 BEAUVAIS PRINTING COMPANY              61-63 SOUNDVIEW ROAD                   CTD981069305

 GUILFORD                 SHORE LINE TIMES                       120 NORTH FAIR STREET                  CTD981069289

 HADDAM                   ARROW PHOTO SERVICE                    BRIDGE ROAD                            CTD981069172

 HADDAM                   FRISMAR, INC.                          DUBLIN HILL ROAD                       CTD039274923

 HADDAM                   HADDAM MUNICIPAL LANDFILL              SAYBROOK ROAD                          CTD983870338

 HADDAM                   HIGGANUM MANUFACTURING COMPANY         SAYBROOK ROAD                          CTD001151745

 HADDAM                   ILLUSTRATED PRINTING COMPANY           SAYBROOK ROAD                          CTD081300113

 HADDAM                   J C PRODUCTS, INC.                     305 MAIN STREET                        CTD001151646

 HADDAM                   SIBLEY COMPANY                         BRIDGE ROAD                            CTD001442417

 HADDAM NECK              CONNECTICUT YANKEE HADDAM NECK         INJUN HOLLOW ROAD                      CTD042306720

 HAMDEN                   HAMDEN LANDFILL II                     231 WINTERGREEN AVENUE                 CTD983870528

 HAMDEN                   HIMMEL BROTHERS                        1409 DIXWELL                           CTD001167543

 HAMDEN                   LANDFILL ASSOCIATES                    2891 STATE STREET                      CTD084798289

 HAMDEN                   METROPOLITAN METAL FINISHING           400 GOODRICH STREET                    CTD001183052

 HAMDEN                   NEWHALL STREET FIELD                   550 NEWHALL STREET                     CTD982544355

 HAMDEN                   PINE SWAMP (OLIN CORPORATION)          475 PUTNAM AVENUE                      CTD980521082

 HAMDEN                   Q-PARK LANDFILL                        STATE STREET                           CT0001895317

 HAMDEN                   VOCATIONAL EDUCATION CENTER            SHEPARD AVENUE                         CT0000877647

 HAMDEN                   WILBUR CROSS COMMONS BUSINESS PARK     60 CONNOLLY PARKWAY                    CTD101337103

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HARTFORD                 COLT INDUSTRIES                        150 HUYSHOPE AVENUE                    CTD001157106

 HARTFORD                 GENERAL ELEVATOR COMPANY               181-191 WALNUT STREET                  CTD983870700

 HARTFORD                 HARTFORD COOPERAGE COMPANY             505 HUDSON STREET                      CTD001144468

 HARTFORD                 HARTFORD LANDFILL                      180 EAST SERVICE ROAD                  CTD983870692

 HARTFORD                 M&S CHROME PLATING INC.                1014 WETHERSFIELD AVENUE               CTD982711269

 HARTFORD                 SWIFT M & SONS                         10 LOVE LANE                           CTD001139054

 HARTFORD                 UNION DRAWN (REPUBLIC STEEL)           755 CAPITOL AVENUE                     CTD980521074

 HARWINTON                MITRAL CORPORATION                     29 COUNTY LINE ROAD                    CTD043039221

 HARWINTON                TORRINGTON WPCP # 1                    BOGUE ROAD                             CTD000845263

 HEBRON                   NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION         ROUTE 85                               CTD057236739

 HEBRON                   VILLAGE STRIPPER                       MAIN STREET                            CTD981069321

 IVORYTON                 TURBO PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL, INC.     POND MEADOW ROAD                       CTD001163237

 JEWETT CITY              49 WEDGEWOOD DRIVE                     49 WEDGEWOOD DRIVE                     CT0001178441

 JEWETT CITY              ASHLAND MILL                           ASHLAND STREET AND HILL STREET         CTD983884636

 KENT                     BERKSHIRE TRANSFORMER CORPORATION      ROUTE 341                              CTD001449552

 KENT                     KENT PUBLISHING COMPANY                BLUFF ROAD                             CTD981069222

 KILLINGLY                C E M COMPANY, INC.                    ROUTE 12                               CTD000847699

 KILLINGLY                DANIELSON DOT GARAGE                   EDWARD STREET                          CTD982198939

 KILLINGLY                DELTA RUBBER COMPANY                   39 WAUREGAN ROAD                       CTD046238630

 KILLINGLY                GLASS CONTAINER CORPORATION            ROUTE 101                              CTD001141233

 KILLINGLY                KILLINGLY TOWN DUMP                    BRICKHOUSE ROAD                        CTD000791004

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KILLINGLY                PRYM WILLIAM, INC.                     MAIN STREET ROUTE 101                  CTD001140920

 KILLINGLY                QUINIQUACK FARM                        55 COTTON BRIDGE ROAD                  CTD980524235

 KILLINGLY                ROGERS CORPORATION                     MAIN STREET                            CTD001141167


 LEDYARD                  DOW CHEMICAL CO., ALLYNS POINT PLANT   ROUTE 12                               CTD001159730

 LEDYARD                  PFIZER, INC.                           AVERY HILL EXTENSION                   CTD980521066

 LISBON                   LISBON DOT GARAGE                      ROUTE 12                               CTD982199051

 LISBON                   LISBON TEXTILE PRINTS, INC.            ROUTE 12                               CTD001157262

 MADISON                  SHORE CHEMICAL                         COTTAGE ROAD                           CTD982543092

 MANCHESTER               A.B.A. TOOL & DYE                      1395 TOLLAND TURNPIKE                  CTD001139880

 MANCHESTER               ABLILITY MACHINE & TOOL COMPANY        315 BROAD STREET                       CTD983869074

 MANCHESTER               CARLYLE JOHNSON MACHINE COMPANY        52 MAIN STREET                         CTD001140466

 MANCHESTER               GILL L. M. WELDING                     1422 TOLLAND TURNPIKE                  CTD001443076

 MANCHESTER               KLOCK MACHINE COMPNAY                  1366 TOLLAND TURNPIKE                  CTD010174613

 MANCHESTER               LYDALL, INC.                           615 PARK STREET                        CTD033727868

 MANCHESTER               MANCHESTER SANITARY LANDFILL           263 OLCOTT STREET                      CTD980521181

 MANCHESTER               MORLAND VALVE                          1404 TOLLAND TURNPIKE                  CTD983867011

 MANCHESTER               PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT GROUP         15 HALL COURT                          CTD000844324

 MANSFIELD                UNIV OF CONNECTICUT LANDFILL/WASTE     HUNTING LODGE ROAD                     CTD981894280
 MARLBOROUGH              MARLBOROUGH DUMP                       44 QUINN ROAD                          CTD983884354

 MERIDEN                  AGC, INC.                              106 EVANSVILLE AVENUE                  CTD001141803

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MERIDEN                  COGGINS, J.C.                          5 CROSS STREET                         CTD000842906

