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Alabama Superfund Sites

Note: Many of these sites have been properly remediated. See the Superfund description on the previous page. To get information about these sites,
call the EPA Regional Office for the state, providing the EPA Site # (the last column of this listing).

  City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ADAMSVILLE               PALOS MINE                             T16S,RSW                               ALD980601017

 ADAMSVILLE               WARNER MINE                            T16S,R3W                               ALD980601371

 ADGER                    WALTER JIM RESOURCES NO 3 MINE         5290 MUD CREEK RD                      ALD980555890

 ALBERTVILLE              BISHOPS LANDFILL INC                   PLEASANT GROVE RD & S. R. 205          ALD004016580

 ALBERTVILLE              MARSHALL COUNTY MAINTENANCE DRUMS      RT. 6 ON HWY. 75                       ALD983167537

 ALBERTVILLE              MUELLER CO                             WEAVER AVE ROUTE 3                     ALD077657427

 ALICEVILLE               ABBRAMS FARM SITE                      COUNTY RD 2 EAST                       AL0001105469

 ANNISTON                 ANCHOR METALS                          1008 GLEN ADDIE AVE                    ALD061143350

 ANNISTON                 BETZ LABORATORIES INC                  1610 FRANK AKERS RD                    ALD000653188

 ANNISTON                 BROWNING-FERRIS INDUSTRIES             MORESVILLE RD                          ALD980730113

 ANNISTON                 COMMERCE BLVD. METHYL AMINE DUMP       END OF COMMERCE DRIVE                  ALD983166992

 ANNISTON                 DRESSER INDUSTRIES INC                 605 W 23RD ST                          ALD004018354

 ANNISTON                 F M C CORP KILEY STEEL DIV             2101 W 10TH ST                         ALD055156012

 ANNISTON                 GOLDEN SPRINGS NURSING FACILITY        COLEMAN RD                             ALD075461046

 ANNISTON                 KEVLAR WASTE STORAGE                   HWY 62 & L&N RAILROAD                  ALD980495899

 ANNISTON                 LEE BRASS COMPANY                      GOLDEN SPRINGS RD                      ALD057213811

 ANNISTON                 MEAD CORP FORMER WATER PIPE PLANT      2700 DOOLEY AVE                        ALD980556138

 ANNISTON                 MEAD CORP/FORMER UNION FOUNDRY         1501 W. 17TH ST                        ALD047154232

 ANNISTON                 MONSANTO CO                            HWY 202 W                              ALD004019048

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 1 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ANNISTON                 RUDOLPH PERKINS PROPERTY               425 GATE 3 ROAD                        ALD983190489

 ANNISTON                 SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA INC SO TOOL DIV     801 US HWY 78 W                        ALD980559173

 ANNISTON                 SCIENTIFIC-ATLANTA INC                 HWY 78 BYPASS                          ALD061137055

 ANNISTON                 SHOAL CREEK LIGHTING                   1805 COLEMAN ROAD                      ALD982090789

 ANNISTON                 SOUTHERN PLATING & MACHINERY           513 W 23RD ST                          ALD063666325

 ANNISTON                 USA FT MCCLELLAN MP CHEM TRNG CTR      US HWY 21 N OF ANNISTON                AL4210020562

 ANNISTON                 WEST END LANDFILL                      HWY 202 AND ADAMS ST                   AL0000047829

 ANNISTON                 WORLEY DRUM SITE                       626 ELM ST.                            AL0001412030

 ARAB                     ARAB LANDFILL                          HOGJAW RD. OFF COUNTY RD. 10           ALD982111791

 ARAB                     ARAB PLATING CO                        BRASHIER CHURCH RD/RTE 1               ALD000608018

 ARAB                     HALL CHEMICAL COMPANY                  HIGHWAY 69 EAST                        ALD031480031

 ARAB                     SYNCRO CORP                            JCT 7TH AVE & 10TH ST                  ALD077640449

 ARAB                     WALLY'S PLATING COMPANY                506 1ST AVE NW                         ALD055156749

 ASHVILLE                 I-59 ANILINE SPILL                     I-59 MILE MARKER 163                   ALD983176710

 ASHVILLE                 MACALLISTER DRUM SITE                  PINDALE SHORES S/D I-59                ALD980601843

 ATHENS                   B M F INDUSTRIES INC                   HASTING ROAD                           ALD980556054


 ATHENS                   EATON CORP CUTLER-HAMMER PRODUCTS      ELM & FRAZIER ST                       ALD044075919

 ATHENS                   G M C SAGINAW STEERING GEAR DIV        US HWY 31                              ALD078960234

 ATHENS                   JEFFERSON ELECTRIC                     233 EAST ELM ST                        AL0000973164

 ATHENS                   MARTIN INDUSTRIES INC                  800 ELM ST                             ALD004028148

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 2 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 ATHENS                   MONSANTO WASTE                         RT. 3 HWY 72 EAST                      ALD980495949

 ATHENS                   US TVA BROWNS FERRYNUCLEAR PLNT        US HIGHWAY 72                          AL8640015410

 ATMORE                   BACHELOR FIELD                         HWY 31 NORTH                           AL0001058064

 ATMORE                   FARMER'S AIR SERVICE, INC.             RT. 4, BOX 159A                        ALD983166729

 ATMORE                   LANDIA CHEMICAL CO.                    HIGHWAY 3L W.                          ALD982111809

 ATMORE                   MIKE SIMPSON FERTILIZER CO.            HIGHWAY 21                             ALD983167982

 ATMORE                   WALLACE FLYING SERVICE                 STAR RT. A, BOX 138                    ALD983166737

 ATMORE                   Z-IR-ATMORE ALUMINUM WASTE PILE        HIGHWAY 21 NORTH OF ATMORE             AL0000145813

 ATTALLA                  M&M CHEMICAL & EQUIPMENT CO            US HWY 11 N REECE CITY                 ALD070513767

 AUBURN                   AUBURN UNIVERSITY RUGBY FIELD          HEMLOCK AT THACH AVE                   ALD981473473

 AUBURN                   EDWARDS & MCGEHEE                      NORTH DEAN RD                          ALD003291531

 AUBURN                   MASTER LOCK CO.                        300 WEBSTER RD                         ALD000737288

 AUBURN                   SOUTHSIDE WW TREATMENT PLANT           SHUG JORDAN PKWY                       AL0001409192

 AUBURN                   VERMONT AMERICAN CORP                  ALABAMA ST                             ALD094476413

 AXIS                     DAN CHURCHMAN ROAD DUMP                DAN CHURCHMAN RD.                      ALD982111742

 AXIS                     DUPONT MOBILE PLANT                    HWY 43                                 ALD093179315

 AXIS                     M&T CHEMICALS INC                      US HWY 43 N                            ALD000827154

 BAY MINETTE              BALDWIN COUNTY LANDFILL                PO BOX 150                             ALD980495667

 BAY MINETTE              BAY MINETTE CITY DUMP                  W 7TH ST                               ALD980495709

 BAY MINETTE              BOLON PROPERTY                         RABUN RD                               ALD980727929

 BAY MINETTE              BRANTLEY E R                           NEWPORT PARKWAY                        ALD980727747

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 3 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BAY MINETTE              D S I TRANSPORTS INC                   HWY 47 N                               ALD000652941

 BAY MINETTE              KAISER ALUMINUM & CHEMICAL CORP        HWY 31 S                               ALD001874254

 BAY MINETTE              KILCREAS ROAD LDFL                     STOCKTON HWY & KILCREASE RD            ALD980495907

 BAY MINETTE              RED HILL SANITARY LANDFILL             SEC 12 T2S R2W/DOBSON AVE              ALD980556294

 BAY MINETTE              REICHHOLD CHEMICAL COMPANY             251 NEWPORT PARKWAY                    ALD084367671

 BAY MINETTE              SOUTHERN ALUMINUM CASTINGS CO.         43575 NICHOLSVILLE RD                  AL0000044396

 BAY MINETTE              UNIROYAL CHEMICAL CO                   HWY 225                                ALD010394021

 BEATRICE                 STALLWORTH TIMBER CO INC               MAIN ST                                ALD058223371

 BELK                     GEORGIA-PACIFIC HDWD SAWMILL           HWY 96 W                               ALD063669626

 BERRY                    NORTH RIVER #1 MINE                    HWY 63                                 ALD000652503

 BESSEMER                 BAUMAN COATINGS                        2095 4TH AVENUE                        ALD058639113

 BESSEMER                 BESSEMER ADAMS SITE                    1447 BERKLY STREET                     AL0001411628

 BESSEMER                 BESSEMER DRUM SITE                     817 20TH STREET                        ALD983181983

 BESSEMER                 BESSEMER WASTE DUMP                    S 1 MI, SW 1, SEC 21/T 18 S            ALD004009395

 BESSEMER                 HARBISON WALKER REFRACTORIES BESSEMER  300 NORTH 32ND ST                      ALD047163233

 BESSEMER                 HERCULES INC                           MCADORY JUNCTION                       ALD004009163

 BESSEMER                 JOHN'S LANDFILL                        JOHN'S RD.                             ALD000606459

 BESSEMER                 PULLMAN STANDARD CO                    5TH AVE & 24TH ST                      ALD004017729

 BESSEMER                 THOMPSON-HAYWARD CHEMICAL CO           1496 HWY 150                           ALD047154620

 BESSEMER                 US PIPE & FOUNDRY CO BESSEMER PLT      2023 SAINT LOUIS AVE                   ALD004017869

 BIRMINGHAM               ALL WORTH ENTERPRISES INC              500 MEDCO ROAD                         ALD094476793

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 4 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BIRMINGHAM               ALLIED CHEMICAL CO/ EDGEWATER          CANADA & JAMAICA STREETS               ALD981031073

 BIRMINGHAM               ALLIED CHEMICAL CORP FAIRFIELD TAR     1327 ERIE ST WYLAM                     ALD031499833
 BIRMINGHAM               AMERICAN CAST IRON PIPE CO             1501 31ST AVE N                        ALD003397569

 BIRMINGHAM               ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO                    3300 BALL ST                           ALD061149712

