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California Superfund Sites -

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

                          GEO OPERATOR CORP/UNIT 15              GEYSERS ROAD                           CA0001840982

                          GREY EAGLE MINE                        BORDERING INDIAN CREEK;5 MI N HAPPY    CAD000629923
 ACAMPO                   LODI AIRPARK                           JAHANT RD                              CAD980882898

 ADIN                     ADIN TRANSFER STATION                  1 MILE SOUTHEAST OF ADIN               CA6141190599

 AGOURA                   LOS ANGELES CO CALABASAS LDFL #5       26919 W VENTURA BLVD                   CAT000624023

 ALAMEDA                  12TH COAST GUARD DISTRICT              GOVERNMENT ISLAND                      CA7690390037

 ALAMEDA                  ALAMEDA CITY BUREAU OF ELEC PCB        2004 WEBSTER ST AT ATLANTIC            CAD981450844
 ALAMEDA                  ALAMEDA NAVAL AIR STA                  W END CITY OF ALAMEDA                  CA2170023236

 ALAMEDA                  BEST FOODS                             1916 WEBSTER AVE                       CAD980637052


 ALAMEDA                  OAKLAND NAVAL SUPPLY CTR/ALAMEDA FAC   2155 MARINER SQUARE LOOP               CA1170090012

 ALAMEDA                  PENNZOIL CO                            2015 GRAND ST                          CAD047854344

 ALBANY                   ALBANY LDFL CO                         BUCHANAN ST                            CAD000607374

 ALHAMBRA                 SAN GABRIEL VALLEY (AREA 3)            MAIN ST & GAFIELD AVE                  CAD980818579

 ALHAMBRA                 SOUTHWEST WELDING CO                   3201 W MISSION ST                      CAD980816771

 ALLEGANY                 PLUMBAGO MINES INC                     LAFAYETTE RIDGE I MI/ GOLD CYN         CAD980695191

 ALTA LOMA                AMERICAN CAN CO                        7125 AMETHYST ST                       CAD041326026

 ALTURAS                  MODOC NATL FOREST                      T34N-T48N R3E-R16                      CA2122307638

 ALVISO                   MARSHLAND DEVELOPMENTS INC             GOLD ST/SAN TOMAS AQUINO CREEK         CAD982359226

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 1 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ALVISO                   NINE PAR DUMP                          LOS ESTEROS RD                         CAD980498752

 ALVISO, CITY OF          SANTOS LANDFILL                                                               CA0000341669

 AMERICAN CANYON          POLYVINYL CHEM IND                     501 GREEN ISLAND RD.                   CAD061163325

 ANAHEIM                  ADAMS INTERNATIONAL METALS CORP.       3200 EAST FRONTERA ST.                 CAD982391161

 ANAHEIM                  ANAHEIM COATING INC                    1140 N KRAEMER PL                      CAD990787822

 ANAHEIM                  BURRIS SAND PIT                        15292 E LINCOLN AVE                    CAD982360588

 ANAHEIM                  CALIFORNIA TOWEL & LINEN SUPPLY CO.    1126 EUCLID AVE.                       CAD983670779

 ANAHEIM                  CORCORAN MFG CO INC                    1745 S HASTER ST                       CAD008266140

 ANAHEIM                  DAVIS E L DUMP                         NE CORNER LINCOLN AVE/BEACH BL.        CAD980498513

 ANAHEIM                  DIXCO                                  1014 E SOUTH ST                        CAD981622251

 ANAHEIM                  DIXCO DIVERSIFIED CHEMICAL SALES INC   1014 E SOUTH ST                        CAD058230038

 ANAHEIM                  DURA-CHEM INC                          1601 MILLER ST                         CAD982359457

 ANAHEIM                  DURAN CO                               1773 W LINCOLN AVE #1                  CAD982359515

 ANAHEIM                  E C KRAEMER                            1010 LACY ST                           CAD981622079

 ANAHEIM                  ENGLEHARD IND WEST INC                 5510 E LA PALMA AVE                    CAT000612150

 ANAHEIM                  FRICKER CHEMICAL                       1421 STATE COLLEGE BLVD                CAD981425812

 ANAHEIM                  GMC DELCO REMY ANAHEIM PLANT           1201 N MAGNOLIA                        CAD008323396

 ANAHEIM                  HOME OIL CO OF ANAHEIM                 1422 WEST BROADWAY                     CAD027830678

 ANAHEIM                  HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO.                    5300 E. LA PALMA                       CAD981452006

 ANAHEIM                  HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO.                    5605 E. LA PALMA                       CAD981451941

 ANAHEIM                  INMONT CORP                            1244 N LEMON ST                        CAD001868652

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 2 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ANAHEIM                  INTERCEM                               1380 KNOLLWOOD CIR                     CAD981632912

 ANAHEIM                  ITASCO                                 2211 E HOWELL ST                       CAD982359879

 ANAHEIM                  J-TRON INC                             512 E CENTRAL PK                       CAD048768931

 ANAHEIM                  LAURA SCUDDERS CO                      1525 N RAYMOND                         CAD982360117

 ANAHEIM                  LAYCO CHEMICAL ENGINEERING #3          525 SOUTH ROSE ST                      CAD981401466

 ANAHEIM                  MLODZIK CORP MONITOR PLATING           800 E ORANGEFAIR LN                    CAD041325143

 ANAHEIM                  MOBIL ATWOOD TERM MKTG OPER DIV        6507 JEFFERSON                         CAT000624932

 ANAHEIM                  NATIONAL DISTIL & CHEM                 1045 N KEMP ST                         CAD030596886

 ANAHEIM                  NEVILLE CHEM CO                        2201 E CERRITOS AVE                    CAD008364150

 ANAHEIM                  ORANGE EMPIRE                          1000 E KATELLA                         CAD049903271

 ANAHEIM                  PRECISION ANODIZING AND PLATING        1601 MILLER ST                         CAD067629873

 ANAHEIM                  RELIABLE RECOVERY INC                  4001 LEAVERTON CT                      CAD980816227

 ANAHEIM                  RICHARDS W C OF CALIFORINA             1116 NORTH OLIVE ST                    CAD009521618

 ANAHEIM                  RUST LICK INC                          303 N MANCHESTER AVE                   CAD049897879

 ANAHEIM                  S & S PLATING                          1503 NORTH MILLER ST.                  CAD079553079

 ANAHEIM                  STEPAN CHEM CO                         1208 N PATT ST                         CAD046590162

 ANAHEIM                  SYNRES CHEMICAL CO                     1211 N OLIVE ST                        CAD076050442

 ANAHEIM                  VECTOR ELECTRONIC CO.                  3901 E. LAPALMA                        CAD086586682

 ANAHEIM                  WESTERN EXTERMINATOR SERV.             1321 N. JEFFERSON                      CAD983566720

 ANAHEIM                  XERXES FIBERGLASS INC                  1210 N TUSTIN AVE                      CAD098226145

 ANAHEIM HILLS            CANYON CLEANERS                        556 EAST SANTA ANA CANYON RD           CAD981580046

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 3 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ANDERSON                 MILLVILLE PLAINS                       DERSCH RD 4MI E OF                     CAD980637474

 ANDERSON                 SIMPSON PAPER CO DISPOSAL              DERSCH ROAD                            CAD983580861

 ANDERSON                 SIMPSON-SHASTA RANCH                   RIVERLAND DR EXTN 4MI SE OF            CAD980637482

 ANDRADE                  DESERT SITE                            NR ALL-AMER CNL-9 MI W/YUMA,AZ         CAD980498497

 ANGELS CAMP              RED HILL LDFL                          ANGELS CAMP                            CAD980886527

 ANTIOCH                  ABANDONED DRUM/ANTIOCH                 ANTIOCH                                CAD981621956

 ANTIOCH                  ANTIOCH DSPL SITE                      PASO CORTO & SOMERSVILLE RDS           CAD980496855

 ANTIOCH                  DOMTAR GYPSUM AMERICA INC              WILBUR AVE & MINNAKER                  CAD089182810

 ANTIOCH                  E I DUPONT DE NEMOURS & CO INC         WILBUR AVE & BRIDGEHEAD RD             CAD009151671

 ANTIOCH                  FULTON SHIPYARD                        307 FULTON SHIPYARD RD                 CAD009151762

 ANTIOCH                  GAYLORD CONTAINER CORP EAST PLANT      WILBUR AVE AT VERA AVE                 CAD009148180

 ANTIOCH                  GBF & PITTSBURG DUMPS                  ALONG JAMES DONLON BLVD                CAD980498562

 ANTIOCH                  PG&E CONTRA COSTA POWER PLT            WILBUR AVE                             CAT080011489

 APPLE VALLEY             APPLE VALLEY DRUM SITE                 25799 PAHUTE RD                        CA0001039585

 APPLE VALLEY             SAN BERNARDINO CTY LDFILL - APPLE      SEC 29, T.5N, R.2W                     CA0000444182
 APPLE VALLEY             SW PORTLAND CEMENT CO, BLCK MTN        T6N, R2W, SEC 8, 9                     CAD008369738

 ARBUCKLE                 CHRISTIAN & HURSCH                     512 5TH ST                             CAD980895007

 ARCATA                   DELUXE CLEANERS                        987 H STREET                           CAD983645094

 ARCATA                   FAULK BLASTING                         5620 WEST END ROAD                     CA0001097120

 ARCATA                   LOUISIANA PACIFIC CORP ARCATA          HWY 299                                CAD980673578

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 4 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ARROYO GRANDE            UNION CHEMICALS                        2565 WILLOW RD 5W OF HWY 1             CAD980882914

 ARROYO GRANDE            UNION OIL CO OF CA SANTA MARIA REF     6 MI S OF                              CAT080010796

 ARVIN                    BROWN & BRYANT, INC. (ARVIN PLANT)     600 S DERBY RD                         CAD052384021

 ARVIN                    KERN RIDGE SITE                        SUNSET ST/TEJON ST.                    CAD983578139

 ATWATER                  CASTLE AIR FORCE BASE                  CASTLE AFB                             CA3570024551

 AUBURN                   AUBURN SAN LDFL                        SHALE RIDGE LN                         CAD980817043

 AUBURN                   FINE PARTICLE TECHNOLOGY               AUBURN AIRPORT INDUS. PARK, LOT 19     CAD983650003

 AUBURN                   THE CRUZ RANCH                         13365 BELL BROOK DRIVE                 CA0001598887

 AVALON                   CALIFORNIA SALVAGE OCEAN DUMPING       25 MI W OF CATALINA ISLAND             CAD980637706

 AVILA BEACH              PG & E, DIABLO CANYON POWER PLANT      SEC 24T 31S, R10E                      CAD077966349

 AZUSA                    AMERICAN CYANAMID CO.                  1001 N TODD AVE                        CAD008344228

 AZUSA                    KARDASHIAN & MAX GOLDRING              OFF PEAK RD                            CAD982505067

 AZUSA                    NAVAL OCEAN SYSTEMS CENTER             HWY 39                                 CA6170024750

 AZUSA                    REICHHOLD CHEM INC                     107 S MOTOR AVE                        CAD008295834

 BAKERFIELD               BROOKSHIRE PLATING                     527 E. 19TH ST.                        CAD983671793

 BAKERSFIELD              B C CHEM                               1511 S UNION AVE                       CAD055765440

 BAKERSFIELD              BAKERSFIELD AG CHEM                    HWY 99 & STANDARD RD                   CAD027868884

 BAKERSFIELD              BAKERSFIELD AIRPARK                    2010 S UNION                           CAD981434236

 BAKERSFIELD              BAKERSFIELD CHROME & BUMPER            231 SUMNER STREET                      CA0001709302

 BAKERSFIELD              BAKERSFIELD CITY LDFL                  ALFRED HARELL HWY MC MINNIS EX         CAD980636849

 BAKERSFIELD              BAKERSFIELD MEMORIAL HOSPITAL          420 34TH STREET                        CAD982417396

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 5 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BAKERSFIELD              BC LABORATORIES                        4100 PIERCE RD.                        CAD981379977

 BAKERSFIELD              BETZ LABORATORIES                      3050 PEGASUS RD                        CAT080012974

 BAKERSFIELD              CHEVRON USA INC (W/76)                 PO BOX 5355                            CAD092123298

 BAKERSFIELD              CHEVRON USA INC BAKERSFIELD REF        CHINA GRADE LOOP RD                    CAT000618587

 BAKERSFIELD              CONSOLIDATED FIBERGLASS PRODUCTS       3801 STANDARD ST.                      CAD056434335

 BAKERSFIELD              CONTINENTAL CARBON CO                  STOCKDALE HWY                          CAD008334542

 BAKERSFIELD              DOWELL SCHLUMBERGER INC                6120 SNOW RD                           CAD020753398


 BAKERSFIELD              EXXON CHEM CO. - BAKERSFIELD BLEND     3240 PATTON WAY NEAR HWY 58            CAD062062195

 BAKERSFIELD              FERGUSON BOB INDEPENDENT               1831 TRUXTON AVE                       CAD980735898

 BAKERSFIELD              GARRIOTT CROP DUSTING                  2010 S UNION AVE                       CAD079646352

 BAKERSFIELD              GETTY OIL CO (W/30 OTHERS)             LAT 35 17 32 LONG 118 54 28            CAD980816177

 BAKERSFIELD              GIBSON OIL & REFINING CO. -            WEST END OF COMMERCIAL STREET          CAD980883177
 BAKERSFIELD              GOLDEN STATE METALS                    2000 EAST BRUNDAGE LANE                CAD982489809

 BAKERSFIELD              HOOD INDUSTRIES INC                    4615 SHEPARD ST                        CAD008385254

 BAKERSFIELD              KELCO ROTARY                           1903 VIRGINIA AVE                      CAD982359291

 BAKERSFIELD              KERN FRONT OIL FIELD                   E OF HWY 65 N OF                       CAD980695258

 BAKERSFIELD              KERN OIL AND REFINING CO.              ROUTE 6, 7724 PANAMA LANE              CAD990724916

 BAKERSFIELD              KEV-KEM INC                            2001 WEDDING LN                        CAD982359234

 BAKERSFIELD              KEYSTONE RESOURCES                     201 INDUSTRIAL ST.                     CAD103044772

 BAKERSFIELD              LOS LOBOS OIL FLD                      SEC 21 T11N R22W SBBM                  CAD980736946

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 6 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BAKERSFIELD              MAGNA CORP                             PACHECO & GOSFORD RDS                  CAT000618728

 BAKERSFIELD              MOBIL CHEMICAL COMPANY                 2024 NORRIS ROAD                       CAD041231945

 BAKERSFIELD              OWENS CORNING CEMENT                   2600 PEGASUS RD.                       CAT000613539

 BAKERSFIELD              PACIFIC WOOD PRESERVERS OF             5601 DISTRICT BLVD.                    CAT000611145
 BAKERSFIELD              PG&E BAKERSFIELD SERV CTR              4101 WIBLE RD                          CAD980816359

 BAKERSFIELD              PG&E GAS PLANT BAKERSFIELD             20TH ST BET P&Q(N SIDE MID BL)         CAD981415615

 BAKERSFIELD              PIONEER OIL FLD                        SEC 32 T11N R22W SBBM                  CAD980498836

 BAKERSFIELD              PLEITO OIL FLD                         SEC 35 T11N R21W SBBM                  CAD980735922

 BAKERSFIELD              PRATTER DRUM SITE                      3430 GETTY ST                          CAD982505356

 BAKERSFIELD              PUREGRO COMPANY UNIT 147               HWY 99 & KIMBERLINA                    CAD000631044

 BAKERSFIELD              ROUND MOUNTAIN DSPL                    ROUND MOUNTAIN RD NEAR                 CAD980736219

 BAKERSFIELD              SAN EMIDO NOSE OIL FLD                 SEC 8 T11N R21W SBBM                   CAD980735963

 BAKERSFIELD              SAN JOAQUIN DRUM CO                    3930 GILMORE AVE.                      CAD981997695

 BAKERSFIELD              TENNECO OIL CO W/3 OTHERS              LAT 35 25 16 LONG 119 14 25            CAD980499032

 BAKERSFIELD              TEXACO REFINING & MKTG INC             6451 ROSEDALE HWY                      CAD099457087

 BAKERSFIELD              TOSCO CORP BAKERSFIELD REFINERY        6500 REFINERY AVE                      CAD000072769

 BAKERSFIELD              UNION OIL & 13 OTHERS                  2700 F ST                              CAD038061966

 BAKERSFIELD              UPF CORPORATION                        3747 STANDARD ST.                      CAD983650151

 BAKERSFIELD              VALLEY PROPELLER                       300 WATTS DR                           CAD982415739



 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 7 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BALDWIN PARK             GARVEY AVENUE SITE                     13916 GARVEY AVE                       CAD981622012

 BALDWIN PARK             SAN GABRIEL VALLEY (AREA 2)            SUNSET & SN BERNARDINO FRWY            CAD980818512

 BALLARAT                 BALLARAT CYANIDE DUMP                  SOUTH OF INDIAN RANCH RD.              CAD983585498

 BALLARAT                 UPPER MIDDLE PARK CANYON               T22 S., R.45E., SEC 27                 CA0000475889

 BALLICO                  AG AVIATION INC (2)                    TURLOCK MUNI AIRPORT                   CAD982358871

 BANNING                  BANNING DRUMS                          1326 E. RAMSEY ST.                     CAD983646498

 BANNING                  MORONGO LAB WASTE                      1 MIL N. OF MORONGO RD ADJ GARCIA RD   CAD983671058

 BARSTOW                  ATCHISON TOPEKA & SANTA FE RWY CO      470 L STREET AT H STREET               CAD980893937

 BARSTOW                  BARSTOW DSPL SITE                      EXETER ST & WESTON AVE                 CAD980886543


 BARSTOW                  FORT IRWIN RD DSPL                     FORT IRWIN RD                          CAD980498570

 BARSTOW                  JPL GOLDSTONE TRACKING FACILITY        36 M N OF                              CA7800020391


 BARTLETT                 PPG INDUSTRIES BARTLETT PLT            W SHORELINE OF OWENS LAKE              CAD980736144

 BEALE AFB                BEALE AIR FORCE BASE                   BEALE AIR FORCE BASE                   CA7570024508

 BEAUMONT                 LOCKHEED CORP AIRCRAFT LDFL            HIGHLAND SPRINGS RD                    CAD980887392

 BELL                     BELL ORGANIZATIONAL MAINTENANCE SHOP   5300 BANDINI BOULEVARD                 CAD981368913

 BELL GARDENS             CHROME CRANKSHAFT                      6845 E. FLORENCE PLACE                 CAD055780167

 BELL GARDENS             J&S CHROME PLATING                     683 FLORENCE PLACE                     CAD982400343

 BELL GARDENS             KING NEPTUNE                           6612 CLARA ST                          CAD983623786

 BELL GARDENS             W C HARDESTY                           6052 SHULL ST                          CAD981425184

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 8 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BELMONT                  ENGINEERING CHEMICAL PROCESSES         641 QUARRY RD                          CAD982358913

 BELMONT                  PROTO METALS                           1565 OLD COUNTY ROAD                   CA0001898576

 BELMONT                  PUREX CORP BARON-BLAKESLEE DIV         248 HARBOR BLVD                        CAD980637672

 BELMONT                  PUREX CORP BARON-BLAKESLEE DIV         511 O'NEILL AVE                        CAD980636930

 BENECIA                  GOULDS PRO SHOP                        3000 BAYSHORE AVE.                     CAD982516510

 BENICIA                  BENICIA DREDGE DSPL                    1ST & D ST & E "L" ST                  CAD980735880

 BENICIA                  BENICIA MARINA DREDGING PROJ           2ND ST @ WATERFRONT                    CAD982358921

 BENICIA                  BENICIA WASTEWATER TREATMENT PLT       614 E 5TH ST                           CAD000626796

 BENICIA                  EXXON BENICIA REF                      3400 E 2ND ST                          CAD063001770

 BENICIA                  IT CORP BENICIA FACIL                  LAKE HERMAN RD                         CAD000060012

 BENICIA                  LIBERTY HIGH SCHOOL                    350 EAST K ST.                         CAD983566498

 BENICIA                  OLIN CORP                              BLDG 68 BENICIA INDUSTRIAL PK          CAD009702564

 BENICIA                  PG&E GAS PLANT BENECIA 104 1           NW COR E H & E 2ND STS                 CAD981416084

 BENICIA                  SOLANO COUNTY LANDFILL                 BIRATO                                 CAD982358863

 BENICIA                  SUISUN BAY FLEET                       SUISUN BAY                             CA5690090571

 BERKELEY                 BAUM ELECTROLAB                        800 BANCROFT WAY, 2ND FLOOR            CAD070148457

 BERKELEY                 BERKELEY IND COURT                     729 HEINZ AVE                          CAD980637235

 BERKELEY                 BERKELEY LDFL CO                       VIRGINIA ST & FT OF UNIVERSITY         CAD980817746

 BERKELEY                 DESOTO INC                             1608 4TH ST                            CAD009110867

 BERKELEY                 ELECTRO-COATINGS IND                   893 CARLETON ST                        CAD009116211

 BERKELEY                 GERMAIN'S                              2777-9TH ST.                           CAD981377005

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 9 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BERKELEY                 LAWRENCE BERKELEY LABORATORY           1 CYCLOTRON RD                         CA4890008986

 BERKELEY                 MANASSE-BLOCK TANNING CO               1300 4TH ST                            CAD009125204

 BERKELEY                 MATRECON INC                           2424 4TH ST                            CAT000624197

 BERKELEY                 SOLID WASTE MGMT CTR                   SECOND AND GILMAN STS                  CAD980637227

 BIG CREEK                BIG CREEK PESTICIDE BLDG               T 8S,R 25E, SW 1 4 SEC 28              CA0001092089

 BIG PINE                 BLUEROCK MILLSITE                      30 MI E. OF BIG PINE                   CA0000307777

 BIG SUR                  POINT SUR NAVAL FACILITY               BIG SUR                                CA9170090014

 BIGGS                    AERONOCK INC #1                        AFTON RD                               CAD982358749

 BISHOP                   BLACKROCK MINE                         NEAREST CITY BISHOP                    CA4141190567

 BISHOP                   INYO NATL FOREST                       T3N-R34E T22S-R37                      CA1122307613

 BISHOP                   UNION CARBIDE CORP MINING & METALS     PINE CK OPERATION                      CAD008391369

 BLOOMINGTON              SO PACIFIC TRANS CO W COLTON CA        19100 SLOVER AVE                       CAD000627950

 BLUE LAKE                MCINTOSH LUMBER CO INC                 FISH HATCHERY RD                       CAD980382659

 BLYTHE                   BLYTHE LANDFILL                        7 MILES N. OF CITY OF BLYTHE           CA0000094508

 BLYTHE                   CHUCK JONES                            10950 20TH AVE                         CAD980889208

 BLYTHE                   CYR AVIATION INC                       15401 S LOVEKIN                        CAD980889224

 BLYTHE                   FARMER AIR SERVICE                     17500 W HOBSON WAY                     CAD980889216

 BLYTHE                   RIVERSIDE CO DUMP                      1000 MIDLAND RD                        CAD980816581

 BLYTHE                   WEST COAST FLYING SERVICE              13-400 W 14TH SAVE                     CAD067652156

 BOLINAS                  OLD BOLINAS GARAGE THE                 6 WHARF RD.                            CAD983581828

 BOLINAS                  RCA ANTENNA FARM                       451 MESA RD.                           CAD980736193

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 10 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BOLINAS                  USCG CAMSPAC - SAN FRANCISCO           525 MESA ROAD                          CA3690390494

 BONSALL                  JOYCE, VINCENT D SITE                  NEAR 6969 W LILAC RD                   CAD982359770

 BORON                    U.S. BORAX MINE                        NORTH ON BORAX RD, OFF HWY 58, 4M NW   CAD008323255
 BRAWLEY                  BOLSA DRAINAGE INC                     5 E SHANK RD                           CAT080010127

 BRAWLEY                  BRAWLEY CITY OF                        BEST CANAL N/BRAWLEY ARPT              CAD980736326

 BRAWLEY                  BRAWLEY DRUM SITE                      ST HWY 111 NEXT/4705 HWY 111           CAD982358657

 BRAWLEY                  BRAWLEY FERTILIZER CO                  4720 HWY 111                           CAD980636690

 BRAWLEY                  BRAWLEY MUNI ARPT                      BEST & JONES RD                        CAD980884167

 BRAWLEY                  CENTRAL BRAVE AG SERVICE               4368 HWY 86 O'CONNEL AIRPORT           CAD982358475

 BRAWLEY                  CENTRAL BRAVE AG SERVICE               4380 HWY 86 EL CENTRO HWY              CAD982358418

 BRAWLEY                  DE FOREST J M CORP HANDLING SERVICE    1351 E ST                              CAD982358293

 BRAWLEY                  IMPERIAL CO DUMP SITE #18              WORTHINGTON RD NR NEW RIV              CAD980498604

 BRAWLEY                  VAL AIR CO INC                         822 E SHANK RD                         CAD980695555

 BREA                     AMERON CORROSION RESISTANT PIPING DIV  536 VANGAURD                           CAD982360281

 BREA                     BREA POLICE PISTOL RANGE               SITE DRIVE                             CA0001158674

 BREA                     BREA-OLINDA CANYON DUMP                VALENCIA AVE                           CAD980735948

 BREA                     CALAFIA INDUSTRIES INC                 540 W LAMBERT                          CAD047775234

 BREA                     CYANAMID DISTRIBUTION CTR BREA         2980 ENTERPRISE ST                     CAD000629758

 BREA                     GORDONS AUTO REPAIR                    318 N ORANGE                           CAD982359697

 BREA                     HONETREAT                              400 N BERRY                            CAD982359754

 BREA                     JAS. E. MCGRAW & SONS                  320 N ORANGE                           CAD982359937

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 11 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BREA                     KIRKHILL RUBBER CO                     360 EAST CYPRESS                       CAD008255168

 BREA                     PETROLITE CORP - TRETOLITE             200 S PUENTE ST                        CAD008324360

 BREA                     THOMPSON-HAYWARD CHEM CO               111 S BERRY ST                         CAD982359465

 BRIDGEPORT               AURORA CANYON MILLSITE                 NEAREST CITY BRIDGEPORT                CA5141190566

 BRIDGEPORT               BODIE MINE                             NEAREST CITY BRIDGEPORT                CA3141190568

 BRIDGEPORT               BRIDGEPORT MTN WARFARE TRAINING CTR    PICKLE MEADOWS                         CA3170090127
 BRISBANE                 BRISBANE DUMP SITE                     HWY 101 ON SAN FRANC./SAN MATEO CTY    CAD983669086
 BRISBANE                 SO PACIFIC TRANS CO                    E/OLD BAYSHORE RD AT GENEVA            CAD980638415

 BRISBANE                 STAUFFER CHEM CO BRISBANE              200 INDUSTRIAL WAY                     CAD980636948

 BROWNS VALLEY            EMPIRE STAR MINES CO LTD               MARYSVILLE RD                          CAD982399727

 BUENA PARK               EL BANDIDO TRUCK YARD                  6622-6632                              CAD982359572

 BUENA PARK               GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP                   6300 REGIO AVE                         CAD009565938

 BUENA PARK               HOOKER CHEMICAL & PLASTICS CORP        5460 KNOTT AVE                         CAD060754231

 BUENA PARK               HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO.                    7000 VILLAGE DRIVE                     CAD981451768

 BUENA PARK               HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO.                    8475 ARTESIA                           CAD981451701

 BURBANK                  ALUMINUM DIP BRAZE CO                  2537 N ONTARIO ST                      CAD059233858

 BURBANK                  ALUMTREAT                              2905 WINONA ST.                        CAD009561911

 BURBANK                  BRASS PROD CO                          3059-63 N CALIFORNIA ST                CAD008335812

 BURBANK                  BURBANK STEEL TREATING INC             130 W VERDUGO AVE                      CAD981170061

 BURBANK                  CIRCUIT CRAFT CO                       205 S FLOWER                           CAD008306433

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 12 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BURBANK                  DIE CASTING ID CORP                    1304 S VARNEY                          CAD008304412

 BURBANK                  DUNRITE METAL PLATING                  3055 CALIFORNIA ST                     CAD980889000

 BURBANK                  HASKELL INC                            100 EAST GRAND PLACE                   CAD008490377

 BURBANK                  ITT GENERAL CONTROLS CORP.             1200 S. FLOWER ST.                     CAD028247351

 BURBANK                  LOCKHEED CAL. COMPANY PLANT A1         2555 N. HOLLYWOOD WAY                  CAD008255283

 BURBANK                  LOCKHEED CALIF PLT B1 WASTE TREATMENT  1705 VICTORY PLACE                     CAD045256187

 BURBANK                  PAC AIRCRAFT ENGINEERING CTR           3000 CLYBOURN AVE                      CAD980636617

 BURBANK                  PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      2940 HOLLYWOOD WAY                     CAD041684838

 BURBANK                  PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      217 S FRONT ST                         CAD980636609

 BURBANK                  PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      HANG#2 UNIT ARPT UNION AIR TER         CAD980636591

 BURBANK                  RAILCHEM                               201 N. FRONT ST.                       CAD075275180

 BURBANK                  WESTERN PACIFIC CIRCUITS               2033 N LINCOLN                         CAD063808182

 BURBANK                  ZERO CORP                              777 N FRONT ST                         CAD008255069

 BURLINGAME               BROWNING-FERRIS INDS                   ARPT BLVD                              CAD980636955

 BURLINGAME               OXYTRAL                                895 MITTEN RD                          CAD982359036

 BURLINGAME               PICKRELL D J                           1408 CHAPIN AVE                        CAD074632522

 BURLINGAME               STAUFFER CHEM CO                       CHESTNUT                               CAD982359218

 BURNEY                   LOUISIANA PACIFIC BURNEY FACIL         BURNEY                                 CAD089924633

 BURREL                   NEWHALL PROPERTY                       ONE MILES SOUTH OF BURREL              CAD983670274

 BUTTONWILLOW             BUTTONWILLOW DUSTERS INC               HWY 58                                 CAD982359358

 CALEXICO                 A & A AUTO DISMANTLERS                 30 WEST HIGHWAY 98                     CA0000000604

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 13 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 CALEXICO                 IMPERIAL IRRGTN DIST EL CENTRO STEAM   485 E VILLA AVE                        CAD980817142

 CALEXICO                 MEXAM DRUMS                            700 PIERCE AVE                         CAD983621079

 CALEXICO                 PUREGRO                                97 WEST COLE ROAD                      CAD983657453


 CALIPATRIA               BEN CO INC                             299 N LYERLY RD                        CAD982358715

 CALIPATRIA               CALIPATRIA STORAGE YARD                ALAMO & CENTRO AVES                    CAD982358590

 CALIPATRIA               DESERT AGRICULTURAL CHEM CO            290 E YOUNG RD                         CAD982358236

 CALIPATRIA               DESERT AGRICULTURAL CHEM CO (2)        409 S INDUSTRIAL                       CAD982358178

 CALIPATRIA               DUNE CO                                340 E MAIN ST                          CAD982358053

 CALIPATRIA               JESSEN & CO                            407 INDUSTRIAL AVE                     CAD980694772

 CALIPATRIA               JESSEN & CO INC                        447 E BONITA ST                        CAD020530895

 CALIPATRIA               TITSWORTH UNAUTHORIZED DUMP            NE 1/4 OF SEC 5, T13S, R16E            CA0000603167

 CALPELLA                 CALPELLA SAWMILL                       6500 DURABLE MILL RD                   CAD053249298

 CAMARILLO                HI TEMP INSULATION INC                 4700 CALLE ALTO                        CAD981413719

 CAMBRIA                  CAMBRIA RANCH ACCESS ROAD              SAN SIMEON CREEK                       CAD983602863

 CAMERON                  PACIFIC WESTERN EXTRUDED PLASTIC       3500 ROBIN LANE                        CAD056804008


 CAMPBELL                 AMERICAN AUTOMATED INDUSTRIES          1190 DELL AVE                          CAD981368400

 CAMPBELL                 HI LINE PAINTS                         500 SALMAR AVE                         CAD981377054

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 14 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CAMPBELL                 NOBLE PROPERTIES                       535 RODECK WAY                         CAD981990021

 CAMPBELL                 UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE           1587 DELL AVENUE                       CAD983664756

 CAMPO SECO               PENN MINE                              SOUTH BANK MOKALUMNE RIVER             CAD983567454

 CAMPTONVILLE             SIERRA MOUNTAIN MILL                   1576 CELESTIAL VALLEY ROAD             CAD980365878

 CANBY                    I'SOT                                  SEC25 T42N R9E                         CAD981426398

 CANOGA PARK              HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO                     8433 FALLBROOK AVE                     CAD041162124

 CANOGA PARK              ROCKWELL INTL CORP                     6633 CANOGA PARK                       CAD074103771

 CANOGA PARK              ROCKWELL INTL ENERGY SYSTEMS GROUP     8900 DESOTO AVE                        CAD000629972

 CANTINA CREEK            VDL FARMS                              1/4MI E I-5 @ ADAMS/ MANNING 33        CAD982358145

 CANYON COUNTRY           FLARE-NORTHERN DIV                     19701 W GOODVALE RD                    CAD980893598

 CANYON COUNTRY           SPACE ORDNANCE SYSTEMS MINT CYN        34854 PETERSON RD                      CAD000819847

 CANYON COUNTRY           SPACE ORDNANCE SYSTEMS SAND CYN        25977 SAND CANYON RD                   CAD067776484

 CAPITOLA                 BROWN BULB RANCH                       1971 41ST AVE                          CAD088833215

 CAPITOLA                 MCMILLIAN RESIDENCE                    503 B PINE ST                          CAD980736078

 CARLSBAD                 BECKMAN INSTRUMENTS INC                6200 EL CAMINO REAL                    CAD072518517

 CARLSBAD                 BURROUGHS CORP                         5600 AVENIDA ENCINAS                   CAD047784871

 CARLSBAD                 CARLSBAD                               CARLSBAD                               CAD981621717

 CARLSBAD                 CHARTER OAK PRESERVING CO.             3531 CHARTER OAK DR.                   CAD983594235

 CARLSBAD                 NARCOTICS TASK FORCE LABORATORY        2461 IMPALA DR.                        CA1150090602

 CARLSBAD                 SOUTH COAST ASPHALT PRODUCTS           3701 HAYMAR DR 3.1 MI E OF I-5         CAD009548371

 CARMEL VALLEY            COMSAT                                 CACHAGUA RD UPPER                      CAD046490322

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 15 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CARSON                   AIR PRODUCTS & CHEM INC                23320 S ALAMEDA ST                     CAT080010655

 CARSON                   ALAMEDA ST SAN LDFL                    22700 S ALAMEDA ST                     CAD980636393

 CARSON                   ALCO MINING CO                         16908 S BROADWAY                       CAD980359020

 CARSON                   ALCO PACIFIC INC.                      16914 S. BROADWAY                      CAD008387250

 CARSON                   ARCO PETROL PROD CO WATSON REF         1801 E SEPULVEDA BLVD                  CAD077227049

 CARSON                   ASCON OPERATOR ASBURY TRANSP           BLINN AVE & LOMITA                     CAD980636468

 CARSON                   BORDEN CHEM                            20740 S WILMINGTON                     CAD008335143

 CARSON                   CAL COMPACT                            20030 S MAIN                           CAD980735955

 CARSON                   CHEMICAL & AEROSPACE PROD              231 E LOMITA BLVD                      CAD981161060

 CARSON                   DE-BEST MFG CO INC                     16122 MAIN ST                          CAD980888994

 CARSON                   DEEPWATER CHEMICAL                     935 E VICTORIA                         CAD084692326

 CARSON                   GARDENA VALLEY DUMP #5                 100 W TORRANCE BLVD                    CAD982404865

 CARSON                   GARDENA VALLEY LANDFILL 1&2            MAIN ST & FIGUEROA                     CAD982399883

 CARSON                   GOLDEN EAGLE REFINING CO INC           21000 S FIGUERORA ST                   CAD062080064

 CARSON                   HUCK MFG CO                            900 WATSON CENTER RD                   CAD044429884

 CARSON                   INDUSTRIAL PROCESS & CHEM CO           21111 S WILMINGTON BLVD                CAD008513525

 CARSON                   INDUSTRIAL TUBE CORP                   22320 S AVALON BLVD                    CAD980889075

 CARSON                   JOHNS MANVILLE PLT                     2430 E 223RD                           CAD060386596

 CARSON                   KELLOGG SUPPLY INC                     23924 FIGUEROA ST                      CAD008386450

 CARSON                   LIQUID CHEM CORP                       18911 S MAIN ST                        CAD981161094

 CARSON                   LOS ANGELES CO SAN DIST JOINT WPCP     24501 S FIGUEROA ST                    CAD000852889

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 16 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CARSON                   MARTIN ADAMS DUMP                      213 ST TO 21111 DOLORES                CAD981399520

 CARSON                   MOEN FOAM CO                           16627 S AVALON BLVD                    CAD982360463

 CARSON                   NALCO CHEM CO CARSON PLT               2111 E DOMINGUEZ                       CAD083914911

 CARSON                   PUREX IND DIV OF T P IND INC           24600 S MAIN ST                        CAD096004742

 CARSON                   SHELL OIL CO DOMINGUEZ FACIL           20945 S WILMINGTON AVE                 CAD066676123

 CARSON                   SOIL MGMT METHOD INC                   WILMINGTON AND LOMITA                  CAD980636443

 CARSON                   SOUTHWEST CONSERVATION                 20300 S MAIN ST                        CAD980636500

 CARSON                   STAUFFER CHEM CO                       2112 E 223RD ST                        CAD076941103

 CARSON                   STAUFFER CHEM CO DOMINGUEZ PLT         20720 S WILMINGTON AVE                 CAT000611202

 CARSON                   TCL DUMP                               TERMINAL ISL FWY & ANAHEIM ST          CAD980636476

 CARSON                   TED HAMMETT                            E OF ALAMEDA N OF SEPULVEDA            CAD980636450

 CARSON                   TEXACO USA DIV TEXACO INC              23208                                  CAT000646331

 CARSON                   TREE ISLAND STEEL                      2850 E DEL AMO BLVD                    CAD095149738

 CARSON                   VENUS LABORATORIES INC                 18903 S MAIN ST                        CAD981413750

 CARSON                   VICTORIA GOLF COURSE                   340 E 192 ST                           CAD980818926

 CARSON                   WATSON CARBON & CHEM                   2021 SEPULVEDA BLVD                    CAD067748285

 CARSON                   WERDIN DUMP                            20420 S MAIN ST                        CAD981576622

 CASMALIA                 CASMALIA RESOURCES                     NTU RD-539 SAN YSIDRO RD               CAD020748125

 CASPAR                   CASPAR SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL SITE       COUNTY ROAD 561A                       CAD983578105

 CECILVILLE               MCMONTEREGO-MIDDLE EARTH MINE          41 17 240 123 05 05 NEAR               CAD980391064

 CEDAR PINE PARK          CRESTLINE DRMO                         690 MOZUMBER RD.                       CA0000840884

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 17 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CENTRAL VALLEY           VALLEY PLATING CO                      3872 EL CAJON                          CAD055556062

 CERRITOS                 CERRITOS REGIONAL PARK                 19700 S BLOOMFIELD AVE                 CAD980636401

 CERRITOS                 LARRY ZELKES RESIDENCE                 12129 YEARLING                         CAD982400442

 CERRITOS                 MODERN COATINGS                        17301 EDWARDS RD                       CAD070198940

 CERRITOS                 TARGET CHEMICAL CO                     17710 STUDEBAKER RD                    CAD053883534

 CHATSWORTH               CIRTEC DIV OF INTERLINK CORP           8944 FULLBRIGHT                        CAD051481349

 CHATSWORTH               COMMERCIAL RECOVERY & LIQUIDATION      8933 WINNETKA AVE                      CAD026178269

 CHATSWORTH               DRACON INDUSTRIES                      9541 MASON AVE                         CAD008508475

 CHATSWORTH               GRAPHIC RESEARCH INC                   9334 MASON AVE                         CAD009680232

 CHATSWORTH               HEXCEL CORPORATION                     20701 NORDHOFF ST                      CAD050808369

 CHATSWORTH               LITTON IND DIV                         20745 NORDHOFF ST                      CAD008297368

 CHATSWORTH               OMI INTL CORP SEL-REX DIV              20801 NORDHOFF ST                      CAD057358426

 CHATSWORTH               ORGANON TEKNIKA CORP CHATSWORTH DIV    9556 COZYCROFT AVE                     CAD084698141

 CHESTER                  ALMANOR MFG. CO.                       763 MAIN ST.                           CAD982061103

 CHESTER                  ARMIN MINE                             HWY 89 NR LAKE ALMNORE                 CAD980737944

 CHICO                    CHICO ARPT                             COHASSETT HWY                          CA9570090135

 CHICO                    CHICO TRMT PLT                         RIVER RD                               CAD000852624

 CHICO                    CHICO WELL FIELD                       SPREAD OVER CITY OF CHICO              CAD980884407

 CHICO                    COMSTOCK ROAD-CHICO CHEMICALS          7 COMSTOCK ROAD                        CAD983623802

 CHICO                    DIAMOND INTL CORP                      W 16TH ST PO BOX 1070                  CAD009212945

 CHICO                    ESPLANADE CLEANERS                     124 E. SECOND AVE.                     CA0000028217

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 18 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHICO                    FIRST AVENUE CLEANERS                  1082 EAST FIRST AVENUE                 CAD983567439

 CHICO                    FLAIR CUSTOM CLEANERS                  660 MANGROVE AVENUE                    CAD980677462

 CHICO                    LOUISIANA-PACIFIC                      END OF 16TH. ST.                       CAD981692262

 CHICO                    NEARY RANCH                            HWY 99 BET BROYLES & LASSEN            CAD980694897

 CHICO                    NORGE VILLAGE CLEANERS                 254 E. FIRST STREET                    CA0000028209

 CHICO                    PAT & MIKES SEPTAGE                    E OF HICKS LN                          CAD085295947

 CHICO                    PG&E GAS PLANT CHICO 210 1             2ND ST BET ORANGE & CHERRY STS         CAD981414956

 CHICO                    PG&E GAS PLANT CHICO 210 1A            SE COR 2ND & BROADWAY                  CAD981416159

 CHICO                    SIERRA PACIFIC INDS                    275 SIKORSKY AVE                       CAD980883029

 CHICO                    VICTOR INDUSTRIES                      365 EAST 20TH STREET                   CAD094375706

 CHINA LAKE               CHINA LAKE NAVAL WEAPONS STA           NAVAL WEAPONS STA                      CA2170023152

 CHINESE CAMP             SNIDER LUMBER                          SIMMS RD, HWY 49                       CAD983575267

 CHINO                    AEROJET ORDNANCE CHINO FACILITY        END OF WOODVIEW RD.                    CAD981457302

 CHINO                    PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      ONTARIO ARPT                           CAD980636633

 CHINO                    SUNSHINE METAL PRODS                   13822 OAKS AVE                         CAD980816656

 CHOWCHILLA               CERTAINEED CHOWHILLA PLT               17775 23 1/2                           CAD093435022

 CHULA VISTA              A & W SMELTER                          1700 MAXWELL ROAD                      CAD982416604

 CHULA VISTA              APACHE SERV LDFL                       4551 OTAY VLY RD NR OTAY RIV           CAD980515860

 CHULA VISTA              APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGIES II            1700 MAXWELL RD                        CAT080010101

 CHULA VISTA              BROWN FIELD HAZARDOUS WASTE SITE       5675 OTAY VALLEY RD                    CAD980881700

 CHULA VISTA              DARLING DELAWARE CO. PROPERTY          730-751 DESIGN COURT                   CAD983666702

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 19 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHULA VISTA              OMAR RENDERING/DARLING DELAWARE        4826 OTAY VALLEY RD.                   CAD981395627