 MERIDEN                  CUNO, INC.                             400 RESEARCH PARKWAY                   CTD045104858

 MERIDEN                  PHILLIPS PROPERTY                      NORTH COLONY ROAD & HICKS AVENUE       CTD982199010

 MERIDEN                  SILVER CITY GLASS (FORMER)             122 CHARLES STREET                     CT0001039916

 MERIDEN                  SOUTH BROAD ASSOCIATES                 500 SOUTH BROAD STREET                 CTD047713136

 MERIDEN                  UNITED OIL RECOVERY, INC.              136 GRACEY AVENUE                      CTD021816889

 MERIDEN                  WESTVACO CORPORATION                   SILVER LANE OFF EMPIRE AVENUE          CTD001144179

 MIDDLEBURY               DAIRYLEA CO-OP                         86 BENSON ROAD                         CTD064839939

 MIDDLEBURY               TIMEX CORPORATION                      PARK ROAD EXTENSION                    CTD001165208

 MIDDLEFIELD              ROGERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY           72 MAIN STREET                         CTD981069263

 MIDDLETOWN               FENNER AMERICA, LTD                    400 EAST MANI STREET                   CTD052542669

 MIDDLETOWN               J J VINCI COAL COMPANY                 1000 NEWFIELD STREET                   CTD983903659

 MIDDLETOWN               MARINO PROPERTY                        50 WALNUT STREET                       CTD062199369

 MIDDLETOWN               MIDDLETOWN MUNICIPAL LANDFILL          NORTH MAIN STREET                      CTD980521116

 MIDDLETOWN               NORTH & JUDD                           699 MIDDLE STREET                      CTD051320372

 MIDDLETOWN               NORTH & JUDD/G & W                     56 PAMEACHA AVENUE                     CTD021814207

 MIDDLETOWN               TRI STAR SPORT, INC.                   475 SMITH STREET                       CTD052544376

 MILFORD                  BIC CORPORATION                        WILEY STREET                           CTD001166586

 MILFORD                  BRUNSWICK CORPORATION                  45 WOODMONT ROAD                       CTD983870916

 MILFORD                  BURNDY-MILFORD                         WAMPUS LANE                            CTD001453232

 MILFORD                  CASWELL COVE CONDOS                    CASWELL ROAD                           CT0000963512

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MILFORD                  CONNECTICUT AEROSALS, INC.             85 FURNITURE ROW                       CTD054480769

 MILFORD                  MESCO, INC.                            634 NEW HAVEN AVENUE                   CTD001176387

 MILFORD                  MILFORD RIVET & MACHINE                857 BRIDGEPORT AVENUE                  CTD001179720

 MILFORD                  NORTHEAST ELECTRONICS CORPORATION      25 CASWELL STREET                      CTD001176486

 MILFORD                  POWER SEMICONDUCTOR                    90 MUNSON STREET                       CTD002593416

 MILFORD                  ROBERT SHAW CONTROLS                   155 HILL STREET                        CTD075397943

 MILFORD                  SEWELL PLASTICS, INC.                  269 OLD GATE LANE                      CTD080851033

 MILFORD                  SILVER SANDS LANDFILL                  FAST BROADWAY STREET                   CTD983867441

 MILFORD                  WARNER LAMBERT                         10 WEBSTER ROAD                        CTD052704335

 MONROE                   BRIDGEPORT NAME PLATE, INC.            585 FAN HILL ROAD                      CTD011184272

 MONROE                   NITE BRITE SIGN COMPANY, INC.          786 MAIN STREET                        CTD001174036

 MONROE                   VITRAMON, INC.                         MAIN STREET                            CTD001186212

 MONTVILLE                DISPLAYMAKERS                          15 BRIDGE STREET                       CT0001021526

 MONTVILLE                THOMAS FARIA COMPANY                   PINK STREET                            CTD043038744

 NAUGATUCK                KALADISH WASTE DISPOSAL                426 ANDREWS MOUNTAIN ROAD              CTD980524649

 NAUGATUCK                LAUREL PARK, INC                       HUNTERS MOUNTAIN ROAD                  CTD980521165

 NAUGATUCK                LEWIS ENGINEERING COMPANY, THE         550 SPRING STREET                      CTD983903683

 NAUGATUCK                NAUGATUCK CHEMICAL                     ELM STREET                             CTD001449826

 NAUGATUCK                ROBERT PLATING COMPANY                 EAST WATERBURY ROAD                    CTD982545790

 NEW BRITAIN              DEBONAIR CLEANERS                      705 FARMINGTON AVENUE                  CTD043039239

 NEW BRITAIN              HONEYWELL-SKINNER VALVE                95 EDGEWOOD AVENUE                     CTD001149582

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEW BRITAIN              PAPE ELECTROPLATING                    410 JOHN DOWNEY DRIVE                  CTD001152271

 NEW BRITAIN              PIROG SERVICE STATION                  79 BEAVER STREET                       CTD098114937

 NEW BRITAIN              STANLEY HARDWARE                       195 LAKE STREET                        CTD010170363

 NEW HARTFORD             ALCO DISPENSING SYSTEMS, INC.          WICKETT STREET                         CTD092066653


 NEW HARTFORD             OVATION INSTRUMENTS                    GREEDWOOD ROAD                         CTD005931969

 NEW HAVEN                ACE PLATING COMPANY                    400 FOXON ROAD                         CTD983870437

 NEW HAVEN                ACME CHEMICALS DIV ALLIED PROD CORP    166 CHAPEL STREET                      CTD041054602

 NEW HAVEN                AMTRAK GENERAL MAINTENANCE FACILITY    HALLACK AVENUE                         CTD983870841

 NEW HAVEN                EAST COAST ENVIRONMENTAL               454 QUINNIPIAC AVENUE                  CTD089631956

 NEW HAVEN                EMHART ENTERPRISES                     446 BLAKE STREET                       CTD001170877

 NEW HAVEN                MAGNUS COMPANY, INC.                   50 EDDY STREET                         CTD980520324

 NEW HAVEN                METRO NORTH FACILITY                   2 BREWERY STREET                       CTD983870866

 NEW HAVEN                OLIN CORPORATION                       24 SCIENCE PARK                        CTD001451004

 NEW HAVEN                POND LILY COMPANY                      1475 WHALLEY AVENUE                    CTD980191662

 NEW HAVEN                SARGENT/WALTER KIDDE                   100 SARGENT DRIVE                      CTD056748205

 NEW HAVEN                SUN CHEMICAL CORPORATION               122 WELTON STREET                      CTD060015922

 NEW HAVEN                TEXACO - NEW HAVEN TERMINAL            120 FORBES AVENUE                      CTD072131733

 NEW HAVEN                UNITED ILLUMINATING                    1 WATERFRONT STREET                    CTD000844381

 NEW HAVEN                US COAST GUARD GRP LONG ISLAND SOUND   120 WOODWARD AVENUE                    CT4690320441

 NEW HAVEN                WHITNEY COTTON MILLS                   11-13 JAMES STREET                     CTD001162205

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEW LONDON               AUTO PAINT DISTRIBUTORS                100 GARFIELD AVENUE                    CTD983867433