 BIRMINGHAM               AVONDALE CHEMICAL COATINGS CO INC      4341 POWELL AVE SOUTH                  ALD004000402

 BIRMINGHAM               B F I OF ALABAMA INC                   31 1ST AVE N                           ALD031536154

 BIRMINGHAM               BAPTIST MEDICAL CENTER                 800 MONTCLAIR RD.                      ALD981029952

 BIRMINGHAM               BIRMINGHAM NEWS COMPANY INC            2200 4TH AVE NORTH                     ALD004010880

 BIRMINGHAM               BIRMINGHAM PLATING WORKS               937 N 17TH ST                          ALD054564083

 BIRMINGHAM               BIRMINGHAM WOOD PRESERVING INC         5400 10TH AVE WYLAM                    ALD003394830

 BIRMINGHAM               BLUE MUD                               HUNTSVILLE RD                          ALD981004112

 BIRMINGHAM               CHICAGO BRIDGE & IRON CO               1500 N 50TH ST                         ALD004010864

 BIRMINGHAM               CROWN CENTRAL PETROLEUM CORP           2400 NABORS RD                         ALD075454058

 BIRMINGHAM               DEWBERRY ENGRAVING                     248 OXMOOR CT                          AL0001877257

 BIRMINGHAM               DEXTER PACKAGING PRODUCTS              90 CARSON RD                           ALD078964970


 BIRMINGHAM               ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT INC               4280 PINSON VALLEY PARKWAY             ALD057390601

 BIRMINGHAM               EXIDE CO BIRMINGHAM SERVICE CENTER     233 DISTRIBUTION DR                    ALD078975331

 BIRMINGHAM               GENERAL ELECTRIC CO APPARATUS DIV      1500 MIMS AVE                          ALD079122826

 BIRMINGHAM               GOULD INC IND BATTERY DIV              1024 11TH COURT W                      ALD000827436

 BIRMINGHAM               GRADCO, INC                            7341 CAHABA VALLEY RD, HWY 119         AL0001909829

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 5 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BIRMINGHAM               GULF OIL CO                            1620 MIMS AVE                          ALD000604249

 BIRMINGHAM               GULF STATES CREOSOTING                 2709 SOUTH PARK DRIVE                  AL0000054205

 BIRMINGHAM               I-65 QUARRY                            2301 24TH AVENUE                       AL0001308477

 BIRMINGHAM               INDURALL COATINGS INC                  3333 10TH AVE N                        ALD004010120

 BIRMINGHAM               INGLENOOK QUARRY                       41ST STREET NORTH                      AL0001276013

 BIRMINGHAM               JONES TIRE & BATTERY                   820 AVENUE E                           ALD021254503

 BIRMINGHAM               KENT CORP                              PINSON HWY 79 & KENT RD                ALD003396637

 BIRMINGHAM               KEY BATTERY SHOP                       1109 N. FINLEY AVE.                    AL0001206564

 BIRMINGHAM               KIMERLING & SONS SALVAGE               2020 VANDERBILT RD                     AL0000907360

 BIRMINGHAM               MAGNUS COMPANY INC                     89TH ST & AVE A                        ALD980555957

 BIRMINGHAM               MCWANE CAST IRON PIPE CO               1201 VANDERBILT RD                     ALD004001715

 BIRMINGHAM               MERCHANTS METALS INC                   4200 JEFFERSON AVE SW                  ALD067103705

 BIRMINGHAM               MILLER'S FOUNDRY                       AMBER HILLS ROAD                       AL0001923358

 BIRMINGHAM               NATIONAL CAN CORP                      CARSON RD                              ALD077654036

 BIRMINGHAM               NEW GEORGIA LANDFILL                   US HWY 31 & ELLARD RD                  ALD000605220


 BIRMINGHAM               OLD MUTUAL OIL SITE                    925 12TH ST SW                         AL0001401322

 BIRMINGHAM               PEMCO AEROPLEX INC.                    1943 N 50TH ST                         ALD004002077

 BIRMINGHAM               PIONEER LUMBER AND CREOSOTING CO       SOUTH PARK DRIVE                       AL0000054197

 BIRMINGHAM               R & W ENTERPRISES INC                  2600 28TH ST SW                        ALD980601009

 BIRMINGHAM               REPUBLIC STEEL SOUTHERN DIST THOMAS    812 FLORIDA AVE                        ALD000622829

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 6 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BIRMINGHAM               REYNOLDS ALUMINUM SUPPLY CO            4500 5TH AVE S                         ALD003398344

 BIRMINGHAM               SHANNON LDFL                           SHANNON RD                             ALD981472871

 BIRMINGHAM               SHREDDERS, INC                         3353 27TH AVENUE NORTH                 ALD067140061

 BIRMINGHAM               SIRCO SYSTEMS INC                      2828 AIRPORT HWY                       ALD054563887


 BIRMINGHAM               SOUTHERN RESEARCH INSTITUTE            2000 9TH AVE S                         ALD006900526

 BIRMINGHAM               SOUTHERN UNITED STEEL CORP             2301 HUNTSVILLE RD                     ALD000622852

 BIRMINGHAM               STABLER PAINT MANUFACTURING CO.        2700 25TH ST NORTH                     ALD063669410

 BIRMINGHAM               STOCKHAM VALVES & FITTINGS INC         4000 10TH AVE N                        ALD003397288

 BIRMINGHAM               SWIFT AGRI CHEM CORP.                  3700 14TH AVE. N.                      ALD981029895

 BIRMINGHAM               TEXACO INC                             2529 28TH ST SW                        ALD000652974

 BIRMINGHAM               TRIANGLE REFINERIES INC                ISHKOODA RD.                           ALD031534381

 BIRMINGHAM               TURKEY CREEK BARREL DUMP               TUDKEY CREEK STP ACCESS RD             ALD982119349

 BIRMINGHAM               US PIPE & FOUNDRY / N BIRMINGHAM       3000 30TH AVE. N.                      ALD004017851

 BIRMINGHAM               USAF 117 TAC RECON WNG ANG             BIRMINGHAM MUNICIPAL AIRPORT           AL9570025917

 BIRMINGHAM               VULCAN MATERIALS BELT PLANT            110 AVE. C. ENSLEY                     ALD983177007

 BIRMINGHAM               VULCAN RIVET & BOLT CORP               1020 PINSON ST TARRANT                 ALD058633074

 BIRMINGHAM               WALTER, JIM RESOURCES INC              3500 35TH AVE N                        ALD000828848

 BLOUNTSVILLE             H&S CHEMICALS                          ROUTE 1                                ALD980727622

 BOAZ                     BOAZ CITY LANDFILL                     T10S, S25, R4E                         ALD981017379

 BOLIGEE                  ALABAMA GREAT SOUTHERN RR DERAILMENT   MILEPOST 240.8                         ALD980555981

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 7 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 BRENT                    BRENT INDUSTRIES                       100 SCOTTSVILLE ROAD                   ALD084956911

 BRENT                    BRENT PLUME                            OLD SCOTTSVILLE RD.                    AL0001412048

 BREWTON                  ALLIED FOUNDRY & MACHINE               123 S JOSEPH ST                        ALD980556195

 BREWTON                  CONTAINER CORP OF AMERICA              HWY 31 S                               ALD008186223

 BREWTON                  MILLER T R MILL CO INC                 EAST END OF EAST STREET                ALD008161416

 BREWTON                  SCOTT JUNKYARD                         ST. NICHOLAS AVE.                      ALD983190547

 BRIERFIELD               CAHABA PRESSURE TREATED FOREST         HIGHWAY 25S                            ALD021257357
 BROOKWOOD                BROOKWOOD SPILL SITE                   HIGHWAY 116                            ALD980709810

 BROOKWOOD                WALTER JIM RESOURCES #4 MINE           HWY 59 W                               ALD980559454

 BROOKWOOD                WALTER JIM RESOURCES #7 MINE           E OF HWY 59 N OF HWY 116               ALD980556013

 BROOKWOOD                WALTER JIM RESOURCES NO 5 MINE         T20S,R7W,S30                           ALD980556005

 BUCKS                    ALABAMA POWER CO BARRY STEAM PLANT     US HWY 43                              ALD082148800

 BUCKS                    STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO. (COLD CREEK      US HWY 43                              ALD095688875
 BUCKS                    VIRGINIA CHEMICALS INC                 HWY 43                                 ALD056113756

 BURKVILLE                OLD MANACK DEPOT                       COUNTY ROUTE 37 (SEE COMMENTS)         ALD982111916

 BYNUM                    USA ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT (SE INDUS.     OFF AL HWY 202                         AL3210020027
 CALERA                   ABC RAIL CORP CALERA PLT               14TH & WOODBINE AVE.                   ALD983190646

 CAMDEN                   LOUISVILLE AND NASHVILLE RR CAMDEN     MILE POST R-672                        ALD980556229
 CAMP HILL                CAMP HILL DRUM SITE                    HIGHWAY 280                            ALD983167115

 CENTRE                   CENTRE AIRPORT                                                                ALD001742766

 CENTREVILLE              HAMMERMILL PAPER CO                    294 MILL ST                            ALD095687901

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 8 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 CHAPMAN                  UNION CAMP CORP CHAPMAN PLT            OLD MILL HILL ST                       ALD003951969

 CHELSEA                  SOUTHERN RESEARCH INSTITUTE FARM       SHELBY CNTY RD #11                     ALD980555908

 CHEROKEE                 U.S. STEEL AGRICHEM                    AL HWY 20 E                            ALD057203135

 CHICKASAW                CHEMICAL WASTE MANAGEMENT INC          PORT OF CHICKSAW BERTH # 1             ALD980601629

 CHICKASAW                UOP MOLECULAR SIEVE PLANT              LINDE DR                               ALD062464748

 CHILDERSBURG             AMERICAN CYANAMID COOSA PINES PIT      PLANT RD                               ALD061147666

 CHILDERSBURG             BEAUNIT CORP                           AL HWY 235                             ALD980555916


 CHILDERSBURG             GOINS LANDFILL                         HWY 235 AT FOREST HILLS DR             ALD981031016

 CHILDERSBURG             HENDERSON PROPERTY - AMERICAN          BIRMINGHAM HIGHWAY                     ALD981473598

 CHILDERSBURG             RANDLE PROPERTY-AMERICAN CYANAMID      BIRMINGHAM HWY                         ALD981472996

 CHILDERSBURG             RED EAGLE SKEET & TRAP CLUB            PINE CREST DR. NORTH                   AL0001092667

 CHILDERSBURG             USA ALABAMA ARMY AMMUNITION PLANT      STATE HWY 235                          AL6210020008

 CHUNCHULA                BROWNING-FERRIS INDUSTRIES             OFF HWY 45                             ALD980556146


 CITRONELLE               GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORP/CHIP N SAW        ODOM RD                                ALD000652438