 CHULA VISTA              PARCEL 8                               4705 OTAY VALLEY RD                    CAD983662578

 CHULA VISTA              ROHR IND INC                           FOOT OF H ST                           CAD008382053

 CHULA VISTA              SAN DIEGO SHIP BUILDING                980 F STREET                           CAD107568321

 CHULA VISTA              SOUTH BAY BOAT YARD                    997 G                                  CAD983658451

 CHULA VISTA              THERMO KING OF SAN DIEGO, INC.         340 BAY BOULEVARD                      CAD983658428

 CHULA VISTA              VINCENT DAVIES PROPERTY                4501 OTAY VALLEY ROAD                  CAD983566779

 CHULA VISTA              WMC CORP                               1150 BAY BLVD                          CAD020521373

 CIMA                     MORNING STAR MINE                      15M NE OF CIMA CA                      CA0000466748

 CITY OF COMMERCE         BAKER CASTOR OIL                       5585 E 61ST ST                         CAD980636203

 CITY OF COMMERCE         CONTINENTAL CAN CO USA PLT 442         5650 E GRACE PLACE                     CAT000624718

 CITY OF COMMERCE         CROWN ZELLERBACH CORPORATION           5900 SHEILA STREET                     CAT000623959

 CITY OF COMMERCE         FOREMOST MCKESSON INC MCKESSON CHEM    5353 JILLSON ST                        CAD020745246
 CITY OF COMMERCE         GROW GROUP INC CONSUMER PROD DIV       2425 MALT AVE                          CAD085393080

 CITY OF COMMERCE         HECHT PROPERTIES                       6014 SOUTH EASTERN AVE.                CAD981619786

 CITY OF COMMERCE         HEMPHILL SPRING CO                     4220 E WASHINGTON BLVD                 CAD008258121

 CITY OF COMMERCE         LUBRICATION CORP. OF AMERICA           4212 EAST PACIFIC WAY                  CAD981633084

 CITY OF COMMERCE         MAGNUS CO INC                          6135 DISTRICT BLVD                     CAD980636211

 CITY OF COMMERCE         PACIFIC TUBE CO                        5710 SMITHWAY ST                       CAD008383523

 CITY OF COMMERCE         REYNOLDS ALUMINUM SUPPLY CO            6446-6440 E WASHINGTON BLVD            CAD003134517

 CITY OF COMMERCE         SOUTHLAND OIL INC RANDOLPH REF         5619-5621 RANDOLPH ST                  CAT080012685

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 20 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CITY OF COMMERCE         TEPCO INC                              6274 E PEACHTREE ST                    CAD092530435

 CITY OF COMMERCE         THORLEY DOUG HEADERS                   7403 TELEGRAPH RD                      CAD083819847

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         ACROMILL                               18421 RAILROAD ST.                     CAD008339863

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         APPLIED SOLAR ENERGY CORP              15251 E DON JULIAN RD                  CAD097456099

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         BROUGH INDUSTRIES INC.                 15100 E. NELSON AVE.                   CAD983633710

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         CHALLENGE-COOK BROS                    15421 E GALE AVE                       CAD008240459

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         ECOLAB                                 18303 E RAILROAD STREET                CAD983566480

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         GRACE W R CHEMED CORP                  9TH & DON JULIAN RD                    CAD980817928

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         HEARTLAND INDUSTRIES                   425 S. 9TH. AVE.                       CAD056444524

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         LIGHT METAL INDUS                      13329 ECTOR ST                         CAD054846670

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         LUCAS SITE                             14724 EAST PROCTOR AVENUE              CAD983670555

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         MASONITE CORP                          200 MASON WAY                          CAD008491482

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         PHAMTOM SITE                           14641 EAST DON JULIAN ROAD             CAD983670548

 CITY OF INDUSTRY         QUEMETCO INC                           720 S 7TH AVE                          CAD066233966

 CLARKSBURG               SIMPLOT                                JEFFERSON BLVD/100 YDS N OF COURTLAND  CAD983650136
 CLAYTON                  MARSH CREEK RD ABANDONED DUMP SITE     MARSH CREEK RD                         CAD980736060

 CLEARLAKE                EASTLAKE LANDFILL                      E END OF DAVIS ST                      CAD981416910

 CLEARLAKE                SULPHUR BANK MERCURY MINE              SULPHUR BANK RD                        CAD980893275

 CLOVERDALE               CHEMWEST IND INC                       26970 ASTI RD                          CAD990663296

 CLOVERDALE               CLOVERDALE SAWMILL                     100 KELLY RD                           CAD039112990

 CLOVERDALE               MASONITE CORPORATION                   1M SOUTH OF CLOVERDALE                 CAD981450331

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 21 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CLOVERDALE               MGM BRAKES                             HWY 101 & SANTANA RD                   CAD000074120

 CLOVERDALE (5 MI NE)     SHELL OIL CO HILARY FARM LSE           SEC 26 T12N R10W MDB & M               CAD980694830

 CLOVIS                   CLOVIS DRUM BROOKHAVEN                 1063 BROOKHAVEN                        CAD084523174

 CLOVIS                   CLOVIS DRUM HERNDON                    4536 E HERNDON AVE                     CAD981374200

 CLOVIS                   FRESNO RIFLE & PISTOL CLUB             15682 AUBERRY RD.                      CAD983672700

 COALINGA                 ABANDONED OIL REFINERY                 2 MI SW OF COALINGA ON HWY 198         CAD980886469

 COALINGA                 ABANDONED WAREHOUSE                    ELM AVE SO OF POLK ST                  CAD981996192

 COALINGA                 ATLAS ASBESTOS MINE                    LOS GATOS CK RD                        CAD980496863

 COALINGA                 BIG BLUE HILLS DSPL SITE               SEC 3 T19S R15E MDBM 10 MI N           CAT080010606

 COALINGA                 COALINGA ASBESTOS MINE                 PINE CYN 15 MI NW OF                   CAD980817217

 COALINGA                 GRANITE ROCK CO                        WEST OF HWY 33                         CAD981996135

 COALINGA                 PG&E GAS PLANT COALINGA                S LOUISIANA E HOUSTON E SACTO          CAD981415797

 COALINGA                 SHELL CO OF CA INC COALINGA REF        S OF HWY 198 BETWEEN 5 & 33            CAD980636815

 COALINGA                 UNION CARBIDE CORP JOE MINE            SEC 25 T18S R12E - 35 MI NW OF         CAD980695498

 COARSEGOLD               CAL TRANS SERVICE YD                   HWY 41                                 CAD982358939

 COLINSVILLE              IT CORP MONTEZUMA FACIL                LITTLE HOOKER BAY RD & COLLINS         CAD079089512

 COLOMA                   GARDEN VALLEY RANCH ESTATES            5 MI NE OF                             CAD980889059

 COLTON                   CRANE CO                               330 W CITRUS ST                        CAD066135690

 COLTON                   GENERAL AMERICAN TRANSPORT CO          SLOVER & PEPPER AVENUES                CAD055698815

 COLTON                   GRIFFIN WHEEL DUMP                     1280 JEFFERSON STREET                  CAD983633744

 COLTON                   GUYAUX LANDFILL                        END OF FLORES & FERNANDO STREETS       CAD983652033

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 22 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 COLTON                   SAN BERNARDINO CO LDFL                 LA CADENA & TROPICO RANCHO AVE         CAD000606541

 COLTON                   SOLVEX INC                             1475 MILLER DR                         CAD982360422

 COLTON                   US STEEL CORP CHEM DIV                 291 W ADAMS ST                         CAD091933895

 COLTON                   WHITTAKER CORP COATINGS & CHEM         1231 S LINCOLN ST                      CAD044331999

 COLUSA                   DELTA IND                              HWY 20/45 @ COLUSA AIRPORT             CAD982404667

 COLUSA                   PG&E GAS PLANT COLUSA                  S SIDE MAIN BET 1ST & 2ND              CAD981415730

 COLUSA                   PIRELLI CABLE CORP                     1480 WILL S GREEN AVE                  CAT080013345

 COLUSA                   SIMPLOT SOILBUILDERS                   HWY 20/45 @ COLUSA AIRPORT             CAD095882403

 COMMERCE                 COMMERCE REFUSE TO ENERGY              5926 SHEILA ST.                        CAD983571142

 COMMERCE                 WESTERN LEAD PRODUCTS COMPANY          4530 EAST PACIFIC WAY                  CA0001368158

 COMPTON                  BETZ LABORATORIES INC                  3154 E HARCOURT ST                     CAD002604866

 COMPTON                  CARLON PRODUCTS DIV                    250 E MANVILLE ST                      CAD981690522

 COMPTON                  CHEROKEE TRUCKING                      414 E BANNING AVE                      CAD980636542

 COMPTON                  CLETS PLATING CO                       507 E EL SEGUNDO BLVD                  CAT080028137

 COMPTON                  COMPTON DUMP                           RANGE 2 LOT 3 ALMDRA BLVD              CAD982523979

 COMPTON                  COMPTON FOUNDRY                        1320 S ALAMEDA ST                      CAD980885339

 COMPTON                  CRAGAR INDUSTRIES, INC.                19007 SOUTH REYES AVE                  CAD009607607

 COMPTON                  DAMERON ALLOY FOUNDRIES                927 SO SANTA FE SPRINGS                CAD008502155

 COMPTON                  DEMENNO/KERDOON                        2000 N ALAMEDA                         CAD980695019

 COMPTON                  MACCLATCHIE MFG CO                     2120 N ALAMEDA ST                      CAD981371040

 COMPTON                  P&S FOUNDRY                            514 E CARLIN AVE                       CAD981371164

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 23 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CONCORD                  CONCORD NAVAL WEAPONS STATION          PORT CHICAGO HWY                       CA7170024528

 CONCORD                  CORDIS DOW CORP                        2450 BISSO LN                          CAD020028403

 CONCORD                  J SPRAY CORP                           2710 MONUMENT COURT                    CAD050676774

 CONCORD                  KERR CORP                              2755 WACTRIP LN                        CAD982358137


 CONCORD                  ROCKY MOUNTAIN BANK NOTE               2355 WHITMAN RD                        CAD083871038

 COPPER COVE VILLAGE CSD  COPPEROPOLIS ASBESTOS                  PO BOX 357                             CAD981621774

 COPPEROPOLIS             DIAMOND XX                             2 MILES WEST OF STATE ROUTE 4          CA0000008946

 COPPERPOLIS              CALAVERAS ASBESTOS LTD                 OBYRNES FERRY RD                       CAD020014874

 CORCORAN                 B&C CROP SERVICES                      SE 7TH AVE & PUEBLO                    CAD982359176

 CORCORAN                 CALARCO INC                            2212 WHITLEY AVE                       CAD028046969

 CORCORAN                 LAKELAND AERIAL APPLICATORS INC        CORCORAN ARPT                          CAD980390967

 CORCORAN                 PUREGRO CO UNIT 144                    CENTRAL VALLEY HWY & NEVADA            CAD041652090

 CORONA                   ALL AMERICAN ASPHALT                   14224 MAGNOLIA                         CAD982359648

 CORONA                   CRESTA VERDE GOLF COURSE               1295 CRESTA RD                         CAD060759297

 CORONA                   DUMP-HALL AVE                          7675 HALL AVE                          CAD980892426

 CORONA                   H&E ENGINEERING                        958 EL SOBRANTE RD                     CAD980892541

 CORONA                   LISTON ALUMINUM CO                     20401 TEMESCAL CYN                     CAD078132362

 CORONA                   ORANGE HEIGHTS ORANGE ASSN             105 N PEARL                            CAD007963820

 CORONA                   PACIFIC CLAY PRODUCTS                  P.O.BOX 1149 20325 TEMESCAL CANYON     CAD982312183
 CORONA                   PRADO PETROLEUM CO                     2471 POMONA-RINCON RD                  CAD980885008

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 24 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CORONA                   RICH MFG CO OF CA #3                   1375 MAGNOLIA                          CAD982359820

 CORONA                   UNITED HECKATHORN                      1499 ONTARIO AVE                       CAD980892848

 CORONA (W OF)            THOMAS RANCH                           S GREEN RD & W SERFAS CLUB DR          CAD980886832

 CORONADO                 CORONADO CAYS BATTERY WASTE            NR CORONADO FIRE DEPT                  CAD981380231

 CORONADO                 CORONADO DRY CLEANERS                  1101 ORANGE AVE/1019 C AVENUE          CAD983566621

 COSTA MESA               EXOTIC MATERIAL INC                    2968 RANDOLPH AVE                      CAD008339988

 COSTA MESA               KOBOWAY INC                            380 CLINTON ST                         CAD067656025

 COSTA MESA               LEADERSHIP HOUSING SYSTEMS             19TH & WHITTIER AVE                    CAD982359994

 COSTA MESA               METROPOLITAN CIRCUITS INC #2           1261 LOGAN AVE                         CAD982360232

 COSTA MESA               MOBIL OIL CORP BANNING LEASE           1080 W 17TH ST                         CAD000629246

 COSTA MESA               MSI DATA CORP                          335 BAKER AVE                          CAD053853644

 COSTA MESA               NARMCO MATERIALS INC                   600 W VICTORIA ST                      CAD008296436

 COSTA MESA               SIGMA CIRCUITS INC                     2970 AIRWAY                            CAD981658669

 COSTA MESA               WESTERN DIGITAL CORPORATION            3128 REDHILL AVE.                      CAD051983567

 COULTERVILLE             SOLAMBO MINE                           NEAREST CITY COULTERVILLE              CA2141190569

 COVINA                   CONRAC CORP-CONRAC DIV.                600 N RIMSDALE AVE                     CAD053869293

 COVINA                   JONES & ROY CO                         620 COMMERCIAL AVE                     CAD063799746

 CRESCENT                 CRESCENT CITY LDFL                     SEC 7, T16N, R1W                       CA0000998112

 CRESCENT CITY            DEL NORTE PESTICIDE STORAGE            2650 WASHINGTON BLVD                   CAD000626176

 CRESENT CITY             MCNAMARA & PEOPLE                      6TH & M STREET                         CA0001097088

 CROCKETT                 CROCKETT-VALONA STP                    FOOT OF PORT                           CAD980498463

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 25 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CROWS LANDING            NAVAL AIR LOGISTICS FORCE              CROWS LANDING                          CA3170090192

 CULVER CITY              BURTON RESEARCH LAB INC                11240 PLAYA CT                         CAD981170129

 CULVER CITY              FLEXIBLE PLUMBER TOOLS                 6029 SLAUSON AVE                       CAD981424880

 CULVER CITY              HAYDEN PROP #2                         3593 HAYDEN AVE.                       CA0000189050

 CULVER CITY              HUGHES HELICOPTERS INC                 CENTINELA AVE & TEALE ST               CAD040360745

 CULVER CITY              INDUSTRIAL DESIGN LABORATORIES         12120 WAGNER ST.                       CAD981453756

 CULVER CITY              MERIT MFG CO                           4222 VAN BUREN PLACE                   CAD982360042

 CULVER CITY              MICA CORP (AKA NATIONAL PROP)          3530 HAYDEN AVE.                       CAT080010077

 CULVER CITY              MICA CORP THE                          4031 ELENDA ST                         CAD981371289

 CULVER CITY              TREWAX CO                              5631 MESMER AVE                        CAD008242240

 CULVER CITY              WOLFE FRANKLIN CO                      10567 JEFFERSON BLVD                   CAD008370645

 CUPERTINO                ACRIAN INC                             10131 BUBB RD                          CAD092205889

 CUPERTINO                AMPEX CUPERTINO FACILITY               10435 N TANTAU AVE                     CAD982359333

 CUPERTINO                HEWLETT PACKARD CICO DIV               10900 N WOLFE RD                       CAD049227390

 CUPERTINO                INTERSIL INC./SIEMENS COMPONENTS       10910 N TANTAU AVE                     CAD041472341

 CUPERTINO                KAISER ALUMINUM                        PERMANENTE RD                          CAD982358087

 CUPERTINO                KAISER ALUMINUM FOIL PLANT             23333 STEVENS CREEK BLVD               CAD009155284

 CUPERTINO                SIEMENS COMPONENT                      19000 HOMSTEAD RD                      CAD980884217

 CUPERTINO                TANDEM COMPUTERS LOC 1                 19333 VALLCO PARKWAY                   CAD069101152

 CUPERTINO                TIMEX                                  20650 VALLEY GREEN DR                  CAD088844345

 CUPERTINO                ZILOG CORP                             10440 BUBB RD                          CAD103713863

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 26 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CUPERTINO                ZILOG INC                              10460 BUBB RD                          CAD076314459

 CUTLER                   OROSI PUBLIC UTIL DIST                 RD 120 & AVE 404                       CAD980736375

 CYPRESS                  MERCURY RENTALS                        4664 LINCOLN                           CAD982360174

 DAGGETT                  SO CA EDISON CO COOL WATER STA         E SANTA FE ST                          CAD000630905

 DALY CITY                PG&E GAS PLANT DALY CITY               SW COR SCHERWIN & GENEVA STS           CAD981415177

 DALY CITY                PG&E MARTIN SERV CTR                   731 SCHWERIN ST                        CAD980636997


 DANVILLE                 RANSBURG ELECTRO COATING CORP          175 CAMINO ENCANTO                     CAD982417206

 DARWIN                   DARWIN LANDING STRIP                   NORTH END OF LANDING STRIP             CAD983585159

 DAVENPORT                LONE STAR IND INC                      HWY 1                                  CAD041473075

 DAVIS                    CENTRAL LANDFILL--YOLO COUNTY          28H RD OFF 102, BETWEEN WOODLAND &     CAD982351959

 DAVIS                    DAVIS TRANSMITTER SITE                 DAVIS                                  CA6570090500

 DAVIS                    FRONTIER FERTILIZER                    RD 32A & MACE BLVD                     CAD071530380

 DAVIS                    LEHR/OLD CAMPUS LANDFILL (USDOE)       OLD DAVIS ROAD                         CA2890190000

 DEL REY                  DEL REY DUMPSITE                       DEL REY AVE NEAR AMERICAN AVE          CAD980637748

 DEL REY                  H.S. MANN METAL WASTE COMPANY          5404 S DEL REY AVE                     CAD983615261

 DELANO                   J.R. SIMPLOT DBA SIMPLOT SOILBUILDER   40924 GARZOLI RD. & SCHUSTER DR.       CAD063829675

 DELANO                   KERN COUNTY DUMP                       WOOLOMES RD                            CAD980817886

 DELHI                    BETTENCOURT AGRI FLYING SVC            10831 N. PALM                          CAD982060816

 DELHI                    DELHI COUNTY WATER DIST                OFF CANAL DR AND 2ND AVE               CAD005993647

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 27 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DESERT CENTER            KAISER EAGLE MOUNTAIN                  N OF HWY 10 8M OFF KAISER RD.          CA0000053090

 DIAMOND SPRINGS          EL DORADO DSPL SERV                    3940 ST HWY 49                         CAD980637698

 DIAMOND SPRINGS          OLD CALDOR LUMBER CO YD                HWY 49 & FLAT RD                       CAD980637417

 DIAMOND SPRINGS          OXYGEN SERVICE & SUPPLY CO             13 CHINA GARDEN RD                     CAD982358681

 DINUBA                   BASF WYANDOTTE CORP.                   10181 AVE. 416                         CAT000611467

 DINUBA                   DINUBA MUNICIPAL SEWAGE TRMT PLT       6675 AVE 412                           CAD980817696

 DINUBA                   FLEX MULTILAYER INC                    301 N M ST                             CAD982029431


 DINUBA                   WARREN & BAERQ MFG INC                 39950 RD 108                           CAD056170442

 DIXON                    NAVAL RADIO TRANSMITTING FACIL         RADIO STA RD                           CA9170090055

 DORRIS (TENNANT)         TENNANT (SAWMILL)                      ANTELOPE RD S OF TENNANT               CA0000033241

 DOS PALOS                CENTRAL VLY FERTILIZER CO INC 2        7657 W AZUSA RD                        CAD011264330

 DOS PALOS                DOS PALOS ARPT                         15723 N. FOLSOM RD                     CAD980736953

 DOS PALOS                SPAIN-AIR PESTICIDE APPLICATORS        15723 N FOLSOM RD                      CAD048659825

 DOS PALOS                UNION CHEM CO                          NR INTERSEC OF ST HWY 152 & 33         CAD028635001

 DOUGLAS CITY             CHEEK SKYLINE LOGGING                  SOUTH HIGHWAY 3                        CAD983645011

 DOWNEY                   RED PHOSPHOROUS SITE                   11810 LAKEWOOD BLVD.                   CAD983668856

 DOWNIEVILLE              D E W CORP                             SEC5&8 T21N R11E 10 MI NE OF           CAD980390223

 DUBLIN                   FEDERAL CORRECTION INSTITUTION         5701 8TH ST CAMP PARKS                 CA9151990208

 E OAKLAND                VERDESE CARTER PARK                    96TH AVE & SUNNYSIDE                   CAD980496913

 E PALO ALTO              CALMAC CHEMICAL                        END OF WEEKS ST                        CAD982358731

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 28 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 E PALO ALTO              ELECTRITE CO INC                       1805 BAY RD                            CAD009119959

 E PALO ALTO              RHONE-POULENC, INC./ZOECON CORP        1990 BAY RD                            CAT000611350

 E PALO ALTO              ROMIC CHEM CORP                        2081 BAY RD                            CAD009452657


 EAST OAKLAND             K & L PLATING                          10306 PEARMAIN ST.                     CAD066568130

 EDISON                   J R SIMPLOT CO                         PEPPER DR AND EDISON HWY               CAD062063847

 EDWARDS                  EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE                 AFFTC EDWARDS AFB                      CA1570024504

 EDWARDS                  HL DRYDEN FLIGHT RESEARCH FACILITY     P O BOX 273                            CA5570090485

 EL CAJON                 BODY BEAUTIFUL, INC.                   690 EL CAJON BLVD.                     CAD981971740

 EL CAJON                 CHEM-TRONICS INC                       1150 W BRADLEY AVE                     CAD990845513

 EL CAJON                 MAACO AUTO PAINTING & BODY             312 N MARSHALL AVE                     CAD981458888

 EL CAJON                 US BORDER PATROL STATION               225 KENNEY                             CA4151590219

 EL CENTRO                DESERT CONCRETE PRODUCTS INC           1ST ST & ROSS                          CAD982358111

 EL CENTRO                EL CENTRO NAVAL AIR FACILITY           OFF OLD HWY-80 7 MI W OF               CA6170090017

 EL CENTRO                SIMCAL CHEMICAL CO                     P.O. BOX 649 50 W DANNENBERG RD        CAD982359507

 EL CENTRO                VALLEY IRON AND METAL (EDMAN CORP.)    2004 HIGHWAY 111                       CA0000001156

 EL DORADO                EL DORADO NATL FOREST                  R14-T14N R10E-T13N R19E-T9N            CA0122307630

 EL MACERO                FMC RESEARCH FARM                      MACE BLVD                              CAD980735849

 EL MONTE                 AAA PUMPING SERVICE - 2                NR 3264 GILMAN RD                      CAD980735740

 EL MONTE                 APODACA & SONS PLATING                 4349 BALDWIN BLVD                      CAD092701531

 EL MONTE                 EL MONTE DRUM                          EL MONTE                               CAD981622301

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 29 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EL MONTE                 HANDY & HARMAN                         4140 GIBSON ROAD                       CAD008323693

 EL MONTE                 KOTOFF & CO INC                        2620 N DURFEE AVE                      CAD008284739

 EL MONTE                 SAN GABRIEL VALLEY (AREA 1)            PECK RD & REAL                         CAD980677355

 EL PORTAL                EL PORTAL BARIUM TAILINGS              INT OF FOREST & BARIUM MINE RD         CA0141790113

 EL PORTAL                EL PORTAL RR FLAT                      HWY 140                                CA1141790385

 EL SEGUNDO               ALLIED CHEM CORP EL SEGUNDO WORKS      850 S SEPULVEDA BLVD                   CAD008326589

 EL SEGUNDO               ALLIED SALES & SALVAGE                 160 S SEPULVEDA BLVD                   CAD063821789

 EL SEGUNDO               CHEVRON USA EL SEGUNDO REF             324 W EL SEGUNDO BLVD                  CAD008336901

 EL SEGUNDO               DEVLIN PHARMACEUTICALS INC             700 N SEPULVEDA BLVD                   CAD981373848

 EL SEGUNDO               H KRAMER & CO                          1 CHAPMAN WAY                          CAD008260267

 EL SEGUNDO               HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO EL SEGUNDO SOUTH    EL SEGUNDO                             CAD000633230

 EL SEGUNDO               HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO RADAR SYSTEM        2060 E. IMPERIAL HWY.                  CAT080010853

 EL SEGUNDO               HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO S&CG                1920 E IMPERIAL HWY                    CAD060897063

 EL SEGUNDO               INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER                233 KANSAS ST.                         CAD076208313

 EL SEGUNDO               MIRRA COTE PLASTICS CO                 120 STANDARD ST                        CAD070212972

 EL SEGUNDO               NORTHROP CORP AIRCRAFT DIV             800 N DOUGLAS                          CAD000627273

 EL SEGUNDO               NORTHROP CORP AIRCRAFT DIV             2043 E MARIPOSA AVE                    CAD000627216

 ELMIRA                   WICKES FOREST INDUSTRIES               EDWARDS & A STREETS                    CAD000627109

 ELVERTA                  ELVERTA MAINTENANCE FACILITY           7940 SORENTO ROAD                      CA9890090005
 EMERYVILLE               AMERICAN BITUMALS & ASPHALT            1520 POWELL ST                         CAD982358665

 EMERYVILLE               CAPITOL REF CO                         FOOT OF 64TH ST                        CAD980637177

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 30 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EMERYVILLE               CHROMEX DIV OF CHARLES LOWE CO         1400 PARK AVE                          CAD028799401

 EMERYVILLE               EMERYVILLE MARKETPLACE                 BETW 64TH, POWELL,I80, SPRR TR         CAD980694418

 EMERYVILLE               INDUSTRIAL HARD CHROME                 5701 HOLLIS ST                         CAD980884399

 EMERYVILLE               MIKE ROBERTS COLOR PRODUCTIONS         6707 BAY STREET                        CAD009133190

 EMERYVILLE               MYERS DRUM #2                          4500 SHELMOUND ST.                     CAT000624957

 EMERYVILLE               PFIZER INC                             4650 SHELLMOUND ST                     CAD009206178

 EMERYVILLE               PG&E EMERYVILLE                        4525 HOLLIS                            CAD982400418

 EMERYVILLE               PIE / NATIONWIDE TRUCK FACILITY        5500 EASTSHORE FREEWAY                 CAD982359267

 EMERYVILLE               WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP EMERYVILLE  5899 PELADEAU ST                       CAT080032113

 ESCONDIDO                CHATHAM BROS                           2257 BERNARDO AVE                      CAD990663361

 ESCONDIDO                CSI TECHNOLOGIES                       220 N TULIP ST                         CAD980882849

 ESCONDIDO                GRANGETTO, ED CO                       1105 W MISSION AVE                     CAD078747433

 ESCONDIDO                HESTON'S MARKET                        908 DEL DIOA HWY                       CAD983655333

 ESCONDIDO                PALOMAR PLATING CO                     722 W 4TH AVE                          CAD981388101

 ESCONDIDO                SANTA YSABEL CREEK GROUNDWATER         1.5 MILES SE OF ESCONDIDO              CAD983659152
 EUREKA                   CUMMINGS ROAD SANITARY LANDFILL        CUMMINGS ROAD                          CAD982401549

 EUREKA                   G & R METALS                           132 W. FIRT STREET                     CAD983646068

 EUREKA                   HALVORSON                              WATERFRONT AT SOMOA BRIDGE             CA0001114149

 EUREKA                   HUMBOLDT CIVIC CENTER                  FIFTH ST AT J ST.                      CA0001097070

 EUREKA                   OIL TERMINAL CO                        HILFICKER LN                           CAD980356984

 EUREKA                   PG&E GAS PLANT EUREKA 119 1A           1ST H 2ND & I STS                      CAD981414808

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 31 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 EUREKA                   PG&E GAS PLANT EUREKA 119 1B           SW COR 1ST & C STS                     CAD981414865

 EUREKA                   PG&E GAS PLANT EUREKA 119-1            S SIDE 14TH ST W & E RR AVE            CAD981415581

 EUREKA                   SIMPSON PAPER CO                       1900 BENDIXEN ST                       CAD061349619

 EUREKA                   SIMPSON PLYWOOD MILL (OLD)             1200 DEL NORTE ST.                     CAD983644881

 EUREKA                   SIX RIVERS NAT FOREST                  SIX RIVERS NAT FOREST                  CA4122307644

 EUREKA                   SOUTHERN PACIFIC COMPANY               FOURTH & BROADWAY                      CAD983644899

 EUREKA                   UNION OIL CO EUREKA                    1200 RAILROAD                          CAD050366905

 EUREKA                   VICTORIA GARDENS                       NORTH OF SAMOA BRIDGE                  CAD983644907

 EXETER                   PRUNER AIRPORT                         24998 RD 188                           CAD982359259

 FAIRFAX                  HAILEY RESIDENCE                       26 LAURA LANE                          CAD982415689

 FAIRFIELD                FAIRFIELD STP                          S OF HWY 80 & BUSCH LN                 CAD980498521

 FAIRFIELD                KEYSTONE BATTERIES                     5054 PEABODY RD                        CAD981167059

 FAIRFIELD                ROBBINS & MYERS, INC                   2100 HUNTINGTON DR                     CAD096238472

 FAIRFIELD                SUISUN TRAIN DERAILMENT                END OF CHADBORNE RD                    CAD089186928

 FAIRFIELD                TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE                  AIR BASE PARKWAY 6 MI E OF FAIRFIELD   CA5570090220

 FALLBROOK                EAST BROTHERS GROVE SERVICE            112 E AVIATION RD                      CAD064455173

 FALLBROOK                FALLBROOK ANNEX                        NAVAL WEAPONS STA SEAL BCH             CA0170090054

 FARALLON ISLANDS         FARALLON ISLANDS                       MIDDLE OF OCEAN                        CAD981159585

 FARMERSVILLE             FARMERSVILLE CITY OF                   FARMERSVILLE RD& OUTSIDE CR RD         CAD004953360

 FEATHER FALLS            GEORGIA PACIFIC #1 (FEATHER FALLS)     FEATHER FALLS RD                       CAD982417222

 FELLOWS                  ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION CORP          SEC 25 T31S R22E MDB&M                 CAT080010283

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 32 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FELLOWS                  EPC WASTE MGT.                         STATE RTE. 1.25 N OF FELLOWS           CAD980880900

 FELTON                   SANTA CRUZ LUMBER CO                   5843 GRAHAM HILL RD                    CAD009117094

 FELTON                   VALETERIA DRY CLEANERS                 6576 HWY 9                             CAD983616012

 FERNDALE                 HUMBOLDT CREAMERY                      FERN BRIDGE NR EEL RIV                 CAD980736979


 FILLMORE                 ELKINS RANCH                           HWY 126 TORREY RD EXIT                 CAD980817639

 FILLMORE                 LEE PHARMACEUTICALS                    815 W 5TH ST                           CAD096432216

 FILLMORE                 PACIFIC COAST PIPE LINES               67 E TELEGRAPH RD                      CAD980636781

 FIREBAUGH                PANOCHE CHEM & SUPPLY INC              40109 W BULLARD                        CAD068864503

 FIREBAUGH                PANOCHE TIRE DUMP FIRE                 54551 WEST LITTLE PANOCHE ROAD         CA0001409424

 FIVE POINTS              AGRO WEST INC                          25999 W OAKLAND                        CAD048641534

 FOLSOM                   FOLSOM SHOOTING CLUB                   1125 SIBLEY ST.                        CAD983666827

 FONTANA                  BANANA STREET PIT                      9900 BLOCK OF BANANA ST                CAD983566696

 FONTANA                  CALIFORNIA STEEL INDUSTRIES            14000 SAN BERNARDINO AVE               CAD118352921


 FONTANA                  CHEMWEST IND                           13425 SAN BERNARDINO AVE               CAD040520975

 FONTANA                  ERICKSON INC. - FONTANA                13738 SLOVER AVE.                      CAD982484933

 FONTANA                  FONTANA SAN LDFL                       SIERRA AVE AT HIGHLAND AVE             CAT080029630

 FONTANA                  FONTANA WOOD PRESERVING INC            15500 VALENCIA                         CAT000611079

 FONTANA                  HILLYARD ALUMINUM RECOVERY CORP        10825 BEECH ST                         CAT000618702

 FONTANA                  US REDUCTION CO                        11600 ETIWANDA AVE                     CAD028833945

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 33 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FONTANA                  VISTA METALS                           12425-35 WHITTRAM                      CAD008285033

 FONTANA                  WESTERN STATES REFINING                10763 POPLAR AVE                       CAD076080563

 FONTANA                  WESTERN WOOD TREATERS                  8395 SULTANA AVE.                      CAD983594250

 FOREST HILL              AMERICAN FOREST PRODS CO               AUBURN - FOREST HILL RD                CAD000626457

 FORT BRAGG               CALIFORNIA WESTERN RR                  FOOT OF LAUREL ST                      CAD066125758

 FORT BRAGG               GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP                   90 W REDWOOD AVE                       CAD089184097

 FORT BRAGG               GLASS BEACH                            END OF ELM ST                          CAD980637870

 FORT BRAGG               LOUSIANA PACIFIC-FORT BRAGG STUDMILL   32600 HOLQUIST LANE                    CA0001097153

 FORT BRAGG               PARKS ESTATES PROP-GUN CLUB            N OF FT BRAGG & E OF HWY 1             CA0000075630

 FORT BRAGG               PARLIN FORK/CA DEPT OF FORESTRY        11M E. OF FORT BRAGG ON HWY 20         CAD983645193

 FORT IRWIN               FORT IRWIN NAT TRAINING CTR            AVAWATZ VLY                            CA5213790038

 FORT JONES               C&E DREDGING CO                        23109 MCADAMS CREEK RD                 CAD980694475

 FORTUNA                  BOTT FO CONST CO DBA MERCER FRASER CO  SANDY PRAIRIE LN                       CAD980382733

 FORTUNA                  FORTUNA DUMP                           OFF HWY 101 N 4 MI E OF FRWY           CAD980637615

 FOUNTAIN VALLEY          CIBA - GEIGY                           18435 BANDILIER CIRCLE                 CAD094718590

 FOUNTAIN VALLEY          CIBA - GEIGY CORP                      10910 TALBERT AVE                      CAD000089722


 FOWLER                   C&M PEST CONTROL                       MANNING & TEMPERANCE                   CAD982358566

 FOWLER                   PG&E GAS PLANT FOWLER                  SW COR W FRESNO & S 8TH ST             CAD981415854

 FOWLER                   SPERRY NEW HOLLAND                     MANNING & I99                          CAD046011250

 FREMONT                  AMCHEM PRODUCTS                        37899 NILES BLVD                       CAD009152364

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 34 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FREMONT                  BORDEN INC- FREMONT ADHESIVES AND      41100 BOYCE RD                         CAD086167384
 FREMONT                  EAST BAY RUBBISH DSPL CO               FOOT OF DURHAM RD                      CAD980637078

 FREMONT                  NEW UNITED MOTOR MFG.                  45500 FREMONT BLVD.                    CAD000051433

 FREMONT                  SOBEX INC                              6000 STEVENSON BLVD                    CAD982399784

 FRENCH CAMP              BREA AGRICULTURAL SERVICES #1          7666 S HARLON RD                       CAT080011844

 FRENCH CAMP              FRENCH CAMP SITE                       4599 MANTHEY RD                        CAD982359127

 FRENCH CAMP              MAGNUS CO INC                          ASH & 7TH STS                          CAD980637391

 FRENCH CAMP              SO PACIFIC RR                          HARLAN RD                              CAD980886899

 FRENCH CORRAL            MINE DEV CORP                          PLEASANT VALLY RD                      CAD980391080

 FRESH POND               SMUDEA CAMP GROUNDS                    ICEHOUSE RD                            CAD980637433

 FRESNO                   ARATEX SERVICES                        3333 N. SABRE AVE.                     CAT080010630

 FRESNO                   BUCKNER INC                            4381 N. BRAWLEY AVE                    CAD981377138

 FRESNO                   CALIFORNIA AIR NATIONAL GUARD FRESNO   5425 E MCKINLEY                        CA0572825909

 FRESNO                   CARBARRY CROP DUSTING INC              5114 E CLINTON SUITE 112               CAD080135460

 FRESNO                   CHATEAU FRESNO LDFL                    CHATEAU FRESNO AND MUSCAT ST           CAD000606202

 FRESNO                   CHET AND SONS                          4025 S HWY 99                          CAD089677785

 FRESNO                   DUNCAN ENTERPRISES                     5673 EAST SHIELDS AVE                  CAD009103672

 FRESNO                   FMC CORP. (FRESNO PLANT)               2501 S SUNLAND AVE                     CAD000629998

 FRESNO                   FOREMOST MCKESSON INC MCKESSON CHEM    4729 E COMMERCE AVE                    CAD046464368
 FRESNO                   FRESNO AIR TERMINAL                    2401 N. ASHLEY WAY                     CAD983602855

 FRESNO                   FRESNO CHROME PLATING INC              4627 N BENDEL AVE                      CAD083167841

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 35 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FRESNO                   FRESNO CO DEPT AGRI                    1730 S MAPLE                           CAT000646158

 FRESNO                   FRESNO COUNTY CREDIT UNION             2211 MERCED ST                         CAD982358509

 FRESNO                   FRESNO COUNTY WATERWORKS DIST #3       4499 E KINGS CYN RD                    CAD980498539

 FRESNO                   FRESNO DRUM SITE                       733 SOUTH HUGHES AVENUE                CA0001576511

 FRESNO                   FRESNO MUNICIPAL SANITARY LANDFILL     SW COR OF JENSEN & W AVE               CAD980636914

 FRESNO                   JORGENSON'S BATTERY SHOP               4740 E KING CANYON RD                  CAD982358384

 FRESNO                   KEPCO PINEDALE LANDFILL                INGRAM AVE & NEES ST                   CAD982400483

 FRESNO                   LAND PARCEL                            3457 SOUTH CEDAR AVENUE                CAD983577792

 FRESNO                   LARGENT H M CO INC                     3252 S CEDAR                           CAD982358327

 FRESNO                   ORANGE AVE DSPL SITE                   3280 S ORANGE AVE                      CAD050379213

 FRESNO                   PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      CHANDLER FLD                           CAD980636906

 FRESNO                   PG & E FRESNO 2                        FRESNO & TULARE STREET                 CAD983650102

 FRESNO                   PG&E GAS PLANT FRESNO 325 3            NW COR N THORNE AVE& BUTTON AV         CAD981415979

 FRESNO                   PG&E GAS PLANT FRESNO 325 3A           F/MARIPOSA BET F G FRESNO TULA         CAD981415912

 FRESNO                   PG&E SERVICE CENTER                    3530 E. CALIFORNIA AVE.                CAD981389950

 FRESNO                   SAFETY KLEEN CORP 7-015-01             3561 S MAPLE ST                        CAD066113465

 FRESNO                   SIERRA NAT FOREST                      SIERRA NAT FOREST                      CA5122307643

 FRESNO                   SO PACIFIC RR BIOLA LINE               THROUGHOUT FRESNO                      CAD980885263

                          SITE                                   AVE
 FRESNO                   STOLLER, INC.                          2641 S. MAPLE ST.                      CAD042253658

 FRESNO                   T.H. AGRICULTURE & NUTRITION CO        7183 E MCKINLEY AVE                    CAD009106220

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 36 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FRESNO                   TSE BRAKES                             3183 SOUTH PARKWAY DRIVE               CAD983577800

 FRESNO                   USDA, ARS                              2021 SOUTH PEACH AVENUE                CA7120090397

 FRESNO                   WILBUR & ELLIS                         HWY 99 & CEDAR                         CAD028210920

 FRESNO                   WILSHIRE PAINT CO                      701 & 712 FULTON ST                    CAD028211076

 FRIANT                   SO PACIFIC TRANSPORTATION CO           FRIANT & PARKER RD S CORNER            CAD982358202

 FULLERTON                BECKMAN INSTRUMENTS INC                2500 HARBOR BLVD                       CAD008254708

 FULLERTON                GLOBE-UNION                            1550 E KIMBERLY AVE                    CAD008323388

 FULLERTON                HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO.                    2011 RAYMER AVE.                       CAD981451883

 FULLERTON                HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO.                    4201 BONITA                            CAD981382500

 FULLERTON                HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO.                    651 GILBERT                            CAD981451826

 FULLERTON                HUGHES AIRCRAFT GROUND SYST GROUP      1901 MALVERN                           CAD063109243

 FULLERTON                MCCOLL                                 ROSECRANS & SUNNY RIDGE                CAD980498695

 FULLERTON                PACIFIC FIBERGLASS CO                  1015 E ELM AVE                         CAD982360471

 FULLERTON                PCA METAL FINISHING                    1723 E KIMBERLY                        CAD982404733

 FULLERTON                SCIENTIFIC SPRAY FINISHES              315 S RICHMAN AVE                      CAD981385602

 FULLERTON                SINGER - AMERICAN METER                300 N GILBERT                          CAD053844122

 FULLERTON                TRENT TUBE DIV FULLERTON               2100 ORANGETHORPE AVE.                 CAD008325110

 FULLERTON                WESTERN ROTO ENGRAVERS INC             1224 E ASH ST                          CAT080025018

 FULLERTON                WINONICS INC                           1257 S ST COLLEGE                      CAD008363962

 GALT                     ACE OIL CO                             323 A ST                               CAD067810390

 GARDEN GROVE             B&D METAL FINISHING                    11901 WESTMINISTER AVE                 CAD097568208

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 37 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GARDEN GROVE             ELECTRON PLATING                       13932 ENTERPRISE DR                    CAT080029465


 GARDEN GROVE             SPECTRA STRIP OPERATIONS               7100 LAMPSON AVE                       CAD081169914

 GARDEN VALLEY            DURHAM DRUM SITE                       7130 HIGHWAY 193                       CAD982404774

 GARDENA                  AERODYNAMIC PLATING CO INC             13620 S SAINT ANDREWS PL               CAD042238154

 GARDENA                  AEROTRON SUPPLY INC                    556 W 182 ST                           CAD980885032

 GARDENA                  ALADDIN PLASTICS INC                   1415 W 178TH ST                        CAD980885198

 GARDENA                  ANGELUS PLATING WORKS                  1713 W 134 ST                          CAD009547233

 GARDENA                  ASSOCIATED SPRING CO                   15001 S BROADWAY                       CAD042231811

 GARDENA                  AUTOMATED ETCHING INC                  15311 S BROADWAY                       CAT080013907

 GARDENA                  AVALON STAPLE MFG CO                   1600 W 166TH ST                        CAD980885073

 GARDENA                  BEE CHEMICAL CO                        1500 W 178TH ST                        CAD082183344

 GARDENA                  CAST RITE CORPORATION                  515 E AIRLINE WAY                      CAD043552660

 GARDENA                  CHEMTRUST IND INC                      333 W CROWN VISTA DR                   CAD980449458

 GARDENA                  COAST PLATING                          128-150 W 154TH ST                     CAD009588278

 GARDENA                  CONTROL PLATING CO INC                 17014 GRAMERCY PL                      CAD040938565

 GARDENA                  ELECTRO BLEACH PROD CO INC             1628 W 134TH ST                        CAD009526641

 GARDENA                  ELECTRONIC PLATING SERV INC            13021 BUDLONG AVE                      CAD051498202

 GARDENA                  EMERSON AND CUMING                     604 WEST 182ND ST                      CAD095627741

 GARDENA                  GARDENA SUMPS                          SW COR OF ARTESIA & NORMANDIE          CAD980637730

 GARDENA                  GLOBE ILLUMINATION CO                  1515 W 178TH ST                        CAD008388506

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 38 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GARDENA                  GOER MFG CO INC WEST                   19100 S VERMONT AVE                    CAD063821011