 NEW LONDON               CEDAR GROVE REDEVELOPMENT              CEDAR GROVE AVENUE                     CTD983867425

 NEW LONDON               FORT TRUMBULL                          NEW LONDON HARBOR                      CT6690311653

 NEW LONDON               JEFFERSON GARDEN APARTMENTS            7A MICHAEL ROAD                        CTD982747990



 NEW MILFORD              BIX FURNITURE STRIPPING OF MILFORD     ROUTE 7 KENT ROAD                      CTD982545378

 NEW MILFORD              CENTURY BRASS, NEW MILFORD             ASPETUCK ROAD                          CTD000847707

 NEW MILFORD              DIVENTCO CORPORATION                   PICKETT DISTRICT ROAD                  CTD044121697

 NEW MILFORD              KIMBERLY CLARK CORPORATIOM             58 PICKETT DISTRICT ROAD               CTD001453299

 NEW MILFORD              NEW MILFORD LANDFILL                   182 DANBURY ROAD                       CTD018767921

 NEW MILFORD              SIOUX TOOLS, INC.                      4 LANESVILLE ROAD                      CTD983872094

 NEW MILFORD              WATKINS BROTHERS MACHINERY             19 WELLS ROAD                          CTD983903626

 NEWINGTON                ACCURATE BRAZING COMPANY               260 STAMM ROAD                         CTD042308460

 NEWINGTON                ATLANTIC MACHINE TOOLWORKS             549 CEDAR STREET                       CTD001140854

 NEWINGTON                E & D CHUCK COMPANY                    120 LIBERTY STREET                     CTD982545550

 NEWINGTON                KEENEY MANUFACTURING COMPANY, THE      1170 MAIN STREET                       CTD001155159

 NEWINGTON                LOCTITE CORPORATION                    705 NORTH MOUNTAIN ROAD                CTD001139617

 NEWINGTON                NATIONAL WELDING AND MANUFACTURING     690 CEDAR STREET                       CTD001155167

 NEWINGTON                SON-WAY CORPORATION                    700 N MOUNTAIN ROAD                    CTD060678208

 NEWTOWN                  BEE PUBLISHING COMPANY, THE            5 CHURCH HILL ROAD                     CTD001184746

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWTOWN                  CHARLES BATCHELDER COMPANY             SWAMP ROAD                             CTD981069180

 NEWTOWN                  CONN ENGINEERING ASSOC CORP            PHILO CURTIS ROAD                      CTD044122018

 NEWTOWN                  EI DUPONT MEDICAL PRODUCTS, INC.       PECKS LANE                             CTD072115793

 NEWTOWN                  HARVEY HUBBELL, INC.                   PROSPECT DRIVE                         CTD001181882

 NEWTOWN                  L S AND COMPANY, INC.                  113 S MAIN STREET                      CTD067080200

 NEWTOWN                  NEWTOWN LANDFILL                       SOUTH MAIN STREET (ROUTE 25)           CTD981211857

 NEWTOWN                  NEWTOWN LANDFILL (INACTIVE)            ROUTE 34                               CTD981211816

 NEWTOWN                  NORANDA METAL INDUSTRIES               PROSPECT DRIVE                         CTD052708450

 NEWTOWN                  ROSBORG, INC.                          15 COMMERCE DRIVE                      CTD981069248

 NORTH BRANFORD           HAMDEN PLATING/TRAILERS SITE           1013 MIDDLETOWN ROAD                   CTD983902875

 NORTH BRANFORD           HARTT PROPERTY                         1209-1213 FOXON ROAD                   CT0000292920

 NORTH BRANFORD           SAFETY KLEEN CORPORATION               50 SHAW ROAD                           CTD000845974

 NORTH CANAAN             BECTON DICKINSON COMPANY               GRACE WAY & ROUTE 7                    CTD001139831

 NORTH HAVEN              ARBER/AURA MANUFACTURING COMPANY,      40 MCDERMOTT ROAD                      CTD983870486
 NORTH HAVEN              BURNDY COMPANY                         STILES STREET                          CTD983870536

 NORTH HAVEN              CUSTOM PRODUCT CORPORATION             457 STATE STREET                       CTD001183730

 NORTH HAVEN              LANDMARK FARM AND GARDEN, INC.         444 SACKETT POINT ROAD                 CT0001910694

 NORTH HAVEN              MARLIN FIREARMS COMPANY                100 KENNA DRIVE                        CTD001178706

 NORTH HAVEN              MOSS AMERICAN, INC.                    TERMINAL DRIVE                         CTD983870445

 NORTH HAVEN              NORTH HAVEN MUNICIPAL LANDFILL         SACKET POINT ROAD                      CTD980521108

 NORTH HAVEN              PRATT & WHITNEY                        415 WASHINGTON STREET                  CTD001449511

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NORTH HAVEN              RADZ SERVICE CENTER, INC.              95 WASHINGTON AVENUE                   CTD018774570

 NORTH HAVEN              REOBIC LABORATORIES, INC.              48 GILES STREET                        CTD983870718

 NORTH HAVEN              UPJOHN CO-FINE CHEMICALS DIVISION      41 STILES LANE                         CTD001168533

 NORTH HAVEN              WILKINSON CHEMICALS                    399-401 SACKETT ROAD                   CTD982748055

 NORWALK                  BRIDGEPORT BRASS                       395 CONNECTICUT AVENUE                 CTD080847742

 NORWALK                  COOKE VACUUM PRODUCTS                  13 MERRITT STREET                      CTD001839547

 NORWALK                  DIP & STRIP                            625 MAIN STREET ROUTE 7                CTD982545535

 NORWALK                  DONAHUE PROPERTY                       PLATT ST AND CHARLES STREET            CTD980909840

 NORWALK                  FERRO CORPORATION                      34 SMITH STREET                        CTD001453547

 NORWALK                  HICKS & OTIS PRINTS, INC.              9 WILTON AVENUE                        CTD001170331

 NORWALK                  HOWE FURNITURE CORPORATION             151 WOODWARD AVENUE                    CTD001162858

 NORWALK                  KELLOGG-DEERING WELL FIELD             NORWALK WATER DEPARTMENT               CTD980670814

 NORWALK                  KING INDUSTRIES, INC.                  SCIENCE ROAD                           CTD042279513

 NORWALK                  MATHEIS COURT PROPERTY                 270 MAIN STREET (BEHIND)               CTD051486686

 NORWALK                  NORDEN SYSTEMS, INC.                   NORDEN PLACE                           CTD089623318

 NORWALK                  NORTHEAST UTILITIES                    HARBOR AVENUE                          CTD982748170

 NORWALK                  NORWALK LANDFILL                       CRESCENT STREET                        CTD983870726

 NORWALK                  NORWALK POWDERED METALS                MULLER PARK                            CTD001176692

 NORWALK                  PERKIN ELMER CHROM DIVISION            761 MAIN STREET                        CTD046422887

 NORWALK                  PRODUCT FINISHING OF NORWALK           523 WEST AVENUE                        CTD001176247

 NORWALK                  SPERRY REMINGTON                       WILSON AVENUE                          CTD980521041

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NORWALK                  SPERRY SEMICONDUCTOR                   380 MAIN AVENUE                        CTD980521058