 COALING                  FUELS AND CHEMICALS                    OFF COUNTY ROAD 59                     ALD980559850

 COALING                  T & S SALVAGE INC                      HUNTSVILLE RD                          ALD983185984

 COKER                    TUSCALOOSA MUNICIPAL LDFL              OFF HWY 82                             ALD083749606

 COLUMBIA                 AG. INDUSTRIES MFG. CORP. (LESCO)      ALABAMA STATE DOCKS                    ALD983183385

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                             Page 9 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 COLUMBIANA               ALLOY CASTING, INC.                    INDUSTRIAL PARK DRIVE                  AL0000817338

 COLUMBIANA               MERCHANTS METALS INC                   HWY 70                                 ALD044886844

 COLUMBIANA               NATIONAL STANDARD COLUMBIANA PLANT     HWY 70                                 ALD054571278

 COLUMBIANA               SIMSCO                                 130 INDUSTRIAL PARK RD. (P.O. BOX      ALD004025193
 CORDOVA                  CHICAGO BRIDGE & IRON CO               WALKER CNTY HWY 30                     ALD000773432

 CORDOVA                  GARNER ROAD DRUM DUMP                  HIGHWAY 78                             ALD982111718

 CORDOVA                  TRIANGLE REFINERIES INC                HWY 22 & 78 W                          ALD000622886

 CORDOVA                  VULCAN REFINING CO                     COUNTY HWY 22                          ALD000776658

 COURTLAND                COURTLAND AIR STRIP                    GEORGE C. WALLACE IND. PARK            ALD983166570

 COURTLAND                COURTLAND ETHYLENE GLYCOL              SOUTHERN RAILWAY                       ALD983166596

 CREOLA                   REDWING CARRIERS, INC                  HIGHWAY 43 NORTH                       ALD021257951

 CULLMAN                  ARNOLD C & SON INC                     119 1ST AVE NW                         ALD003399631

 CULLMAN                  CONVENT RD. L.F.                       CONVENT RD.                            ALD982111858

 CULLMAN                  COOPER INDUSTRIES INC NICHOLSON FILE   2125 2ND AVE S                         ALD079127635

 CULLMAN                  CULLMAN CITY LANDFILL                  WELTI RD/COUNTY RD 38                  ALD000770248

 CULLMAN                  JONES PROPERTY                         US 278                                 ALD980555924

 CULLMAN                  ZERO BULLET CO                         1601 22ND ST. S.E.                     ALD051575587

 DALEVILLE                TRI GLASS/SIMMONS DUMP                 MOORES CHAPEL ROAD                     ALD981754609

 DECATUR                  3M CO CHEM/ FILM DIV                   HWY 20/ STATE DOCKS RD.                ALD004023164

 DECATUR                  AMOCO CHEMICALS CORP/DECATUR PLANT     2215 FINLEY ISLAND RD                  ALD002985554

 DECATUR                  AQUADOME LANDFILL                      1501 5TH AVE SW                        ALD980842512

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 10 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DECATUR                  DECATUR CITY LDFL                      OLD MOULTON RD HWY 24                  ALD980556039

 DECATUR                  DECATUR MUNICIPAL LDFL                 HWY 31 S                               ALD980495782

 DECATUR                  DENBO SLOUGH                           JCT US 27 & BELT LINE RD               ALD980495766

 DECATUR                  FRUEHAUF CORP DECATUR PLT              HWY 20 W                               ALD004023180

 DECATUR                  GENERAL ELEC OLD WORTHINGTON FEDDERS   8TH ST SE                              ALD000645416

 DECATUR                  GOODYEAR INCINERATOR                   500 19TH AVE                           ALD981030950

 DECATUR                  MONSANTO CO                            COURTLAND HWY OFF HWY 20               ALD006320774

 DECATUR                  MORTON INTL                            DECATUR INDUSTRIAL PK IPSCO RD         ALD053360897

 DECATUR                  PRESTOLITE ELECTRONIC/DECATUR PLANT    HWY 20 W                               ALD004003620

 DECATUR                  TEXACO INC BULK STATION                1106 WASHINGTON ST NW                  ALD082060021

 DECATUR                  TRINITY INDUSTRIES                     PORT STEPHEN DECATUR                   AL0001401348

 DECATUR                  U O P WOLVERINE DIV                    2100 MARKET ST                         ALD053363776

 DECATUR                  UNION CAMP CORP                        IPSCO ST                               ALD050160274

 DEMOPOLIS                BORDEN INC                             LOCK AND DAM ROAD                      ALD031569940

 DEMOPOLIS                CHEM FOUR                              OFF HWY 80 - NEAR MUNICIPAL AIRPORT    ALD981754328

 DEMOPOLIS                COMPTON CITY DUMP                      LOCKDAM RD                             ALD980495725

 DEMOPOLIS                DEMOPOLIS CITY DUMP                    MCDOWELL FERRY RD                      ALD980727861

 DEMOPOLIS                DEMOPOLIS CITY DUMP LAGOON             MCDOWELL FERRY RD                      ALD980495717

 DEMOPOLIS                DEMOPOLIS PLANT                        N JEFFERSON ST BOX 886                 ALD980495790

 DEMOPOLIS                GULF STATES PAPER CORP                 HWY 80 W                               ALD004003380

 DOLOMITE                 KOPPERS INDUSTRIES TAR PLANT           1835 KOPPERS DR                        ALD085765808

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 11 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 DOLOMITE                 SAFETY-KLEEN CORP                      1000 LARKIN & HOKE AVE                 ALD077640001

 DOTHAN                   ALPHA STEEL COMPANY, INC.              1428 TAYLOR ROAD                       ALD983180498

 DOTHAN                   CHARLES MANUFACTURING CO               HWY 52 E                               ALD004005526

 DOTHAN                   DOTHAN MUNICIPAL LDFL                  NORTH BEVERLY ROAD                     ALD980803498

 DOTHAN                   ESTECH GENERAL CHEMICALS CO            1401 E BURDESHAW ST                    ALD050981588

 DOTHAN                   GATES POWER DRIVE                      518 CRAFT STREET                       ALD983186131

 DOTHAN                   GENERAL ELECTRIC CORP                  737 HODGESVILLE RD                     ALD078983301

 DOTHAN                   HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     209 E COE DAIRY RD                     ALD980556179

 DOTHAN                   LILLY INDUSTRIAL COATINGS INC          2305 INDUSTRIAL RD                     ALD050983394

 DOTHAN                   RED FOX FERTILIZER CO.                 232 E. INEZ ROAD                       AL0001909845

 DOTHAN                   TERRA INTERNATIONAL                    251 KELLY DR                           AL0001876903


 ELBERTA                  HANSEL HODGES PROPERTY                 17989 HANSEL HODGES RD                 AL0001197409

 ELMORE                   ELMORE CO AIRPORT REFINISHERS          STATE HWY 14, RT 1                     ALD983195496

 ELMORE CO                ELMORE CNTY LDFL                       NO KNOWN STREET                        ALD075472555

 ENTERPRISE               FRAN SMITH (CROP DUSTER)               RT. 4, BOX 520                         ALD983166851

 EUFAULA                  EUFAULA AIRPORT/COE                    US HIGHWAY 431 NORTH                   AL0000975649

 EUFAULA                  HARBISON WALKER REFRACTORIES EUFAULA   BAKERHILL HWY                          ALD058641226

 EUFAULA                  WILLIAMS FLYING SERVICE                BARBOUR CNTY                           ALD983167065

 EVERGREEN                DARBY E EUGENE FARM                    E SIDE OF RR @ MP 560.5                ALD980556187

 EVERGREEN                T M A FOREST PRODS GROUP EVERGREEN     OWASSA RD                              ALD000653097

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 12 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FABIUS                   TVA FABIUS COAL WASHING FACILITY       OFF HWY 117                            AL6640090001

 FACKLER                  CROW MOUNTAIN LANDFILL                 CROW MT RTE 1                          ALD980495774

 FAIRFAX                  WEST POINT PEPPERELL LANTUCK TOWER     OFF RIVER RD                           ALD072485634

 FAIRFAX                  WEST POINT PEPPERELL UTILIZATION PLT   RIVER RD                               ALD980515654

 FAIRFAX                  WEST POINT PEPPERELL VALLEY SITE #7    OFF MCCULLOH RD                        ALD980556260

 FAIRFIELD                CONTINENTAL CAN CO USA PLT 4           TIN MILL RD                            ALD072084965

 FAIRFIELD                FAIRFIELD CITY DUMP                    CHEROKEE & CREST DRIVE                 ALD980495840

 FAIRFIELD                HARBISON WALKER REFRACTORIES           PLEASANT GROVE RD                      ALD000737494

 FAIRFIELD                PEC PEROX INC/ ACID REGENERATION PLT   TIN MILL RD                            ALD980600456

 FAIRFIELD                USS FAIRFIELD WORKS FAIRFIELD PLT      5700 VALLEY ROAD, P.O. BOX 599         ALD002904506

 FAIRVIEW                 RANSOM, EARL PROPERTY                  NICK DAVIS RD, E OF FAIRVIEW           ALD981024250


 FAYETTE                  HARDY PROPERTY DRUM                    ROUTE 4, BOX 2594                      ALD983175282

 FLOMATION                CSX TRAIN DERAILMENT (VINYL CHLORIDE)  100 FANNEY ROAD                        AL0001109651

 FLOMATON                 L & N XYLENE SPILL                     HWY 31 E / ESCAMBIA CREEK              ALD981754666

 FLORALA                  ZORN BROTHERS INDUSTRIES, INC          NORTH AVE & SR55                       ALD055892764

 FLORENCE                 FLORENCE GAS WORKS                     WATER STREET                           AL0001923341

 FLORENCE                 FLORENCE LANDFILL                      HWY 20 AND SAVANNAH HWY                ALD079124780

 FLORENCE                 FLORENCE WAGON WORKS                   RIVERSIDE DRIVE                        AL0000972976

 FLORENCE                 I. M. C.                               COMMERCE AND UNION ST                  ALD004018800

 FLORENCE                 JOHNSTON FLYING SERVICE                RT. 2, BOX 286, WATERLOO ROAD          ALD174267005

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 13 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 FLORENCE                 MONARCH TILE MANUFACTURING, INC.       834 RICKWOOD RD.                       ALD067102301