 GARDENA                  GOLDEN STATE RUBBER & LATEX CO         1538 W 132ND ST                        CAD980886725

 GARDENA                  HONEYWELL INC                          17300 S WESTERN AVE                    CAD063847529

 GARDENA                  INDUSTRIAL MOLDING CORP                16719 GRAMERCY PLACE                   CAD981413875

 GARDENA                  LUSEAUX LABS                           16816 S GRAMERCY PL                    CAD981447543

 GARDENA                  MECHANICAL METAL FINISHING             17804 S WESTERN AVE                    CAD980889125

 GARDENA                  MEREL CO INC                           16809 S GRAMERCY PLACE                 CAD009574773

 GARDENA                  MODERN HEAT TREATING CO                15402 S BROADWAY                       CAD008270407

 GARDENA                  R&K PROCESSING                         1109 W EL SEGUNDO BLVD                 CAD981576382

 GARDENA                  RAM CHEM                               210 E ALONDRA BLVD                     CAD071911051

 GARDENA                  REX PRECISION PRODS INC                14831 MAPLE AVE                        CAD098614076

 GARDENA                  RUBBER TECK INC                        19115 S HAMILTON ST                    CAD008489023

 GARDENA                  SAFETY- KLEEN CORP 7-088-04            139 E 175TH ST                         CAT000613919

 GARDENA                  SONIC PLATING CO                       1930 W ROSECRANS AVE                   CAD042228783

 GARDENA                  SPARKLETTS DRINKING WATER CO           221 ALONDRA BLVD                       CAD044408888

 GARDENA                  VIRCO MANUFACTURING CORPORATION        15134 S VERMONT AVE                    CAD008289530

 GARDENA                  WESTERN CONCRETE STRUCTURE             19113 S HAMILTON AVE                   CAD008799231

 GAZELLE                  WORLD CIRCUITS                         18100 RAILROAD LN.                     CAD983645185

 GILROY                   PACHECO PASS LDFL                      0.7 MI NE OF BLOOMFIELD RD             CAD980637722

 GILROY                   PG&E GAS PLANT GILROY                  SW COR 6TH & RR ST(W OF RR ROW         CAD981416043

 GILROY                   SOUTH BAY CHEMICAL CO                  721-731 RENZ LANE                      CAD000628149

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 39 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GLENDALE                 AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICALS INC           6505 SAN FERNANDO RD                   CAD982005282

 GLENDALE                 DRILUBE CO                             711 W BROADWAY                         CAD008337099

 GLENDALE                 GLENDALE PUBLIC SERV DEPT              800 AIR WAY                            CAD980735864

 GLENDALE                 NEWELL                                 940 ALLEN AVE.                         CAD982339400

 GLENDALE                 PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      926 S BRAND BLVD                       CAD980636575

 GLENDALE                 PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      6265 SAN FERNANDO RD                   CAD980636567

 GLENDALE                 SAN FERNANDO VALLEY (AREA 3)           GLORIETTA WELLFIELD AREA               CAD980894984

 GOLETA                   DELCO ELECTRONICS CORP                 6767 HOLLISTER AVE                     CAD009305848

 GOLETA                   GIBRALTAR MINING CO.                   6144 CALLE REAL                        CA1122390437

 GOLETA                   LOS PADRES NATIONAL FOREST             6144 CALLE REAL                        CA4122307636

 GOLETA                   RAYTHEON ELECTROMAGNETIC SYST DIV      6380 HOLLISTER AVE                     CAD001425206

 GOLETA                   SANTA BARBARA RESEARCH CENTER          75 COROMAR DR                          CAD028260297

 GORMAN                   SYSTECH                                HIGHWAY 138 5 MI EAST IH 5             CAT080031628

 GRAEAGLE                 JESKEY MINES                           JAMESON CK 3 MI/ PLUMAS EUREKA         CAD067815837

 GRAND TERRACE            RIVERSIDE PLATING (K&N PLATING)        21750 MAIN ST.                         CAD981172125

 GRASS VALLEY             AUTO RECOVERY SERVICES                 12739 LITTLE DEER CREEK LN             CAD980886717

 GRASS VALLEY             BOHEMIA INC                            BENNETT & BRUNSWICK                    CAD098862808

 GRASS VALLEY             BUTLER BROS                            SCOTIA MINES                           CAD982358574

 GRASS VALLEY             GRASS VALLEY GROUP INC                 13024 BITNEY SPRINGS RD                CAD071557029

 GRASS VALLEY             LITTON ENGINEERING LABS                1300 MAIN ST EAST UNIT 10              CAD982400533

 GRASS VALLEY             PG&E GAS PLANT GRASS VALLEY 215 1      IDAHO MARYLAND RD                      CAD981415433

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 40 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GRASS VALLEY             PG&E GAS PLANT GRASS VALLEY 215 1A     MAIN AUBURN STEWART & BANK             CAD981415375


 GROVER CITY              GROVER CITY LANDFILL                   16TH & MINTONE                         CAD982402448

 GUALALA                  OLD MILL SITE                          SW CORNER OF MENDUCINO COUNTY          CAD982511859

 GUERNEVILLE              MT JACKSON MERCURY MINE                18475 SWEETWATER SPRINGS RD.           CAD980736086

 GUERNEVILLE              RUSSIAN RIVER FLOOD                                                           CA0001019546

 HALF MOON BAY            SOUTH HALF MOON BAY                    HALF MOON BAY                          CAD981622616

 HALLELUJAH               DIATOMIC MINERALS CORP.                5 MILES NORTH OF HALLELUJAH            CAD982333031

 HAMILTON CITY            HOLLY SUGAR CORP                       FIRST ST                               CAD009184367

 HANFORD                  ARMSTRONG RUBBER CO                    10700 IDAHO AVE                        CAD009199605

 HANFORD                  BALDRECK CROP DUSTING                  954 E HANFORD ARMONA RD                CAD982359119

 HANFORD                  BEACON OIL CO REF                      525 W THIRD ST                         CAD009174921

 HANFORD                  BLAIR AIR SERVICE                      13526 TENTH AVE                        CAD980884290

 HANFORD                  CENTRAL VALLEY HIDE CO                 S AVE 384 & E RD 108                   CAD980735997

 HANFORD                  LIQUID CHEMICAL CORP                   10585 INDUSTRY AVE                     CAD990769465

 HANFORD                  OLD HANFORD CITY DUMP                  W OF AVE 10 1/2 AT HOUSTON AVE         CAD980894273

 HANFORD                  PG&E GAS PLANT HANFORD                 325 E 5TH ST                           CAD982402182

 HARBOR CITY              APPLIANCE PLATING                      23920 S VERMONT                        CAD072260052

 HARBOR CITY              C-BRITE METAL FINISHING INC            1213 W 25 3RD ST                       CAD045520996

 HARBOR CITY              PUREX CORP B&W CHEM DIV                25920 BELLE PORTE AVE                  CAD980636419

 HAWTHORN                 LAWNDALE ANNEX LAAFB                   14724 S AVAIATION BLVD                 CA2570090215

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 41 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HAWTHORNE                A & T MACHINE CO                       3202 W ROSECRANS                       CAD981690589

 HAWTHORNE                HENKEL CORP                            12607 CERISE AVE                       CAD000055798

 HAWTHORNE                MALLINCKRODT CORP                      12727 SOUTH VAN NESS                   CAD981396484

 HAWTHORNE                NORTHROP CORP AIRCRAFT DIV             14525 OCEANGATE                        CAD000627398

 HAWTHORNE                NORTHROP CORP. AIRCRAFT                1 NORTHROP AVE                         CAD008268302

 HAWTHORNE                TELEDYNE RELAYS                        12525 DAPHINE AVE                      CAD990833006

 HAYFORK                  SIERRA PACIFIC INDUSTRIES              MILL STREET & HWY 3                    CAD009437450

 HAYFORK                  US FOREST SVC-DRINKWATER GULCH MINE    SE 1/4 OD SEC 6, T31N, R12W            CA0000983718

 HAYWARD                  26569-75 CORPORATE AVE PROPERTY        26569 CORPORATE AVE                    CAD982399735

 HAYWARD                  A C TRANSIT TRAINING CENTER            20234 MACK ST                          CAD982358541

 HAYWARD                  ARDEN ROAD PROPERTY                    ARDEN RD                               CAD982358608

 HAYWARD                  BAY AREA RAPID TRANSIT DIST            500 INDUSTRIAL PKWY W                  CAD093447456

 HAYWARD                  BAY CITIES RUBBISH DSPL CO             FOOT OF W WINTON AVE                   CAD980637086

 HAYWARD                  BIG AL'S WASTE HAULING                 4125 BREAKWATER AVE                    CAD980736664

 HAYWARD                  CONTINENTAL WHITE CAP INC              24493 CLAWITER RD                      CAD982358723

 HAYWARD                  DISCOUNT AUTO SALES                    21153 FOOTHILL BLVD                    CAD983567298

 HAYWARD                  EDEN PLAZA PROPS                       3521-3583 INVESTMENT BLVD              CAD982416661

 HAYWARD                  EDEN ROCK PROPS                        3146, 3167 & 3191 CORPORATE PLACE      CAD982416687


 HAYWARD                  JACKSON ST LUMBER CO                   73 W JACKSON ST                        CAD028287068

 HAYWARD                  ROHM & HAAS CO                         25500 SHITESELL ST                     CAD020028072

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 42 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HAYWARD                  SAMUEL CABOT, INC.                     23284 EICHLER ST.                      CAD122731904

 HAYWARD                  SWIFT ADHESIVES AND COATINGS           2074 NATIONAL AVE                      CAD049093149

 HAYWARD                  THERMO-FUSION INC                      2342 AMERICAN AVE                      CAD066569278

 HAYWARD                  WESTERN DRUMS INC.                     21301 CLOUD WAY                        CAD983643651

 HAYWARD                  WIEGMAN FARMS                          3177 WEIGMAN RD                        CAD982399842

 HEALDSBURG               HEALDSBURG AIRPORT                     1580 LYTTON SPRINGS RD                 CAD982402422

 HEALDSBURG               OLD GAS PLANT                          EAST ST. AT NORTH ST                   CA0001097021

 HEBER                    PUREGRO CO. (HEBER)                    89 EAST MAIN ST.                       CAD983639543

 HELM                     J.R. SIMPLOT COMPANY                   HELM PLANT                             CAD000104331

 HELM                     SIMCAL CHEM CO                         12688 S COLORADO AVE                   CAD009108077

 HEMET                    CEARCO CO                              245 S WESTERN                          CAD982359705

 HERALD                   RANCHO SECO NUCLEAR GENERATING STA     14440 TWIN CITIES RD                   CAD000626010


 HERCULES                 HERCULES POWDER CO                     560 RAILROAD AVE                       CAT080012297

 HERCULES                 PACIFIC REFINING CO                    SAN PABLO AVE                          CAT000617407

 HERLONG                  SIERRA ARMY DEPOT                      COUNTY RTE A26                         CA5210020843

 HIGHGROVE                HIGHGROVE DSPL SITE                    1420 DUMP RD OFF PIDGEON PASS          CAD000628396

 HIGHLAND                 SAFETY- KLEEN CORP 7-172-01            7979 PALM AVE UNIT E                   CAT000613927

 HIRSCHDALE               HIRSCHDALE DUMP                        BOCA EX OFF I-80 2 MI S HWY 40         CAD980695134

 HOIT                     PG&E MCDONALD IS                       NR HWY 4, 8 MI NW OF                   CAD981688344

 HOLLISTER                CAELUS DEVICES INC                     2707 SANTA ANA VALLEY RD               CAD981970734

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 43 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HOLLISTER                JOHN SMITH SOLID WASTE SITE            JOHN SMITH RD                          CAD990665432

 HOLLISTER                PG&E GAS PLANT HOLLISTER               SIXTH & SALLY STS                      CAD981415748

 HOLLISTER                SOILSERV, INCORPORATED                 1601 SHELTON DRIVE                     CAD000626499

 HOLLISTER                TELEDYNE MCCORMICK SELPH               3601 UNION RD                          CAD009220898

 HOLLISTER                US BUREAU OF LAND MGMT VALLECITOS      T16S R11E SEC 25 - 50 MI SE OF         CA1141190081
                          OILFLD                                 HOLLISTER

 HOLT                     ARCADY OIL CO                          3851 S COOK RD                         CAD980737886

 HOLTVILLE                CAMACHO AERIAL SERVICE (1)             2604 WEBB RD                           CAD982322745

 HOLTVILLE                D S DUSTERS AUDERHOLT                  1684 ANDERHOLT RD                      CAD982358350

 HOLTVILLE                SANDIA RR SIDING/J R SIMPLOT CO        NEXT TO HWY 115                        CAD980636708

 HOOPA VLY INDIAN RES     MASONITE MILL MILL CREEK SITE          HWY 96 ALLOTTMENT 266-273              CAD980382477

 HOOPA VLY INDIAN RESV    BIG FOUR MILL (ABANDONED SITE)         LOTS 62 & 63 AGCY FLD                  CAD980638696

 HOOPA VLY INDIAN RESV    CALIFORNIA PACIFIC LUMBER MILL-HOOPA   ST HWY 96                              CAD980638688


 HOOPA VLY INDIAN RESV    CHROMITE FLOAT DEPOSIT                 SEC15&23 T8N R5E HOSTLER RDG           CAD980638878


 HOOPA VLY INDIAN RESV    HAILSTONE ALLOTMENT CAMPBELL FLD       HWY 96                                 CAD980638738





 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 44 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HOOPA VLY INDIAN RESV    RHD VENEER                             ABANDONED LUMBER ML                    CAD980638795



 HOOPA VLY INDIAN RESV    SUPPLY CREEK LDFL                      BAIR RD 2 MI E OF HOOPA VLY            CAD980638282

 HOPLAND                  HOPLAND FIELD STATION                  4070 UNIVERSITY RD.                    CAD981975386

 HORNBROOK                RED PORPHYRY MINE                      10 MI W OF I-5 24 MI NW OF             CAD980695373

 HUGHSON                  GRAUF FLYING SERVICE                   4636-B GEER RD                         CAD982358822

 HUGHSON                  HUGHSON CHEMICAL CO                    6800 E WHITMORE AVE                    CAD051677581

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         AMINOIL BOLSA CHICA                    20101 GOLDEN W & PAC COAST HWY         CAD042137307

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         ANO-D-ART                              7436 LORGE CIR                         CAD063113336

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         ASCON LDFL HUNTINGTON BEACH            HAMILTON & MAGNOLIA                    CAD980817100

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         BOUCHER LANDFILL                       WARNER AVE E OF BOLSA CHICA ST         CAD089133045

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         HAWK'S FIELD                           18971 MAIN ST                          CAD980892608

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         HUNTER-THURMOND OIL                    523 17TH ST                            CAD982359812

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         LA BOLSA TILE CO                       18404 GOTHARD ST                       CAD980892665

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         MCDONNELL DOUGLAS CORP                 5301 BOLSA AVE                         CAD008384588

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         POLYMER DEVELOPMENT LABS #2            15731 GRAHAM AVE                       CAD982360653

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         SANDBLAST & METALLIZING                8671 EDISON                            CAD982360703

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         SCIENTIFIC CHEM INC                    15564 PRODUCER LN                      CAD040506701

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         STANDARD CHEMICAL                      15571 COMMERCE LN                      CAD981622608

 HUNTINGTON BEACH         STEWART ST OIL SUMP                    18900 STEWART ST                       CAD980893713

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 45 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HUNTINGTON PARK          CAL PAC CHEMICAL CO INC                6231 MAYWOOD AVE                       CAD008379265

 HUNTINGTON PARK          HUNTINGTON PARK CITY DUMP              7001 BISSELL ST                        CAD981424948


 HURON                    GIFFEN DUMP SITE                       3/4 MI N DORRIS 3 MI W LASSEN          CAD982358442

 HYAMPOM                  JENSEN LUMBER CO                       W S FORK TRINITY RV 3 MI NW OF         CAD982029373

 IDRIA                    NEW IDRIA MERCURY MINE                 TOWNSHIP: 17S, RANGE: 12E              CA0001900463

 IMPERIAL                 ASPEY CHEMICAL COMPANY                 510 NORTH M STREET                     CA0000000612

 IMPERIAL                 DUNE COMPANY IMPERIAL FERTILIZERS      506 EAST 2ND STREET                    CA0000001057
 IMPERIAL                 IMPERIAL COUNTY SANITATION LANDFILL    104 EAST ROBINSON ROAD                 CA0000001065

 IMPERIAL                 QUECHAN LANDFILL                       FORT YUMA INDIAN RESERVATION           CA0000001073

 IMPERIAL                 RAMSON ENTERPRISES INC                 291 W ATEN RD                          CAD982359440

 IMPERIAL                 STOKER CO                              3390 DOGWOOD ROAD                      CAD066635442


 IMPERIAL BEACH           SINGER EDUCATION DIVISION              1325 IRIS AVE, BLDG #60                CA4170090365

 INDIO                    COACHELLA LANDFILL                     END OF 44TH AVE, OFF DILLON RD.        CA0000094482

 INDIO                    MASSEY SAND AND ROCK CO                43850 MONROE ST 1/2 MI N OF            CAD009604737

 INGLEWOOD                BIEBER FLOURESCENT LIGHT PRODUCTS      3666 W 102ND ST                        CAD981371453

 INGLEWOOD                CALIFORNIA AVI-TRON CORPORATION        9020 AVIATION BLVD                     CAD008504367

 INGLEWOOD                CHEVRON USA INC INGLEWOOD PROD AREA    5640 S FAIRFAX AVE                     CAT080011984

 INGLEWOOD                DELKAY PLASTICS CORP                   200 E BEACH AVE                        CAD981576440

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 46 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 INGLEWOOD                DOW CHEMICAL CO INGLEWOOD              5855 W CENTINELA                       CAD980736003

 INGLEWOOD                DUNCAN-INGLEWOOD                       221 S HINDRY AVE                       CAD981686009

 INGLEWOOD                ELECTRO-ETCH CIRCUITS                  339 S ISIS AVE                         CAD008292005

 INGLEWOOD                PUREX CORP                             MINES FLD                              CAD980636757

 INGLEWOOD                RHO-CHEM CORP                          425 ISIS AVE                           CAD008364432

 INGOT                    AFTERTHOUGHT MINE                      20 MI NE/REDDING OFF HWY 299           CAD980736318

 IONE                     AMADOR COUNTY LDFL                     IONE-BUENA VISTA RD 3 MI S OF          CAD980696033

 IONE                     CALTRANS MAINTENANCE YARD              END OF DEPOT RD                        CAD982401143

 IRVINE                   COYOTE CANYON SAN LDFL                 COYOTE CYN RD                          CAD980736409

 IRVINE                   HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO                     17150 VON KARMAN AVE                   CAD076071737

 IRVINE                   HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO MSD DIV             2601 CAMPUS DR                         CAD096882147

 IRVINE                   NEWPORT ADHESIVES & COMPOSITES         1822 REYNOLDS AVE                      CAD983662727

 IRVINE                   NORTH AMERICAN SPECIALTIES OF CA       17781 SKY PARK CIR STE A               CAD049912397


 IRVINE                   ROCKFORD AEROSPACE PRODUCTS            17300 REDHILL                          CAD047775754

 IRVINE                   SMITH TOOL CO DIV OF SMITH INTL INC    17871 VAN KARMAN                       CAD073593113

 IRVINE                   XEROX CORP IRVINES CRC                 18691 JAMBOREE BLVD                    CAD058231598

 IRWINDALE                BAXTER HEALTHCARE CORP. SITE           4401 FOXDALE AVE                       CAD000628099

 IRWINDALE                JONELL BIOTECH INC.                    13649 LIVE OAK LANE                    CAD981393077

 IRWINDALE                SPECIALTY ORGANICS INC                 5263 N FOURTH ST                       CAD044047058

 JACKSON                  ARGONAUT MINE                          ARGONAUT LANE                          CAD983650011

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 47 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 JACKSON                  KENNEDY MINE                           BTWN JACKSON GATE & NEW YORK RANCH RD  CAD982403479

 JOLON                    FORT HUNTER LIGGETT                    FORT HUNTER LIGGETT                    CA8210020436

 KEELER                   KEELER BRIDGE/ELK RUNE SITE            EAST OF KEELER BRIDGE ON HWY 136       CAD983585134

 KEELER                   KEELER CHEMICAL SITE                   SOUTHEAST OF KEELER                    CAD983585191

 KEELER                   SWANSEA SITE                           T 16S,R. 37E.,SEC 24, SE SW, MT        CA2141190577
                                                                 DIABLO M

 KEELER                   UNION CARBIDE KEELER DISPOSAL          NORTH OF KEELER                        CAD983585209

 KERMAN                   BIG VALLEY AG                          11873 W CALIFORNIA                     CAD982358624

 KERMAN                   HELENA CHEM CO                         1075 S VINELAND                        CAD077385193

 KERMAN                   KERMAN CITY DUMP SITE                  16502 JENSEN AVE                       CAD060143526

 KERMAN                   TEXACO INC RAISIN CITY FLD KERMAN      8 MI SO OF                             CAD980696157

 KERN CO                  KERN BLUFF OIL FLD                     SEC 7 T29S R28-29E                     CAD980736037

 KERN CO                  MARATHON OIL CO SOUTH COLES LEVEE PLT  SEC 3&10 T31S R25E                     CAD000627141

 KERN CO                  SHELL OIL GORE B                       SEC 21 T31S R22E                       CAD980636823

 KERNVILLE                KERN VALLEY SANITARY LANDFILL          T25S, R33E, N 1/2 SW 1/4 SEC 35, MDM   CA3141190584

 KETTLEMAN CITY           CHEMICAL WASTE MGMT INC KETTLEMAN      2.5 MI W ON I-5 & RTE 41               CAT000646117
 KETTLEMAN CITY           POWERS MALCOM P & MALCOM D             25TH AVE                               CAD078759966

 KING CITY                KCAC, INC. - UNION CARBIDE CO.         52103 CATTLEMEN RD.                    CAD003944782

 KING CITY                KING CITY DISPOSAL SITE                BITTERWATER RD                         CAD982358376

 KING CITY                SOILSERV, INCORPORATED                 999 BITTERWATER RD.                    CAD094974078

 KNIGHTS LANDING          BOBS FLYING SERVICE                    HWY 113 BET BYINTON&LEISER RDS         CAD082100058

 KNIGHTS LANDING          ONSTOTT DUSTERS INC                    HIGHWAY 133 2 MI N                     CAD982358228

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 48 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 KNOXVILLE                REED MERCURY MINE                      LITTLE BLUE RIDGE                      CAD982399990

 LA HABRA                 ARNOLD CIRCUITS                        310 E 4TH AVE                          CAD028348498

 LA HABRA                 CHEVRON OIL FIELD RESEARCH CO          3282 BEACH BLVD                        CAD063110605

 LA HABRA                 CROSBY FRUIT PRODUCTS CO               300 S MAIN ST                          CAD981167588

 LA HABRA                 DELST, INC.                            540 EAST JAMIE AVE.                    CAD043644996

 LA MIRADA                ARDROX, INC.                           16961 KNOTT AVE                        CAD008258295

 LA MIRADA                AUTOMATION INDUSTRIES INC              14657 E ENDUSTRY CIRCLE                CAD981690464

 LA MIRADA                INTERNATIONAL PAPER CABINET DIV        1550 HERON AVE                         CAD980636351

 LA PUENTE                LA PUENTE DUMP                         AZUSA AVE N OF VLY BLVD                CAD980636641

 LA PUENTE                SAN GABRIEL VALLEY (AREA 4)            STIMSON AVE & OLD VALLEY BLVD          CAD980817985

 LA PUENTE                SUNBURST CLEANERS                      15432 FRANCISQUITO AVE                 CAD982340465

 LAGUNA BEACH             LAGUNA BEACH                           LAGUNA BEACH                           CAD981622137

 LAGUNA BEACH             LAGUNA BEACH 2                         LAGUNA BEACH                           CAD981622194

 LAGUNA HILLS             TRANS-TECH RESOURCES INC.              23991 EL TORO ROAD                     CA0000305052

 LAKE ELSINORE            ELSINORE DRUMS                         21572 BUNDY CANYON RD                  CAD983639576

 LAKESIDE                 ANDERSON DRILLING CO STORAGE LOT       ACROSS FROM 12370 LAKESIDE             CAD982360661

 LAKESIDE                 SPARKLETT DRINKING WATER CORP          11811 HWY 67                           CAD028357952

 LATHROP                  AIR PRODUCTS & CHEM                    1300 E LOUISE AVE                      CAD002519809

 LATHROP                  LAGUE SALES                            1221 E LOUISE AVE                      CAD980882823

 LATHROP                  LOF STRAW OIL TANK FARM                500 E LOUISE AVE                       CAD005415633

 LATHROP                  OCCIDENTAL CHEM CO                     16777 HOWLAND RD                       CAD009184508

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 49 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LATHROP                  SHARPE ARMY DEPOT                      ROTH RD                                CA8210020832

 LAYTONVILLE              LAYTONVILLE DUMP                       BRANSCOMB ROAD                         CAD000065532

 LEBEC                    ARCO TEJON OIL FLD                     DIGIERS RD 3-4 MI N OF                 CAD980817167

 LEBEC                    MOBIL OIL CORP LEBEC REF               LEBEC RD & O'NEIL CYN RD               CAT000623314

 LEBEC                    US FOREST SVC-BLACK BOB MINE           APRX 5 M. S.W OF LEBEC,SEC 10T.        CA2122390576

 LEMOORE                  BLAIR AIR SERVICES INC (2)             16300 IONA AVE                         CAD982359051

 LEMOORE                  LEMOORE NAVAL AIR STA                  NAVAL AIR STA SAN LDFL                 CA3170024381

 LINCOLN                  PURDY CO                               P O BOX 578                            CAD059362400

 LINDEN                   FOOTHILL SAN LDFL                      6584 WAVERLY RD                        CAD980498547

 LINDSAY                  AMERICAN NATIONAL CAN CO               600 N MT VERNON AVE                    CAD001883115

 LINDSAY                  LINDSAY OLIVE GROWERS                  251 E. HONLULU ST.                     CA0000047290

 LINDSAY                  ORANGE BELT SUPPLY CO                  600 BLUE GUM AVE                       CAD009139056

 LIVE OAK                 BOWLES FLYING SERVICE INC              10600 TOWNSHIP RD                      CAD982358640

 LIVE OAK                 LIVE OAK-DBCP                          9867 O ST                              CAD980125819

 LIVE OAK                 MORRIS JIM FLYING SERVICE              KNOCK LN SE OF LIVE OAK                CAD980882880

 LIVE OAK                 SUNSET MOULDING CO                     2200 PASEO AVE                         CAD093581742

 LIVE OAK                 SUTTER BUTTE AG CHEM INC               2727 PENNINGTON AVE                    CAD982358160

 LIVE OAK                 SUTTER BUTTE DUSTERS                   BETWEEN CLARK RD & TOWNSHIP RD         CAD983580937

 LIVERMORE                CALIFORNIA WATER SERV WELL #10-01      RICHEN AVE & SUNSET DRIVE              CAD982400236

 LIVERMORE                COAST MFG AND SUPPLY                   67 TREVARNO RD                         CAD980637094

 LIVERMORE                HEXCEL CORPORATION                     10 TREVARNO RD                         CAD058783952

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 50 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LIVERMORE                INDUSTRIAL LADDER                      115 N MINES RD                         CAD980818934

 LIVERMORE                INTEL CORP                             250 N MINES RD                         CAD066562836

 LIVERMORE                LAWRENCE LIVERMORE LABORATORY (SITE    CORRAL HOLLOW RD                       CA2890090002
 LIVERMORE                LAWRENCE LIVERMORE LABORATORY (USDOE)  7000 EAST AVE                          CA2890012584

 LIVERMORE                LIVERMORE ARCADE SHOPPING CENTER       FIRST & P STREETS                      CAD983664665

 LIVERMORE                LIVERMORE SEWAGE PONDS                 PINE ST AND MURRIETTA BLVD             CAD982400434

 LIVERMORE                PG&E GAS PLANT LIVERMORE               200 TO 375 FT W OF N ST @RR            CAD981415102

 LIVERMORE                SANDIA NATIONAL LABORATORY             7261 EAST AVE                          CA2890012923

 LIVINGSTON               ROGERS FOOD INC PROCESSING DIV         9984 W WALNUT                          CAD009212895

 LLANO                    ANTELOPE VALLEY ILLEGAL DUMPING        SE OF E 175TH ST & AVE T-8             CAD980735823

 LODI                     B&G INDUSTRIES                         100 S CLUFF AVE                        CAD982359184

 LODI                     BUSY BEE LAUNDRY & CLEANING            40 N. MAIN ST.                         CAD982053944

 LODI                     GUILD CLEANERS                         17 S. CHURCH ST.                       CAD981638851

 LODI                     LUSTRE-CAL                             110 E TURNER RD                        CAD046526828

 LODI                     PG&E GAS PLANT LODI                    SE COR S SACTO & SPRUCE STS            CAD981415805

 LODI                     PRECISSI FLYING SERVICE                11919 LOWER SACRAMENTO RD              CAD043997154

 LOLETA                   HUMBOLDT BAY FOREST PRODUCTS           TABLE BLUFF ROAD                       CA0001096932

 LOLETA                   HUMBOLDT COUNTY DUMP                   HWY101 BTWN HOOKTN/TABLE BLUFF         CAD981669344

 LOMA RICA                LOMA RICA ADMIN SITE                   AIRPORT RD & JOHN AVE                  CAD980736045

 LOMPOC                   FEDERAL CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTE LOMPOC  US PENITENTIARY                        CA2151914015

 LOMPOC                   LOMPOC PLATING SITE                    1335 PURISMA RD                        CAD983566191

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 51 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOMPOC                   LOMPOC SPORTSMAN ASSOCIATION           3145 HIGHWAY 246                       CA0001095942

 LOMPOC                   NORTHPOINT ABANDONED WELL              1100 O ST                              CAD982401606

 LOMPOC                   VANDENBERG AFB                         VANDENBERG AFB                         CA9570025149

 LONE PINE                OWENS LAKE                             HWY 136 20 MI SE OF LONE PINE          CAD980636864

 LONG BEACH               AIRFLITE INC                           LAKEWOOD BLVD LONG BCH ARPT            CAD980636526

 LONG BEACH               AKIN INVESTMENT CO INC                 4029 E ANAHEIM ST                      CAD020744272

 LONG BEACH               ARCO HYNES REF                         5909 PARAMOUNT BLVD                    CAD000627943

 LONG BEACH               ARCO POLYMERS INC                      2848 E 208TH ST                        CAD037185345

 LONG BEACH               ASPHALT PRODUCTS OIL CO                2405 SOUTH ST                          CAD045226206

 LONG BEACH               BEAR STATE ELECTRICAL CO INC           2105 W COWLES ST                       CAD980888952

 LONG BEACH               BECKMAN LUMBER SERVICE, INC.           19500 S. ALAMEDA                       CAD983594201

 LONG BEACH               BORDEN CHEM (OLD SITE)                 LONG BEACH                             CAD000605444

 LONG BEACH               CAMPBELL CONTOUR ATTACHMENTS           1320 W ESTHER ST                       CAD008284333

 LONG BEACH               CERTIFIED ALLOY PRODUCTS INC           3245 CHERRY AVE                        CAD009655879

 LONG BEACH               CHARTER INTL OIL TRANS & TERM          960 DEFOREST AVE                       CAD075274928

 LONG BEACH               CROSBY & OVERTON                       1620 W 16TH ST                         CAD028409019

 LONG BEACH               DEARBORN BATTERY CO                    900 E 10TH ST                          CAD008361412

 LONG BEACH               DION M O & SONS                        1515 & 1569 W 16TH ST                  CAD046434676

 LONG BEACH               DURALIFE COMPRESSED FIBERGLASS POTS    21100 S ALAMEDA ST                     CAD981373905
 LONG BEACH               ELECTRONIC BALANCING CO                2849 LONG BEACH BLVD                   CAD028411189

 LONG BEACH               EMPEX INDUSTRIAL HOSE                  6925 PARAMOUNT BLVD                    CAD089059919

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 52 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LONG BEACH               ENTHONE INC                            2751 EL PRESIDIO ST                    CAD020169199

 LONG BEACH               ENVOY-APOC CORP                        3050 WALNUT AVE                        CAD981371511

 LONG BEACH               HOUSTON OIL FIELD MATERIAL CO INC      3854 CHERRY AVE                        CAD981373962

 LONG BEACH               HUGH J RESINS CO                       2267 W GAYLORD                         CAD008316218

 LONG BEACH               HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO.                    1500 CABOT WAY                         CAT080012867

 LONG BEACH               J.H. BAXTER & CO.                      1710 W. 8TH ST.                        CAD008480204

 LONG BEACH               LOMITA GASOLINE CO                     2901 ORANGE AVE                        CAD006906127

 LONG BEACH               LONG BEACH DRUM                        LONG BEACH                             CAD981622004

 LONG BEACH               LONG BEACH NAVAL STA                   NAVY MOLE PIER                         CA2170023194

 LONG BEACH               MANEY AIRCRAFT PARTS INC               101 W SPRING ST                        CAD981374085

 LONG BEACH               MONSANTO                               6251 N PARAMOUNT BLVD                  CAD003938487

 LONG BEACH               NAVAL SHIPYARD LONG BEACH              TERMINAL ISLAND                        CA1170090483

 LONG BEACH               NIKLOR CHEMICAL CO INC                 2060 E 220TH ST                        CAD008392052

 LONG BEACH               OIL OPERATORS, INC.                    N OF 405 & E OF 710/W OF LOS CERATES   CAD983566399
 LONG BEACH               ORGANIC COMPOUNDS INC                  1265 W 16TH ST                         CAD008365041

 LONG BEACH               PAC AERO ENGINEERING                   4150 DONALD DOUGLAS DR                 CAD980636534

 LONG BEACH               PETRO RESOURCES INC                    4021 N PACIFIC PL                      CAD981371222

 LONG BEACH               PROCTOR & GAMBLE                       1601 WEST 7TH STREET                   CAD008353427

 LONG BEACH               RUTHERFORD PACIFIC INC                 3020 ORANGE AVE                        CAD980737035

 LONG BEACH               SNYDER MFG CORP                        1541 W COWLES ST                       CAD008277501

 LONG BEACH               STORE FOR LESS                         1012 WEST CARSON ST                    CAD983580879

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 53 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LONG BEACH               SULLIVAN CHEM CO INC                   1470 W 9TH ST                          CAD981170368

 LONG BEACH               TEXACO USA DIV TEXACO INC              2050 EDISON WAY                        CAT000646323

 LONG BEACH               WEBER MACHINE CO                       901 W 12TH ST                          CAD008278046

 LONG BEACH               WESTERN ELECTROPLATING CO              820 W ESTHER ST                        CAD008501215

 LONG BEACH               WHALER'S COVE HOMEOWNERS               6053 LOYNES DRIVE                      CAD983670589

 LONG BEACH               WRIGHTS TERMINAL CORP.                 1825 E SPRING ST                       CAD082194853

 LOOMIS                   O'CONNELL WELDING & SANDBLASTING       3415 SWETZER RD                        CAD982524589

 LOOMIS                   PLACER ENGINEERING CO                  3415 SWETZER RD                        CAD982524647

 LOOMIS                   RUSS PEST CONTROL                      3321 TAYLOR RD                         CAD982524639

 LOS ALAMITAS             FEDERAL MOGUL CORP-ARROWHEAD PRODUCTS  4411 KATELLA                           CAD008302002

 LOS ALAMITOS             SAFETY- KLEEN CORP 7-088-05            3876 FLORISTA ST                       CAD066177783

 LOS ALAMITOS             VELSICOL CHEMICAL CO                   3342 CERRITOS AVE                      CAD982359523

 LOS ALTOS                HILLVIEW - ELEANOR                     HILLVIEW - ELEANOR                     CAD982400053

 LOS ALTOS                HILLVIEW MAINTENANCE YARD              ADJ TO 97 HILLVIEW AVE, NRBY DRY       CAD982400202
 LOS ALTOS                LOS ALTOS WELL FIELD                   COR OF HILL VIEW & ELEANOR             CAD980884464

 LOS ANGELES              A & H GREENFIELD SHEET METAL           830 E COMMERCIAL ST                    CAD981161052

 LOS ANGELES              A 2 Z PLATING CO INC                   1467 S SUNOL DR                        CAD980814412

 LOS ANGELES              ADESCO INC                             1328 W SLAUSON AVE                     CAD981690647

 LOS ANGELES              ADMIRAL CONTROLS                       4516 CUTTER ST                         CAD008321416

 LOS ANGELES              ALCO CAD NICKEL PLATING CORP           1400 LONG BEACH AVENUE                 CAD008292435

 LOS ANGELES              AMERICAN ELECTROPLATING                1245 E FLORENCE AVE                    CAD981450760

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 54 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOS ANGELES              AMVAC CHEM CORP                        4100 E WASHINGTON BLVD                 CAD056446388

 LOS ANGELES              APOLLO PLATING CO                      5008 W JEFFERSON RD                    CAD981438781

 LOS ANGELES              ARMOLOY OF SO CA INC                   3325 UNION PACIFIC AVE                 CAD071894224

 LOS ANGELES              ARROW PLATING CO                       713 E 61ST ST                          CAD008381089

 LOS ANGELES              BAILEY AND SCHMITZ CO                  2101 E 7TH ST                          CAD982359689

 LOS ANGELES              BAKER METAL SUPPLY CO., INC.           900 EAST SLAUSON AVE.                  CAD983668518

 LOS ANGELES              BANDINI FERTILIZER CO.                 4139 BANDINI BLVD.                     CAD008258022

 LOS ANGELES              BARON MFG                              241 AVE 26                             CAD980636195

 LOS ANGELES              BARTON-JONES CHEM                      1207 W VERNON AVE                      CAD981373780

 LOS ANGELES              BAUCHET PARTNERS                       490 BAUCHET STREET                     CAD983566563

 LOS ANGELES              BENNETT RESIDENCE                      2045 WEST 105TH STREET                 CAD982500753

 LOS ANGELES              BERENDO SHOPPING CENTER                3301-3317 W. SIXTH ST.                 CA0000187989

 LOS ANGELES              BLACKHAWK CHEMICAL                     4090 E. WASHINGTON BLVD.               CAD981672041

 LOS ANGELES              BRAY OIL CO INC                        1925 N MARIANNA AVE                    CAD097043111

 LOS ANGELES              BRAY PROCESSING CO                     4671 WORTH ST                          CAD039704390

 LOS ANGELES              BUILDERS HARDWARE FINISHING INC        1846 SICHEL ST                         CAD020155461

 LOS ANGELES              BUNCH & BUNCH SANDBLASTING             1930 S MATEO ST                        CAD981170004

 LOS ANGELES              BURTON SILVER PLATING CO               6341 ARIZONA CIRCLE                    CAD063826663

 LOS ANGELES              CAIN ROOFING                           2924 ALLESANDRO ST                     CAD980884985

 LOS ANGELES              CALIFORNIA BRASS MFG                   1447 NAUD ST                           CAD981170186

 LOS ANGELES              CAPRI PUMPING SERV                     3128 WHITTIER BLVD                     CAD000042879

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 55 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOS ANGELES              CARL'S AUTO BODY, INC.                 1101 OBISPO ST.                        CAD981641640

 LOS ANGELES              CELOTEX CORP                           1633 N SAN PABLO ST                    CAD076199793

 LOS ANGELES              CHEM-X INC                             6920 S STANFORD AVE                    CAD092516632

 LOS ANGELES              CHEVRON USA INC ALISO CYN              SEC 16 T3N R16 SBB & M                 CAD980695316

 LOS ANGELES              CINEMA PRODUCTS                        2037 GRANVILLE AVE                     CAD983566753

 LOS ANGELES              COCHRAN J F                            3109 CASITAS AVE                       CAD067754523

 LOS ANGELES              CULLIGAN D I WATER SERV                315 N HOOVER ST                        CAD049335003

 LOS ANGELES              CYCLO PRODUCTS                         1922 E 64TH ST                         CAD070635669

 LOS ANGELES              DAVIS CHEM CO.                         1550 N. BONNIE BCH PL.                 CAD070215355

 LOS ANGELES              DEL AMO FACILITY                       DEL AMO BLVD & VERMONT AVE             CAD029544731

 LOS ANGELES              DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS                  5860 S. WILTON PLACE                   CAD981989049

 LOS ANGELES              DYNAMIC AIR ENGINEERING                7412 MAIE AVE                          CAD980889018

 LOS ANGELES              EASTERN SMELTING AND REFINING          2200-2201 EAST 11TH STREET             CA0001368067

 LOS ANGELES              ENDURA METALS                          6900 STANFORD AVE                      CAD982505083

 LOS ANGELES              EXLEY EXPRESS                          634 S MATEO ST                         CAD981161078

 LOS ANGELES              FANSTEEL PRECISION SHEET METAL         5235 W 104TH ST                        CAD050810829

 LOS ANGELES              FLO-TRONIC METAL MFG INC               2885 E WASHINGTON BLVD                 CAD042232892

 LOS ANGELES              G C HEWITT CO                          174 GLENDALE BLVD                      CAD028523504

 LOS ANGELES              GARRETT NEAL                           3941 GOODWIN AVE                       CAD980886667

 LOS ANGELES              GATECO                                 3107 LA CIENEGA BLVD                   CAD981161086

 LOS ANGELES              GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                    6900 STANFORD AVE                      CAD980816144

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 56 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOS ANGELES              GENERAL PLATING CORP                   951 W VERNON AVE                       CAD981377971

 LOS ANGELES              GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO              6701 S CENTRAL AVE                     CAD981414345

 LOS ANGELES              GOULD INC METALS DIV LA SMELTER        2700 INDIANA ST                        CAD097854541

 LOS ANGELES              GROVER PRODUCTS CO                     3424 E OLYMPIC BLVD                    CAD008308553

 LOS ANGELES              GUARDSMAN CHEMICALS INC                9845 MILLER WAY                        CAD000096305

 LOS ANGELES              HARD CHROME PRODUCTS                   617 EAST 56TH STREET                   CA0001095934

 LOS ANGELES              HELEN KELLER PARK                      1045 W 126TH ST                        CAD980636237

 LOS ANGELES              HERMETIC ASSOCIATED                    150 E JEFFERSON BLVD                   CAD982359861

 LOS ANGELES              HUGHES AIRCRAFT AIRPORT SITE           5340 W 104TH ST                        CAD071917462

 LOS ANGELES              HUGHES PAINT CO                        5900 SO WESTERN AVE                    CAD078807146

 LOS ANGELES              INDUSTRIAL COMPOUNDS                   1010 SAN FERNANDO RD                   CAD008313918

 LOS ANGELES              INDUSTRIAL WIRE PRODUCTS CORP          2417 & 2451 E 23RD ST                  CAD122033913

 LOS ANGELES              INTERNATIONAL LEAD CO.                 2182 EAST 11TH STREET                  CA0001368091

 LOS ANGELES              INTERWEB                               5251 W IMPERIAL HWY                    CAD092516772

 LOS ANGELES              JEFFRIES BANKNOTE CO                   1330 W PICO BLVD                       CAD028528230

 LOS ANGELES              JENNINGS PLATING CO                    1760 PONTIUS AVE                       CAD008335564

 LOS ANGELES              JOHNSON BRONZE CO                      1818 S GRAND AVE                       CAD981425002

 LOS ANGELES              KENNINGTON LTD.                        3209 HUMBOLDT ST.                      CA0000113175

 LOS ANGELES              L A STANDARD RUBBER CO                 1500 E GAGE AVE                        CAD981425127

 LOS ANGELES              LA DEPARTMENT OF WATER & POWER         1630 NORTH MAIN ST.                    CAD000633305

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 57 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOS ANGELES              LAXFUEL CORP.                          7265 WORLD WAY                         CAD981619562