 NORWICH                  CORNING ROAD MUNICIPAL LANDFILL        CORNING ROAD                           CTD982545675

 NORWICH                  HALE MANUFACTURING                     OLD WILLIMANTIC ROAD                   CTD982545881

 NORWICH                  HOLLY HOCK ISLAND                      MIDDLE OF YANTIC RIVER                 CTD983870403

 NORWICH                  LIGHTOLIER NORWICH                     40 WISCONSIN AVENUE                    CTD000841130

 NORWICH                  MARTIN MARIETTA CORPORATION            P.O. BOX 549                           CTD980520506

 NORWICH                  SHETUCKET IRON & METAL                 ROUTE 12                               CTD981208234

 OLD MYSTIC               JACK THE STRIPPER                      18 MAIN STREET                         CTD085064111

 OLD SAYBROOK             BRISTOL SAYBROOK COMPANY               COULTER ROAD                           CTD001167501

 OLD SAYBROOK             CONRAC CORPORATION CRAMER DIVISION     MILL ROCK ROAD                         CTD001162114

 OLD SAYBROOK             HIGHLINE PROD                          330 BOSTON POST ROAD                   CTD043211101

 OLD SAYBROOK             OLD SAYBROOK FIRE                      167 ELM STREET                         CTD983871104

 OLD SAYBROOK             R.R. DONNELLEY & SONS COMPANY          50 SCHOOLHOUSE ROAD                    CTD001169853

 OLD SAYBROOK             RYTHER PURDY LUMBER COMPANY            ELM STREET                             CTD981203631

 OLD SAYBROOK             SAYBROOK LAUNDRY                       1 MILL ROCK ROAD                       CTD018791178

 OLD SAYBROOK             SAYBROOKE STRIP SHOP                   ELM STREET                             CTD981203573

 ORANGE                   ABB INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS, INC.           88 MARSH HILL ROAD                     CTD983876293

 OXFORD                   LEWIS CORPORATION                      324 CHRISTIAN ROAD                     CTD001839679

 OXFORD                   MIKON PRODUCTS                         339 CHRISTIAN RD                       CTD049589294

 PLAINFIELD               GALLUP'S QUARRY                        ROUTE 12                               CTD108960972

 PLAINFIELD               HANDCRAFT TEXTILE PRINTS               ROUTE 12                               CTD001157288

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PLAINFIELD               INTERROYAL CORPORATION                 20 RESERVOIR STREET                    CTD045110913

 PLAINFIELD               KAMON CORPORATION                      100 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  CTD981211790

 PLAINFIELD               PERVEL INDUSTRIES                      COMMUNITY STREET                       CTD001156009

 PLAINVILLE               AMERICAN TOOL AND MANUFACTURING        71 NORTHWEST DRIVE                     CTD001148949

 PLAINVILLE               B & L TOOL AND MACHINE COMPANY         76 NORTHWEST DRIVE                     CTD001150424

 PLAINVILLE               BEEKLEY CORPORATION/BIO-POLYMERS,      74 NORHTWEST DRIVE                     CTD982547408
 PLAINVILLE               BROWN MANUFACTURING COMPANY, INC.      75 NORTHWEST DRIVE                     CTD001149038

 PLAINVILLE               DUFAULT RESIDENCE                      66 PRENTICE                            CTD981071962

 PLAINVILLE               ESCO LABORATORIES, INC.                83 NORTHWEST DRIVE                     CTD001139310

 PLAINVILLE               G.E. PLAINVILLE                        INTERSECTION OF WOODLAND & MILFORD     CTD000842492
 PLAINVILLE               GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY               NEW BRITAIN AVE GATE 3                 CTD000842500

 PLAINVILLE               GRANGER LANE LANDFILL                  GRANGER LANE                           CTD081296758

 PLAINVILLE               JOB PLATING                            138 EAST STREET                        CTD001148998

 PLAINVILLE               KALART VICTOR CORPORATION              HULTENIUS STREET                       CTD001152388

 PLAINVILLE               MOTT METALLURGICAL COMPANY             84 SPRING LANE                         CTD980524193

 PLAINVILLE               OLSON BROTHERS COMPANY                 272 CAMP STREET                        CTD001150432

 PLAINVILLE               PECK SPRING COMPANY, THE               89 WHITING STREET                      CTD001152453

 PLAINVILLE               PLAINVILLE ELECTROPLATING              21 FORESTVILLE AVENUE                  CTD001149459

 PLAINVILLE               RAYEX                                  336 WOODFORD AVENUE                    CTD982191785

 PLAINVILLE               SUNOCO SERVICE STATION                 380 NEW BRITAIN AVENUE                 CTD000841668

 PLAINVILLE               TRANSAMERICA DELAVAL, GEMS SENSOR      COWLES ROAD                            CTD065511966

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PLAINVILLE               TRW MARLIN ROCKWELL DIVISION           WOODFORD AVENUE                        CTD001859776

 PLAINVILLE               WASLEY PRODUCTS, INC.                  87 SPRING LANE                         CTD000844373

 PLYMOUTH                 MACDERMID OF BRISTOL, INC.             31 HARWINTON AVENUE                    CTD001154566

 POMFRET                  LOOS & CO, INC.                        16 B MASHAMOQUET ROAD (RTE 101)        CTD004534657


 PORTLAND                 KANDU MANUFACTURING (NEW LOCATION)     304 AIRLINE AVENUE                     CTD983869900

 PORTLAND                 PORTLAND MUNICIPAL LANDFILL            SAND HILL ROAD                         CTD060675543

 PORTLAND                 PORTLAND SAND PIT                      WILCOX HILL ROAD                       CTD982199168

 PUTNAM                   FIBERGLASS FABRICATORS, INC.           231 CHURCH STREET                      CTD981069313

 PUTNAM                   HALE MANUFACTURING COMPANY             58 POMFRET STREET                      CTD001143585

 PUTNAM                   MODOC TOWN DUMP                        MODOC ROAD                             CTD000606533

 PUTNAM                   NATIONAL CHROMIUM COMPANY, INC.        SENEXET ROAD                           CTD001160811

 PUTNAM                   NORTHEAST UTILITIES (FRMR COAL         ARCH ST & KENNEDY MEM. DRIVE           CTD981214349
 PUTNAM                   PIONEER INDUSTRIES                     347 FOX ROAD                           CTD059831420

 PUTNAM                   PRIORITY FINISHING                     KENNEDY DRIVE                          CTD983873555

 PUTNAM                   PUTNAM DOT GARAGE                      ROUTE 44                               CTD982199176

 PUTNAM                   PUTNAM LANDFILL                        RIVER ROAD                             CTD981211865

 PUTNAM                   UNION ROTO GRAVING, INC.               124 POMFRET STREET                     CTD001159300

 PUTNAM                   WYCKOFF STEEL                          HARRIS STREET                          CTD981211915

 REDDING                  REDDING MUNICIPAL LANDFILL             HOPEWELL WOOD ROAD                     CTD982748113

 RIDGEFIELD               OLD FOX INN (FORMER)                   MAPLEWOOD ROAD                         CTD983904228

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RIDGEFIELD               PERKIN ELMER CORPORATION               901 ETHAN ALLEN HIGHWAY                CTD000845180

 ROCKY HILL               AMERICAN ENKA ROCKY HILL RAYON PLANT   DIVIDEND ROAD                          CTD980520316

 ROCKY HILL               CONNECTICUT RIVER DRUMS                                                       CT0001407592

 ROCKY HILL               DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION           BROOK STREET                           CTD982543019

 ROCKY HILL               DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION           280 WEST STREET                        CTD980523823

 ROCKY HILL               GUARDSMAN PRODUCTS, INC.               145 DIVIDEND ROAD                      CTD004531919

 ROCKY HILL               HARTFORD BALL COMPANY                  1022 ELM STREET                        CTD002296168

 ROCKY HILL               MERRIFIELD PAINT COMPANY, INC.         47 INWOOD ROAD                         CTD001446467

 ROCKY HILL               PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT GROUP         BELAMOSE AVENUE                        CTD000844407