 FLORENCE                 STEVENSON STREET FOUNDRY               STEVENSON                              AL0001923333

 FLORENCE                 TENNESSEE VALLEY FERTILIZER CO.        COMMERCE STREET                        AL0001923325

 FLORENCE                 THE FOUNDARY OF THE SHOALS, INC.       201 COMMERCE STREET                    ALD983185810

 FLORENCE                 US TVA WILSON HYDRO PLANT              AL HWY 133                             AL6640006668

 FLORENCE                 WEYERHAEUSER FLORENCE PACKAGING DIV    1547 HELTON DR                         ALD055910178

 FOLEY                    FOVIL MFG CO                           518 SOUTH BAY ST                       ALD037480183

 FOLEY                    US NAVAL OUTLYING BARIN FIELD          NAS WHITING FIELD                      AL2170024630

 FORKLAND                 ALABAMA POWER CO GREENE CNTY STEAM     GREENE CNTY HWY 4                      ALD000615609
 FORT MORGAN              FORT MORGAN DRUM                       BALDWIN COUNTY                         AL7690307999

 FORT RUCKER              USA FORT RUCKER - AVIATION CENTER      ATTN: ATZO-DEH-E BLDG 1403 (3/88)      AL6210020776

 FT. DEPOSIT              BENCO INDUSTRIES, INC.                 1 BENCO INDUSTRIAL DR.                 ALD003383254

 FT. PAYNE                HEIL MFG CO. INC.                      45TH ST AND VALLEY HEAD RD             ALD058036054

 FULTON                   SCOTCH LUMBER CO INC                   MAIN ST                                ALD008180069

 FULTONDALE               PAN NATIONAL FENCE MANUFACTURING CO    1621 NEW CASTLE RD                     ALD053365847

 GADSDEN                  BONE PROPERTY                          OLD LAY SPRINGS ROAD                   ALD983184276

 GADSDEN                  DUCK SPRINGS DUMP                      DUCK SPRINGS RD.                       ALD983190497

 GADSDEN                  ESQUIRE CLEANERS                       BROAD STREET                           AL0001575026

 GADSDEN                  FISHER INDUSTRIAL SERVICES, INC.       109 BANKS STREET                       ALD981020894

 GADSDEN                  GADSDEN RACEWAY                        RABBITTOWN RD                          ALD981004237

 GADSDEN                  GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO              922 E MEIGHAN BLVD                     ALD000823344

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 14 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GADSDEN                  REPUBLIC STEEL CO SOUTHERN DIST        174 26TH ST SOUTH                      ALD004014973

 GADSDEN                  SIEMENS-ALLIS INC                      2500 E MEIGHAN BLVD                    ALD004015749


 GADSDEN                  WATTS BATTERY SHOP                     2108 FORREST AVENUE                    ALD128763042

 GADSDEN                  WEBB STILES SITE                       700 INDUSTRIAL PKWY                    ALD980841688

 GALLION                  SOUTHERN NATURAL GAS GALLION COMP STA  HWY 69                                 ALD980556237

 GANTT                    FARMER'S FLYING SERVICE                HIGHWAY 29 N.                          ALD981017627

 GENEVA                   H&H PEST CONTROL                       300 S COMMERCE                         ALD077654648

 GENEVA                   RELIABLE METAL PRODUCTS INC            HWY 27 N                               ALD031612732

 GLENCOE                  GLENCOE BATTERY CO. AKA H.D. POLLARD   219 WEST MAIN STREET                   AL0001923374

 GLENCOE                  UNIQUE PLATING                         401 WEST MAIN                          ALD147866404

 GOODWATER                BUSBY, CLYDE PROPERTY                  OFF HIGHWAY 280                        ALD981932981

 GRANT                    GRIDER, LARRY PROPERTY                 WEST OF CO. RD. 63                     ALD980848097

 GRANT                    JOHN LAW HOLLOW DRUMS                  9TH STREET                             ALD983179896

 GRANT                    SWEARENGEN ROAD DRUM SITE              SWEARENGEN ROAD                        ALD983179391


 GRAYSVILLE               WALTER JIM BESSIE MINE                 ROUTE 2                                ALD980555940

 GRAYSVILLE               WALTER JIM RESOURCES FLAT TOP NEBO     OFF US 78                              ALD980559470
 GREENSBORO               AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTAL PROT CORP       1804 W MAIN ST                         ALD000653501

 GREENSBORO               SEALE FLYING SERVICE                   GREENSBORO AIRPORT                     ALD102089687

 GREENVILLE               CHEVRON DDT DUMP SITE                  CTY. RD. 65                            ALD981028343

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 15 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 GREENVILLE               GREENVILLE FERTILIZER                  100 LONG STREET                        AL0001909852

 GREENVILLE               GREENVILLE PLATING                     401 INDUSTRIAL PARKWAY                 ALD981474232

 GREENVILLE               MOWBRAY ENGINEERING COMPANY            JCT OF 2ND & BEELAND STS               ALD031618069

 GREENVILLE               STRUCTURAL WOOD SYSTEMS                321 DOHRIMIER ST                       ALD057221665

 GUIN                     3M CO/GUIN SAFETY SYSTEMS DIV          US HWY 78 EAST                         ALD004019691

 GUIN                     GUIN CITY LANDFILL/3M CO               COUNTY ROAD 253                        ALD983175340

 GULF SHORES              GULF SHORES                            BALDWIN COUNTY                         ALD983167057

 GUNTERSVILLE             L. M. BONDS WHOLESALE                  MCALLISTER ROAD                        ALD983181876

 GUNTERSVILLE             MONSANTO CO                            STAR ROUTE 63 BOX 307                  ALD063696108

 GUNTERSVILLE             US TVA GUNTERSVILLE HYDRO PLANT        OFF US HIWY 431,11 MI NW OF            AL4640006652

 GUNTERVILLE              TYRUS DORMAN DRUM                      AL HWY 79 7-8 MI. W. OF INTERS. W/ US  ALD983175274
 GURLEY                   DON BRIDGES PROPERTY                   1969 CHERRY TREE ROAD                  ALD983167131

 GURLEY                   FLINT RIVER BRIDGE DRUM                HIGHWAY 72                             ALD983166588

 GURLEY                   SAFETY-KLEEN CORP 3-019-02             201 SECTION LINE ST                    ALD000776807

 HACKLEBURG               CULPEPPER WOOD PRESERVERS              HWY 172                                ALD000652800

 HALEYVILLE               ALABAMA JET CENTER                     AIRPORT RD.,(NE OF HALEYVILLE          ALD981854581

 HALEYVILLE               FULLCO LUMBER COMPANY INC              HWY 5 N                                ALD045632312

 HALEYVILLE               G&W TIRES                              1204 21ST ST.                          AL0001580430

 HALEYVILLE               GERALD METALS, INC.                    ROUTE 1, CTY ROAD 62                   ALD037483369


 HAMILTON                 FEDERAL MOGUL CORP                     HWY 78 S                               ALD075457309

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 16 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HANCEVILLE               DEA DRUG LABORATORY                    RT.2 BOX 420                           ALD983167123

 HANCEVILLE               GOLDKIST FERTILIZER                    US HWY 31 S                            ALD004000667

 HARTFORD                 SKINNER GRAIN & FERTILIZER             TORO ROAD                              AL0000107797

 HARTSELLE                COPELAND CORP HARTSELL PLT             THOMPSON RD AT I-65                    ALD000652677

 HARTSELLE                SPECIALIZED OIL INC                    BYRD RD                                ALD980600225

 HATCHECHUBBEE            WALKER-WILLIAMS LUMBER COMPANY INC     HWY 26 W                               ALD003326444

 HEADLAND                 AMERICAN BRASS                         HWY 134 WEST                           ALD981868466

 HELENA                   DUNN CONSTRUCTION CO.                  HIGHWAY 261 (P.O. BOX 11967)           ALD040653172

 HELENA                   PLANTATION PIPE LINE CO HE FACILITY    SHELBY COUNTY RD 52                    ALD084367317

 HELENA                   VULCAN ENGINEERING                     1 VULCAN DR                            ALD982140360

 HIGDON                   A & K INC.                             COUNTY RD.95                           ALD983175258

 HIGDON                   ALABAMA EQUIPMENT CO.                  HIGHWAY 71                             ALD983175266

 HIGDON                   D&F ENTERPRISES                                                               ALD981933021

 HILLSBORO                JEFFERIES LANDFILL                     BROWNS FERRY ROAD                      ALD983179888

 HOLLI                    KING MINES INC                         JCT COUNTY RD 24 & 11                  ALD980842058

 HOLLYWOOD                MARTINTOWN LANDFILL                    JACKSON CO. RD. 36                     ALD981473317

 HOLLYWOOD                US TVA BELLEFONTE NUCLEAR PLT          OFF US HWY 72                          AL5640090002

 HOLT                     D S C ACQUISTION CO TUSCALOOSA PLT     1 WARRIOR RD                           ALD980555999

 HOLT                     DIAMOND SHAMROCK AGR CHEMS INC         WARRIOR RD                             ALD000652479

 HOLT                     EMPIRE COKE CO                         MAIN ST                                ALD004009007

 HOLT                     REICHHOLD CHEMICALS INC                REICHHOLD RD                           ALD004002838

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 17 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HOLT                     US/DOC - CENTRAL FOUNDRY/SBA           OLD HOLT RD OFF RIVER RD.              AL7730000000

 HUGULEY                  WEST POINT PEPPERELL CARTER MILL       SEC 14 TWP 21 N RANGE 28               ALD000613802


 HUNTSVILLE               AERO M                                 2615 S. MEMORIAL PKWY.                 ALD004000998

 HUNTSVILLE               B F I                                  4704 COMMERCIAL DR NW                  ALD083752352

 HUNTSVILLE               BATEY, W R PROPERTY                    DUG HILL RD                            ALD981028855

 HUNTSVILLE               CHEESEBROUGH PONDS INC                 1000 JAMES RECORD RD                   ALD078972106

 HUNTSVILLE               CHRYSLER CORP                          102 WYNN DR                            ALD001817295

 HUNTSVILLE               G T E SUBSCRIBER EQUIPMENT GROUP       13000 S MEMORIAL PKWY                  ALD050166750

 HUNTSVILLE               GE AEROSPACE/ MARTIN MARIETTA          110 WYNN DRIVE                         ALD009305608

 HUNTSVILLE               HART & COOLEY TUTTLE & BAILEY          4910 MOORES MILL RD                    ALD047865175

 HUNTSVILLE               HUNTSVILLE CITY LANDFILL               JOHNSON RD SW & LEEMAN FERRY           ALD980842694

 HUNTSVILLE               I. C. D. PARKER HANNIFIN CORP          9400 S MEMORIAL PARKWAY                ALD004002333

 HUNTSVILLE               J & A ENTERPRISES                      1003 ORCHARD STREET N.W.               ALD059903641

 HUNTSVILLE               LOMBARDO BUILDING                      MONROE ST & JEFFERSON ST               ALD980602866

 HUNTSVILLE               MACHINE CRAFT, INC                     3610 MERIDIAN STREET                   ALD981919418

 HUNTSVILLE               P P G INDUSTRIES INC WORKS 22          1219 HWY 72 NE                         ALD047154182

 HUNTSVILLE               S C I SYSTEMS INC PLT # 1              8600 S MEMORIAL PARKWAY                ALD004016960

 HUNTSVILLE               S C I SYSTEMS INC PLT # 2              4000 S MEMORIAL PARKWAY                ALD980559843

 HUNTSVILLE               SAFETY-KLEEN CORP                      COLEMAN COMMERCIAL SITE                ALD981028798

 HUNTSVILLE               SOUTHERN COTTON OIL                    CHURCH STREET                          ALD983167487

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 18 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 HUNTSVILLE               STERLING PLUMBING GROUP INC.           LOWE IND PK WALL TRIANA RD             ALD057202558