 LOS ANGELES              LONG CHEMICAL INC                      6231 S MANHATTAN PL                    CAD009663295

 LOS ANGELES              LOS ANGELES AIR FORCE STA              2400 EL SEGUNDO BLVD                   CA6572026296

 LOS ANGELES              LOS ANGELES HARBOR DRUM                LOS ANGELES HARBOR                     CAD981622061

 LOS ANGELES              LOS ANGELES MILLWORK CO                936 E SLAUSON AVE                      CAD008253023

 LOS ANGELES              LUMIDOR MFG CO                         4770 E 50TH ST                         CAD008256208

 LOS ANGELES              M&T CHEM/FURANE                        5121 SAN FERNANDO RD                   CAD093361079

 LOS ANGELES              M&T CHEM/FURANE PROD                   4600 SPERRY ST                         CAD980889117

 LOS ANGELES              MACDERMID INC                          5439 SAN FERNANDO RD WEST              CAD010707222

 LOS ANGELES              MAGNUS CO INC                          860 N MAIN ST                          CAD980636138

 LOS ANGELES              MANCO PLATING                          5832 HOLMES AVE                        CAD980885156

 LOS ANGELES              MARVIN ELECTRIC MFG CO INC             6100 S WILMINGTON AVE                  CAD055747729

 LOS ANGELES              MCBRIDE CHEM CO                        4215 WILLIMET AVE                      CAD008510794

 LOS ANGELES              MCKAY MANUFACTURING CO INC             1920 RANDOLPH ST                       CAD008381360

 LOS ANGELES              MEMLEY PLATING WORKS                   5966 S SAN PEDRO ST                    CAD981374143

 LOS ANGELES              MINDER JW CHAIN & GEAR                 6011 S CENTRAL AVE                     CAD981374028

 LOS ANGELES              MISSION CANYON LDFL                    2201 N SEPULVEDA BLVD                  CAD000605261

 LOS ANGELES              MISSION PLATING                        5416 ALHAMBRA AVENUE                   CAD042082081

 LOS ANGELES              MODERN SPRINGS CO                      1842 E 58TH PL                         CAD980884894

 LOS ANGELES              MOGUL CORP                             967 N VIGNES                           CAD056437460

 LOS ANGELES              MONARCH PIPING & ENGINEERING           1717 E 61ST ST                         CAD980884852

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 58 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOS ANGELES              NATIONAL SANDBLASTING CO INC           7101 S MCKINLEY AVE                    CAD028564862

 LOS ANGELES              NELSON NAME PLATE CO                   3191 CASITAS AVE                       CAD008329963

 LOS ANGELES              NI WEST INCORPORATED                   3011 HUMBOLDT STREET                   CAD983657529

 LOS ANGELES              NL INDS INC PIGMENTS & CHEM DIV        3113 E 26TH ST                         CAD980636179


 LOS ANGELES              NORTHROP CORP AIRCRAFT DIV             20700 DENKER ST                        CAD980665582

 LOS ANGELES              NU-WAY PLATING                         1805 SICHEL ST                         CAD008309890

 LOS ANGELES              OIL PROCESS CO                         5756 ALBA ST                           CAD050806850

 LOS ANGELES              OLIN HUNT SPECIALTY PRODUCTS INC       4265 CHARTER ST                        CAD009552944

 LOS ANGELES              ORIGINAL CYLINDER CO                   1812 GEORGIA                           CAD981161110

 LOS ANGELES              PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      3417ANGELES MESA DR-ROGRS ARPT         CAD980636229

 LOS ANGELES              PACIFIC PIONEER PLASTIC CO             1642 E 41ST                            CAD009687005

 LOS ANGELES              PALACE PLATING                         710 E 29TH ST                          CAD008271090

 LOS ANGELES              POLY PAK AMERICA INC.                  2939 EAST WASHINGTON ST.               CAD982020471

 LOS ANGELES              PUREX CORP TURCO PRODS                 6135 CENTRAL AVE                       CAD980636120

 LOS ANGELES              PUREX CORP TURCO PRODS                 INDUSTRIAL ST                          CAD980636146

 LOS ANGELES              RENU PLATING CO INC                    1531 E 32ND ST                         CAD048479497

 LOS ANGELES              REX PRECISION PROD INC                 2131 STONER AVE                        CAT080032949

 LOS ANGELES              ROYAL BLVD DSPL SITE                   ROYAL BLVD BTWN 209TH&210TH ST         CAD980887277

 LOS ANGELES              SAFETY- KLEEN CORP 7-088-02            2918 WORTHEN AVE                       CAT000613935


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 59 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOS ANGELES              SAN FERNANDO VALLEY (AREA 4)           POLLOCK WELLFIELD                      CAD980894976

 LOS ANGELES              SANDERS SERVICE INC                    5921 WILMINGTON AVE                    CAD043104413

 LOS ANGELES              SCHOLL LDFL                            7721 N FIGUEROA                        CAD980498927

 LOS ANGELES              SHELMAC CORPORATION                    1440 WALNUT ST                         CAD070214895

 LOS ANGELES              SHERIFF BISCAILUZ CTR                  1060 N EASTERN AVE                     CAD980636252

 LOS ANGELES              SINCLAIR PAINT CO                      3960 E WASHINGTON BLVD                 CAD076242064

 LOS ANGELES              SO CA GAS CO OLYMPIC BASE              2424 E OLYMPIC BLVD                    CAD981422017

 LOS ANGELES              SO CALIF RAPID TRANSIT DISTRICT        UNION STATION                          CAD981989841

 LOS ANGELES              SO PACIFIC TRANS CO LOCOMOTIVE PLT     2850 KERR ST                           CAD000628131

 LOS ANGELES              STATES BATTERIES INC                   5735 W JEFFERSON BLVD                  CAD981438724

 LOS ANGELES              SUNGRO CHEMICALS                       810 E. 18TH. ST.                       CAD009689696

 LOS ANGELES              SUPER CHROME PLATING                   1504 E. WASHINGTON BLVD.               CAD008246886

 LOS ANGELES              SWIFT ADHESIVES AND COATINGS           3760 JEWEL AVE                         CAD075327411

 LOS ANGELES              TABERY CO                              2424 SAN FERNANDO RD                   CAD980884910

 LOS ANGELES              TEMPO                                  3113 S LA CIENEGA BLVD                 CAD981161102

 LOS ANGELES              THOMAS ELECTRONICS OF CA INC           13100 S AVALON BLVD                    CAD030382477

 LOS ANGELES              TRANSACTION COMPANIES LIMITED          12120 WAGNER STREET                    CAD983567314

 LOS ANGELES              TRU-FLEX RUBBER PRODUCTS CO.           1667 N. MAIN ST.                       CAD981461403

 LOS ANGELES              TRUST SERVICES OF AMERICA              220/222 NORTH JUANITA AVE              CAD982361768

 LOS ANGELES              TULIP CORPORATION                      2111 EAST 26TH ST.                     CAD075267880

 LOS ANGELES              UNION STATION                          800 NORTH ALAMEDA STREET               CAD983566571

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 60 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOS ANGELES              V&M PLATING CO                         14024 S AVALON BLVD                    CAD008335838

 LOS ANGELES              VAN DER HORST CORPORATION OF AMERICA   496 BAUCHET STREET                     CAD020159166

 LOS ANGELES              VAN PATTEN LYLE                        321 W 135TH ST                         CAD008391641

 LOS ANGELES              VAN WATERS & ROGERS DIV O UNIVAR       1363 S BONNIE BEACH PL                 CAD009230244


 LOS ANGELES              VICTOR SALVAGE CO (PCB SPILL           8211 N ALAMEDA                         CAD980818868
 LOS ANGELES              VIGORO INDUSTRIES                      4060 E 26TH ST                         CAD052276169

 LOS ANGELES              VULCAN MATERIALS CO DETINNING PLT      3650 E 26TH ST                         CAD980816045

 LOS ANGELES              WESLOCK FACILITY                       13344 SOUTH MAIN STREET                CAD990670234

 LOS ANGELES              WITHROW BROTHERS                       2025 SAN FERNANDO RD                   CAD981170426


 LOS BANOS                BILLY WRIGHT LDFL                      BILLY WRIGHT RD 3 MI SW HWY152         CAD980636880

 LOS BANOS                CENTRAL CAL IRRIGATION DIST            P O BOX 1231                           CAD982358756

 LOS BANOS                LOS BANOS AIRPORT                      WEST I & AIRPORT RD.                   CAD983650086

 LOS GATOS                BECTON DICKINSON & CO                  14300 WINCHESTER BLVD                  CAD039133277

 LOS GATOS                PACIFIC RAILWAY SIGNALS COLUMBIA       DAVES AVE                              CAD980736128
 LOS GATOS                PG&E GAS PLANT LOS GATOS               N COR ELM & SANTA CRUZ AVE             CAD981415847

 LOS GATOS                TONY FORTUNA INC                       805 UNIVERSITY AVE                     CAD981676497

 LOST HILLS               FARM FLITE AG SERVICE                  LOST HILLS AIRPORT                     CAD983650078

 LOST HILLS               LOST HILLS DUMP                        100 YD E OF INT LOST HILL/TWISSLEMAN   CAD983580895
 LOST HILLS               NORTH ANTELOPE HILLS OIL FIELD         T27S R19E OFF HWY 33 12MI W OF         CAD980498760

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 61 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LOYALTON                 SIERRA PACIFIC INDS                    RAILROAD AVE                           CAD980883060

 LUCERNE VALLEY           KAISER CEMENT CORP CUSHENBURY PLT      OFF ROUTE 18                           CAD008262982

 LUCERNE VALLEY           PFIZER INC LIME WASTE PILE             MERIDIAN RD 1/4 MI W OF PLT            CAD003934858

 LYNWOOD                  CHEM TECHNOLOGY LABS INC               12150 S ALAMEDA ST                     CAD008275885

 LYNWOOD                  CHROME NICKEL PLATING INC              2800 E CENTURY BLVD                    CAD008336273

 LYNWOOD                  GOLDENHILL WOOD PRODUCTS               2540 INDUSTRY WAY                      CAT080018591

 LYNWOOD                  MARTIN METAL FINISHING INC             12150 S ALAMEDA ST                     CAD059794974

 LYNWOOD                  WILLCO LDFL                            ALONG RTE 7 LA                         CAD980884928

 MACDOEL                  MT. HEBRON WORK CENTER                 T46N R7E SEC 32                        CA0000651984

 MADERA                   FAIRMEAD DSPL SITE                     RD 19 & AVE 22                         CAD980498679

 MADERA                   GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP PKG DIV MADERA    24600 AVE 13                           CAD094865250

 MADERA                   MACGILLIS & GIBBS CO                   11272 RD 32                            CAD980887335

 MADERA                   MADERA GLASS CO                        2441 AVE 12                            CAD051707818

 MADERA                   MADERA MUNI ARPT                       4020 AVIATION DR                       CAD980636898

 MADERA                   MIREX-CONTAMINATED AIRCRAFT            MADERA CO ARPT                         CAD980498703

 MADERA                   PG&E GAS PLANT MADERA                  S E ST BET CLINTON & E 9TH ST          CAD981415136

 MADERA                   WESTERN FARM SERVICE INC               24778 AVE 13 & RD 25                   CAD009167602

 MALAGA                   BRUNO USED MATERIAL                    3211 S GOLDEN STATE BLVD               CAD082445248

 MALAGA                   PICK-A-PART                            2274 E MUSCAT AVE                      CAD103426383

 MALAGA                   PURITY OIL SALES, INC                  3265 S MAPLE AVE                       CAD980736151

 MALIBU                   HUGHES RESEARCH LABORATORIES           3011 MALIBU CANYON ROAD                CAD041156969

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 62 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MALIBU                   MALIBU-GRAYFOX SITE                    28877 & 28907 GRAYFOX ST               CAD980885610

 MANHATTAN BEACH          MISSION LAND CO.                       1500 ROSECRANS AVE.                    CAD981654106

 MANHATTAN BEACH          MOBIL REFINERY MANHATTAN BEACH         MANHATTAN BEACH                        CAD980894430

 MANTECA                  AMSTAR CORP SPRECKELS SUGAR DIV F-2    YOSEMITE AVE                           CAT000624635

 MANTECA                  FORWARD INC                            9999 S AUSTIN RD                       CAD990794133

 MANTECA                  SCHMIEDT SOIL SERVICE INC              20696 S MANTECA RD                     CAD982358947

 MANTECA                  US GORDON SURPROPERTY                  1085 S UNION ST                        CAD980882831

 MARCH AFB                MARCH AIR FORCE BASE                   22 CSG/CC                              CA4570024527

 MARICOPA                 WARREN PETROLEUM CO YOWLUMNE PLT 149   RTE 166 11 MI E OF                     CAT000619015

 MARICOPA                 YOWLUMNE OIL FLD                       SEC 4 T11N R22W 11 MI E OF             CAD980736110

 MARINA                   FORT ORD                               FORT ORD                               CA7210020676

 MARINA                   MARINA WELL #9                         1 MI E OF HWY 1 & DEL MONTE BL         CAD981403942

 MARINA DEL REY           PLAYA VISTA                            COASTAL PROP NEAR MARINA DEL REY       CAD982418139

 MARKLEEVILLE             LEVIATHAN MINE                         1 MI NE OF                             CAD980673685

 MARTELL                  AMERICAN FOREST PROD CO                HWY 49                                 CAD009221003

 MARTINEZ                 ACME FILL CORP                         END OF ARTHUR RD                       CAD041835695

 MARTINEZ                 AMERICAN ORIENTAL CO AMORCO REF        BULLSHEAD PT NR HWY 680 BRG            CAD980637110

 MARTINEZ                 CENTRAL CONTRA COSTA SAN DIST          5019 IMHOFF DR                         CAD980585814

 MARTINEZ                 DEFENSE FUEL SUPPORT POINT OZOL        700 CARQUINEZ SCENIC DR                CA0971595236

 MARTINEZ                 IT CORP AMORCO FACILITY                MARINA VISTA                           CAD000819698

 MARTINEZ                 IT CORP NO CALIF SERV                  4501 PACHECO BLVD                      CAD000083121

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 63 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MARTINEZ                 IT CORP OIL REPROCESS FACILITY         EAST END OF ARTHUR RD                  CAD000092619

 MARTINEZ                 IT CORP VINE HILL FACIL                E END OF ARTHUR RD                     CAD000094771

 MARTINEZ                 IT ENVIRONMENTAL BAKER FACIL           END OF ARTHUR RD                       CAD089680250

 MARTINEZ                 IT TRANSPORTATION CORP NORTHERN CA     4501 PACHECO BLVD                      CAD000058917

 MARTINEZ                 LANDSEA TERMINALS                      2801 WATERFRONT RD                     CAD066562455

 MARTINEZ                 MARTINEZ CITY DUMP                     1 MI E OF MARTINEZ                     CAD000607259

 MARTINEZ                 MONSANTO CO AVON PLT                   1777 MONSANTO WAY                      CAD990802738

 MARTINEZ                 SHELL OIL CO (OLD RODEO REF)           ON SN PABLO BAY 9MI W OF               CAD980637102

 MARTINEZ                 SHELL OIL CO MARTINEZ                  MARINA VISTA AVE                       CAD009164021

 MARTINEZ                 STAUFFER CHEM CO MARTINEZ              100 MOCOCO RD                          CAD053049490

 MARTINEZ                 TOSCO CORP AVON REF                    SOLANO WAY                             CAD000072751

 MARYSVILLE               ALL PURE CHEMICAL CO                   3721 FEATHER RIVER BLVD                CAD006846208

 MARYSVILLE               ARTS WOOD PRODUCTS                     5514 FEATHER RIVER BLVD.               CAD983594193

 MARYSVILLE               CERTAINTEED CORP WATER WORKS MFG       3387 PLUMAS ARBOGA RD                  CAD082106683

 MARYSVILLE               PG&E GAS PLANT MARYSVILLE 212 2        "A" ST BET 4TH & 5TH STS               CAD981415144

 MARYSVILLE               PG&E GAS PLANT MARYSVILLE 212 2A       2ND ST BET ELM & B STS                 CAD981415201

 MARYSVILLE               ROBERTS WOODS PRODUCTS                 1400 MELODY RD                         CAD982358897

 MARYSVILLE               TRIANGLE ENGINEERING                   7229 DANTONI RD                        CAD982358830

 MARYSVILLE               UNIVERSE PAINT CO                      1309 MELODY RD                         CAD982358772

 MARYSVILLE               YUBA COUNTY ARPT                       1364 SKY HARBOR DR                     CAD980886774

 MAYWOOD                  KERR GLASS MFG CORP                    4855 E 52ND PL                         CAT000624288

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 64 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MAYWOOD                  PEMACO MAYWOOD                         5040 SLAUSON BLVD.                     CAD980737092

 MCFARLAND                MCFARLAND STUDY AREA                   CITY HALL                              CA0001118603

 MCKITTRICK               LIQUID WASTE MGMT MCKITTRICK           RTE 33 3/4 MI SW OF MCKITTRICK         CAD980636831

 MECCA                    PARKSIDE                               SW QUARTER OF S31, T7S, R11E           CAD981622434


 MENDOTA                  MENDOTA SEWAGE                         3699 BASS AVE                          CAD980816235

 MENDOTA                  MENDOTA SITE                           1 MI NE HWY 33                         CAD982358269

 MENLO PARK               BROWNING-FERRIS INDS                   END OF MARSH RD                        CAD980636963

 MENLO PARK               GENERAL CIRCUITS                       3585 HAVEN AVE                         CAD982462335

 MENLO PARK               GENERAL CIRCUITS INC                   3549 J HAVEN AVE                       CAD074665704

 MENLO PARK               MENLO PARK SAN DIST TRMT PLT           1700 MARSH RD EXTN 1                   CAD089184840

 MENLO PARK               RAYCHEM CORP                           300 CONSTITUTION DR BLDG H             CAD009125527

 MENLO PARK               STANFORD LINEAR ACCELERATOR CTR        2575 SAND HILL RD                      CA8890016126
 MENLO PARK               USVA MEDICAL CENTER                    795 WILLOW RD.                         CA1360010317

 MERCED                   BAC-PRITCHARD INC.                     3058 BEACHWOOD DR.                     CAD084520493

 MERCED                   HIGHWAY 59 LDFL                        HWY 59 APPROX 6 MI N OF MERCED         CAD980637409

 MERCED                   MERCED CITY DUMP                       S END GOVE RD                          CAD980382717

 MERCED                   MERCED LAUNDRY                         160 W MAIN ST                          CAD983566118

 MERCED                   ONE-HOUR MARTINIZING                   1818 R. STREET                         CAD981581655

 MERCED                   ONE-HOUR MARTINIZING                   2828 G. STREET                         CAD981582794

 MERCED                   PARKWAY CLEANERS                       1530 YOSEMITE PARKWAY                  CAD981994932

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 65 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MERCED                   PG&E GAS PLANT MERCED                  15TH & CANAL STS                       CAD981415193

 MERCED                   SIMPSON'S CLEANERS                     618 W MAIN STREET                      CAD981993157

 MERCED                   STRIBLING'S NURSERIES, INC.            6529 E MARIPOSA WY                     CAD982358632

 MERCED                   SUNSHINE CLEANERS                      1227 W. MAIN ST.                       CAD981581598

 MERCED FALLS             USDOJ BLM                              NEAREST CITY: MERCED FALLS             CA6141190565

 MERIDIAN                 JOHN M CLARK                           MAWSON RD ROUTE 1 PO BOX 11            CAD982358343

 MIDDLETOWN               AMINOIL USA INC                        KGRA GEYSERS FLD NR                    CAD980817225

 MIDDLETOWN               GEOTHERMAL INC BUTTS CYN RD FACIL      19020 BUTTS CANYON RD                  CAD098080484

 MIDDLETOWN               USCG LORAN C STA MIDDLETOWN            LORAN C STA                            CA3690330771

 MILFORD                  CASH INDUSTRIES INC                    NEAR HWY 395                           CAD049756026

 MILPITAS                 BFI--NEWBY ISLAND LANDFILL             1601 DIXON LANDINZ RD.                 CAD983578071

 MILPITAS                 FORD MOTOR CO                          1100 S MAIN ST                         CAD028679462

 MILPITAS                 GREAT WESTERN CHEMICAL CO              945 AMES BLVD                          CAD095991253

 MILPITAS                 HARRIS MICROWAVE SEMICONDUCTOR         1530 MCCARTHY BLVD                     CAT080033996


 MILPITAS                 JONES CHEMICAL                         985 MONTAGUE EXPRESSWAY                CAD082907031

 MILPITAS                 KAISER REFRACTORIES DIV LABORATORY     1600 S MAIN ST                         CAD980637490

 MILPITAS                 KOMAG #4                               275 S. HILLVIEW                        CAD983566530

 MILPITAS                 LSI LOGIC                              1601 MCCARTHY BLVD                     CAT080033160

 MILPITAS                 MILLER & GIBSON IND                    151 BOTHELO AVE                        CAD980736094

 MILPITAS                 NORTH AMERICAN TRANSFORMER             1200 PIPER DR                          CAD044867604

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 66 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MILPITAS                 PIERCE & STEVENS CHEMICAL CORP         805 SINCLAIR FRONTAGE RD               CAD043720861

 MILPITAS                 SIERRA CHEMICAL                        1001 YOSEMITE DR                       CAD041843434

 MINTER VILLAGE           KERN COUNTY ARPT #14 SHAFTER           HWY 99 & HWY 58                        CAD980736342

 MISSION VIEJO            KMT OIL CO INC                         26271 AMAPOLA LN                       CAD042613281

 MODESTO                  A & B TRUCK REPAIR                     959 S NINTH ST                         CAD981573645

 MODESTO                  ACE AUTO WRECKING                      2736 W. HATCH RD                       CAD982511073

 MODESTO                  BONZI SANITARY LANDFILL                2650 W HATCH RD                        CAD058410374

 MODESTO                  CIRCLE AW PROD CO                      1706 LAPHAM DR                         CAD044000347

 MODESTO                  FMC CORP ALKALI CHEM DIV               1200 BARIUM RD                         CAD000625798

 MODESTO                  GALLO GLASS - SOUTH FIELD LANDFILL     615 S SANTA CRUZ AVE                   CAD009107749

 MODESTO                  GEER ROAD LANDFILL - STANISLAUS        751 GEER RD.                           CAD983578097
 MODESTO                  GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP                   2400 LAPHAM DR                         CAD009420118

 MODESTO                  GOERIZ PROPERTY                        127 SPENCER AVE.                       CAD983645946

 MODESTO                  HALFORD'S MODESTO                      941 MCHENRY AVE                        CAD981615560

 MODESTO                  J M EQUIPMENT CO                       819 S NINTH ST                         CAD981573702

 MODESTO                  MASSINGILL MARK                        2500 YOUNG RD                          CAD980882906

 MODESTO                  MISTLIN HONDA                          3120 MCHENRY AVE                       CAD981682412

 MODESTO                  MODESTO CONVENTION CENTER              L ST @ 10TH ST                         CAD982399768

 MODESTO                  MODESTO DISPOSAL SERVICES              2769 HATCH ROAD                        CAD046014007

 MODESTO                  MODESTO GROUND WATER CONTAMINATION     NEAR MODESTO                           CAD981997752

 MODESTO                  MODESTO SAND & GRAVEL INC              6137 HAMMETT RD                        CAD047404140

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 67 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MODESTO                  PACIFIC ALUMINUM CORP                  711 BANOS AVE.                         CAD058425059

 MODESTO                  PG&E GAS PLANT MODESTO                 N COR 9TH & C STS                      CAD981415441

 MODESTO                  TRI VALLEY GROWERS                     824 KIERNAN AVE                        CAD009126095


 MOHAVE                   MOBILE SMELTING                        CORNER UNITED & REED RD                CAD050096163

 MOHAVE                   PRODUCTS RESEARCH CHEMICAL CO.         11601 UNITED                           CAD042238956

 MOJAVE                   ASPHALT CONSTRUCTION CO, INC.          7037 TROTTER AVE.                      CAD983650029

 MOJAVE                   BILLITON EXPLORATION USA               1999 SILVER QUEEN ROAD                 CAD981980485

 MOJAVE                   BLM-CACTUS GOLD MINES CO.              STAR RTE 1-BACKUS RD &                 CAD983569534
 MOJAVE                   CALIFORNIA PORTLAND CEMENT, CO.        9350 OAK CREEK RD.                     CAD008256315

 MOJAVE                   CITY SERV ONSITE LDFL                  12701 UNITED ST                        CAD072265184

 MOJAVE                   COMMODITY REFINING EXCHANGE            11847 UNITED ST.                       CAD981402522

 MOJAVE                   IMPERIAL WEST CHEMICAL CO.             18700 N HWY 14                         CAD982447088

 MOJAVE                   MOJAVE BURN DUMP                       2M S OF HWY 58/2M E OF MOJAVE          CAD983672346

 MOJAVE                   VICTORY MILLSITE (A & W SMELTER)       SILVER QUEEN ROAD                      CA0000307801

 MONOLITH                 CALAVERAS CEMENT CO TEHACHAPI,         4 MI E OF TEHACHAPI ON HWQ 58          CAD076183011
 MONROVIA                 ABCO METAL FINISHING                   1621 S MYRTLE AVE                      CAD040363012

 MONROVIA                 DAY & NIGHT MFG CO                     700 ROYAL OAKS AVE                     CAD980636559

 MONROVIA                 PRECISE SENSORS INC                    235 W CHESTNUT AVE                     CAD052387297

 MONTCLAIR                DODSON BROTHERS OIL COMPANY            10810 MONTE VERDE AVE                  CAT080014194

 MONTCLAIR                KWIK KLEEN INC                         4601 BROOKS ST                         CAT080013402

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 68 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MONTEBELLO               GROW GROUP INC CONSUMER PROD DIV       760 S VAIL                             CAD009380890

 MONTEREY                 AEROJET GENERAL CORP                   1321 SALINAS HWY                       CAD982358251

 MONTEREY                 NAVAL POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL              DEL MONTE AVENUE                       CA1170090194

 MONTEREY                 OLD SAND CITY DUMP                     EAST OF HWY 101 A FREMONT BLVD         CAD982399974

 MONTEREY                 PG&E GAS PLANT MONTEREY                DEL MONTE FRANKLIN ADAMS FIGER         CAD981415250


 MONTEREY PARK            OPERATORS IND                          2425 S GARFIELD                        CAD050789429

 MONTEREY PARK            SECURITY CO LDFL                       GARFIELD & CORAL VIEW                  CAD981447881

 MONTEREY PARK            STARBIRD DUMP SITE                     STARBIRD DR AND KELLER AVE             CAD981570591

 MOORPARK                 MOORPARK METH DRUG LAB                 8201 BIXBY ROAD                        CA0001895523

 MORENCI                  PHELPS DODGE, MORENCI                  TEMP HWY 666                           CAD039055413

 MORGAN HILL              ASCO AIR CONDITIONING                  16250 RAILROAD AVENUE                  CAD983566142

 MORGAN HILL              CUSTOM CHROME                          16100 JACQUELINE COURT                 CAD983566134

 MORGAN HILL              DEMETRON INC                           235 TENNENT AVE                        CAT080029457

 MORGAN HILL              OLIN CORP MORGAN HILL PLT              425 TENNANT AVE                        CAD009183831

 MORGAN HILL              SAN FELIPE RD. GAS CYL.                LOT # 7 SAN FELIPE ROAD                CAD983659426

 MORRO BAY                DEFENSE FUEL SUPPORT POINT ESTERO BAY  3300 PANORAMA DR                       CA2971590029

 MORRO BAY                MORRO BAY DSPL SITE                    HWY 1 1 MI W OF MORRO BAY              CAD980637623

 MORRO BAY                PG&E MORRO BAY POWER PLT               1290 EMBARCADERO                       CAT080011646

 MOSS LANDING             KAISER REFRACTORIES MOSS LANDING       HWY ONE                                CAD009152190


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 69 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MOUNT SIGNAL             STUDER'S DAIRY SITE                    876 W STATE HWY 98                     CAD982359564

 MOUNTAIN PASS            MOLYCORP INC.                          SEC 12 & 13 T16N R13E                  CAD980695795

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            AIR PRODS & CHEMS INC                  465 N WHISMAN RD                       CAD001728740

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            BUILDING 2420 OF CHARLESTON BUSINESS   2420 CHARLESTON ROAD                   CAD063544902
 MOUNTAIN VIEW            CAMELLIA PARK                          333 STIERLEN RD                        CAD982400277

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            CHARLESTON BUSINESS PARK               2400-2460 CHARLESTON RD                CAD982400954

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            COOPER VISION                          455 E MIDDLEFIELD RD                   CAD980638084

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            CTS PRINTEX, INC                       PLYMOUTH & COLONY STS                  CAD009212838

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR CORP (MT       464 ELLIS ST                           CAD095989778
 MOUNTAIN VIEW            HEWLETT PACKARD (MT VIEW)              333 LOGUE AVE                          CAD009438342

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            INNERCONN TECHNOLOGIES                 327 MOFFETT BLVD                       CAD982400301

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            INTEL CORP. (MOUNTAIN VIEW PLANT)      365 E MIDDLEFIELD RD                   CAD061620217

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            JASCO CHEMICAL CO                      1090 TERRA BELLA                       CAD981677107

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            JASCO CHEMICAL CORP                    1710 VILLA ST                          CAD009103318

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            LAND BANK INVESTMENTS INTERNATIONAL    303 RAVENDALE DR.                      CAD087015566

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            M-E-W STUDY AREA                       SHERLAND AVE & N WHISMAN               CAD982463812

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            MOFFETT NAVAL AIR STATION              MOFFETT FIELD                          CA2170090078

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            MONTWOOD                               1615 PLYMOUTH ST.                      CAD982399917

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            MOUNTAIN VIEW LDFL                     SHORELINE REG PK STIERLIN RD           CAD980498711

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR                 313 FAIRCHILD DR                       CAD980665780

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            NEC                                    501 ELLIS ST                           CAD980883268

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 70 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            PLESSEY MICRO SCIENCE INC              2296 MORA DR                           CAD009440371

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            RAYTHEON CORP                          350 ELLIS ST                           CAD009205097

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            SAN FRANCISCO BAY                      MOUNTAIN VIEW                          CAD981622541

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            SIERRA VISTA PROPERTIES                465 SIERRA VISTA WAY                   CAD982400285

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            SILTEC                                 405 NATIONAL AVE                       CAD088839105

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            SPECTRA-PHYSICS, INC                   1250 W MIDDLEFIELD RD                  CAD009138488

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            SYLVANIA SYSTEMS GROUP GTE PRODUCTS    100 FERGUSON DR                        CAD076306836

 MOUNTAIN VIEW            TELEDYNE SEMICONDUCTOR                 1300 TERRA BELLA AVE                   CAD009111444

 MT SHASTA                ABANDONED ASBESTOS MINES               19 MI SO OF MT SHASTA                  CAD982400210


 MURRIETA                 MURRIETA CREATIVE ACADEMY              41885 IVY ST                           CAD982463820

 MURRIETA                 MURRIETA SCHOOL                        24250 ADAMS ST                         CAD982405409

 N FORK                   AMERICAN FOREST PROD CO N FORK         57839 RD 225                           CAD030998363

 N HOLLYWOOD              CALIFORNIA DECORATED GLASS CO          12323 SHERMAN WAY                      CAD053867826

 N HOLLYWOOD              LBM PRODUCTS                           10711 CHANDLER BLVD                    CAD982359929

 N HOLLYWOOD              MAIN TOOL & DIE CO                     10835 CHANDLER                         CAD009644261

 N HOLLYWOOD              NICKEL SOLUTION RECYCLING INC          11940 SHERMAN RD                       CAD980883706

 N HOLLYWOOD              PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      6853 LANKERSHIM BLVD                   CAD980636278

 N HOLLYWOOD              PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      6909 LANKERSHIM BLVD                   CAD980636260

 N HOLLYWOOD              SO PACIFIC RR                          5353 STROHM                            CAD980736136

 N HOLLYWOOD              SPECIALTY COATINGS & CHEMICALS INC     7360 VARNA AVE                         CAD009587783

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 71 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 N SAN JUAN               SIERRA MOUNTAIN MILL                   OFF HWY 49 CELESTIAL VLY               CAD003987666

 NAPA                     ASYLUM SLOUGH OIL SPILL                NAPA RIVER,END OF KAISER WAY IN        CA0001407006
 NAPA                     BASALITE ROCK DIV PACIFIC              2301 NAPA-VALLEJO HWY                  CAD098325442

 NAPA                     CITY OF NAPA LANDFILL                  1800 W. IMOLA                          CA0000341651

 NAPA                     NAPA PIPE CORP                         NAPA VALLEJO HWY                       CAD009103151

 NAPA                     PG&E GAS PLANT NAPA 104 3              NW COR CROSS & ELM                     CAD981416019

 NAPA                     PG&E GAS PLANT NAPA 104 3A             5TH BET MAIN & BROWN                   CAD981416076

 NAPA                     US BUREAU OF RECLAMATION               5520 KNOXVILLE RD                      CA4141190484

 NAPA JUNCTION            AMERICAN CANYON SAN LDFL               END OF EUCALYPTUS DR                   CAD980637136

 NATIONAL CITY            A & E INDUSTRIES                       1440 TIDELANDS AVE                     CAD081808701

 NATIONAL CITY            ABC METALS                             1401 CLEVELAND AVE.                    CAD983658394

 NATIONAL CITY            ALL STATE STEEL CO.                    1625 CLEVELAND AVE.                    CAD983658402

 NATIONAL CITY            AMERICAN PROCESSING CO                 2468 VAN NESS AVE                      CAT080013410

 NATIONAL CITY            CALIFORNIA CHEM CO                     2121 HOOVER AVE                        CAD064155302

 NATIONAL CITY            NELCO OIL REFINING                     600 W. 12TH STREET                     CAD008352890

 NATIONAL CITY            PACIFIC STEEL, INC.                    1700 CLEVELAND AVE.                    CAD053816617

 NATIONAL CITY            PEPPER OIL CO                          2300 TIDELANDS AVE                     CAT000613547

 NATIONAL CITY            SAN DIEGO WOOD PRESERVING CO.          2010 HAFFLY                            CAD981454689

 NATIONAL CITY            SOUTH BAY FOUNDRY                      1623 CLEVELAND AVE.                    CAD983658469

 NEAR REDDING             WHISKEYTOWN NPS                        MULE TOWN RD NEAR PAIGE BAR ROAD       CA0000362400

 NEEDLES                  NEEDLES DSPL SITE                      US HWY 95                              CA8141190100

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 72 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEEDLES                  PG&E TOPOCK COMPRESSOR STA             15 MI E OF NEEDLES ON HWY I-40         CAT080011729

 NEVADA                   DENSON KENNETH S JR PROPERTY           17815 CHAMPION RD                      CAD980893044

 NEVADA                   PG&E GAS PLANT NEVADA CITY             50-52 COYOTE ST NR MAIN                CAD981415490

 NEVADA CITY              LAVA CAP MINE                          14501 LAVA CAP MINE ROAD               CAD983618893

 NEVADA CITY              TAHOE NAT FOREST                       TAHOE NAT FOREST                       CA2122307646

 NEW CUYAMA               ARCO OIL & RUSSELL RANCH PLT 9         SEC 30 T11N R27W                       CAT080011414

 NEWARK                   ABE OIL INC                            8130 ENTERPRISE DR                     CAT080013360

 NEWARK                   ASHLAND CHEM CO                        8600 ENTERPRISE DR                     CAD066562521

 NEWARK                   BARON BLAKESLEE INC                    8333 ENTERPRISE DR                     CAD074644659

 NEWARK                   CERRO METAL PROD CALIF WORKS           6707 MOWRY AVE                         CAD009125923

 NEWARK                   COLUMBUS COATED FABRICS                38083 CHERRY ST                        CAD045291192

 NEWARK                   EVERGREEN OIL INC.                     6880 SMITH ST.                         CAD980887418

 NEWARK                   FMC CORP NEWARK                        8787 ENTERPRISE DR                     CAD009147000

 NEWARK                   FOSTER CHEMICAL CO                     37445 WILLOW STREET                    CAD056197601

 NEWARK                   FULLER H B CO                          6925 CENTRAL AVE                       CAD046414694

 NEWARK                   JONES HAMILTON CO                      8400 ENTERPRISE DR                     CAD009166349


 NEWARK                   PETERBILT MOTORS                       38801 CHERRY STREET                    CAD009120734

 NEWARK                   THORO SYSTEMS PRODUCTS NEWARK          38403 CHERRY ST                        CAD066572363

 NEWBERRY                 AFTON CANYON-UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD    SEC 13,14,18,19,20,21 & 22, T.11N,     CA0000466771
 NEWBERRY SPRINGS         ABANDONED REFINERY SITE                PIONEER AND MT. VIEW                   CAD982359945

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 73 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEWBERRY SPRINGS         NEWBERRY DUMP                          PONIENTE DR 3 MI S OF                  CAD980498729

 NEWBERRY SPRINGS         NL INDS INC HECTOR MINE                MT VIEW & PIONEER RD                   CAD042928556

 NEWCASTLE                VICTOR BALATA WEST INC                 HWY 80 NR OPHIR RD                     CAD980736391

 NEWHALL                  AMERICAN PACIFIC INTL                  TOWSLEY CYN                            CAD980735799

 NEWHALL                  NEWHALL REFINING COMPANY, INC.         22674 N CLAMPILL RD                    CAD008374597

 NEWPORT BEACH            CAGNEY TRUST                           SW CORNER OF 32ND ST & NEWPORT BLVD.   CA0000187997

 NEWPORT BEACH            FORD AEROSPACE FACILITY                3501 JAMBOREE BLVD, SUITE 500          CAD983623257

 NEWPORT BEACH            HIXSON METAL FINISHING FIRE            829 PRODUCTION PLACE                   CAD982029241

 NEWPORT BEACH            HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO                     500 SUPERIOR AVE                       CAD057468944

 NEWPORT BEACH            LORAL AEROSPACE AERONUTRONIC           FORD RD                                CAD041330077

 NEWPORT BEACH            NEWPORT BEACH CORPORATE YARD           592 SUPERIOR AVENUE                    CAD983567447

 NEWPORT BEACH            NEWPORT PLATING CO                     2810 VILLA WAY                         CAD982360356

 NEWPORT BEACH            NEWPORT PLATING CO #3                  2815 VILLA WAY                         CAD982360414

 NEWPORT BEACH            SIERRACIN TRANS MASK CORP              3952 N CAMPUS DR                       CAD042932053

 NEWPORT BEACH            SOUTH BASIN OIL CO WELL #1             204 & 206 43RD ST                      CAD982359408

 NICOLAUS                 ONSTOTT DUSTERS INC                    12755 HWY 99                           CAD982357980

 NICOLAUS                 WEST CATLETT AIRSTRIP                  W CATLETT RD @ MAIN CANAL              CAD982399891

 NIPOMO                   LEWOTSKY PROPERTY                      725 MONARCH LANE                       CA0001913516

 NIPTON                   NIPTON UNAUTHORIZED LANDFILL           1 MI NW OF NIPTON                      CA0000332502

 NORCO                    NORCO BATTERY                          904 N 1ST ST                           CAD982040057

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 74 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NORCO                    NORCO EGG FARM                         1811 MOUNTAIN AVE                      CAD009868480

 NORCO                    WYLE LABS - NORCO FACILITY             1841 HILLSIDE                          CAD021219340

 NORTH HOLLYWOOD          GOLDSTAR PLATING                       7222 VARNA AVENUE                      CAD008483455

 NORTH SHORE              ALL AMERICAN CANAL                     PARKSIDE DR & AMER CANAL               CAD980884381

 NORTHRIDGE               METALS TECHNOLOGY INC                  8955 QUARTZ AVE                        CAD981371107

 NORTON AFB               NORTON AIR FORCE BASE                  I-10-US 395                            CA4570024345

 NORWALK                  DEFENSE FUEL SUPPORT POINT NORWALK     15306 NORWALK BLVD                     CA8971524360

 NORWALK                  GENERAL PETROLEUM CO #3                11101 S PIONEER BLVD                   CAD980892483

 NORWALK                  PEACOCK AEROSPACE INC.                 10620 E FIRESTONE BLVD                 CAD057352403

 NORWALK                  STANKEVICH #1 NORWALK                  14014 S GRACEBEC AVE                   CAD980883730

 NOVATO                   ARNOLD'S AUTO DISMANTLERS              864 VALLEJO AVE                        CAD138842448


 NOVATO                   HAMILTON AFB                           HAMILTON AIR FORCE BASE                CA3570024288

 NOVATO                   KEN POTTER DATSUN REPAIR               19 R DIGITAL DR                        CAD982469678

 NOVATO                   PG&E IGNATIO SUBSTA                    NW COR HAMILTON & BELL MARIN K         CAD980736367

 OAKDALE                  PG&E GAS PLANT OAKDALE                 SE COR J ST & BRYAN AVE                CAD981415508

 OAKHURST                 AMERICAN FOREST PROD CO OAKHURST       48754 HWY 49                           CAD051693281

 OAKLAND                  54 EMBARCADERO                         FALLON ST & EMBARCADERO DR             CAD982401580

 OAKLAND                  ABEX CORP AMSCO DIV OAKLAND PLT        850 FERRY ST                           CAD980358733

 OAKLAND                  ACTION PLATING                         10132 EDES AVE                         CAD982347676

 OAKLAND                  AERO PLATING                           710 73RD AVE                           CAD009154469

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 75 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OAKLAND                  ALLIED CRANE, INC.                     727-66TH AVE.                          CAD983621954

 OAKLAND                  AMERICAN CHROME                        932 86TH AVENUE                        CA0001186154

 OAKLAND                  AMERICAN NATIONAL CAN CO               3801 EAST 8TH ST                       CAD009162116

 OAKLAND                  BAYSIDE OIL CO                         4200 ALAMEDA AVE                       CAD980496871

 OAKLAND                  BUILDING H-232, PORT OF OAKLAND        845 EMBARCADERO                        CAD000098806

 OAKLAND                  BUSINESS AIRCRAFT DISTR                OAKLAND ARPT                           CAD980637219

 OAKLAND                  CLOROX CO OAKLAND PLT                  850 42ND AVE                           CAD000629485

 OAKLAND                  CONTINENTAL PLATING CO INC             995 89TH AVE                           CAD009183948

 OAKLAND                  D C METALS                             1414 THIRD STREET                      CA0001576081

 OAKLAND                  DOLSBY HARD CHROME                     124 HEGENBERGER LOOP                   CAD056198294

 OAKLAND                  DONCO INDUSTRIES                       2401 UNION ST.                         CAD983608555

 OAKLAND                  ELECTRO-COATINGS IND                   1401 PARK AVE                          CAD009116229

 OAKLAND                  ELMHURST ANODIZING                     910 81ST AVENUE #18                    CA0001090547

 OAKLAND                  ELTRA CORP PRESTOLITE BATTERY OAKLAND  98TH ST & BANCROFT AVE                 CAD980637169

 OAKLAND                  ESPOSITO PLATING CORP                  2904-2908 CHAPMAN ST                   CAD009174103

 OAKLAND                  FERRO ENAMELING CO                     1100 57TH AVE                          CAD009132531

 OAKLAND                  FRANCIS PLATING OF OAKLAND INC         785 7TH ST                             CAD009206160

 OAKLAND                  GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                    5441 E 14TH ST                         CAD009208075

 OAKLAND                  GENERAL MOTORS PARTS DIV               10800 E 14TH ST                        CAD000625897

 OAKLAND                  GENERAL MOTORS PARTS DIV               10626 E 14TH ST                        CAD001718352

 OAKLAND                  GOLDEN GATE AVIATION                   OAKLAND ARPT                           CAD980637201

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 76 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OAKLAND                  GRANT LABORATORIES                     6020 ADELINE ST                        CAD093982866

 OAKLAND                  HARRIS DRY CLEANERS                    2801 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. WAY        CA0000080309