 ROCKY HILL               WIREMOLD COMPANY                       777 BROOK STREET                       CTD098109275

 SALISBURY                LAKEVILLE PRECISION MOLD               MAIN STREET                            CTD982543266

 SALISBURY                LAKEVILLE PRINTING CORPORATION         235 BELGO HILL ROAD                    CTD982543209

 SEYMOUR                  ELECTROLUX                             30 GREAT HILL ROAD                     CTD982198970

 SEYMOUR                  SEYMOUR BRASS TURNING                  104 DAY STREET                         CTD001169721

 SEYMOUR                  SEYMOUR SPECIALTY WIRE                 15 FRANKLIN STREET                     CTD001451954

 SHARON                   BROOKFIELD CHEMICAL, INC.              455 RIVER ROAD (ROUTE 7)               CTD057237182

 SHELTON                  A H NILSON MACHINE COMPANY             600 BRIDGEPORT                         CTD983870361

 SHELTON                  ARCHER LANDFILL                        RIVER ROAD (ROUTE 110)                 CTD000604546

 SHELTON                  AUTO SWAGE                             726 RIVER ROAD                         CTD064832611

 SHELTON                  NORTHEAST UTILITIES                    HOWE AVENUE                            CTD983870734

 SHELTON                  ROLFITE CANAL STREET SITE              131 CANAL STREET                       CTD048339592

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SHELTON                  SATIN AMERICAN CORPORATION             40 OLIVER TERRACE                      CTD049592678

 SHELTON                  SHELTON CLOSED DUMP                    WILLOUGHBY ROAD                        CTD980917074

 SHELTON                  SHELTON RUBBER DUMP                    BEARDSLEY AND STENDAHL RD              CTD981070915

 SHELTON                  USM FASTNER GROUP                      510 RIVER ROAD                         CTD000841221

 SHELTON                  VITEK COMPANY                          484 BRIDGEPORT AVENUE                  CTD983870890

 SIMSBURY                 ENSIGN-BICKFORD INDUSTRIES             660 HOPMEADOW STREET                   CTD981069206

 SIMSBURY                 HARTFORD SPECIAL MACHINERY             82 HOPMEADOW STREET                    CTD981211758

 SIMSBURY                 SIMSBURY TOWN LANDFILL                 WOLCOTT ROAD                           CTD983870346

 SOMERS                   CONNECTICUT CORRECTIONAL INDUSTRIES    BILTON ROAD                            CTD980522940

 SOMERS                   SOMERS INDUSTRIAL FINISHING            19 FIELD ROAD                          CTD062202791

 SOUTH NORWALK            85 SPRING STREET                       85 SPRING STREET                       CT0001147180

 SOUTH NORWALK            SOUTH NORWALK ELECTRIC WORKS           STATE STREET                           CTD980520654

 SOUTH WINDHAM            H L DIEHL                              11 MACHINE SHOP HILL ROAD              CTD001160076

 SOUTH WINDHAM            ROGERS CORP                            230 NORWICH ROAD ROUTE 32              CTD983870270

 SOUTH WINDSOR            ADCO MANUFACTURING                     490 BURHAM STREET                      CTD982543076

 SOUTH WINDSOR            ADVANCE MOLD & TOOL, INC.              508 BURNHAM STREET                     CTD982543134

 SOUTH WINDSOR            BURGESS ROAD LANDFILL                  BURGESS ROAD                           CTD982543316

 SOUTH WINDSOR            DETREX CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES             248 CHAPEL ROAD                        CTD010168870

 SOUTH WINDSOR            H & B TOOL & ENGINEERING COMPANY       481 SULLIVAN AVENUE                    CTD001143809

 SOUTH WINDSOR            INDUSTRONICS                           489 SULLIVAN AVENUE                    CTD005931456

 SOUTH WINDSOR            INTERNATIONAL FUEL CELLS               195 GOVERNORS HIGHWAY                  CTD010166791

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SOUTH WINDSOR            METAL TESTING COMPANY                  570 SULLIVAN AVENUE                    CTD055506828

 SOUTH WINDSOR            REFUSE DISPOSAL AREA                   BURGESS ROAD                           CTD982543563

 SOUTH WINDSOR            SAFETY-KLEEN                           1281 JOHN FITCH BOULEVARD              CTD982543621

 SOUTHBURY                SOUTHBURY MUNICIPAL LANDFILL           KETTLETOWN ROAD                        CTD982199333

 SOUTHINGTON              A. M. DEVELOPERS                       53 WEST MAIN STREET                    CT0001888973

 SOUTHINGTON              ANGELILLO PROPERTY                     61C BUCKLAND STREET                    CTD983888223

 SOUTHINGTON              BEATON & CORBIN MANUFACTURING          328 NORTH MAIN STREET                  CTD001140425

 SOUTHINGTON              CLARK BROTHERS BOLT                    CANAL STREET                           CTD983884768

 SOUTHINGTON              CRITIKON, INC.                         WEST QUEEN STREET                      CTD085065027

 SOUTHINGTON              FANSTEEL VR/WESSON                     389 MARION AVENUE                      CTD042310847

 SOUTHINGTON              FIVE STAR DIV.UNION MFG.               WEST MAIN STREET                       CTD001150291

 SOUTHINGTON              FORESTVILLE INDUSTRIAL PLATING         811 QUEEN STREET                       CTD001152545

 SOUTHINGTON              LIGHT METALS COLORING COMPANY          270 SPRING STREET                      CTD001162460

 SOUTHINGTON              LORI CORPORATION                       OLD TURNPIKE ROAD                      CTD001149939

 SOUTHINGTON              MAREK PROPERTY                         371 NORTH MAIN STREET                  CTD983884438

 SOUTHINGTON              MASTRIANNI GRAVEL PIT                  SOUTHWEST CONNER OF FLANDERS &         CTD983884446
 SOUTHINGTON              NICKSON INDUSTRIES                     WEST AND WEST MAIN STREETS             CTD982191736

 SOUTHINGTON              OLD SOUTHINGTON LANDFILL               OLD TURNPIKE ROAD                      CTD980670806

 SOUTHINGTON              PRATT & WHITNEY NEWELL STREET          NEWELL STREET                          CTD000844332

 SOUTHINGTON              R.P. OLSON AND SON COMPANY             235 QUEEN STREET                       CTD982191777

 SOUTHINGTON              SOLVENTS RECOVERY SERVICE NEW ENGLAND  LAZY LANE                              CTD009717604

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 27 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SOUTHINGTON              SOUTHINGTON TOWN LANDFILL              DEPAOLO DRIVE                          CTD000844308

 SOUTHINGTON              TORREY CRANE COMPANY                   492 SUMMER STREET                      CTD001150390


 SPRAGUE                  AMSTAR                                 90 VERSAILLES ROAD                     CTD069254001

 SPRAGUE                  M S CHAMBERS & SON                     132 WEST MAIN STREET                   CTD983870312

 SPRAGUE                  SPRAGUE TOWN DISPOSAL FACILITY         BUSHNELL HOLLOW ROAD                   CTD980521157

 STAFFORD                 STAFFORD MUNICIPAL LANDFILL            UPPER ROAD                             CTD982199291

 STAFFORD SPRINGS         GAYNOR STAFFORD INDUSTRIES             25 WEST STREET                         CTD001140375

 STAMFORD                 ACME ELECTROPLATING COMPANY, INC.      63 MYRTLE AVENUE                       CTD001186139

 STAMFORD                 AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY              1937 WEST MAIN STREET                  CTD001864024