 HUNTSVILLE               TECHNICAL MICRONICS                    210 WYNN DR                            ALD031639743

 HUNTSVILLE               UNITED PLATING INC                     3400 STANWOOD BLVD NE                  ALD067111450

 HUNTSVILLE               US NASA MARSHALL SPACE FLIGHT CENTER   REDSTONE ARSENAL                       AL1800013863

 HUNTSVILLE               US TVA HUNTSVILLE PRIMARY SUBSTATION   250 POLARD STREET                      AL1640090014

 HUNTSVILLE               USA REDSTONE ARSENAL                   REDSTONE ARSENAL                       AL7210020742

 HUNTSVILLE               USA REDSTONE ARSENAL PENTABORANE       REDSTONE ARSENAL                       AL0001908656
 HURTSBORO                GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORP VENEER PLT        AL 26 WEST                             ALD000652545

 HUXFORD                  HUXFORD POLE & TIMBER COMPANY INC      US HWY 21                              ALD008185407

 IRONDALE                 BUCKNER BARRELS AND DRUMS, INC         JCT RUFFNER & GEORGIA RDS              ALD000615922


 IRONDALE                 RUFFNER MOUNTAIN DRUMS                 RUFFNER RD                             AL0001315365

 IRONDALE                 US IND UNITED CHAIR DIV IRONDALE PLT   2501 1ST AVE S                         ALD000653022

 IRVINGTON                IRVINGTON SANITARY LANDFILL            HALF MILE RD                           ALD980556153

 IRVINGTON                IRVINGTON TIRE FIRE                    OUTSIDE MOBILE                         AL0001900380

 JACKSONVILLE             I. C. D. PARKER HANNIFIN CORP          HWY 21 N                               ALD000827147

 JASPER                   W W COMPONENTS                         MARYLEE ROAD ROUTE 4 BOX 136           ALD981865496

 JONES                    SOUTHERN RAILWAY DERAILMENT SITE       MP 178.9                               ALD980556245

 KENNEDY                  WHITE POLE & TIMBER CO                 HWY 96 W                               ALD067127225

 LAFAYETTE                CHAMBERS COUNTY LANDFILL               HWY 50                                 ALD980556278

 LANETT                   WEST POINT PEPPERELL LANETTE MILL      GILMER AVE                             ALD000613828

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 19 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LANGDALE                 WEST POINT PEPPERELL LANGDALE MILL     US HWY 29 SOUTH                        ALD003276763

 LANGSTON                 FIVE POINTS LANDFILL                   UNIMPROVED ROAD OFF OF STATE HWY 227   ALD983181884

 LE MOYNE                 COURTAULDS FIBERS INC.                 HWY 43 N                               ALD008150617

 LE MOYNE                 STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO. (LEMOYNE PLANT)  US HWY 43                              ALD008161176

 LEEDS                    ACME PACKAGING                         1230 PARKWAY DRIVE                     ALD982097669

 LEEDS                    BUILDERS MFG CO/JIM WALTERS DOORS      408 THORNTON AVE                       ALD040657900

 LEEDS                    CALDWELL FOUNDRY & MACHINE             DUNNAVANT RD NEAR BORDEN AVE           ALD004029633

 LEEDS                    FLEMING'S PATIO-INTERSTATE LEAD        1231 ERA STREET                        ALD980840540

 LEEDS                    FLOYD BRADFORD ROAD CHEMICALS          HWY 78 & FLOYD BRADFORD ROAD           ALD983166513

 LEEDS                    ILCO SATELLITE SITES                   INTERSECTION OF HWY 78 AND HWY 411     AL0001024793

 LEEDS                    INTERSTATE LEAD CO. (ILCO)             1247 BORDEN AVE SE                     ALD041906173

 LEEDS                    J & L FABRICATING                      HIGHWAY 78 EAST                        ALD981930860

 LEEDS                    JBA MANUFACTURING                      129 PARKWAY DR                         ALD980845341

 LEEDS                    NATIONAL METALS                        817 GRAY STREET, NE                    ALD063678114

 LEEDS                    SQUARE D CO ANDERSON PLT               940 MOORES ST NE                       ALD003396983

 LEEDS                    US IND UNITED CHAIR DIV FOAM PLT       806 LAWLEY AVE NE                      ALD000652834

 LEEDS                    US INDUSTRIAL UNITED CHAIR DIV MAIN    114 CHURCHILL AVE NW                   ALD091416420

 LEEDS                    US INDUSTRIAL UNITED CHAIR DIV WOOD    403 MONTAGUE ST SE                     ALD000652958
 LEVERNE                  CRENSHAW CNTY LDFL                     US HWY 331                             ALD980495758

 LEXINGTON                EARL HAMMOND DUMP SITE                 LOVERS LANE                            ALD983174509

 LINDEN                   LINDEN CREOSOTE CO                     WOLFE ST & 2ND AVE                     ALD057209991

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 20 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 LINDEN                   MARENGO CNTY LDFL                      JEFFERSON ROAD                         ALD980803381

 LIPSCOMB                 RUSSELL HAND PEST CONTROL              192ND AVE                              ALD079115788

 LOCKHART                 JACKSON MILL SITE                      CHIPPEWAY STREET/ HIGHWAY 55           ALD983167974

 LOCKHART                 LARID FLYING SERVICE                   CNTY RD4 & SR55                        ALD980842348

 LOCKHART                 LOCKHART POND SITE                     NORTH AVE & SR 55                      ALD980842520

 LOCKHART                 MERRITT METALS CORP                    CHIPPEWAY ST & SR 55                   ALD980842462

 LOCKHART                 T M A FOREST PRODUCTS                  HWY 55 N                               ALD095687786

 LOWNDESBORO              B F I                                  US HWY 80 1 MI W OF                    ALD980600415

 LOXLEY                   ALABAMA AGRICULTURAL SERVICES, INC.    HIGHWAYS 59/90                         ALD982111734

 LOXLEY                   DIXIE WOOD TREATMENT                   30441 HWY 59 N                         ALD983177718

 LUVERNE                  FRANK SIKES AIRPORT                    FRANK SIKES AIRPORT                    ALD983166604

 LYNN                     THREE STAR MFG LANDFILL                COUNTY RD 38                           AL0000132670

 MACEDONIA                MACEDONIA CROSSROADS                   COUNTY ROAD 44                         ALD983179979

 MADISON                  TOWES FLYING SERVICE                   RT.1, BOX 136                          ALD983166810

 MARVYN                   DUPREE PROPERTY                        ALABAMA HIGHWAY 51                     ALD983168279

 MAXWELL AFB MONTGOME     USAF MAXWELL AIRFORCE BASE             3800 ABG DEE MAFB                      AL0570024182

 MCCOMBS                  MCCOMBS DUMP                           WOMACK ROAD                            AL0001923366

 MCINTOSH                 CIBA-GEIGY CORP. (MCINTOSH PLANT)      OFF HWY 43                             ALD001221902

 MCINTOSH                 OLIN CORP. (MCINTOSH PLANT)            OLIN RD                                ALD008188708

 MCSHAN                   MCSHAN LUMBER CO INC                   HWY 82 W                               ALD004016994

 MELVIN                   MASONITE CORP SOUTHERN LUMBER          HWY 14                                 ALD980556286

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 21 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MILLPORT                 SPRINGER LUMBER CO TREATING DIV        HWY 96                                 ALD095705463

 MOBILE                   24-MILE BEND CLAY QUARRY               24-MILE BEND OF MOBILE RIVER           ALD980847438

 MOBILE                   AAA TANK SERVICE                       4720 THREE NOTCH RD                    ALD990830119

 MOBILE                   ADDSCO                                 PINTO ISLAND RD.                       ALD008181224

 MOBILE                   AL STATE DOCKS LDFL                    SE OF TELEGRAPH RD & 3 MI CRK          ALD980848030

 MOBILE                   ALABAMA WOOD TREATING CORP INC         E END OF VIRGINIA ST                   ALD058221326

 MOBILE                   AMERICAN CYANAMID MOBILE PLANT         CYANAMID RD                            ALD008175408

 MOBILE                   ASHLAND CHEMICAL CO                    701 WESTERN DRIVE                      ALD059661454

 MOBILE                   B F I                                  920 NAVCO RD                           ALD000653196

 MOBILE                   BAYFRONT ROAD DRUM SITE                BAYFRONT ROAD                          ALD983166703

 MOBILE                   CROWN ZELLERBACH CORP                  SOUTH END HERBERT ST                   ALD057226904

 MOBILE                   DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORP                  1300 JARVIS RD                         ALD008163388

 MOBILE                   DIRT INCORPORATED                      COTTAGE HILL/LEROY STEVENS ROAD        ALD050653146

 MOBILE                   GAF CORP MOBILE PLANT                  2400 EMOGENE ST                        ALD084367960

 MOBILE                   GULF OIL CO US                         BAY BRIDGE RD & L&N RAILROAD           ALD099842098

 MOBILE                   GULF PLATING COMPANY INC               406 S ROYAL ST                         ALD008150286

 MOBILE                   GULF TREATING CO                       1850 CONCEPTION ST                     ALD000622860

 MOBILE                   HARRISON BROS DRY DOCK YARDS           BLAKELY ISLAND                         ALD008204455

 MOBILE                   HICKORY STREET LANDFILL                JCT HICKORY & CHINQUAPIN ST            ALD980842637

 MOBILE                   HYDRO-TECH                             1934 HAND AVE.                         ALD085767663

 MOBILE                   IDEAL BASIC INDS CEMENT PLT            ALABAMA STATE DOCKS LDFL AREA          ALD980219554

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 22 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MOBILE                   INTERNATIONAL PAPER CO LANDFILL        PAPER MILL RD                          ALD008161861