 OAKLAND                  L & M PLATING COMPANY                  902 72ND AVENUE                        CAD981432255

 OAKLAND                  L E MYERS                              8261 SAN LEANDRO ST                    CAD982358848

 OAKLAND                  L&M PLATING CO                         920 54TH AVE                           CAD028797272

 OAKLAND                  LAKE CHABOT LANDFILL                   GOLF LINKS ROAD                        CAD983580960

 OAKLAND                  LIQUID CARBONIC CORP                   901 EMBARCADERO                        CAD009156662

 OAKLAND                  MYERS DRUM #1                          6549 SAN PABLO AVE.                    CAD009123217

 OAKLAND                  NATIONAL LEAD CO                       47TH AVE & E 10TH ST                   CAD980637144

 OAKLAND                  NAVY PUBLIC WORKS CENTER SAN           NAVAL SUPPLY CENTER OAKLAND            CA0170090112
 OAKLAND                  NL INDS INC PIGMENTS & CHEM DIV        4701 SAN LEANDRO ST                    CAD980637151

 OAKLAND                  NOR-CAL METAL FABRICATORS              1121 3RD ST                            CAD009148669

 OAKLAND                  OAKLAND ARMY BASE WAREHOUSE AREA       TULAGI ST                              CA4210020661

 OAKLAND                  OAKLAND ARPT                           AIRPORT DR                             CAD009235326

 OAKLAND                  OAKLAND CITY OF, HOUSING AUTHORITY     1180 25TH AVE                          CA7860090045

 OAKLAND                  OAKLAND NAVAL REGIONAL MEDICAL CTR     8750 MOUNTAIN BLVD                     CA0170027254

 OAKLAND                  OAKLAND NAVAL SUPPLY CENTER            7TH & MARITIME                         CA4170090027

 OAKLAND                  OAKPORT DEVELOPMENT SITE               S OF OAKPORT ST. BET HASSLER           CAD983585548
                                                                 WAY/DAMON C
 OAKLAND                  OTTO'S FOREIGN AUTO SALVAGE            700 73RD AVENUE                        CA0000084723

 OAKLAND                  PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      OAKLAND ARPT                           CAD980637193

 OAKLAND                  PACIFIC PUMPING CO MFG SITE            9201 SAN LEANDRO ST                    CAD088772629

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 77 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OAKLAND                  PG&E GAS PLANT OAKLAND 601 2           1ST BET JEFFERSON & MARKET             CAD981415169

 OAKLAND                  PG&E GAS PLANT OAKLAND 601 2A          FIRST & WASHINGTON                     CAD981416191

 OAKLAND                  PORT OF OAKLAND                        EMBARCADERO CV MARINA SITE             CAD980638670

 OAKLAND                  RAN-ROB INC                            631 85TH AVE                           CAD009176058

 OAKLAND                  RYAN PAINTS                            630 E 10TH ST                          CAD981165582

 OAKLAND                  SHEREX CHEM CO                         1401 MIDDLE HARBOR RD                  CAD990788168

 OAKLAND                  SINCLAIR & VALENTINE                   1104 57 AVE                            CAD000095158

 OAKLAND                  SMILO CHEMICAL CO                      500 KIRKHAM                            CAD029247319

 OAKLAND                  SOCIETY OF ST. VINCENT DE PAUL         9235 SAN LEANDRO ST.                   CA0000588772

 OAKLAND                  TRANSAMERICA DELAVAL INC ENG & COMPR   550 85TH AVE                           CAD057501918
 OAKLAND                  VOLVO WHITE TRUCK                      5050 COLISEUM WAY                      CAD981964364

 OAKLAND                  WEIMEYER CORPORATION                   700 72ND AVE.                          CA0000084731

 OAKLAND                  WESTERN COLLOID                        700 - 71ST. STREET                     CAD983662289

 OAKLAND                  ZERO WASTE SYSTS INC                   1450 32ND ST                           CAD980637185

 OAKLEY                   COOKS BATTERY SITE                     138 HILL AVE.                          CAD983613910

 OCEANSIDE                AGRI CHEMICAL SUPPLY                   2002 OCEANSIDE BLVD                    CAD982360604

 OCEANSIDE                OCEANSIDE TRUCK CENTER                 2403 INDUSTRY RD                       CAD982360133

 OCEANSIDE                RECONTEK INC.                          4055 CALLE PLATINO                     CAD982414146

 OCEANSIDE                SEASHELL OIL & CHEMICAL                423 N CLEVELAND                        CAD982360257

 OCEANSIDE                TRI-CITY METAL FINISHING               1307 S HILL ST                         CAD982315749

 OILDALE                  WITCO CHEM CORP GOLDEN BEAR DIV        MANOR ST & NORRIS RD                   CAD002904886

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 78 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OILDALE                  WITCO SLUDGE DSPL SITE                 COR OF PETROL RD & AIRPORT DR          CAD980636856

 ONTARIO                  ALGER MFG CO                           724 S BON VIEW AVE                     CAD051980191

 ONTARIO                  CHEM LAB PRODS INC                     5160 E AIRPORT DR                      CAD008302895

 ONTARIO                  COHEN ISAAC & SON INC                  717 S TAYLOR                           CAD052851078

 ONTARIO                  D&M METALS INC                         824 E STATE ST                         CAD982360067

 ONTARIO                  GENERAL ELECTRIC AVIATION SERVS OPS    1923 E AVION ST                        CAD009542721

 ONTARIO                  GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                    234 EAST MAIN ST                       CAT000622357

 ONTARIO                  KOPPERS CO INC                         12200 AIRPORT DR                       CAT000617324

 ONTARIO                  MILLIKEN SAN LDFL                      MILLIKEN AVE & HWY 60                  CAD980695076

 ONTARIO                  POWER FLO BATTERY                      5312 MISSION BLVD                      CAD980892780

 ONTARIO                  SUNKIST GROWERS                        616 E SUNKIST ST                       CAD008514051

 ORANGE                   AMF VOIT INC                           426 W ALMOND                           CAD049901176

 ORANGE                   CADILLAC PLATING INC                   1145-47 W STRUCK AVE                   CAD073578734

 ORANGE                   COSDEN OIL & CHEM CO                   534 W STRUCK AVE                       CAD000097634

 ORANGE                   DATA CIRCUITS                          1607 E ORANGE GROVE AVE                CAD067625129

 ORANGE                   GREAT WESTERN CARPET CUSHION CO INC    2060 N BATAVIA ST                      CAD008352361

 ORANGE                   INLAND SPECIALTIES CHEMICAL CORP       2023 W COLLINS AVE                     CAD086095908

 ORANGE                   MARCEL ELECTRONICS                     625-27 W KATELLA                       CAD072513351

 ORANGE                   MARLEY HEAT TRANSFER                   2095 N BATAVIA ST                      CAD982360646

 ORANGE                   ORANGE COUNTY ELECTRONICS CORP         810 W BARKLEY                          CAD044423994

 ORANGE                   ORANGE COUNTY PLATING CO               940-950 N PARKER ST                    CAD058230582

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 79 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ORANGE                   ORANGE PRECISION CIRCUITS              812 SOUTHERN AVE                       CAD097577035

 ORANGE                   PETROLEUM DISTRIBUTORS                 1800 BLOCK OF STRUCK AVE               CAD982360539

 OREGON HOUSE             C T ALLOY SPROCKETS                    13331 RICES XING RD                    CAD076093368

 ORINDA                   EAST BAY MUN UTIL DISTRICT/WATERSHED   500 SAN PABLO DAM ROAD                 CAD108365735
 ORLAND                   ORLAND CLEANERS                        725-5TH                                CAD983579582

 ORO GRANDE               RIVERSIDE CEMENT CO ORO GRANDE PLT     19409 NATIONAL TRL HWY                 CAD008296402

 ORO LOMA                 EAGLE FIELD                            ALTHEA AVE WEST OF RUSSELL             CAD983650060

 OROSI                    PARMENTER & BRYAN #1                   13133 AVE 416                          CAD982359317

 OROVILLE                 KOPPERS CO., INC. (OROVILLE PLANT)     BAGGETT-MARYSVILLE RD                  CAD009112087

 OROVILLE                 LOUISIANA PACIFIC LDFL                 NW OF OPHIR RD & LINCOLN BLVD          CAD980894026

 OROVILLE                 LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORP                 HWY 70 GEORGIA PACIFIC WAY             CAD065021594

 OROVILLE                 MR WALKER                              6023 POWER HOUSE HILL RD               CAD980882955

 OROVILLE                 OROVILLE ARMY AIRFIELD                 3M SW OF OROVILLE                      CA0000103697

 OROVILLE                 PG&E BIG BEND POWERHOUSE               LAKE OROVILLE                          CAD980885446

 OROVILLE                 PG&E GAS PLANT OROVILLE                E SIDE HUNTOON@SAFFORD ST              CAD981415672

 OROVILLE                 SIERRA PACIFIC INDS                    1980 KUSEL RD                          CAD980365928

 OROVILLE                 WESTERN PACIFIC RAILROAD CO            SEC 19 T19N R4E 2 MI S OF              CAD980894679

 OTAY                     NELSON & SLOAN                         7TH & MAIN                             CAD982360018

 OXNARD                   BAILARD LDFL                           VICTORIA RD XING @SN CLARA RIV         CAD980881445

 OXNARD                   BORG WARNER FACIL                      1000 FACTORY LN                        CAD001818541

 OXNARD                   CAL DIE CORP                           373 WINCHESTER DR                      CAD050811827

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 80 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 OXNARD                   CARNEY & SONS                          5085 W 5TH ST                          CAD980496905

 OXNARD                   DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORP                  6000 ARCTURUS AVE                      CAD044422327

 OXNARD                   DUNES SUBDIVISION                      DUNES ST                               CAD981418171

 OXNARD                   FACELLE CO INC                         800 N RICE AVE                         CAD980636807

 OXNARD                   HALACO ENGINEERING CO                  6200 PERKINS                           CAD009688052

 OXNARD                   J N J SALES & SERV                     5TH & HARBOR                           CAD980636773

 OXNARD                   KOPPERS CO INC                         5980 ARCTURUS AVE                      CAD087163267

 OXNARD                   MCCASLIN OIL CO INC                    2425 COLONIA RD                        CAD981413776

 OXNARD                   OIL EXTRACTS INC                       319 MONTGOMERY ST                      CAD982360794

 OXNARD                   OXNARD METALS INC                      1441 MOUNTAIN VIEW                     CAD053859393

 OXNARD                   OXNARD PLATING CORP                    1100 S MERCANTILE                      CAD056427503

 OXNARD                   SANTA CLARA CHEM CO                    521 N RICE RD                          CAD980636799

 OXNARD                   SANTA CLARA SAN LDFL                   2501 N. VENTURA RD.                    CAD980498919

 OXNARD                   STANDARD PACIFIC                       2550 GONZALES RD                       CAD982492803

 OXNARD                   STAUFFER CHEM CO                       5800 PERKINS RD                        CAD076207935

 OXNARD                   TELEFLEX CONTROL SYSTEMS               1950 WILLIAMS DRIVE                    CAD982402786

 OXNARD                   WALKER'S VENTURA SALVAGE CITY DUMP     4400 BLOCK VINEYARD AVE                CAD980889133

 OXNARD                   WESTERN FARM SERVICES COASTAL DIV      1015 E WOOLEY RD                       CAD071904270

 PACHECO                  CONTRA COSTA CO SAN DIST STP           PACHECO RD-FWY680/H4                   CAD980498430

 PACIFIC GROVE            PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY CA                PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY CA                CA0210090080

 PACIOMA                  LEDGER LANDFILL                        COR OF MONTAGUE ST & GLENOAKS BLVD     CAD983666330

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 81 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PACOIMA                  AMERICAN ETCHING AND MANUFACTURING     13730 DESMOND ST                       CAD064573405

 PACOIMA                  D & M STEEL                            11035 SUTTER AVENUE                    CA0001368182

 PACOIMA                  HOLCHEM, INC.                          13546 DESMOND STREET                   CAD028860955

 PACOIMA                  HR TEXTRON- GLENOAKS                   10445 GLENOAKS BLVD.                   CAD041162330

 PACOIMA                  PRICE PFISTER, INC.                    13500 PAXTON STREET                    CAD008384190

 PAICINES                 PINNACLES NATIONAL MONUMENT            PAICINES                               CA9141790114

 PALM SPRINGS             PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      210 N EL CIELO                         CAD980636716

 PALMDALE                 AIR FORCE PLANT 42                     20TH ST E & AVES O & M                 CA7570090079

 PALMDALE                 PALMDALE FIELD                         70TH ST. EAST BETWEEN N & M AVE.       CAD983613928

 PALO ALTO                ADVALLOY INC                           844 E CHARLESTON                       CAD009463779

 PALO ALTO                ALZA CORP                              950 PAGE MILL RD                       CAD049231541

 PALO ALTO                ALZA PHARMACEUTICALS                   1454 PAGE MILL RD                      CAD061622783

 PALO ALTO                AYDIN ENERGY DIVISION                  3180 HANOVER ST                        CAD049236326

 PALO ALTO                BECKMAN INSTRUMENTS                    1117 CALIFORNIA AVE                    CAD028872711

 PALO ALTO                BECKMAN INSTRUMENTS INC                1050 PAGE MILL RD                      CAD981616048

 PALO ALTO                COHERENT, INC.                         3210 PORTER DRIVE                      CAD043719210

 PALO ALTO                DURA-BOND                              3201 ASH ST                            CAD014440648

 PALO ALTO                EASTMAN KODAK CO                       925 PAGE MILL RD                       CAD028874253

 PALO ALTO                FAIRCHILD                              4001 MIRANDA AVE                       CAD009124256

 PALO ALTO                FORD AEROSPACE                         1036 EAST MEADOW CIRCLE                CAD980673925

 PALO ALTO                FORD AEROSPACE (PCB STORAGE LOT)       3939 FABIAN WAY                        CAD000030528

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 82 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PALO ALTO                GENERAL INSTRUMENTS                    3400 HILLVIEW                          CAD095984167

 PALO ALTO                HEWLETT PACKARD                        3500 DEER CREEK RD                     CAT000617266

 PALO ALTO                HEWLETT PACKARD CO MFG DIV             395 PAGE MILL RD                       CAD009122557

 PALO ALTO                HEWLETT PACKARD MFG PRINTED CIRCUITS   3215 PORTER DR BLDG #15                CAD009122540

 PALO ALTO                HEWLETT-PACKARD                        1501 PAGE MILL RD                      CAD009122532

 PALO ALTO                HEWLETT-PACKARD (620-640 PAGE MILL     620 - 640 PAGE MILL RD.                CAD980884209
 PALO ALTO                LOCKHEED MISSLES & SPACE CO            3170 PORTER DRIVE                      CAD981994957

                          UNIV                                   RD.
 PALO ALTO                OREGON EXPWY UNDERPASS                 OREGON EXPWY & ALMA ST                 CAD982399800

 PALO ALTO                PALO ALTO DEPT OF UTILS                3201 E BAYSHORE                        CAT000604017

 PALO ALTO                PALO ALTO MUNI REFUSE DSPL AREA        2380 EMBARCADERO RD                    CAD980637029

 PALO ALTO                SAN ANTONIO/ W BAYSHORE AREA           CHARLESTON & FABIAN                    CAD982399867

 PALO ALTO                SCHLUMBERGER                           3340 HILLVIEW AVE                      CAD982400319

 PALO ALTO                SMITH KLINE & FRENCH LABORATORIES      3900 HILLVIEW AVE.                     CAD983621947

 PALO ALTO                STANFORD CLEANERS                      2875 EL CAMINO                         CAD028879765

 PALO ALTO                TELEDYNE MEC                           3165 PORTER AVE                        CAD009696097

 PALO ALTO                TELEDYNE SINGER                        3176 PORTER AVE                        CAD982400426

 PALO ALTO                VARIAN ASSOCIATES                      601 CALIFORNIA AVE                     CAT080010804

 PALO ALTO                VARIAN ASSOCIATES CORP HDQTRS          611 HANSEN WAY                         CAD009120817

 PALO ALTO                WATKINS JOHNSON                        3333 HILLVIEW AVE                      CAD061623229

 PALOS VERDES             PALOS VERDES LDFL # 2                  PALOS VERDES DR                        CAD980893820

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 83 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PALOS VERDES PENINSULA   SOUTH COAST BOTANIC GARDEN             26300 CRENSHAW BLVD                    CAD980636286

 PARAMOUNT                AUTO-LITE BATTERY CORP                 7701, 7617 E COMPTON BLVD              CAD008353021

 PARAMOUNT                COLLINS, CALDWELL & DAGUE              16616 GARFIELD AVE                     CAD981414402

 PARAMOUNT                CYRON COATINGS CO                      15713 VERMONT AVE                      CAD072291776

 PARAMOUNT                DYER H E PLATING INC                   16424 MINNESOTA AVE                    CAD009520578

 PARAMOUNT                EVR-GARD COATINGS CORP                 16400 S GARFIELD AVE                   CAD008316382

 PARAMOUNT                FERRIER H S CHROME PLATING             16232 MINNESOTA                        CAD051471944

 PARAMOUNT                GLOBE FABRICATORS INC                  7744 MADISON ST                        CAD980889067

 PARAMOUNT                PARAMOUNT REF DOUGLAS OIL CO OF CA     14708 DOWNEY AVE                       CAD008371098

 PARAMOUNT                ROTO FINISHING SYS INC                 7530 E JACKSON ST                      CAD009525460

 PARAMOUNT                SOUTHWEST FOUNDRIES                    7718 E ROSECRANS AVE                   CAD980886840

 PARAMOUNT                SUPERIOR PLASTICS                      7303 MADISON ST                        CAD008475493

 PARAMOUNT                TED HAMMETT                            6833 1/2 ROSECRANS AVE                 CAD980636427

 PARAMOUNT                US LUBRICANTS                          15534-15544 MINNESOTA AVE              CAD981413818

 PARAMOUNT                WALKERS AIR BRAKE EXCHANGE INC         15342 ILLINOIS AVE                     CAD059216150

 PARKER                   PARKER DAM                             PARKER                                 CA5142390009

 PASADENA                 CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECH HOT LAB   1201 E CALIFORNIA BLVD                 CAD009584210

 PASADENA                 HUNTINGTON DESK                        855 S ARROYO PKWY                      CAD094445129

 PASADENA                 JET PROPULSION LABORATORY (NASA)       4800 OAK GROVE DR                      CA9800013030

 PASADENA                 MONITOR POLISHING & PLATING            390 S PASADENA AVE                     CAD066233834

 PASADENA                 PASADENA WATER & POWER DEPT            311 W MOUNTAIN                         CAD981648181

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 84 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PASKENTA                 SOBEK RANCH                            ROUND VALLEY RD                        CAD981374267

 PASO ROBLES              CAMP ROBERTS NAT GUARD UNIT            HWY 101 12 MI N OF PASO ROBLES         CA6211820760

 PASO ROBLES              CTS KEENE INC                          500 LINNE RD                           CAT080010705

 PASO ROBLES              KLAU MINE                              T 26S, R 10E, SEC 33, S1/2 MT DIABLO   CA1141190578

 PASO ROBLES              RICHFIELD OIL                          6TH ST AT PINE                         CAD980884449

 PASO ROBLES              RINCONADA MINE                         T 30S, R 14E, SEC 21, S 1/2 MT DIABLO  CA0141190579
 PASO ROBLES              THUNDERBIRD BOATS                      RAMADA DR                              CAD980883003

 PATTERSON                CASTLE A L INC                         1607 W MARSHALL RD                     CAD000625699

 PATTERSON                GIBSON REFINERY SERVICE/PATTERSON      13331 N HWY 33                         CAD083166728

 PATTERSON                PATTERSON FLYING SERVICE               SPERRY RD                              CAD982358764

 PATTERSON                REFINERIES SERVICES                    NORTH HWY 33                           CAD983637802

 PATTERSON                WESTSIDE CLEANERS & LAUNDRY            420 DEL PUERTO AVENUE                  CAD983579590


 PERRIS                   TECHALLOY WESTERN INC                  2500 S "A" ST                          CAD059277137

 PETALUMA                 BARTA HIDE                             896 LAKEVILLE RD                       CAD982400863

 PETALUMA                 CENTRAL DSPL SITE                      MECHAM RD                              CAD980637284

 PETALUMA                 DARLING-DELAWARE ROYAL TALLOW          2592 LAKEVILLE HWY                     CAD046515599

 PETALUMA                 OPTICAL SCIENCE GROUP INC              1331 COMMERCE BLVD                     CAT080033368

 PETALUMA                 PG&E GAS PLANT PETALUMA                FIRST ST BET C & D STS                 CAD981414931

 PETALUMA                 SOLA OPTICAL USA, INC                  3600 LAKEVILLE HWY                     CAD981171523

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 85 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PETALUMA                 SONOMA COUNTY LANDFILL                 ROBLOR RD AT CANFIELD RD               CAD982391229

 PICO RIVERA              DOLCO PACKAGING PLANT                  4850 GREG RD./WHITTIER BLVD.           CAD982050601

 PICO RIVERA              LOS ANGELES COUNTY AGRICULTURAL COMM   8831 E SLAUSON AVE                     CAD000626077

 PICO RIVERA              M&T -SUBSIDIARY OF ELF ACQUITAINE      PARAMOUNT/REX RD                       CAD983566746

 PICO RIVERA              PUREX CORP CAL WESTERN PLASTIC DIV     7065 PARAMOUNT BLVD                    CAD980636377

 PICO RIVERA              ROSENS ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT            8226 E WHITTIER BLVD                   CAD028915635

 PICO RIVERA              SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA GAS CO.            8101 S. ROSEMEAD BLVD.                 CAT000625137

 PICO RIVERS              SECURITY PLATING CORP                  9629 E BEVERLY RD                      CAD982360109

 PINE VALLEY              NOBLE MINE SITE                        LAT 32 DEG,53',7"N;LONG 116            CA0001403633
 PINEDALE                 CALCOT COMPRESS & WAREHOUSE            800 W HERNDON                          CAD982400509

 PINEDALE                 INDUSTRIAL WASTE PROCESSING            7140 N HARRISON                        CAD980736284

 PINEDALE                 ORGANIC CHEMICALS                      706 W HERNDON                          CAD982400517

 PINEDALE                 VENDO CO THE                           7209 N INGRAM AVE                      CAD068856491

 PINOLE                   MERCURY DRY CLEANER                    2714 PINOLE VALLEY RD.                 CAD983662461

 PIRU                     ARGO PETROLEUM                         NW COR SEC13 T4N R19W                  CAD980694178

 PITTSBERG                DOWELL SCHLUMBERGER                    LOVERIDGE RD                           CAT080010580

 PITTSBURG                ACME STEEL CO                          761 PORT CHICAGO HIGHWAY               CAD041838855

 PITTSBURG                ALLIED CORP BAY POINT WKS              NICHOLS RD                             CAD009142290

 PITTSBURG                ANTIOCH BUILDING MATERIALS             CALIFORNIA/LOVERIDGE RDS               CAD027839968

 PITTSBURG                CHEMICAL & PIGMENT CO                  600 NICHOLS RD                         CAD009159476

 PITTSBURG                CHEVRON USA                            2360 BUCHANON RD                       CAD000629170

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 86 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PITTSBURG                CONTINENTAL CAN CO USA PLT 80          1300 LOVERIDGE RD                      CAT000624809

 PITTSBURG                CROWN PAINTS VACANT LOT                555 FRONT ST                           CAD087231171

 PITTSBURG                DEXTER CORP HYSOL DIV                  2850 WILLOW PASS RD                    CAD050345438

 PITTSBURG                DIABLO SERVICE CORP CHEM DIV           595 E 3RD                              CAD982357956

 PITTSBURG                DOW CHEMICAL CO PITTSBURG PLT          END OF LOVERIDGE RD                    CAD076528678

 PITTSBURG                IMPERIAL WEST CHEM POND                ACROSS ST OF 1300 LOVERIDGE RD         CAD000626572

 PITTSBURG                PG&E GAS PLANT PITTSBURG               APPROX 1/2 MI E HARBOR/8TH             CAD981415839

 PITTSBURG                PG&E SHELL CHEMICAL CO POND            2850 WILLOW PASS RD                    CAD980637128

 PITTSBURG                PG&E-PITTSBURG POWER PLANT             696 W. 10TH STREET                     CAT080011695

 PITTSBURG                PRAXAIR                                2000 LOVERIDGE RD.                     CAD009122961

 PITTSBURG                SHELL MARTINEZ COMPLEX CHEMICAL EAST   2850 WILLOW PASS RD                    CAD000094243

 PITTSBURG                SONOCO FIBRE DRUM                      701 WILLOW PASS RD.                    CAD093073427

 PITTSBURG                STAUFFER CHEM CO PITTSBURG PLT         LOVERIDGE RD PO BOX 1337               CAD004452710

 PITTSBURG                UNION COLLIER                          E OF NICHOLS RD                        CAD980736235

 PITTSBURG                US STEEL PITTSBURG WKS DEBRIS          LOVERIDGE RD                           CAD009150194
 PLACENTIA                ALTA VISTA COUNTRY CLUB                ROSE & ALTA VISTA ST                   CAD980888945

 PLACENTIA                RICHFIELD OIL FIELD                    WILLOW & VAN BUREN                     CA0001159003

 PLACER CITY              ROSEVILLE DRUMS                        MODOC RD 10 MI N OF ROSEVILLE HWY 65   CAD981623085

 PLANADA                  OASIS FOODS                            9341 CHILDS                            CAD982358699


 PLEASANTON               CAMP PARKS COMMUNICATION ANNEX         ONIZUKA AIR FORCE BASE                 CA6210490458

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 87 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PLEASANTON               LAWRENCE LIVERMORE NATL LAB - CAMP     CAMP PARKS                             CA3210022130
 PLEASANTON               NUCLEPORE CORP                         7035 COMMERCE CIR                      CAD981171648

 PLEASANTON               TENNECO CHEM INC PLEASANTON PLT        5555 SUNOL BLVD                        CAD076543503

 PLUMAS NATIONAL FOREST   MEYERS MINE                            3/4 MI N ROUTES 70&89 JUNCTION         CAD980736359

 POINT MAGU               PACIFIC MISSILE TEST CTR               NAVAL AIR STATION - POINT MAGU         CA9170027271


 POMONA                   ABEX CORP RR PROD PLT                  215 ROSELAWN AVE                       CAD008368219

 POMONA                   AZ DECASING INC.                       1420 S. SIGNAL DR.                     CAD087169694

                          PLANT                                  BLV
 POMONA                   OMEGA OIL                              2744 POMONA BLVD                       CAD009661844

 POMONA                   PACIFIC POLISHING                      957 - 963 EAST MISSION BLVD.           CAD981375298

 POMONA                   PASCOE BUILDING SYSTEMS                1301 E LEXINGTON                       CAD980636658

 POMONA                   SAFETY- KLEEN CORP                     2750 THOMPSON CREEK RD                 CAD980894562

 POMONA                   TITECH INTERNATIONAL                   4000 WEST VALLEY BLVD.                 CAD982504417

 POMONA                   US NAVY NWS SEAL BEACH POMONA ANNEX    1675 MISSION BLVD                      CA3170090549

 PONOMA                   TELEDYNE CAST PRODUCTS                 4200 W. VALLEY BLVD                    CAD076243815

 PORT HUENEME             CIVIL ENGINEERING LABORATORY           NCBC                                   CA2170090011

 PORT HUENEME             PACIFIC RECYCLING ENTERPRISES INC      5925 PERKINS AVE RD                    CAD982359424

 PORT HUENEME             PORT HUENEME NAVAL CONSTR BATTALION    CB CENTER                              CA6170023323
 PORTERVILLE              ARMSTRONG OLIVE CO                     18589 ROAD 232                         CAD982399826

 PORTERVILLE              BECKMAN INSTRUMENTS (PORTERVILLE       167 W POPLAR AVE                       CAD048645444

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 88 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PORTERVILLE              INCOM INTL INC MORSE CONTROL DIV       914 W PIONEER AVE                      CAD009113093


 PORTERVILLE              SEQUOIA NAT FOREST                     SEQUOIA NAT FOREST                     CA7122307641

 PORTERVILLE              TEA POT DOME SWDS                      21063 AVE 128                          CAD982359135


 PT ARENA                 POINT ARENA AIR FORCE STATION          TOP OF EUREKA HILL RD                  CA7572124280

 QUINCY                   PLUMAS NAT FOREST                      PLUMAS NAT FOREST                      CA1122307639

 QUINCY                   QUINCY CONVALESCENT HOSPITAL           50 CENTRAL AVE                         CAD073778979

 QUINCY                   QUINCY SAN DIST TRMT PLT               267 N CHURCH ST                        CAD980816599

 QUINCY                   US FOREST SERV - CAL COPPER CO         SEC 1-5,9,10,12,25 T21N R13E           CA7122390084

 QUINCY                   WALKER MINE                            SEC18 T24 R12E 20 MI E OF              CA9141190570

 QUINCY                   WHITEHORSE LANDFILL                    T23N, R8E, S6, T24N, R8E, S7           CA0001092097

 RAILROAD FLAT            MITCHELL MILL DRUG LAB                 7541 MITCHELL MILL ROAD                CA0000969246

 RANCHO BERNARDO          NCR CORPORATION                        16550 W. BERNARDO DRIVE                CAD043651371

 RANCHO CORDOVA           AEROJET GENERAL CORP                   HWY US 50 & AEROJET RD                 CAD980358832

 RANCHO CORDOVA           AMERICAN WASTE CONTAINER SERV INC      11505 DOUGLAS RD                       CAD067825364

 RANCHO CORDOVA           DAVIES PROP                            11491 WHITE ROCK RD                    CAD982358210

 RANCHO CORDOVA           E-Z PRODUCTS                           11505 DOUGLAS RD                       CAD980694293

 RANCHO CORDOVA           EAGLES NEST PAINT                      NEAR INTERSEC OF EAGLES NEST           CAD983641051
                                                                 RD/KIEFER R
 RANCHO CORDOVA           GENERAL ELECTRIC MEDICAL SYSTEMS       3920 SECURITY PARK                     CAD000819680

 RANCHO CORDOVA           GOLD RIVER                             11355 PYRITES WAY                      CAD983667965

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 89 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RANCHO CORDOVA           HAZEL AVE PONDS                        BET AMERICAN RIV & HWY 50              CAD990768400

 RANCHO CORDOVA           MCDONELL DOUGLAS                       DOUGLAS RD/E. OF SUNRISE BLVD          CAD981575814

 RANCHO CORDOVA           RETRO SERV INC                         11349 FOLSOM BLVD                      CAD047311352

 RANCHO CORDOVA           SAFETY- KLEEN CORP 7-157-01            2576 MERCANTILE DR                     CAT000613950

 RANCHO CORDOVA           SCHNITZER STEEL                        11920 FOLSOM BLVD                      CAD982357972


 RANCHO CORDOVA           WHITE ROCK RD                          WHITE ROCK RD E OF NIMBUS RD           CAD980675326

 RANCHO CUCAMONGA         COLEN NATHAN S & SON INC               8866 VINCENT                           CAD980884977

 RANCHO CUCAMONGA         FOSECO INC                             7TH ST OFF ROCHESTER AVE               CAD053844395

 RANCHO CUCAMONGA         HARTWELL CORP                          9810 6TH ST                            CAD060763596

 RANCHO CUCAMONGA         ROBERT MANUFACTURING CO                10667 JERSEY BLVD                      CAD008371775

 RANCHO CUCAMONGA         TAMCO                                  12459 ARROW HIGHWAY                    CAD982361404

 RANCHO CUCAMONGO         PACIFIC RECYCLING ENTERPRISES          13012 WITTRAM AVE.                     CAD983659970

 RANCHO DOMINGUEZ         INDUSTRIAL TECTONICS INC BEARING DIV   18301 S SANTA FE                       CAD008334781

 RANCHO DOMINGUEZ         STA-LUBE INC                           3039 ANA ST                            CAD009593708

 RANDSBURG                RAND MINING COMPANY                    86 RAND AVE (1M S OF RANDSBURG)        CAD981437346

 RED BLUFF                C L SCRAP & DISMANTLERS                WALNUT NEXT TO #20704                  CAD982401176

 RED BLUFF                DIAMOND LANDS LUMBER & FIBER PROD'S    END OF DIAMOND AVE                     CAD009176363
 RED BLUFF                J & R METALS                           20704 WALNUT                           CAD982402109

 RED BLUFF                LOUISIANA PACIFIC CORP SIERRA CORP     LAY AVE                                CAD981159577

 RED BLUFF                PG&E GAS PLANT RED BLUFF               NW COR OAK & RIO STS                   CAD981415623

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 90 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 REDDING                  BALAKLALA MINE                         3 MI W OF I-5 11 MI NW OF              CAD980814867

 REDDING                  COPPER MOUNTAIN MINE                   OFF HWY 299 4MI NW OF REDDING          CAD983641366

 REDDING                  IRON MOUNTAIN MINE                     OFF HWY 299 9 MI NW OF                 CAD980498612

 REDDING                  J H BAXTER CO                          1115 COURT ST                          CAD982404113

 REDDING                  KEEFER'S RADIATOR SERVICE              3208 SOUTH MARKET ST.                  CAD983665472

 REDDING                  KESWICK SUBSTATION                     2296 KESWICK DAM ROAD                  CA1890090003

 REDDING                  MAMMOTH MINE                           5 MI W OF I-5 13 MI NW OF              CAD980814925

 REDDING                  PG&E GAS PLANT REDDING                 SW COR SOUTH & CENTER STS              CAD981415383

 REDDING                  REDDING CITY LANDFILL                  WEST PLACER & BUENA VENTURA            CAD983578089

 REDDING                  SEWAGE SETTLING POND                   4001 VICTOR AVE                        CAD982040479

 REDDING                  SHASTA TRINITY NAT FOREST              SHASTA TRINITY NAT FOREST              CA6122307642

 REDDING                  SHORT'S SCRAP IRON AND METAL, INC.     2041 GIRVAN RD                         CAD982401002

 REDDING (NR)             BUCKEYE LDFL                           NR REDDING                             CAD981159593

 REDLANDS                 CHURCH ST. LANDFILL                    CHURCH ST. (AT THE SANTA ANA RIVER)    CAD983577990

 REDLANDS                 CITY OF REDLANDS WELL FIELD            PENNSYLVANIA AVE                       CAD980883136

 REDLANDS                 LOCKHEED PROPULSION CO                 1500 CRAFTON AVE                       CAD980893093

 REDLANDS                 REDLANDS AIRPORT                       1745 SESSUMS DR.                       CAD084984046

 REDLANDS                 REDLANDS FARMING CO                    SAN BERNARDINO AVE E OF TEXAS          CAD982360307

 REDLANDS                 TELEDYNE INC TELEDYNE BATTERY PRODUCT  840 W BROCTON AVE                      CAD008386641

 REDLANDS                 UNIVERSAL RUNDEL                       OPAL AVE-300 FT. N OF SAN BERNARDINO   CAD983577982
 REDONDO BEACH            MICROTRONICS INC                       116 S CATALINA AVE                     CAD008366015

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 91 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 REDONDO BEACH            TRW INC                                ONE SPACE PARK                         CAD008324949

 REDWOOD                  REDWOOD GENERAL TIRE SERVICE CO.       1630 BROADWAY ST                       CAD982500035

 REDWOOD CITY             DUOLITE INTERNATIONAL                  800 CHESTNUT ST.                       CAD990792335

 REDWOOD CITY             IDEAL BASIC INDS OLD PLT SITE          PORT OF REDWOOD CITY                   CAD980636971

 REDWOOD CITY             JOHNS MANVILLE CORP                    MIDDLEFIELD RD                         CAD981383086

 REDWOOD CITY             KLIKLOK CO (BLDG #4)                   2661 SPRING ST                         CAD982358970


 REDWOOD CITY             PILOT PETROLEUM CORP                   475 SEAPORT BLVD                       CAD043260702

 REDWOOD CITY             PRICE COMPANY                          2110 MIDDLEFIELD RD                    CAD981430507

 REDWOOD CITY             REDWOOD FOOD PACKING CO                2200 MIDDLEFIELD RD                    CAD980674105

 REDWOOD CITY             REDWOOD SHORE LANDFILL                 REDWOOD SHORE                          CAD982462343

 REDWOOD CITY             TYDEMAN MACHINE WORKS                  BROADWAY & CHARTER                     CAD982359275

 REEDLEY                  SAFETY-KLEEN                           1000 S "I" ST                          CAD093459485

 REEDLY                   PENWALT CORPORATION                    21491 EAST DINUBA                      CAD983650094

 RESEDA                   LOEHMANN'S PLAZA                       VICTORY & TAMPA BLVDS.                 CAD983580010

 RIALTO                   BROCO INC                              2610 N ALDER                           CAT080022148

 RIALTO                   D&M DRUM CO                            137 S LILAC AVE                        CAT080010432

 RICHMOND                 ALLIED CHEM CORP-RICHMOND WORKS        525 CASTRO ST                          CAD028981967

 RICHMOND                 AMERICAN STANDARD-RICHMOND             CORNER OF HENSLEY & CASTRO ST          CAD982400327

 RICHMOND                 ARMITAGE JOHN L & CO                   1800 7TH & MARKET                      CAD009105727

 RICHMOND                 ATLAS FOUNDRY & MFG CO                 3701 COLLINS AVE                       CAD982359143

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 92 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RICHMOND                 BAY AREA ENVIRONMENTAL                 1125 HENSLEY ST                        CAT080014079

 RICHMOND                 BAY TERMINALS INC                      795 WHARF ST                           CAT080012081

 RICHMOND                 BLAIR SOUTHERN PACIFIC LDFL            FOOT OF S 51ST ST                      CAD980496889

 RICHMOND                 BONNER DRUM CO                         820 W GERTRUDE ST                      CAD981419328

 RICHMOND                 BRAY OIL CO INC                        801 WHARF ST                           CAD028980050

 RICHMOND                 BYRON SANITARY DISTRICT                3288 CAMINO BRABLE RD                  CAD982359200

 RICHMOND                 CERTAINTEED CORP                       1014 CHESLEY AVE                       CAD009105735

 RICHMOND                 CHEVRON CHEM CO ORTHO DIV-RICHMOND     940 HENSLEY ST                         CAD043237486

 RICHMOND                 CHEVRON LAND & DEV CO HILLTOP WEST     GIANT RD & MINER                       CAD000625913

 RICHMOND                 CHEVRON USA RICHMOND REF               841 STANDARD AVE                       CAD009114919

 RICHMOND                 COOPERS CHEMICAL CO                    2 GIANT RD                             CAD980498448

 RICHMOND                 CROWLEY ENVIRONMENTAL SERV CORP        1453 HARBOUR WAY SO                    CAD080129109

 RICHMOND                 DREW SALES                             7TH & CASTRO                           CAD980498505

 RICHMOND                 ELECTRO FORMING CO.                    130 NEVIN AVE.                         CAD983646779

 RICHMOND                 ERICKSON INC. - RICHMOND               255 PARR BLVD.                         CAD009466392

 RICHMOND                 FLINTKOTE CO US LIME DIV               2300 PIERSON AVE                       CAD013206024

 RICHMOND                 FMC CORP RICHMOND                      855 PARR BLVD                          CAD009128471

 RICHMOND                 GREAT WESTERN CHEM CO                  860 WHARF ST                           CAD009419607

 RICHMOND                 H&H RECYCLING                          901 SANFORD AVE                        CAD074672759

 RICHMOND                 HENSLEY & WILLARD SITE                 ADJACENT TO SOUTHRN PACIFIC RR         CAD982358079


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 93 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RICHMOND                 KOPPERS INC                            3501 COLLINS AVE                       CAD043242718

 RICHMOND                 LEVIN RICHMOND/UNITED HECKATHORN       402 WRIGHT AVE                         CAD980673560

 RICHMOND                 LIQUID GOLD OIL CORP                   HOFFMAN BLVD & S 47TH ST               CAT000646208

 RICHMOND                 MYERS DRUM CO                          900 BROOKSIDE DR                       CAD980356620

 RICHMOND                 NAVAL SUPPLY CENTER PT MOLATE SITE     WESTERN DR OFF SR 17                   CA0170090021

 RICHMOND                 PETER KIEWET & SONS                    SOUTH 26TH ST & PIERSON AVE            CAD982417198

 RICHMOND                 PINOLE POINT STEEL CO.                 5000 GIANT RD                          CAT080012354

 RICHMOND                 POINT ISABEL                           N OF RYDIN RD                          CAD980637268

 RICHMOND                 POOL COVERS, INC.                      834 OHIO AVE.                          CAD983616954

 RICHMOND                 PORT OF RICHMOND SHIPYARDS             1312 CANAL BLVD                        CAD981982432

 RICHMOND                 SANTA FE RR AT FERRY PT                FT OF GARRARD AT FERRY PT              CAD980893994

 RICHMOND                 STAUFFER CHEM CO RICHMOND              1415 S 47TH ST                         CAD009123456

 RICHMOND                 STAUFFER CHEM CO RICHMOND PHOSPATE     525 MAAS AVE                           CAD009123407
 RICHMOND                 STAUFFER CHEMICAL                      1200 SOUTH 47TH. ST.                   CAD080709553

 RICHMOND                 SUMMER CHEM CO                         2020 WRIGHT AVE                        CAD066559279

 RICHMOND                 UNITED HECKATHORN CO                   8TH & WRIGHT                           CAD981436363

 RICHMOND                 UNIVERSITY OF CA RICHMOND FLD STA      47TH & HOFFMAN                         CAD980673628


 RICHMOND                 WITCO CHEM CORP                        850 MORTON AVE                         CAD009137779

 RICHVALE                 RICHVALE SAN DIST                      S END OF EUCALYPTUS                    CAD004955993

 RIO DELL                 HUMBOLDT PACIFIC TRANS.INC             1403 EEOLA AVE                         CA0001097039

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 94 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RIO OSO                  BEAR RIVER SUPPLY & FERTILIZER         218 PLEASANT GROVE RD                  CAD982338915

 RIPLEY                   WOTEN AVIATION SERVICES INC            25980 NEIGHBORS RIPLEY ARPT            CAD085595551

 RIPON                    NESTLE CO INC                          230 INDUSTRIAL AVE                     CAD009118910

 RIVERBANK                RIVERBANK ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT        5300 CLAUS RD                          CA7210020759

 RIVERBANK                THUNDERBOLT WOOD TREATING CO.          3400 PATTERSON RD.                     CAD085857928

 RIVERDALE                EVERETTE DUMPSITE                      22ND AVE & EVERETT                     CAD982358996

 RIVERDALE                LANARE TIRE FIRE SITE                  20546 S CHATEAU FRESNO                 CAD000004929

 RIVERSIDE                ALARK HARD CHROME                      2777 MAIN ST                           CAD098229214

 RIVERSIDE                ALL WOODS LAMINATING & MILLING INC.    1850 MASS AVE. BLDG "C"                CAD983594185

 RIVERSIDE                ARNOLD WEED                            3057 CRIDGE ST                         CAD981622186

 RIVERSIDE                BOURNS INC                             1200 COLUMBIA AVE                      CAD008255754

 RIVERSIDE                BOURNS INSTRUMENTS INC                 6135 MAGNOLIA AVE                      CAD096883434

 RIVERSIDE                CRAFTON REDLANDS AREA                  NEAR RIVERSIDE                         CAD981997638

 RIVERSIDE                DEVOE MARINE COATINGS                  2625 DURAHART ST.                      CAD097574073

 RIVERSIDE                FOAM SERVICES CORP                     1980 ATLANTA AVE                       CAD008340309

 RIVERSIDE                GRIN CHEM CO                           3792 MAIN ST                           CAD980884951

 RIVERSIDE                JEFFERIES TRANSFORMERS CO              3765 JURUPA AVE                        CAD980884886

 RIVERSIDE                LILY-TULIP INC                         800 IOWA AVE                           CAD008353799

 RIVERSIDE                PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      RIVERSIDE MUNICIPAL ARPT               CAD980636732