 STAMFORD                 EXCELSIOR HARDWARE COMPANY             39 WOODLAND AVENUE                     CTD001161595

 STAMFORD                 GAISER E.J., INC.                      49 LIBERTY PLACE                       CTD049595754

 STAMFORD                 METRO NORTH COMMUTER RAILROAD          CHERRY STREET                          CTD981214414


 STAMFORD                 PITNEY BOWES, INC.                     69 WALTER WHEELER DRIVE                CTD001161793

 STAMFORD                 SCOFIELDTOWN ROAD PARK                 SCOFIELDTOWN ROAD                      CTD981214299

 STAMFORD                 STAMFORD MUNICIPAL LANDFILL            DYKE PARK                              CTD983870411


 STAMFORD                 TIME INC., R & D                       835 HOPE STREET                        CTD981212830

 STERLING                 REVERE TEXTILE PRINTS CORPORATION      RAILROAD AVENUE                        CTD004532610

 STERLING                 STERLING DOT GRAVEL BANK               ROUTE 14                               CTD982199283

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 STONINGTON               STONINGTON MUNICIPAL SANITARY          GREENHAVEN ROAD                        CTD980499602
 STRATFORD                ARMY ENGINE PLANT/STRATFORD            550 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  CTD001181502

 STRATFORD                BEACON POINT LANDFILL                  BEACON POINT ROAD                      CTD980523104

 STRATFORD                BOISE CASCADE CONTAINERS               1255 WEST BROAD STREET                 CTD983870379

 STRATFORD                CLINTON AVENUE (57)                    57 CLINTON AVENUE                      CT0001016740

 STRATFORD                CONTRACT PLATING                       540 LONG BROOK AVENUE                  CTD001180462

 STRATFORD                COPPERLITE CORPORATION                 10 RESEARCH DRIVE                      CTD064827306

 STRATFORD                D'ADDARIO PROPERTY                     HONEYSPOT ROAD                         CTD982198921

 STRATFORD                DIAMOND SHAMROCK STRATFORD PLANT       495 LORDSHIP BOULEVARD                 CTD064829518

 STRATFORD                DRESSER INDUSTRIES                     250 EAST MAIN STREET                   CTD001840974

 STRATFORD                FOURTH & FIFTH STREETS                 SOUTH OF OCEAN BOULEVARD               CTD983870502

 STRATFORD                FREEMAN PROPERTY                       STRATFORD AVENUE                       CTD983870494

 STRATFORD                HONEYSPOT ROAD EXTENSION               HONEYSPOT ROAD EXTENSION               CTD983867391

 STRATFORD                HOUSATONIC BOAT CLUB                   SHORE ROAD                             CTD980520365


 STRATFORD                RAYBESTOS MEMORIAL FIELD PARKING AREA  FROG POND LANE                         CTD980520357

 STRATFORD                RAYMARK INDUSTRIES, INC.               75 EAST MAIN STREET                    CTD001186618

 STRATFORD                REYNOLDS ALUMINUM BUILDING PROD        347 LONGBROOK AVENUE                   CTD000845172
 STRATFORD                ROSS & ROBERTE                         1299 WEST BROAD STREET                 CTD001180231

 STRATFORD                RYKAR CORPORATION                      GREAT MEADOWS                          CTD981069271

 STRATFORD                SHORT BEACH PARK AREA                  DORNE DRIVE                            CTD980520340

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 29 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 STRATFORD                SIKORSKY AIRCRAFT DIVISION UTC         NORTH MAIN STREET                      CTD001449784

 STRATFORD                SIKORSKY MEMORIAL AIRPORT              MAIN STREET                            CTD980520332

 STRATFORD                SPADA'S ROTARY SHOP                    FERRY BOULEVARD                        CTD018830166

 STRATFORD                STRATFORD ASBESTOS SITE                TOWN OF STRATFORD                      CTD983903717

 STRATFORD                STRATFORD INDUSTRIAL PARK              LORDSHIP BOULEVARD                     CTD981069297

 STRATFORD                STRATFORD LANDFILL AREA                SHORT BEACH ROAD                       CTD980523112

 STRATFORD                SYNTHETIC PRODUCTS                     375 BARNUM AVE CUTOFF                  CTD000844365

 STRATFORD                SYNTHETIC PRODUCTS COMPANY             1525 STRATFORD AVENUE                  CTD001179688

 STRATFORD                U S BAIRD CORP, THE                    1700 STRATFORD AVENUE                  CTD001168384

 SUFFIELD                 KOGUT'S NURSERY                        1012 MOUNTAIN ROAD                     CT0001491596

 TERRYVILLE               ISELI COMPANY                          GREYSTONE ROAD                         CTD083343269

 THOMASTON                EDWARD SEGAL/WARLAW TOOL               360 REYNOLDS BRIDGE                    CTD982545857

 THOMASTON                RISDON CORPORATION                     60 ELECTRIC AVENUE                     CTD058862194

 THOMASTON                STEVENS COMPANY, INC.                  1085 WATERBURY ROAD                    CTD001163443

 THOMASTON                SUMMIT CORPORATION OF AMERICA          1430 WATERBURY ROAD                    CTD002496909

 THOMASTON                TECH SYSTEMS                           401 WATERTOWN ROAD                     CTD058865072

 THOMASTON                THOMASTON LANDFILL                     CHAPEL STREET                          CTD980520571

 THOMASTON                TYLER AUTOMATICS                       437 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  CTD001450188

 THOMASTON                VILLAGE EXXON SERVICE CENTER           WATERTOWN ROAD                         CTD018833392

 THOMPSON                 SANITARY DASH                          RIVER STREET                           CTD001153840

 THOMPSON                 THOMPSON DOT GARAGE                    ROUTE 200                              CTD982199275

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 30 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 THOMPSON                 THOMPSON SANITARY LANDFILL             PASAY ROAD                             CTD000769729