 MOBILE                   JONES CHEMICALS INC                    1200 JARVIS RD                         ALD002466357

 MOBILE                   MACMILLAN & HARRISON FERTILIZER CO.    957 MCGOWIN                            ALD982111874

 MOBILE                   MERRITT OIL CO.                        TELEGRAPH RD. & CONCEPTION ST.         ALD054172903

 MOBILE                   MOBILE AMERICAN BUMPER PLATING         1654 NAVCO RD                          ALD008214090

 MOBILE                   MOBILE PAINT - OLD SITE                VIRGINIA & CONCEPTIONS STS.            ALD981930928

 MOBILE                   MOBILE RIVER                           MOBILE COUNTY                          ALD983167495

 MOBILE                   MORELAND MCKESSON CO                   2500 WOODLAND AVE                      ALD000737478

 MOBILE                   PORT CITY OIL CO                       CONCEPTION ST RD                       ALD093183671

 MOBILE                   SAIA MOTOR PLATE DRUM RESPONSE         HWY #10, TRADE STOP                    AL0001911213

 MOBILE                   SAUNDERS CARRIERS INC                  1908 BAY BRIDGE CUT-OFF                ALD000770164

 MOBILE                   SCOTT PAPER CO MOBILE PLANT            BAY BRIDGE RD US ROUTE 90              ALD008149858

 MOBILE                   SCOTT PAPER COMPANY LANDFILL           END OF HERBERT STREET                  ALD981754724

 MOBILE                   SINCLAIR & VALENTINE                   2200 E INDUSTRIAL ST                   ALD054173281

 MOBILE                   SOUTHERN PLATING                       1554 DUVAL ST                          ALD983166034

 MOBILE                   SOUTHLAND PEARSON & CO INC             ANTON ST                               ALD980446033

 MOBILE                   SYBRON CORP GAMLEN CHEM                HWY 10 & HWY 90 W                      ALD057223711

 MOBILE                   TELEDYNE CONTINENTAL MOTORS APD        I-10 E / EXIT 23                       ALD052065117

 MOBILE                   TEXACO INC                             1101 S CONCEPTION ST                   ALD046864591

 MOBILE                   TEXACO TERMINALS                       1101 SOUTH CONCEPTION ST.              ALD980556211

 MOBILE                   TRIANGLE REFINERIES INC                CHOCTAW POINT VIRGINIA AVE             ALD041222563

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 23 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MOBILE                   TRIANGLE REFINERIES INC                HWY 90 & 98 BLAKELEY IS                ALD000652784

 MOBILE                   UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN ALABAMA         307 UNIVERSITY BLVD                    ALD079474037

 MOBILE                   US NAVAL STATION MOBILE                7411 LAKE RD                           AL3170024639

 MOBILE                   USCG BASE MOBILE                       SOUTH BROAD STREET                     AL2690320435

 MOBILE BAY               CHEMICAL BARGE (STAR 6)                MOBILE COUNTY                          ALD983180480

 MONROEVILLE              GEORGIA-PACIFIC CORP/PLYWOOD DIV       AL HWY 21 N                            ALD000823328


 MONTEVALLO               ELECTRICAL SPECIALTY PRODUCTS          HWY 25 SOUTH                           ALD055158992

 MONTEVALLO               MONTEVALLO PLUME                       SHELBY COUNTY                          AL0001412063

 MONTEVALLO               SEAMAN TIMBER COMPANY INC              HWY 25 S                               ALD034046730

 MONTEVALLO               SEAMAN WOOD PRESERVING                 ALABAMA HWY 25                         ALD983177197

 MONTEVALLO               WESTINGHOUSE ELEC IND EQUIP DIV        HWY 25                                 ALD004010765

 MONTGOMERY               B F I                                  1121 WILBANKS ST                       ALD000653147

 MONTGOMERY               CAPITOL CITY PLUME                     MADISON AVENUE                         AL0001058056

 MONTGOMERY               CLEANWAY                               3079 E. WETUMPKA WAY                   ALD981028848

 MONTGOMERY               ESTECH GENERAL CHEMICAL CORP           1645 N COURT ST                        ALD081389199

 MONTGOMERY               FLEET TRANSPORT CO INC                 4940 BIRMINGHAM HWY                    ALD000653204

 MONTGOMERY               GULF OIL CO                            US HWY 31 & 82 HUNTER STATION          ALD000608174

 MONTGOMERY               HODGES BONDED WAREHOUSE                1305 N COURT ST                        ALD980601066

 MONTGOMERY               KERSHAW MANUFACTURING CO INC           I-85 AT MOUNT MEIGS                    ALD004017968

 MONTGOMERY               KERSHAW MFG. CO.                       2205 W. FAIRVIEW AVE.                  ALD981931355

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 24 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MONTGOMERY               KOPPERS INDUSTRIES                     1514 LOUISVILLE ST                     ALD004009403

 MONTGOMERY               MONTGOMERY FOOD PROCESSORS             4530 MOBILE HIGHWAY                    ALD983172057

 MONTGOMERY               MONTGOMERY PLATING WORKS               1419 HIGHLAND AVE.                     AL0001105477

 MONTGOMERY               MONTGOMERY SANITARY LDFL               WARES FERRY RD                         ALD980556096

 MONTGOMERY               MONTGOMERY W&S BOARD ECONCHATE WWTP    JACKSON FERRY RD                       ALD000773630

 MONTGOMERY               MONTGOMERY W&S BOARD TOWASSA WWTP      WASHINGTON FERRY RD                    ALD000773648

 MONTGOMERY               NELSON PAINT CO. OF ALABAMA            3235 BIRMINGHAM HWY                    ALD047158696

 MONTGOMERY               NORTH MONTGOMERY LANDFILL              PARALLEL ST                            ALD980556088

 MONTGOMERY               OSBORN EXTERMINATING CO                1428 ADAMS AVE                         ALD085765485

 MONTGOMERY               OWENS BROCKWAY GLASS CONTAINER         3480 LOWER WETUMPKA RD                 ALD004382925

 MONTGOMERY               PENNWALT CORP.                         3013 BIRMINGHAM HIGHWAY                ALD004007274

 MONTGOMERY               RHEEM MANUFACTURING CO                 2600 GUNTER PARK DR                    ALD057207417

 MONTGOMERY               RIVERSIDE CHEMICAL/TERRA INT.          500 AIR BASE BLVD.                     ALD072086275

 MONTGOMERY               SAFETY-KLEEN CORP 3-019-01             4815 NORTH BIRMINGHAM RD               ALD000653303

 MONTGOMERY               SOUTHLAND AGRICULTURAL CHEMICALS       1075 CHANDLER ST.                      ALD980446025

 MONTGOMERY               SOUTHLAND INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS         1563 BELL ST.                          ALD982087017

 MONTGOMERY               STANDARD FORGE & AXLE                  BIRMINGHAM HWY                         ALD001533108

 MONTGOMERY               T.H. AGRICULTURE & NUTRITION           3017 BIRMINGHAM HWY                    ALD007454085
 MONTGOMERY               TEXACO USA INC MONTGOMERY TERM         HUNTER LOOP RD                         ALD000652859

 MONTGOMERY               THERMO KING CO.                        2740 W GUNTER PARK DR                  ALD053367553

 MONTGOMERY               UNIVERSAL NOLIN DIV OF UMC IND INC     1400 LLOYD ST                          ALD054567649

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 25 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 MONTGOMERY               USAF GUNTER AIR FORCE STATION          3800 AIR BASE SQUADRON DE GAFS         AL7570024185

 MONTGOMERY               VAPOR CORPORATION                      2740 GUNTER PARK DRIVE, WEST           ALD983170051

 MONTGOMERY               VICTORIAN CLASSIC, INC.                3460 BIRMINGHAM HWY.                   ALD047862982

 MONTGOMERY-CONFID        GENERAL ELECTRIC CO MONTGOMERY         ROUTE 37                               ALD980600035

 MOODY                    ILCO COG SITE (MOODY)                  ACMAR ROAD                             ALD981930035

 MORGAN CITY              INGRAM PROPERTY DRUM                   COUNTY ROAD 1431 (PINE RIDGE RD)       ALD982119109

 MOUNDVILLE               CRACKER ASPHALT                        CRACKER ROAD                           AL0000472712

 MOUNTAIN BROOK           REDMONT GARDENS                        3829 THORNHILL RD.                     AL0001120039

 MULGA                    MEAD-MULGA MINE                        DOLOMITE RD                            ALD980220149

 MULGA                    TRIANGLE REFINERIES INC                HWY 39                                 ALD000827378

 MUSCLE SHOALS            DIAMOND SHAMROCK CORP                  WILSON DAM RD                          ALD004019642

 MUSCLE SHOALS            MUSCLE SHOALS AIRPORT                  AIRPORT RD.                            ALD156294597

 MUSCLE SHOALS            QUALITY RADIATOR                       1002 EAST STATE STREET                 AL0000205641

 MUSCLE SHOALS            REYNOLDS METALS CO RIVER RD PLT        RIVER RD                               ALD000652693

 MUSCLE SHOALS            TVA POWER SERVICE SHOPS                AL HWY 133                             AL2640006746

 MUSCLE SHOALS            US TVA MUSCLE SHOALS GARAGE            AL HWY 133                             AL4640090003

 MUSCLE SHOALS            US TVA MUSCLE SHOALS POWER STORES      AL HWY 133                             AL2640090005

 MUSCLE SHOALS            US TVA NATL FERTILIZER DEV. CTR        WILSON DAM RD                          AL3640090004


 NEW BROCKTON             NEW BROCKTON DRUM SITE                 S.27,T.5N,R 21 E.                      ALD981472459

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 26 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 NEW MARKET               FUSSY HILL DRUMS                       FUSSY HILL ROAD                        AL0000132662