 RIVERSIDE                PANTRONIC INC                          10555 MAGNOLIA                         CAD982359762

 RIVERSIDE                RIVERSIDE CEMENT CO CRESTMORE PLT      1500 RUBIDOUX BLVD                     CAD063844443

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 95 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 RIVERSIDE                RIVERSIDE PUBLIC UTIL DEPT             8095 LINCOLN                           CAD040502114

 RIVERSIDE                ROHR IND INC                           8200 ARLINGTON AVE                     CAD008324055

 RIVERSIDE                RUBIDOUX RED PHOSPHOROUS               4193 SUNNY SAGE AVENUE                 CA0001100395

 RIVERSIDE                STRINGFELLOW                           3490 PYRITE ST                         CAT080012826

 RIVERSIDE                UNITED CONCRETE PIPE DIV-US            6501 CLAY ST                           CAD980636740

 RIVERSIDE                UNIVERSITY OF CA RIVERSIDE             RIVERSIDE CAMPUS                       CAD073134777

 RIVERSIDE                VALERION CORP                          2180 IOWA AVE                          CAD980884415

 ROBBINS                  PUREGRO CO UNIT 127                    4900 DEL MONTE AVE                     CAD000631408

 ROBBINS                  WAGNER AVIATION                        DEL MONTE AVE & HWY 113                CAD980882948

 ROBBINS                  WATTS AG AVIATION                      SEYMUOR & HWY 113                      CAD983580945

 ROCKLIN                  COLLEDGEWOOD INC.                      4315 DOMINGUEZ ROAD, BLDG B, SUITE C   CAD983594268

 ROCKLIN                  FIBRE FORM WOOD PRODS                  4335 PACIFIC ST                        CAD982358517

 ROCKLIN                  ROCKLIN DUMP                           ROCKLIN RD                             CAD982358392

 ROCKLIN                  SIERRAPINE LTD.                        4300 DOMINGUEZ RD                      CAD073774606

 ROCKLIN                  SOUTHERN PACIFIC (ROUNDHOUSE)          CORNER OF FIRST & ROCKLIN RD.          CAD983650144

 RODEO                    UNION OIL CO SAN FRANCISCO REF         COUNTY RD                              CAD009108705

 ROHNERT PARK             BOISE CASCADE                          5300 COMMERCE BLVD.                    CAD983644923

 ROHNERT PARK             SAFETY- KLEEN CORP 7-178-03            5750 COMMERCE BLVD                     CAT000613943

 ROLLING HILLS ESTATES    PALOS VERDES LDFL                      26301 CRENSHAW BLVD                    CAT000624320

 ROSAMOND                 20TH ST WEST                           2025 20TH ST                           CAD982418121

 ROSAMOND                 3103 W 50TH STREET                     3103 W 50TH ST                         CAD982470197

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 96 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ROSAMOND                 AVENUE A                               1/2 MI W OF W 10TH ST ALONG AVENUE A   CAD982404873

 ROSAMOND                 BRIDGES AND SON TRUCKING               1200 ORANGE ST                         CAD982470189

 ROSAMOND                 JOHN ALEXANDER RESEARCH                1753 SIERRA HWY                        CAD980887350

 ROSAMOND                 OSAGE INDUSTRIES                       60TH WEST                              CA7141190572

 ROSEVILLE                AM OLEAN TILE CO DIV OF NA GYPSUM CO   8250 INDUSTRIAL AVE                    CAD980637425

 ROSEVILLE                DELUXE CLEANERS                        404 VERNON ST.                         CAD981642507

 ROSEVILLE                SOUTHERN PACIFIC TRANSPORTATION CO     CHURCH & CEDAR                         CAD000628255

 ROSEVILLE                TILLET CLEANERS                        97 VERNON ST.                          CAD983579616

 ROSEVILLE                ZAP TERMITE & PESTICIDE CONTROL CO     128 BRITTAIN ST                        CAD088852413

 S EL MONTE               ALUM-A-COAT INC                        9859 KALE ST                           CAT080012818

 S EL MONTE               BOER GRAPHICS                          9323 RUSH ST                           CAD008246746

 S LAKE TAHOE             LAKE TAHOE BASIN                       870 EMERALD BAY RD                     CA2122390436

 S SAN FRANCISCO          AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE CENTER              160 S. LINDEN AVE.                     CAD009206855

 S SAN FRANCISCO          BASAPCO INC                            27 S LINDEN AVE                        CAD068843796

 S SAN FRANCISCO          CAL-WEST ELECTRICS                     1341 SAN MATEO AVE                     CAD982358673

 S SAN FRANCISCO          DECCA XAGON                            338 N CANAL ST                         CAD980390272

 S SAN FRANCISCO          EDWARDS CO                             INDUSTRIAL WAY & OYSTER PT BLVD        CAD982358798

 S SAN FRANCISCO          EXIDE SAN FRANCISCO SERV CTR           286 LAWRENCE AVE                       CAD046000931

 S SAN FRANCISCO          HEALY TIBBITS CONSTRUCTION CO          385 OYSTER POINT BLVD                  CAD981997406

 S SAN FRANCISCO          HOMART DEV CO (BETHLEHEM STEEL)        430 INDUSTRIAL WAY                     CAT080029812

 S SAN FRANCISCO          INTERNATIONAL PAINT CO (CALIF) INC     220 S LINDEN AVE                       CAD009114240

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 97 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 S SAN FRANCISCO          KEM MFG CORP                           78 S LINDEN AVE                        CAD980883375

 S SAN FRANCISCO          OYSTER POINT MARINA                    OYSTER POINT BLVD                      CAD980636989

 S SAN FRANCISCO          PACIFIC PLASTICS PRODUCTS INC          405 S AIRPORT BLVD                     CAD982359093


 S SAN FRANCISCO          SUN CHEMICAL                           20-40 S LINDEN AVE                     CAD980817506

 S SAN FRANCISCO          TEXACO INC                             SAN FRANCISCO INTL ARPT                CAD000626689


 SACRAMENTO               A-1 PLATING CO                         2170 ACOMA ST                          CAD073790339

 SACRAMENTO               ALTA PLATING & CHEMICAL CORP           1733 S STREET                          CAD050214634

 SACRAMENTO               AMERICAN POLY THERM CO                 1636 KATHLEEN AVE                      CAD009162637

 SACRAMENTO               AUTO WRECKING YD PROP                  AUBURN BLVD N OF EL CAMINO             CAD982358277

 SACRAMENTO               CAMPBELL SOUP CO                       43RD AVE & FRANKLIN BLVD               CAD009198367

 SACRAMENTO               CHROMALLOY AMERICAN CORP               7609 WILBUR WY                         CAD058945668

 SACRAMENTO               DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME            1001 JED SMITH DR                      CAD980694236

 SACRAMENTO               DORRIS LUMBER & MOULDING CO            2600 REDDING AVE                       CAD009174186

 SACRAMENTO               ELECTRO PAINTERS INC                   6105 E STOCKTON BLVD                   CAD010984326

 SACRAMENTO               EXPO STCL PEST & TERMITE SVC           2517 CONNIE DR                         CAD982358152

 SACRAMENTO               FARM AIR FLYING SERVICE                4425 WEST RIEGO AVE.                   CAD983580846

 SACRAMENTO               FORMER CITY LDFL                       NW OF 28TH & N B STS                   CAD980881957

 SACRAMENTO               HARRIS AVE SITE                        627 HARRIS AVE                         CAD982400046

 SACRAMENTO               HUDSON OIL CO                          3401 MARYSVILLE BLVD                   CAD983658188

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 98 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SACRAMENTO               JIBBOOM JUNKYARD                       240 - 260 JIBBOOM ST                   CAD980737613

 SACRAMENTO               JOHN TAYLOR FERTILIZER                 2700 ACADEMY WY                        CAD982358095

 SACRAMENTO               L&D LDFL                               8635 FRUITRIDGE RD                     CAD039362017

 SACRAMENTO               MATHER AIR FORCE BASE                  MATHER AIR FORCE BASE                  CA8570024143

 SACRAMENTO               MCCLELLAN AIR FORCE BASE (GW CONTAM)   APPROX 5200 WATT AVE                   CA4570024337

 SACRAMENTO               NATOMAS AIRPORT                        3801 AIRPORT RD                        CAD981425242

 SACRAMENTO               OLMSTEAD SITE                          188 OLMSTEAD DRIVE                     CAD982415697

 SACRAMENTO               ORCHARD SUPPLY CO                      1731 17TH ST                           CAD029042678

 SACRAMENTO               PG&E GAS PLANT SACRAMENTO 206 2        FRONT & T STS                          CAD981415557

 SACRAMENTO               PG&E GAS PLANT SACRAMENTO 206 2A       1ST & SACRAMENTO STS                   CAD981415011

 SACRAMENTO               PG&E GAS PLANT SACRAMENTO 206 2B       FOOT OF Y ST (NOW BROADWAY)            CAD981415078

 SACRAMENTO               PINE MOUNTAIN CORP.                    6001 POWER INN RD.                     CAD983576711

 SACRAMENTO               PITTSBURG-DES MOINES CORP              9500 FOLSOM BLVD                       CAD982358038

 SACRAMENTO               SACRAMENTO (ROBBINS)                   S OF SACRAMENTO                        CAD981622483

 SACRAMENTO               SACRAMENTO ARMY DEPOT                  8350 FRUITRIDGE RD                     CA0210020780

 SACRAMENTO               SACRAMENTO COUNTY LDFL                 12701 KIEFER BLVD                      CAD980637466

 SACRAMENTO               SACRAMENTO MUNICIPAL LDFL              28TH & A ST                            CAD981382161

 SACRAMENTO               SACRAMENTO RIVER                       SACRAMENTO                             CAD981622558

 SACRAMENTO               SACRAMENTO SURPLUS SALES               4801 HEDGE AVE                         CAD980881254

 SACRAMENTO               SIERRA BATTERY SALES                   930 DEL PASO BLVD.                     CAD983650128

 SACRAMENTO               SIGNETICS CORP                         4130 SOUTH PARK                        CAT000614016

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                           Page 99 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SACRAMENTO               SMUD NORTH CITY SUBSTA                 20TH & N B STS                         CAD980637458

 SACRAMENTO               SMUD-CORPORATION YARD                  1708 59TH ST                           CAD000625939

 SACRAMENTO               SOUTHERN PACIFIC TRANS CO              401 I ST                               CAD073772030

 SACRAMENTO               SOUTHGATE NORGE CLEANERS               7131 GOVERNORS CIRCLE                  CAD981968464

 SACRAMENTO               TAYKO ELECTRIC                         8604 ELDER CREEK RD                    CAD048941470

 SACRAMENTO               UNION CARBIDE CORP-LINDE DIV           CARBIDE CT                             CAD982359366

 SACRAMENTO               UNION PACIFIC                          2207 7TH. AVENUE                       CAD983581844

 SACRAMENTO               WESTERN PACIFIC YD                     NR FREEPORT BLVD & PORTOLA             CAD980885321

 SACRAMENTO (14 MI N OF)  TENCO TRACTOR INC                      PACIFIC AVE NR SANKEY RD               CAD980499024

 SACRAMENTO, WEST         CPB DESERET FARMS                      14130 ROAD 117                         CAD983648296

 SALIDA                   SAFETY- KLEEN CORP 7-185-01            5050 SALIDA                            CAT000613968

 SALIDA                   SHELL BIOLOGICAL (DEVELOPMENT INC.)    STODDARD ROAD                          CAD028690311

 SALINAS                  ASHWORTH BROS., INC.                   22250 SOMAVIA RD.                      CAD982358319

 SALINAS                  ASSOCIATED CHEMICALS                   1504 HIGHWAY 183                       CAD982478158

 SALINAS                  BERMAN STEEL CO                        ON HWY 101 APPROX 3 MI S OF            CAD980816417

 SALINAS                  CPB                                    SE SIDE OF OLD HILLTOWN RD.            CAD983644402

 SALINAS                  CRAZY HORSE SANITARY LANDFILL          CRAZY HORSE CYN RD                     CAD980498455

 SALINAS                  DAVIS RD DSPL SITE                     DAVIS RD                               CAD980636922

 SALINAS                  E.B. STONE & SON INC.                  HWY 101 & SPENCE RD.                   CAD981624950

 SALINAS                  FIRESTONE TIRE&RUBBER CO.(SALINAS      340 EL CAMINO REAL S                   CAD990793887
 SALINAS                  PG&E GAS PLANT SALINAS                 BRIDGE E LAKE SOLEDAD & E MARK         CAD981415318

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 100 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SALINAS                  SOILSERV, INC.                         1427 ABBOTT ST.                        CAD009165325

 SALINAS                  WESTERN FARM SERVICE                   1127 TERREN AVE                        CAD085309052

 SALINAS                  WILBUR-ELLIS COMPANY                   20750 SPENCE RD.                       CAT000614271

 SALTON CITY              SALTON SEA TEST BASE                   HWY 86                                 CA0000362350

 SAMOA                    LOUISIANA PACIFIC CORP SAMOA           1 LP DRIVE                             CAT000624858

 SAN ANDREAS              AL CHEM INC                            4.5MI FRM SAN ANDREAS @26&12           CAD981684681

 SAN BERNADINO            QUALITY PLATING INC                    456 SO. I ST                           CAD982360182

 SAN BERNARDINO           AL MORE BATTERY MFG CO                 290 W MILL                             CAD980893259

 SAN BERNARDINO           CAJON LANDFILL                         INSTITUTION RD/CAJON BLVD.             CAD983603267

 SAN BERNARDINO           CAMP ONO                               I-215 N. OF UNIV. PARKWAY & CAJON      CAD983566209
 SAN BERNARDINO           HANFORD FOUNDRY CO                     119 S ARROWHEAD AVE                    CAD981630833



 SAN BERNARDINO           RAILROAD STORAGE YARD                  570 W MILL ST                          CAD982360240

 SAN BERNARDINO           SAN BERNARDINO CHEMICAL                256 E. 10TH ST.                        CA0000195602



 SAN BERNARDINO           SIGNAL OIL CO                          173 SO. G ST                           CAD982360364

 SAN BERNARDINO           SOUTHWEST METAL CO                     740 CONGRESS ST                        CAT000624106

 SAN BERNARDINO           TROJAN PLATING CO #1                   268 S MT VIEW                          CAD982360489

 SAN BERNARDINO BASE      BUREAU OF LND MGMT CA DESERT DIST      NW 1/4 SEC 7 T10N R2W                  CAD980636724

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 101 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN BRUNO                NAVAL FAC ENGINEERING COMMAND WEST     900 COMMODORE DRIVE                    CA3170024696
 SAN CARLOS               GTE LENKURT INC                        1105 COUNTY ROAD                       CAD009118605

 SAN CARLOS               KELLY MOORE PAINT CO                   1015 COMMERCIAL ST                     CAD009125303

 SAN CARLOS               PORTER H. K. CO INC.                   1777 INDUSTRIAL WAY                    CAD981436066

 SAN CARLOS               VARIAN ASSOC EIMAC DIV                 301 INDUSTRIAL WAY                     CAD009438300

 SAN DIEGO                AABCO INCORPORATED                     808 WEST CEDAR ST.                     CAD983658410

 SAN DIEGO                AIR FORCE PLT 19                       4297 PACIFIC COAST HWY                 CA5570090097

 SAN DIEGO                ALLEN, WILLIS M.                       1902 NATIONAL AVE.                     CAD983648890

 SAN DIEGO                ALLIED TANK CLEANING                   1883 E HARBOR DR                       CAD982360547

 SAN DIEGO                AMERICAN AGAR & CHEM CO                1751 HANCOCK ST                        CAD008231516

 SAN DIEGO                ARNHART ELECTRIC                       3520 MAIN ST                           CAD982360729

 SAN DIEGO                ATLAS CHEM & MFG CO                    2929 COMMERCIAL ST                     CAD008232126

 SAN DIEGO                AUGUSTS FOUNDRY                        2320 NEWTON AVE                        CAD982360786

 SAN DIEGO                BARON-BLAKESLEE DIV OF PUREX CORP      3596 CALIFORNIA ST                     CAT000618652

 SAN DIEGO                BKK CORP SAN DIEGO TRANSFER STA        6414 MIRAMAR RD                        CAT000610824

 SAN DIEGO                BURKE CO THE 08                        3870 HOUSTON ST                        CAD084240761

 SAN DIEGO                CABRILLO HEIGHTS NAVY HOUSING          8471 JORDAN ST                         CA5170090562

 SAN DIEGO                CALIFORNIA CREATIVE DYNAMICS CO INC    411 RAVEN ST                           CAD981622244

 SAN DIEGO                CAMP ELLIOT                            CAMP ELLIOT                            CA2210090369

 SAN DIEGO                CAMP NIMITZ AREA                       NAVAL TRAINING CTR                     CA7170090057

 SAN DIEGO                CAMPBELL INDUSTRIES                    501 E HARBOUR DR                       CAD008230047

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 102 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN DIEGO                CHEMPRON INC                           NE1/4 OF SW1/4 SEC 22 T14S R3E         CAD980882963

 SAN DIEGO                CLEANING DYNAMICS CORP                 2146 MAIN ST                           CAD980886360

 SAN DIEGO                CLEVELAND NATL FOREST                  12500 POMERADO RD                      CA4170090159

 SAN DIEGO                CONTINENTAL OF SAN DIEGO, INC.         1995 BAY FRONT                         CAD981418395

 SAN DIEGO                CORONADO NAVAL AMPHIBIOUS BASE         ON RT 75 ON THE STRAND                 CA9170023130

 SAN DIEGO                DALEY CORP                             2400 MURPHY CYN RD                     CAD980735989

 SAN DIEGO                DON POLLOCK EXCAVATING                 3370 KURTZ ST                          CAD982359473

 SAN DIEGO                DONALD HARDER CO                       2580 K ST                              CAD982359416

 SAN DIEGO                ELECTRICAL TRANSFORMER STORAGE YARD    4759 DWIGHT ST                         CAD981170483

 SAN DIEGO                FOGERTY OIL COMPANY                    3148 MIDWAY DRIVE                      CA0000562041

 SAN DIEGO                FRAZEE IND INC                         6625 MIRAMAR RD                        CAD044331155

 SAN DIEGO                GENERAL ATOMIC CO                      10955 JOHN JAY HOPKINS DR              CAD067638957

 SAN DIEGO                GENERAL DYNAMICS CONVAIR DIV           3302 PACIFIC HWY                       CAD041512427

 SAN DIEGO                GIFFORD'S BARRELS                      NE CORNER OF 26TH & COMMERCIAL ST      CAD982359531

 SAN DIEGO                HAMILTON-HUNT ENTERPRISES              8380 VICKERS ST SUITE I                CAD980636583

 SAN DIEGO                HAZARD R E INC                         CABRILLO FWY & FRIARS RD               CAD006911382

 SAN DIEGO                HEAVY EQUIPMENT LOT                    1475 J ST                              CAD982359598

 SAN DIEGO                INDUSTRIAL METALS & SALVAGE CO.        1345 SOUTH 27TH ST.                    CAD029136058

 SAN DIEGO                KELCO DIVISION OF MERCK & CO., INC.    2145 EAST BELT                         CAD983658436


 SAN DIEGO                MEPCO ELECTRA                          11468 SORRENTO VLY RD                  CAD081798977

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 103 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN DIEGO                MESA DESIGN INC                        4887 RONSON CT                         CAD080911688

 SAN DIEGO                MIRAMAR NAVAL AIR STA                  MIRAMAR NAVAL AIR STA                  CA9170024740

 SAN DIEGO                MISSION BAY LDFL                       BET SN DIEGO RIV & MISSION BAY         CAD980881353

 SAN DIEGO                MISSION CHEMICAL CO                    4990 NAPLES                            CAD982359895

 SAN DIEGO                NASCO                                  2798 EAST HARBOR DRIVE                 CAD009158932


 SAN DIEGO                NAVAL FACILITIES ENGINEERING COMM      WESTERN DIV                            CA0170024335

 SAN DIEGO                NEYENESCH PRINTERS INC                 2750 KETTNER BLVD                      CAD981676265

 SAN DIEGO                NORTHEAST MIRAMAR LDFL                 8100 MERCURY ST.                       CAD980736102

 SAN DIEGO                PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      544 7TH AVE                            CAD980636666

 SAN DIEGO                PACIFIC SOAP CO                        301 W MARKET ST                        CAD008294654

 SAN DIEGO                PACIFIC TREATMENT                      1668 NATIONAL AVE                      CAD098240062

 SAN DIEGO                PACIFIC TREATMENT CORP                 2190 MAIN ST                           CAD095894556

 SAN DIEGO                PEPPER DRIVE CHEMICAL                  4246 PEPPER DRIVE                      CA0001096429

 SAN DIEGO                PETERSON MFG CO                        8096 MIRAMAR RD                        CAD008271751

 SAN DIEGO                POINT LOMA ANNEX NAVAL SUPPLY CTR      POINT LOMA ANNEX                       CA1170090020

 SAN DIEGO                POINT LOMA NAVAL COMPLEX               POINT LOMA NAVAL COMPLEX               CA1170090236

 SAN DIEGO                PROLINE PAINT STORE                    2646 MAIN ST.                          CAD983658444

 SAN DIEGO                REICHHOLD CHEMICALS-SEQUENTIA INC      4654 DESOTO ST                         CAD008231938

 SAN DIEGO                RIGEL STREET DRUM SITE                 1620 RIGEL ST                          CAD982029423

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 104 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN DIEGO                SACKETT & PENDLEBURY BOAT BUILDERS     3630 HANCOCK ST                        CAD982360190

 SAN DIEGO                SAFETY - KLEEN CORP 7-175-01           499 RAVEN ST                           CAD980892475

 SAN DIEGO                SAFETY- KLEEN CORP 7-157-01            6306 FEDERAL BLVD                      CAD080916968

 SAN DIEGO                SAN DIEGO FLEET ANTI-SUB WTC           HARBOR DR                              CA7170090230

 SAN DIEGO                SAN DIEGO GALVANIZING INC.             3586 DALBERGIA ST.                     CAD008230849

 SAN DIEGO                SAN DIEGO NAVAL HOSPITAL               SAN DIEGO NAVAL STATION                CA3170090234

 SAN DIEGO                SAN DIEGO NAVAL STATION                SAN DIEGO NAVAL STATION                CA4170090233

 SAN DIEGO                SAN DIEGO NAVAL SUPPLY CENTER          937 N HARBOR DR                        CA5170090232

 SAN DIEGO                SAN DIEGO NAVAL SUPPLY CENTER          937 N HARBOR DE                        CA7170024288

 SAN DIEGO                SAN DIEGO NAVAL TRAINING CENTER        ROSENCRANZ & NIMITZ BLVDS              CA2170023202

 SAN DIEGO                SAN DIEGO PLATING INC                  2060 INDIA ST                          CAD064475494

 SAN DIEGO                SAN DIEGO PUBLIC WORKS CENTER          SAN DIEGO NAVAL STATION                CA2170090235

 SAN DIEGO                SDG & E KEARNY ELECTRIC CONST & MAINT  5488 OVERLAND AVE                      CAD980636682

 SAN DIEGO                SIGNET OPTICAL CORP                    4740 RUFFNER ST                        CAD089730402

 SAN DIEGO                SILTEC SAN DIEGO PACKAGING PLANT       3566 CORPORATE COURT                   CAD086002631

 SAN DIEGO                SOLAR TURBINES INC                     4200 RUFFIN RD                         CAT000626549

 SAN DIEGO                SOLAR TURBINES INT'L TURBOMACH DIV     4400 RUFFIN RD                         CAT000611517

 SAN DIEGO                SOLAR TURBINES INTERNATIONAL           2200 PACIFIC HWY                       CAD008314908

 SAN DIEGO                SOLAR TURBINES INTERNATIONAL           4605 MORENA BLVD                       CAD073345811

 SAN DIEGO                SOUTHWEST MARINE                       2205 EAST BELT (FOOT OF SAMPSON)       CAD981172554

 SAN DIEGO                SUPER PLATING                          106 WEST MARKET ST.                    CAD983658485

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 105 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN DIEGO                SUPER PLATING, INC.                    106 WEST MARKET ST.                    CAD081799306

 SAN DIEGO                SUPERIOR CRANE AND RIGGING, INC.       1779 MAIN STREET                       CAD983658477

 SAN DIEGO                TELEDYNE RYAN ELECTRONICS CO           8650 BALBOA AVE                        CAD990833014

 SAN DIEGO                TEX ENGINEERING CORP                   7130 CONVOY CT                         CAD064476203

 SAN DIEGO                UOP INC FLUID SYSTEMS DIV              2980 N HARBOR DR                       CAD020201893

 SAN DIMAS                EASTSHORE-REC VEHICLE PARK             120 E. VIA VERDE                       CAD983566712

 SAN DIMAS                SAN DIMAS RED PHOSPHOROUS              SW 1/4 OF SW 1/4 OF SEC.26             CA0000857540

 SAN FERNANDO             FIREBALL IND INC                       12087 N LOPEZ CYN RD                   CAD103042156

 SAN FERNANDO             RUSSELL MOE DUMP                       12021 N LOPEZ CYN RD                   CAD981168149

 SAN FRANCISCO            301 HOWARD STREET ASSOC                NE CORNER OF HOWARD & BEALE            CAD982358434

 SAN FRANCISCO            ALEMANY HOUSING PROJECT                956 ELSWORTH/ALEMANY BLVD.             CAD983620642

 SAN FRANCISCO            ARMSTRONG JAMES VACANT LOT             2250 JERROLD AVE                       CAD980736052

 SAN FRANCISCO            ASARCO                                 1901 ARMY ST                           CAD009134636

 SAN FRANCISCO            BUCKEYE PROPERTIES                     1296 ARMSTRONG STREET                  CAD982392243

 SAN FRANCISCO            C & M PLATING WORKS                    598 SIXTH ST                           CAD009204736

 SAN FRANCISCO            CANDLESTICK PT STATE REC AREA          S OF HUNTERS PT                        CAD980893374

 SAN FRANCISCO            CONSOLIDATED IRON & METAL              634 TOWNSEND ST                        CAD980884969

 SAN FRANCISCO            COOKSON CO                             1525 CORTLAND AVE                      CAD982358616

 SAN FRANCISCO            DONCO INDUSTRIES                       894 INNES AVE.                         CAD983608571

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 106 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN FRANCISCO            FEDERATED FRY                          1901 ARMY STREET                       CAD982400111

 SAN FRANCISCO            GAMLEN CHEMICAL CO                     195 SAN BRUNO                          CAD982358491

 SAN FRANCISCO            GOLDEN GATE NATIONAL REC AREA          BUILDING 201 FORT MASON                CA2141732030

 SAN FRANCISCO            GSA FEDERAL BUILDING                   450 GOLDEN GATE AVE                    CA4470000098

 SAN FRANCISCO            H & H SHIP SERVICE                     220 CHINA BASIN ST.                    CAD004771168

 SAN FRANCISCO            IMPERIAL DRAYAGE CO INC                715 ARMY ST                            CAD063014658

 SAN FRANCISCO            INDIA BASIN BOATYARD                   894 INNES AVE                          CA0000067603

 SAN FRANCISCO            ISLAIS CREEK AREA                      E SIDE OF BAY                          CAD980637011

 SAN FRANCISCO            KARKAR-GENERAL SIGNAL                  1920-2190 ARMY ST.                     CAD983633694

 SAN FRANCISCO            KNUDSON PARK                           POTRERO BET 24TH & 26TH                CAD980674048

 SAN FRANCISCO            MARKET HEIGHTS                         100 ALEMANY BLVD.                      CAD983623760

 SAN FRANCISCO            MCKINNON                               2100 MCKINNON ST                       CAD982029001

 SAN FRANCISCO            METTEN & GEBHARDT TANNERY              1775 EGBERT AVE                        CAD009122656

 SAN FRANCISCO            NL INDS INC                            2240 24TH ST                           CAD980637003



 SAN FRANCISCO            PG&E GAS PLANT SAN FRANCISCO 502 1B    KING & 2ND STS                         CAD981415417

 SAN FRANCISCO            PG&E GAS PLANT SAN FRANCISCO 502 1C    22ND 23RD MICHIGAN SF BAY              CAD981415474

 SAN FRANCISCO            PG&E GAS PLANT SAN FRANCISCO 502 1D    KING NR 3RD ST                         CAD981415532

 SAN FRANCISCO            PG&E GAS PLANT SAN FRANCISCO 502 1E    8TH & CHANNEL STS                      CAD981415599


 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 107 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #


 SAN FRANCISCO            PG&E GAS PLANT SAN FRANCISCO 502 1H    23RD & MARYLAND                        CAD981414998


 SAN FRANCISCO            PG&E GAS PLANT SAN FRANCISCO 502 1K    STEVENSON BET 5TH & 6TH STS            CAD981415110

 SAN FRANCISCO            PG&E GAS PLANT SAN FRANCISCO 502-1J    680 BEACH ST                           CAD981415268

 SAN FRANCISCO            PG&E POTRERO POWER PLANT               1201 ILLINOIS ST                       CAT080011703

 SAN FRANCISCO            PRESIDIO OF SAN FRANCISCO              PRESIDIO OF SAN FRANCISCO              CA7210020791

 SAN FRANCISCO            RED STAR LAUNDRY                       920 CHESTNUT ST                        CAD981671944

 SAN FRANCISCO            RICKES S & SONS                        1831 EGBERT AVE                        CAD982358558

 SAN FRANCISCO            SOUTHWEST MARINE                       ILLINOIS STREET & 20TH STREET          CAD981453194

 SAN FRANCISCO            TREASURE ISL NAVAL STATION             TREASURE ISLAND                        CA7170023330


 SAN FRANCISCO            US COAST GUARD BASE                    YERBA BUENA ISLAND                     CA6690390046

 SAN FRANCISCO            US CUSTOMS SERVICE LAB                 630 SANSOME ST RM 1508                 CA9470090177

 SAN FRANCISCO            US POSTAL SVC VEHICLE MAINTENANCE      1300 EVANS AVE                         CA5180090362

 SAN JACINTO              AGRI EMPIRE CO                         S MAIN AND 7TH                         CAD981569999

 SAN JACINTO              SOBOBA DRUG LAB SITE                   23719 AND 43610 CASTILE CANYON ROAD    CA0001411974

 SAN JOAQUIN              COX & COX PROPERTY                     595 E. 11TH STREET                     CAD983649294

 SAN JOAQUIN              SAN JOAQUIN ARPT                       23600 W MANNING AVE                    CAD980736227

 SAN JOAQUIN              TRANQUILITY MUNI ARPT                  COLORADO AVE                           CAD980735625

 SAN JOSE                 AC LABEL CO                            350 N MONTGOMERY ST                    CAD981693492

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 108 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN JOSE                 ALMADEN QUICKSILVER PARK               ALMADEN & MINE HILL RDS                CAD982029613

 SAN JOSE                 AMERICAN CAN CO                        1598 S FIRST ST                        CAD990768871

 SAN JOSE                 AUTEK SYSTEMS CORP                     109 BONAVENTURA DR                     CAT000623835

 SAN JOSE                 BARRON-GREY PACKING CO                 825 S 5TH ST                           CAD982357964

 SAN JOSE                 BRANDENBERG, STAEDLER & MOORE          153 W JULIAN ST                        CAD981671647

 SAN JOSE                 BRUIN ELECTRONICS INC                  1015 TIMOTHY DR                        CAD981685191

 SAN JOSE                 BURKE INDUSTRIES                       2049 SENTER RD                         CAD981409303

 SAN JOSE                 BUTTERICK DEMOLITION                   11TH AND HORNING                       CA0000064105

 SAN JOSE                 CALIFORNIA ELECTRO-PLATING CO          1722 JUNCTION AVE                      CAD982358020

 SAN JOSE                 CERTIFIED GARMENT & LINEN SUPPLY       519 HORNING ST                         CAD981672066

 SAN JOSE                 CONTINENTAL CAN CO USA PLT 12          357 E TAYLOR ST                        CAT000624643

 SAN JOSE                 DAP INC                                530 MARBURG WAY                        CAD980893010

 SAN JOSE                 ECONOMICS LAB INC                      640 LENFEST RD                         CAD009173246

 SAN JOSE                 FAIRCHILD SEMICONDUCTOR CORP (S SAN    101 BERNAL RD                          CAD097012298
 SAN JOSE                 FMC CORP ORDNANCE PLT                  1125 COLEMAN AVE                       CAD077184745

 SAN JOSE                 FMC CORP SAN JOSE ORDNANCE PLT         333 W JULIAN ST                        CAD009146952

 SAN JOSE                 FOXBORO/ ICT                           199 RIVER OAKS PKWY                    CAD092202969

 SAN JOSE                 GUADALUPE RUBBISH DSPL                 159999 GUADALUPE MNS RD                CAD980637375

 SAN JOSE                 HELLYER PARK                           HELLYER AVE. & HWY 101                 CAD983592551

 SAN JOSE                 HEWLETT PACKARD MICROWAVE              350 W TRIMBLE                          CAT000611400
 SAN JOSE                 IBM CORP                               2159 S 10TH ST                         CAD981409410

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 109 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN JOSE                 IBM CORP. (SAN JOSE PLANT)             5600 COTTLE RD                         CAD990843989

 SAN JOSE                 INTERNATIONAL MICROELECTRONICS PRODS   2830 N 1ST ST                          CAD980585186
 SAN JOSE                 IT CORP SAN JOSE TRANSFER FACILITY     3010 ZANKER RD                         CAD000633115

 SAN JOSE                 JENNINGS A DIV OF FL IND INC           970 MCLAUGHLIN AVE                     CAD001216548

 SAN JOSE                 K&H FINISHING                          2302 TRADE ZONE BLVD                   CAD981409352

 SAN JOSE                 KELLY MOORE PAINT CO INC               469 BLOSSOM HILL RD                    CAD981672009

 SAN JOSE                 KING ROAD POND                         KING & MAYBURRY RD                     CAD982359283

 SAN JOSE                 LEW SMITH                              1545 ALMADEN                           CAD981677222

 SAN JOSE                 LORENTZ & SONS                         201 W JULIAN ST                        CAD982400004

 SAN JOSE                 LORENTZ BARREL & DRUM CO               1515 S 10TH ST                         CAD029295706

 SAN JOSE                 M&M TIC INC                            640 NORTH NINTH ST                     CAD981677289

 SAN JOSE                 MAGNEX CORP                            6850 SANTA TERESA BLVD                 CAD086996840

 SAN JOSE                 MICRO METALLICS                        1695 S 1ST ST                          CAD069124717

 SAN JOSE                 MONTAGUE CENTER                        RINCON CIRCLE @ O'TOOLE                CAD982399909

 SAN JOSE                 NORTH FIRST ST PROPERTY                3901 N FIRST ST                        CAD981159072

 SAN JOSE                 OAKMEAD INVESTORS INC                  3910 NORTH FIRST ST                    CAD981677347

 SAN JOSE                 OWENS CORNING FIBERGLAS CORP           LOS ESTERRAS                           CAD980637334

 SAN JOSE                 PACIFIC AIRMOTIVE                      SAN JOSE ARPT                          CAD980637367

 SAN JOSE                 PG&E GAS PLANT SAN JOSE 408 5          SW COR SAN AUGUSTINE & MONTG-Y         CAD981415904

 SAN JOSE                 PG&E GAS PLANT SAN JOSE 408 5A         4TH/SAN FERNANDO/SE PARCEL             CAD981415961

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 110 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN JOSE                 PG&E SAN JOSE                          650 LENZEN AVE                         CAD981671886

 SAN JOSE                 PROTOMOLD MFG                          1390 OLD BAYSHORE HWY                  CAD982359101

 SAN JOSE                 QUME DIV OF ITT                        2350 QUME DR                           CAD980815088

 SAN JOSE                 RIVER PARK DEVELOPMENT-LINCOLN PROPS   PROVOST ST & PARK AVE                  CAD981676430

 SAN JOSE                 SAFE WAY CHEMICAL                      909 STOCKTON AVE                       CAD042345884

 SAN JOSE                 SAN JOSE DEPT OF PUBLIC WORKS          650 N 6TH ST                           CAD980498901

 SAN JOSE                 SAN JOSE GRAPHICS                      696 TRIMBLE RD                         CAD044869469

 SAN JOSE                 SAN JOSE STATE UNIV CHEM DEPT          125 S 7TH                              CAD050520840

 SAN JOSE                 SANMINA CORPORATION I                  2101 O'TOOLE                           CAD082902859

 SAN JOSE                 SANMINA II                             2068 BERING DRIVE                      CAD031546393

 SAN JOSE                 SANTA CLARA CNTY DGS PUR AGNEW         3990 ZANKER RD                         CAD980694764

 SAN JOSE                 SANTA CLARA CNTY DGS PUR PEDRO         2240 S 7TH ST                          CAD980694822

 SAN JOSE                 SEALEX                                 582 STOCKTON AVE                       CAD009149030

 SAN JOSE                 SHELL OIL CO (SAN JOSE PLANT)          2165 O'TOOLE AVE                       CAD000631382

 SAN JOSE                 SILVERADO CONDOMINIUMS                 TOWNSEND AVE                           CAD982359044

 SAN JOSE                 SINGLETON RD MUNI DSPL GRDS            885 SINGLETON RD                       CAD980498950

 SAN JOSE                 SOLID STATE SOURCES                    2178 PARAGON DR                        CAD040010472

 SAN JOSE                 SOLVENT SERVICE, INC.                  1021 BERRYESSA RD                      CAD059494310

 SAN JOSE                 SOUTH BAY ASBESTOS AREA                FT OF LIBERTY ST GUADALUPE RIV         CAD980894885

 SAN JOSE                 STAUFFER CHEM CO RAISCH QUARRY         S OF 1ST ST                            CAD980498877

 SAN JOSE                 STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO.                  1931 SO. 1ST STREET                    CAD063566442

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 111 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN JOSE                 STEEL WELD CO                          508 EMORY                              CAD982358988

 SAN JOSE                 TRUCK EXPRESS HAZ WASTE TRANS          2016 O'TOOLE                           CAT080013048

 SAN JOSE                 ULTRA-CHEM                             460 REYNOLDS CIR                       CAT080013535

 SAN JOSE                 UNITED TECH (COYOTE CNTR/ STN 0635)    600 METCALF RD                         CAD981408982

 SAN JOSE                 UNITED TECH (COYOTE CNTR/ STN 0706)    600 METCALF RD                         CAD981408925

 SAN JOSE                 UNITED TECHNOLOGIES                    STN 635 & STN 706                      CAD982400368

 SAN JOSE                 US CELLULOSE                           520 PARROT ST                          CAD981379332

 SAN JOSE                 VAN WATERS & ROGERS INC                2256 JUNCTION AVE                      CAD010925576

 SAN LEANDRO              BAY CITY DSPL CO                       2615 DAVIS ST                          CAD982347122

 SAN LEANDRO              CENTURY PLATING COMPANY INC            1124 139TH AVE                         CAD983608639

 SAN LEANDRO              CROWN ZELLERBACH FLEXIBLE PKG DIV      2101 WILLIAMS ST                       CAD009117516

 SAN LEANDRO              DIX CHEMICAL / PEABODY TESTING         2506 DAVIS                             CAD982358780

 SAN LEANDRO              E. 14TH STREET AUTO WRECKERS           16552 E. 14TH STREET                   CAD983566472

 SAN LEANDRO              GRANT LAB                              14688 WASHINGTON AVE.                  CAD980896211

 SAN LEANDRO              LINCOLN PROPERTIES                     1465 FACTOR ST                         CAD981159064

 SAN LEANDRO              LIQUID GOLD OIL CORP                   1696 MARTINEZ ST                       CAT080013923

 SAN LEANDRO              M&S MECHANICAL INC                     2420 DAVIS ST                          CAD066552316

 SAN LEANDRO              MAJOR SALVAGE CO                       1770 NEPTUNE DR                        CAD980817449

 SAN LEANDRO              MARINA DSPL SITE                       FOOT OF MARINA BLVD-NEPTUNE BL         CAD980638639

 SAN LEANDRO              PETERSON TRACTOR CO                    955 MARINA BLVD                        CAD982359085

 SAN LEANDRO              PG&E GAS PLANT SAN LEANDRO             ALVARDO & ST JOHNS STS                 CAD981415771

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 112 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN LEANDRO              STAEFA CONTROL SYSTEM                  2481 WASHINGTON AVE                    CAD982400228

 SAN LEANDRO              TONY LEMA GOLF COURSE LDFL             5000' S OF MARINA BLVD                 CAD980817191

 SAN LEANDRO              TROJAN POWDER WORKS                    2205 LEWELLING BLVD                    CAD980817514

 SAN LEANDRO              UNITED STATES PRINTING INK CORP        14465 GRIFFITH ST                      CAT000646364

 SAN LEANDRO              WILLIAMS STREET SITE                   1964 WILLIAMS STREET                   CAD983566761

 SAN LUIS OBISPO          BARNET OIL CO                          2340 SUNSET DR                         CAD980735930

 SAN LUIS OBISPO          CAMP SAN LUIS OBISPO NATL GUARD UNIT   HWY 1-7 MI W OF                        CAD980882773


 SAN LUIS OBISPO          COLD CANYON LDFL                       EDNA RD                                CAD980817803

 SAN LUIS OBISPO          DALECO RESOURCES MATTHEWS LSE          SEC 32 T31S R13E PARCEL 2 & 3          CAD980694111


 SAN MARCOS               MOYER CHEMICAL                         1227 LOS VALLECITOS RD                 CAD980892723

 SAN MARCOS               OLD WEST WOOD FINISHING                972 RANCH SUITE B                      CAD983594243

 SAN MARCOS               PLESSY ELECTRONIC/GEC MARCONI          1370 SAN MARCOS                        CAD046589305

 SAN MARCOS               POPOFF FOAM INC                        346 E MYRTLE AVE                       CAD050757715

 SAN MARCOS               SAN MARCOS MINI STORAGE SITE           165 S. BENT AVE                        CAD983615154

 SAN MARCOS               SIGNET ARMORLITE                       130 N BINGHAM DR                       CAD008362634

 SAN MARCOS               SINGER CO-KEARFOTT DIV                 1370 SAN MARCOS                        CAD982360315

 SAN MARCOS               TORREY CHEMICAL CO                     217 LAS POSAS RD                       CAD982360430

 SAN MARTIN               STARSWEPT LANE HOUSE                   COR OF STARSWEPT LN & MONTEREY         CAD980893887

 SAN MATEO                BROWNING-FERRIS INDS                   E 3RD AVE                              CAD980637045

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 113 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN MATEO                UNIVERSAL COATINGS                     OFF 280 EUGENE A DORAN BRG             CAD980637037

 SAN MATEO                US GEOLOGICAL SURVEY                   345 MIDDLEFIELD RD                     CA2470090364

 SAN PABLO                AMERICAN STANDARD INC                  3002 GIANT RD                          CAD981406176

 SAN PABLO                AUTO WRECKING YARD (ABANDONED)         GARDEN TRACT RD                        CAD980637276

 SAN PABLO                EAST BAY WASHRACK                      2832 GIANT ROAD                        CAD007783772

 SAN PABLO                G&M EXCAVATING & DEMOLITION INC        2230 DAM RD                            CAD982358012

 SAN PEDRO                AUTO BODY SHOP                         1505-1555 SOUTH PACIFIC AVE            CA0001159151

 SAN PEDRO                DEFENSE FUEL SUPPORT POINT SAN PEDRO   3171 N GAFFEY ST                       CA3971590028

 SAN PEDRO                DOW CHEMICAL CO                        305 HENRY FORD AVE                     CAT000617001

 SAN PEDRO                FORT MACARTHUR                         PACIFIC AVE                            CA5690331330

 SAN PEDRO                H-10 WATER TAXI                        BERTH 84 LA HARBOR MAIN CHANNE         CAD981416852

 SAN PEDRO                LOS ANGELES HARBOR BERTH 115           HARBOR BLVD                            CAD980636435

 SAN PEDRO                PLAZA AUTOMOTIVE CENTER                505 NORTH PACIFIC AVE                  CAD982403370

 SAN PEDRO                PORTSMOUTH NAVAL HOUSING AREA          25TH ST & EL ANITA DR                  CA3170090499

 SAN PEDRO                TRW COMPRESSED GAS CYLINDER            CRESENT WAREHSE #1 PORT OF LOS         CAD981621832
 SAN PEDRO                US COAST GUARD BASE - TERMINAL ISLAND  1801 SEASIDE AVE                       CA9690308730