 TOLLAND                  TOLLAND LANDFILL                       OLD STAFFORD ROAD                      CTD980499610

 TORRINGTON               ALLIED PROD CORP PHEOLL OF N E         52 NORWOOD STREET                      CTD001145895

 TORRINGTON               BRUNSWICK GOLF                         535 MIGEON AVENUE                      CTD001980911

 TORRINGTON               HEALY-SMITH ASBESTOS SITE              MAIN ST & FARLEY PLACE                 CTD983870304

 TORRINGTON               TORRINGTON LANDFILL                    OLD DUMP ROAD                          CTD991289513

 UNCASVILLE               UNITED NUCLEAR CORPORATION             67 SANDY DESERT ROAD                   CTD001147875

 UNION CITY               AMBION CORPORATION                     37 NAUBATUCK DRIVE                     CTD980510291

 VERNON                   NEW ENGLAND WOODCRAFTING               1135 HARTFORD TURNPIKE                 CTD062208053

 VERNON                   NORTHEAST UTILITIES                    WEST MAIN STREET & MAPLE AVENUE        CTD983870353

 VERNON                   PRECISION PLATING CORP                 1050 HARTFORD TURNPIKE ROAD            CTD051316313

 VERNON                   ROOSEVELT MILLS                        215 EAST MAIN STREET                   CTD001139955

 VERNON                   TRI-CITY PLAZA                         JUNCTION OF ROUTES 83 & 30             CTD983872797

 WALLINGFORD              AMERICAN CYANAMID COMPANY              SOUTH CHERRY STREET                    CTD001173467

 WALLINGFORD              COASTAL TANK LINES                     419 SOUTH CHERRY STREET                CTD060010923

 WALLINGFORD              CONNECTICUT WASTE OIL                  1250 OLD COLONY ROAD                   CTD018844050

 WALLINGFORD              DOW UNITED TECHNOLOGIES                15 STERLING DRIVE                      CTD057794984

 WALLINGFORD              EYELET SPECIALTY COMPANY               718 NORTH COLONY ROAD                  CTD067071753


 WALLINGFORD              J.K. PRODUCTIONS                       45 WAREHOUSE POINT ROAD                CT0000877928

 WALLINGFORD              NORTHEAST UTILITIES                    WASHINGTON STREET                      CTD981214422

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 31 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WALLINGFORD              REVERE CORPORATION                     845 NORTH COLONY ROAD                  CTD072128911

 WALLINGFORD              S. GOLDFEDER, INC.                     125 GROVE STREET                       CTD001163997

 WALLINGFORD              WALLINGFORD LANDFILL                   25 PENT ROAD                           CTD991288960

 WALLINGFORD              WALTSCO, INC.                          N PLAINS AND PENT HWY                  CTD018845883

 WALLINGFORD              YALESVILLE SILVER COMPANY              928 NORTH COLONY RD (US ROUTE 5)       CTD001178391

 WASHINGTON               SANITIZED, INC.                        ROUTE 202                              CTD001876226

 WATERBURY                AMERICAN CHEMICAL AND REFINING         36 SHEFFIELD STREET                    CTD001184894
 WATERBURY                ANAMET, INC.                           698 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  CTD067072355

 WATERBURY                ANCHOR METAL PRODUCTS DIVISION         95 JOHNSON STREET                      CTD001165091

 WATERBURY                ANSONIA COPPER & BRASS                 725 BANK STREET                        CTD067072371

 WATERBURY                BRISTOL COMPANY                        40 BRISTOL STREET                      CTD981898406

 WATERBURY                BURNDY CORPORATION                     266 AND 280 BROOKSIDE ROAD             CTD001163096

 WATERBURY                CARPIN MANUFACTURING, INC.             59 WEST CLAY STREET                    CTD001164342

 WATERBURY                CENTURY BRASS, WATERBURY               CENTURY PARK                           CTD060008307

 WATERBURY                CHASE BRASS AND COPPER                 1875 THOMASTON AVENUE                  CTD000856708

 WATERBURY                ENVIRONMENTAL WASTE REMOVAL, INC.      139 FREIGHT STREET                     CTD072138969

 WATERBURY                EPAC COMPANY                           730 NORTH MAIN STREET                  CTD001454214

 WATERBURY                GENERAL DATA                           400 CAPTAIN NEVILLE DRIVE              CTD072142052

 WATERBURY                GRODEL MANUFACTURING, INC.             1258 SOUTH MAIN STREET                 CTD052710829

 WATERBURY                HARPER-LEADER, INC.                    1046 SOUTH MAIN STREET                 CTD001166008

 WATERBURY                HUBBARD HALL CHEMICAL, INC.            563 SOUTH LENORD STREET                CTD981898422

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 32 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WATERBURY                KRODEL FOUNDRY                         35 PEARL LAKE ROAD                     CTD145339958

 WATERBURY                MACDERMID, INC.                        245 FREIGHT STREET                     CTD981062854

 WATERBURY                MACDERMID, INC.                        526 HUNTINGTON AVENUE                  CTD001164599

 WATERBURY                MATTATUCK MANUFACTURING COMPANY        1981 EAST MAIN STREET                  CTD001165760

 WATERBURY                MIRROR POLISHING & PLATING, INC.       346 HUNTINGDON AVENUE                  CTD001166263

 WATERBURY                NEW WATERBURY LIMITED                  59 MILL STREET                         CTD982193864

 WATERBURY                NORTH END DISPOSAL AREA                LAKEWOOD ROAD                          CTD981898539

 WATERBURY                NORTHEAST UTILITIES                    JACKSON STREET                         CTD981898521

 WATERBURY                PFALTZ & BAUER                         172 EAST AURORA STREET                 CTD981063431

 WATERBURY                RISDON COMPANY                         2100 SOUTH MAIN STREET                 CTD001168574

 WATERBURY                SHERWOOD MEDICAL COMPANY               211 BROOKSIDE ROAD                     CTD001162908

 WATERBURY                SOUTH END DISPOSAL AREA                MUNICIPAL ROAD                         CTD983870619

 WATERBURY                STARBUCK SPRAGUE, INC.                 BANK & WASHINGTON STREETS              CTD018860551

 WATERBURY                THOMASTON AVENUE DUMP                  1860 THOMASTON AVENUE                  CTD981898414

 WATERBURY                WATERBURY COMPANIES                    64 AVENUE OF INDUSTRY                  CTD001165695

 WATERBURY                WATERBURY PLATING COMPANY              114 PORTER STREET                      CTD001171719

 WATERFORD                GEER BROTHERS SEPTIC                   3 FOG PLAIN ROAD                       CTD982543613

 WATERFORD                MILLSTONE NUCLEAR POWER STATION        ROPE FERRY ROAD                        CTD000845198

 WATERFORD                NEW LONDON TEXTILE PRINT               1000 HARTFORD ROAD                     CTD983867417

 WATERFORD                SCOTCH CAP SERVICE STATION             73 OLD NORWICH ROAD                    CTD018798140

 WATERTOWN                HEMINWAY & BARTLETT MANUFACTURING      ECHO LAKE ROAD                         CTD982198996

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 33 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WATERTOWN                WATERTOWN LANDFILL                     OLD BAIRD ROAD                         CTD991289398

 WATERTOWN                WINCHESTER ELECTRONICS                 MAIN & HILLSIDE AVENUE                 CTD983870767

 WEST HARTFORD            COLT INDUSTRIES                        479 OAKLAND AVENUE                     CTD000844258

 WEST HARTFORD            PRATT & WHITNEY                        CHARTER OAK BOULEVARD                  CTD059829606

 WEST HARTFORD            ROYAL BUSINESS MACHINES                1031 NEW BRITAIN AVE & CARNEY          CTD000117978

 WEST HARTFORD            SAFETY KLEEN CORPORATION               24 BRIXTON STREET                      CTD000845982

 WEST HARTFORD            YANKEE STRIPPER, THE                   30 SHERMAN STREET                      CTD983870544

 WEST HAVEN               ENTHONE, INC.                          350 FRONTAGE ROAD                      CTD001169010

 WEST HAVEN               SPACETEC                               22 LOCUST STREET                       CTD983883729


 WESTBROOK                DEEP RIVER MANUFACTURING COMPANY       WINTHROP ROAD                          CTD982543555


 WESTON                   WESTON LANDFILL TOWN OF                237 GODFREY ROAD                       CTD980521090

 WESTPORT                 WESTPORT LANDFILL/LIBRARY              JESUP GREEN                            CTD981068869

 WILLINGTON               BOURDEAUDHUI PROPERTY                  133 OLD FARMS ROAD                     CTD982198764

 WILLINGTON               KAPINOS PROPERTY                       ROUTE 74                               CTD982198772

 WILLINGTON               R A M CHROMIUM CORPORATION             7 VILLAGE STREET                       CTD018811273

 WILLINGTON               WILLINGTON DOT GARAGE                  ROUTE 74                               CTD982199234

 WILLINGTON               WILLINGTON MUNICIPAL LANDFILL          MOOSE MEADOW ROAD                      CTD982199093

 WILTON                   ESCAMBIA CHEMICAL CORPORATION          15 RIVER ROAD                          CTD981069214

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 34 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WILTON                   HARCO PROPERTY                         OLD MILL ROAD                          CTD983873258