 NEW MARKET               H&L WAREHOUSE                          2816 WINCHESTER RD                     ALD980842199

 NORTH ELMORE             OLD SPEIGNER LANDFILL                  COUNTY ROAD 23                         AL0001920578

 NORTHPORT                BROWN WOOD PRESERVING CO INC           COUNTY RD 34                           ALD082066192

 ODENVILLE                COPPER SPRINGS TIMBER CO               ODENVILLE INDUSTRIAL PARK              ALD000653113

 OPELIKA                  AMPEX CORP                             MARVYN HWY                             ALD003297116

 OPELIKA                  GA KRAFT CO WAVERLY OPELIKA FOREST     ROUTE 1 BOX 19                         ALD983166273

 OPELIKA                  OPELIKA AVENUE B CLEANERS              10TH ST. & AVENUE B                    AL0001344647

 OPELIKA                  OPELIKA CITY LANDFILL                  AL HWY 63 NEAR HWY 4                   ALD980803670

 OPELIKA                  UNIROYAL INC                           HWY 169 & UNIROYAL RD                  ALD041511361

 OPELIKA                  VIRGINIA CAROLINA CHEMICAL CORP.       1ST AVENUE                             ALD983186123

 OPELIKA                  WEST POINT PEPPERELL GRIFFTEX CHEM     1900 CUNNINGHAM DR                     ALD072485576

 OPELIKA                  WEST POINT PEPPERELL SITE # 2          OFF US HWY 280                         ALD980559231

 OXFORD                   ANNISTON AIRPORT                       1-20 & HWY 21                          ALD981854771

 OXFORD                   HAGER HINGE                            U.S. HWY 78                            ALD094472651

 OXFORD                   OXFORD PLATING COMPANY INC             2030 BARRY ST                          ALD004025235

 OXFORD                   SUN FIBER PLATING SHOP                 COLDWATER OXFORD PLATING               ALD983180241

 OXFORD                   TRIANGLE REFINERIES INC                HWY 8 E                                ALD031479157

 OXFORD                   TULL CHEMICAL CO.                      130 BURTON ST.                         ALD004009205

 OZARK                    EVANS TRANSPORTATION CO                MARLEY MILL RD                         ALD086547643

 OZARK                    FRIT INDUSTRIES INC                    MARLEY MILL ROAD                       ALD061148631

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 27 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PARRISH                  ALABAMA POWER CO GORGAS STEAM PLANT    AL HWY 269                             ALD000615567

 PARRISH                  THERMEX ENERGY CORP.                   HWY 269 2 MI S OF                      ALD079121471

 PELL CITY                ISBELL BATTERY COMPANY                 WOLF CREEK RD.                         ALD983190919

 PENNINGTON               STAUFFER CHEMICAL CO/ NAHEOLA PLT      HWY 114                                ALD041581174

 PERDIDO                  PERDIDO GROUND WATER CONTAMINATION     COUNTY RD 47 S                         ALD980728703

 PERDIDO                  PERDIDO TIRE DUMP                      ESCAMBIA-BALDWIN COUNTY LINE           ALD983192238

 PHENIX CITY              DOUGLAS & LOMASON CO                   STATE DOCK RD                          ALD091412627

 PHEONIX CITY             COTTONTON SEALE FOREST                 SEAL AL PO BOX 940                     ALD983166174

 PIEDMONT                 CHAPMANS WASTE OIL SERVICE             HWY 278                                ALD000653329

 PIEDMONT                 SUNBELT OIL COMPANY INC                HWY 278 W                              ALD000653311

 PIEDMONT                 U O P BOSTROM DIVISION                 VIGO RD                                ALD072092174

 PIEDMONT                 WILLIS, GERALD LUMBER CO               AL HWY 9                               ALD047161310

 PINE LEVEL               FMHA-USDA/ROY                          COUNTY ROAD 40                         ALD981932478

 PINEY GROVE              MACDONALD FARM DRUM SITE               JCT COUNTY RD 41 & OLD CORN RD         ALD980843890

 PINSON                   AL COPPER & BRONZE, INC.               1501 RED HOLLOW RD.                    ALD983193087

 PINSON                   PLYMOUTH TUBE CO                       HWY 79 GILMER INDUSTRIAL PARK          ALD072100878

 PLEASANT GROVE           ALLIED CHEMICAL                        PLEASANT GROVE RD. & ENSLEY            ALD981028863


 PRATTVILLE               CALLAHAN PROPERTY                      HWY 82 ROUTE 4 BOX 266                 ALD980710370

 PRATTVILLE               GROUBY AIRPORT                         HIGHWAY 14 WEST                        ALD982111866

 PRATTVILLE               RING AROUND PRODUCTS, INC.             REYNOLDS MILL RD.                      ALD049096324

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 28 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 PRATTVILLE               UNION CAMP CORP MONTGOMERY MILL SITE   JENSEN RD                              ALD005557004

 PRICES                   PIEDMONT BRICKYARD                     HWY 21                                 AL0001920545

 PRICHARD                 TESORO PETROLEUM DISTRIBUTING CO       3130 DIAL ST                           ALD087630679

 QUINTON                  ALABAMA BY-PRODUCTS/MAXINE MINES       T16S/R6W                               ALD047865365

 REDSTONE ARSENAL         TRIANA/TENNESSEE RIVER                 USAMICOM DRSMI KL                      ALD983166299

 REFORM                   WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRIC CORP             HWY 17                                 ALD991279944

 REFORM                   WOODS CLEANERS                         1ST SOUTH STREET                       ALD983179987

 RIDGEVILLE               ETOWAH COUNTY (RIDGEVILLE) LANDFILL    NOBLE HILL ROAD                        AL0000059147

 RIPLEY                   AERIAL SPRAYING SERVICE                PEETES CORNER GIN CO., ROUTE 1         ALD983166612

 ROBERTSDALE              BENGSTON BROTHERS SERVICE              OFF HWY 59 E                           ALD038266482

 ROBERTSDALE              BONNER AERIAL APPLICATORS              OFF COUNTY RD. 85                      ALD983166802

 ROBERTSDALE              PETURIS FLYING SERVICE                 BALDWIN CNTY                           ALD983167040

 RUSSELLVILLE             FRANKLIN CNTY LDFL                     HWY 24 W                               ALD980556062

 SAMSON                   AG FLYING SERVICE                      RT. 2, BOX 13                          ALD087630109

 SANFORD                  DAVIS FLYING SERVICE                   ANDALUSIA-OPP AIRPORT                  ALD983166794

 SARALAND                 BRUNSON CLAY PITS                      CELESTE RD                             ALD980495691

 SARALAND                 REDWING CARRIERS, INC. (SARALAND)      527 US HWY 43                          ALD980844385

 SAYRE                    SAYRE MINE                             JACOB RD                               ALD980559504

 SAYRETON                 SAYRETON MINE                          SAYRETON RD                            ALD980559496

 SCOTTSBORO               GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO              ROUTE 79 BYPASS                        ALD047749247

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 29 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SCOTTSBORO               REVERE COPPER & BRASS INC              REVERE RD                              ALD000826636

 SCOTTSBORO               REVERE COPPER & BRASS INC              GOOSE POND ISLAND                      ALD055798037

 SCOTTSBORO               SCOTTSBORO CITY LDFL                   HOWARD ST                              ALD980556070

 SELMA                    ALL LOCK COMPANY INC                   BURNSVILLE ROAD                        ALD063680367

 SELMA                    ALLIED PRODUCTS CORP BUSH HOG DIV      BELL RD                                ALD980559199

 SELMA                    BEECH AIRCRAFT CORP                    CRAIG AFB                              ALD094483963

 SELMA                    CAHABA CHEMICALS INC                   1 RANGE ST                             ALD000608075

 SELMA                    GENERAL BATTERY CORP                   OLD MONTGOMERY HWY                     ALD034104646

 SELMA                    HAMMERMILL PAPERS GROUP                RIVER RD                               ALD000645457

 SELMA                    HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     OLD MONTGOMERY HWY                     ALD063662126

 SELMA                    PEA RIDGE LANDFILL                     CNTY RD 84 & OLD PLANTERSVILLE         ALD980842223

 SELMA                    PILLIOD OF ALABAMA INC                 404 N. RACE ST                         ALD068084870

 SELMA                    SOUTHLAND MOWER CORP                   2995 OLD MONTGOMERY HWY                ALD004010005

 SELMA                    UNITED GLAZE PRODUCTS                  SELFIELD & NORTH ROADS                 ALD982161218

 SELMA                    ZY-FORMER CRAIG AFB/CRAIG FIELD        CRAIG FIELD AIRPORT                    ALD983183112

 SHEFFIELD                FORD SHEFFIELD PLANT                   2019 FORD ROAD                         ALD004017497

 SHEFFIELD                MARTIN INDUSTRIES INC                  1604 17TH AVE SW                       ALD067129676

 SHEFFIELD                REYNOLDS METALS ALLOYS SHEET PLATING   2ND ST                                 ALD095687679

 SHEFFIELD                REYNOLDS METALS ALLOYS WIRE ROD & BAR  2ND ST                                 ALD004023149

 SHEFFIELD                REYNOLDS METALS CO/ RECLAMATION CTR    FORD RD                                ALD047867494

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 30 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 SHEFFIELD                REYNOLDS METALS CO/ SHEFFIELD PLT      501 W 20TH AVE                         ALD053365169

 SHEFFIELD                REYNOLDS METALS LISTERHILL PLT         EAST 2ND ST                            ALD004019451

 SHEFFIELD                SAUNDERS CARRIERS INC                  1510 COUNTRY BOY LANE                  ALD000770214

 SHORTER                  EVANS TRANSPORTATION CO                1 MILE N OF I-85                       ALD072112873

 SHORTER                  MORRIS                                 RT. 1, BOX 272 A                       ALD983166869

 SHORTERVILLE             COWIKEE CREEK FARMS                    RT 1 BOX 210 HWY 97                    AL0001093491

 SIMS CHAPEL              SIMS CHAPEL WOOD TREATER               COUNTY RD 35                           AL0001401843

 SOCIETY HILL             SISTRUNK AIRSTRIP                      ROUTE 26                               ALD983167578

 SPRINGVILLE              BUCKNER BARRELS & DRUMS INC            HWY 11 S                               ALD031503139

 SPRINGVILLE              SOUTHEASTERN ENAMELING CO              INDUSTRIAL DR                          ALD980388177

 SPRINGVILLE              TRIANGLE PACIFIC CABINET CORP          INDUSTRIAL DRIVE                       ALD004021333

 SPROTT                   CAHABA WOOD PRESERVING CO.             HIGHWAY 14                             ALD983167586

 ST. ELMO                 ST. ELMO STATE AIRPORT                 HIGHWAY 90                             ALD983181702

 STEVENSON                TVA WIDOWS CREEK STEAM PLANT           OFF US HWY 72 W                        AL8640006690

 SULFUR SPRINGS           HAPPY HOLLOW DRUM SITE                 COUNTY ROAD 140                        ALD983193558

 SULFUR SPRINGS           JIM NORMAN JUNKYARD                    COUNTY ROAD 140                        ALD983193541

 SULLIGENT                NACCO MATERIALS (HYSTER CO.)           U.S. HWY 278, EAST                     ALD050981687

 SUMITON                  EMPIRE ROAD LEAD SITE                  1157 EMPIRE ROAD                       AL0000565812

 SUMMERDALE               BONNER AERIAL APPLICATORS NO.2         RT. 1, BOX 203A                        ALD983166828

 SYLACAUGA                SULLIVAN GRAPHICS                      1215 FAYETTEVILLE RD                   ALD087638755

 SYLACAUGA                SYLACAUGA, CITY OF, LANDFILL           WYNETTE RD.                            ALD082143280

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 31 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TALLADEGA                GEORGIA-PACIFIC PLYWOOD PLANT          IRONATION RD                           ALD063662597