 SAN PEDRO                WHITE POINT FORMER NIKE SITE           WESTERN & 25TH STS                     CA2570090371

 SAN RAFAEL               CAPTAINS COVE                          SMITH RANCH RD & GALLINA CREEK         CAD982400541

 SAN RAFAEL               FAIRCHILD CAMERA & INSTRUMENT          4300 REDWOOD HWY                       CAD009144619

 SAN RAFAEL               PG&E GAS PLANT SAN RAFAEL 104 5        SW COR 3RD & LINDERO STS               CAD981415896

 SAN RAFAEL               PG&E GAS PLANT SAN RAFAEL 104 5A       4TH & A STS                            CAD981415953

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 114 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SAN RAFAEL               PG&E SERV CTR SAN RAFAEL               2ND ST & LINDARO                       CAD980815674

 SAN RAMON                ELECTRO-TEST INC                       3470 FOSTORIA WAY                      CAD000628339

 SAN RAMON                PG&E ENGINEERING RESEARCH CTR          3400 CROW CYN RD                       CAD073926628

 SAN YSIDRO               SAN YSIDRO DRUM SITE                   3225-45 MONUMENT ROAD                  CAD983618885

 SANGER                   SANGER CITY DUMPSITE                   NORTH AVE & NEWARK                     CAD983650110

 SANGER                   SANGER RIVER BOTTOM PROPERTY           2 MI SOUTHWEST SANGER CITY             CAD982400160

 SANTA ANA                ALUMINUM FORGE-DIV OF ALTAMIL CORP     502 E ALTON ST                         CAD094719598

 SANTA ANA                AMF VOIT INC                           3801 S HARBOR BLVD                     CAD008369753

 SANTA ANA                CIRCUIT ONE DIV OF LH RESEARCH INC     2101 S GRAND AVE                       CAD098502909

 SANTA ANA                CONSOLIDATED THERMOPLASTICS            2520 S BIRCH ST                        CAT080010952

 SANTA ANA                DINAMATION                             3107 S. KILSON                         CA0000028076


 SANTA ANA                EECO                                   1441 EAST CHESTNUT AVE                 CAD008256349


 SANTA ANA                EMBEE PLATING                          2136 S HATHAWAY                        CAD009659541

 SANTA ANA                G&H RADIATOR SERVICE                   120 S MAIN ST                          CAD982359630

 SANTA ANA                GEMINI IND INC                         2311 S PULLMAN ST                      CAD063132039

 SANTA ANA                HOLCHEM DBA SERVICE CHEMICAL           1341 E MAYWOOD ST                      CAT000612333

 SANTA ANA                MICROSEMICONDUCTOR CORP                2830 S FAIRVIEW                        CAD051550838

 SANTA ANA                MWC LIGHTING                           1651 S RITCHEY ST                      CAD059264630

 SANTA ANA                NIEVES LANDSCAPING                     3107 KILSON DR.                        CAD983661190

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 115 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA ANA                ORANGE COAST PLATING                   2515 S BIRCH ST                        CAD008508848

 SANTA ANA                ORANGE COUNTY CHEMICAL CO              1230 E SAINT GERTRUDE PLACE            CAD029363876

 SANTA ANA                PHIL'S CUSTOM PLATING                  1212 W FIRST ST                        CAD982360596

 SANTA ANA                PRESTO-MATIC AUTO SUPPLY               3621 W 1ST ST                          CAD982360711

 SANTA ANA                S&G TUBE CO INC DBA LIBERTY PLATING    3400 W MAYWOOD AVE                     CAD008347015

 SANTA ANA                SAE CONNECTORS, INC.                   2601 SOUTH GARNSEY ST.                 CAD980883979

 SANTA ANA                SAFETY- KLEEN CORP 7-088-07            2120 SOUTH YALE ST                     CAT000613976

 SANTA ANA                TOLO, INC.                             2401 SOUTH PULLMAN ST.                 CAD983659491

 SANTA ANA                TRE METAL PROCESSING CO                1900 EAST DEERE RD                     CAD000775726

 SANTA ANA                UNIVERSAL CIRCUITS INC.                1800 NEWPORT CIRCLE                    CAT080033004

 SANTA ANA                US POLYMERIC                           700 E DYER RD                          CAD046054664

 SANTA ANA                XEROX CORPORATION FACILITY             2200 E MCFADDEN ST                     CAD982400103

 SANTA BARBARA            LAMBDA                                 535 E. MONTECITO ST.                   CAD983671009

 SANTA BARBARA            SAFETY- KLEEN CORP 7-177-01            214 MONTECITO DR                       CAT000613984

 SANTA BARBARA            UNIVERSITY OF CA                       BUILDING 574 PUBLIC SAFETY             CAT000624130

 SANTA BARBARA            WHRIGHT CO                             132 GARDEN ST BLDG 2A                  CAD982401978

 SANTA CLARA              ALL METALS DBA ECS REFINERY            705 REED ST.                           CAD003963592

 SANTA CLARA              ALL PURPOSE LDFL                       5400 LAFAYETTE ST (PO BOX 487)         CAD980637342

 SANTA CLARA              AMI                                    3800 HOMESTEAD RD                      CAD980892954

 SANTA CLARA              APPLIED MATERIALS                      3050 BOWERS AVE                        CAD042728840

 SANTA CLARA              BACHARACH INSTRUMENTS                  5100 PATRICK HENRY DR                  CAD094979135

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 116 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA CLARA              BAYDAY CHEM                            2096 WALSH STREET                      CAT080012263


 SANTA CLARA              CERTAINTEED CORP.                      2885 LAFAYETTE                         CAD009156282

 SANTA CLARA              CONTAINER CORP OF AMERICA              2500 DE LA CRUZ BLVD                   CAD077192102

 SANTA CLARA              DYSAN CORP                             5200-1 PATRICK HENRY DR                CAD980894372

 SANTA CLARA              DYSAN CORPORATION                      5440 PATRICK HENRY DR                  CAD063541445

 SANTA CLARA              DYSAN CORPORATION                      5301 PATRICK HENRY DR                  CAD981414006

 SANTA CLARA              EFAB INC                               1075 RICHARD AVE                       CAD053296752

 SANTA CLARA              FABRICATED CIRCUITS INC                1196 NORMAN AVE                        CAD082898180

 SANTA CLARA              FAIRCHILD                              3105 ALFRED ST                         CAD981456585

 SANTA CLARA              GILMORE SUPPLY                         585 ROBERT AVE                         CAD981455116

 SANTA CLARA              GIMELLI BROTHERS INC                   715 COMSTOCK ST                        CAD069135762

 SANTA CLARA              HEWLETT PACKARD (AVANTEK)              3175 BOWERS AVE                        CAD009442484

 SANTA CLARA              HEWLETT PACKARD COSANTA CLARA DIV      5301 STEVENS CREEK BLVD                CAD049231319

 SANTA CLARA              HEWLETT PACKARD: SPERRY UNIVAC         3300 SCOTT BLVD                        CAD981408800

 SANTA CLARA              INTEGRATED DEVICE TECHNOLOGY, INC      3001 STENDER WY                        CAD982464356

 SANTA CLARA              INTEL CORP. (SANTA CLARA III)          2880 NORTHWESTERN PKWY                 CAT000612184

 SANTA CLARA              INTEL CORP., FAB 1                     3601 JULIETTE LN                       CAD000626697

 SANTA CLARA              J & B ENTERPRISES                      342 LAUREL WOOD RD.                    CAD069138899

 SANTA CLARA              KEYSTONE CONSOLIDATED INDUSTRIES       650 WALSH AVE.                         CAD009141433

 SANTA CLARA              KIMBALL SMALL PROPERTY                 2986 OAK MEAD VILLAGE CT               CAD982402570

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 117 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA CLARA              KOLL OAKMEAD CENTER                    3350 SCOTT BLVD                        CAD983566811

 SANTA CLARA              LICK JAMES MANSION                     4101 LICK MILL BLVD.(N. MONTAGUE       CAD980735971
 SANTA CLARA              MAGNETICS PERIPHERALS INC              3333 SCOTT BLVD                        CAD085304020

 SANTA CLARA              MEMOREX                                SAN TOMAS AT CENTRAL EXPY              CAD009142415

 SANTA CLARA              MEMOREX DRIVE COMPLEX                  1200 MEMOREX DRIVE                     CAD000629865

 SANTA CLARA              MICRO STORAGE/INTEL MAGNETICS          3000 OAKMEAD VILLAGE DR                CAD092212497

 SANTA CLARA              MONOLITHIC MEMORIES                    2175 MISSION COLLEGE BLVD              CAT080013618

 SANTA CLARA              MONSANTO CHEM CO SANTA CLARA PLT       2710 LAFAYETTE ST                      CAD009156290

 SANTA CLARA              NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR CORP            2900 SEMICONDUCTOR AVE                 CAD041472986

 SANTA CLARA              NBK                                    30101 OLCOTT ST                        CAD981671761

 SANTA CLARA              OPEN FIELD                             BETWEEN HWY 237 & HWY 101              CAD980637292

 SANTA CLARA              OWENS CORNING FIBERGLAS CORP           960 CENTRAL EXPY                       CAD009149485

 SANTA CLARA              PACIFIC NURSERY POTS                   1015 MARTIN AVE                        CAD009166984

 SANTA CLARA              PAUL MONROE HYDRAULICS                 3701 THOMAS RD                         CAD982401036

 SANTA CLARA              PG&E GAS PLANT SANTA CLARA             COR BENTON & RAILROAD AVE              CAD981416027

 SANTA CLARA              PRECISION MONOLITHIC, INC.             1500 SPACE PARK DR                     CAD069139376

 SANTA CLARA              R&B COMMERCE PARK                      2948 SCOTT BLVD                        CAD981677461

 SANTA CLARA              SAFETY SPECIALISTS INC                 3284 EDWARD AVE                        CAD010917805

 SANTA CLARA              SAFETY-KLEEN                           3461 WOODWARD AVE                      CAD077187888

 SANTA CLARA              SANTA CLARA CITY ELEC DEPT             1705 MARTIN AVE                        CAD980816110

 SANTA CLARA              SANTA CLARA LDFL DSPL GROUNDS          5410 LAFAYETTE ST                      CAD980816524

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 118 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA CLARA              SCIENTIFIC GAS PRODUCTS                3395 DE LA CRUZ BLVD                   CAD000086751

 SANTA CLARA              SIGNETICS                              3600 PETERSON WY                       CAT000614032

 SANTA CLARA              SIGNETICS                              3625 PETERSON WAY                      CAT000614040

 SANTA CLARA              SILICONIX INC                          2201 LAURELWOOD RD                     CAD009131392

 SANTA CLARA              SPECTRA PHYSICS INC                    2905 STENDER WAY                       CAD069138733

 SANTA CLARA              SYNERTEK, INC. (BUILDING 1)            3050 CORONADO BLVD                     CAD990832735

 SANTA CLARA              TANDY MAGNETICS MEDIA                  1600 MEMOREX DR                        CAD064729270

 SANTA CLARA              TECHNICAL COATINGS CO                  1000 WALSH AVE                         CAD009118506

 SANTA CLARA              TREND CIRCUITS                         3555 THOMAS ROAD                       CAD980880843

 SANTA CLARA              UNISYS                                 1040 DIGIULIO AVE                      CAD982400392

 SANTA CLARA              UNISYS                                 1500 MEMOREX DR                        CAD982400376

 SANTA CLARA              UNIVERSITY OF SANTA CLARA              820 ALVISO ST                          CAD054800214

 SANTA CLARA              VARIAN ASSOC SOLID STATE MICROWAVE     3251 OLCOTT ST                         CAT000625392
 SANTA CLARA              VARIAN ASSOCIATES                      3100 JAY ST                            CAT000617605

 SANTA CLARA              WESTERN FORGE & FLANGE                 780 REED ST                            CAD981370240

 SANTA CLARA              ZEP MFG CO                             2970 CORVIN DR                         CAD077188910

 SANTA CLARA              ZETA LABORATORIES INC                  3265 SCOTT BLVD                        CAD049233570

 SANTA CLARA              ZORAN CORP                             3450 CENTRAL EXPRESSWAY                CAD004193652

 SANTA CRUZ               GRANITE CONSTRUCTION CO                1280 SHAFFER RD                        CAD029396306

 SANTA CRUZ               NAVAL IND RESERVE ORD PLANT            16020 EMPIRE GRADE RD.                 CA0000082834

 SANTA CRUZ               PG&E GAS PLANT SANTA CRUZ              W SIDE N PACIFIC ADJ RIVER ST          CAD981416100

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 119 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA CRUZ               WM WRIGLEY JR CO                       2801 MISSION ST                        CAD009137597

 SANTA FE                 MOBIL OIL CORP.                        10607 NORWALK BOULEVARD                CA0000024554

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         ASHLAND CHEM CO                        10505 S PAINTER AVE                    CAD044061422

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         BELL PETROLEUM                         12250 E BELL RANCH RD                  CAD980893317

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         BROWN PACIFIC WIRE                     13639 BORA PLACE                       CAD044052801

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         BURDETT OXYGEN CO OF CA #1             8838 S DICE RD                         CAD982359747

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         CAL WESTERN PAINT CORP                 11748 SLAUSON AVE                      CAD008300717

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         CALIFORNIA INDUSTRIAL PRODS INC        11525 SHOEMAKER AVE                    CAD050797679

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         COX WARDMAN OIL FIELD                  12300 TELEGRAPH RD                     CAD982400269

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         DICE RD & LOS NIETOS RD DUMP           9165 DICE RD                           CAD980884860

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         DIVERSEY WYANDOTTE CORP                8921 DICE RD                           CAD046455747

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         ELECTRO-CAL PLATING CO                 12831 MARQUARDT AVE                    CAT080014541

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         FINE LINE PAINT CORP                   12200 LOS NIETOS RD                    CAD008263048

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         FOREMOST MCKESSON INC                  9005 SORENSEN AVE                      CAD060395753

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         GENERAL DSPL CO                        12605 S MARQUARDT                      CAD980735856

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         GMC WAREHOUSE & DISTRIBUTING           14141 ALONDRA BLVD.                    CAD076240407

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         GOLDEN WEST REFINING CO                13539 E FOSTER RD                      CAD051485043

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         HILLERICH & BRADSBY CO                 15601 RESIN PLACE                      CAD096418678

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO.                    14501 VALLEY VIEW                      CAD981451644

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         KALICO LDFL #1                         11801 GREENSTONE AVE                   CAD981465289

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         KALICO LDFL #2                         IMPERIAL HWY AT SHOEMAKER AVE          CAD981669401

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 120 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         KOBRA INC                              12027 GREENSTONE                       CAD981425069


 SANTA FE SPRINGS         LIFE PAINT CO                          12911 SUNSHINE AVE                     CAD008364788

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         LIQUID AIR CORP                        8832 DICE RD                           CAD003312600

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         LOS ANGELES BY-PRODUCTS                9615 S NORWALK BLVD                    CAD980893655

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         LOS NIETOS DUMP                        LOS NIETOS RD & PAINTER AVE            CAD980636385

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         MAGNA CORP                             11808 S BLOOMFIELD AVE                 CAD990666414

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         MARATHON CARTAGE                       13710 IMPERIAL HWY                     CAD980637821

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         MCKESSON CHEM CO                       11600 PIKE ST                          CAD000633313

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         METRO DIESEL INJECTION                 12631 LOS NIETOS RD.                   CAD982522369

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         MOBIL OIL CORP CHANSLOR DIV            10737 S SHOEMAKER AVE                  CAD028736833

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         NEVILLE CHEM CO                        12800 E IMPERIAL HWY                   CAD008362758

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         NORWALK DUMP                           13780 E IMPERIAL HWY                   CAD980636369

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         PGP IND INC                            13429 ALONDRA BLVD                     CAD060398229

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         PILOT CHEM CO                          11756 BURKE ST                         CAD008287823

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         PLATE SHOP THE                         10701 FOREST ST                        CAD038195590

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         POLYMER CONCEPTS                       12830 IMPERIAL HIGHWAY                 CA0001154897

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         POWERINE OIL CO                        12354 LAKELAND RD                      CAD008383291


 SANTA FE SPRINGS         SHAMROCK TIRE & CHROME                 10332 S NORWALK BLVD                   CAD981419203

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         SINCLAIR & VALENTINE                   14930 MARQUARDT AVE                    CAD054850334

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 121 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         SO CA CHEM CO INC                      8851 DICE RD                           CAD008488025

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         SONIC PLATING CO INC                   13002 LOS NIETOS RD                    CAD008489981

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         STANKEVICH #2 SANTA FE SPRINGS         12601 S BLOOMFIELD AVE                 CAD980883672

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         UNITED STATES PRINTING INK CORP        13710 BORATE ST                        CAD083822346

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         WASTE DISPOSAL, INC                    12731 E LOS NIETOS RD                  CAD980884357

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         WEST BENT BOLT                         8623 S DICE RD                         CAD004295572

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         WESTERN SCREW PRODUCTS                 11770 - 11780 SLAUSON BLVD             CAD981401706

 SANTA FE SPRINGS         WHITTIER PLATTING CO INC               11642 E PIKE ST                        CAD008495129

 SANTA MARIA              ALLAN HANCOCK COLLEGE                  800 S. COLLEGE DRIVE                   CAD981991151

 SANTA MARIA              BLACK & WHITE CATTLE CO                2103 STINTON ROAD                      CA0001158815

 SANTA MARIA              CONOCO INC                             1660 SINTON RD                         CAD008361883

 SANTA MARIA              ENGEL & GRAY INC.                      745 W. BETTERVIA RD                    CAD981696172

 SANTA MARIA              OLOCCO FRANK J AG PEST CONTROL         3935 BROWN RD                          CAD029409224

 SANTA MARIA              SANTA BARBARA CO AGRI COMM             624 W FOSTER RD                        CAD000775676

 SANTA MARIA              UNION SUGAR                            2820 W.BETTERVIA RD                    CAD981391543

 SANTA MARIA              UNOCAL ORCUTT TANK FARM TRACT #12631   4620 PALOMINO DR.                      CAD983616020

 SANTA MONICA             AIR TOOL ENGINEERING                   3021 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000477224

 SANTA MONICA             ARMAL MFG. CO.                         1660 STANFORD AVE.                     CA0000476440

 SANTA MONICA             BAL-TAC ELECTRONICS, INC.              2944 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000476994

 SANTA MONICA             BENSON LEHNER CORP.                    1860 FRANKLIN ST.                      CA0000476317

 SANTA MONICA             BOISON-DALE                            2932 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000476978

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 122 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA MONICA             C.F. CLOVINGER                         3021 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000476887

 SANTA MONICA             CALAIR INT'L - S.W. MATERIALS          1724 STANFORD AVE.                     CA0000476382

 SANTA MONICA             CARSON MFG. CO.                        3015 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000476960

 SANTA MONICA             CHEMOLD CO.- BROADWAY                  2308-2310 BROADWAY                     CA0000476655

 SANTA MONICA             CHEMOLD CO.- COLORADO                  2000 COLORADO AVE.                     CA0000476739

 SANTA MONICA             COLORADO PLACE                         BROADWAY & 26TH ST                     CAD981392939

 SANTA MONICA             DUMPSITE #1                            INT DEWEY & WALGROVE AVE               CA0001097450

 SANTA MONICA             EDSAL PRODUCTS                         1746 BERKELEY AVE.                     CA0000476481

 SANTA MONICA             H. BEHLEN & BROS.                      1755 BERKELEY AVE.                     CA0000476531

 SANTA MONICA             HARRIS ENG CO.                         3017 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000476929

 SANTA MONICA             HIGHLAND ENG. CO.                      1942 BERKELEY AVE.                     CA0000476564

 SANTA MONICA             HUGHES AIRCRAFT                        3100-3200 AIRPORT AVENUE               CA0000476622

 SANTA MONICA             IDEAL CHEMICAL                         1723 AND 1725 CLOVERFIELD BLVD.        CA0000476713

 SANTA MONICA             J. E. YOUNG PIPELINE CO.               1716 STANFORD AVE.                     CA0000476424

 SANTA MONICA             J.H. THOMPSON/EVAN TOOLS CO.           3019 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CAD000476903

 SANTA MONICA             MARSHALL ENGINEERING CO.               1822-1836 FRANKLIN ST.                 CA0000476341

 SANTA MONICA             MCDONELL DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT              3000 OCEAN PARK BLVD.                  CAD982394215


 SANTA MONICA             NETHERCUTT LABYS ANTIQUE PARTS         2928 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000477018

 SANTA MONICA             NEUTRONICS INC.                        2908 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000477034

 SANTA MONICA             OCEAN PARK LEAD                        2621 SECOND STREET                     CA0001908532

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 123 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA MONICA             PAC AERO ENGINEERING                   3021 AIRPORT AVE                       CAD980636328

 SANTA MONICA             PAPERMATE MFG CO                       1681 26TH ST                           CAD054861539

 SANTA MONICA             PIPCO INT'L CORP.                      1757 STANFORD AVE.                     CA0000476390

 SANTA MONICA             PLASTIGLADE MFG. CORP.                 3122 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000477042

 SANTA MONICA             REYNOLDS METAL WORKS                   1816 STANFORD ST.                      CA0000476416

 SANTA MONICA             SANTA MONICA BAY AREA                  LAT:33/57/55 LONG:118/28/55            CAD981169121

 SANTA MONICA             SANTA MONICA CHEM CORP                 1639 9TH ST                            CAD009638438

 SANTA MONICA             SANTA MONICA MOLD SHOP                 1812-1814 STANFORD AVE.                CA0000476408

 SANTA MONICA             SANTA MONICA MTBE                      CORNER OF WILSHIRE & BUNDY             CA0001757897

 SANTA MONICA             SANTA MONICA WELL FIELD                OLYMPIC & CENTINELA BLVDS              CAD980884274

 SANTA MONICA             SPAZIER SOAP CHEMICAL                  2400 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000476788

 SANTA MONICA             SPC ELECTRONIC RESEARCH                2500 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000476812

 SANTA MONICA             SWISSOMATIC PRODUCTS                   1818 STANDFORD AVE.                    CA0000476432

 SANTA MONICA             T.H. NUGIER CO. / CARSON MFG. CO.      1758 BERKELEY AVE.                     CA0000476515

 SANTA MONICA             THE WATERGARDEN PROJECT                CLOVEHELD OLYMIC BLVD                  CAD983566183

 SANTA MONICA             W.C. PRODUCTS INC.                     1748 BERKELEY AVE.                     CA0000476598

 SANTA MONICA             W.S. RHOADES PLASTICS PRODUCTS         1740 BERKELEY AVE.                     CA0000476556

 SANTA MONICA             WARD OIL                               2600 NEBRASKA AVE.                     CA0000476762

 SANTA MONICA             WESTCOAST WOOD WORKING & MFG.          1816 BERKELEY AVE.                     CA0000476580

 SANTA PAULA              AGRI SERV INC                          1349 E MAIN ST                         CAT080018666

 SANTA PAULA              ASSOCIATED INSECTORY                   1380 SANTA PAULA ST                    CAD029423472

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 124 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA PAULA              BAKER W P FACILITY                     1006 AMBER DR                          CAD980735831

 SANTA PAULA              DOWELL- DIV OF DOW CHEM                1260 E SANTA PAULA ST                  CAD076209055

 SANTA PAULA              FMC AG CHEMICAL                        1409 E. MAIN ST                        CAD000775593

 SANTA PAULA              SANTA CLARA WASTE WATER CO             815 MISSION ROCK RD                    CAD088381116

 SANTA PAULA              SOUTHERN PACIFIC MILLING COMPANY       1368 MISSION ROCK ROAD                 CAD980376891

 SANTA ROSA               ACME AUTO WRECKERS                     1885 SEBASTOPOL ROAD                   CAD983644998

 SANTA ROSA               ALMETCO                                1733 SEBASTOPOL ROAD                   CAD983644956

 SANTA ROSA               BAUGH, MS. WILSON                      805 SEBASTOPOL RD.                     CAD983646050

 SANTA ROSA               BRADLEY PROPERTY                       1143 BRIGGS AVE                        CA0001097146

 SANTA ROSA               ECODYNE COOLING PRODS DIV              930 SHILOH RD                          CAD086605987

 SANTA ROSA               ELTRA CORP C & D BATTERIES DIV         265 ROBERTS AVE                        CAD041651027

 SANTA ROSA               FORMER AUTO WRCKING YARD               COR BRIGGS & RIDGEWAY                  CA0001097294

 SANTA ROSA               FOUCHE AUTO WRECKERS                   2290 DUTTON AVE                        CA0001097047

 SANTA ROSA               GOLDEN TECHNOLOGY                      3017 SANTA ROSA AVE.                   CAD983644915

 SANTA ROSA               HALL, LEE                              1111 LANCE DRIVE                       CAD983644964

 SANTA ROSA               HEWLETT PACKARD FOUNTAIN GROVE         1400 FOUNTAIN GROVE PKWY               CAD058412842

 SANTA ROSA               HEWLETT PACKARD VALLEY SITE            3273 AIRWAY DR                         CAD980814529

 SANTA ROSA               NORCAL GLASS CO.                       673 SEBASTOPOL RD.                     CA0001097062

 SANTA ROSA               OLD COAL GAS PLANT                     COR 5TH ST & MENDOCINO AVE             CA0001097138

 SANTA ROSA               OPTICAL COATING LABORATORY, INC.       2789 NORTHPOINT PARKWAY                CAD009110768

 SANTA ROSA               OPTICAL CODING LABORATORIES, INC.      970 SEBASTOPOL RD.                     CAD983654385

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 125 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SANTA ROSA               PG&E GAS PLANT SANTA ROSA 104 6        S SIDE 1ST NR B ST                     CAD981415045

 SANTA ROSA               PG&E GAS PLANT SANTA ROSA 104 6A       5TH & MENDOCINO                        CAD981414980

 SANTA ROSA               ROSELAND SCHOOL WELLS                  950 SEBASTOPOL ROAD                    CAD983649625

 SANTA SUSANA             SEASIDE OIL CO                         4456 LOS ANGELES AVE                   CAD980885123

 SANTEE                   EL CAPITAN QUARRY                      26820 EL MONTE RD NE OF                CAD980637920

 SATICOY                  PACIFIC INTERMEDIATES                  11019 JACINTO WAY NR STATE ROUTE 118   CAD982523243

 SAUGUS                   AMERICAN CYANAMID                      21444 GOLDEN TRIANGLE RD               CAT080010929

 SAUGUS                   ANGELES NATL FOREST                    LOS PINETOS STORAGE RT 1               CA7122390399

 SAUGUS                   GLASS SEAL CORPORATION                 21516 WEST GOLDEN TRIANGLE RD.         CAD983610148

 SAUGUS                   HASA CHEM INC                          23119 DRAYTON ST                       CAD009656075

 SAUGUS                   KEYSOR CENTURY                         26000 SPRINGBROOK RD                   CAD009531591

 SAUGUS                   LUBRICATION CO OF AMERICA              12500 LANG STATION RD                  CAD008247629

 SAUGUS                   PARKER AIRCRAFT CO                     25977A SAND CYN                        CAD980389415

 SAUGUS                   THATCHER GLASS MFG CO (DART INDS)      25655 SPRINGBROOK AVE                  CAD044398956

 SAUSALITO                MARINSHIP                              SPRING ST & GATE 5 RD TO BAY           CAD982400715

 SCOTTS VALLEY            ASSEMBLY SERVICES                      34 B JANIS WY BUILDING B               CAD095979415

 SCOTTS VALLEY            CARBONERO TRAILER PARK                 4556 SCOTTS VALLEY DR                  CAD077179406

 SCOTTS VALLEY            FERRANTI INTERDESIGN                   1500 GREENHILLS RD                     CAD070553367

 SCOTTS VALLEY            HOODS JAMIE SPEEDMACHINE               163 ESTRELLA RD                        CAD980893473

 SCOTTS VALLEY            INSTRUMENT GRAPHICS                    54 A EL PUEBLO RD                      CAD064717663

 SCOTTS VALLEY            J&E MACHINE                            5998 BUTLER LN                         CAD041473216

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 126 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SCOTTS VALLEY            KAISER PIT                             1300 CONFERENCE DR.                    CAD980893416

 SCOTTS VALLEY            KEVEX X-RAY TUBE DIV                   320 EL PUEBLO RD                       CAD098540081

 SCOTTS VALLEY            KINGS CLEANERS                         222 MT HERMAN RD                       CAD063548135

 SCOTTS VALLEY            PETTIBONE SIGNS                        17 JANIS WY                            CAD029465788

 SCOTTS VALLEY            RANK ELECTRONICS                       4658 SCOTTS VALLEY                     CAD980880603

 SCOTTS VALLEY            SCARBOROUGH LUMBER & BUILDING SUPPLY   20 EL PUEBLO RD                        CAD043727619

 SCOTTS VALLEY            SCOTTS VALLEY AREA                     SCOTTS VALLEY                          CAD980886584

 SCOTTS VALLEY            SCOTTS VALLEY CIRCUITS                 66 EL PUEBLO                           CAD063564132

 SCOTTS VALLEY            SCOTTS VALLEY MIDDLE SCHOOL            8 BEAN CREEK RD                        CAD980893358

 SCOTTS VALLEY            SCOTTS VALLEY SQUARE                   266 MOUNT HERMON ROAD                  CA0000565762

 SCOTTS VALLEY            SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY                     19 JANIS WY                            CAD980892939

 SCOTTS VALLEY            SI-FAB CORP                            27 JANIS WY                            CAD053548939

 SCOTTS VALLEY            SKY PARK ARPT                          KINGS VILLAGE RD                       CAD053997136


 SCOTTS VALLEY            TAPEMATION MACHINE                     21 EL PUEBLO RD                        CAD004972055

 SCOTTS VALLEY            TATE WESTERN                           340 EL PUEBLO RD                       CAD085309227

 SCOTTS VALLEY            TECHNICAL PLASTICS                     27 JANIS WAY                           CAD981433345

 SCOTTS VALLEY            TECHNICAL PLASTICS CORP                19 JANIS WAY                           CAD981433287

 SCOTTS VALLEY            VALLEY GARDENS GOLF COURSE             263 MT HERMAN RD                       CAD069127470

 SCOTTS VALLEY            WATKINS-JOHNSON CO. (STEWART           440 KINGS VILLAGE RD                   CAD980893234
 SEAL BEACH               DOW CHEMICAL CO SEAL BEACH PLT         PACIFIC COAST HWY                      CAD980817589

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 127 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SEAL BEACH               SEAL BEACH NAVAL WEAPONS STA           SEAL BEACH BLVD                        CA0170024491

 SEBASTOPOL               OLD DRY CLEANER                        205 S. MAIN ST.                        CAD981164510

 SELBY                    AMERICAN SMELTING & REFINING CO        BRIDGELAND RD                          CAD980735807
 SELMA                    FOSTER TURKEY FARMS                    1776 PARK ST                           CAD134124494

 SELMA                    GOLDEN STATE AUTO BODY                 961 GOLDEN STATE BLVD                  CAD050353465

 SELMA                    METZLER H P & SONS COLD STORAGE        2202 CENTER ST                         CAD982520124

 SELMA                    METZLER H P & SONS COLD STORAGE        2202 CENTER ST                         CAD981455264

 SELMA                    PG&E GAS PLANT SELMA                   N& SYLVIA YOUNG & SHERMAN              CAD981416035

 SELMA                    SELMA AG SUPPLY                        1053 GOLDEN STATE BL                   CAD053256681

 SELMA                    SELMA ELECTRO PLATING                  2336 CHANDLER ST                       CAD009167800

 SELMA                    SELMA NURSERY                          1515 FRONT ST                          CAD029452166

 SELMA                    SELMA TREATING CO                      1735 DOCKERY AVE & ADJOINING           CAD029452141

 SELMA                    UP-RIGHT INC                           1755 PARK                              CAD068859594

 SELMA                    WEST COAST GROWERS & PACKERS           1445 NEBRASKA AVE                      CAD009200023

 SEPULVEDA                THOMAS INTERNATIONAL CO                8345 HAVENHURST PLACE                  CAD980367288

 SHAFTER                  BROWN AND BRYANT INC SHAFTER FACIL     135 COMMERCIAL DR                      CAD009531823

 SHAFTER                  INLAND CROP DUSTER                     MINTER VILLAGE                         CAD982355687

 SHAFTER                  RIO BRAVO REFINING                     19274 BEECH AVE                        CAD000629501

 SHAFTER                  USDA COTTON RESEARCH STATION           17053 SHAFTER AVE.                     CA2120090152

 SHAFTER (3 MI S OF)      SUPERIOR OIL CO RIO BRAVO OIL FLD      SECS 27 & 34 T28S R25E                 CAD980675011

 SHASTA CO                WASHINGTON MINE                        NW OF WHISKEYTOWN RESERVOIR            CAD980499073

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 128 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SHAVER LAKE              SHAVER LAKE LANDFILL                   DINKEY CREEK ROAD                      CA0000878033

 SIERRA MADRE             SIERRA MADRE MAD SCIENTIST             709 WOODLAND DRIVE NORTH               CA0001766062

 SIGNAL HILL              CONTINENTAL EMSCO CO                   2335 CHERRY AVE                        CAD125113050

 SIGNAL HILL              DICO OIL CO                            1845 E WILLOW ST                       CAD980737076

 SIGNAL HILL              ENVIROPUR/PRC                          1829-1835 E. 29TH STREET               CA0001562370

 SIGNAL HILL              FULLER HB CO INC                       2424 BRAYTON ST                        CAD081782278

 SIGNAL HILL              MACMILLAN RING-FREE OIL CO INC         2020 WALNUT AVE                        CAD008249435

 SIGNAL HILL              PETROLEUM RECYCLING INC                1835 E 29TH ST                         CAT080011059

 SIGNAL HILL              SIGNAL HILL TERMINAL CORP.             1724 EAST SPRING ST.                   CAD983581836

 SILICON VALLEY           SOUTH BAY BASIN                        SANTA CLARA                            CAD980000004

 SIMI                     UNION OIL CO SIMI OIL FLD              BET MOORPARK COMM COLL & SIMI          CAD980695738


 SIMI HILLS               ROCKWELL INTL CORP - SSFL I            WOOLSEY CANYON RD                      CAD982399719

 SIMI HILLS               ROCKWELL INTL CORP - SSFL II           WOOLSEY CANYON RD                      CAD982399776


 SIMI HILLS               ROCKWELL INTL-ROCKETDYNE DIV. (NASA)   WOOLSEY CANYON ROAD                    CA1800090010

 SIMI VALLEY              SIMI VALLEY SAN LDFL                   SIMI VLY FWY & MADEIRA RD              CAD990658395

 SIMI VALLEY              TIERRA REJADA DSPL SITE                1 MI W OF MADERA RD                    CAD980881569

 SLOUGHHOUSE              BLUE MOUNTAIN FOREST PRODUCTS          15005 RIO CIRCLE                       CAD983594219

 SMITH FLAT               CHILI BAR RESERVOIR                    OFF HWY 49 NR                          CAD980637441

 SOLEDAD                  SOILSERV, INCORPORATED                 MCCOY ROAD AT CAMPHORA                 CAD000626614

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 129 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SOLVANG                  VALLEY CLEANERS                        1604 COPENHAGEN DRIVE                  CA0001095959

 SOMES BAR                SISKON MINE                            T14N, R5E, SECS. 20-29                 CA0000878058

 SOMIS                    CARR FERTILIZER INC                    3250 LEWIS RD                          CAT000612101

 SONOMA                   BISSO BROTHERS RANCH                   25800 ARNOLD DR                        CAD982358806

 SONOMA                   NAV SEC GRU ACT SKAGGS ISLAND          SKAGGS ISLAND                          CA2170090128

 SONOMA                   ROBLAR QUARRY                          ROBLAR ROAD                            CAD983567306

 SONOMA                   SULLIVAN FILTERS INC                   105 FREMONT DR                         CAD980499008

 SONORA                   STANISLAUS NAT FOREST                  STANISLAUS NAT FOREST                  CA3122307645

 SOUTH EL MONTE           ANCHOR PLATING                         1734 N. TYLER AVENUE                   CAD008495418

 SOUTH EL MONTE           WEST COAST PLATING CO.                 1734 NORTH TYLER AVENUE                CA0001611482

 SOUTH GATE               ANADITE INC.                           10647 GARFIELD AVE.                    CAD008286551

 SOUTH GATE               ARCO VINVALE REF                       8600 S GARFIELD AVE                    CAD081782583

 SOUTH GATE               ARTISTIC BRASS                         4100 ARDMORE                           CAD043080241

 SOUTH GATE               CALIFORNIA ALABAMA PIPE CO             5335 SOUTHERN AVE                      CAD980636302

 SOUTH GATE               CHEM-NICKEL CO INC                     8414 OTIS ST                           CAD008337941

 SOUTH GATE               COOPER DRUM CO.                        9316 ATLANTIC AVE                      CAD055753370

 SOUTH GATE               DIVERSEY CHEM DIV OF DIVERSEY CORP     5720 IMPERIAL HWY                      CAD980817076

 SOUTH GATE               FIRESTONE TIRE & RUBBER COMPANY        2525 E. FIRESTONE BLVD.                CAD008375776

 SOUTH GATE               GMC - GM ASSEMBLY DIV SOUTH GATE CA    2700 TWEEDY BLVD                       CAD008295719

 SOUTH GATE               JERVIS B. WEBB CO.                     9301 RAYO AVE.                         CAD008339467

 SOUTH GATE               KUSTOM FIT HI-TECH SEATING             8990 ATLANTIC AVE.                     CAD983576190

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 130 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SOUTH GATE               LOS ANGELES CHEMICAL CO.               4545 ARDINE ST.                        CAD008287732

 SOUTH GATE               MACLEOD METALS COMPANY                 9309 RAYO AVENUE                       CAD983667916

 SOUTH GATE               REISNER METALS                         5225 E. FIRESTONE PL.                  CAD008384307

 SOUTH GATE               STAUFFER CHEM CO                       4570 ARDINE ST                         CAD008353211

 SOUTH GATE               W.R. GRACE CO.                         9430 RAYO                              CAD059221952

 SOUTH GATE               WESTERN STATES CHEMICAL                4301 FIRESTONE BLVD                    CAD983667890

 SOUTH GATE               WESTLING ROGER INK CO.                 5001 B. FIRESTONE                      CAD983667908

 SOUTH OF VICTORVILLE     CAJON DERAILMENT                       MILEPOST 66.9 SOUTH MAIN TRACK         CA0001342039

 SPRECKELS                AMSTAR CORP SPRECKELS SUGAR DIV F-1    SPRECKELS BLVD                         CAD009118928

 SPRING VALLEY            HELIOTROPE GENERAL                     3733 KENORA DR                         CAD020227526

 ST HELENA                PG&E GAS PLANT ST HELENA               MAIN ST BR BRIDGE                      CAD981416134

 STANDFORD                STANDFORD UNIVERSITY                   ESF OAK RD MS 8007                     CAD982049439

 STANFORD                 STANFORD UNIV-613 A1                   NEAR CORNER, CAMPUS DR/PANAMA          CAD009214214

 STANFORD                 STANFORD UNIVERSITY                    800 PASTEUR DR                         CAD028878015

 STANTON                  ALL METALS PROCESSING                  8305 STANDUSTRIAL                      CAD009675067

 STANTON                  DICHEM/DRESSER & CALLA CHEMICAL        8100 ELECTRIC AVE                      CAD000632984

 STANTON                  LARZABAL RANCH                         T26N R5W SEC 1 & 12                    CAD980885172

 STANTON                  PLYWOOD MFG PLT/DIAMOND LANDS          END OF LAY RD                          CAD980885115

 STIRLING CITY            DIAMOND INTL CORP                      1/4 - 3/4 MI E OF SKYWAY               CAD980814057

 STOCKTON                 ADVANCED MINI STORAGE                  2625 MONTE DIABLO AVE                  CAD982511982

 STOCKTON                 AERONAUTICAL ROTOR BLADES, INC.        1514 E SCOTTS AVE                      CAD082447178

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 131 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 STOCKTON                 AMADOR CHEMICAL CORP                   4801 E CARPENTER RD                    CAD009158650

 STOCKTON                 ARCADY OIL CO                          9001 W MCDONALD RD                     CAD982359309

 STOCKTON                 BEAULIEU CHEM CO                       400 S AURORA                           CAD009449935

 STOCKTON                 BEAVER CHEM CO INC                     1448 SHAW RD                           CAD009115239

 STOCKTON                 BREA AGRICULTURAL SVCS #2              1905 N BROADWAY                        CAD068847870

 STOCKTON                 CALIFORNIA CEDAR PRODUCTS CO.          1340 W. WASHINGTON ST.                 CAD009157876

 STOCKTON                 CALIFORNIA TANK LINES INC              3105 S EL DORADO ST                    CAD004771606

 STOCKTON                 CONTINENTAL GRAIN                      1805 HARBOR DR                         CAD037324290

 STOCKTON                 EL DORADO CHEMICAL CO INC              1805 E CHARTER WY                      CAD089681068

 STOCKTON                 FINEST CARE CLEANERS                   6503 PACIFIC AVE.                      CAD983667684


 STOCKTON                 JOHNS MANVILLE PLT                     AIRPORT WAY & SPERRY RD                CAD009209347

 STOCKTON                 KEARNEY-KPF                            1624 E ALPINE AVE                      CAD981429715

 STOCKTON                 LIKA CORP-ANNEX                        1830 FIELD AVE                         CAD980886956

 STOCKTON                 LINCOLN VILLAGE CLEANERS               501 LINCOLN CENTER                     CAD981638430

 STOCKTON                 MARLEY COOLING TOWER CO                150 N SINCLAIR AVE                     CAD009140120

 STOCKTON                 MARLOWE PROPERTY                       4630-4648 WATERLOO RD.                 CA0001009760

 STOCKTON                 MARTIN METAL FINISHING                 1250 SOUTH WILSON WAY                  CAD982029928

 STOCKTON                 MCCORMICK & BAXTER CREOSOTING CO       1214 W WASHINGTON ST                   CAD009106527

 STOCKTON                 NORGE CLEANING VILLAGE                 LINCOLN CENTER                         CAD983667668

 STOCKTON                 OXYCHEM STOCKTON                       2509 S EL DORADO                       CAD980637383

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 132 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 STOCKTON                 PG&E GAS PLANT STOCKTON                CENTER HAZELTON COMMERCE CHURC         CAD981415862

 STOCKTON                 RIPON PACIFIC INC                      5050 E CARPENTER RD                    CAD982359002

 STOCKTON                 STOCKTON NAVAL COMMUNICATION STA       ROUGH & READY ISL                      CA2170024382

 STOCKTON                 VALIMET INC                            431 SPERRY RD                          CAD074652066

 STRATHMORE               EUCLID CITRUS ASSOCIATION              2 MI E OF                              CAD980814586

 STRATHMORE               STRATHMORE COUNTY DUMP                 RD 256 AVE 196                         CAD982359192

 SUN VALLEY               CALIFORNIA BIONUCLEAR                  7654 SAN FERNANDO BLVD                 CAD059222844

 SUN VALLEY               PENROSE SAN LDFL                       8301 TUJUNGA AVE                       CAD980695613

 SUN VALLEY               ROIC/SUN VALLEY                        9068 DEGARMO AVE                       CAD981622491

 SUN VALLEY               SO CA WASTE REDUCTION                  9147 DEGARMO ST                        CAD000775700

 SUNLAND                  SUNLAND CHEMICAL SITE                  10822 WOODWARD ST                      CAD983566431

 SUNNYVALE                129TH CAV AIR NATL GUARD               129TH HRMS MOFFETT FIELD               CA0572890218

 SUNNYVALE                ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES, INC            901 THOMPSON PL                        CAD048634059