 WILTON                   PERKIN ELMER CORPORATION               77 DANBURY ROAD                        CTD082662289

 WILTON                   WILTON LANDFILL                        MATHER STREET                          CTD980499537

 WINCHESTER               EDWARD F. HICKEY & SON COMPANY         88 HUBBARD STREET                      CTD982545493

 WINCHESTER               J FRAGALE PROPERTY                     70 LAKE STREET                         CTD983903675

 WINCHESTER               LANSON SEPTIC TANK COMPANY             OLD ROUTE 8                            CTD083333377

 WINCHESTER               WINCHESTER LANDFILL                    ROWLEY STREET                          CTD983870908

 WINDHAM                  AKIM ENGINEERING COMPANY, INC.         131 ASH STREET                         CTD001442326

 WINDHAM                  AMERICAN THREAD COMPANY                322 MAIN STREET                        CTD001147834

 WINDHAM                  CONNECTICUT CYCLE ACCESSORIES, INC.    SOUTH PARK STREET                      CTD057236465

 WINDHAM                  JONES & LAUGHLIN STEEL                 WEST MAIN STREET                       CTD983870262

 WINDHAM                  KENDALL COMPANY                        ROUTE 66                               CTD046235404

 WINDHAM                  NORTHEAST UTILITIES                    RAILROAD STREET                        CTD983870288

 WINDHAM                  SOUTH WINDHAM LANDFILL                 MACHINE SHOP HILL ROAD                 CTD980731491

 WINDHAM                  WINDHAM MUNICIPAL DUMP                 333 BOSTON POST ROAD (ROUTE 6)         CTD980521140

 WINDSOR                  ASEA BROWN BOVERI, INC.                1000 PROSPECT HILL ROAD                CTD001159557

 WINDSOR                  FORMER BRADFORD INDUSTRIES             88 PIERSON LANE                        CT0001402577

 WINDSOR                  KNOLLS ATOMIC POWER LAB. WINDSOR SITE  PROSPECT HILL ROAD                     CT6890113792

 WINDSOR                  MOGUL CORPORATION                      476 HAYDEN STATION ROAD                CTD083338681

 WINDSOR                  STEVENS PAPER MILL                     STEVENS MILL ROAD                      CTD982543159

 WINDSOR                  WINDSOR LANDFILL                       HUCKLEBERRY ROAD                       CTD991289133

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 35 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WINDSOR                  WINDSOR MANUFACTURING                  169 OLD KENNEDY ROAD                   CTD001148303

 WINDSOR LOCKS            DEXTER CORPORATION                     1 ELM STREET                           CTD001155761

 WINDSOR LOCKS            HAMILTON STANDARD                      BRADLEY FIELD ROAD                     CTD001145341

 WINDSOR LOCKS            WINCHESTER INDUSTRIES                  295 ELLA GRASSO TURNPIKE               CTD001444066

 WINSTED                  WALLACE INC. LAMBERT                   32 LAKE STREET                         CTD054183900

 WOLCOTT                  DOVER MANUFACTURING CORPORATION        30 TOWN LINE ROAD                      CTD981069198

 WOLCOTT                  ELECTRO POWER, INC.                    VENUS DRIVE                            CTD982191710

 WOLCOTT                  KRAS TOOL & MACHINE COMPANY            701 WOLCOTT ROAD                       CTD001170091

 WOLCOTT                  LINE MANUFACTURING, INC.               TOWN LINE ROAD                         CTD001185917

 WOLCOTT                  MAILLY MANUFACTURING COMPANY           WAKELEE ROAD                           CTD001170067

 WOLCOTT                  MAUR-MEL AUTOMATICS                    37 TOSUN ROAD                          CTD001165851

 WOLCOTT                  NUTMEG VALLEY ROAD                     NUTMEG VALLEY ROAD                     CTD980669261

 WOLCOTT                  PAR FINISHING                          31 TOSUN ROAD                          CTD002594836

 WOLCOTT                  PF INDUSTRIES                          14 VENUS DRIVE                         CTD982196677

 WOLCOTT                  RICHARDS METAL PRODUCTS                SWISS LANE                             CTD002592665

 WOLCOTT                  WATERBURY HEAT TREATING                76 WOLCOTT ROAD                        CTD001170992

 WOLCOTT                  WOLCOTT MUNICIPAL LANDFILL             BOUND LINE ROAD                        CTD982191793

 WOODBRIDGE               LONDON LABORATORIES, LIMITED           15 LUNAR DRIVE                         CTD002251296

 WOODBURY                 29 POMPERAUG ROAD                      MIDDLE QUARTER AREA                    CTD983884412

 WOODBURY                 47 POMPERAUG ROAD                      MIDDLE QUARTER MALL                    CTD983884404

 WOODBURY                 710 MAIN STREET                        MIDDLE QUARTER MALL                    CTD983884370

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 36 of 37

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WOODBURY                 738 MAIN STREET                        MIDDLE QUARTER MALL                    CTD983884396

 WOODBURY                 744 MAIN STREET                        MIDDLE QUARTER MALL                    CTD983884420

 WOODBURY                 97 SOUTH POMPERAUG AVENUE              MIDDLE QUARTER AREA                    CTD983884388

 WOODBURY                 CONNECTICUT TUBE PRODUCTS              194 OLD TOWN FARM ROAD                 CTD001449164

 WOODBURY                 DENOMINATOR COMPANY, INC.              MAIN STREET                            CTD001449172

 WOODBURY                 LEWIS CORPORATION                      MAIN STREET                            CTD981069230

 WOODBURY                 WOODBURY SHOPPING PLAZA                238 SOUTH MAIN STREET                  CTD983903691

 WOODSTOCK                LINEMASTER SWITCH CORP                 PLAINE HILL ROAD                       CTD001153923

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 37 of 37

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Swine Flu Vaccine Causes Miscarriage:

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30-60 Million People Are Being Harmed By Statin Drugs. Are You One Of Them?

Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) Is A Toxic Fraud - Please Don't Take It!

Colloidal Silver is Toxic - Don't Take It!

Alternative "treatments" and "cures" to avoid:
Protocel (also called Cancell, Cantron, Sheridan's Formula)
Infrared sauna (especially far infrared, which actually causes cancer)
Cesium therapy
Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS)
Zeolite liquid (NCD)
Essiac Tea
Alkaline pH
Coral Calcium
Colloidal Silver
Any treatment that specifies not to take Vitamin C
"Fruit-only" regimens

Thinking about getting an HIV Test? Don't!

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Can Be Avoided!

What's Wrong With Dricore:

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What Is AIDS?

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