 TALLADEGA                USA COOSA RIVER STORAGE ANNEX          4 MILES NE HWY 202                     AL5213820231

 TALLASSEE                NEPTUNE WATER METER CO.                HIGHWAY 229 SOUTH                      ALD102066636

 TALLASSEE                TALLASSEE AIRPORT                      HIGHWAY 229                            ALD981472897

 TANNER                   HELENA CHEMICAL CO                     MOYER RD                               ALD057218166


 TARRANT                  CARLIE LEE SITE                        CORNER OF DEPOT AND PINSON ST.         ALD983177379

 TARRANT                  CARSON ROAD BATTERY COMPANY            CARSON ROAD                            ALD983191396

 TARRANT                  SOUTHERN NATURAL GAS TARRANT COMP STA  OLD KETONA RD                          ALD980555973

 TARRANT                  UNR ROHN FACILITY                      911 THOMASON AVE.                      ALD057218828

 TARRANT                  URBANDARY HILL LANDFILL                49TH AVENUE                            ALD983184474

 TARRANT CITY             ROSETTI BATTERY                        DEPOT STREET                           ALD983185380

 THEODORE                 BAY OIL SERVICES                       RABUN RD; ROUTE 1; BOX 21D             ALD983166083

 THEODORE                 DEGUSSA CORP ALABAMA GROUP             THEODORE INDUSTRIAL PARK               ALD075045575

 THEODORE                 ENSCO                                  LOT D THEODORE-IRVINGTON IND P         ALD000772301

 THEODORE                 FARM FLYING SERVICE                    8409 ROBERT JEFFERSON                  ALD004319877

 THEODORE                 GAMXX ENERGY INC.                      HAMILTON BLVD.                         ALD095697058

 THEODORE                 KAY FRIES INC                          THEODORE INDUSTRIAL PARK               ALD000608224

 THEODORE                 KERR MCGEE CHEMICAL CORP               RANGE LINE RD                          ALD071937890

 THEODORE                 MOBILE BAY OIL COMPANY                 6600 THEODORE DAWES RD                 ALD983166075

 THEODORE                 MOBILE PAINT MANUFACTURING CO INC DEL  4775 HAMILTON BLVD                     ALD008163115

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 32 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 THEODORE                 RESEARCH PRODUCTS INC                  9951 HWY 90 W                          ALD044496263

 THOMASVILLE              GEORGIA PACIFIC/HDWD SAWMILL           HWY 5 N                                ALD094471364

 THOMASVILLE              SOUTHERN RAILWAY CO                    MP 51.0                                ALD980556252

 TOWN CREEK               US TVA WHEELER HYDRO PLANT             ROUTE 2                                AL7640006667

 TRIANA                   TRIANA PLUME                           ZIEROT RD                              AL0001401330

 TRINITY                  JOHNSON LANDFILL                       SR 24 & CO RD 40                       ALD980495873

 TROY                     CHEVRON PLANT                          SOUTH - O - NORTH ROAD                 ALD981928203

 TROY                     SANDERS LEAD COMPANY INC               HENDERSON RD                           ALD046481032

 TROY                     SMITH, BRYCE PROPERTY                  HWY 27 BTWN TROY & BRUNDIDGE           ALD980556310

 TURNERSVILLE             EPD                                    CELESTE RD.                            ALD982111817

 TURNERVILLE              E. P. C. SITE                          SECTION 10, T-1-S, R-2-W               ALD981024904

 TUSCALOOSA               BALL & DILL INC                        HWY 82 S                               ALD000770065

 TUSCALOOSA               DIXIE AERIAL SPRAYERS                  ROBERT CARDINAL AIRPORT RD.            ALD048889224

 TUSCALOOSA               DIXIE AIRCRAFT PAINTING                ROBERT CARDINAL ROAD                   ALD983181975

 TUSCALOOSA               G M C ROCHESTER PRODUCTS DIV           3440 KAULOOSA AVE                      ALD097751317

 TUSCALOOSA               GENERAL OIL SERVICE CO                 3912 3RD AVE E                         ALD980515506

 TUSCALOOSA               GOODRICH B F CO THE                    2006 EUTAW HWY WEST                    ALD004000683

 TUSCALOOSA               HARRIS TRASH SITE                      SOUTHMONT DR & OLD HWY 69              ALD980842280

 TUSCALOOSA               HUNT OIL CO TUSCALOOSA REFINERY        SANDERS FERRY RD                       ALD004009320

 TUSCALOOSA               KMG BERNUTH                            2901 3RD STREET                        ALD983167669

 TUSCALOOSA               TUSCALOOSA STEEL DRUMS                 RIVER ROAD                             ALD983170044

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 33 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 TUSCALOOSA               TUSCALOOSA TAR PIT                     19TH STREET AND 34TH AVENUE            ALD983170036

 TUSCALOOSA               WARRIOR ASPHALT CO                     END OF WARRIOR RD                      ALD004025425

 TUSCUMBIA                COLBERT COUNTY LANDFILL                HWY 43 S                               ALD078962305

 TUSCUMBIA                ELECTRODE CORP                         COLBERT COUNTY INDUSTRIAL PARK         ALD067110676

 TUSCUMBIA                ROBBIN TIRE & RUBBER CO.               E. 6TH ST. RD.                         ALD004002655

 TUSCUMBIA                SANDERS BUMPER PLATING INC             US 72 & US 43                          ALD980843551

 TUSCUMBIA                STAR PLATING                           2103 MARYLAND ST.                      ALD981475601

 TUSCUMBIA                TEXAS EASTERN                          RTE 1/OFF COUNTY RD. 33                ALD981928443

 TUSCUMBIA                TVA COLBERT STEAM PLANT                OFF US HWY 72 W                        AL7640006675

 TUSKEGEE                 WALLACE & WALLACE CHEMICAL AND OIL     ROUTE 3                                ALD982078453
 UNION SPRINGS            UNION SPRINGS AIRPORT                  HIGHWAY 110 WEST                       ALD982111924

 UNION SPRINGS            UNION SPRINGS CITY LDFL DUMP           AL HWY 223 SOUTH                       ALD980559462

 UNION SPRINGS            WELSH COMPANY DRUM                     WELSH AVE                              ALD004020210

 VALLEY                   WEST POINT PEPPERELL LANIER MILL       I-85 EXIT 77/FAIRFAX BY-PASS           ALD980601827

 VARNONS                  ALABAMA POWER CO GENERAL SERVICES      5 MI S OF ALABASTER ON I65             ALD000615625
 VERBENA                  COUNTY ROAD 438 DRUM SITE              CTY RD 438,1.5 MI. W. OF INTER. CTY    ALD983191388
 VERNON                   EMERSON ELECTRIC/ CHROMALOX            1199 CTY RD 9 (YELLOW CREEK RD)        ALD983177981

 VINCENT                  ALABAMA PLATING CO INC                 HWY 231                                ALD004022448

 VIRGINIA MINES           VIRGINIA MINES                         VIRGINIA VILLAGE LANE                  ALD980559488


 WATSON                   DUPONT E I DE NEMOURS & CO INC         POWDER MILL RD                         ALD000609677

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 34 of 35

 City                     Name                                   Address                                EPA Site #

 WEDOWEE                  RANDOLPH COUNTY DRUM SITE              COUNTY ROAD 431 N /P.O. BOX 94         ALD983174350

 WEOGUFKA                 PERFORMANCE ADVANTAGE                  P.O. BOX 157                           ALD097745756


 WESTOVER                 ARCHER LANDFILL                        NEAR KINGS RANCH                       ALD983192113

 WHISTLER                 DERIDDER CHEMICAL                      MAIN STREET                            AL0000972877

 WHISTLER                 SAFETY-KLEEN CORP                      3023 DIALS ST                          ALD071951628

 WILSONVILLE              ALABAMA POWER CO EC GASTON STEAM       AL HWY 25                              ALD083742858
 WILSONVILLE              CATALYTIC INC/SRC PILOT PLT            HWY 25 N                               ALD063687016

 WILSONVILLE              SOUTHERN COMPANY DRUM SITE             HIGHWAY 25 NORTH                       ALD983189606

 WINFIELD                 CONTINENTAL CONVEYOR & EQUIPMENT CO    4TH AVE SOUTH                          ALD004015822

 WOODVILLE                WELCO INC. DUMP                        COUNTY ROAD 6, PO BOX 27               ALD982111999

 WOODWARD                 KOPPERS COMPANY INC COKE PLANT         2134 KOPPERS DR                        ALD000771949

 WYLAM                    CHEMICAL HAULERS INC                   5400 10TH AVE                          ALD031506702

 Monday, August 11, 1997                                                                                                                            Page 35 of 35

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Arlington, MA
Ashby, MA
Ashland, MA
Ayer, MA
Bedford, MA
Belmont, MA
Billerica, MA
Boxborough, MA
Burlington, MA
Cambridge, MA
Carlisle, MA
Chelmsford, MA
Concord, MA
Dracut, MA
Dunstable, MA
Everett, MA
Framingham, MA
Groton, MA
Holliston, MA
Hopkinton, MA
Hudson, MA
Lexington, MA
Lincoln, MA
Littleton, MA
Lowell, MA
Malden, MA
Marlborough, MA
Maynard, MA
Medford, MA
Melrose, MA
Natick, MA
Newton, MA
North Reading, MA
Pepperell, MA
Reading, MA
Sherborn, MA
Shirley, MA
Somerville, MA
Stoneham, MA
Stow, MA
Sudbury, MA
Tewksbury, MA
Townsend, MA
Tyngsborough, MA
Wakefield, MA
Waltham, MA
Watertown, MA
Wayland, MA
Westford, MA
Weston, MA
Wilmington, MA
Winchester, MA
Woburn, MA
Boston, MA
Jamaica Plain, MA
West Roxbury, MA
Hyde Park, MA
Roxbury, MA
Dorchester, MA
Mattapan, MA
Chelsea, MA
Revere, MA
Winthrop, MA