 SUNNYVALE                ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES, INC. (BLDG.    915 DEGUIGNE                           CAT080034234
 SUNNYVALE                AMDAHL CORP                            1250 E ARQUES                          CAD063567820

 SUNNYVALE                AMPEX                                  728 SAN ALESO                          CAD094973005

 SUNNYVALE                APPLIED TECHNOLOGY                     645 ALMANOR AVE                        CAD077171031

 SUNNYVALE                ARQUES CORPORATION                     999 E ARQUES AVE                       CAD095983417

 SUNNYVALE                BALL A C CO                            141 CASPIAN CT                         CAD009225434

 SUNNYVALE                BARNES-HIND PHARMACEUTICALS INC        895 KIFER RD                           CAD001938828

 SUNNYVALE                BELL INDUSTRIES                        1161 N FAIROAKS AVE                    CAD076316967

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 133 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SUNNYVALE                CALIFORNIA CIRCUIT ENGRNG INC          1292 REAMWOOD AVE                      CAD063552467

 SUNNYVALE                CIRCO                                  940 HAMLIN CT                          CAD009127739

 SUNNYVALE                DATA GENERAL CORP                      433 N MATHILDA AVE                     CAD069104255

 SUNNYVALE                DESIGN OPTICS INC                      155 MOFFETT PARK DR                    CAD076311018

 SUNNYVALE                ESL INC SUBSIDIARY OF TRW              425 TASMAN                             CAD981677040

 SUNNYVALE                EXAR INTEGRATED                        750 PALOMAR                            CAD059495325

 SUNNYVALE                FABTECH                                154 SAN LAZARO                         CAD982005514

 SUNNYVALE                HEPCO                                  150 SAN LAZARO                         CAD982059131

 SUNNYVALE                HEWLETT PACKARD DATA TERMINALS DIV     974 E ARQUES AVE                       CAD069130995

 SUNNYVALE                ICORE INTERNATIONAL                    180 N WOLFE RD                         CAD982004269

 SUNNYVALE                INPRINT CORP                           968 STEWART DR                         CAT080013840

 SUNNYVALE                INTERSIL INC                           1276 HAMMERWOOD AVE                    CAD077193571

 SUNNYVALE                KTI CHEMICALS INC                      1170 SONORA CT                         CAD059496885

 SUNNYVALE                LITTON APPLIED TECHNOLOGY              525 ALMANDRE AVE                       CAD981671704

 SUNNYVALE                LOCKHEED MISSILES & SPACE COMPANY      111 LOCKHEED WAY                       CAD009125535
 SUNNYVALE                MEMOTRONICS                            1058 W EVELYN AVE                      CAD063532816

 SUNNYVALE                METARMICS                              1107 N FAIR OAKS AVE                   CAD982359168

 SUNNYVALE                MICREL WAFER FAB (ADVANCED LSI)        639 N PASTORIA AVE                     CAD061621553

 SUNNYVALE                MICRO LITHOGRAPHY, INC.                1273 REAMWOOD AVE                      CA0000768317

 SUNNYVALE                MICROMASK                              695 VAQUEROS AVE                       CAD050518976

 SUNNYVALE                MODERN MACHINE CO                      214 COMMERCIAL ST                      CAD982400467

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 134 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SUNNYVALE                MOFFETT FIELD ANG                      129 ARRG/CC                            CA0170023238

 SUNNYVALE                MOHAWK CHEMICAL                        932 KIFER RD                           CAD000080051

 SUNNYVALE                MONOLITHIC MEMORIES                    1165 E ARQUES AVE                      CAD049236201

 SUNNYVALE                NAVAL INDUSTRIAL RESERVE ORDINANCE     111 LOCKHEED WAY                       CA2170022915
 SUNNYVALE                ONIZUKA AIR FORCE STATION 6594 ABS/CC  1080 LOCKHEED WY                       CA8570025736

 SUNNYVALE                PACIFIC PHOTO FAB                      1237 BIRCHWOOD DR                      CAD981981228

 SUNNYVALE                PRECISION MEDIA CORP                   1262 N LAWRENCE STN RD                 CAD980883250

 SUNNYVALE                PROTO ENGINEERING CORP                 183 COMMERCIAL ST                      CAD981677404

 SUNNYVALE                ROYAL AUTO BODY & TOWING               150 N WOLFE RD                         CAD981694318

 SUNNYVALE                SAN LAZARO AREA PLUME                  SAN LAZARO AVE                         CAD982399750

 SUNNYVALE                SIGNETICS                              305 MATHILDA                           CAT000614115

 SUNNYVALE                SIGNETICS (AKA 860 KIEFER RD.)         100 SAN LUCAR CT                       CAD982400400

 SUNNYVALE                SIGNETICS CORP                         100 SAN LUCAS CT.                      CAT000614099

 SUNNYVALE                SIGNETICS CORP                         897 STEWART                            CAT000614131

 SUNNYVALE                SIGNETICS CORP                         848 STEWART                            CAT080013865

 SUNNYVALE                SIGNETICS CORP                         740 KIFER RD                           CAD981408685

 SUNNYVALE                SIGNETICS CORP                         830 STEWART                            CAD981408743

 SUNNYVALE                SIGNETICS CORP                         730 EVELYN                             CAT000614073

 SUNNYVALE                SIGNETICS, INC                         811 E ARQUES AVE                       CAD070466479

 SUNNYVALE                SUNNYVALE CORP YRD CITY OF             221 COMMERCIAL ST                      CAD981983281

 SUNNYVALE                SUNNYVALE LDFL                         CARIBBEAN DR                           CAD980498992

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 135 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SUNNYVALE                SUPERTEX INC                           1225 BORDEAUX DR                       CAD010938538

 SUNNYVALE                TEPCO                                  936EAST ARQUES                         CAD981615925

 SUNNYVALE                TOSHIBA SEMICONDUCTOR USA INC          1220 MIDAS WY                          CAD000075598

 SUNNYVALE                TRW MICROWAVE, INC (BUILDING 825)      825 STEWART DR                         CAD009159088

 SUNNYVALE                UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP CHEM SYS DIV  1050 E ARQUES AVE                      CAT080033525

 SUNNYVALE                VERBATIM                               820 KIFER RD                           CAD982400384

 SUNNYVALE                VERBATIM CORP                          360 N PASTORIA AVE                     CAD981408867

 SUNNYVALE                WESTERN MICROWAVE, INC.                1271 REAMWOOD AVE                      CAD009138900

 SUNNYVALE                WESTERN PRECISION INC                  230 COMMERCIAL ST                      CAD981170913

 SUNNYVALE                WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP.            HENDY AVE & FAIROAKS AVE               CAD001864081
 SUNNYVALE                WU MEI & YOUNG Y (AMERICAN FOOD &      116 SAN LAZARO                         CAD982059198
 SUNNYVALE                XEROX CORP FACILITY BLDG 1             415 OAKMEAD PARKWAY                    CAD982399859

 SUNNYVALE                XIDEX CORP                             305 SOQUEL WAY                         CAD051612802

 SUNNYVALE                ZYMOS CORP                             477 N MATHILDA AVE                     CAD000625905

 SUNOL                    G & E VALLECITOS NUCLEAR CTR           6705 VALLECITOS RD                     CAD053914206

 SUNSET WHITNEY RANCH     FORMICA CORP                           3500 CINCINNATI AVE                    CAD000415455

 SUSANVILLE               FT SODA DISPOSAL SITE                  LAT 35 8 30 LONG 116 6 0               CA0210090486

 SUSANVILLE               LASSEN NATL FOREST                     55 SO SACRAMENTO ST                    CA3122390435

 SUSANVILLE               SIERRA PACIFIC INDS                    SUNKIST DR                             CAD980883078

 SUTTER CREEK             CENTRAL EUREKA MINE                    HWY 49 AT BRYSON DR.                   CA0000726539

 SYLMAR                   COMMODORE PRODUCTS                     12800 FOOTHILL BLVD                    CAD981396500

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 136 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SYLMAR                   SEAMAN PRODUCTS OF CALIFORNIA          12806 BRADLEY AVE                      CAD008267684

 TAFT                     BAKER PERFORMANCE CHEMICALS, INC.      19815 SOUTH LAKE RD.                   CAD981167778

 TAFT                     DICHEM/DRESSER TAFT                    HWY 35                                 CAD000633222

 TAFT                     IT TRANSPORTATION CORP TAFT FACILITY   7004 GAS COMPANY RD                    CAD089864805

 TAFT                     TEXACO SEC. 8 CENTRAL SOLID WASTE      T32S/R24E MBD&M                        CAD983665811

 TAFT                     TEXACO SECTION 8 GAS PLANT             T32S/R24E MDB&M                        CAD983665803

 TALMADGE                 CITY OF 10,000 BUDDHISTS               TALMADGE ROAD                          CA0001097054

 TECATE                   TECATE HAZARDOUS WASTE SITE            23851 TECATE MISSION RD                CAD980881650

 TEHACHAPI                CALIFORNIA CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTE      END OF STAR ROUTE 202                  CAD983650052

 TEMECULA                 BORG WARNER CORP                       27942 FRONT ST                         CAD981376361

 TERRA BELLA              CANNELLA BROS CHEM INC                 24971 AVE 95                           CAD982359374

 TERRA BELLA              TERRA BELLA VINEYARDS                  21201 AVENUE 96                        CA0000024570

 THERMAL                  THERMAL DRUM SITE                      54TH ST & AIRPORT BLVD. E.OF VAN       CAD983664988
 THERMAL                  WILBUR-ELLIS CO                        53901 HWY 111 AT AVE 54                CAD051971075


 TIBURON                  NATIONAL MARINE FISHERIES SERV         3150 PARADISE DR                       CA5143690167

 TIBURON                  SO PACIFIC DEVELOPMENT CO              TIBURON BLVD & PARADISE DR             CAD980816706

 TORANNCE                 ARMCO STEEL CORP/SUPPLY                1524 BORDER AVE                        CAD008266363

 TORRANCE                 ALLIED SIGNAL AEROSPACE SYSTEMS &      2525 W. 190TH ST.                      CAD071896336
 TORRANCE                 AMERICAN HONDA MOTORS CO INC           840 VAN NESS AVE                       CAD008491748

 TORRANCE                 AMERICAN STANDARD                      360 CRENSHAW BOULEVARD                 CAD008326084

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 137 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TORRANCE                 AMOCO CHEMICALS CORP                   1225 W 196TH STREET                    CAD048489306

 TORRANCE                 AZKO COATINGS, INC.                    20846 NORMANDIE AVE.                   CAD085941789

 TORRANCE                 D&M MACHINE WORKS INC                  2304 ABALONE AVE                       CAD981170244

 TORRANCE                 DOW CHEMICAL CO TORRANCE PLANT         305 CRENSHAW BLVD                      CAD009547050

 TORRANCE                 DOWELL DIV OF DOW CHEMICAL             301 CRENSHAW BLVD                      CAD000628271

 TORRANCE                 EDEN NATIONAL STEEL                    908 VAN NESS AVE                       CAD981414287

 TORRANCE                 FARMER BROS. CO                        20333 S. NORMANDIE AVE.                CAD982018970

 TORRANCE                 FOUNDRY SERVICE & SUPPLIES INC         1906 OAK ST                            CAD008388704

 TORRANCE                 GARDENA VALLEY DUMP NO 4               833 WEST TORRANCE BLVD                 CAD000568865

 TORRANCE                 GARRETT CORPORATION, AIR RESEARCH      3201 W. LOMITA BOULEVARD               CAD020146189

 TORRANCE                 HALBERT'S LUMBER INC                   2026 ABALONE AVE                       CAD983657909

 TORRANCE                 HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO                     3100 W LOMITA BLVD                     CAD041666819

 TORRANCE                 HUGHES AIRCRAFT CO. SCG                1300 GRAMERCY PL.                      CAD981440068

 TORRANCE                 INDUSTRIAL MOLDING CORP                2015 W 190TH ST                        CAD047059811

 TORRANCE                 INTEL LIGHT METALS CORP                19200 S WESTERN AVE                    CAD030398622

 TORRANCE                 INTERWEB/RR DONNELLEY & SONS CO        19681 PACIFIC GATEWAY DR               CAD098627516

 TORRANCE                 INTL ANODIZING CORP OF CA              1840 OAK ST                            CAD981370984

 TORRANCE                 LAWSON ENTERPRISES INC                 19500 S NORMANIE AVE                   CAD009585803

 TORRANCE                 MARTIN MARIETTA ALUMINUM INC.          19200 S. WESTERN AVE.                  CAD983643669

 TORRANCE                 MCDONNELL - DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT           19503 NORMANDIE AVE. S.                CAD086510005

 TORRANCE                 MOBIL OIL CORP                         3700 W 190TH ST                        CAD008354052

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 138 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TORRANCE                 MONTROSE CHEMICAL CORP                 20201 S NORMANDIE AVE                  CAD008242711

 TORRANCE                 NORTHROP CORP AIRCRAFT DIV             2203 DOMINGUEZ AVE                     CAD000627349

 TORRANCE                 NORTHROP CORP AIRCRAFT DIV             2135 DOMINGUEZ                         CAD000627281

 TORRANCE                 NORTHROP CORP AIRCRAFT DIV             640 ALASKA                             CAD000627224

 TORRANCE                 PACIFIC BRONZE NEODANE CO INC          1005 SANTA CLARA AVE                   CAD981170541

 TORRANCE                 PACIFIC SMELTING CO                    22219 S WESTERN AVE                    CAD008242463

 TORRANCE                 REYNOLDS METALS CO TORRANCE EXTRUSION  2315 DOMINGUEZ ST                      CAT000612325

 TORRANCE                 SPERRY REMINGTON                       610 S MAPLE AVE                        CAD980636336

 TORRANCE                 TELEDYNE INET                          2750 W. LOMITA BOULEVARD               CAD008383309

 TORRANCE                 TORRANCE LDFL                          SE COR MADRONA & DEL AMO BLVD          CAD980499040

 TORRANCE                 TRICO INDUSTRIES                       1206 WEST 196TH STREET                 CAD981450828

 TORRANCE                 TYLAN CORP                             19220 S NORMANDIE                      CAD009565672

 TORRANCE                 UNION CARBIDE CORP TORRANCE PLT        3651 DEL AMO BLVD                      CAD008388894

 TORRANCE                 UNION OIL, TORRANCE TANK FARM          2650 W. LOMITA BOULEVARD               CAT000625301

 TORRANCE                 UP JOHN COMPANY CPR DIV                555 ALASKA AVE                         CAT080010093

 TORRENCE                 WESTERN AIR COMPRESSOR CO              2001 ARTESIA BLVD                      CAD981576564

 TRACY                    ATLANTIC PLATING                       450 E TENTH ST                         CAD981640469

 TRACY                    GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORP CHEM PAC DIV      75 W VALPICO RD                        CAD096233564

 TRACY                    HALEY FLYING SERVICE                   21000 PARADISE RD                      CAD046005484

 TRACY                    PG&E GAS PLANT TRACY                   BET 11TH & 20TH STS(ADJ RR ROW         CAD981415920

 TRACY                    PHYSICS INTERNATIONAL CO               3.2 MI WEST 1580 CORRAL RD             CAD000626762

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 139 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TRACY                    RHODES BEAN & SUPPLY                   24710 S HIGHWAY 33                     CAD982359069

 TRACY                    SRI INTL CORRAL HOLLOW SITE            CORRAL HOLLOW RD                       CAD980883847

 TRACY                    TRACY DEFENSE DEPOT                    CHRISMAN RD                            CA4971520834

 TRACY                    TRACY MUNI LDFL                        S TRACY BLVD W OF 580                  CAD980637060

 TRACY                    TRACY OIL PIT                          SW CORNER S. MACARTHUR DR. & VALPICO   CAD982525560

 TRACY                    TRINKLE & BOYS AG FLYING               31244 S HWY 33                         CAD982358889

 TRAVER                   BRITZ INC                              36624 S BURKE DR                       CAT000623876

 TRAVIS                   TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE                  TRAVIS AFB                             CA5570024575

 TRINITY CENTER           RILEY LARRY & COFFEE CR SAND           MINE AT 41 02'57' 122 43'39"           CAD980816284

 TRINITY CENTER           US FOREST SVC-GOLDEN JUBILEE MINE      NE 1/4 OF S. 4, T37N, R8W              CA0000983650

 TRONA                    KERR-MCGEE TRONA ARGUS FACIL           13200 MAIN ST PO BOX 367               CAD048456941

 TRONA                    KERR-MCGEE WESTEND FACIL               80201 TRONA RD PO BOX 367              CAD980636872

 TRONA                    NOMAD MINING & MILLING CO.             1555 AIRPORT BLVD.                     CAD983585183

 TULARE                   CAM CHEMICALS INC                      21636 RD 152                           CAD029553153

 TULARE                   JR SIMPLOT DBA SIMPLOT SOILBUILDER     SEC 9, TOWNSHIP 23E, RANGE 20S         CAD983623778

 TULARE                   MEFFORD AIRFIELD                       2 MI S OF TULARE                       CAD983633736

 TULARE                   OXYCHEM, TULARE                        4295 AVE 228 & RD 44                   CAD046521555

 TULARE                   TULARE MUNI ARPT                       411 E KERN AVE                         CAD980818801

 TULARE 6.5 MI W OF       C P PHELPS VILLAGE MARKET FACIL        4620 AVENUE 228                        CAD982415705

 TULELAKE                 STATELINE DUMP SITE                    10 M E OF TOWN OF TULELAKE             CA1141100007

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 140 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TUPMAN                   NAVAL PETROLEUM RESERVE #1             ELK HILLS                              CA4170024414

 TURLOCK                  BRIGHT CLEANERS                        691 N. GOLDEN STATE BLVD.              CAD983579608

 TURLOCK                  CARR'S CLEANERS                        500 E. MAIN ST.                        CAD981644545


 TURLOCK                  DURITE CLEANERS                        141 N. CENTER ST.                      CAD981615024

 TURLOCK                  INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO LPC             1500 W MAIN ST                         CAD009147174

 TURLOCK                  PG&E GAS PLANT TURLOCK                 GOLDEN STATE BET F & MINERVA           CAD981415565

 TURLOCK                  SNOW WHITE CLEANERS                    352 E. OLIVE ST.                       CAD982035222

 TURLOCK                  TURLOCK CLEANERS                       429 E. MAIN ST.                        CAD981978190

 TURLOCK                  TURLOCK DRUMS                          2548 PAULSON ROAD                      CAD983639188

 TURLOCK                  TURLOCK RED PHOSPHORUS                 411 CLARK ROAD                         CA0001119858

 TURLOCK                  VALLEY WOOD PRESERVING, INC            2237 S GOLDEN STATE BLVD               CAD063020143

 TUSTIN                   FOREMOST MCKESSON INC MCKESSON CHEM    1302 INDUSTRIAL DR                     CAD061601019
 TUSTIN                   RICH HEALTH                            2792 WALNUT AVE.                       CAD040525826

 TUSTIN                   THIOKOL/DYNACHEM CORP                  2631 MICHELLE DR                       CAD008334260

 TUSTIN                   TUSTIN MARINE CORPS AIR STATION        USMC AIR STA                           CA9170090022

 TWENTYNINE PALMS         TWENTYNINE PALMS MCAGCC                END OF ADOBE RD                        CA0170090013

 UKIAH                    COAST WOOD PRESERVING                  PLANT RD & TAYLOR DR                   CAD063015887

 UKIAH                    COHEN PROPERTY                         307-311 S. MAIN ST.                    CAD983645029

 UKIAH                    GEORGIA PACIFIC CORP RESIN DIV         2163 N STATE ST                        CAT000624296

 UKIAH                    LOUISIANA-PACIFIC CORP.                850 HOLLOWTREE RD.                     CAD983578741

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 141 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 UKIAH                    MASONITE CORP.                         300 FORD RD.                           CAD009124579

 UKIAH                    PG&E GAS PLANT UKIAH                   W SIDE LESLIE @PERKINS/PEACH           CAD981414923

 UNION CITY               FOREMOST MCKESSON CO                   33950 7TH ST                           CAD073934903

 UNION CITY               GENERAL ELECTRIC CO                    34863 MISSION BLVD                     CAT080012628

 UNION CITY               ORSETTI TRUCKING SERV                  29990 UNION CITY BLVD                  CAT080014558

 UNION CITY               PACIFIC STATES STEEL                   35124 ALVARADO NILES RD                CAD980363030

 UNION CITY               TURK ISLAND LDFL                       32505 UNION CITY BLVD                  CAD040017501

 UNION CITY               US PIPE & FOUNDRY CO CALIFORNIA PLT    1295 WHIPPLE RD                        CAD009171570

 UPLAND                   ANDREW CALIFORNIA CO                   1037 W 9TH ST                          CAD008243867

 VACAVILLE                GOLDEN GATE DSPL CO                    HWY 113 & HAY RD- 329 PARKER           CAD980498968

 VALENCIA                 ELECTROFILM MANUFACTURING CO           27727 AVE SCOTT                        CAD009545344

 VALENCIA                 GRUBER SYSTEMS INC                     25636 AVE STANFORD                     CAD000053926

 VALENCIA                 HR TEXTRON- STANDFORD                  25583 STANDFORD AVE.                   CAT000625103

 VALENCIA                 PPG INDUSTRIES INC WORKS 24            25663 W AVE STANFORD                   CAD030835086

 VALLEJO                  MARE ISLAND NAVAL SHIPYARD             W END OF TENNESSEE ST                  CA7170024775

 VALLEJO                  PG&E GAS PLANT VALLEJO 104 9           S SIDE MD BET SONOMA/MARIN STS         CAD981416142

 VALLEJO                  PG&E GAS PLANT VALLEJO 104 9A          FT OF MAINE                            CAD981416209

 VALLEJO                  SHERWIN-WILLIAMS PAINT CO              1417 TENNESSEE ST                      CAD076533033

 VALLEY CENTER            HUMMINGBIRD DUSTERS                    29219 JUBA RD                          CAD982359713

 VALLEY HOME              FREELOVE VALLEY HOME METH LAB          12501 VALLEY HOME ROAD                 CA0001907369

 VAN NUYS                 ANHEUSER-BUSCH                         15800 ROSCOE BLVD                      CAT080031081

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 142 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 VAN NUYS                 AUTO HEAVEN DISMANTLING                14546 RAYMER ST                        CAD150422269

 VAN NUYS                 CHEVROLET PONTIAC CANADA GROUP         8000 VAN NUYS BLVD                     CAD000051458

 VAN NUYS                 CONSOLIDATED FABRICATORS               14620 ARMINTA ST                       CAD093065811

 VAN NUYS                 CONTINENTAL CAN CO USA PLT 443         8201 WOODLEY                           CAD062062435

 VAN NUYS                 DVH CORPORATION                        16117 LEADWELL                         CAD066654096

 VAN NUYS                 FLAME-X CONTROL                        14818 RAYMER ST                        CAD008283525

 VAN NUYS                 ITT GILFILLAN                          7821 ORION AVE                         CAD990665556

 VAN NUYS                 MARQUARDT CO THE                       16555 SATICOY ST                       CAD044696102

 VAN NUYS                 OCCIDENTAL COATING CO                  14533 KESWICK ST                       CAD043085323

 VAN NUYS                 REX PRECISION PROD INC                 14806 OXNARD ST                        CAT080032956

 VAN NUYS                 THOMSON ELECTRO PLATING                13900 SATICOY ST                       CAD053889036

 VENICE                   CORNELL-DUBILIER ELECTRONICS DIV       4144 GLENCOE                           CAD980815104

 VENICE                   DOW CHEMICAL CO VENICE                 43RD & PACIFIC AVE                     CAD980736011

 VENICE                   MARINA DEL REY MUNICIPAL LDFL          COR WASHINGTON ST & OXFORD AVE         CAD980636310

 VENICE                   WESTERN CIRCUITS INC                   4136 DEL REY                           CAD062092259

 VENTURA                  AQUA CHEM LTD                          85 JULIAN ST                           CAD981374242

 VENTURA                  BRITISH AMERICAN OIL PRODUCING CO      3892 N VENTURA AVE                     CAD981382229

 VENTURA                  CAMCO                                  191 STANLEY AVE                        CAD982505125

 VENTURA                  CAVINS OIL WELLS TOOLS                 1641 N VENTURA AVE                     CAD982360497

 VENTURA                  COAST COATING CO                       2457 N VENTURA AVE                     CAD981424898

 VENTURA                  COAST WIRELINE SERVICE                 115 STANLEY AVE                        CAD982360554

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 143 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 VENTURA                  COIL TUBING AND NITROGEN               5100 NORTH VENTURA AVENUE              CAD981447444

 VENTURA                  FF BROWN/ VENTURA SHEET METAL WORKS    1320 N VENTURA AVE                     CAD134143064

 VENTURA                  GENERAL MAGNAPLATE CALIFORNIA          2707 PALMA DRIVE                       CAT080033350

 VENTURA                  GETTY OIL VENTURA AVE OIL FLD          SEC25-27 T3N R23W                      CAD980892996

 VENTURA                  HALLIBURTON CO                         6435 VENTURA BLVD                      CAD980886782


 VENTURA                  HYDRAULIC OIL WELL SERVICE             185 N OLIVE ST                         CAD982360737

 VENTURA                  JANUS ENTERPRISES INC                  4748 MCGRATH ST                        CAD077253243

 VENTURA                  MAGNA CORP                             1723 N VENTURA AVE                     CAD077967289

 VENTURA                  MCCORMACK OIL CO                       221 N VENTURA AVE                      CAD981424955

 VENTURA                  O C O TOOL CO #3                       1985 N VENTURA AVE                     CAD982360679

 VENTURA                  REED MACHINE SHOP WELDING              1680 N VENTURA AVE                     CAD982359481

 VENTURA                  SANTA FE ENERGY CO HOBSON B LEASE      5555 PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY             CAD980675334

 VENTURA                  SEASIDE OIL CO                         NE1/4 OF SW1/4 SEC 28 T3N R23W         CAD980515951

 VENTURA                  SHELL OIL CO TAYLOR LSE                3587 N VENTURA AVE                     CAD980677363


 VENTURA                  USA PETROCHEM                          4777 CROOKED PALM RD                   CAD074144171

 VENTURA                  VENTURA AGGREGATE MINE                 ROCKLITE ROAD                          CA0001159011

 VENTURA                  VENTURA TOOL CO                        2220 N VENTURA AVE                     CAD982359549

 VENTURA                  WAUKESHA ENGINE SVC CENTER             1636 N VENTURA AVE                     CAD982359606

 VENTURA                  WELEX                                  1301 CALLENS RD                        CAD982359663

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 144 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 VENTURA                  WHEATON PLASTICS                       2568 CHANNEL DRIVE                     CAD982053258

 VERNON                   ABEGG & REINHOLD CO                    2533 E 26TH ST                         CAD980885099

 VERNON                   ANGELUS SAN CAN MACHINE CO             4900 PACIFIC BLVD                      CAD008271942

 VERNON                   ARCO PAINT DIV                         4754 E 49TH ST                         CAD980885131

 VERNON                   CHAMPION ARMATURE CORP                 4632-42 PACIFIC BLVD                   CAD008381204

 VERNON                   COAST IND SUPPLY CO INC                4494 E 49TH ST                         CAD980893432

 VERNON                   DETREX CHEM IND INC                    3027 FRUITLAND AVE                     CAD020161642

 VERNON                   GOLDEN WEST RUBBER PROD INC            2525 FRUITLAND AVE                     CAD980885016

 VERNON                   HARSHAW/FILTROL (BANDINI BLVD FACIL)   3305 EAST BANDINI BLVD.                CAD980884332

 VERNON                   IMPERIAL PLATING CO                    2449 E 56TH ST                         CAD008271546

 VERNON                   JOE'S PLASTICS                         5725 DISTRICT BLVD.                    CAD983624230

 VERNON                   JOHN DEERE KILLEFER WORKS              5601 DOWNEY RD                         CAD980636245

 VERNON                   KELLOGG OIL CO                         2465 E 25TH ST                         CAD980638001

 VERNON                   MALLINCKRODT INC                       3016 E 44TH ST                         CAD006323562

 VERNON                   MOBIL OIL CORP VERNON PLT              2619 E 37TH ST                         CAD020761672

 VERNON                   NEWMAN IRON & METALS INC               1760 E SLAUSON AVE                     CAD980884944

 VERNON                   NI INDUSTRIES                          5215 S. BOYLE AVE.                     CAD097030993

 VERNON                   PACIFIC SOAP CO                        2532 E 49TH ST                         CAD008285405

 VERNON                   RABIN WINTER CO                        4800 DEKALB ST                         CAD980885065

 VERNON                   SO CA EDISON CO VERNON DIST            2323 E VERNON AVE                      CAD980816649

 VERNON                   STAUFFER CHEM CO                       3250-3294 E 25TH ST                    CAD982360166

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 145 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 VERNON                   TELEDYNE WESTERN WIRE & CABLE          2425 E 30TH ST                         CAD980885271

 VERNON                   TREMCO INC                             3060 E 44TH ST                         CAD981572019

 VERNON                   TRIPLE J TREATMENT CENTER              3650 EAST 26TH ST                      CAT080033681

 VERNON                   WESTERN METAL FINISHING CO             5304 ALCOA AVE                         CAD981419385

 VICTORVILLE              GEORGE AIR FORCE BASE                  AIR BASE RD- NR ST RTE 395             CA2570024453

 VICTORVILLE              SOUTHWESTERN PORTLAND                  16888 N "E" ST                         CAD008236887
 VISALIA                  BEN MADDOX WAY LDFL                    336 BEN MADDOX WY                      CAD981982556

 VISALIA                  BP PERFORMANCE POLYMERS INC            7227 DOE AVE                           CAD050344910

 VISALIA                  ELTRA CORP PRESTOLITE BATTERY          8127 AVE 304                           CAD047380084

 VISALIA                  ICI AMERICAS INC                       498 N MARIPOSA AVE                     CAD078771987

 VISALIA                  MCGRAW-EDISON POWER SYS DIV            7533 AVE 304                           CAD009122235

 VISALIA                  MOORE BUSINESS FORMS INC               7801 AVE 304                           CAD041316241

 VISALIA                  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA EDISON CO          432 BEN MADDOX WAY                     CAD980816466
 VISALIA                  STANLEY-BOSTITCH INC                   GOSHEN AVE AND SHIRK ROAD              CAD081563090

 VISALIA                  SUNSTAR FACILITY                       6707 W GOSHEN AVE                      CAD982403669

 VISALIA                  TULARE CO AGRI8 COMM                   14173                                  CAD000775734

 VISALIA (9 MI NW OF)     VISALIA DSPL SITE                      COUNTY RD 80 AT AVE 328                CAD980499057

 VISTA                    BONSALL REFUSE DSPL SITE               TWIN OAKS VLY RD/GOPHER CYN RD         CAD980884506

 VISTA                    RAINTREE PLACE                         851 RAINTREE PLACE                     CAD983669011

 VISTA                    ROUSE SIGN & GRAPHICS                  333 OLIVE                              CAD044334530

 W COVINA                 AAA PUMPING SERVICE - 1                1714 CHARLINDA                         CAD980695860

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 146 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 W COVINA                 BKK SANITARY LDFL                      2210 S AZUSA AVE                       CAD067786749

 W PITTSBURG              WESTERN LEAD BURNING                   805 PORT CHICAGO HWY                   CAD982417180

 W SACRAMENTO             C&S BATTERY & LEAD CO                  860 RISKE LN                           CAD980496897

 W SACRAMENTO             CAMPBELL CONSTRUCTION CO               S RIVER RD & RISKE LN                  CAD982359077

 W SACRAMENTO             FMC CORP                               3100 DULUTH                            CAD982359010

 W SACRAMENTO             KAROLTON ENVELOPE                      2660 PORT ST.                          CAD053409082

 WALNUT                   SPADRA LDFL                            4125 W VALLEY BLVD                     CAD000607705

 WALNUT CREEK             VARIAN ASSOCIATES WALNUT CREEK DIV     2700 WALNUT CREEK                      CAD009448382

 WALNUT GROVE             LANEY STATION                          TWIN CITIES RD, T5N & R4E              CAD029624079

 WALNUT GROVE             SPEZIA FLYING SERVICE                  ANDRUS ISLAND RD                       CAD982400152


 WASCO                    KERN COUNTY ARPT #5                    SE SEC 35 T26S R24E                    CAD980695431

 WASCO                    SANDOZ INC CROP PROTECTION             5TH & G ST                             CAD074143777

 WASCO                    WASCO PROPERTY                         OFFUTT RD                              CAD981981285

 WATSONVILLE              BERMAN STEEL                           627 WALKER ST                          CAD029625787

 WATSONVILLE              MOSS LANDING                           HWY 1 S/ WATSONVILLE                   CAD980637359

 WATSONVILLE              PG&E GAS PLANT WATSONVILLE 408 8       N COR WLKER & FRONT STS                CAD981415680

 WATSONVILLE              PG&E GAS PLANT WATSONVILLE 408 8A      MAIN NR 5TH STS                        CAD981416167

 WATSONVILLE              SANTA CRUZ CO PUBLIC WORKS YARD        198 HOLOHAN                            CAD000775684

 WATSONVILLE              SHAW R A FROZEN FOODS INC              345 HARVEST DR                         CAD980736169

 WATSONVILLE              SOILSERV, INCORPORATED                 305-B SALINAS ROAD                     CAD000626739

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 147 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WATSONVILLE              WATSONVILLE LDFL                       736 SAN ANDREAS RD                     CAD980499081

 WATSONVILLE              WESTCOAST CIRCUITS                     1080 W BEACH ST                        CAD081448961

 WAUKENA                  TULARE PESTICIDES                      18275 ROAD 28                          CA0000017285

 WEED                     J.H. BAXTER & CO                       422 MILL ST                            CAD000625731

 WENDEL                   BLM HORSE CORRALS                      HWY 395 @VIEWLAND 6MI NW OF            CA3141190196

 WESTEND                  STAUFFER CHEM CO                       DEATH VLY RD                           CAD980463459

 WESTMINSTER              ALTOVAC TECHNOLOGY                     14861 MORAN                            CAD982360224

 WESTMINSTER              CONROC MACHINE TOOL CO                 9200 BOLSA AVE                         CAD982359390

 WESTMINSTER              RALPH GRAY TRUCKING CO                 SOWELL AVE & GOLDEN WEST ST            CAD981995947

 WHITTIER                 LA FRIEGHLINER INC                     2429 S PECK RD                         CAD981423700

 WHITTIER                 MODINE MFG CO                          12252 E WHITTIER BLVD                  CAD008323164

 WHITTIER                 OMEGA CHEMICAL CORP                    12504 E WHITTIER BLVD                  CAD042245001

 WHITTIER                 RIPPY FRED R INC                       12471 E WASHINGTON BLVD                CAD008277394

 WHITTIER                 VACANT LOT, WHITTIER                   WASHINGTON BLVD & PUTNAM ST.           CAD983608548

 WHITTIER                 WASHINGTON PLATING INC                 7060 ELMER AVE                         CAD008493322

 WHITTIER                 WHITTIER PROPEL                        12132 E HADLEY ST                      CAD982028953

 WILLITS                  ABEX CORP REMCO HYDRAULICS PLT         934 S MAIN ST                          CAD000097287

 WILLITS                  PAGE SEPTIC TANK SERVICE               RTE 1 CANYON RD                        CAD980885289

 WILLOW CREEK (26 MI E    LOW BAR MINING CLAIM                   NE1/4 SEC 23 T5N R7E                   CAD980696090
 WILLOWS                  GLENN COUNTY AIRPORT                   NEAR INTERSECTION STATE HWY 162 & I 5  CAT000625525

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 148 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WILLOWS                  MENDOCINO NATL FOREST                  SEC 23 T21N R7W                        CA7122390043

 WILLOWS                  PG&E GAS PLANT WILLOWS                 COLUSA BET WILLOW & WOOD               CAD981416092

 WILMINGTON               ASBURY SYSTEMS INC                     1605 N ALAMEDA ST                      CAD980883789

 WILMINGTON               BASIN BY-PRODUCTS                      930 LAWRENCE AVE                       CAD980636484

 WILMINGTON               BKK CORP WILMINGTON TRANSFER STA       3031 E "I" ST                          CAD048498463

 WILMINGTON               CALIFORNIA CARBON                      2825 E GRANT ST                        CAD980817647

 WILMINGTON               CHAMPLIN PETROLEUM CO WILMINGTON       420 HENRY FORD AVE                     CAD980694921

 WILMINGTON               CHEM STAR                              1737 E. DENNI ST                       CAD044429835

 WILMINGTON               COLLIER CARBON & CHEM CORP             1480 W ANAHEIM ST                      CAD098620420

 WILMINGTON               GIBSON OIL & REFINING CO. -            401 CANAL ST.                          CAD981458466

 WILMINGTON               HUNTWAY REFINING                       1651 ALAMEDA ST.                       CAD981373053

 WILMINGTON               IT CORP WILMINGTON SERVICES            336 W ANAHEIM ST                       CAD000057760

 WILMINGTON               IT TRANSP CORP WILMINGTON              233 E "D" ST                           CAD029654894

 WILMINGTON               KOPPERS CO INC                         210 S AVALON BLVD                      CAD008267072

 WILMINGTON               NORTH AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTAL           217 N. LAGOON AVE.                     CAD980665947

 WILMINGTON               OIL TRANSPORT CO INC                   259 E LOMITA BLVD                      CAD006914725

 WILMINGTON               PACIFIC OCEAN DISPOSAL CO              914 PAUL JONES AVE                     CAD981423387

 WILMINGTON               PORT OF LOS ANGELES                    806 SUTHERLAND                         CAD982523318

 WILMINGTON               R&T IMPORTS                            903 CERVERA AVE                        CAD981170301

 WILMINGTON               R. C. BAXTER                           1001 NORTH FOOTE AVENUE                CAD980894620

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 149 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WILMINGTON               ROEHL DISPOSAL SERVICES                131 NORTH MARINE AVE                   CAD980737548

 WILMINGTON               SHELL OIL CO WILMINGTON REF            1622 SEPULVEDA                         CAD980881676

 WILMINGTON               TEXACO REF. & MARKETING INC.           2101 E PACIFIC COAST HWY               CAD041520644

 WILMINGTON               UNION CARBIDE CORP # 1 LINDE DIV       2300 E PACIFIC COAST HWY               CAD043542109

 WILMINGTON               UNION OIL CO OF CA LA REF MARINE TERM  BERTH 150 PIER A ST                    CAT000611228

 WILMINGTON               UNION OIL CO OF CA LOS ANGELES REF     1660 W ANAHEIM ST                      CAD008237679

 WILMINGTON               UNITED STATES BORAX & CHEM CORP        300 FALCON ST                          CAD000630020

 WILMINGTON               WILMINGTON PORT DSPL                   COR OF EUBANK & LOMITA BLVD            CAD980818744

 WINDSOR                  CREAM'S AUTO DISMANTLERS               1588 AIRPORT BLVD.                     CAD983644931

 WINDSOR                  EMPIRE CASTING                         8777 BELL ST.                          CAD983644972

 WINDSOR                  STANDARD STRUCTURES INC                HWY 101 BETW SHILOH & AIRPORT          CAD053247425

 WINDSOR                  WEST COAST METALS                      10439 OLD REDWOOD HWY                  CAD983644980

 WINDSOR                  WINDSOR FUEL                           9600 OLD REDWOOD HWY                   CAD983644949

 WINTERHAVEN              PICACHO MINE                           20M N OF WINTERHAVEN/1.5 M OF PICACHO  CAD983662479
 WINTON                   SIMPLOT SOILBUILDERS                   6245 NORTH WINTON WAY                  CAD029659224

 WOODLAND                 AMSTAR CORP SPRECKELS SUGAR DIV F-3    CO RD 18C                              CAT000624767

 WOODLAND                 PARKS & RECREATION STATE OF            CO RD 18C & 101 N OF WOODLAND          CAD982358954

 WOODLAND                 PG&E GAS PLANT WOODLAND                SE COR 4TH & MAIN STS                  CAD981415326

 WOODLAND                 WESTERN WOOD TREATING INC              1492 CHURCHILL DOWNS                   CAD021185541

 WOODLAND HILLS           LOS ANGELES PIERCE COLLEGE             6201 WINNETKA AVE                      CAD982347007

 WOODVILLE                AVE 168 - ABANDONED LOT                AVE 168 & ROAD 168                     CAD983650037

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 150 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 YORBA LINDA              KELLOGG TERRACE                        IMPERIAL HWY/KELLOGG                   CAD980736029

 YOSEMITE                 YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK SERVICE         YOSEMITE                               CA5141790118

 YREKA                    AMERICAN FABRIC CARE                   490 SOUTH BROADWAY                     CAD029667565

 YREKA                    KLAMATH NATL FOREST                    T36-48N RI-2W                          CA7122307633

 YREKA                    NOR CAL PRODUCTS                       1513 OREGON ST.                        CAD983645003

 YREKA                    YREKA DRUG LAB                         HUMBOLDT NATIONAL FOREST               CA1122390551

 YUBA CITY                905 PARCEL                             905 MARKET STREET                      CAD983662297

 YUBA CITY                AMTECH LIGHTING SVCS HOP RANCH PCB     12036 GARDEN HWY                       CAD982029498
 YUBA CITY                CALIFORNIA SEED & FERTILIZER           2229 LIVE OAK BLVD.                    CAD983580903

 YUBA CITY                CHEVRON CHEM CO                        928 GARDEN HWY                         CAD000625640

 YUBA CITY                CONSOLIDATED FIBERGLASS                959-A VAN GELDERN WY                   CAD982358582

 YUBA CITY                CUSTOM CHROME & BUMPER                 335 GARDEN HWY                         CAD981693740

 YUBA CITY                DIAMOND STEEL CO                       401 QUEENS AVE.                        CAD982358525

 YUBA CITY                FARMER'S AG SERVICE                    920 TUDOR RD.                          CAD983580911

 YUBA CITY                FMC CORP AG CHEM DIV                   B & CRADDOCK STS                       CAD070306188

 YUBA CITY                GROWERS AG SERVICE INC                 2100 EVERGLADE RD                      CAD982358467

 YUBA CITY                GUISTI STRIP                           OSWALD RD & SUTTER BYPASS              CAD982358400

 YUBA CITY                HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     921 N GEORGE WASHINGTON BLVD           CAD980819346

 YUBA CITY                JOHN TAYLOR FERTILIZER                 900 N. GEORGE WASHINGTON BLVD.         CAD980815823

 YUBA CITY                MID VALLEY CHEMICAL                    1612 STARR DRIVE OR P.O. BOX 83        CAD983580952

 YUBA CITY                MOSQUITO ABATEMENT DISTRICT            701 BOQUE RD                           CAD982358285

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 151 of 152

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 YUBA CITY                ONSTOTT DUSTERS INC (1)                180 2ND STREET                         CAD982417230

 YUBA CITY                SILLER BROTHERS INC                    1255 SMITH RD                          CAD982399941

 YUBA CITY                SINGH & CO                             3812 LIVE OAK HWY                      CAD982399834

 YUBA CITY                SUTTER CO AGRI COMM                    142 GARDEN WAY                         CAD000625947

 YUBA CITY                TUDOR WAREHOUSE CO                     920 TUDOR RD                           CAD982358046

 YUBA CITY                YUBA CITY STEELE                       526 STEVENS AVE                        CAD981685118

 YUCAIPA                  METH-LAB YUCAIPA                       YUCAIPA                                CAD981622129

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                          Page 152 of 152

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